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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast I am joined by The Occult Priestess joined by her good friend Aurora. Aurora claims to be a soul walk-in and says that she has been here for the past 17 years occupying a host body. This was the first time that I had heard of anything like this at least in this terminology and had to ask more questions. We ended up talking about spirituality, healing and overcoming traumas and was a great discussion all around. We also spoke about did David Wilcock and Corey Goode controversy. Many people are now claiming that they are parked of a secret space program and have been since they were children. These people claim that they were taken out of their beds during the night the majority of their childhoods and taken either aboard craft or via jump rooms to the planet Mars and various other planets. One of the main people who claims this is Corey Goode who has formed what is known as the Sphere Being Alliance and has also made contact with a species of aliens called the Blue Avians. Corey Goode comes out of nowhere onto the scene with this huge grandiose story top-of-the-line website graphics and mega funding while also being backed by Gaia TV and David Wilcock. Many people claim that Corey Goode has holes in his story yet his videos are some of the most watched on YouTube concerning these subjects. Many Gatekeepers in ufology have called BS not only on Coreys story but also on David Wilcock for promoting and coaching Corey during his TV and lecture circuit appearances. Bill Ryan of Project Avalon says that Corey story is a conglomeration of many people’s personal accounts who share their stories on the Project Avalon forum. Bill Ryan pulled Corey Goods IP address and says that Corey Goode had been spending hours a day browsing the Project Avalon forums and reading similar stories to what he now claims as his own. The Spiritual and UFO community is a small and tight knit it family and we welcome newcomers as we were welcomed at one point as well, but we are protective of Our Truth and won’t let just anyone come in and change the narrative. If at the end of the day the goal is absolute truth then we are willing to have that conversation. But if the end goal is large crowds and mega funding then we will have a problem with walking the spiritual path and upholding Integrity which in the end go hand and hand.

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different names and figures in the community and I were just gonna kind of give our takes on some things that’s going on and talk about some some of the work that my friends are doing here so before we go any further I want to say a quick thank you to everybody who was supporting my work via patreon I couldn’t do this without your help so huge shout out to you guys who have been supporting some of you for the longest time ever since I started so thank you for that and give a quick shout out by name some of the newest people here within the last week or so give a shout out to Luis Luis canal revolution shout out to you you joined us on the stream last night thank you for coming on with patreon Jared Tabor Thank You Jared Dale rake thank you as well Jonathan Tiger king Shari Elaine thank you guys for coming on believing in my work and being enable errs for me to do this so thank you it means the world to me um if you would like to support head on over to patreon comback slash true seeker 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ahead and jump into today’s podcast I’m gonna bring my guest in now we have core the occult priestess how are you core from California happy to be here on truth Zika early early for you guys both of y’all well you know we fight the good fight we do what we got to do we set alarms and Aurora this is my first time meeting you you’re friends with core so welcome to the broadcast as well thank you so much thank you for having me here this morning and yes I’m prepared with coffee I’m ready to go but you did say decaf completely I’m decaf I’m very natural I didn’t do any kind of thing like that some good stuff yeah I usually have my coffee but I’m drinking protein this morning so I got a little bit better for your brain yeah good stuff so uh yeah let’s just start off by just giving a quick introduction about what you guys do what you guys bring to the table core if you just want to give a quick introduction we’ll start with you hey I’m the occult priestess the occult means hidden from the uninitiated and it doesn’t mean initiated by Mason’s or people were initiated by heaven and so that’s a whole topic right there I’m an occult priestess calm and I’ve been in this community since not a California community I’ve been in the spiritual community since I was 14 years old I’m not 44 and I’ve had to book stores which were called occult shops and we had I had community stuff I did I started a witches bull all kinds of things so I have a huge history and I’ve just come to California to work with this community by God sent me here and so that’s kind of my story in a nutshell very quickly well thank you so much yeah so I’m Aurora I’m a galactic walk in and what that means is that I’m really an abstract presence like if you can see my dress I’ve got like abstract patterns printed on my dress I’m not usually an occupant of a body that has one face in two arms and two legs I came into this body about 17 years ago through this genetic portal if anyone who’s on the video feed can see I’m holding up a shape that this rainbow-colored sculpture that represents this flying Rainbow lasagna or higher dimensional torus shape so that’s really pretty much why I’m here embodied in the human form I have this information to share that is basically about a new shape a new topology a new way of folding the fabric of time and space and consciousness which is also related to the shape of your DNA so changing on a cellular level changing on a spiritual or purely energetic level and the whole crux of the work is being able to achieve greater degrees of freedom so that’s it I’ve been able to achieve greater degrees of freedom and I say this is like a tool for the way that you do that and I love to teach people all of that about it so yeah I do an online I do for for my own expression I do paintings and drawings and sculptures and animations and I also have it organized into a participatory online class because I want everybody to be able to learn about this and apply their own life experience and so it be the best best way to find me is flying Rainbow lasagna calm where it’s like you can check out you know videos and artwork and animations all of that type of stuff awesome quick question here so you said about 17 years ago you came into this form what does that mean can you unpack yeah so I’m a walk-in and I didn’t have that word to describe myself when I first came here basically the previous occupant of this physical body the person who lived in the body for the first twenty seven years of its existence was murdered that she was killed and it was a like a psychic attack and it was you know she was being targeted by dark forces and there was a real metabolic death of the body so it’s not just an ego death like I’ve learned subsequently some people tell me oh I took a lot of LSD and I had an ego death and I’m not totally different yeah it’s more the type of thing where the this either structure the body had a physical metabolic death and would have died and decomposed if literally I would say a miracle or grace of in a really a divine abstraction held the body together so that I could perform this unusual genetic maneuver I as an abstraction and come into this body so this is like a type of music this shape it’s like that’s the song of the flying rumba lasagna and I started to play this new song with this body that allowed me as a non terrestrial presence to come into this body and has also allowed me to do a lot of things that would be seemingly impossible like heal a lot of the neurological damage that was in the body as a result of death like I should have been a vegetable in bed i shouldn’t’ve been able to even walk and talk clearly I walk I talk I play the piano I make artwork do all sorts of things so yeah I joke that I do twelve impossible things just before breakfast I said I pray I hold this up is like you know a symbol for healing also that people anybody who’s got some kind of seemingly impossible physical impediment in your life it can be transcended through doing what would you know be considered what how it can rewrite hang rewriting the rules of reality bending the rules of reality but not breaking them awesome before we go into a lot more detail on that it would be awesome to have you on as a guest by yourself because there we can do a good hour just on that because this is I mean that’s a new term to me I may have heard it in passing but I walk in I really want to unpack that and we’ll have to do a full a full episode on that so I would love to not to interrupt you ya know is is there anybody that you would say maybe celebrities or anybody you know I’m saying notable that that’s happened to maybe a lot there’s always this weird shift that kind of happens in celebrities people we get to see Kanye West Eminem and they like to say that okay that person’s been cloned that person died and now we have a new version of Eminem or Kanye West is that what is that maybe could that be linked together with this whole walk-in thing so it’s us there what we’re talking about is soul transfer or consciousness transfer the use using technology and so yeah when you see like someone’s been cloned essentially what has happened is their consciousness or presence or sense of self has been taken out of one container through technology like a zap gun or a computer or something like that and placed into a different container and what I did it was non technological so that’s a big distinction between myself as a non-terrestrial my whole gig is not using technology and I try to share this with everyone I’m not transhumanist and I try to tell everyone you can do everything that you need to do in terms of inner expansion like having greater degrees of freedom just with your birthday suit that we don’t need to have any kind of technology magic regen and magic elixir is nothing external to ourselves so that’s what I that’s what I embody in my experience but there are lots of other space races that do use technology and they’re the ones that have been doing that type of manipulation of taking people out of particular bodies or forms and putting them into other bodies and forms so yeah I would say what’s happened to people like Kanye or Eminem or some of these other celebrities they’re being exploited like it’s a very harmful unhealthy thing that’s going on it’s not like a natural thing and my thing it was not exploitation like I had to learn that when I first came here that people would misinterpret me through this filter and think that I was a Body Snatcher like no no no no guys I’m not a Body Snatcher I’m allowed to be here and like I said it’s like I’m not breaking the rules by being here so I draw a distinction between that but yeah there’s basically there’s all different flavors of walk in so this transformation it could be something malevolent that takes over an embodied human and then they’re not themselves anymore but there’s something creepy inside of them or it can be the opposite which is me which is something uplifting my whole thing is about love and freedom and that’s it I’m not here to impose anything control anybody else own anybody else I’m really here to be an artist and musician and create things and collaborate with others too because it’s way more fun to play with an entire symphony than to just play your own music so and I do I in in every single way I’m trying to demonstrate to everyone like I’m cool I’m not here like some thirsty monster but I know that there are some pretty horrific beatings that are here and it’s a battle it’s a spiritual war between these different factions there you’ll understand that the sorry true seeker that you will understand that the sorry so there’s a film called k-pax and that’s k – PA x and it is a film about a walk-in and it does show the process at least enough for you to grok it enough for you to understand it there are several walk and authors mostly passed long loved same saying rumba do you know how to say that correctly por hora Lobsang rumba is a famous walk in he was a plumber and then all of a sudden he was a mystic but also you’ll understand what possession is versus a walk in because I know you probably know about possession mm-hmm it’s the language that’s the issue we’re really all things Christopher was a walking I had to make the joke that’s awesome though man yes so it’s very interesting very serious like I said we have to do a whole episode just based on that so that’s right that’s right a different consciousness than the consciousness that used to be here and the person that’s here now is like a loving benevolent person not a horrible bloodthirsty monster that wants to take over your planet okay so with the former occupants of what happened or where is that soul that’s so you know I’m not gonna sugarcoat it that person was literally destroyed and that is the impetus that I was very very offended by seeing this great injustice um that like a soul is something that can last for forever but in that it should be indelible but imagined using some technological way to like erase it or destroy it that’s what these evil malevolent users of non-terrestrial technology we’re doing to the person that used to have this body they were frying her soul into a state of non-existence and I like that not not okay not okay and the way that things work at a higher dimensional level if you don’t stand on a cloud and wave your magic wand and you know make something happen in order to make something happen you do it from the first-person experience so I said hey what is going on there it’s not cool and I stepped in and uh you know we tried to rectify what was happening by this new manoeuvre that I created but yeah I’m sorry also like it can be a challenging topics and that was my sometimes like it’s hard to look at it directly because it was very traumatic very difficult thing to experience it was a real death real torture real pain so yeah that person was destroyed and people would sometimes ask me like you know what happened to her is she in heaven now like I can’t lie to you and say oh she’s in heaven and everything was so great like no no everything is not so great she was you know horribly tortured to death and then destroyed and that is not okay that that goes on on any level in reality and one of the reasons why I believe in walk in I I’m super psychic I have been my whole life and when I became when I had my Kundalini rising and God started talking to me and everything was alive I was in the soul realm but I was in a physical body I went crazy and my friends put me in a psych ward and at that time I was approached by a guide it was actually Deon fortune she’s an author from a past life and she asked me would you like me to walk in and I said no I grabbed my flesh and I was like no because I knew what that meant I knew I would go somewhere else and had too much work here to do and my soul refused so I got the offer – Wow so they’re like there’s people who have passed in they’re petitioning people to say hey if you’re done