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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Danny Guerrero about his experiences with shadow people, sleep paralysis and demons. Throughout my studies and personal experiences with with these entities it seems as if they are sent to try and place fear into the hearts and minds of those who are destined to do mighty things for the light. Most of the time people have encounters with these beings when they are children and these beings come to try and rob them of their innocence. Many people I know who have had these encounters wind up doing great exploits in serving humanity and spreading love in their adult lives. It seems as if they are marked at an early age by some type of dark force to try and keep them away from pursuing anything spiritual. People have called these beings witches, shadow people and even report seeing silhouettes of men standing in their room wearing a top hat and trenchcoat. Others have named this the old hag syndrome speaking about experiences where they wake up out of a dead sleep and cannot move and an old woman is laying on top of them screaming. Scientifically and clinically it is said that sleep paralysis is where a person wakes up consciously and even opens their eyes but their body is still asleep resulting in a paralyzing stasis of fear. I’m with that, that could be true, but why is there’s usually shadow beings, demons, imps and creatures in a person’s room when this is taking place? My belief is that this is something that is supernatural in nature and maybe even feeding off of people’s energy while they are asleep. Waking up in the middle of the night not being able to move or speak is definitely terrifying but having a scary entity present doesn’t help the situation. If it is just because we are in alpha sleep why isn’t it a pink elephant that appears? Why isn’t it something lovely and beautiful that we often encounter in the dream state? Why is it always some grotesque looking entity that is present when sleep paralysis occurs?
On the subject of being marked and doing great things for the light Danny’s story is simply that. Having a rough childhood and dealing with his own demons was the starting point and the next chapter was leaving organized religion in order to find the truth. Danny’s story is my story and countless others who have come out of religion and into the glorious light of gnosis (knowing God for one’s self).

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stream now on YouTube shout out to everybody supported my work through patreon if you want to support the podcast support the music and get full stuff I don’t over the back slash true seeker there you can get access to my entire discography and you get access to the School of the Mystics and a bunch of other cool stuff that’s over there head on over check it out want to thank some of the people who some of the newest members within the last last five days actually a couple new people shout out to Emory Marie díaz classic cosmopolitan this is the name they signed up as guys it’s not me the next person signed up under the name decaying decaying shout out man what’s up welcome to the fold and my good friend cachet Milan welcome and you’ve been supporting my work for some time now man I remember ever since I first started doing this esoteric spiritual hip-hop under LC OB several years back literally several years back 2011-2012 you purchased awaken the fire man you’ve been rocking with me ever since so shout out to you for finally coming on and supporting my work through patreon man head on over there you get access to a bunch of cool stuff and my full discard well worth it head on over there it’ll change your life really um with that being said I’m going to welcome in my guests for the evening and publicly they welcome to the show Danny Danny Guerrero and thank you publicly for support in my work you’ve been a patron for several months now man believing in my work and what I’m doing here on the podcast and my music so thank you man from the bottom of my heart it really means a lot thank you for believing in my vision man likewise bro first and foremost I just want to thank you bro cuz last year I was really depressed really depressed and like no I was still in charge of stuff but you know once I got out of that I was still lost bro and then what’s my you know we’re gonna get into it but my grandma passed away and I was really depressed bro I just I started drinking like every day yeah I’m not excited know why bros just I’m never really experienced something like that so when I started hearing you bro you helped me break a lot of those chains were like through and through gotta though you know just just a lot of Revelations bro that like I’ve gotten just because of just cuz I listened to your podcast so first and foremost I want to thank you bro honestly because you’ve helped a lot bro and despite what all they hate hatred and all you got throughout the years I mean I seen it bro any it’s any cuz it I don’t think they know who you really are bro even in those people’s anything or you are they dog I’ll say this they’ve they’ve since I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention I’m not gonna say their names but some of the people that you have seen have since within the last week as I spoke they have come back and apologized within the last week I knew it was gonna happen you know praying for them you know what I’m saying and everything so there’s no ill will but uh I remember that first that first time I was talked to you on the phone man I remember that first phone call I remember I was pacing up in the backyard man I I was out in the backyard talking with you we talked for a good while man just encouraging you where you were and like you said you were still in church and stuff and just transitioning a little bit so I remember that that first phone call man and stories like this it’s why I do what I do and all the you know out doesn’t matter what type of hatred or what type of negativity comes my way you and there’s so many people out there like you bro who were who have questions that uh no one wants to entertain or answer or or if you’re different you’re ostracized and laughed at mocked in those little religious systems dude and I got a problem with that man I really do so much cuz I’ve been to it but my heart goes out to people who are having spiritual awakenings that have nobody to talk to so we’re here for each other man it’s cool that you support my show it’s cool that you support my work and I happened at school because I have a pool of people to bring on an interview like I’ve interviewed a lot of people who are patrons who support the work and people who are joined in the school of the Mystics with us because they’re all really cool people like they all have a story like if you’re listening most people who listen to this show it’s deeper than entertainment it’s not just like the past time I get something deep down within you that resonates with you so you we’re gonna get into your story tonight I mean I can just go down the list man Adam star seed or sparse Christy Lee I mess up if I don’t name people now it’s help me out here Joshua flew men Joshua what’s his name the guy who makes the water – sure with Davis and I could probably keep going there’s a bunch of people I know I can keep going who support the work and how I’ve had on here as guests and stuff man because I’ll have something to contribute something beautiful to add that will help people right everybody has a story everybody’s needed everybody has a place so with that being said bro the feeling is mutual thank you for the support man and I’ll support you I really do this let’s get started bro let’s hear your story why you well you know why you attracted to this type of material Bible spirituality mysticism like what are you like what like where does it start from you that kind of got you into stuff thinking outside the box or just religion in general man sure oh well I just want to start off you know when I was born I mean I actually have memories being in my mother’s womb and it’s crazy because I ask people that they do remember that and some of them don’t allowed me a lot of time like don’t but but I did and it’s really weird you know because I’m like why why was I chosen and that type of memory and so throughout the years basically on I was introduced to the spiritual realm really like early age I was like four or five years old no really similar stories to you bro like I woke up in the middle of night I couldn’t move like and you can see like a spirit in the room and it’s so weird cause like how do you explain that you know like you’re four or five years old and like I couldn’t even sleep by myself like I was like 9 or 10 years old bro like that’s how serious it was yeah why it was so serious and like my parents didn’t really understand though at first no like yo yo why are you why can’t you sleep by yourself it’s just like yo I can’t I mean I was I would explain it explain it to them but sometimes I feel like they just wouldn’t understand maybe it was just that always just had a little nightmare or something well let me ask you let me ask you this about that though it was your parents into drug use or Christmas Broly they were evangelicals like I said at first they were skeptical not skeptical but like they were just like oh maybe he’s just it’s just like a normal nightmare or something he’s just having nightmares but it wasn’t like that bro cause like you know nightmares is like you’re in a dream but this is different like you’re awake but you can’t move and the thing is you’re consciously awake and notice it like you can notice you notice that you can’t move but you can move your eyes and here’s what’s going on it’s something’s in the room with you you can’t talk though like you’re trying to like try to call for help or something and but you can’t talk and then you look like and then you see like a spirit or like pretty much like a witch like in your chest or something like screaming to your ear bro like I had that so many times and it’s and I’ve never understand why I had that and I remember like um discuss to rob my eleven I moved a lot of times like I moved I was living in the suburbs of Chicago then I moved out to the East Coast then I would move back to the Midwest and when I was living in Chicago I started telling my grandma about this and when she started doing because my parents my family and I we were actually living at my grandparents basement at first because they were they had an apartment so I was on the second floor but I was sleeping on the second floor with my grandparents that they had an extra room for me and I would tell my grandma bout these experiences I had with my grandmother why do I have this see where her though like she started like you know what like I’m gonna start like writing these Bible verses and she would she would do is just like make like a poster like a bunch of like little posters and just like write Bible verses and people turn my room like that’s how serious it was bro I mean you know that’s how serious it was and I’m like and I really got me mad at little cuz I got first cuz I’m like why would I keep why am I keep getting these