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Scarlet Moon shares weekly astrology reading on his quickly growing YouTube Channel dedicated to exploring integrative mysticism. Scarlet Moon’s love for astrology and spirituality has led him to create a community around these themes full of like minded people as well. In this episode TruthSeekah and Scarlet Moon speak about astrology and how it plays a part in our own day to day life as well as working with elemental spirits. When trying to understand the spirit realm we always hear about angels and demons. Much of western thought, especially evangelical christianity, like to paint this picture with one stroke but this is a very large field full of many colors and facets and isn’t just black and white. There are countless beings and entities at work and at play within the aethers, so many that it is laughable at best to just categorize them as just simply angels and demons. The elemental spirits exist to watch over and to work in and through nature and its functions. A few of the major elemental spirits are the Nymphs, Sylphs, Gnomes & Salamanders who preside over the four physical elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. TruthSeekah and Scarlett Moon speak about their interactions with these entities as well as other supernatural encounters with otherworldly beings. These entities should not be feared but should be honored and treated with the utmost respect. Another topic discussed concerning spirits is how people make pacts with them. This is discussed in detail as well and also should not be taken lightly. There are some mischievous spirits who lurk around looking for mortals to deceive. When it comes to summoning spirits and reaching out to them much discretion is advised. As fun as it may sound and sometimes is seemingly harmless this field of study takes a lifetime of practice to master.

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[Music] truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised to listen at your own decision [Music] [Music] to stand when I don’t be don’t you [Music] [Music] you are now locked into the to think of podcasting live at UC cacao to the paranormal esoteric and all paying spiritual and now your truth seeker yo what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host true seeker this is the true seeker podcast and I’m excited to be here with you guys again this is the second show for today got a lot of interesting conversations lined up for you guys man some really cool people that have reached out to me some people have reached out to them we’re closing in on 100 episodes man I’m almost at my hundredth episode and I’ve definitely surpassed 100 episodes already over the years but since I’ve started kind of categorizing them and putting numbers to them and some of the older ones that I’ve kind of brought back and edited and stuff like that to release that I thought that we’re good so with those combined we’re kind of getting at 100 so I think we’re like 96 or 97 today I do have somebody really cool plan for episode 100 but I you know to really focus on that I like to focus on each and every episode I think that each and every episode is beautiful I learned something from every conversation and I get so many comments and stuff from you guys about each and every one even the ones you think that maybe didn’t go well or someone or it was somebody who was a smaller name and nobody knows about this person even those episodes people reach out to me so it’s really cool closing in on 100 episodes of the true seeker podcasts I couldn’t do it without your help so I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who’s supporting my work at there you can get access to extra podcast interviews all kinds of cool stuff you get access to my entire discography I do music I’m a rapper it’s like 10 plus albums and all the new music that I’m working on getting ready to release a new album entitled seer that music is already up on patreon it soon I’m done with the song I uploaded there so people are always in boxing me asking me when am i working on new music and when is it coming out and I have to point you to patreon like that’s the way to support independent artists and people who are creating independent media so if you like this podcast if you like my music and you want to support any level of giving you can head on over there and anywhere from a dollar 510 whatever you’re able to do man it would mean so much so this podcast is free to consume but it’s not free to create so backslash truth seeker you also get access to the school of the Mystics yes that’s something that we do every Thursday night that’s our community this is something that we’ve kind of been starting it out what we’re just kind of meeting each other where the podcast is like turning into a community where people are just listening listening to this show religiously like this is their church this is their mosque this is their place of fellowship so you get to link in with like-minded people and I’m there in the midst in the chat and and leading that whole thing and we’ve been communing with that and it’s so cool to be able to meet you guys but also what we just started this last week is a course we started our first course and this is the eight-week program which we’re doing it’s about tuning in to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking in your life speaking to you and through you speaking about other people be able to pick up on those intuitions and and and speaking with prophetic utterances and with boldness to know the energies that are coming through and this is something that we started this last Thursday the first week and it was phenomenal I was kind of nervous about it wondering if we could all kind of tap in from everybody’s joining from different places all over the world and we’re tuning in together and still linked into one another spirit and it went seamlessly it was perfect so I’m looking looking forward to continuing that journey with you if you miss that if you weren’t able to catch the first week that we’ve done already that’s available for patrons as well I’m archiving all that stuff now that’s available there so Thursday nights at 7 p.m. central we’re doing the school of the Mystics make sure you join us there you get access by going to true seeker com click on school of the Mystics or go to seeker with that being said thank you guys from the bottom of my heart I wonder think the following people these are some of the new patrons that we have welcome to the fold welcome to the family someone today Russ Raj Raj Raj right Valerie morrow Quinn Monica Carlos got an S and dungus Cove s cos this is so cool because people are joining from all over the world I can’t even pronounce your names half the time thank you guys for linking in with me man it’s really it’s really a blessing that you guys believe in my work and when I bring in to the table also with that being said I’m gonna be releasing a new music video right after the end of this episode that the song is entitled the invisible creatures of the five elements featuring Illuminati Congo and commentary by Manley P Hall that’s going to be going live as soon as we get done with this tonight and I want to kind of touch them with some of that stuff tonight in this conversation if if applicable I think it is so my guest tonight joins me this is a Nico scarlet moon what’s up brethren welcome to the show it’s nice to finally be here actually I’ve been kind of waiting for this with you I mean you and I’ve been aware of each other for a while you know it’s been a couple of years yeah putting each other I don’t think a lot of people know that though yeah we’ve been trying to make this happen for a while and we’ve talked over the phone we’ve talked over Facebook we’ve gotten into these weird Facebook I don’t think me and you have got into Facebook debates but you were mentioning even some of the people who were like following your work and what you’re doing some of them could be like really dogmatic definitely some people that I’m linked in with dealing with Christianity and still kind of like my way or the highway type mentality they can be dogmatic as well so those kind of debates and jabs and things like that that have taken place on my page and and followed over on your page and and and everybody watching even people who don’t comment I don’t like that stuff man I really don’t but I’ll notice that some of my friends have tried to take jabs at you about your beliefs and your stances and stuff and I ended up deleting a lot of those comments and let me reach out to you that’s when I hit you up in messenger as I look man we need to build we need to restore whatever we have here and we we talked on the phone for probably about an hour and a half one night and kind of worked through some things man and ever since then I was looking forward to having having you on the show you’re finally here not gonna lie like since that time I didn’t know if you were getting ready for a debate of a religious debate on your stand points because I come from a Christian background at what but be honest did you think that it was I kind of talked to you beforehand but did you think that it was gonna be somewhat of a debate or me attacking your stance or something like that no no no when it comes to you is an individual and you know one of the things that I would say is that I personally you know getting to know you I’m kind of like alright I wouldn’t say you would be on the attack there is something you know and I don’t even think there’s a whole lot of people on you know I mean did I come into this thinking Oh what are my followers gonna think are they gonna think I’m like a traitor to the cause or I’m doing something wrong or are they gonna get set off by X Y & Z or whatever mm-hmm it occurred to me but then I was like oh damn and then there’s this other part of me that’s kind of like well this does open the broader discussion yeah you know I think that I bring it up from time to time just in like posts and even on my own videos you know it’s not faith and it’s not a practice anymore if it’s so high maintenance that you need everyone to agree with you and affirm and validate everything you do constantly yeah and whether you want to call it that recently awakened mentality or born-again mentality or some could something where a person is just kind of like they finally come out of their bubble or they’ve come out of a life that you know was definitely low vibe there’s that weird sort of very delicate phase I think kind of like when a butterfly comes out of a chrysalis right it’s sort of like it’s it’s still trying off its wings it can’t do what it takes it can’t fly yet and it’s gonna take that you know that power which is a long time for a butterfly by I think that if we allow the pressure to only cater to that mentality we’re doing ourselves a disservice and we’re doing the community a disservice so no I’m not I wasn’t thinking of being here and I definitely don’t think of you doing that I think that on some level you and I have both however had instances I definitely recall a couple of years doing scarlet moon this is coming up on my fifth year anniversary of doing this you know and one of the things that I kind of find is that sometimes you get kind of pigeon-holed into being like okay everyone online every mystic every every everyone who’s out there either either preaching or teaching or doing mysticism or practicing magic or anything like that it’s all about that whole like you have to somehow be that the teacher the counselor and nurse all at the same time and I’m just not I’m not nurse I’m not I’m not even good at being a sponsor I’m you know I’m one of those people like I’m here to teach and I’m like a field guide you’ve got to be out in the field you got to be working you got to be practicing tell me about something you did tell me about something that happened tell me about what crazy stuff’s going on we’re gonna work out I’m not really there to be like you know I’m not gonna sit over your shoulder while you’re still well you’re still reading books you know and doing nothing so all depends on think it has to and it has to do with where society is shifting now I think that there’s a big pull for more action you know it’s the difference between being awake and getting out of bed okay there are a lot of people out there who are awake but they’re still in bed they’re in bed looking on Twitter you know looking on Facebook doing all the research sitting with a pile of books and that’s great but that’s not gonna do us a whole lot of good if we’re awake and still in bed yep so just early learning and feed and feed and feed yeah an addicted to that stuff oh man but there’s a time and place for that and I think like you said early on I think I don’t do much study and I research anymore you know what I’m saying I like to kind of get into new material but for the most part I try to that uh my time now was trying to apply the stuff that I’ve already learned like I’ve already learned some really deep mystical esoteric stuff even practical stuff that I can apply to my life and I’m trying to learn how to do it and be able to teach others to do the same versus trying to get to the bottom and figure out every secret or every mystery like the stuff I’ve already learned it’s just so mind-blowing that I’m having trouble making it fit and work first for today so that’s kind of where the focus is for me now and I think a lot of us kind of kind of you know I’m saying get there eventually as well but the really cool thing is that we we come from two different schools of thought two different I don’t know if you want to call it religious I come definitely from a religious background I don’t call myself to religious any more and you come from more of a pagan background and the funny thing is it’s like the same plight that you’re talking about with the followers or your audience or the people who follow your work um