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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Rory The Shaman Poet about going into the spirit realm and looking within for answers. Poets, it’s said, are shamans of words. True shamans are poets of consciousness. Journeying into a deeper reality with the aid of sung and spoken poetry, they bring back energy and healing through poetic acts, shapeshifting physical systems. When we dream, we tap directly into the same creative source from which poets and shamans derive their gifts. When we create from our dreams, and enter dreamlike flow, we become poets and artists. When we act to bring the energy and imagery of dreams into physical reality, we become poets of consciousness and infuse our world with magic.

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised to miss an actual discussion [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what’s up ladies and gentlemen shiho’s true seeker we’re back with another exciting episode of the true seeker podcast I’m looking forward to having some discussion tonight with my guest as always bringing some beautiful people on and having some interesting discussion if you guys have not heard the last couple podcast do yourselves a favor and go back especially the last one that I did was dandelion about plant kingdom psychedelics and our connection with that world it’s a beautiful episode this guy has a vast amount of knowledge in it it was fun talking to him I love having people on here that I’m learning from so essentially when I started this podcast I would have people on that I was studying under essentially like listening to a lot of Jordan Maxwell documentaries and lectures and things like that that is featured in Santos Bonacci james gilliland just consuming hours and hours of these people’s content and then starting a podcast inviting them onto the show and being able to pick their brain for two hours when I first got started man and so essentially you know there’s almost there’s only like so much learning you can do before you start put in to action the knowledge that you’ve learned so it’s like okay we’re just gonna keep studying studying are we actually gonna make use of the information start meditation groups do the knowledge do the work yourself and make something happen so that’s that’s where I’ve been but I still like to have people on and like to discuss I don’t get into conspiracy theories I don’t do as much studying as I used to I’m studying and how now how can I apply the years of nah research that I’ve been doing and I think a lot of us are there too so without further ado we’re gonna bring on tonight’s guest this is a friend of mine that I connected with on Facebook a couple weeks ago he had me on his radio show on Facebook and introduced me to his fan bases following they embraced me with loving arms I got to go in there tell my story tell who I was and what I do and that I am a shaman poet as well so welcoming to the discussion tonight Rory the shaman poet what’s up my brother what’s up man bro well I like this setup man I love this setup man I like how it’s set up sorry it took me a minute to figure out the little spot with the mic man we got it working man oh yeah that’s right don’t fix it yeah some people come on they just click it like that knee right on sometimes it takes people a little bit longer so I’m not the only one good man dude thanks for coming on the show and you know thanks for having me on your show the other day man your fan base a lot of people added me and sort of following my my podcast my music my work and we’re just every I think we’re all interconnected anyway man so we’re all like one in the same so it’s a privilege to us answer the followings and the audience or stuff like that when we when we kind of integrate you know it’s a template man we’re all set up on the same template we all come in when we start remembering we’re remembering on that same template everybody has their own path on their own journey but there’s a basis you know a template is what I like to call it it’s it’s what I describe it as but it’s a basis of remembering and as we do we draw into that template in people and in knowledge yeah so it all mixes so yeah that’s one thing that one of the first words I spoke to you when we connected a couple weeks ago was you’re not afraid to share your platform and there’s a lot of people man and that’s a big thing for me is seeing how people guard their flock is what we called it in the Christian Church we had we had a joke about it me and a friend of mine anything something controversial is out there or anything dark-sided or whatever we say hey guard your flock man you can’t you know I can’t like true seeker status because my friends will see that I liked it I got a guard to fly I can’t let people know I’m into his work I can read it I can enjoy it I can message them in private but I can’t like it publicly guard the fly well I got something key to say about that honestly brother head with with everything that I am with the knowing there’s an intuitive connection that we all get and when we when we really start to remember who we are and why we’re here there’s this intuitive connection that it’s profound and in my own intuitive connection I have found that no one is wrong everyone is valid I don’t care my wife’s an atheist doesn’t believe in God doesn’t believe in spirituality or anything like that and everything she has to say and her inputs I always include them heck sometimes I put things she says on the show with me because every single person is valid if we’re one if we’re oneness how can you leave anything out baby you can’t you can’t leave nothing out everything’s valid man everything so I never I never put anybody down I never you know somebody comes me what do you think about this person they’re beautiful well man you even know them it doesn’t matter they’re part of the whole they’re beautiful yeah they’re part of what we’re doing that part of me even if it’s not work part even if they’re it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter and that if you approach people with that it gives you compassion and empathy to walk in their shoes and reach out to them say hey this person is a form of myself or a form of my wife or my daughter who is struggling we’re all it’s all part of it man so it gives you the compassion to take the time to say okay let me see why this person believes this let me see why this person feels this way and see if there’s any validation to it or if I can help them see the light that I’ve seen you know exactly and and that’s the whole point of it see and and that’s the thing that I that I did I share with everybody and I want to rest with everybody is it’s like a giant mosaic picture brother and you got this giant mosaic picture there and there’s lots of contrast and different breath strokes and all of these different designs and symbols and all of this that make that great picture each one of those is us you take any one of those out you missing part of the picture if you’re missing part of the picture you don’t have a picture anymore and I think we very much the same way I like to use the analogy of we all have a piece of the puzzle in the piece of the puzzle is simply a piece of the mosaic that put it together so we all put our piece up and try to form something and and it really it really does take the collective it really does take more than one anytime people quote me on this lightly on on the on YouTube it’s like any time that anybody says that they have the whole truth and follow and they encourage you to follow them and don’t look after any any knowledge any research just follow them they’ll feed you they got it all run from that person so if Rory goes live and he said look y’all I’m gonna give y’all the truth there’s a lot of false prophets out there y’all just listen to me right now whoever’s doing that his has got a lot of problems it’s not about it’s not about anybody and this is the beautiful thing that I always tell everybody you know on my show I always say you are – I’m a poet you know I’m the shaman poet but so are you everybody is you’re a shaman poet everybody is a part of my show yeah and any any and every information that’s brought to my show is valid and the other part is this I don’t really try to tell people what to do what I do is I share my experience with people and I want to be the resonator they don’t if they don’t resonate and that’s fantastic if they do that’s fantastic but I really don’t want to teach them anything I just want them to resonate to feel that energy you know getting that mojo and let the teacher