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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Roy Petersen as the discuss Charismatic Chaos: Surviving Christian Revival Cults. Roy has interviewed many people of celebrity status in charismatic Christianity ranging from Todd Bentley, Ian Clayton, Rick Joyner, Jason Upton, John Crowder, Bill Johnson of Bethel Church, Shawn Bolz, Patricia King, Bobby Conner, and Bob Jones to name a few. Roy follows the rise of christian evangelist Todd Bentley In his film Lakeland: The Movie (Documentary film on Todd Bentley & the Florida Outpouring) which now has over 262,000 views on YouTube. Roy admitted that he found himself traveling from revival to revival, church service to church service and from conference to conference chasing the presence of God which he encountered while following leaders within these fringe charismatic circles. With all of the different far-out teachings and different ways to reach God Roy admitted that he found himself in the midst of mild confusion and psychosis. Each of these leaders branded their own form of theology and intrinsic views of the Bible that set them apart from the rest. Roy said that his former wife would only listen to ministers like Ian Clayton 24-hours a day and as these movements grew they began to get a bit more cult like by the day. The Simplicity of the Gospel was soon lost with outrageous teachings that made people jump through hoops to attain sonship in Christ, this quickly became a problem for Roy and his wife. Roy sought counseling outside the church and met a Buddhist therapist who he was able to open up to about his religious beliefs and dogmas. This relationship allowed Roy to explore and begin to look outside of Christian theology an into zen Buddhism which he found to be a beautiful practice where he encountered the love of God in a new way. Still open to explore Roy continues to hold a deep love for God and the person of Jesus Christ. Roy has since opened his interviews up to mystics worldwide regardless of religion or creed to capture the beauty of God which speaks through all people.

Lakeland: The Movie (Documentary film on Todd Bentley & the Florida Outpouring)



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