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Restoring The Foundations | Kenny Rideout

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In this episode Kenny Rideout speaks with TruthSeekah about restoring the foundations back to the first love of Jesus. Kenny speaks about searching out deep truths within conspiracies and even within the Bible but all of it is built upon the framework of what Jesus has brought to the table which includes the remission of sins and liberation from falsehoods. This foundation does not limit us as most in christendom would have us believe but actually empowers us to seek after truth without the fear of falling into something that we cannot handle or cope with. When we fall from any ledge while searching we fall upon the rock which is the right foundation in Christ. There are many things which the disciples and prophets of old held true and knew to be absolutes which we today in the west have no idea of at all. This allows us to dig deeper into the mysteries of the Bible and even other realities that were once so easily embraced. In this episode Kenny Rideout speaks about his belief in the flat earth theory as well as the misconceptions of carbon dating and the flaw therin. There is an innocence in seeking the truth that God has placed upon our hearts and called us to. That innocence is easily stolen if we submit to the fear of man in our exploration and hold on to the fear of man rather than the fear of God. Anyone who does not promote the individual seeking process hinders true growth on the life of the believer and stifles their spiritual progress. A true leader will encourage their students to propel further than they are and encourage their students development rather than selling them a hope from week to week. This is true spiritual progress and discipleship that is rarely found within the four walls of the christian church today, as the majority are wanting people to support and follow them and not God. Restoring the foundations a is returning to a ture pursuit of the work that Christ has started within our hearts while relying on the hand of the Holy Spirit to complete the beautiful sanctification progress.



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