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Native American Spirituality is still alive and strong today. Shamanism is on the rise as many people feel an inward call to return to their ancestral roots through spirituality and other natural indigenous medicines. As religion is fading for many the spiritual roots movements are blossoming in every area when God is mentioned. Many American Christians are leaving the churches in drove to find something of deeper significance. Its not that they are leaving God, Jesus Christ or their religious foundations they are awake and aware that the encounters that led them to God are only met with rules and regulations in western Christianity hence the call for something else. But something else does not mean something new. As we have seen in the Christian circles many believers are now embracing Messianic Judaism which is more of a religion practiced by the early church and others in the Christian faith returning to more of a

spiritual connecting with God and spirits in nature seeing that God is in all.

No matter what it may be these seekers are looking to the past in hopes to find the true spiritual paths of our ancestors before it was tampered with by mainstream religion. Yet they are not forsaking Christ but are taking his teachings with them. Is this something that was prophesied by the prophets of old? Did they know that this would happen? It seems that even in their times they were aware of organizations that would try and corrupt their personal experiences with Creator God in exchange for something of little or no value. In the book of Jeremiah in the Holy Bible it reads

“This is what the LORD says: “Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls” Jeremiah 6:16.

This is a call that many people are hearing yet they have no idea what it is supposed to look like but we do know one thing. As more and more people begin to live in their truth they are giving permission to others who would be timid or afraid or changing the narrative as many are still church going God fearing people. This expression of faith is envious to most and is needed as we return to the ancient path and in this particular episode discuss Native American Shamanism and Spirituality with Royce Gay. | TruthSeekah

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is it working for you so if it’s not working maybe we should cut it out but if it is working let’s bring it to the table let’s share it and share these techniques and things that seem to be working we’re getting results from it and whatever that may be whatever path you’re on if it’s bringing peace and love and light to humanity let’s talk about it let’s bring it to the table so we got an exciting show for you guys today I want to say a quick thank you to everybody who is supporting my work on patreon patreon comback slash truth seeker so there’s a bunch of you guys who are supporting me month-to-month over there and there’s different levels of giving and there’s different rewards and tears that you can unlock with the giving anywhere from a dollar a month to five dollars ten dollars whatever you can do anything helps and so we have exclusive patron only groups over there we’ve got exclusive merch my whole discography is available for download that’s 10 plus albums as well as my triptych source awaken the fire spiritual alchemy and 333 the three latest albums that I’ve done on the spiritual vein so all that’s available for you get that with the patreon memberships so with that being said thank you guys again from the bottom of my heart you guys are awesome today’s show we’re gonna be discussing spirituality like I said I got a special guest we’ve been trying to make this happen for a while this guest goes live on Facebook and has a pretty huge following does prayer groups and meditations and things like that speaking over people some really I want to say I want to say it’s deep but it’s a lot of stuff that he talks about that was it was common known so like a lot of this DiSpirito ality and stuff was commonly known by our ancestors and so he talks about a lot of it and he’s he’s keeping it alive and so without further ado Royce gay what’s going on my brother welcome to the show hey nice to meet you brother I’m glad to be here yeah yeah finally I was able to connect and make it work man yeah yeah I’m glad we are trying to get chunky hooked up right now with my youtube so I can share it out on Facebook but uh I’m having problems with the I’ve been having problems from from from the moment that um the world started waking you know it’s it’s every day battling if you’re not grounded in prayer you’re not surrounded in prayer you can easily be taking on your element because of the forces I like to say some triple forces that are out there because of the negativity we look at we look at our history and we look at our history and it’s not in focus it’s a a history that a lot of our ancestors are probably not proud of but because of this time right now 2017 with the eagle and Condor prophecy I think it’s called Redemption I’ve called it Redemption many times because of the profound truth what our ancestors are doing is sharing the knowledge and the wisdom through science through meditation through prayer through 211 like you know how they’re able to reach out to us through I want to say innate memory and that innate memory and as what is it connecting the world because my great ancestor is Crazy Horse so I have a bloodline that comes down and my family has for years and years have since he’s passed away as maintain his medicine as fun as sacred items that we’ve kept hidden from the world because of the fact that when people want just what people want to steal a power and it’s a it was a power that was given to him at a time to take all the Europeans off this continent with evil and after he passed away we had a family at a ceremony in that ceremony he won’t win it nothing but good to come to that that helper which was called an eon and no buddy evil should touch that to the state and so his vision was upon great suffering the rent makes you shall rise and be a blessing for a sick world longing for the light and during that time there will be people from his band his tribe is teos by tear that sacred knowledge and you will unite the world through we were all related you know one heart when mine and I see it happen honestly I didn’t think it would come to pass because in 2013 I had been paralyzed and told I would never walk again because of the fact that I was running from my responsibilities as the next person to hold that item and I didn’t want it because of the magnitude of power and what most people wanted out of that is a me have it let me get that me take care of that and I don’t want nothing to do with it because I respected it and I feared it yeah and because of that it’s work for me and so you know ceremonies they told me they took your legs because we could no longer wait for you to mark because we have to make this prayer you have a prayer as powerful as gonna change the world you know I cried because I think about the prayer and the prayer was only bringing the people together because through love knowing compassion and at a time when we have all this hatred is you know these this – I call it the chaos in their matrix because of at the time when all the pieces of were scattered and systematically they started coming together on your own I don’t know I don’t believe in dark magic but I believe in the magic of our ancestors who come together through positivity through bringing you and I the four races of mankind because in in a sense this world is a melting pot of ethnicities and somewhere along the way you have an any quality that says that you are descended from the Native American ancestor and we’re all from this planet we’re not from Mars at Jupiter I like to say you’re huh I can say I try to keep humor into the perspective because it smells good yeah people get into that dogma of stigmata Oh religion versus science then becomes you know they’re trying to drawn the line but if we’re able to use the humor and the compassion and show it all in one big perspective were able to awaken a lot more people because in all reality we are oblivious to the fact that you know prayers right there once we have knowledge our spirits and we feed our spirit then the change comes within and we have like I was pointing out I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Wolfsburg radio a guy named David of course old David for so the project camera and present camera is the Universal Soldier said they were building the government was building and you don’t see my father fits that criteria and comes in that in that aspect where he was abandoning his orphan and he grew up you know in Vietnam era he was a coal talker for that for the government Namie maybe I’m certain neighbor when he passed away we got all these military honors and we didn’t even know he was an American and he hit that and when I signed up for the first desert war Iraq he says don’t go don’t go to war stay on me educated and fight your peoples battle I’m right when we’re talking about you know and so after he passed away then we knew that it was something bigger coming you know an aspect of religion science he was smart man and he was working on his dissertation he was a tribal laws and turny treaty attorney before he passed away and so awakening yeah it was I’ve sat one night and then watched