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In this episode Kenny Rideout speaks with TruthSeekah about restoring the foundations back to the first love of Jesus. Kenny speaks about searching out deep truths within conspiracies and even within the Bible but all of it is built upon the framework of what Jesus has brought to the table which includes the remission of sins and liberation from falsehoods. This foundation does not limit us as most in christendom would have us believe but actually empowers us to seek after truth without the fear of falling into something that we cannot handle or cope with. When we fall from any ledge while searching we fall upon the rock which is the right foundation in Christ. There are many things which the disciples and prophets of old held true and knew to be absolutes which we today in the west have no idea of at all. This allows us to dig deeper into the mysteries of the Bible and even other realities that were once so easily embraced. In this episode Kenny Rideout speaks about his belief in the flat earth theory as well as the misconceptions of carbon dating and the flaw therin. There is an innocence in seeking the truth that God has placed upon our hearts and called us to. That innocence is easily stolen if we submit to the fear of man in our exploration and hold on to the fear of man rather than the fear of God. Anyone who does not promote the individual seeking process hinders true growth on the life of the believer and stifles their spiritual progress. A true leader will encourage their students to propel further than they are and encourage their students development rather than selling them a hope from week to week. This is true spiritual progress and discipleship that is rarely found within the four walls of the christian church today, as the majority are wanting people to support and follow them and not God. Restoring the foundations a is returning to a ture pursuit of the work that Christ has started within our hearts while relying on the hand of the Holy Spirit to complete the beautiful sanctification progress.

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this on the podcast in I think the majority of the people listen to this on the podcast hello thank you for joining us here again with another episode got another cool discussion I got a friend of mine who’s joining me here tonight in studio so it’s one of those episodes I got a couple in studio shows under my belt those are always fun the conversations tends to be a little bit different because you’re actually in the same room with the person the energy is different and there’s no delay there’s no lag in conversation and cutting people off and things like that sometimes so I’m excited about this tonight Bijan with my friend Kenny Rideout he’s gonna join me here shortly I want to say a huge thank you to everybody supporting my work on patreon everybody supporting over at backslash true Seger you guys have found some value in what I do and what I bring to the table and I’m so grateful that you guys support financially your hard-earned money that you believe in what I’m doing and you 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whatever anything helps so backslash true seeker or true seeker com all the infos there thank you guys for supporting my work the new album is almost done got album release party coming up April the 20th is gonna be the official release date I’m doing a concert it’s gonna be a house party the concert is free so if anybody wants to travel from out of state you don’t have to worry about trying to purchase a ticket to the concert or to the event the event is free so you can come up here and hang out with us we got friends driving in from Orlando Florida it’s gonna be over eight hours to get here to be a part of this event so if you guys want to do it man it’d be awesome to hang out with me on this special day so with that being said thank you guys for support my work I’m gonna say it as many times as I can the new album like I said almost done they thank you credits it’s just gonna be your name everybody who’s been supporting my work and uh tonight I’m joined by a good friend of mine Kenny right out Kenny is also a patron this guy believes in my work he knows me the scripture says to know them that labor among you and he’s been here with me for a very long time and uh him and his family support my work too so thank you so much man for believing in me man welcome to the show brother we wouldn’t support you if we didn’t believe in you well say sometimes and you’re not alone sometimes he doesn’t believe in some of the guests I have on you know so he got questions I don’t know about that Jordan Maxwell guy i don’t know about james gilliland but I believe in you tripsy can I see the vision I see the gold man so that you’re not alone there’s a lot of people trust me I’ll go back and forth for those people on social media man trying to explain myself and what my intentions are and stuff so thank you for what you do man support me and your family too kind of why I wanted to be here with you to do this you know because I know with the guests that you have on and everybody’s got questions and you know sometimes we forget to just look at the Bible look back at the Bible and you’re always pointing people back at the Bible and back at Jesus and you know it’s it’s important that everybody knows where your foundation is and where you you know what you’re actually building your faith on yeah I try to do it strategically like because this isn’t a Christian show you know no you listen to the intro there’s a bunch of Christians who listen you know what I’m saying the intro should like freak you out if you’re not into that stuff if you’re not into the discussion of aliens the ESP psychic abilities you should probably turn back now that’s the disclaimer essentially but there’s a lot of baby christians who listen and some of the stuff we talk about may seem deep its deep for some people depending on what level you are maybe some things that are deep should be elementary stuff there’s definitely that going on like a you know grown men drinking milk in the churches and stuff like that and I think that that’s why some of some of the conversations we have here intrigues people because they’re looking for some some more deeper intellectual conversation that let’s face it you know you’re discouraged from having in churches I’ve been in churches where we’re having not heated debates but were discussing is starting with other members of the church or elders and in the past or the hey yok we’re talking about that well they were we’re just like we’re having a friendly discussion like we got a iron sharpens iron just say the least you know so to have a platform in a place where people come together to do that it’s growing I mean rather this then somewhere else right rather than the Christians who have the questions going to you know a Jordan which you know there’s that you know there’s there’s that because you know many fears a lot of truth in what he says yeah yeah well it comes a cunt I mean with with the platform I mean I get it all the time you know the baby Christians who listened to your show I think there’s many baby Krishna listen myself but the baby Christians who listen to you so are now gonna go check out Jordan Maxwell that’s true I have to deal with that those are the repercussions definitely that could be bad really could be bad but the the why this show is founded upon of unity walking with people and me infiltrating their following yeah the biggest shows I’ve done have been Jordan Maxwell you know and so do you have let’s just say on the only YouTube in 60,000 people who have no idea about me about my faith about what I believe but they love Jordan Maxwell and they tune in to this random guy true seeker this random guy and now you know they hear my story Jordan max was off the show I kind of share I kind of straighten up some things and bring some things to the light and and that’s it and essentially a lot of times pray at the end of the episodes and I’ve gotten those messages where people are touched they’re watching a show about esoteric knowledge and mysticism and true seek appraised at the end they encountered the Living God at the end of a alien episode sure that’s what it’s about man yeah and you see that yeah not everybody does you know it’s not you know we don’t we talked a lot about our not needing the approval of others and living for their approval if you live for their approval you’ll die at their rejection knowing who you are in Christ and so I’m able to with the grace to go out and build on top of this stuff and so I think that kind of leads us to what you wanted to get into tonight a foundation what does the foundation mean the weird thing is like every when I approach everything when I approach the controversial stuff tarot cards mushrooms aliens whatever the case is like it’s upon the foundation of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior of me walking hand in hand with him daily when that when the cameras are off like that’s them that’s when it really counts you can say anything when these cameras cut on but that’s my foundation not everybody knows that I have to kind of react splain that to the new guests so when people hear me talking about that I don’t think I have to like relate the foundation every time I’m building upon that so what would you say about how important is a foundation well friend what is your foundation you know I’m saying even from the Bible the foundation the story Jesus told about the wise man who builds his foundation on the rock and the foolish man that builds his foundation on the sand and you storm comes the weak foundation house falls and that’s just you know that’s yeah if I hadn’t had such a belief in God you know a few months ago our house burned down to the ground lost every last little thing and that storm could have been enough to to make somebody’s faith house full but I’m not gonna let it because my foundation was strong I know I don’t understand why it happened and that doesn’t matter because I know that God’s got my back God’s you know that’s what it’s about you’re gonna be tested in your faith and you got to be careful how you build your faith because I mean if it’s weak in any one area that that’s where the devil is gonna come yeah everything that can be shaken will be shaken and it’s good like it’s a good it’s healthy right because we’ve built things we’ve latched onto things we’ve let people ride our coattails or walk hand-in-hand with people who uh who weren’t supposed to be there and they’re sometimes they could be shaken off of us man even like a dog shaking off its fleas man yeah you know what I’m saying like the foundations will be shaking it so that foundation which is Christ which is the solid rock we you know that I’m saying a mouthful when I just say Jesus Jesus is the father that’s just not just a name that’s like that’s like my whole past and what it means what it meant then and what it means now of the love of Christ should have brought in our hearts the morning star like it’s so deep now and you keep growing in your revelation he’s not just your Lord or he’s not just your savior he’s not just your whole vagina or your provider like that foundation is so much and in these conversations not everybody gets that so we have to kind of restore the foundations or you know represent them because people don’t know and it’s key I’m thankful that uh what I do I am tactful with it and there’s so many people who have come to to faith in Christ and and you know I’m saying the love of Jesus through what we’re doing here and not even know that