they you know you had this fear of what if I go here what are they gonna say about me and you kind of have to move past that the same thing for me I have the same things as well you know I go on different shows with other belief systems and the lady I had on earlier she was uh in a Islam at one point I was trying to tell her to I was asking her for some beautiful verses from the Quran I’m like I don’t know the Quran I don’t know if they’re in there but share them with me if they are like in a real secret friendly way like wanting to know she wasn’t well versed to do that but uh but that’s her background and that’s her past and for us to be able to come together and find common ground and build upon that I think that’s where the power lies man I think people find breakthrough in their life I’m dealing with a lot of people coming out of the church on there into a lot of the things that you talk about they’re into astrology they’re into spirits even just like the mystical breakdown that you did the other day on the video regarding the head ties and the head rest that wraps into spirituality behind that what draws me to that kind of stuff is there’s a little bit of that stuff in the bye there’s a there’s a little bitty crumbs and stuff but there’s not like this really in depth to believe now if you get into Messianic breakdowns or some of the mysticism you find more there and it gets into more the stuff that you’re tying into that’s why I like to kind of get people like you on the show that you approach I think we’re talking about the same thing you just come from come you’re coming at it from a different standpoint and I love it it’s beautiful to me it’s not a threat and I shouldn’t be a threat to it to anything you’re bringing to the table as well if if you have the truth right if you is what you have is really working for you and it’s changing lives and helping people I don’t think we should be scared of it at all well I don’t think so either you know one of the things that you know definitely you know I think a lot of us got a got a look into here is that at the end of the day truth is beyond you know the what what we decide as 3d incarnate not fully here you know I mean cuz you the way I describe it is we’re in like a game right now right we’re like playing World of Warcraft yeah you you know you’re just Mario the real you is the person playing Mario right yes that’s how I would look at it now the the truth is out there with where the player is not where the character is and to tap into that you kind of realize okay well there is such a thing as syncretism there is such thing it’s like okay these deities these beings these spirits this truth is gonna come to different places in different ways it’s just got to it’s only our pride that makes us think that what I’m so good at is what’s so right for you because we’re all learning how we tap in we’re all learning how we work and when I say learning how we work it’s not I’m learning I’m not learning how you work I’m gonna learn how you work by being your friend I’m not gonna learn how you work by studying me that doesn’t make any sense but by learning how I work I can be a more effective you know practitioner and effective which an effective magician and if you know that’s how I like to do it so I’m learning more about me while doing that and I’m tapping into my portion of truth you’re doing the same thing and eventually we are going to connect you know eventually we’re gonna that you know those those roots are all gonna meet at the heart of tree and that’s where we’re but we’re we’re basically going and I think that if we allow ourselves to get into a situation where the the the pride in I guess you could say again knowing how much I work or knowing what works for me means it has to work for you again pride cometh before the fall you know a lot of people will end up you know finding out that no they don’t have the best way for everybody they don’t have it you know and they kind of wonder a why didn’t it work for me why can’t I do this why couldn’t I do that well the reason you couldn’t do it is because you didn’t bother to learn the other person’s language you didn’t bother to connect you were so busy trying to connect in only one way you didn’t bother to connect here you didn’t come back you didn’t bother to connect from the heart you need to connect from the heart you know if you’re just gonna be thinking about oh well I want to you know I’m gonna focus on this over here and it’s gonna be this mystical path and it’s like this hermetic science thing from Liz Blass and him ham from Kabbalistic bla thousands years ago or you’re gonna go over here and say now it’s gotta come straight out of this church and only this denomination and only this interpretation you’re it’s not gonna work you know you’re just only gonna have so much it’s kind of like having a diet and all of your eating is corn yeah it’s not help you at least give credit to the other foods you know in the food chain if you’re not eat it that’s fine that’s up to you yep if you all if only wants corn that’s cool but you know don’t tell me that I can’t eat other things yeah or that no that that’s how I put it yeah definitely man I think it’s a little bit of all of it and and it’s about exploring that and that’s one thing that I’ve kind of branded on this show that it’s okay to explore that never tell you should never tell anybody not to look into something if their heart’s desire is for it you know we have people so many times don’t get into that don’t look into this don’t have that conversation stay away from him you know what I’m saying all of this type of stuff for years man I’ve heard that um but yeah so now we’re connected we’re doing this I appreciate your platform I love what you do for my audience who may be new to you I’m saying what you bringing to the table we’ve titled this show as of now astrology and spirits right I definitely want to get into both of those topics but talk a little bit about your YouTube page and what you bring to the table with you your your page on YouTube and some of the topics that you dive into on a weekly basis there okay well I’ve got two active pages there’s scarlet moon which is the one I think I’m logged into on this one I think because I have them open done like a million different tabs and windows and like a good right now I think I’m logged into that one the so there’s scarlet moon that’s just plain old scarlet moon that’s it nothing more and that’s my Tarot astrology page and I do horoscopes on there I do weekly horoscopes on there I will sometimes come out with lectures and talks about big astrological transits that are going to be with us you know it’s like I won’t do it unless it’s gonna be with us for at least a few months or a year or two so people kind of know okay this is what the weather is looking like right now and then I’ve also got a patreon page the integrative mysticism patreon page and so that’s I’ve got bi-weekly horoscopes on there astrology and tarot which kind of cover a different layer two weeks at a time to go with the week leaves that are free on scarlet moon and so that’s definitely all its own thing you know and it’s such a stay and at some point I had to change I had to make another channel for my other mystical talks because it was like you can’t put up a video on say like cleansing your energy or head rapping or manifestation and then you know three days later like BAM 12 horoscopes are just gonna push it down to the prognosis you know so I made another channel back in 2015 called scarlet moon magic there you go and basically that’s a bit more of a personal you know my personal spiritual experience his personal spiritual takes and you know I do talks on all kinds of things like you know this is basically what you want to consider if you are trying to go about this path I’ve got a playlist for starting solitaire for people who do want to start as witches and they want to start the solitary path because I walk a solitary path I am not really a part of any like formal groups or orders or covens or anything like that I do have a group of friends and we we meet less regularly than we really should and we but we some people call us a coven but really is just a clique that gets together and like chain spokes and does magic every once in a while I mean it was just a really chill family kind of situation another thing that’s the most powerful one sometimes it’s not like I’ve got those people to we i don’t change smoke but they do and you know what I’m saying so yeah it’s like we don’t have like orders and we don’t have we don’t have any doctrines and then and then I also have a thing for just general spiritual practice maybe you’re not interested in being a witch but you’re interested in kind of just learn in I guess you could say the fundamentals certain types of mysticism we talk about things like manifestation energy healing tapping into your intuitive gifts and things like that just because you don’t want to watch walk the path of which doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t use these tools so there you go and then there’s it’s a much it’s a much more I would say that it just kind of goes deeper into those things kind of gets into more again like we talked about the head wraps more of the the spiritual talk of spiritual practice versus spiritual science which I think kind of covers more of the the astrology and things like that as well I mean they mix but I just had to divide at some point you know yeah definitely I kind of messed my channel up a long time ago before it got deleted but I did that I got into some other things somebody mentioned my Celebi somebody in the chat I have a Celebi Pokemon behind me somebody mention that in the chat and I did a I started getting into gaming and doing online gaming and streaming and stuff and I try to do that from my true seeker page so you get one interview with Jordan Maxwell about the occult and mysticism and the next video was how to catch a Celebi nice and and so yeah mixing those two together at that time didn’t really work and I lost a huge amount of subscribers and people were they didn’t get it at all I got a lot of hate mail all kinds of crazy stuff by doing that so yeah it’s definitely if you’re trying to if you’re a jack of bhindi trades to kind of have everything separated or whatever so you don’t kind of mix it all together and all that complexity I did I kind of did it more for like visibility and I’m I’m about to go down that geek road to myself starting different page I’m thinking about doing it is on this long Scarlet magic because it’s also kind of like a personal journal as a personal voice when I was telling people and they didn’t want to hear it I said look this is the true seeker page this isn’t Jordan Maxwell space exactly if it’s do business that’s one thing you know the reason I call its girl will do magic because everyone always asking me that what’s your favorite thing to do be like astrology better you like Tarot but I’m like I like magic better Magic’s my favorite mm-hmm I love all three but magics my favorite so I thought scarlet moon magic okay it’s Nico’s favorite sneakers thing that’s gonna be his personal page whatever happens here is gonna happen over here at some point in time that’s probably just gonna be a bunch of videos cats making you know getting do for the views but you know I will say I’m playing the keyboard and stuff yeah cats playing keyboards you know whatever happens it’s awesome man it’s you know what though the the crazy thing for that it was a huge revelation for me though even though maybe like that the way I was mixing it on that channel like I said if it’s a business if it’s something that’s consistent you’re doing podcast and then you’re doing poking my videos that was kind of a crazy contrast but the thing about that I had to learn was to be okay with with who I was and I didn’t have to hide it I didn’t have to hide that I played Pokemon with my family or that I’m a gamer and I’m very competitive and I love technology and all of this type of stuff like versus coming from I’m just a spiritual teacher I’m just a spiritual guru who meditates all day and does all that stuff yeah I do that but not all day I don’t like that that would be a lie you know what I’m saying well you know what’s kind of funny is that when they mentioned that Pokemon I don’t know poke down on this and this is actually a gift I got from my cousin mm-hmm do it for me and I thought they were referencing my sesshomaru you’re like well it’s not my I didn’t draw she drew it for me and I well that’s kind of cool but now I mean you better own it you gotta hone it and one of the things that I’ve kind of noticed you know is that the more open you are about you know you can weave it in you can weave it in that’s not a big deal at all it’s just a matter of you know yeah don’t let it dominate there are people there for certain things and I think that when it comes to say again when it comes to spiritual practice and spiritual anything you know people are gonna go with either a what they resonate with or at least what they what they choose to let themselves like and so I like to give people that choice I don’t want to get up on my horoscopes and you know just kind of go you know I’ve seen a lot of people who do horoscopes out there I don’t know I don’t know how people retain information if like here’s a weekly horoscope and it goes on for an hour yeah it’s like well okay a good chunk of that week is gone you know and you’re gonna come back and watch this for an hour like every day I don’t I didn’t want to be that person and then it also got me thinking about alright well you know if you’re not gonna do that and you also might want to keep in mind that a lot of people are just gonna pick and choose what they want to have so you help people choose by telling people exactly what you’re putting where you know it’s kind of like Starbucks right you know they got like behind the counter right