all these people call them falling stars right they’re not falling stars they’re actually helpers that were alive at one time in this world who became energy returned to energy returned to the light to the source and they came back at a time to help us off we connect so each one of us have these yen’s I got my you know I carry my Ian with me all the time because of the fact that it’s a help it’s a spiritual guy like a talisman and it’s helped me in my journey in the south so far I’ve been um when I was at Standing Rock I was able to we go into prayer and I could tell you who the fake people were who the real people were who the ones who the infiltrators were the detractors who are coming and a lot of times they said how do you know all that well ceremony I said a lot of people go into ceremony talk you guys go to church to talk about that but we go into ceremony you talk to God because of what’s happening and it’s supposed to happen this time because people are waiting they call this country the New Jerusalem and they call it you know awakening you’re waiting for the Messiah and I’ve always been coined this whole year I probably went crazy twice I probably almost jumped off the deep end almost almost bit the bullet because of this overwhelming because at one time I had a hundred sixty-six thousand followers that were right there in the prayer room that would pray and I told people that there’s a million people that seven point four billion people in this world and in this country I want to say there’s like thirty four million people that are awakening that are understanding the fact that you can no longer take the lifeblood from Mother Earth or mikado fossil fuel depletion you know and the signs are right there because when I was telling people and and I do the ceremonies prayer the ancestors and they give us the clues that we need but you have to do it it’s over you can’t be drug alcohol you know you can’t be induced like a lot of people say ayahuasca when you go on a kayak trip earth yeah guy and we do it on the Red Road which is sober drug and alcohol free but we go into a Vision Quest and we gonna eat for four to seven days without food and water it’s going up on the hill praying and my family will be going to pit and so are we going to pit and we prayed and we asked the creator forum you Clues the signs that the guides tell us the guideposts to help us on our journey and it’s kind of weird because everything just kind of hit and we were going to stop a pipeline and we turned out fine you know all these other things the child pornography ring you know the corruption and government all the collusion no corporate radical readers and you know the I was even caught it was even said that we were at a time where what we call it was calling Trump the Emmy crash you know I met many people that had told me you know you’re an arc angel called Ariel from the future mate not on the way so I started having these weird dreams people were screwing these tank wings on my back it got crazy because you know listen to it every day being told that the Muslim I saw you with the Messiah and all these things that are coming echoing sister with now and you know I did the UM I did the other my brother with the loving light warriors up I call him the family we did the end we did it during the the night before the Eclipse we did a um we did this song this love song it’s called L three six nine so when I seen my I resonate my harmonica roost I would hire a vibrant higher level and so when I was singing and it came back to frequency at L 3 6 9 and that’s new to me because I’ve never heard anything about of that so it was it was pretty awesome but the thing was everything fell into place so it’s kind of amazing how wakening just kind of spread to all these other so I don’t judge nobody I’m not saying you can’t do it this way there’s no right way or wrong way yeah it’s all you know people call them hoppers but I call it it’s a messing room different vibes and different different views well it’s not really religious spiritual yes we call it hopper I’ve never even heard that term that’s thing I’m probably one of those my sister said was a hot we have you heard of hoppers now but see it’s whatever works yeah great we all have a different I’ve met so many people that have fallen out from the churches yeah and there’s some stuff in the churches that work and why not hold on to others yeah and so you know I don’t ask people you know I’m not telling people to step away all judgmental saying you have to do it this way and I was taught that my uncle always taught me says you know when you grow up you have a you have this road that was chosen for you and I ran from it because of the responsibility and going into a sweat lodge at an early age you know and that’s become my life and so I was taught one way so and these other please come in and they want to match I’m always open-minded because in all reality the aspirant is there so truth to everything there’s a lot there’s a lot of truth when we look down etiquette okay one of these persons told me why would you go to a psychic they use the pendulum when they’re feeding off of your energy because of your energy you’ve made a higher frequency so your energy you’re really off the charts and you’re reading you’re reading your vibe and they already know we already know the answers to everything that we’re seeking and so what we’re seeking is truth and knowledge and wisdom and we already have it still in us and this great thing it’s a great thing because all that comes into play when we sleep we want to ascend to a higher level consciousness you know because that’s all it’s every million years I say the earth evolves so there’s a human race you know so we are sending to us well I know we was talking about before we went live being led by our ancestors and being watched over and being beckoned and so a lot of people are getting this message to return to the indigenous ways and return to Earth take your shoes off put your feet on the ground in return to the earth talked a little bit about this calling we have and most people don’t know what it’s coming from whether it’s our ancestors or the angelic beings or the star star beings or whatever and I think it’s a little bit of all of it but talk a little bit about the ancestral calling us back to the original religion the religion of Earth well I was some what we were sharing was a lot of our where energy were like Nome and when we are born you know my brother just passed away my brother passed away like a year he’s going on a year he’s a helper guy he said he’s like a little energy and he comes and helps a lot of these people cross over and he passed away right before standing up you know and gotten this bad mix and you know Sundance informed me because I couldn’t send us because I couldn’t walk so he says brother imma dance for you and right before you dance he came he told me said I just wish people in this world we just get along but there would be no judgmental people that we could all have you know the ability because he will even up to prison for drugs and all so turning looking at his life in perspective and how he died and how I was upset and we were gonna go and take care of some business and my uncle said you know a whole lot of every because pretty soon you’re gonna be called a lot of people you’re gonna be called to pray and heal a lot of people and that was Stan Europe and so that Stan Rock I call it the eight fire that was burning inside of us that is internally it’s like the like Swiss because a lot of our people who we’ve probably been so ingrained in you know what we thought we’ve been taught for years you know it some do it this way it has to go you have to go to church you have to pay your career your company’s me paying any any dues or any penance and so they kind of like fell away from the church the fellow leaders from their belief of a spiritual aspect of what higher powers are God so when stager I came and his Native American we’re talking about you know spiritual aspect of you know spirit created on the source and then a lot of people had awakened and the message was to return to no simple way of life no stepping away from you know all that corporate tyrannical greed and wanting to go and return to having simple life a little bit off the land you know see I started this well I went to a ceremony I went out to stand amongst Eric and then right before December 4 deadline I went to Washington so I spoke with a lot of the Senators and legislators and Republicans in Washington and we did a Republican the five date that week were there we probably hit every every state senator that was there and we talked about he did land and I had said I’m not worried about the neighborhood I’m worried about all my relatives and all my relatives are the four races of mankind because we’re all together at this time you know it was a calling and brought us all together and you know I have a home I can go home to my home these other relatives that dropped everything and left everything behind gravel from others miles away I have nor to go almost all my family I’m worried about so the bipartisan letter and I was on our way home and they over in Ohio and then I heard the news this and a great grass of crazy horses in Washington there’s not one fame and fortune but just worried about to December 4 deadline for his people and from there not it just kind of like blew up woman in the