that’s what they’re getting into so with dealing with the foundation man everything you can built you can build upon it it’s gonna be shaken it’s essentially like the wood hay and stubble everything that we put onto jewelry your garments the Bible talks about like having a garment of praise and of having like these garments of filthy rags and things in these different analogies throughout the scripture that they’re gonna be burned you’re gonna be tried with fire and so the only thing that’s gonna last as the gold and the precious jewels and the gems and and those are the things that are built upon the beautiful foundation of Christ that that won’t won’t waver if your foundation is something else or if it’s built on the seashore you know I’m saying when when the moon is right in the high tide comes in its gonna wash out that foundation many people fall in the church hurt and they leave God because their pastor sins toward a pastor ran off with a woman things like that so I would hope that they at least had the strong foundation that Jesus did die for their sins and you know I know the church hurt but hopefully they’re not Jesus hurt because it wasn’t you know when Jesus said it was a man yeah that shows you what people have their faith in when we talk about Church heard and people like people like to throw that term around by somebody who doesn’t fit in or somebody who’s like stepped away from that they say your charge hurt or whatever I think that’s a process I think everybody has to go through that you know whatever Church hurt or rejection just like Jesus had to go through it even even better once he loved you know I suck we still go do it you know I’ve been kicked out of a few churches in Mobile yeah tom tom morello from Rage Against the Machine says if you don’t have a rap sheet you’re not doing God’s will like if you don’t have some type of record where you’re you know causing some type of anarchy even in a place like a church or whatever the case you know just doing God’s will but it shows you who that who’d your faith is in like if you in a situation and the pastor falls away from God or pastor leaves and goes to another church because he got a new wife and you’ve you lose your faith in God well that shows who you had your faith in yeah and that’s a good shaking like you should be you should be shaking there’s a lot of people who are just like in those buildings just to be there because in the building and they face in the preacher or their face empty words that are just being said to fill the collection plate and I hate to say it but a lot of churches yes yep and it’s it’s really weird when it comes down to that but um what is your foundation man we’re talking about foundation in general just give a little bit of background of like your story where you come from and how you was able to build your firm foundation well it was a long journey I’ve been in church my whole life shortly after I started going to college I pretty much stopped going to church what did the professor’s of the partying or what I mean well it was you know I’d see those things I’d see the the humans in the church not really being who they told me I should be and yeah you know my spirit it wasn’t all of them I had some great examples but then there’s some other examples that weren’t so great and then my friends you know they can bring it down real quick some of them really just weren’t Christians and thought all that was stupid and you know those were the cool kids to me that I wanted to hang out with so that’s definitely gonna influence you and I don’t know I just life was rough I went through two divorces and I still believed in God the whole time but it’s more like I was mad at him or something mad at you know the way my life was turning out not realizing that it’s because of the decisions I made not because of God because he gave me every chance to succeed and I didn’t take half of them but after the second divorce and moving down to Alabama I was trying to find the bottom of a bottle for probably about two years and I’m probably lucky to be alive I probably did more drunk driving in those two years and I did sober driving Wow but then I met my wife believe it or not and I just God kept showing me cuz I still talked to God even mad at him drunk as I was I still believed in God and believed that he created the world and it wasn’t evolution first of all that’s a big foundation I want to touch on later but he he just has this way this supernatural way of pointing little tiny things out to you about one person that remind you of everybody in your whole life actually when I was a kid I had recurring dreams of just a face I didn’t really know what it was or anything well it turns out that was actually my wife’s face and when that hit me that was a shock right now but it’s little things like that that you know I know that God can tell people the future for sure absolutely I know that there are things out there that we can’t all see some people can I mean that’s in the Bible too I know that there’s things that we’re just not supposed to understand and we have to be okay with that at some point God’s creation who are we to tell him how it’s made you know yeah because you don’t remember when I met you it was it wasn’t long after I started really really but it was definitely more from of an intellectual of phase of knowing of wanting to know the scriptures from you know gnosis standpoint and know what you believe and know why you believe it and we were there to you know me I say we me and Anthony went when we met you know we’ve given ourselves over just to studying and that’s what leads you to have problems in church when you read your Bible yeah like I tell I have friends who were gung-ho they’re evangelists they’re leading the loss and I told him years ago I said bro if you want to keep doing what you’re doing a minister but you gotta gotta quit reading their Bible you gotta quit reading you quit gotta quit studying it if you keep studying it you’re gonna find out that most of the sudden you’re entertaining and putting up with these people it’s not in there bro like this stuff that they’re founded on in the West it’s not not scriptural dude and it’s the life is demonic they will call what I would do like talking about aliens call it demonic but yet tricking people to give you money and like telling them that God’s gonna curse them if they’re not tithing that’s okay sure you know what I’m saying so like the foundations of that in the foundations of your faith man for me just really quick when I got born again it was at a home meeting at somebody’s house and I somebody asked me hey do you want to ask do you want Jesus to forgive you of your sins at a home meeting we every wise worshipping it was totally new to man never been it’s anything like it it looks very peaceful they’ve had their eyes closed hands lift it singing cry some of them were crying and just look really blissful I didn’t understand it listen you want Jesus to forgive you of your sin it’s like yeah like I don’t want him not to forgive me no I don’t want him to forgive me I’m taking my sins wouldn’t like I was just vulnerable at the time I said yeah I would love for him to forgive me I did a lot of dirt at the age of 13 you know I did a lot of bad stuff and uh in need of guidance so I said that prayer you know I see Jesus to come into my life and to change me and make him Lord of my life at that moment the Holy Spirit came upon me I started to tremble and cry and shake and my body started to convulse I started to burn wood like this fervent hot heat that felt really good felt you for it felt like a drug but it went through and it cleansed out yeah all the wrong that I had ever done even the stuff I didn’t know I was carrying like baggage and weight it burnt it all off yeah all consuming fire the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire and and I was changed when I was 13 that happened to me and then we would go and have prayer meeting we would go to church and then we’d go have prayer meetings back at the same place or somebody else’s house and it was like that all the time I’m beckoning look you got to come you got to come like all my druggie friends look I got the perfect drug his name is Jesus man like that that was my foundation we would go to church and we’d have a good time at church worshipping the mute live music but we couldn’t wait to leave Church to go to the home meetings for us to get in and pray and lay hands on people and other people who have never felt that power and that love of God they whatever it was something you can impart to people lay hands on them and they’ve received that fire and that love beautiful that’s my foundations praying and early and and doing that and like throughout the week and you know in church all the time and then you find out that like like that’s my foundation and then we go to church to try to recreate this encounter with the Living God and we we connected to church and we go to church to recreate it or to continue the journey with that God or that power and we learned dogma we learned stuff that’s not in the Bible we learn religion we learn Christianese we learn so much stuff and so essentially you put off one vice or one thing that’s killing you whether you get set free from drugs and alcohol or religion war not religion drugs and alcohol you put that stuff now but you pick up religion you become a Pharisee without even knowing it you know what I’m saying is so that’s my foundation that’s why that’s always been the plumb line that’s always been the bottom line faith in Jesus baptism of the Holy Ghost change your life let’s do it every week you know I’m saying let’s do it and you go to places where they don’t like that they speak against that and you’re not the pastor you can’t pray for people and the pastor when you do pray for people and stuff happens there are certain people where you separate yourself long enough you receive fire from heaven and you can go out and do miracles and walk like Jesus walked right the pastors don’t have that no more they get jealous what God using kinney you know and now everybody’s asking Kinney for prayer they’re supposed to be coming for me and it gets into a lot of weird stuff that you’re able to see and and all of that’s on top of your foundation it’s not like it’s supposed to be there or it’s legit it’s Christianity as we know it or as we’ve known it you like that but it’s not it’s not Jesus you know all that’s on top of the foundation so that’s why I like I’ve never actually my eyes weren’t open and I was just a brand new believer yeah whatever you told me I believed you I mean I believed that the government had my best interest in mind like whatever you know just naive like any child sure I think Jesus went through the same thing like Jesus went to the temple he was dealing with the money changers and all that stuff but one day he woke up he’s like man these people stealing from y’all these people are taking your money and demand and cheap sacrifice he flipped the tables and whooped them and beat everybody man and he was he grew up with these people he’s been around in people his whole life but it wasn’t when something happened you’re able to see like man this is what the scriptures are talking about maybe when you could become more aware of the scriptures and trying to line up stuff you know I think it all comes from a place of innocence of all the exploration even mine how deep we go it comes from a place of innocence of wanting to be more christ-like and wanting to have what they had in the Bible you know I think Jesus did that on that particular day at that feast because it was the biggest feast of