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In this podcast interview TruthSeekah speaks with Chron Heaven Razah Smith Wu Tang Clan affiliate about his journey from Hell To Heaven Razah. During his transformation Chron suffered a brain aneurysm back in 2010. As a result of this tragedy, Hell Razah has spent the last 7 years slowly recovering from this near-fatal incident, which left him in a coma and unable to use the left side of his body. As Razah has been struggling to learn how to walk, talk, and rhyme again, filmmaker Frank Meyer has been documenting his journey every step of the way. Chron Heaven Razah Smith’s story is an emotional rollercoaster that lets us know that healing is possible. At the point of our brokenness we can choose to be either victim or victor. We can get better or bitter and Chron’s story lets us know that there is hope for the hopeless. Instead of asking why and blaming God Chron knew that he had to reach out in prayer and supplication to draw close to the spirit of Christ that has never left or forsaken him. Tough time don’t last, but tough people always do and over the course of time Chron Heaven Razah Smith became a living testimony that God is still in the business of restoration. Chron explains that during his near-death experience he came into the presence of Christ and was told that it wasn’t his time. He was told that he has a message to deliver and how many will come to knowledge of God through his story. Chron has Risen from Hell to Heaven and uses his music a bridge to bring people out of the depths of darkness and depression into the marvelous light of Christ’s love. It was through the prayers and support from fans that motivated Chron to grow stronger and regain faith that he would one day be able to grab the mic again and share with the masses which the Risen Documentary recorded amazingly. In this interview TruthSeekah and Chron even get a little deep in speaking about Biblical mysteries and angelology. Chron shares his fascination with UFOs and his personal experiences with Killah Priest as they both have encountered these heavenly vehicles on multiple occasions. Charon has recently dropped his latest project Equilibrium that is jam packed with all of the beautiful spirituality that we have come to love from Heaven Razah and Sunz of Man.

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and thanks for having me on to yes Recio through any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which mayor has the following item census of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and on remote viewing room please be advised to us in our own discussion shared to click overbite we across the planet [Music] I want you to do the podcast ready get me [Music] to stand when I don’t be you are now locked into the to think about gaming live at you succumb to the paranormal esoteric and all paying spiritual your truth seeker yo what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host true seeker this is the true seeker podcast excited and delighted to be with you guys today we got an awesome show planned this is the doubleheader we did one this morning we got another one today so but now content man staying busy with this stuff man I love it I enjoy it slam pack day we did the school of the Mystics tonight as well good stuff so awesome show plan for you guys I can’t go any further without thanking my patreon supporters because without you guys I couldn’t do this thank you guys from the bottom of my heart quick shout out to the two latest patrons today even we have Shannon Lewis who was over in the school of the Mystics tonight as well and we have Jonathan Santiago thank you brother I know you’ve been following my work for some time thank you for the friendship and thank you for jumping onboard to support my word man it means the world so anybody out there wants to support what I’m doing you get all of my music which is 10 plus albums all of the new stuff that I’m working on as soon as the track is finished it’s uploaded to patreon you get exclusive interviews you get all kinds of cool stuff you also get access to the Thursday night’s school of the mystic sessions which is the community aspect to what we’re building here so good stuff man thank you guys for supporting thank you guys for the continued support the bottom of my heart today’s guest somebody who have been looking to talk to for some time now real big fan of his music his art his work what he’s bringing to the table consciousness spirituality and I said Christ consciousness on top of that we’re gonna welcome to the show Evan razor peace peace peace wings up wings up man truth truth truth seeker man we want to get up but you do this for the longest man my affiliate man like legendary which you guys have brought to the table with sons a man I think it’s pretty safe to say that along the lines that I’m doing what I’m doing today because of the influence of you guys and what you all have brought to the table man every single one of you guys who Tang kill a priest you sons of man lco be the lost children of babylon thank you for being you brother thank you for coming to the show man I’m this one we love to support shows like this because this is what’s needed today definitely get that get that truth out there that’s what it’s about man and as far as truth is concerned you have an awesome story yeah I think your story in general will inspire the nation’s knocking not just say the youth but I think your story will inspire the nation’s it is the documentary just came out the risen documentary we can go into that a little bit to kind of set up your story I think that would be a good place for us to start man for people who don’t know who you are people who are new to your work go ahead and give a little background about what you do who you are and what you bring to the table man I’m a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn New York City from the from the youngest member of the sons of man group which was the first group and a would say family tree on a wu-tang record label wu-tang records and now we branched off from now exist kept going into you know dropping for solo solo projects after that it’s me killer Priest prodigal son 62nd assassin you know we all drop solo I was out to drop the first album was armed the last shall be first we dropped the last shall be first then we came back again with another one was called saviours day and if you don’t got neither one of those albums you missed now some really good hip hop music and I was just doing some digging and some research there and so treasure and you come oh you’ll be crazy happy what you find after that yeah definitely gotta do your homework and like I said man we always paying homage and like I love to just shout the names of the people that inspired me some people they don’t like to do that like they don’t you know they’re like really tighten it with their fan base and they don’t want to cross-promote and stuff like that man but the work that you guys have put out man has inspired me to be doing what I’m doing it again brother um you had some complications come up back so 180 that was documented pretty much in the risen documentary that just came out if you want to talk a little bit about that kind of unpack it a little bit what happened in 2010 what you went through seven years of recovery and where you are now yes in April April my arm heavy razor apple I had um put up first finally went solo and then I put out my two solo albums one was called raises ladder adoptive raised his ladder first produced by blue sky black death and then after that I had dropped a renaissance child so so I finally put out my soul cuz more fans like I wanna see how where’s the dropper album by herself now I know so so so I dropped that we had just did the black market militia which was me Killer priests temple King tragedy Qaddafi and William Cooper we have put a project out together the black market militia and after that I have put out the Renaissance out my first solo album and then the Renaissance era came out because I was prepared Renaissance is pretty much as a rebirth so I was prepared in 2007 I was preparing the atmosphere for this for the change coming I’ll let them know that I’m about to do this you know reasons ladder was taking you up the ladder or say you up the ladder and let you know I’m gonna come back down as having reason and uh when I started working on the I want started when I finished the aisle and turned to end to nature sounds I suffered from a brain aneurysm I had a brand original I was out work when it happened and I had a brain aneurysm and survived I survived a brain aneurysm