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For over 30 years, Santos has been studying the ancient works, researching, compiling and translating the texts to produce an easier to understand compendium of AstroTheology.

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We’re Going To Be Talking About The Zodiac And How It Relates To Your Body I Know A Lot Of People’s Heard The Term As Above So Below We’re Going To Be Talking About That Jesus Also Mentioned The Term On Earth As It Is In Heaven So Without Further Ado We Have Santos Bonacci Here Now How’s It Going Brother Cry Yourself Trade Saketh Going Good Man Just Had A Long Day Of Work And Got Everything Ready For The Show And Excited About It There’s A Lot Of People Who Follow My Work And My Music Who’s Looking Forward To It And Got Some People In A Chat Room As Well Man Just Glad To Have You On The Line Expert On Honoured I’m Absolutely Thrilled And Honored And I’m All Warmed Up Good Stuff One Thing That Whenever I Spoke To You A Couple Weeks Ago About The Show I Wanted To Talk To You About And Get Some Information On Ezekiel’s Wheel Now There’s A Lot Of People Who Say That Means A Lot Of Different Type Of Things A Lot Of People Even Take A Stretch In The You Follow The Community And Say That Ezekiel’s Wheel Is A Ufo And Different Things Like That And I Kind Of Thought That That Was The Case And Then I Did Some More Research And I Found That Ezekiel’s Will Happen To Be The Zodiac Wheel Yes Absolutely Everything Everything In The Bible Every Single Word For Expression Law Poem Song Whatever You See Written In Those Two Between Those Two Covers The Front Cover Of The Holy Bible And The Back Cover Is Pure Unadulterated Astrology Astrology Is The Mother Of All Sciences Until Until One Can Know That Then It’s Impossible For A Man To Be Complete And To Wreak Hero Hero Stage And To Ascend This This Is The Big Conspiracy Against Mankind By The Controls Ever The Biggest The Biggest Thing That They’ve Stolen From Us And And And It’s Provable That Astrology And All Of Its Recognizable Symbols Are The Most Religiously It’s Recognizable Symbols That Exist And It’s Provable That Hinduism Islam I’ve Done It I’ve Proven That Christianity All Of These Great Churches They All Go Back To Their Mother Astrology They Are All Based And Come Out Of Astrology They Spring Out Of This Out Of This And It’s Undeniable Even Our Secular World You Know We Have Sunday Monday Tuesday These Are The Seven Orbs The Seven Days Of The Week Are The Seven Orbs In Our Solar System That We Can See With Our Physical Eyes So Even On A Secular Level And I Can Go I Can Give Thousands Of Examples Man It Goes Forever But Biblically It’s Signed And Sealed There Is Nothing But Astrology In The Bible Now I’ve Busted That Probably More So In My Latest Series Of Presentations Syncretism Syncretism Proves This Beyond A Doubt If You Need More Proof Than The Twelve Hours That I Put In Those Three Presentations Then I Think We’re Dealing With Either A Moron Or A Denier Who Just Refuses Because They Want To Be Plain And Simply Just Stupid It’s Beyond Stupidity You Know There’s Enough Proof There I Mean And The Thing That Frustrates Me Is That I’ve Really With All The Proofs That I’ve Put In My Presentations I Have Left So Many Out And I’m Just Wondering Where Am I Going To Get The Time To Share Those One Day With Humanity Because All I Do Is Study This I Just Study And Study And Study And Research And I Find All The Answers And We’re All Capable Of Doing That But What Has Been The Most Beautiful Discovery For Me Is That The Bible Is Pure Astrology Let Me Give You Some Examples Okay Now I’ve Done Your Bible Is The Holy Land So I’ve Shown That The Bible Is All About Biochemistry And Your Body Is The Holy Land Land Undoubtedly It’s The Holy Land There Is No Other Holy Land The Jordan River Is In There It’s The Spinal Cord The Ryan Is In There The Jesus The Savior It’s Your Optic Thalamus The Third Eye And When You Should Decide To Wake That Up Then You Will Be You Will Know Who Jesus Is It’s You And The Gospels Are All About You It’s Your Story Of Your Ascension And How You Save Yourself From What From Ignorance The Lower Mind Unconsciousness Getting Around Like An Animal Repeating Erroneous Erroneous Opinions Because We’re Educated Oh I’ve Got My Phd I Can Talk About This And That You’ll Find That You’ll Find That People Have Been Educated In This System Are Still Unconscious Because Education Is Based On Empirical Reductionism Or Gathering Information By A Sense Perception Really Thinking Through The Senses How Erroneous And We’ve Been Warned About Leaning On Our Senses In All Of The Scriptures And It Always Says To Know Thy God And Do Not Forget The Law Of God Well That Means You’re High And Behind Because You Are Two Natured You Are God And You Are Animal And That’s What We Call A Human Being So Which One Are You Going To Relate To Well By Your Actions You Will Be Known By Your Fruits You Will Be Recognized Good Trees Produce Good Fruit And So And So Look As You Look At The Bible You See That All That Biochemistry And That’s Beautiful But Then You See The Astrological Stuff Look At The Characters For Instance We Have Jesus Who Turns Up 2000 Years Ago Hello Right On Cue With Jupiter Zeus Which Is Where The Name Is Derived For Jesus Jesus It’s A Merger Of The Two Guards One Is It’s The Same God Ones Greek Zeus And One Is Jupiter The Roman Now That’s The Guy Who Turned Up Only When Looking Down On The Ground For Some One Historical But It Was Upstairs Everything Is Upstairs So Jesus You See You See Zeus Is The Savior Because He Defeated His Father Old Man Chronos Faton He Castrated Him And Defeated Him So He Is Like He Has Always Been The Perennial Savior Jupiter Amon Zeus You Know They Call Him Rabbi Calling Everything Jupiter Gets All The Titles He Is The Title Holder And And In The Scriptures His Name Is Jehovah Jupiter Jehovah Same Dude He’s Always The Hero And Jupiter Is The Ruler Of Pisces And The Two Fish Of The Symbol Of Chris Symbol Of Christianity The Church Of Doubting And Believing And We’ve Had That For 2,000 Years That’s Why We Get Baptized In Water Pisces Is A Mutable Water Sign All The Clues Are There Even Muhammad Turning Up 600 Years After Jesus Well That’s Venus Venus Exalting Pisces So When You Know Your Astrology You Know Who’s Going To Turn Up Historically The Last Two Saviors That Have Turned Up Were Muhammad And Jesus Six Hundred Years Apart From Each Other Well This Fulfills The Doctrine Of The Coming One The Doctrine Of The Avatar Because Because This Solar System Produces Geniuses That Men Or Women Men And Women Who Strayed Themselves By Following Certain Procedures That Were Established In Egypt In Atlantis Many Many Years Ago And If We Should Practice This Science Called The Holy Science We Should Ascend That’s What We’re Here For To Offend And These These Men They Turn Up And The Last Two We’ve Had Were Muhammad And Jesus In Other Words Jupiter And Venus The Rulers Of The Age Before That We Had The Sun Exalting In Aries And Mars Ruling Aries Then Shall We See If We Can Find Them In The Bible Well Mars Backwards Is Ran Or Ran Backwards Is Ma Ma Is The Root Of The Word Maritime Marine Water It’s All The Water Stuff Sea Water Is One Of The Elements Of Creation It’s Actually It Refers To Negative Electricity Magnetism Egg Fire The Fire Element That Is The Positive Electric Energy And These Two Energies Are The Only Forces Electricity’s The Only Force In The Universe That Builds All Of The Visible Things That You Can See With Your Eyes And Electricity Has That By Nature Of Being Positive And Negative So It’s Electricity And Magnetism Now Ran Which Was The Age Before Pisces We’re Ruled By These Two Orbs The Sun And Ma Does That Show Through Our Theologies Well It Shows Through Like The Hands Out Like Two Dogs Genitalia If You Pay Attention News Is Noses Mother’s Mouth Means What Mars Means Marathon The Root For Water Noses Also Means Water Moses Turned Up In The Age Of Aries Noses Brought Blows The Ram’s Horn Moses Kills The Bull The Bull Is Taurus The Previous Age The Bull Has A Star In It Called El De Baron Which Is Short For Elder Brother Aaron You See Moses El Noses Elder Brother Was The High Priest Aaron Yeah It’s Elder Baron The Eye Of The Bull You See Aaron Builds The Bull Of Gold And Says You Must Worship This And Moses Says Mother Destroys It And Blows The Rams Hall And Says We’re Going Into The Age Of The Lamb Of God And It’s All Talking About Scholars This Is Pew Pew Of The Best Astrology There Ain’t No Better Astrology Than This On The Planet This Is The Best The Biblical Astrology Is Absolutely The Best And Any Astrologer Out There Who Is Not Familiar With It Is Not The Complete Astrologer You Never Will Be Unless You Know Bible Astrology Because It Kicks But Every Other Systems But Not That The Others Are Deficient They Are Equally Capable Of Speaking The Beautiful Astrological Language As The Bible But The Bible Is A Masterpiece The End And So Elder Barron Elder Brother Aaron He Was The Son Of Levi See These Were Levites Moses Was A Levite Aaron His Brother Has To Be A Levite Who Was Levi Levi Was The Twin Remember Simeon And Levi Born From The Same Mother Well I’m Evil Though Within Twins They Had To Though Born Of Li Ac And This Is Significant Because Levi The Twins Is The Gemini Age Which Is Before Taurus So You See That’s Levi Giving Birth To The Older Brother Aaron Elder Baron In Taurus And Then Moses Rocks Up And Says Not We’ll Have None Of That We’re Going To The Ram And I’m Going To Blow The Ram’s Horn So I Mean This Is Just