like dreams I’m not even dreams we these experiences these encounters like what does this even mean like so that’s how I watchin would you watch the scary movies and stuff a little bit rolling I mean I kinda grew up watching movies boy like I don’t know bro I have no idea it’s just I was just so confused and even though I was going to church and everything like I had an idea what Christ Christ was or what he was about like I don’t know it was just really weird and then it really got to a point like I don’t know how to explain broke but I basically got mad because I kept gained a little counter esteem it was like okay gotta be real then why are you letting me B’s why are you letting me just get scared no like why am I like it was just confusing bro that’s why I believe spirit are like spiritual warfare like 100% cuz like like you sailor like strong holes in your mind or charm mess with you so I don’t know I don’t know how to explain bro just I kind of grow kind of angry in a way I got along with everybody you know like I wasn’t aware personally I didn’t have any friends anything I did have friends but I was a little I was a bit angry though in a way because I don’t know how to explain bro it’s just I’m starting to feel like man just buy and we talked about this today on the podcast I don’t know if you heard it but I’m starting to feel like people who have had those encounters when they’re children when you’re a little kid an innocent child and you have those night terrors or those beings coming into your room almost feel like you’re marked from from birth to do great things on the earth and the enemy is trying to scare you is trying to stop what God has for your life and I think cuz the majority of the people have talk to my friends that I know are people who have big callings on their life and they all have had weird childhood paranormal encounters when they were toddlers even you know yeah bro um it’s crazy because one of my cousin’s in Mexico I know my remember we were talking and and one thing I always noticed growing up is like she wouldn’t never sleep by herself and she was way older than me bro she was like she’s like in her 30s now or like she’s like it’s just crazy because like we would talk about this and like I would ask her like what would you feel and she will tell me and I’m like that’s the same thing I have yeah he’s just crazy because I might no wonder why like I haven’t ever seen you sleep by yourself like you always had to sleep like in my aunt’s room you know like and I was like what’s up with that no I’m like I’m not trying to hurt her business I like that but it’s just really it just helps you realize like yo this is not a game right cuz if you look at scientists they’ll be like oh that’s just a sleep paralysis things like something with your brain or so I get that yeah I mean I get the fact that you wake up but your body’s still asleep and there’s you know whether it’s DMT released on on your brain you know what I’m saying and your pineal gland and you’re still kind of sleeping awake I get that but where does the witch where does the demon come into play like why is there always a demon or a little man in the corner why can’t there be a unicorn in the corner why can’t there be you know the truck in your room like what’s the deal why is it a little man on your chest in a old lady and these these archetypes that have been going on for and thousands of years it goes back man there’s reports of this stuff you know what I’m saying so that’s the thing something something’s definitely going on there man I’ve had those encounters too I think like one of the most the most scariest one though is when I was like I was sleeping next to my my little sister because I have two sisters um the other ones like she’s like a second oldest well like I’m almost living next to her and I remember like in the middle and I woke up and I couldn’t move bro like I was facing the opposite direction but like it’s crazy because I could still see like it was weird like at the back of my highlight was looking at you it was it was the most scariest thing ever because this one I’ve never had any experience like this because this one actually starts to growl at me like wow like super demonic bro and I still remember that image in my head like it was yesterday and I’m early I wanted to cry so bad but like I wasn’t trying to cause like I was a trouble to go my sister you know but I was just like just imagine just like try to you’re crying but you’re not trying to cry because there’s like a demonic I’ve been to people like if you tell it to certain people do you like are you okay like I think you’re just you know you know how you know how you know how like some psychiatrists or clinical professionals say they’re like oh you must be something something’s wrong can mentally wait no like nah bro like I’m good wait I’m here like know what’s going on I just don’t believe by federal science thing yeah my sister several years ago was dating a guy and just they were just talking about you know you get talked about God in the spirit world and do you believe in aliens you know that they there was having that talk and she told him about my encounters and and mention about me you know waking up in the middle of the night being pinned down in my bed when I was a child and couldn’t move and couldn’t scream and all that stuff she told that to the guy he started busting out in tears this was a grown man um he started breaking out in tears crying she’s like what’s wrong he said because I had that same thing happened to me as a kid but he said I’ve never told anyone or fear that people would think I’m crazy this guy’s held this with him his whole life he’s in his 30s and hasn’t even mentioned it for fear of ridicule or you’re crazy or maybe it’s in your head and he broke down and cried to my sister talking about that man that showed you how deep this stuff is oh yeah it definitely is but then once I once my mom started noticing there like I wasn’t playing you know cuz like my I’m not playing but like I wasn’t exaggerating they then they’re like okay well what’s going on like and then they started to tell me you should pray read his Bible verses like maybe it’s just like the enemy or something and I really did think it was all that but then at the end of at the end that day I was like but why is this still happening like I don’t understand that’s what that’s what turned me off a little bit about church – throughout my years because I was having those memories and it’s just a crazy world because after that time like I started getting addicted to pornography I was like 12 13 years old like you know I lost my virginity my virginity when I was like 13 years old bro so it’s like I shouldn’t happen you know like I don’t care what anybody says but like back in the day every didn’t see how sexual was really like sex is spiritual I didn’t realize I realize that tomorrow like you’re not now bathroom yeah are you growing spiritually it’s crazy bro cuz I’m like yeah I kind of wish I never had sex low-key like that at that young age because do sexes of digging bro like pornography yeah you know what and we’re talking about science I really like when science and spirituality complement one another you know what I’m saying so science not as proven that so we talk about spiritual soul ties that like when you have sex and you come together with someone in the scriptures that’s your wife jesus said he who becomes he who joins himself to a halt it has become one flesh like in like in in the Old Testament when that was your marriage vow was discipline was that blood covenant right and so there’s so much spirituality that ties in with that with the Hebrew customs and mysticism and coming together with that person and and creeping sealing something sealing the deal and now science is starting to say oh yeah that you you never get rid of the DNA of the person that you have slept with and they’re like science has proven this now and you wonder why you can’t quit thinking about the one who got away and pray you got to pray these people out of your mind and you can never I didn’t I didn’t know that though that science has been proving that lately yep yeah there’s a bunch of articles out there about it now yeah it’s deep but you you hold the DNA from your ex-lovers the one you can’t quit thinking about them yeah yeah I can definitely see that though that’s on the same brulée I just know like I’m not saying like I had a lot of sex but I just really wish I would have like understood more other spiritual side of it cuz dude we’re trained like I don’t know about you know how it is Moses America like hey like like if you really think about it I feel like they promote a lot of sex stuff cotton self-consciously whether you recognize it or it sells itself it catches your attention you know same bro and it’s just like I they’re there for a purpose don’t like all these advertisement was like like sexist ugh I feel like they’re there because I was watching this good documentary regarding about like why sex is sacred and it was just saying that like one of the biggest reasons because it’s like like well for the male sperm it’s like it’s like creative energy or something like that no I and that is pure spiritual yeah I mean you look into Tantra you look into sex magic holding your semen in I mean there’s a bunch of you know we don’t have to go in deep on this but when you get like that Masonic rituals and stuff there’s a lot of stuff with your semen it will in that there we won’t have to go on the too deep on that maybe on another one but let’s carry on with your story man so having all these encounters and stuff and growing up kind of getting mad at God because of all of this stuff happening to you then then then what’s the next move basically I mean I went through high school you know like everybody everybody has their good times and bad times there’s no there’s the last time I wish I were there in high school man like I was a really like at one point everything became petty am I gonna like cuz I just thought like stealing was okay like robbing people I always felt like stealing from stores was okay I mean I didn’t like stealing from people but I thought like stealing from an establishment or Walmart Kmart was okay you know it’s not but you need try to justify it exactly bro and like I said I stole for my family bro and it’s so petty cuz like I wish I never done that bro like that’s petty like why would I’ve never do that to my parents ever again like that’s my parents yeah it’s like loyalty bro and it’s just like I’ve never done that ever again little teeny buddy like to my parents or my family or my friends or anybody no I’ve never like really brought my friends but like I would like rob people who I acted like they were my friends and also say yeah I did that to a lot of our bros so like okay but uh I don’t basically after high school like I just is weird cuz like I had a I had a psilocybin true magic Marshall and light I’ve never really tried that first so when I first tried it I don’t know how to explain Ambrose crazy like I remember I was with my friends were at this dude’s house and we hit but we had get him we had got him in capsules like he’ll capsule they were broken down and I took yeah I