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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with John Vespasian about his latest book Sequentiality: The amazing power of finding the right sequence of steps. In the interview John shares why he doesn’t show his face during interviews and why others should follow suit unless they are in entertainment or stage performers. His latest book Sequentiality is the ninth installment about rational living. In the book he gives step by step details about how to be successful at achieving your goals by using practical guidelines. Its not always about just being positive or imagining what we want to achieve as in The Secret or The Law of Attraction John says but by being effective by equipping ones self before you step out into the venture of your choosing. I am big on learning from our mistakes as well as learning from the mistakes of other around us and that seems to be the basis of Johns book. John uses past mistakes, failures and successes from a few notable people in history, for example:

  • How Luigi Cornaro overcame terminal illness and got to live 102 years.
  • The reason that made Giotto go backwards in his artistic development in order to attain financialsuccess.
  • Which steps Giacomo Casanova took  in order to become wealthy.
  • How biologist George Mendel failed miserably in his career goal, but still found happiness.
  • The huge error that destroyed  Charles Dickens’ life, and how to avoid it.

These stories play out as examples for us to learn what not to do in venturing forward with our dreams. The reason John shares the followed points is so that we can do the research and not have to make the mistakes ourselves. This saves time, effort and oftentimes a lot of money. In Sequentiality John also talks about hypersensitivity and how many people abandon their pursuits due to scrutiny, judgement and sometimes constructive criticism. Learning these practical steps before voyaging out can really help us to be successful in our endeavors.

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to achieving our goals and living the best life that we want for ourselves and kind of create this this life that we want our dreams and visions we’re gonna get into a little bit of that stuff here in a few minutes I can’t go any further without saying thank you guys to everybody who enables me to create this show all the patreon supporters thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart and you guys mean the world to me couldn’t do it without you got a couple patrons we’re going to give shots out too right quick some of the people who have come on and joined with us within the last week or so give a shout out to Callie Patricia wean tiger King Joshua DeLeon and yeah that’s it those couple people’s their special thank you to Noah Adam brink and Benny ween who are reporting at the diamond body level thank you guys so much for all of that shout out to Benny Benny’s got his whole family signed up to a s patrons here man he got him his wife and his dog gives his dog gives muscly as well 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is into helping you obtain your goals your dreams and he’s got some steps and sequences and things that he’s actually got mapped out in non books so far I think all of these books kind of work together but today we’re gonna be speaking about his latest book my guest today is John vest pasión john welcome to the true seeker podcast sir how are you hi honey awesome man thank you for coming on with me um no video today you don’t really show your face I’ve tried to find pictures of you it’s not really anything online that’s true that’s true I try to keep my privacy something that they recommend in my books that people should try to separate the business from the private life unless you are a celebrity an artist performer I think for most people it’s a good way to go to separate their business on your private life yeah there’s a lot of musicians and artists who have come out over the years who wear masks or even change their look on stage for that reason so that they can go out to eat with their family on a Friday night at a restaurant you know what I’m saying without being bombarded with people wanting to take pictures and autographs and just everybody in the whole restaurant staring making it uncomfortable they’ve they’ve wore masks or like I said even change the way that they look onstage so that they can keep that privacy that’s important especially if you travel I happen to live in Europe and I travel a lot so this way I recommend so I try to preach with example that’s good stuff it’s getting kind of weird like I’m getting a little bit more renowned people are starting to recognize me and public people know who I am you know before I know who they are and it’s kind of awkward I could see where that would come in handy to try to keep your face off the stuff you know it does get awkward people coming up to you and you know wasn’t wanting it talking and just like mid conversation cutting you off and just kind of it gets kind of weird and I guess the more renowned and the bigger you get it only gets worse right yeah especially if you have long term plans and you expect to grow exponentially the next years I think it’s very good to develop a stage persona separate it from your private life that’s good so you got nine books this is your ninth book which is uh sequency ality we’ve heard a spirituality we’ve heard of all these other allergies but sequentiality all of these books kind of work together and have come to a head with this latest one talk a little bit about what that term sequentiality means sequentiality is an approach to personal development the word sequentiality consequence what I have done in this book is to show an alternative to the current paradigm which is positive thinking nowadays you will not open a book on personal development without reading about positive thinking seems to be the absolute truth seems to be what everybody has to do and what sequentiality does is to show through historical examples because all my books are based on history or based on real persons that there is an alternative there’s an alternative that does not involve so much emotional energy because they probe one of the problems with positive thinking is that it eats up all your energies unless you’re naturally extroverted and there are not that many people who are naturally extroverted maybe 10% if you try to be overly enthusiastic all the time even when you’re feeling down very cheerful you will not have energies for doing anything else it will eat up all your energies you will consume all your resources and you will not get anything done and the idea of sequentiality is that in most cases I would say 90% people will achieve much more in life in their careers in the present of life in their personal finances if they just focus on finding the right sequence of steps this way I call sequentiality to find the right sequence of steps instead of getting so emotionally work up because it’s it consumes your energies it doesn’t lead anywhere so you have a bunch of steps here there’s different ways that we can find these steps categorize them make sure we’re taking the right steps asking the question there’s a bunch of stuff that you have outlined tasks do that so is this personal was just some things that have have kind of happened for you to kind of get to that level where you want to be know what I’ve learned in the book is to take a look at biographies of different people different centuries and to draw the the patterns that show how people find the sequence of steps there is not a universal formula one two three four five this is what you have to do this would be very unrealistic because everybody is going to have his own background its own circumstances but there are patterns and I can give you a few patterns from different stories one of the patterns that emerges when you look at hundreds of biographies of people who