cutoff the date all of that stuff that happened you know a little reprisal where everybody got to celebrate and then they came in North Dakota came in hard and fast you know I kind of want everybody out of there and there was a lot of finger-pointing a lot of blaming but the same thing what remained was people for now it was a prayerful and peaceful remain perform peaceful everything that we had worked for was gonna be restored to us and so wanting to share that knowledge now isn’t with the world because it’s simple you know if we have a spiritual way of life I don’t care for what games are for shippers all your spiritual aspect and spiritual being we still have a belief in that higher part so having a simple way of life it is something we’ve been called we were Native Americans don’t even call it devil worshipers for years because of our I really attack the spirit yeah and so I saw like I was talking about the UM the Universal Soldier with diamond core so I never knew so I do to show on whisper radio they asked me have you met a guy named David no I don’t know anybody named Dave Oh hold on wait a minute we get a ceremony I met a guy named David Ellis and he said he was sorry and she said yeah his name was David Chris all he spoke highly of you and 20:17 was a year of this great awakening where a lot of people are gonna be awakened because of the earth changes and a lot of people are going to return to sustainable communities you know because of all that GMOs and genetically modified organisms and all the other stuff that we were losing our ability to fight off diseases so we have holistic healing a lot of these plants that are out there if we were able to go and plant our own I’ve been chewing on also wrote for three years I haven’t any cold I met any major illnesses other than my spinal injury I’ve got I’ve got some that I actually chewed on last week yeah the first time I did it I actually bought it at the Pow Wow and we had some congestion going on and I got high off of it I got I was walking around I was like oh let me save this man I was like walking around the powwow buzzing zoom zoom no this is a powerful spotting stuff let our celery my girlfriend I can tell you know sure because he smiled Oh house and it’s like garlic cumin spice the holistic healing it’s it’s upper respiratory it was it was used highly during when they were putting on a lot of these uh I guess they were spraying up my camera off and a lot of these containers when you’re bringing a lot of that stuff in an air pollutant or people out there extending up yeah if we are able to return to that type of way of life yeah I we would all be able to because of the stories from the Bible from the stories from our ancestors oh yeah there days huh so we’re able to live accordingly to you know our our ancestors and our ancestors were my girlfriend she’s she’s a nawa she’s Apache she’s Mexican and she’s never known ruin to a ceremony and they told her in a sermon that you guys are from the eagle and the Condor nation as burns this prophecy and she still has trouble with accepting it but a lot of things that she has saw come to pass come to fruition that’s kind of like a Meister because of prayers the ancestors that are there on the other side and they’re there they’re know when you die physically a physical death is nothing but a spiritual rebirth and so my brother he’s always with us and so we always feed him who feed him I put out my little water I got water carry water so he’s always hungry when acknowledged the spirit is when you acknowledge that that ancient custom that’s interesting there’s a bunch of there’s even some ancient Jewish stuff and I have some friends who were into Messianic Judaism and it’s weird because when they it seemed weird to us as an outsider but as we went over to the house to eat they would make a plate in a table at this table and it would put food on it and everything for whether it was the the spirit I think they did it for another they do it during Hanukkah okay I believe I believe it’s the Hanukkah or the Passover meal I can’t remember right off but they actually do it for Elijah out of the Bible and they have a ritual whether the kids go to the door and look for Elijah to come and they they always have a table for him at their at their gatherings which is which is you know I’m saying very similar to what you’re talking about to acknowledging and it almost sounds like we’re you know in the hood where you have a 40 and you pour out some liquor for the homies you can almost see it kind of reflecting back to that a little bit – yeah it’s kind of an ancient custom but there are certain words that what we’re told was that when the ancestors when you acknowledge your ancestors is when they’re really happy because they crossed over and if you think about our history there’s a lot of our relatives that have taken their lives to completion to suicide to alcohol or drugs yeah so that spirit got is stuck here in the in this plane is that negative energy and so when you go back to the origins of the church we have say duh the one with the shin this makes I’ve been over here on the nephilim they’re not the snakes where I was smiler understandest the catholic catholicism yeah and the other one was the Moors so the people the earth and so when you think about it that ain’t your war and the good between light and darkness is still there but yeah you know I say whatever was meant to mean and darkness will always come to the light and that’s what’s happening it’s coming to the light because this is the the creators and we call them one Kentucky which is the great mystery I we don’t know if it’s Oh God is a woman or a man but we believe it’s a duality of all things the enemy most likely right having that acknowledgment and saying okay when I die I want to go back to my ancestors because I want to be able to come back and be reborn again because we have that cycle of life where we get to come back and experience that according to how we lived our life and so a lot of our ancient teachings to start local star knowledge seven sisters of police the opal chunk with henna I’ll give you the star nations and right now our ancestors are walking with us and that’s the crazy thing because they have to come down here and crack the whip and show us how it’s supposed to be done yeah yeah they’re making it happen when it when it comes to the star beings and things like that which I know every every religion every people group talk about the beings that came from the stars wherever they came as as seeds to actually seed us here I’ll put us here or show us the way and teach us indigenous spirituality from the beginning and I know the Native Americans have a lot of that within within their tradition as well have you ever had any I know you said you’ve seen those stars that look like shooting stars or even look like satellites and things like that have you ever had any encounters with with these beings in the flesh or the ancestral spirit appear all the time funny all the time first the first time I’ve Sundance I took my rite of passage which was Sundance no Vision Quest fasting and Richard Quest and stepped into this role that I am have now the spiritual advisor I don’t like to be called mention man because I mention man is too prolific because okay you have your dis but then you live by that and go and do this I call myself a spiritual adviser because a lot of people say you are who you are because you don’t acknowledge it but we see the healing that you cost a lot of people oh my first Sundance omelet and Sundance and it’s offering their flesh you know you go on for days you step into the sacred circle and you’re in the living world in the spirit world and your ancestors come and you watch how you perform your carry yourself in your prayers and everything you’re doing all you’re carrying south and you’re leading by example see Crazy Horse my ancestor he was the norm a lot of these people don’t understand yeah he was a hacker he was like complected as in your name was a stodgy so we can come with the guy in yellow hair yellow eyes it’s not a full blood Lakota he’s happening and so that that manifests into what we have going on today a lot of mixed grades and so all these other lawyers little one Red Cloud Sitting Bull you know gray eyes and all these ones were all the norm who have done the same thing that crazy person but they chose to speak more crazy or it’s because of his tasks and his color his complexion is different different different reality so learning that Sundance and sweating in Bonita settings I went home to Maya after my first Sundance I went home and my girlfriend my kids mother at the time woke me up and she said look at all these lights and nor these little like lightning bugs yeah her they were blue and green yes Phil that was thousands of them they just fill the whole room and they were all over everywhere and I was out cold I’m really tired because of dancing for days from sunup to sundown the food water it’s a 12 day ceremony preparation very sudden that’s an actor and I told her yeah those are the ancestors she said what hockey lost it because I’m here they’re really happy because uh I completed my first Sundance and it just got you know the things when I long because you’ll never see these things in your lifetime but yet you see them coming to you on that level and it’s just one of those things that she is so real because you can’t you know like hey