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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Shaman and Healer Aaron Fowler about practical and modern day shamanism. During the discussion Aaron speaks about some of his Supernatural encounters that led him down the path of healer and shaman. We also spoke about challenging one’s belief system and how this is a healthy practice that everyone should do. Belief in the Supernatural to those who are skeptics is seemingly foolish and if your belief doesn’t make you a better person or is not practical then maybe the belief should be reconsidered. One’s personal faith and conviction should not only impact our lives in a positive way but should also be practical so that the lives of our friends, families and even strangers are impacted by our inner beliefs and spiritual revelations made manifest in our day to day. As far out as we want to go with spirituality and as deep as we want to dig down the rabbit hole, nothing is more spiritual than being able to hone in on the simple things in life such as the examples left to us by Jesus and  many other gurus. These were people who cared for the sick, the poor, the needy and also visited those who were in prison. If you do not have a heart for the basic principles of faith no matter what your religious belief is then your spirituality holds no truth but is simply a theory. Shamans, healers and holy men are people who have learned to travel dimensions in order to see people in a way that they may not see themselves. If the person is sick, has a disease or is depressed a shaman is able to go into the ethers, see that person made whole and bring it out into manifestation. This is all done through the power of love and empathy. The Bible describes faith as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, the scriptures also go on to say that whatsoever is done not of faith is a sin. Many people have given up and simply settle for default, they have accepted life and their current situation by the role of the dice. To whom much has been given much will be required and it is through empathy that we owe it to the world to let them know of the hope that we as shamans and healers hold to. To leave them there in their darkness would be of much detriment, but to go down into that same darkness and bring forth Marvelous Light proves that there is much substance and truth within our spirituality and beliefs. Regardless of race or religion, color or creed there is a longing deep within the hearts of men to connect with their creator and if we as shamans and healers ourselves initiated by the divine right of our ancestors are able to be a conduit then we have known the path of the Healer.

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised to asymmetry indecision [Music] [Music] to stand when i don’t be don’t you come you are now locked into the two-finger podcasting live at UC cacao portal to the paranormal esoteric and all paying spiritual and now your truth seeker yo what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m true seeker this is the true seeker podcast we’re gonna hang out today we’re gonna have a beautiful discussion talk about all things spiritual you heard the disclaimer speaking of disclaimers I guess I can go into a little rant before we get started here I recently did an interview and with Mark Moore from the band Christ afar is a Christian reggae band and he’s kind of a legend in his own making and in the Christian and industry in gospel music pretty big name they’ve been around for a long time doing gospel music and they’ve traveled the world doing it really I’ll had him on the show the conversations shifted to be about a marijuana legalization should we legalize it and my take on it and his take and he kind of gave you his take of what he thought the Bible says about it and God hates it and it’s evil and it’s demonic that it’s the devil’s lettuce the devil put it here those type of things so anyway the the show shifted to be about that and given his experiences and then I kind of you know I didn’t debate him you know I just let him share his story and then at the end I kind of gave him a little rebuttal and say hey it is what it is people project people have their own personal experiences and encounters and we project knowingly and unknowingly so I think we need to be consciously aware of that when were triggered and stuff like that so shared my little truth on that my little spiel and then he he eventually shared the episode out on his Facebook wall but it said check it out this is an interview I did with a controversial host controversial topic he said skip the intro he said I start talking about the marijuana at 20 minutes skip the intro and skip his closing remarks he’s like he shared the interview but he said don’t listen to the host just listen to me and I thought that was really rude man but it’s funny though because that’s his not disclosure he kind of gave his discretion and and that’s kind of what I do at the intro of this show I’ve had a lot of Christians on the show in the past man and they’ve had to have to preface it hey this guy he likes mushrooms he which well you know saying they have to like prepare their audience and still feel okay with sharing the content out because they want to get their site across but then again I’ve had other people who don’t want they’ve done an interview with me and we’re supposed to cross promo and they just refuse to share it they’re like no I can’t do that because what will happen the church folks will cut your head off I you know I’m saying so it’s always been with with the the Christians man is like they have to give a disclaimer when they share out a podcast that we’ve done together now I’ve been putting up with that for years I kind of know the song and dance behind that but um it’s funny man but it is rude so for the Christians listening my intro is the disclaimer some people say yeah you probably should have a disclaimer the intro is the intro says you know heightened senses of awareness ESP intuition out-of-body experiences all of these things this kind of stuff that we talked about so if it’s up to you if you if you’re sticking around after that disclaimer so you know I’ve had different people on people I’m really close with seven you know some of his fanbase he’s hit me up and had heart-to-heart conversations with me because we’ve done the interview but I think a lot of people come on and do the interviews and stuff without even knowing who I or what I’m what I stand for or maybe maybe sometimes it’s hard to kind of pinpoint what I stand for because I stand for a lot of different things and it’s pretty eclectic it’s not really something that’s in a box you can’t say okay he’s a Christian or okay he’s a gnostic so you go look up what’s a gnostic and what they believe it’s not really that simple I don’t think it’s that simple for any of us I think we’re a little bit of everything just kind of brought together there’s things there’s pieces of truths within every religion every holy book every sacred science man every teacher has a piece of something I don’t think that there’s one place that we can go to and say that’s what I am I’m a mystic I mean there’s things that we kind of lean more towards because of the character traits that go along with it and the belief system systems and structures but to pinpoint who we are and say that’s it in a nutshell and in a box I think that’s why you’re here we all kind of gravitate together and there’s so many people who are like-minded individuals on the internet and we kind of find our tribe like we say your vibe attracts your tribe and we find people who look like us talk like us act like us you know I’m saying and we walk together for encouragement and to see the fruit in the life of these people and what they’re bringing to the table regardless of your faith regardless of your religious tradition and so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today with my guest Aaron Fowler I’m gonna bring him in in a second first I have to thank everybody who has been supporting my work over at patreon this show would not exist without your help so thank you from the bottom of my heart with the attitude of gratitude I really am appreciative of your support so everybody’s supporting over there thank you guys for supporting this month give a shout out to some of the latest supporters that we have right now call you guys out by name let’s see here Ruben Rojas thank you for coming on for the support Matthew Flynn welcome to the family let’s see who else we got it’s not in order I have to go Robert does Meany I know I butchered that name I always do RINO Jeremy Barts I know there was one more there was a girl here that I seen a while ago but now I don’t see it well I know it so we can chat Emory Splenda I don’t know I’m sorry I butcher these names but thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for all the support if you want to support you get perks you can go to so you could get access to my entire discography that alone like ten plus albums of everything we’re talking about in the disclaimer in the show all of that stuff is weaved throughout my music in that medium so check that out ten plus albums you also get interviews and articles and you get access to our Thursday night group sessions which is the school of the Mystics which is a beautiful part of the community about what we’re building those of you guys who just want to listen to the podcast and end it there that’s cool but those of you guys who wanted to build community you want to share your story you need somebody to talk to Thursday nights that’s when we do that and you get access to that by supporting for as little as a dollar so thank you guys from the bottom of my heart without further adieu my guest I was on his show a couple weeks ago and really good conversation with this brother and sister as well so Aaron Fowler welcome to the show my brother how are you thank you I’m well doing great good to have you here man good to be here thanks for having me yeah we’re gonna talk about spirituality we’re gonna talk about your story shamanism um you look like a shaman native I’m actually not a Native American I mean I’m Native American I was born in America but yeah I’m confused for that when I have short hair I’m confused for a Polynesian I’m actually uh my mom’s half black so that’s where I get the color from oh wow good stuff man yeah you definitely you definitely look look more native than I am and I am a native with a beard that’s awesome yeah man spirituality your story bro you’re a shot a healer you know I think maybe you can talk about what I just mentioned about the boxes and saying okay this is