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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Psychic Medium Britney Buckwalter about what its like coming out as a psychic healer while living in a small country town. First of all it can be really hard trying to understand our spiritual possibilities in the supernatural when it comes to psychic abilities, healing and ESP. It is even harder when you live in a small country town in the Bible belt where there is a church on every corner. This can be very frustrating and even lead to depression because it seems at times as if we are the only ones who feel this way. This should not be the case. The more and more we are open about our beliefs and spirituality in authenticity the easier it is for those who are having a hard time trying to figure things out for themselves. Obviously we are doing the podcast episode so those who may be in similar positions may find some comfort and relief when it comes to the things of the supernatural. There is much trial and error, but we can learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others which all plays a part of our own spiritual alchemy. Each one reach one and each one teach one, and then we can change the world.

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[Music] truth-seeker Antikythera let’s you’re not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised to listen at your own decision [Music] what you [Music] don’t don’t you come you are now locked into the to think about gaming live a truth seeker come to the paranormal is a dank and all being spiritual and now your truth seeker hello what’s up ladies and gentlemen I’m your host true seeker this is the true seeker podcast excited and delighted to be with you guys today to share the sacred space with you all everyone go ahead and pull out your handy dandy truth-seeking caps and put those on true seeker hats or whatever some of you that may be a tinfoil hat or whatever the case is but we’re gonna go and discuss all things spiritual today we’re gonna get into some really good stuff my guest today psychic medium brittany Buckwalter we’re gonna get into this here in just a second so it’s gonna be really good today is my birthday and I am turning 21 today so yeah 21 years on this planet it’s been beautiful I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who has been supporting via patreon at any level of giving anybody who’s come on and you believe in my work and the music and it’s touched you and you know I’m saying this podcast has benefited you in any type of way then so your support is appreciated so backslash true sticker there you can get access to mind tire discography 200 plus songs ten albums my Thursday night school is the mystic sessions all that kind of stuff then I bring it to the table you get access to that and you’re actually helping me create it so you’re co-creating with me thank you guys from the bottom of my heart two of the latest patrons who within the last two weeks or so give a shout out to Robby Bowen and Jeremy Smith thank you guys for coming on board believing in the work in joining the fold it means the world we’re not gonna do a school of the Mystics tonight we’re going to do a birthday livestream so tonight will be us hanging out and maybe having a couple drinks taking donations to do that and so if you’d like to buy me a drink that will be available tonight so we’re just gonna we’re just gonna let our hair down you know nothing wrong with girls being girls and just you know we don’t have to always be social spiritual and talk about aliens and Illuminati and UFOs and abductions and spirituality sometimes we can just you know just hang out and be ourselves but but we can’t talk about that if you want so I’m looking forward to spending my birthday with you guys tonight in the live stream so uh 7:00 p.m. central tonight we’ll be going live doing that just had jordan maxwell on the other day and i was impromptu interview which went pretty good i guess for the most part to the internet started bugging out on us at the end and but i got a good chance to ruffle some of your feathers as always i’m used to it now you know so it happens but uh pretty good stuff there’s some truth in there you just gotta decipher i always have to give them jordan maxwell disclaimers but i was good stuff so i’ll shout out to everybody hanging out in the chat right now chris goner Caitlin Fred Lynch Andrew Chantel Renee is here all of you guys hanging out live with us in a chat shout out to everybody listening on your podcasting apps wherever you are shout out to you I love that each and every one of you guys so without further ado I’m gonna go ahead and bring on my guest today this is psychic medium Brittany Buckwalter did I say the last name right Buckwalter yes yes welcome to the show Brittany how are you hi I’m wonderful how are you doing good it’s my birthday I know if you couldn’t tell from the beginning I’m learning all this this new podcast lingo and how to do it and being quiet isn’t always my strong suit so I asked you away if you had plans in the beginning yeah yeah yeah you were talking over the intro but the thing about it that’s it’s kind of it’s kind of cool though there’s some that there’s some people there like whisper to want to know one another or I have one guy he’s like we went live and he’s like naming off everything he sees him in the background like over the intro he’s like there’s a there’s a pokeyman your star looks like it just kind of adds to the show cuz they can’t hear the intro and I say just I guess I think I thought guess you think I’m mute him or what everybody know they can hear you as people burping and yawning and all kind of stuff so that’s great well now I know yeah you know everybody does it differently but it’s no big deal it just adds character to each episode so yeah my plans for my birthday like I said I just went over them a while ago what we’re doing tonight got some birthday gifts from my my family and I just got this I’ll show this off everybody watching on the screen but in listening this is a tales from the darkside complete series true peace show and so this is the TV show from the 80s I believe it was and they made a movie called tales from the darkside movie and I was a big fan of the horror genre when I was a child so they got me dad and they got me this yeah I watched you play the first time you got it so yep so I’m that’s what they got me for gifts also so tonight we’re gonna be doing the livestream hanging out with my friends who join us here on the podcast and we’ll be doing that tonight having a couple of drinks letting our hair down and then we’re going to Mexican margaritas and karaoke Saturday Saturday night so if anybody wants to come want to drive the Mobile Alabama and celebrate my birthday doing karaoke I’m probably gonna do all the old 90s rap hits so I get them in I put on a show and uh Oh everybody away always fun so it’s the place where our rappers go to die is the karaoke bar so you know yeah that’s what I have planned so yep but this isn’t as much about me this is a podcast about you Chantel Renae referred you me and her did a really good show together she’s a beautiful soul and hey if you liked our conversation you’ll love my friend so she sent me your info and now here we are so tell us a little bit about yourself and what you bring to the table Brittany so I am an evidential medium and I am an intuitive psychic evidential medium means I prefer to give evidence that I have your loved one on the line with me as opposed to just messages and being an intuitive psychic I prefer to just actually use the word intuitive I feel like Hollywood has totally shamed the name psychic and I feel like when people hear that they’re like oh okay they picture somebody wearing a turban or like this crazy crazy person so I usually prefer to use the term intuitive because that’s all you’re doing is using your intuition as a as a psychic so that’s what I am that’s what I do I’m also a certified life coach I decided to get certified in like pushing because you know I noticed throughout all of my readings that I was giving that was giving so much advice I felt like I think I need to be certified to do this so I’m bad I’m also an advanced tarot card reader so I took an angel card class it was it was rather in-depth but it’s allowed me to be able to teach you know to read tarot and so I do a lot of different things bringing it yeah I know like a you know you have all of these different tools in your your arsenal and that’s the thing like people ask you what you do and what it entails was like well people ask for what I do for a living it’s like I’m a podcaster I’m a rapper energy you know affiliate marketing you don’t say like all of these different things that you do bring to the table but you know yeah the beautiful thing is is that those those giftings and talents that are within people and the drive and the hunger it’s a lot easier to manifest that stuff now and actually do it for a living you know what I’m saying like it’s a it’s a thing and we’re still having to deal with family members and stuff because it’s kind of weird I’m just over a year doing this full-time from you know being a full-time trucker for four ten plus years and doing this full time and that just the way the internet is set up that you can actually manifest that stuff and do what you want yeah you don’t have to go to the coal mine you don’t have to go work at the plant or bad groceries like you have giftings and abilities that you can if you own it you can put it out there to the world and say hey this is what I do and you’ll find those people who resonate with you so it’s really beautiful that were able to kind of step out into that territory now yours you’re preaching to the choir that’s that’s one of the things that I am so I’m such an ambassador for is is you know teaching people about using their gifts and their abilities and taking it to the next level but that’s not even the that’s not even something that you have to do if you’re not wanting to maybe leave your job you know just being able to step away from this cookie cutter lifestyle where you know oh gosh you know if you embrace spirituality in any way shape or form you’re going to hell that type of thing has been has been huge over the last few years that I found and so being able to enlighten people that has been like my major platform since since I’ve gotten this we are actually getting ready to do a something called the energy enlightenment tour where we will be going to two cities Columbia Missouri and Quincy Illinois and it’s four or five four of us women total that will be basically just you know teaching people about using their abilities or maybe finding their abilities finding their tribe becoming comfortable with spirituality that’s what that’s what this tour is all about but yeah you are totally right this day and age with podcasts and Facebook and YouTube and we can we can be and do so much more and I’m all about embracing it yeah now the road to get there can be a journey it’s part of your journey you have to kind of prove that you want it and not this is a whim this is an idea let me try it you got to actually believe in it and want it you know what I’m saying so there could be suppose there’s things that you have to kind of work through your own belief systems or you