so I saw all these lines I saw as the years went by you know we go into ceremony they come boo we calmly popularly explained they speak the language you know my brother never spoke Lakota but when he passed away went to ceremony and he speaks fluent Lakota is the language of the ancient ancestors so he’s a nurse speaking home to me – come on nacho cheese uncle doughnut dokey I have 100 lakota lawyer chi head he says he’s hungry what can I do for you si doctor my mom’s is how the hell is he speaking cook though he never smoked ricotta when he was alive and she said it’s hard in a memory it’s that it’s the language with in English and so lot of these people say it’s the language that’s what stealing language that were able to connect to our ancestors so yeah having that experience one night right before rot 2015 i sat 20 yeah i sat and watched about 300 little falling stars come and they came and when it showed it came I have a I have an article is in a meeting food magazine 1970 fourth edition page and it talks about the time before Standing Rock it talked about you know see I wrote the article before standing around and there were staggering I came there now article it’s like hey man it’s like a prelude to what happened and everything that you talked about this happening where you get this information and I come from my ancestors no because they serve with us we’re supposed to have that knowledge and share it because it’s pertinent to what’s gonna happen and then the days to come like with um with we call it spiritual la Volpe when the sun the eclipse full Eclipse nobody’s ever seen that nobody’s ever seen that before but when that solar eclipse came I was counting I have science theory of relativity you know time to equal time distance and ratio and I kept counting and when I counted I was five I told people okay so we’re gonna have five natural catastrophes that’s gonna happen with it it’s time for and the Hurricanes right and so all of that stuff that just kind of came and it was just people look at me like wow this is crazy well it’s called wolf eggs called skirts law it was supposed to happen supposed to give us the time this is the time to change time to look at her life and then basically look within herself and this is how I wanna live we’re going to see more lows Earth’s changes if we don’t but um it’s just a whole lot of you know it’s an opening to a new era of wind and solar anything it’s definitely stepping away from that fossil fuel depletion because we have to let her heal and let her a revived and regenerate and then we go back and start thinking how did these ashtec’s do all these neon sacrifices you know blood sacrifices oh the back then and then we’re at this point in time where it it would be gruesome may be unrealistic to do that yeah well essentially what if you want to call it the New World Order or whatever this I mean they’re still doing these sacrifices through the wars and through the famines and and and and taking over some of the other countries and stuff like that so there’s a lot of research that the draft and the wars and things like that are essentially these mass sacrifices that they’re doing like catastrophe oh yeah yeah yeah because right before right before I started on Iraq I was sitting on like 250 different groups on Facebook you know every day I wake up one day I accidentally somebody I know it was put me on according to our Southern Command Southern Command was a government watch group and it was a government I scoop that was watching people trying to get you know yeah they were looking yeah they were looking so I had like 269 militia groups we percent there’s one comings down with us and I’m say I can’t make that choice I’m just in person I makes your prayers oh yeah you’re like so this little mess and I no voice I don’t know what you’re talking about it says now because we’ve been following you and we know and so I’ve met people from Freemasons the Illuminati Illuminati formations you know we have people out of protecting your watching over because they’ve tried for years to manipulate your language your ceremonies they can do it and they’ve even tried to clone native people but they can’t because you chant and so they’ve gone to all this gruesome horrific shit to try to clone something that is God’s law and so it’s never gonna happen according to how they want it but what’s happening at these people said we’ve been watching you for years and we know how we are you open up this different realm of awakening people to prayer to Facebook we don’t remember that sacred space you’ve awakened millions none so I take that as something humbling and not to get became out when she starts having don’t ya weak at it because we humble it’s always you know what was really more was real more profound was all these rappers used to sing about murder killing and I thought my kid man this dude is crazy man because he was talking about that rock and he’s sitting there singing but I did meet a lot of these rappers who came to stand under disguise of anonymous right using different names I know they don’t know I’m gonna come the weekend you know so that stuff and it’s just like you sit back and you think about man how can we as a human race evolve when we have so many detractors but yet we look at the things that we have going for us the prayer the unity and acknowledging that we’re all related that’s all we have you know we have that faith compassion in that love you know and so we all come from different you know it’s not it’s not specific to Native people it’s all people you know so so we all are going through the same shit but it’s different races and different Calibre’s but we’re all able to realize that you know there’s an awakening happening and we’re all part of that awakening I think we should all just go with it because we are opening that that round that’s never been dealt with no because you know what has a government know that they put fear in us they close how to live this way to close how to eat that we don’t don’t blow that part a neighborhood because you’re not welcome there right can’t see here government mentality that once we let down those barriers and cross we’re all human beings were all alike huh probably a lot of us Genghis Khan Genghis Khan was the dude I read up a lot my sister to open me up to being is kinda nice to have so many kids out there you know that fool and to look and so he’s made so many kids in his life how many other are we actually related you know so I just do a lot of reading a lot of research actually working on my master’s program closing up on my bachelor’s and I’m seven credits into my master’s program it’s been pretty tough with this whole year and with a lot of my friends say you know that Dakota axe the pipeline the Apple Umbridge they know who you are so the circle mentioned what you’re doing you’re sitting out spear campaign they try to come and good your count and so I’ve been you know trying to find a different platform where we can use and you guys YouTube’s a good one oh they’re cracking down on YouTube right now man bad so so trying to get trying to get people but I could say they can’t stop the prayer yeah exactly so it’s hoping a lot of people waking a lot of people and I’ve had another brother had told me said you know we can get you on a grand scale of you know can do like like serious you know all these other platforms that we were looking at yeah so that was an option but you know I had to step away because you know my messenger I get like 3,000 messengers in hey messages a day and it kinda it’s overwhelming I mean sure being ding-ding-ding not after ones oh I know and you got work to do right yeah and like I was saying I four grown kids a basically again me going and up on your own you live and raising three dogs I’ve got three dollars I take care of also and so it’s it’s a pretty good challenge you know I’m always doing something but I’m never I’m really never really stagnant you know come I see on the move yeah I do know wherever I go I have my ancestors with me and so that’s the thing they’re always with me and when I was going back to the Illuminati I have a good friend who was an ex was part and he’s opening up to a lot of stuff and a lot of these readings and teachings and stuff and you know the ritual sacrifices you were right we hit on 9/11 you know that was a know something that happened because yeah trying to make pacts with these yes entities men these ancient gods of old man some really dark stuff mom I’ve got some sage here man I want to see if we can burn some sage and I know that you speak in the the native language in if you would speak a blessing over us and everyone who’s watching and I’ll burn some sage and you can actually go into some detail about you know the power of burning sage and Dillon well okay okay so different entities yeah so we use um you know just like the Bible it’s only close when they’ve wiped Jesus down with Mira and Frank and all these all these senses to cleanse his body our ancestors have always told us aged cedar sweetgrass all of that is to cleanse the spirit as well and open the way it takes way those dark dark images and dark forces and so we’d always do a prayer with that and we asked it to God I will say grandfather’s to protect us and watch over so I’ll say a prayer ho – gosh the whole really when in a while cooking the lake to cookie money flowing a fetches a chap low in alcohol she won’t be lost but