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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah does a live Q&A with the chat and speaks about The Scapegoat and The Whipping Boy. There are many examples of people stepping out of the social norm and losing everything that they worked hard to build. In this episode I talk about Roseanne Barr getting let go from her show which quickly became the number one show on television with its reboot in 2018 after twenty years. She woke up in the middle of the night supposedly out of a Ambien and alcohol induced sleep and tweeted about former President Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett. When Roseanne woke up the next morning her tweet had made headlines and she soon after got a call from ABC letting her know that her Services were no longer needed. Roseanne says that the Tweet was meant to be a political tweet but everyone disagreed and said that it came off racist. There is this weird thing on the inside of humans that loves to see people rise to power and fame and then fall flat on their faces back down to join the rest of society at the bottom. We’ve also seen this with Logan Paul the famous YouTuber who took a trip to Aokigahara to visit Japan’s famous suicide forest. He went there to Vlog and camp out and maybe shoot a creepy video and ended up finding a dead body hanging from one of the trees deep inside of the forest. He filmed the body and turned his vlog into somewhat of a PSA for suicide prevention but as soon as the upload went public there was immediate backlash. YouTube cut his earnings in half many brands that he was affiliated with immediately pulled out and social media went crazy as everyone had something to say about Logan and his despicable act. Logan Paul comes off as very obnoxious and annoying and many adults can’t stand him but he has been a big hit with children and teenagers. People almost seemed to be waiting for Logan to fall from grace and lose everything that he had worked so hard to build, there was a lot of anticipation and the people finally got what they wanted. All the other YouTubers and bloggers went in on Logan about why he’s a bad person, why he should be banned from YouTube and how he should never be forgiven. The people rejoiced. There are countless other stories where celebrities and historical figures rise to power and then fall from grace and the people love it. Oftentimes the people who fall are destroyed by the same ones who lifted them up to that platform to begin with. They show their love, give support adorning them with adoration but the moment they say or do something outside of what the people are used to or believe they are quickly made an example out of. Jesus was killed by his own people that he came to save, the same with Martin Luther King, JFK and Malcolm X. Sometimes this is done unto death as in those cases but in this weird Information age that we’re in now it’s done socially and digitally as in the case of Alex Jones. Alex Jones had taking his Free Speech a little bit too far with crazy conspiracy theories and a little bit too much influence over the itching ears of the people. He said some things that made a lot of people mad and ended up getting deplatformed from all of the major social media outlets, email providers and other private owned companies that are used to distribute content. With the push of a button they deleted all of his uploads, affiliates and advertisers backed out and again with the push of a button the majority of his existence outside of his personal website was gone. Again, when this happened the people rejoiced. I read a book when I was younger in school called The Whipping Boy and it was about this beggar kid who was made to stand in proxy to receive the punishment of a young prince to be. Since he was royalty no one would lay a hand on him so they would bring in The Whipping Boy in to whip him and give him the punishment that belonged  to the prince. This is also adamant in the story of Christ where the people deserve to be punished for their sins but yet Christ goes to the cross and takes their punishment upon himself. This is also shown in the Old Testament in the form of the scapegoat as well as the sacrificial lamb. Most people do not want to take responsibility for their own actions but will stand in a moment to blame others for their own mistakes and wrongdoings. It is a weird fascination with murder, floggings and misery that humans have, even if we cannot do it in our own life to other people we love to watch it on television in sitcoms and soap operas. Just like in the lyrics of the Tool song Vicarious, people love, need and feed off of death and murder even from the comfort of their own homes.

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anyway and so if you guys have any questions or something you want to bring to the table be sure to let me know in the comment section here on YouTube and I try to jump to as many of these questions as I can I got something that I want to present so this may poke some interest for you guys as well so uh it’ll be good so good morning to everybody hanging out with us live we’re a little bit early today I got somewhere I have to be in a little while so I figured I’d do this one a little early um yeah shout out to everybody holding us down right now in the chat already already popping off good morning guys Chanel Renee Ruiz Jared Chris bars Kris garner and everybody else who’s about to join us as well I wanna say a quick shout out to all the patreon supporters as always I could not do this show without your faithful support so again thank you guys for from the bottom of my heart for this support this show is listen or support it so thank you guys for doing that give a shout out to some of 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take advantage of that with that being said I’m just gonna say thank you again shout out to everybody in the chat more people joining us now Christy Lee can he ride out Jonathan Santiago thank you guys man you guys are awesome I love y’all so we’re gonna get into this discussion here this is something I’ve kind of been thinking about for a while the whole whipping-boy scapegoat aspect I’ve talked about it a little bit on the persona little documentary that I made going into the scapegoat of having someone else take the punishment for you having someone else carry your sin now you do something bad but somebody else gets punished right there’s that that whole aspect and so I remember when I was a kid there was a book we had to read in school I don’t remember much of the book but I do remember the basis of the book was the whipping boy that was the name of it and it was about they had this kid who when one kid did something bad they whipped the other kid like the other kid took the punishment that’s something that we as humans we want to see people suffer we want an easy way out there’s this weird thing man there’s a tool song called vicarious and it talks about how we want to you know be these good cookie cutter people in a sense but we love to see murder death and all of these bad things happen to people on television you know we watch The Walking Dead we’re following these people we the zombies people getting killed and all just all of the crazy stuff that we watch on TV that we’re obsessed with and some of the most meek mild mannered people or into some of the most sadistic crazy stuff that we love something within us loves to see that stuff and it’s just this innate thing almost like when you’re driving past a a car accident right and you’re trying to look I mean that’s the whole rubbernecking thing what happened what happened what’s going on you want to see something even know when they’re holding up like I’ve been there in the past and they holding up the black sheet you know because someone died and you’re trying to look behind the sheet what are they trying to hide from us they want to see it it’s crazy man like looking at people who that you know are train wreck like you know that they’re about to crash that’s what you know you can call them a crash dummy crash test dummies right they just there’s a term we call them they crash out you bout to do something stupid and everybody knows it and you’re not gonna take any advice you’re gonna crash out people like to watch it’s the weirdest thing where people will support you people will have your back promote you until you start speaking another language until you get too big set up you’re getting too big we warned you and then those same people who supported you at one time wish and hope for your demise they hope for your downfall and they’re secretly like getting the popcorn wanting to vicariously watch you fall while they’re living and having a good life they want to see you fall sit up told you it’s essentially the misery loves company idea right we love to see people doing worse off than we are it’s this weird thing man so I wanted to go into that a little bit with a couple of examples really that in its kind of taking place in the media one is a big one with Roseanne Barr right you know I’ve talked about this I like her platform she lost her entire platform by sending one tweet she sabotaged it all with one tweet and how we’re just in this weird place of all the social justice warriors and people are looking for somebody to attack like they’re looking to make an example out of people to say things that offend them up he said this let’s screenshot it let’s let people know and let’s go against them and they’ll stop at nothing until they see your downfall until they see your demise Roseanne Barr for those of you who don’t know ended up making a tweet about this lady and said something about she looked like someone from the Planet of the Apes all of this kind of stuff anyway people got mad and said that she was making a racist tweet that she tweeted I made fun of the ladies race supposedly Roseanne said that she thought that the lady was a white woman blah blah blah fair game comes and find out the lady was black and then you’re calling her a monkey all of this kind of stuff dates pulled Roseanne from everything dee platformed her essentially from her show that has her name right the Roseanne Barr show really you know come out I believe was in the when it came back here recently I believe it was ABC when it came back the numbers were amazing like the numbers were doing really good and the show was phenomenal they did a season of that I believe they signed on for a second season but this is where the tweet happened everybody turned their backs on her all of her co-workers all of her people they you know you can’t associate with that person because if you’re friends with her you’re a racist or you support a racist or whatever the case is she’s tried to apologize and say that I was taken out of context she didn’t mean that they didn’t want to hear that they didn’t want any explanation they want to kill you they want date they’re waiting with the popcorn wanting to see you fall it is it’s just really weird so she’s been on multiple podcast and doing her own thing trying to apologize and make sense of it supposedly she was on ambien and had some drinks mixed with it and then left the tweet out and you know she’s just trying to make sense of it all I know it’s a really bad place to be I got to be on top and now you’re at the bottom of the barrel right so anyway the show was carrying on without her she was just on a Joe Rogan podcast and they said well what do you think they’re trying to say like why are they gonna continue to show she’s like well I she said I think they want me to kill myself I think they want me to OD like you’re gonna take my show from me didn’t carry on without me it has my name the show was about my family right all of this kind of stuff allogram posted in the comments right now she says Kathy Griffin Oh Kathy Gifford Griffin I think so you mean though Kathy Griffin right held the head of Trump right took those pictures trying to make a political statement Trump is the scapegoat for a lot of people on the left he’s the reason why this is bad he’s the reason why that’s bad on the other hand the Conservatives you know years ago were pointing at Obama Obama’s I remember then he was campaigning people saying Obama was the Antichrist Obama is this America is going downhill because of Obama you always want to point the finger at something it’s almost like the whole thing where people want to know your religious affiliation they want to know your political affiliation they want to know how they can label you what box do you belong in and then trust me we blow people’s minds not only me I know you guys are doing it to resonate for a reason we’re not gonna fit in any box it’s like are you a Christian or your mystic or you’re a New Ager what are you so I’m a little bit of all of it put together but we blow people’s mind because they’re trying to