Aurora Soul Walk In

Walk-In Souls: The Biblical Arrival of Galactic Divine Beings | Aurora

Aurora is a “Galactic Soul Walk-In” who incarnated into this realm after the former resident of her body died. In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast, TruthSeekah speaks with Aurora about her experience and how it relates to the Holy Bible!

Aurora is a Galactic walk-in and the originator of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne higher dimensional torus shape. An expert in time-math and reality structure, visionary painter and prolific musician, she also has a deep faith and lives in devotion to Christ. Planetary protector, guardian of the Ascension process, upholder of Cosmic Law and teacher of Divine Architecture.

What Is A Soul Walk-In?

A Soul walk-in is a phenomenon where a person’s original soul leaves their body and is replaced by a new soul. This new soul, known as a “Walk-in”, is believed to have a specific mission or purpose for being in the body.

In some cases, the soul is a permanent aspect of a person’s being and cannot be replaced, while in others cases that the soul can leave the body temporarily but always returns.

The walk-in soul is there to help the person grow and develop in new ways, or to bring new skills and abilities to the forefront. Walk-in souls are there to help people navigate difficult life experiences or to bring a new perspective to a challenging situation.

New musical album called BELIEVERS, faith in Christ, personal journey of faith, mild critique of organized earth religious dogma, the ongoing planetary and personal Ascension process

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