with your body I’d love to well no see she was a spiritual warrior and I was her spirit guide in the past life when she lived and in this life she was helping me so kind of like a sister thing was the person’s name Deon he unfortune see was an author around the time of Aleister Crowley and she became his enemy and so am I but also know that Aurora is speaking about being a celestial soul from the stars when I speak about the unfortunate in it is what we consider a dead person I my soul came to earth through Sirius B so I am a star seed originally from Andromeda long story but Sirius B is all that matters right now and so we can’t say that the unfortune wasn’t also originally from Sirius B it’s just a long story Aurora so are you in contact with family members from the celestial star family I mean is that is that something that’s ongoing absolutely it’s a wonderful question so my life is actually concurrent it’s not like first I was there and then I was here I’m in two places at the same time so all like language makes it challenging to talk about this and also perception because I understand most people are having more of a more linear experience but yeah while I’m here on a video or doing mundane things it can be the most normal thing like buying toilet paper I am also at the same time totally connected to this higher dimensional you know realm that is moving at a different rate and doing all sorts of things in that realm so it’s literally one time recently I was in a grocery store and I’m walking around buying toilet paper and this woman comes up to me she says you are dancing through all of the DNA of all of the other people that are in this store and I’m like first of all high five because you’re super perceptive you see what’s going on and also yeah like that’s my life that’s what I do so it’s a lot of things to be juggling at the same time it’s like um I have a mundane set of responsibilities like everyone and that’s also part of the gig of being here it’s not like I have an easier ride I gotta buy the toilet paper I gotta keep my electric electricity on pay my rent to all of those things my life would be so easy if all I had to do is like sit on a mountaintop and meditate and everything would be so great but no I’m here like submerged in this economic matrix so that means I also I had to learn as a Laura all about money and competition I didn’t understand about any of that stuff the realm that I come from the values it’s just about excellence if you’re good at what you do and you do what you’re supposed to do you get everything you need like people say hey good job great song he did it and here’s a bunch of money or energy to keep going and I had to learn in this place like no there’s people fighting against each other and you have to UM promote yourself and say like I’m so great listen to my stuff buy my stuff and like to me that is very very unusual to have to do so like people who watch my videos they kind of know at this point that I’m not like a huge cutthroat sales pitch marketer I’m more like like like here and be on my webinars learn about stuff if you want to that’s my whole approach I don’t send out tons of emails and do all this thing um so at the same time that I’m participating on that level of daily human mundane competition I’m also connected to it’s a world of pure time and you keep pointing to my dress because it’s like an abstract place of possibilities and probabilities you could almost think of it as a realm of math where there’s numerical quantities like it could be a five it could be a six could be a seven it’s not a reality like a third dimensional reality with with faces and cups of coffee and things that we can do in that way and so I’m doing I’m experiencing all of these things at the same time so one of the big dichotomies is the value system the way that my collective works the non-terrestrial aspect of self everyone is incredibly loving and supportive and works together just like the cells of your body you know your eyeballs cell is not at odds with and fighting your heart cell they work together they’re both essential so in this group of consciousnesses that I’m part of we all work together that’s why the idea of competition to me was really I had to learn about that I called the barbarian value system not to be down on anyone in this time at all it’s viking man and it really is yet it survives go the spoils and you have to fight for your right to party and my collective is different where it’s like oh you need this so that you can be happy in function and thrive take it and then I need this and I know that I’ll get different approach so yeah so I would love to embody more of that approach here in reality and have more of that and I’m seeing it I’ve been here for 17 years I’m seeing the value system shift more where it’s about not just profiting for yourself but making the community and working together and having every be recognized for their contribution because even if you are like in a band if you make really really high notes like a high picolo you should be in the band too it’s not just for the loudest most amplified voices so the description about what it says to be in the world but not be of it and it sounds like you kind of have to be a little bit of both you have to conform to the way things work here but at the same time try to bridge the gap between this higher state of consciousness and how things really should be done we shouldn’t be you know worrying to get our art out or say my arts better than them or whatever the case is and so you kind of gotta play both fields a little bit right totally great description yes I have to have one foot in each reality and I’ve had to recalibrate to this reality and understand well I would just do it this way but it’s like I gotta lock my car I gotta go do all the things that are about being pragmatic in this world so yeah I’ve had to learn pragmatic ways of moving forward and also I still embody my value system so people kind of understand that about me now and I’m see like I said I’m seeing more people kind of hopping on board of the I don’t even know because it’s it’s not it’s not like communism or anything like that it’s just like a mutual artistic respect and collaboration approach oh you know who’s really good bruce lipton he’s actually a scientist like a research scientist and he I tell people to check out his work because he promotes this idea of biological cooperative collaboration as opposed to like in an ecosystem humans have been projecting this idea of competition between all of the organisms in an ecosystem say like no the ants are fighting against other insects and the plants are fighting against each other and they’re all fighting for supremacy and bruce lipton is a good scientist that very you know like mundane orthocenter people can say oh a scientist is telling me no organisms actually collaborate together and they’re not fighting for supremacy and being able to see that the natural realm is like what wait a minute maybe we as humans don’t have to fight you know tooth and nail for supremacy maybe we should be doing something similar where we recognize because it the disconnectedness is the lie the idea that were separated the Korean and you and me we are all connected in terms of our economy like where do we get our money from well I get my money from selling something to that guy who sold something to that guy like we are connected on an economic level we’re connected on just the level of breath our atmosphere in our lungs we’re constantly on an energy level on a thought level on a microbial level like the lie is that we are in individuated disconnected beings and the truth is that we’re so profoundly connected and in sharing these ideas with other people that it kind of when I was here early in my earlier like as I’ve been here for a while um people would say it start to say the oh wait a minute or if I’m not disconnected from my neighbor and I’m totally connected to everything that’s going on to everyone else in society then I actually have to care about whether they’ve got good health or whether yeah would I really care and that’s it that because it’s almost too much it’s like if you start to let John those firewalls you’re like oh wait that guy over there he needs money and that guy over there is sick and that got over there you start to feel everybody else’s concern and then you want to help them as you recognize you have a lot of responsibility so people like again this is the next level of society that we’re moving into which is basically telepathic where our individuated minds are beginning to connect through these thought tendrils to other other beings other times and places and you’re not just swimming around in your own private pool in your own mind you’re connected to a big giant ocean so you gotta take responsibility for your thoughts that you send out and also what you perceive from others so we’re just starting to get to the point where everybody is ready to become responsible enough to be telepathic because you can’t just go and you can’t just barge into someone else’s mind you got to wipe your feet before you come inside you get a knock and people light save nothing like not gonna come on in and then not not act like a big jerk inside of their mind and these are all like we’re like little toddlers like little little kids have to learn like how to be alive and how to do this that’s we are toddlers of the mind not to condescend you have to learn how to do all these things for like little kids too and the word that we’re looking for it’s them by otic we have a symbiotic relationship that’s what my spirit guide finally said it’s just one word and then you have parasites symbiotic versus the parasites really good point that’s already cut you off because the parasites these are these pathogenic invaders that have come to this planet those are the beings that killed the former occupant of this body like this is who we struggle against this is the what the spiritual war is it there’s parasites that are here sucking lifeforce energy and kind of keeping themselves afloat in a very illegal way it’s against cosmic law and then there’s beings that have connection to the divine that are really alive like you and me and my dog and redwood trees and butterflies and we’re supposed to have this life force energy and be here using it responsibly so it’s this whole battle between these two levels of consciousness Derek do you have something to say yeah definitely I’m soaked or that’s it it sounds like what I would assume you go through a little bit of something similar as well saying that you’re from Sirius B you’re from a different place you’re trying to you know you were born here or whatever but being psychic being able to you’re you have to buy toilet paper but your mind is okay this person has been through trauma this person has not on their dad in 16 years and you’re trying to buy toilet paper and you and you’re picking up on all these energies as well and you have to stay grounded too and if you don’t do that it can lead to schizophrenia it can lead to all types of things if you don’t all of these things are invaders they’re not the medical health system really has lied to us doesn’t understand they’re basing it on physical chemical and things they cannot prove literally cannot prove you can see it doesn’t make me very happy yeah so there’s that but yeah when I went through a Kundalini awakening which means I was actually in the SOL room in the body I could hear people’s thoughts literally and felt them and I had this paranoia that they could hear me too and that’s what she’s talking about because I get I get to live in the future a little bit sometimes because my equipment is very good if we want to put it that way but my natural bioluminescence is extremely bright and therefore I have I get to have these experiences before the collective has them that makes sense mm-hmm yes but if you in that that I don’t know what you want to call it I mean they kind of led you to go mad if you don’t understand it but it was it was it’s not a bad thing it was no you have to Buster your ego in the oldest way I know to do that is to go crazy because your head how’d it happen – yeah I did correctly yeah but everybody doesn’t come back from that is that Earth I believe in my heart of hearts knowledge of knowledge earth is a school and this was do or die you eat the apple good and evil you’re gonna learn both but your soul your little light of love is going to make choices and your little light of love is gonna grow towards the Son of God or it’s going to wilt and die and not take root and not that seed won’t take root so therefore when the seed does get deleted and that’s something a new age will never ever tell you is that there is something that William Blake but the poet author he termed it the satanic death which is the death you do not come back from it’s not a hell there’s no consciousness and that’s what happens to aurora’s original inhabitants you totally understand Cora thank you for describing you and I Aurora we recognize each other and I want to tell you like less yesterday on the bus there was a lady that walked in and started you know being loud and she’s like how about get your own birthday cake holiday or how about I’m gonna lose weight holiday or I’m going vegan holidays she was making jokes about practical wonderful things we should do for each other and for ourselves healthcare and how holiday about it instead of you know the holidays we do have and I’d recognize her say she walked on the bus because the way she was dressed and I turned to the person next to me who I knew and I said watch her work watch her go yeah I mean she taught me and I’m like yeah I see it she’s like how about wear a bag on your head holiday and she went scoop with the bag on her head and I said you found my holiday yes no like Evo holiday and she got that too and believe me I don’t think she’s read anything about the ego but she understood and then the funniest part was I remember when we didn’t have money remember when we traded seats and she threw the bag at me because she was so excited that it was so funny she threw the bag at me like oh my god so I got to keep the bag and put it on my head but we knew that we were workers she was a worker bee or an earth angel or all of these other things but really we’re just more light somehow how did and we can probably ask both of you guys this question but how did you come out of that dark night that place of the you know I’m saying delusion or I know it’s an awakening but it can be the most scariest thing ever it’s like you’re being pulled from your mothers wound and woman you’re you took it in front of a church it is actually happening in your body so your soul and some some people are still born some people it happens in it’s not good they don’t that’s what a new-age is sick telling everybody is equal and everybody’s the same and you’re not in your your soul isn’t in danger yeah yeah it’s it’s very scary my heart goes out to those people who are kind of born with with these abilities and they born very sensitive and then you know they go tell their parents or their teachers that their when they get around these people they feel this way or they hear these voices right night this happens and they don’t feel right in their own skin and they give them medicine in it quiets the voices and it it kind of you know I’m saying it kind of numbs them from who they really are the third