and from then on the beginning of my documenting my story was woke from from that day and we started filming from this world away from them you know there isn’t my documentary movie wizened the documentary restaurant Hellraiser Smith began you know the trailers out Yahoo Yahoo had had premiered their own trailer for the arm for the movie there’s also I read the rugged man video if you didn’t see you should check that because that’s that’s that’s that’s a little introduction of what the film was gonna be low so have you felt very lots of emotions is in his film is it too but it’s gonna introduce shoot until my history and now cuz I was the young I was a young young one of my older brothers coming up when I was doing this I was like 17 18 years old when I was in and when I just got to the wu-tang and um you know how hard it was to be a seventeen year old person and you got to keep up with your older brothers and they they’re ready could do it and you you’d let you still learn it and it made me work extra hard extra hard that’s why when they cut got down to my solo albums it was a lot of hard work because I was on my own for that I had to write write my own stuff I had to do everything by myself picked my own music I was on my own from that so I got that’s when they got real so when it happened you lost control of the whole left side of your body when you had well what happened was and the only way to save my life at that time for the surgery they had to go into the right side of my brain to cut the clip the bubble from reaching my brain because I would have killed me if it would’ve popped it reached my brain and it popped I’d be dead right now and they had to go into the so that they went to the right side when they cut into the right side it you know the right side of your brain controls the everything on the left side and vice versa the left side of your brain controls everything on the right side so when they went into that side do you know is affected the left side okay man it’s deepen like you said the you know the the the trailer for the documentary is it’s very emotional just watching it in the trailer and I’ll put the link to all that in the description so you guys can check that out afterwards as well there’s a website for the film – RZA documentary calm definitely yep yes indeed tear that out and I want to say thank you to everyone that be supporting supporting us because this is some real heartfelt work that we doing here but there was a transition before all of this happened right from going from Hellraiser to have always a Hellraiser what was that transition man I had its like as I was growing up for one thing like when I just mentioned when I was 17 was winner when this happened to me ironic I just turned 33 when it all happened to me I was at my 33 you know that’s when they happened I had turned 33 and all this half stars man we just talked about that tonight in our class 33 that’s heavy that’s that’s to have gas that that’s the transition right there that is that’s the transition for her for a lot of things so was it was it just something spiritually that you that you were going through was it just like most most definitely was spiritual because I was preparing it well my friends was catching it first early because they like well did you have did you know what you was doing I like why you say that they say your music you were saying certain things that we kind of felt like you knew what was like they thought it was premonitions premonitions premonitions happening and now it kind of was those is so funny because now when I go back and listen I’m like wow I know certain things I say my lyrics that I’m doing today right now sound like why this is wrote in like 2008 2009 how did I do that in 10 years like 10 years ago what happened was I had moved away from the city and I said cuz cuz I was like I gotta concentrate on music more because cuz I wanted to get more high just song came back for a tour and I was like boy I was buying my own studio equipment so I said I got to get away from the city so I could just start recording I just want to record music all the time that’s all I wanted to do and now I said it’s best for me to get away from the city so I could concentrate on music and that’s what I did and I was like I said I gotta get deeper to my spiritual zone and you know you know quick – quick quick quick – the things that was distractions and the only way for me to do that was was the move but when I got away is deep because that’s what I began to have a resemble what was it though man did you have any encounters was there a still small voice that you know that the life you live in you wasn’t gonna be living much longer what was a man like what was that come-to-jesus type moment as if you want to call it that it was kind of like I was bug that you said that like that because it was a growth for me it was a growth for me and I was growing because I was traveling more and I just came back for my tour was traveling more and I was doing more by myself now because I was like you know growing up I was finally seeing everything that and experiencing by myself now I was learning a lot and it came as the introduction first to me for my lawyer was had to talk with me about it he just was like how do we had a cup we had a dinner he actually said I want to talk to you about something he says you have you ever thought about um he said you ever thought about a name change I said what’d you mean by that he said no you you should have raised it should be your bread I’m like what you mean he like you like you you know what you could do with that he like you create that into a label I like I never told I know I never thought anything like that he said yeah he said I think that’s something you should look at so because he like watching you and all the stuff that you doing you pretty much doing the stuff that a label should be doing for you yeah I’m like why I didn’t know he liked you cuz you have vested to yourself with your tour money everything you’re doing for yourself you pretty much a label now and I didn’t even see it and I just loved what I was doing and um but then I paid attention away he was saying and I said this is making a lot of sense you know so then that’s where I started my record company was called however he’s a music egg this was way back and it’s had to be about 2004 sometime around that era 2004 era because um I had put out a project on the lead way at the time was called the ultrasounds of the Renaissance child that’s when I first started it because the ocean sounds of something the baby that you look at the baby to see the arm the with the baby gonna be and all that before before it comes out and I’m I was setting him up with that way back then because I did the ultrasounds of the Renaissance child the Renaissance child was the first solar lab I put out with nature sounds and so when I did the ultrasound was the first release on my record company how ways of Music Inc incorporated that’s the label and that was the very beginning of the introduction of the atmosphere for the name change I was preparing it intended the next thing that came with their own raises ladder on baby Graham with the baby grand with the blue sky black death we did raise his ladder I went together and now I was like okay now I’m gonna take them off the ladder because I’m cause I’m about to introduce the name change to them you know it was steps either doing the steps instead of just doing it didn’t understand why would he do that because they would have been confused there I’ll get it and I mean I didn’t plan for aneurysm and they’re all that to happen it just happened the way it happened because I was working I was doing a lot of lot of work and it just happened yeah even before that man y’all’s music has always been spiritual like spiritual exact esoteric like we’re talking about Chariots of Fire we’re talking about supernatural angelic encounters we’re talking about UFOs and aliens we’re talking about all types of different spiritual stuff that you you don’t you’re not really just born knowing you’re not gonna get off of the television some of this deep esoteric philosophical knowledge man where did a lot of that stuff come from was was you repeating what you heard or did you guys actually do the knowledged it were like who did you study under I definitely can hear Hebrew Israelite roots there’s kinetic sciences you know what I’m saying there’s a little bit of everything in there what were some of the things early on that was kind of your foundation for spiritual growth and consciousness and stuff like that that you put into music like you just mentioned the Hebrew Israelite