put us in a box but they can I just answer some comments on YouTube yesterday someone was want to know about my music they really liked it but they’re like what the hell am i listening to is what is this is I’m hearing a little bit of everything well that’s what it is it’s it’s eclectic we already collect it we’re not just this we’re not just that we defy the odds we come out of the box and take the labels off of ourselves and find ourselves walking in through and true authenticity that’s what it’s about and so just the whole thing with with her trying to kill her trying to make an example they trying to make an example out of her that if you get out of line this will happen to you if you get out of line now I’m telling you hey I’m an example in the church realm if you get out of line we’re gonna mark you literally if you get out of line if you you know and in the end it’s a natural thing right people are naturally doing this you know you have someone I mean obviously in a religious sect or any a political sect if someone you haven’t agreed-upon list of beliefs or ideologies and then you have someone who’s like yeah we’re gonna change things up a bit don’t really believe that or that I’m calling BS on it this isn’t true you become a problem for that organization so they have to mark you they have to get rid of you whether it’s a job site no matter where you are trying to operate within that box operate within that parameter you become a problem they have to get rid of you in a religious setting they have to get rid of you what are you talking about you telling people to think for themselves telling people to study for themselves the pastor studies the pastor is the man of God over me like he goes to God I don’t have to go to God he goes to God that’s hyper deal right um and I wanted to talk about the Rose Ann thing just because like I seen this I’ve been while I watched her interview the other day with Joe Rogan and then I seen this morning they put out the little trailer on YouTube and Facebook of the new show the connors they renamed the show the connors that’s gonna carry on with out Roseanne and then they’re gonna kill off our character and it’s weird to read the comments like the comments on this stuff is just going 9 didn’t nothing where people are like yeah killer killer we can’t wait for this episode like whether it’s the leftist agenda because like Roseanne is a trump supporter she’s into conspiracy theories all of these type of things she’s openly endorses Trump and that’s part of it too we’re gonna make a mockery of you it is it’s proven that Hollywood is straight leftist all of your movies them censoring religious or right-wing media on YouTube and on Facebook through throttling your post I got 14,000 plus fans on Facebook they’ll let 30 people see my post third and that’s organic that is crazy but you could post a cat video and they let everybody see it right even with that they’ve been they started labeling your profile you can if you don’t guys don’t know about this you can go into your settings face but you haven’t picked your label Facebook has labeled you because of the articles that you’ve liked in the articles that you’ve shared in the the websites that you visited all of these things they have they have a label on you you can go and see it it’s not secret anymore you can go in to see it’ll say that you’re mostly this or mostly that or right-wing conservative with a little bit like it’s there so they know what to show you what type of ads to place upon you and know how much reach that you need like there is an agenda there literally is an agenda the ones who do the technology the ones who create all the apps all this stuff they’re leftist men straight up now you can’t deny it and there’s so much there’s there’s so much research out there now where they’ve come open about it they’re talking about it so it’s crazy and rosanne being a trump supporter moving in Hollywood maybe that was the thing let’s get her to show let’s bring her in and let’s just cut her head off she won’t support Trump she’s coming here and flaunting you know Trump is Trump is the whipping boy right for racism dude ain’t even racist but he’s the symbol for racism that is weird in itself like Trump isn’t a bigot Trump isn’t a white nationalist but like man all of the racist and all of the extremists and Ku Klux Klan and all these people came out and felt like they had a person in the White House campaigning for them somebody who represented them so he became their scapegoat he became their spokesman Trump’s gonna bring us back we finally got the black out now do we got a white man in office now we finally have a voice like some weird stuff that’s going on man and the dude don’t even I don’t even think Trump is a racist man although the rapper’s all the hip-hop heads like they’ve always mentioned him he’s shown up in rap videos and in movies throughout his career and stuff like that like he’s always been a person who was for the people it was never no Trump at the race to stay away from him and he’s doing this to black no he just became this weird scapegoat that he doesn’t even fit the role for that is weird man that is weird and that kind of moves into like what I’m talking about as far as like we we don’t we don’t represent ourselves anymore once you have a platform once you are known for something you’re like a symbol your assemble I’m not Derrick troussier anymore I’m the guy who does this I am the guy who talks to aliens I’m the guy who leaves the church I’m the guy who’s pursues his dreams like you represent something different for everybody everybody has a preconceived notion and you are playing a different role to that person some people see me as a friend some people see me as an enemy some people see me as a threat whatever it’s like I am whatever you know you want me to be right become all things to all men essentially and that’s not just me as I’m not putting myself on a pedestal but this is all of us you represent something to someone else that you don’t even know you don’t even know you know and you know I have friends who you know I’ve thought about this before they come to me said man how do you how do you survive through all the controversy and all the people backbiting and gossip and slandering your name and all this and circles just like these people don’t come to me about this stuff I don’t know much about the only thing I know is what you guys tell me like you know I’m saying job had my friends they come to me and say hey so I’m so Papa bah and all of social I don’t I don’t know this stuff unless you come to me and I can’t deal with that like it used to bother me it really did it used to bother me that people felt this type of way or people felt that type of way and people would make post or comment on myself and say man people say this about your man but I really believe in you and you’re this and ads like look would you how am I supposed to feel like I can’t deal with it’s like if they don’t come to me that’s backbiting slander and gossip same for you it’s backbiting slander and gossip and God hates it Jesus condemned it if you got a off with somebody you got to go to that person you don’t go to their friends you don’t go to their family you don’t go to the leadership the board you got to go to that person you start like spreading rumors and stuff this how the church holds act like it is crazy it got sold like a bunch of old women and we’ve all been caught up in something similar you know it I’m RIA you on this chat right now and you’ve all dealt with similar things I know it so I’ll be the I’ll try to express it I’ll be authentic and tell you what it feels like and tell you that it’s okay and tell you that you’re not with what the labels people try to put a put on you your you’re not you don’t have to like go in those boxes and say this is what I am even though I feel this way but I have to because only people around me or white conservatives or whatever the case is you be authentic whatever it is it’s crazy and I’m gonna get back on the roads anything at all it all fits in but I was even on Facebook this morning man and seeing teal Swan the big spiritual leader right built her own platform you know all this kind of stuff she did a video last night or this morning and she has all of her people her fans are like coming at her because now she has kind of changed roles from just being the spiritual guru to just be until Swan the motivator and she is she said that she has taken the term spiritual out of her vocabulary and she’s not going to be branding using that term because people have a preconceived notion of what being spiritual is and it’s hard for her she’s trying to overcome you know she’s a regular person who were regular desires and you think that a spiritual person is like up here we’ve because we haven’t seen of like the vulnerable side of spirituality we think that the pastors the preachers the Pope’s the priests all these people are on this high pedestal they wear the garments they wear the robes they carry themselves dignified but we don’t know that they put their pants on one leg at a time as well they don’t wake up and just run and jump in their pants one leg at a time these are regular people and so when we understand that the duality that there’s two sides of us you know what I’m saying that’s light and dark and all of it has to coexist and when you really will find pieces when you have a balance with the two and be okay and not beat yourself up not you know I’m saying act like you don’t like certain things whatever the case you got to understand that you’re human men you’re gonna mess up we’re gonna have these crazy feelings desires we’re learning as we go most of the examples that we’ve had have only had a piece of the truth but act like they’ve had it all together so we’re still trying to figure it out as we go it muddies up the water a little bit it makes things a little bit more difficult but as we’re stepping out in authenticity we are spiritual beings but we are carnal we do mess up you know those things we do like to have fun we like to go see movies we like to tell jokes I like see people laugh all this up and be okay with that I like video games you know to be okay with that and not act like a spiritual person is this or spiritual person is that to act like you have to be into those type of things till Schwan’s going through that now I went through it you know I guess a part of me is still always going through it but I went through it till Swann’s going through it and she’s open and she’s losing supporters and losing fanbase and then some people love it some people like it they like the authenticity they believe in her you know all of that kind of stuff and um but that’s like that’s the safe space is to be authentic and not hide anything or not play the hypocrite it’s the one who wears too many masks like oh that’s not me or I’m wearing a mask I’m playing a role of a person when we look at ourselves that we we play many roles in this play but we’re open and honest about it you don’t have to hide anything like the what-you-see-is-what-you-get and I’m telling you there’s a power and a peace in that and being authentic and I’ve seen people come out of religion and come out of bondage when they when they stop caring what what people think you know the opinions of men did well my pastor thing what will my family think what will my co-workers think what will my Boston you worry about all these people and you need to be worried about what would the father think father didn’t create you and put these desires in you I had to come to turn man’s like why do I feel this way but I can’t be myself in these church circles and I feel like I have to put on a suit and perform for these people they want this version of me well we don’t like that other version only this version only that you know we see that when people are stripped from their positions man and it happens in churches when they find out that you are regular person when you’re playing on the worship team and they find out that you have a pornography problem they strip you they mark you hey this guy can’t be here they tell people you know they strip roseann they strip people all the time when you’re not performing the way that they want you to perform like you’re at a job performance based religion performance based Christianity that’s not what it’s about man that goes against who God has created you to be that goes against what God has put within you you’re trying to be something that you’re not and I went through that and I had like I fasted and prayed and really did spiritual warfare like why am I still drawn to this stuff like I’m almost going crazy because this stuff is pulling me towards it I’m fasting I’m praying I’m seeking God I’m destroying anything that doesn’t look Christian in my home I’m getting rid of all kind of books I’m breaking ties with people