the year I think that he wasn’t he wasn’t in Jerusalem all that often especially not growing up and that was like at the beginning of his ministry pretty much it kind of marked the beginning of his ministry and I don’t know that it’s the first time that he’s ever seen Jerusalem but I know that he only did what God told him to do when God told him to he is God in the body and he knew exactly when the perfect time to do that would be and he had to do that because of he’s calling the whole foundations of their religion wrong they’re basing it on money again they’re doing everything at the time there was a separate book that was put above the Torah that was the law of the Pharisees pretty much I can’t remember what it was called now he had the Septuagint and then there was it wasn’t the Torah but it was the Tanakh – not anak and they put more Authority in that which contradicted the Bible a lot so he was he was he didn’t come to make peace but he didn’t he didn’t come to make it all in right away there’s still stuff you had to do that was a necessary action at the perfect time I mean it was and so I think that we’re about to do for something I think we got it we had it I think we had it man at the end of you know and I’ll say it like this because you know coming up in the charts there was all like this persecutions coming to America we’re gonna be persecuted for being Christians and you’re not gonna be able to pray in schools and you know all of this up they were always yeah I know but it’s here now like you know a form of it at the end like I didn’t have nothing against Obama and I try not to get into politics because I understand the circus of what it is and to make us fight and choose sides that stuff that date they script just uh many people are actors man you know absolutely but um but I did see the stuff that they passed at the very end of Obama’s presidency it got really weird man with the whole did what and I was nothing against gays I had a homosexual on the show the other day but the whole you don’t saying gay marriage staying like they swept that in trying to transgender the the bathroom issues and and then it brought in its like a Trojan horse at the very end Trump is a like Trump in is is a cry from the Republicans and the Conservatives I hate we got to stop this like he brought all that stuff in fast at the very end man and it freaked everybody out you know what I’m saying and uh and there was some some type of persecution you don’t saying going on for you to be conservative or be against that you know what I’m saying if you’re against it you’re a bigot you’re a racist or whatever the case is you know so there there is some persecution as far as that’s concerned from what we’ve seen there’s something going on but I think now that trumps in office and things have kind of calmed down for the serve it up side mmm I’m not liking still say that people get mad when we say that Christians are under attack white nobody knows about and it’s only what what they want you to see they only tell you what they it’s like Hitler said if you can write history you can change the world yeah change the youth and make them believe but they don’t even care about us they’re going after our kids now yeah they’re trying to teach our kids what they want them to know so that their country will be changed in there too right to make all the changes happen that they want to push are just killing the country killing the spirit of America killing rewriting history yeah it’s it’s really history is that the at the hands of the person telling it his story it’s really like it’s two sides every letter winners right people lost they can’t tell you like they can tell you what happened to him yep and and we we could just see that by looking back at history and just looking at the things that were right you know some things are being fixed I think we look at slavery and again how that was just like in the in the media there’s cartoons that promote slavery and and bigotry and stuff that were acceptable and torture and weird stuff that was okay to the consciousness of those people yeah they were okay with it you spoke out against that you were a heretic you know what I’m saying that pretty much you know you can’t you have to go along with it so we’re in weird times I’ll say that much is this people someone says that this is the greatest time to be alive it’s very interesting you know what’s going on well maybe it’s a great time to be alive because we get to see the Bible unfold before us it’s it’s playing out man I don’t think that trying to get into politics and stuff and reasoning and stuff and I try to find common ground with all men sure and uh and being offense to no not over nothing that I can’t change sure or you know what I’m saying I can’t change that what I’m gonna do about that I could just I can you know I could be an example I can try to respond with grace and peace towards every situation but as far as like a lot of this stuff nothing that you can’t change it but as far as what I’m here to do that’s not my fight my fight is not to debate you if Obama is really a homosexual the conspiracy theories and stuff you know and but then there’s some other things even be in the same category because they’re tabloid news they’re cracking down on conspiracies on YouTube now supposedly now that it’s out in the light but they like we’re catering to conspiracies because it keeps you on YouTube longer I did did a study that the conspiracy research and other stuff keeps people engaged and some of the some things these people are entertaining it’s dangerous for one I’m I’m four I’m not for conspiracy theories like promoting of some of them are dangerous and wicked for the most part you know if somebody’s children that child dies and you’re saying no your child didn’t die your child’s an actor and you’re going on YouTube like making videos and rants saying that that’s really offensive men you know and I’ve I’ve had shows talking about that but um but if you’re right and you find them to be actors then you’re a hero right but then again you still don’t change nothing like what are you actually changing that you proved it what are you doing I just change anything hopefully if anything you open their eyes open everybody eyes so the next time they do it again you’ll see through it you can even hope to do I think that’s happening it’s happening for me yeah not to be led down that road you know because I know how evil they are I know how wicked they can be so there’s nothing like bro did you know that they did this and like you want to do videos and research and stuff that’s like not like it’s like you know I I don’t know how many shootings happen in America but I know that even if the only ones they show on the news are the ones that happen it seems to happen to a lot of kids and it seems like they’re just trying to scare people in the news to giving up their guns giving up your protection giving up your freedoms we’re free people then we don’t need so many rules to tell us what to do you know and I think that’s a lot of what Jesus came back for or against the Pharisees – they’ve just piling more and more rules you can’t even live anymore that’s the point where a society just needs to collapse maybe so they can start over and everybody can kind of be on level ground again maybe part of my passiveness it’s not I’m not passive but passiveness to like fight them and overthrow them and change the laws and vote and rally and protest maybe the passiveness from that is kind of like that I have it’s from like Jesus you know we have like Peter they’re ready to go to war they’re ready like to go to go fight and overthrow the Roman Empire and and and they thought they had a leader that could rally the people to do that and and Jesus wasn’t about that like you know he could have he definitely could have this may have show up to teach and you make a bigger impression on one person one then you do a million people from a podium mm-hmm yeah yeah he definitely understood that man we talking about the government of 12 and I’m just dealing with he had his 12 disciples that he poured into and he taught them and he sucked with them and he ate with them and then he sent them out to go get 12 more and to do the same thing and teach them you can’t you can’t pour into hard to do 12 you know that’s a big number but to have a huge group of people that you’re mentoring and pouring into it is hard so when you have a tight-knit group of people like the twelve they kept it covered at that number whether that’s how many people you can commit to or whatever it was special about that number that just kind of goes to show you that uh that he cared about relationships and then they it worked they changed the world you know those twelve went on and did their thing and it just kept disciple in discipleship makes the ciphers and you create disciples who make disciples and go out and fulfill the Great Commission and change the world and we’re here because of that you know you know you can make a bigger change in the world just sharing your faith every day with strangers then any politician could in his whole career yeah being a politician the politics is just like you said it’s a device that they use to divide us and we need to come together as people individuals living around each other come get to know the people you know that you live close to and affect their life and change your surroundings do you want the world to be better the only world that really matters to me not to be rude or anything but the only world that affects me is the world around me yeah yeah that is your world I’m sure we all do you care what’s happening in Israel I do care what’s happening another to the world but as far as whether or not it personally affects me no it doesn’t you know and there’s nothing I can do about it so why worry about it I just pray to God that he well then people will you know people will come a lot coming on sale there’s stuff you could do about it you know rally sign this petition show up at the White House with her yeah you know in the time that I’m spending doing that I could be helping people in fact yeah there was a story man and I’m probably gonna butchered I wish I would learn this story but essentially the story is of a young man who wanted to change the world so he did everything he could he lived his life he’s trying to change the world he couldn’t change the world so he’s like you know what i’ma change the country let me do what I can to change the country he wasn’t successful at that let me just try to you know change my state let me go to the Senators and protest and stuff and change the state bah bah bah bah bah I couldn’t do that there’s many changes as tries to change this city can’t do it his family friends couldn’t do it so it’s like you know what let me just change myself and if you would have started from the beginning look let me just change myself and then you changing yourself working or working out your own salvation with fear and trembling doing a great commission each one teach one change the world if you change yourself then you be able to commune with people in your day to day change the people who who you communicate with change your friends lives your families lives they go oh didn’t go out you’re able to change the city be able to reach a larger audience change the senators and congressmen mayors yeah state yes country he changed the world you only just saw somebody you know person Jesus said that right you know the quote right what he said about changing who to go to like the when he sent the Great Commission he told him to go to certain people he’ll go to anybody that allows your piece to