have been very successful is that in whatever area they work no matter which country which century it doesn’t really matter but you will find always in successful people who are also very happy that they have spent years of their lives building some kind of assets and this is not self-evident because when we talk about assets more most people will think about money they will think about houses but it’s not the only type of assets if you build skills if you build social networks if you build reputation those are assets and many people have built very successful careers on this type of assets but it’s almost impossible to become I would say successful but to do it to a good extent it’s almost impossible to be had happy in the long term if you’re not building constantly same kind of assets if you are very introverted if you’re very isolated if you’re very aggressive and sometimes you see this hedge fund managers they’re extremely aggressive but they don’t build some kind of assets you have to start every day from scratch and this is something that whatever biography you put into in the past and I have in this book I have compiled about thirty different biographies this is a pattern that you will always find who were some of the people that you’ve kind of studied with with these paths and steps let me ask you an example one of the biographies I presented the book and I found it super interesting is a life of Humboldt Alexandra from Humboldt you might not be very well known in the US but in Germany in Europe certain is very well-known because the University of Berlin is named after her most and whom both had a very interesting career because he had a very boring job I mean he had a job that he hated he studied geology in university and he tried to find a job in exploration but he couldn’t there were no jobs available so eventually he ended up as a mine inspector he was a completely soul-crushing a super boring job he did it for years he tried to get out of it and eventually he changed his life completely and this is why I found the the story so interesting because he didn’t have a very specific plan about what he wanted to do at a certain point he heritage some money from his mother it was not a huge fortune if imagine you even doing hair it house from your parents what most people do in those situations is just to sell the house and to buy a new car to buy maybe some equipment but very few people will use the money to change their lives and what to bolter deed and it’s something that is almost unique in the 19th century he quit his job and he used the money he heritage to try to find the sponsors like you just mentioned at the beginning of the show people who sponsor your show he tried to find sponsors to go on an expedition to South America he wanted to explore Mexico to explore Argentina to explore different countries and he went to France to talk to Napoleon he went to Spain he went to the balloon and he failed he totally and completely eventually what he did and this is the the the real point of the story he used a little money he had left because he already spent half of it to go to South America with a friend he walked from Mexico to Argentina he spent many people today they moved their business to Thailand or they moved their business to Costa Rica because very very inexpensive he spent 18 months he took notes he made drawings and when he came back to Europe he published those drawings notes in eight volumes he became a celebrity overnight he created a massive asset he became very well-known as a naturalist and from that moment all he built an amazing career in different countries he got very important assignments for exploration of Russia and the whole point of the story is that Humboldt became very successful because he built these assets he didn’t know exactly how to to find a way but little by little he built these tremendous assets and he lived from them for the rest of his life and this is a good strategy for anyone who doesn’t know exactly what to do a step-by-step try to build some assets to build a reputation to build copyrights to build a network because those assets eventually I will make it successful those are I think a great concoction to kind of want something greater than you know what you have now you’re talking about him and it’s very similar to my story to here the fact that he was at a job that he hated and in there you know there’s this this inward longing for something more out of life and there’s many people who were there that’s why they’re there listening to a podcast like this they they want more out of life they have dreams and stuff like that but they seem so far away right they’re stuck at a dead-end job they’re they have all these bills and debt and so this life that they dream of seems so far away but it’s really cool that we’re actually talking about these steps that you can take to do it um something about the drawing away process like getting by yourself or going going that that pilgrimage of that journey to kind of get those notes or get those ideas or get those steps how important is it that to kind of you know go into hermit mode essentially to get the game plan and then go out and and kind of execute well from my research this is extremely rare I have drawn actually the opposite conclusion that most people will not make big change until they are against the wall and this is human psychology it’s very difficult when you have your routines you have your life you’re all settled down doing something else to go and say okay now I’m going to to go in a different direction I’m going to quit everything I’m going to make a big change it rarely happens and let me just give you another example from the book one of the stories that actually gave me the idea of sequentiality is the story of the corner Cornero is known in history because he was the first person who ever lived lived in the 16th century and he not only lived very long life but what is impressive about corner is that by the way he was in his mid-30s he was terminally sick he was so sick he could barely move he had massive inflammation the physicians he saw different physicians he wasn’t even in Venice they told him to go home and prepare to die because they didn’t see any possibility of recovery and Cornero who was the time he was 34 he went home and instead of just giving up and say okay I’m going to die to write my will what he did was to to try different experiments he tried different diets he changed his lifestyle in every aspect – go – go to bed very early to wake up very early in the morning he stopped doing most of the things he was doing so far because he was a guy he had a very disorderly life he became very much dead – vegetarian diet he reduced the number of calories congested and within six months he recovered he recovered totally and completely he became extremely healthy and then he continued with his lifestyle and if he he was hundred and two years old and he wrote about it and this is why we know about her and the the the crux of the story is that Coronado didn’t just as you said he didn’t get sat in a corner thinking how can I leave him in two years it doesn’t happen like this he was against the wall he was really dying and then he have to find the solution and eventually by trial and error he figure out a diet that nowadays in the 21st century that we know that is very healthy he used to have organic milk vegetable soups I mean he came up with this idea by himself by trying different things and we someti didn’t where he stopped I mean in the end he came up with this diet but the message from the story is that corner only changed his life when he was about to die he he had been living a very bad lifestyle for decades that is why he was suffering from this massive inflammation and eventually when he was really dying when he was against the wall he changed and this is a pattern that people will only seriously look for the sequence of steps when they are really suffering if it is no suffering the