A Little Snippet That Was Just A Little Snippet Of How The Viable Works And How Astrology Works And How They Sync Together I Can Give You More But I Thought I’d Have A You Know Just Get Some Questions In There Or I Don’t Know How Your Show Work So Dr. Ravon No Man That’s Good That’s A Great Introduction For Some Of My Listeners Who Don’t Nobody Know What Kind Of Work You Do Man Definitely Put In Your Work Definitely Done Your Research Listen Let’s I Get Back To The Ezekiel’s Wheel He Tell Us A Little Bit More About That Well Isolated The Vision Of God And In A Chapter One In Nature In The First Chapter In Verse 6 It Says He Was Describing The Beast From Verse 4 Says The Vision Is The Vision Of The Chariot Of Yahweh Of Jehovah From Verse 4 It Reads There The Hand Of Yahweh Came Came On Me I Looked A Stormy Wind Blew From The North A Great Cloud With Light Around A Fire From Which Flashes Of Lightning Darted And In The Center A Like Bronze At The Heart Of The Fire In The Center I Saw What Seemed Four Animals They Look Like This Back Even Form Each Had Four Faces Each Had Four Wings Their Legs Were Sprayed They Had Hooves Like Oxen Glittering And Polished Like Polished Brass Human Hands Showed Under Their Wings The Faces Of All Four Were Turned To The Four Quarters As To Each Other They Did Not Turn As They Moved Each One Went Straight Forward I’ll Continue In A Minute But This Is Pure Astrology This Is The Wheel Of Astrology The Four Faces That’s About To Be Described Are The Four Fixed Signs Of The Zodiac Aquarius Fabio The Eagle Leo The Lion And Taurus The Bull God Always Turns Up Looking Like This This Is God It’s Astrologically Nothing Other Than Astrology Any Accurate Interpretation Is It As Long As It Pays The Rules Of This Science This Is The Science Of As Above So Below So The Historical Rendering Of Any Of These Scriptures Is Legitimate If You Like But But It’s It’s Deceiving Because It’s Not Dealing With History In A Linear Way It’s Like Shakespeare Using Characters Like Julius Caesar And Cleopatra In His Plays Was Not Writing It Was Just Using Historical Characters But He Was Making He Was Playwright So He Was Not Dealing With That Kind Of Truth It’s Another Kind Of Truth It’s Spiritual Truth It’s The Hidden Truth And And That’s How These These Scriptures Should Be Taken So Continuing On Ezekiel Says Straight And Each One Went Straight Forward As To What They Look Like They Had Human Faces And All Had That Foot And All Four Had A Lion’s Face To The Right And All All Had A Bull’s Face To The Left And All Four Had An Eagle Space Their Wings Were Spread Upwards Each Had Two Wings That Touched And Two Wings That Covered His Body And They All Went Straight Forward And They Went With A Spirit Urged Them They Did Not Turn As They Moved Between These Animals Something Could Be Seen Like Flaming Brands Or Torches Darting Between The Animals The Fire Flashed Light And Streaked From The Fire And The Creatures Ran To And Fro Like Thunderbolts Anyway Here He Is Explaining How Between These Animals Can See Like Flaming Brands Or Torches These Are The Seven Orbs As They Go Through The Planets You See The Flame Gorges And This Is Why Aaron The High Taurus He Always Officiated With Seven Candles Because Taurus Has The Pleiades In Them The Seven Sisters And The Art Where Elds Birth In Other Words Erik Is Officiating Comes From The Word Ultor Alta Comes From Alto Which Is The Arabic Name For Taurus The Bull Al Is Allah Of Course And Tall Is The Ball And That’s Where The Word Altar Comes From So You See Where Aaron Is Officiating Is In The Altar Of The Lord Taurus The Bull Which Is One Of The Four Fixed Signs Of The Zodiac Which Is Now The Age We Are Entering In Three Weeks We Will Be In The Fifth Sign Of The Zodiac The Spring Equinox Will Herald Aquarius From That One Two Thousand Years And Uranus And Saturn Are The Rulers Of Aquarius We’ll Get Back To That But But The Bolsters Will Now Be In Scorpio The Autumnal Equinox Will Now Be In Leo At The Summer Solstice June 21st Will Be In Taurus Where Aldebaran Is Officiating The Whole Of The Proceedings For The Next 2,000 Years This Is Why Jesus Just Zeus Burns Up 2,000 Years Ago Because Zeus Took Over From Mars In The Air Age Prior To Pisces And And We We Identified The Ram As Moses Mars But We Did Not Identify The Sun The Sun Is Raw And You’ll Find The Rattle Of The Word Abraham Kidding Yeah Because That’s When Abraham Turned Up And See The Abrahamic Religions It Was No Literal Abraham But Walk The Earth I Mean The Best Jewish Scholars Can Tell With That The Best One The Wife Are Not Conforming To The Roman Consensus Paradigm They Yeah You’ll Find That Most Of The Good Scholars That Don’t Conform With Rome They Are Teaching The Truth And They Know That This Is An Astrological History That We Have Been Given Nothing But So It’s Pure It’s Pure Myth And Fiction Which Is Great Because This Is These Are Stories That Contain Higher Truths Then The Average People Can Handle The Higher Truth Is In That The Average Lazy Slothful Materialist Is Not Interested In They’re Not Interested In The Hydrants So They Go Around And They’re On You Know They’re Busy With The Stock Market But Yeah That’s Like That’s It Basically In The Scriptures It Talks About The Flesh And The Spirit That’s The Higher Nature And The Lower Nature Right That’s It That Is It And We Find That Most People Are Inclined To They’re Polarized To The Bottom Living Which Is Materialistic And Cannot Accept Their Higher Divinity They Go To Be Say The Carry Asleep Which They Won’t And Which Is A Process Whereby They Deny Their Higher Selves And The Only Salvation That Will Ever Exist In This Universe Break Anything You Will Not Be Saved And If You Deny Stability Because You Think You’re An Atheist Well That You’re Lost Absolutely Truly Lost And And Unfortunately These Ones Will Have To Continue In Many Cycles Of Necessity Processional Eight Around 26,000 Years Each To Stay Stuck Like In A Rut In These Cycles Aquarius Is Aquarius Is A Sign Whereby Many Will Be Saved Mitch Going To Receive The Fixed Air Nature Of Aquarius In The Right Way They Are Ready And Prepared But Mitch Goes Into The Aquarian Age Like A Car 100 Mile An Hour Slamming Into A Brick Wall They’re Not Going To Get It And They Are Going To Eventually They’ll Perish But What That Means Is Perished From This From The Scene And Vibration That Is The New The New World That Is Coming So There’s This Parting Of The Ways Eventually I Think You Know Immediately Around The Time Of Beginning After 21st Of December Let Me Ask You This I Was Watching The Documentary You As A Part Of 2012 Was Watching A Little Bit Of That You Guys Spoke Slightly About The New World Order And The Agenda And There’s This There’s This Notion And I Know You’ve Heard Of It That A Lot Of People Believe That The Stuff You’re Talking About It’s You Know They Call It A New Age Or Whatever I Guess They Try To Call That Categorize It And Demonize It But We Know That The Concept You’re Speaking About Is Way Older Than Any Religion Is On The Face Of This Earth This Is The Holy Science So With This Agenda And Everything That’s Going On And And People Know About This Illuminati Doomsday Stuff That The Government Has Planned And Different Things Like That And Taking Away Our Rights And Things Many People See Some Of The Things You’re Talking About Some Of The Things That A Lot Of Researchers Are Talking About As Being Puppets For The The New World Order Or Who Is To Bring In A One-world Universal Religion What Do You Have To Say About That Yeah The True Controllers Of The World Are Very Very Clever They Have Built Like A System Whereby They Have That Are Supposedly The Most Powerful On The Planet And They’re In The Public Eye Like Barack Obama Would Be Considered One Of The Most Powerful Men On The Planet They’d Probably Be You Know Probably The Chinese And The Russian And The European Nations Would Have Their Respective Power Power Man Or Whatever But You Would Look At These Men All Of These Powerful Men The Top Say Let’s Grab The Top Five Most Powerful Men On Planets And Most Consensus Morons Believe That These Are Actually Really Truly Truly The Most Powerful Men They Have They Hold The Most Power On This Planet Well That’s Just The Crock You Know The Controls Have Worked It So That They Can Fight Behind That Wall That Must See That They Are Everythings They Always Hide Because They’re Cowards Killers They Are The True Enemies Of Light Actus They Work For Well What We Would Call You Know Satan But They Work For The The Spirit Entities That Love The Darkness Because You See The Light The Light Produces Soul Till Children Of The Light Have Souls Children Of The Darkness Don’t Simple As That So That’s Why You See Cold-hearted Murderous Like Laurie Clinton And That’s Not Being Judgmental Either That’s Miss Your Killer Baraka Bar Killer These Are Killers They Have No Stop Absolutely Cannot Possess Souls But They Are Not The Highest Sinful Of The Soulless Ones That Are Running The Earth Because These These Little These Little Foot Soldiers Like Barack Adama Who Think They’re Pretty Powerful Bit Of Nothing They They Can Easily Get Viciously Eaten Up Just Look At Jfk First You Know That Tells You That There’s Someone Hiding Behind The Most Powerful Man That Wasn’t Just A Deranged Gunman That Was Organized That Took Years Of Organization By The Cia In George Bush George Bush Senior The Killer What What They Do Is They Make Give It As A Deranged Gunman Because I Don’t Want People To Really Know What’s Going On That That They Are Being Controlled Ash And The The Families That Are