and Florence was heavy on him because I got introduced to kill a priest was my partner teach me teach me we we practically lived together during the time of the ones that the heavy meant to Apple we was doing the heavy meant to album well he did what he did is I will heavy metal with gaffer records we were always we do was study was we do a study and create music all day and that’s what we would do we do study in and create a music and then that’s when we did we did we did have you meant to and then with the sons of man album so on the last shall be first was working on all that at the same season we did that together and the study that’s all we were do study study study all the time like we were talking about Illuminati in 91-92 some time when nobody knew what the hell that shit what but like your way buddy what is the what is this driver talk about because we had we back there in the early 90s we had met arm wanted oh what’s his name Anthony Hilda we met one of guys – Jordan Maxwell the main – yeah we had met them personally in California where we recorded all the sons of man album and we have we because we have moved to LA to record heavy mental and to do the sons of man and I shall be first we had to move away from New York to record our albums the late the label said we want y’all to move here so so y’all can focus on your music well we have moved in with us all baby but we would go out there we go out and to the bookstores we always like really we wander and we have met one of them and he was explaining telling us about all this stuff we like this is where you know cuz we already knew a little bit about it but we like – that’s you you the guy and it’s like oh that he broke down because we knew who he was he he broke that Oh father is like y’all y’all y’all do y’all know about well yeah yeah we do a lot of research and like was like it’s a song on kill appreciate have you meant to I think it’s called Tai Chi the songs for Tai Chi I said it’s not a 6b we’re biochips my edge hit harder the slave whips like I waited to get tips from Egypt to see ships to being chased by New York cops out the priestess it words was bricks we building projects and pair of meds evil kids I destroy you like London Bridge smoke trees a we take over leaves out twigs pert roof is what I got to give my life to live for you ain’t rich before poor it ain’t peace with our war how would you stand without a flow under over and I said it’s not so that mean in and nobody even knew it I know man I caught a lot of that stuff later through through the the Hebrew Israelites honestly that was my first my first entrance from like Christianity into some of the deeper things of like Christianity don’t only gonna take you so far but it’s when you want to get into the deeper esoterics or even want to learn how to study the scriptures like you really got to get what another sec so I don’t know if you know them but I was with the the light and Body of Christ Church the gathering of Christ Church brother of a car CR which was LCC they were all why in Miami oh I think there were New York Philly Philly there’s in Philly Philly Philly yup and then you got tosser dhakkir all of those cats you know oh I learned under all that stuff so those guys I don’t really keep up with those guys anymore but they they imparted something to me on how to study the scriptures and stuff and like the microchip stuff like they were they were preaching that in the streets in like 2006 exactly exactly you remember when it was that whole y2k day was going on yeah in the early nineties day was talking about – mm and y2k was coming and that’s when it all began and uh that’s when it all got started and that’s how we got it all to it because I got introduced to a lot of them when I was young you know because I was with priests all the time and he’s an elder and um he was like introduce me to all these cats and I’m like wow why did we just talk to me like and it was telling me these days and I was sitting in there soaking it up and then I will go after I’m hearing I will go and study I’m like that was really interesting what he was saying nobody makes a lot of sense and I’m gonna see that I gotta go verify what he was saying cuz this is dis da sound like he playing around with what the information was now did you date into any of the other pamphlets or any like somebody Hindu stuff or whatever it because like in the end you kind of find out that a lot of these different religions the UFOs the Elohim the charity thing right what wonder one of the days I found out this was really the LA there was there some somebody that I found out about I think it was on she was Hitler’s teacher and that they her name was Madame Blavatsky levansky yeah mmm and she had wrote these books called the Theo Genesis you know she was going deeper into the into she was going into the esoteric world a deep deep deep nurse at Tennyson in the whole scriptures and that was it was odd because I’m like hi I’m like so she was teaching and she was his teacher this is so he knew the truth so I’m like this is interesting now so now now find out Hitler knew the truth for the Jews was this was crazy now so I’m like okay now it’s making a lot of sense now everything started coming together now and I’m as I got older I started getting introduced and some more people and I’m like okay okay this is heavy now but certain things that was right in front our face that we didn’t receive like Sammy Davis would say he was a black Jew this was way in the 70s sometime that’s deep because you mentioned Jordan Maxwell and Jordan Maxwell used to kick it with Sammy Davis they have pictures together then partying together back oh let’s see you like the first person that that day ah because I remember we found that out and somebody was like that I can’t be true we like you like yes it’s true man is that he been on it way back in the day you know he knew it he that’s the Rat Pack it was him they always like that them dudes are just same way who else it was oh I think it was candy that he was with what’s-her-name Marilyn more oh yeah yeah Kennedy and they took and he told her about the aliens and the UFOs and that’s when he got killed after that yeah he started speaking about something too much he told is he telling too much now and that’s exactly what when it got him and so with like studying researching it’s all over the place it’s in all the esoteric books it’s in the holy books every single one of them UFOs aliens chariots all of this kind of stuff all reading about it’s one thing but have you ever had any encounters have you ever been stargazing have you ever seen an entity angelic a demon anything like that has I’m gonna tell you something that we whilst in Miami and now visiting Miami for a video shoot we had a song on it on the album the last summer first called the plan and if you’ve never seen the video the videos out there YouTube its sons Amer the plan we had a video that we run around and boats and doing all this crazy stuff and now when we shooting a video we’re doing a video for that was me priest and all of us we sit on a beach was on the beach and now we stand outside it was like we had to meet at a club for a minute for something so we stand it is like really crowded really bad so the club was like right across the street from the front runner from the beach and all that so we stand in there and now we sing UFOs come on I mean literally that’s my first time I seen a UFO with my own eyes and shook I was crazy suddenly I can’t even believe this you know and it came out really out like it wasn’t hot I was it came out and then we was asking people like like do you see that right there and they didn’t see it we like we looked at each other we started laughing like they meant to be saying this you know it came out you really thought it was a filmed a movie being done over the way it came and we like yo did they not hide it right now they came right out it came all the way out and um and went back and we was looking we stood there for a while we lived with like this is so funny and we like you know all these people it was a crowd I mean not at least about a thousand people standing outside the club and it when we asked them did you see that and they like yeah yeah buggin out yeah buddy night night in the sky we like ain’t nothing to the sky you gotta be buggin a whole thing came out it lit up the Hat I you know how its described in the Bible how it describes in our who was that Zachariah or sacrum I hear he described it with eyes like all around him yeah yeah that’s exactly how it looked it that’s how we know we say okay is eco first chapter it is exactly what description of it