human psychology is very reluctant to change yeah you got a way to you your backs up against the wall or you kind of you know I think I think I think a lot of people you know we’re talking about suffering or whatever I mean the mask about this because it you know I like to tie this into the dream now look at my life and you know what got me to do this full-time and kind of and at you know I didn’t jump I was pushed right this was a great idea it was something that I wanted to do it kind of tormented me inside because I had this dream and this passion for what I wanted to do with my life but it seemed so far away and I was trying to take steps I was trying to find out I was studying other people what worked for them how can I transition but it was never this thing okay let me just quit my job let me do this I actually got fired and it really just pushed me into her into it so all of the things that I was studying all the things I was you know looking for these steps to take and to make connections and plan and try to get an income off of what I love to do versus the dead-end job of what I had to do you’re talking about being like you know I’m saying torment it or being in this place that’s unpleasant a lot of people are in like a dead-end job like that and they’re just looking for whatever they can do to kind of make that dream a reality would that be something that you’re talking about as far as but they’re back up against the wall I felt like I was yeah that’s one of the principles of spirituality you have to start the sequence somewhere and you start moving and then little by little you find the answers but the way I was talking about positive thinking because the idea that you can have a goal and you said I’m going to become I don’t know CEO of General Motors and you are going to work at this goal for 20 years it’s massively unrealistic what my research shows and I have really made a big issue of this in this book is that what is very important and you find in in every successful every happy person it’s a very strong sense of direction people have a sense of direction say I want to move in this direction I want to do this I don’t know exactly how they’re going to do it they don’t know exactly the goal coroner didn’t know that he was going to live he got in the right direction and the whole point of sequentiality what we’re in in the sequence you will find more information you will find more opportunities you will build on your reputation you will paint on your assets you will have more visibility without this sequence you can make as many plants as you want in your room you can look at websites for hours but you will never start the sequence you really have to start the sequence and then you can gather information little by little Tron it kind of seems like the same thing to me though it seems like you kind of have to have a game plan before you can try to execute it and I also think that we need to be positive I think we need to be optimistic about it because like you know as far as our dreams or whatever cuz you you would have people like around you that would doubt you will say no you know you should have if you want a dad in your life you should have started that ten years ago it’s too late for you you know so I think that positive thinking and stuff like that comes into play when we’re thinking about our dreams about what we want to accomplish right let me don’t we have to have a positive outlook on what we’re trying to build yes I think positive thinking can certainly help but you should not depend on I was talking about sense of direction I never liked the goals because it’s to a specific but I really like to do this I really like I want to make a living out of this is the right attitude without setting a very specific goals for yourself saying I want to make this amount of money by end of December because you will be for sure disappointed you put the pressure on yourself which is totally unnecessary yeah so you see a lot of people like kind of doing that and like the spiritual movements where that’s all they do is just say think about it you know and just think about it dream about it talk about it tell people about it like I do believe in that but it is the you know I’m saying the hard work that pays off in the consistency and having the game plan because if we’re just daydreaming about it and we don’t do something to kind of bring it into our reality then it’s just a just like a great idea right yeah I wanted to mention a few more principles in the book I think they would be useful for your audience one of the aspects that systematically will break down sequentiality is when people are hypersensitive and today in the 21st century we seem to live in the in the era of hypersensitivity where people get super upset and super angry when they hear something they don’t like and say oh they spend sometimes the whole day ruminating because they heard something on TV and say okay I really hate this guy he should not be saying this kind of stuff and this is this is very inefficient and sometimes I mean one of the stories III recount in the book is the story of Dante Gabriel Rossetti he was a great painter in the 19th century he invented a new movement in painting the the prayer prayer effort reflects he was a poet but the problem with verse 8 is that he was hyper sensitive he got a few bad reviews in newspapers newspapers were very powerful in the 19th century but there were no social media he got a few bad reviews and he was so upset that he didn’t want to go out he started to drink he spent his whole life indoors he stopped painting we was really a disaster because he was ingenious I mean you see his work is really amazing but he was too sensitive he was trying to convince journalists that he was really a talented painter he was a big waste of time because he was talented anyway he was selling a good amount of things but and this kind of attitude of hypersensitivity will destroy sequentiality in any case even if you’re a genius even if you make fantastic plans even if you have pain here goes if you’re hypersensitive there is no way you will get anywhere because you will be criticized you will be opposed there will be insulted in all civil ways because they will always be people who don’t like you who envy you whatever don’t do that I mean Russia is a tragic tragic example he was a genius he was a very innovative he was a great painter a great poet but he died very very young he died in his early 50s completely unnecessarily because he started to drink don’t be hypersensitive it’s a trap it’s a terrible trap and today in the 21st century is a big fashion yeah yeah I know right it’s that’s I mean you’re hundred-percent right I’ve seen people even recently man recently I have a good friend who may be watching this but she got into a business deal with someone I’m pretty sure she didn’t really know that well they make great products they went out to the public to just to actually sell these things in the marketplace someone said some things they didn’t like things didn’t go a certain type of way and my friend’s business partner super-sensitive freaked out couldn’t handle the pressure couldn’t handle things not going her way and just freaked out and made a crazy scene and ended their bitch on the first venture that they went outdoors do it I’ve seen musicians and artists or and people who are building platforms and then things don’t go their way or they read bad reviews or people question them and say I don’t think you should be doing this it didn’t they freak out and they undo everything that they’ve been working to build for the simple fact of what you said they’re too sensitive it’s a pattern you find in history you will rarely read about it in personal development books but they tell you it’s a killer it’s a killer you have to stay out of it let’s Automation briefly another example one of the aspects that most people what people don’t like to hear this but one of the things that really stops a