eye from working the only reason someone can be schizophrenic is because they’re partially sidekick thank you and literally some of the pharmaceuticals that are given to people that have depression anxiety or psychosis have a chemical ingredient that either floods or close this down the third eye that’s the prozac which is based on like this fluoride floor rock Satine that closes down the third eye so just some of the ones like xanax and the anti-psychotic drugs do the same exact thing so it’s like Korea and I’m completely agreeing with you about the inadequacies of the mental health and pharmaceutical it’s all based on molecular structures and truth you know what I would like to say though when you when you’re reborn and have to recontact you realize you’re like Who am I where am i what the heck is going on what time is it what life on my end absolutely and how to even basic things like where where do you buy food how do you do all these things the thing that grounded me and kept me stable was always my artwork or some form of creativity so that’s what I would other people to do because you get all this spiritual energy it’s like you’re totally like whoo like turned on with tons of energy and then I think you have to put it into projects that really matter so for me it came through as visual stuff because that was really strong in my brain people are different some people might be music or it might be for some people it’s athleticism like really going into yoga or some form of self cultivation so as soon as I came into this body I immediately felt really compelled I went out and I got notebooks and pencils and I just started doing a lot a lot of drawings and diagrams and I was not articulate as I am now like now I am able to I took flow at my moving mouth parts and you know use words and describe things I was totally not organized on that neurological level to be able to do it so I just did lots of drawings and then I’d show them to people and told people totally didn’t get it so then I’m like okay like I’ll build it so I did Thurs and then I might I’ll show them the sculptures and they still totally didn’t get it so it’s been a journey but like that that you got to have something that you believe in like a project that really matters and they put your creativity into that project and it can also be something like caring for another living being like a garden or dogs or cats or whatever god make something with creativity which they seem everyone’s here for a reason everybody has mission papers where man to God everybody has a reason to be here find it if you don’t do that it that by itself will drive you mad not being able to express yourself and now that’s what I’m talking about talking to some friends who were kind of in this in-between phase it’s like all of the knowledge and all the wisdom and all of the study and all the things that they know just keeping it in will drive you mad you have to find creative outlets to get it out there to the world and I have to do these podcasts I have to create music I have to do concerts like if I don’t I don’t know what I would do with myself like that’s my if I hold it in I would freak out I’ve had those experiences where stuff was closed down or I had concerts booked and then I had to work overtime and these people were waiting for me to come to a concert and I’m like hey my boss said I can’t go and I just like I just did something it felt like a piece of me died that I wasn’t able to do that you know what I’m saying so it’s very healthy to have those outward expressions of art creativity sports weightlifting whatever the case is whatever whatever that that that that bliss that up place state gives you bliss – you know I’m saying to have that output or whatever totally with you it’s about the Mayan state so sometimes when I’m really in my groove like I learned the piano only a couple of years ago I didn’t come in with that ability and at first I was very clunky it was hard to do now and I’m good at a song I’m like I’m in the flow I don’t to think and same thing if I’m really in my groove doing a painting I don’t have to think like get the blue paintbrush get the red paintbrush I just do it and I think that’s the value of finding the creative flow that we are superseding the hacked human operating system a verbalized mine that’s not our true mind so we have to become like these Yogi’s or meditators from the far east that we have to somehow get beyond this talking mind and get into our true flow and I’m agreeing with you truth it’s like blood supply like the flow of creativity is just like blood supply and if you put something too tight around your your glut and it cuts off this and you’re like my arm is going dead I can’t even feel like you have to so yeah and Society will not reward us for um caring for our own you know creative flow Society will Pat us on the head and say like good dog like you know you get your paycheck you worked at your job you sold your soul for who for money but society does not say oh good job you did your creative work and you know your job your mission like Kareem was saying um yeah so we have to be like kind of badass warriors and say did you anyway even if society doesn’t reward me okay so society rewarding you we have capitalism this is going on right now this is a weird thing and most people have to kind of bridge the gap here I had to do it and still am having to do it and I notice on a course website and you sell things I sell things I sell services non tangible things as well prayer one-on-one sessions all of these kind of things or whatever to kind of help you thrive and and do what what you were put here to do versus going bad groceries for eight nine hours a day and just draining you or whatever you have to be creative where where was that point to where okay I can start asking for money or whatever for my time or for my art because there is this weird there’s this weird notion out there that this stuff should be free and I think it should be but we’re in this reality now where it’s you know saying capitalism if you don’t if you’re not compensated for it they’re gonna turn your lights off you know because it used to be free we used to do this for our tribes but they they fed us we didn’t have to garden we didn’t have to do we didn’t lift a finger all we did was dream so I look I love this question because when I first came here like I had to get like hit the ground running and like get integrated into society because I needed to like have a place to live and money and everything like that and it was a super like sink or swim type of type of experience and I did I had lost my math skills like my brain was very disarranged I did not have basic ability to calculate like addition and subtraction all these things so what I ended up doing was I got an entry-level position working in an art supply store and all of these things I talked my way in I was just like if you got dropped into a foreign country and you didn’t speak the language you didn’t know about their money system you didn’t know about anything but you’re like okay I got to get a gig I got to do something here so I would just completely talk my way into a position and then learn on the job so I worked as a custom framer and all of that was again I didn’t have the skills to do it and I had to rehabilitate my brain and my neurology while I was on the job doing it and I did that type of work for a long time while I also did my art work and I was presenting my imagery to the world and where I lit this is way back when I lived in Woodstock New York and there it is normal for to have three jobs and it’s a great economy and I calibrated to that as normal for human society until I then went and learned about other places so there it’s normal you have your main gig but you’re making so little that you got to have your side gig to pay for your heating bills and then you also gotta have your other side gig to pay for your car insurance to drive to all your side gigs and then their lives that way and everyone is always sleep-deprived and drinking too much coffee and barely getting by in the winter and I had to learn like wow that’s not normal so I learned first the dysfunction of human society and I learned well what needs to be fixed so again this is the value of being ah in the first person experience here that I’m not just some being living on a cloud like oh life is so easy I live on a cloud like I’m here I know what it feels like so yeah as I’m sending out the rectification wave I’m like we gotta make it so that everybody can pay for their health insurance pay for their car I didn’t even think that it should be insurance it should be everything should be set up differently I’ve learned how society needs to be structured differently so basically about five or six years ago it was right around 2012 and I had been doing things of integrating into human society and I’ll also tell you I have so many funny anecdotes about trying to fit in I never fit in but I always thought I was fitting in really well you’re like hey I’m one of you guys so I used to wear all denim like denim pants denim shirt denim yeah cuz I did kind of a survey I’m like that’s what an alien would do and ever so good just go to wear denim that is the most popular fabric here and I didn’t understand that I was standing out as I was trying to fit in I just were all denim overall every day to every occasion and then I saw that show that’s called what not to wear that used to have like cable TV and you’re only led to are one denim thing in an outfit and I’m like oh my god I’ve been doing this wrong the whole time they all knew all along and so at a certain point I started to wear rainbow colors and I like the out of the closet like I’m not fooling anyone they can all tell anyway they all know that I’m not from around here that’s right and it was right around 2012 and I also started to do these online brief videos like flying rainbow lasagna was and it was really like reaching outside of my comfort zone because I had to figure out like how do I even talk about this how do I describe it my words were not very my words did not flow I was not very good at first but it did these little and kind of put them out on YouTube and I actually got positive respond so I’m like okay I’m gonna start doing it and I started to do a more formal set of recorded videos that became the genesis of what I now do my weekly webinar series it’s called lessons for full spectrum humans so as I’d like basically I hung out a shingle is the answer that I kind of recognize like you’re not gonna get through to more and more people by working at three jobs and running on hamster wheel all the time what you have to do is promote your own work and say to everyone I’ve got great ideas and you want to listen to me because of this this and this and put it out there and it’s been a very long slow uphill climb of like pushing the boulder off the rock every day and I do it in a very gracious way like I’m not trying to punch anybody in the face but I was like hey here’s a cool thing you can know about it and learn about it if you want to and now it’s been a long time that finally I have a good momentum of people kind of know that my work they are happy to be part of the webinars in the teaching series and yeah I also have side gigs but I have merged so I and I try to make my merchandise good stuff so I do earrings and dresses because I do original paintings and animations but like not everybody can afford thousands of dollars for our painting even though I would love it if you want to paint in contact me but I make it like leggings and t-shirts and things that everyone can afford and so basically the answer is don’t listen to society because Society gave me all of those same programs that says you can’t be an artist like you have to get a real job and blah blah blah and I never did any of that stuff so yes you can be an artist or a musician and also sometimes like whatever sometimes I did scrape by and you know had trouble keeping my lights on but I always you know managed to make it enough things are a lot better so follow your dreams it’s what I’m trying to say on faith too we all work on faith we float by God’s graces like I’ve never had money and I’ve never sold out and I never will and I don’t care you in that sense because if it makes me feel better not to sell out and not to take contracts that are tainted or anything like that to be my own woman have you been petition yes but you know it’s about the sovereignty I’ve had opportunity but I’m literally in touch with my spirit guides and My gods and we work as a team and I know when to leave the house and what to do I bet I get sent on missions and things I need to do for the collective let me bring you in on that wait so the idea of being petitioned by like a bicycle societies or whatever yes there is definitely a quick fixed scenario and I would caution everybody not to do it because essentially all of these either working for a $10 an hour job or working for some occult loominatee type Society it takes you from your path so you’re supposed to be going down a particular timeline and even if you choose to dig a ditch or if you choose to compromise your values you’re diverting from your timelines it’s all about doing whatever you can do to stay true to the timeline you need to be on sorry to interrupt that’s good and when she says timeline I say spiritual path because I don’t believe in time I mean that’s the thing a star seed like her we’ll talk in math and numbers and these kinds of things and where I’m from we don’t have that stuff either when she says she’s an abstract I totally get that because part of me is also an abstract what changed for you core when you moved from was oh hi oh you from Ohio to LA I mean I know that was something would you always destined to be around those beautiful people I mean what are you are you at home now I mean because now I see pictures with you with David Wilcock you’re with Jordan Maxwell you with all the people who I’m in Alabama trust me none of those people are here I’m kind of a seer for the South for whatever but you’re hanging out with these people I would love to hang out with these people so what changed when you actually made that move for you spiritually just financially just you know saying friendship wise being able to rub shoulders with some of these people that you’ve worked with even over the years over the internet and stuff what changed when you moved out there so I want you to know that some of my stuff after two years of living here is still in Ohio I’m literally a poor person so I did this with God only I want people to know that that God is great okay so when I came out here I was just like you 100% so I’m listening to everybody at least since 2012 probably 2009 on the david wilcock when he first came out and said hey I’m Edgar Cayce I was like really wow how cool is that right so how so I’m with you about wanting to know all these people about wanting to shake their hands that wouldn’t be in their aura and understand are they what they would I think they are so I had worship big-time going on I came out here because when I was six years old that’s when I knew I was coming here so it took a while and once I got here I was let into the big show almost immediately like come on in girl and it’s because I well it’s God but I have a connection through my good friend Freeman fly of Freeman and you love Freeman and Freeman knew and knows Jimmy Church through