remember like I didn’t feel it at first well like after like an hour and I had it for two hours later like it was kicking it really hard and it’s crazy broke because like at first I thought it was because most people will tell you like I mean not most people bully a lot of hype when it comes to psilocybin why they tell you like oh you start seeing this and it’s true I’m a pink elephant Vista yeah like I mean you do see some stuff like it’s not like that exaggerating like they make it seem yeah yeah yeah well one thing I definitely noticed though is like dude I was so spiritual cuz like I remember like I went home I had like mom I had left my friends and I went home and this is when I was by myself just in my room and I remember it was like 12 in the morning bro and it was just crazy because like I was just like like I was just thinking stuff I’ve never thought about before cuz I was just like Who am I all the scientists are asking these strange questions like Who am I are we all like oh who are we bro cuz like cuz that’s after a high school like you kind of get into college cuz I was going to college too and then you started researching about mainstream science and like philosophy that basically backs up atheist I mean you know yeah like so like I was confused you know so but when I took that I started thinking way more Steve stuff I never thought about before though like like one of the main things I’ve really like kept thinking about when I was on that I was like yo I feel like I’m the same person like everybody like we’re the same person like and I’m on a mystical level bro I don’t know how to explain mmm and it’s crazy because I revelation a little bit later like like years later than we like Matt it wasn’t him at that time bro and that was only a psychedelic trip like and like at first I didn’t know what I felt but I know I felt something like you know I don’t know how to explaining why I started I was able to understand and both later when I started understanding more spiritual stuff cuz I’m like yo like all the stuff that I felt there it was all like all the oneness bro like I’ve really felt that when I was on and the reason why I say is because like I started like I said I one of the main things I started thinking about was I feel like I’m the same person like everybody’s the same person just like in different bodies like I don’t know how to explain bro and then it was just it was crazy cause like I’m like nah like I don’t think like gnarly that can’t be true but I don’t know why why would I think that though because cuz the main thing that noticed too is like I had really strong empathy people grow like empathy like almost certainly like I saw a different perspective and like the next day after that like I really it kind of changed me it really did summer I wouldn’t I felt happy bro like I was really depressed at that time too like all right I just don’t know how to explain and then I started doing research research about that and they even said that there’s like published medical like peer-reviewed journals are coming out showing and proving that psilocybin is healthy for like if you want to treat for depression yeah like that’s no joke you know like I can’t understand some people abuse it I mean don’t get me wrong no I’m not I’m not saying I’m not encouraging that but I definitely do believe it’s like medicine royally you’re like definitely isn’t medicine way better medicines and like well then what we’re actually told compared to like pharmaceutical like drugs and stuff like that it’s just yeah it’s just embrace it just help me embrace nature more too you know so I don’t know after that though like I’m Meredith took her I started taking acid I took acid like maybe a couple months later after that well with that but with that that was so different because I became like she became the press again like all of a sudden but this because like the people like when I took it I was around with all my friends and people that I used to be friends with and it was crazy because like we were all thinking similar stuff like being like and it’s just like yo like that’s insane bro like how like everybody says one substance and everybody’s thinking the same thing well like what this time it was pretty it was pretty shady though yeah people were maybe people man yeah you gotta be careful people were like people because some people research I mean not all people was some people that I remember saying is they were like yo I feel like we’re just we’re just here to make money that’s like that’s the meaning like of life like but nobody cares about and on about one another I feel like we’re just here for money and like the thing is like I did kind of believe that at first because like I said I was confused bro it’s just that’s why I don’t really encourage anybody to take assets yeah like I really don’t go like I think I took in like like I smoke weed like cooking suicidal but with acid man made I don’t recommend that I don’t recommend that at all bro because if you look even the CIA has was known to use that against her big to play targeted innocent people to see how they will react and that’s nice no government that with acid you know not even shrooms or we it’s acid so that’s so I’m a pretty skeptical to about acid you know like if you do some research about this like there is some good sites where I guess but then again not all of it you know like definitely not all of it yeah stay I stay away from anything synthetic and then their argument that argue that it’s not synthetic its natural of above above but man if you can’t go out there nature and pick it up and consume me and you got a you’re getting it you get I would say you’re getting in the pharmakeia when you have to blend things up and make it a certain type of way and add this and take that away and you know what I’m saying he gets into pharmakeia I think but if you can just go out there walk into a pasture and pick up a mushroom and then talk to God like it’s a big difference there and it helps you it cures depression and you know all kinds of stuff man it’s insane there’s stuff that US psilocybin has been proven to do yeah one thing too I want to say like I forgot to say this but one thing I realized – when I was on shrooms and I heard you say it before it’s who I think is there like you kind of realized at that moment in a way like that you’re gonna get your eternal but you’re always gonna live forever like I’ve gotten that same feeling – that’s why I think I believe like I came down for my depression – so I started getting that revelation in a way like yo everything’s gonna be okay like this is not the end like life is not the end yeah like no saying yeah it’s a it’s a you know they’ve given it to cancer patients who you know we’re near death and and they’ve they’ve overcome their fear of dying and it’s one thing that has been proven to do help people overcome the fear of dying yeah seen that evidence too bro but basically you know after that after that bad acid trip like I just literally this time I’m literally like left God though like I don’t know how to explain like I think I win like in a year maybe two years like atheists like I was just an atheist broad and believe anybody can anything and I straight-up felt like Christians were airing in a spark I’m sorry for the language that’s what I really thought cuz I’m like yo like like y’all y’all just think y’all the high-rollers in no way like you know once you get like I don’t know how to explain brokers just crazy because then later on I don’t know but basically I just got really I’m not gonna lie I got brainwashed and I say it because like I mean is programming like when it comes to mainstream science and you know like when it comes to like evolution stuff like I don’t I don’t believe in that like I think there’s a lot there’s a lot of kind of addictions to that but that’s just my opinion you know sign I mean if you look at I got on a non-biased view if you look at the evidence from both sides I feel like the by an Italian just makes more sense compared to evolution like nature like we were just you know random chemicals made from you know from the what’s called survival of the fittest when it comes to like Darwinism the stuff like I feel like that’s just to brainwash you survival the fittest like I don’t know what that ISM and I believe like I think I believe Darwinism doesn’t brainwash people just in general like in a way you know not all people but I like people that I met that that believe in that there’s just not all people like I said but but the ones that I do I have man there’s just don’t believe in God bro I like all my I gotta respect their opinion you know I understand I mean cuz of the hypocrisy – of the Christian my name increases – boom like Muslims and Jews like – but I don’t know rose like I feel like there’s a lot of hype in that I’m a true science and I’m not talking about like like the earth is round or flat that’s not what I’m talking about I’m just talking about like evolution you know and all this like that we came from monkeys because I’m like I think there’s a lot of carnation in that like it really came from monkeys um but like I said like I’ve really got into science though like I was watching a lot of Carl Sagan stuff Neil deGrasse Tyson yeah you know those type of guys like I was I was impressed but then like I was working at a warehouse this one time I mean I was working at this warehouse um during this period and this one day I wanted to work and it’s crazy because like I was hanging with his coat this coworker this guy who used to work there but he had gotten laid off or fired like maybe like a couple weeks before that day since so since he wasn’t working anymore like you know like I would chill with him outside of work like I would go to his house and stuff and we were just chilling stuff but it’s so weird cause like when I would chill with him like something deep down Asami I was like yo watch out for this dude like and I’m like and I see something deep down inside me was telling me that bro and I’m like I though you know this guy’s like I mean he looks like a friend you know it was like a co-worker we’ve been chilling like for this past summer you know like we’ve been kicking it and chillin and they know I remember like like I said once he got laid off his stuff I went into work one day and I was talking to all her I was talking to work over here and I don’t know what I like he mentioned something and then I remember exactly what it was but I had to do something like it was just synchronicity so like later on I remember like I was texting the other co-worker that I was telling you about that had left that job um I remember who he was he was texting we were texting and and the reason why I are worried I remember the message what the message was about us because I was trying to I was trying to buy some weed off him like but I was right pick up like you know some good amount at that time well like her only like when I was tasting him like I got that scene feeling like I had with him when I was at it and it when I was at his house by saying feeling deep down inside like but there’s time like I heard it more clearly like a mob in my head bro it was like don’t do it like don’t do it straight up