know there’s a big one is you know should I be able to get paid to do what I love like that’s a weird thing to whether there’s guilt there as far as that like I’m this is what I cuz you feel guilty like well I would do this for free and I do do this for free but now people are like you know I’m saying wanting to pay me or give the that exchange of energy that’s a weird one to get over and it’s taken me a while to kind of get there but I was always like that I’m saying with my music cuz I’m I’m gonna do my music regardless if you buy it or not you know what I’m saying and so to be in a place where like I’m doing it for a living because people love it so much that they want to pay for it or energy healing session or counseling session you know like I’m gonna give you advice like when we hang out I’m gonna give you advice I’m gonna do this is stuff that we do but to be able to make a living off of it it’s just crazy right yeah I have an interesting story about that so I was reading two row starting at age 8 or aged at age 20 so for eight years and um you know never charged a dime never nothing you know there was no exchange of money it was just I was just doing this because I loved it and one day I was in Kansas City and I was coming home and I had done a mediumship demonstration there and I I looked back on the amount of money that I made for going to Kansas City and doing this and there was something within me that was like god is it okay to be making money doing this you know I’ve done it for free for so long and it just there was something within me that felt a little uneasy and while I was at that event I had bought a numerology book it was 0 to I’m in the drive-through at McDonald’s and I’m getting a water and a large fry and I look over and I see that book in my in my car seat and I think to myself you know I I’m gonna whatever the cost of this is I’m gonna look up that number because I you know see what it means and it was 284 so I looked up the number 284 in that book and it said something to the effect of your angels understand that you are human and that you have materialistic needs we are here to support you it’s okay and just it was like boom oh my god those moments so many things came together and from that point on I realized you know this isn’t just for fun anymore I’m really trying to make my way in this industry and um and you know it’s okay it’s okay to be supported and if you think about you know if we’re gonna compare things you know if you think about the church and how they constantly get you know they get money and offerings to keep those things going so that makes me feel a little bit better when I think about it like that – mmhmm yeah it could be a big thing and you’re you you were referring to backlash and demonization where are you from where you actually at a you in the Bible about a dollar Missouri so is it uh is it is it really old-fashioned there is it a small town how is it well I’m actually from Palmyra which is about more old-fashioned but um you know I kept coming out of the clairvoyant closet to myself for years and years mainly because of backlash I was so scared I was raised a Lutheran and I was really really nervous about how my my parents how my in-laws the community at large in general would would view me and there just came this point where it was like I cannot deny this anymore and this is just this is ridiculous and so it was kind of like this whole phoenix moment where I just you know rose up from from what I was taught to believe in and decided one day you know what I’m still gonna believe in that but then there’s this whole they’re saying it’s happening and it’s kind of amazing yeah and I have not looked back since and I am so thankful that that I went now I will tell you in the beginning when I was starting my career I went to bigger cities and would like do readings for people at metaphysical shops and so that’s how I built up my confidence and I had a page called blessings beyond belief so I didn’t go under my actual name that’s how scared I was to come out in the beginning so people would go to this blessings beyond belief page that I had read in Kansas City and st. Louis in Columbia and they would leave you know oh my gosh our reading was so great or this or that and so it slowly built up my confidence and that was when I was able to you know to make the leap to okay my name is Brittney Buckwalter that’s who I am there’s a lot of people there and I’m reading in the chat right now there’s a lot of people hanging out with us right now and a lot of people in my circle they you know you kind of attract like attracts like and so there’s people who are on a similar journey who are like you know they’re healers at heart they have a family you know they have wife and kids or husband and kids or whatever and it doesn’t look like it’s possible even though it’s a dream in there it’s still in there somewhere but like how do I manifest it how do I bring it in into fruition because it look even if it looks so far away I mean even doing what I’m doing this it’s every day is a blessing and it still feels like a dream and I’m looking I’m like man I’m a year and a half into this and I’m supported even though it is scary you know you have to trust and rely on God or a source or whatever that’s gonna meet your needs especially like you know if God led you here if this is your your path didn’t leave you here to abandon you you know actually led you here to keep moving and I have plans to bless you and prosper you in a future and a hope and these God has given us these desires in these abilities to tap into and you know I’m saying be able to do it full-time and so there’s a lot of people who actually want to do it and they’re scared they don’t know how to juggle bills you know and stuff like that so there’s a process you have to fight for it I mean sometimes you maybe have to even start out just like you know saying downsizing on Bill or some things your your splurging on or whatever the case is and we haven’t had to make too many changes but we’ve had to make changes and we were ready to make those changes right so um it’s a process and there’s a lot of people out there who are ready to do it and the season is right the water is moving the water is right to step in you know I I implore you if you are listening and you’re interested in in taking your spirituality or your intuitive gifts or whatever you may have to the next level and you know the whole don’t feel bad for charging thing that’s the only way you’re gonna get out that’s the only way you’re gonna make you know break out of of the nine defied that you have right now that you’re tired of so um you know and start small I went from you know charging I think twenty-five dollars for a reading to 50 to 75 and then you know I took thousands of dollars worth of classes to make me even better and and um then began to charge even more but and but now I do less you know I do less reading so I’m more focused on the person that I’m reading yeah and I ton zuv energy to give to them so there’s a lot there’s a lot of facets that go into you know this type of career it’s like no say whatever you’re interested in to like so you’re talking about how you come from the church so I come from the religious background as well and we did a lot of energy healing or prayer laying on of hands prophetic words being able to get quiet and listen to the Holy Spirit what message he had to say for that person so the channeling stuff and the energy work and moving energy and feeling stuff and getting rid of rid of negative energies or demons off of people like that kind of that was just what I was doing so it was an easy transition to say look it’s the same thing that we’re doing in the spiritual realm we just have different names and terms and things like that every religion practice it every faith practice is something similar to that ridding someone of the negativity in their life and overcoming traumas and hurts and kind of cutting those chords and attachments and stuff like that so it really something that’s universal but in it keep you can you could tailor it however you want you can if you want to use this if you want to use a little bit of that so even to say like okay I do this and this is what I could do but it’s a little bit of this a little bit of that a little bit of this Reiki energy healing faith healing like it’s all like the same thing prayer you know all kinds of stuff you know and so it all just kinds kinds of tends to run together and you you don’t have to abandon your beliefs or whatever you can keep them and it’s not like and that’s what I’ve done I’ve spent I’ve used this platform of my music to show people in the church that hey like those experiences you’re having with angels or demons or the spirit realm or leaving your body like they’re in the Bible and in in they’re good experiences like those are good so the Bible doesn’t speak against that stuff so breaking the Bible down and showing them hey these experiences are in there your pastor hasn’t told you there’s cognitive dissonance that comes in when you read it you automatically have a preconceived notion about what it means that’s probably not right and then on the other hand I’ve kind of showed people who maybe into spirituality or the New Age who may feel a certain type of way towards the old church that they came out of or towards Jesus or whatever show them look you know God is you know in love with you and passionately pursuing you as a son or a daughter and kind of merging the two together man and it’s been an awesome journey it has you know it’s it’s been I would say one of my biggest battles aside from worrying about what other people thought about me in the beginning which now is kind of out of the way has been my battle with Christianity and spirituality if you know being one of the same and something that and if this isn’t for everybody you know please don’t don’t hold it against me but it’s just an idea something that I had to do in order to move forward was drop the Bible and just keep my faith in God in Jesus Christ because you know we you and I could sit down here and break down the Bible and talk about Joan of Arc and how she heard voices and you know I hear the same voice as I even hear him for my right side just like she did and you know we could break down the Bible where it would work for us but if that’s the case and we’re able to manipulate the Bible into any situation that works for anybody which is kind of what I’m seeing now what’s the point what’s the point in having the Bible but that’s what I had to do to be able to keep my faith in Jesus Christ and keep my faith in and God himself and you continue to use him as my source you know I had to walk away from that yep some people do you know what I’m saying but that’s what I was saying like it’s it you can tailor it how you want if you want to do that you can you know if but if you want to embrace it it’s for you you know what I’m saying or whatever whatever it is everybody’s different and there’s an innocence there to like to actually know like the you know I’m saying the prophets and apostles and disciples were very spiritual dudes like leaving their body you know healing people hearing the voices of angels that’s still happening but you can tap into that so if you want it to even embrace your faith you can’t or if you wanted to abandon