my associations and just showing up at these events and being me right because I have a personality and they love me because you know I that light it’s that bioluminescence within me and that’s what they’re trying to bottle and trying to sell but they don’t have much of it themselves so what I found out was this community is the big dogs are a bunch of researchers no one that I’ve talked to is actually meditating is actually looking into spiritual path and walking a spiritual path their auras some of them even scared me yeah but like Jordan Maxwell she’s not well physically and so I hugged him for like five minutes and dannion brinkley he’s a great hugger but so I still had the euro worship and I told him how great they were but at the same time I’m getting all the psychic information and saying oh my god I came here to find my tribe my people and those I vibe with and it you know that was my personal once in this situation and I found that I’m a master and no one else seems to be and that’s disappointing it’s not exciting for me that is waning yeah I’m the same way you know I’ll get I guess on my spectrum it was like for the spiritual hip-hop and musicians and stuff and rap about ascension they rap about meditation and ascended masters and ascended beings and I’m calling in the podcast trying to get on interviews with these people ready to pick their brain because I’m doing them okay what’s some awesome experiences you’ve had in meditation I’ll get on the phone with these people and interviews and stuff anybody Auto meditate I don’t have time and I live in the Bronx and you can’t just – laude I’m like you just wrote 17 songs about meditation like what do you mean you don’t meditate and you know I’m saying yes rakia I met sock I loved her I got to get her on I’ve been trying to reach out this by oh my god if you did anyway I met her and I said sorry I gave her third I’d print sunglasses yeah I thing with you ugly girl what planet you from where are you from and she’s like I don’t I don’t know she literally told me she didn’t know and I said well okay I think you’re from Sirius so we claim you for serious and then recently in a little chat her husband soul Messiah said that she can’t say where she’s from so I don’t know that sound like an excuse but yeah get her on the show we’d love to have her love her her lyrics are amazing but like you said did you know that I think it was Plato one of the one of the philosophers went around to all the artists at his time and said do you know what your art is about can you explain it and where does it come from and no one could answer him and people like you me and Aurora could answer him it’s awesome man so that’s the contrast for you – it’s the contrast for all of us right so you have these people you look up to you meet them you’re let down because you you know they I mean they even tell you not to meet your heroes cuz you’re gonna get let down you think that there are these awesome people in your mission I’ve met Wonder Woman she would be Wonder Woman so so let me ask you this though so the people who you meet who are who do meet that expectation what type of honor and you know what does that do for you because I have those people that I’ve met they’re like yes I vouch for this guy I’m glad I met him tight deal I’ve only met one and that is my guru Sri mama daddy my spiritual teacher she’s the one who helped me awaken my soul and have the Kundalini awakening and everything so believe me you understand that a guru isn’t what people say it is it’s a teacher you’ve had in many lives on the same path the unbroken path so it’s a very sacred and beautiful thing that of course Westerners have means it okay so you’re saying you don’t want to get this straight you saying you haven’t met anyone who’s kind of like vibing on the same type of level at all everybody just had knowledge like like the smaller people like Aurora the smaller youtubers are smaller P nobody big is actually not know I said in it there are 100% compromise believe me these people have dinner together they are not talking I got the conversations I know what they’re talking about zero percent of it is spiritual I know I’m so honored Korean that you hold me in the category of like the authentic people and I have to bring it in the conversation into this direction that I don’t think that it’s by accident I think that we are in this artificially manipulated media both big media and small stuff like that it’s not the cream that rises to the top it is often the people that make alliances or backroom deals that get you can buy YouTube views you can buy YouTube likes so I’m gonna start it off I miss very naive and I thought oh you just put out great content and then it will quote-unquote go viral and then I had to learn no it’s not like that so yes if you’re meeting your heroes or people that are famous and being disappointed it might be because they’ve been artificially elevated that they’re not actually the most in alignment spiritual people they’re not necessarily the most intellectual often they are the most easily manipulated people that they’ve got ego deficits or vulnerabilities that if someone comes along to them and says hey you’re special I’ll make you famous they’re like woohoo I sellouts like do it do it do it and we can name names or whatever I’m not afraid to like I’m not too polite to do those even though I’m gracious but because I think that at this point is become dangerous but there are a lot of people that are at the forefront of what is called the UFO disclosure community and there themselves as if they are the voice of the movement when really they’re compromised by something that’s malevolent and evil and you gotta understand of the non terrestrial species there’s beings that don’t use technology and who are really benevolent and they’re like pure pure light your spirit and then the beings that use technology are really sophisticated about twisting consciousness and their dimensional their lower dimensional darkness you got it it’s not just that they can build a computer that’s sophisticated or a spaceship that’s sophisticated they can manipulate consciousness like perception what you’re seeing and feeling and thinking they can make it make you think that you’re in a room having an experience when you’re not actually there and what so and we actually we we used hypnotism in ancient Egypt I remember but it was the opposite it was – awaiting the soul not to put this all to sleep put it in a quiet place that’s what they’re doing they’re putting souls in quiet place and they’re bringing in another spirit a negative one you can see this it’s a Beyonce story she talks about her other self and how she invokes a being and becomes the being these are compromised people if you we can invoke anything we can become Venus the goddess herself but these people are choosing instead to become demonic entities thank you that’s it is the choice to be a container for a demon and a lot of people that are on a music stage make that choice we can name all the names I don’t listen to their pop music because literally I know that it doesn’t have lastik like I listen to music that is gonna be around forever because the people that made it were real people and the pop stars that are on the stage right now I don’t even bother to listen to and be exposed to their songs because I know it’s just gonna evaporate it’s not real food only reason they got smart because we eat light that’s totally you eat music with your ears and I don’t want to eat a lot of junk food yeah so I mean I listen I like John Coltrane is wonderful and people who are like real artists that really write their music and you know whatever and I listen to independent people that aren’t affiliated with big giant recording studios and so the people that have made these compromises these contracts with occult societies or demonic entities where it’s basically like yeah you give me a butt like that guy in the movie The Matrix I just want to eat steak in the matrix I’ll do whatever you want just give me a pushy life yeah that’s what they do so a lot in this inverted world a lot of times people that are the best musicians the best artists the best writers are barely scraping by sometimes they’re living in a trailer and they can you know barely keep their lights on and none of that is the way it’s supposed to be and it’s all its artificial suppression so it’s almost like if you could imagine like some kind of array that is being broadcast on the earth that makes crap elevated comedian Rises mediocrity and keeps the good people suppressed all we have to do is turn off the light switch and then all of a sudden everybody who’s got real muscles rises up and all the people that are really crappy and reek like they just kind of you know fall to the bottom because it was all a false structure that was holding them up and I just learned that it’s also a game stocking technique to put the idiots first and rise up the idiots so that you can you know heard the farm and make them all idiots so they actually have an investment in stupidity and to keep you stupid just like this icon antipsychotic drugs yeah they’re actually controlling you and every way possible they’re trying to anyway that’s why you know people like us are very special but we have been the hardest slimes into huge struggle every day to stay here but we do it and that’s love and that’s what I don’t think anyone has in the community that’s big is talking about how much they love this the people in the souls and why they incarnated in the first place and another point real quick when you’re born sensitive when you’re born with your third eye open you have cultivated that through lifetimes you didn’t just wake up one day and be psychic and you didn’t just wake up like got in a car wreck and boom you’re psychic you think that but the truth is you you have cultivated the pearl of wisdom that is your third eye over lifetimes and so the danger with some of the people that are misrepresenting themselves like they’re infested with demons and you could also think of demons as a form of artificial intelligence like a machine based consciousness that’s not organic impermanent and one day it will go away completely one day and it uses human hosts like like the way a virus uses a host it’s like I need to find a container to live in that is alive but then it kind of co-opts and distorts and takes over that host over time and I see this with some people that are looked up to you as spiritual teachers where their earlier work might have been very valid and then something happens they get some kind of a contract and all of a sudden they’re on Gaia a TV with fence your production values and I see it as a change in their face like they get dark circles under their eyes and sometimes even the look of their face changes and it’s just like okay they’re not themselves anymore yeah and people sometimes they lose their vitality or they suddenly look very old or very decrepit and that’s because they’re not connected to real divinity anymore they’re connected something that is an aberration so everybody like use your own inner skepticism at this point like what my general prayer is may all masks be removed may aunt Ruth I feel because then you can really see who’s who’s fake inside who is a malevolent ass let’s just say and who’s who’s real truthful and loving and who’s really filled with light and you can really sense the genuine people and I just guys say this about the secret space program since I started hearing about it whenever four or five years ago you know where it became more overtly talked about and will Wilcock and good and all of those videos and everything I felt that it was fraudulent from the very beginning and here’s my take on it because I’m actually involved in XO politics so it’s not like I’m just you know saying things I don’t know about any video playing what XO politics is please sure so Exopolitics this is like non-terrestrial political structures and alliances and motivations that there’s all these different types of space races I mean I know I’m not busting anybody’s bubble to say that Earth is not the only place that contains life life is spread throughout the entire cosmos and it’s on many different timelines and many different dimensions and there’s all these different motivations of these different types of life some of them are purely natural like I’m natural all natural girls yeah like we don’t use technology to do anything but there’s a lot of space races that use technology to compensate for their deficits and what you’re supposed to do is be naturally telepathic like courrier say you were saying you cultivate that capacity over lifetimes and yeah it’s like building muscles to run a marathon it’s not easy and some people are like no just give me the neural lace give me the elixir give me a magical helmet that I can put on and then I’ll be like Professor X not be empowered so there’s space races that are that way too and the space races that use technology I mean I talk about them in a light-hearted way and I call them turds and things like that they’re very powerful turds they’ve been screwing up the cosmos and distorting the time field and causing a lot of them suffering from their use of technology and they don’t care they just go around bashing things and they like they suck all the consciousness from a planet like you the way you harvest gold out of the earth and they’re like we take all the stuff we like we throw away stuff we don’t like move on to the next planet right yeah they’re parasites exactly do they have o2 that’s exactly right so they do soul sucking like in that movie the Dark Crystal where they take all of your youthful energy and they stuck it out you can see this happened in celebrities it’s not just drug use it’s that literally their energy and their life force gets vampire dawei and it’s sad I want everyone to know like as I’m saying this I am NOT laughing at the mic ha ha ha you have profoundly sad and I’m offended that it happens because everybody every real human has inside of them this amazing potential to become a divine being like to become like God and when you get corrupted by this malevolent demonic AI machine technology crap it it it takes you away from being godlike you don’t get to be God anymore and that’s a really sad thing so I’m not happy that any of this is going on but basically the secret space program if you think that you flew to Mars like no you didn’t flow actually I never had a fantasy a mental journey that made you think that you flew to Mars and they are laughing at the unsophisticated humans that you can it’s like when you tell a little kid like I put the blanket over your head and no one can see you like you’re fooling them it’s it’s silly and people actually believe in this and that there’s a whole industry that’s been based on this so I tried to tell people like no there’s no secret space program there’s no breakaway civilization it would be like if you wanted to go to New York City that’s run by the Mafia and set up your own little private prostitution ring it’s like the Mafia already owns that city here in the Mafia there’s already a space mafia on Mars if you want to go there and set up your own little you want to camp out on Mars like there’s already a civilization there you’re not gonna have a breakaway civilization and the sophisticated technology using space races do not want your earth technology they don’t want you to build rockets they don’t