sequentiality and that keeps people down keeps people stuck is the reluctance to move and this is a thing that how can I say it’s a bit uncomfortable for most people if you are moving to another state to another city if you’re moving to another country or learn another language can be very uncomfortable can be very disruptive but to tell the truth is that many people will only succeed when they move and it is because you might be living in an area where there are few opportunities you might be in the wrong business you might be in the wrong environment you might be surrounded by people who criticize you for no good reason guess because they don’t want you to change whatever one of the examples I give in the book is the story of Casanova and Casanova is known to be a great seducer but few people know how he became a millionaire because he was a complete disaster I mean Casanova his twenties he was a walking disaster he studied law he was a very bad lawyer he tried to get into the military he was fired he was prosecuted he was a very very conflict prone and he only actually made a great career when he moved out of Venice and he went to France and he became very wealthy within a few years because he found the right environment where he could use his his talent and this and that people don’t like to hear but you might be in the wrong place and the only the only solution might be to move it’s a very practical solution sometimes it’s very annoying because you leave your friends and your family behind but I tell you when you see so many unemployed people so many people who are complaining that the opportunities come on move move to that place move to that country and something that goes along with this direct is that I always encourage in my books people to learn a certain language if you’re in the US for God’s sake learn Spanish it’s so easy you’re surrounded by people who speak Spanish you will open your eyes you will open your opportunities you will open your career it will make you more tolerant more benevolent and this is an asset is very easy to run the language every child learned towards the language weapon here for did you spend 10 15 minutes day you will speak a second language for God’s sake if you do only one thing in the next thing yes try to learn the second language it will change your life completely Wow that arm that reminds me I’ve been I’ve been watching a lot of interviews with hip-hop hip-hop artists right once they finally make it they tell you you have to get out of your hometown for one you’re gonna have a big target on your back because of the people who were around you who went to school with you who don’t believe in you who want what you have whatever the case is and it’s something about getting famous or blowing up in the town that you’re from and a lot of the guys who have been doing it for a long time have become successful they said you have to leave your city you can’t stay there because you’re gonna keep running into problems and things like there’s so many people around you are gonna envy you or think that they deserve it and you don’t in it’s funny too because my mind always goes back to the scriptures and I think about Jesus where he talks about that a prophet is not without honor in his own in in his own home in his own town he doesn’t get the honor he doesn’t get the respect that in the support that he needs but when you travel abroad people don’t know you they don’t you know they see you for what you show them and for your talents and what you’re ate what you’re able to bring to the table versus your past mistakes and your failures and stuff all we know this guy we went to went to school with this guy he’s what you’re telling me this guy’s a what you know so something about you know dust on your feet often and actually leave in that area that I think really is important let me ask you about this too because you mentioned trial and error there’s a lot of people a lot of motivational speakers I know Will Smith talks about it a lot Gary Vee all of these guys are talking about a lot now they’re talking about failure and how it’s it’s good to fail and it’s positive to fail and they say fail early and fail often you’re talking about trial and error failure and mistakes and not all failures are bad right especially if we’re learning for his mistake right there certain extent I would not recommend people to seek failure just for the sake of learning I love the patterns I have identified in the research is that 95% of the failure can be avoided the problem with human beasts is that we want to reinvent the wheel all the time and we start to do something and they say okay I’m going to learn to do this on my own yeah well most of the time is a complete waste of time if you’re trying to give the platform to be the reputation to build the business run the log just by looking on some webpages it’s free and we are reluctant to do it because of human nature we want to reinvent the way we want to be heroes we want to invent shortcuts but I tell you most of the time we should not be making failures we should not be making mistakes even just spend some time doing research let me just give you an example from the book one of the stories I recount is the exploration of Antarctica this happened in the early 20th century and it’s very interesting because you see three expeditions going to Antarctica one from the from England one from Scotland and one from Norway and the guy that went there for no way he actually checked the facts he checked the kind of clothes you have to wear the kind of dogs do you need in order to move in Antarctica he just check he spent a few months doing research very easy research and he did almost everything right but the other people they went from from England and from Scotland they froze and they died because he didn’t check anything they try to reinvent the wheel they didn’t check what kind of dogs they bought some dogs but the dogs died because they were not siberian dogs they were wearing the right the wrong kind of clothes they got to wear this English wool which is very nice but when you get word you freeze and they froze they froze one after the other it was horrible because they didn’t check back so the no reason to learn from mistakes if you can avoid the mistakes try to spend some time checking with other people are doing it was very easy for emotes I’m from the Norwegian guy very easy to check what kind of dogs you need he just went to Siberia he checked the dogs and he got the right kind of dogs ah he calculated how many dogs he needed and he put on top twenty percent margin and he made and the other people were stupidly taking ponies to Antarctica and the ponies broke the legs and they died within days I mean when you look at the mistakes they made they look stupid but we do the same all the time we try to reinvent the wheel and this is what breaks sequential you will not find the right sequence of steps if you don’t spend some time the research yeah so doing doing the proper research you can avoid a lot of those mistakes that we’re making right I tell you it’s counterintuitive because we want to jump and we want to stay right the way I said I want to start that I spent a few weeks do research and you will save yourself a huge amount of problems and a huge amount of money um let me ask you about this film we’re talking about mistakes I think but you know whatever you do make the mistakes learn from them learn not to do that again or go back and research and do it the right way right you know something that’s not working and it could be you know it could be many different variables depending on what you’re doing but I really like you know the fact that you wrote this book and in studying other people’s mistakes as well because like that’s the biggest thing for me is like you know but one just to learn from our own mistakes but to learn from mistakes that other people are making if they’re doing something and it’s not working and they continue to get the