you know he he described it exactly how I was and we like that sentence I had to be and now it came out and went back in and we knew because we like which there’s any planes or airports or so we start and ask questions it’s in the airports over there all right has anything like that and they’re getting the security is like nine there’s nothing like that over there you know he like I seen it too so so then we started like we like okay okay so so we’re not alone so he said he like I seen I’ve seen what I seen so we like okay so we’re not buggin out now you know that was that from from there I was whoo I was done in so now now go back to Jersey girl I gotta see what they was talking about there cuz Zachariah was it he explained being anyone so I’m like okay I’m like okay so zq describe what it would look like and then there’s a quiet was talking about being anyone he was in one and talk about being in it and the description kept going on because in Revelation and they start talking about how they look getting off of it so like this is crazy now and um it is the descriptions kept happening and they see these encounters and it is did the countess’s not see they spooked it out when they said to call them aliens in all era that’s where the spoon taste they do the spook on it and arm various exactly exactly it’s a fireman is it’s deeper and what does that do for your music man it really takes it to another level of uses walk rapping about the same stuff that everybody else is rapping about you’re talking about you can actually do a song about encountering these beings watching over you now you could do a whole sign that the crew the level of creativity is out of this world quite literally right as you listen to my heavily album that’s where I was that’s that’s what brought that influence in that whole album was was I was going through all of that finally get it out now I had to get it out of my system because I like sitting there with all this information I like and stuff that I was talking about and that I was talking about back then I had to put that elbow out that was around I had to record it so it was like then I when I was talking about a Barack Obama he wasn’t even running for president yet and um because Bush at that time Bush was still president you know I was talking about in that album fans like yo how would you know you talking about Barack Obama in this Apple and he wasn’t even present again cuz I was telling major study I was studying so much you know every man scriptures description was telling you descriptions to me he’s like a future newspaper it’s like a newspaper to the future and it’ll tell you exactly what’s gonna happen to everything it’s just not gonna name it what you what you call it today yeah it’s not gonna describe it as that but is there it’s the technology man it’s like if you show it up you say if you showed up 200 years ago let’s just say 200 years ago you showed up with an iPhone and showed those people that the technology just of an iPhone I say 200 years ago a thousand years ago a let’s say 20 years ago you show up on the scene 20 years ago with an iPhone like the way technology is progressing yeah you know it’s a glad you said that because it talks about something about in their hand being in your hand in Revelations talks about it in your hand and all don’t call it a phone an item but it does tell you that a lot of people think it’s the microchip man like you were talking about you know exactly is not it’s not pretty much it’s what every today not a nothing not out of ten people got an iPhone or a smartphone in their hand today that’s like a Wiley today yep yep yep I’m going Wow they’re gonna win I don’t know where but I was one I don’t keep cash you don’t have to today you got Bitcoin now yep PayPal for real you got digital money now it’s crazy so as far as like we’re talking about the eloheem you know we call them we call him old cherubim Seraphim these type of entities that are watching over us I think they have our greater good in mind I think that they are the angelic beings out of the Bible like I said we read the Bible we read about these entities and then we go out and we see them flying around our night sky right making contact just like they contacted the prophets and disciples of the Bible they were yes because they was dead the whole time – and that’s how Egypt will happen with Egypt – and that’s where the whole thing with the Giants come from the Giants who gives deep yes the coulomb what they call them the Nephilim yes that’s what I was going because you had the seller Seraphim and Nephilim sustad the ones and now there’s a bunch of them that people don’t even know about man like the mother came the ref I mean and that’s why the doors you ever wonder why like wow these people were so small back then while the doors are so big yeah the doors was huge and now look at look at the caskets for the arm for the Pharaohs yeah elongated skulls all of that kind of stuff oh yeah history’s deep man some some some stuff went on bro that uh a lot of stuff got covered up – a lot of Secrets got covered up – that the rule will not know about you know what I’m saying wood lines the people who have been here since the beginning yeah yeah cuz I remember the other thing was this planet Nibiru yeah yes the planet Nibiru in it was didn’t happen yet but that was like a big deal back there did okay let me ask you this about 2012 that was a big thing did anything for you happen in crossed a precipice that was there a global awakening a shift in consciousness even if it was planned or spiritually do you know what happened that yeah that year for me was interesting because that’s what I got out of the wheelchair and got up and started walking thank you yeah I can never forget 2012 you know yeah that’s awesome man you had to just just to bring everything back into perspective again you had to learn how to use your body again it’ll earn talk talk talk walk you a rapper my profession you you you were a rapper and you had to learn how to talk again what was it like man just bringing it back what was it like the first time grabbing our microphone or going back on the stage like they did they capture that in the documentary yes that’s my first performance is in the movie and it’s like it’s like being brought to us to being a child again and gotta start all over scary man very scary very scary that takes a lot of dedication and focus for that you learn how to speak get to learn how to walk when you went back out there for the first time what type of feelings man like what were you pretty sure every feeling in the book really exactly and because in the beginning is like people would come to visit me and they like I feel we’re around you because you the main talk out of all of us and you just don’t have you say nothing that and I don’t even I’m not not used to you being like this and I’m when I kept hearing that I was like I cannot do something about this these are people that know me so so they’re like wait I can’t believe I’m sitting with you for hours and you’re not talking this is this is where to me you know that kind of stuff push me to do what I gotta do and when I got a rock you know I had a circle of people that made me stronger – you know – stronger I got the but the the better I got and fast I gotta think and then I started recording again that’s beautiful man and it’s beautiful like you said that it is captured in the documentary I thought it was gonna be something that was filmed recently and just kind of looking back but they documented this whole experience for you it’s just so happy that the way it happened was like the toddler was crazy it’s beautiful man we had just won we won some awards already – for the film The Hollywood verge we won the Hollywood Virg festival and we did the arm we won the People’s Film Festival in Harlem we just we just did the work for me at the magic Johnson stay down and at Harlem and we won the festival for that don’t work for that you know it’s like about two or three more that we had got so far and now they was telling me like other director was just let me know they like you’re the type of story you have man it can’t even be written and now you have a blast story man and now they like this is gonna do what this this movie’s gonna do well for you so you went from Hellraiser to heaven raisin don’twantto right in the in the documentary we see you at a church getting real emotional it’s emotional time in the church where does what does Christ fit into all this for you because I see that you were pushing a Christian rap label as well where does what what does christ messiah yahushua messiah like where does he fit in