I’m doing all of this stuff all of this stuff so that maybe I will be accepted in the circles and I would do it and I just wouldn’t feel right man I felt like I was selling myself out that I can fit in those circles but it wasn’t me and it would always come back all of it like I deleted all my music I deleted my pages and deleted Facebook’s all this of like everybody comments on my music videos now and they’re like man this should have more mute this should have more views it may be a video with nine thousand ten thousand fusion like man this should have more views there was a time where those videos had 40,000 views I deleted him Ari uploaded them and then they got another 40,000 and I deleted him now it’s you know two three years five years past and he only got five thousand nine thousand views so people like me and more people should know about you well you know I had to go through that that was part of my journey it’s part of some of your journeys but maybe in hearing this and in the authenticity of my experience and being open and honest with it maybe it will save you some heartache of trying to people please of playing to the masses preaching to the choir you know what I’m saying it’s your own experience man and in the things that you just have to know who you are man you have to know thyself and whatever journey that is I’ve seen people make that journey through addiction and it come to finally know themselves so you know what I can’t be around this type of people I can’t be around that I can’t be in this situation I can’t go to the bar room I can’t I know those people and that they’re they figured it out and they know themselves and you have to go through different things just to come to an understanding to know yourself Rene Ruiz says uh I remember I’m assuming you’re talking about the music and stuff yeah it’s cool so uh Vinnie it looks like Vinnie here says uh their fake persona of being perfect and different is so frustrating be real be flawed yep you know it’s the thing you feel that way I mean come on in the spiritual community and you sometimes you know like man if I say that if I say how I really feel I’m gonna be I’m not gonna be light like you know you you know group of people you know I and you know Vinnie you know you a lot of people are vegans you’re like man if I mentioned that I I’m not a vegan I’m gonna be in trouble you know what I’m saying let me just keep my peace you know things you believe in but at the same time pick your battles wisely don’t just go around Taunton your freedom in people’s face and I don’t shave my armpits and taking pictures you know saying and just like just overly zealous with it I’m gonna this is crazy zo that you’re like using your your Liberty because you know who you are nobody can tell you and you’re flaunting throwing it in people’s faces like that’s not cool either you know what I’m saying but just know who you are and be able to keep your peace is really cool we should all learn to do that I’m gonna I’m gonna play this video real quick and this is the the trailer hopefully I won’t get pulled off of YouTube so I’ll play it and then maybe pause it a little bit or whatever I have to do because that’s a really weird place as well um okay so it says it’s gonna be there but I don’t dare this alright so this is um the little preview it’s only 30 seconds of the connors man and this is them reacting to the death of Roseanne like they want like like trying to promote this show and you read a comment section is nasty and you say you can’t wait to see you guys can’t wait to see what happened to Roseanne mom died come on crazy central on ABC but you read the you read the the comments man people are like ah kill her off with his head if you look at like the game of thrones right when someone does something wrong they take like they had this it’s like a walk of shame that they have to take right and they had another name for it i knows posted in the comments there they had to take a walk of shame and they let people throw like rotten food at them and they they want their queen did it right their queen did something wrong and they made her take the walk of shame through the city they had oh they have a name for it but so everybody everybody comes out the little kids are throwing stuff and they’re just like getting that rage out getting that frustration out she becomes the whipping boy was the one that everybody’s to blame you’re the reason for our problems and if you have someone you know who’s to blame then you’re in the in the and the clear because you can you can pinpoint it and blame that person so when rotten food and all of this kind of stuff and it was the Queen Cersei it’s insane with what they’ve done to uh I don’t think it’s right man I don’t think it’s right what they did to uh Roseanne we look at one of the the big times I’ve seen this was at the beginning of the year we seen what happened to Logan Paul the famous youtuber right he went into the I believe it’s in Japan he went into the suicide forest or whatever went into the suicide forest and to do it to film a little documentary or whatever it is lo vlog for the day and people are known to go into this forest when they get depressed and sad and in their life and roamed the forest and it said that the forest is haunted from all the the suicide that they have in the forest there so he goes there and he films his vlog he’s being silly running through the woods and all that kind of stuff and eventually they find the dead body they find somebody who actually hung themselves and he looks at the camera he’s like guys somebody’s hanging over there and then the camera shoots to it and they show the body hanging and all of that kind of stuff and like oh what do we do what do we do and they make up this big vlog that went viral that he showed a dead body right and then YouTube put a strike on the video showing dead body and it’s against the Terms of Service or whatever the case says but it was weird what happened to him because even Logan Paul as annoying as him and his brother are they’re SuperDuper annoying some of the stuff is funny I’ve watched some of it with my daughter some of it’s funny super annoying people were like excited that he finally fell that the giant finally fell they’d seen his rise to fame whether you’re envious whether you don’t like him he fell they put a strike on his channel D monetize them YouTube YouTube took half of his income different sponsors dropped him he became the whipping boy and people were like going in on him and and he’s making money off of showing this dead body so there’s two aspects of it there there’s the fact that Logan Paul made the video and he showed it and knew that it would get a response and knew all of this stuff would happen and we love to see the dead bodies and it they didn’t blur it out they showed it like it was insane and then you have the aspect to where people just went in on him and we have the dead body that body’s dead that person was gone now we’re gonna kill this guy now we’re gonna kill Logan Paul and then you have all the famous youtubers all weighing in and they’re talking about Logan Paul making money off of a dead person right but he he didn’t monetize that video either um but all these other people who were condemning Logan Paul they’re doing commentary and telling you that he was bad and what he did was stupid they’re making money off of Logan Paul awful Logan Paul’s downfall and awful Logan Paul showing the dead body so it like trickles down and everybody’s doing commentary getting clicks because it was the hot thing and they’re making money I’ll offer that stuff right so people were like happy to see this dude fall they’re happy to see the downfall of this guy because he’s whether he’s doing better whether it’s misery loves company whatever the case is man the tool song it just brings it into perfect perspective vicarious I need to watch things die from a good safe distance vicariously I live while the whole world dies it talks about don’t judge me that I’m a bad person or whatever cuz you’re you’re watching all this stuff through the TV while you sit in your nice comfortable home you’re watching all of these different sitcoms and dramas and you feel like you’re living you feel like you’re part of it especially with the video games and stuff all that stuff desensitizing us and numbing us it’s insane crazy stuff man no empathy a lack of remorse the whipping boy it’s a it’s it’s something within us it’s something in you know with the story of Jesus going to the cross we need someone who is gonna pay for this it’s this weird thing man because you have like this the judgment of God the wrath of God that is held up against all unrighteousness and one day the wrath of God is going to be leashed upon humanity and someone is gonna have to pay for all of this sin for tearing up to earth for robbing people killing babies like all the wickedness the murders all of this stuff the rape everything somebody’s got to pay for it and so here you have God who throughout the Old Testament there would be little times where God’s wrath would pour out and he would kill people like the story of Yahweh was he required blood like all the gods not just Yahweh every God required blood to appease them the mine everybody wants to look at the mines and say there was so spiritual the Mayans man they were so spiritual man they want to say that but those people daily practiced human sacrifice to appease the gods Yahweh it was the blood of goats and bulls that calmed the wrath of God I’m gonna destroy you guys I’m gonna pour out my anger oh no every here’s a we’re gonna kill these animals and God showed up through sacrifice through the blood the Bible says that the life force is in the blood and so it’s something about that sacrifice when blood would hit the earth and go into the earth appease this wrath of this God Yahweh who’s gonna destroy the the earth and so the whole story of the gospel is Yahweh being compassionate yet bloodthirsty to repay wickedness for those who are going forth doing wickedness on the earth all types of murdering evil stuff that we just can’t let it slide like somebody has to do something about it so y’all ways gonna do it you’re always gonna bring forth judgment but to prolong the judgment here’s some blood right there were times where the ground would open up and he would swallow or it was whatever you want to call it would swallow whole groups of people in and close up and receive their blood every covenant in the biblical perspective is through blood the marriage covenant through sex consummation through marriage is coming together there was a blood covenant a blood oath a Blood Pact then we get to the New Testament we get to Jesus which it says that when Jesus died he shed his blood for the remission of sins that he was that sacrifice once and for all that there would be no more blood sacrifices to appease the wrath of God that that was done through Christ it literally says that he pleased the the he silenced the wrath of God and that it pleased God to crush Jesus and so where God would require the blood of sinners our blood like you do dirt you get dirt it’s Karma you reap what you sow you led people in the slavery you should be led in the slavery you’ve killed people you should be killed an eye for an eye that type of thinking where that was the law of the land the law of God in many religions Jesus satisfied Jesus satisfied the wrath of God so now if you are under the blood of Jesus through the Covenant of Christ when God comes and it’s believed that God is still gonna pour out his wrath a lot of Christian circles believe that he’s still going to bring forth judgment and clean this thing up because obviously it’s not perfect but those who are covered under the blood of Christ much like in the Old Testament when you have the sacrificial lamb for Passover and the Death Angel came forth to kill the firstborn of every every person and firstborn male a death angel would come but he who had the blood of the Lamb smeared across the doorpost of their home that the Angels skipped by and they understood the Covenant it’s the same way with Christ it’s symbolic that you understand the Covenant if you’re clothed in the righteousness of Christ he’s God sees you through that lens through that lens of that blood that those are mine and those are covered under that covenant but it’s that it’s believed that the wicked still have to pay with their own blood like they’re still doing wickedness unless they’re clothed in the righteousness of Christ the whole thing is a bloody mess it really is but who everybody likes to you know point out whether it’s Christianity that’s bloody or you look at Hinduism like that’s look at all their imagery and all that stuff the wars Islam it’s all ability message crazy what’s going on like is that legit though like is that something that we’ve made up is that I was