the title this is what I’m okay with you calling me this is what I’m gonna operate under the role of what does that mean to you man as far as being a healer being a shaman like what like what labels we accept what labels we call ourselves or what labels in terms we answer to men here a lot about you know no labels we shouldn’t label things well you know if there wasn’t a label on poison you wouldn’t know it was poison you know so labels are important however I feel like you know spiritually and just for our own personal growth even if we’re atheists you know and we don’t believe in a certain and don’t really have that you know connection or feel that higher source right I think it’s mainly just being open to everything being open to being you know if you have a belief system it should be challenged I feel yeah you like to be a shaman or be a any kind of spiritual you know teacher or healer or you know practitioner I feel like you need to be open at least the how to do to new things to you know more of a universalist more you know because we have one planet here right but we have all kinds of other planets and there’s many other beings other places that believe in something different possibly you know promote more than likely and from what I’ve seen in through my experience throughout my life you know the time was kind of just thrown into it you know this was kind of a destined thing as I look back on it so yeah labels I think being able to kind of if you if your belief systems challenged look deeper within yourself you know look deeper into whatever is challenging your belief system usually what happens and happens nine times out of ten is your belief system isn’t being torn down it’s being added to you know you’re more in from your getting more information to connect more dots to what you believe what your faith is in the first place yeah that’s good man like I got accused of that a lot coming out of Christianity in the church and stuff I said true cigar you’re confusing people you confusing people you know I got that a lot but at the end of the day like there’s a scripture that says God is not the author of confusion so people will take that so I’m confused this is enough God but I liked it I like to look at it and say that confusion is a really good thing because until you find yourself in a state of confusion you’re not gonna ask the answer the questions to get the answers you’re okay with whatever they told me is true so you’re okay with whatever goes but when you’re in a state of confusion that’s when you start digging that’s when you start reading that’s when you start using Google to look up beliefs and references and and improving what you believe and so I’m with you I think that that we need to break down our belief systems and prove why we believe something I love to play you know I’m saying the devil’s advocate you know I’m saying in a good way and say look why do you believe that almost trolling yourself man you know I’m saying you have to be able to to to break this stuff down and to explain it and hope that it has some type of practicality to it that it’s practical that we can apply it to our lives and and help other people around us with other than that it’s just theories and I think that theories and truths are two different things so you know the scripture says to examine yourself to see if you’re in the faith examine yourself to make sure that you’re walking what you’re talking you’re going out here telling these people this and doing that but you’re not doing it yourself examine yourself so I think that question in our beliefs or having other people questioning them but they’re still even for me man like I wish I was past it I get I still get that weird feeling when people lash out you know what I’m saying you get those hundred beautiful comments from people and then another comments all your fake blah blah blah you diss your that use that and when that they challenge you or ridicule you or whatever that one negative comment we’ve heard people talk about this time and time again that one negative comment or that one challenge it still makes you feel a certain type of way there’s a lot of people who stay away from the public or the YouTube comments because of that right and you know sometimes after the weak comments but oh yeah they’re just plain nasty you know and they’re you know they’re just coming from a place that’s not even yeah there’s no logic involved it’s just basically you’re spitting something at me that you have a problem with it has nothing to do with me right but I may have triggered you and something I said good what I triggered you because that makes you think about things and if whether you agree with me or now it sparks something inside of you just like art does you know we’re both artists and we know that’s what we want to do that’s that dichotomy of push and pull good and bad that is necessary I feel you know I think I think it’s the best some of the best stuff I’ve created has been kind of parked that dark in that light so I think it’s being more open to being you know open to the dark and be understanding it better because it’s not all evil yeah just and that and I think right now especially with all the stuff going on the religious you know people that are more religious and really one way one sided about things which it’s kind of funny because you can’t be really one-sided about the Bible because it’s got multiple meanings right yeah and I see a lot of it coming you know especially from the Christians and that’s probably because we live in America and that’s you know the prevalent really religion but I do see that I see it more as I as I watch people and what they say it’s more about their fear you know it’s more I feel and more about it’s coming from a fearful place that’s also if you’re getting to that point where you’re kind of starting to judge others you argue are raising up but you’ve got to burst through that threshold right you got to get through that to a place of I don’t want to say non judgement because we have to make judgments in our life every day so but just in a place where you can you can be with everybody and allow them to have their belief if they’re not hurting others and they’re happy with it you know you’re you’re not nobody gets to say my way is the right way they can say it but they you know it’s not ever gonna happen I know right that’s the whole thing that’s the whole platform that Christianity stands on is that we are the only way all other ways are alive there Sam their farce and and you and you come to find out that that’s not true like okay there is some things in there that I believe are the only way I think that you know talk about Jesus we talk about love man love made manifest or the scripture says God is love I really think that’s the only way like I really do I think that love made manifest and all of us being loved or being like Christ and that Christ consciousness that’s the only way it really is so I will go with that but as far as like my doctrines my belief system this is the way this is the only truth and all that kind of stuff that’s all up for a debate for each particular person and how it applies to them how they understand it how they grasp it and it’s been so watered down and changed over the years man that what we have in America resembles nothing like looks nothing like biblical Christianity at all you know I ask people sometimes you know if Jesus were to return would you recognize him but would you shoot him away and ignore him yeah because that’s what you like and a lot of times I feel like you know Jesus was coming from a place of you know he didn’t have a home he was welcomed into other zones right yeah I mean when he just did his pilgrimage and started walking and doing his thing right yeah that’s I feel like a lot you know that’s that where that judgment can get you that Oh uber judgment of her over judgment of hey you’re not you know you’re not aligning with me so you’re bad you know or you’re not you’re not right now now Jesus yeah from what up for my understanding Jesus was loved Jesus preached love he talked love he talked about you know I’m being additional but he also stood up for things that were right yeah you know and and he was a fighter in many ways and I don’t completely believe from the stuff that I’ve looked into that Jesus was like you know did never try one on or didn’t ever you not really know because you know yeah that’s the higher vibration you’re having fun joking around messing with each other being irreverent sometimes yeah you know and and I feel like in my heart that’s that’s my you know Jesus to me is I believe he lived yes but more of an archetype and somebody to look up to as far as you know more of an inspiration and somebody that I can that I can try to model my life after but I feel like there’s others in many other religions that have similar you know I can model my life after them too I can take a little piece from here yeah I can take em here and I just keep learning you know and I hopefully never stop learning right I mean if you if you’re learning from all the masters if you’re learning from all the awesome people who’s been in your life and had something to offer or contribute or even all the mess ups you know we always like to learn from the good in people like man he’s doing this you know me and you we’re going back and forth like hey what’s working for you yeah I got this YouTube plug-in or Facebook plug-in it helps you share you know and didn’t you like you’re adding all this stuff you’re you know what’s working but you can look at other people’s stuff and see what’s not working okay this dude keeps doing this it’s not working don’t do that he’s good he’s doing this he’s not reaching anybody nobody airs whatever the case says that’s on you know the level of what we’re doing it works across the board on every level so when we bring it into our lives if we look at spiritual principles we look I mean I really believe that’s alchemy I really believe it’s learning from all the things that you’ve been through but we have to transcend that we could just if that’s the expression we’re just gonna be focused on ourselves we have to be able to look at other people because everyone is an extension of ourselves so we’ll be able to look at other people’s lives to see where they’re messin up and use it as an example don’t do that don’t go down that path man don’t go down that road and learning from everyone and everything I wanted to okay you so you mentioned if Jesus came back would we recognize him you know what I’m saying there’s a lot of people and in in other different denominations you know white people man if Jesus came back and he was a black man