and all this for you that’s what brought me back to finish and dust dust that’s the main thing of that was why we didn’t happen and on what first thing that I was told was like did something plan for you God got a plan for you because the doctor told me was he had a whole conversation with me about that he said because most people who said most people don’t make it here in time for me to even catch it and he like you got something I said gaaah got something planned for you man just be ready for it he was talking to me you know I was listening and I was sitting there because I was in a coma for three weeks and but I can hear I can hear and see but I couldn’t talk yet so so you know people were sitting in the room with me and talking talking to me but I couldn’t talk to them and but they you know they could just sit there gonna tell I was alive and you know because I was looking at them you know he brought me back because I didn’t know what was happening in the beginning and the first thing I did when I couldn’t figure that out I went to pray a deep deep prayer and I called the cordless Holy Name so that that’s the only thing I could do right now and now and then the next thing you know I was being put in the a wheelchair and I didn’t know why and then I had to be explaining to to me what happened because I was looking at like I don’t understand this why why what am I even doing in the hospital and why are you putting me in the wheelchair right now because now I was able to to talk because now since I’ve been in the hospital I had therapists to show me I had a speech therapist I had a physical therapist to show me how to walk and do things so so now I was starting to pull like okay now I’m trying I’m trying to understand like what happened because I don’t understand why I’m what is going on right now and why is everybody is looking at me crying you know what did everybody even doing here I couldn’t understand otherwise everybody even in here for and why everybody that I see is crying when they look at me I couldn’t understand it but then they put me in the wheelchair I really was like like this is so make no sense where I might be in the wheelchair cuz I’m thinking everything was regular I didn’t know not to happen yet you know I’m dad sits for the surgery and everyday you know by that by that time I got home I touched my head for the first time and I fucked the whole the whole the scar was there and I was like I couldn’t I like what I’ve got a scar on my head for I couldn’t understand them then then you know then then they started to spray we’re gonna tell you what happened talk to you we’re gonna tell you what happens what happened to you and so so so you can know what’s going on cuz I was like really really asking a lot of questions because it was weird to me and uh and I went in the prayer I went there heavy heavy heavy heavy prayer and it’s crazy because it’s like my prayers would be answered first hand straight up you go straight straight up straight down I think I think when you take it says certain things are a test for certain things for us and we the panic or going to a certain panic and we don’t concentrate on what we should be doing at that time but it was a test was a lot of it was a test for so some tests going on and I was like okay I see what’s going on you know cuz my praise was me answers like straight up now it was getting scary start to get scary on like this is crazy now he was with me the whole time and I walk me through the whole thing and once I understood it I calmed down cuz then then I was piecing it all together because once I’m like okay so I was 33 when this happened I’m like okay cuz that’s what when I happened I’m like okay cuz when they happened to him he was 30 33 and a third so not okay now starting now starting put it all together okay and then when I said 1 2 change from the hell to the heaven it all happened to me I’m like okay you know it’s like spiritual warfare yeah what have you been seeing since then man because like we were talking before we went live just like hip-hop needs what we’re bringing to the table it needs spirituality it needs to know how to get connected with God not just to thank God in your music but like here’s the process here’s how you start gate here’s how you go into prayer this how you meditating and commune with your Creator like it needs that hip hop’s missing that so they made you said the key right there it’s missing exactly it what’s wrong with everything today it’s missing in it and uh they made it way we were you ashamed to talk about that yeah yeah but that’s the very thing that will set you free that’s the very thing that you go to when you have a near-death experience like you had you went straight into that communion thank God that you had the spiritual upbringing thank God that you had the knowledge on how to survive and not to panic and not to freak out and not to get depressed and shake your fist at God right option right that would have killed me panicking would have killed me you know if I depended I wouldn’t had enough time to go into prayer I want to know what to do panicking wouldn’t do me off but it’s a tool it’s a bigger callin man it’s a bigger reason bro and we see like you know being encouraged like throughout the scriptures and stuff we see like the prophets and the disciples and apostles like could nothing to stop them until they did what they were supposed to do now there was all types of things and hardships and troubles and stuff that came that look like they should have gave up look like they should have threw the towel oh and he said no not yet I got you this you know these things are gonna are gonna come against you you know the scripture said well and it comes out to be true when it says that no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper it doesn’t mean that it’s not gonna form it doesn’t mean that people ain’t gonna try to take you out it’s gonna happen but it’s the rest is all you after that yeah what are you gonna do with it I said the faithful must see is all you need you’re not a smaller musta see this you know here no smaller sees it now yeah just a little bit of faith for oh and that’s what say that that’s what pretty much I felt saved my whole life because at that time I was being tested but what would you say man – like if anybody’s watching this man there’s people just me they’re watching bro there’s people watching who are having well I’m with the honest with you I’m a living testimony right now you want more look but I said all I needed to say this is it I’m a living testimony in and my movies is to definitely that that’s that’s what that says I can see see see they can’t he did it where it can’t be hidden you put it put it in the Hollywood and go put it all over the planet you know everybody everybody gonna see this they’re gonna see the story and know it’s real and no he’s still still still and in his court risen you know cuz he’s still here and she’s you gotta meet him halfway take a step towards him and take a step towards you right oh well you latest album bro it’s called equilibrium you want to talk about that a little bit how does how I mean there’s a lot of a lot of time has passed you’ve been through a lot since some of your earlier work and then you come out with with this latest album that just dropped what how does it compare to the older stuff and and what’s what what’s new that you’re bringing to the table is there a lot of gratitude in this album would you call it yes rap album I mean it’s a conscious hip-hop album it’s the very is I would say cut the spiritual hip-hop album and uh in this is real music as real missus like not no track musicians all that kind of weird stuff this is it’s like this is real hip if you want real hip hop music our visor to get it cuz it’s real it’s pretty much it’s like the the soundtrack to what I’m talking about right now and and and the soundtrack album to the movie is gonna be crazy too you know that’s produced by shown from Amsterdam my brother over there and that’s them we connected right before this happened to you know that’s a very emotional the soundtrack is very emotional to the movie is the soundtrack everything is like that with this project risen everything that’s know the director Frank Meyer captured every priceless moment that could have been been on film for filming footers he captured did a wonderful job my whole team is wonderful because they put the story together in a way that I couldn’t even imagine I said man I do your story is an inspiration to many there is a lighter to enter the tunnel you know what I’m saying people who are going through a rough time people having a rough