it it represents different things to different people you know understand I couldn’t ever I don’t think I could ever abandon my faith and I think my Christian faith and I think that’s it’s because it’s so deep-rooted in me I don’t know if it’s necessarily you know I don’t know I just know that I couldn’t ever abandon it um you know when I pray I still pray to to God in Jesus Christ and you know every now and then um I’ll call it an archangel unless I’m print you know getting ready to pray right to my you know right before I do a reading I almost always call in the Archangels but um yeah I could never abandon it um and you know I once had a really wise woman tell me she said Britney I like to think of spirituality as a buffet where you can just kind of go and pick and choose what things you want to believe it and I don’t think that’s too far-fetched I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that I think it’s beautiful you know if you want to believe in Archangels great if you prefer the Saints okay if you you know yeah it’s just whatever you’re feeling yeah the more study and I’ve done it’s just like they’re all put on vacations of the one like all of it every single bit of it no matter and there’s something about that story the hero’s journey the story of Jesus the story of the you know Anakin Skywalker you know what I’m saying it’s the hero’s journey that’s our journey and we’re going through that process as well and it plays out much like Jesus and that’s where the whole thing with the zeitgeist and the plagiarism in the story something about that story that resonates with the hearts of men and women and I’ve said it many times I believe if we had to push a reset button and with something happen on the earth I think that story would still come out with different characters and different archetypes or whatever you know what I’m saying yeah in some way shape or form I agree so I wanted to ask you too so getting back to your story I always like to ask people especially psychics and mediums and people into the paranormal and stuff did you I like to start here did you ever have any encounters or think that weird things happen to you as a child that got you into mediumship or the psychic abilities or anything like that what did you see go the UFOs or yeah no UFOs I’m ready for somebody to teach me about UFOs because I come to the right place yeah I know so absolutely as a child and you know I feel like most most children in general experience this to some points to some degree but yeah as a child I had several experiences several experiences with spirit to this day my mother and I and my brother still talk about a time when we were laying together on a couch and a man appeared in front of I was Christmas Eve and a man our New Year’s Eve a man appeared in front of us and you know I I tapped my mom’s leg we were all three cuddled up on this tiny couch and I tapped my mom’s leg it was like probably 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning and I said mom who’s that man and I was probably five or six and she said what man and I said that man don’t you see him and she said just lay still you know to this day that’s that’s one of the ones that always sticks in my mind but there’s been sort there so many so many run-ins that I had to spirit as a young child I couldn’t even begin to count but I don’t feel like to be able to do what I do you have to have had those those experiences I don’t feel you know I feel like at any age at any time you can begin to kind of have a spiritual awakening mm-hmm but yes yeah I don’t I don’t think that you have to either it helps it helps for your belief in it helps your belief and then it helps with like it kind of like shapes the course of your life to just to like ask those bigger questions who the hell was that man what was that outside looking through my window like what is and so it kind of gets you into for me paranormal and horror movies and things like that you know I’m saying having those encounters when I was a kid like asking bigger questions it’s still kind of scared though like because you know this is weird and you know you can’t talk to everybody about it and so when you can talk to somebody you’re like wow you had this encounter – what is it yes and I said well I don’t know but I heard it’s this and I listened to a program that said it was this as a kid asking those questions and stuff with family members and friends it was wild and I remember um talking about sleep paralysis and stuff I had that happen to me when I was like four years old and that changed my life right waking up being pinned to my bed by these felt like two entities one on each side and I was like I could see him and there were black shadow dark figures and I was scared to death I don’t know if I couldn’t speak I know I was too scared to even COFF I had a scratchy throat I didn’t want to call it act like I was still sleeping right that’s crazy but um I remember my sister we promised this but I did have several times where I saw shadow figures as a kid and I was too scared to move yeah and the more I do this work you know the more that I hear from the shadow I saw the shadows and it’s like a thing it’s like other people whatever form that they took people see it and so at this point it’s like nothing surprises me anymore you know hear your all these stories for people nothing surprises me more I’m always like yeah that makes sense okay that’s crazy but yeah it’s just scratching the surface and but it’s just kind of intriguing to find out what it really is too you know and why a lot of people have had those encounters go on to be people who are in who get into spirituality who get into the healing arts and I feel part of me feels like that it’s a it’s a fear mechanism that tries to keep you away from it but in the end it works to like make you ask bigger questions I almost feel like these people are marked or starseeds or whatever you want to call it’s like okay you’re gonna you come here with a with a message and you’re gonna change humanity and help people so it’s like something that tries to scare you and keep you away from that hey I’m not doing it so my sister was dating this guy and they were just having those weird God moments and talking about ghosts and stuff and she told him about you know when my brother was little you know he there was a beings that was in his room and she told him that he started crying and this is like a thirty year old dude he started crying it’s just like why are you crying he said well I had the same thing happen to me but I’ve never told anybody about it because I didn’t want nobody to think that I was crazy losing my mom making this stuff up and so a lot of people have had those encounters or something similar you know it’s really weird ya know you’re totally right and I feel like that’s kind of how we end up developing our tribe you know or our you know pack of people as these common interests that that we we’ve all experienced and and feel like there’s not a safe place for us to talk about them and then you end up getting really close to the people that you are safe to talk to about them so yeah and that’s a really interesting concept the idea that these dark shadows are kind of sent here to to scare us but instead they intrigue us that’s really cool I’ve never thought about like that yeah just trying to figure it out like I said most of the people who I know you know they’ve they’ve gone on to do great things or are supposed to do great things they have an affinity for the healing arts even if they’re not pursuing it they have what you would say a call upon their life to do that you know sure it really really cool so what’s the difference there was about who was talking about this yes day before yesterday on the podcast they said it was a difference between being a psychic and a medium is there a difference there for you do you have a difference there’s a huge difference so here here it is um as a psychic you are an intuitive person who can you know come up with what may happen in the future maybe read what had happened in the past just you know using your intuition in general think about it you know sometime you you got a phone call you heard the phone ring and you’re like oh my gosh that’s my mom you go and look at it it’s your mom you know telepathy that’s kind of the start of finding out that you’re you’re a psychic you may say so-and-so is pregnant I just know they are and then two weeks later they post that they’re pregnant that’s being psychic that’s intuition you know of course the level that I use my intuition on it’s it’s like a muscle so it grows it’s much much heavier much bigger but that’s the start of it now mediumship is a completely different concept that is being able to speak or hear from spirit from energy you know when you walk into a room and you see two two individuals in that room and one of them seems just so mad and angry you can feel that you can feel their energy you can tell that they are they’re upset or they’re angry that’s all I’m doing only instead of the physical body not being there I’m I’m reading the energy that’s left after the physical body is gone and and so you know it takes time and it takes practice to be able to do it and I feel like I’m getting better and better every day I don’t feel like there’s a day that that I’m not learning something new but essentially what the difference is is mediumship is speaking and connecting with the dead psychic science is is using your intuition and being able to come up with things that may happen now it’s important to note that you cannot be a medium without first being psychic okay you have to have the ability to to look into the future you have to have the ability that strong intuition you have to have that to be able to communicate with the other side but you do not have to be a medium to be a psychic in fact there are some brilliant psychics out there that do not have the ability to communicate with energy yeah that’s a lot of people tapping in and waking up to it now it’s it’s not as taboo anymore no ten years ago what we’re doing now yeah but yeah it’s so funny I’ve always talked about like I’ve always been into fringe right even when I was a Christian evangelist in the church and stuff I got into the Illuminati looking up the New World Order 9/11 was an inside job and finding all of this stuff or what I’ve been studying it and freaking out over it and I began to put it in my music I began to even sprinkle it in my messages at church when I’m speaking and I became known for this guy talking about the Illuminati and it was so taboo it was you know I was you know I’m saying laughed at and ridiculed about it and this was this was over ten years ago though this was probably like in 2008 starting 2008 now it’s a common thing there’s you know the Illuminati is a joke like there be like you know kids in school and their pencil will fall roll and fall off the desk and that’s what happened loominatee did it Illuminati did so it’s like a joke it’s like a it has infiltrated pop culture even even back then there was only a couple channels that had Illuminati exposed and was breaking down the science and symbolism but now there’s like millions of channels almost you know everybody’s an expert and depending on how good you are with Photoshop or you know video editing you can you know if you present