but what do you look when you see on the menu caramel mocha vanilla you know you just gotta help people kind of see what they’re you know if again if you come in at this new or you’re just going on the dang if you’re going on the how they phrase it if you’re just kind of going online I mean la it’s it’s insane I mean if you’re brand new to this yeah I started practicing in 97 98 mm-hm though I this we’re coming up on you know I’m actually I had my 20 year anniversary of you know practicing as a witch this last autumn you know I will actually August September so I I was already you know I I mean I kind of matured I kind of I was of that last group to come into you know spiritual practice and mysticism without the internet you know being mainstream and you know I was what 13 so it’s different 12 13 so this is a bit different now and I think that you know me back then it was very easy for me to kind of be like okay this one I’m focusing on I got choices I can explore if I want but I’m gonna be able to actually have that kind of controlled environment you come online nowadays and it’s like you just bombarded with a whole bunch of crap you’re feeling crazy you may accidentally go with somebody who’s crazy you don’t know who’s there trust oh man you know cult leaders galore man well if it’s not just cult leaders sometimes it’s the blind leading the blind what it turns into a cult leader they don’t mean to be right yet you’re following them and their dogmas in their belief next thing you know you’re arguing with people on Facebook about your dogma that you learn from true Sica or somebody else the the you know my you know the my least-favorite it’s kind of like you’ve got these low functioning kind of like very mentally disturbed people mm-hmm yeah masquerading is these you know I’m just too good to be here and you get people who just eat out of the palm of their hand yeah you know Matt they’re masquerading is like well I’m just you know beyond your perception we’re not on the same games yeah and it’s like no dude you’re batshit crazy and you know you’ve got somebody who probably is looking for some healing or some help and all you’re doing is spinning them round and round around and all of a sudden you know you’re taking tinfoil hat to a new level so I think that you know what we need to do in our community you know to help people in this sense is to kind of get away from okay well what is the expectation what is safe right what is safe now I’ve never hid the fact that I was a witch or gay or anything like that from any my followers so nobody’s ever really shocked by anything I do but I think that for a lot of new people you have this sort of expectation of okay what is safe and I call it the secret effect okay everyone get everyone get ready to get offended here I don’t know who I’m talking to you people in mine whatever loud to say alright I call the secret effect as in I blame the secret like the book and the that got published here we go because that made something safe it may you know it gave you a lot of water down information it’s good information to start but it’s not the place to stop and that’s what happened it was safe start and stop there with this law of attraction the secret and you know that was a big thing and when you kind of look at the era it makes sense you know it was it was almost like the way I would describe it it’d be like if you took a hermetic scientist yeah and friend it into a prosperity gospel exactly it’s the both of it and you had this situation where and again I kind of feel like 2007 to probably just about you know just about two years ago was kind of like the 1980s so everything was kind of getting yep aside you know and everything with everything was getting all yuppie again and I kind of feel like that’s what happened like Williamson there yeah it’s um so you kind of have this situation where people are looking for what is safe but also what is market acceptable yeah and I’ve had a lot of collaborations with people who were you know mystics who were big into meditation big into Buddhism big into big into witchcraft big into the New Age movement and they were always so focused on how do we play it safe by the market to make or coin yeah and I’m kind of like I think that maybe you’re the problem is when you follow a trend you know you’ve already given yourself an expiration date you know you’ve already given yourself a shorter expert expiration date then you you know it’s the opposite of food when it comes to this kind of thing the more organic it is the longer it lasts the opposite you know you don’t want to jam it with preservatives like okay well what’s okay to say what’s okay to say let me submit let’s make sure I saturate this website website with terms like vibration and quantum at least don’t say god you know it does say universe a universe or a sensor or prayer we’re gonna work with angels but we’re not gonna use the Geo D word yeah and we’re going to and the Masters but not Jesus even though he is innocent not cheese or my favorite people who don’t like to use the toot when I when I say spell I like say spit on cast spells that’s what I do which that’s what you do and there’s people like well I don’t do spells I’m like well what do I do woodson like well what are you doing like well in a sacred space I actually you know mindfully and with intention arrange certain items and energies to create a certain type of frequency in order to manifest a change in the world I want to see and I said you know I said spell hell of a lot of time you know because that’s exactly what that is so yeah it’s it’s just about making sure we yeah it’s the yes and stepping on toes or what doesn’t job well for people like I’ve been you know III in it’s been it’s been a weird place over the years you know adjusting finding out who you are finding your voice like we always have a piece or a portion of it and it just kind of evolves and comes together and then we’re comfortable in our skin and comfortable with our likes and dislikes and downfalls and shortcomings and all that stuff but I have a an eclectic following or even Facebook page or whatever over the years where I could post something and it you know I have the Christians I have the New Agers I have the witches I have the occult people didn’t have the atheists then I have the Hindus like it all of these people and whatever you post or whatever you share is gonna piss one of them off like once one portion of those people are gonna love it but the other half you know I’m saying they’re not gonna get anything from it and and they’re in and you know they’re gonna be combative and things like that you know we have to deal with that that was that was a weird a weird place of like and it’s still like that like dough starts still kind of go through my mind sometimes but I have to I you can’t let it influence the way that let me not say god let me not say Jesus I mean even in the Christian circles they’ll be so where they say Yeshua or use different names to not say that word because it turns people off of whatever the case is I go on new-age shows I say god I talk about Jesus or just my story and I hear the host huff and puff under their breath and snicker and stuff and I’m like man I’m your guest and you’re like laughing at me under your breath and stuff and making faces which is completely as honestly which is complete BS and I think that you know it’s kind of one of those things we need to be out we have to be able to auto translate you know if for some reason it just doesn’t work for you now for me I you know I can hear you say Jesus and I do believe in Jesus I don’t believe that Jesus and I are of the same I don’t I I would say that Jesus and I are probably would we’d be really cool with each other but I also think that we’re also very accepting of like okay we we probably were in different schools in different parts of the Academy so to speak you know it’s and I think that’s okay it’s okay to be different there is no there is no all-encompassing you know and anyone who says things like you know oh I don’t want you to bring this into it you know check your issues at the door when if you’re really gonna take this seriously no I’m serious no I we talked about this when we were in love man 100 yeah you can’t you can’t cross contaminate your intentions yeah you can if you are you here because you’re on a spiritual journey and you’re trying to find out the truth about who you really are and become a more effective co-creator and working universe and tap into your higher spiritual source or is this just like about a twin flame a lottery ticket and your healing journey like those can all be fringe benefits if that’s a thing for you but you can’t cross contaminate your intentions that way you can’t say you’re doing one thing when really you just want that lottery ticket you want to make much money or you can’t say you’re all about that when you’re really just looking for a relationship or you’re looking for you know or you’re just you’re just angry and you ended up here you know that’s something to pay attention to coming into this man um I think I have a one-up because I do approach it from a I have that religious lingo I can do it from whichever belief system you want I have what kind of works for me or what did work for me or whatever that’s what I’m familiar with that’s what I’ve studied the most I think I have a one-up because I understand that all and it’s not just me it’s the people who understand like you’re saying you say Jesus but you mean this like when if we talk about Jesus like okay I went on somebody show I went on killing in the raw used to go in there all the time she you know had a huge following that at one point and was really big and yeah she let me come on a show all the time and she talked to me about Jesus and stuff and she had she she asked me this question and I think she was looking for a dogmatic answer because we were like not a dogmatic answer but she was looking for a different answer than I gave her she gave me a scenario of where like her baptist friends would come to her and say Jesus is the way Jesus is the only way to God true seeker what would you say about that and she knows I’m a Christian she’s almost tried to set me up but I think she just wanted me to laugh at it because it was a really fun interview and I told I said I would agree with them I would agree that Jesus is the only way she’ll say Jesus all the way because Jesus just represents love like love is the answer like love is the key not that you have that name or that philosophy or belief system or you follow the teachings of you know the Hebrew teachings of Jesus or whatever that’s not it it’s about the understanding the essence of the all and this person was love and love is what fuels if love is not what’s fueling you like you said check your intentions at the door I believe that love is everything is our spiritual motive it’s our fuel it’s what fuels our faith it’s love man and it’s it’s so beautiful and once you understand that the terms the ideas you can see past it maybe it takes a lot of studying maybe it takes our true spiritual awakening I don’t know I know what’s led me to this point and I know people who are in the same essence that I’m in and you don’t have to be right you just you just bring it what’s working for you to the table and you’re fine with that you know what I’m saying there’s a beauty in that when we come together bro I I agree and you know what I think that when people say is Jesus the only way to love I would say yes to I would have to explain myself yeah just like me I would have to explain myself and the reason I why would I say Jesus is the only way to dwell is the only way to God well I guess I’d have to copy out that and be like okay look at this for a minute Jesus was open to God Jesus was not only completely open and trusting to God but in all accounts he basically allowed himself to be led and in in a sense and in an incarnation of that fragmentation right so for so to me and this is where I think I have some issues with a lot of I say quote-unquote Christians because if Jesus the only way to God it’s because Jesus was doing that not because Jesus was Jesus okay so if you’re going to be like Jesus you’re gonna be open and allow yourself to be to inhabit and embody all of that and you’re going to work on emulating Jesus not following Jesus this whole Shepherd Sheep crap that is man-made and a lot of people are coming and looking for a new Shepherd when they come into this community and the first thing you got to do is be like no you don’t need a damn Shepherd I mean that was a big that’s a big deal and I think that you know one of the things that a lot of people need to understand is that when you know if I say is Jesus the only way to God sure just like I would say that she was the only way to God or there’s you know there’s a lot of other people because you know why because deep down at the essence and at the core they all have the same way they are open to being that embodiment yeah righteousness is actually a lower-tier vibration of love it’s not the highest vibration so whenever we go into righteousness whether we are going in to you know to purify something or to bring healing or to protect or to dispel a rebuked evil or things like that we’re still coming down from love and that’s something that people some people can do with fluidity and some people can’t some people come down to righteousness they get stuck or it’s a downward spiral and they keep going further down some people you know again and you could say like Jesus or you know there are plenty of angels out there where it’s you come down to righteousness but you can go right back up to love and that is again that’s that’s an access you have by transcending these different dimensions of consciousness you know the HUD the more dimensions of consciousness you transcend you have access to everything beneath and more above but some people let it come into you know it some