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Santos Bonacci has been one of the leading researchers on the subjects of Syncretism and Astrotheology. Recently Santos has crossed over into the subject of flat earth theory and has been one of the best presenters when it comes to this study. Santos cross references the Bible as well as many other ancient texts and points out how all of the ancient world believed the world to be flat and  reasons that the authorities that be would like to keep this a secret. IN this episode TruthSeekah also talks to Santos Bonacci about the demonization of those who have tried to tackle this subject as well and the scoffing at even the mention on this topic.

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What’s Up Ladies And Gentlemen I’m Your Host TruthSeekah We’re Back With Another Podcast Thank You Guys So Much For Hanging Out With Me This Evening We Got An Awesome Show Planned For You. It’s Been A While Since I Was Able To Talk To My Guest Who Were Having On Tonight And I’m So Excited To Finally Catch Up. It’s Been A While So Before We Get Started I Just Want To Thank All The Patreons. Everybody Who Was Supporting My Work And What I Do Over At And You Can Go There And You Could Support At Any Level Anybody Who Wants To Support What We’re Doing You Get Access To Hidden Podcast New Music Unreleased Music And You Get Access To My Entire Discography So Head On Over To And There’s Different Levels Of Giving Anybody Who Wants To Give Their I’m So Grateful And Thankful For Everybody Who’s Been Doing That. You Guys Are So Awesome. So Without Further Ado Tonight’s Guests My Good Friend Santos Bonacci What’s Up Brother, Very Well Thanks, Thanks For Having Me Welcome Back To The Show. I Think The First One That We Did Was Like I Said A Lot Has Happened Since Then With You With Research And Everything And We Were Supposed To Do Another Show I Know It’s Been Over A Year Now But The Last Show That We Had Scheduled Was The Same Day That You Went To Jail And We Had A Show Scheduled For That Day So This Is The Make Up Show Talk A Little Bit About That Man So Like A Lot Of People Don’t Know That You Went To Jail And Everything That Was Going On With That And The Media Coverage That Was Surround Surrounding That Whole Incident Talk Talked A Little Bit About That Yeah Well The System Went Out Of Their Way To Make An Example Of Me And To Rubbish The My Work My Activities My Reputation And Everything They Just Try To Destroy They Try To Destroy You As They Do And I Was Lucky I Didn’t Get Killed Because These People Would Would Love To Have Me Dead That Would Look Very Much Like To Have Me Dead So I Was In Fear All The Time Constantly Knowing That Some Very Very Evil And Sinister Individuals Were Behind That And This Is What They Do It’s The Inquisition The Inquisition Has Never Gone Away It’s Changed Names Many Times These Days I Think They Changed The Name In 1965 Last Time They Changed It And It’s Called Well Let Me Have A Look Scared Of Wikipedia And Put Inquisition In And We Will See That The Inquisition Is Still Alive Today And The Offices Are Being Position Of The Police The Bailiffs The Sheriffs The Judges The Clerk’s They Are All Doing The Work Of The Inquisition There You Go In The Third Paragraph In Wikipedia It Tells You That The Name Of The Inquisition In Doctrine Of The Faith There You Go But It’s Still Alive And Well And Putting Good People In Jail As Jesus Said The Day Will Come When When They Will Put You In Prison In My Name For Speaking The Truth I Just Had Jordan Maxwell On The Other Day And I Was Just Kind Of Relating His Scenario His Situation Where He’s At Now And Just Relating It Back To Jesus Getting The Truth Out There In Them Like You Said Making An Example Out Of You Almost To Scare Everyone Else You Know I Think When They’re Whenever They Let Jesus To The Cross And We’ve Seen Who Was There With Them At The End Like All Of Us Follow Us Everyone Was Scared To Death And Nobody A Date Said That They Weren’t Affiliated With Him Or Anything When It Was Time For The Persecution To Come And Stuff Like That And I Want To I Want To Talk A Little Bit As Well Because I Want To I Want To Go Into Flat Earth Tonight Um It’s Kind Of Been The Same Thing With Flat Earth When You Bring It Up People Already Have A Belief On Or They You Know They Already Feel Some Type Of Way About It Without Looking At Any Of The Research And If You Say That You Believe In Flat Earth Um You Know You’re You’re Gonna Get Socially Ridiculed People Are Gonna Make Fun Of You And I Know You’ve Seen It Because Because You Do The Work But I’ve Had So Many People Say That They Quit Listening To Santos When He Started Talking About Flat Earth So I Want To Ask You I’m Not Studied On It I Stayed Away From It Because I’ve Seen What Everybody In The Truth Or Movement Did And How They Point Fingers And They Pull Support In Everything So I Want To Ask You Why Flat Earth Why Is It Like This This Big Big Deal And What’s Behind It Well The Greatest Deception Ever To Plague Mankind Is The God And The Globalist Families Behind The Globe This Is What People Fail To See Because They’re Not Researchers And They’re Not Truth Is They’re Happy To Go With The Crowd Yes Description That’s True Yeah The Crowd Says It’s A Globe So And The Inquisition For 500 Years Has Supported The Globe And Taught The Globe And Security Flat-earthers As Witches And Wizards And And And Heretics Etc But They Were Right Our Ancestors Were Right Our Ancestors Were Intelligent They All Believed That We Lived On A Stationary Flat Horizontal Plane And That Means All Of Our Ancestors So Since When Did We Become So Smart Five Hundred Years Ago With The Copernican Revolution That We Just Totally Turned Our Backs On All Of Our Ancestral Traditions Which Held Records And Accounts And Tabulated Their Wisdom And And Cataloged All Of Their Knowledge That Rome Came Along And The Jesuits Burned Rewrote History And Created A New World Order Called Globalism Based On The Sante Globe Something That Never Existed And Never Will Exist But There You Go They’ve Educated People To Think That They’re Upside Down Spinning Whilst They’re Doing Their Ejaculation All The Other Swine Eating Things That They Do What They’ve Done Is They’ve Turned Humanity Into Prodigal Sons The Prodigal Son Went To Sleep With Prostitutes And To Get Intoxicated And So Essentially That’s What They’re Doing The Distracting People With All Of These Distractions And Pseudoscience And People Are Falling For It So The Scripture Warns That Even The Chosen Ones That Will Try To Deceive So The Warning Is Loud And Clear We Need To Be Very Very Careful In These Days Our Warfare Is A War Against The Principalities Of The Air Of The Kingdom Of The Air It’s A Spiritual Warfare And The Jesuits And Masters Of Deceiving Humanity It’s It’s Their Globalism Is And The Globe Is Very Gender I’ve Exposed The Families Behind The Globe It’s The Foreigners Er Family The Orsini Family The Borgia Family The Brandini Tom Feely Colonna Yeah Colonna Became Columbus So If You’re Looking For The Kalon Plantation In The Americas District Of British Columbia The District Of Columbia British Columbia The Nut Country In South America Called Columbia All Of These Plantations Belong To The Columnar Family And So And The Rothschilds And The Rockefellers And All Of These Other Names Break Spear All Of These Power Families They All Come From These Four Or Five Families Borja Borghese Orsini Farah Nazar They’ve Always Held The Power In Rome They’ve Always Controlled Commerce They’ve Always Controlled The Judiciary System Through Justinian Law Which Is Dog Latin They’ve Controlled Everything And They Funded Copernicus The Jesuits And They Funded Mutant The Jesuit Galileo Galilei The Jesuit And All Of Their Telescopes Etc They Are All Owned By The Jesuits Since The Day Of Matteo Ricci Who Went To China To Try And Seduce Them Into Globalism Which I Called Globe Tannery They Finally Succeeded With The Opium Wars And And China Fell To The Globe Conspiracy It’s The Biggest Sigh Up In History It Has Caused More Persecution And Blood-shedding Than Any Other Truth There Is Never Been A Truth Hang On A Minute It’s So Cold Here Excuse Me There’s Never Been A Truth More Persecuted Than The Stationary Horizontal Earth Truth Reason Being Is When You Make A Globe You Make A Contained Domicile For Humanity You Contain Them You Put Limits On How Far They Can Go You Can’t Go It Out To Space Because You Haven’t Got The Money You Can’t Go Past Antarctica Because 47 Nations Have Signed A Dubious Treaty To Protect Antarctica From You Going There And Peeing On The Snow That Would Cause The World To Stop Turning You Can’t Go There And Pee And Defecate On That Beautiful White Snow So We’re Gonna Have A Treaty Under The Vatican Of Course Under The Auspices Of The Vatican And The Pedophile Pope Protecting These Families Who Control All Of Our Commerce We’re Going To Protect Atlantis Jika Because We Really Do A Great Job Of Protecting The Rest Of The Planet You Can See How Well It’s Doing So You’d Let Us Keep That Treaty Going And Don’t You Explorers Go Beyond As Did Sir Captain George Hubert Wilkins In The 30s He Went Discovered Many Lands As He Documented In His Logbook So We Can See That Clearly There Is An Agenda Behind The Globe Global Economy Global Governance Global Religion Which Is The Inquisition Under The Catholic Church And The Holy See God Will Warming And All Of These Crocks That Have Been Invented By Pedophiles As The Globe Siop Is For Stupid Upside-down Spinning Idiots Which They Call Useless Idiots And Useless Eaters Hence They Are Spraying Chemtrails Over Them To Kill Them Because They Are Useful Cedars If They Can Believe They’re Upside Down Spinning On A Dance Club He Thinks They Are More Than Useless Eaters Yeah Ha How Far Past I