same results or whatever somebody who’s already done it before like you said there’s a lot of research online there’s not you know you know we don’t have to reinvent the wheel people have already done this stuff and they’re successful at it and they’ve you know they’re telling you what works and what didn’t work and things like that so not only just learning from our mistakes but for the mistakes of others as well and kind of seeing how we can apply that to our lives in it I just want to point out that human beings we are built in a way that we hate confusion we hate situations exactly what to do and we just have to refer sometimes to make mistake after mistake instead of recognizing that we just don’t know because confusion is very uncomfortable and let me ask you an example you might have watched the movie I should have watched the movie Casablanca is from the fascinating because the you see the last scenes between a free Bogart and Lieberman may look very realistic because they don’t know exactly if they are going to stay together or know that they are confused well they were confused because he didn’t know the end of the story and the movie I think it was so successful because it’s so realistic the producer was writing the script during the movie and the actors were totally confused he didn’t know exactly where they want to be in laughs they’re going to be together they’re going to die no so this is why you see these amazing scenes I mean you have to realize that the very simple cinematographic means they have in the very very simple and they did it on studio and they look perfectly true because it was perfectly true it was one of the few movies that was shot in sequence and this is why I use it as an example it was pure sequentiality because they shot one scene after the other the whole team of actors and and writers they were together in the shooting from beginning to end and in the end they produced this fantastic little movie they thought it was not going to be a big success but we liked the movie so much because our realistic it shows confusion in the most pure way and this is something that human beings we hate and we like the movie so much because it shows how we feel every day and if you want to get to sequentiality and find the right sequence of steps you have to go through confusion it is inevitable you will never get a free CD plan saying okay you have to go from A to B it will never work you can’t wait forever until you get all the dots on the ice don’t do it try to find the right sequence go through the confusion and then you will find it that’s awesome I’ve been saying that for a while now and it’s kind of been kind of weird because I come out of Christianity and like yuck I come out of like the Evangelic of Christian realm and when you you know the word confusion for them as a bad word like you said I guess it’s a bad word for humanity but I think it’s a good thing because we can use it as a tool exactly like you’re saying I’ve never heard nobody else say this but cos a confusion is a good thing because until you’re in a state of confusion and disillusion you’re not gonna start looking for the answers until you’re confused if you think you have it all figured out and everything’s working good for you just in your own mind but you’re not producing the results you know I think I think a state of confusion is good when I was in a state of confusion I jumped on Google I started looking up answers started trying to cross-reference and trying to make sense of what was happening in my life and my belief systems and things like that but it didn’t come until I was in a state of confusion so use it for something good that’s awesome that you you point that out let me let me ask you this so you talk about organic growth letting organic growth determine yourself it’s your your your steps is that something that that we should keep doing it like if it’s working let’s keep doing it because we’re seeing growth because we’re doing this formula or these steps are working because we’re expanding we’re growing in all areas and things like that organic grow organic insist a mixture of your talents and the market and some people when when we talk about the organic growth sometimes people have to do whatever I want I don’t care about the market I don’t care about sales I don’t care about sponsors this is a bit stupid this is not organic growth this is arrogance organic growth is to find the sweet spot between what you can do what you want to do and what people are willing to buy and this is very difficult to do but this part of the sequence you don’t find this sweet spot the sequence will not work let me just give you an example from history one of the great artists of the release was Giotto Giotto is a fantastic example because he made a transition from the Middle Ages to the relations he painted for the first time in history it was the first painter who painted emotions who use a realistic colors in the Middle Ages the paintings were very boring because they were very much rigid the colors were very dark it was the way they liked it in the middle ladies but Giotto invented a new type of paint in a painting that were today considered modern the problem with Giotto on the story is fascinating is that he came up with these ideas while he was in his thirties he was painting and basically what they did in the in the 1120 they painted churches and all that painted we have a authorities but Giotto got the possibility to make a special assignment because there was a family in Padua otto was living in Florence and there was a family in poverty wanted to build the private chapel and they hired yatta for two years he went to Padua and he built scaffolding inside the chapel and he painted the walls from beginning to end he painted 30 different scenes and for the first time in history he came up with this amazing innovative style very naturalistic beautiful colors you can see them today still in Christmas cards you see Giotto painted all over the place and what is fascinating is that you do came with this innovation the paintings are beautiful they’re original they are full of emotion but he never did it again for the rest of his life and he lived if his mid-50s he went back to his boring medieval painting and why is that I found this very intriguing and is because he discovered that the sequence of steps he was following the what because there was no market he painted this private chapel in padua he was very beautiful he was very no but if he was groundbreaking but the church didn’t like it the market was not there he found one customer who could pay for that but 99% of the market was not that they didn’t like it they thought it was weird he didn’t like to pay for weird things so they in the end Giotto spent the last 20 years of his life painting again in a very boring way because it was the market it was the sweet spot he was a genius but he could not sell it he could only sell this kind of paintings and he knew that he tried to do something else he would be blacklisted he would be ostracized he would lose his customers he would throw his worship and his children were working that he didn’t want to have to ruin his children so eventually he did it and the lesson is very important because you will only find the right sequence of steps if you try to find this balance between what you can do and what people are willing to buy and it might not be exactly what you want and most people who have started business they end up doing something else because I realized that there are too advanced the concept was not really right they find a different approach a different location whatever but they find this balance and this is why it’s so important to keep looking for the sequence because if year 2 had stopped when he painted this private chapel in padua he would have been forgotten because he would have stopped producing painters you have to find the sequence every day Wow so it’s like a it’s almost like a compromise right