time they want to give up open it you know they like to think that these stories are just for other people that you know other people the most high is watching everything that she is with you the whole time so don’t give up on her do not do not give up well because he never gave up on you exactly but I appreciate you coming on man I’ve really enjoyed this conversation man to really get to pick your brain for a little bit is there anything that we didn’t talk about man whether it’s theology we can go as long as you want but anything that we didn’t talk about kind of like this so much because we did everything I was thinking that thinking about talking about you and that’s you to say go with it and who is us man you gonna go far with this energy and you got my support to with this you know you give me these links and everything to and I will get it home for there everywhere no dude we don’t go hard body keep Pookie pushing this yeah man we got to do a track together too we make that happen too brother all right man risen documentary calm your site you got a couple sites you have these yeah how raise a digital Hellraiser digital car take you to everything that’s going on that you heard me talking about everything for music record companies and videos clothes and I have toys I got toys clothing and laptop bags and that laptop backpacks there have raised the laptop backpacks and I got I got a movement called ghetto government officials and I have toys called dunnies – for that – yes and the clothing is Iparis tor.com you get the clothes in the hallways of loyalty in silence hoodies you know we work it on more clothing right now to the ghetto government official code than this common soul – that’s what sir brother thank you for coming on the show man we’ll be in touch and I really enjoyed this man thank you thanks a lot there for having me you’re welcome bro man we gonna stay in sync man let’s do it brother Shalom Shalom peace broke the law shall our wings up man ladies and gentlemen wu-tang affiliate wu-tang killer bees oh man we were talking just just before the show and like talking about just conscious hip-hop and how this is what music needs this is what hip-hop needs you know and I told him like straight up like I’m from the South I’m from I live in Alabama I’m from New Orleans like I didn’t grow up on looting like we had a routine album around but honestly I grew up on Master P UGK Bone Thugs and harmony a lot of gangsta rap that was nothing like wu-tang and what they brought to the table and it’s stylistically it was so different than what I was used to so it’s been cool because like I knew who they were always knew who they were you know all the big names in in Boonton but then as I grew up and then had a spiritual awakening I’m just now getting into that all of that stuff and the beautiful thing is that there’s so much of it of anybody affiliated with wu-tang right the sons a man heaven razor kill a priest lco be that lost children of babylon like all of these these dis movement of the spiritual and conscious hip-hop that’s bringing life to something that in the mainstream they’re promoting and they got billions of dollars behind pushing death and killing and negativity and all of this stuff but to see the brothers like him still still doing it dude just put out a new album equilibrium and it’s still just as good as any of the older stuff which is awesome so you can be actually be able to go back and dig up this older stuff I don’t listen to to new music I don’t only think I listen to it pretty much as 90s music for the most part and I’m stuck on 90s lco be early that stands the test of time music that has longevity to it like you can put it back in there’s those albums right there’s so many singles that are here today and gone tomorrow other good songs that made a lot of money sonically they know how to be like the Pied Piper come in win the hearts of a generation with the sound but then the the message and things that are coming behind the music it’s corrupting people there’s no life in it it’s bits birthing death in people and up in promoting death and sickness so when you have people who are bringing spirituality Christ consciousness God consciousness God hop these people are teaching you biblical principles and precepts and you don’t even know it they’re breaking down the scriptures to you in their music but they break it down poetically metaphorically in such a beautiful way that it shows you the creativity behind it and that you don’t have to repeat yourself over and over rugs women killing shooting this was played out all these people are trying to do is come up with new ways to tell those same couple of stories of kill in and out I’m the best if I hear one more backpack wrapper floss about how they’re the best rapper and nobody can touch them there’s a million rappers saying the same thing and stealing from one another bring something new man go into the ether go into the spirit round pull out some lyrics and bringing them back and put them to a beat do that that’s what these brothers are doing man Evon razor bro you got my support we’re definitely gonna work together soon man I’ve been following his work for some time and it’s awesome it just just happened to work and you know what I’ve recited to him some time ago um I didn’t reach out to management I tried to reach out through social media but I don’t think he got my message but how listen to the people man like somebody I can go back through my messages and see who it was but somebody reached out to me who listens to the podcast and was like hey having raised us got a documentary out why don’t you reach out to him that’s like already have men already reached out to him he said but you know what since you’re telling me I’m gonna do it again I’m gonna do it again I reached out to him management they got the documentary everything come out good we got him on the shoulders dude as a legend and I feel privileged to introduce my fan base introduce the podcast listening audience to their work and he’s not lying like go back there’s gems out there him philipp reis like hands-down man like new level new level stuff even a lot of videos some years old and like 2004 1999 I’m listening to lco be stuff from 99 for real like that’s what I listen to in his gyms most of y’all haven’t even heard of it the equal vidiian where light was created by LCL be go back go back and listen to these gems checking out the chat the chat has been going off about you mentioned Nephilim and everybody’s going in on some Nephilim of a giants and stuff like that there were giants in the earth in those days and also after words everybody’s going in on the Giants in Nephilim somebody says uh you got a Celebi back there just chillin yep yeah a that there Celebes stories deep for me man I got that Celebi for a reason and it has to do with synchronicity David Wilcock in Pokemon synchronicity David Wilcock in Pokemon quick story I’ll go ahead and get that out just so we talked about it so essentially when I was having that awakening back around 2011 things were going getting deeper I was already thought I was deep but as I got deeper man and you start having all of these crazy encounters and experiences started hearing about synchronicity start I found the work of lcov Lost Children a Babylon their music started listening to coast to coast started having my own encounters found David Wilcock 2012 enigma I’m watching that and David Wilcock is talking about these this ringing in the ears that you would hear and you know when you get quiet some people hear this really loud ringing sound in your ears and he went back to ancient Egypt and he showed like these different writings and stuff and his diagrams on how that when you would get quiet and you focus on the ringing in your ear that you can actually time travel and leave your body focusing in on that pitch that frequency we put tones and frequencies like that on to meditate to anyway right but if you get quiet some people hear that that high-pitched noise I hear it well that was the first time I heard somebody speak about that in a documentary or ever and I’ve always heard that sound when I every time I would get quiet or try to go to sleep at night it would be so loud they say it’s a medical term called tinnitus I had it as a little kid you know I get quiet and you hear it something it’s a tune man it’s a tone you’re in tune with the frequency i watch the 2012 enigma David Wilcock mentioned it the next day come home from work I’m laying down on the floor and I’m watching put the Pokemon movie with my daughter or watching Pokemon and all these little creatures are flying around and stuff and