Guess The North Pole Are We Talking Are We Talking Like Something Huge And Other Lands And Other People Existing Over There Or What I Mean What Do We Have For Today It’s Just Just Something That The Ancient Believe Then Because That’s Definitely Documented In All The Art And A Lot Of The Major Holy Books Talking About This This Flat Earth People Ask Me All The Time My Opinion On It I Don’t Really Have A Strong Opinion I Haven’t Given Myself Over To Study It To Make An Educated Opinion But But I Say That If It’s Not True Then Our Ancestors Were Wrong Because They All Believed In Flat Earth So How Far Past An Article Are We Talking We Talk About Something Like Like Huge Like What We Already Know Today And It Just Keeps Going Or Is There A Limit Or What I Mean What’s The Pitcher Look Like Well We Don’t Really Know Explorers Have Come Back And Recounted Their Missions Both To The North Pole And To The South Pole Which We Call The Arctic And Antarctica Both Of These Regions Are Populated By Peoples And Nations And Peaceful And More Awakened And Advanced Societies And So The Elite Families Are Aware Of This They’re Well Aware Of This They Communicate With Some Of These Extraterrestrials And Limit What What Information We Can Be Privy To And Control The The Information Channels The Media And So Many People Are Waking Up To This Many People Have Read The Accounts Of Voyagers That Have An Expedition That Have Have Been Conducted In The North Pole Over The Hundreds Of Years Especially Swedish Norwegian Russian Accounts Many Books Have Been Written By Many Explorers Who Have Been To Lands Beyond Greenland Beyond The Arctic Circle You Know Up To The 80th Parallel Where There Is Abundance Of Life Whereas In Antarctica There Is No Life Beyond The 55th Parallel So You See That South Pole Is Truly Very Very Different To The North Pole That Totally Two Different Creatures And Science Knows This But Beyond Antarctica Which Is A Massive Ice Wall There Are Other Lands As Sir Captain George Hubert Wilkins Discovered And He Was A Colleague And Friend Contemporary Of What’s The American Explorer Who Went To Both North Pole And South Pole Admiral Byrd The Admiral Was A Friend Of Captain George Hubert Wilkins But Wilkins Did Go Beyond The Work Of Admiral Byrd But Both Of These Men Were Silenced They They Were Not Able To Share Exactly What They Discovered There The The Globalists They Just Can’t Afford This They Need Their Globe Sire To Persist And So These Guys Would Have Had You Know Restrictions And What They Could Say And So We Don’t Know Exactly What Is There Although Although All We Know Is That It’s Very Very Well Guarded And For A Good Reason Because They Love Their Prison Planet Works Well For Them They’ve Got Everybody Signed Up Everybody’s Believing In Their Global Warming Hoax And They’re You Know Climate Control And How They’re Protecting Us With Chemtrails So That Nature Won’t Destroy Us And Obliterate Us And Nature Has No Way Of Correcting All Of Her Cycles And And Rhythms And Ages So That You Know We Can We Can Allow The Creator And Nature To Correct Everything Under Her Control Now We Have To Interfere With It And All For The You Know In The Name Of Protecting Us And The Globe And And And The Furtherance Of The Global Agendas You Know No Borders Or We Don’t Want Borders We Don’t Need People Being Having Developed Societies And And And Protecting Their National Interests We Don’t Want That One Tear Down National Borders A Large George Soros And The Globalists So That You Know There Is No More National Identities And Everything’s Just A Homogenized Global Religion Where The Koch Can Protect You Forever Because There Are Terrorists Out There You See Terrorism The War On Terrorism Is Just The Inquisition It’s Once It Was Called The Crusades Then It Became The Inquisition And It Became You Know The Doctrine For The Holy Faith Then It Became Bla Bla Bla You Know Now It’s The War On Terrorism It’s The Inquisition A Lot Of Christian Scholars A Lot Of Biblical Theologians Are Now Coming Out Back In Flat Earth Saying That The The Prophets And And You Know The People Of The Bible Believed In It And There’s Tons Of Scriptures That Refer To It And Pointing Back To Her What Are Some Of The Key Ones That Are Mention Of In The Holy Bible That That Stand Out To You Oh There’s Millions Isaiah Let Me See If I Can Remember Isaiah It Says Your Work At The Firmament Your Handiwork Of The Heavens Is Glorifying The Creator The Firmament And So It’s Repeatedly Talking About A Firmament Interesting About That As They Know That With There Is A Dome-like Structure That The Stars Are Embedded In Which Are Above Our Heads Yeah You Know It’s It’s A Fact Of Reality And The Ancients Knew This And They Protected This Beautiful Wisdom Genesis The Firmament Of The Heaven To Divide Day From The Night Genesis 1:6 Let There Be A Vault Between The Waters To Separate The Waters Above From The Waters Below A Must 9 6 The One Who Builds His Upper Chambers In The Heavens And Has Found That His Bolted Down Over The Earth He Who Calls For The Waters Of The Sea And Paused Them Out On The Face Of The Earth The Earth Some 24 – For He Founded It On The Seas And Established It On The Waters Proverbs 8 29 When He Gave The Sea Its Boundary So The Waters Would Not Overstep His Command And He Marked Out The Foundation Of The Earth These Are Just Some I Mean I’m Just Looking Through I’m Just Flicking Through A Presentation I Couldn’t Read Tens Of Them From The Koran I Couldn’t Read I Go Back Get Dark Let’s See I Want To Grab Some Really Good Ones Here’s His Raja Of Omar Cayenne He Is Islamic He Says And That Inverted Bowl We Call The Sky We’re Under Crawling Cops We Live And Die Lift Not Thy Hands To It For Help For It Rolls Impotently Impotently On As Though Or I The Sumerians The Boundary Between The Primeval Sea And The Earth Of A Flat Disc Was A Solid Vault Within Which Was A The Gas Like Atmosphere The Stars Planets Sun And Moon Were Embedded In This Solid Vault An Axe Amin ‘is The Great Greek Philosopher Described The Heaven As A Felt Cat That Turned On Its Head And The Stars Fixed To The Surface Like Nails Here’s Jobe 37:18 Passed Though With Him Spread Out The Sky Which Is Strong And As A Molten Looking-glass Yeah The Hebrew Cosmology Isaiah 40:22 He Sits Enthroned Above The Circle Of The Earth Not The Sphere A Circle Is Not A Sphere Like A Circle Coin Is That’s Round At A Disk Exactly So Yeah The Earth Is Round But It’s Not Round Spherically Circularly So Continuing In Verse 22 And It’s People Are Like Grasshoppers He Stretches Out The Heavens Like A Canopy And Spreads Them Out Like A Tent To Live In I Mean I Could Go On Psalm 19:4 This Is The Scripture That Verner Von Braun Has On His Tombstone The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God There Is No Speech Nor Are Their Words Their Voice Is Not Heard Their Line Has Gone Out Through All The Earth And Their Utterances To The End Of The World In Them He Has Placed A Tent For The Sun A Tabernacle Which Is The Bridegroom Coming Out Of His Chamber It Rejoices As A Strong Man To Run Its Course So The Heavens Declare The Glory Of God What Is That The Firmament First Chronicles 1630 He Has Fixed The Earth Firm Unmovable Unmovable Psalm 145 He Established The Earth Upon Its Foundations So There’s Some Foundations Under The Earth So It Will Not Be Made To Totter Forever And Ever What Does That Mean Well The Earth Will Not Be Made To Totter It Doesn’t Move This Is Why They’re Assad’s Seismic Instruments That Can Detect At The Movement Of 1/10 Of A Millimeter Of The Earth How Can That Be If It’s Supposedly Orbiting Around The Sun At Mach 88 Mark 88 The Sun Is Orbiting The Earth Is A Sort Of Dirt Wrapped In Water Rotating At Mach One Point Three Five One Thousand Thirty Five Mile An Hour And Racing Orbiting Around The Sun At 66 Thousand Six Hundred Miles An Hour 6 6 6 Which Is Mac The G-forces Of Mach 11.5 Have You Seen Their Faces Contort And Their Eyes Pulled Back Like Wrapped Almost To The Back Of Their Heads Under The G-forces Of Mac 2 We’re Talking Mac 88 This Sod Of Dirt Wrapped In Soft Water And Very Beautiful Carbon Base Atmosphere And Butterflies Flying Around In The Atmosphere And It Is Compressing Against The Molecules Of Space At Mac 88 And Yet For Half The Day We Don’t Feel That Compression On Our Heads During The Day Between 6 A.m. And 6 P.m. And Then At Night Because We Are In The Wake Of That Sod Of Earth Traveling At Mac 88 Why Don’t We Then Feel Some Rare Affection Or A Vacuum Or Being Sucked Into The Mold Wow Yeah Yeah Or The Atmosphere I Should Say Mm-hmm We’re Talking Mac 88 And That’s Just One Of Four Movements That The Earth’s Supposedly Is Making And Yet Seismic Instruments Can Detect One Tenth Of A Millimeter Of Movement Of The Earth And The Alarms Go Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Yeah How Much Is One Tenth Of A Millimeter That’s About The Breadth Of A Bee’s Willie Yeah And Yet Supposedly We Are Orbiting At A Thrusting Pulsating A Hurtling Rate Of Mac 88 Wow Fascinating Yet People Buy That But Yes Another One They I Think They Throw Out There So They Say Okay If The Earth Is Flat If We’re Living On A Flat Earth What’s With The Planets The Spherical Planets That We See In The Night Skies In Nasa And All Of This Stuff What’s Going On With Those With Those Things Are They Fears Are They Do They Exist I Mean What Are We Looking At Well They Appear As Fears Because Of Our Spherical Eyes And And How Everything Is Decoded By Our Eyes But The Ancients Knew What They Were They Didn’t Say They Were Spheres Although Pythagoras’s Described Them As The Music Of The Spheres The Harmony Of The Spheres But He Was Not At All Suggesting That They Were Spherical The Spheres Are As In Spheres Of Influence Because He Knew The True Cosmology Okay In You I Mean You It Was Yeah He Knew