Doing This These Are Big-money Families Man They’ve Got A Lot Invested In This Fiction I Want Is Fiction To Pro See They Want Corporations To Run The World And They Can Hide Behind Them And They Want To They Want To Have Total Control Over Other Human Beings This Is Not Us Ruling Its This Is Not Government By We The People Of The People For The People This Is An Illusion That’s Set Up They’ve Set It Up Like That You See And They’re Hiding Behind It And These Are The Oligarchs These Are The Masked Payments And They’ve Invested So Much In This Fantasy That They’ve Created A World Where By We Have To Protect What Is Continuously With Blood And Fear And Hatred And A World Where We Right Plan It For All Its Glorious Resources Because We Yeah We Want To Burn Fuels We Want To Burn Things To Get Energy We Don’t Want To Implode And Use Natural Energies That Are Free No No Let’s Get That Oil Let’s Get That Oil And Neither Cartels These Are Families And Corporations That Go Back To The Hudson Bay Corporations The East India Corporations Criminal Pirate Families That Were Just Starting Then To Rape And Pillage The Earth And Plunder The Earth And They Are Now You Know You’re George Bush’s And You’re Bill Clinton’s They Are The These Are The Sort Of The Lower Life Faculties That Belong To These Soulless Families That Control The Globe Their Days And Their Days Are Numbered They’d Only Got Weeks They’re Vampires And They Cannot Stand The Light And Our Solar System Is Now Going Into The Photon Belt Where They Will Just Be Zapped And So They’re Being Zapped And Not Liking It They’ve Been Up To Cease And Desist And Come To The Light Or Perish And They Will Perish They Will Go Off Into Oblivion And Into Perdition Because That’s Their Choice They’ve Chosen To Be Works Workers Of The Darkness And We Will Be Will Be Free From This Infestation Very Very Soon We Won’t Know Ourselves In The Next Few Months Okay So That’s Kind Of Touching On The Illuminati Aspect Of It Touch On The Aspect Of It Where People Dealing With Information Like You’re Dealing With Are Being Targeted As Far As Being Accused Of Being On This Side Of The Illuminati Ah – Would That Be That’s Being Accused Of Being On This I Well Anybody Dealing With Ancient Knowledge Ancient Wisdom Whether It’s Anything That The Researcher Doing With The Zodiac Synchronicity Anything Which They Deem New-age Or A Cultic Type Stuff There’s A Big Rise Definitely On The Christian Front For The Most Part Saying That They Are The Forerunners For The Illuminati To Get Everybody In This Universal Anti Religion One-world Thing Well I Mean What Would You Say About That Yeah We’ll Look They Are Partially Correct That Ever Entirely Entirely In Error Even Though They Are In Error They They Dwell In The Lower Mind They Serve The Lower Mind And Materialism They Are Error But They Are Not Always Error And And And You’ve Got To See What They’re Saying Will Be Partially True And It Is You See The New Age Movement Or Whatever It Is That They Call Themselves Which I Don’t Belong To Huh Well I Don’t You Actually Get You Know Actually Get Grouped Into That Anybody Chilling With Ancient Knowledge And Things Like That I Mean Even Though It’s Not Taught It’s Totally Different Like I Said It’s Older Than Any Religion Any And It’s It’s Old It’s Nothing New You Still Get Grouped In With It You Know Yes I’m Getting I’m Going To Get To That But Okay But The Point Is This This New Age Thing Has Been Co-opted As Well As Everything Else Day Please Don’t Think That The Jesuits Who Rock Planet Have Not Infiltrated The New Age Movement And Put A Lot Of Poisonous Information In There About How To Ascend And How To Do This And How To Do That And And A Lot Of It Not All Of It But A Lot Of It Is Erroneous And It’s Co-opted And It’s Been Poisoned By The Jesuits Deliberately But See So That’s Where They Are Parked Right Role Because They Will In Their Haste To You Know To Condemn Everything Else Ever Then They Will Get Someone Like Me Who Is Totally Unconnected To It Anything Out There I Mean I Guess I Can Say That I’m Participating In The Consciousness Awakening That’s Happening I Belong To That Yeah For Sure You Know I’m Not Promoting Any Trends That Have Been Co-opted That And I See Them And I Know That They Have Been Co-opted I Mean There’s A Lot Of Guys Out There Who Are Very Popular And Not Well-known In The Truth So That Are Actually Just Working For The Jesuits Whether They Don’t And That’s Very Very Sad So I’ll Be I Will Be Thrown In With Those Because That’s How They Do Things They They Fall Into This Fallacious Type Of Bright You See And They Break Masses Of Of The Populace With These Techniques So But In The End It’s To Their Detriment To See So What I What I’m Doing Is Explaining True And Pure Science Which Is Astrology And Astro Theology Etc And So You Know That I Will Teach Their Droves Things Like Our Astrology Is A Pseudo Science And So People Here That They Know Nuts Ecology And But They Hear That It Rings It Rings In Their In Their Educated Heads Because Their Education Resonates On The Same Low Frequency Of Untruth And So They Can’t Discern The Difference Between The Truth And An Untruth They Just Go Repeating What Authoritative Authorities Types Have Has Gone Before Them And Said You See And So This Is The Fallacious Thinking That The Scriptures Warn Us Against Do Not Follow The Crowd You Might Not Follow The Crowd The Herd In Other Words Mentality So Jehovah’s Witnesses Just A Herd The Mormons Are Another Herd And They’re All Going Baa Baa Moo Moon They Are The Sheeple And The Chapel And A Surprising Surprise Surprise The Sheep And The Cattle Are The Two Signs Of The Zodiac In The Head Aries And Taurus And What They’ve Got Turned Those Two Brains With The Cerebrum And The Cerebellum Into Much Key Battle Or Chattel And That’s What The Magician’s Of This World Have Done The Soulless Ones But Mark Not My Words As The Scripture Says The Day Is Coming When You Will Look For The Place Of The Wicked One But You Will Not Find Him Deal With The Wicked One The Lord Is The Solar System The Solar System Is Ejecting The Pass She Has Had Some Puss In The Sun Has Been Carrying An Infected Solar System For A Few Thousand Years Now And It’s Going To Eject That Puss Anything That Doesn’t Vibrate With The New Vibration Is Just Going By Eyes And Wherever They Go I Don’t Know Where It Is But It’s Not Nice The Place Where That They Are Going The Food Should All Help You No Pain Supreme Skip They’re Going But Each One Chooses Their Own Fate You Choose Your Own Fate You Choose What Destiny You Will Receive And Inherit After This Carnal Life Because When One Is In Incarnation That Is The Opportunity For Growth There Is No Opportunity For Growth In Spirit Realms This Is Why God That All Is Experiencing Itself Through Us What Just Organism Is It Is It’s Experiencing Itself Through Incarnation And Why Is That To Gather Knowledge And To Know And This Is How God Knows Itself And It Works Like This The Confusion About God Is Quite Simple There Are Two Gods There’s The Invisible Askable Inconceivable A Spidered Pure White Light Of Undifferentiated Consciousness Which We Call God The Source Of All Things The Cause Of All Things And Then His Cotton Son Which Is Divided Like Which We Call Electricity And That’s It The Father And The Son That Is It There Are Two Gods And This Is Why We Like Divinity Which Comes From Dos The Latin Word For God Gave Names To The Number Two It Comes From Divided Which Is Two So You See God Carries The Thought Of Two And One We’re Not God Is A Unity It’s A Unity But But Then We Have A Word Divinity Which Means Divided For God Because It Is Divided See The Sun Only Begotten Son Electricity Which Performs All The Work In The Universe Is To Nature It’s Electro Mac See Positive Electricity And Negative Electricity But It Is Just Electricity It Be Begotten Son And It Produces All The Motion That We See Which We Call Form Which We Call Now But It’s Just Motion It Is Universal Mind Thinking Two Thoughts Sorry The Two Lights Are Thinking And The Color Of Those Lights Are Red And Blue But The Color Of The Light Of The Undifferentiated One The Cause The Causal God That Is White Light And This Is Why You Have Red White And Blue Everywhere Red White And Blue Because It’s Talking About That The White The White Unity And The Divided Red And Blue God Which Is The Divinity Death The Two Of The Dualistic World That We Live In And It’s The Dualistic Materialistic Material World That The Church Powers Belong To Because It’s The World Of Effects And Not Of Causes That Oxidize The One Of Causes They Pay Service To That One But But The One I Truly Been Me Too Is The Depth The Dualistic God Electricity The God Of Man And In A Sense This God Is Opposed To The Other God But In A Sec It Comes The Other God For Instance When I My Guitar And I And I Strike The String Before I Struck The String It Was Silent Which Is Pure Potential Silence Pure Potential But Then When I Strike The Spring With Force It Produces A Tone Which Comes From The Stillness The Sound Emanates Illness And Goes Back To The Stillness If You Wait You Will Hear The Sound Diminishes And Returns To Its True Home Which Is Stillness This Is This Is The The Omnipotent One This Is The One That Is All-powerful Because This Still Invisible Light Of God The Evidence Of Is All My All Being And Immortal And It Produces Mortals You See When I Strike That Spring That Time Mortal Because It Cast And Then It Goes I Might Play A Nice Tune On That String You Know I Might Play A Nice Sweet Little Melody But Then It Disappears The Melody Disappears