rest on their house that buddy said go to Jerusalem Judea Samaria and then the ends of the world so he’s like start here you can get a little bit broader bigger and then the end of the world so start here don’t like and so many people they’re like man I want to go to I want to go to uh you know another country or to change Israel go to Pakistan or whatever the case is and help those people and those are good things those are good things but things we got a we can’t forget about these people here right you know I’m saying all homeless people are people on drugs they’re teenagers that need somebody to talk to like the practical stuff you know that’s we have we can’t oh we can’t overlook where we are like this is the mission field like go out I think it’s mostly going for us to get to know the kids in our area because change the kids and you changed the future yeah you guys do a lot with that you and your wife ally if you want to talk about what she does um speak for a little bit try to for kids an outreach they’ve put on a lot of outreaches and stuff in the community and feeding the homeless and doing all kind of cool stuff over the year so that’s the ministry man the real deal and like you said dealing with the kids and orphans and widows or the fatherless of the generation you know I’m saying people who don’t know uh you know don’t have dads you know like the fatherless you know care about those people and uh that’s real religion and they’re not far tarried everywhere you know mm-hmm everywhere so I so when you got them into more of like Phyllis no I would say philosophical but more of the like book-smart end of your faith did you like and you’ve always been in charge but did you have was there like a like a come-to-jesus moment for you at any moment like like I said everybody’s experience is different but mine was quite just crazy you know I’m saying I came to Jesus and fire and crying it’s not coming out my nose and you know it was totally spiritual you don’t know saying but did you have I thought I was supposed to go to Africa and be a missionary God had other plans and that’s okay because you know I’m supposed to do the work he wants me to do anyway right so I did have a moment like that I can’t really pinpoint it to any anything specific but on fire well me and my wife we had gotten married and and I was studying the Bible more and drinking less I still hadn’t quit all the way but one New Year’s Eve we went to a church or not I need Newsday yeah I went to a church that that Sunday I think it actually was on a Sunday and we just decided that you know we we wanted to reconnect a little bit again with with other Christians and see if we could find some friends that were you know our age or whatever they had similar beliefs sometimes in the church sometimes you need you know why no we reach out to the to the druggies and the homeless people but somehow you just need somebody was comedy even if they’re not cool just because they’re safe but it was a beautiful church I was right on the beach in Orange Beach and we figured you know even if we don’t like what they had to say because we didn’t hurt so many times even if we don’t like what that to say we can at least look at at the ocean while they’re talking and and you know but it was it was a powerful message and it it brought me to tears just the the words if that preacher said that day I can’t remember what they are now but you know at that moment I was I recommitted myself to to live in for God I’d already been baptized but I got baptized again which I don’t think that’s some people say you know you don’t have to whatever you can get baptized as many times as you want it was just getting dunked in water yeah you don’t need to you don’t even need to do it once but it’s a mikvah in the Old Testament it’s like a cleansing yeah tamil repentance refreshing there was this couple there and that was our age and they were studying they actually had similar backgrounds there’s a lot of ungodly behavior for a long time and anyway he had he can see things sometimes like I see I guess auras kind of I don’t know how to describe it cuz I can’t see it yeah but he said that whatever we’ve got baptized cuz we got baptized together before there was like a dark over around us and then when we we came up we were just shining bright white again and I definitely felt that way so you know couldn’t argue with him but we we studied with them a lot while we were still living down on the beach and which our food y’all going to well room our Beach Baptist Church practice room for me yeah I’ve been a member of Baptist Church Church of Christ Methodist Church I mean I’ve been a member of a lot of different kinds I don’t think denomination really matters and I don’t think there should be denominations it should just be people in your area they want to study by in your areas a key word for me yeah there’s a lot of good churches across the bay and Daphney sure you know what I’m saying and West mobile I don’t live out there like I don’t just know my community right you got a drive with the people there’s people who drive for 45 minutes to go to church because they like the music no accountability and there’s absolutely nothing that a church is supposed to church family is supposed to be for you if you’re too far away you just can’t really be a family with them mm-hmm so now I mean we’re members of the Chickasaw the United Methodist Church and they’re great a bunch of people I don’t believe everything that they they’re good people and they have a good heart for the community and that’s more than I can say for a lot of other churches that I have been to mm-hmm so the rest of it doesn’t even matter because what’s their foundation Jesus was the son of God he was sent here to dine with us for our sins no they don’t get everything right but they got the foundation right yes so I mean you can’t be too hard on them because they’re people – mm-hmm well we’ve kept the majority of the show just about the foundation in Christ and your foundation firm foundation we do like – I don’t like to talk about conspiracies that you know I’m talking about conspiracies but while I have you here I know you’re you love to study and read and you called in during the Santos Bonacci show as well Santos I’m here talking about flat earth let’s talk about the foundations of the earth man this kind of gives you going for a minute you’re really big in the flat earth right now right well I wouldn’t say I’m really big into it I’ve watched a lot of he’s really big in the flat earth or not guys okay what have you found out going back to college one of the last classes that I took and I didn’t actually even finish it I dropped out in the middle of it was physics it was physics too and it was a calculus based physics I’m pretty good at math so I did all the hard math classes that I could and we got to talking about Einstein and the theory of relativity and everything and I had a hard time after figuring out what it really was that was being said but you know there’s they’re teaching you all of these math equations right and telling you this is how everything works well the theory of relativity says that you can make a math equation for anything you want to so if you’re smart enough to make a math equation to tell what something’s doing doesn’t mean that it’s really doing it for the reason that you are saying it I might be it came up in the class the Stars pretty odd yeah because you know if it is spinning there’s a lot of physics going on there yeah mathematically speaking both sets of equations work okay you can all the ancient devices like the anti-type their mechanism or whatever hm cogging and little mechanical devices that can tell you where the stars are in the sky mm-hmm that they were building their ancient Greece before any kind of electricity or any kind anything like that are based on Flat Earth math for the stars going around in a circle yeah and they work and they still work today yeah that’s all you can get those grid star maps and spin them right these month I’m going to show you what stars you bear to see it and that’s not sure what Google uses but you could probably go on google or whatever the night sky yeah yeah and you can fast forward and go back in time and everything’s gonna line up yeah and just and it was done on Flat Earth like how do you know what did you get that from like the Flat Earth well back when they were being made everybody thought the earth was flat and everybody thought that the stars revolved around so then they made clocks basically the position that’s that’s the thing for me is because they ain’t and I’m not the ancients believed it even saying like they they totally like the maps and all the the lore everything was better go today you’ll fall off the earth the edge of the earth and things like that not that it was a globe while just kick this but yeah that that’s one thing for me it’s like the ancient books and the ancients believed it you know for some reason within me like I’ve always thought it was legit like even as I never bought it even as a kid like it was flat like but well it’s funny to me but this the Stars is the big one yeah if we’re spinning that fast but the stars are in the stars are making perfect circles yeah making perfect circles every night right right around the North Star they’d never move and I spent plenty of time staring at the Stars yawn it God through the stars however that work down and you know I used to have a lot of sleep tonight staring up at the stars and I just couldn’t bring myself to believe in my being that the earth was spinning and the stars were stationary okay so what is what is the deception why why make the change is it because we could read the Stars and get on God’s calendar that it would take take us away from nature and away from the way that we our bodies work align with the celestial spheres and to get us off of that like most people to care about that stuff anymore you think that I have to do it they don’t care about that stuff anymore yeah they do they lived about it because they everyday they’re not used to living by it anymore even it wasn’t even so long ago that people still planning by the moon and they were told to do it from the beginning Hebrews in the Bible they was told you know to keep the saddles totally lost what I was gonna say so why did why did they change it why I mean what does it benefit pull us away from studying I mean you have to think of it from perspective of who would want to lie to us and the powers me well I mean the powers that be in the earth spiritually speaking is Satan’s domain the devil is has been given free reign and he puts little thoughts in people’s heads here and there and they come up with these ideas that they think are just brilliant but it’s really an implant and one little lie here and one little lie here just the right person is gonna say it over and over until it becomes truth and you changed the whole dichotomy of everything you change you change everything you know the if they’re okay if the Earth’s flat versus if it’s a globe that’s just spinning in space we’re going just happen from nothing from a big bang and a big explosion and everything just happened to magically come together versus a flat earth with a dome on top of it that’s obviously a creation that would that is a big enough reason for you know that’s doubt that’s what that’s what he does if there’s doubt in there oh it’s not a creation it’s just a big ball in the middle of space that just happened mm-hmm I mean that that would be one reason from the very beginning and then since now the earth is just a big ball that’s floating in space that magically appeared