teach them what that’s right the other nations and traditions called the holy spirit the prana energy that’s still small voice that tingling that’s going to call it the knowing knowing the intuition knowing if you follow that if you’re listening to me if you’re listening to roar if you’re listening to whoever that’s a still small voice there that will speak to you while you’re listening to the information it will chat to you it will give you a quickening in the Bible it calls it a quickening and it she’ll listen to that that’s what you need to learn to follow because that that will never lead you astray that will lead you and guide you into all truth man so that’s that’s awesome that we can we can all come together and not have any any any biased or any like well I can’t let them listen the true seeker because true seeker is this like that’s how that’s the world I used to come from though man I really did but I won’t let everybody know just why we’re at the beginning of the show we’re gonna open up the phone lines here in a little while if anybody has a question or you want to join the conversation the number is streaming at the top of the video and it’s also in the descriptions as well we already got some people on the line so go ahead and call in early so we can take your calls if you want to ask Rory or myself a question we will be doing that so about beautiful about your man and in having a huge following you guys have built a community in a following on Facebook that it is the collective and I think people know that and they know that they’re a part of your message they they listen to you they share your videos but that’s not it because you do the same thing you listen to them like when you share their videos and there’s so many other people who I’m just stays busy with with hundreds updated with you guys I would I would say this what all started was the few of us were doing videos and there’s a guy named David Hopkins I don’t know if you know him he’s a really big thing in Facebook and he decided to bring all of these guys together and he had this great idea to bring us all in one collective one soul family and so he I hooked up with him his real Kelly hooked up with him you know there’s a bunch of us and Theresa leprae Lee Cara Todd Medea and Angelina Schumer Carrie Ann Park House Aaron and Norma Fowler and there’s Nikki and John Wall and Alyssa köszönöm in fact there’s so many new ones I’ll bet you I don’t know about a hundred of them I only probably know about a hundred a look at a list because there’s just so many of us and what we do is you’re right I share theirs they share mine and we’re collective and we’re like a nucleus and we constantly boost each other when we first started out we were only getting three four hundred views but now that we do this we’re seeing anywhere between 1,500 to 20,000 views and it’s beautiful I know and we’re not we’re not afraid to let other people use our platform or promote other people even if we don’t agree like this obviously we’re not gonna agree with everything we do we don’t know each other on that intimate level to know everything that you’re thinking everything that you’ve been studying so so there is you know what some people would say taking a risk but one person who’s who’s there I hear I hear you mentioned this person’s name a lot and I want to just know what’s what’s the connection just on a deeper level Israel Kelly what who is that person to you what does he mean to you is what Kelly is like he’s like a second father to me man I love Israel Kelly Israel Kelly and say he’s the one that kind of David Hopkins kind of started it and then Israel Kelly you know he kind of finessed it into something and you know it’s and then there’s me in there too it’s kind of like a triad and then there’s everyone else but Israel Kelly is profound man Israel Kelly it’s uh I would call him a modern-day Buddha man man it’s on fire his wisdom his connection to the intuitive the way that he sees things his perspective man you know have you ever heard of mochi I know you have right to me is real Kelly is another mode he’s like emojis maybe not as famous as mochi he might not have as many you know people knowingly who he is its mochi but he’s another person type like mode yeah and very benevolent very beautiful it has no agenda that’s what’s beautiful about his rule Kelly he doesn’t have an agenda of his own it’s not like in fact this is the beautiful thing about his rule Kelly anytime he meets somebody like when he met me instead of taking the store upstage and using me to blow himself up because I’m getting out of use and he could make himself bigger he actually steps out of the background and just promotes me promotes other people he really never promotes himself at all yeah and that’s a profound individual man just to stay in the background and do all that promoting man yeah it’s a it’s a gifting and a talent for people to be able to connect people to connect whether it’s connecting fan bases or audiences together or being a bridge to having just the ability to be an administrator over that and to be an overseer so to say that he doesn’t have an agenda he’s definitely got an agenda but it’s not like it’s not like this secret like you know let me try to get my name out there and stuff I think his agenda is the brain force healing that’s what he’s always talking about and it’s his his agenda is to wake people up to who they truly are man and and and that they’re his biggest jitters to bring oneness oneness one is all about pulling everything together however you can do it the most potent most profound way to just bring everyone together everyone everyone everyone that’s and that’s so that’s so and I have to I have to have to commend that on on your level on his level and everybody that we work with now because I’m telling man when I when I stepped out of the Christian Church and like those realms and stuff and there’s a bunch of big-name people but they’re untouchable like you’re not touching their platform and a lot of people are coming out speaking on it and they’re saying the same thing as I and they’re like yeah we wouldn’t work with these people because they believe this and they believe that and it’s like dissecting it down to you can’t touch what I have and you’re wrong I’m writing you’re wrong that that mentality but just to see like the total opposite and it’s a good thing you know I’m saying so it’s like it’s a good thing to embrace what’s different and what somebody and to see the potential that what somebody else has to bring to the table and see that it can benefit people you know yeah that’s that’s the most important thing I push man is I bring people on my show like I did you I saw your music man I saw what you were doing man and the way that you come out the kind of information that you sharing and then you have a podcast and I just had to bring that out and you know I want to say something to you that you know everyone will say well you know why bring people that you don’t agree with because it is the disagreements and the different perspectives that everyone has that makes the hold the greatest and the only way we get out of this different perceptions is to work through the ones that we have and so if we have a lot of people out there with different perceptions let’s bring it out into the forefront and work through that and whatever perception fits the whole and oneness it’ll ring true whatever doesn’t we’ll fall off and no longer be valid so I’m all about sharing everything I don’t care what it is I don’t care who it is and then whatever doesn’t work out that’ll be decided within the hole of all that we are and it’ll fall off or it’ll stay if it stays then this valid and it belongs if it doesn’t it won’t but there’s no reason to fight you know I just whatever’s good I agree with that man calling yourself the shaman promontory for somebody I want to keep saying profit but I think profit and poet goes together they do they do they be the profits of all generations and who they are they are they were all poets that’s right there was a master poet shaman part because shaman to me if I was to sum it up there’s so many other there’s so many things that goes into it but to sum up what a shaman is to me is one who goes into the other realms and is able to move stuff around and make stuff happen going to the spirit realm going to other dimensions what does being a shaman mean to you being a shaman and the reason why I came up with a shaman poet is because I was writing poetry and I wanted to come up with I was a practicing shaman I did a lot of journeying a lot of journey work and I started a