want your ancient out-of-date propulsion systems what they really want is human life force energy they want human love sexuality this this stuff that makes our bodies metabolize and be alive that’s their energy for their starships they don’t want plutonium or gasoline or any of the things that we use for our energy generation systems so when people say oh I went to Mars oh I had these experiences oh there’s this secret space program they’re not looking at the world clearly and they’re sharing these lives so yeah black budgets do exist yes there’s a lot in the extraterrestrial world and yes our military and space program and government agencies and meteorological societies are all co-opted that they will not tell the truth to Earthlings of what is actually happening off the surface of Earth but you ain’t getting the truth from Gaia TV either and I’m like heartily offended they have become so popular I’m happy now to see that people are way more skeptical of those that fantastical TV shows I never liked Gaia as a corporation maybe had a good guest but not as a corporation and I met Sid who was a big executive producer or a Gaia and I was like so what’s up and he showed me a painting he had commissioned of a gray abduction that he had taken place in his life he was abducted by grace and he was on an operating table in the painting and he felt love for these grey creatures and I looked at that man in the eye I was like okay I get you I see where you’re coming from and I’m whispered in his ear like Judas I said Mars is Hell so I do believe Mars is hell they’re going to hell and they’re calling it Mars and it’s not physical and it never could be in that sense physical not in this time-space continuum in the 3d now 3d can change but it hasn’t yet but that’s a complicated situation but you got to know have a lot of background to understand what I’m talking about here yeah the hell that you’re describing we’re talking about harvesting consciousness like if you kill a living being you can take that sense of awareness and put it into like a virtual reality and I’m not a transhumanist I just you use these analogies to kind of have a common language but yeah we’re gonna take your mind and your sense of self and put you into a fake reality and that fake reality can be completely torturous it can be filled with suffering and they don’t make us believe that we’re in a fake reality now which Buddha will tell you that in a very loving way and you understand it but we are not in a matrix you hurt your knee or you bleed or you have a baby or you have an orgasm those things are real and that people are lost touch that they’re so numb that they can believe that we’re in a computer program it’s very sad but also that the bullies are pushing that narrative is also very sad the reason why people feel like this world is a simulation is because humans are being turned into wetware but now our self-assembling nanoparticles that come from the atmosphere so it’s not just that we’re breathing in little tiny pieces of metal the little tiny pieces of metal are the building blocks for circuitry that invades the biology and it’s affecting what you can see what you can think what you can perceive and hear and even feel and even human behavior so if you feel like the world isn’t real like you look in the sky you see fake clouds there are fake clouds if you look at human behavior and you see people acting in a fake way they are acting in a fake way but I’m agreeing with you Curran the laws of physics and all the things that make like what fluid dynamics and you know what water particles not like that we’re still in a real world we’re not uploaded yet so we have the opportunity to rectify things deep it’s very deep man um when I look at David Wilcock I mean hats off to him for his early work was definitely used 2012 enigma was definitely used to open me up to a lot of different terms and the third eye and dropping a lot of good information where he got that information from who he took it from whatever the case is well that loved one and the man who channeled the log one committed suicide therefore we know the law of one doesn’t work and wasn’t he also very influenced by the CIA yeah yeah I mean because you got it take your conspiracy with your spirituality you have to take both of them together yeah you won’t get the whole story and so another thing is this phenomenon of Chandler’s people who think that they’re getting psychic messages from the beyond but they’re really getting voiced to scull communications from intelligence agencies so Greg Giles is actually a very courageous channeler that came out years ago he had had a very popular blog and he said at one point I now recognize that everything that I thought was God or something divine that was speaking through me was actually synthetic telepathy was actually intelligence agencies and he disavowed all the things and messages that he had been sharing and I applaud him and anyone else who comes forward who recognizes that I get synthetic telepathy all the time and I’m like screw you go away I’m not interested like it’s so easy to be fooled but you also must know because I’ve had that voice too skull which voice the skull is real it has patents look it up that’s real but also throughout history we can hear the dead people there’s the peanut gallery not only that you can hear your family you can hear your mother still yelling at you to clean your room all of these things are in the mind if you’re not meditating they’re gonna mess with you because you have that’s part of breaking the ego and saying oh I’m not that five-year-old kid anymore thank you and it can break you out of those roles that we’ve been put in authentic soul cells yes so it’s challenging to even figure out who is the real me inside because there’s the real you there’s not a go stuff that arises over any generation and now we also have technology that is weaponizing our thought structure where you don’t even know who is speaking in my mind so I do a lot now with just silence or I’ll put on awesome music and I will do my artwork or do things like I didn’t even listen to my mind anymore because I think it’s all just so crapped up yeah definitely you definitely have to do that you have to balance the energies as we say I kind of kind of lost I guess credence with David Wilcock when he started promoting Corey good he’s like hey we can both collect the money if I send you out and give you these stories and he’s narrative now you can collect even more like I can almost duplicate myself and and then seeing him coach Corey good I’ve never felt a piece about Corey good story about who he was about his art is graphics and how much money and funding was behind him out the gate which I’m assuming it’s from David Wilcock and whoever’s funding here approached Shane the room in her first and Shane the ruiner turned him down so then he went over to Corey there’s a story that I understand there’s this weird thing though because I’ve never felt a piece about it I can all I get enough I’ve been careful people have asked me my opinion and it’s just my opinion a wet don’t know it’s and that’s the whole thing the fact of the matter is at the end of the day there’s a lot of evidence stacking up against Corey and David and many other people out there write about them being frauds and stuff there’s the case that we don’t know if they’re telling the truth or not I’ll have so now I know when you get in the room you find out because you can feel it mm-hmm I could feel it without even being in the room but it’s the fact of the matter that what if I’m wrong what if he is and I just don’t know that I don’t want to jump to conclusions and that’s your monkey mind mister you think so but then again I mean that can lead people astray to I mean we’ve had I’m sure all of us I’ve had people come against us and say oh I feel bad juju around true seeker I feel bad juju around Aurora there’s probably people watching this now who probably were all demon-possessed right now I went to conference recently and there’s one lady that I met and handed my business card when I saw her subsequently she turned on her heel and ran other direction and I don’t take it personally I’m like maybe she just does not like the taste of my lasagna or see whatever particular filter sits that way sometimes mm-hmm the danger with the secret space program thing is that they’re all saying friendly squishy aliens that look like feathery blue beings are your friends and they’re gonna like kind of harvest you into a wonderful fantasy land at the end of your life and that’s the danger that’s why I feel like I need to speak up instead of just being like oh just let everybody do their thing and if that’s like it’s no skin off my nose like it’s actually no this is getting to be dangerous type of stuff so yeah the whole idea that they’re saying friendly higher dimensional beings that look like bluebirds so a higher dimensional being there’s a wonderful movie that you can watch this on YouTube called flatland animated movie that depicts this really well if you were a two-dimensional being and you lived on a flat plane and then you saw a spear that came through it would come through the plane it would be like seeing slices and it would amaze you because at first it would look like a little circle then it would look like a big circle you couldn’t get a handle on it if we saw higher dimensional beings in our present format from our viewpoint it would look like slices it would not look like a friendly Bluebird they would not be able to make hand gestures so when I saw that I was like well that is a total lie that’s a misrepresentation to all the little schoolchildren who want to learn about higher dimensional beings that they think they’re gonna look like big bird and like no that’s not what they’re gonna look like they’re gonna look like slices or flashes or things that you can’t even interpret as a body so I do – two points real quick first of all my spirit guide Hermes said he picked a form there conformed and he did so he looks like the Statue of David but I found out later he looks like all the statues of Hermes and he shows up to me I statue to let me know this is an image this is not you know your true love this is an image of your truth enough kind of thing and also what Westerners don’t usually know is that evil Yogi’s in traditions from a long time ago and today still today in yoga classes can have the technology or ability to take the consciousness of the entire class take it up into a bubble and kind of trap their souls in this little ashram and then that yogi takes all their energy and uses it all the time so you’re talking about a head vampire and all of the blood people are giving their blood if you want to see it that way because a way to see it but that that trapping can also happen in Mass meditation so be careful people did people used to understand that this stuff was scary and they stayed away from it but now it’s it’s hip and they’re not staying away from it but I do believe that you touch the stove you’re gonna get burned you learn or you don’t and these are the times that we are in you’re the times were and I are looking forward to the mass coming off and people being seen as they are for real and we see that already in politics is happening in them in the bigger picture and it’s starting to happen in our little community with the the business with the seekest space program managers are journalists I have to say dark journalists name during this because he has been the one with the sword going calling the fight but there also is this notion – we have a lot of the so-called gatekeepers who have been here for a long time grasping to hold on to their Project Camelot public Avalon project Avalon you know platforms that these new guys are coming up and I don’t want to lose it and so they’re these people in the past have promoted false agendas and people who came out and said they were lying but just because those videos have millions of views they said no no they’re telling the truth and a person who’s come out said no I’m lying I did this to four clicks and I was asked to do this and uh you know so these these gatekeepers are so-called trying to grasp four straws holding on fighting so you have the bill Ryan’s coming out trying to so there’s a lot more at play than just Corey Goode being a fraud we are the new media I’ve known this for years it’s just now starting to happen so I believe a little bit more you know you have a notion you have faith they tell you you hear the rumors in heaven but then it is starting to happen and it’s miraculous to me mm-hmm that’s the–that’s the interesting thing though I’m acidic – there’s a lot going on there’s a lot you know Cory good was all over project Avalon hell I was over all over project Avalon for years a great community there you know what I’m saying and so they bill Ryan like searching his IP address and using that if bill Ryan searched my IP address I’m in trouble like I was over I had multiple accounts on one project I was banned from project Avalon right perhaps because my wife created account and I told her not to say that she found it through Google don’t say that I told you and they seen that you know he’s checking the IP addresses or whatever and anyway my account was banned because we had two accounts from the same IP address that was really weird and in my went back and forth was Bill Ryan a little bit about it and just the whole weird gatekeeper thing seeing the new media seeing the true seeker podcast and I was on there sharing my work definitely I’m sure you know I did a lot of really cool people there and I hate that it was pulled from under me for maybe this guy being scared of the newcomers you know or having these rules and you see that online on Facebook a lot when someone has a group and you say okay here’s my work check out our latest episode of great talking up self-promotion self-promotion delete it someone else could share your work and everything’s fine but when you get on and share your own work then it becomes kind of weird so but the beautiful thing about this and like you were saying we don’t have to do guerrilla marketing and promotion we can we don’t have to force anybody to find it the good thing about Google and SEO and search engines is the fact that we named this this episode we write a bio on it and people who are looking for this content they’re gonna find what resonates with them so we don’t have to force anybody to watch anything we have to trick them to watch it with clickbait titles and stuff and all this the stuff that people they’re gonna find it I was raised to have as witness so I know about being pushy I’ll do it either you know knock on door knocking on your door and asking if you’ve heard about Jehovah and I in this telepathic society that we’re moving into integrity is the real wealth so if you are a liar or you’ve been shown to be untruthful or unworthy in the past then it’s like no I don’t want to do a Vulcan mind-meld with you because you’re like AoE Qian gross so it’s really it’s like being a musician and having a good rap or I don’t want to play with other players who are gonna stomp all over my melody I want to play with other players who are respectful fellow musicians so I think everyone is gonna like the true colors come out you know like I don’t want to have anything to do with that guy because he was untruthful or gatekeeper or whatever most of us think that these are the OGS though like