Sheila Vijeyarasa joins TruthSeekah in this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast and speaks about becoming a psychic medium and how people can tap into their own intuition. She also speaks about practical steps for healers to step into their own healing practice and do what they love for a living.

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Sheila Vijeyarasa is a professional psychic medium and the author of Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth. A successful finance director before a spiritual awakening changed the course of her life, Sheila knows what it is like to be an outlier in the corporate world. She is passionate about enabling others to open themselves to spiritual wisdom so that they can step into their purpose and live powerful, authentic lives.

She has appeared on the Australian Television show Psychic TV and All About You, as a professional psychic medium.

Sheila has cultivated her skills at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in London and through studying with renowned experts such as Dr Shauna Shapiro, Sri Kripalu Maharaj and James Van Praagh. She has used intuitive workshops and readings to help thousands transform their thinking around spirituality, especially in the corporate world, and enable them to build a more fulfilling life. Her book, to be released in September 2021, promises to help countless more brave souls as it lays out a clear roadmap for professional women to reclaim their personal power and begin living their truth through learning to listen to their intuition.

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