there’s a little creature in the back back there Celebi he’s a Pokemon and and he was in the movie and so they were being chased through the woods by the bad guys like they were trying to catch the Pokemon and so they can use their power for evil they’re chasing Celebi and the kids that running through the forest and they stopped and they heard this loud pitch high-pitched frequency in their ears they said what is that Celebi if we focus on the tone we can time travel we can leave and they got quiet and they focused on the tone and they held Celebi or caught him or whatever and they traveled right when they were fit we’re fixing to get attacked by the bad guys they heard that tone and they Tom child I was like this is synchronicity and that was like some of the first synchronistic things that sort of happening in my life and it would started happening like crazy I mean a lot of times when people saw it have any synchronicities it starts freaking them out like you say a fright we just said earlier like it’s we laugh at it now we have synchronicity so much now we laugh at it my daughter’s still in other stairs you just see the labs as we get a kick out of it we’ll say a phrase in literally one second later their TV somebody on the TV will say the same phrase or something on the radio or you’ll say something and there be a billboard that passes and it has that same phrase that you said crazy stuff it gets really deep and if you follow the signs with synchronicity and follow that stuff man you will be where you’re supposed to be I’ll truly believe that I truly believe that that’s how God speaks I believe it’s God’s bread crumbs like Hansel and Gretel you go through the words you put them bread crumbs out I believe it’s God setting up bread crumbs letting you know LaHaye you don’t you on the right path you’re headed in the right direction just letting you know Hey look at that sign Hey look at this hey open this door closed that door you start seeing these signs man I love the signs so that’s what Celebi represents for me The Awakening synchronicity for me so I found that doll so I had to buy it man this is beautiful it reminds me you know I’m saying there’s different things that we have of symbols of tattoos of monuments in the scriptures man the Israelites would conquer a hardship or go to another nation or whatever and they would build a monument and that monument was there every time that they would see that it would remind them of the thing that God did in their life and it’s the same way with us we get tattoos or you were the symbol of a cross on your neck and every time you see that cross it reminds you of the work that God did for you so it’s beautiful uh many more stories about synchronicity and about how you follow the signs like somebody somebody’s mentioned in here says how does Pokemon synchronicity show you on the right path sometimes my synchronicity seemed meaningless sometimes they do I mean cuz like you would think that and I’ve heard people say pay attention to the information that comes through because it’s key information not all the time sometimes it’s just that pat on the back it’s just the humor of God just to let you know hey you’re not alone I’m watching you like you’re going the right direction but sometimes the information that comes through is legit and it’ll lead me to this next synchronicity this was for a friend of mine this was a guy some years ago who he was into my music he was into my teachings and what I bring to the table um but his church wasn’t like he was on the fence about me he liked the spiritual concepts and what I bring to the table but some stuff aliens now Kundalini not like he can’t go there there’s those trigger words for some people some people everybody has their own triggers so he had his and he’s like nah I like true seeker but I’m not gonna I’m not gonna reach out to him because he was thinking about messaging me and actually wanted to contact me and and so he was thinking about doing it but he said no he’s sitting in traffic he’s actually at a red light in traffic in Louisiana over two and a half hours away and he’s scrolling to his Facebook about the message me but he’s like now I’m not gonna message him I don’t want to contact him because I might take you down through there though in front of him there’s a seek truth bumper sticker I had a bunch of bumper stickers back in the day a big seek truths bumper sticker Lucy get calm he’s sitting in traffic in Louisiana the Baton that called me he looks up he sees the bumper sticker it’s ok god I’m a column but he ends up calling me he gets in touch with me sets up a meeting we planned this big event we go to Louisiana to do a float tank experience that we documented and we went to his house he had us over we got to go visit and pray with him and getting a spirit in fellowship about what God was doing in our life and we started a relationship pay attention to the signs sometimes it’s just a pat on the back sometimes it’s about walking through the doors that God is opening for you and sometimes we need you know in Christianity they call it confirmation the Lord gave me confirmation I was gonna call true seeker but then I seen the sticker he just confirmed it for me confirmation everybody has their own way of putting it synchronicities and things like that so Celebi David Wilcock the information that came through yeah those tones frequencies meditating it means a lot to me monuments we look at stuff I bought like I said I bought that you wear a symbol of a cross you look at the cross that reminds you of the work that Christ has done in your heart any any any monument any anything that you build it reminds you of something I mean even in the scriptures as well you have the mezuzah that they will put on the the doorpost and they would he would say wear it around your neck that you won’t forget about it when you go and look in the mirror and you look at your necklace as a mezuzah it’s the Torah it’s the commandments rolled up within the mezuzah that you don’t forget it tied a string around your neck so that every time you grab it every time you see it it reminds you man we have to be reminded a lot of people like against graven images and symbols and things like that but they’re very much a part of our lives and they only have the power that we give them any type of symbol good the bad the ugly whatever it is is what it means to you is we give the symbol power we’re the ones who do that so yeah man thank you guys for hanging out with me I really enjoyed this interview it was a good one man um Danny shout out to Danny shout out to all my people who was hanging out in the School of the Mystics tonight we went straight from school of the mystic straight into a podcast so thank you guys for being patient with me we cut a little bit short too just because the time restraints but thank you guys man I really enjoyed our short conversation we got a I wanted to keep going we we had some good info in there and so those of you who want to get that that episode of the school of the Mystics or listen to that we record it and we uploaded the patreon that’s part of the membership services and stuff so for $1 a month you get access to that stuff so if you’d like to support my my work check out patreon combat slash truce to get any level of giving you get a bunch of perks austin peterson says what about corey good mmm that’s something when we mentioned david wilcock right um man i don’t know even know if i should mention that Aaron Fowler there he is I got a if those are watching right now I have a big shout-out to Aaron Fowler I did an interview on his show he’ll be on my show coming up on the 3rd of next month I believe it is but anyway check my stream schedule Aaron Fowler yes the shaman he’s gonna be on my show I was on his we had a really good conversation kindred spirits so shout out brother thank you for subscribing to the channel Corey good hmm see this is a debate thing I want to seek peace with all man I want to I want to get into circles right I wanna I don’t wanna there’s a check in my spirit about Cory good I just say that you know if he wants to come over here to talk about it maybe I had never talked to him and we’ll say this very good as maid has taken away David Wilcock edibility for me whatever it is Corie good as made me have less confidence in what David Wilcock bring it to the table I don’t know I think he’s a charlatan I said it God wanted me to say it y’all wanted me to say it get him on here I love to talk to him love the picots brain but something you know you get that little check man something doesn’t sit right something doesn’t sit right Aaron Fowler says I agree