don’t do it like and it was so weird bro cause like it feels like God was talking to me that day like I know he was bro like you know how it is you know like on the mystic mind like I know God was talking to me that day ago and I was just like I remember I was staying back because remember I was a bit I was in eighth is it that time I was skeptical about spirituality and I remember I spent oh god I feel real like if you divided if you’re you know if you’re trying to tell me what you’re trying to tell me right now and show me something and I remember like literally after like three minutes bro like literally three minutes after that um this this co-worker that I still work with his name was Patrick I mean he pulled up in like I’m one of those four clips like he pulled out real quick too he got out he was like hey Danny he’s like April like you heard that out that Tony robbed Mitch and I was like why like brah I was just I’ve been so skeptical about this dude for a minute bro but he who seems so friendly to me like like a cool dude and the whole time bro like I just found out here just brought somebody from whatever he’s you can’t just robbed a co-worker and I think and the guy he robbed was the guy who helped me get that job there like he helped me he put on with that job yeah and I’m and I remember I was like bro like and it’s crazy because I literally was just gonna pick up weed from this guy like I was and literally like that town was like don’t do it like I’ve never had that like like I had those couple feelings like those revelations before but never like yeah like it was just like don’t do it like straight up don’t do it like it was just repeating in my head like like oh boy speaking to me and that’s all I was like yo God if you’re real like it let me know right now cuz like if I shouldn’t like buy this from this guy and then let me know right now cuz why would I feel this you know obviously there’s something to it use that they’re robbing people and I was just like dang thank goodness broke because like no wonder why like I always had a if he feeling when I was with him even though he can look cool dude like your children know like what a cool bro apparently not and I knew he was trying to rob me because after that I never heard from him again but he never texting me like y’all was good bro what you’ve been on you know like that’s how you know that’s how I know it’s who you were trying to Ronnie bro like you’ve never hit me up to say how you been bro what you’ve been on all like you know never nothing just silence brother sound like yeah I know you were trying to rob me bro he’s just crazy like I said I believe that was all God bro but did that just so did that incident as much of an impact that I had on your life that that restore your faith in God just from that incident like not restore completely but I started I became I was skeptical about spirituality at first like cuz like I said I I wanted to believe like I said let me know right now but I wanted to believe but then again I was skeptical because cuz you know like I said I’m gonna drop I grew up in a Christian a Christian home so we were always taught like you know like Jesus is the way and awesome and all this and that but I was still confused about the gospel so every time I hear about God is reminding me of Jesus like you know you know what I’m saying like so at that time like like if restore my faith but it was that was just like the beginning Oh like I became more open open-minded because the very first thing I started doing bro is like I started picking up like Oh like New Age books I said I want to hear a different perspective quality what God is or you know I was confused because I feel like there was a creator out there but I wasn’t I wasn’t yes fully convinced about like God through like Jesus Christ you know I just was confused about that yeah so basically I started reading like like New Age books bro like David Wilcock like a synchronicity key you know that really put my mind bro I was just like whoa that’s like the first time I ever heard somebody speak about life like oneness with God you know like even though there’s definitely there’s a lot of stuff in there I had it I didn’t agree with it all like I mean now I don’t agree with it mm-hmm but even even even now like one thing I realized is like you know I don’t think Christians like are the only ones that know God like I really I really don’t like they do you know the same like cuz and I’m open-minded about that because I cuz like you said like you said before and from what I seen through scriptures like show me the fruit though like you have love like yep love unconditional love cuz insurance they teach you like find out what the what this brother believes in and like accepting it see how good he is at repeating doctrine we teach him and then accept him if he’s good at it well he could stay but if he’s not good at repeating doctrine if he asked questions or has a different opinion then we’re gonna have to kick him today to the curb I don’t but one thing that I got me really into David welcome to is cuz he was talk he talked about aliens a lot well that’s a key thing he talked about in his book and I don’t know I was confused cuz like I did believe in aliens but then I was like what are they you know like so I started researching into that and one thing I just deafened did not agree so like I I agree that first cuz David Wilcock said that like basically like Christ was was just a made-up story or like they just like he’s just said other stuff like but I can play disagree with it I’ve seen some some footage of him talking good about Jesus man I know I know but like I said his books though like I’m really one thing that he said they’re like he channeled this alien rock like million NTD rock and like he said he acts the entity like who is Jesus and I think their response was was like oh you mean yeah sure something like that like well he was just like another son that like basically I got on master with another just like you said like another like basically like an alien and senior something Valley reincarnated and earth or something like that and it was just I don’t know I I did believe it at first because it to me I was like no I feel like a lot of people say that like I think Jesus was a was a alien bro you know it’s like the others weird think he was this I don’t well but that’s the thing the world won’t best for you that’s what led me to Jesus Christ a lot though because like after that reading all those books and I really thought I like that’s it I just heard her oh my god do my research and through my own personal experience like they is the complete opposite what baby will cover the same bro microlight you said all this stuff but I’m seeing different stuff bro like and I’m asking and and I really have thanks God reveals reveal yourself to me like I don’t know who you are cuz there’s people who say that you’re like you’re you know you’re just you the universe you know like or those people who say like you know like there’s there’s I feel like there’s all types of gods you know people has said that too and I mean there is some I mean I want to get into that but there is I do believe in that in a way but I still believe it won’t create it yeah right that’s the source yeah like I no brothers just like one thing I’ll definitely say it’s like after reading David Wilcock and reading his word I’m not convinced like I’d already said like POW like Jesus was just fake I’m not convinced bro like that’s an ibex God like I said I’ll reveal yourself to me because I’m confused like there’s people there’s Christians who say like you’re this and then there’s Catholics who say you’re this and then there’s Muslims who say you’re this you’re this and then there’s New Agers to say you’re this that’s why he breaks it down and he even he asked Peter as he asked Peter he’s asking us who do you say I am they say you did that you know they say on this they say you’re the son of man they say you’re Elijah come back reincarnated okay what they say about me what do you say I am Who I am Who am I to you he said you know me you’re the son of God he said you know I’m saying blessed are you because nobody told you that nobody told you to repeat that you came up with that because God told you cuz you that’s the essence that was revealed to you so blessed are you and now and it’s just saying you know he’s asking us the same same thing who do you say I am now who they say I am or this or that or they’ve who does David Wilcock say I am he doesn’t ask us that who do you say I am Danny and but let me run though the dude has like a stone everybody everybody has something man something to offer I don’t think anybody has it you know you have to you have to follow the spirit you don’t follow man he would about was his curse as the man who trusts who trusts us in man so we ought to be able to follow the Holy Spirit and Holy Spirit deals with with men but um it’s but it’s not you don’t follow a man you follow a spirit that the true sons and daughters of God are those who are led by the Spirit of God and all his petitions just tell us all the all the leaders all the pastors have gone astray but he’ll send us a pastor according to his heart I believe that pastor was Christ he was a shepherd but the word means and that’s what Jesus was so we’re able to commune directly with the father because he knew what was in men’s heart that’s why Jesus had to come they jacked everything up tricking people charging people all kind of just wickedness going on in the earth but that’s why Jesus had to come you know what I’m saying to make things right to restore the foundations and I think it’s really important to then we had this podcast because I think this is the main message like all are we following or are we following men or we following a spirit like straight up bro like there’s just so much doctrines and different theologies that I’ve seen I’m just like y’all but in the day like what was truth though like no like I always heard so much different perspectives and it always comes down to it o people what is the truth though you know like even the Bible like Paul says that like we’re not like the ministers of the lighter ministers of the Spirit like we need to follow the spirit and let’s know does another key verse to that we’re gonna get on later on today about ministers about letter I think that’s very important and I think yeah like I said we’re gonna get into that later broke but um but basically after like my like researching with aliens of stuff I just had a really huge awakening about like I talk about two months but just like the yeah like it really opened my eyes bro because it’s just it just it just teaches you straight-up like you need to do your own research like you can never ever be like like just all this experience that I was having on 9/11 was like the main one yeah like basically like you cannot you cannot trust anybody what they say like you had to find out for yourself it is true or not and I think 9/11 it like just that was just like the main last straw I like okay you know what like I’m kind of skeptical now about about like the government you know because I especially because I grew up listening to punk a lot like that was like one