This clip on Sleep Paralysis is from the documentary DEMONS | Exorcisms and Unclean Spirits.

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Do beings from another dimension have access to influence the lives of people on earth? Are demons and other disembodied spirits real?

Join us in this episode as we explore the world of Demons, Exorcisms and Unclean Spirits. What happens when people try and contact demonic spirits to gain spiritual insight? Is it possible to outsmart these ancient entities?

Almost every Holy book on the planet speaks about interaction with these malevolent beings. Nearly everyone today is familiar in some way to the concept, but what exactly are they? What is their possible influence on humans?

When people try and make pacts with disembodied spirits in exchange for secret knowledge the end result is never good. Join us as we explore the dark side of the paranormal, supernatural and demonic possession.

This film takes a deep dive into the origin of demons, fallen angels, the nephilim, giants, sleep paralysis, old hag syndrome unclean spirits, exorcisms, deliverance and more!