Was Geocentric He Knew They Were Discs As The Egyptians Described The Moon The Lunar Disk The Sun Disk Yeah The Sun Disk Yeah Even In The Bible Let’s Have A Look At All Right Well Let’s Have A Look At Malachi Shall We Malachi Chapter 4 The Last Chapter In The Old Testament Ah So What Do We Got Here Malachi Chapter 4 This Will Be A Before Run Anyone To To To Look At And To Check Malachi 4:2 But For You Who Fear My Name The Sun Of Righteousness Shall Rise With Healing In Its Wings The Sun Of Righteousness The You Win Mm-hmm Yeah That’s A Big One Yeah Okay With Healing In Its Wings How Did The Egyptians Depict The Sun It’s A Disaster With Others Yeah How Did The Head Of The Jehovah’s Witnesses Depict The Sun On The The The Facade Of Their Assembly Hall In New Jersey You Can Look It Up On Google A Sun Disk With Wings On It Why Are The Jehovah’s Witnesses Telling You In Your Face That The Sun Is A Disc With Wings Because The Jesuits Tell You That Too Because The Egyptians Tell You That Because It Is Yeah Same Symbol And The Babylonians A Disc A Winged Disc And What Are The Wings Well The Wings If You Look At The Sun The Sun Is Just A Condensed Rainbow It’s Golden Light Or White Light Because All Of Those Seven Reflect Refracted Colors Of The Rainbow Are Condensed In The Sun And The Sun Is The One That Emanates That Electromagnetic Spectrum Of Colors Violet And Red Infrared Ultraviolet And Everything In Between And So Therefore The Sun Is The Wingert That The Aboriginals Here Call It The Rainbow Serpent In America They Call It Quits A Quatl Lyric Oh Sure It’s The Winger Disc Hey Um Just The Tick Of I Can Hear Someone Coming Up The Driveway Oh Okay I’ll Take A Four-second Go Ahead Yes So Um You’re You Good So I Got Some People In The Chat Room Wanting To Call In Yeah The Phone Lines Are Open We Will Be Taking Your Calls If Anybody Has A Call For A Question For Santos Or Myself You Guys Can Do That The Phone Lines Are Open The Number Is Scrolling Across The Top Of The Screen And It’s In The Description But It’s Just So You Guys It’s Seven Two Four Four Four Four Seven Four Four Four And The Call Id Number Is Seven Eight Six Four Three Push Pound It Will Ask You For Your Pin Number You Just Push One Enter To Show That We Have Calls In Queue And So I See Some Of Them Coming Through Now So We’ll Take Your Calls Here In A Few Minutes If You Guys Have Any Questions For Santos I Know A Lot Of People Look Up To Him And It’s Work That’s Why I Had Them On Huge Influence On On Me And What I’m Doing Early On And It Was Just Such A Blessing To Talk To Him Years Ago To Get Some Truth And Have Him On The Show And It’s It’s Been One Of Those Like The Biggest Rating Shows I Did Back When I Was Doing The Awakening Podcast So Anybody Has Any Calls Questions For Santos Y’all Make Sure You Go Ahead And Get Them In We’ll Try To Get To Everybody So Yeah We Got A Lot Of People Talking In The Chat Room Just To Let Everybody Know Chat Room Is Open Over There On Youtube If You’re Listening To This On Youtube Be Sure To Subscribe Via Itunes And So That’s Where We Upload All The Itunes And You Can Download The Mp3 Formats As Well So Sandman And In The Chat Room Says How Can You Be A Truth Seeker And Swerve Flat Earth If You Heard The Very Beginning As I Stayed Away From It Because First Of All It Marginalizes Any Type Of Sphere Of Influence That You Have Almost Like All Of These You Know Sam Religion And Politics When You Discuss This Stuff When You Start Saying That You Believe In Flat Earth Or That That You You Push This Off And I’ve Seen It Happen With Santos Just Want To Talk To Him At The Beginning About It I’ve Seen His His Fan Base Almost Essentially Cut In Half A Lot Of Times When His Name Is Mentioned Now People Laugh And So Because Of Flat Earth And And All That So That’s Why I Wanted To Have Him On And Kind Of Go Into Some More Details So That’s Why I’ve Stayed Away From From Flat Earth And Stuff And That Goes With That And People Are Like One To Know When People Are Wanting To Know Your Stance On Flat Earth So They Can Make An Opinion On What To Think Of You Oh You’re One Of Those Guys Okay I’m Done With You The Same Thing Has Been Been Done To Me About It Do My Fan Base About Homosexuality They Want To Know How Do I Feel About The Transgender Community Things Like That And If I Don’t Give Them The Right Answer They’re Gone Right So I Was Like You Know What If That’s The Case I’m Not Even Gonna Address It So That’s What You Know The Kind Of Stance That I Took On That So Santosh Your Back Brother Yeah Oh Yeah Ryan Now You Mentioned Something Very Very Interesting I I Appreciate That Radio Djs And Interviewers Need To Be Open-minded And Sure They Are Protecting Themselves Because They Have A Listener Base Yeah Yeah Yeah And They Want To Be Open-minded To All Things So I Appreciate That Position My Position Is Different I’m A Truther Exactly And I I’m A Truther A Researcher And A Truther And My Duty Is To Present The Truth Now I Was Heliocentric Up Until Three Years Ago And My Work Was Done Based On An Incorrect Model The Work Still Stands Because It’s Based On The Ecliptic It’s Not Based On Any Shape Of The Earth It’s I Never Did That So The Work Still Stands But Now It Has Been Corrected And It Is Based On The True Model Which Is The Model That Was In Europe For Thousands Of Years Before Copernicus And That Is The Ptolemaic Astrological Model So I Being An Astrologer Cosmology Mythologist Etymologist Syncretist Etc I Now I’m Going With My Eight The Ancients So I’m Going To Stick With The Bible Which Concurs With Astrology And I’m Going To Consume I’m Going To Agree With Told Me Who Was Correct For Thousands Of Years Before Copernicus Thousands Of Years So Yes As You Mentioned Many People Who Were Following Syncretism And Decided To Jump Off The Syncretism Boat Because They’re So Intelligent Thing Upside Down Spinning That You Know They Won’t They Want To Get Vertical And With The True Cosmology All Those People They Were Insignificant In The First Place Those Ones That Are Laughing I Will Get The Last Laugh Yeah I Will Be Laughing Forever And And My Ancestors Are Laughing And Happy That I Have Turned To The True Cosmology And They Had Discussed That In Rolling Around In Their Graves That These Idiot Zombies Warmed Up Death That Are Kicking Around Thinking That They Know Something They Know Nothing They Are Stupid Idiots Useless Idiots That The Governments Have Turned Into Morons And They Think They’re Upside Down Spinning What A Crock Of B Yes That Is The Biggest Crock Everyone Is Vertical Yo Your Senses Tell You You Are Vertical Always All What I Mean Even Gyroscopes In Erik Lines In The Official Horizon In Aeroplanes They Are Set To A Vertical Horizon Then On That Measure Never Shit Never Shit There Are Many Proofs Abundant Proofs In Fact All All Of The Experiments That Have Ever Been Conducted Since The Astronomer Royal James Bradley In 1729 Have Detected No Movement Of The Earth None Whatsoever With God 150 Years After James Bradley The Astronomer Royale George Airy He Conducted His Telescope Experiment And He Failed To Detect Movement In The Earth Hence They Call It The George The Air Is Failure And Then Michelson Morley Michelson Gale Samyak Marconi Marconi Proved That The Earth Is Stationary His Colleague Pierluigi Agena You Can See Him On Youtube He Was A Colleague Of Marconi For 10 Years They Proved With Two Antennas That The Earth Is Stationary One Is An Antenna That Reaches Up To The Stutter The Sun And Collects The Soul Of Rotating Energy Field And The Other Is Goes Down Into The Earth To To Register The The Earth’s Energy Going Going Backwards So They They Realized That There Were Two Energies The Solar Energy And The Earth Energy Well They Put A Strobe Light They Put A Strobe Light On There On The The Circuits Two Circuits One Circuit For The Sun And One Circuit From The Earth And You Could See That There Was A Delay In One Of The End In The Sun’s Energy Field Electromagnetic Energy Field Which Proves That One Of Those Fields Is Moving And So You See Videos Of Pierluigi Agena Before He Died In Proved Quite Simply That The Earth Is Stationary And Does Not Move And And So With Their Strobe Light Laboratory Machines And Instruments They Were Able To Prove That The Rotation Is From The Sun Only And Another Thing That Pierluigi Agena Did Was He Was Able To Show The Sun At Night To The Mayor Of His Town He Had All The Important People Of His Town Come To His Laboratory And He Showed Them All And He Was Very Proud Of This That He Was Able To Show Them The Sun By Night Now How Can You See The Sun By Night If It’s On The Other Side Of A Globe See The Sun Never Ever Ever Is Under The Globe It Is Always Above The Flat Horizontal Stationary Earth Rotating And This Is The Point The Point Is That We Have Science On Our Site Only Experiments Have Proven That The Earth Is Stationary Scientific Experiments These Scientists Pierluigi Agena He’s Not A Nobody Marconi These Are Not Nobodies These Are Men Who Have Proven Conclusively And Yet We Have Einstein With His One Quote I Have Come To Believe That No Experiment Scientific Experiment Can Prove The Movement Or Has Detected The Movement Of The Earth Yes Because Einstein The Jesuit Is A Liar And All Of These Cgi Images They All Come From The Jesuit Owned Astronomical Field And So They Troll The Information They Control The Globe They Are The Globalists Because They Protect The Further Nessa Family And The Orsini Family Farah Naaz E Pepe Orsini Is The Grey Pope Okay People Need To Understand This The Orsini Family Have Yield Wielded The Reins Of Power In Rome For Thousands Of Years Okay And And So Pepe Orsini The Grey Pope He Pulls The Strings Of Pope Francis The White Coat And Calvin Back The Superior General Of The Jesuits The Black Pope And Nicolas Adolphus And The New One Now There