well now all the life on it magically appeared too so we evolved from bacteria and I’ve never been able to believe that either I’m like everybody else maybe he comes to like evolution is like why aren’t monkeys still evolving right hey I want to see a monkey so millions of years ventually one of the monkeys huh you know speaking of millions of years don’t give them guns either those monkeys they’re you know it occurred to me not too long ago that because I I do watch a lot of a variety of different things not all Flattr it’s early Arthur would Arthur yes yeah I don’t know exactly how long a day was during creation but I do know that the sign was given until the third day that’s my – how many days a day is like a thousand years right but the sign wasn’t made until there were plants on the earth already so there was already day before there was a sign what about the scripture that talks about the earth being destroyed at one point and was they replenished do you know that I there’s a couple of them I think people are trying to too much into it and sound smart sell a book to be quite honest because yeah in Genesis 1 it there’s because we put a period in our Bible yeah there’s no yeah you know there there wasn’t any punctuation so we don’t know where the stops in speech would have really even been but just because the Bible says in the beginning God created the earth and the Spirit was hovering over the waters of the deep well if God’s calling it the deep is it gonna be a little ball of water it doesn’t sound like it would be to me God’s definition of deep is probably a lot bigger than we can even comprehend but that’s but people take those two sentences and they say that oh well in the beginning he created the heavens of the earth and since the next sentence says now is there the shape the earth was shapeless and without form and the Spirit hovered over the water that the face of the deep if people put too much of a heartbreak in between those two I think they’re they’re thinking too much about it and not just listening to what God’s saying did that make sense because I think that does happen yes especially if even if a lot of that stuff is allegory or you don’t say metaphors you know what I’m saying Adam and Eve I mean I even there’s their scriptures you read in Genesis 5 um that says it says he made he made man and called them Adam him he says he made man and female and named them as a people like this Adamic race and maybe like this gets into a lot of stuff and I’ve studied from many perspectives of like well the earth is here he took he made the garden and maybe that’s his dome this is the the garden and and I’m a makeup people for myself and there’s already people groups out there who created him where they came from no idea about all that but he made a people for his namesake there and and then they’ll end up leaving the garden and going out and it was already other people you know they ran in other nations and they look different heard it’s really the thing for me that that bomb me wasn’t a documentary or listening to anybody else was just my personal study that one scripture really at the end of the the verse where it says he made man and female he made them male and female and called them Adam I say man that’s the Adamic race he made them and he called him Adam but not just as one man you know – to that point the Hebrew word for man or mankind is Adam so to me that would just say that he called humans human we’re speculating and the thing is though the thing is and this is what gets me and I kind of pulled my cards out of it I don’t think anybody knows yeah yeah so to fight you and Kitty get out of my house right you all get with me over there know some people like there’s people who do that though cuz they know they were there see the Bible says do this this is only what it says man there’s so many ways you wouldn’t know that unless you were a Berean unless you were given over to study in those scriptures and say look man there’s a lot more ways to looking at this in a couple of them makes sense yeah a couple of them makes sense yeah you know and that’s the truth God’s honest truth I don’t I don’t think any he’s right let me have a piece of a piece of it maybe right she’s that and this dad and that’s not the guy his history’s a little bit right on this part I believe that I believe it look everybody holds a piece of it that’s why that’s why I have people on the show like Jordan Maxwell sure they said Jordan Maxwell on certain things Jordan Maxwell he’s he’s good on even in the Bible like Jordan Maxwell can break that Bible down in a way that you’re not gonna hear it Sunday morning you know what I’m saying not that he’s right on everything but it’s good to approach it from different schools of thought because you’re not gonna hear it right like I’m telling you like what some people I don’t even feel with these people anymore but the black Hebrew Israelites man they taught me how to study the scriptures they taught me how to break the Bible down and improve it with chapter verses context the Christian Church taught me to take one scripture out of contact and say while I was a sinner of Christ died for me like that’s good I love it that’s great we just cut it close the book that’s what they taught me and then that’s still part of it but they taught me to like take chapters and chunks and then room and then point it back to where it came from and then you find out nothing in the New Testament was new they’re just repeating the prophets like everything Paul said I know we know the quotes because they’re in italics sure but even more like conversation he just looks like regurgitating the Old Testament in the prophets Jesus and Paul and and it’s really interesting to be able to break the Bible down but you get it you have you do have a one-up on on regular people because they have no idea they just they’re told this is what it is they believe it they run with it to fight you on it and so then you have to learn grace because you have knowledge and you have to be trained to hold your tongue and not fight them and not get mad because they act like a know-it-all it’s a small path and I’m not you know I’m not gonna kick anybody off of it but there’s a lot of people that think they’re on it there aren’t on it and even Jesus said that so you know what this this is the humility that to admit that you don’t know and it’s big for me it’s not easy to say you don’t know it’s people who are looking for you to come to you and they hope that you know and there’s people who elicit so true so you don’t know that let me go find somebody else who does that’s something that person is probably gone like they they want answers and so we do you run into pastors or leaders or what whoever on YouTube or whatnot who claim to have it up and if they don’t know it they’ll make it up we could just simply present what we know the things we know without the shadow of a doubt for us anyway would that work for us and we share those yep and nobody can take that away from you you know and you’re talking about your reality I’m worried about my reality yeah like to some people like they’re doing wickedness and wrong stuff blatantly in the Bible but it’s okay to them like in their mind they don’t know any better like polygamy and the Mormons and stuff like that like I know exactly not for me but yeah so then it comes to that or who’s right well according to a culture as long as we can agree on Jesus you know that’s the that’s the thing where I lose a lot of people because they say keep it simple brother keep it about Jesus and I do it’s the foundation it is that’s not the face because if we mention any other thing we mentioned baptism we mentioned tithing that’s going to split it differently you know what I’m saying so it is about Jesus so so it’s okay to build on top of your foundation and to study and to look into search and if anybody tells you not to run run yeah you know they should be encouraging everything they’re scared they’re gonna leave them though they can’t get knowledge of a holy man scriptures you’re telling me they’re not in the Bible bro like the Bible didn’t mean that man and you you know that’s that’s happened I’d like to think of it as like I’m building my own house that is my faith right and I can build it any way I want to and I can use whatever materials I want to use I have the right foundation but you know when you’re building a house you’re gonna look at the bricks you’re not gonna use one that’s cracked mm-hmm you’re not gonna use one that’s too heavy because yeah there’s something wrong with it you’re not gonna use one of that’s too light but if you didn’t pick that brick up you wouldn’t know mm-hmm you know what I mean so you gotta study the things that people are teaching you and you have to relate it back to the Bible I mean you have to keep you have to keep your rich in the Bible and so you don’t get lost down any a million different ways that you can go yeah even biblical teachers can lead you the wrong way if you start following them instead of the Bible that they’re preaching out of yeah but you gotta you gotta take what they say and you know examine each brick individually and the ones that are fit to put in your house you put them in your faith house and the ones that aren’t well they go with the rest of the scrap it’s gotta be that simple you can’t get hung up on it because then it’ll just drag you down trying to fix the brick that’s broken yep there’s people you know I try to see what works you know maybe I cheated a lot in school I’m looking at other people see what they got was the smart people I know the smart people drop your pencil hey I just and so I like to look at other people and see if it’s working for them like if it’s working if you’re not working don’t come to me and try to tell me how to live my life or what to believe in it and your life is a wreck that’s what fruit comes in yeah and you have to judge by the fruit everybody’s a tree you gotta judge the fruit and that’s that it works mmm but you gotta be careful not to judge the man judge the fruit the fruit of his yes definitely you’re gonna partake of their fruit eventually you hang around somebody long enough and uh just because they come with the Bible you know some of these people who have no idea who Jesus is by that name they have more integrity and more fruit than a lot of these people in these churches man and I can’t I can’t I’d be lying to speak otherwise you know to act like they don’t in people like people try to argue me on that that’s not real fruit bro that’s false fruit right now I enjoy it it’s the Apple man question I’m gonna let everybody know that uh check the phone lines are open if you guys want to call in ask Kenny a question or asking me a question Kenny’s wife is in the chat right now there was a big thing and I was a part of it I would you know I did this I went and burned everything that wasn’t of God anything that didn’t have Jesus on it and then I got to a place where I burned even stuff they had pictures of Jesus on it the answer is an idol he doesn’t look like this you know I’m burning it and so you guys had a cleansing most people have had went through this at some point but she wants me to ask you about this cleansing that you to reestablish the foundation well any we we did we went through it’s funny when you I get to that I guess we did we we went through our house and we burned a set of tarot cards that had never been opened cuz they were a gift to my wife from her sister II she didn’t want to over him because she didn’t want him so I mean I wasn’t really a big loss we never opened them but we got a chess set that was made out of Dragons