was Yahweh and a lot of those stories created out of the hearts of men these bloody gods who want your blood like is that a legit thing cuz if it’s true for the other nations it’s totally true for the for the Hebrews i gives definitely blood covenants and he required the blood of the wicked and someone has to pay for all of this sin and so that’s where jesus comes in the whipping boy he did it he did it no no if somebody has to pay for all all his wickedness he did it he took your punishment upon him that’s the gospel there’s something within us that it’s drawn to that the easy way out and there’s a lot of christians a lot of believers who resonate with that story and they stop there it’s just the way out yeah he did it he’s the way out my punishment falls upon him and they resonate with that the whipping boy it’s crazy like I don’t know you know where it comes from I know that it’s something within us that we’re okay we’re good it’s crazy I’m gonna try to jump to some of these comments I don’t know if we had any so if anybody has any questions if anybody has any comments you want me to read out there is a donation link in the description if you’d like to have your questions and comments read on the air that way but let me know if you guys have any any questions or comments here I’ll try to incorporate these divine Doug 9000 say hey Trucy gets me your boy what up yeah divine Doug I said okay so goggle says well do you think it’s little literal or metaphor I’ll start with metaphor I’ll start with allegory especially the Old Testament I mean these stories are being played out over and over there’s something about these journeys man there’s something about the hero’s journey that keeps playing over and over why you can’t well I mean why do you think that like nobody can come up with any new movie scripts that it’s always cause and effect it’s always somebody takes that takes this from you or somebody wrongs you then we got to go and get it and make things right there’s always this conflict that exists and it’s all told within the hero’s journey it’s told throughout the story of Christianity is that the original I don’t know it’s told throughout the other nations they all have very similar stories of Messiah figures who lived a very similar lives some people believe that Christianity and Jesus was taken from the other religions and that you know my whole quest for truth is like let’s go back to the earliest that we can find the earliest manuscripts and and get that info and compare it let’s do that that’s one thing you can do and so that’s that’s been my thing it’s like good luck you know people that people are trying to do that um good luck you know how much is left how much of it’s been destroyed you may be good luck with Christianity and look what it look what you have with Christianity good luck with that trying to piece together the meaning through Christianity good luck like we’re trying to do her best we can you know things have been changed words and meanings and scriptures and things are taken out and it’s snowballed into something that we have no idea it looks nothing like Christ at all like good luck with that too but there’s something about this story that we keep retelling it’s going if you wiped away Christianity if you wiped away all of these religions those stories would still come out they’re still coming out today through the movies this the story is still being retold the hero’s journey I’m gonna die for my people I’m gonna be the sacrifice for sins don’t kill me I mean you’re saying don’t kill them kill me let me take their burdens let me take their place like those stories are gonna keep being told it so that’s why you know it’s all coming through the Marvel movies and people love it there’s that there’s this inward thing about the hero coming to save everybody from their sins and carrying victory and overthrowing the evil one the balance of good and evil and this fight the perpetual fight from the beginning it’s gonna keep being told like I said you can burn every Bible I’m confident and you can burn every holy book Islam all of it get rid of it it’s going to come back those stories are gonna keep being told 100% now whoever it who did it start with where did it come from where did it originate let’s go back to the earliest manuscripts well maybe it’s four words maybe they’re made up there’s so much questions and even with Christianity you know people they want to go back I want to go back it’s what I’ve studied there’s it’s all saying very similar things it’s all saying very similar things and so but if you don’t understand the meaning of the allegory if you don’t understand the meanings and the teachings of Christ most of those teachings are simplistic we can get as deep and esoteric as you want with the spirit realm and all of this kind of stuff which is lovely as well love to do that but we have to understand the simplicity’s of it as well in the meanings of loving one another the meanings of doing for others of treat people like you want to be treated well you’re a pain freaking you don’t love yourself you want people to treat you bad we got to deal with that because you’re gonna go around and be projecting that on everybody what up are Chris Garner Burke’s talking about he says uh he read the hero with a thousand faces he reads hero with a thousand faces once a year you’re hitting home brother there’s some deep stuff man I had a comment on my latest video somebody put it together really beautiful I like me I’ve you know there’s something about your belief there’s something about agreeing with it and embodying it it’s not you know in many of these circles Christianity has laughed at you know there’s not a spiritual it’s everyone’s a Christian we want something that makes us different or we’re witches or we’re Hindus or we’re and from the mystery schools or whatever the case is you want something so when it comes to Christianity a lot of people just kind of turn their nose up cuz their grandparents are our Christians and their grandparents are racist so that’s not the way it’s got to be another way so we just keep digging and going back and back and back but if all of these things are coming from this one place this God source it’s inspired it may not be all truth there’s some interpretation there’s some wiggle room there but to understand that the stories man in a plan to your life you’ll see change that’s the power of myth that’s the power of allegory and I’ll say it again the power isn’t if these stories literally existed there’s no power in that it doesn’t matter the only power is if you understand the allegory and you apply the meanings to your life you have to do the work you have to apply it to your life it scares people huh what you mean like they get scared your turn just didn’t exist I would you don’t know yes I do I was there he wasn’t there bro you have to apply the meanings you just read reading about you reading it like a history book you’re doing it wrong there is no history book that has that much truth about life about the universe about the inward struggle of man in every verse like you can look back at George Washington’s life and you can take you know stories and in applying as in say hey look he he had a dream you know this he conquered these armies but he did fall to this sin and you can pull out experiences that you can learn from through whatever history book but it’s not gonna be every freaking verse man the Bible descript about it says when you went when you when you read the scriptures you’re looking at yourself in a mirror you’ll be holding yourself in the mirror that book is about you that book is about you and that’s powerful these other books are about you too all of them it’s telling allegory man you should hear what’s his name mmm the preacher would do with the voice of the nation’s which his name guys he calls into the show Lou Engel you should hear Lou Engel break down horton hears a who it’s crazy you talk about the metaphor and the allegory from a dr. Seuss book and when people understand that these people CS Lewis jr. talking like these people understood the power of myth of symbolic characters in this this playing out these roles in your life they understood that they wrote a bottom in books they’ll be timeless it’s something about those stories jump back to some of these questions here somebody arcs I think it was her yeah it says true seagull what do you make uh what do you make or think about reoccurring dreams I have to point you to a podcast just because this podcast blew me away I had an expert in the field um go look at the the podcast that I just did with about dream interpretation that one will blow you away that one blew me away the whole time sometimes I have guests on here I’m scrounging for questions I’m scrounging for content and to keep people interested you know and I’m trying to keep myself interested honestly um I’m scrounging but that one that was good the hole I had too many questions I’m like uh how much time we got you’re trying to get as many questions because I genuinely man it was beautiful to talk to that lady but uh Laney dolphin is her name la y NE and dolphin is spelt weird but dream interpretation go listen to that a hundred percent blow your mind Jarrod says hit that like button if you liked the video yes Jared thank you sir I’m gonna keep scrolling here Devon Dawg you about this kind of things but I can’t rap or sane but I love the messages well let’s do something else you know if you can’t rapper saying we could do something else you could do a podcast we can have a discussion we can you can draw a picture you know I’m saying whatever you’re good at doing whatever you’re blessed at creating put your life put your thoughts manifest it create it wear something that didn’t exist until you birthed it until you breathed into it whether it is a podcast whether it is a teaching or a course that people can take to learn this stuff and get it down whatever it is man a t-shirt you know whatever I don’t care what it is man it’s the beauty of creation I love it Ali says I’m so tired of the which label thing that I decided to let it be in crisis magical and those who don’t understand call it witchcraft exactly I mean they call Jesus a witch right Jesus is performing miracles healing people casting out demons and doing all types of wild stuff freaking people out and the religious leaders said you’d we know what you’re doing you’re doing this under the order of bezel bub you didn’t use the right terminology you didn’t say in Jesus name you didn’t do it this way Jesus had to put up with the same thing they were saying look you’re doing all that you’re doing magic he said I’m telling you the truth you have one greater than Solomon standing in your midst and you don’t even know it don’t even know it so they’re trying to accuse him of being a witch so we’re in the Bible Belt we got to get used to it don’t let that stuff get to you when the Bible Belt man we deal with that Kirk says the power of myth is another awesome read yeah Joseph Campbell man mind-blowing stuff especially when it kind of gives some credibility to Joseph Campbell when you when you hear George Lucas talk about him and how much impact his work has had had on him and writing Star Wars it’s the hero’s journey the rise to fall the journey is a doubting the questions we’re all on that journey we’re on a very similar journey when different parts but we’re all on that journey I mean the whole Old Testament is that journey and the life of Jesus is that journey the the course of the stars is that journey astrology is that journey Superman is that journey all of him Chris garner says history is his story in he one yep yep that’s scary man but it’s so true changing the people changing the names people don’t even know it Rene Rene says uh formulas prophecies and spells okay Christy Lee says that the turret the Tarot is considered to be the hero’s journey from the fool to the world as it depicts layers and levels of states of consciousness yep not an expert on the Tarot but I’ve heard that and definitely Jared has to leave us now he says you got to go to the sauna see you take care blessings brother Renee sir Santos Bonacci has great content on breaking down fairy tales yeah how Jesus gonna say in the name of Jesus that’s what Chris garner says how is Jesus gonna say in the name of Jesus well I mean how’s Paul gonna read you know the King James version of the Bible like if the King James Version was good enough for Paul it’s good enough for me okay if Paul read the KJV I can read it lol Chris mark dream says which of you on psychoactive and psychedelic plants influencing humans to create religions there’s a lot of that symbolism in the early art it’s beautiful but just because the psychedelics are beautiful religion can be beautiful you know what I’m saying did it I don’t know I definitely don’t buy into the