lot like you’re saying going to the different realms that kind of thing but as I got more involved in my shamanism I realized that there’s a higher vibration and a higher awareness that we’re going in and I’ve learned that there’s there’s many different ways to perceive it and the way that I see it is this inside of you is a cape of creation inside of you is everything so when when I as a shaman do anything I go inside of myself and there’s a vast universe of many worlds many universes and anything I want to create wherever I want to go whatever I want to bring out I’d go inside myself and I bring it out boom that’s so that’s so beautiful and that I think understanding dimensions understanding the spirit realm and the different levels of perspective and perception there’s so many levels and I think it’s I think it’s key to understand how microscopic organisms work and into understanding the spirit realm and understanding the different levels and dimensions to understand that even right now like there’s there’s Wi-Fi signals being shot back and forth we can’t see them but they’re they’re being shot around the computer through wires to the my daughter’s cell phone and they’re everywhere we can’t see them but they’re there they’re connecting things and they’re almost a highway and let’s go away connecting things making things work and even on a deeper level we look at the microscopic organisms that there’s bacterias all over our bodies that are living and thriving and they eat dead skin if we if we look in like some pond water some pond water and you look at it with the right type of microscope you can see a whole nother world of these little creatures some of them are like tiny teddy bears some of them are cute and there’s other ones that will gang up and they fight in this this war almost a spiritual warfare was being fought on a microscopic level so to understanding the spirit realm it’s the same way there’s this war being fought there’s energies there’s beings there’s all types of information being passed on going on on many different levels but we can’t see them unless we have the right type of microscope right and someone who has a trained eye and the microscope in this case being essentially your third-eye which allows you to travel into other realms to peer into other realms and see what’s going on and and there’s so many people who I knows affiliated with everybody’s work this is what’s going on people are waking up people are moved with compassion and they want to heal the planet and they’re looking for people with answers they hear you they hear me they hear Israel and it’s okay these guys have a piece of the puzzle they have a piece of the truth I want what they have what’s working for them okay tell me what’s working I don’t want to hear debate I don’t want to hear argument I don’t want to hear this I want to hear what’s working how do we tap in and in how do we move things around and that’s why I think your platform is flourishing right now man it’s people are looking not to be led but they’re looking like okay what works for you and you and you’re sharing it without without restriction man and not a lot of people do that you’re not you’re not trying to con people to tune in next week it will check you just freely receive it freely give it man exactly that’s the key brother that is truly the key I’ll say something else too that’s uh that’s another key thing to all of this is realizing that you know a lot of times when we get in spirituality and we get in this kind of thing and this is where it takes a shaman to understand things also because you have to understand what you’re looking at when I’m talking about I’m talking about the whole of humanity when we look at spirituality we only think about those that are awakened but there’s another whole part of the human experience that is oblivious and has to no clue what’s going on and including them in your energy and in anything that you’re doing affects them so what’s really making the platform work is that I’m not only in Israel Kelly not only and David Hopkins all of them we don’t only include those that are awakening but we include everybody so when we do a show or when we put something out we’re trying to affect all that is consciousness that is the human experience not just the awakened almost just us the awakened no I want to affect every yeah that’s good man in it’s a term we say it’s a no longer is that us four and no more this is for everybody it’s not the upper echelon or the upper hierarchy of those who have had the encounters and I like to talk about the encounters just to kind of give people guess what I think people want to hear that I know cuz I want to hear that when I listen to a podcast or I listen to an interview with somebody who has been in those realms or have tried ayahuasca whatever like I want to hear their stories of how they danced with the divine like wood has come through and I know I shared on my own on on your show my story which started out going into the lower realms and dealing with demons and being possessed and all of that nonsense right so even even that I think even sharing that speaks intrigue and and it stirs up people’s creativity and they it just oh and wonder essentially that those realms are real and they want to hear first-hand encounters and I think even if we talk about the bad stuff I think we can save people years of heartache to not go down the same road that we had to go to learn those lessons we can come back and teach the lessons in a very applicable way about what to do and what not to do you know yeah actually what’s gonna happen is as you share that as I share that is everyone else shares it what it does is because the vibration and the awareness of the human beings now it’ll be much greater than they were when say we did because like you said I experienced the same thing you did when I first came out I was trying to learn shamanism I was trying to learn witchcraft I was trying to learn spirituality nobody was helping me brother yeah now there’s a purpose for that though yeah and and and and this is why people don’t get it they think well you know when we came out there was nobody sharing there was no one wanted to talk I couldn’t get anyone to tell me anything about shamanism the books that I got on shamanism were very vague I was lost I didn’t know what to do I was like man what am I want to know about the shamanism and I would call shamans and I would try to get ahold of them and I would try to talk to different shamans online and I just didn’t get anywhere because like you said it’s you know they don’t want to let anybody in their template you know they don’t want to let anybody in there so what I finally what it forced me to do is it forced me to go in and I think that that’s the reason why none of us could find anything because it forced us to go in yeah and the more that you go in the more purity you get because all of these teachers that were out there they’re caught up in that lower you know awareness that lower consciousness that lower way of seeing things and so by not sharing that with us it was a profound thing because it forced us to go in and get the potent it really good stuff cuz I won’t be honest with you every human being has a book in them every human being has a book and once you go inside and start reading this book that is in you and you start doing that exploration in you there’s nothing more key than that nothing I’m gonna tell you nothing you’re gonna tell them nothing is real Kellis nothing is more important than what they can do inside themselves and I think to sum it all up about what the word used earlier is knowing that if even if you don’t learn something to grasp and write down and teach it’s this inward knowing an inward piece of like man there’s something more than just me there’s more than what meets the eye and when you go into those realms sometimes it’s hard to grasp and pull stuff it you have to be trained you don’t just meditate and you pull it all and you able to apply it that’s that takes practice to even do that but when you go into those realms and you man you sense it’s I can’t even explain it there’s just so much that happens there and and you just know that hey it’s bigger I’m tapped into it and it’s real and and many people they’re found with that of just knowing that they’re not alone whether do we if that’s real then what about the Angels what about if the demons are real we can only hope that the angels are real right so for us who have had these negative encounters with demons and demonic we can only hope that the angels are real and that they want to interact – just like