they would be appalled like they wouldn’t recognize him right they probably wouldn’t accept was okay okay he was black okay well accept them like a lot of people that just I don’t know that’s not my Savior not a black man you know what I’m saying the very person that I don’t like or vice versa I know every Israelites people black guys who hate white peoples but get it you know break it down but there was a video and I’ve heard this as a story for it for years but they’re just finally seen a video yesterday of this pastor I think it was in Nigeria or something and he’s wears like three-piece suits and Armani and all these like it’s really weird to be like in a third world country and wearing all of these things and driving Rolls Royce when everybody’s riding donkeys and stuff still you know I’m saying but uh anyway he’s a pastor and he went to his church but he dressed up like a homeless man he just said like a beggar had a thing on his head he’s laying outside with a sign at the church and nobody helped on nobody gave him any money nothing to eat nothing to drink or even talk to him they just walked past him and went to their service and so the pastor dressed as the homeless man goes into the church and tries to make his way up to the pulpit and they all grabbing him fighting him and wrestling him back and stuff and finally he gets up there and grabs the mic and then they hear a familiar voice their pastor talking to him looking like a homeless man and and he kind of rebuked him and said you know if I came in a three-piece suit and looking like I always dude you guys would have accepted me I come in here looking like a homeless person you guys you know I’m saying turn your back to me I’ve been a part of churches and ministries and stuff in the past that catered to homeless people like they went out because they knew homeless people were hungry like literally hungry but hungry for truth hungry for something some substance man you know and and and they cater to homeless people and when homeless people would go in other churches like really nice top dollar churches they’d shoo them away or sometimes they would say hey go to that church on the corner that other little hole-in-the-wall Church they’ll take you in because they knew that they the church I was involved with at the time cared about the homeless you know and these other churches would kick them out and say find this other church down the road it’s probably better for you go to go there just like crazy man you know I agree maybe we wouldn’t recognize them you know yeah I feel like that’s the thing I feel like right it’s gotten so far or gotten so been around so long right organized religion that yeah people are using it for and that’s okay I feel like if they get you know donations for what they’re doing I feel like that they should but yeah Armani suits driving around in Mercedes Benz you know 2018-2019 this you see his model try to look you know for lack of a better term and standing old trying to look I’ll fly you know that’s that’s I feel like that is just kind of a that’s the worries basically is kind of asking me to me yeah materialism and consumerism him yeah and there are a lot of churches out there that do you really look out for people that need it yeah and there’s a lot of churches out there that go and get the needy so they can bring him into their church and gain followers so you know it’s like I feel like it’s you can kind of look at each individual situation different you know that’s that’s being open you know you can’t just be against Muslims because you know a effective Muslims went off and did something crazy you know and you can’t be against other presets or you know on religion or basically racialist any of that stuff you know be cool wouldn’t you at all I mean I get in the state I live in its predominantly white and this is nothing against white people I’m three-quarters light so I can say it now and it’s a second anyway uh you know I’m around a lot of people that ditch they’re not used to you know there’s like one one or two black people in the city or why go to town and I mean there’s probably more than that but yes you know they don’t they’re either pretend like you’re not there or kind of walk farther away yeah that was my investigation yesterday and my sister used to bring this up all the time she’s like how come every time I go to Walmart there’s always common security check on the aisle that I’m in you know I mean yesterday I’m give me gas station just looking for you know someone cheese this woman comes right up to me I mean she’s like right in our space you know thinking I’m gonna steal from her I’m like I come here every day pretty much I don’t ever steal from you but it’s just that uneasy and it comes from fear comes from fear and insecurities and that’s it always has throughout our lives we bought we both dealt with it even you know I’m white people to deal with the cue from the other side you know yeah mothers yeah and that’s I think that’s one of our biggest problems we can’t learn to come together and accept each other for who they are and not judge them you know on their clear of their skin trails they still with this at this day and age we’re still it’s still there you know I don’t know where I went with that but digress you know no it’s it’s good man because like out of all the spiritual I want to get into some deep stuff with you experiences and stuff like that but all of that really to me doesn’t mean anything if this conversation doesn’t happen first like this is the practical side of trying to be a good person you know I’m saying of walking in white magic and alchemy and doing good unto others and not doing it for selfish gain man and to be a good person like I don’t want I don’t care what you have to say if you’re not doing these things we’re talking about or if you’re racist or if you’re this you’re that you’re prejudiced you can you can tell you don’t somebody doesn’t have to come out and say it like if you’re hanging around somebody for a certain period of time you’re going to partake of the fruit of their labor of who they really are it’s gonna come out you know and so it comes out more than just on a podcast or snippets you get that you get to know that person you know hey Aaron do me a favor your audio kind of got low leave right quick and come right back and reconnect and hopefully that’ll pick it up yeah and everybody listening everybody watching if you guys haven’t seen the little documentary that I did called um what it was Prasanna the documentary persona that I did make sure y’all go check that out I’m gonna ask Aaron about it here in a second because he he commented on it and talking about triggering there was some some some things that that was in there that uh maybe were designed to trigger but it was just some information that was coming to me that I felt led to put out in there and definitely planted out the devil’s advocate when it comes to channeling you know channeling spirits it were really there was some things that came to me just within the research but going to the root of a lot of that stuff and seeing where it came from you know I covered the word ventriloquist and like that’s what the word familiar spirits comes from under the the the word Python which was what the Greeks would call themselves brent ventriloquist when they would let spirits inhabit their body so I put a lot of that stuff in the little documentary that I did but I already knew that it was going to rub some people the wrong way I was on a on a pot on a psychic or channeling show Aaron better yeah yeah um yeah talking I was talking about that a little documentary that I put out you did you got a chance to watch that right the persona okay well talking about people being triggered and and having like when you bring up information that’s contrary to what they believe right or cognitive dissidence you know playing the devil’s advocate and it’s not to to a it’s not to attack it but there were some things that I addressed in that little videos like a 20 minute video about channeling you know in going back to some of the things like what if the the stuff you’re channeling is already within you in the the entity the angel that I’m channeling is almost like a scapegoat to really say yes to really say without what I want to say yeah well and that’s that’s the thing that’s the trust you have to have you know I mean I feel like even some of the people that are faking it and I know this from I think a lot of it you know weak we are to some extent puppets on our own strings yeah I think so yeah some of that stuff comes out if you’re doing things in the wrong if you’re blaming others or you know this is who said I mean yes you can use yeah well the demons made me do it right yeah yeah crazy right cuz I’m like yes there are lower level entities they can mess with you but let’s not blame everything for that it’s kind of like we do in this world like right away he’s got a DD well she’s got you know this this disorder you know instead of you know saying hey maybe they just need to be disciplined and put in the corner for a minute and timeout right so they wake up a little bit and that’s that’s how I feel about it it’s theirs yes there are I mean I when I channel I do yes it’s not as much channeling as it is kind of talking to my own super consciousness right or their super consciousness we all its use its utilizing the Christ consciousness you know way that I can gain information from say your higher-self and you know basically validation is what it is and a lot of times now and it is a big responsibility you know you can basically you can and I’ve seen people do it you you know this is you know I’m channeling this person and then you know I’m come on you know I saw this one and a guy’s voice was coming out and I’m like see that’s what happens you screw things up for people that are really doing doing something and trying to do something good and you’re trying to just you know you’re faking it and you’re not faking it very well you know somebody sent me a video of this and I’m like no that is not real that’s a guy’s voice she’s like dubbed it over you could see or like lip sync right yeah but yeah you could use spirits as a scapegoat that was a good good discussion if you believe it it becomes real to you right know what I’m saying even if the people faking it maybe in their mind they’re trying to really do it like I’ve got a friend and he watches this and he believes that he communes with the Joker’s cards from the insane clown posse at the race of shangri-la and the great Malenko are all personifications that have come to him in the middle of the night to talk to him you know what I’m saying in his experience