it just right with the right music and the right imagery you can create a belief system in someone if you do it just right and so it’s really weird how it’s infiltrated pop culture but I remember we would catch flack in church and stuff for talking about it now the pastor’s have sermons about the Illuminati the pastor’s have sermons about the NWO and I remember we even talked about the Kundalini years ago and bringing that how that was likened to the Holy Spirit or whether you know whatever you believe about the Kundalini now there’s pastors having doing sermons on watch out for the Kundalini that’s invading the churches and it’s all we’ve always been like a forerunner to this stuff and the forerunners never get props you never you know people will say talking about that but it might be ten years later five years later and now you’re onto something else but it kind of comes with the territory though just being that you know say a forerunner to what you are so right I always say the bigger the target you know the more the more flack you’re gonna catch but you know it’s not our responsibility it’s not our job to change the mind of heavy skeptics I’m okay with with with skepticism in fact I I welcome it it’s when someone becomes cynical when I can’t when I cannot break through I have no desire I lose all interest and and frankly it’s not my job it’s your job and nothing that I say is gonna change your mind so I’m not going to waste my time doing it um you know there are just some people there that you could hold up a blue piece of paper and tell him it’s blue and they’ll say no it’s yellow yeah so well I’ve seen a meme the other day and it was so good it was like I found I said something like it was a person it was like a guru guy or somebody talking to a random dude and he said I found the true meaning of spirituality or something like those meaning of bliss and it’s not to argue with fools and there you’ll find peace is basically what the meme said and the guy said no I think I said I completely disagree it’s like you’re right my favorite meme that you shared not long ago was the guy that was like dressed in the front and then had nothing on Arleen like spirituality that I talked with my family spirit oh it was great that was funny my dad he has the hardest time with what I do um I wouldn’t say he necessarily has a hard time I don’t really think he gives it a whole lot of thought but we don’t discuss it you don’t really talk about what I do he said it kind of freaks them out and so we just don’t discuss it and that that’s a little hard for me because I’m very proud of my career you know if we’re discussing birth order I’m the oldest child and so I I want to make my my parents proud but I accept it I accept his feelings on it I know they loves and he supports me and I move on and really I think that’s what spirituality and being spiritual is all about it is for me definitely especially from where I come from with the religious background or whatever but we had I went to the I had to go to the police station a couple weeks ago I had to report a stalker you know what I’m saying there’s some weird people out there just you know people when you start making a name for yourself and getting out there you attract a long story yeah so we I didn’t like my wife wanted to go to the police you know what I’m saying just because she was like threatening her and just a lot of weird stuff and then contacting every one of my friends and saying she’s my real wife and weird stuff and so much she’s gonna kill my wife and just crazy stuff and she’s tried to come on the live stream I had I had the blocker and all that kind of stuff but um my wife wanted to report it so we went to the UH I didn’t want to go I don’t like dealing with the law enforcement or I don’t want to be in that type of system at all but um just in case anything happened you know we’d do a live appearances and stuff like that and put out addresses where we’re gonna be in case anything happens it’s on record that we’ve reported it you know um my wife is are strapped let’s say that so we went we went to the police or whatever and he was like okay I never I never met you and you know what do you do for a living who are you I was like um and this is a small country town that I live in I’m like I’m a gospel rapper I’ll share the gospel okay I’m a pastor at a local church at Bubba books that’s okay I just wanted I didn’t want to say yeah I’m a psychic medium and I I do this podcast while I talk about aliens and you know I think you know what I just do gospel music God leave it at that easier to say you know there are times that I’ll just say I’m a life coach but it’s not because I’m not proud of what I do because you know I am scared or embarrassed anymore it’s because I don’t want to sit here and talk for three hours about mediumship say something sideways about it you know yeah what is it this description of Alberta even tells you not to cast your pearls before swine something that’s so beautiful and delicate to you that you believe in and you’re just gonna just like share it with people who don’t give a damn and they’re gonna like laugh about it talk about it send negativity you know say negative thoughts towards it and gossip yeah there’s no conference no no talk for you sir I’m a gospel rapper which I was at one point a lot of people you know are you do you listen to I saw that you listen to a little bit of rock though to write as many same of rock yeah pearls before swine it made me think of it’s one of my favorite songs right now see oh I can’t think of who it’s by anyways we could get off we could get off topic we were talking about rock when we first started messaging on on Facebook and I think I sent you what I tell you that I interviewed J Gordon from orgy or something big yeah oh my god I’m I was still I’ll pay somebody if they can find out a way to find that interview man there’s one of my freakin all-time favorite bands as a kid and I got the chance to interview I mean I lost it ah putting that out there to the universe if you can find a true seeker J Gordon interview it would be under the mythos podcast find it I will pay you 100 bucks if you can find that interview and give me the video or the audio 100 bucks right now so that’s not bad I want it up I pay more than that but a hundred bucks Jim man get to talk to your like childhood idols and stuff like this is this is where we’re at now like when you’re a kid there was no internet like that and there’s just people on an album cover or on MTV and now we’re hanging out on the podcast so yeah I need to find everything it is you got to talk to a bunch of them man it’s just it’s awesome but um let me ask you about this too because um you said the type of mediumship that you do is you like to get proof that right this is who it is it’s not just I’m really good at like not to name drop but the John Edwards I’m a good fisherman is it person have a je no its RK in her name last name was Karen last name Karen okay first name you know if people are good at fishing right so I think that how we receive because I’m huge into saying that and I know that people think you know oh that’s fishing but if you can follow it up with the evidence and and and I’m gonna I’m gonna stick up for John and we’re here because he’s one of my favorites but I think he’s pretty good at evidence I’ve seen him live several times that’s how it starts though so you’re like okay who’s the K that this person wants to talk about so they say okay it’s Karen or so and so then you better follow it up with something good like did she collect frogs and did she die of COPD because I can’t breathe so then you’ve got to have that evidence in my opinion and being an evidential medium is probably the most common medium that there is out there but there are people who who will just give you messages like did you lose a brother yes he says he loves you and he’s proud and then that’s it no I need more than that I want to know you know what was their death date what was their birth date um you know so I’ll give those um and I it would be a lot like going to the doctor and sitting down in front of him with an illness and not saying a single word and expecting him to diagnose you properly it’s impossible there needs to be some dialogue between the person that you’re reading and the end in yourself and spirit and it’s going to sound like like we’re fishing it’s I mean we’re asking questions that’s how we do it it doesn’t when you hear what you hear it doesn’t just come you know like full-fledged sentence paragraph that add it up and if that was the case um death probably wouldn’t be such a big deal you know if it was so easy to read other people well there’s a lot of people who kind of act like it does though whether it’s Sylvia Browns or whatever the case is and they have all of this info and they drop it and said no I don’t you’re not right that’s not how they died and say yes they did and they tried to argue with you yes they did and a lot of British mediums are that way that comes from a couple of things being overly confident which you gain the longer that you do this but then also and I can tell you from experience I will come up with things and I will say things to somebody and they will tell me no in almost every single time after an event I will get an email this long explaining to me how I was right and at that point in time they just weren’t thinking that and so you know you’ve kind of got to protect and stand in your ground so it makes you look like an idiot on stage to these other people that’s something that you’re willing to sacrifice and do because you got to think if she walks out and looks like an idiot yeah because they set her and said no no no no um you know she just put her pride on the line or something embarrassed of you know they did not go see that first man no none of that happened or that’s not real you just sit back and you quietly wait for that email that says you know what I wasn’t thinking at the time or I got I was kind of shell-shocked the funny thing you’re talking about that getting that email and somebody denying at the time that uh that actually happened to me a bunch when I was kind of transitioning I was still in the church but I would talk about other things or do this kind of music that I’m doing or talk about UFOs or aliens openly or whatever I got a lot of backlash early on and people be like oh you’re going to hell and about all this kind of stuff and then almost every time whether it was a week a month a year they would come and apologize I look man I I’m sorry that I judged you I don’t believe in what everything you believe in but I see the work that you’re doing or whatever I was here because you’re a threat to a lot of people right if you’re saying that especially with religion because this is super cognitive dissonance this is something that they’ve based not only their life on they’re not given their life to it they’ve given their eternity that this pastor or this doctrine is right and if you challenge it and hold on I’m hanging on I’m hanging on like a pitbull just hanging on this is what I believe is right with no with no evidence or no proof it’s right and if you challenge that like I say you’re not challenging their life’s goals and dreams that’s one thing but they’re everlasting so their eternity that they’ve given it over to belief system