these are the ones you want to hang out with you want to get a picture with Jordan Maxwell or whoever the person is that you feel like they are at this level and maybe they can help you out and help your platform out and but then you find out that man this person but then again we have this whole other and I think it muddies the water is really what it does but maybe they are the new junior talking when they’re creating this reality and creating these stories and hey yes there are blue avians and they’re read a thien’s and and they have a different God than us and they do that and they create this whole reality and there’s tactics on doing that and this multiverse and this almost a Star Wars esque thing that you can be a part of because it blends a little bit with reality and let me get you sucked into it and we have t-shirts and we have all of this stuff that merchandise and stuff like that so do they get a pass when seeking the truth they just presented themselves as fiction I would have no problem with that because you can inspire people through fiction and be honest and I really have this this thing that I say all the time you cannot use a lie to tell the truth there’s like think as a benevolent lie because at a certain point it’s just like when you’re a little kid you’re the parent slide and you’re like wait there’s no Santa now I totally don’t trust you forever that’s what it’s like I’m always trying to be as truthful as I can in the stuff that I present to everyone because really like everything you say and do is written off on you like you’re a book and at this point most people are blind they can’t see it but at a certain point everybody’s gonna be able to read everything you’ve ever done it ever said and you have to stand behind it like well you were a total liar and a fraud and everything like that I’m not going to do anything with you because I can read that on you yeah it muddies the water because there’s the true seekers who are out there we’re wanting to talk to the people who have encountered these entities and have encountered these beings so we go to these blogs we watch these interviews and stuff and then it you’re let down when you find out whether you’re making up your stories you’ve never had these encounters trust me I had some of the biggest name people on this show and I’m more I’m digging I’m wanting to hear it in this all head knowledge it’s all book smarts and then our encountered anything and I’m like why the hell we having this conversation like you have never nothing’s ever crossed over nothing’s ever crossed over into this realm and you have you know even if it’s a story like give me something man you know what I’m saying to prove that this stuff is real or even if you tell me the story I can tell if you’re making it up and some of these people are really good storytellers you know what I’m saying so sorry to interrupt you my dear if you come from a foreign world I understand if you can’t bring an artifact like a cell phone or whatever but you can bring a song you can bring a math equation you can bring a new way of doing things and a lot of the people that say that they’ve gone on space adventures where they’ve had these interactions they never bring back anything that is evidence and like say something else yeah that’s right you know and Corey good are saying aren’t from blue avians they’re from the law of one so there’s no even new philosophy going on here nothing is new it’s the law and the law of one has that pesky part at the end where it talks about the harvest agenda it’s at first law of one is like cool cool cool cool cool then you get to the last chapter and it’s like and now the good guys are gonna come along and harvest you like a bunch of week that we’ve been growing for many generations and it’s like wait that doesn’t sound good cuz it’s all about basically taking the soul energy of the embodied humans and putting them into some artificial like virtual reality world and then yours trapped there for thousands of years like running in the digital fantasy world and none they present it like it’s something good they present it like it’s like Christian heaven and I’m trying to tell everyone like no run in the opposite direction it’s not Christian well the wicked Wonderland or so what is the Summerlin Summerland I think it’s what it was called Wagner books gerald gardner is that what is his name gerald gardner is the guy yeah people he liked Pixies I think it’s still the Raven wolf in all that stuff you know I was big into it well I think that I just heard that it was indicated that Gardner was into little people and he was he was into pics actual physical pics it’s a tribe thank you like what like we mean by into he visited them I didn’t know if you meant into as like that’s his preference or something because I heard a rumor recently that he was a child predator and that’s the pict was just they a metaphor for that that’s it that’s a deep thing I mean the whole child predator thing I mean all you mentioned Plato we mentioned some of these people from the past who we look up to as great philosophers all had a young boy is with them like that was part of their culture and the philosophers to meet our scientists before that I just learned a year ago priest oak rats were the people we used to listen to and they’re actually holistic and integrated the philosophers are in their heads and a lot of there’s been bodies there there they would initiate their young students by you know having sex with them that and it was homosexual sex I know and so yeah there’s a like that’s that’s the currency that at these malevolent technology using space races use in their society didn’t say you cannot live out why we have an array please yeah so yeah so they don’t use dollars or gold or oil as there exist the authority energy and its sexual life force energy it’s it’s it’s well stealing someone’s innocence is what most predators get off on anyway that’s right so it’s not when when people are pedophiles or when monsters or pedophiles or whatever it’s not just the psychological torture of dominating another being there’s a literal energy transfer that is a type of food for beings that can’t eat real love and so they get it from the base of your spine is your sexuality and it’s also the connection to the planet and the material realm so it by tapping into that area of the body they are like energy vampires that take energy away and they literally can change your direction of where you’re going in time so if you were meant to go on a particular timeline where you might have been um you know a leader or something you know really great and then you get sexually abused and it makes you feel self-destructive inside and a lot of people go into drug abuse and other forms of a net self anesthetize in because they can’t deal with what happened to them they don’t become a great leader they don’t become a great warrior instead they become a drug addict or homeless person and so just understand that we’re looking at the broken wrecks of the husk of many many lives that have been deformed by these malevolent practices only thing is is a lot of these people we’re talking about that the people who were kind of looked up as when you look at the private life to see what they were doing some of these people also to speak about the demons or the entities that they’re communicating with getting revelation from and being whispered secrets and do this and don’t do that and they were doing these weird sexual practices and they worried receive he was physically battered by his ex-wife you got there teaching spirituality while he’s getting hit at home that is not consistent yeah exactly you’ve heard stories and stuff that people have looked up to looked up to as these heroes as you say until you find out that they’re human not that the humor but they’re doing just not perfect ball acts a Steven Greer like I really early on and loved his work but I’ve heard some of the conversations he’s had at dinner tables and jokes that he tells and stuff like that and it’s just like oh man it just kills the magic for you you know what I’m saying usually if they’re into science they’re compromised if they’re doing too much math they’re compromised talking too much the Cole materialism they’re compromised and sometimes they serve an agenda of the larger thing that they are attached to so if I guess we’ll make sure that you get plenty of YouTube views and plenty of ad revenue and you can make easily pay your rent in your bills because you are saying the things that we want you to say following the narrative and of course diverge from that narrative then you get either your hands slapped or be popularized or whatever you know be platformed in some way yeah I there’s no reason why I should have been around all of these people God left me in the door and I’m saying because I got in the door we’re all getting in the door it’s all I know what friends with Jimmy Church I’ve been on his show years ago you were on his show is Jimmy Church kind of to blame for like always having David in and Corey good or I know the numbers should be the range guys you gotta blame Gaia so you got a asked is Jimmy in bed with Gaia you got asked that um you know but Jimmy is a radio show host he was brought in as a radio show host he used to be a sportscaster and then he got a big red pill he he somehow broke the story of a child predator ring he broke the story on his sports show and then the whole world was out of doorstep and he had to make a choice is he a hero or is he a radio show guy and he chose radio show guy and he got this gig so you do the math yeah he’s just really just reporting like we wouldn’t know about this stuff if it wasn’t for Jimmy if it was a gangster coke is huge housewives loved and the midstate do a lot of them still do I think I think the reason Wilcock in those guys and this is what I’m just picking up in the spirit they broke off from Gaia because they can they could start their own platform and and Gaia doesn’t have to get a a percentage off of their name right because I mean that’s why people were subscribing that’s why people were subscribing was because of Wilcock and good and there’s some other names too but instead of letting them get a Horsham hey we start our own version and we are and it’s coming is definitely coming if it’s not already if it’s not already here yet you can see the ego in it you can see that their heads got big they made a little bit more money and they’re like oh we need to take this quit giving everybody else a cut we need our own thing and it’s Richard Graham’s our I think his name is it’s their manager who has the panicked tattoos all over his body and it’s hi back when you look at the dark journalist series on secret space program SSP then you’ll find out all of these things and that’s what a lot of people are just got the horse blinders on they don’t want to look it the darker stuff because if they look at it they’re new-age brainwash but if you look at evil all of a sudden you become in it but if you are ignorant then that is a willing ignorance and that itself is evil thank you all the new-age brainwashing that says what you look at you will attract you and also that you’re being judgmental and you have to have practice forgiveness all of that is like um they’re there they’re taking away your ammunitions but you can’t passive making you passive and I’ve probably been subject to that you know what I’m saying but I think more off because of my Christian background and being more vigilant and saying this is wrong that’s wrong this is wrong so I’ve been more hey let’s talk about it let’s get to the question each defense against the darkness they really yeah but now I’m on this side of it now where I’m a little bit more open so I don’t want to just say you’re evil you’re evil Yuri I want to kind of give them the benefit of the doubt so that’s kind of made me a little bit more passive about speaking out and things like that I can recognize all about your spine mister it’s your spine your spine will tell you if there’s a truth happening or not you just reconnected your spine and you’ll know I feel it I just need to speak it out maybe on a show yeah and cook or you were making a really good point I think the guy’s name is Raja Ram Sauer and he also did interviews under the name of Emma gold yeah so he had a big influence also on Jordan Sathers ascendancy of his career and I’m not being anything that was like a personal attack here I have to say that that guy’s sadder started out on a good way like on good footing then he went to contact in the desert he had some kind of a meeting with Ram Sauer and then he Jordan had dark circles under his eyes after that now and I look at his videos his face doesn’t even look the same that’s when he started to get many more views and started to promote the whole Q conspiracy um you know ideology that is like I’m not against anybody who’s into that but it’s like it’s been pretty easily discredited at this point and people weren’t like I was on board at first then like no now this seems to be like another side up but he got really famous and a lot of money by promoting that it’s the Intelligence Agency’s wanted that to be promoted he’s working for around sour so yes I’m trying to articulate this because I knew that this is like whatever going out there and I’m not just lodging on whatever accusations or whatever that who controls Google who controls guy um they are controlled by intelligence agencies and this is not merely you know conspiratorial thinking here so leave it yes yes that that there’s a Genda to UM color the ideas of the ordinary people of who are extraterrestrials and what is their agenda and what are they actually doing and they get these willing participants who then are like I’m special I’m getting YouTube views I’m getting famous because they’re promoting really crap and they’re and then when they find out that it’s crap if they don’t have the integrity to turn around then they’re not okay there’s this guy named Isaac green that recognized that he was promoting a crap narrative and he did a he did that guy’s got integrity Jordans sadder does not have integrity it’s not just a personal beef that I have with him and I’ve been saying this literally for two years and I’m happy to see other people are recognizing the same truth now I’ve met jordan saylor twice recently at you parse LA and at portal to ascension because funny names we have to mention and Jordan is just a kid for real and he is an actor like he reminds me of a crisis actor but I won to know that I’ve gathered some really strange evidence when I went to the first lecture that he gave I got there before him I was in a smoking section on the street and a truth I just sent you three photos you might want to look on at your Facebook messenger outside so I’ve smoked outside went inside Jordan shows up with two people dressed in white looking like gurus wait what because that like totally hit me because I know Krishnamurti was set up by the Blavatsky company that’s each people about ski to be the new world Savior to be the Guru and that Krishnamurti found out about the plan he was only 14 when I mean they like kidnapped him I think but anyway he was a kid they tried to make him a world leader and he’s like this is bunk you don’t make world leaders God does and he disbanded the order eventually he championed that so he was a good person in a bad situation and then he turned the situation over so