and in his mind I don’t believe it I don’t believe that happened but in his mind it happened and he believes it you know what I’m saying he’s gonna live his life accordingly and the same way God there’s there’s kids out there like young people who were trying to get in the channeling and they’re like nonchalantly like oh yeah I hung out with Anubis last night yeah he kid Anubis hung god it came in my room and me and Anubis you know he gave me information about the secrets of the universe like some of its like how do you know he gets kind of iffy and but but that is really if how do I explain this okay so in the higher dimensions right in the other dimensions other than the human dimension which they’re all connected at least some way I’m seeing it I’m not gonna give it a name I don’t want like giving it the fourth and fifth because I don’t know exactly right but the higher dimensions our imagination creates reality so have you ever seen that movie what dreams may come with Robin Williams oh yeah yeah yeah so like that so that that creates that reality but there is part of that that is destined I feel my opinion and what I’ve seen part of that is destined so that’s what I’m picking up and what I’m getting is I’m getting the destined part prop and here’s the best course of action now I’m not gonna get it completely right you know I’m not but I will say I do give it get it mostly right yeah for mice and I have you know I have a history and I have some backing from from people that I’ve thought to are people that will testify you know that this you know this is real I mean I sometimes need it too you know I’ll say I’ll be like you know I don’t know if I’m doing too well right now then I’ll get somebody say hey you said this on this time this date you know within a couple of days and it happened pretty much almost exactly as you you know or as you said so basically what I’m saying is yes we do create part of what we’re saying and what we’re thinking that’s where it kind of gets that gets dicey because yes you can take it another way but you know if you’re faking and if you’re not if you’re letting it flow it’s like when you write a song or if you bear if you’ve ever been able to just it comes out you the same thing as channeling you’re channeling that music as well you know and everybody does it whether whatever profession they’re doing it in I’m just doing it in the way I’m doing it to help others yeah and yes help myself as well but I’m not you know I’m not driving around a Mercedes yeah it’s just weird to turn it to think about where it comes from to play the devil’s advocate we have to wait like we said the beginning like we have to question our beliefs and say what the hell am i doing am I really getting messages from the arcturians are they on another planet are they in a ship you know I’m saying and I believe in it though you know I’m saying I believe that stuff but there’s a there’s people who have a lot more I think my belief in my I think my experiences have made me a skeptic man because I’ve had so many encounters dude and I’ve been in the spirit realm enough done the rituals and I’ve had in kind of had visitations bro you know and I seen it still so slippery I can’t pinpoint and say they’re these angels or they’re obviously angels and demons those are archetypes essentially as well I mean but to say like this is what it is and this is who’s coming even with the Jesus thing you know I’m saying I opened up on um Philip J Watts podcast and said look like the whole Jesus thing at the end of the day it works man like it’s working for people right like but we don’t know that Jesus existed like we can’t prove that he did now there’s theories ourself at that but what we know but but we know that that archetype of like the scapegoat archetype works of being able to be forgiven of all your wrongdoings and being liberated and set free and getting a clean slate pushing the reset button I mean what it what are psilocybin mushrooms what what is ayahuasca it’s a reset button to clean the slate and I’m religion when you confess your sins to God and you get it off of you it’s a reset button you know I’m saying so it’s something that works we can’t put our finger on it about the doctrines and who was right and what color was he and all of this stuff is debatable and up in the air but we know that there is what we would say fruit from it or there’s something from it that’s working and helping people you know what I’m saying no man that whilst it’s a flow it’s a flow of energy we’re all in that flow of energy were part of it and it flows differently minute by minute second by second year by year you know and it’s all a cycle it’s cycles we go through and yes all these LeBeau I was trying to say earlier and I got somewhere else was yeah what we create like basically if he believes in those Joker cards and he connects to assert he’s connecting to a certain spirit or connected you know a certain entity that’s his key that’s his you know that’s his way to get in touch or to feel more connected and that’s good but yeah there are people out there that you know you start seeing them put on the whole show and that’s okay just come at me and let me know that they’re you know it’s the it’s Berkeley theater right and being live I mean really being live and doing doing shows like this you know you have to you know you want to be have that online presence you want to have that on camera presence you know and it helps and it relates to people but yeah I feel like everybody’s everybody’s allowed to feel how they want to feel but what do what are you doing to others or how are you affecting others by what you’re doing right if you’re just holding on to one thing like the auteur ian’s and that’s your stick okay you know but I think it’s it’s really just come down to we are connecting to more than just Jesus and more than just Buddha and more that you know but these these guys I feel were connecting to those higher sources as well yeah exactly man um so III labeled this show you know shamanism modern-day shamanism and so people want to know because there’s people who have no idea what it is what is shamanism and what does it mean to you the word shamanism well to me shamanism means you know using a utilizing that flow being aware of that flow of energy and not really manipulating it but kind of understanding where it’s going that’s like I throw my goal out right these goals that I wanted that I want to do throw them out there write them down that’s basically putting them out into the ether that’s asking right so then that flow starts you’re gonna move in that it’s gonna move in that way but here again if you’re not open to new things or challenged belief systems or learning new things that you’ve never learned before you’re not gonna flow you’re not gonna flow in that direction probably as fast you’re gonna be kind of stuck so I feel like being a shaman is basically yeah it isn’t that magic in a sense that you want to call it just kind of that that’s the word basically manifestation and using it for healing use using that energy for healing you know and I use the Internet I used to being online I use technology it’s and that’s why I’m not I’m not that you know every day the average shaman that we know which grew up in a tribe or was trained for years you know I mean my training pretty much came for my life and studying and I did a lot of study on shamanism but that’s not the type of shaman I am you know I’m basically able to integrate my psychic awareness and abilities with the shamanism and that’s basically what I’m doing it’s using it with the spoken word to help heal others and with energy you know a long distance energy healings that’s basically and being open to to you know a lot of the spirit walks as well I think those are just as important for shamans to be able to to walk through you know the cosmos or wherever we want to go and be able to experience new things to bring that back to more of a mass you know for more the people you know most people wouldn’t dare go or we’re talking about modern-day shamanism as well because it’s we’re you know I think I think everything’s morphing everything’s changing everything’s combining we’re creating new things as they’re combining we have the internet we have we have the the ancient path mixed with some modern day technology and if you’re trying to just go one or the other I think it’s it’s unbalanced especially with shamanism or spiritual healing I think it’s a I think it’s a balance of it all of looking at the ancient path of the the earth you know I’m saying to be tied in on the internet but we had sometimes we got to unplug and we had to go out man we got a we got to get an ocean you know I’m saying we got to put our feet on the on the ground and and balance it out so I think with like being a modern shaman man is to really return to the ancient path path and bring it into the now right I think that even like with shamanism we’re able to go into the spirit realm travel the ethers and pull things out whether it’s a dream it’s a career whether it’s healing whether it’s like you’re saying getting information about someone that can help someone you join in with them energetically and going into that hypnotic state and there’s many ways to get there but be able to bring it bring out that energy and and you know to help help him better humanity right if you use it for life if you’re if you’re doing white magic essentially which i think is the way I think Jesus was a white magician if you want to call it that someone’s use uses his abilities to the betterment of mankind and to help people so as far as like spiritual encounters man I want to I love to talk about that and see what other people have seen so let me ask you this so what kind of got you into what you’re into now as far as shamanism healing spirituality I know you’ve you’ve had to have experienced some dark stuff I think most people who are well-rounded have been through a lot of crazy stuff you know in the end in their childhood what was the earliest memories man do you have any childhood experiences of anything supernatural or demonic or paranormal anything like that I think that those encounters when were young play into our lives of put pointing us in the direction of what like when we’re doing this type of work you know right yeah I used to have really really vivid dreams lucid dreams and I used to have a dream I used to dream that I’d wake up and I’d be in the middle of the street my neighborhood right and I have this dream over and over again and I go to my house and my neighbors were living there so I had like spent all this time now that’s kind of my first knowing lucid dreams and connecting