the demons want to interact right and and some people get upset when we try to talk about angels and stuff but they’re okay we’re talking about demons in the movies and in Hollywood it’s okay but the angel thing they can I don’t know if you can contact Angels know if you can contact demons and they’re here ready to say hello and ready to show up in every every dark hallway or every shadow you got to know that the angels are here and they’re even stronger in there even more powerful and they’re ready to interact as well exactly uh this is one thing that I’ll say and you know I kind of said this on on the other show with you and demons are real but they’re only real when you create them what I mean by this is if you’re a person that wants to delve in that darkness and you’re person that wants to create that darkness whatever you create will exist but let’s take you the Creator out and let’s just have all that is there no you know me just the essence of all it is there’s nothing there but benevolence beauty and compassion but what a human does in its experience is it wants to create and sometimes depending on the kind of balance that it has or the life that it came out of or where it’s been it creates all of this so if a human being says that there’s demons over here they are really are demons over there but they’re because you’re creating them in your perception you’re creating them in you and you can actually bring other people in and before you know it you’re gonna have a whole entourage of people that are experiencing all of these demons and they’re real but they’re because you’re creating them but in the same way you can have the most benevolent angels and all of this beauty and everything else because you’re creating them yeah but what the knowing is is just the power to create yeah the knowing is just the power to create once you realize that you can create either one then it’s only one thing left a choice yeah which one do you choose and depending on what you choose to on what everyone else chooses because we all tend to resonate no for a long time humanity has been choosing the lower consciousness and demons and all kinds of war and all of this but see we’re waking up to that’s not what we want anymore because we’ve had it for so long and we’re done with it and we want to create something profound and beautiful there’s a story man in the Bible and the story of Jonah not many people know that story they studied it in Sunday school when they were children the story of Jonah and it talks about how he had a message and he thought that God should judge this nation that wasn’t living the way that he thought they should live and he wanted to bring about a Word of God that’s gonna judgment and say turn from your sins and gods gonna judge you and he destroys you and and God said no tell these people I’m compassionate upon them and I love them and Jonah got mad and so Jonah like had this odd against God like no I want you to destroy these people these people are insane so God says knock I’m showing compassion so he gets upset and he cites gorgeous art against God so he’s trying to run from God so he’s running from God and we know how good that works right trying to run from God and see he can’t see you can’t find you so he gets on this ship of all these these these fishermen these sailors these rusty rustic people and he’s traveling with them he’s riding on the ship and all of a sudden day comes these storms they come into a storm winds and waves or everything that the ship is about to capsize the ship is about to overthrow and a lot of people are gonna die on that ship and it wasn’t because God was wanting to destroy the people on the ship the ship was because the messenger the one who was anointed by God was running from God at the time and God will do whatever he has to do to get your heart back whatever he has to do he’ll move heaven and earth for you that’s how much he loves you so he’s seeking out Jonah Jonah is trying to hide from God on this boat of people and the storms are about to subside the boat and they said and so Jonah comes forth and says look the reason the storm is here is not because there’s a storm God’s trying to find God has to deal with me and if you guys throw me off the boat that’s what they were doing everything their belongings off the boat and stuff trying to you know make it lighter say if you guys get rid of me throw me off the boat then the storm will leave and so they did Jonah gets off the boat and goes into the belly of the whale we all know that’s symbolic right but so then once he gets off the boat peace comes to the boat so the message in the picture inside that story is the fact that it God is chasing you and you’re going places and you’re dealing with people that you have no business dealing with you’re in play you’re trying to run from God getting involved in things because you’re bitter because your hearts broken wherever you are what you’re influenced you running from God is still affecting other people you’re affecting you think it’s just you but all those people even the story of Jonah could have died and their lives were impacted their lives were affected and almost for good you know the end so it’s the same with us and I’ve seen it in my own life in different seasons and stuff that I’ve been in of learning and and searching and running under other people and trying to learn from people and running from God and trying to do my own thing and people are left in the wake of your mistakes and your good you repent you come back to God you’ve made amends and your way you’re supposed to be but those people you’ve influenced the lies that you’ve taught and the people that you’ve hurt they’re still there in the wake of your mistakes and so that’s how powerful man when God has it his call upon somebody’s life whether he’s called you as a shaman a poet a prophet whatever it is answer that call don’t run from don’t run from it each of us have to pick up that phone we have to answer that call whatever it is God calls many people to go into different places for many different things and to impact and change the lives of Nations like you said he’s got books within you he’s got stories within you to share that with the nations and so don’t get caught up so whoever whoever that’s for man that’s wisdom I learned it the hard way I left a lot of people in the wake of mistakes just know everything that you do in the natural has spiritual implications and everything that you do when the spirit has physical implications as well beautiful beautiful brother the beautiful way to see it it truly is I’m gonna say something on that in another in another way also there is a especially in the ones that are feeling the awakening that are feeling the recalling that that are wanting to get this there’s a there’s an image there’s an energy that is very profound in humanity now that is very potent in its Christ consciousness and it’s this Christ consciousness that we feel inside of us and it almost feels like it’s calling us like like you know it’s calling us but really what it’s doing is it it’s sitting there and then your your decisions what you decide to do unfold whether or not this starts to swell in you and the more that you make decisions that say you love yourself you love others you care about things the more you start coming online the more profound this Christ conscious in you starts to become profoundly present and the more that it does you start building when I got gifts and maybe I’m a psychic maybe I’m a shaman maybe I’m this maybe I’m that and the truth is you’re everything there’s nothing you can’t be every human being on this planet can be a shaman every human being on this planet can be anything they want to be there’s nothing that holds you back the only thing that holds you back is you yeah if you say you’re not capable then you’re not if you’re not comfortable then you’re not but whatever you want to create whatever you want to do wherever you want to be it’s all you because you’re the one that’s going to do anything for you nothing truth seeker can do nothing I can do nothing anybody else can do only you and when you’re ready and you inside yourself say man I want to take this to another level then all that is is waiting for you to just unfold everything that is in you that’s been ready for eons the only thing it’s been doing is staff that’s fingers on the tables one I’m waiting when we’re gonna do it when we’re gonna do it when we gonna do it and boom you make that decision in hmm it’s there that’s funny man you know I talked about on your show I like the way I’m studying where I’m trained so I like studying