I kind of you know maybe I shouldn’t have done that one cuz I like playing chess and I miss but you know I did learn from that you know you learn from everything if you’re not learning then you’re not trying but some things are good to get rid of some things okay we were under some pretty heavy spiritual attack I had I’m remembering now because she’s reminding me there was one occasion where well the house that we were living in it there was other beings there I mean I don’t know how to put that it was no probably different unseen spirit unseen unclean spirits but we did have to cleanse the house and there was a few times that I had to call on Jesus and I do believe that they left and you know maybe they were coming in some doorways that we had opened or whatever you know and we had left unchecked I mean it was crazy stuff happened stuff flying off the top of the fridge my cat flying through the doorway right in front of me for real I think she was pregnant I’m right through that cave we still have one of her babies Anthony talked about that I’m not Anthony Anthony what me and uh me and Dano talked about that and uh cuz we’ve been through it many times and even looking around somebody says it came in to chat awhile they’re gonna say true seeker you got a cool room your room looks cool I got a lot of gaming posters I’ve got a deck of tarot cards I’ve got some you know sacred geometry pendants and pyramids and all kind of low just cool stuff I think it’s cool but there were times come where I would like when we have you said you guys were under spiritual attack when you’re under a spiritual attack you get to a place you like I need to get everything out of my life but Jesus so you start looking around like there would be towns where maybe even for those watching on camera this cup its cup as Monster High Monster teen dolls for kids with monsters Frankenstein vampires Dracula you know I know people who would they couldn’t they wouldn’t drink out of this they couldn’t drink big guns wring out of this you know I’ve been there I’ve been there and you start and it’s not that that cup has any power or those cards we talked about that last weekend those tarot cards have any power to of Christian tarot cards by the way have any power but you start searching your life and I I’m under such attack or I want more of God in a symbolic God I want you more than this couple want you more than these video games and these posters and you start getting rid of everything you know I remember my earrings these plugs I took the earrings out none of this I just want Jesus you know throwing everything away and I’m not the only one many people have been down that path or you’re searching your heart and you’re looking for stuff that doesn’t glorify God because you want to get closer to God and and that stuff in your life it’s powerful because it’s symbolic and it represents something not that it has any power to begin with but maybe if there’s witchcraft books or certain things and you’re not trying to entertain any of that stuff in what you what you relate those thoughts and what they mean to you you’re getting rid of it I mean I there’s times I’ve gotten rid of my manly Pete Hall but I got got first edition sign books and we talked about that too and I’ve burnt them I’ve gotten rid of them all kind of stuff I’ve lost a lot and I’m not the only one other people have done it we need to talk about this openly and some of these things is snatch it’s natural to feel that way it’s not natural regular people don’t do that there’s people who gods working on your heart man right it’s a sanctification inner working regular that something crazy I think it’s sometimes it is a good thing to to do that if it happens a lot scriptures the Corinthians that took all of their yeah well come out the books their acts mags yeah yeah it’s not a bad thing to do but you know you also have to think about that was their religion they based their beliefs on the tarot cards and the the witchcraft magic and the things that they were doing yeah if you base your beliefs on it you probably do need to burn it all yeah that’s not the right I get accused of that I’ll give it you that’s not the right foundation to build your failure that’s not the foundation right I think I get accused of that that I don’t follow the holy spirit that I follow magic that I follow Manley P Hall and these people who are who I do admire for different reasons and I appreciate I get accused of being a witch and you know I’ve let those rampages where we burn the books and I’ve burnt my books on many and many of many occasions and so I should have something to say at this point about burning books I’ve done and now I have books in there fine I’ll leave them you know I read them from time to time they got some good stuff in them but it’s about having a foundation for one and to my excuse to have that stuff to look in those books most a lot of those books have knowledge and information that Jesus and the disciples already had that they knew that we don’t have today you know what I’m saying of whether we’re talking about the testament of Solomon that’s that’s considered a magical writing that’s considered about the church around something you shouldn’t look into what Solomon that’s referenced through the Scriptures the Book of Enoch that same way brother don’t read that that book is gonna cause confusion open up the same thing like this was normal for them they had this stuff we don’t write we don’t have it no more they’ve taken all kind of stuff out the Bible and told you this stuff’s dead and they don’t matter it doesn’t matter and all kind of stuff man but there’s at least three that are referenced in the Bible there’s a dude I got this like so many book of Jasher in the book of Jubilees some I mentioned the book of shamaya the Prophet the book of II do the Prophet I want to read that book me too I want to read it you can’t find a lot of these books but some of them you still can and then some of them is debatable if it’s the they’re legit but the same could be said a lot of times with the Bible they thought about taking other books out they almost took Jude out they almost took James out Jude because of reference the book they took out right Jude references you know so they almost took it out because they you know it was sitting at yourself wine it’s a book a knockout because it’s totally a flattering book and it shows you who that war talks about angels openly it shows you who they’re worshipping might be elite universal religions yeah it shows you who they’re worshipping those fallen angels man absolutely and that’s why they took that stuff out but um I’m curious about that I want to know what they had I don’t want nothing more nothing more than Jesus or nothing more than Peter or Paul right I want what God has for me but let’s just those were some deep individuals those dudes were deep like they knew a lot of stuff they their practice was legit and if we can go back to in and know what they knew I’m cool with that I don’t want nothing now I don’t know nothing else but I feel like reading some of the manly pee haul or listening to Jordan Maxwell the way he approaches it they show you things that we’re not shown in Sunday Sunday school yeah even some Christians man I’ve been dude there’s some crazy stuff in the Bible that I’ve never heard people talk about you know because you you don’t have a frame of reference you know the first thing that stood at it to me about because I was into aliens and I was watching that the ancient aliens at the same time well I mean one good thing about that show is that’s how I even found out about the Book of Enoch wait there’s this book that used to be in the Bible talks about angels well let me go and find it and read it but you know there anytime that has talked about how angels come down to earth the people that they come down to either are physically affected or absolutely as soon as they see them know what they are right so how human-like could they really be even the ones that came to Sodom and Gomorrha to get a lot out of the town they look like men good day cuz the whole town knew what they were well they wanted to make love to the homosexuals wanted to have their way with them yeah to gain the power over maybe that’s all maybe I’m a different and that’s all it is for every new person that came to town in prison I think it takes a nice power yeah you take that probably take their manhood from them you know I’m saying and then these new guys came to town they were wanting to rape him yeah you know and there were angels and lot knew that look if you guys take these angels Missy we’re done even lot knew before they knew who they were before they came up to him he recognized them from afar yeah as being what they were yeah messengers from God and angels and I’m mere man you know nobody said that’s the impression that I got yeah oh yeah and then the other any other time that angels are talked about usually it’s either some weird wheel inside a wheel with a stand you’ll never be able to comprehend if you don’t actually see it for yourself yeah pretty much I know it’s good Steve if you know someone you want to see yeah this air from the fiery chariots you know I’m saying all right Chariots of Fire but to see this and you know it but who’s to tell me not to though you know I’m saying I who’s to say don’t do it bro you don’t need to know about that well I mean knowing about it is I encourage exploration man I mean you need know what you know about you can allow you to help somebody else it’s helped me all that all the documentaries on the third eye and how to train your mind and I’ll do in prayer it’s helped me I’ve seen manifestation by believing it willing it and knowing it and there’s teachings that in many cases aren’t even Christian mm-hmm teach you how the mind works in the power of the mind and the conscious thought dislike the scientific proof proof of our faith coming from people who don’t even believe it they’re explaining what you believe from a scientific standpoint yeah and it’s I love it and I think that’s why I bring it back to the scripture all the time right well you know the scripture says right here bah bah bah these principalities in spirits you’re talking about these entities you see over cities what about talking about principalities they’re over regions yeah and they have this person I’m talking to has no idea what the hell I’m talking about they’ve never read the Bible you know but they’re saying stuff that’s written good for thousands of years you know I love that stuff yeah and it’s you know I’ve been watching a lot of things about aliens and stuff recently and I guess there’s however many different different races that people think reptilians and nor tulu people in whatever blue avians yeah gonzo you know from the Muppet Babies looking at me from the flat earth perspective yeah how silly to think that there’s beings that came all the way from those little teeny tiny lights that are in the sky you know I mean there’s not another planet if if there’s not another planet out there for them to be from there what else could they be but what the Bible says they are I mean and that being said just because they said well we came from that star system up there we we also know that angels have fallen first of all so it’s possible that that’s a phone angel angels were charged with as specific angels were charged with each star and to follow him so who’s to say that he’s not lying that’s that was his station that he left to come to earth yeah and then any Nephilim that come from that one that end up being they’re called Pelagians well they did come from there too because the