that right yeah came really easy to me then I mean I was like four three or four so I had to spend all my time looking for my family right what’s kind of a nightmare but remember the colors being really vivid I remember all these things just coming and really kind of like being on mushrooms right yeah smile always gonna have that vision of things and I knew I always have that feeling that there was something else or that I came from something else but I also had yes I had like a Raggedy Andy kind of it’s like a guy like John Wayne Gacy looking dude and he used to chase me like for like a year in my dreams I don’t like pee I’ve had others another demonic presence or entities that I’ve dealt with I’ve seen Archangel Gabriel before and that was the only one that really materialized in human and in the third dimension or this you know okay that was pretty glad it was very faint but it was enough for me to see it yeah but yeah I’ve had a lot of experience seeing a lot of different things I’ve even seen some of the Norse gods I’ve seen through that you know astral projection and things like that I’ve seen a lot of the things that I can’t make sense of yet yeah I know right that’s the thing we’re talking trying to figure it out what’s going on yeah it’s been kind of if it’s from a young age I had this ability and we all do and I will say that you know pretty much every every show I do and every read you know open read I do but I was thrown into it in my 20s because I lost my job this was like right around the time when things started to go to crap as far as you know I was in construction and then that just fell off completely so I ended up not having a job and half you know pay my bills still so my mother she was a cheese a tarot reader she sent me this sight online and she site me up without my knowledge and said alright you’re gonna start getting calls so here’s your tarot cards and you know and I started doing it that way and I was able to I didn’t know the tarot cards at the time but I was able to see the tarot cards yeah and story that it told me that’s how yeah that’s pretty much what I do intuitive reading and that’s what’s been looked at the meanings my mom gave me a little cheat sheet to look at like certain little meanings if I didn’t have a problem with it you know if I couldn’t remember but it was pretty much the meanings and what I was seeing they correlated you know and that’s another thing that validated me hey I’m connecting here right but yeah that’s that’s kind of how I I guess I got thrown into it more than anything that’s what’s up so as far as like anything physically manifesting he said the only time you was was the the angelic presence you seen a white kind of toga looking thing yeah Gold Reef blond curly blond hair and eyes were like glowing like shooting like LED lights out of it and that’s the best pathetic that’s why sivanna kind of startled me at first because I was home alone and I was you know it was nighttime I just got done doing a bunch of readings and I actually asked for it yeah I asked for for whatever presence was helping me at the time to show me show itself and yeah it to me it appeared I mean I I can’t prove that it was Gabriel but that’s what I saw yeah that’s what I felt that’s who I felt it was that’s what’s up man yeah there’s something about it about asking I think that uh I think man I think asking as far as wanting to have an encounter like I’ve had a lot of UFO and angelic encounters and most of the time is because I asked and I went out and stargates and you know made myself available to that I think that whatever we’re looking for a man just like you know maybe just like my friend who’s talking to the Joker’s cars man maybe if it became real I think that I do know the way the universe is designed that whatever we’re looking for we’re gonna find it and maybe it all exists these different realities and dimensions that are here maybe if we believe them they exist here but maybe we can be the shaman and pull it into this experience maybe if somebody sick we go into the dimension where they’re made whole and we pull that person in and we you know send that energy forth man you know what I’m saying because if you believe in fairies or and you give yourself enough time to want wanting to see fairies guess what you can see fairies you can learn how to do it if you’re wanting to learn Illuminati symbolism and find it in the media and find it on television and find it in your government state buildings everywhere you go you’re gonna see it you looking for 333 experience synchronicities you’re gonna find them and whatever you’re looking for your consciousness shifts and you bring it out and that’s what you find and that’s the way the universe is man so like having those encounters wanting them do you want to see a UFO do you want to see a hailing do you want to see encounter you want to meet the devil like whatever it like the evil the good whatever you can imagine you can create it and and and then creating it and then maybe the alchemical process of bringing it into the reality man because we all have that I think we all had those dreams within us that we’ve had even since we were little kids I mean what I’m doing right now is a part of my dream and I created this and it’s awesome you know what I’m saying but I had I had to do spiritual work to create it to see the vision and then what I could do practically to go in and have these things that I can do to make this manifest and there’s practical things that we can do there’s things that we do by just keeping it in our memory or keep reminding ourselves of it we just go into an astral session one time or something and have a vision of what we want to do but then we forget about it you know in the scriptures there’s all these like guides are like write it down make it plain tie it around your neck do you always be reminded when you see it draw a picture you know every time you see it like the symbols in our lives the crosses we hang on our walls you look at the cross what does it do it reminds me of the word Christ done for me we have all of these things that remind us of what we want to do in who we are whether it’s sacred geometry or symbols or whatever but that act of going in there and creating it and bringing it out have you had any encounters with that I know you do that as a shaman so I’m sure you have but yeah well when if we’re like went when did it become real though like for to what you’re doing and you’re manifesting it and it’s like man this is there’s something to this you know because part of it isn’t I’m manifesting it part of it is me getting myself in the right proper place and frequency I feel to see it mmm just like I feel like those UFOs are not something we created but what we did is we got ourselves in tune with yeah see that that fourth dimension because I do believe I do believe in some most aspects that that’s that’s where they’re at they’re traveling in that fourth dimension but we’re able to see that we live in the 4th of May we actually live I mention and we see an experience on the third dimension but we’re actually up in the fourth dimension or whatever that hi we’re in a higher dimension that we’re actually seeing most of but if we can tune ourselves into that high of those higher realms yes the sooner we start seeing things like elementals or fairies or UFOs it’s really like I said I can’t explain all of it I can’t tell you I mean it’s a lot of it confuses me and I’m still learning it but that’s what I’ve kind of come to is is you know this physical experience I mean there was there was a time when I was really really down and there was a shooting star so close I mean is that those old coincidences all your life right over and over again yeah I’ve seen a city that happened there was a shooting star – almost meant like feel like it was for me for me to see that happen any others may have seen it and you know got different feelings from it that affected from it but it would mean things like that you know spirits messing with me and we were in a house we lived in the house was like 140 years old oh my gosh and the front light would turn on and off all the time like somebody was coming into the porch dude I mean just these kind of things but you have to be more in tune with it some people are not there so trying so hard and they don’t just let it go and tune in because when you’re real rigid about it like we’ve talked about at the beginning if you’re not able to kind of step outside of your box a lot of the times you’re not gonna see ya no you’re not you’re gonna it’sit’s gonna be there but you you know you’ll you’ll completely let it pass you by it’s like chemtrails I mean how many people you still see that don’t even pay attention to those yeah you know geoengineering is things like that you know pay attention look up every once in a while you know and that’s by tuning in you don’t have to do anything special other than just ask for it um yeah somebody is somebody saying here in the chat this is binary watcher not after him he says you never see a certain type of car until you buy that one and then they’re everywhere you consciously aware now you now you see them everywhere you’re looking for them and it’s about shifting your consciousness man and and being doing it in a in a healthy way looking for the good and all like I got friends who just look for the bad and everybody and everything they just complaining complaining the complaining and I think I was there when in religion somewhat you know and trying to be combative and you’re wrong I’m right I deal and then now my consciousness has shifted there I look for the good and everything even though the bad is there let’s you know it’s just just seeing the good doesn’t mean the bad it’s not there but it’s like finding what we can work with like we can work with the good and and and help you find ways that the good can overcome the bad you know I’m saying focus on your qualities and stuff and see the you know see the the the potential in someone especially when we’re really walking in shamanism or like Jesus essentially you see the good in people that they don’t see in themselves and you have that eye that trained eye to see that not everybody can see that and uh and be able to work with people and call people out of depression I mean there’s a story in the Bible where I think it’s Elijah looking at the valley of dry bones and there’s two people looking at up at out of valley with a bunch of dead soldiers on it man and God asked him what do you see it’s like I just see a valley of dry bones that nah see an army we can speak to these dry bones that they’ll come up and they’ll live again and and that’s a picture of us man