It Was An Effect It Was Beautiful It Was What Sensual Exciting But It Was Only An Effect Back To The Cause Where It Come And This This Is Where Science Has Lost Its Way The Religions Have Lost Their Pain Because Do Not Acknowledge That One And They Kill The Prophets Of That One They Stone Them They Throw Throw Them In Mental Asylums They Derived Them Out Of The Way They Don’t Want Those Ones To Be Presidents Of America Wants The Insane Ones To Be You See All These Statements And Statesmen And Politicians There’s A Lot Of Good Good Men There But They’re Still In The Lower Mind They Must Be Because They’re Serving In That Capacity When You Serve In That Capacity You Are Proving Their Cooperation You Are Proving That You Are In The Lower Mind And So But Not These Men Are You Know They’re Criminal Hearted There Are Criminals And We Have Them In Government And It’s Time Now To Begin Rulership By The People People For The People And We Can Do This By Ignoring Their System Ignoring It To Get By By Because It’s Going By Vice I Fully Agree I’m Ask You This Some People Would Say Are You Talking About Astrology And Things Like That And Using It To Interpret The Bible Which I Fully Agree Is The True Holy Science And Like You Said At The Beginning There’s No Way That You Can Look Into These Truths And And It Not Make Sense If You’re Seeking In You And You Look At The Material It’s There For You But Then The Scriptures Also Kind Of Denounced People Looking Into Astrology As Well What Do You Think That Are That’s Speaking About I Know When It’s Talking Against Sorcery And Things Like That It’s Definitely Talking About About It Doing It To Harm People And Negative Sense But What Would You Say About The Astrology Part Yeah Well In Isaiah Chapter 47 Is The Only Thing That Approaches A Condemnation Of Astrology In The Bible The Bible Would Never Never Condemn Astrology Because It Is Astrology Exactly But But It Appears To Do So When It When It Will It Condemn As In The Foretellers And Of The Future And What It’s Basically Doing Is It’s It’s Complete The Bible Is Complaining About The Low Level Of Understanding Of Astrology That It Has That The Soothsayers Have Gone Astray And Woe To Them Just The Same As When Jesus Says Woe To You Lawyers I Mean He Was Not Condemning Law He Counted For So Why Was He Condemning Lawyers Then Is Law Bad Nah No Because Lawyers Will They’re Liars They Corrupt Law Okay And Astrologers If They Don’t Know Their Staff But It’d Be Very Very Very Careful About Their Science And Their Art Because They Could Lead People Astray Astrologers Are The Most Respected Good Astrologers Are The Most Respected The Most Respected Beings In Terms Of Human Beings The More Ascension – Acknowledges The Astrologers Are The Highest It’s The One Who Knows As More Than Everyone Else Is The One Who Has Reached The Highest Consciousness Because The Stars Is All We Are There Is Not Us Stars Out There Make Me Like When I Call You My Brother I’m Calling You Rarh Theo’s My The That’s Two Words Brah Is Abraham Brah Rawr And Theo’s Brother When I Call My Sister’s Sister It Means Is Just Another Word For Isis Star When I Go First To My Pastor Or Minister I Go To Speak To Someone That’s Going To Teach Me About The Stars Moves Deacons Cardinals Elders And Elder That Comes From The Word Ill Of Angel Evangelizer Elder Alta Bible Chat Angel Michael Israel You Know All Of These L Words And These Are All From The Stars Now Is There Each Body That Is Going To Be Like I Mean Only The Morons And The Church Goers Are Going To Jump Up And Say Oh No It’s From The Devil They Are In The Land Of Desire Think Is It’s Just Yes Impossible The Bible Is Dripping With Astrology I Mean Look At All The 12 Ma There Must Be A Million Cases Of 12 In The Bible Yeah Stop Jesus And His Twelve Apostels Yeah The Twelve Posts Of The Sun Israel And His Twelve Children There’s Always Twins In There Simeon And Levi Thomas And Didymus Jesus Twins There’s Always A Loose Woman James And John James And John Exactly The List Goes On Because It’s Talking About Gemini It’s Talking About Sagittarius It’s Unbound If These Are The Four Gospels Spring Them And This Is Unrar As He Goes Round And Round And And We Watch This We Watch This Story But All You’ve Got To Do Is Look Up Everyone Has Forgotten To Look Up There Looking Down Their Nose Every Freak You Know Struck Me We Need To Look Up An Ember The Law Of With Forgotten The Law Of God The Law Of God Is The Torah The Torah Is The Terror Is Ohta But Rotate Wheel The Is The Will Of God Astrology The Will Of God We Tiles That Have Forgotten It Yeah Totally Agree And You Know What That Being Said Are You Talking About Those Who Study The Stars Oh You Know Would Be The Those Closest To Ascension Really What Your Your Pastors And Your Ministers Are Supposed To Be Doing Even Whenever You Look Up In The Strong’s Concordance Are Looking The Hebrew Word For Profit You Get The Word Seer Even Samuel Was Called Seer There Was A Bunch Of Seers In The Old Testament If You Look Up That Word In The Hebrew The Word Seer It Means A Stargazer You Can Look It Up For Yourself Samuel The Seer He Was The Stargazer And That’s What You Know That’s What They Did That’s What Ezq Was Doing When He Gazed Into The Heavens Even You Know The Word For Heavens Is The Same Word Used For Stars I Mean For Sky I’m Sorry So When They Gazed Into The Sky They Gazed Into The Heavenly Abode Of You Know The Elohim The Most Time So Yeah They’re Definitely Back And Backs Up What You’re Saying While You’re Touching On Um The Disciples And This Is Something That Kind Of Crossed My Mind I Haven’t Seen Any Research On It Yet I’m Not Sure If You’ve Even Covered It But How Much Of A Possibility Would It Be We Understand That The Twelve Houses Of The Zodiac Each House Has A Different Persona Or Personality You Think Right Absolutely Okay Yeah Well Let Me Ask A Date If They Have Their Each One And People Who Are Birthed Under That Sun Tend To Carry Different Personality Traits And Things Like That Those Twelve Houses Of The Zodiac Lined Up With The Twelve Disciples Which I Know They Represent Would You Think Or Does Does Their Personality Fit With Each House Of The Zodiac Like The Things That They Did And The Type Of You Whether They Were Playful Or More Serious Or Whatever Do You Think That That Would Correlate At All Absolutely Up Mistakable If You Don’t Notice It It’s Because You Haven’t Been Paying Attention But Do But Absolutely You Can You Can See People’s Bodily Features Cause Their Sign And Also Their Manner And Their Behavior Everything Comes Under The Signs Ariane’s For Instance Will Be Very Very They Can Be Headstrong People They Can Be Brave And Courageous Like The Ram They Can Like The Plan They Are Fiery These People Are Competitive You Know They Will They Will Confront You Know Martial Activities In A Very Martial Way They Make Good Fighters Strong Bodies Usually Very Strong And So That’s Just That That’s Just The Aryan Features Now Okay So If You Can Go To Taurus Then And You Can Describe The Torian Person By The Element The Earth Element Earth Is Sensual The Five Senses Aries Before That It Was Fire This Is Why The Ram Is Fiery And Aryans Are Very Very Firing You See Because Fire Is There Earth At Their Element You See So They Operate Differently To Torian’s Torian’s Next Door They Are More Earthy And More Grounded People Than Aryans And They Have The Number Two Aries Is One Thoris Is Two So You Have To Understand Duality To Wonder And Torian’s You Have To Understand The Concept Of Unity To Understand Aryans Because Aryans Are All About The Number One This Is Why They Appear To Be Very Self-centered And Self-aware They’re Very Self-contained There’s A Lot Of Oneness About Area You See That They’re Very Aware Of Themselves Where Torian’s Are Now Really Really Different You See There’s A Duality Thing Going On There Now And Torian’s Have Have The Earthiness That Brings Them Down To The Ground Venus Venus Is Beautiful So Especially The Women Folk A Very Beautiful Torii And Women Beautiful You Know Very They’ve Gotten Vine Eyes They Have Nice Round Big Eyes And And They And They Glitter Like Venus You Know And Usually Usually Venus Venus Is Always Near The Sun So If Your Sign Is Say Taurus Well Venus The Planet Is Not Far Away From That Sign It’ll Either Be In Taurus Or Two Signs Removed From The Sun Time So You Can Go Two Signs Back Or Two Signs Forward So You Know Just Going On Those Figures You Know That A Lot Of Tori And Women Are Going To Be Very Very Venetian And Beautiful Because They Will Have Aries Sorry They Will Have The Planet Venus In In Either Taurus Or More Likely To Have It In Taurus Aries Which Is The Face Then A Lot Of Other Signs So If You Have Venus In The Face And And I’ve And I’ve And I’ve Tested This I’ve Got My Little Niece Has Venus In The Face And She’s Got A Girl A Beautiful Venetian Glow In Her Face Mcenroe She’s Dominion She’s A Gemini First Time She Had Venus In In Taurus Well That’s Bound To Give You She’s Got That Glittery Venetian Face Look So The Planet Venus Gives Be Inform You See And But It Also Gives A Lot Of Beauty To Be Signed Taurus But Earthy Beauty It’s More Sort Of An Earthy Beauty Purpose The Aryans Will Have More Sort Of A Spiritual Beauty Spiritual Qualities Like Like The Land You Know That They’re Very Innocent Which Which Is A Good Positive Thing But But Also They Are Gullible Very Gullible Which Is A Negative Thing And The Tour Ends Will Have This Beauty But They Will Also Have This Kind Of A Lustful Thing Going On In Their Neck Clarity You Know A Lot More In That They Suffer With Laziness