angel that fell that started them came from there you know what I mean so there is a biblical way to look at all of it if you take the time to study the scripture from both standpoint when I started in ufology was from a Christian standpoint I only listened to the Christian guys then Marzulli and I’m alone there’s so many names that hours and hours and hours probably in almost six months of it listening to only the Christian guys and I was like you know let me listen to some of these other people who they’ve been mentioning they’re people on the other side and so I listened to them and said wow I feel like these guys approach it from a non-biased standpoint the Christians have a biased there’s a war going on and there’s demons that are trying to kidnap them and stuff like what if there’s more to it so just listening way more than maybe you got spirits you got I wouldn’t call I wouldn’t call a lien demonic at all personally because if they’re physical they’re not a demon what’s a demon wants to get in your body right take your wife’s call and ask you might be we do have we’re gonna jump to the phone lines here real quick only got a few minutes left we’ve been going kind of for a while but I’m gonna jump to this first call here they got a call coming in from says North East New York caller who was speaking with it hey guys can you hear me yeah what’s up what’s up this is Ray man it’s my first time calling in I was just like man it’s just too cool I got a I got a call in and say hi what’s up guys I’m not your wife man well what it just like thanks man thanks I just wanted to backtrack a little bit kandi – but you’re saying about building a house out of faith I was in El Salvador and I met this pastor from Guatemala there he gives his testimony and he heard God told him one day hey you need if you’re gonna build a church and this guy is like the poorest guy in Oakland like super poor right like has no money but he’s like convinced like I got a bullet searched but he’s kind of afraid like okay I’m just gonna save some money in the meantime and then i’ma build a church whatever his wife is like no God told you to go to church go to the go to the the hope not the Home Depot but like the the hardware store and just see what happens God told you God’s gonna do something and the guys like well right I’ll go he goes goes to the hardware store ends up the hardware store is owned by one of his best friends from high school has the seen the guy in forever tells him what is planned and is the guy’s like you know what let me donate everything I’ll be happy to build this church for you boom building a house out of faith right yeah me sometimes listen to our wives is like the right thing to do right give them to us for a reason right well yeah and going back to you what you guys are saying about the your house and having all that all those things my cousin’s um they did a what’s it called uh with the table the Ouija board and four years afterwards it was just non-stop like four years and they dated mistake like my uncles and my uncle and on and like those my fear and we didn’t think too much like oh no it’s whatever it’s just it’s just it’s just nothing but then they started noticing that people were changing and personalities were changing and and health was was losing and like the health was falling in all those bad things were happening and I remember sleeping over a couple of times and being the like scared to go to sleep just scared like in like my other cousins house it would it be the same way I was always wondering why this was I’ll talk about all the different that parents told me that they actually had to exercise at house or however you say it and they pretty much actually had to leave the house completely because the spirit then there was just they were just taken over it was it was ridiculous I mean it’s it’s not a joke it’s no game I would personally advise anybody that if you’re gonna ask for answers from a piece of wood expect responses from a good place exactly the way I see it it’s just I mean there’s so much to substant that in the dark entities I mean how can you expect a correct answer how can you expect something good to come out of that I mean it’s just deception it on top of deception absolutely absolutely and it’ll test up against the world but you can go to a holy man and him tell you something that’s totally against the Bible crazy that’s so true I was actually listening to something like a pastor who just kept contradicting themselves and all this kind of stuff and you know the way I see it is it’s it’s the Holy Spirit I mean I can go out and like I research a lot like I listen I listen to to Sica a lot you know I’ve become a fan recently and I love listening to people like I go to the higher side chest and I listen to what they got to say because I feel like I have to draw this information in but at the same time I’m also asking the Holy Spirit is this valid is this truth is it does this have weight and honestly like I get it yeah and I get I get answers in like it’s it’s got it’s become very interesting like for example one thing that I like blew my mind was the electric universe theory and how it’s not necessarily like we’ve got like like the whole theory of relativity and like quantum is just like just like it’s just not even got real like it but if you look at things from the electric universe perspective it’s like a lot of things that we were confused about start to make sense and not only considering the fact that we’re all made up of these electromagnetic bonds and I just think that I feel like by examining the like some of the miracles that God did in the Bible through the electric universe perspective I think that a lot of those things makes sense like to give us Peter who was teleported to the Ethiopian I’ll just in the middle of the road I mean that’s teleportation of the Bible right there I mean how is that not like high level science you know that’s the highest level of science that we could possibly imagine is literally within God’s grasp and so that’s kind of went on a tangent there you relate that back to that I like to go to like like body meditation and there’s meditation that where you can go so deep lining your chakras meditating right and they you can turn your body into light in travel you can travel like a star you know and there’s certain Yogi’s and the legends and stuff that were said to do it and it comes from Egypt as well like it was in Egypt and the you know I’m seeing wheels of light interesting um breath meditation I think I think these do spin me you know I’m saying when they did when they prayed stuff happened when they laid hands on people they knew what to do they knew what sickness was they knew the power I mean even water let’s look at water the whole did the whole doctor there’s a whole theory about water our bodies are made up of what is it nine eighty percent yeah absolutely it’s alive its waters living it’s moving and and in water holds frequencies and thoughts and memory and there’s the whole documentaries on this stuff and it the music effects water the shapes that yeah the music that’s so important dr. Emoto rice experiment and it’s in the water document oh it worked it does it does okay so I did that a little bit differently but with a tree so hear me out so I was living in Florida and I noticed that the tree right in front of my apartment complex was like newly green fresh sea green this is like right after the winter don’t like the tree like this these trees here like loss and leaves so this tree just was newly green it’s the spring is barely barely starting and everything else is dead and one of my buddies mentions it like hey may I look at your look like it’s look at your place like you’re like right in front of your place is where this tree is alive and I’m thinking to myself that’s because there’s so much love in my house and that’s because like my wife and I are working hard to create this beautiful relationship and I think that that’s literally radiating out and I know I really do believe that so I I decided you know what let’s see if that dr. Emoto is true I went up to the tree across the street and I said Aaron since we can see the street from the half from the department every time you see it pray for it every time you walk by it tell it you love it every time you get close to it touch it and pray and say I love you so we did it two days later that thing was fully green new leaf everywhere everything else on the street dead still I mean my friend saw that too my friend is not a believer he saw that he was like what that actually just happened man yeah I mean when you see in the scriptures when he prayed when Jesus prayed for the blind man and he started he got a little vision back and the first thing he said I see men as trees you know Wow and you know what you said about Jesus I’m going go to Jesus and talking about the light um I think I think one of my favorite things about Jesus is the fact that the man literally went super saiyan in front of the apostles like he literally started radiating light never go for became powerful like right right but like he became powerful showed them like a tiny piece of his glory stop and then said this is not how I’m going to save you guys and then gave himself up I think that’s that’s to me is the epitome of love is to show that you have the power but to do something that is just sacrificing yourself instead of becoming the powerful one is I think that’s not like the ultimate love I mean you know I’m saying you know what you know what’s deep about that for me like that was the first time that he brought them up to where he would go to pray and meditate and spend time with God he brought was it three of them I think James yeah yeah Peter Peter he brought him up there to the Mount of yeah figuration he went there a lot he went into caves yeah appliques does that Christians know they do that over there they go on top of a mountain to pray or they’ll go into a pray they’ll go into a mountain I think he did that every every time he went in pray bro I think when he went away to pray that he was communing with Moses and Elijah and those who went before I think they were teaching him instructing him and man I read that I read that I was like you know what oh say what’s happening in his meditation then I was watching Star Wars like Jedi’s looked at Jedi force ghost yeah I did early in the Star Wars bro like obi-wan was being led by Yoda into the sunset is like where we go and he said look follow me and and while I’m watching this qui-gon jinn is my favorite qui-gon jinn represented Jesus to me he said look I’m gonna teach you how to commune with your master who has gone on before you he said qui-gon I’ll put that in one of my songs at the end of one of my songs and I like what if Jesus brought when he was meditating and praying and four hours not for ten minutes four hours watching and praying fasting and praying angels definitely showed up I think that he was communing with them sure you know we can do it that’s just the only time we was able to see like the cameraman followed him up to the mountain you know what I’m saying I believe yeah yeah absolutely I enjoy what you guys are doing here so much because I mean what you guys are talking about is it’s it’s important to listen to you know like with so much so much false information out there and just to have a place where we’re really digging for the truth and really digging to this really discover something beautiful like this is beautiful you know this man reach out absolutely always brother much love oh god bless bro Shalom peace god bless take care awesome ray thanks for calling bro just