the Scriptures my mind always goes back to the scriptures right and how what we’re talking about where is it hidden in the scriptures because there’s there’s so much in there and the scriptures talk about that and they say it says the promises of God are yes and amen it’s already it’s already happened like the promises sisters the things that God has put within your stomach like he’s birthed it within you this is your inheritance and now it’s it’s it’s a it’s a trick sometimes to unlock it but even what we’re doing right now to have men of God to have shamans spiritual teachers spiritual leaders to speak that into you speak that over your life and give you the permission go out and do it go out and what those dreams that are there do it that it’s sometimes it only takes that okay I’ve seen so many people man unlock because they’ve never had somebody believe in them they’ve never had somebody confirm the gift of God that’s within them to pray for them or or to speak it over them and confess it and because words are so powerful we even see Jesus man breathed upon his disciples and they received the gift of the Holy Spirit the breath is the Ruach is the Holy Spirit which is the prana which has been here since the beginning and we all have that same breath within our lungs but sometimes it takes a man of wisdom to speak that and know which is doing to be conscious of the word to have the thought in the word agree and speak it and create it and then that’s where that’s where true shamanism comes into this realm we begin to walk and just speak things into existence and speak strongholds in and and and chains and bondages off of people it’s speaking at praying and lifting it just taking it off moving in the spirit so many people are able to do that but they have to be activated it’s what we like to call it to be activated to have well you know what we call the laying on of hands to be able to lay hands on somebody into an impartation that they would gift that’s within them not that we’re bringing a mantle or something different up different to you but that would just agreeing with the things that God has already released within you I’m gonna take that one thing that you said about the yes from the scripture I really like how you went to the scriptures I think it’s really important to always honor the scriptures and I’ve been an ordained minister and you know many different things and I’ve chosen shamanism because it is so vast it leaves a lot of area if you try to be a minister for any one religion it blocks a lot of other things so a shaman is so wide open I can accept and receive and understand anything and that’s the true traveling in reality or the true moving in world is because as a shaman I can go in a Catholic Church I can go in a Baptist Church I can going to JoVE a witnessed Church the seventh-day Adventist Church wherever I go I’m comfortable because nothing is wrong but what I was going to say about the yes thing and that’s really profound that it was stated that way stake that one more time and then I’m going to take it to a level what does it say says that the promises of God are yes and amen all right now watch this the only answer the universe knows is yes so whatever you say that are good if you say if you say I’m fat and ugly the universe go yep you are and so you are if you say I’m beautiful and sexy thing yep you will be if you say that you’re beautiful and benevolent and that you’re angelic and that you’re powerful and that you’re a piece of God then you are all the universe knows is yes so if I come to a person who doesn’t understand that the universe only knows yes and they go man my life sucks I got nothing man I’m trying to learn this I’m trying to figure it all out I feel very used every time I do something it just seems to mess up well all those things you’re saying the universe is saying yes to yeah you keep saying you’re messed up you keep saying you’re not balanced you keep saying all these things and all the universe knows is yes because you’re the creator it’ll say nothing but yes yeah that’s why I’m gonna go here that’s why I don’t really like the teachings of a a is that they teach them to confess that they’ll always be an addict I’m addicted and I’m like no I’m not addicted and that’s why the like a a either because it tells you that you’re always screwed you’re always burnt and that you always got to have that beer across the room or not even near you you gotta avoid it no no when you truly kick alcoholism or drug addiction Joe you can have that drug sitting in front of you or the alcohol sitting in front of you and not even touch it yeah because you have created the fact that you’re in control and it no longer controls you know all that AAA shit and everything all that stuff all that does is create you subservient to it and you’re constantly running from it I meet an alcoholic and he tells me he’s a man you know I’ve been to growing these aids man I feel great my life’s great I pull a beer out I walk over to oh my god you dip here out of my house yeah wait a minute wait a minute brother you said that you’re you don’t have this problem man get that beer out of my house right now okay hold up brother what’s the problem I don’t understand you said that you know I have a problem no more that’s the thing see to really be the creator to really be in charge you got to be able to handle anything yeah and AAA and all of that it’s completely against that it almost makes you run from it all the time so I agree with you out of that 100 percent that is a failed method brother and that’s why you got a guy in AAA and he’s I’m back again I’m three days sober and he’s been in there five times and he’s been two years sober yeah because it’s subservient your creator you create you’re not free but you can be that’s right that’s hope let’s hope for the hopeless man I want to give a quick shout out to a couple people holding us down in the chat room we have Tammy here we have a little light warrior Kristy Lee Adam a bunch of the regulars Ezreal Kelly was here said hello Tyler Linda bunch of people hanging out in the chat room so if you listen to this on the podcast and just know that when we do go live we we have a good time we take calls we have a chat room open we have fun also if you’re listening to this on YouTube just know that YouTube is shaky man YouTube can pull your channel without giving you an explanation and you have to start from scratch and all of that crazy stuff it’s happening it happened to me I hope that it doesn’t happen again so if you’re listening to this on youtube please go and subscribe to me on my itunes app or Android whatever podcasting app you use we’re on all of them click the link in the description find one over there because they could pull your card any minute it sucks it’s crazy but Before we jump to these phone calls I’m gonna jump in there and just let everybody know we’re gonna be taking calls phone lines are open before we go there I want to kind of plug what we’re doing Wednesday night Wednesday night we got something started I’m doing another podcast with my friend Kristy Lee psychic Kristy Lee she’s gonna be doing her own show it’s called tap in tune in so you go to BlogTalkRadio dot-com backslash tap in tune in and follow the show there and so I’m gonna be helping her with that and that’s gonna be a whole lot of fun she’s gifted and blessed in that area to go in and help people deal with a lot of stuff that baggage from childhood trauma to a past life heard regression and things like that so blog talk radio compacts last tap in tune in tap in and tune in and we’ll have a link in the description because I’m probably saying it wrong but we’ll have all that ready so with that being said Wednesday night 7:00 p.m. Central 8:00 Eastern it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun also we’re gonna be going live tomorrow if everybody listening I’ll be interviewing diesel automatic he’s been on the show before some years ago we’re gonna do it again a lot to talk about so we’re going to go to our first caller Northwest Arkansas I’m pretty sure this is hunter Hughes and you will be correct letters alone guys how y’all doing blessings it’s alone man how are you I’m doing alright just laying here I get round trips from where I live up to Kansas and back today so I’m like went out the most part that I just happened to see that you were doing a podcast I’m like hapless one a while so I’m hopping in it’s been a while man good to hear your voice do you have a question or comment or using to add to the show or questions for Rory no questions by Finn I had like why don’t you thoughts to go to