Because Because They Love The Material Duality Thing Going That’s Going On In Their Lives Right Now That’s Just Two Sides Here That I’m Discussing And That’s Only Dealing With The Sun Sign Then You’ve Got A Factor In The Moon The Moon Is Very Very Powerful Equally As Powerful So The Sun Kills With Your Left Brain The Left Hemisphere Of Your Cerebrum The Moon Deals With The Right Hemisphere So You Can Basically Say That An Aryan Would Be With Someone Who Calls Themselves An Aryan Would Have Their Left Brain Exact By Ares So You Can See How They You Can See How They Act You Can See Have A Map In Public Public You Can See Their Modus Operandi Because That’s The Left Brain Acting Out Through Ares Whereas The Moon Is Like The Right Brain It’s More Secretive And It’s More Inner And It’s More Intuitive And It’s Spin And It’s More Spiritual And Mystical Than The Left Brain You See So You’ve Got A Pike Moon Well Sort Of Getting An Idea How Your Right Brain Is Activated How It Works And Pisces Is A Jew Allistic Watery Sign So It’s Emotional One Doubts One Fish Believes So People That Pisces Moon And Like Myself Can Often You Know Black Doubt Themselves In The Next Minute Believing Themselves You See That’s What Pisces Moon Does That Wishy-washy Emotional Factor To It Too There’s How Important The Moon Also Is But Then There’s Another Factor Which Is Very Important Sent The Right Time The Rising Sign Also Gives Shape To The Body And It Also Gives Act To The Individual That Can Be Identified For Instance When You First Meet Someone You Will See Their Ascendant First Their Out Personality Help Mask In Public Their Math That’s That’s That That’s The Ascendant That You’ll See So For Instance On I Have A Leo Ascendant So That’s The Time So When People See My Presentations For Instance First Thing Like That First Thing They See When They See Santos Bonacci Is The Feline Energy Leo The Sun Right And It’s So A Lot Of People With The Leo Ascendant Really Get Get A Lot Of They Get A Lot Of Put It This Way The Leo Can Come Across As Arrogant And Confident And Very Feline You Know When A Cat Is Confident It You Know The Like King Of The Jungle Right So So These Guys When They When The Leo Is Their Son Sign They Really Really Enjoy The Limelight See So And These People Tend To Have That Glow About Them That That A Lot Of People Don’t Like It’s It’s Confronting And So This Is How The Ascendant Is Also Affecting Us Without Us Knowing So When You Blend The Three When You Blend The Three You Have A Good Idea Of The Father The Son And The Holy Spirit That Is Manifesting Through The Person This Is Why You Can’t Just Get Any Aquarian And Make Any Aquarian All Things Have To Be Equal You’ve Got To See Where The Other Planets Are Ma Mars Changes The Character Depending On Where It Is Jupiter You’ve Got To See Where Jupiter Is Where Saturn Where’s Mercury Where’s Venus So You Won’t Find Many People That Are Like In That Sense Because The Planets Are Moving Through The Zodiac At A Fast Rate Especially The Moon And The Moon Changes Things Dynamically Very Very Quickly We’re Going To Put This Out There Are Anybody’s In The Chat Room Or On Anybody Who Has A Question For Santos Bonacci You Can Call In At Area Code Seven Two Four Four Four Four Seven Four Four Four And The Pin Number Seven Eight Six Four Three And Then You Push Pound And We’ll Get You In Here To You Know Ask You Questions So Much More To Ask You Man We Got One Question Here And This Is Something That I’ve Been Kind Of Been On As Well The Whole Lucifer Thing How It’s A Challenge For A Lot Of People To Understand That Lucifer Is Not Satan According To The Scriptures And Lucifer Is Referring To The Light Bringer Which Is The Planet Venus And Also A Reference To Jesus As Well Can You Give Us A Little Information On That Yeah Lucifer Lucifer Is Many Characters Out Of The Elohim Lucifer Is Each One Of The Seven Eleven Because The Seventh Visible Planets Are Responsible For The Seven Colors That We See In The Spectrum In The Rape And They Are Responsible For All Those Other Sevens That Go On The Octave The New You Logged In For Instance You Say We Racked Out The Seminary To An Octave So We Refer To Octaves Of Things But We See Octaves Everywhere And But Lucifer Can Be The Sun Because Lucy Is Light Means To Carry So Lucifer Means To Carry Light Simple Son But Lucifer Is Also Venus When She’s A Morning Star And When She’s An Evening Star She Is Hesperus But That This Is Where Lucifer The Venus Falls When She Falls You Know Her Symbol Is The Pentagram And When That Graham Get Falls Not First That’s Venus Lucifer Falling So Can I Ask You This Whenever Lucifer Styling Is That When The Sun Is Rising Where Those Four Is Not The Brightest Star In The Sky Anymore When The Sun Rises Yeah Because That’s All The Other Planets They All Have To Go Away When In Fact In Fact That’s Never The Cup Venus Is Always Very Mercurial Venus Are Always Near The Sun So When You Look Up At The Sun At Midday You You Can Look To The Left Or To The Right And Venus And Mercury Will Be There But We Can’t See Them They’re Always There Always Near The Sun Always But We But During The Day We Can’t See Them So This Is How Lucifer Falls Lucifer All The Other Stars Ashamed When The Sun Comes Up See They Are Put To Shame That They Run And Flee In The Mythologies This Is This Is Perseus When He Slaves Medusa That’s That That’s The Starlit Night You See That’s The Sun Purchase Comes Up Rises Smashes Medusa’s Head Those Other Stars They All Have To Flynn Shame Because They Have Not Bought Their Own In The Presence Of The Sun The King Of The Heavens And This Is What Our Mythologies Are All About Nothing More Nothing Less So Jesus Is The Sun That Has A Bit Jesus Cannot Be Any Thing Else Mm-hmm I’m Justice Thomas We Have A Caller On Call Has Been Waiting Patiently I Believe We Have Matthew On The Line I Think Matthew Has A Question You There Matt Oh Yeah I Forgot Ma’am Pretty Good Actually Thank You Again For Having This Call On I Love Santa Yeah I Was Wondering Actually One Question Since You’re On The Loose First Thing What Do You Think About The Connection Between Nebuchadnezzar And Lucifer Like Is There A Connection There The Original Head Of Gold Yeah Look Knit Ezzor Of Course The The Biblical Nebuchadnezzar Which Seems To Correspond With The Historical Nebuchadnezzar But But Really Does Not Is Actually The Image That He Saw Is Actually The Image Of The Cycles That We Live In And You See When Nebuchadnezzar Was Struck For Seven Years And Became Like An Animal And Then His Kingdom Was Was Restored To Him He Said And He Saw The Vision Of The Tree That Was Chopped In And They They Put A Ring Around The Tree For I Think It Was Seven Tops The Times Of The Gentiles Anyway This Seven-year Period Of Being Like An Animal This Is Representing All Of Us Human Beings That Are Incarnated And We Become Like Animals Until Such Time As We Awaken You See And All This Is Just Imagery Of Our Ascension This Is All All The All The Books Are Talking About Just Is Outlawry Of How We We Are The Heroes That Pass Through You Know As The Sun Passes Through The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac We Also Are Completing The Law Of God We Have Come Filled The Law Of God The Wheel The Zodiac We’ve Come To Walk In It In The Flesh We Are Walking In The Twelve Signs In Fact Our Body Is Divided Into Twelve Segments From Areas At The Top Of The Head And Pisces At The Bottom Of The Feet And The Gossip The Top Because Nebuchadnezzar Nez’s Image Had A Head Well That’s Because The Sun The Head The Sun Exulting Aries Okay Silver Breast Well That’s Because The Moon Is In The Breast Cancer And Then You Have The Bronze Well That Refers To The Copper Of Venus In In In The Kidneys In Libra Venus Rules Libra And Libra Is The Kidneys And That’s Copper Or Brass That’s Interchangeable Brass And Copper Are Always Into Interchangeable In The Mythologies And Venus Is The Rule Of That Bat And Then The Iron Refers To The Feet Which Is Pisces The Iron Age And It’s Mixed Up With Clay And It’s Mixed And Unstable Well That’s What It’s Referring To It’s Referring To Us Going Through The Age Of Pisces And Being Transmuted But To Answer The Question About Lucifer And Nebuchadnezzar Yeah Nebuchadnezzar Falls Like Lucifer Falls Everything Falls Because Everything Is Cyclical And The Other Thing Which I Didn’t Finish To Say Is That Say Saturn Otherwise Known As Satan Is Because Saturn Has Also Fallen From His Walk Prime Position In The Solar System Which Was A Good Position And Somehow Was Dethroned By Jupiter And Placed In A Dark Cold Position In The Outer Limits Of A Solar System Where He Operation Is Harmful To Mankind Rather Than Beneficial And So This Is Why Lucifer Also Has Fallen In That Sense So All The Planets Take A Dive They All All We All Go Through Cycles It’s Just Talking About Cycles That’s All The Bible’s Talking About And How We Are The Main Character We Are Samson We Are A Isaac Jesus Take Your People Do You Got A Favorite Unmediated Favorite Yeah That’s Also Man That You Say That Because Just Personally Like Reading The Scriptures In The Past I Would Read Stories About The Fight That The Israelites Had With These Other Armies And Stuff Like That And As I Was Reading I Was Getting This Revelation Of Myself And How They Fought With Them Were And It Was A Picture Of An Obstacle That I Had To Face In My Life In The Same Way That They Fought With Those Other Nations And And They Had Snares Form And Things Like That Was Like Correlating The Synchronicity Was Amazing And It Happened Time Or Time Again Reading The Different Battles