dying here you know yogi I mean ha I’m fed to wash the e ha ha ha she told me oh no PACU so I gotta kill a woman thunk oh yeah hey I got a 100 chocolate eat the sugar would go who took her on the Miami game and uh who Chicago cure for 100 who she like 1 to 6 I wanna Monica no longer cannot which is an Iranian sure oh no I better watch the heart just wear your kayak lady oppa why o makki oh no wahoo Worsley to kasha Celia I’m not sure I see that means to claim this you know so open up your your spirit technologies a cleansing of the spirit so to catch a better one any more books I wash or Mike the law books are all the money you how it was washed it when I tentativa Sunday please on a suit Shante you ha now purchase a chaperone identity guru tegh ha so that you can have strong very strong mind and continue to do the work that you do and ask the ancestors to protect you from that darkness as you – each I wonder how on are you ha wash day a month alone as Utah wash day when and not purchasing and chant eighties that no no no OPA opal chakra hang out give you no no no no Jake you lay on goopy oh yeah I wanna know the star nations I was firing that you know that continue to do the work thing you do that you have a strong heart strong mind and that’s your ancestors the star nations walk with us so we’re all connected we’re all connected to source and source the acknowledgement of our prayers and the people in the language continue to grow spiritually and we have to understand as human beings we have to let go of that that instant gratification that we all seek that sexual gratification that monetary gratification in that power gratification and start looking at the spiritual aspect though you know holistic healing the holdest of the spiritual the spirit the divine spirit the creation because we are energy people in the chat now and that’s a that’s a beautiful prayer that’s what everyone’s saying it’s a beautiful prayer and they were saying that the language sounds a lot like ancient Hebrew there’s a lot of connections there I don’t know if people have done the research but about the Native Americans being actually from the tribe of GAD that are mentioned of in the Holy Bible that do you know any references or any connections there between I’ve been told I’ve been called dad before yeah have a lot of people that say you know you’re from the tribe of yeah yeah and so yeah it’s like this the way I was was told was that we were one land mass at one time and we’re all connected and every time when Earth evolved broke apart I saw a lot of those tribes that were separated maintaining that spiritual connection that’s a turtle which and that ancient language is what we still have and like I was told a lot of people that don’t understand the language will never get to language but if it’s inside your innate memory that you’re connected to that language the wash 1000 block of a court that you lay it or still oh and so you’ll learn the language to speak it well a lot of the people catch it fluently you know some people just catch it yeah and it’s I’ve heard a lot of corn corn since everything the similarities and like like I was saying I get a lot of people that somebody had told me uh I had a bunch of people speak in Hebrew name and shelah and I never knowed Shalom and I look at 1000 well it’s crazy because these are someone that look at the core and it has a lot of a lot of art our excuse me our lakota language is embedded you know so I could see that I could say that is I would love to find out ya know there’s a there’s a lot of research I actually did the study in some years ago I’m actually uh Creek Creek Indian as well native which is the Muscogee Creek related to the Seminoles as well so we’re gonna be going to the the powwow so whenever this is released today what I’m gonna release this on Thanksgiving so we’ll be at the powwow and I wanted to speak about something man because I remember cuz I got into some really dark witchcraft as a teenager right and I got into a place I was in over my head dealing with with foreign entities and stuff that I wanted to possess me and things like that so I had to I had to get out of that and I started going to church and I went into church and I found freedom in Christ and I renounced everything tried to go to the powwow to the powwow that year and I felt weird they were chanting playing the drums dancing eagle feathers and I felt really weird and I got overwhelmed and I had to leave and it was because I was just fresh out of like this crazy occultism right and it was so like incense sage anything reminded me of the darkness that I was involved with so then I go back maybe 10 years later I’ll go back to the powwow and after having about what felt like a bad encounter I go back and I have this spiritual awakening at the powwow when the natives are dancing in the the wind is blowing and I’m meeting all these spiritual people I would just begin to weep and have this I felt like I was I was led there by my ancestors trying to show me what we have left of the ancient religion and this is this is what we have and how precious it is and precious it was and so that was a part of my spiritual awaking to take it a step deeper just talk about how there’s just this urge to return to the ancient ways and there’s so many people a lot of them don’t know where to go that’s why podcasts like these and these interviews are so powerful because we’re giving people a piece of the puzzle a piece of the breadcrumb to say look this is what works and this is this is my practice because a lot of people are private with their practice so actually talking about some of the spirituality behind the practices so talk a little bit about the returning to the ancient path and there’s so many scriptures in the Bible that talk about returning to the ancient path yeah yeah you know something that you said being in that dark place you know a lot of us we uh I guess we invoke either the good or the bad spurt but I’ve helped since Dan rock I’ve helped a lot of people find their ancestral lineage through tea ceremony through prayer or just talking like this on the phone and a lot of people I have YouTube videos out there that people felt compelled to contact me and I always tell them this you know you were called because your ancestors have turned on your the light switch and you’ve had this spiritual awakening and you know inside when I tell you like we’re talking about the psychic I says every answer that you are seeking you already have within you and so you just have to activate the right switch and when you go into prayer and meditation and you you burn the sweet guys Burton said say agent you asked answers just to help you bring clarity you know who you’re descended from they’ll show you yeah and most people want to run and rejoice to the highest mountain and scream out that they’re near right that’s how people at a time when it was really wrong for us to read Native Americans a lot of our ancestors had moved away from the reservations and moved into the inner cities and become immigrants and so it was easier for them to become an immigrant and say I would made American because the Indian or extermination Act Indian Reorganization Act and so what standard rock has brought that around 180 to our point or it’s okay now to say that this is who I am yeah finding that lineage is going back to your great-grandparents you can go back as far as to your great-grandparents and then contact the office of Indian trust in Texas and you know they’ll help you a lot of lot of a lot of times I tell people to contact and they say let’s start out with the lakotas because the Lakotas were the biggest tribe that were moved out to the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma and they’re Florida yeah so we have that those two from our oral history we have those two Trail of Tears and then we can go and say okay well just my great-grandparents and then we can go and contact the tribes here in South Dakota through the lineage and give them you know birth and death birth date or death certificate even know that and so you just give them your ancestor right yeah the last name and then they’ll take that you’re put in the system is okay well we have this name this name they moved away at this time and so it’s the starting point for a lot of our people and I always tell people just don’t give up because it’s it’s if no inside that you have that native ancestry that’s all you need you know I’m pretty soon I said to be real the blood degree is a pedigree that blood-quantum was just a pedigree you know and that’s how the Native Americans look at it as oh I’m three forces I’m full but yeah I always argued my relatives you know if you’re really a fool but then we have a sister and said ancestral lineage going on here but if you have a cut in your 3/4 and quarter we’ve got to be somewhere long line that we have you know we have always trade it and we had to trade Commerce from Florida to California way before Columbus you know way before with the celts we were trading with the Celts so they intermarried so there goes your bloodline your blood to green doesn’t matter because as long as you see if your native your native I believe me you know i waken a lot of people but I still have people in my community signal I’m a fool but okay while you’re a full-blood i’ma let you have that but we look at it that blood degree in that that that tribal enrollment number yeah