we’ve been we’ve all been in a place where we’ve been broken some people still may be there but we can speak to them we can speak to their spirit and and and ignite that light that’s within them that they can live again man you know what I’m saying and and just encourage them that their goals and dreams and visions aren’t done away with like you can walk in them you can manifest it and and just speaking hope into people’s lives man is really what it comes down to and that’s the most spiritual thing I think we can do man when it you know I I mentioned it in the little documentary but and I’ll talk about all time but we talk about spirits and elementals and demons and all of the bad stuff or whatever but that stuff is is its thought-forms man and ideas that art for your greater good and you they come into your life and you believe it whether it’s depression whether it’s being overweight or however it gets in and gets ahold you start telling yourself and you align with what this idea about yourself is you start to believe it you start to speak it you start to tell others and it becomes your identity it’s a false identity but those spirits and demons and all that it’s it’s strongholds thoughts in the mind and just through conference spiritual conversation to be able to have to have a positive conversation with somebody you have the ability to encourage someone and pull them out of that place of confusion that place of Darkness or whatever you know what I’m saying and that’s the but that’s the power the spiritual power just even behind our words man in conversation because that’s that’s something I did want to touch on is shamanism then I also representative you know I feel like going into that darkness to help pull people out now of course they’ve they’ve got to do their part yeah I can do is help you out but you actually have to lift yourself up a little bit first and grab by hand right so to speak and I think that’s a lot of what I do Allah I talked to a lot of people with that depression and that really is it’s like being down on themselves and I’ll be able to kind of flow through something or flow with something and talk to somebody and and change that that attitude and you know in a lot in most cases not in all cases there’s some that are very pessimistic and just negative and they want to stay and live in that in that hill right but I think it is important that we don’t feed our demons I think it’s important that we don’t beat them to get bigger right if we’ve got a demon of you know whether that’s anger or rage or drug addiction or you know whatever it is but we don’t feed it if it’s something that’s not aligning and doesn’t feel good to us and it’s something we can stop we can get rid of a lot of evil in our life right off the bat but I feel like a lot of people aren’t being accountable of that they’re not you know they’re blaming it like you said they’re scapegoating it on something else yeah looking at it and saying okay I’m doing this I can stop this and then that will you know a lot of that the problems that they come with it will be gone and a lot of people aren’t doing that enough I feel yeah man that’s that’s a game-changer bro cuz like we and speaking as a healer myself we want to fix people you know I’m saying especially if you’ve you’ve been in a place of Darkness and now you’re in light you want everybody to experience that they should like that’s a good thing it’s a noble cause man but want people to be where you are I mean we find that with Christianity and like religious people I got the truth man you got it I gotta tell you like you gotta listen to me you know I have the answers to the universe to your life to your sorrow I have the answer and we feel that way but we have them but obviously that’s what the Scriptures will call zeal without knowledge you have their zeal but you don’t know that knowledge on how to win people how to articulate it and how to apply it you just I got the answer it’s Jesus you know that’s me I got friends like that I’ve been there but did the game-changer and this is and I’ve always known it but it’s just becoming more and more apparent to me now is that we want to heal people we want we want people to to find God or see the beauty in nature or whatever this little little things in life and walk in their attitude of gratitude but it was this book here I’ve read it on a podcast a couple weeks ago but it’s a book by Manley P Hall it’s just called man and it just goes between white and black magic and but at the very end he talks about being happy in that how happiness isn’t promised to anyone like it’s not God’s will to be happy like by default you’re not happy for me and my mindset was like everybody should be happy everybody deserves that’s a key word everybody deserves to have their dreams manifested everybody deserves to have a great marriage everybody deserves this everybody deserves you don’t deserve anything that’s grace that you get the way I have it but hard work pays off you deserve what you work for the demons the dark night of the soul you open up doors you deserve that to come into your life now you have to learn from it why it’s there in it and to get rid of it you have to do the work like we want to call a shaman we in the shamans can help us and maybe the shaman is a picture or archetype that I want to get rid of this and it works as you doing the work you know what I’m saying definitely but you have to do the work if you want a successful marriage you have to work at a successful relationship if you want to be a great podcaster and oh I mean you just have a big following and bla bla bla app trust me I get P you can to work at it do the work um happiness is Ironman you know and freedom freedom is earned you have to pay for it you have to work for it so it takes away this notion of everybody deserves freedom what everybody deserves a perfect life you deserve what you work for if you want it bad enough there’s nothing anyone can tell you to stop you there’s nothing anyone can do to take that away from you if you want it you can do these principles we’re talking about you can go into the ethers and create it if you want it nobody’s gonna do to work for you and we talked about this notion of the demons that are in our lives especially coming out of Christianity there’s these there’s this big notion of anything that is bad is demonic it’s the devil we can pray it away and cast that out and I’ve been a part of that school and still AM it’s a weird discernment battle that goes on it’s okay what demons are do we need to pray for and get out of your life and these type of things but what demons are here to teach you like you’re asking for patience and wanting patience and there’s these situations and things set up in your life to teach you patience to impart that to you that you have to learn on your own I can’t pray you out of that like I can pray peace and help you and be there with comfort with you and you know but you have to go through that you can’t skip ahead you didn’t this life is a it’s testing trials and tribulations and you have to keep taking those tests until you pass it so in Christianity would start finding ourselves praying away the demons that Almighty God has graciously sent to us these evil spirits these demons these states of confusion that we asked for or we need to get to the next level many people they don’t make it out of that because they don’t the drive to survive is not in them as deep as it is and others but for those of you who want freedom and you’re in debt you you have to ask right you have to admit you have to be open and vulnerable to want to get to the next level but to act like it doesn’t exist or to simply pray it away it’s not the answer have you had any encounters with that is this making any sense to you well I’m getting at it this is what I what’s coming out for me if I remember hearing from somebody I can’t remember who said this but really if you want courage you’re gonna be thrown in a situation that you’re gonna your courage is gonna be shown like this is okay there’s a situation where you can see what how much courage you have you know and see that you have courage if you want if you want happiness you’re gonna be throwing it you know you’re gonna be thrown certain things that are gonna probably not make you so happy but you learn to have that happiness throughout those things yeah my ex-wife used to get so pissed off with me because tennis everything nothing gets to you like nothing just really stresses you out that’s why it’s out of my control right now I can’t pay this bill right now so why do you high freq oh come on you want me to get upset and freak out about it but that’s not doing me any good you know that really is peace and happiness for me as is being grateful for what you have even if you know I have little yeah you know and that’s that’s always managed to kind of help me keep that peace and keep you know I have my days I have my moments like everybody else but I’ve always maintained a pretty calm and peaceful kind of way about me just just because I’ve never let too much you know that too much of the small stuff get to me yeah man with with lightworkers it could be a rollercoaster ride talk a little bit about that he’s held my hat is and you say it you say it nonchalantly I have good days and bad days even in the Bible like we look at some of these people have done crazy miracles like insane wonder working miracles that defy the laws of physics and just they’ve seen the beauty of God in the power and in that and they’ve done that and then the next day they’re depressed they get a given up hope my friends like that I’ve been there and you’re talking about to but when we’re there to be able to find our peace and hold that peace especially if you’re a light worker you’re attracting those things you’re dealing with everyone else’s BS that baggage and if there is this this battle of good and evil like you’re the more good you do the evil gets upset you know I’m saying you become a target and you can do these awesome you could you know do it awesome podcasts and webinars and and and help people and get them to the next phase in their life and then the next day you feel like you know you on the brink of insanity you know what I’m saying or you just given up all hope and losing everything talk about that how to stay balanced I mean to gratitude I think is definitely number one right we have to if you something you’re like doing and you’re pretty good at if you have some down time you know it’s that song when you’re hot you’re hot when you’re not you’re not you know that’s just the way it works that you’re gonna have your abs in your flows but you know we’ve talked about this before