In The Old Testaments Were Like For Me When I Read It Illuminated Different Situations In My Life That I Was Going Through Man So That’s Definitely I Definitely Could See What You’re Saying As Far As You Are Each Character You Will Pass Through The Jordan You Do Have A Golden Calf That You Will Eventually Have To Bow Down To And Get Back Up To And Keep Walking And You Will Face The Giants And All These Things Man It’s Amazing It Is Amazing And When You Find This Out Then You Realize You Have The Mystic The Mystical Key You Have The Mystical Key And You Understand All Of The Mythologies Nursery Rhymes Legends Fairytales All Of Those Books You Have The Key Now And The Key Is Simple It’s All About The Stars And Astrology And It’s All About What’s Out There That We’re Not Paying Attention To We Have Been Diverted From The True Cascais We Have Been Diverted From This Knowledge And Ancient Wisdom That We Had Which Would Could Cure Us Could Heal Us And All The Wonderful Things That Benefits That We Derived From This Science It’s What Wonderful Science I Don’t Know How Many Times I’ve Done People’s Charts And And I Have Detected All Of Their Pretty Much All Of Their Physical Ailments And Been Able To Point Them To Sell Salts And Minerals That We’ll Be Able To Help Them Because This Science Is Infallible And Not Love I Don’t Have To Be A Doctor All I’ve Got To Do Is No Astrology That’s How Liberating This Is A And It’s Given Me So Much Power And To See The Power And Other People That Have That Have Take The Silseong And Had The The Chart Reading Done And They Write To Me Months Later Saying Santosh My Whole Life’s Been Transformed I Get These Letters Daily I See What Astrology Does Because I’m In Touch With It You Know When You’re Not In Touch With It When You’re Still Lingering About Not One Wondering Whether How To Tackle It I Would Not Any Longer It’s Time To Gratify The Horns And And Understand The Sighs Best Way To Do It Is What’s My Presentations If You Watch My Presentations You Will Be Introduced To Astrology Because It’s The Window To Astrology It’s How To Understand It It’s Based On Nature And If You Can’t Explain How Astrology Works You Can Never Control It And That’s What I Find With Astrologers They Got No Idea What It’s Based On What Does It Mean When The Sun Exalts In Areas No No Idea What Does It Mean That Um That Say Mercury Rules Virgo Or Gemini What’s The Difference How Does It Produced Different Effects I Mean These Are These Are Very Very Very Powerful Consciousness Changes Astrology Expanding The Consciousness To Not Limit There Is No Limit Once You Know This You Have The Key Forever To A Cleansing The Biology Let Me Ask You This You Said To A Check Out Some Of Your Work I’ve Checked Out A Lot Of Your Work Some Of It For Somebody Just Starting Out May Seem A Little A Little Advanced Where Would You Say Or What Which The Presentation Would You Recommend For Somebody Just Starting Out To Get The Basic Principles Now Which One Would You Recommend You Know I Can’t Really Say Because They’re All They’re All Similar There’s Not One That I’ve Done That Caters For First Time Viewers Really Although I Always Have First Time In Mind When I Do My Presentations And Though I Baby Them Down And I Really Really Dumb Them Down My Presentations You Know Not Not Ridiculously It’s Not Like Kindergarten But I Really Make Them Simple And And If Anyone Is Ready They Can Watch Any One Of My Videos And They Will Understand Them Because They Are Simple Enough They’re Deep On The One Hand There Dick But Explained Simply No Highfalutin Words No You Know No Registry Words I’m Using Words That We All Know And I’m Using Graphs That Are Simple And I’m Not Trying To Impress Anybody With My Knowledge I’m Just Pointing To Things Well That’s All I’m Doing You Know It’s None Of It’s My Thought I’ve Just Noticed It And So I’m Passing It Up You Know As I’m Just Saying Look At This I’m Pointing Through This Now And Here Is Nothing I’m Pointing To That Now And You Just Notice It That’s All You Do That’s All You’ve Got To Do It’s Not Not About In Brooklyn Aiding Yourself It’s Just About Watching Something You Know You Can Learn By Watching And My Presentations Are Designed In That Way So You’ve Got To Do Is Just Sit Back Just Watch Them Watch Them Back Just Watch Them Take The Information In And That’s The Best Way To Take Information In You Don’t Have To Believe Any Of It You Just Have To Know It So If I If I Had The Opportunity To Teach Languages Which I Have Done In The Past I Could Teach You And This Is Not A Boast This Is True I Could Take You To Speak Italian French Portuguese And Spanish In From One Hour To Two Hours You Can Meet The Solid Two Hours Of Your Time And I Promise You You Will Be Speaking Speaking Italian French Portuguese And Spanish In Two Hours So I And I’ve Done This I’ve Done This With Many People I Used To Teach Languages And I’ve Written Up A Program Which Will Absolutely Cause You To Speak Those Languages In Two Hours Time Now That’s How I Teach In My Presentations You Know I’m Using For Some People They Get Irritated With My Presentations Oh You Go Off On Tangents Oh You Go Deep Oh You Do This A Little Bit But So Many Attackers But I Use Techniques That Will If You Watch The Presentations You Will Look Wisdom And You Will Remember It You’ll Never Forget It Because That’s How I Design Them There’s A Lot Of Work That Goes Into That I Don’t Just Just Get Out There With A Blackboard And Hope To See What Happens You Know I Think Through My My Presentations Before I Do Them I Lose I Lose About A Week Of Sleep Every Time I Do A Presentation That’s Why I Always Look Tired In My Presentations Because I’ve Been Thinking About Them You See And They Are They Are Works Of Knowledge That’s All They Are They’re Not To Be Believed In They’re Just To Be Known It’s Wisdom That Needs To Be Known And It’s Minimum Wisdom That Needs To Be Known If You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know You Don’t Know Much Really Because It’s It’s Not Really That Deep Really I Think I’m I Haven’t Even Proceeded Out Of Grade One Yet You Know I Really Want To Do Great Two Or A Three Now So That’s Amazing Somebody Has A Question They Want To Know When Did You Get Started Discovering This Stuff And What Was Some Things That Turned You On To A Lady And Astronomy Very Well I’ve Always Paid Attention And Even Though I Was A Jehovah’s Witness For 22 Years Between Seen 83 And 2005 Right So I’ve Only Just Left The Job As Witnesses Right That’s We’re Talking Seven Years Ago The Last Time I Went To One Of Their Meetings But What I Studied The Bible I Learned Languages I Learned I Learned Everything I Know I Haven’t Been Anything By Anybody On This Planet It’s Also Taught Music I’m A Professional Musician I’ve Taught Myself How To Play The Guitar Other Instruments But I Make A Living From Playing The Guitar And I’m Self-taught The Sack With This I Was Always Into Theology I Believed In Enough Theology Is Important An Important Subject You Can It’s As Important As Law Health Science And All The Other Biggie’s Theology Is Important Look Up Church Yet Or Any Of The Churches No No No No No No Get Rid Of Them Walk Out Of Them Because They Are Deep In Deadly Poison They Are Clubs Common Yeah Ecology Theology Has Always Been Important To Me Since I Was A Little Child So I Studied The Dig Books And I Broke And I Cut My Teeth On A Book Called The Two Babylons By Alexander Hislop In The Early 80s The Two Rival Arms Sorry It Was Added Via His Book The Two Babylons Abalones Amazing Book Yeah My Version Of That Is Very Very Old And Marked Because I’ve Read That And Read That And Read That And What That And I Did That Because It Was The Only Source That I Had Really That Really Went Deep In Deciphering All The Symbols You Know Who Is Came Who Is Nimrod Who Is Able A Cyrus Dionysius And This Guy Did It Now I Didn’t Understand It Back Then I Didn’t And Any Of The Things That I Was Learning I’ve Only Understood Astrology And Astro Theology In The Last Seven Years That’s It I Woke Up Seven Years Ago And And I’ve Only Really Put All Of The Information That I’ve That I’ve Presented On My Presentations In The Last Two And A Half Three Years And That’s The Result Of Many Lifetimes Of Loving This Subject I Guess But But Also In This Lifetime I’ve Really Really Paid Attention Theology Means A Lot To Me And I Am Philosophy And I Really Want To Know I Am A Person Who Really Hungers To Know Not To Believe And Follow In It Just To Know You See So I Can Say To People You Don’t Need Belief To Speak English You Just Have To Not And That Knowledge Ease You Don’t Need To Believe It Oh I Don’t Believe In Astrology We Don’t Need To Moron You Need To Understand It You Need To Not Language You Know You Leave In Blues Guitar Or Run You Know Jack Ah It’s Just A Language You Might Not Like But It Does Make It A Pseudo Language You Know Blues Is Not A False Musical Expression Just Because The Jazz Musicians Say It Is Oh We Don’t Like So Just We Don’t Like Jazz Is The Bet Jazz Is All There Is We Blues As A Pseudo Music Form Only Exists A Bit More On If You Went Around Talking Like That Me We Allow Church Go To You Know Spread Bob Baer Stupidity Over Us When They Pontificate On Their High Horses That’s From The Girl That’s From The Damn Already It Has Our Dead Creepy Duck It’s Speak Like That And A Wheel I Totally Agree Once You Start Reading The Bible For Yourself And You Start Getting Into The Scriptures And You Start Finding Out There’s A Lot Of Stuff In There That They’re Not Telling You In In These Churches You Know On Many Different Issues And