my head as I’m just listening to just the conversation going on as well at least lack of here since war is almost bullying gasps my eardrums out in the process just a little bit but part of it was my phone but anyways I remember um when you guys were talking about how I don’t I care maybe butchering a little bit but how we promised you’d be open to the spiritual realm I believe I think I pushed that a little bit but you guys have some all the lines of that and I’m just thinking at the ohm that’s very much the only way we can really experience the spiritual realm is we have to make sure that we open our minds to it to that idea at least because if we are not open to the idea we cannot experience the glory that God or whatever higher power that we may so believe in will experience for us like for me for example if I was not open to if I was not open to the idea of of something farther outside in the spiritual realm I would not notice the darkness I create around me after listening to the podcast with Mars if I had not again also if I had not opened my much of the spiritual realm I would not have realized that dream I had when I was 18 19 turned out to be an angel experience where God obviously someone has plans for me so that’s like the best way to open up your mind to access a spiritual well you have to be open to or else you’re not going to experience it yeah I mean I think that’s exactly what Jesus said what did Jesus say this said this the things that are seen are temporal but what is unseen is eternal and so for anybody out there that’s it that’s a universal law that that’s legit like the unseen realm exists forever and then to know that we can tap into those realms and and find out information that’s hidden there what what God says about us who who were supposed to be we can tap into those those realms and do that and and you know like I know hunter that there’s there’s so many scriptures that back this stuff up that nobody’s talking about man and so that’s why I just I love talking about it man because for one it’s Fringe in that in that realm and and people need to hear it obviously I I want to bring up a scripture that many people don’t talk about it jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is within you yeah when people hear that they think that when people hear the kingdom of heaven is within them the real concept of understanding of what Jesus meant was that if the kingdom of heaven is in you where do we say that God resides if you want to call it God resides in heaven right so then that automatically there’s your scripture backing up that the that God resides in you and so if God resides in you and the kingdom of heaven is in you then there’s no bounds or limits to whatever you can create in you meaning that whatever you’ve got waiting for you or whatever you want to become as an individual you personally there’s no limits to it because you can create whatever you want whatever you want to be whatever you want to do wherever you want to take it whatever you want to do with it there’s no limitations you just got to create it in you and emanate it out period that’s it yeah and another time I go to my head um it’s like as a true seeker has shared on this podcast several times when I’ve called on I write and record my own Christian spiritual hip-hop music and I just recently released my debut album on soundcloud because I had been working on for the last two years I figured I’ll just let it out let people listen to it Dale what else is just digital distribution later and I’ve also mentioned before on this podcast that I’ve been having a lot of issues at my work with people who gossip and slander me when I had dropped us home on soundcloud those that were gossiping and slandering me found it and we’re playing it but they were playing it to make fun of me and I can understand if Sonia doesn’t like the album at nights like does what we do is I was a cup of tea and they’re right to think that but when you’re just doing to make fun of that person it’s an entirely different ball game right there and so and so at first I was upset but then I realized something every day I remembered every time someone hits play on those songs it pretty much it adds up to all the number of plays on my soundcloud so honestly it doesn’t matter like you’re not if they keep on in that play button they’re just put there just spreading my name there just making my message that’s what it’s about in to know man to know the power so so if your music is just cool it’s just crunk it’s just fun that’s one thing but I know I know you have a lot more truth than a lot of a lot of deeper understanding in your music so knowing that is to know that first of all your music isn’t for everybody and they’re gonna make fun of you they make for me I think my musics pretty good and they make fun of me yeah then I’m a wack rapper that I’m a white rapper that my name is true seeker and you know my name is corny and my music is corny all that stuff and I’m I’m I know that I’m good in many I know I am right but I know the power that’s within my music I get the testimonies daily and I know that when people push play it’s not for everybody but those who that it’s for it’s gonna resonate on a on a deep soul level and it’s gonna touch them to the core it’s gonna move them much like it did you right hunter so to understand that when people play your music that it’s moving things around in the spirit that you’re binding and loosened and you’re speaking blessings and not cursings and I’m telling you for those who get it they’re really gonna get so even if you have a crowd of 10 20 people and only one person get it just know that that it’s gonna impact it’s not they’re not just gonna like your music oh yeah I don’t get people who like my music oh he’s good he’s pretty good yeah no I don’t get that you either love it or you hate it and the reason that they love it is because it brings tears to their eyes it touches them on a level that that music doesn’t really have anymore we don’t experience that in music anymore of what we kind of bring to the table so I know that so know that 100 that when you play your music that if you have that truth in there if you’ve spoken those words of truth and of life over and then when people are playing it then nations are being shifted that people are coming like like you literally descriptions are true when it says life and death is in the power of the tongue Ida scripture is true when it says that life in itself they’re making fun of it yelling out on the outside but guess what those same people have to go they have to go home and they have to lay their head on that pillow at night and they got to deal with God when they let her head down right everybody does so they can’t hide nothing from God and they have to give an account for every word idle word in the scripture says that every idle word that is spoken they have to give an account for those words so know that it’s a spiritual warfare man it’s part of the territory Jesus said if they did it to me they’re gonna do it to you and rejoice when all the men speak every manner of evil against you for my name’s sake for they did if they if they did it to that the servant if they did it to the master they’re gonna do it to the servant as well it comes with the territory that’s what they need to be teaching we don’t we don’t like to talk about persecution we don’t like to talk about biting we don’t like to get talked about name-calling and pippin finger-pointing and things like that that’s part of it that comes with the territory and you gotta get thick-skinned quick or I’ll eat you up specially going live on YouTube see some of the comments I get out here anonymous people comment and making fun of my stutter and make it fun or everything they point out all kind of stuff they say I’m uneducated by the way I talk and just all kind of stuff me I get comments and people picking apart the show oh your intro sucks delete the intro it’s too long you need to let the guests speak and they’re like just picking me telling me how to how to conduct my art and do what I’m doing I’m like I like my intro man alone I’ll say real quick I actually liked your intro because I think the little squirrel got warning it gives beginning I think it’s actually perfectly reasonable because there may be people that watch this for the first time and they’re not gonna be ready for what they’re about to experience then me it’s like there’s a podcast they forcibly open up their mind on accident to what they have never known and heck if you have to mean once and it was a shock yeah yeah no it’s totally what I mean it’s done in a funny