degree man it’s a pedigree look man my Imam is on the roll my but me and my brother and sister are not all my cousins are my mom is and the Creek Creek Nation down here they they take care of them like big-time Oh like for your birthday date they give you money to live on they send your kids to school they give you a lot of money to live on and they just voted on it if they were gonna open it up to first generation descent and our whole life you know our family and friends like we can’t wait till they open it up for you guys and they voted on it and everybody said no because they were scared that it was gonna take their money they didn’t want to open it up to the next generation which which is me and my brother and sister yeah it’s kind of there’s a lot of good things too because you know I’ve been paralyzed I was in prison you know and because of medical malpractice and the doctors that didn’t have a medical license that were opening my body up and cutting my shit away no we sued it and we have a lawsuit settlement hearing coming up they want to send a lot of court because and I’m looking at you know a lot of money but my relatives in Minnesota where shaka peace you know Shakopee tribes one of the richest tribes in the nation huh so I went out doing weekend stage my sister and I wanted to see because I was confused you know if I want to do and to be real there’s not a lot of us that practice our ceremonies any more than sweat lodge a sudden end a real deal stuff yeah yeah and so I was questioning myself okay so am I gonna become one of these I’m Hollywood Indians and move away from the reservation and live that life like my relatives let’s go to shock room take a look you know the people man had million-dollar homes Portia’s you know I wasn’t studying no sweat lodge yeah dank sweat lodge nails houses in any of that community and so much sister was going on and I told my sisters you know before I came here today you know I cried because I feel like crying the frame because I could feel my ancestors exactly yeah yeah and I wanted to step away from the samurais and after I seen how these people my relatives live all I wanted to do is help them get back to their their origins to help them reconnect with their spiritual way of life I asked her and I was gonna walk away from me ceremonies but I’m not letting now I’m gonna stay there because I’m glad of Who I am because it’s helped shape Who I am I wanna want to reach out to that tribe to see if they can allow me to come in here open up the sweat lodge and reconnecting tt’s brothers how to pray there’s a lot of a more of the addiction you know the addictions are killing our people and what that does it leaves a negative spirit here stuck in this realm yeah and so are we getting in wrong yeah and then we wonder how a lot of our relatives are being born a lot of our ancestors are being born in other races you know we have so many people who talk about soul contracts coming back you know it’s made American black person no yep there’s this a bunch of questions in a chat room and I’ve got something I’m gonna ask you to if you got a few more minutes I wanted to know if you have had any encounters with psilocybin if you’ve had any encounters with mushrooms okay I haven’t I haven’t used any drugs and you know alcohol for 20-some years and because of my nerve damage I’ve had a brother that came to me he says hey brother I’ve been studying them mushrooms are good for nerve damage control you know because because I haven’t been able to make love to my girlfriend for years I was like oh shit let’s try it right I couldn’t waste it’ll help you walk it’s kind of reboot your system right yeah and so I jumped on it and you know I’m just sitting there doing homework you know it was a time when Russia or Syria and I said so get ready go to war right and so just like 3-4 months back and anyway I’m just like boom and hit and then I had the worst trip ever I started out as a bad trip yeah I seen the chandeliers call and I live right next to a train depot so the whole ground was that we’ve got hit with the nuclear okay really uh and I have just careful which is a leg brace encased in and I was telling myself you know help me I’m walking right I couldn’t walk you know I think you know I’m paralyzed respect man so I went outside and reconnected with the trees and the grass and put my feet on the ground everything turned colourful yeah changed all of a sudden and I can just hear it I can hear everything and I could go here I can hear the plant nations talking you know telling me that I need to slow down and you have learned patience and I needed to um I need to trust you did get a lesson out of yeah yeah I have trust issues yeah don’t trust being imprison him you don’t trust anybody right yeah my brother just got out after eight years now yeah and so having trust and having that prison mentality they told me I needed to learn trust I need to reconnect to myself to my spirit because so disconnect it with the environment with the spiritual spirit world so that was an awakening was the first time I tried and it’s probably the last time and and with my spiritual walk yeah I kind of like threw that away because of the mushrooms so bad to reconnect and know yes learnt how to achieve those stages out without that bad yeah exactly so for us guys we do the ceremony every month we go to our we go to my uncle he puts on the set we do a ceremony we offer talk to spirit bro then they come in and help us and we just did a ceremony for my uncle who needed a kidney transplant no we helped him pray for him and he hasn’t had a transplant yet but it was because his diabetes you know diabetes oh they’re secure out there we have a cure out there for diabetes it’s just that we once we start to look at it for our own personal need and not a you know monetize it then it will work for us because the moment people want to monitor if you ever think about it we’re all broken at different levels you know I mean the upper classes broke we’re borrowing from Peter to pay Paul those lower classes broke by our phones you know I’m here to pay Paul but it’s just doing it the right way for patients behind in sobriety yeah that’s Adam in chat wants to know if you’ve ever had any encounters with different beings on the reservation he says like sheep with humans faces or skinwalkers real tall cloaked beings or sasquatch I know the skin I know the skin walk which is a big one that we hear about we have it’s four different tribes like you’re basically medicine people you know they’re I guess you would call them and inane I want to say now yeah I think it is it’s a spiritual game all I say Minister person who kind of like feeds off on your fears you know and so he can change shift change shake sugar yeah our culture is a cocoa philosophy we have the idea of Bigfoot as being a spiritual spirit yeah so it’s a spirit that was laid to rest long time ago and when they dug up his bones in the Pacific Northwest they lay those bones to rest and do a ceremony and bring it up and so that’s the spirit that they see one around uh but uh growing up I’ve always had this um know if you had the dreams to of a disk or flying on the disk and in that disk there’s these tall beans it’s Bigfoot and my grandmother and I want to say ET or space green those are our origins or what but I’ve had those dreams before I’ve had him a couple times without I was fair he I want to say an experience I took a friend of mine she was going with she was going through brings a tumor in her brain and I took her out I was playing on a nice summer night and I watched his honeycomb come down so it was a honeycomb shape spirit Burt it was our ancestors yeah they were they were coming out at the top of the honeycomb and these little green eyes are coming and they were going back in the hunt bottle in Hong Kong and they came and danced around us and one of them was her mother and at first you know you got a relative that’s right here fighting you she wants to let you know that she’s been with you this whole time she’s going to help you through your or Gail she’s helped her and I think right now she’s going through some reoccurring lumps or something yeah yeah but there’s there’s all type of phenomenon that we all hear about and when you see it it’s kind of clear don’t acknowledge it but yeah I mean anything Lord and you saw the little echo saying the dreams you know yeah definitely mercy wants to know says I have indigenous indigenous Native American ancestry I want to know about dream catchers I have a few of them but some people say don’t put them up because they say satanic wants to know our view there’s different tribes that use dream catchers our tribe we use a dream catcher to catch a bad babies having a bad dream or if you’re having a bad dream you put the dream catcher up above your bed and then the belief is that at night it’ll catch that dream I saw in a party time we take your you’re safe you bring your sage and put out your tobacco and then you say a prayer that you let that release that bad dream from your spirit to your body from your mind and it goes into that dream catcher and then you can take that dream catcher out and burn your sweetgrass up with tobacco and set that dream free because it’s all I want to say it’s our fears let me around its some more messages yeah even the bad ones yeah and that’s the thing about art like learning from the model the good and the bad like you were saying