I wouldn’t call it compromise because you have no choice basically the idea was between suicide of to keep working he decided to keep working because the world was the option I mean the guy had an enormous talent for painting and he could only sell these kind of paintings he could not sell anything chapter 10 you’re talking about why it’s so difficult to see the winning path it’s difficult because we get into our heads we become super arrogant when we come super positive which can be very negative because if you tell yourself every day I want to make it I’m going to make it and you will completely lose sight of reality it’s work so it’s very difficult to find the winning path because to a great extent we’re still animals we panic very easily we are very emotional we take little problems and we blow them out of proportion the only way to find the winning path is to become objective to become a cool to become calm in the in the face of opposition is very difficult to do there is no two simple formula but when I look at every example of successful happy people they went through the confusion they went through the emotion eventually sometimes by sheer persistence they found a way and you have to get rid of your emotions when they are out of proportion because they will drive you down they will not mean you might get motivated for a few minutes but is not a good deal try to be objective try to find the right sequence of steps by looking as a reality awesome brother thank you for that I want to ask you this just one final question because all of these steps and all of these things and we’re talking about this book of sequences sequentiality you’ve got a bunch of other books you’ve got eight other books in the all like the titles of them like the different motivational the philosophy of builders thriving in difficult times all of these different these different almost formulas in themselves essentially if we can apply the knowledge how do they all fit together they all fit together because they are based on history they are based hundred percent of real cases what I do in my books is to extract principles from stabbing hundreds of biographies of different people in different areas and I try to come up with principles that you can apply in your own life principles that are logical that are rational that they don’t have to be super extroverted to apply because what annoys me and normally with these books is that they assume that people are super extroverted and super cheerful and this is so ridiculously unrealistic I mean try to take a walk in a mall and see how people how many people are super cheerful and I mean you have a few but for most people is better to try to find the right sequence of steps and these are things that can work for us if we just apply them finding the sequences in you know in like you said I think it goes back to watching what’s worked for other people in the past like literal things it’s not it’s not theories or you know theoretical hypotheses about what could work was what actually did work and I really like how you incorporate that in the book John vespasian let people know where they can go to check out this book and check out some more your work you’ve got a really great website with tons of articles interviews and a bunch of really cool stuff to let people know where they can go to check out your work I’m very very easy to find you just type Young’s Patti on Google on any search engine just type Java space and even if you type it correctly it doesn’t matter because the the Google will correct you because the name is so so unusual so just type young the space and you will find the books you will find the tangle-free article there’s a free newsletter Thomas passim very easy to find John thank you for coming on the show man I really enjoyed this I appreciate it many thanks out there Rick all right talk to you soon thank you bye bye John vespasian ladies and gentlemen sequentiality you’ve heard of spirituality have you heard of sequentiality first time I’ve heard that word and you said uh Google will correct you if you try to type that word into google sequence reality Google’s gonna try to correct you on that one too but uh it’s about SEO you know if you type that in you most likely his stuff’s gonna come up his book and all of his stuff so uh really cool interview um I agree with a lot of it man and I’ve been talking about this stuff like I said especially learning from your own mistakes he approaches it more from doing the research and doing the study and so that you make less mistakes and what you’re trying to bring to the table what you’re trying to create make sure you’ve done your homework make sure you’ve done the research it’s real it’s awesome like when like I listen to podcasts on spirituality I listen to podcast on everything under the Sun that has to deal with spiritual essence and and you know even religion and things like that but I’m when I wanted to start doing a podcast and I wanted to get better at podcasting I started listening to podcast about podcast how to you know and it’s so much stuff that goes in on the back end that the listener just gets to click play and you never know like what goes in on the back end of creating a good podcast so like whatever you wanting to do wherever your you’re in that place that you want to bring something to the table bringing it to fruition study everything you can on it study everything you can on that studies the competition study those who have done it and failed study those who are doing it in a thriving like you can learn from them right it’s really it’s really funny you know and if being a beacon or whatever I have a lot of people who are starting to do stuff you like you know say in my realm and like and I don’t I don’t care sharing the tips or whatever um you know I I see people copying what I’m doing because it’s working and and people will do it whether it’s in the podcasting in with the podcast or if it’s on you know the hip hop end or whatever there’s things that I’ve that I’ve done over the years that are working and people are trying to copy it and stuff like that and like I said you know I can’t get mad like it’s working like do it if it’s working doing if I’m doing something that’s not working don’t do it same thing learning from people around you and and we could do it like an as far as like a business is concerned or you can do it as far as relationships are concerned things like that learning from other people that are around you and learning from your own mistakes and then doing the research like you said so that you don’t make as many mistakes and and spend money and time and energy working against yourself that’s very bad but you but in the end like I said you still learn from it you learn because it cost you I would hope you learnt you to spend you know several hundred hundred dollars on something or promoting something or branding something that you didn’t plan on to see you know through to the end at you know whenever you started it I’ve been there you know and you learned from that and you paid you paid for it literally and I’ve done it I think we all have but moving forward like I said get to the bottom of it study get obsessed with this kind of stuff man whatever you want to do it was funny he was talking about moving you know if it’s not working out or there’s not an audience or there’s not a you’re in a bad area for what you wanting to do it’s weird because in the entertainment in the arts like everybody moves to California if you want to be a rapper and you moved to California or Atlanta or I mean you can there’s other places you can go to do go to but essentially you want to open a younger studio go to go to California man this the stuff we’re talking about the spirituality and stuff like that it’s on every corner I would thrive man I have people begging me to come there to do concerts in California and in Colorado places like that that are very much open to the type of stuff that I bring to the