like in like a like an entertainment way which there’s power in entertainment it’s not just to entertain you and tickle your fancy but there’s power in it so but yeah you’re right hunter man as so many people who are who are waiting to hear the words that we have to speak and then the whole earth is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God and this is it you hear you’re getting to hear a conversation between the sons of God right now and in this beautiful innocent world groaning for the scripture says let me interject something something else that’s really powerful but a lot of people don’t understand that that is a very key as well whatever you say whatever you do in these shows it’s not only the audience that’s seeing it because your create and in anything that you say that comes out of your body is actually vibration frequency yeah so when you let that vibration and frequency out that is felt in everything that is conscious in a on the planet so whether you have anyone come to your show or whether you have 10 million come to your show you’re still hurt you’re still felt and you’re still creating them because I’m telling you right now if I put out a show and no one ever comes to it people still meet them somewhere hey man I know you have heard you before they never seen the show but they know and the reason why is because you’re putting vibration and frequency and your consciousness is projecting this into the other consciousness so even if you don’t have any fans at all or even if you have a small amount of fans or whatever happens grant it the more people that you get to see the more profound it’s felt because all of those people that are feeling it or projecting it out as well as you so it’s profoundly felt but it’s everything that you do is felt in our consciousness and everything that you do so it doesn’t really matter if a few people are throwing a fit or through people get mad or whatever man I’m telling you doing my show I have a lot of people say that I must be high on drugs I must be whacked out of my mind I must be smoking cabbage or lettuce and you know what I say when they do that hey man I love you I appreciate that thank you yeah sometimes I’ll go out of my way and catch them on messenger and just say hey man I really appreciate you giving your opinion and you know saying what you felt you needed to say man I really appreciate you having your part of all of this included because it could have said nothing so to me when they say something that means I’m getting somewhere if I wasn’t they wouldn’t say anything at all mm-hmm so that’s one way to look at it no that’s a hundred percent true man words are vibrations we’re gonna go back to the phone line Turner thanks for calling brother we’re gonna take this thanks a lot honey appreciate you brother Southwest Ontario who we speaking with caller from Southwest Ontario you there hello hey how are you hello hey we can hear you finally hey I’m Rory you rock keep on doing the son baby hey laughter is a healer man it’s divine there’s nothing wrong with laughter no one I know I like making my funny vid – so yeah and that’s it you know that’s something – of being spiritual or being serious but yet still showing the playful fun side you know and that that’s Jesus said if you cannot become as small children you will not understand the kingdom of heaven why did he say that because the innocence the laughter the joy everything without perception you know in the most purest form laughter is one of the greatest healers in the world people just don’t realize it I love April with her goofy self I think she’s phenomenal you got a question for either one of us love you so much it’s cool she’s one who’s a super supporter she’s a super supporter and we could have rankings super supporters like the highest level beautiful always sharing your stuff and it’s funny too cuz when I came in whenever I went on your show and I gave her a shout-out I seen her in the chat room he said oh yeah she’s cool she’s been here for a while I was like oh wow so we have we already have people who were like mutual friends and mutual circles and there’s a bunch of them and it’s it’s this is weird to how we come together and we connect and I have a circle and a family that man to see the way that we got connected we always able like many of us was able to meet in the physical and weather were some people locally and then they meet my spiritual family in Florida and and then they meet and then they come stay together then we meet and we it’s just crazy how the synchronicity works to get everybody on the same page that who’s supposed to be in your life and and I was thinking about that earlier even even Kristy Lee she’s hanging out in the chat room Kristy Lee and we got it looks like Dan Oscar Penske is a good friend Chris and Nicole bars like I have all these friends now I don’t have all these friends but I don’t have a lot of friends but the friends that I do have are the real deal like they are the real deal they make up for everybody else as friends right because they’re they’re awesome man they like make up for like all the numbers just not about the it’s not about quantity it’s about the quality of friends man and I’ve got a couple people in my life man who were just like I said the real deal and I’m thankful for him that’s beautiful that’s beautiful got another caller here okay from Rhode Island who we speak away no semen what it’s been like four months believe me that we got mad at each other we had a fallout and we talked about for months and this is a that’s the first time right now on the show yeah yeah man it was silly man I’m sorry brother I just I’d reached out to you know dirt on Facebook cuz you know I don’t want to get in trouble you know so I just want to call in man and see how you doing brother yeah I’m doing good man thank you brother it’s good to hear your voice and Alonzo Pichardo ladies and gentlemen yeah I’m doing everything we just had them I’m seeing everything with the channel man it’s growing in all ways brothers proud of you man you kicking some butt there man so jealous I always told you man trust yourself trust yourself man and you always succeed brother yeah you know you definitely told me you’re part of the reason why I’m doing this man and not without the mask put it that way the most highest rated shows that we’ve done was Alonso on here telling his story so he had a we did an episode if you want to go back and listen to it it’s entitled mental alchemy with Alonso Pichardo and we go through his life story and his life story is about dealing with adversity and how to overcome it and to take all the bad stuff all the baggage that stuff’s have been used against you in your life to use it and form it into something good something beautiful man one of the most highest rated episodes and one of the most beautiful heartfelt episodes is to I encourage everyone to go check that one out well it’s a great show man I just think I said I just want to call in man say hello and I Love You Man and we’ll connect definitely I’m after today man yeah no more brother appreciate you man I love you too brother big you take care man we’ll be talking soon all right peace peace Alonso Pichardo yeah yeah it’s a good friend man I ain’t talked with him a couple months that’s what it’s about exactly like an immense making things I mean life is short man life is short you know so why not always staying at emplo baby that’s what I always say I try and we try it doesn’t always happen but I try to cuz I know life is short I know life is precious people people come and go whether it’s friends with this loved ones come and go some of them are around and you take people for granted and then they’re gone and man just the loss of life and stuff so I try to I try to make everybody’s Road a little bit easier everybody’s walk a little more comfortable to let them know that they’re not alone that they’re loved and God loves them it’s not just me that loves them but it’s the universal power that put them here cares for them and and wants to hang out and wants a relationship with you like loves you on a personal level to want to know what you’re doing today and where you’ve been and let’s hang out like that type of love that agape love and that’s what I try to do man it doesn’t always work out doesn’t always happen sometimes I can be an asshole too you know I’m saying but I try my I try my best to uh to kind of show that love to everybody you know yeah we all we all have our moments man you know that’s just part of you know no matter what you do no matter how advanced or how where’d you become yeah you always have