I think on our show my show is being consistent staying consistent with it you know being able to write the ship you’re gonna have storms you’re gonna have a big wave sometimes even make you sick or make you not feel so pleasant it is a roller coaster ride and I think that’s you know enjoying or understanding those times when you are down maybe taking that time to learn and maybe ponder some of the things that can change that or change some of the the things that you feel are out of alignment in your life where you’re feeling down but really you know I’m you know I’m a musician I’ve done it for half my life played a lot of live shows and for a while that we were playing four days a week and you know half of those shows I didn’t feel like getting up and playing you know I felt I felt the other I felt that it wasn’t excited about it but and I do have someone I have some stage fright you know I do have some a little bit of stage fright so you know was I was like okay I don’t want to get up there and do this again I don’t want to get you know then I get up there and I’d love it or sometimes it wouldn’t go so well but really it’s just I think it’s just being a professional and being you know maintaining that balance throughout it you know knowing that this this experience may not be exactly what I wanted right at this time but I’m here let’s make the best of it you know you know and it’s funny you used who he said a roller coaster I think that’s a great analogy because I’m scared to death of roller coasters like some people down rollercoasters and freak out that’s all for ventilating I may start praying you know what I’m saying and get I get really terrified but my wife and my daughter they love it they get on there they enjoy the ride it’s not enjoyable for me I’m thinking I’m analyzing the situation okay if this like trust me I’m thinking of what if this Falls can I survive the fall can I survive the fall if this thing Falls will I survive like it’s not pleasurable for me so everybody’s you know we’re on the same ride man we’re all your going through this things but we all react differently man and in its the rides for some people it’s enjoyable for some people they freak out but it’s a have to learn I’m gonna be okay that could happen and it goes back to what I was talking about earlier just think of the good things I can see the negative stuff let me think it a good thing look I’m here with my family we’re making memories I’m still trying to fight that urge of analyzing the situation walking in fear you know yep and that’s and that’s sometimes that’s why it’s important to just let go and enjoy yourself to what we’re thinking about it for a little while oh I think some people use that overuse that whole let go of the mind you know just the heart because I feel like both of them are important but sometimes you do need to just let it all go when you feel that moment of stratsi anxiety and you just you know wanna f it let’s do it and that’s always kind of gotten me past a lot of certain fears when I’ve just gotten so so scared or someone anxious over it so much and it’s built up and built up and built up and eventually I’m just like you know what I’m done that’s enough you know if I’m done being afraid of it it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen if it’s not it’s not I’m gonna enjoy what we’re you know my present a present time right now and you know that’s tend to tend to help me yeah man be yeah and that’s you I’m scent being mindful being in the moment at all times and that’s part of how we achieve our goals and walk in healing and in that life we create for ourselves man but yeah maybe that’ll help me dude cuz like I have to apply it in in that area too because I get kosta phobic you know under them rods and start freaking out I remember we went to Disney and we went on a Harry Potter odd and I’m nervous getting on it and we sit now my wife said someone my daughter then I sit down and one and that strap comes out and two blocks me I’m trying to open it release I know I’m trying like a last second I’m gonna jump off of this thing for real I’m glad I couldn’t open it I was fitting to jump off of it was meant to scare you like that so you to make you feel like you were gonna fall off the tracks yeah real sharp scared me but yeah I mean in spite of my fear of them I do it is you know is it is exciting this is the kind of something I wait all of our lives is yeah we have kind of pumped up feeling kind of you know that fear of oh god the energy is really going right now you know I’m anxious but you can transmute that energy into if you can kind of break through that threshold again right of that fear and say you know what I’m gonna do it anyway now of course you need to be mindful yeah don’t jump off a 20-foot building or 30-foot building if you don’t have anything there to catch you you’re gonna hurt yourself but yeah I feel like some calculated risks you know being maybe a roller coaster that has a good track record as an injured anybody but is scary but it’s worth going on it’s worth getting that blood pumping sometimes that’s nice yeah man I’ve and it’s something I know I’ve got to get over personally like but I know cuz we’re talking about being triggered in trauma you know what I’m saying any things coming through that I was I was tortured by my brother when I was little man he would put us in little chest and he would make us get in dresser drawers lay down sideways and shut it like where your sock in your sock drawer at least he’d shut didn’t leave us in there and man I just remember him heart racing thinking I’m about to die cambrie’s hyperventilating like all that all that comes back when I get in a tight space man you know what I’m saying it’s hard for me and it’s a perfect example of trauma man of relationship bad relationships and things that people have been through in it in whenever teenagers or kids and then into their adult lives it still endures them off passed up opportunities to go and do concerts and things like that because I don’t want to fly because I’m too scared that that cost of phobia will kick in on a plane that I’ve had people want to fly me out and stuff and I’m like I’m bit too busy you know and I’m not going to say hey but now I’ll have bigger opportunities coming and I have to get over there yeah I know right that’s what I need that’s totally that’s my plan I’m gonna get something to help me know right I know I’d be missing missing that I joke with my family and friends and say lumps I’d be the one get on that mug and run to the door try to open the door on the plane while it’s in the air plane is something where you have to let go I mean I get on there and I’m scared but I enjoy flying I think it’s because I’m like let’s do it you know I mean I have to psych myself up for that yeah yeah get in the mood for it I just like anything else is like doing a reading but different maybe a little different but yeah and then I you know get excited this is gonna be fun I’m gonna enjoy it you know I mean I’ve been on some plane rides that the turbulence has been it feels like you’re dropping out of the sky but you know it’s part of the ride man enjoy getting a place you know it’s a new experience for you you know I know there’s a lot of people that have fear of flying but I’ve always enjoyed it but I enjoy kind of that thrill of things you know I’m not a thrill not one of these thrill junkies or anything but I do enjoy a thrill you know and and I feel like that’s kind of helped me fly in plays yeah I’m definitely gonna have to get over that man moving forward okay you know but it’s it’s just a picture though you know I’m saying like we’re not let me help people who are they have other things that you know within us the perfect word triggered you’re triggered oh you triggered me you know you reminded me of something I didn’t like about myself you reminded me of someone who stole this from me you know what I’m saying stole a part of me and we have to find healing man or we’re gonna go through life being triggered yeah men are dogs men are all cheaters men are this men are that no they’re not you know if the Christians are this Christians are judgmental Christians ah ba ba ba I can’t stand Christians think they’re right yeah not all over you know cool Christian like you know I’m saying you have these preconceived notions and these triggers man and I talk about a lie that Jesus stain comes up on a lot of it’s part of my life man but a lot of my interviews I do and I’ll mention Jesus some some people do Dave when I say Jesus they look like they took they they bitter sour lemon what Jesus like he ain’t real like he never existed like okay next question you know yeah and I feel like there’s good people everywhere most people are just like us you know yeah just simple things they want to enjoy their life you know have a good time with their family or not whatever whatever they just they want to be happy they want to just kind of live their lives and and I think you know there are those few you know the squeakiest wheels are the ones that we’re always hearing so you know I feel like most people aren’t like that most people aren’t you know they’re not they they have a belief system in something or know that there’s a greater power that’s like you tell Muslims among you know I I used to trigger atheists all the time because I give them questions that they like yeah they didn’t have an answer for right yet they could get me I’m like that’s the way it works man it’s you know there’s a lot of science that’s proving a lot of this stuff now I mean I don’t you’ve seen that Farsight press those remote viewers he doesn’t go down yeah yeah yeah I mean he’s and he does it in a way right Courtney brown yeah yeah yeah I love watching him because he doesn’t in a way that you could do it a lot easier than that and you can get a lot more information but he’s doing in a way that can prove it scientifically and I and I think that’s we need more people like that I think we do need more people that can reach those more logical minded or left-brained type of people and I think that’s what’s going on right now I think a lot more of the left brainers are like wow okay there’s something to this or there’s something to this you know I think that’s part of the whole awakening process and I don’t know it’s moving on yeah yeah man he’s cool dude like we almost we almost worked together he wanted like he wanted me to do a astral travel song about astral travel and stuff yes sir that was cool we never did it could what I’m sorry not astral travel remote-viewing because that’s what he does yeah yeah it’s terminology I mean it’s pretty much the same thing people think oh you need to