notion that religion or Christianity was created by the use of ayahuasca or DMT you know as far as Moses in the burning bush or even the the manna that fell from heaven I believe that the manner that I fell from heaven could have been mushrooms sounds a lot like mushrooms grows the same way as mushrooms but as far as it being psychoactive mushrooms the problem we have with that is that you’re seeing that plk people are eating these mushrooms and having crazy psychedelic revelations of God right well everyone was eating those mushrooms but Moses was the only one receiving visions see that’s kind of that’s kind of the the problem there if if everyone like you wouldn’t need Moses if you had if you have in your own encounters with God through psychedelics you don’t need Moses so if Moses was the only one having the encounters because Moses was the only one having the visions going up the mountains and things like that he was the only one who was doing it so I don’t buy in the notion that there’s an understanding that all of those mushrooms were psychedelic mushrooms and that’s how the Hebrews created their religions and had their visions and stuff like that I don’t buy into that no that’s a big thing that Joe Rogan pushes and there’s there’s a lot of books on that the what is it on the psyche I can’t think of the name of the book I know you know what I’m thinking of though that big big popular book by Charles also I’m think I’m butchering it right now but the mushroom in the cross or whatever Vinny says religion is our earthly attempt to explain our short glimpse into the spirit world yeah some of them do a pretty good job though you know what I’m saying like you can’t blame them for trying they definitely have gotten out of hand which usually happens when mankind takes something that puts names on it in terms and calls it his own that usually happens with any real it happens with bands when humans get together man it’s very hard to make something like that work and and be organic and stay organic and stay passionate and stay fervent about your beliefs and and and keeping it keeping the innocence that’s the biggest thing with religion with spirituality with music you know it’s just trying to stay passionate about it as you were at the beginning that’s a huge fear man because you get into a bad place and it’s not the same anymore where you’re just doing it because it’s formulaic religion is very bad when it comes to that but music anything music painting you just do it because you know how to do it he says what you’re used to is what you do or you passionate doesn’t move you nothings fresh no fresh revelation those type of things and it happens what religion happens with spirituality happens with music it’s just what they do I’m I’m the spiritual leader I’m this I have to perform I have to get the paycheck it’s a bad place Bonnaroo says with the number of times the Bible has been rewritten a lot of the passages could currently be interpreted far differently than what original texts say what’s the version a Bible you use Rene communist KJV I used the KJV for the most part I like it for different reasons I use the KJV but I like to kind of go into the other texts as well just to see like if one of them explains it a little bit better I love the the Apocrypha and all the books and stuff that were taken taken out you know those are beautiful too but yeah there’s a that was a plan to change all of that stuff so that it wouldn’t and there’s a lot of people who they’ll take that notion where the Bible’s been tampered with it’s you know it’s you can’t trust it there’s enough truth in there like whatever has been tampered with there’s enough truth to blow your freaking head off with truth I’ll say that there’s enough truth in there that you get the gist of this story and you can get some pretty crazy information and apply it to your life and change the world literally like it’s it’s it’s there so Bonnaroo says also what passage of script can you think of that says one thing but if it was changed it could mean something totally different bro there’s a there’s a bunch there’s a bunch I’ve got him written down I did it we did a whole studies man in the past about these different versions saying different things I’ve got to I’ve have the notes right below me right now under my desk they say I’m going ahead look reading these comments uh Rene Ruis it says uh she’s quoting one of my lyrics it says keep my face and that King James I the gospel I’m unashamed yeah on the track with King James keep my face in that King James yeah some of the old-school gospel rap you know yeah but there’s so many there’s so many things that say the complete opposite like in these other versions there’s some versions that says and one of the big ones was like Jesus said that he thought it not robbery to call himself to be equal with God and then in another another version NIV says that Jesus wouldn’t even fathom such a thing to claim to be equal with God like that’s polar opposites and so we’ve done Studies on that or people that that’s their forte and we’ve had those people in teaching and then and then just through organic Bible study with people having different versions reading some obscure verses in the Old Testament and they’re like way way way way as we’re reading you’re like my Bible says the exact opposite of what you just read or like what and we bring it out and we examine it what does your say what does your say wow this version says to do this that version says never do this this is weird somebody’s lying like you know what I’m saying so when someone says that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and that every jot and tittle is word inspired I believe it’s inspired but it’s been tampered with too and we’re a long ways away from where we came from we’re trying to make sense of this stuff you know I really do like the King James I like for many different reasons I ran into a problem reading all the versions and in trying to quote a scripture or even look up Bible translations and like breaking down the Greek in Hebrew because there were other words used there and it made it a little bit harder so that was one thing because I would quote him and I would like put two or three versions together on a way that doesn’t say that but so that’s one part of it I do like the I do like the the Shakespearean language with these I’ll die in sign or whatever and that it just sounds more reverent and but as far as like the some people are KJV only right I’ve dealt with those people you know they’re definitely out there there are definitely crazy people but they are KJV only like the KJV is the only version you should listen to they have acronyms for the other versions the NIV they call them not inspired aversion the message Bible they call the mess Bible the messy Bible you know the New Age Bible they call it but it is all kind of little weird stuff that they have going on but um it get it gets really really crazy and gets really weird with uh breaking down the other versions but definitely like the you know the NIV I mean I mean the King James is talking about unicorns it’s talking about Easter it says that the the disciples celebrated Easter and uses that terminology when you break it down it was it was not Easter it was Passover you know and so this is just a lot of stuff when it comes to those things it can it can swallow you whole to that whole thing you know there was years that we spent discussing that doctrine and all that stuff okay so 2020 website says uh how do you feel that the mendala affect the Bible changes apply to prophecy man as that is a cool conspiracy and I had Bill beam on talking about it I really don’t believe it you know there’s I think there’s a reason for things you know that we thought was legit a notion and it’s changed as much as I would want it to be true I don’t I honestly don’t believe it you know and I mean trust me I want those things to be being interesting if that was really happening like you have that you have something printed out there like next week it changes like who changed this like that I don’t think it really works like that but um I wish it did I’m in took a good conspiracy Cronin’s says Jesus went on a forty day fast to find will and discipline for a spiritual journey I don’t see the fix on heaven to do drugs in order to tap into Christ consciousness you don’t i meant many people think that it’s a it’s a shortcut it’s a cheat cheat sheet remember here in early David Wilcock stuff and he would talk about psychedelics and the fact that you don’t need that you can do kundalini yoga you can do you can fast and starve yourself or you can do like what the you know the Native Americans would do and eat a handful of fire ants but that’s kind of like a psychedelic right you eat a handful of fire ants and they all bite your insides and it releases these words and endorphins and poisons and you that’s kind of and you go in a trance you go on a journey into the spirit realm that’s you know maybe that’s the psychedelic too but there are things that you can do that you don’t need to you don’t have to do drugs or do psychedelics I mean I kind of was one at the time who kind of prided myself that I’m able to enter those states through Kundalini Yoga through prayer through meditation through breath work you can enter these states through stargazing you know what I’m saying and and not have to use psychedelics but the thing about it as much as I would like to say man it’s a very similar experience it’s its own experience man it is it’s totally different depending on what it is I would love to say that yes I can enter those states it’s a different state it’s totally different it really is and I believe that all of them have their place it’s not just one thing it’s not just psychedelics like if you enter just through psychedelics you’ve messed up if you if you do it just through meditation you’ve messed up like I think that or you say that that’s the only way and there is no other anybody who comes with another way is is a liar like no different things for different people and you know anything anything like that is a tool to help assist you on your spiritual path if it helps you but it is something totally different Vinnie says truth has a vibration you can tell when what you’re hearing is real yeah man that was um when it comes to the Bible for us early on we would have these crazy understandings man when we were opened up to angels and aliens and trying to figure stuff out and spiritual giftings and clairvoyance and clairaudience and all just crazy ideas that we were coming into through prayer through fasting and all that stuff but we didn’t have like the scriptures to back it up but there was a inward knowing that we had where there was some type of impartation people call it a download whatever but then we would read the Bible and we would find those beliefs mapped out for us or like damn I never knew that was in there but that backs up what we’ve been talking about and we’d all get together and do these studies in like me have our mind blown and we bet you that’s in there somewhere and we’d find something very similar to it and there’s so much in there maybe that’s how the mandala effect works you come into new revelation and then you have proof that oh there it is it was there the whole time we just didn’t know it that’s the understanding of being able to read the Bible front to back over and over again and it means this thing when you read it once you go through life experiences you you have other understanding that unlocks different portions of the Bible you read Enoch you read all these other books that were taken out and you have more information so when you go back to those same scriptures you read you read they mean something totally different to you now that it changes like them I used to think it meant this now it means this that totally happens it’s called it they call it the the Rhema word of God is that it’s supposed to mean for you in that season of your life what it means and that God will use it for you wherever you are no matter how crazy off it’s away from the literal meaning when you read it spiritually it means something to you that helps you get through the day that’s the whole aspect of the manner of the scriptures of the Rhema word of God being the manna in the Old Testament because you only could go get what you need it for that day you couldn’t be like man I’m gonna get up extra early and I’m gonna get enough to last me for three weeks and I’m gonna sit up and I got this mana no because it would rot by I think it was sundown if you got up you got your mana mana means what is this they don’t know what it was like believe it look like wafers it might have been mushrooms I mean you pick mushrooms in the morning if you leave it out in the Sun they’re gonna turn bad right um some people believe that but you only got what