table and it’s funny it’s funny man I had some friends over the other other night and they’re just you know commending me on on what I do and how I’ve not given up I’m in the Bible Belt like I’m like it’s farthest as you can go in Alabama all the way in the woods at the bottom and Here I am talking about spirituality Here I am talking about psilocybin mushrooms and encounters and then Jesus and stuff like that in in the midst of it and yoga and meditation third eye activation all of these type of things that don’t really fly well down here in the south but um I could have easily tried to relocate and move to California where I could get book that shows and people would love to have me there people would love to have me in Colorado and the hippies and all that kind of stuff they love it though that’s a lot of my audience but I’ve I’ve stayed true not to kind of be ran out of where I live just to to you know I’m saying bring it to the table here and essentially see change man and see this you know be a part of the awakening of the Bible Belt are people who are asking the bigger questions or whatever the case says it’s not only me I have other friends who have been consistent I had a friend of mine two weeks ago who went downtown mobile and set up a tarot card reading table down there while she was doing psychic readings that hasn’t been done down here that’s unheard of and that’s you know for like you said many people it’s not welcome there’s churches on every corner you know they’re used to their way of doing things it’s very much you know a red state in this this stuff is taboo but I really do think that there’s a special blessing in it of of being effective where you are and not just saying cuz like even if I was to go to you know those other places and I probably could thrive but I get really weird when everybody starts to doing what I’m doing like he was saying like he’s talking about you know wanting to be original and wanting to be unique and almost reinventing the wheel like with stylistically in music like I’m in the Bible about doing this type of music it hasn’t been easy at all but if if everybody around me started doing it or everybody was doing the same thing then I would just feel like I’m one of the people and and I don’t have something unique to bring to the table so you know being in the Bible Belt it’s kind of just been like oh you’re that guy type deal right you’re the only one around you’re doing it but I’m not the only one anymore we have other people we’ve been disciple in and training up and recording and sending out so there’s other people down here doing it with me so I’m not just by myself anymore and so it’s catching on though there’s a lot of people waking up and we gotta have stuff for those people trust me there’s those conscious people who eat mushrooms and do LSD or whatever and they saw they they you know grow their hair out let it dread up start hula hooping and fire dancing and moved and they move they leave they move to Colorado like I know a lot of people have packed up and moved to Colorado and just kind of find a place there but it’s like do you leave everybody else behind here so if we could stick it out and thrive and be effective where we’re playing it right now and not just be ran out or whatever the case is look I’m telling you don’t grow weary in well-doing but just you know be effective men but at the same time thank God for the Internet because you know we could disciple the nation’s through the internet through something like this in the privacy of my own home I’ll be able to reach the world reach the masses and it’s not something for me anymore to have to kind of proselytize to people or beg them to buy my product or beg them to watch my podcast I just simply need to be effective I simply need to show up and put it out there and make sure that it gets in search algorithms to make sure you see it and click it so if you see something like this podcast and you watch it for a period of time and it resonates with you and then if it doesn’t I mean you’re gonna stick around you’re going to watch it you’re going to support if you hear my music and my music moves you you’re going to support it you’re going to buy the album you’re going to come to the concerts you’re going to do this stuff I don’t have to like knock on your doors in and try to get you to convert to a belief system or an ideology that I subscribe to no I just put my truth out there and if it resonates with you welcome to the team if they don’t keep moving you know I’m saying that’s that’s that’s such a beautiful place for me to be now and I’ve been there for some years because coming out of Christianity I had I’m trying to force you to believe what I believe if you want to make fun and laugh at what we believe and it’s especially I mean evolved about trust me and just had the conversation the other day they’ve been laughed at mocked scoffed ridicule now I’m successful now it’s catching on now I’ll get to wake up and do podcast for a living now I get to wake up and make music about the astral realms for a living you know what I’m saying and it’s financially paying off so now like people don’t want to look at the hard work people don’t want to look at those days that I’ve cried tears over this stuff that I knew that I was supposed this is what I was supposed to be doing but I couldn’t get no support couldn’t get no love even my best friends wouldn’t don’t support you know what I’m saying and things like that so but it’s about sticking with it you know there’s a meme somebody shared I think my buddy drew happy birthday to Drew Gower a good friend of mine he shared out a meme and I want to read this meme right quick that I shared it to my facebook wall but he said it says success comes from thousands success comes from the thousands of hours of work that no one sees no one sees you’ve put in time you’ve put in energy you’re putting in research you put in effort you’ve put in tears you’ve put in blood you’ve put in sweat to study to create to kind of bring something to the light to kind of bring something into fruition nobody sees that you get to see the polished up side you get to see what we showed you type deal but nobody knows the stuff that you’ve been through and what you’ve been trying to build and and and that’s that’s your credibility that’s what you have like that’s yours you you can’t undo that that’s working on it man that’s what you have to you know that gives you the right to do it you earned it nobody gave it to you you earned it pat yourself on the back when people told you to quit you didn’t people laughed at I told you it was silly it would never sell it would never catch on you didn’t trust me you don’t know how many people over the years even especially when I was doing gospel music but I still get it even now it’s like you know if you talked about you know gang bangin if you talked about drugs and women and and some of that man you get a lot of play cuz you got a good voice man you got a good voice you know how to rap but ain’t nobody trying to hear spirituality ain’t nobody trying to hear gospel and nobody trying to hear that but if you talk about other stuff you’d be successful like you know you could easily say you know what you’re right let me just do what they’re telling me and be successful but no stuck it out and now it’s catching on now it’s becoming successful and it stayed the course didn’t give up didn’t throw in the towel didn’t look back all of that stuff is what matters man I don’t want to just have everything served to me on a silver platter I don’t want to just walk in someone else’s shoes or ride somebody’s coattail man so even the word Alabama itself means too thick it clearer man just to go through where nobody else has gone and make a way where there was no way make a path and clear it out where there was no path and that’s what we’ve done man and and kudos to those people who haven’t given up kudos to those people where you look around you and everybody’s given