Sleep Paralysis Demons

Sleep Paralysis Demons And The Mark of the Chosen Ones | Danny Guerrero

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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Danny Guerrero about his experiences with shadow people, sleep paralysis and demons. Throughout my studies and personal experiences with with these entities it seems as if they are sent to try and place fear into the hearts and minds of those who are destined to do mighty things for the light. Most of the time people have encounters with these beings when they are children and these beings come to try and rob them of their innocence. Many people I know who have had these encounters wind up doing great exploits in serving humanity and spreading love in their adult lives. It seems as if they are marked at an early age by some type of dark force to try and keep them away from pursuing anything spiritual. People have called these beings witches, shadow people and even report seeing silhouettes of men standing in their room wearing a top hat and trenchcoat. Others have named this the old hag syndrome speaking about experiences where they wake up out of a dead sleep and cannot move and an old woman is laying on top of them screaming. Scientifically and clinically it is said that sleep paralysis is where a person wakes up consciously and even opens their eyes but their body is still asleep resulting in a paralyzing stasis of fear. I’m with that, that could be true, but why is there’s usually shadow beings, demons, imps and creatures in a person’s room when this is taking place? My belief is that this is something that is supernatural in nature and maybe even feeding off of people’s energy while they are asleep. Waking up in the middle of the night not being able to move or speak is definitely terrifying but having a scary entity present doesn’t help the situation. If it is just because we are in alpha sleep why isn’t it a pink elephant that appears? Why isn’t it something lovely and beautiful that we often encounter in the dream state? Why is it always some grotesque looking entity that is present when sleep paralysis occurs?
On the subject of being marked and doing great things for the light Danny’s story is simply that. Having a rough childhood and dealing with his own demons was the starting point and the next chapter was leaving organized religion in order to find the truth. Danny’s story is my story and countless others who have come out of religion and into the glorious light of gnosis (knowing God for one’s self).



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