of my biggest idols bro growing up listening to Tupac if you look if you listen to the songs bro like you’ll never find another to park like like the way he was like this dude give it all about he will talk about life government corruption yeah like that the FBI the murder has murdered all the black activists and these are black activist bro like a lot of them didn’t even promote violence at all and then no I’m saying so yeah you know what man ain’t and I’m not this isn’t fact where this is just kind of theory to throw out there you know I’m saying sometimes my mind wanders and things said like what if some of these leaders who were murdered in front of the whole world were part of the two witnesses that were to come back and to testify whether it was Malcolm X and Martin Luther King or Tupac and the whole world saw their death you know it said that everyone would see their death and stuff and people who preached righteousness and and equality and stuff man are murdered in front of the whole world you know I’m saying I don’t believe that like that’s the legit but what if you know and I don’t know just just really awaken me because I started or like research about real history and still too because there’s a lot of stuff that I grew up we were taught in schools I’m like yo that’s true at all you know they want and I’ll just say this one thing that’s it you know the main thing that got me really skeptical too was like Martin Luther King cuz like since I was a kid like they never really told his specific details how he was murdered all he said was he was shot by angry white a white guy on a racist whacker and that he was angry and he shot him and that’s about it but then like one sorcerer like I think last year sorry looks like from his lawyer like and he’s there actually he’s like the lawyer was actually the journalist like the actual journalist who started exposing the Vietnam wars who started like posting up photos like this is rash is going on being ha I don’t believe what the media is telling you and that’s how they got along like Martin Luther King because he was anti-war bro like really anti-war a lot of people don’t understand that they’re like back in the day because of the school they will tell they will tell us like all the government basically like we’ve always helped Martin Luther King we’ve always good we’ve always looked at him as like a like a friend or you know like something like a hero that’s not true bro the government like big the government had Martin Luther King was like the one that’s half the top man wanted in the FBI and he never promoted violence yeah so was you like man that yeah I mean when you look at those guys you look at Martin Luther King you look at any leader who rises up man usually it’s their own people who betray him or they are jealous or they get envious or what Martin Luther King Malcolm X Jesus Christ that’s true though let’s write him dead cuz Martin Martin Luther King like and this book if you looking is maybe read like the book that his lawyer made but he gave him a lot of proof and even documentation you can look up here so there like a government did kill Martin Luther King like his family won in 1999 in a civil court proving that like the judge even like the judge say like it was 70 percent the government and 30 percent of the owner of the restaurant that you that the owner like help you help like set up his operation because they look at the like the shooter was coming from like a window at a hotel room something like that were after him well that’s not true like it’s not true at all and I think like people should be skeptical because it’s like really lame are Luther King like he never promoted violence bro he never did by this is there is a lot of hatred because it’s like document documentation from CIA calling him a thread and a communist because he was against the Vietnam War like that’s paddy bro that is super petty like the way they like JJ edgar Hoover like the director of the FBI at that time like the way they did in bogus not just him but all other black activists and it just shows you like like I said like you you can’t trust like what the mainstream story is all the time no we just can’t trust it no I’m with you on that that was a big thing for me man uh 9/11 I watched what was it on ban height 9/11 I watch that and that’s just on the outskirts stuff that’s just like little stuff you know Michael Moore yeah yeah works I liked this early stuff man but uh yeah it just I don’t know it showed me how to have empathy for other people and to put myself in their shoes of seeing what we were doing in other countries and invading and what the troops were doing and I’ll just say if wickedness man just rate wickedness you know so grant Hite just begin to get into Alex Jones and then trying to get into my nationality finding out you know doing study about the Native American tribe that I was on that out that I’m from and running into work from the black Hebrew Israelites and hearing them talk about the tribe of GAD which is from the North American Indians and when they said that Holy Spirit hit me so strong dude and um well cuz I was doing so much research about it as well and I ran into them talking about that and I was like I was in I was in and I got I got involved with those guys and studying nationality and all their you know Rob’s of Israel you know all that kind of stuff yeah I think like a moral techne put it like really well dude he said the government likes to play down historical facts and that’s true dude they do like they like a downside attack like I’ll never really happen like come on bro like and this always say this is the truth will always prevail you know like there’s a matter with you whether you like it or not like this is just like that bro think it will but um yeah like a awakening for me though about just the world and then like probably after that is when like I started getting my believe in Christ again just because of like being in prayer and add sink I’m like God please like I want to know who you are like and I remember like just saying that bro and like just crying bro cuz like I felt that before how everybody says like when you get like the Holy Spirit and the spirit hits you and you start crying like I’ve gotten that bro and that’s why I believe in 100% like like you know I don’t know everything but I definitely believe in that right and after asking God like I revealed me reveal yourself to me because I don’t know believe arm and there’s so many people so many different ideas and then the more I started trusting in that us like I’ve known their was then I got to a point like I started going back to church again and then I got and their meaning baptized in 2016 and it was a special moment and it was so later so weird bro cause we were just talking about like like sleep paralysis because after I got baptized I never like very nice day bro I had that experience again and I’ve never had that after like so many years like I gonna I think it’s I think that’s my story too bro I think the exact same thing happened to me like the exact same thing like after so many years a nice phrase and then all of a sudden I got hit again but this time after I just got baptized that’s insane cuz now you think about like yo this spiritual warfare is real oh my holy crap bro it’s now it’s like okay it’s on I know like holy crap cuz you know they never really get that you really don’t get that type of stuff like after you get baptized now all of a sudden like whoa we’re back to the same scenario again yeah it’s so weird but no after like when I was in church though like I served I don’t know how to explain broke but like when I was in church like I like the people that I was with around like something like the church members are really like they were friendly you know but there was just the only person there like I had a problem with a little bit was just like a pastor there well I gotta people but the better like the pastor just me and like we got along really well I am I gonna light that brother just bro it’s just something someone is preaching it’s just that bro like you can’t say that bro and I know it was just me because after I left that church and basically like short-short story like he kicked me under the bus because I disagree with him about weed like I just told my I don’t believe it’s a sin I believe is definitely I definitely believe it’s a sin if you put that before God I mean I mean I mean that’s that’s no-brainer well like he wasn’t no Mike good to see you all right and then he was just cute bro he would like text me bro and just like all these like different like websites if he went on to and not even good luck sighs bro just Christmas is find out what he wanted to find yeah spoken we like all this yeah we weed is linked to demonic possession and I was like bro like that turned me off bro bro like you’re you’re like sending me those type of messages to my home because I don’t agree with you like I don’t know I bet that there I was like I started getting like all right like if he bought that because I was like yeah you become a threat up cuz then because they might go through and start telling some of the other members you know that it’s okay to smoke weed and God is okay with it and but you become a threat to that man’s business yeah bro and I mean I mean I understand look is like his background he was all he was he used to be addicted I mean he was ya browser drug abuse understand that know like what the drug abuse they eat there his drug it shows that his drug of choice though is nothing compared to like what we did want to put his business on like that but but I was just like bro you know they I understand that but it’s just really different scenarios you put yeah really pictured we covered that on the that one podcast with Mark Moore Christ Fri projecting oh yeah cuz you have a bad experience you know so well my experience has been good and I don’t know what you’re talking about like no it’s not trust me listen and then like one time I just came in to church one day and it was like after like that time he was sending me those text messages and remember I was saying there and he was preaching and I was signing he just like and I remember this is his day where he was like and I don’t know like I don’t know if because I was there like I said I don’t know but first he was like let’s open up our Bibles and this for you like I think it was like first Peter first China I don’t know because burn mind well but that one that one bracelet is like anybody who sins is of the devil yeah and like all this and then I’m like okay yeah well then like once you started preaching he was just like also ninjas like oh and then we have those type of people who think they can do what they want because it’s not quoted in the Bible and I my ham bro like you’re petty because I actually had at one point in town that I’m a bro show me show me uh a person and where it says and I believe you because I’m innovation bo-best they used to like when I was coming out of the church and stuff they would like you know talk about David Wilcock and nerds witchcraft and you’re dealing with psychics and witchcraft and all this kind of stuff that’s that’s true witchcraft is manipulation and you’re up