You Find Out That They Were Actually Telling You Lies And Anybody Wants To Throw The Witchcraft Card Around And Things Like That They’re Perpetuating A Witchcraft And A Higher Sense Than Anybody Claiming To Be A Witch Or Dealing With Any Type Of So-called A Cultic Practice Whenever They’re Taking The Truth In And Manipulating You With It And Are Blinding You With The Light That’s The Highest Form Of Sorcery And That’s What The Bible Condemns We And So We Still Have A Matthew In A Line I Believe He Has A Couple More Questions For You There Matt Oh Yeah Um Before I Ask The Next Question I Just Want To Say First Up I Shall Want To Apologize Because Just Like Derek Had Brought Up Earlier About People Like Saying That Anything Related To Ash Or Theology Is A Little Bit Naughty Propaganda And Whatnot I Used To Be One Of Those And Had Actually Spoken Against You A Couple Times Before Before My Awakening So Once Apologized For That But Ah Right Greggy Um My Next Question Is About Uh The Four Beasts Of Daniel And If You Believe They Pertain To The Four Gas Giants In Our Solar System And The Inhabitants Of The Gas Giant Or If They Are Other Entities Elsewhere Look That’s Possible But I Don’t Know Um Because You Must Remember That The Riches Have Seven Levels Of Meaning Otherwise They Would Never Qualify As Scripture That Would Always Just Be Ordinary Literature That’s How Gets To Be King Of The Mountain When It Comes To Scripture And And Why You Know It Has Been Revered Even Though Even Though You Know More Bloodshed Has Been Caused By That Book Than Any Other Book Because Of The Misunderstanding By The Moron To Think They Understand It They’re Just A Bunch Of Killers But But That’s Now Happy That Way That’s History And There Are Seven Let And So We’ll Be Talking About Beasts Now Like That Are The Beasts English For Instance When Daniel Speaks About The Here And Finding At The Ram That’s Fighting Against The Heat Goat You See Well That’s It He Devotes A Whole Chat Ram And The Goat Right And He Refers It’s Sort Of Pointing To Alexander The Great And Cyrus The Need Of The Persian So It’s Alluding To Then But If It’s In Fact Dealing With Aries The Ram In The Sky And Capricorn The Goat In The Sky Because Aries Sits On The Xbox Capricorn Sits On The Solstice It’s The Sheep In The Goats And And So Daniels His Hopes And The Beasts You Know And I Saw A Vision And I Saw A Beast And And It Looked Like This And It Looked Like That All These Beasts Are The Beasts In The Zodiac Because Because The Zack Is The Is The Timekeeper The Chronology Chronology Comes From Chronos Chronos Is Satin Old Man Time Astrology Is The You Know The Window Into The Past If You Like The Window Into The Future But It’s Always Telling The Now Yeah You See And This Is This Is The Only Thing The Only Thing That God God’s Mind Can Be Studied By Their Zodiac That’s The Mind Of God Because It’s God Mind Thinking The Divinity In The Dualistic World In The Electric World But It Gives You A Glimpse Of What God God’s Mind Knowing Is Like You See The Father Know He Who Knows The Son Knows The Father If You’ve Seen Me You’ve Seen The Father So So The Scriptures Are Beautiful In Describing Both Gods The Cause And The Effect God But Which The Ones That Can Differentiate Between The Two All Right Let Me Give This Question On The Chat Room And Then I’ll I Hand It Back Over You Met For Another One Guests In The Chat Room Says What The Santos Think About Transhumanism Uh It’s Just Another Disgusting Philosophy That The Elites Have Created To To Lead The Blind Astray You Know Um Humans And Machines Merging Into One Is Just An Obscenity It’s An Obscenity Not Not That We Are Not Going To Inherit A New Technological Age In The Future But It Won’t Be This Kind Of Technology At All And If It And If It Is Going To Be A Part Of Our Existence Like Many Extraterrestrial Races Have Very Advanced Technology It Will Be Technology That Is That Is In Rhythm With The Universe It Won’t Be Like You Know Your Smartphones That’s The Kind Of Champion Ism That The Illusive Have Concocted And Invictus It’ll Be The Car Is You Know Yeah Very Very Smart You Know Yeah Ah But Very Very Damning Time If I Can Comment On That As Well It’s Just One Of My Heartbeats As Well Right Now It’s The Whole Technology Thing Like I Love Technology I Use It To My Advantage And We’re Actually Talking Now Through A Form Of Technology And I’ve Got Skype Running And The Websites Pulled Up And Connected With A Lot Of People Right Now Listening To This And Then It’s Going To Be On Youtube As Well In The Future So I Mean Technology Has Benefits But The Thing That Really Gets Me Is To Understand The Age That We’re In Right Now The Time Of Kali-yuga Where They Is Prophesied That Man Would Use Machinery To Fight Against God So Here We See Using Something Like The Internet For Example A Worldwide Web That You Can Access Any Information Whether You Google It Any Type Of Term Any Reference And Learn How To Speak A Language Learn How To Do Anything Learn How To Look Up Your Family Tree Whatever The Case Is And It’s It What It Is It’s A Picture Of What The Shamans Would Do Is They Would Go Into The Spirit Realm And Be Able To Access Information Themselves As Well They Would Be Able To Go Into A Trance-like State And Bring Forth Information Through Prayer And Through Meditations And Things Like That So We See Technology Almost Being A A Replica Of This This Web That’s Already There Much Also Like You Have The Global Brain In The Global Brain The Global Brain Meaning Everyone Is Connected And You Can Feel Like It’s A If You Walk In A Room And You Have Senses Where The Bible Calls It The Discernment Of Spirits Where You Walk Into A Room And You Can Feel What The Spirit Is In There With Some Of Somebody’s Having A Hard Time You Can Actually Feel That If You’re Sensitive And You Know When Somebody’s Going Through A Hard Time You Know When Your Friends About To Call You Who You Haven’t Talked To In Six Months And Then You Think Of Them And Then They Call You And The Reason That Is Is Because You’re Like We’re All Connected And We’re Totally Getting Away From That And Moving Towards A Mockery Of It Or An Expansion Of It Through Something Like Facebook Where We’re All Connected Through Social Media When Somebody Has An Alert When Somebody’s Going Through A Rough Time Whatever The Cases They’ll Tweet About It Put It On Facebook And There You Have That There Web What Do You Think About That Yeah The End That This Is A Beautiful Network That We Have And In The Future This Will This Concept Will Will Continue But In In With Technology That Is Not Harmful To Us Because You Know Our Computers Are All Every Single Computer That That Exists Is Is Very Very Very Harmful And Yes We Get All Those Benefits And That’s Great But All We Have To Do Is Just Change The Way We Make These Machines And They Will Not Be Harmful And So When This System She’s Governed By Money Falls Which Will Be In The Next Few Weeks It Will Have It Will Fall And And It Will Be Replaced By A System Of True Currency Which Massacres Of These Machines Will Have To Revert To Em With Technology That Is Not Harmful And We Have Technology We Have It So Look The Future The Future We Are May Yet And We Can Weaken To All Of The Pot The Negative Things Into Positives In The Near Future If The Raping Of The Earth We Can Stop That Instantly Absolutely Instantly Without Any Consequences On This Planet And We Can Revert To Free Energy Within Probably Wouldn’t Take More Than A Week To Get The Whole World On Free Energy You Know There’s A Lot Of Potential A Lot Angel And Romaine Sing And We’re Right At The Threshold Now So Ok Things Are Going To Manifest Really Quickly From Now On It’s Not Like You Know It’s 2005 And And We’re Talking About 2012 As That Was You Know Seven Years Away Now Now The Crunch Is On We Are Witnessing It We Are Right At The Threshold And We Are Going To Witness Some Big Big Changes And We’ll Know How Good We Are Because We Are The Creators Of This Change So We Need To Really Be Kick Next Couple Of Weeks Be Careful With Things Like You Know Doing The Wrong Thing Or I Would I Would Be Staying Away From Places Of Trouble Getting Out Of Trouble Metric Ating Concentrating Staying Focused For The Next Few Weeks You Know And And Really Having Good Intent For What To Come Be Positive About It And Have Good Intent Because Our Good Intent Will Actually Manifest Something Good Because Guess Guess Whose Time To Manifest Something Evil The Soulless Ones We Were Going To Perdition They Are Still Happy You Know And They Are Manifesting As Much Hard As We Are You Know There They Are And Efficient So But We The Children Of The Light We Have To Conquer What They Are Manifesting And What We Are Manifesting Will Reveal Itself In The Next Few Weeks I Agree Ramesh Do This And Then I Hand It Back Over To Matt Well How Much Of Hate Mail Do You Get Trolls Out There Sending You Hate Mail And Messages And Kind Of Discourage You And Kind Of Hack Your System And Things Like That Not Really No I’ve Been I’ve Been Sort Of I’ve Been Protected By From These Morons I I Anticipated Two Years Ago When I Started Down This Path I Anticipated That I Would Be Constantly Barraged By Hate Mail And It Never Happened Because I Think That A Lot Of You Know Good Hearted People That Are Still Trapped In Churches That See My Presentations And You Know Switch Them Off Because It Conflicts With What They’ve Been Taught I Think That They Can See That I’ve Put A Lot Of Evidence In There And A Lot Of Proofs And I’m Not Talking About And I Haven’t Just Botched Up Some Presentations And And