leave your body well you kind of do but if you’re paying attention to that you’ll see that but if you’re not really caring about leaving your body and you’re caring more about the target you’re looking at you know that’s you already left your body you mean you haven’t really completely but you are you know multi-dimensional beings that kind of thing you know you’re you’ve left part part of you is kind of gone somewhere else to view a certain thing you know and I feel like and that’s what I’m saying he’s very technical about that yeah yeah he’s really good people out we talked about him a good bit on one of the remote viewing episode that we did but um yeah man anything that we didn’t talk about that you want to I’ve actually gotta get going here pretty soon but I’ve enjoyed this yeah awesome me too brother yeah that’s uh staying in touch let’s do some more man this will go live in a few days and I’ll send it out for you to share and all that good stuff man yeah success to you thanks for everybody for watching yeah man let people know how they can contact you man I know you’re really active on Facebook all your group psychic shaman page is this page or you can go to psychic shaman 3 3 3 3 3 3 the other day there’s somebody I did a story re she’s starry re 3 3 3 oh man I’m like lining up with all these 3 3 3 people sounds pretty funny yeah yeah oh goodness me guys well I have to let you go but thank you very much for having me and yes we’ll do it again for sure I brother Shalom peace peace and fouler ladies and gentlemen good good brother and if you guys haven’t seen go to his page and if you scroll back through the videos you’ll be able to see the interview we did together I think it’s also on YouTube as well I think the interview is on on YouTube as well shout out to Tiger King just sent me a donation here on so uh what is this called as super chat thank you so much for that [Music] thank you said a left patron patreon but will still contribute from time to time thanks man appreciate the donation earning it from New Zealand thank you yeah triggers it’s a healthy I think we should be we should be aware of what triggers us don’t act don’t act like nothing triggers you right I mean not you know we had I think we need to get over ourselves I think we need to learn how to respond so we don’t freak out like sometimes I get I still feel that weird anxiety when someone disagrees or they want to you know call you names or whatever the case is you still feel that there I mean maybe that’s just natural I mean you want to get into a place where you become water and it just slides off of you and it doesn’t bother you but uh you know words do hurt words have power man and for something that you believe in and you’re challenged on it you can be rather intense I’ve seen in in Christianity for years and I have seen Christians just over doctrine but doctrinal issues then freak out his Shami shouting matches man yelling and stuff over a disagreement about what a scripture means or it’s something that they’ve given their life to follow you know then here you come bringing a different understanding a different viewpoint you’re freaking them out they don’t you know this cognitive dissonance kicks in you’re you’re wrong they’re right bah bah bah bah bah this and they get mad and storm out and you don’t hear from them for years I’ve seen it with other people I’ve been a part of it but you know glad that’s behind me I learned from that this man people get triggered people are sharing or out of their hurt none of their guilt and things like that the next time you get mad don’t flip out yeah don’t flip out question in the chat here who is that that’s um – hunter Hughes it asked him about Terra cause he kind of talked about Terra College a little bit but he said he recently bought a tech and a deck and you said you use them to talk to Holy Spirit about your life that’s pretty cool man and I think I got a dick so this isn’t the like the regular tarot deck this is a deck that I got my introduction was essentially it’s called the turret of the most high I’ve talked about this on several times in the past but uh this is deck I got and it’s like it’s modeled after biblical art types archetypes if we do a Wednesday night show on my friend psychic Christy Lee’s radio show and well we do a lot more prayer and and energy work and things like that on her show and people are calling in for readings and stuff and a lot of times I’ll pull a card and I’ve kind of like what Aaron said like I don’t I don’t know Tara I don’t I don’t study it I don’t know but I do know that these that my intuition is is linked in with these cards and I think that you know when I’m able to pull them I’m able to get things about the situation most of the time I already have them so I anyway I’ve been using these on readings and I don’t even have to tell you the card like I said I think that would even be the scapegoat well the card said you’re gonna die you know I didn’t say it or whatever you know but anyway just to be able to kind of formulate that throughout the conversation and using little things like this as tools because that’s what they are just like meditation prayer yoga anything like that it’s all it’s all tools man that were able to use but I posted that online and I think I lost a bunch of my Christian friends when I posted that I posted my status saying I used tarot cards for the first time and it was powerful and it was but what wouldn’t that be something if I couldn’t post that because I was scared of what they thought about me in the past I could I think I even thought twice about posting that just because I knew it would come and it came you know rightfully so you know you got to do your own research you got a you can’t let nobody do it for you um hunter also says on here he says the horrorcore group twist it released their own rider-waite deck oh that features pictures of different underground artists and other characters that’s the one I got oh wow you get the insane clown posse version are they on it because I know they split up I don’t know if the ICP is actually on there could this at odds even though they created them essentially but yeah that’s cool man you gotta find what works for you and uh know who you are know your worth man so with that being said CT a call to action what do you do after here if you’re watching this on YouTube make sure you click that subscribe button click notification button – to know when we go live you’re listening to this after the fact and you want to support the best way to support my work is through patreon man that’s what keeps me keepin on that’s the what enables me to do what I’m doing so if you want to go to seeker the link is in the description and you can sign up for any level of given there and get access to my entire discography you also get access to the school of the Mystics it’s the community aspect of what we’re building here so I make sure y’all check that out if you’re looking take it to the next level to learn together with a group of people and grow together also too there’s a bunch of books that I recommend audiobooks you can get a free trial download a free book at audible trial calm except seeker audible trial calm back slash true seeker if you haven’t read The Alchemist go there and get that book you haven’t read the final quest go get that book those are the two books that I really by myself recommending a lot I read a lot of ancient texts these days a lot of Manley P Hall too but ours any other books like that those are the two The Alchemist Papa Palio Coelho and the final quest by Rick Joyner one of those two whatever calls to you first but uh audible trial comm and it helps to show they give us a kickback for every person who signs up with an account there and it doesn’t cost you anything you can sign up and then it’s your free book and didn’t cancel doesn’t cost you anything so make sure y’all do that to support that and patreon and however else you want to support the show I think you guys from the bottom of my heart it means a lot I couldn’t do this alone I really couldn’t so thank you guys from the bottom of my heart Dylan says do you know anything about ce-5 I know a lot about ce-5 we held our own ce-5 initiative two months ago for the the new moon and um it was good we had it’s like a global thing that we did were we just put the information out there and created a Facebook event did some YouTube videos on it and everybody went out together I went live and you know did the little prayer meditation to call in the entities the angels the ships whatever you terminology you prefer the demons means some of you would say calling the Angela beans and a lot of people had encounters man it was beautiful people had encounters for the first time that night so I seen some ships and it was awesome because it had been so long since I’ve been out there I was able to go out there and have an encounter and yeah ce-5 initiative is the contact of the fifth kind fourth kind you got one two three four the new one is 5/4 kind is when you you’re abducted or they come and get you fifth kindness when you actually contact them go out there and meditate say the prayer get yourself into a place of an activity a lot of ways that can happen a lot of people specialize in that james gilliland Steven Greer and so I’ve just kind of uh peed what they’ve done and that’s what I did early on to have all of my beautiful encounters that I had to angelic contact or ET UFO contact I don’t care whatever so Dylan man I’m here to stay lol I do it with my friends we do it we all do it that’s what’s up man yeah we do too we’ve we’ve done it in the past I’ve had a lot more private visions and in sightings and stuff than I’ve had with the groups but we have had group encounters that were phenomenal but as far as like what got me into it was the place of just going out doing it by myself for hours on end and then all my friends have done it well we’ve went out in groups camping trips just finding up a patch of night sky going out and just stare at it until something moves you know almost like you’re fishing but in the sky as above so below Oh yep with that being said I’m gonna say peace and Shalom thank you guys for the work if you haven’t heard my new album I said thank you guys for the work if you haven’t checked out my latest work seer make sure y’all check that out new album it’s on its own everything iTunes YouTube Spotify all the good stuff so support the real man thank you guys for everything you’re doing – you need anything let me know man I’m here for you guys alone Shalom but I’ll show that [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to 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