you needed for that day and it’s just like the Rhema word of God and God’s gonna speak to you for that day what you need to get you through the day no more no less and that was the whole thing about mana and how it relates back to the Rhema word of God of what I need for today give us this day our daily bread today I need you today that’s the whole thing of just staying hungry staying in this place where it’s still fresh because we can get caught up where it doesn’t we don’t feel as bad anymore I don’t feel possessed by demons anymore I don’t feel like I’m fixing to kill somebody anymore I feel pretty good today I don’t need God as much today but you have to stay in this place where you understand I need them today more than I needed him 10 years ago 12 years ago to stay desperate because we can forget about that stuff that’s bad like you need to understand where you came from in order to know where you’re going and don’t get so comfortable one wrong move in Roseanne’s case one bad tweet destroy everything one bad relationship going outside of your marriage one time flirting with someone one time letting someone flirt with you like it only takes one thing for you to not be on your game you have to be careful it’s the same thing so just to know that you you have a desperate you have a desperation for God for your Creator but as much today as I needed you yesterday and let me not live off the back of your today’s successes but let me just know that I need you today I need you more living off of memories we’ve got a lot of memories got a lot of beautiful things that have happened I want to create more let’s keep creating them and it comes from a genuine place that desperation is genuine and you literally needed help you need it God you need it that person to intervene all right let me go let’s see there’s a budget um coming soon ow scrolling down scrolling says is drugs just a shortcut exactly instead of using your will in your own spirit spirit was a term to describe even alcohol right yep the spirits will cock like I said believe that it burst it open your pineal gland like instantly you know how we talked about the instant gratification right let’s go do Molly bro I feel great man well in order you know in all your cheating in order to feel great you got to do stuff and or in order to glory in order to have fun and you have to do stuff you just not like it is your divine right but you have to do stuff like when you genuinely do something that’s melatonin I’m sorry serotonin is released and you do MDMA you get an instant shortcut I cheated but what happens you crash out drinking coffee you drink coffee and cokes and things like that it works but guess what you crash out you crash out you didn’t pay you didn’t you didn’t earn it you have to earn feeling good so that’s kind of like with the whole psychedelic things is the way that David Wilcock approached it was the fact that doing that was a shortcut you didn’t earn it and you have to slow down you have to get into meditation you have to make the time you to gently go in it’s like sex right you don’t just hit it and quit it you don’t just like you have to make love you have to do the divine dance that’s what it’s about if you just show up you do that you leave and there’s no relationship there’s no dance there’s no caressing it’s just in like that’s not the way it’s supposed to be either someone’s gonna get mad at you sorry for the sexual innuendo with it it it fits a lot of times oh my god that even I didn’t mean say wow that’s what she said it fits a lot of times Wow it definitely fits um the Bible talks about how we are the Bride of Christ and so this is a relationship that works that way as a lover of our soul one who is wanting to woo us one and who is wanting to show us how strong he is like look I’m not gonna let nobody touch you I got you babe like that’s how God looks at us I got you nobody’s gonna lay a hand on you who’s talking about you let me find out somebody’s talking about you it’s like a mother bear watching over her cubs you’re through you better be careful the Bible says touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm it’s legit when it says that like it is an intimate relationship that we have he really cares about us he really does she it whatever whatever aspect that God shows up in your life it’s a loving aspect and it’s there if you want it Bonnaroo says that’s a great description that KJV is what Oh half I have as well got any advice for what you do when you get anxious I’ve been praying for the first time and been getting better since I have yeah that anxious stayin man is is big where the scripture Jesus has be anxious for nothing but into all things with prayer and supplication be anxious for nothing for me that is having things that you have to do or you want to do that caused you to extend your consciousness outside of the present moment when you’re anxious you’re usually fearing things that don’t exist and probably never will you’re making up scenarios as you go and it pulls your consciousness out of the now moment because in the now moment everything is good it’s the only moment that we have and so for me in the past it’s I come with like big events or concerts and things like that that I would have and I would look so much I would look forward to him so much that were maybe a month ahead that for that whole month I’m just like that’s all I think about it’s all I prepare for you know and then I’m missing a lot of the interaction and things that are going on around me when I was a truck driver it was the same way because I would drive for I would have jobs that I would drive for hours to get to the first stop and I didn’t like to drive you know it was um it was it was long four hours straight some like it here because you’re ready to be through with the day well once I go that four-hour trip and get to that first stop that those four hours are gone and I wasn’t in the present moment and I would have to I would have to coach myself to slow down and enjoy the trip even now like I still have to tell myself that when it comes to driving and it’s a lot more fun I’m present I’m in conversation I enjoyed the weather nature the scenery around me when you because you project yourself ahead of yourself you’re anxious for it you’re ready to get there but you have to slow down and put your consciousness back to the now moment there’s so much in that at car Thole all the ancient books they all mention something about being present in them in the now moment so yeah being in the moment will totally help with anxiety there’s um and I want to do this eventually – I’m gonna do a meditation or a prayer where we just give God that thing that scares us right whatever it is I remember doing that at church one time years ago of just thinking of that thing that scares you that one thing that you don’t want to happen bringing it to the forefront of your mind and giving it to God quit holding on to it and just the release that you feel there it’s a powerful encounter man if you mean it I’m gonna do something like that Brandon Higgins did enough in the NIV like Rob Skiba likes to say is the nephilim inspired version yeah Nephilim not inspired enough he’s got some good stuff though man I like some other I like some of the translation in that of over King James so curling’s how many lives how many lives do drugs mess up there’s new Netflix how called house of hunting Hill yeah that’s the thing that there’s a difference there when we’re talking about drugs versus medicine right psychedelics plant medicine God put this here for you man like anything natural let’s explore it let’s explore if you walking through the forest you pick up that mushroom you eat it well you translate it into another portal God’s talking to you the angels are there I’m not so sure that that’s not what Paul was doing I don’t know it’s very similar very similar when I had my hero dose and I came out and I read the scriptures about Paul taking trips to heaven not knowing if he brought his body with him or his consciousness just went in his mind as we left this body or physically went and he heard the voices of angels the songs of angels he heard that in his not permissible for a man to utter that stuff makes a lot more sense once you’ve been to similar realms and whether you need psychedelics to get there or whether you can do holotropic breathing to get there it can be done you know but it makes a lot more sense Renee says I think Psalm 69 is a spell I’ve read it after after people have hurt me and the results were scary wow that’s interesting they’re definitely prophetic poems it’s all I’m not gonna read the whole thing but it starts off and it says save me O God for the waters are come in unto my soul I sink deep in mire a sinking deep mire where there is no standing I’m coming to the deep waters there definitely is there’s definitely power in reading the Scriptures openly over yourself I mean I’ve had plenty of encounters man where I’m just going through some weird stuff I opened up the scriptures most of the time to Psalms and I begin to read it and it’s about what I’m going through the presence of God hits me I just start crying and weeping and feel things come off of me heaviness burden I received joy again I lift up my countenance wash my face with my tears something happens that’s so to say that it’s just a fluke or it’s just religion man no no Chris garnet says Luke 4/5 says then the devil led him up to the high place I have a problem with seeing Jesus let the devil lead him anywhere yeah while in Denali kind of reiterates with Rene sets at Psalm 69 is my favorite verse of all the scriptures well all right let me go through here okay yeah so talking about drugs medicine I look at magic mushrooms or ayahuasca or maybe marijuana for some people as a medicine as something that’s put here to assist us is God part of me going into it was the fact of like you know I would be scared that what if what if this is demonic what if I’m opening up my mind to demons for eight hours I’ve heard of people doing it wrestling with snakes that wrap around them mixing all these drugs and every time they took a breath their snake around them gets tighter and tighter and they can’t breathe and they’re wrestling the snake off of them and like it’s literally they’re in the spirit about they’re freaking out like I don’t did not want that to happen so that kind of kept me away from it but then just a piece of knowing that look God put it here like you mad blame God you know it’s a medicine and this for those who are sick it’s another thing it’s for everybody it’s it’s for those who are dealing with something that they need to get over if you’re stuck if you’re in a rut if it’s calling to you you know I don’t want to be one who just promotes it and makes it sound cool for everybody no it’ll miss none of this is for everybody I don’t think Jesus is for every but I don’t think I don’t think the Holy Spirit I think if you if you’re not serious about it it’s not for you it’s nothing to play with a try I’ve been there I’ve tricked people into coming to church and getting filled with the spirit them they didn’t want it I tricked them guess what they’ve went through some bad stuff because of that it wasn’t ready just like we talked about the Kundalini if you’re in it and you don’t mean it and you turn your back on it you open up those energies you can go crazy I’m from the understanding that it’s a very similar thing the Bible says if you put your hand to the plow and look back you’re not fit for the kingdom we had the story of Lot’s wife leaving the land of bondage leading leaving this place of judgment he said lo whatever you do don’t look back and you look back turned into a pillar of salt she died and so many people look back they start this journey out and they look back you weren’t fit for the kingdom it said you you’re better off staying where you are then opening up the doors and looking back do not look back so no don’t play with it is for everyone it is for everyone the gospel is for everyone but you can’t play with these energies whether you it was too holy you can’t play with God here you want to trick God you’re insane you’re crazy Kenny says unicorns aren’t horses with horns though no Kenny unicorns were probably rhinos in the Bible I bet you the the NIV are those other versions say rhinos I think it does Chris garner says all potential that’s within within all there are ways of aiding spirituality but it is natural as well yeah do Jesus need this to enter these states or did Jesus need these to enter the States we only had he did it we don’t have any proof that he did it I’m not Jesus he had he had access to those states some pretty intense encounters now you don’t have to do anything you don’t have to do nothing can it aid you you don’t have to meditate you don’t have to pray you don’t have to tithe if you don’t have to go