people go into sort of a downward spiral so is Jesus the only way to God yes but it’s not the name it’s what Jesus is is what God is that means is his source is that you know to me to me I don’t look at God as a consciousness would be I I equate God to what a lot of people to me God is just holy spirit and I take the rest out if that makes sense mm-hmm Holy Spirit you could say source consciousness you can say just source in general so that’s how I mentally auto-translate when people are talking to me and this is how we can drive like this this which I’ll have to do yeah yeah now do yeah you have to do you have to become all things to all people I think or you’re not gonna get anywhere man I’ve been there for years like I’ve been in that circle I don’t know if you’ve ever I’m sure you have if you’re kind of relating back to those early years when of being awakened and you had the key it’s like it’s like you know whenever you meet a vegan who just became vegan the way you know is because they told you they tell everybody everybody knows that they’re a vegan or the same thing with a Christian you run around shouting almost from the rooftops or whatever the case is you know get excited about it you know well my story’s a bit different though it’s it’s not the same you know I grew up in a in a vastly atheist house so there it’s not that there was an oppressive religion it’s that there wasn’t really a lot of room for that philosophical spiritual discourse little did I know that actually there was and that my dad actually is very very spiritual and that my mom is very very spiritual but for whatever reason they just happened to be a phase in the 80s and 90s where they just didn’t want that to be like part of their daily life now it is and it’s all good and it was before and it was all good so they must have just been in a spot but my dad you know was always very much just very atheist the whole time my biological mother was actually a fairly prominent medium here in Seattle and Portland back in the 80s back before like ghost hunters and things like that and so it’s there it’s in me and there’s always been to me where we’ve always been open about things like the paranormal the witch thing that’s always been a little bit different in my family so I didn’t really deal with I didn’t have to really like wake up and shout from the rooftops or anything like that because it never really felt oppressed to me it was kind of like joining Taekwondo you know or joining a martial art it was kind of like it’s something I do you know it’s something I think is really cool and it’s something that I you know that I’m getting a lot out of but again I think it all it takes all kinds it goes into all kinds of mentalities you know there are plenty of people out there who are better at being what they are you know that I think there’s a I think there’s such a demand for I don’t want to call it fellowship because that’s not fair to say communion is not the same it’s not fair to say but I think there is such a demand for I guess you could say just sort of intermingling you know and I mean it’s one thing to want support it’s one thing to want to have that and I did I had some people I practiced magic with even back then I had a friend who introduced me to it but that was already after I heard he’d been told I had ESP or when I was three years old my dad my mom my dad my older brother you know said that you know like it was like a week before Thanksgiving we was three years old Niko bowed out of his bed and started talking like an adult at the top of stairs asking where he was and you know and what year it was you know like life regression had a moment though these things happen you know why am i trapped in this little kid’s body so the so I think that again it can come it can go into this space you’ve got to make sure that you know what your intention is if you’re serious about going down this path I think it was easier for me because it was kind of like again I was already kind of primed for it I wasn’t really pushed to think I mean every once in a while I’ll encounter family member who’s an atheist and you know they’re kind of like they were smarter than that you know but that’s not the same thing as like oh they’re like hardcore dogmatic or they’re you know it just works for you and you do it yeah well so I mean that’s kind of what the next question was gonna be was what kind of got you into it like early on like what what built your intrigue it seems like we came up around the same time so I think we were maybe influenced by some of the same movies horror movies magical movies and stuff like supernatural movies and things like that did any of that stuff have a play in your childhood or watching the x-men and wanting it to be real but then being told that it’s not and then finding out and I know it kind of Israel you know like what was some of the like you know send the intrigue to kind of get into the craft and and and seek out some of those that spiritual path the paranormal experiences themselves were the intrigue like knowing it’s there you know and you feeling it so you said that that happened to you at 3 do you did you did you remember it anything no no I don’t remember it I but I can tell you right now I’ve had like prophetic dreams like I knew when a move was coming you’re like I would see the new neighborhood yeah all kinds of things like that so I’ve already you know that’s it’s kind of that’s how I describe it what about the dark side even as a kid though cuz I had I’ve had like you know night terrors and waking up with beings laying on top of me and crazy things like that I mean we come around the same age do you see was there was a dark there was a creepy there were there was a creepy situation I remember I must have been about five or six I was like first grade so more like six or seven and there was I don’t know if it was awake or asleep it was creepy as hell does even recall I remember being in my bed then like my feet would suddenly get uncovered like the blanket would be uncovered and so I would cover up my feet and then there would be a point where I’d be getting up and I would see like a pair of hands yeah and they look like creepy old lady hands like this little has some cheese you know some some ranch it chipped you know fingernail polish on it and they just looked like creepy like dead hands lifting the blanket up over for whatever reason from just like in just the hands just the hands over the bed that would so I mean I don’t know if that’s kind of a I mean I don’t think it’s the same thing as a hag attack but that’s that it’s pretty common form yeah it’s some kind of messed up thing my younger brother used to see like monsters and things like that as well I you know Bob be honest I’ve never really been gifted with a whole lot of sight I can hear things I can feel things I know when the fights about to start yeah I can even feel the vibration shift and things like that well I can smell energy which is really weird it’s not clear you know cuz people would say oh they want to say clairvoyance or you know you want to work on your ability to see and visualize and all that and for me it’s like I can clear aliens and clairaudience or my things hearing things and smelling things yeah I’ve always heard if there was a spirit or if there was like a psychic attack or something I’m terming it now I wouldn’t have turned it this way before I’ve heard knocking wake me up in the middle the night when God the knocking dude I got chills just now as I was gonna talk about that the knocking in your head yeah I actually I had somebody say Nikko last night I’ve had somebody knocking every once in a while I’ve been doing a lot of cleansing and vanishings there’s something giving a lot of power I am I’m gonna release this video as soon as we get off of here I did a song you know the invisible creatures of the five elements and it’s explaining and walking you through what elementals are calling them by name telling you their functions it’s a really good song I’m excited to release it it’s a topical song I worked on the video all day yesterday like literally so the lyrics are playing in my head the visuals looking up pictures of elementals trying to find the right ones to go in I spent like there over eight hours like working on this video and then I try to go to bed the lyrics are going through my mind elementals speak gentle with elementals yeah on you know and all of these lyrics go through my head and then as soon as I’m about to fall asleep last night the knock the knocking I’ve heard something fall on my back porch I don’t think it actually happened but I like as soon as you’re drifting into that stage I’m gonna wake up let me go check the back somebody might be there and then I check everything nothing’s happening I go lay back down kind of weirded out the lyrics are still in my head I’m dozing off somebody beats on my window and I’m laying in bed with my wife my daughters in the other room but they don’t hear it just like as I’m falling asleep something’s trying to get my attention to wake me up and I never I probably should have addressed it not I don’t know that it was a bad thing or menacing spirit it could have been something wanting me to engage a wanted me to meditate or whatever the case is I don’t know but it was last night was a strange night after editing that song all day the knocking is neutral honestly like it’s it can be whatever you know it’s not it’s not a guarantee that it’s good it’s not a guarantee that it’s bad elementals do know when you’re speaking of them they don’t read your thoughts so they don’t read your mind you can read your feelings but not your mind oh you know if you’re like thinking even if you’re thinking weird stuff like they’re not really able to like communicate it they might feel like oh he looks uncomfortable his energy is kind of woo so I don’t I mean if you wanted to make I mean if you’re gonna profit off their name’s sake I’d probably just put a little offering out there don’t say thank you you know how that goes but I would just put a little offering out there you know leave them a shot whatever you got to do you know but I would just put if you’re gonna profit off of them in that respect that might be a thing just saying they’re actually really cool they’re good neighbors don’t leave don’t you know I don’t let them in my house I don’t invite them into my house but I do make friends with them I do allow myself to make friends with them and you know like I said I just treat them like neighbors and you know it’s they don’t have to be evil they can actually be great protectors you know I mean it’s like and it’s a bit more automatic I mean you can call on an angel to protect you but there’s a different vibe when you’ve got like a little gnome and his hammer and he is like look this is my house too and the spirit on your front lawn because you know so it’s like you know get all the allies you can mm-hmm get all the allies you can so the the thing is is like we got the knocking that that’s been happening a lot I had a dream about I think I got something trying to get to me I had a dream the other day about some dude with like he looked he yeah you brain is gonna give you weird signs like you know what’s good do you know what’s bad based on your own brains and there’s something about a dude in a navy blue business suit I don’t know why it is but I’m like that’s a demon so this old man in a blue business he just like follow me with a gun and I was like huh but I lost him in a 7-eleven and I was like okay so something was trying to get to me missed out still look in you know Florida you know I know a lot of times in dreams when you see a gun it’s it’s talking about words like words and gossip and people slandering I know I’ve had some I’ve had some experience with with prophetic dreams with guns involved futuristic guns too and there you go something like looks like it’s gonna be in the future of that’s something that was to come later all of these signs man learning how to to interpret where you want to call it God or the spirits or the Holy Spirit speaking to you in everyday life and in your dream and in that those states and uh and I think that everything is symbolic and we can we can we can learn how to interpret our dreams and in the dreams of others and it makes it a lot more interesting right people are having these dreams and being played with visions you know a big part of me that wants to talk about this stuff in the open or talk about the elementals or whatever the case is it’s because there’s people who are having encounters they’re hearing voices they’re laying in bed here and people call their name and there’s biblical encounters with that happen processes laying in the bed yeah Sam you’ll wake up Sam you’ll have something to show you what what is this and turn it over like what the hell is calling my name at 2:00 in the morning you know and so that stuff intrigued me especially when I have some type of frame of reference from even a Christian standpoint so if it happens today it’s not so far far off it was happening to them you know so it really in all of this stuff that we’re talking about astrology which you know I definitely want to go back to that before we move a little bit too much farther back yeah sociology which is in the Bible when it’s coming from a Christian perspective most people perspective people think it’s negative because there’s one there’s a rebuke in the Old Testament towards the astrologers but there’s a rebuke to every facet of people every stargazer worshipers seekers priests teachers like children like God in the Old Testament rebuked everybody for like their heart wasn’t in it no more they were kind of profiting off of the practice right and it wasn’t a spiritual discipline for them anymore and so he would rebuke him and said you’re you’re doing it but your heart’s not in it and therefore I don’t want I’m not gonna receive it so that was the only thing that kind of happened