Krishnamurti is a great guy to look at okay looking at Jordan Seder those pictures I sent maybe you can put them in the video are a chalk drawing when I went back out to smoke after Jordan had gotten had arrived on the sidewalk there was a chalk drawing and it says the law of reciprocity is off and it says FBI and a bunch of other weird things and I’ve since researched it and it is chaos magic and I’ve been to a lot of these events and I’ve never seen anything like that and I definitely tie stay there to it second time I met Saylor I showed him the picture and he was really quiet he really uh uh he kind of ugh Dan odd he didn’t really say anything and he took a picture of my picture with his camera and that was it because he was very annoyed that day and since he’s a kid I left him alone yeah yeah I got that on the screen all right cool so that’s kind of evidence I felt pretty yeah yeah well no do you see the pictures the pictures of the chalk yeah yeah yes often yeah remote and or some other remote beta-gamma View Target or something yeah view target well you know what remote viewing is that’s what that is yeah so they’re saying if a psychic or they’re not psychics if a remote viewer from the FBI wants to know what happened there that night there’s the sigil for it now does that work I don’t know I mean it looks like common core math to me they’re using low-level psychic technology so that’s what everybody it’s it’s a type of magic and everybody needs to understand that intelligence agencies literally use what would be defined as magic and that that’s normal for them but that’s not something that they would say to their ordinary congressmen but that everybody needs to know that’s what that is part of what is happening here and they’re black magicians and now it happened from time infinitum in Tehran totally dark magicians and the CIA got a lot of techniques from dark societies occult societies that they then employ in their own torture and extraordinary rendition projects so it’s like one hand washes the other and they’re all in bed together and did you know that the psychotropic drug ii that the psych drugs actually come from voodoo doesn’t surprise me at all yeah I want to stay atropine is one atropine and belladonna these are some of the ancient ones and also I’m brewed Messiah which is angels trumpet which causes a type of amnesia and also compliant behavior and they make zombies out of the powder I mean it’s crazy the the film based on a true story or the book is the Serpent and the rainbow and you can watch it and it shows you how we got our pharmaceuticals yeah yeah it’s got a lot of good stuff in there about tobacco as well tobacco use in ritual which spirits dealing with tobacco let me ask you this let me just get your opinion and what you feel who is David Wilcox’s sources is it makeup is it make it up as you go sources or are these entities or are they real people it’s you know because you can always say hey my sources tell me this but and it would you know all of this crazy okay we should proofs well I have a I have a really close source and my sources tell me this and there’s always just crazy information knowledge knowledge knowledge my sources tell me what is that well you know he gets a lot of emails so that’s like fishing you crowdsource right so he does get real insiders probably a little bit but yeah I do think it’s a narrative I think they’ve known how to do this trick how to keep people bleeding over and over the same lies even when it doesn’t happen and I’m it’s a phenomenon but I give the floor up that’s my opinion so I did Wilcock and others they do have connections you know sometimes several degrees away to intelligence agencies that feed them information in order to control their narrative and they also do stuff with siphoning ideas off of different websites so cliff high is great I’m like I’m not a total endorsement of him by right his work is really worthy and what he did was he left like a package um like a idea package on the internet just kind of test out who where they were getting their ideas from and they basically took they it was like a ploy they took that set of ideas Wilcock and company and promoted it as if it were their own and cliff high knew exactly that it came from him he had left it there as like a plant so all of that tells me that well Kaka and others they’re not getting their information by using their own inner psychic vision they’re not sitting there in deep meditation learning all these things than writing a blog about it they’re doing some kind of internet Easter though right at least he says actually talked to David about this okay so I asked David you know what have you seen lately what are your visions what are we going through and David said I no longer have visions I leave that to Corey good and they say you no longer have been like having visions that’s like being able to run as a marathon runner like if your inner vision isn’t work it’s like a plumbing isn’t working right like you’ve got to go see the urologist something is not okay you can’t turn it off it’s impossible it’s what I’m saying like he’s got you’ve got a blockage all right we’ve covered Wilcock we’ve covered Corey good Emery Smith is another name that keeps coming up in the chat here you know I’m saying very similar you know we’ve have other friends Laura Eisenhower you know what I’m saying I like a lot of her stuff this secret space program stuff is is it gets kind of weird it’s like this secret it’s like this automatic approval like you have to I am somebody of interest because I was as a child taken to these jump rooms and things like that but what about the term Corey’s kids there’s this term Corey’s kids that I think I seen you show that okay so he so he came up with it and I seen you post it for the first time I’m like Corey’s kids my mind immediately went to Theresa inaros and I think she is one of them jordan saylor just Justin Del champs and there’s all these other young beautiful youtube people Jana Rose is trained as a journalist she has absolutely no background in spirituality Jordan say there worked at a health food store I mean anybody can do that so not these people are not experts are awesome or anything they’re air actors thank you I’m completely completely agreeing I just need to jump in and say that’s one of the yellow caution flags when you see someone who’s really young who doesn’t really have a background or an education being artificially elevated it’s like why are they even there and again not trying to pick fights with anyone but Laura Eisenhower it’s like why is she in this why is she on a stage what is her background what’s her expertise where does this come from her name is definitely that’s what it is whatever whatever just because you have entity attachments cuz you’re part of a lineage like is that a real reason for you to be on a stage giving workshops or whatever so and again when I would speak critically about sad though people would say oh yes so jealous like what is wrong with you go something and so I’ve just been like very consistently saying my things this is not a personality conflict that I’m having with any of these people I question their authenticity I question their motivations I question ascendency we all should everyone meet you should question me everything so just take it just because someone’s definitely should be man you know what I’m saying you don’t all of these people we’ve just been kind of just hook line and sinker and it’s been something over the years for me and a lot of my friends to see someone accept them because they have the platform you see them at on all of these stages nice camera work nice transitions they’re wearing a suit and they’re speaking like they’re authority figures in there making it up as they go this is going on in where I come from the Christian realm the church around these guys who are having divine revelations of heaven and divine revelations of Hell and all these books that they’re marketing and they kind of make it up as they go but as long as they present it just right for some reason people they believe it like I’ve had all of these people in Jordan Maxwell has been a big one Jordan you know I’m saying people just think that what he’s saying this truth because the way he’s an older man of wisdom and of stature and sharing it Jordan Maxwell is off on a lot of stuff but he’s on on a lot of stuff too let’s say that but there’s something there that we have to question it not just it because your teacher told you this or this your grandfather told you your grandfather could have been full of full of it too you know what I’m saying so we do think Maxwell it’s like on a spiritual mission he’s another one of those people that has a bloodline issue and believe me that’s the name of the games that clear your family bloodline all of us but his his family used to own what we now call Washington DC so he feels a soul contract to clear up Washington everyone has their individual stories and it’s definitely not a conglomeration these are very specific stories to very specific people and I love Jordan Maxwell I got genuinely like I’m doing this because of Jordan Maxwell you know what I’m saying and he’s on it but he can’t tell you what God had for breakfast he’s not channelling I will say this Jordan Maxwell is from Gulf Breeze Florida or Pensacola Florida and this an hour away from me I’ll go there a lot there’s two roads that run parallel with each other and they cross Jordan and Maxwell Street and he’s from Pensacola thought that was cool and maybe with some of these people like I don’t really know Jordan Maxwell’s work but maybe some people are just humans who have integrity who are on a quest who are seekers and inverse yeah that I mean we got to leave the door open that non everybody is co-opted and corrupt and some people are just regular flawed but well-intentioned humans that are learning on at the same time that we’re all learning and in podcast and things and like your story only takes you so far and then you have to kind of well there’s this other part I haven’t told you about I was taken aboard you know this happened ever since I was a kid I just found out and the memories just came to me on this midlife you know past life regression that I was taking the jump rooms at three years old and so okay let’s get you on let’s talk about it and then then you you you could do the circuits and stuff we all have awesome stories every single person listening to this right now could come on here as a guest in most of these people have been on ask guests and they have awesome stories and something to offer the collective but it’s when you kind of step out and say you know what I think I deserve a little bit more airtime or something like that and you got a you kind of add to the story or you embellish and all this kind of stuff and it takes integrity not to do that you know and I think a lot of what people are sharing as memories are cover memories for what was really ritual abuse and something that you you horrific for them to actually recognize that was happening to them and it takes too much courage to get up on a stage and say something like I was raped and sodomized or ritually abused it’s easier to say I went to Mars you’re right oh my god what a freaking point I think she figured it out but I did I tweeted at Jason rice the new Superboy of the secret space program because we did an interview with him so he knows my name at least I’m not a stranger and so I said Jason I Jason rice you have repressed memory syndrome you were hypnotized to Unruh press the memory and I did point out that trauma must have come up at that point because that’s when all your trauma would come out like like horrifying and then I has no idea what hypnosis is no one does and that you repressed memory syndrome happened in the early 90s all over all the talk shows that people were just remembering that they were molested as a child my father molested me all of these things and some of the people proved that the doctor they were working with the hypnotherapist put those ideas in their head now I’ve been doing past life regressions for 25 almost 30 years and I’ve never tried it but I’m pretty sure I can get people to think and see things because I only go to the right places and go with the soul I don’t know how to do it wrong but I’m sure I could figure it out a house of suggestion what is that over your shoulders that’s a gray oh my god like you really have that power to do that and kind of implant that there the one thing maybe we all have this in common but I’m finding this is the trauma yeah mind control it all starts from trauma I have my own video about my life which is the cosmic core is my podcast and cosmic core part about my life and the first thing I bring up is trauma and how trauma changes us in every way possible for the good maybe either either or you know it could change you for the good right or it could change you to the drug scenario like you said I think doesn’t matter it changes you can transcend and heal trauma but not everybody you have to recognize that it happened to you and you have to do the work and it’s the hardest thing in the world cuz you have to look at the worst thing that’s ever happened to you and somehow deal with it so a lot of people bury it or deny it or they’ll do a cover memory that that wasn’t what was really happening in that room something else completely different happened in that room the cobbler memories are real because you can see fairies in unicorn okay so I have many clients have been molested my clients what they do they left their bodies and they sat with angels they did not have the experience and that’s what she is talking about a cover memory yeah you had to go somewhere else and so that place that you went became more real than what was physically happening there and so occult society started not to use that word in a negative way but you know dark societies throughout history they’ve used ways they’ve figured out like a whole on like a way of breaking people and then building them back up again using trauma to make them think that they’ve had these things happen to them and usually to implant a false sense of specialness that’s what the whole monarch thing is like you get traumatized and raped they tell you that you’re very special and you think that you’ve run the world but you don’t really run the world in you know all zoo I had to learn about all these things because but you started to understand what motivates certain people and also to compare it to my own experience but they tried to do something like that to me in the experience of walking in and I transcended it so that’s the whole thing that’s why I’m not a megalomaniac that’s why I don’t say I’m Jesus and I’m running the joy yeah and I mean like I understand whether you’ve been with him you’ve met him right you got pictures with Russell Brand him he’s just like wrapped up in his own story and Russell Brand I like Russell Brand a lot of people don’t like you’ve posted different things on him you probably know more than most of us you’ve hung out with them well believe it or not on the Soul realm I have counseled Russell Brand for about seven years counseled a soul and I know that’s weird but I have a video on it on a cult priestess on YouTube that explains it so we use my oh brother but I don’t like his ego I really don’t yeah he is it’s the yeah it’s the narcissism mixed with Kundalini in which we’ll be very discussed that