Are Three Of Them Apparently And Then Four Anneza King Juan Carlos Of Spain Is A Fernandez It Is Also The King Of Jerusalem Yeah The Crusades Remember The King Of Jerusalem That Was A Title That’s Via That The Papal Bloodline Crusading Families Created They Created The Title Of The King Of Jerusalem So He’s The King Of Spain Which Controls All The Americas King Of Jerusalem Is The Military Navigator Of The Knights Of Malta That Means Is One Of The Most Powerful Men In The World And He’s Also The Roman Monarch Of The World This Is A Fun Easy These These Are Families That Goes Back To Persia And The Persian Empire Which Destroyed Europe Ultimately Mm-hmm Even Though The Greeks Destroyed The Persian Empire The Persian Empire Had The Back Door They Created The Etruscan Empire And The Roman Empire So That Was The Back Door That Destroyed Greece And Greece Was Protecting Europe From The Onslaught Coming From The East And So The The Persians Established The Mithraic Zoroastrian Religion In Rome Rome Was Mithraic Before Constantine Made It Officially Christian So Mithras Was Their God And The Persians And These Families They Set Themselves Up In Europe So That Then They Could Conquer The Americas And Then Create A God That That Dis That’s A Lot Of Research For Someone Just To Watch A Short You Know Thing Or A Meme Across Facebook And Then Make Their Judgments And Assumptions Off Of A Mean When You’ve Obviously Done Not Ours But Days And Months And Years Of Research On These Topics For You To Actually Come Out And Endorse It I Want To Go To The Phone Lines We Got Some People Waiting So People In The Chat Room Want To Ask Some Questions So We Got A Caller Here From South Alabama I Hope This Is A Friend Of Mine I Got A Friend Of Mine Who Was Just Getting In The Flat Earth And He’s Immersing Itself Into It And Hopefully This Is Him But We Have A Call From South Alabama Who Speaking With Kenny Exactly Hey What’s Going On Man How Are You Welcome To The Show Brother We Got We Got Probably One Of The Leading Experts In The Field On Right Now About The Subject You Got Any Questions You Want To Go Into Santos I Do Have One Question One Thing I Just Can’t Wrap My Mind Around There Long Distance And First About Einstein I Don’t Know Why But When I Was Listening To Him Talk About Him I Don’t Think He Was Evil Is He Made Him Sound I Mean You Know He Fell In Love With Science For Sure But Um She Was Key Himself Didn’t Even Believe If There Is And Didn’t Think Any Of Them Were Proved So You Know She Was Just A Brilliant Man That Was Chasing A Rabbit Down The Wrong Hole And You Know That’s As Far As That Goes And Nikola Tesla Einstein Knew That He Wasn’t A Smartest Nikola Tesla So That Says No Last Character At Least And You Know But Anyway The One Thing I Just Can’t Wrap My Mind Around Sometimes Whenever It’s Cloudy And Everything’s Just Right Whenever The Sun Checks It Looks Like It Starts To Shine On The Bottom Side Of The Clouds Think I Was Just I Don’t Know I Can’t Wrap My Head Around That And I Was Wondering If He Had An Answer For That Did You Get That Yep Yep We’ll See The Sun Is When It When The Sun Is Setting You’ve You’ve Got To Understand That The Sun Is What’s Happening Now Is That The Sun Is Disappearing Beyond The Horizon Point You Can See This In A On A Flat Road On A Railway Line In A Long Corridor Where The Sun Is Actually Disappearing Out Of Your Feet Of You And Beyond Behind Ya And So You Can See There That The Sun Is Always Perpendicular With A Horizontal And Parallel With The Earth Okay So When The When The Rays Of The Sun Are Coming Towards Us From From Sun Setting You’ve Got To Understand That There Is A Miles Of Ocean That The Light Is Reflecting From And You Know Light Is Curved Linear It’s Not Straight You See Yes They Say Light Is Curved It Is Curved Linear And So All Right Yeah And I Know The Magnetic Appeal Can Affect And Everything – It’s All Magnetic Light Is Magnetism Light White Light Is One In The Same As Magnetism Magnetism Creates Magnitude And Space And Time All Of Those Words All Of Them They Are All The Same Thing Time Is Magnet Magnitude Is Magnetism Like Like Electricity So You’ve Got A Black Yin And Yang And What That Is Is The The The Godhead The Godhead Is This These Lights Of Black And White And So What You Have Is Black Represents The The Black Light Of Dye Electricity And White Light Is Magnetism And So When These Two Field Modalities Work Against Each Other Electrification Is Produced That’s The Third Part Of The Trinity Electricity And Electricity Has Color It’s Not White And It’s Not Black It’s Red And Blue Red Shift Blue Shift Red Blood Blue Blood All Of These Material Isms Read The Rainbow The Rainbow Is Just Red Shift On One Side Blue Shift On The Other And And What It’s Not Easy That’s What We Call Electro Magnetism But Really We Should Just Call It Electricity Because Magnetism As John Murrell Ski Says The Great Genius Magnetism Is A Spiritual Energy It Is Not Material Electricity’s Material Because The Electrical Wave Yeah The Electrical Wave Is The Transverse Wave You See And That That Wave Is Curved Linear As It Projects And Propagates Itself And Then Event Eventually Disintegrates Whereas The Longitudinal Wave It’s Unlimited There’s No It Never Disintegrates It’s It’s It’s God’s Force And So The Light Tricks You See The Sunlight As It Comes Through The Atmosphere It’s Gonna Shine Under The Clouds That’s That’s An Amazing Phenomena How That Happens So What You Can See Is That The Sun Is Really A Projection Up There In The In The Vault Of The Heavens Or In The Firmament And So It’s Distance Is In Relation To Your Eye At All Times Okay So When It’s At The Meridian Above Your Head You Know That Could Be It Could Be Only A Few Hundred Miles Above Your Head But When It’s Setting Along The Horizon Now You’re Stretching A Few Thousand Miles Into The Sun Give You Their Yam Here Okay Sorry Somebody Screamed There’s Something To Hear That My Daughter Should Do That Before The Pizza Eyes The Little Ones I Remember The Last Time Me And Santos Had Had A Discussion There Was Little Ones In The Background Then Some Years Ago But Yeah Man Do You Have Another Question Kenny Now That Was Pretty Much It I Kind Of Figured It Was Something Like That And I’m Not So Another Theory On Like That The Noble Gases You Know The Little Gases That Are The Lightest And Up At The Proper Atmosphere Already The Same Lights That They Used For Me I’m Finding Stuff Like Our Gun Especially But As The Sun Passes Through Them He Was Also Saying This On Electric It’s An Electric Force And It’s That’s Why You See It The Different Colors But Argon Just Happens To Glow Sky Blue Whenever You Know It’s Electrified Into The Sign And Everything And The Magnetic Current You Can Bend The Light Into Any Shape You Want To Make It And There’s Definitely Electromagnetic Currents Going All Over The Place And The Magnetic Field Of The Earth Is So And The Highest-altitude Will He Videos And Stuff That’s Mean With The Sun Way Out There You Can Still See It But It’s Like A Pinprick Of Light The Whole Horizon Is Still The Shine In The Bright Blue Color Even With The Sun Being That You Know Far Away And Visibly Smaller Than What Life Should Be Able To Make That Much Light I Mean It’s Crazy It’s Like God Really Did Create Light And Then You Put The Sun In It Yeah Argon Argon Is The Table And 18 Is 6 6 6 And Our Backward Is Rar So And Also Argon Is Argus Which Is The Boat The The Ark Of Noah Because It Is The Carrier It Is The It Is The Carrier Of The Nitrogen And Oxygen That Is In The Air There Is 78% Nitrogen And Connecting Element Of All The Elements In The Universe Argon Is The Most Than Most I’m Gonna Write Yeah And So And Probably Why We Use It With Our Welding Machines At Work You Help The Bonding Of Their Element Together Yeah And And And Everything Is Critic Are Is The Way We Say The Letter R Which Is The 18th Letter Of The Alphabet Six-six-six Argon You See It It Has To Do With That Number As Well See The Letter R Has To Do With Radiation The Transverse Wave That’s Why It Is Evil Because It Radiates Rahr Rahr In Hebrew Is Evil In Egyptian It’s The Sun So How Can The Sun Be Evil When You Make Put These Two Things Together Because That’s How Syncretism Works Well Because It Radiates An Electromagnetic Transverse Way Which Is Inferior To Its Source Wave Or Pulse Which Is The Longitudinal Standing Scale Away And So The Sun Is A Transformer From The Scalar Energy To Hertzian Energy Which Is Inferior Because That Wave As As I Said Before That The Light Travels Curved Linear And It Creates All Of These Illusions It’s The Master Of Deception This Transverse Wave Because In Our Eyes Yeah And And So Therefore Electricity Becomes Bell Becomes Bail Which Is The False God You See Because Bail Deceives Us With This Transverse Wave Our Eyes Pick Up The Frequency Of That Light And Deceives Us Because We See Everything In Reverse With Our Eyes Even That Our Image In The Mirror And So And So In Effect We Have Our Greatest Friend The Sun Which Illuminates Our Eyes So That We Can Actually See And Work Things Out Is Actually The Deceiver At The Same Time Because The Way It Reveals Nature Is In Reverse And That’s What Pierluigi Agena Says He Says Scientists Today Will Never Work Out That The Earth Is Stationary Because They Look At This Instrumentation Of Mine And They Can See That Something Is Moving In The Field They Can See That There Is Movement But They Attribute It To The Earth Because They Are Scientists Of Effect They Are Not Sight They Are Not Science Researchers Of Causes They Don’t Understand Causes The Materialists There’s A Big Difference Between A Material Wisdom And Spiritual Wisdom The Wisdom Of The World Is Foolishness In The Eyes Of God Yeah Right Kenny Anything Else Brother For I Got You On The Line You Can Ah Man Yeah Bro