on the you know the trip you started out having a bad trip and you had to get through the darkness but they ended up you connecting with nature and getting the message as I hate all this anxiety you’ve been dealing with it’s time slow voice you got a got a beat you got to be in the moment brother you know quit quit quit thinking ahead that typedef man yeah what’s the message I was thinking a lot because overwhelmed with a lot of stuff because guys tell them I I try to protect my family you bring a lot of people around your your sacred space yeah try to protect my girlfriend and my kids and you know I’ve done a great job but it just becomes overwhelming sometimes because they come yeah come on visit you all right becoming a good heart but they want to see I’ve had people come out that wanted to experience what it was like being in the American money $1,000 told about money you know and I’m like wow so you can help me out my family I appreciate that one of my friends came on she lost her credit card and took advantage of some other guy phone and credit card shopping but she was a good person systemotics to experience ha named community was because uh different parts of the country you don’t get that experience you know you don’t have to even business people or tribes in that area so they come looking for an awakening virtual guy I know it’s a form of tobacco and mixed with with some saps and some box and things like that I’m not because I know I know it’s not really Native American I think it’s it’s from Peru but have you ever tried hoppy or rapping oh no heaven okay all right I just got some and I haven’t tried it yet but I’m gonna I’m gonna do it probably on Thanksgiving most likely but uh yeah I’d wanted to see if you had had tried it but it’s from its from Peru it’s like a it’s a bark and a tobacco mixture it’s too green it’s like the snuff that they blow up your nose and yeah I think things mine was the mushrooms yeah I heard that man so brother thank you for coming on hanging out with me man was it was there anything else that you wanted to touch on that that’s on your heart that if you just want to take a few minutes and just kind of get it off your chest man because I know that the information comes to you and through you man and you’re good at actually messages yeah things I’ve been sitting here and gathering was like a lot of our relatives that get lost loser Direction that yours of what there’s a there’s always always the fact that if you fall down get back up you know and don’t give up because you’re walking and you’re walking in a sacred manner right now because of our ancestors that are walking with us they’re helping us to reconnect to that that sacred way of life that oh wait and so these old teachings and I got child encourage people is to remain in prayer program peaceful because we have we have rewritten history by doing the things that we have done because of so many uh you know the government wanting us to live one way and telling us this is how we fear each other your enemies you’re not supposed to be talking but we burnt down those walls and we you know we’ve directed you know a new you know new pass the awakenings move you know connectedness through spirit and one thing I like to share is that you know if you have those feelings and those thoughts you know I helped a lot of people who’s been struggling with you know dark forces dark demons you know Tom carry your sweet grass cherry seeds carrying something that’s bird and reconnect yourself if you carry a sweet grass in a sage you have a part of me having a negative thoughts and he’s wonderful and you’re in July for that type of completion keep that stuff with you and burn it and say your prayer and ask that you expel that negative thought out of your mind because it’s just it’s it’s a test what it is is these entities that come we invite them in by you know not non I’m not really thinking you just you know nonchalantly okay well I’m open to this I don’t know what possessed so you have to expel that but you always have to be centered and grounded in prayer and I can always say energy we are energy so having that sweetgrass prayer it’s just it’s just been harder just beat here with you guys know and awakened a lot of people not to not to not to give up because we are still moving forward and I do see a lot of change coming and the good thing is it’s not like what people had expected you’re in the world you know floods and you know catastrophe the flood would be a new coming of people and move a new era a new time it’s just gonna take people by storm you know and it’s going to come pretty fast it’s that new belief that new it’s not the new world order it’s a it’s our ancestors reconnecting us with source and we be positive I’m always I always have my ups and downs but once I let my sweet guys you know I’ll reset it again you know yeah that’s about having like the medicine bag with you and carry it taking it with you wherever you go exactly so that’s my only advice partner advice is you know to be acknowledged your spirit if you have a spirit and you acknowledge and start feeding that spirit you’re having a spiritual awakening because a lot of us we search our whole life for something that’s right in front of us we look for you know new genres these new genres that are coming in what’s in or it’s not in as soon as you find that okay well here’s my answers to showing me this through our connection and pay attention to the science because they’re always err and they’re always there and we don’t see them and it’s right there in front of us no it’s always in front of us saw having that a spiritual awakening is key feeding your spirit with food and water tobacco and do it daily you know I pray like six to ten times a day but once you have that spiritual awakening and everything else this comes easy and try it for like a month if you don’t like it step away from it and you’re gonna start missing something they something’s missing in my life what is it Oh prayer alright that’s sort of us and also then you are and magically come back to it it’s coming back around yeah part of that grounding and returning the source just in this easy like that like you say it’s not even hard like once you’ve got it you kind of have to get to a place where you you know that it works and you know that is all I need it’s just to even just take a few moments and focus on the breath focus on the elements and offer it offer the breath back to the Creator as giving thanks for and offering it back man and it’s so powerful and it just too connected breathing and we talked about how spirituality so deep but the breath focus on it’s as simple as focusing on the breath and the breathing and all that back to the Creator yes all right brother if you want to go ahead and share your Facebook page man let people know how they can they can contact you if so if people have questions or they want to join you in your prayer circles that you do on Facebook man go that info okay I got I got a Facebook page is Royce gay we have a we have a prayer group is called Walla Walla money wo wo a K wala – ma and I well the money which is walk softly on this earth and if you want to donate well I can’t put on my paypal – yeah definitely I have a PayPal website itself Royce ki 604 and it’s my paypal if you want to donate please do um right now what I’m doing is trying to look at different platforms besides Facebook Facebook’s help the style a lot but it’s the people that are duplicating the objective act a lot yeah yeah even hacked a lot on Facebook yeah the hackers who had kind of like jumped into my personal life they start you know that’s my thing I do since Stan rockers I tried to discredit myself because it became overwhelming you know and so my running joke was I used to go to these websites these adult websites and talk to the women and asked him you know why are you you know in my culture my ceremony a woman is sacred there you have to bring life into this world what happens when you’re here Andy and I gave myself this this name he’s soos over gone you know because a lot of people you know your Messiah right no I’m not and so I started teaching the people and it’s just kind of like instead of just creating myself it just blew up overnight and people are just like oh man this guy’s doing some great stuff for these people and he’s all over the place and I was just right at home I didn’t go to work and I would reach out on different platforms trying to find that platform that would work that would reach the most people and I found it through YouTube Facebook was great but once they started to became he counts it got crazy and I mean they just come after you know like for Veterans Day I posted up a spiritual chief and somebody went out and put up and make it legal I said well sooner did I put the post up I didn’t even get to say anything I didn’t get the right even comment from my times it’s swipe the laptop swipe went blank and then Elise is here I got this picture for you but I had no way that’s not lying that was one of the bodies but my sister actually found out mister people in California somewhere in California like what we’re saying right before we did his broadcast I’ll try to log in my Facebook account and I was logged in Fresno California so you know Fremont California so it’s just you know let them do their thing I know how I know my walk my walking and like I’m saying that wouldn’t be if I was out there you