so I you know it’s fight or flight you know people it’s scary you can’t breathe this shallow breathing it’s like people making fun of you or whatever the case is or they’re confrontational with you over that stuff but like I said I’ve gotten a lot of those emails and a lot of those messages or phone calls to saying look man I’m sorry I did that or said that to you bah bah bah bah bah have you gotten any of that I get it all the time mainly it’s mainly just um you know here’s your validation for what you said at the event and it’s so hard you know to set your pride aside but that’s the first thing that I think that you have to learn to do when you begin to do this work as a light worker is put your ego to the backburner that’s like my best piece of advice because you’re gonna you’re gonna start pissing a lot of people off if you if you just you know shine your light and say no I know what I’m hearing I know what I’m seeing and and even if you say no I still believe it because I’ve made a career out of this I know what I’m doing and you just got a you take the good with the bad but yeah I’ve dealt with it quite a bit yeah it’s always refreshing what is actually a little town in Missouri called Kirksville or La Plata well played at Missouri and I was gonna do a mediumship event there and I found out that I think it was a reboot whose green top I can’t remember but at this place this this this pastor found out that I was coming there and he went door-to-door with flyers yeah telling people this woman is an imposter and she’s coming to our town and she’s you know gonna try to get you to stray away and don’t go to her event and I’m like really Wow okay yeah I had to deal with that too and that’s why and I kind of look at it like God kind of ran me out of the church in a good way like it’s fun to the choir like I can we can show up for events and I’ve got you know 300 kids there showing up and I’m gonna rap for him and share my story and it was a safe place that I was in right in the church or whatever didn’t have to promote for concerts I just show up or whatever and so eventually when I started talking about this stuff people would still like begged me to come do shows close friends and I’m like nah man I came bro like yeah you can’t and they think I had some personal it’s not personal I would love to come but it got to the point where Vince Lee I can’t come like they’re gonna they’re gonna call whoever’s over the event they’re gonna do this when they see my name on it bro like I go I do live podcast where I talk about hanging out with Jesus on magic mushrooms and stuff and they like they don’t like that you know in it and it really happened so for me just looking at the bigger picture like it was a way of God like sending me to the nation’s versus being uncomfortable in my little church concerts or whatever the case is you know and so but everything ends up working out but like there was those phone calls and Ally Graham is in the chat and she knows about this they come back and told me at the end what they got they wanted me to do a concert there’s this outreach and I didn’t want to do it cuz I’m like you know what I don’t do Church gigs anymore let’s book a show at the club let’s run a venue whatever it is I said I don’t do Church shows anymore but it they were like come on man do this outreach and finally I said okay I’ll do it they put my name on the flyer and they started promoting it and I made sure I didn’t put my image on there real big like let’s take another person and put their because I made the flyer too and I did God did that for him and um and then last minute I got cold feet I said you know I can’t go to this man I don’t I said I called him in that site or messaged him I said look I’m sick I can’t make it y’all even though I wasn’t sick but I told him that they know what’s up and then come to find out the lady who they rented they booked it at a park in a lady who’s over the parks in wrecks Park and Recreation knew me from the internet and knew me from whoever and it was telling everybody if true seeker shows up we’re shutting the event down yeah we’re shutting it down he goes around giving people mushrooms and telling them about Jesus we’re not having it we’re not having so I’m like I told y’all man I can’t do this no more you know and it’s not like they don’t win it’s a god thing really like there’s a bigger broader audience who need what what I have and they’re not in the church they already got the truth in the church you know they already you know so it’s it’s out you know it kind of hurts a little bit but it comes with the territory you got to be ready you got to be right it’s going to happen your friend Jesus you said it your friends and your family forsaken you you know thinking that they’re doing good but they’re doing harm and they don’t even know what they’re doing like it’s you know it’s part of it comes with territory for sure the stalker thing you know I had to tell my wife I said look get used to it I don’t want to tell her that but it’s like it’s we’re gonna get bigger like you know I’m saying it’s going to happen Chantel has experienced that on several levels and not long ago I’m going through a divorce and I got a letter write a random letter from some person and it didn’t have any return label like it was just totally random and it came to my office it was a letter telling me that they knew something about me and about my situation and they could offer me information and they hope I find them and I mean it’s totally had me on edge for quite some time but because we have no idea who sent it we don’t know where it came from and that’s not my first brush with with weirdos yeah you know it’s gonna come and it’s something so you know in in the psychic realm the medium realm the spiritual realm it has its fair share of weirdos I get messages hey let’s astral travel and hang out in the third heaven tonight I’m gonna meet you there and I’m like the hell are you even talking about you know a people messaged me telling me that there the angel Michael do I believe them well if you’re the Angel Michael you can show up and give me a apparition and then I believe you like show me you know now get these weird messages in there in the spiritual realm but they’re in religion they’re in every religion it’s just people there’s just crazy people in a bad thing about it is trust me there’s tons in the church tons of them delusional people who believe crazy stuff and think that God’s talking to them but they have it’s something totally did trust me it’s scary really and they’re in Islam they’re in Hinduism it’s just people and the bad thing about it is a lot of times the religious or spiritual communities are like cesspools are like breeding ground where they find a place where they’re accepted you know and we have like whether it’s they’re good at manipulation or weaseling their way into a place of authority man they’re out there man and then you have to it comes with the territory yeah I understand get used to it don’t get like I don’t want even with that I don’t want to like to speak it into existence but let’s just be real like you know what happens yep dealing with those people this was a question that my friend in the chat asked the guest the other day who was a medium as well dealing with Ouija boards do you mess with Ouija boards is there a way to do it the guest the other day was this hands down no I actually bought a Ouija board a few years back in Salem Massachusetts of all places and you know I’m really strong in in my faith and knowing that I’m protected I’m a big fan of Archangel Michael and so I pray to Him a lot you know I said my prayers and in a friend of mine and I decided to try it out nothing happened um I have a have a cat named Salem who every single time we would get that Ouija board out and try he would hop on top of the Ouija board and we couldn’t do it after about the fourth or fifth time I took that as a sign I don’t think I’m supposed to do this so um do I mess with Ouija boards no I’ve heard some really really frightful stories about them and I guess you know that that’s always a possibility I I would believe in the stories that I would hear but um I’ve never experienced anything negative in general I’ve experienced negative people like I I I’ve talked to a serial killer before that’s on the other side but I’ve never experienced you know demons or anything demonic or evil and I would like to keep it that way um I do have I have I have that Ouija board and it’s like at Halloween I’ll put it up but I’m definitely I go around telling people to use them by any means because I feel like you can through an altered state reach spirit and get an effective enough message on your own you don’t need a Ouija board so you know I don’t need one and and if you really are that interested in speaking with spirit come to me I mean for free you know I mean like you don’t need to you don’t need to use a board okay you said okay you said the spirit that’s different than spirits right because the next question here is from Brenda Bradshaw and says are you getting messages from the Holy Spirit when you say spirit is that kind of like hand in hand the same thing biron there’s a difference the Holy Spirit I would I would think the Holy Spirit you know would be Jesus Christ the Trinity you know God Himself spirit to me is almost like the people version of humans you know what I mean like we call people who have passed spirit so so you just refer to any any I guess disembodied soul or a person as spirit okay cool I’ve never even heard it hurt like that when I wanted to kind of go back on the whole negative thing you say you’ve there’s been people come through on the other side who were serial killers and stuff like that right um a lot of time people think that’s like real sexy to be able to touch the other side and I got in trouble as a teenager because I wanted to get in contact with anything that was out there show up give me a manifestation I did all these different chants and meditations and combining all this stuff and whatever got me a result we did wicker satanic stuff all types of angel readings and hexes and all types of stuff that I did as a as a teenager and I ended up getting possessed like it opened up a portal and that stuff came through and I’m seeing stuff in in the middle of frickin winn-dixie you know what I’m saying and all everybody in the whole place staring at me time I was going through paranoia and schizophrenia opening up those portals and couldn’t control it it was like a knob that was turned on and it’s it it messed me up I had to go back to the church like it was a scary stuff man and so with all that stuff coming through stuff wants to come through we go great I’m going back to the last podcast as we had another psychic medium but she talked about like it with spirit realm almost being like the mall like you go to the mall and you want to go to this store whether that store there’s a person who works there maybe that’s the deceased loved one or whatever but if you’re going through that mall there’s these little kiosk that are there and people are reaching out to you hey come try this lotion let me give you a massage and there’s all these different people reaching out to you and almost the spirit realms like that too you’re talking about this this this serial killer and people think it’s sexy just