I’m At A Sound And That They’re Going To Stack Up The Information Is Going To Stack Up I Everything I’ve Presented Stacks Up It Absolutely Stacks Up There’s No Scientists Or Religious Type The Pope Will Not Come Along One Day And Debunk Me It’s Not Going To Happen There’s Not Science There’s No If That Can Properly Debunk What I’ve Presented It’s Impossible Because It’s Based On What We Collectively Know I’ve Just Pulled It See If I Say To You For Instance Okay So Far If I Say To You To Say Hello In Italian You Say Bon Giorno Now Are You Going To Debunk That Is There Any Way Of Debunking That Someone Comes Along Says Are What A Hogwash Sound Off That’s Bon Jordan You Know How Do You Know That’s Italian Where Did You Get That From Etcetera Etcetera You Can’t So There’s Not So People Don’t Attack Me Because What I Present In My Videos Is What They Already Know Correct And You Know If They Really Honestly Do Their Soul-searching They Will Realize That What I’m Talking About Is Stuff That We All Know It’s It’s Nothing You Know I’m Not A Magician Pull Out Of The Skies It’s I’m Pulling It Out Of What We All Know Every One Of Us Don’t Agree So Matt I’m Going To Hand It Back Over To You Man You Got Another Question Yeah Um I Can Understand If You Want To Not Speak Too Much On This Because When I’ve Done Research On It And Dug In As Deep As Possible I’ve Been Censored And Had Entire Research Papers Just Deleted From Stable Servers So I Know There Are People Out There Trying To Suppress Some Of This But I Was Wondering What More You Could Tell Us About The About Saturn And The Influences Of Saturn Both Energetically And And With Its Inhabitants And The People Who Worship The Inhabitants Of Saturn What More Can You Tell Us Esoterically About That Planet Um Well If You Follow Great I’ll Call Teachers Like Thomas H Burgoyne Which Is The One That All Is Presenting My Presentations Talks About How Have All Lived On The Various Planets In The Solar System In Our Various Incarnations In This Cycle Necessity So Both You And I Have Lived In Saturn We Met In The Plant Or Near In The Minute But But But We From This Solar System We Have Lived On Other Planets In Other Kingdoms The Four Kingdoms The Mineral The Plant The Animal And The Human And Chuck Actually Lived On Planets As Humans And A Now Trapped On This Planet Earth And And So But As For Who Is Now Living In Venus And Ma That And Etc I Don’t Know You Know I Mean I Don’t Know In The In That I Haven’t Really Spent A Lot Of Time Investigating And Researching That So I Can’t Really Speak Authoritative Lee On That Subject But One Rest Assured There Are There Are Entities There There Are Creatures There And The Stuff That Nasa Tells You That’s All That’s All You Know That’s Just Ridiculous Ridiculous Lies But But Creatures Do Exist There In Fact The Planets Are You Know That Jupiter Is Just A Bunch Of Spiritual Angelic Creatures Ruled By The One Which Is An Archangel Called Ariel If I’m Not Mistaken Satin Is Cassiel The Sun Is Michael The Moon Is Gabriel Ma Sammael Etc So So There It’s All Creatures It’s Also It’s All Everything Is Emanating See It’s The Word It’s The Word Of God Remember That Spring Vibration Let’s Sound That Comes From The Spring Which Is The Effect Of The Stillness That’s What The Word Explore Says And The Word Was Made Flesh It’s Talking About How How The Sound So I’m At Produces All The Forms The Flesh Because There Really Is No Flesh There’s No Flesh In Existence At All It’s All Motion But It’s Called Flesh Because In This Dimension We Can We Can Touch It It’s Gross And So And We Feel It And See Our Senses That Are Trapped And Limited Can Actually Perceive You Call That Flesh You See But This Is The Word Made Flesh It’s The Sun All The Planets In The Solar System That May See Through Their Sound If You Could Hear The Sound You Know The Singing Of The Spheres If You Could Hear The Sound That Emanates From Venus And Mars And All Those Planets Respectively You Wouldn’t Understand What’s Going On That It’s Produced By Sound Which Is A Frequency Of Light And That’s What Bible Means I Am The Light Of The World And The Word Of God The Logos Word Is The Sound It’s All About Sound And Electricity Creating Everything So What Is The What Does What Element Does Saturn Create Really What Setting This Capricorn Earth That He Also Rejoices And Extol In Aquarius He Also Rules Aquarius Which Is A Very Sign And Libra He Exalts In Libra Which Is An Air Sign But That Makes Detrimental In Fire Signs So When Saturn Is Found In Say Aries For Instance Not Good Not Good So When You Do Your Chart And You Look For Where Satan Is Hope That He Is In Air Or Earth Because Otherwise He Will Have A Negative Influence On That Sign Is Because His Vibration Does Not Gel With Them With The Water I Was Not Bad In Water But Very Bad In In Fire But Best In Earth And So And That Is The Molecule And Earth Is Matter And That’s Why Saturn Rules Matter Because He Coagulates He Congregates And Brings Together Into Forms He Makes Forms See And And Saturn Is The Farthest Of The Planets In The Solar System He Is The Old Man In The Bible He Is Abraham Abraham Had A Wife Who Sometimes Sit Well The Wife Is The Moon You See Seth You Nine And A Half Years To Orbit The Moon Takes Twenty Nine And A Half Days To Orbit They Are Considered To Be Abraham And Sarah And When When The Mean Is In Conjunction With Fat Satin That Means That They Are Mapped In Apical Sarah His Wife But When The Moved Away From Satin In And She’s In The Other Signs That’s When She Is His Sister And That’s Why When Abraham Goes Down To Each Of The Introduces Sarah As His Sister Well That’s It’s All Astrology It All Goes Back To The Principle Of Principles Of Astrology But You Need The Mystic Key This Is Why Jesus Said Woe To You Lawyers You Have Thrown Away The Key Is The Keys Of Knowledge And You Hinder These Little Sheep From Going In You Hindi Yourselves And The Little Shit And The College Are The Keys That They Should Have Never Forgotten And That Is Astro Theology The Theology That Comes From The Stars Astrology Um I Have One Last Quick Question I Know That Or If You Can’t Answer This Because Of Oaths Or Whatever I Understand But I Was Wondering If You Could Give Any Hints Towards The Proper Planetary Associations With The Kabbalistic Tree Of Life Because I Know That Most Of The Stuff Out There On The Internet Today Has Them In The Wrong Order And That’s On Purpose And You Shed Any Light On The True Associations Yeah Stock Bottom With Mel Couth That’s The Earth And And Then Just Work Your Way Up In You Work Your Way Up The Tree Using The Tal Make Astrology Where The Sun Is In The Middle Of The Seven Okay So You Go Up So You Go The Next Is The Moon Then Mercury Then Venus Then The Sun Then Jupiter Set Uranus Neptune And Those At The Top You Can So That’s From The Bottom From From Now The Earth And Then You Go Upward In That Order That I Go Alright We’re Coming Up On Two Hours Now Manna Thanks So Much For Every Day I Want You To Give Your Websites And Everything But People Can Research Your Work And Watch Your Videos That Yeah Youtube Handle Is Mr. Astro Theology One Word And Website Is Universal Truth School Dot-com Thanks So Much Man We Got It We Got A Lot Covered And Tried To Keep It On A Basic Principle Question Because Like A Lot Of People Ask Me Questions Or Whatever Like Really Into Like The Abc Type Stuff So I Try To Keep It I’ve Grounded As I Could And You Answered A Lot Of Questions Man Thanks So Much For You Know Spending Time With Us Thanks For Having Me Guys Thank You Very Much All Right No We Will Have Next Week I Believe I Know I Said Last Week But We Will Have Bill Beam On Next Week And You Guys Definitely Wanted To Check Out That Show We’re Going To Be Talking To Him He’s Been Dealing With Spirits And Ghosts And Things Like That His Whole Life And Confronting Demons Even As When He Was A Child He Was Harassed By Demons In His House And Had Hooded Figures Approached Him As A Child And Things Like That He Got Involved In Church And And You Know Had Physical Encounters With With Real-life Entities And Things And He’s Got A Couple Books Out Talking About His Life And How He Helps People You Know Get Free From These Things And He Just Been You Know Doing All The Interviews And Lectures And Things Like That Moving On And He Was Approached By The 700 Club They Did A Documentary On Them They Came Out To His Place And Did A Documentary And And I Filmed Him And Did This Whole Excerpt And They Were Supposed To Air It In November Well I Know This Was Aired In October They Didn’t Air It In October Then They They Emailed Him And Said Were Aired In November Well They Didn’t Aired In November And They Just Sent Him An Email And Said We’re Not Going To Be Able To Air Your Segments Because Of Your Religious Beliefs And Because Not Only Does Bill Be Research Demonology And Biblical Demonology For That Matter He Also Has A Lot Of Research And Photos And Things About Ufos With That Phenomenon And Because They’ve Seen The Ufo Stuff On His Site And Heard Some Of His Lectures They Went Ahead And Pulled The Segment And Not Even Going To Show It So We’re Gonna Have Him On Next Week Talking About That And That’s Going To Be Interesting So Thanks Everybody For Listening And Tuning In And We Will Be Back Next Week For Another Show So Thanks Everybody Calling In Everybody In The Chatroom Shalom If You Want To Support The Show Today’s Podcast Is Brought To You By With Over 180,000 Titles To Choose From For Your Iphone Android Kindle Or Mp3 Player You Can Get A Free 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