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Off The Grid | Born At Home | No Doctors, No Medicine, Nothing | SA115 | Samuel McCray

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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Christian Rapper SA115 Samuel McCray about growing up sheltered, religion and being born at home. The internet is full of crazy conspiracy theories, rabbit holes and fictional material that can keep people busy with YouTube videos and documentaries. The end of the world,9-11, JFK assassination, flat earth, reptilians and Atlantis are just a few to name that tend to suck people in for hours and sometimes years. The subject of the end times has always been a hot topic. Every generation in recorded history has had a sect of people who were infatuated with the end of the world and believed that their generation was the last to exist before a coming destruction. For Christians this will be a glorious day for the coming of The Lord Jesus but for those for without a savior it will be the terrible and dreadful event. Most Christians are familiar with a prophecy in the Book of Revelation which says that the Antichrist will come and command everyone to receive a mark on the right hand or their forehead which is known as the mark of the beast. The prophecy says that they will not be able to buy, sell or trade without this mark. As technology advances so does the interpretations of prophecy within the Biblical texts. Where we are now many Christians believe that the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Chip is in fact the mark of the beast spoken about in The Book of Revelation. Some people are getting these little RFID Chips which can be smaller than a grain of rice implanted in their hands. These chips allow them to access their bank accounts and holds all of their dental and medical information as well. Some chips allow for Access into government buildings and restricted areas with computers that scan the chips implanted in the hand. The military also has been using RFID chips as many military have had them implanted into their biceps. This technology has been used for years by your local veterinarian clinic to track the whereabouts of your lost animals. This advancement in technology is terrifying to a lot of religious people who are already feel alienated in this world and are waiting for something catastrophic to happen. Because of this, the RFID chip fits perfectly into their end time scenario. But before the RFID chip interpretation was here many people were hysterical thinking that Social Security Card is the mark of the beast. Samuel’s family fell into this category of biblical interpretation and still hold that to be true to this day. So much so that Samuel and his siblings were born Off the Grid within their childhood home without a midwife or the use of Medicine. They were never registered by the government, school and have never been to the hospital, hence, they do not have a social security card. Many radical Christians believe that the use of Medicine represents a lack of faith by other believers. If a child is sick the family rely on God as their healer and in Samuel’s case his family would fast and pray for healing. Many of these Christians believe that medicine it’s a form of sorcery which comes from the Greek word Pharmakeia (English pharmacy) which translates to sorcery. There’s one thing about Samuel’s family and his story that you cannot deny which is the fact that they stood up for what they believed in, and that goes a long way especially when it is standing for a righteous cause. I have seen many people radical in their faith which led them to do radical things and I myself have been involved with some pretty radical groups over the years as well. At the end of the day balance is key with any religious belief. The mind is a very powerful thing and if we are not careful we will find ourselves fulfilling our own end time prophecies. I do not believe that we are experiencing the end of the world or apocalyptic fantasies, but we do experience the end of our own worlds inwardly with the death of the ego and the Return of the Christ Within as He returns to rule upon the throne of our hearts. I’ve heard many interpretations of the Book of Revelations and all of them make sense in their own weird way.



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