it wasn’t like he was there was gonna be an in to astrology astrology is all throughout the scriptures of the oldest books in the Bible it talks about Orion the Pleiades the dog star the the Great Bear in the sky and he gives the huge part of the Apocrypha as well you know diac all of this is in the Bible in a good way you know we were talking about astrology like basic one-on-one stuff like how does it influence us like what is it like like like how does it influence us and why should we want to know what what’s going on with the spheres above us and the stars and everything moving around I it’s it’s in it’s okay we go back to this talk about you know energy and everything is sort of made up of a certain type of vibration right everything is made up of almost like a code or it’s a recipe all right so everything’s a recipe you’re a recipe I’m a recipe this microphones arrest the phones of recipe and you know what it you know what it does is basically you know when you talk about a recipe well a recipe can be subject to change or it changes a certain thing because you know if you put too much I don’t know baking soda in one thing it’s gonna mess it up whereas another one’s gonna need a whole lot more right yeah so we already go through that in our lives are you know when you know and we have all of those things around us changing vibrations all the time color changes vibration we know candles do and herbs crystals well if you think of the planets as say like giant crystals that might be a easier way to look at it now these are humongous bigger than Earth in for the majority you know giant energy being you know energy systems out there just emitting this energy constantly how those things mix make different recipes is it you know is the vinegar planet right so it let’s put it this way let’s put it in time in time you mean food always go to cooking alright say there’s like a vinegar planet alright the balsamic vinegar planet and then there’s the olive oil planet those together I’m gonna make a really you know that’s gonna be good we like dipping our bread in that we know they make good salad dressing all that kind of stuff right so that’s actually a good harmonious connection and that’s gonna create a good harmonious connection or good harmonious mix of energy going into a certain part of your life it could be your love life it could be your health it could be travel now there could be a baking soda planet okay vinegar and baking soda that’s gonna just make a damn mess so if that’s going on that’s gonna happen elsewhere you know does that make sense hmm and so what’s gonna happen is is that if we look at these things as recipes and archetypes of certain things we can see how everything is a balance of these elements and all of these vibrations as well so you know there is the you know there’s there’s the energy that is a Venus okay so that’s always akin to its its its magnetism its attraction yes we always call it love but it’s also favored popularity and to some degree at hand we’ll money so we think about how Venus would interact in a certain area of your chart well if Venus brings that energy to your fifth house of love well you’re going to be noticing your magnetizing more romance into your life if it goes into your 10th house of career people you’re gonna become a more popular right you’re gonna becoming more popular at the job you’re gonna be more popular with your boss you’re gonna be noticing you’re making more money so all of these things in combination you know this is what I was kind of prepping for because I was like well maybe we should put it into sort of a Christian sort of get down its warble Everson do not go up there for those of you guys who are listening to the podcast and his cat just climbed up the back of his chair and was about to crawl to the roof or something jump on a very thin bookshelf and knock over everything and I got crystals and sashes and mirrors and stuff so I was just kind of like he never does that so so okay so let’s let’s put it back in terms of Christian mysticism what do you think about that to me now astrology is not the why but it’s the how of things in the universe I hate it when people ask me why is this thing happening why is this why did this job not work out what is the meaning what is the spiritual meaning and I said shit happens you know there may be a higher message but it’s not coming from a planet it could be coming from spirit it could be coming from your guide it could be coming from your higher self or a god you know but it’s not gonna come from a planet that planet isn’t it you know it wasn’t but you know what I’m saying yeah so these things are just they’re out there they’re in different you know they’re they’re just doing what they do it’s kind of like all right a light turns on so the the way I would look at it is like all right if if it’s the how then the planetary energies are an example of how a vibration is created to to create you know to become dense and come forth into being in our reality so you could say it could be how creation you know it could be what contributes to creation about contributes to behavior you are an amalgam in astrological philosophy you are an amalgam of the weather and a lot of other things but you are highly influenced of the weather of the time of your birth so you came into the world with Mars here and mercury here and so that weather already kind of shaped or you know it kind of created I guess you could say a form energy food yeah an energy field that your soul pushed through and picked up so if mercury was in a place that says okay we’re gonna make Derek a pretty uh you know we’re gonna make him a really outspoken dude and we’re gonna make him you know a poet we’re gonna make him able to you know just be Kella quickly we’re gonna give him these abilities to write songs and music okay so that’s you you you know if that was what was chosen by your soul your soul waited for the time when the when the when the weather was right to do it or God waited for the time of the weather was right to do it again however however it translates to you so it’s kind of like okay well if we’re gonna you know it’s like you go and you go into you go into cooking right you’re gonna have to wait for the oven to be a certain degree before you can successfully cook nobody cooks anything you haven’t degrees it’s not gonna cook at all you know so that’s just kind of a nutshell how I would describe it if that makes you’re insane you use that energy yeah you use it and and you know I guess it it it’s like a what we would say vibrational energy but I guess that’s definitely more new agey or spiritual I guess it may be more of like a magnetic field of the body and it feel that’s called magic yeah easy way to put it but I’ve got a friend of mine who was he’s supposed to go see a psychiatrist does any does from time to time but he studies his astrological chart and knows what like just like a you know just like a weather forecast a one one person put it last week you know just like you turn on the news and see what the weather’s gonna be so you know if you need to wear a raincoat or if you need to wear short sleeve shirt or whatever my friend will watch do well he would read his chart and see what’s what what the energy is gonna be and he’ll know whether he should start a new relationship if he shined for a new job efficient in you to do this or if he should stay away from people for a couple days or whatever the case is and he plays off of that and swears to a tee that it works and it helps him and it says it’s his therapy and it works to a tee for him of reading his energy of what it’s gonna be for that period of time and I would be I would do it too you know I do do it that’s my job you know cuz I mean for me it’s like there are certain things that there was somebody I was talking to somebody about this earlier I don’t know if it was today or yesterday during an appointment or a video file I can remember that far because I do so many via I was basically saying I’m like everything has their peaks you know whether you’re talking about yeah looking for a new job or moving into a new house or whatever everything you know it’s gonna come a few times a year but it changes your everyone every time of year because the planets are never in the same spot right all oh you know exactly like consistently and we were talking about a relationship and I think I’m gonna say into them was you know okay look this is when you’re most likely going to you know get involved in an exclusive monogamous relationship it looks like I’m weird we’re it looks like I’m being shown the the culmination of this effort now you can meet somebody beforehand but my advice to you is to remember that if it’s this far out right you could if you’re gonna go out and meet somebody you know before this window period happens you may would have to wait for that energy to build between the two of y’all you know so don’t be surprised if that happens now I do believe we all have free will but there’s only so much free you know I mean our free will it means we also have the free will to make smart choices and bad choices all right if you you know if your free will is you know don’t don’t don’t carbon but you know don’t turn on the car in a closed garage you have the free will to do yeah you but you probably shouldn’t mm-hmm right so when I think of like astrology or I think of magic I think of the energy whether I’m not gonna go and fight a planet on this thing I don’t think I should I could if I need to protect myself create some higher energies to see you know like okay there’s some crappy going on the sky the next three days let’s just hold it down you know that’s that’s no different than getting an umbrella that’s cool but I’m not gonna Braille is gonna protect me in a hurricane so you know it’s time to get on bike yeah so there’s something there are some things that you could do that’s practical well you don’t just have to play the victim and blame the planets well murder you know Mercury’s in retrograde everything’s going to hell this week or whatever the case is you know I’ve noticed some stuff happening in in in during that that kind of made me give some credence to that stuff when it went out didn’t really study it and I’ve noticed like relationships kind of messing up if don’t engage with people who are lashing out cuz it’s not gonna end well those type of things you know but there are some practical things you can do where you don’t have to be the victim to this stuff right you can use it for your good so what’s some some things that you can do where you’re not playing the victim to just blaming oh well you know this and that and this now gives us people who do it you know well you know it also you gotta pay attention to where it falls in your chart you know I always say this people when it comes to Mercury retrograde I’ve got a video on my scarlet moon page how to survive a Mercury retrograde one of the big things a lot of astrologers don’t talk about this way is very irresponsible because you know they go up and they type it out and they want to be these big motivational speakers and life coaches and I’m just kind of like I am the witch in the woods f-fat like my cat you know like that’s how I am but the the the Mercury retrograde doesn’t just crash the chart for three weeks like that doesn’t that’s not what happens you know it depends on where it is in your chart what it’s doing to planets in your chart if it’s doing anything at all it could be in a perfectly benign spot and there’s some areas Mercury retrograde where it’s actually really good you know um so the first thing you got to look into is first I need to know what my chart really looks like okay your son sign that’s not good enough you need to know either when you were when you were you know what time of day you were born okay you need to know what time of day were born or you know get it reconciled somehow do you research you know do research look at your birth certificate cause somebody because you’re ascendant you know that’s gonna be the start of your whole chart right the start up the how your personal houses work so say you have it now mercury retrograde everyone’s like oh communications are gonna go badly don’t drive anywhere huh down and pray for bail I know you would if Mercury retrograde there’s something that a good spot mercury retrograde in the eighth house that’s damn good spot everyone who ever owed you money is gonna start giving it back you know you’re gonna it’s time to collect if you’ve got mercury retrograde in the elementary schools can become become be your best friend again you know any of you have a chance to make that relationship work again that’s cool mercury retrograde in the in the in the fifth house of love okay yeah don’t be official with anybody but if there is somebody you there’s an old crush or someone you want to try something again with you can you know just don’t try and stampede towards the finish line you know that’s it just just use common sense I mean if somebody came back and if I had an ex come back into my life for three weeks why would I stampede towards trying to get official in doing something serious like that with them you know that’s that’s not even common sense but you know so just don’t lose yourself in it with astrology you know just again pick your battles you know pick your battles if it says Mars retrograde ok Mars retrograde favors the defender not the attacker whereas Mars retrograde in your chart ok say Mars retrograde zat work in second house of earned income all right it’s a new work sector so Mars retrograde it’s the defender wait till your enemy comes at you then wait out your enemy you’ve got to play defense for a little bit because you’re basically going to win with that defense is not a good offense with Mars retrograde ok Venus retrograde people get trust issues with Venus retrograde people get really insecure people have their jealousy issues crop up where is it happening