Well Thanks For Calling In Brother Right I’ll Put You On Mute Alright Man So Coming Up On An Hour Santos I Wanted To Ask You A Little Bit About Um The Backlash And Stuff What Has Like How Much Backlash Have You Seen Since You Know Going In This Direction Of The Flat Earth Are People Lashing Out Other People Saying That They’re Going The Other Other Way From You Or You You Know You’ve Lost It On This Or What What Kind Of Backlash Are You Seeing From From Some Of The People In In Those Fields We’ve Been Following For Years And Stuff Well First Of All If I If I Would If I Were To Consider Anything From These People Who Are Naysayers I Wouldn’t Even Work In The First Place Banquet Ism Would Never Have Been Released Because I Had Detractors From The Start My Astro Theology Has Been Has Been Laughed At And Ridiculed From The Start Nothing New My Position On The Vegetarian Spiritual Diet Has Been Laughed At By A Truckload Of Dead Corpse Eaters So My Work On Astrology Has Been Laughed At By By Churchgoers It Because It’s It’s Astrology’s From The Devil My Position On Geocentrism Has Been Laughed At And All Of These Ones Are Laughing Do You Think Do You Think They Are A Significant Or Have Any Relevance In Anything At All Whatsoever They’re Laughing People Laughs Laughs Laughs Laughs They’re Debunkers That They’re Um That There Are People Who Don’t Have Possession Of Their Own Minds So That When Someone Actually Speaks Like Jesus When The Crowds Went In The Pharisees To Listen Jesus They Went Back And Reported To The Chief Priests No One Has Ever Spoken Like This Man Before The Things He Says Are Different Yeah You See When When Syncretism Speaks It Speaks Truth Absolute Truth Like None Of These Truth Is Out There Can Even Contemplate So So I Look At The Ones Who Fell Off The Syncretism Boat When I Went Geocentric Mm-hmm And Those Are The Ones That I Would Have Pushed Off Further Than I Yeah Oh I Would Have Made Them Walk The Plank Into The Shark-infested Waters Anyway Just For The The Irritation That They Were To Me All The Ones That Irritated Me The Ones That Were Just Dumb Asses Are Pretending To Be You Know Smart And Syncretic All Of Them Bar None Every Single One Of Them Every One Of Them The Ones That I Detest That In The First Place They’re Gone By Base – Stupid Land Upside Down Spinning Forever Trying To Fall Off The Bottom Of The Santa God Really High And Only The Intelligent Ones Like You And Your Friend Online All The Beautiful Ones That I Loved And Respected In The First Place The Ones That Is Still Yeah But They’re The Ones That Matter They Will Never Leave They Will Always Be My Brothers They Will Always Be My Friends We Will Always Be Together In Spiritual Consciousness Growing Growing Our Christ The Ocean Accont Forever And Ever Together That’s Good So What Encouragement Do You Have For The People Who Are And I Think I Think It Kind Of Transcends Flat Earth And Gets Into A Whole Bunch Of Just Standing For The Truth That That’s Being Laughed At That’s Being Ridiculed And People Who Are Just Getting Into It Maybe People Who Are Talking About Flat Earth And Stuff And Everybody’s Laughing At Them How Do You Stay Positive About It And Not Just Be Negative Not Being You Know Read In The Comment Sections And Believe In The Work And Letting That Affect You When They Speak Those Crazy Words Over You And You’re Saying Just To Remain Positive How Do I Mean How Do You Do That What Is There Any Practices Is It Is It The Diet That Helps You Is It The You Know The Prayers Of Meditation And Just Connecting With The Creator What Helps You To Kind Of Get Through Day To Day And Encourages You To Keep Moving Spiritually Oh Well I Have The Best Truth I Serve Truth For Me There’s Only One Principle Worthy Of All Adoration And And Focus And Intent And That Is Truth And So When You Have The Truth At This Level This There’s No One That Can You Know There’s No One That Can Diminish It There’s I Have I Live With Bliss I Live With It And It Will Never Be Taken Away From Never Not Even When I Did When I Went To Jail I I Was Always Sustained By The Bliss Of Knowing The Truth So These Are These People These Ones That Are Laughing The Reason They’re Laughing Is Because They’re Hurting Inside Yeah Because They Know They’re Stupid And They Can’t Defend They Have No Defense Against Their Their Globe Sayaka So One Tactic That I Employ Is To Give Them Evidence Like For Instance I’ll See A Thread On Facebook Where They’re Laughing At The Flat Earth Well I’ll Just Throw In An Evidence Which Just Silences And Then You Don’t See Anymore Comments After That You Just See That They Just Shut Up Because There Were They Are The Ones Who Are Watching The Flat Earth Videos And See The Evidence That We’re Living On A Flat Plane They’re Seeing It But The Same Time Cognitive Dissonance And The Fact That They They Love The Herd Mind Because That’s Where They Get All The Support They Don’t Want To Look Different And Be Laughed At Yeah And Ridicule So They Realize That They Are Going Against Their Intelligence By Sticking With The Herd But Seeing The Evidence For The Flat Earth For Instance Here’s One Evidence Just One Simple Evidence The The World Record For Long Distance Landscape Photography Is A Guy Who Was Sitting In The Pyrenees In Spain And He Could See The Alps In France And He Filmed Photographed 443 Kilometers Of Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Earth He Filmed Pic Gaspar In The French Alps And You Can See The Mediterranean Sea In Between The Pyrenees And The Alps You See A Flat Flat Flat Perfectly Flat Mediterranean Ocean And Then You See The Mountain You Don’t See It’s Sloping Away After After Mountain The Base Of The Mountain Here’s Here’s The Camera In The Pyrenees In Spain And There’s The Pic That The Peak Of The Mountain Right Up At Your Eye Level That The Bottom Of The Mountain Flat Everywhere Flat At Your Eye Level Where’s 400 Kilometres Of Slope Those Mountains Should Never Ever Be Seen From Spain You Should Never Be Able To See Anything At All At All At All At All At All On A Globe At All Whatsoever Not Even The Tops Of The Mountains Dipping Below Some Curve You Should Not Be Able To See Them Whatsoever From The Continent Or From The The Country Of Spain And Yet You Can See All Of The Mountains All Of The Alps Facts Lift It Up Right To Your Eye Level And Your And Sure Enough The Guy Is Elevated A Few Thousand Feet Regardless Regardless Even If He Was At Sea Level There Should Still Be Half Of That Mount Mountain If Not Not All Of It Hidden Away From The Curd Yeah So You Can Go You Can Go To The Internet And You Can Punch In World Record Landscape Photography And You Can Punch In The Wood Pick P I See Gaspard Gaspard Ends With A D But It’s Not Pronounced In French Gasp Ah Punching Those Words And See If We Saw And That Is A Proof Which You Can Not Deny Now One Point Just To Finish Off That Flat Mediterranean See That You See That You Will See In That Photograph That’s The Same Flat Mediterranean Ocean Which Reaches Out To The Suez Canal The Suez Canal Is 100 Percent Flat How Do We Know Because The Engineers They Tell You That Tell You That When They Carved It Out They Made A Flat Arbitrary Datum Line And They Carved It Out To That Flat Line For A Hundred And Twenty Miles When They Opened It No Gates No Sluices No Locks Flat Flat 120 Miles Should Be About Seven Thousand Feet Of Fall And Then When They Opened The The Canal Up To The Water Well Lo And Behold It Didn’t Over Flood It Didn’t Drain Because Imagine If Hundred And Twenty Miles Of Suez Canal At The Top Of The Globe Well It Would Be Constantly Drained If We Were Living On A Globe Think About It And Yet And Yet No It Didn’t Flood A Stayed Level It’s Stayed Level It Went Out Hundreds Of Miles Into The Red Sea That Way Hundreds Of Miles All The Way To Greece And Italy In The Mediterranean Sea The Other Direction And There You See That Beautiful Photo Of Pika Gaspar 443 Kilometres Of Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Stationary You Can’t You Can’t Argue These Things That’s What Shuts The The Upside Down Todd’s Instance Yeah I’m Out To Check That Picture Out We Do Have Some More Calls Here I’m Gonna Go To The Phone Lines We Got A Call From Northern New Jersey Who We Speaking With Caller From Northern New Jersey All Right So We Got User Donaldson What’s Up Donaldson Hello Caller Hey What’s Up Donaldson Right Here Hey What’s Going On Man You Got A Question A Comment For A Santos You Don’t Oh Absolutely Santos It’s A Pleasure First Of All I Thought That Was Your Voice And Wait A Minute I Got A I Gotta Chime In Santos Let’s Do Us A Favor Would You Please My Name By The Way My Name Is Donnell Can Float I’m On Facebook But Also Donaldson On On Talks You And I Don’t Have Very Many Shows Out There But Everybody Knows That I Give Help To People Who Who Are Basically Relying On Contradictory Theories And Ideas Okay I Give Hell Why Because I’m Now I’m An Analyst That’s All I Do Is Legal Research But I Also See The Spiritual Side Cheated With A Legal Connection Okay And I’ve Seen The Manipulation Firsthand And So My Question To You Is Regarding The Moon And The Eclipses Okay And I’ve Heard From Some Theories Unless You Guys Already Discussed This I’ve Actually Heard Them Mentioning Of Some People Mentioning That The Possible That They’re Working Really The Rule That Actually Passed Front Of The Sun You Got True Yeah Of Course Of Course It’s True How Do We Know That Well Because At Every New Moon The Moon Should Be Occulting The Sun If It Is A Rock In Space Which It Is Not Then At Every New Moon For Two And A Quarter Days We Should See The Sun And The Moon Together But Again Astrology Comes And Saves The Day The Mother Of All Sciences Teaches That When A Planet Any Planet Venus Mercury Included Comes Within 15 Degrees Of The Sun You Can’t See It It Becomes