give a shout-out to everybody – in the in the chat even the trolls I can’t tell us somebody’s trolling somebody said somebody’s talk like giving like all this testimony stuff in the chat I didn’t ask him if they can order some meth it’s kind of weird but yeah meditation man god is good Bret Stacey Ali we had ray Liana saying Danny Kristy Lee Carolyn careful carpenter Andrew Jackson shout they all my people holding us down in the chat room DC in Carolina Danny yeah all you guys think you guys to hold us down and chat makes us lot more fun to jump to this next call I’m assuming we know who this is a caller from South Alabama who speaking with hi there my name is Robert gardener I’m from Gulf Shores I know Kenny and Ally and just love them to pieces Kenny is a great young man of God and I’m so happy to see him doing this Ali gave me a little personal message there on Facebook and I thought I’d tune in for I went to bed and just so happy to see you guys exalting Jesus Christ and you know just the wondrousness of God how he is so far beyond our understanding and it it does my old heart good to see your generation carrying this torch been do it good yeah you know way back a while I got into the suit of a grafica when I dialed in y’all were talking about the Book of Enoch you know and Jesus called himself the son of man you know because of that book and others that the people were reading in that day in ancient Judea and those were some wonderful books they weren’t Scripture they were wonderful you know it’s like Billy Graham writing a book on angels good stuff and not the Bible but really good stuff that we can learn from and it’s good to learn from those things and learn with discernment front and I’m so happy to see you guys digging well thank you so much brothers I just wanted to give you all a word of encouragement you know it’s it’s an amazing world and it’s it’s much more than any of us can ever grasp an eternity oh my it’s even more than that we we see through a glass dimly even in this present world and that which is to come is so awesome and Jesus is responsible for getting us there and I am so happy and so happy it just about makes me weep to see guys your age going at this and y’all just keep the faith brothers and keep on persevering and fighting the good fight and doing the good work do not grow weary of doing good thank you so much and in God’s name in Jesus name just bless you and hope you all will keep on doing the things you’re doing thank you so much we’re still friends on Facebook it’s awesome to know we don’t live for acceptance we don’t live for the applause of men right and we have to learn that out quick especially if you’re on stages like the hard stuff so maybe it’s a little bit different from like when I say it I like you really mean it because I’ve had the literal applause of people in this intoxicating you know but you have to learn that you don’t live by the approval or the applause but when you have someone of you have some age on them he’s a generation ahead who can smile down and and in gracefully say you have the torch keep running with it and kind of smile upon what you’re doing we don’t live for the other men’s approval but it helps it helps for people to kind of link arms which is hey it’s encouraging you’re doing a good job man thanks keep pushing don’t give up just something that small yeah encouraging word life and death is in the power of the tongue hey man don’t give up bro you’re doing a heck of a job that’s simple that doesn’t take a lot but to go out of your way and make sure you’re doing that you know there goes it you don’t know what people are going through some people think about giving up you know they think their message is falling upon deaf ears they don’t get a response you know keep at it man God’s called you to it keep doing it you know you have to announce that a prayer a long time ago that I would show up and do these concerts and things for three people like it was ten thousand you know and I meant it when I said it and I’ve had you know hold to that and know that it’s not about the numbers or it’s not about sure yeah the admiration or the money like there’s all kind of stuff that comes in with it like all of this a part of it it’s tools and things like that so you can’t like just deny any part of it applause does come gratitude does come Pat’s on the back do come people turning their back on you does come it’s all part of it yeah and so just a little word of encouragement man it can go a long way for people and like he said I was powerful not do not grow weary in well-doing so many of us man like I’ve gotten very close and I’ve been there you know I’m saying it’s sad it seems like sometimes the more you try to help other people outside your family and outside of your church family or whatever it’s like the more isolated you become because you know yeah especially if it’s fringe you can just on you know I say you just imagine with your LinkedIn with me for a reason you know what I go through you know I’m saying and that they was flight up telling me that what I’m doing is not working but they don’t know they don’t get the inboxes working for them it’s not working for you yeah they got their things they got their pastures they follow and their leaders in their ritual and regimen I’m going for the people who don’t yeah and and people people to see that you know so it’s encouraging on any level it’s encouraging for you I mean from for you to support me and to link in with me and let me know you believe in me and even though we don’t agree on everything it doesn’t matter it doesn’t you’re not gonna agree with everybody on anything right and to see past that that’s wisdom to better move past and not to be like you know what can two walk together unless they agree nope Bible says go my separate way because you don’t believe in the flat earther or you don’t believe in the scripture is clear on Flat Earth and you refuse it you reject it I did I’ve dealt with those people and that’s why it sounds funny it’s like you know whenever you tell somebody whenever you tell somebody I can’t remember who it was I said but it’s easier to convince to lie to somebody to convince somebody of a lie than it is to convince somebody that they’ve been lied to you know and about the whole flatter thing it would be kind of on par with saying no that that color that you call blue well I’m sorry you were taught wrong that’s really great you know I mean it’s just totally against your earliest beliefs mm-hmm you know and a lot of a lot of the New Age religions it it’s real funny scientifically we’re opposite of what ancient cultures were they were smart they knew math they’ve configured things out a whole lot better than we ever know but we still can’t figure out how they built some of the things that built yeah but scientifically we were kind of opposite of them like we have our set of this is how everything was and they have their set of business how everything and spiritually we’re going back to what we think they were into spiritually when we don’t even really know we only know what the last record of the winner was and what their spirituality was yeah we where we’re looking back to the history to try to learn lessons and not understanding what we’re looking at because there’s nobody to explain it to us you know it’s real dangerous to pick up something in the middle of the field and make a 10 page essay about how it got there you know cuz you weren’t there when it was written you weren’t there when the people were practice you can you can write that essay on the effects of your life you picked it up and what it did to you what I did for you how you your life changed and how it can change other people’s lives I think you can own that because it’s your truth you know I’m saying I think 100 percent a million percent you can that’s what this shows based on your experience in your account I don’t like to get into theories that we can’t prove yeah because I can’t write no but the things we can prove though tangible we can bring to the table man faith love hope charity you know and even some of the even deeper things I think there’s ways to prove it I mean I’ve seen a lot of stuff you know so I like to get into some of that and and I’m passionate about it for a reason you know but um it’s about making it tangible you know and I do like that stuff that’s why I have to be careful cuz I do like it they’ll pull me down the rabbit hole yeah like it is Santos Santos down a rabbit hole Santos where he was how long you been checking his work out but he was he’s laughed at now because of the huge following but it was a lot bigger you know that flatters I mean you know it’s is one of those things that’s not popular people like but if it’s just think it’s this thing you’ve been causing we can’t worry about the following you know I mean if you’re about the truth and you find out something is true then you know the thing with me good people said it people said about me or you refuse to get into Flat Earth because you know it’ll split your the marginalize your fan base and I can’t prove it like nobody can prove it I can’t be we could talk about it but I can tell you that I can go down to Mobile Bay and look all the way across it and see things that I shouldn’t be able to see on the other side that’s what I can tell you I can tell you that their math and what they tell you is true is just not true that’s all I can tell you I can only poke holes in their flock yeah I mean I can only poke holes in their theory I keep proving formulated a man I’ve enjoyed this talk essentially this podcast was founded upon hanging out with with brothers on the phone for hours having an interesting conversation and be like man I wish we would have recorded this man somebody needs to hear this I wish we can so much you know discussion and that’s why I’m sorry this podcast and so essentially what you guys are hearing now is two brothers hanging out and talking and you get to you get to listen in on the conversation and be a part of it as well see some more people jumping in on the chat Daniel Acker he says hi what’s going on Bret Stacey says brother Wayne that’s funny you mention that I’m thinking about interviewing brother Wayne he probably should have did that for the hundreds episode but I’m thinking about interviewing brother Wayne that’d be very interesting if that happens do a whole interview with him ray says he was there for the Santos talk no doubt so with that I must say peace and Shalom thank you guys for supporting my work and what I do do you have any links if anybody wants to link up with you on fate you on social media I have a facebook but we’re kind of trying to unplug yeah so to speak you know and and practice what I preach help the people around me and say getting caught up with what’s happening everybody I’m not saying Facebook’s bad I have it it’s just my name Kenny right out I may or may not you know answer answer nothing personal I’m just not on there very much can you ride I got check out this links like I said if you guys want to support my work backslash true Steiger it would mean a lot if you guys can support me if you believe in what I’m doing keep me going man thank you guys to everybody is supporting its people coming out the woodwork I’m blown away that people appreciate the music and they like the podcast and the discussion it’s really cool a lot of new stuff there too school of mystics Thursday night 7 p.m. Central that’s tomorrow night all the information on the website with that I’m say peace is Shalom I love you guys peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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