to make contact maybe even early they don’t know like they just want to know that it’s real not everybody’s good there’s what if the spirit that comes through was a pedophile child molester rapist and you making contact and now you have in these crazy dreams you feel like someone’s messing with you in the middle of the night you know these weird things like that how would you protect yourself from any demonic entity or negative person who still just could because they’re dead don’t mean they’re good people I mean we look at even alive on the earth right now there’s a lot of old people he’s so old that guy could have been like a bad dude when he was young just because he’s old you know don’t mean he’s a good person like he’s been through some stuff and you just see him as a fragile old man or old woman you don’t know how bitter or whatever they bring to what they bring to the table same thing with this around what would you say to that so um I’m I’m a huge believer follower caller of Archangel Michael and I just feel like as long as I have his protection I I’m not going to to be submitted to anything evil I think you also have to really believe in negativity and and evil and for me I’m kind of a no-nonsense person I won’t even give I won’t even give evil or negativity as a place in myself like I won’t even let which I’m completely blocked off I surround myself in white light so it’s more of a vision a meditation that I do before I do any reading the times that you have to watch are when you get in an altered state and you haven’t said your prayers you didn’t go through and do your boom-boom-boom okay I’ve said my prayers I’ve called in these Archangels I surrounded myself in white light I’d smudged you know I’m you saged I’m good to go I’m nice and clear it’s when you’re driving you know down the road and you get in that altered state which is where you have to be in to connect with with loved ones on the other side or spirit in general that you have to kind of worry about about you know be getting in touch with a negative entity but I think that if you take proper precautions and you pray and you do the things that you need to do before you enter the spirit realm you don’t have to worry about that so when you were younger and you were doing these you know whatever you could do to get some sort of reaction and you became possessed did you say a prayer to Archangel Michael or to God did you you know did you hold protective crystals did you I mean there’s there’s a number of things that you can do I was reckless I was real reckless even as it I was a lost teenager right I was I mean I was robbing people and like all types of in gang involvement and then I would do occult stuff and then I feel like whatever level you’re vibrating at those are the entities you’re gonna deal with on the other side yeah and so if you’re just doing good alms and you’re helping people you know you give somebody shirt off your back you’re doing good deeds and you tap in I think there’s some beautiful beings ready to greet you in those right you know that’s a message for somebody I’m getting chills when I when I said that so that’s that’s it yeah so and I was a negative person I crossed over and I got to see the stuff I was entertaining I I’ll be the first to tell you I’m human and so I have in a woman so I have moments of anger and and and stress and anxiety and frustration you know I think a lot of people look at spiritualists or you know psychic mediums or whatever on this this beautiful graceful um type thing you know that that’s how we are and that’s not the case like we experience life just like everybody else we get down we get depressed we get stressed we get angry I mean all of those things we throw temper tantrums we we’re like that and you know if I’m in that state I will cancel my appointments yeah you know I will I will usually not do them unless I think that I can pull myself out of out of this this state that I’m in and and go on but yeah that’s you have to be very aware of your energy and your surroundings when you’re doing this and I think awareness is key to making sure that you’re not I shut down all the way I shut down all the way when I when I am going through it and I and I’m not gonna be able to receive I already know it it’s just me that’s just my integrity or whatever when I that’s how I approach it I feel like if I’m doing good I’m gonna it’s gonna be easy it’s gonna be easy to tap in but I don’t know I was sucking I can do if I and that’s if I’m not doing spiritual practice if I’m doing spiritual practice I’m gonna be there but if I’m doing other things that I know I shouldn’t be doing which it hasn’t happened in a year if I’m depressed or been freaking out about a job or having crazy thoughts or whatever then it’s just like throws you out of whack and you need to do the spiritual practice to get back right almost you know to kind of find your Center if you become unbalanced with all that stuff um Allie Graham is asking another question she wants to know since you came from the church you said you come from a Lutheran background right and so how like I was into the prophetic realm and so the church kind of catered to we could say psychic abilities they wouldn’t call it that but they did and there was an option you call yourself you can be a prophet or a prophetess or whatever she said since you came from the church realm did you contemplate being a prophet or whatever before you thought about becoming psychic or medium did put that even an option or you know that there was even a thing yeah I actually it wasn’t until later that I even discovered that you could go to the church and say I’m a prophet and then I do this and I do that that’s actually not something that I’m still against I mean I would totally consider it you almost think though at this point is alike is it too late to do that since I already have this following but you know if something ever came to me prophecy wise that I truly felt like I needed to take to the church you know to my church I would do it in a heartbeat but um you know I never considered it because I wasn’t aware that it was a possibility at that point yeah um that’s a big that’s a big thing but so like just and it’s not as easy as going to your pastor and say hey I’m a prophet let’s build on like you become a if you’re a prophet you’re saying you’re hearing from God and so if the pastor’s not hearing from God then you you become a threat like people want to come they want and that’s what messed me up in the church because like I thought that the closer to God that you got fasting praying angelic visitations being able to heal heal people you know all of this stuff would I think it should be like the average life of a believer like you supposed to the Bible says that like these signs shall follow them that believe and you’re gonna do all of this stuff and so if you’re doing that in the church the attention comes off of demand that’s on the stage on the pulpit and the attention becomes a haleyss I like this guy now this guy walks in power this guy can prophesy this guy can do this and do that or whatever the case is so while you but you have a target on your back if you in the church doing it and I think there’s a lot of people listening to this podcast who they’ve been through that you know I remember having a dream I had dreams plural about the church I was in and how there was gonna be attacks against it and what an even detailed prophetic thing dreams about it and I went to an elder friend of mine and first I went to the youth pastor would one a heap they prayed against it thinking it was demonic and satanic that the devil speaking to me right and then the other time I went to one of my elders and he’s like yeah you might not want to share that with the pastor because he may think that because in the dream like I had the answer about what to do to make sure that this doesn’t happen and it’s not nothing about me si hey let me share this with the pastor there’s this is coming and we can avoid it that’s why prophetic dreams happen and people be able to feel what’s coming before it happens in the spirit and not to just say I told you so but to be able to prevent it to be able to you know there’s there’s an intercessory prayer there’s things that you can do repentance if the path you have this of hay in the pastures like man this guy knows what I’m doing in the secret this my member knows that I’m in an adulterous relationship and he’s having dreams about it it’s not gonna be accepted they’re gonna get you out of there really quick right like I said before I never even knew that that was an option and what little I did know at the time that I came out as a clairvoyant was that this was not accepted in any way shape or form so the last thing that I was gonna do is go to my church and say hey this is what I do you know how could I help but yeah you know looking back and after reading and and and watching and hearing about different things you know like the book of Joan of Arc knowing that she you know tried to use what she was hearing to help the church to help to help you know win a winner war and said that the voices were coming from God I don’t know exactly what source I’m hearing my voice is from unless I’m in the middle of doing a reading and I know that I’m connecting with somebody on the other side so to say that you know God Himself gives me these these visions or whatever I don’t think that would be completely accurate it’s not that I don’t feel like I’m doing his work because I do it’s just I don’t know that I could say you know I’m hearing directly from God okay yeah and I think you may be right um but it’s even that is with the dogma in the cognitive dissonance of people so Holloway I only hear God I don’t listen to anything outside only listen to the Holy Spirit in a weird thing is we’ve addressed this it’s like sometimes you can’t even tell like for me a lot of this stuff sounds the same even for the people who you hear God even for the people who hear their guardian angel or hear the spirit of old man Jones who live down the road whatever it is like for me the way we interpret those messages it usually sounds like us yes yeah it sounds like us so for somebody there’s no that doesn’t sound different I think you have to test the fruit of the message and what they’re saying really to figure out who or what it is so the Holy Spirit doesn’t sound different than God God doesn’t sound different than Jesus Jesus doesn’t sound different than the Angels Jesus doesn’t sound different than the the demons or the disembodied spirits they the way we received that message internally it’s all the same but it’s beautiful though because the scripture said that Jesus said my sheep hear my voice and a strangers voice they will not follow so there’s other voices trying to lead us and pull us when we tap into the spirit realm when we walk into that mall we have our eyes on this is what I’m doing you have to be intentional and you I believe you can explore the spirit realm and things like that but even still say your prayers do your ritual to know that no harm shall come nigh thy dwelling whatever it is that I’m protected as I go in whatever you have to do is that that’s different from everybody to some it’s sitting in the middle of a pentagram which is a symbol of protection wearing your special pentagram ring burning sage