are people getting insecure and jealous and your family the fourth house ok I’m gonna take this with a grain of salt here all right I’m gonna realize Venus retrograde is bringing all of this out we’re probably not gonna be able to fix it during Venus retrograde but I’m gonna make a note of it so we’re gonna talk about this again later throw that conversation in the trash he didn’t mean it she didn’t mean it whatever right but you know Oh hold on seconds notice to think of the chat they just kind of threw my mother through it is a chart a confidence booster or empowerment hey I don’t think it’s meant to be a confidence booster I think it’s told indifferent I think I think it’s a I think it can be a confidence booster when you learn how to use it to your strengths and know where your strengths are and where your power is then you are empowered if you know how knowing how to use anything makes you empowered if you know how to use your computer better you are empowered you know if you know if you don’t know how to use something you’re not very empowered you know I don’t know how to use a lot of things so obviously I did that but ya know going into but I mean you know it’s just it’s just spoken you’ve got to get familiar if you’re earnest is the planet of disruption and randomness and chaos and crazy coincidences and things that could be really cool or really bad one of the things I gotta tell people is and maybe again this is maybe you’ll agree with this cut-and-dry good and bad splitting into either 100% good or 100% bad that is a crippling mentality yeah to come at your spiritual practice with and people to want that people want that so bad people want that so bad everything is either hunter center suspecting that it’s a safety net it’s like how do I get context into my reality I’m gonna make it as simple as possible kindergarten shaved circle triangle square you know don’t do that you’ve got to be able to appreciate the nuance a lot of people say Saturn’s bad I like sad mm-hmm Saturn’s cool with me because I know how sannan works Saturn is just like a real the way I would describe Saturn is like a main professor who doesn’t care about your Instagram page at your date tonight so you can be friends with Saturn you learn to be friends with Saturn you guys are cool you’re good to go but he’s a hard-ass you know that’s good that’s good man um one more final final thing I think would just be good to end it on man so you’re talking about how to kind of protect yourself and not just be a victim when it comes to astrology but what about when it is with communicating with the spirits in and I’m talking about whether you initiate contact or it just happens spontaneously because I think we all entertain spirits unaware what are some things that we can do to protect ourselves whether it’s psychic attack so we open up doors to kind of get in over our heads what is what are some things that we can do to make sure that you know cuz a lot of people approach even meditation with a fear that okay I’m getting into some things that I can’t really see all the time then you it’s in me I can open up portals in my mind where they’re speaking to me through the day or demons or there’s a lot of fear that comes along with that what are some things that you do to protect yourself and other people can try as well well I mean it does depend on an occassion basis let’s talk about astrology really quick because astrology is kind of the same as like a lot of other stuff astrology that’s real simple again we’re gonna talk about it like weather okay it’s just it’s just a feeling in the air that’s really all it is now sometimes that feelings there for a week sometimes is there for a month sometimes it’s for two and a half years but it’s never always doing the same thing so for astrology you know those of you guys who are into crystals those of you guys who do know how to ground and center I mean it’s cleansing and keeping yourself protected and and hunkered down during an astrology situation is the easiest thing to do you don’t have to be upset about Saturn returns you don’t have to worry about Pluto doing this to your mercury and all of this kind of stuff you know keeping and here’s the thing one of the best things that you can do during astrology is just keep a cleansed space keep the space clean all right astrology like weather will kick up what’s there it will it will take advantage of the cracks the dirt and the crap that’s already there so don’t have it the less you have the less damage it will really do okay and you can do that in a lot of different ways you know again you can cleanse and purify you can bless your space you can use your crystal grids if you want to use herbs you know one of the best kinds of herbs to use is any kind of herb that’s gonna just calm the energy down I like valerian root for that I like lavender for that rosemary is a universal substitute you can use that for almost everything white magic you know so it’s even a combination of just those three in general you know keep those in a pouch on your person just to keep the energy calm and relaxed and chilled keep it at your office you know if you feel like something’s coming or you you you saw something you know you in a general horoscope like oh crap I mean remember when everyone’s talking about Uranus where Pluto for ad nauseam six years you know that something like that comes up again if you’re concerned about that anything to calm things down essential oils are good if you are using them magically I don’t want to get into the topic I mean I’m gonna piss people off if I talk about medicinal essential oils right now so I’m talking about only from a magical sense so you know any kind of blend again things that calm stuff down because what it’s gonna do is it’s gonna slow down that energy it’s gonna like it’s gonna do like a windbreak okay it’s gonna win break that energy so it’s not hitting you like a punch in the face it’s gonna feel more like a breeze so you want to slow that down right or at least ground it if you can’t slow it down ground it gets your you know get some juniper get some truly get some real heavy grounding types of herbs and oils in there that will also work out very nicely because it’s gonna be affected by that you know think of it as a wave again it’s gonna kick up everything that’s already there now if you it’s it’s just like if you were on if you were out on a boat right like you’re on a fishing boat and you were gonna be there overnight and you found out there was gonna be a storm well if you leave all your crap on the deck you’re gonna lose it if you leave everything out if you’re hanging out there you know if you if you know there’s a storm coming and you and your girlfriend’s sleep out there overnight like idiots yeah you’re probably gonna get thrown over for it you just got to take the precautions you know take your time you know and just you know do all of that and and honestly when it comes to you know getting that you know just keeping that calm and clear it’s not gonna hit you the way it’s gonna hit the next guy spirits are different I didn’t mean to talk so fast the only reason I did because I was like we’re gonna talk more about spirits and I don’t know how much time y’all have spirits I got I gotta try not to get too technical because I know we’re kind of just doing this is chat mm-hmm but you know I just put up that video recently about dealing with the guy who I wouldn’t call him possessed but he was practically he was almost at possessed zero so definitely compressed yes he was sharing his spiritual space with another entity and the interesting thing about that is that I kind of get the suspicion that he was okay with it like he was kind of seduced by it you know like because that’s what sometimes when some spirits will do they’ll come in and they’ll kind of seduce you into letting them occupy that space and you know he’ll come to you and he’ll say like dude I’ll be here I’ll be like your big brother I’ll be your guardian angel just let me stay you know or whatever is going on right so you’ll get seduced you get tempted into that and so in that situation the best way to protect yourself is to not be afraid to again sort of you know fight back a little bit now I’m not talking about fighting your friend you know again when you’re dealing with somebody who is you know disaster oppressed you know your enemy isn’t them your enemy is that is that is the creature who’s taken them right or is trying to take over them and even if they’re letting them right because some people are just so depressed I mean spirits will take advantage of trauma you know health crises layoffs divorce whatever right so you know one of the things you got to deal with those you’ve got to be prepared like you’re not gonna be able to be as close to that person as you were you know now luckily I was in a situation where I could just kind of get in get out and not have to deal with the aftermath right but you can’t really let yourself try and open up you can’t do that hold on let me hold space for you and give you love and light and all of that you can’t do that alone you can’t do that alone because that’s you’re just basically creating a breeding ground for more that negativity you’ve got to learn how to quarantine okay one of the hardest things to do is to get a spirit to go once it’s taken root whether it’s a pressing haunting possessing however you want to phrase it one of the hardest things to do is to get it to go and to banish it and get it out of the way you may clear it and it can come back you need to learn to quarantine almost like almost like an infestation if you create an environment that is inhospitable to it it will eventually go and then you can kick it out as many times as you want people I’m starving it sometimes like if there’s something it’s doing that it’s almost in the Christian world they say giving it legal ground to be there you have to cut it off and kind of serve it notice and stalk out if you’re doing something we’re talking about gossiping I mean there’s so many different things that will give this type of spiritual influence legal ground to be there you’re a perfect host you know and well so starving it out it’s a big thing the big thing is well it’s and certain auntie’s will try to evoke emotions as you know to get energy from that emotion some of them will take advantage of addict’s you know they love drunks you know they love drunks they will take advantage of couples they like sex you know they try and take advantage of all of these things and fitness Joe’s S&S jealousy trolling even trolling rejection attacks this person’s presence actually I don’t know if if we were switching roles or whatever but I could tell this person was switching between the spirit and the not you know and and the person it was very very strange because they were definitely somehow this person was totally ignorant of what I was doing there I mean the the dude basically just thought I was there to cleanse the house you know and he was like oh it’s my girlfriend’s Creek thing whatever I mean he’s he’s spiritual but he’s not like that I’ve seen that yeah yeah well you do a clearing on the house man but you got other stuff but it was interesting like he was so he seemed to be the most averse to the most holy and blessed and purified of things it didn’t matter what it was it could be holy water it could be Florida water it could be blessed salt it could be you know a blessed soil it could be anything along those lines it just the purse the dude just knew well it wasn’t the dude but you know that that entity was knew not to go anywhere near it which is very very strange so we had to set up a quarantine ok now that didn’t mean we lock the guy up we didn’t do anything to him it’s like I sat over there and you know screamed psalms at him and sprayed him with holy water and I didn’t you know get into my crazy witch gear and you know light a bonfire do any of that either but what was basically happening is we set a quarantine it was basically like all right look we’re going to consecrate this house and bless this house and purify it to the space to to such a state that you you know it’d be almost like a bacteria dying on a dry surface maybe the seaman had uninhabitable you are honey this is uninhabitable to you you can get the hell out and the thing is is that even though the entity is not haunting the house it’s you know it’s again it’s oppressing the person you know and the girlfriend and the roommate and everything we’re not the house essentially right well they are and they’re not there’s there’s a good rule of thumb here there’s a kind I told for this as well you know and and I think blood magic is the most powerful magic and blood when you say the person is the house very important blood is a powerful influence when it comes to revoking I guess you could say sometimes legality over things if a person will not give it up themselves in the situation so I said okay you need to find a relative a relative a blood relative of yours or his if they are open to this will have the power to revoke legality ona I didn’t say legality I’m just you know Otto translating now but blood magic will break that bond so I’m like you got anybody mother father brother cousin whatever you know get somebody in here you know cuz this is your place to but you need to have vote this person and the out voting with power of blood is gonna be what kicks this thing out especially since it’s like okay you’re eclectic and she’s kind of knew she wasn’t really strong on her faith he did not seem all that strong in his faith you know there wasn’t a whole lot of power kind of circulating there so I’m like look I’m gonna hold this tub and this is gonna be here for like a month so you got a month to you know finish the job you know you’ve got a month to put the finishing touches on now your boyfriend’s probably not gonna wanna come home a lot okay where’s that gonna once been a lot of time the house I eat out a lot of