I would love for him to be telling the truth I hope he is it brings credibility to what we do but I think if that people are making it up to sell stories like we’re trying to seek truth right we’re trying to bring out the truth in I hope that he is but I really don’t believe them David Wilcock a lot more believable lentil soup says what are your thoughts on the intagram I’m not sure what that is intagram II in in II agre I’m not sure what that is um trying to read some of these comments and try not to have dead air for the people listening on the podcast end is that sucks right yeah do H or do Isis yeah I’ll have an open mind or whatever I’d love to talk to him I hope he’s telling the truth you know I want him to be telling the truth I just don’t think he is you know there’s a lot of money in that and that kind of stuff and a lot of the people who have those big budgets behind them – you really do just like anything you got it you got to watch them you know um Oh the end of the day who knows I wasn’t there I hope he’s telling the truth tell them to come on the show on top of that maybe we’ll get on mark passio on the show a lot of people have been messaging me telling me to get mark passio on the show synchronicity mark passio just added me on Facebook he knows who I am maybe he’ll come on the show I’ll message him I’ve reached him I’ve tried to reach out in the past but obviously like once you get a bigger platform and now they want to come on your show and phalluses past it would be awesome yeah he just added me man I would love to have him on that’d be cool I’m really believing for caesarian man I really I want to get to seven on I’ve picked Jordan Maxwell’s brain that I’m blue in the face honestly like I’ve had him on my show Jordan Max was a beautiful soul he really is but I want I want to get to serían on here you guys send those thoughts out to caesarian y’all send the thoughts out I’ll send the emails let’s believe for Michael to Syrian to come on here our lentil soup says what’s the schedule of the show stream schedule is 10:00 a.m. central Tuesdays and Thursdays and then every now and then when there’s somebody but we need to get on ASAP we’ll go live whenever so there’s some other stream dates that I do in between those Tuesdays and Thursdays but every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 a.m. we’ll go live with a guest I’ll try to go live some other days throughout the week as well Thursdays at 7 p.m. central we do the school of the Mystics every Thursday and then we have our we have Wednesday nights which is a go live with Christy Lee on the tap and tune in show on her page she has a radio show on blog talk we do I’ll run the switchboard stare and we do a lot of Prayer we get into some conversation and we get into prayer and energy healing and speaking blessings for one another on there so that’s a really good spiritual time to come there and get your spiritual fix there too so there’s a throughout the week man we’re forming a community where we have people in and out of our groups who go live brother Joshua lumens part of the community he creates videos on YouTube Adam stars eBay he goes live on Facebook on our pages Aaron Fowler heat him in his community those guys go live so between everybody affiliated with what I do and we just kind of cross promote and we have a good family so there’s always a community so I wanted to reach out to just to let you know that you’re not alone and at the end of the day if that’s all it is just to let you know that you’re not alone with your encounters with your beliefs with your questions and with your doubts and stuff like that at the end of the day I think that’s worth it right just to be encouraged and know that you’re not alone and grow and thrive with community that’s what we do with the School of the Mystics we have a discord channel where we’re live and that throughout the week too and just having a conversation but yep no one is alone my brother you write and I’m telling you like I keep saying that it’s powerful you don’t know how many inbox messages I get where people will say you know I thought I was alone and I can only speak from my experience cuz I was alone they know other people will have any type of encounters you know need somebody to talk to that’s where the music comes into play with being able to kind of fix your mind on things above heavily things entertain yourself with these type of conscious ideas that are biblical concepts that are Eastern concepts that are spiritual concepts that lift up yourself in songs and spiritual songs as the Bible says sing spiritual songs that’s what we do we make spiritual songs Davy Jones locker says we are all connected Austin Peterson says like I said earlier get Corey good from my lab that’s who is David Wilcock get gets his info from my lab yeah my lab is deep man I believe in my lab I really do Adam Starseed says yes David walk-up helped me on my journey in 2010 but I grew spiritually and he brought nothing more to me true but he still helps those who were seeking truth I agree I agree he got some good stuff man David well guys bring some good stuff to the table and there’s a lot of people turning their back on him after twenty twelve and twenty you know although he put out probably became a millionaire through his twenty twelve books and then it came and went and a lot of people you know turn their back on him after that whole thing but I really do feel like something happened in 2012 man that was just my whole birthing and going to deeper levels in the spirit um Danny Danny Guerrero my good brother he mentioned that 2012 was pivotal for him heaven Raisa Raisa he said that he learned how to walk again took his first steps in 2012 I do believe that 2012 was a pivotal year for a lot of people have you seen spirit science on YouTube yep yeah I’ve seen spirit science I like some of that I think that’s kind of what Adam said like there’s a lot of things that introduce you to the truth movement or to spirituality and they’re good for where you were but you know I think you kind of I don’t know I don’t know if we’d say graduate from things or you grow out of things so don’t I don’t I mean I know who they are I watched several of them I don’t I wasn’t an addict or anything I’m not a was really big in the David Wilcock I’m still diehard Manley P Hall still screaming his name as much as I can still a Jordan Maxwell fan and friend he doesn’t like that word fan we’ve seen that on one of the last podcast I did with him called him a beloved Sookie fan he didn’t like that well I didn’t call him us man a fan is a fan is a fanatic but you know dog gonna read some of these things they said yet we evolved from things yeah I mean you evolve you grow to the next level you as a state dormant that’s not life that’s not Kingdom that’s not something that’s alive anything alive it’s gonna be growing gonna be evolving and expanding and I think that anything that we’re doing that has life in it it’s organically gonna grow business-wise spiritual wise friendship wise like everything we’re gonna grow together sup Abdul jump off here I’ve had a very long day and man this is a great into a to a long day so uh but that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom Adam star see he says 2012 is powerful I love you brother we’re gonna do some more stuff man take you to the next level brother we’re gonna do it thank you everybody for what y’all do and what you guys contribute thank you everybody who supports me on patreon like I said without that I couldn’t do that I couldn’t be here without that you know I have 14,000 plus fans on Facebook if everybody gave a dollar man we could do so much with that bro but it’s a lot of people who it’s a few people who give a lot so thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for supporting me over there and you guys are my enablers you enable me to do this there’s something that you guys are getting out of this thank you guys and I there’s a bunch over there check out my music if you haven’t yet a lot of people and even know I do music check out my music spiritual esoteric hip-hop so yeah check it out um dancing the physical you o spiritual individual love you guys we’ll do it again soon Shalom Shalom I gotta quit looking at the comments I want to keep talking [Music] [Music] that’s it for this episode folks you hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at patreon.com forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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Angels, Demons, Spirits and the Sovereignty of God (Foreword by Jordan Maxwell)

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