know making pornographic cuz there’s this there’s this mall where right now malicious malware has got me like a like on twelve hundred and twelve million views so the people that follow me I see it okay is doing something that’s big they look at the views and so you want to click onto it when you click onto it’s malicious malware yeah I shall be will be careful because these are the people that have nothing better to do but sit around all day long try to corrupt your account get into your bank yeah oh yeah yeah they’re trying to get they’re trying to get triggered slick with it I’ve been getting emails like crazy stuff yeah some of it’s convincing man yeah I had to close my account with my bank because the net and so you know I’m always stay ahead of them but like I was saying when people see that you have a good heart they want to try to circumvent what you’re doing you know they try to knock you off from here I’m not on a pedestal I’ll just do like I see I’m a common man I make the prayers I don’t call myself a medicine man but I call myself in each area which is a common man and so you know that’s helped us caring me a lot further than you know people word-of-mouth and where the mouth spreads pretty good yeah but you actually see what you’re doing is okay and it’s hard for me to accept that because I looked at myself as a humble person I get it gets it gets squirrelly man you get all these messages and how your message is so powerful and how you’ve helped me and then you’re like man I I’m just a regular person it’s weird how to kind of process all of that cuz you’re the superhero to some people and your family and friends you’re just a regular person and that’s the same thing that like Jesus went through man he says that a prophet is without honor in his hometown because they all know him they all grew up with them but two other people who were traveling and going into other cities he’s a medicine man he’s a healer and things like that so but to his friends like oh man I grew up with that dude man it was old tricks you know what time I took a picture of my feet dude that’s my I’ve had my body was compromised I don’t know what happened then one out of nine million 100 million I said so because I was compromising my skin I had all these people come from all over the world coming and checking me out and a lot of them said let me look at your feet so I was showing my feet top of my feet I had these out you know like it would bleed you know I saw that I saw it too a religious woman says Oh stick – well out so she fell out and fainted got a whole brothel of religious people come in and like now it was my I was heard I said it when it wasn’t me it was her also see ya but we’re so it kind of spread like that and so really from that but like I was telling people and I’m just a common man but a lot of people elsewhere has said you know you have helped us in so many ways and that’s what kind of bring you to tears because yeah in my mind I want to help a lot of people because our worlds and our country or our communities our homes shouldn’t be that way where we’re always you know shaking your hand with one hand and it’s stabbing in the back with the other you know I could say loving light if we have for light waters that we should all have love and light continuously no not just not just because it’s arm Sun palm sunday arts is because it’s Passover but every game you know you should be you know reliving walking in your faith that’s it oh brother thank you so much for coming on I enjoy the message and I’m a reach out to you soon brother and we’ll probably do this again thank you so much for hanging out with the Royce I think disconnect there is Royce gay ladies and gentlemen go add him on Facebook he’s like I said he goes laughs and does prayer and he has a huge following man there’s a lot of people who are affiliated with him and I guess it was from the Dakota access pipeline which he referenced a lot that uh I guess he met a lot of people and he’s affiliated with a lot of people through that and that was big and that should have right up his alley and so it’s kind of weird how the militias and everybody wanted to get involved and so but I guess I don’t know if that’s I guess that’s a good thing I mean if you got people wanting to take up arms to protect you I mean cuz a word man they were doing some pretty brutal stuff up there to the indigenous people and that whole thing is it was insane insane that hold that whole ordeal man so it takes us some of the people who were who were in it man they won’t he was on the front lines so Royce came make sure y’all add him it was cool that he talked about the different entities that that he’s seen in in the room the ancestral spirits because me and my daughter experienced something very similar started raising outside in our backyard one night which was those beings that look like fireflies day but they were huge like they were big they were like big fireflies and they were blue and green like the fireflies are like a yellowish color but they were blue and they were big flying around man and it was just a bunch of them just going in circles and stuff and it just disappeared throughout the forest just long enough for us to see I mean we called them fairies you know it was a real magical encounter to have those things all around us and they just flew into the woods and then after we had that experience I came in and tried to find anything online of some type of insect or bug or bird or whatever that lights up like that and there was nothing that I could find online to show me what that was so that was a magical encounter that sounded a lot like his ancestral experience that he talked about that happened inside he said which is really beautiful and that was when I was going through a lot of different experiences in my awakening and I was having these type of encounters all the time through stargazing through going out there and spending that time because that stargazing is a time of meditation there’s a time of prayer where you’re able to be still and be quiet and just gaze upon the heavens and focus on the things above that’s what those scriptures mean to focus on the Stars focus on the heavenly realms and the things that matter the things of eternity and it says that the things that are here on earth are temporal but those things that which are above are eternal and the scriptures are true when it means that and beautiful encounters by staring at the Stars and I can’t wait to do some more of that the weather’s getting nice now that we can actually spend some time outside and do that so I enjoyed this podcast I enjoy all of them everybody has something different to bring to the table and I find common ground to deal with everybody and it really messes in with the message of I’ve become all things to all men so that I can win some and then there’s some stuff in every episode that we’ve done I can’t think of one even even the hard to swallow episodes the Jordan maxwell’s and the Santos Bonacci is like there’s so much lessons in that stuff that even if it’s not the message there’s other underlying messages that uh if you if you’re listening you should you should be able to use wisdom to pull from that about getting in over your head and just giving up like a lot of that stuff man cuz you come under attack you come under scrutiny when you receive a platform and you’re as big as those guys man so there’s something to reflect on on every episode that we’ve done and they’ve all been beautiful and I’ve been doing a lot here lately and I have a lot more planned ahead of me so I’m gonna say thank you again to everyone who is supporting on patreon begin and end each show that way because our you you guys are awesome if you guys want to support you can head on over to patreon comm backslash truth seeker and sign up for any level of giving if you support my channel you support my show helped me to create these podcasts these podcasts are free for you to consume in the whole world but they’re not free to produce it costs money to make all this stuff happen and to keep everything going fresh and taking everything to the next level so thank you again backslash truth seeker you get extra podcast episodes patreon only chatroom and you also get my full discography 10 plus albums plus the new music there’s a bunch of new music over there and I’m about to finish up some stuff that I’m gonna upload as well so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I hope you guys enjoyed this episode share it with a friend make sure if you listening to this on YouTube make sure you click that link in the description to subscribe on iTunes or Android and if you’re listening on iTunes or Android make sure you subscribe on YouTube so that you can be notified when we go live and we open up the phone lines and get into some dialogue and discussion because this is an interactive show thanks everybody for hanging out with me in the chat I’ll keep my eye on that thing and try to and try to maintain dialogue Tom and weave some of your questions even seem seamlessly if I don’t stop and say that we have a question in the chat room I’ll try to seamlessly just bring it in the conversation so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love each and every one you guys peace peace [Music] that does it for this episode folks you hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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