time you’re probably gonna be you know and it’s not really boyfriend you gotta remember that but he’s gonna be kind of avoided if you start to feel drained if your girlfriend starts to feel drained whatever just go into another room and shut the door it’s just that door is gonna be your knife you know for the next month so how do we a lien eight the entity you know how do we a lien eight it that’s basically what we’re trying to do there so now I protected myself with you know I mean I go and loaded the reason I put on the the head wrap is because entities will influence you and what you’re thinking to try and trick you and deceive you into into thinking you’re doing something you’re not so I’ve had anta teeth deceive me in almost like almost like weird like is this my intuition is it not kind of thing where I have this I was doing a spell I’m doing cleansing is healing it just doesn’t matter what I’ve had entities deceive you know in all kinds of ways like you’re gonna kill him like haven’t had that come in or you know you’re gonna get cancer or something crazy on and so your brain thinks if you’re not careful if you’re not strong in that moment your brain thinks oh my god I’m putting this energy you know or I already have it yeah yeah I’m already have it am i manifesting it by doing this right now is that is the is is the spirit or is is god or or is the energy I’m putting into this a resonance for that no ignore that whisper you know ignore that deception most of the time those things will come from things that are already inhabiting people okay when they’re in a person or in us you know or in a crowd remember entities can oppress entire crowds it doesn’t have to be just one person you don’t have to deal with it you know so this dude could have had his whole football team you know just just all you know it it’s just kind of bouncing around you know and with some principalities is what it’s called in the scriptures and it talks about them being over nations and cities and things like that he’s certain entities like strong powerful gods essentially being over certain people groups and and and now religious sects and orders and everything and all of large groups of people yeah and then I’ve been the the little warring minions or demons or evil spirits unclean spirits whatever going down and messing with the people that are within it as well yeah yeah and I think that I think that what’s happening is like a lot of that’s kind of coming up now I think all regulations you’d call a tribulation what do you want to call it I call I just say like because a lot of you want to go is like is that what’s going on I’m like all of you people woke up one day and said you wanted this shift you wanted the shift here is your shift welcome to my world you didn’t think the aliens were just gonna come down here and beam you out of your bed and let you live in paradise for eternity did you like this is your shift now here’s here’s my thing where and I feel like you you’re with me here on this if you are a practitioner of your face you know I love your face not just have your face but a practitioner your faith this shift means nothing you were already doing it before 2012 2011 however old you are it’s kind of like no all of you were just catching up to my reality or I guess you could say not my reality but you know I’m saying like one’s reality a practitioners reality hmm everyone is now catching up to a practitioners reality and I think that if you’re gonna protect yourself again you need to know how to quarantine the first thing you all need to do is learn how to bless and consecrate any kind of space I don’t care to who that’s not my job that’s we’re not gonna you know if you if you don’t learn to do it to an angel if you’re gonna do it with you know with God with Jesus you know any kind of pagan deity hey you think David just make sure they’re cool and they resonate with you I do believe we have some that are parts of our ancestral line we have easier access to you know my you know my mother Scottish so a lot of Gaelic and Celtic deities you know really sink in real well with me goddess Brigid Saint Brigid sinks in real well with me you know there’s there you know there are certain things that I think that you can you can find that you relate to and you’ve got to be able to just kind of get you have to be okay with and I like the term and I think I think I actually got this from a friend who was a who does a Christian mysticism he and I like the term you’ve got to be you’ve got to be solid in your sovereignty that’s your most powerful thing yes you can wear crystals hematite black tourmaline onyx jet jets fabulous by the way of the for I like jet number one and then I like well I like the rest all pretty people they’re all pretty good in their own way for their own fashion you can wear crystals all you want but really the more specific and energy signature is the more powerful it is for your protection so what’s better okay a stone by itself is gonna do it’s all good it’s it’s gonna do enough it’s gonna do something right some of our stones are great for the strategy situations and bad weather and just weird freaky energy in the cosmos stones are great for that that’s what stones are for but you know what’s better than that is gonna be a signal or a pouch or a bag or you know something that is consecrated with a very specific energy resonance and what is that very specific energy is it runes is it the Archangel Michael is it a deity is it a sigil you made yourself you know it’s gonna be something because entities can’t they’re not Omni while they may be Omni lingual in terms of what we believe a languages they’re not um they’re not omniscient when it comes to vibration they don’t know everything and there are I’ve found being more cross-cultural that certain practices are better for defeating other practices go Asia I’m sure you’re familiar with go Asia yeah nothing kicks the shit out of a go Asia demon like Shinto exorcisms from Japan like yeah y’all never been to Japan it’s like they had no immunity and that might be something to think about you know and again you’re gonna have that and you can do that within your own religions too you can do that within your own faith too how they do you know Christianity in America is not how they do Christianity in Guam it’s not how they do Christian so you can go and look right yeah so you gotta be ready for that but I think that the more specific energy signal we are so we got to get out of the general you know cuz again it’s like stones are great stones are fabulous but they’re only gonna do so much herbs by themselves are great they’re so you know but you need to also understand that if you’re gonna have your sovereign space you know we share this space with other spirits and you you probably have spirits on you right now I got spirits on me and me you know that all these people probably do some of them are totally cool some of them are kind of you know how we have like intestinal flora in our in our guts to help us digest we’ve got mites believe it or not you’ve got mites in your eyelashes that help protect you you know from infections and things like that most of that are not bad or even or even if they’re bad you would call bad there you sit for a good reason yeah that’s pretty deep yeah and a lot of a lot of spirits a lot of spirits will say you know if you just don’t want anyone you know you want to exercise it purge to be clean that’s cool but you know sometimes you don’t need to worry about it too much you know it’s it’s it’s when they’re starting to oppress a lot of them will have love for the host and obey the sovereign host right okay and you never know maybe you’re their ticket you dare to ear their ticket to salvation that’s why they’re latched on to you they’re like hey his vibe is bright yeah I’ll keep him you know I’ll do my best to keep him from getting sick you know and and we love this and we and we work we’re on the same page so I’m gonna hitch ride on you you know Derek I’m gonna hit you ride on him and you know if this dude’s cool then I’ll try and be a cool dude and yeah I’ll try and protect him or give him a warning or whatever sometimes that’s what happens you know but protecting yourself you know you got to know how to I think step number one is again consecrating that space making a sovereign space making a quarantine space something that is at least you know the most inhospitable to you know to to a hostile entity as possible you know and things that you know it’s it’s from there on you know for the most part if you can do that you can overcome anything because you can make that inhospitable to curses and hexes you can make hospitable to ill wishes you can make it in a hospitable to you know the vibrations of you know of depending on the situation you know certain astrology energies and so that’s what you need to stop doing we just you know and you could do it by making holy water you can do it by practicing that I mean that’s a good practice that’s one of the things I would tell it like no you need to learn how to exercise salt and make some named holy water like that’s the first thing anyone needs to do I don’t care what you practices you need to learn how to charge things you need to you need to learn how to hold that space and and know that it is your sovereign space and even if you share the house even if you share the house you know it’s like okay you’ve got you know you don’t want to completely dominate it because your wife or your girlfriend is kind of like and she’s just kind of diagnostic she’s on the fence I’m not saying like be a dictator you’re just basically saying just like you’re saying just like you would say hey you know the only thing that you’re dictating to your partner to your roommate or your kids or your parents or whoever is living with you the only thing you’re dictating is common sense all right when you’re when you’re dictating to the house don’t allow demons inside that’s like saying look don’t let a bunch of crackheads in ok is that oppression to your relative is that oppression to your girlfriend to be like no I don’t want you bringing up any crackhead you know just a whole bunch of crack inside off the street to sleep do you know to sleep in the living room know when you wake up exactly like you don’t need to you know you that’s not oppression you know so you got to be comfortable with you know it’s like inviting them in man yeah it really relates a lot to microscopic organisms microscopic bacteria in the way that that functions in the way that you can’t see them without a special lens or a trained eye and in the spiritual sense would be like the third eye being able to see into the spirit realm of be able to sense them on or around people they work the same type of way not in the same way of there’s there’s medicines there’s things there’s healthy food that you can put within your body that will make your inhabitable for certain bacteria and certain things that will make you sick and strengthens your immune system spiritually you can strengthen your immune system the weird thing though is and we’ve talked about this in a lot of episodes is that I like the ancients kind of equated them to be one in the same like they thought that these microscopic beasts in these little monsters and these things that you can only see with a special magnifying glass those that was the spiritual warfare those were the the spirits from the outer realm trying to influence us and make us sick and give us diseases and things like that you know and so the lines kind of really get blurry there there’s old banishment for like stomach worms and the worms out of your body and the Dragons of Revelation like they believe that that’s what these things were the dragons and the beasts and the demons and stuff sure that we thought was really interesting and and I mean it is it really that much different now though because all these all prayer all energy work all magic all of that spiritual active spiritual practice what it’s doing is you’re changing reality and in a sense it all comes down to changing chance and controlling reality not in a crazy megalomaniac way yes some people will go there doesn’t matter who they are doesn’t matter what religion they are we’ve seen it happen you know whether whether they want to be the the biggest awesome sorcerer in the world which doesn’t exist or they want to open a mega church or they want to do this pyramid scheme in Hawaii and they want you to come and play eight thousand dollars for retreat there and they’re just not going to do anything you know we’ve seen it all um but control of your space and you deserve control of your body mm-hmm you deserve control of your physical body you deserve control of your specific your physical space you do not deserve to have to be a codependent enabler to a spiritual entity that is taken over you know you’re your friend or your dad or your girlfriend your brother or whatever and I think that when you learn to stand strong in your sovereign space again you are changing you are controlling reality because all of a sudden you’re deciding what manifests and even if it’s not deciding what manifests like even if you can’t even if you can’t make something manifest because of it it can’t manifest because of you and you’re at a stalemate and at some point you are going to push back enough to kick its ass out you know and I mean heck I even did a thing the other day where you know I mean if you want to invoke spiritual help go with healthy trust you know a lot of people ask me amigo why are you why are you your witch why do you work with Archangel Michael and I’m like well anyone who says angels and magic don’t go together it doesn’t know anything about ceremonial magic or hoodoo or you know or a hell of a lot of stuff or conjure or anything like that angels go in that very well angels are like the the servants of source whether you call source God or I call source God or whatever that’s up to you the angels