Blindsided The Sun It’s Called Under The Beams Of The Sun Or I Use The Expression In My Astrological Parlance Under The Rays Of The Sun Because That’s What These Guys Taught Us They Taught Us That When Moon Comes Within 15 Degrees Of The Sun You Can’t See The Moon You Will Never See The Moon And If The Moon Was Going In Front Of The Sun We Would Have An Eclipse Every Twenty Nine Point Four Nine Days Every Time Because Because Let Me Just Get A Whiteboard And Illustrate What I’m Trying To Say Okay Hey Man You Want To Plug Your Show One More Time While We Got A Second Donaldson Flow Scott Bates Donaldson’s Analysis On Fit On Stalks You So It’s One Four One Seven Nine Two I Got Just A Few Episodes On There But I Also Have Donaldson Flow Time Where I Upload A Lot Of Pertinent Content Regarding Now Time Prophecy But Also Legal Analysis But Santos I Think Your Il De Mike To You Okay Guys There’s The Sun Okay 15 Degrees Anything That Comes Within 15 Degrees Which Is 30 Degrees One Whole Radical Sign Guys One Whole Sign This Is Why You’ll Never See The Moon Conjunct The Sun Now This Is The Ecliptic Of The Sun The Sun Does Not Go Above The Ecliptic Nor Does It Go Below The Ecliptic This Is Called Declination Okay Now Okay Right As It Goes Along The Longitudinal Lines In The Sky This Is Called Right Ascension Raaah Okay Right Ascension Of Meridian Ram So When The Moon When The Moon Is Coming Near The Sun Like This When It’s Waning You Guys See This Don’t You Yep You See The Banana Of The Moon Yeah And Then And Then When It When The Moon Actually Goes Into The Fifteenth Degree All Of A Sudden There’s No Moon You Can’t See The Moon Until The New Moon And Then In Islam They Rejoice When They See When They Behold The New Moon This Crescent Of The Moon Then They Begin There They Stop Their Fasting Right So This Is This Is The Point Declination The Moon The Moon Can Only Be Five Degrees Positive Declination Or Five Degrees Negative Declination To The Sun But But At Every Noon At Every New Moon The Moon Will Pass Pass The Sun In Right Ascension So It Could Be Up Here Five Degrees Higher Depending On Where It Is Or It Could Be Here But Why Can’t You See That Rock Let’s Say Let’s Say On The Next New Moon The Moon Is At Its Maximum Five Degrees Positive Declination It Would Still Be Around The Disk Of The Sun And Partially Covering The Sun Because The Sun’s Disc Remember Is I Believe It It Takes Up At Least We Will Have To Work Out How Many Degrees Is A Couple Of Degrees That The Sun Actually Covers Its Disk Someone Will Have To Check That I Haven’t Checked That So I Can’t Remember How Big The Disk Is And How Many Degrees It Occupies Okay But The Point Is This Even If The Moon At Every New Moon Is Only Partially Obscuring The Sun Which It Should At 99% Of New Moons It Doesn’t It Goes In Visible And In Fact The Hindus Have Always Taught But The Moon Goes Behind The Sun At The New Moon Even Though It’s Invisible It’s Not In Front Of The Sun And The Fact That You Can’t See It Proves That It’s Not A Fondant Sun So What Is Happening But What Is Happening At The Solar Eclipse Well It’s Another Body That Is Passing In Front Of The Sun And That Is Rahu Or What We Call In Western Astrology The North Node Astronomers Are Aware Of These Nodes Because The Moon’s Plane Is Obviously Offset To The Sun’s By Maximum So Therefore If They Have Two Different Planes And We Say That This Is The Ecliptic Of The Sun In The Sky Well Then The Moon’s Ecliptic Must Be Like This It Must Have Five Degrees Offset And So These Are The Nodes These Points Where These Two Two Hula-hoops These Two Planes Intersect Those Are The Nodes That Are Always There Always Always There At The Solar Or Lunar Eclipse Either The North Node When The Moon Goes North Of The Sun Or The South Node Where The Moon Goes South Of The Sun For Two Weeks Are Always At The Eclipses This Is Something That Cannot Be Ignored It Cannot Be Ignored At Every Eclipse Rahu Or Ketu That South Node Or The North Node Is Right There Within Four Degrees And I’m Talking Every Sin Recorded And The History Of The Universe Every One Of Them Bar None Karna Forever Has There Been An Eclipse Of The Sun Of The Moon When Either Of Those Bodies Were Not Within Degrees Of These Nodes It’s The Nodes It’s Definitely The Nodes And So It’s A Combination Of The Three It’s A Combination Of The Moon Going Behind The Sun Remember She’s Invisible Which Is This Close To The Sun Okay So The Moon Will Be Gone All This Invisible Invisible Invisible For Two And A Quarter Days Invisible How Does The Sun Have The Ability To Make Completely Invisible This Rock In Space That Is Way Closer To Us Millions Of Miles Closer To Us And Yet You Can’t See That Ball For Two And A Quarter Days And Then When You Do You See This Thin Little Slither Of Light So Faint And Scintillating Like Its Glorious It’s Absolutely Glorious To See The Moon After That After The New Moon Because The That The Amazing Fact That You Can’t See For Two And A Quarter Days Is Just Staggering And Heliocentric And Globe Ease Cannot Provide Any Explanation For This Phenomena They Cannot And If They Do That Would Look Ridiculous Is That Is That Symbolic For The Death And Resurrection As Well The Moon Go On Behind The Sun Like That Or You Know Not Being Able To See It Anyway And Then Coming Out On On The Other Side Being New And Reborn You Know Don’t You I’m Saying Down For Three Days As Well Same Thing Right Yeah It’s Jesus Saying That I Will I Will In Three Days Time This Temple Will Be Rebuilt Is Built Exactly Because The Temple Is The Moon Cycle Waxing And Waning That’s Her Temple Because The Moon The Moon Strata The Menstruate Are Yes Is The Controller Of The Female Menstrual Cycle This Is This Is The Ovaries Of The Solar System The Moon Is The Ovaries Of The Solar System It Is Known To The Owners And To Astrology That The Moon Is The Ovaries Souls Come In To This Plane Through The Moon They Depart Through Saturn But The Moon Is What Is The Only Thing That Can Attract Souls To This Plane Because She’s The Ovaries And The Fact That A Woman Also Harmonizes With Her Cycles As The Moon Wanes The Woman Is Fertile Sorry As The Moon Waxes The Woman Is Becomes Very Very Fertile In That Week Before Her Own Full Moon Cycle You See And The The Woman Has The Lunar Cycle In Her Womb Every Month She Has She Her Her Moon Her Womb Dissolves And It Bleeds And Then It Starts Again And It Copies The Moon To The T So This Is This Is Why The Jews The Islam The Krishna They Love The Moon And The Crescent Moon Because She Is Glorious In Her Cycle So Is There Any Study While We’re Talking About The Moon And Understanding That The Israelites Followed The Moon And God Told Them To Follow The Moon Four Seasons For Signs And Also Going Into The Sabbath Like Without Going Too Far Into It Is There A Spiritual Principle That You Found Out For Resting During The Sabbath Or During The New Moons Well This Conjunction That Happens Monthly Is Very Sacred It’s The Most Sacred Observance In All Religions All Of Them All Of Them The New Moon Is A New Beginning So If You Trace The Ecliptic Through The 28th Lunar Mansions You’ll Find That At Every Moon The First Day Or The First 13 Degrees Of The Moon Departing From The Sun That Energy Is The Energy Of Aries Everything Starts In Aries All Cycles So For Two-and-a-half Days 60 Hours The Moon Will Be Figuratively In Her Aries Part Of Her Cycle Then For The Next 60 Hours Another Two And A Half Days Exactly The Moon Will Be In Taurus Energy Symbolically Then And So For Every Cycle She Goes Around Her Own Zodiac Symbolically Because All Waves Do This All Waves Started Aries And Finishing Pisces They Like This And That’s It All Taurus Fields All Waves All Energy Thought Forms And Motion Forms Particles If You Want To Call Them Pulses Everything That Happens Starts At Aries And Finishes At Pisces Aries Is Here And Pisces Are My Two Feet Your Body Is Astrological Everything Is Yeah That’s Above So Below Yeah That’s The Definition Our Caller From New Jersey Are You On The Line With Us Now Yeah Can You Hear Me Yeah What’s Up Man You Got A Question A Comment Yeah Yeah Yeah I’ve Got A Vote Actually I’ve Been Listening To Santos For A Little While So I Wanted To Say Hi To Him And You Know Telling Us You Know Appreciate The Work He Does And Everything The Way He Gets Everything Out You Know Good Thing So My Question Was Regarding The Moon Okay Like When It First Comes Out I’ve Noticed That It’s Usually Like A Lot Larger Than When As It Comes Up Sky You Know It Starts Getting A Lot Smaller And So On You Know And I Forget What The Name For This Phenomenon Is But Um How Do You How Do You I Guess Correlate With The Fact That You Know If If The Earth In Fact Is The Plane And You Know It’s Actually Disappearing Over The Horizon Why Is It Bigger You Know What I Mean Just That’s All Right Yeah Well This Is This Is Only Half Of The Of The The Situation That You’re Depicting Because The Other Half Is That In Fact Both The Sun And The Moon Especially The Sun Gets Smaller When It Is Sitting Sometimes You See It Bigger Other Times You See It Smaller So There’s No Consistency In This And It Has To Do With Atmospheric Lensing And Atmospheric Refraction You Have To Understand That When The Sun There Are Days When There Is Much More Density Molecular Density In The Air The Sun Is Low And When It’s Going Into Its Vanishing Point Therefore It Has Its Last Glow Of Of Being Amplified In In The Effect Of Atmospheric Lensing And Millet Vanishes But Other Days When The The Atmos The Conditions That Mysteric Conditions Are Different And It’s Very Much Drier You’ll Say The Sun Is Actually Way Way Smaller When It Is Setting And You Can See Thousands Of Sunsets On Youtube On The Internet Where The Sun You Can Actually See The Sun You Can Measure It Gets Smaller When It Sets So It’s There’s No Consistency