to church everything is permissible not everything is beneficial a bitch if he needed it he would’ve did it I don’t know that he did um Christy Lee what’s your perspective coming out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius hmm I believe that that is going to be what did the true New Covenant is we’re talks about we’re waiting for this this thing to happen whether it’s the coming of Christ or the coming of our creators who put us here that they’re gonna come back something is it’s definitely happening we’re changing I don’t know how soon it is I know we’re coming into the Age of Aquarius now I don’t know how soon it is I do I think this technology thing is gonna take off a lot far farther in the next 50 years we’re gonna be cyborgs like we already are you know what I’m saying like most of you are watching me right now in the palm of your hand you know I that’s kind of you know your phone you could drop it you can break it like what if you had a lens installed they came out with the Google glass it was a one-half of a glasses that covered your eye and you could see it on there and they’re doing tests where you can actually see the computer screen your text messages and all that stuff through a contact lens nobody even knows what you’re looking at you can see all this stuff we’re good we’re headed somewhere weird we are emerging I used to fight against it I love technology that was very interesting I used to fight against it because technology mimics spirituality and we’re moving away from spirituality as we become more technologically advanced so it kind of hinders but um I don’t think we can fight it it’s coming make the best of it use it for our advantage really who he says psycho not till I die just don’t let it become a crutch yep yeah anything man anything you know I mean all of it like we’re talking about being broken and always needing Jesus and always being broken and always staying there there’s people who go overboard with that where they’re always crying I need the Jesus I’m always broke hope you hope he forgives me you know not this like live life that way religious people it’s not good like any it’s about balance and hopefully I mean we’ve covered a lot of subjects so there should be enough to balance everything out you know it’s not just all this or all that it’s a little bit of everything for a reason you see what we are says a that’s why the books are we consider of importance on a regular Austen meanings as the meaning changes Chris garner says I think most all Mandela effects can be explained by pop culture having things wrong or just have flat bad memories yeah I think so too Eric says that would be a great bumper sticker stay desperate for God I had the bracelet and probably bumper sticker God God chaser and that came out it’s a big thing back in the day Renee says I’ve heard the book of Jude may have been written by Judas it also mentions Enoch hmm it does mention Enoch they almost took it out because it mentions Enoch I’m not sure too much about it being written by Judas crawling says I bet if you sniff enough gas you can get spiritual experiences too but I don’t recommend it yeah there’s a lot of different things that you can do to get psychedelic experiences and some of its good some of its bad but um I don’t know about doing anything synthetic or anything that’s man-made like that that’s when you get into pharmakeia is when you’re mixing concoctions together that you’re taking this chemical in this compound and you put them together and you add in that here bro try this crystal meth try this adderall try to zanbar man footballs yeah it’s bad don’t do that but some of the stuff is like you know same medicines but you feel abused medicines you get in trouble just like the psilocybin can be a medicine I think it was put here for medicine if you abuse it you’re gonna get in trouble I don’t think it’s for recreational use many people might disagree with me there’s people who’d do it as much as they can you know maybe a micro dose from time to time I’ve done micro doses during the podcast after loosen you up and you know make you feel more intuitive but if you if you abuse anything you’re gonna get in trouble if you abuse anything you abuse sex if you’ll be you shopping if you abuse a credit card hey I can just I can buy now pay later go abuse your credit cards watch what happens through your through get through don’t do it don’t do it Joyce Meyer says you’re spending tomorrow’s blessing today God can’t bless you the market you’ve already spent up your blessings your money Kris garner there was one theory that Judas wrote all the Gospels because he was the only literate disciple but I didn’t buy it but it’s out there yeah he’s the only one that could write he I would have wrote my if I was on the one I could write I would have written myself a better role then going down in a blaze of glory Cristina Samantha need this message the journey hasn’t been easy bless you sister we love you Vinnie when I’m anxious I’m too much in the future yeah yep you got to pull yourself back in like that’s a like breathing focusing on your breathing closing your eyes taking that breath lay in the grass put your feet on the on the ground man like there’s a lot of things that you can do to put you back ranae’s asking what scripture um I’m thinking you’re talking about the anxious scripture if I’m if I’m right let me look it up and see wow just weird [Music] it says um Wow it says it’s Philippians 4:6 be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus so I might have said that Jesus said it missus Paul I’m sorry be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving this is really good this is really good I see this is what like in the scriptures I feel like it’s a universal law a scripture like this it’s caused an effect it’s like if you do this then this will happen all the Bible’s man-made bro it’s not real man wrote that crap bro if you do this this will happen if you’re anxious for nothing but in everything that you do you enter in through prayer and supplication with thanksgiving be thankful for the stuff you do have not with worrying about what you don’t have be thankful look I don’t have that yet but I do have this I’m gonna use it to the best of my ability I’m thankful that I have two hands and I have a creative mind and have a heart that’s still beating with Thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God like if you do that this and if you do that it says and the peace of God wow that’s interesting what is the peace of God that sounds let’s that sounds like something we need if you’re if you’re anxious if you’re going through a rough time and the peace of God what does that what is the peace of God what does it do it says in the peace of God which surpasses all understanding Wow anything that you want you can fathom it’s much deeper than that Wow the peace of God which passes surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus you do this this happens and it does it’s a tangible piece it’s beautiful I’m all right with that I’ll bet I’ll base life on that that’s beautiful really will it works Crowley’s architecture that can be interpreted as phallic goes a long way back in young and yang giving and receiving no doubt it has balance yeah the phallic symbols I mean you look at the church you look at the steeples you know all that kind of stuff ranae’s has come to Indianapolis peace book me there Renee oh gee don’t you work at a club book me there girl what you’re doing what is you doing crawling keep fueling that spirit brother now we are cooking amen follow the breath Kristy Lee says it’ll take you to the Ground Zero and the anxiety dissipates yeah yeah and then find out why it’s there you know what I’m saying like a lot of that stuff is there for a reason those fears exist for a reason let’s deal with the the roots of it because it’s gonna just keep popping up even though we have to keep going back and like going to that place of peace we have to keep seeking God for prayer to help us with that anxiety that’s good like we have to do that but let’s go a little bit deeper and see why it’s there why do I freak out when this happens and how do I deal with it you know there’s so many like you’ve been robbed you have been jumped you’ve been in a car accident and then you get into a car again we’re getting on the interstate how fast are we going how are we going sixth oh man trust me like that’s the triggers and I seen that I seen somebody post a facebook thing today and I said the triggers are the guides the triggers are there like for a reason get to the bottom of why it triggers you you want to move to the next level greater things that are in store follow the triggers why do I get mad when someone says this why do I get mad when these type of people around me find out why dude all everybody else is fine you’re mad you mad bro find out why that’s where the healing is Vinny says I can barely smoke weed without that now yeah that’s why people use shamans and space holders to keep the trip sacred yeah bro I can’t I wish I could smoke weed I don’t even know if I should even say that but um I can’t I tried you know I can’t do it anymore I had those crazy panic attacks and anxiety and heart racing and turning pale and cambree’s and weird stuff happens when I smoke weed now it has something to do with uh I think it has something to do with the neurotransmitters bro I smoke too much as a kid so I can’t do it now and it represents the escapism and things like that for me too so that’s definitely partly why I can’t do it others may you may not I did a whole segment on a my experience with a piece of a gummy THC gummy bear wasn’t good I did a whole segment on it the type in true seeker weed on YouTube it’ll come up it’s pretty good um Chris going on using natural mushrooms to treat depression over psychotropic drugs should have always been the way these things are medicine while Big Pharma is pushing poison yeah man they end up like most of the compounds that make up Tylenol and Advil and a lot of these other things they take them from natural sources barks and roots and things like that they take it from natural sources but then they jack it up and they enhance it and they do all type of crazy stuff to it that gives you wild side effects but there’s nothing like I’m fully convinced that nature has everything that we need that everything that we need is within nature to heal us to sustain us to get us through it’s all it’s all there but this when they take it and then they outlaw it right people are coming off of opiates people coming off of painkillers by using kratom and then they come and make kratom illegal because they know that you’re coming off of dependency that’s insane Renee says LSD cured me from heroin wow that’s awesome Christina says do you think the patriarchs in the matriarchs for real people are you talking about I’m assuming you’re talking about the patriarchs of the Bible maybe and and pay talk to me just like I said I start with allegory I’ll start with the meanings of those stories because it’s full of it and I really do move more towards the New Testament being real I mean Paul tells us that the Old Testament is it’s allegory Paul tells us that these people and nations they represent things they were allegory and if you don’t understand it you don’t it’s not gonna benefit you to just know the histories it’s his story right then we talked about that um Renee says unless you are spiritually aligned I don’t recommend it everything in moderation from Chris I’m just gonna kind of narrate this stuff Thor says lol God chaser I don’t know if you remember that at all or it’s just funny in general but yeah that was a like a movement in some books that were popularly popular in the Christian realm in the mid 2000s early 2000s Kristy Lee says could the Mandela effect be because of moving in and out of parallel realities some believe it some do believe that Thor says um ayahuasca marijuana deep trance lucid dreaming and heavy meditation you gotta figure out what works what works for you and let’s give a round of applause to the internet people man who finally after like three weeks fixed my dang Internet man it was something on there and I they had like rewire some stuff and that was that was my trigger definitely doing having a big interview somebody I’ve looked up to since I was 17 you know since like 2001 been listening to their music and looking up to them and they mean so much to me and I finally get the chance to speak to them on the podcast and then I’m the internet’s going out and getting cut off like that’s triggering and but it’s fixed praise God stay that way I’m reading Christie Lee talking about being multi-dimensional you know if it’s true I think I think you’re you’re breaking down the science of it Christie I really don’t believe it myself it sounds good it could be though I’m not an