of the service servant source and so you know I was basically like you know Archangel Michael you know I’ve been doing this work you know with get this thing out of this person’s body please help me to get it out of their body take this entity into the light if it can be rehabilitated purified and healed if not then cast this ass into the void that is how I go mm-hmm you know and so it’s it’s an interesting kind of kind of thing you can call on that help but a lot of these spirits will come and protect you they’ll put you in a bubble and shield you but they won’t do the work for you yeah they won’t always do the work for you you’ve got to be able to you know they’re because they’re there to help you if it’s a real bad situation yeah they’ll do it there you know so a lot of the times you know even angels will be like okay you know what I will walk you through I will help you carry this load but you are not gonna throw this all on me that’s good we talk about that a lot like what demons do we cast out you know what demons do we are sent here for us to learn from they are here to teach us a lesson about ourselves about life and you can’t you know you have to learn from them and and and so that’s why I like in every situation you got to be looking for the lesson in everything the good and the bad and just look for the lesson and look for the test and because you know you’re gonna have to take the test again eventually so you as well find out what it is pass it a sit and therefore you you’ll be able to move on to the next level what’s what’s next in your ascension process the process of moving from one level of consciousness to the next you have to take these tests you know no matter what what type of character flaws that you have you have to learn from you have to move on to the next and whether it’s you know we’ve been talking about it the whole show I always have to be right you know some I have spiritual friends who are racist they have to get over that you have to let that go you know what I’m saying there’s people who look down upon people who eat meat like there’s just all of these different contentions that this is the way the only way you know cause yeah it’s like so called awakened homophobes or so called spiritually all love and light you know yeah I mean we go into like races or classist oh yeah that person’s that person it can’t afford this mmm what’s what did they do what is their karma or why can’t they are there so library low vibe and it’s like hold on a second now it’s one thing to have you know a discussion about abundance and prosperity it’s another thing to go and blame somebody for their situation where they weren’t set up the way you were you know maybe they weren’t maybe they maybe they weren’t born to a rich family maybe they decided they were better than being a gold digger and you know so you know don’t go callin richness yep don’t call prosperity evidence of a person’s goodness or vibration because I’ve met some real rich evil incarnate you know individual what I was it was it was it was really the other way around for me like I’ve come from the lowly Road and I thought that being spiritual or being or having having spirituals is a good example of looking at Jesus as being the poor righteous teacher and you have to deny the beautiful things in life if they didn’t deny yourself which is really coming from like a a Gnostic standpoint that you’re not supposed to have anything good and you’re supposed to denied the delicacies of life and to get in yeah watch out for decadence I can’t remember that’s totally not the truth like that’s not how it’s supposed to be like you don’t know it’s just like denying all the fun stuff and beautiful stuff in life and well no no I don’t mean it that way because I mean I I grew up very poor which is kind of funny because it’s like when you think about it my my I have a family that actually like did pretty well and it wasn’t you know won’t go too far into it but my dad wanted to kind of abstain from what he considered to be excess and materialism and things like that but he also made some choices financially you know for us that you know we kind of learned to go you know and and not think about decadence so much you know we didn’t we kind of learned to be more minimalist in that way and that was cool and all but the problem was the idea of it being the own you know you do develop a negative opinion in a positive pinion one way or the other my my older brother hated it and thought it was horrible you know and everyone you know we’re all peasants and crap and I was kind of neutral and then my younger brother was kind of neutral as well and so you kind of learn you know okay well it’s not more or less righteous to you know to abstain or be an ascetic right it’s not it doesn’t make you a better person certainly not but what I’m saying is that when it comes to people looking at people who have wealth and saying because you have this you are worthy of admiration I take issue with that if that makes sense yeah yeah now debt that you mentioned earlier the prosperity movement you know what I’m saying the prosperity gospel in the churches and stuff and that totally hurts everywhere exactly you know because it was crazy that you mentioned it with the same breath as mentioning the secret I come from the prosperity movement like not that I was in it but I come in a place of exposing it because all the other churches were into it and you know we saw the flaws in it I knew the philosophy debated these people when I was in religion or whatever the case is then I get out of it and I watched the secret and I’m watching I’m like wow this is the prosperity gospel like the prosperity gospel stole their stuff from the secret or vice-versa I’m not sure you know which came first but it’s the exact same thing and it’s the focus is money the focus is riches and always finances and it was always nasty because you never had enough you never like once you get a good job it’s you know what this job ain’t good enough I want the next possession up I wonder when do you just keep going up the corporate ladder and this greed and wealth and stuff and it’s just insane that that was what the focus was about it all well the funny thing is is that a lot of people will say things like poverty consciousness or scarcity mentality when we talk about say maybe taking a shot at say prosperity gospel right and they’ll be like well you don’t understand you know that you know that’s part of poverty mentality or poverty consciousness is making you resistant and I kind of go well not really to me the the gluttony the neverending hunger for more prosperity and wealth is probably the most poverty consciousness ever it’s like it’s that that to me that’s kind of like your your you’re never satisfied you never said that you’re consuming so much because you don’t know when it’s gonna go away so you’re super you eat everything in your that’s it’s like you’re you’re kind of stashing and stashing and stashing and you’re desperate and it’s the only thing on your mind yeah that to me is scarcity mentality that to me is poverty consciousness because the the way you know when people look at it it’s kind of like you already have abundance abundance is everywhere and abundance is too vague anyway I mean you could have an abundance of scorpions do you really want that like don’t send abundance is the only request in the universe that’s like mistake 101 but the the the thing is that there’s the the I think that what happens is is that you probably want to think about okay well the the universe wants to have this energy actually circulate the universe will destroy and take away that which stagnates that’s his job you know well that’s the job of what we what we call curses and dark magic and things like that that’s made up of an energy signature in a natural occurrence as you say learning a lesson or in a natural occurrence what it’s doing is it’s just breaking down things that are stagnant that are not changing that are not flowing that are not evolving why would you want to accumulate stuff in your life that doesn’t go anywhere that when our relationship stagnate they fall apart our jobs stagnate they fall apart our health stagnates it falls apart everything falls apart so you don’t want to you know eat having an abundance of flow is good but just having an abundance of crap is not does that make sense this conversation with you I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time we finally made it happen thanks for coming on the show everybody wants to know how they can find you on on YouTube and if you want to give out your Facebook pages and all that yourself go ahead and plug your sites where people can check out your work man because you really know what you do all right all right plug glug glug well you know what I think hold on a sec if you all just want to look to the chat bar I’ll just start I’ll just start plugging links here into the chat bar on the wall it’s alive it’s gonna be on the right side so there’s my Facebook I can’t do it didn’t work you don’t ok please remove any web address okay it’s just scarlet my honesty’s facebook my YouTube pages okay scarlet moon YouTube you can just type Scott you know in search page you can do YouTube search Carolyn astrology or type in scarlet moon magic both channels will go up and they refer to the other one remember scarlet moon that’s just scarlet moon the regular one is for astrology and tarot and horoscopes and scarlet moon magic is more of the woowoo stuff which is where we kind of ended up here in this the last half hour here which is really cool that’s my favorite to talk about and if you are interested in any more you can check out my website integrative mysticism calm I do have a patreon program going on myself people get permanent discount codes for certain amounts that they pledge I also got exclusive bi-weekly horoscopes on there and there’s no pledge minimum on there at all I mean you could just do a dollar and still have access to those bi-weekly so you know if you’re interested in any of those that’s fantastic Derek it’s I’m really actually happy that we finally got a chance to talk and you know kind of feel each other out because this is actually really really cool yeah I enjoyed it my brother dude thank you for everything that you do and thank you for hanging out with me I appreciate it let’s do it again soon absolutely now absolutely stay in touch I shall know my brother peace take care thanks Nico scarlet moon ladies and gentlemen we really have been trying to do this for a while been throwing dates back and forth for a long time trying to get our schedules to mesh but I’m glad we finally had the chance to do it really cool individual I’ve been watching his his videos for a while on YouTube and a benefit with him for some time on Facebook as well I just like your spirit man I really do I like everything about him and I enjoy listening to him he’s really good at what he does and now he’s got a pretty big audience too he’s got a lot of people who who feel the same way so check him out on YouTube as well I want to say thank you again to all the patron supporters everybody who enables me to do what I’m doing thank you guys so much if you want to do that head on over to patreon dot-com backslash truth seeker there you can sign up at any level of giving you get rewards you get all my music and all the new stuff all the new hits you get it and it’s a bunch of new music over there right now you can check that stuff out also get access to the school is a Mystics every Thursday night now which is entitled basic training for the prophetic ministry learning to hear the voice of God speaking to you in your life and then speaking to others and the first the first session that we did like I said again it was really awesome getting really good feedback so join us for that if you missed it it’s in the patron section as well you can go back and listen and join us for session number two the teachings are pretty short and then there’s an activation then there’s a something that we questions that we ponder as a group and then we do the the one-on-one stuff and practice prophesying and practice being able to pick up on the different energies that that each other are walking in and there’s grace to do that and it was awesome I really enjoyed it so make sure you guys do that new album out entitled seer that comes out for 20 April the 20th there’s also going to be a album release concert on the same day in Mobile Alabama some some of you guys are talking about coming so let’s see also we are doing I got a new video out if you guys haven’t seen that for the song alpha-alpha we’re also releasing another video as soon as this podcast is over so if you’re listening to this one the podcasting in it’s already up the new song we’re putting out tonight it’s called indie invisible creatures of the five elements featuring the Illuminati Congo myself and commentary by Manley P Hall it’s gonna be really good and so like I said the story I told you know earlier was concerning that song you know let the chips fall where they may check it out I’m really proud of my work I worked on a visual it’s I’m not in the video but it’s a visual that I created and stuff and I used to do that for all my videos back in the day whatever I was talking about what kind of weave in and out of the video so I’m about to release that make sure you check it out trying to get all the material out for this new album so I can start sharing it with the public as well thank you guys for the support I couldn’t do it without you with that I must say peace and Shalom you guys have a good night tomorrow we got another doubleheader back-to-back really good guests lined up tomorrow so join me for that episode I’m looking forward to it peace and so long we’ll see ya [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to juice seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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