To This Sometimes It’s Bigger Sometimes It’s Smaller Depends On The Atmosphere Again Like Is Light Is Lucifer The Deceiver Lucy Fair It Means Carrier Of Light Lucy So The Sun Is The Carrier Of Light He Is Lucifer But That’s Why He Is Lucifer Because He Has His Very Very Deceptive Side You Cannot Trust Your Material Senses You Can Only Trust Your Spiritual Senses So Other Is The Son Lucifer Or Is Venus Lucifer Today Oh Lucifer All The Seven Elohim Saturn Mercury That They Are All Lucifer It’s Just That Done And Venus Get Prime Position In This You Know In This Title You Could Call It Or This Name Lucifer But Venus Is Also One Of One Of The Three Lucifer’s In The Sky Okay Because There Are Only Three Bodies In The Sky That Can Cast A Shadow And That Is The Sun The Moon And Venus No Other Body Can Cast The Shadow On This Plane Other Than Those Three Lucifer’s Miss Dear I Didn’t Hear I Didn’t Even Know There Were Three Something Is New To Me So Uh Caller In A In A Jersey What’s Your Name Again Brother John John Oh So Man You Got Another Question Yeah Yeah Yeah So I Mean Well We You Know Since You Mentioned You Know Like Atmospheric Cleansing You Know That’s Actually Interesting Because I I Don’t Know If You’ve Heard Eric Dollar You Know I Was Watching And You Know And Not Just Him But A Few Others Say That You Can’t Suns Not Visible From Outside Of This Wind Forget Okay So They Actually Image That We See Is Is I Guess You Could Say Made By The Atmosphere So Then You Know My My Other Question Would Be If If Light Is Able To Bend You Know I’ve Heard A Lot Of People Kind Of Explain This Because That I Know That There’s Been Several Occasions They Taking Pictures Of Some You Know What You Say Like Look But What Would Be A Flat Plane You Know Something Were You The Curvature Who Doesn’t Count For But They Say That Word Is If You Factor In That Like They Will Bend You Know Because Of That Atmosphere So That’s Kind Of Kind Of Two Questions Wrapped Up In One But That’s Yeah I Guess Huh You Got A Got A Question Out Of That Santos He Had Actually Asked Kind Of A Couple Yeah Yeah Not Being Visible From Outside Of This Lens Like You Get Outside Where There Is No Molecule Able Be Like One And There Is And We Can See You Know Went Is You Know Who Band Life So With That Account For The Curvature You Know That Band Of Heard That Explanations Well So That Kind Of Well We’ll See The Thing Is This With All The Photography Which Does Not Lie These No Matter How Much And Which Way The The Light Bends It Cannot Make A Gob Straight And Flat It Can’t Do That If It Could It Can Play Certain Tricks With The Eyes Which It Does You See When We Look At In The Horizon We Do See Curvature But Its Curvature Of Rotundity If I’m Standing On A Big Round Table I Will See Curvature But The Tables Flat It’s Still Flat But I Will See Curvature You Will See Curvature Everywhere Because Your Eyes Are Round And You Look Around You Don’t Look A Square If You Had Square Eyes Maybe That Would Be Different I Don’t Know But Our Senses Are Deceiving Us Lenses Are Deceiving Us Many Things Are Deceiving Us The Atmosphere Like Bending There’s Refraction You Can See Refraction You Just Put A Stick In A Glass Of Water Here You Can Do These Experiments At Heart There Are So Many Things Another Thing That Is Tricking Us Is They Ask The Aspect Of All Of These Discs In The Heavens Being 4th Dimensional They Are Projections Like The Rainbow The Rainbow Is Not There But You Can See It It’s Projected Out There But The Guy Standing Next To You You Know Only 10 Meters Away He Can’t See It Why Wrong Angle Proving That The Rainbow Is Not There Physically It Has No Substance It’s An Effect It’s It’s Projected On There Like You Project Something Onto A Screen You Project A Picture Of A Mountain Or On A Projector Screen Well The Mountains Not There But You See It And So We’re Dealing With Fourth Dimensional Activity In The Sky Don’t Expect To Understand Everything About The Skies You Know But The Other Thing Is That Being Invisible Is Another Interesting Fact Because A Lot Of These Guys Who Go Out You Know High Into The Earth’s Atmosphere Because You Can’t Go Into Outer Space You Can’t Pass The Dome Of The Firmament It’s It’s Solid For All Intents And Purposes As As Far As We Can Tell And So When They Go Up There Yes They Struggle To See Stars They Struggle To See The Sun Sometimes Look Just The Fact That You Can’t See The Moon For Two And A Quarter Days It Should Be Impressive Enough To Make One Understand That There’s Stuff Up There Going On That We Just Cannot Understand With These Eyes You Can’t Trust Your Physical Senses You Can’t Do That This Repurchase Won’t Exactly Do Tom And Tom Again What Is Seen Is Tempura But What Is Unseen Is Eternal There’s Business Scriptures Repeated Over And Over And Over Again About The You Know This World Is Temporal But The World That Is To Come It’s Eternal It’s Forever Seeing Through The Veil Or Through Christ’s Seen But Beyond The Veil Christ’s Tear In The Veil To Able To Access Those Realms I Know We’ve Been On Here A While And There’s So There’s So Much Stuff For Us To Get Into And While Have You Yeah I’d Love To Pick Your Brain Man Do You Have Any Stories Because This Is What Out This Is What I Love Do You Have Any Supernatural Otherworldly Encounters And You’re In Endeavours Have You Have You Seen Ufos Or Angels Or Demonic Entities And Or Things Like That In Your In Your Travels No But I Will Recount Something Really Amazing That Will Impress Many People Who Are Seeking The Truth Something That Happened To Me When I Was Flying From Perth To Melbourne In 2002 This Was Around February I Wish I Had My Camera I Really Do Those Days Even If Even If I Did The Mobile Phones In 2002 Weren’t As Good As They Are These Days Anyway This Is What I Witnessed In 2002 Flying Eastwood Late Afternoon From Perth To Melbourne And Everyone Else In The Aeroplane A Chartered Jet Witnessed The Same Thing Everyone Was Gasping For Incredulity There Was You There Was Was Going On All Throughout The Aeroplane As People Were Looking Out The Window What Did We See Well This Is What We Saw In Front Of Me For 180 Degrees Was Pitch-black Darkness In The East Where The Sun Had Already Long Disappeared Behind Us Was The Setting Sun In Perth And It Was Broad Daylight Mm-hmm It Was Just The Most Amazing Things That We Saw The Delineator Of The Sun’s Light Which Saw We Actually Witnessed The The Limit Of The Sun’s Light Now The Sun Was Still Up We Can’t Be On A Globe Guys What We Saw Was You Look Out Your Windows And Everything From That Mark From My Perfect Perpendicular Right To My Perfect Left Everything Was Black Pitch Black Dark In Front Of Us In Front Of The Plane As Which Eastward And Everything Behind The Sun Setting Was Broad Daylight It Was Like A Twilight But It Was Still Daylight You Could See That The Contours Of The Mountains Everything Now On Top Of That There Was A Rainbow A Rainbow Perfectly Flat Flat From 180 Degrees All The Way Behind Us On The Light Side Behind Us There Was A Rainbow On The Horizon Of The Earth And It Was It Was Spanned Quite A Few Degrees It Was It Was It Wasn’t Just A Very Compressed Rainbow It Was A Very Fattening Out Broad Rainbow And It Was So If You Imagine This Cup And And So We Are Here And We’re Here Fine Eastwood And Everything In Front Of That Spoon I Put A Spoon There Everything Forward That Way It Was Black And Everything Facing Me Behind Was Broad Daylight And The Rainbow The Rainbow Started Here And Went 180 Degrees All The Way On A Flat Earth Because You Can’t Get A Rainbow You Cannot Get A Rainbow Let Me Try And Paint What I Saw Let Me Try And Depict What I Saw So [music] We’ve Got Half An Arch We’re Flying This Way Everything Here Is Black The Rainbow Was On The Horizon All The Way Around A Perfect Rainbow Twas So Brilliant It Was Not Hazy It Was Brilliant Brilliant And It Was Along Here The Rainbow All The Way A Hundred And Eighty Degrees If We Were Living On A God Impossible Impossible That’s Flat And That Was Thousands Of Miles That Way And Thousands Of Well Let’s Hang On Let’s Reduce That To Hundreds Let’s Say A Hundred Miles That Way And A Hundred Miles That Way There Was A Rainbow All The Way Sitting On The Horizon Going Up Into The Sky So In Other Words It Was It Was It Was A Vertical Rainbow It Has To Be Of Course But I Just Have To Stress This Behind Us That’s What I Witnessed In 2002 And At The Time Of Course I Was A Globey I Had No Idea How To Put Two And Two Together Now In Hindsight When I Remember That Experience I Realize That We Can Only Be Living On A Flat Plane And The Fact That I Saw The Delineator Of The Sun’s Light Proves To Me That The Sun’s Light Is Limited It’s Not Travelling 93 Million Miles That Is A Crock The Transverse Wave Cannot Travel More Than A Few Thousand Miles Because It Disintegrates Just Like The Transverse Wave Of Sound If I Whisper Like This It’s Quite Possible That If You Stand At A Distance Your Computer You Why Because The Sound Wave Disintegrates It’s A Transverse Wave It’s Inferior To The Longitudinal Y I Can’t Say That I Grasp It All People Are Asking Me In The Chat They’re Like You Know How You Know How Do You Call Yourself True Seeker And You’ve Dodged Flat Earth And You Haven’t Went Into Flat Earth Well I Think I Had The Perfect Teacher I Was Able To Sit Down And Pick Santos Bananas Brain About Flatters And Be The First Pretty Much The First Stuff That I’ve Given My Attention Over To It I Appreciate You Coming On The Show As Always Brother Anytime That You Would Like To Come On And Just Hang Out And Talk Whether It’s Flat Earth Or Astrology Demons And Angels You Know We Like To Talk About It All Man Brother Thank You So Much For Everything That You’ve Done Everything That You’re Doing Your Work Means So Much To So Many People Keep The Faith Keep Pushing On You