there from a pulpit manipulating people and using your seat of authority to call you out to call a member out from the pulpit dude and to make people laugh at you I’m pretty sure they’ve he had people laughing and you know who think second you know you know he’s talking to you I’ve been I’ve had that happen on many occasions and that’s was just sort of respectful because after the sermon like he came up and shook my hand and just like I’m glad you’re here bro why I what who that bro who does that and then like that they like make good businessman bright they know how to run a business they got to get you out of there I was at bro I’m out of there like I didn’t come back the next day he would text me like yo bro like are you okay like war insurance from are called my brother do I need to explain myself to you like you know what you did you know and I didn’t want to answer him back but at that time though I still see God and pray like God am I do you see or like is he’s just or is he right cuz I mean let’s just be honest yeah but the Bible says like that but that will play mind tricks with you yes oh my god am I glad to see I dream pray that cuz I’m I got it like am I about to see good bro oh I’m not going back and I really pray for a sign and I dig in my side world because a week later this other member from church this this girl that I met her she was in the choir and chillin she had her fiance there too she she has a fiance I think they’re married now but they had a kid she has a kid too with him and they will go to the church you know they were really cool people nice loving people and she texted me bro like after like a week maybe two weeks after I stopped going to church she wanted text why I left the church and I told her all on my wall I don’t want to get into too much detail it was because like I just do not agree with everything that that pastor says he’s just I don’t agree with it at all and it’s just like there’s a lot of times I standing on my bro light what are you saying and the thing is like after I said she starts she was like you know what I’ve gotten the same thing too though trust me you’re not the only one and I’m like boy like but you’re not even like you don’t even like you mean smoke weed like you’re just you’re in the fire and like I didn’t she didn’t want to go in Pacific detail but she says straight up they’re like no she’s gotten that to like but like she’s been in the sermon and she’s hearing him preaching just she’s like she gets mad because she’s like why are you preaching that yeah my old pastor would do that and then he would do Facebook post to this joke who would go on Facebook after you tell him something you’ll go on Facebook and make a big long post about it or you start talking he would like speak on things from the pulpit just sway the members eating his way some of y’all don’t think it should be done like – it was just get into so much crazy craziness man like politics in China way people you know kids man I’ve seen that a lot it’s not fun at all I know and then I’ve really got my rope my revelation though because and then I’m finding out later that she left the church like like the girl in the choir she left the church with her family and they started singing a new church and she never wanted to explain why but I knew why I it’s obvious it’s just like because not because he’s like against we he’s not bad but is this guy some his preaching as I polite all I hear is condemnation yeah hi oh that’s all I hear its condemnation like you don’t do this this was gonna happen like all the churches like you know when there was some truth that he was saying but the end day my bro like I don’t you know like can’t like we can’t imagine soon they’re like that they’re gonna go to hell for sure like you know like I just I just I got really skeptical about it because I’m like if that’s the reason why you believe in God then because you’re your fear to go to hell I started getting skeptical about that for myself because I mean I did believe it yeah my one love Jesus cuz cuz he’s cuz he’s Lord or do I love him cuz he’s gonna kill me he’s gonna have me burn forever and a lake of fire yeah no like where’s love of mad and worse I mean I just really know it wasn’t into like later bro like I started listening to you cuz after I left the church like I’ve run that tennis or listened to you more and I’m not gonna lie bro at first I was like skeptical but she cuz I was like yeah what is this new talking about bro well then once I started listen to your pot has more and I want a certain those noticing personality in that same by up that I got from the spirit on my you know what I’m gonna try something different this time because I church always teaches to like look at what they believe first you know and what the promoting or whatever and then like and then for yourself judge for yourself of whether or not you’re gonna set them or not you know as a brother yeah well like I don’t know I got I got out of that I was like 9 what nah you know what the church Jimmy bogus like I think there I think there’s a lot of hypocrisy that the church doesn’t want to talk about I think everybody just and everybody knows – not everybody but a lot of people do yeah I think well I’ll kill just don’t want to speak up about it but nah bro it’s just I started listening to your podcast and amer in the first episode Bros it was busy bone from bone Doug’s episode man and you know what you know what I’m saying in the galaxy bump it’s gonna be a galaxy but he was like hi yeah that’s why the earliest 4.5 billion years old so funny and no yeah a real good so I don’t well that’s hardly your podcast thought I was like no way I’m gonna start listening this do cuz like cuz I started seeing you interviewing like doctor dr. Michael Heizer oh my yeah I’ve read some his work before so like I don’t know I wasn’t I was curious so I saw this in your podcast more and I mean you know what take that buy stuff away you know like throw that out like cuz I feel like that in there that never goes anywhere I see if what that open mind so I threw that so I started going with that tactic and they worked out pretty well grow a lot but like I said like after like in Series that year 2016 I’m married on Christmas Day bro like oh no Christmas Eve like I was with my cousin and he told me he was like yo did you like did you know that that grandma like has only like a couple months left and I was like why my bro like because my grandma has has had liver cancer for the past four or five years at that time and I knew and I knew things were like getting really serious but I didn’t know it was that serious like that soon so like I don’t know when he told me that brother like my heart just like sing bro I was like brokenhearted I was a wall why cuz I mean I mean like I just I’ve experienced losing my friends that I’ve known or never like my grandma like somebody like I’ve known since I was a baby by that’s my grandma it’s crazy bro and oral dishes like 2017 came and she ended up dying on my cousin’s birthday and I’m at Arnaud’s which is really depressing growth because before those days but a couple of days before she passed I had this I wanna go see her out of Chicago because I live in the suburbs right now also outside of Chicago so I went to the city to go see her and I just didn’t like what I saw bro bye just for like in pain and like groaning all right let the present bro like I don’t know how they just traumatized me I’ve never really seen that from what a loved one that really traumatized me and like I’m ever like after that I just I don’t know it just became I like fell into a deep depression bro start drinking again and then I remember I gained a lot of weight too brother I think I must have been like maybe 25 like like what really did it though was like what really like I started getting into like deeper mysteries in the Bible bro was like was once it was that time you put on you had what’s his name ronger don’t know dan dan yeah yeah yeah I remember when you had him on I was listen to what he was saying on my bro everything that he was everything that he was saying him I I felt that before I just never had anybody I’ve never seen anybody put into words like yeah especially coming from a Christian perspective yeah I never heard that bro you know cuz I’ve heard it from my new age some new agers other stuff but from a Christian perspective it’s like hi yo like no were like ro from that day though I remember there like I was I was I was listening listening to that episode of my car I was just like Roli I feel like God is talking to me like like I’m not to get reveals something really soon but I need to embrace it and once I never a say to apply to what that mystery is yeah roll a little a so after listening that podcast I started doing I started I started praying again and like fasting and and I was bringing pretty genuine about it too like I really started fasting just tags God like I want to know like cuz I know there’s more stuff in the Bible like there has to be more I don’t think we’re being told like the truth the church because it was just I was being really skeptical bro you know like I’m like how can it be there like like I said like there’s just so many denominations bro so many doctrines mm-hmm there has to be one one single truth that like cries really came to teach and what makes more sense compared to all those doctrines as it does though like it really does though I think that’s why I believe is true like can deny and basically they’ll grow like my my biggest revelation I ever had and I bro was realizing who I really was bro like my true identity I feel like that’s very important like so many people right now are so depressed I don’t even know what’s going on in life because they don’t even know who they are like they don’t understand their true identity ya know when I when I like started blessing who I really was I was so deep bro and it it just changed my perspective and life like totally because it was like because it was like something that I’ve always news as I was a kid too because never I told you like oh my psychedelic trips too like I started like thinking the same thing way you know I feel like I’m the same person like as everyone else and I’m a mr. Devereau on a straight mystical level and how can you explain that and then later on like like what like cost five like four or five years later you get that revelation that’s crazy yeah super crazy in a one body man we’re one people like literally even when Jesus you know I relate that back to the body of Christ how we’re all different parts of that body but that body is one we’re all one that’s what the the Flower of Life symbol that I wear on my necklace you know I’m saying all of these circles that are touching and connected together I’ll make up of one living organism they’re all I am you you were me everyone is an expression of yourself you know that’s why you know it goes back to when people disagree with you or people lash out at you it’s not it’s usually not because something you did it’s because you you represent or remind them about something that they don’t like within themselves and so you’re an expression of them that they don’t like about themselves whether you have too much freedom or