expert on that there you go Christina says I’ve never used drugs but I’ve always had a natural high through the spirit yep that’s awesome amen Thor says shoot too much of anything you’re screwed yep for every action there’s a cause and effect Christie Lee says you are right let me just write a run through these fast as I can see if there’s any good ones if you got a good one you got a good question bring it to the table I might to jump off here in a minute it was a different one when you said in a comment in it okay it’s all my description Chris garner says when I said others may you may not he says you may not just more for him everybody’s you know a different man Kenny says I love you bro can’t wait to catch this on replay when I get a better connection love you bro austin says almost two years off of heroin things to kratom Wow two years off of heroin things to create them let me know this in the chat I haven’t I’ve never tried kratom I’m kind of curious but since I’ve mentioned it and covered it a couple of times and setting it on the podcast one of my friends has has bought some kratom and it said take 5 capsules to feel a mild dose or whatever big ol capsules to anyway he took the callee he never felt anything you know is there like do you feel so does it relax you does it feel like an opiate does it feel like a muscle relaxer what does it feel like let us know in the chat cuz I like to pass that information on to him I’ll also have friends that said that they were addicted to create them in like coming off of it was like coming off of opiates where they were shaking and you know coming off with being dope sick from kratom that’s not good that’s talking about being addicted to it I mean I took you know last two days I’ve taken some what is that uh ibuprofen playing basketball my shins hurt you know I’m saying back certain take that and that that kind of helps but I don’t know if create them would do the same thing if we don’t learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it so skinny yep Chris is not a single glitch today Christy gives the round of applause emoji thank you guys man thank you internet people enjoyed hanging out with my folks today I never know what to go live I’m always intimidated like I don’t I feel like I don’t have nothing to say but I just did almost two hours hanging out with you guys just going off of an idea and just letting the spirit speak there’s times the spirit spoke there’s times when true seekers spoke let’s get that straight but uh it’s all good when the spirit speaks man those are the times I can go back and listen to myself and like the Lord’s ministering to me through my words that’s that Rhema word Trucy what you said yesterday was for you today what you said three weeks ago was for you today know what somebody else said that’s how it works it’s not for everybody there’s different things and I you know to be one who’s led up the spirit you’re able to kind of move and kind of go back and forth through what you’re feeling and trust me when I’m speaking to people I know it and I try to stay on it that that vein as long as I can arrghh says thank you for what you do true seeker we love you I love you guys man if you haven’t seen it I just put out yesterday I did a little a little teaching as well um on Christ consciousness from a biblical perspective and it was really about renewing the mind and walking in the spirit which is what Christ consciousness truly is right to demystify it it sounds a little different I was a little hesitant to put it out but I’ve been getting good feedback so if y’all haven’t heard that even are you guys listening on the podcast apps if you haven’t heard that go to my youtube and type in a I’ll just go to youtube type in truce to get Christ consciousness and I check out that little 10-minute thing that I put together there’s some visuals and stuff with it as well I got some good feedback from that so hopefully that ministers to some people and I know everybody’s in a different place man you know what I’m saying and so some of the things that like I talked about in that video seems elementary for a lot of people like it should be common knowledge but it isn’t for some people this stuff is brand-new they’ve never heard of this stuff so I want it I want it I want to do do it do diligence to to to represent it good and give you the whole story not just a piece of it not just the good side not just you know and I want to be I want to be well-rounded with it too and not just give you too much of this or too much of that you know people see me as so many so many different things and I’ve talked about that I talked about it earlier you know some people see me as their enemy some people see me as a threat you know to their religion to their whatever they’re trying to build it doesn’t matter like people are just so different but I want to I want to be well-rounded you know I want to I want to I want to dive into the simplicity’s and the mysteries together you know and and you know one one episode when teaching may be real basic stuff the other one may be deep stuff that’ll blow your head off and blow my head off researching it you know like there’s I love that I’m lost within the mystery but found within simplicity that’s the golden teachers speak to me the lessons of eternity I’m still writing my book doing that of trying I’m the last two weeks man I was going through some sickness Wow I was going through some sickness over the last two weeks and it prevented me from waking up early so Wow hey thank you for that tiger chat just gave a generous donation thank you brother that means a lot it really does it’s awesome thank you helps me keep doing this but I’ve been waking up early to write and it’s coming out my goal is 300 pages I’m willing to surpass that but the goal is 300 pages and I’m trying to give it all every like honestly I want to cover everything like everything has to deal with the spiritual realm psychedelics I want to cover it fasting already covered it parasites already covered it like I want to cover all of it anything that I’ve mentioned in my music and that I have knowledge on and I have first-hand encounters and experiences on I’m trying to I’m trying to cover it three hundreds to go I’m not gonna stop until I get there I’m at forty pages now and it’s some really good stuff so I can’t wait to share that with you guys and be praying for me that I’m able to stick with it and stay you know tell people about being consistent consistency trust me I would have loved to sleep in this morning got some stuff to do today sleeping in would have been beautiful but uh had to get my butt up and start writing and the more I get up in the morning the harder it is you know because I guess there’s a little lack of sleep there or whatever but I look at this and I tell my friends this is like when I was driving a truck I got up at do something that I hated doing right so now when it comes to getting up at 5:00 or getting up at 7:00 I go shoot basketball on Saturdays at 7:00 that’s early most people like man I’m sleeping I’ve been working all week look man if I can get up early to go do some stuff that I hate doing you better believe I’m gonna get up to go early to do something that I love whatever it is man I know we’re tired I know look God trust me there’s been many a night of prayer before bed God please multiply my sleep let me not be you know tomorrow and supernaturally believing God does it and he does and as part of it nobody’s gonna do it for you you got to make it happen I wish they would I wish they would help you you would think that if you just show a little bit of hey look I’m trying no I just fools trying let me help him I try to do that you know I see I have people in my circle who were trying and I say look let me help you let me give you some pointers and sometimes I feel bad about that because I have conversations with people who are trying and I’ll start giving unsolicited tips and pointers because I genuinely want them to succeed and I hope that they would do the same for me you know was there competition there this or that no I want people to succeed remember the first time like I had to do years ago a gospel rapper he wanted some programs that I had and I gave them to him for free they made you go here’s my disc or whatever you can use it he was his mind was blown because he come out of the gang mentality and stealing and cutting people out and taken from people taking advantage of people and not warning the next person I’d do better he was load away that I did that he couldn’t fathom it mean you can I just remember his reaction he couldn’t fathom the fact that I gave him a secret or a program or something like you know it’s really weird and I love I love doing that as well whether it’s a blessing people or defined what people think about you and going back to the beginning coming out of the box whatever box people have tried to put you in and say you’re this or you know you’re a Christian or you’re which or you’re a New Ager who say you’re a Christian but you use Tarot so fun and Kristy Lee a good friend here see she made a shirt and it’s on our website if you only check it out tap into actually I made this shirt for her I designed it but it says uh Wednesday I love I do Tarot and love Jesus and I think there was another one we want to do on the other end as I I love Jesus and do too and read tarot you know it’s so funny because something like you feel like they don’t go together but they do Christian I say Christians can’t do this Christians can’t be into astrology one I bet Christians can’t do magic mushrooms wanna bet Christians can’t read pump we’re gonna bet Christians can’t wanna bet wanna bet let me show you I can show you better than I can tell you and this that mentality that you have to move forward with you have to you have to show these people man talking will only get you so far you gotta start doing stuff creating it walking in it moving in in love creativity and honor so with that I’m gonna say peace of Shalom I gotta go help a buddy of mine move some stuff but um thank you guys for hanging out with me I really enjoyed it and uh I love seeing the familiar names I love seeing new names pop in there that’s awesome too right chat is awesome if you guys want to hang out looking for community make sure you join our discord community because all most of these people about to say all but the majority of these people are hanging out in discord every day like every morning meaning for prayer asking for advice lifting each other up you know we hang out like we do stuff so if you’re looking for community and taking this stuff to the next level join the discord I also go check out my patreon if you would like to support any level of giving anything helps I this is literally listen or support it and and that lets me know that you believe in it so any anything really does help so thank you guys from the bottom of my heart again tiger king thank you for the generous donation that means a lot that you believe in my work I really appreciate that everything one of you the challenges I like I like Edie challenging me I love you bro I love the challenges man that’s what it’s about you have to challenge yourself that’s a trigger to like you don’t want to you know there’s those people who challenge you and it triggers you to bring you outside of your belief system or what you’ve been told is Right know when you hear something different you know you feel like it’s wrong or it makes you feel a certain type of way you feel that almost like you’re your airway it’s a little tighter and you can’t breathe and it’s like not enough air yeah you feel like every time you breathe like they can hear you and it gets really weird like we have to we have to go to that place man there’s been some teaching on that in the past by our people talks about going to that point of pain or go to that trigger let the trigger be the teacher it stuffs happening to you for a reason and it don’t happen to everybody else but it’s happening to you we got to deal with that colon says I’m a fickle brother stand strong hey it’s all good we all are Kenny says God talks to me every day through my words to my kids I swear right pants we’ll get it well yeah man the whole kid thing is a whole revelation in itself I love y’all I got to get off of here backslash true so you can check that out check out all the links in the description to all the stuff that you can do to support this show share this out with a friend and yeah with denim say peace and love we’ll be back probably Thursday to do another one similar to this because I don’t have a guest lined up the next couple weeks I have them lined up on Tuesdays but um yeah this week kind of past by with that imma say peace and Shalom love you guys peace [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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