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In this podcast interview TruthSeekah spaks with Chron Heaven Razah Smith Wu Tang Clan affiliate about his journey from Hell To Heaven Razah. During his transformation Chron suffered a brain aneurysm back in 2010. As a result of this tragedy, Hell Razah has spent the last 7 years slowly recovering from this near-fatal incident, which left him in a coma and unable to use the left side of his body. As Razah has been struggling to learn how to walk, talk, and rhyme again, filmmaker Frank Meyer has been documenting his journey every step of the way. Chron Heaven Razah Smith’s story is an emotional rollercoaster that lets us know that healing is possible. At the point of our brokenness we can choose to be either victim or victor. We can get better or bitter and Chron’s story lets us know that there is hope for the hopeless. Instead of asking why and blaming God Chron knew that he had to reach out in prayer and supplication to draw close to the spirit of Christ that has never left or forsaken him. Tough time don’t last, but tough people always do and over the course of time Chron Heaven Razah Smith became a living testimony that God is still in the business of restoration. Chron explains that during his near-death experience he came into the presence of Christ and was told that it wasn’t his time. He was told that he has a message to deliver and how many will come to knowledge of God through his story. Chron has Risen from Hell to Heaven and uses his music a bridge to bring people out of the depths of darkness and depression into the marvelous light of Christ’s love. It was through the prayers and support from fans that motivated Chron to grow stronger and regain faith that he would one day be able to grab the mic again and share with the masses which the Risen Documentary recorded amazingly. In this interview TruthSeekah and Chron even get a little deep in speaking about Biblical mysteries and angelology. Chron shares his fascination with UFOs and his personal experiences with Killah Priest as they both have encountered these heavenly vehicles on multiple occasions. Charon has recently dropped his latest project Equilibrium that is jam packed with all of the beautiful spirituality that we have come to love from Heaven Razah and Sunz of Man.

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