you have too much Liberty or you have too much grace or you’re not as good as they are you don’t work hard enough or whatever the case is that they don’t like about themselves you represent that and it causes them lash out well I think it’s very important though they’re like because we’re really more motivating me bro it’s also like you telling I remember like when you were interviewing Dan you told him straight up like yo just a nobody talking about this and like and in the in the church like in a Christian circle and on my yo straight up like I’ve never heard like I’ve never like I’ve heard about oneness with God being one with the Creator but I’ve never heard it from my a Christian perspective yeah I’m like what like doesn’t leak to me yeah yeah I believe that’s why my show striving I think that’s why you’re listening to it if you had 17 different shows to pick from with this content the stuff you’re going through what you’re looking for what you need like you would you might not listen to me but I have I’m you’re resonating with something cuz nobody’s saying it you know that’s why people stand out like ain’t nobody talking about this why is this you know what I’m saying it come in talking about this of being open with it being okay with it from a Christian perspective in with it I’ve represented Christ you know I’m saying and and I’m not ashamed of the gospel I’m not ashamed of that and to talk about that as a Christian and be okay with it you know and I really do think that that’s why many of us are thriving now and as I’m doing it more people are gonna begin to do it I understand that but I definitely have been a forerunner and I and I know that’s why I stand out you know and it’s different in the New Agers who don’t like Jesus they might not like it they might not like you when you talk about Christ or the door or other Christians might not like it when you interview a New Ager or whatever the case is everybody wants it kind of catered and detailed just to them but there’s a mixture there man it’s not just one it’s not e it’s not this way or that way it’s a little bit of all of it it’s an eclectic blend of spiritual of just spirituality and truth and love and and just dealing with people you know what I’m saying o the one thing I like about the New Agers is like they’re they’re more open-minded when it comes to light like how do I say like aliens and like what is the word like astrology and stuff you know like yeah all the stuff that’s in the Bible but the Christians refused to talk about or they demonize if they do talk about it people don’t even realize they’re like what’s a call the three wise men I mean we don’t even know there were three wise men that’s what they that’s what tradition that’s what saying well like people don’t even know like the wise men that Windigo I saw the star and wanna go present cheese like Chrysler’s gifts the Bible says like if you look up the original language it were ask Rogers dude yeah they don’t had job Wizards it was just a stronger me my astrology never was like man they followed the stars to find out where Jesus was gonna be born cuz in Spanish like when we say the three the three wise men we say those Ray’s muggles milos means a magician yeah so it’s like it’s obvious I mean it’s obvious broke a which is only oh no some people a it’s just astronomy all right I don’t think so you know but no Broly not like like you said well you definitely you are definitely a forerunner loans I’m never really like heard this from a Christian perspective I try to stay away from that because like I thought at one point it was like blasphemy yeah you’re claiming to be like you’re basically I mean to be God like the Creator like one with him that’s the same thing they crucified Jesus you know because he claimed that he was one with the father and little little do Christians know that that’s what he actually taught so is it to his disciples I mean people need to understand like yo how many I don’t even think that he was telling them that I am one with the father I think he was telling us that we are one with the father definitely well unless I’m trying to say like like all of us but we’re all one like this that’s the deepest secret he gave to his disciples you know told him like yo what I’ll tell you the secrets and what to the others or I speak to a crowd I speak it in a parable yeah you know and people don’t understand it like how is it that like Jesus was able to like hold his ground against like the top lawyers you know Pharisees these were people who would consider like the law like the lawyers like the experts in the law like that was their job and you know Jesus came in time I know y’all don’t know nothing like you y’all think y’all know the Torah really like and this is and that’s why I think it’s really important bro they’re like I think we teach and this is a good a good our concept that you brought up like last year to that I’ve been paying attention closely is the Bible is full of parable is probably most of his parables like the Old Testament yeah and I know some people don’t want to agree with that but it’s just like there’s a lot of evidence brute scripture that tells us that the Bible I don’t like a lot of this the Old Testament it’s just a lot of his parables and riddles but you know people don’t know about like the early church never taught that every every scripture should be read in a bear letter like I’m a strict literal perspective like pure understanding like people like for instance like the church father I think his name is Origen like he’s he was considered like the like the best early church father because of his like home him defending the Christian faith because at that time you know like I don’t know if you Studies on the history about this but they said at that time like the pagan philosophers around that time started attacking Christianity because they were saying like all will you know like this and this and that and it was like Origen was one of the most earliest Church Fathers who came and sat down and broke it down like what is what is it really about and one of the things he brought up like straight up is like that like you cannot read it every Bible like especially like in the Old Testament too like you cannot read every scripture through a bear letter and that means literally by like a history book you can’t do that and then one of the reason why I say that is because like people get a wrong concept like a wrong idea about God and I think it is true I mean I don’t know if you ever seen like a like like atheist like Rob Richard Dawkins and like all their type of like um atheist scholars yeah like the first thing they the first thing they do when they start attacking the Bible is they go straight to the Old Testament Oh like God is a loving God and like what about this like God go like push you to death you know like push you to death because you had sex with a man or or a version gets put to death at her wedding date because she wasn’t a virgin I mean that is skeptical bro I’m not gonna lie that’s wrong right yeah and allegory makes perfect sense dude if you look at the reasoning behind it and who these people are nations that the Israelites destroyed you know what they represent they represent sin and strongholds and things that go that go on in our lives and things that we face and uh it makes a lot more sense but it’s not man it really isn’t there’s no proof that it is oh yes they are it found Noah’s Ark they found wood that was burnt up in a mountain the only way that wood can get there is if there was a flood and then the boat was trapped up there from the flood you know me whatever you can just to bite and hope that it’s real the hope that I don’t believe a lie there’s no power in the innocent and if it didn’t exist the power is in the myths the power is in the allegory and applying those stories if you don’t apply it the truth that we all the guests that I have on this show if you don’t apply the truth to your life and understand what we’re talking about and make it tangible for you you missed a point if you’re reading the Bible as a history book and you’re not applying the principles you missed the point you’re doing it wrong oh yeah definitely I mean I think I think history has proven that dude look at all the religious wars uh-huh like hypocrisy just people just because people said it’s in the Bible like that’s dangerous bro and that’s why like when I was hurt when I was reading the early church fathers words like they straight up said like yo can I read that book as a history book at all by because it’s just contradictions to Gaza lovely nature and remember the Bible says they’re like God never changes like he’s always been the same so how do you say anything so how do you compare it to like like you know a guy got angry God in the Old Testament because you didn’t obey what I said changed my mind compared to the New Testament like I mean that is a good like a good concept to remember like how do you come prepared like the god of the Old Testament to the god of the new test at the Gnostics will say that was a different God they can’t fathom that they don’t understand allegory so that they’ll say that was a different God that was Yahweh and Yahweh was judged for being angry and being psychopathic and all this stuff but when you look at it it talks about were created in the image and likeness of God that’s so-called Yahweh who was a psychopath that as you say you’re you acting just like him you get angry you regret that you did something you repent you feel sorrow you get mad you speak out all of the things that Yahweh did we do man where it made in that image and expression but they said that was a different guy that was judged and all of this kind of stuff didn’t they have to they have to come up with something to explain it and I know I remember you know I Dan tried to get me into that for so long or getting into that was a different guy Yahweh was a different guy bro you know and always I’m like no Manas there’s two different gods bro now in Jehovah you know oh yeah bro but I think that’s nothing that’s one thing to a lot of church people like just a church in general doesn’t pay attention to I think that’s a lot of reason why a lot of people just get a misinterpretation of what the Bible really is about most people are just like who read the Bible literally they’re just like dude I wanna think I’m doing this right what kind of guy wouldn’t do this and that I mean no history book that has as much encoded in it as the Bible there’s no way you’re gonna read there’s no way you’re just gonna journal your trip to the doctor’s office and every sentence is gonna be jam-packed with revelation about knowledge of self or about spirituality with code words and key words that have deeper meanings about you and your psyche and your understanding history books aren’t written that way there’s no way that the Bible just just happens to have all of that stuff hidden within it and it was let’s just tell a history man that’s telling history no it’s not that has so much allegory and hidden meaning in things that you have to dig for and understand and you won’t understand it until you have gone through this you won’t understand King David’s battle against Goliath until you