praying using anointing oil fasting I do a little bit of all of it I think it’s all beautiful yep I agree my go-to is the prayer to Archangel Michael Raziel Uriel and Gabriel I surround myself in white white I do a quick meditation and I always smudge before and after you know to get rid of any negativity before I go into it and whatever I might bring home from it but that’s that’s that’s how I keep the negativity away I think I mean I haven’t had to worry about it yet so I think I’m doing something right mm-hm I wanted to ask you this too just to kind of get a picture of what it would look like when you would go in or do a session or whatever right it looks different for different people and like I said there’s a lot of people who want to know how do I tap in I know I’m called to this I’m really intrigued I don’t know where to start what does it look like when you go in so you’re talking about channeling do you do you zone out and then speak out the message like they give it to you and then it comes through you speak it out is that kind of how it works yeah so there are five psychic senses medium senses clairaudience is the ability to hear spirit clairvoyance is the ability to see spirit and to see signs like if they drop you signs and things like that those are the two main things that I use hearing and seeing and mainly hearing but how it starts for me is you know the people will come in they’ll sit down I’ll give them a rundown of kind of how this works what to expect and then I’ll say a quick prayer in my mind to my head I through my head and then I’ll start to channel spirit so it takes me you know maybe five minutes to get into an altered state and I’m usually doing that and my clients don’t even know they don’t even realize that I’m that I’m trying to get to an altered state but in the beginning you know you would really for me there was way more time between you know talking to the client and getting into that altered state that I would spend now it’s it’s kind of like a muscle like I just use it it’s that quick and I start but in the beginning no it was there’s a lot of effort it’s funny you say that cuz I’m kind of there now and it’s still kind of in the beginning of like but everybody helps for me though cuz I get to learn like I think that for me that talking or the consultation helps me get a game plan okay we’re gonna do this I’m gonna try this I’m gonna be looking for this then as I go into trance State and the messages come forth it’s like it helps me kind of like fine-tune what I’m looking for yeah but uh but yeah I mean you I’m saying the more you do something the better you get at it whether it’s going into meditation doing breath work sometimes it may take people 15-20 minutes you can get as good as one breath breathe close your eyes I’m there okay this is what’s coming right you know and you can get good at all of it the breath work the fasting the prayers the knowingly scene I’m saying the more you do it it’s like a muscle using the third eye even get better and better and better at it the more you use it so was there anything that uh we didn’t we didn’t talk about that you wanted to cover any any cool anything music something big that I wanted to talk about and you can find information on that on my myface Chantel gonna be on that with you oh yeah yes yeah Chantel will be on that with me and I have a blog called my mom the on that vlog you can read some really interesting stories that I that I’ve secured over the the last few years um you know earlier we were talking about when you say something to someone about spirit that you’re hearing and they say no we don’t know we don’t you know that doesn’t make any sense about maybe a year ago I might even be less than that I was in um I was in a little bitty town and I was doing a big audience reading there was probably 30 40 people in there and I began to speak to a woman whose boyfriend was now on the other side they shared a child she had just had that child recently and so he was a little bitty guy and the young man that was on the other side who was the father of the child wanted to reference that child and he began to describe you know different things about the child and then all of a sudden he showed me the number 28 and I brought up that number several times to this to this young mother about her child and she said that makes no sense there’s you know 20 the 28th nothing happened on the 28th and I said I’m gonna ask you to keep that and you let me know if you figure out where the 28th fits or the the number 28 and later that evening they went home to pick up their son or she went home to pick up her son and he had a baseball shirt on this said and so that was that was just this beautiful moment where she realized oh my god you know my son’s father really truly is around still and and that’s where they found out where twenty-eighth fit and so that’s always one of my favorite stories to give because people don’t realize that while you’re sitting in front of a psychic medium and they’re calling these things out at you you get what I like to call psychic amnesia and it’s where you like just completely blank out and that’s okay my biggest piece of advice if you’re gonna get a reading from a psychic or a medium is to bring a pen and a paper and write down everything that they say that way you’re able to go back through it and figure out what you know what they said and where it fits Oh got another question coming through let’s see what is her go-to tarot deck favorite card what did you go through what did you go to tear it deck in your favorite card this is from brother Andrew Walter whiskey what a whiskey this is my favorite deck it’s called the angel tarot deck and I you know as far as my favorite card I don’t necessarily have a favorite card but my favorite deck is this this angel tarot deck and I use it constantly and I just pulled out a card for everybody here and it’s the lovers so what it says is intimate relationships carefully weigh your desires good health so I would say if there’s anybody out there that’s thinking you know how could this affect me or what does it have it what does it have to do with me it’s either gonna be one of two things you know the lovers is is a sign of things going well you know things are gonna blossom for you carefully weigh your decisions so if you’re trying to decide something right now and you’re thinking about picking right away give it a day or two if you’re on this podcast and you’re listening to it and you’re trying to make a decision give it another day also keep in mind that it’s got the numbers sick Samet right here any time I see that that’s a that’s a big indicator that you may have something coming up with that decision around the sixth or within six days or six weeks so you know if anybody listening has something going on and they can relate to that card um there you go awesome so you do group readings to four like groups and stuff right yeah that’s my absolute favorite thing to do I call them mediumship demonstrations and it’s usually 30 40 50 60 people sometimes more and I just go in and I randomly bring up whoever whoever comes up and that’s that’s how it works you galambos facebook doing readings and stuff trying to attract clients and things like that do you do that there’s a lot of people doing that right now what’s the point do you go live on Facebook and uh oh yeah I don’t do I don’t typically do live readings on Facebook I think I’ve done maybe two ever but um you know and I usually do that as kind of a treat to my to my fans and clients and friends it’s not something that I do all the time to attract clientele I am very blessed to to be very steady in work so I don’t really have to do a whole lot to attract them but I I love to interact with with them exactly yeah well good stuff if somebody wants to check out more of your work or they want to book a private session from you or anything like that where can they go WWE Missouri the Missouri make sure you guys go check out her work check out some of the stuff that she has on her web site some really cool stuff their face book under Britney Buckwalter so you can you can send me a message there – sounds good Thank You Britney for coming on hanging out with me for my birthday I really enjoyed it thank you so much you have a good one oh you too thank you so much thank you bye Britney Buckwalter ladies and gentlemen beautiful song good stuff good stuff good stuff shout out to the chat we’re talking about like you know whether you’re going live on Facebook and spending time with your audience and giving them a treat I like to you too I like going live on YouTube I guess anywhere but I do this on YouTube for you know for the most part and then I see everybody joining everybody in the chat shops out and you’ve seen that number climbing climbing climbing everybody hanging out with us here I love that I love joining I love I love going live and seeing that number jump up and hanging out with my people the regulars the new people you know it’s just that’s my tribe of my crew man so just to see that we built something consistent here something beautiful it’s awesome and even with that there’s gonna be a lot of new people some come some go some have a change of heart I get those messages I was a New Ager now I’m a Christian and now I can’t listen to you so won’t you listen to some of the Christian episodes I’ve done I’ve had my old pastor on here I have worship leaders and you know prophets and stuff like that you know straight I do straight Christian episodes I don’t even mention anything like that and they’re good they’re good a good episodes really I try to find common ground with the people but dogma and Dogma is something buddy had to get you every time right sometimes that comes into play but there’s you know so many new people joining and then I just had a Jordan Maxwell on you know and those interviews skyrocket like he’s you know he’s got a huge following and I like I like even like and I’m honest like I like doing those Jordan Maxwell interviews too you know cross-pollinate to uh you know tap into his audience or whatever and I do that then I have a chance to have new people join the fold and hang out with us and people who are looking and I don’t want to convince anyone I don’t want to have to like trick anyone like I used to have to do in Christianity I’d have to like beg you to stay or whatever the case is if you find community amongst me and my people here like then you’re gonna stay it’s organic I don’t have to trick you or convince you if it’s time for you to go god bless you it’s time to move on you know not nothing lasts forever man so while we are here we have you know with like-minded people we have questions nobody’s perfect you know those type of things so it’s a beautiful space that we’ve created and just as I’ve created something like this you can create the same or you can cross pollinate and do the same thing so it’s really beautiful where we are spiritually and even using technology for our advantages but even with that you know you get trolls in here you get people who you know and that I just I had to ban I don’t know how many where my moderators are today there’s a half a couple people reach and I wanted to be moderators but I can make gozman I’m gonna go ahead and make monitor a moderator right here I’m gonna make Chris garner a moderator if I