You’re You Know Just What You Were Talking About At The Back Even At The Very Beginning Of Your Work There’s The Haters There’s Everybody Ridicule And And If You Was To Listen To The Scoffers And Things Like That You Wouldn’t Even Be Here So I Think That Is An Awesome Example For People Who Are Speaking Their Truth Whether It Is Flat Earth Or Spirituality Or Aliens Would You Know Whatever Your Passion Is And People Ridicule That And Scoff It Look At Someone Like Santos Who Still Keeps His Peace He Still Keeps On Keeping On And He’s An Encouragement To All Of Us Out Here In The In The Field So Thank Thanks So Much For You Being Who You Are Santos Thank You Truth Seeker It’s Been A Pleasure And I’d Like To Thank Listeners And Encourage Them To Serve Truth Truth Will Reward Them With Great Riches One Day Set You Free Right You Said No The Truth And The Truth Will Make You Free If You Want To Get Free Know The Truth Find Out What That Is Just Quick Before We Go Are You Still Playing Music Daily So That’s How You Keep Your Piece Right The Music Man Yeah Definitely Music Is So Not Luminescence Really It Is I Think In And I Know We Talked About That A Little Bit The First Time Talking About How You Know Music Heals People And Even Like In In The Scriptures How With Those Demons That They Saw Had Upon Him David Would Play The Stringed Instrument Over Him Those Evil Spirits Would Subside Man And Music Has Played A Huge Part In My Life And That’s Awesome You’re Still Doing It Daily Man Sure So With That I’m Gonna Say Thanks For Coming On The Show Santos And Peace And Shalom We’ll Have You Back On Soon Brother Thank You I Say Shalom Peace Peace There You Have It Ladies And Gentlemen Santos Bonacci The Man Himself So Why Haven’t I Studied Flat Earth Or Why Haven’t I Given Myself Over To It I Let The Man Himself Come On The Podcast And School Me On It A Lot Of Stuff Man A Lot Of That Stuff Makes Sense Dude And That’s And I Tell You What Way Over My Head I’m Just I Didn’t Even Talk Much I’m Just I’m Just Listening Soaking It All In Right That’s What You’re Supposed To Do Listen Soak It All In And Then And Then Make Your Assumptions I Think After A Presentation Like That And And For Those Of You Who Are Watch Listening On Itunes Or One Of The Podcasting Apps If You Go Find The Video This Is One Where I Will Encourage You To Go Back To The Video Where Santos Actually Pulled Out The Whiteboard And He Showed You Two Breakdowns And Stuff Which He’s He’s Awesome At Doing And So Very Well-spoken Very Well Studied After His Craft And What What He Loves And Holds Near Near And Dear To His Heart And I Will Say That It’s So Cool That To See How Everything Fits Together Like He Still Referenced Him Back To Astrology Like It’s Still A Part Of His Work So People In The Chat And People I’ve Talked To Over Over The Years They’re Just Saying Like How Did He Get Into Flatterers How Did He You Know Quit Seeking Truth And Get In The Flat Earth Type People Make These Comments Right But It’s Always Been A Part Of His Work If We Look At Astrology Astro Theology That’s Always Been A Part Of Its Work So Hats Off For Him Doing Doing What He’s Doing And So There’s Still Like The Ridicule And Stuff In In The Chat People Asking You Know Why Have You Strayed From Flat Earth Why Haven’t You Being A True Seeker Went To The Truth And Truth Is Leading Everybody To Flat Earth You Gotta Cross That Line Like Eventually I Finally Did A Show On It Right And Had The Best On Here When It Comes To That So My Thing Is This I Did Not Touch It From The Beginning Because I Seen What It Was Doing The People I Seen What Happened To Santos When He Started Talking About Flat Earth And I’ve Seen Your Comments I’ve Seen The Ridicule And And It’s Not That I’m Scared Of The Ridicule Or I’m Scared To Split The Fan Base Or Whatever The Case Is Just Like I Said About The Homosexual Stuff People Want To Know My Take On Homosexual So They Homosexuality So They Can Determine Whether They’re Gonna Be A Fan Or Not And Something I’m Not Even Worried About Discussing For The Most Part You Want To Know My View On Homosexuality You Want To Know My View On The Flat Earth So You Can In And So For Anybody To Make Any Type Of Assumption Whether You Are A Scoffer Or Whether You Are A Truther I Think You Need To Listen To The Research First Before You Claim Anything So That’s Rule Number One To Come Into It With An Opinion Already Of Versus Something That You’ve Already Been Taught So With All That Being Said The Reason I You Know Probably Moving Forward I Have My Opinions But Moving Forward I Don’t Discuss It And I Probably Won’t Discuss It I’ll Leave It Up To The Experts I Don’t Discuss It Because I Personally Like To Discuss Things And I Find More Peace And More Fruit And Discussing Things That Help Us Spiritually That’s My Calling My Calling Is Not To Get To The Bottom Of Flat Earth Things Like This It’s Spirituality And What Can Help Us Get Through The Day What Can We Apply To Our Life Not Not A Conspiracy Not A Theory Or Just Digging But What Can We Find There Apply It To Our Life And It’ll Help Us Get Through The Day Make Us Better People Make Me A Better Father Make Me A Better Husband Made Me A Better Friend Those Type Of Things That’s What I Love To Give My Attention And To And I Look And I Say That As A Blanket Statement But Much Of Santos’s Work Goes Into That When We Study About The Diet You Know He Touched On That The Diet Spirituality Concerning That Astro Theology And How Astrology Relates To Your Body The Different Salts And The Different Signs That You’re Born Under And Different There’s Different Salt That You Need To Take Into Your Body To Function At A Hundred Percent Optimization That’s Spirituality That’s That’s Some Stuff That We Need To Help Us Right You Can We Can Apply It To Our Life So That’s The That’s Why I Would Have Somebody Like Santos On When I Focus More On The Spirituality Because There Is The Spiritual Side To Everything That He’s Talking About There’s Nothing That Exists In The Physical Realm On The Earth That Doesn’t Have A Spiritual Counterpart There’s Nothing That You Do In The Physical Manifestation That Doesn’t Have Spiritual Consequences That’s That’s In Every Facet The Things That We Let Pass Before Our Eyes The Things That We Listen To The Foods That We Eat The Words That We Speak Over Ourselves The Words That We Let Other People Speak Over Us All Of This Stuff Comes Into Play So With That Being Said I Touched It I Went There Many People Have Been Wanting Me To Do To Do A Show I Think I Do Side With Santos Man On A Lot Of That Stuff A Lot Of It I Do I Do Side With A Lot Of It I Wouldn’t Call Myself A Flat Earther At This Point Maybe I Need To Do More Research But I Don’t Think I Will And That I’m Gonna Leave It Up To The Experts And That’s Not A Cop-out Leaving It Up To Him So With That I’m Gonna Say Peace And Shalom I Thank Everybody For Coming On And Hanging Out If You’re Watching This On Youtube Please Click The Link In The Description Subscribe On Itunes Or Your Favorite Android Podcasting App If You Don’t Have Any Click The Android Link And There Would Be Some Recommended For You There’s A Bunch Of Good Ones Out There So Subscribe To The Podcast And I Want To Thank Everybody Again Who Is Supporting On Patreon If You Guys Want To Help Me Keep Doing This And Getting Better Equipment And Help Me Pay Bills To Keep The Internet On And Buy Lights And Mics And All That Kind Of Stuff You Guys Can Do That And When You Do It You Will Be Rewarded I Have Unreleased Music So If You There’s A Lot Of People Listening Who Have No Idea That I Do Music So What I Do Is I Sample The Works Of Many Different Researchers Theologians Movies Things Like That I Put Us All That Stuff Into My Music And Try To Put It Into A Rap Song So We’ll Talk About Spirituality We’ll Talk About Astrology We’ll Talk About The Planets Will Talk About The Alignment Of The Stars I’ll Put It All In A Hip-hop Song And You Can Listen To That Music On My Website True Seeker Com So What You’ll Get If You Support On Patreon You Get Access To My Entire Discography And You Also Get Access To Unreleased Music And There’s A Bunch On There Right And So If You Head On Over To Patreon Let Me See If I Can Head On Over To Patreon Comm Backslash True Seeker And You Will Get Access To All Of All Of The New Music And Everything That We Have Over There And We Cover Everything From Spirituality We Got Songs On There About Psilocybin Mushrooms We Have Songs About The Spirit Realm And Elemental Spirits And How They Operate In Their Names And How They Function And Things Like That So We Got A Little Bit Of Everything Over There So With All That Being Said I Want To Say Thank You Again Everybody Who Helps Me Do This I’m Doing It Full-time Now So Every Little Bit Helps Thank You Guys From The Bottom Of My Heart I Love You Guys So Much And We’ll Be Back This Week I Think Tomorrow Night It’s As Funny Right Tomorrow Night We Have Somebody Who Is A Critic Of Santos’s Work And Hopefully That’s All That’s Being Said I Don’t Know Hopefully We Don’t Go Into A Lot Of Detail About That But Danny Wilton Will Be On The Show With Us Tomorrow Night And I Think A Lot Of Their Stuff Correlates A Lot Of It Is Speaking The Same Thing And Maybe That’s Why He’s A Critic I Don’t Know We’ll Find Out Tomorrow Night Danny Will Wilton Will Be On The Show We Got A Bunch Of Awesome Podcast Lined Up Doing This Thing Full-time I Have A Lot More Time And Energy And Effort To Put In This And So With That Being Said I’m Gonna Say Peace And Shalom Well Holla At Y’all Later Shalom Shalom People [music] To Hear More Episodes Of The Truth Seeker Podcast Head Over To Ustica Calm And If You Wanted To Support The Show And Get Rewards Go To Our Patreon Page At Forward Slash Truth Seeker [music]

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