faced your own Goliath until you face your own Giants you’ll have no idea what that story is talking about but when you face your Giants and those that whatever that giant is in your life your drug addiction your your porn addiction until you face that giant you have no idea what that allegory means and you read it as a history book in the same way for each one of the wars in the different ways they overcame and the promises and the setbacks and all of that stuff you won’t get it until you go through it and understand the meaning of the allegory the hero’s journey man it’s our journey you know one thing I like I think the church has missed misread or like ignored well there’s a passage in the Bible I think cuz and this is one teaching – that gets so misinterpreted and church’s cuz I seen it getting taught well like you know how Jesus wouldn’t he will bring about divorce like her just almost on bring about me like just talk about marriage yeah and you know like a lot of people will say like cuz you know if there’s coz you know the verse where Jesus says like any man who like man I any man but like like like he who like leaves his wife or his wife leaves him for another man has committed adultery Aradia or like a lot of people misinterpret and go like we’ll see that’s why you can’t get married you can’t get married like I mean you can’t get remarried if you get it but like if you got a divorce like you have to stay widowed cuz there’s a sin Jesus said you can’t get married you know and like dude that’s not true you know like like whenever Jesus talks about like marriage like the worst way like any man like any person who like beasts his wife or another man has committed adultery like yeah just he’s talking about like like a mystical experience were like when you’re when you have like when you become one with Christ you become one flesh with him like that’s why the Bible says like that men that would God joined together let no man separate and yet people say like know who’s talking about marriage like like really like like Jesus really sad like nobody can divorce like their spouse or their husband whatever like because cuz of unless for sexual immorality like it doesn’t make sense because to me it’s like well then that means I guess like they can do ain’t anything any best of tours or spouse except you know I’ll but unless I didn’t do any sexual immorality and they can’t get the Boris I’m like that’s pretty messed up nice really like church teach you like you can’t get you can’t get married again okay well you know that’s where a lot of the via non-denominational churches come from hey what kind of church you go to oh I go to a non-denominational and most people don’t understand that that’s something that’s a dude who wanted to start a church who has been divorced but through the Baptist and Assemblies of God Pentecostal have you been divorced you can’t be a pastor so but under nondenominational you’re not covered under those things you can cover under other non-denominational churches which the majority of the time have been the guys who have had divorces yeah and I just want to add something to that too but like that’s why in the scripture says – I think is I believe is like a Matthew somewhere in Matthew but like when Jesus talking about marriage like the Pharisees said to Jesus like okay well if if God if we can’t if God is not permitting the wars then why does Moses say in the law that we can divorce our spouse like we can give her a certificate and send her out and you know what you just have straight-up studies like because most cuz Moses let you be like I think I said like Moses lets you be deceived because of your hardness of your heart because it was not what cuz that scripture was not what is what it was rich originally intended of what you think it is and I’m like see that’s what I’m saying like everybody keeps reading anything literally like Moses because because of your hardness cuz of your hardness of your heart Moses lets you do those stuff like that’s crazy bro like you said cuz of your hardness of your heart you could understand what was originally the original interpretation of it even even the disciples Jesus was teaching them you say look hey guys so it’s so much I want to tell you so much I want to impart to you guys but you already like I can’t I can’t tell you you guys would kill me you probably would kill me if I told you you know what I’m saying and so yes – break it down in parables and just give them a little bit like you know that parable this is what I really meant I know I said this but it’s this is a picture this is about you you know the seed is your face and these type of things that he hid it within story and that’s how the Bible is written it’s written in code is written in story and it’s for those who want to study who want to ask the questions I mean look at look at the mystery schools and all of that stuff it’s hidden you have to be initiated and there’s so much power look at the Book of Eli that movie whoever has the book whoever has the knowledge of the book rules the world that’s a powerful yeah it’s all symbolic man oh yeah Danny I had to call it a night man it’s it’s been a long one here I want to go ahead and plug your Facebook page man if anybody wants to check out your work and what you’re doing because you’re working on a book where you’re gonna be going into some detail about the very thing that we’re talking about right now if you want to kind of plug that a little bit let people know where you are with the book and where they can follow your work at man that’d be awesome well my facebook you can find me at all my facebook I just I just know like my I’ll find I’ll find off on it I’ll find it for me it’s rare oh eight three two something like that or maybe I’m wrong it is Danny Guerrero dot three nine nine eight but just type in Danny Guerrero on Facebook and you’ll see his beautiful mug there Facebook yeah man so which so as far as the book is concerned do you have a working title a name that you’re gonna you’re going with the book it’s called the inner Jerusalem a hidden enigma enigma’ awesome I like their title I wanna like that bad Pacific blue though I just wanted touch about what did Jesus really teach just so much there’s so much doctrine since like it’s ridiculous like I don’t know like I don’t think we’re being one body it’s like the church should be you know like the whole church just so many different perspectives and I just I just want to get people like people who are confused about the gospel to you know just in general like cuz I know there’s people out there who like I believe in Jesus best oh I don’t understand it though a lot like no like I don’t understand the whole eternal hell by why some people just can’t confusing all so basically I’m just writing this book for truth seekers you know like you and me because I mean anybody who things like they’re sad they know what’s good reading with Christ like they know everything they’re not gonna pick up that book that book is intentionally for people who are confused about the gospel but who I don’t know more and who know deep down inside or not they’re not and I’m being told everything in church just you know and then the nice book I’m basically just gonna write another book that I I want to plan on working out like soon as I’m done with this one it just basically was in details about like how all prophecies came true and I think I believe that’s really important because like just from what I seen bro like like like for instance like what’s his name Hanyu Dawa no yeah you know like those cold leaders bro code they’re like okay like Jones and like and like those other like those other cool like I know there’s been other people there’s been a lot of cold rules bro who’s like taking advantage of people because of program people over in the end times now yeah oh yeah I was a part of the it’s not healthy bro it’s just now a part of oh yeah cuz it cuz of that too you know because I will see God in prayer and I’m my god why am I gonna why do you want me to write this book too though right because I do feel like there’s a from my perspective but it’s pretty accurate I mean just you can deny it like if you review read from my Josephus like the historian just like the Jewish historian Josephus compared his word to what Jesus said or how was all turned out like how the Roman army was gonna invade Jerusalem exactly what Jesus said and I like I just there’s just more details to it too you know just information that John said like who would the crowd the Antichrist was at that time realization was like hovering the Old Testament the stories in their history that’s encoded in Revelation and there’s future stuff but like you said you know already happen exactly and I think it’s very important that we talk about this broke because I don’t just see it I send a lot of like division because of that too especially cuz of that yeah I’ve been I’ve been I’ve been dropping Brian Goodell was named which he you know I had him on the show he believes that and he’s gonna be on the show and I think in next week or the week after I’m gonna have him back on so he’s got another book he wrote that’s a fiction book but it it’s based off of people who were surviving at the end of the world that already happened you know what I’m saying that he talks about these other people watching all of this stuff take place and happen and stuff so it’s really cool he’s gonna be back on we’re gonna be discussing that there’s a bunch of people man who were into that and and and to you I’m saying the unity doctrine that Christ died for all you know what I’m saying and and everybody’s gonna inherit that so I have some more people on talking about that so it’s going to be really good man look forward to reading your book which once you get it done and we’ll have you back on man to promote it and talk about it bro thank you again bro for everything everything done thank you for this opportunity interviewing me in your podcast oh man it’s I mean it’s a beautiful conversation that’s how this podcast was uh was started was just having conversations with with brothers man that uh that people would I would hope that people would be privy to listen in on and we’d have awesome conversations and like man I wish we recorded that conversation we talked for two three hours dropping jewels and gems and deep revelation and Holy Spirit using you while you’re talking and it’s like it’s gone we had that moment but I wish we could record it and give it to people so now essentially what we’re doing now is just having that conversation man with brothers and sisters all over the world and people are privy to just sit in on it and and and things move in your spirit you like man I’ve been feeling the same way man I feel like I’m just like Danny or what the case is you know it was good stuff man I appreciate your brother we’ll do it again soon man thank you everything all right with that woman say Shalom Shalom and uh thanks everybody for hanging out thanks everybody for watching shout out to pasture and Shalom guys thank you guys for all the support peace peace [Music] [Music] well then does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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