up everybody’s talking till everybody’s given up on their belief on their on their faith on their passion on their vision on their spouses come on now preach they’ve just given up but shout-out to you guys for sticking it out working it out not giving up not getting tired man hanging on creating something creating a way where there is no way it’s good stuff we’ve stuck it out and I think if we can thrive here in the Bible Belt and be successful with new thought and spirituality and meditation and ufos and psilocybin and all this other stuff that people find taboo trust me it there’s a growing number of people like an audience is growing someone has to be here to Shepherd people who are waking up who have questions that the pastors aren’t answering that the evangelists aren’t answering someone has to answer these questions so here we are here we are in Alabama here we are wherever you are throughout the earth wherever you’re listening to this there you are but here we are on the internet where people can just look up whatever you can look it up and you’re gonna find this podcast most likely if it’s something to deal with spirituality because that’s why we try to cover it all people I’m at people coming at me they’re like true seeker man I you had and in that you know there have they have genuine concern but this I can’t believe you interviewed this guy who says this and it’s all crazy and it’s it’s demonic essentially I don’t believe it why would you interview someone like that you got to understand man every move is a calculated step every move is the calculator sub each podcast man each each name each interview like I’m trying to tap into their fan base I still approach it like I don’t have a fan base I still approach it like they’d let me go out and reach the people in a movement that so-called is the truth movement everyone has the truth or people are so-called looking for the truth and if we have it then we could sit by ourselves and trust me I know very smart people who are very book smart they are studied they can even school me in knowledge and school me and wisdom but guess what they’ve become Hermits and they’re sticking at home and they don’t like dealing with people they didn’t pass the test they just gave up they got all that knowledge all that with somebody just keep it to themselves you know it grew weary in well-doing you can’t let that be you man I’m not gonna do it I’m gonna keep on keepin on scripture 2 this is first Peter shared this out too and this is about chasing your dreams this is about bringing something to the table first Peter five six and seven humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you casting all your anxieties on him because he cares for you it’s a really good scripture on many different levels but it says humble yourselves it’s like a that’s a that you know that’s a sequence the first part the first rule what do you need to do humble yourselves you’re too proud for you too arrogant become humble become like little children humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time not when you want it to happen not when you’re ready not when other people around you are being exalted and you’re being envious and you think you deserve it it says no but at the proper time God may exalt you at the proper time God can exalt you that’s one thing you know don’t put the cart before the horse man and I’ll talk about this all the time I thank God for the failures I thank God for you know the time spent because if I would have had a you know as big of a reach to that now that I you years ago that I have now I would have messed it up I would have did the self-sabotaging thing I’ve done it but I had a very small platform and you know ran people off and didn’t offended people intentionally you know what I’m saying all of this kind of stuff instead of you know learning from what I’ve learned from to actually bring something to the table like that so at the right time when the timing is just right and people grow weary in well-doing people you know that he’s like okay how much longer Lord how much longer do I have to withstand this crappy job how much longer do I have to put up with these people how much longer do I have to you know endure this stuff you have to keep on man I’m telling you and and didn’t do all of the things that we’ve been talking about today do all the things we’ve been doing talking about on every podcast every episode I mean we try to teach you different techniques and things on how to ground and how to find your Center and find your peace when all of that stuff is going on when it seems like everything’s going to hell around you when other people are abandoning their marriages when other people are doing things they shouldn’t be doing because you won’t do it because you have the integrity that helps to keep you from day to day that’s the stuff we’re trying to teach you and I believe all of it can help you and even a show like this one today about studying the sequence in the steps real good stuff it all applies every single bit of it to create the life that you want for yourself spiritually I really do believe spirituality is a part of it I really do believe being happy as a part of it dealing with depression it’s a part of it being spiritual healing others Healing thyself it all is a part of it what’s up shout out to everybody holding us down on Facebook and YouTube in the comment sections there in the chat section shout out to uh just like Talia maybe I don’t know it’s kind of small text but it looks like Talia Chris bars just got in Christie folks everybody holding us down renamed Rene Ruiz Libby Jill trango Jesse Lee Quentin what’s up brother all of you all some people holding us down live you’re in the chat you guys Rock listening for the first time good words so far keep fighting the good fight sharpen sharpening report maybe it’s very small text I could really read this but Ali G what up Chris says my car broke down again I’m trying to stay shining take that breath peace be still speak to the motion speak to the situation tell it to be still created ma’am all happens for a reason Christian what up yeah so with that being said I think I’ve covered every day man again September the 22nd I’m gonna be in Tallahassee Florida we’re gonna be doing a concert at a Shanti fest and also gonna be doing a live podcast so that should be interesting we’ll go live and probably hosted on Facebook live streaming and then you know edit it down and/or YouTube and then edit it down and post it up for the podcasting audience as long as there’s decent audio so I guess I got to get on top of that how to record a live setting but it’s gonna be fun I’m gonna do live questions Q&A from the audience and gonna be good stuff September 22nd Tallahassee Florida we also got something planned for November the second here in Mobile we’re gonna do another house show and so make sure you guys make that as well all of that info is that true seeker com hope to see you guys there also thank you guys for the support via patreon couldn’t do it without you guys it means the world head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker if you would like to support it at any level of giving you get a bunch of cool stuff so it goes a long way and you get really cool stuff you get access to a bunch of music that’s not available to the general public so check that out everyone in the chatter uh sending prayers and and good wishes towards Chris for his car hit me up brother will pray love you guys and with that being said I’m gonna say peace and Shalom and we’re gonna do this again got a really good show plan for you guys coming up this Thursday with joy pew I know it’s gonna be good because of the situations and the circumstances that led me to book that show so trust me this Thursday it’s gonna be good it’s gonna be interesting with that peace and Shalom love you guys [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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