haven’t yet boom just like that we got garner and then we got Santiago these are my people these aren’t random these are normies these aren’t random people so uh you guys are moderators anybody acting up tell them where to go to the next video whatever it is but you’re gonna get people like that I’ve had a couple people in the chat today just kind of and it’s not about having a difference of opinion you can have your opinion or whatever whether you know you can stick around and have your own beliefs or whatever but it’s when you try to belittle someone or throw stones throw stones at people you know whatever it looked magic right here let’s see magic Dan Issa Danny’s a moderator Bing what look out for the trolls Chris garnet look I got a lot more grace than some of the chat a chat they’ll cut your head off me I’m gonna try to work with you you you offend the chat it’s Oh W Oh w88 and if you know what that means drop that in the chat chat don’t play chat don’t play I play chat don’t play but yeah those new people come you know the jordan maxwell interview brought a lot of new people and we got a lot of people watching right now and a lot of weird stuff in the chat going on – so anyway it comes with the territory all of it the growth so it’s just not about numbers but it’s about finding the people who are supposed to be there the people that have something that they can contribute Josh flew Minh moderator moderator like that regulators good stuff these people have age on them they’ve been here for a while they’re here every podcast man and my people I’m su do and it’s a bunch of Odyssey yeah I’ll make ya’ll moderators – uh-huh art says over with the heavy hand Oh W his head off with his head the chat will get you every time don’t make the chat mad speaking about going into the spirit realm right and protecting yourself Chris garner brought up a pretty pretty interesting concept he said that your attitude is your protection and then he even says now with this comment everyone deserves a say just stay positive he said your attitude is everything when you’re going in to the other side when you’re tapping in your attitude yeah attitude of gratitude right and your attitude determines your altitude how far you’re gonna go how high you’re gonna go all about your attitude I mean many people are in the same situation as you and that but they’re being elevated they have a better attitude you stay humble you don’t complain you know what I’m saying and you just roll with the punches you’re at your attitude determines your altitude how long are you willing to stay where you are at that level you might be at a good level you might be comfortable but there may be some other things that you want out of life there may be something you want out of this experience and you’re at your attitude comes into play it really does learning everything that you need to learn at this level so you ain’t got a journey back because you’ve learned what you needed to learn there then you can ascend and go to the next level and you may be like man I’ve been here I’ve learnt everything with us I got to learn I learnt everything I can’t even think of nothing patience is a virtue you know and but just looking for the opportunity learn I mean that’s number one the scripture says talks about how you know man can build things and in toil and stuff like that but it’s God you can plant you can water but God gives the increase the creator gives the increase to whatever it is you’re building again make sure you’re working with the Creator not working against them you know whether you have to abandon your faith or abandon this or they’re doing things that you know you shouldn’t be doing abandon that start and it changes everything start working with God versus working against God and you see that God is not this uptight you know ruling heavy hand like to chat God has graced at a bounds man and it’s the grace and ability to change your life – its unmerited favor from the Creator to his creation simply because not because you deserve it but because he loves you thoughts are continually for you plans to bless you plans to prosper you those are universal laws for me now there’s no wavering that that’s my mindset so working with God now you have to search your own heart you have to wash your own hands and you make sure that your desires are pure your desires are pure and your pursuit is pure now when we come to God the Bible says that God if you delight yourself in the Lord God will give you the desires of your heart well as your delighting in the Lord your desires change you use I used to desire wickedness I used to desire all types of foolishness I don’t desire that no more I used to desire you know I thought that there was different levels of success and what like you know prove that you were successful or prove that you were godly or whatever so as your mind is renewed by the washing of the word your desires change I don’t desire what I used to I don’t desire that stuff anymore God has done such a work in my heart and on my mind so that my desires change so then you see that when you get with God when you get in the spirit you delight yourself in the Lord he gives you the desires of your heart it’s because your desires changed you know not desiring to harm people you’re not desiring to pay repay evil with evil you’re not desiring to harm to come upon somebody you start loving your enemies you start blessing them that curse you you line up with God God sees your arms before him and say okay this is one I can trust he don’t he ain’t gossiping behind people’s back he’s got love for everybody doing what he knows to do is right doing what she knows to do is right God sees that your parents might not see it your spouse might not see it your boss might not even see it your boss might not even see it where you are I do such a good job why is everybody else getting raises but me like what’s the deal I’m doing it the best I can I’m outperforming everyone I’m excellent in my work God sees him God sees that don’t eat crisps gonna seem like you was in the same spot all are sort of blessing I don’t know where I fell in your lap what fell in my lap I saw desiring blessings I started looking for blessings for me and for other people as well so God delights in blessing his children he can how is he gonna bless somebody else he blesses us so that we can help people and you have to be a good steward with that whether it’s financial whether it’s children you know what I’m saying whatever you have it’s given you be a good steward with that be a good steward that’s what it’s about jump to this chat flying penguin says as a new creations as new creations in Christ we are transformed and already had the mind of Christ we must focus on who we already are yeah we’ve been we’ve been sold a false identity we’re in an identity crisis some of us are like a chameleon everything we look at we start turning we received that identity every person we get around we start talking like them acting like them it’s an identity crisis but you have to know who you are created in Christ Jesus to do good works you already have the mind of Christ you have to you have to renew your mind daily and even that it becomes with practice and you know what is walking in the spirit there takes some that there’s instant success there’s instant change but some of it you have to walk out some of it you have to walk out most of it you have to walk out right so you know we’re playing with magic it’s the Holy Spirit white magic change of heart and it’s a it’s a daily practice it’s a daily walk I wish that it was just a one-time deal I had to come to that notion even like coaching people and doing private sessions and stuff and I think I talked about this even the other day but I’ve been in this place where I just do one session with somebody and I was like we’re gonna knock it all out in this one session and then cuz I come from the Christian faith healer circles well just let me put my hands on you I’m gonna cast that demon out you I still do that right we’re still there but some of that stuff it don’t work like that you don’t work like that you cast a demon out but you don’t train that person on discipleship how to walk how to move forward with it and then you you actually doing that person that disservice I’ve questioned my evangelist friends on this how can you go in there cast out demons and win people to the Lord and then just leave them without any type of accountability or discipleship or a program or something like that because you cast that demon of addiction out of somebody the Bible says that those spirits go out to dry places they find seven other spirits stronger than they are and they come back to the homes that look they kicked me out we’re gonna go back I need y’all’s help he gets these other spirits and he goes back to the house or the body the temple they go back and if they find the house swept clean and it’s a whole nother house and they’ve cleaned things up they don’t have they can’t go back to their abode they had legal right to be there and then use a prophet the preacher the healer kicked them out they come back trying to find that legal ground because they do have a right to be there they had a lease they had an agreement why they can be there and if that agreement is not broken if that house is not swept clean and changed then it says that that he comes back with seven spirits stronger than himself and that the latter state of that person is worse than before you got to walk this stuff out you gotta walk this stuff out that’s what it’s about dealing with real life people issues just cuz we’re healers and light workers and where we’ve retrained our mind to see the beauty and and the blueprint and all that kind of stuff it’s still wicked stuff out there man there’s still wicked people out there you have to do even though you can’t even see it no more you’ve trained yourself just to see the good in everything and I think I’ve been there at times and I think it’s good versus versus the other extreme seeing the evil and everything everybody’s hidden agendas hidden motives all this kind of stuff but it really takes a balance be careful and everybody appreciates you not everybody is in your corner not everybody who’s riding in your boat or paddling you’re carrying dead weight you’re carrying people who’s secretly drilling holes in your boat trying to flip it they rocking it trying to flip it because you won’t kick them out yeah get rid of some of them people man 2019 you better do it shout out to everybody hanging out I see y’all in chat Christie folks allogram Chris corner Joshua looming the flying penguin Jose Adam allogram I think I said your name already all these people I love you I love y’all tonight again this is my birthday and we’re gonna do a special livestream and yeah if you guys want to hang out with me tonight it’s gonna be fun gonna be silly I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I’m excited so with that being said I’ll say peace and Shalom I love you guys and we’ll do it again soon love y’all I got to do a podcast right after here after this I got to go directly into another somebody wants to interview me so I’ll share that out when I’m done with it so what the Adams a piece of Shalom love y’all [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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