that that wrastling inside of you and that’s just the projection of humanity and the perceptions around you and you know we get caught up in it what shows true ‘ti is instead of taking it and allowing it to even become a bigger problem you know you recreated it right there you and him rehearsed it up y’all talked it out right there boom it was done and it was on don’t know this well what about what you said none of that just let it go love them I know it’ll all work out mm-hmm that’s it cuz uh essentially if you if your spirituality ain’t no deeper than that then I don’t want any I don’t want to know about it I don’t care about it I don’t care about your spirituality if you can’t do that you can’t do life with other people and you can’t function around other people and you can’t show love and compassion to your fellow human oh I don’t care about your spirituality it’s not real it’s not real if it doesn’t have the basics down and you can’t show compassion to those who need it and and Linda an ear to those who need who need to speak and invent so it’s about the simplicity’s man we try to get so deep with it sometimes because it really is deep trust me it really it gets deep but it’s deep so that we can bring it back and explain it in in layman’s terms what everybody can get it and make it practical even for the little ones like Jesus said to embrace the kingdom like a child are you so deep that nobody can understand you but I will say this that’s the stuff you can package them cell when you’re so deep you’re over everybody’s head nobody honors you bringing this new knowledge in this new then you can sell it you could package it and that’s what we have a lot of people doing but what we have and was so beautiful about the kingdom being within is that you can’t buy it and you can’t sell it I don’t need what they’re selling you can’t sell me the kingdom of heaven it’s already within and to know that that’s everything that’s within your purpose your destiny your calling your everything your lessons your financial increase that’s that’s what you have to go within you have to make amends what God found out if there’s any blockages deal with that now there’s people who help you deal with that now let’s get that straight but they gonna help you go the foreigners move things from their pointer they point you Mogi is real Kelly me you all everyone’s got pointers man we all a point and that’s all it is but when you’re born on this planet everything that you will need for anything that will unfold for you on this planet was already in you yeah period I say let them go and then if it’s real baby it’ll come back and it’ll rekindle and if and if it doesn’t and you know it’s no longer valid for you but as long as you love it love it and let it go and then you just see what comes back that synchronicity working yeah that’s that’s the law man we’ve always heard it we’ve always heard it you know but it’s totally the truth and if it comes back and I think it was meant to be right with every every situation in your life every you try to run from God but guess what you got to come back he can’t run man you can’t run so yeah they run from you how you gonna run from you where are you gonna go Jonah was running from himself to God in him yes that’s right that’s right you can’t he’s in he’s to all the Bible says he’s to all in all that’s right he’s the Ancient of Days is in everything he’s a part of how you gonna run from the wind run from the rain come on man it don’t work like that God don’t sleep man so hey with that being said man I’m coming up on the end of the show plug your links man tell people who have no idea who you are who is this guy how can we get in touch with them how could we follow his work and check them out I’m just shaman poet oh you can find me on YouTube a YouTube channel if you just type in shaman poet I come up I got my own thing and YouTube you type in shaman poet on Facebook and you can get me there’s also other people connected to me David Hopkins and hope evolve you can find me there I’m actually in his group Israel Kelly and the oneness light project I’m in that group Nikki and John F I’m in that group so there’s just a lot you can look for the portal of light on Facebook that’s one of my groups check it out man beautiful beautiful beautiful things man all around you man and if you connect with me you want to get hooked up with a soul tribe everything that we’re doing and get involved in doing your own videos we honor that we want that we want everybody to come in we want everybody to create that’s the biggest thing I could load about what we’re doing is we want you to become all that you can become being youth coming together and then sending people out that’s the role of the apostle to come together Friesen to you and then send you out not that you could tinge it upon me and when I go live and when I bring something to table but for you to learn your truth know that truth and be confident and share it out and that’s what Rory’s doing man you guys connect with him on Facebook YouTube social media all that good stuff he’s a real good guy I vouch for him I’m thankful to be his friend and social media and in real life so we have something that we’re building together we’re gonna be working on a song together too and I’m excited about that one baby I’m moving forward with it I’ve actually got the song give me a is there like is there like a name you can give me anything to do with Caesar it’s gonna be something to do with Tom and I forgot if it was like mystic shaman her it’s kind of that’s kind of simple I like to be a little deeper with it but it’s gonna have something to do with shaman so I’ll get you to do something about a little poem about shamanism to kind of mix that in and what what shamans do so I’m excited about that I’m writing it right now I got the beat and I can probably send that to you probably first thing in the morning send that over to you beautiful beautiful so that’s gonna be coming out very soon we got a song coming out so check out his poems man this stuff is deep with some beautiful stuff so make sure I mean we didn’t really get into the poet side but we’ll do that on the next episode oh yeah and I got three or four hundred on YouTube man home after poll after poll yeah check him out he’s a good brother so with that being said I’m gonna say Shalom thank you guys I want to make sure that I plugged my my patreon so if you guys who are wanting to support what we’re doing help us go full-time because I am full-time now I’m doing this full-time I’m doing music I do podcasting I do graphic art things like that for full-time income if you guys would like to support at any level of giving anywhere from a dollar a month $5 $10 whatever you can or would like to do you could do so by going over to patreon comm that slash troop seeker and you get rewards you get perks so we have unreleased to music over there most of you guys know that I’m a rapper I do spiritual esoteric hip-hop and the stuff that we’re talking about in these episodes I put in spiritual hip-hop form and I come out with new music all the time people are in boxing many people have been fans for years want to know how can we get the new true sneaker music when are you coming out with new music well I already have new music it’s for early release on patreon and it may be there months before it’s put together in an album form and brought out to the general public and that’s just specifically for those who want to kind of go above and beyond and help me with this vision so like I say anywhere from a dollar amount to five dollars a month you get so much extra over there extra podcasts episodes we have an exclusive Facebook page that it’s only for patrons so all that to be said to be just for me to say thank you thank you everybody who is supporting because there’s a there’s a few people over there who are doing a lot and your work your help does not go unnoticed by me and my family thank you for allowing me to do what I love to do and I’m gonna keep going live we’re gonna keep bringing you podcast interviews information tutorials of how to tap in and how to bring about that destiny those secrets that are locked within everything that we talked about like we we really believe this stuff we really do and and that these are principles that we stake our lives on so with that I’m gonna say peace of Shalom I love each and every one of you guys Shalom no mistake [Music] [Music] well then nothing for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to east nigga comm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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