I can tell you that he has he does have the capacity to become a Kundalini person if he been doing teachings on it and then those teachings are beautiful but it is there’s it’s draped in narcissism and that’s one thing we got to be careful of you know you’ll never break through the other side without a good guru the Kundalini thing like in the same idea of like guarding yourself against some of these other forms of mass meditations and stuff like I at the conference that I recently went to there were some Kundalini workshops and I was invited to participate and I just said no thank you cuz you got to understand like don’t jump in a pool you’re gonna be sharing germs everybody in that pool like I was offered to go on dark journalists I was offered dark journalists to go on the show I was like oh my god but they wanted me to do a mass cleansing meditation and I said that is hygienic ly dangerous for me thank you I’m not a sellout it’s not that I don’t want to go on dark journalists that you want a dog to do that but I can’t do it the wrong way yeah and people that do like let’s do a mass meditation for peace mass meditation for Ascension it’s kind of like if someone has a GoFundMe campaign you’re like giving money but then what are they doing with your money and you got to make sure that they’re not spending it on shady things you send them the energy but make sure that they’re gonna be good hosts with that energy and you can do that like let’s say if your energy is like a dollar bill of psychic energy you can write on that dollar bill only to be used for you know cool and uplifting projects not malevolent you know horror and then I’ll say this this is one thing that I find cool I’ve done a lot of personal sessions healing sessions with people one-on-one where they Commission you and they pay a fee or whatever to do a private session with you guided meditation healing past life regression inner wound healing stuff like that there’s something different when there is an exchange where this person has to show up to that money for me I’m saying money is just a symbol okay if I’m willing to pay for this service for me the work is already done because they want it bad enough that they are willing to pay their hard-earned money for healing that you know I’m saying the money is symbolic for them their faith in really wanting it so when you go into the session you go into the meditation you’re not dealing with just a skeptic or just a random people who let me click on this link like you’re finding these people who really want it so much that they’re willing to pay for it and what happens they get it they get what they’re looking for that’s the beautiful thing about it when it’s not verses this big open session you’re dealing with skeptics you’re dealing with people who are there for the wrong reasons they wanna they’re recording it to you know exploit you like all of this kind of stuff man so it’s really different when someone has they have to offer something you know and that that goes deep with offering making some type of peace offering love offering sacrifice or blood offering you know in different levels or way it goes with spirits and gods and things like that but you have to offer something you can’t just show up empty-handed in and be a spectator so even with your energy even if you know it or not you’re bringing it in the good energy the bad energy the skepticism it’s part of that collective and so you have to be careful you just walk into any you’ll get possessed you’ll get possessed I’ve been there it happened to me you know what I’m saying and it’s not it’s their kid my god that’s why I’m doing this that’s why I’m being open is because people are getting possessed you know again again we don’t want to what I always say we don’t want to stifle or discourage exploration because you might get possessed be careful no we have to we have to still encourage exploration and meditation and Kundalini ante but there’s ways to do it to guard yourself and be careful you get an energetic immune system like before I go into the world I have an immune system so I don’t get everybody else’s colds and bugs and flu and it’s the same thing with any kind of psychic or energy work mm-hmm there’s a scripture in the Bible that’s really cool because it talks about healing with the laying on of hands and it says to lay hands on no man I’ll just be walking up and there’s this thing where what they have is stronger than what you’re you know and what you’re walking in and that thing jumps on you and here you go walking away with depression and thinking of suicidal thoughts and weird energy and you was on a mountaintop before you did that and so you have to be careful of this stuff that’s it this stuff used to be a calling because it’s fashionable it’s dangerous but the danger we need to burn our hands on the stove because I believe we’re in time of graduation and you have you’re either gonna graduate or you’re not fired we’re talking about being initiated right so we’re talking about what I get messages all the time what order are you from a UNM Masonic Order are you in an esoteric order and and not physically but yeah spiritually I am initiated into an order I’ve been through the schooling the game of life I’ve been I have the scars literally scars to prove this stuff and this is our calling we were fashioned to bring forth this information we were fashioned to bring forth this energy and healing and empathy to the planet and then something we’ve been cultivated from birth to do now we have these charlatans coming in saying oh I was too and they don’t have no credentials and they don’t have no scars they don’t have so yeah we are in an esoteric order a as you will universal Mystery School that we’re all initiated into and infiltrate that there’s a history of this you’re not just making this up and it’s the Great White Lodge of the Illuminati and of course just like st. nism took the cross and turn it upside down these people have taken the illuminated and turn it into the dim ones the darkness the false light basically so they’ve even corrupted taken our language that we used to use in the old books which no one reads anymore apparently but I was told during my Kundalini that I am Illuminati and I was told what that means that we do go to school out of our bodies and we’re part of a very large beautiful college if you and it’s it’s it’s Mario’s like the true Luciferians the true light bringers not suffer at all because he’s not one of my gods and I don’t even recognize him as an entity well I’m just talking about the word itself with that word not you trying to say is a being but the word Lucifer’s literally translates to Light Bearer wait from that word because it’s been co-opted let me jump in for one minute because what these societies do are called Illuminati Luciferian they find like little recipes that worked how to control reality it’s like we don’t really know how to cook but we got this one recipe for pancakes and so we know how to make pancakes and then they are like we are in charge because we know how to make pancakes but they don’t actually like if you really know about cooking you know this is how you use leavening ingredients to make quick bread or to make muffins or any kind of other thing they only know how to do pancakes and then go around to all these different tribal and indigenous communities and try to find their recipes like oh do you have a recipe for how to control reality we want to take elements from that so that’s where they take botanicals from the Amazon basin or they’ll take spellwork from northern Europe or whatever any of these things and they try to cobble it together what I’m trying to say is don’t be unduly impressed by that approach because they don’t really know cuisine if you really know cuisine you know how to make magic in reality you don’t need a recipe you know like these flavors go together I know how to make bread rise on a head to do everything and your spell’s or magical things work so they are very low-level practitioners but they purport to be really fancy but all they know is how to make pancakes and then they complete blueberry pancakes or burn out of Hannah cakes or but like they don’t really know what the f they’re doing this what I’m trying I’m saying and you can get in trouble that way that they make bad pancakes all the time guys they make whatever front waffles that get stuck to the waffle iron and don’t actually oh they get blowback all the time and they get it more and more especially in the past five or six years I’ve noticed a lot of their spells blowing back on them and it just keeps getting it’s like kind of fun to watch like that they screwed it up again bwahaha like you know whatever are there that wily coyote contraption blew up in their face and it didn’t work the way they thought it would that’s the promise that I’ve been told and that I’ve been given over the years is that this is just gonna get funnier and funnier until everyone is laughing and that’s the Ascension yes I don’t think of the Ascension as like a biblical Christian literal nature no words wearing beautiful white dresses even though that’s a poetic vision of that but it’s a it’s a transformation of our metabolism inside like we’re going from being dense and and solid and material to raising our frequency to being less dense and to being essentially made out of light and it used to be that you had to die in order to do this like you die and your body decomposes and then your spirit and your consciousness can move in different directions but now we don’t have to physically die we can literally metamorphosize the way a caterpillar changes from a butterfly from a calculator to a butterfly in the same body so that’s the big thing everybody treats their body like it’s disposable I’m gonna die and I’m gonna get a new body I’m gonna die I’m gonna go somewhere else and that’s why people don’t take care of their bodies and like no you guys take care of the water that you drink and the food that you eat and the exercise that you do because your body actually takes you to the next like level of reality well so would that mean that uh you with so whether your body does deteriorate your body does with her would you as a walk-in be able to find another host on the earth before your body in or whatever because I’ve been I was talking to someone who was talking about even yesterday was talking about how there’s this notion of these people are going trying to the ascension is to be able to to stay on the planet and to move from one body to the next and live like like almost like avatar almost like a avatar yeah make a distinction no my path is not I don’t do disposable bodies and so I had to make a clear distinction when I came here and people thought I was a Body Snatcher no I’m not some opportunist that just chose to jump into this body and also this body has a lot of neurological damage it was very difficult for me to integrate into this body and the whole point is I’m not just gonna be like well I’m done I throw away the body and I go somewhere else I’m actually invested in this body and that’s what everybody needs to understand like I’m not here to just be like do a bunch of stuff casually off-the-cuff and then my body dies and I go somewhere else I care about this body so much because it is transforming with me and then that energy goes into a new form a new format we all go someplace else everybody should be caring for their body this much like your hair your teeth your eyeballs these are the things that are like the puzzle pieces that we use to build the next layer of who were going to be your body really matters invest in your body buy really good food don’t you don’t have to care about whether you’re late on your electric bill like buy really good food because that matters more than whether your credit rating is perfect and all of those type of things so it’s not it’s not like the Chucky movie scenario where you’re about to die and you can transfer your consciousness into something else to stay here on the earth write really good questions because I love this because no using technology they’re like O’s Apple’s app into and out of bodies it’s easy body hopping like that doing it naturally really challenging so you have to be like being a virtuoso or on the piano you have to be really good at what you’re doing to be able to get into a body and stay in that body and maintain its health and body processes and then the whole the real culmination of being the best virtuoso you can be is ascension where you take what these ingredients and transform them into the next level so you don’t leave behind a corpse you don’t leave behind a rotting so what is the area literally as k-pax is what you’re saying you got it man you got it you guys haven’t watched that movie make sure you watch it and it’s funny you bring that up because just two days it’s synchronicity for me my daughter is 14 and she hasn’t seen it and I’ve been telling my wife we need to watch k-pax with her and then here we go talking about her and you met a real walkin in Aurora could even talk to your kid and say I’m a real walking because you know what doke so that’s funny because my wife was saying she didn’t get the end of it why was he I don’t want to give it away right if you haven’t seen it but my wife had questions at the end of it and we kind of both did and so I’m glad we had this conversation so definitely I’m getting chills I didn’t know that movie until this was when I lived back in Woodstock a friend of mine who knew me and knew my sister I was like you really need to see this movie and I what we didn’t have like TV we watched on his computer and there’s one scene where the alien walkin is talking to the therapist about how he travels here he says oh I came here on a beam of light like a rainbow that is being projected through this crystal as the camera moves across and it’s like that is the way that I traveled here I traveled here on a beam of consciousness through this rainbow colored aperture and no I don’t have a clank-clank mail station I can’t bring you to my spaceship and prove that that’s how I came here but what I can do is I can share ideas with you and that’s very similar to the character in the movie had a book that he was writing on these different formulae down and that’s like that’s what i do on my these are math formulae and I’m trying to teach you this language and so that’s what I I kept thinking like it would be totally obvious to everyone after a couple of years like wow she’s got all these same things she’s doing a higher dimensional math but again like it takes time for everyone to get up to speed and recognizes what’s going on but yeah like I bring I bring concepts as my validity of where I the veracity of my truth yeah and then you find out you’re not alone though when there’s other souls doing very similar things and it’s encouraging please okay I’m not I don’t have to like you got ya check out this work going this podcast and not be laughed at or whatever the case those other people doing this their star sees as Indigo’s you know all these children and I’m not known where you’re working as a team and also everybody’s got their individual mission you have to be able to do your mission on your own even if no one else is around because otherwise it’s like you have to have whatever like integrity of your own project so yeah I can’t rely upon anybody else to give me my ideas I’ve got to have my own ideas right people are doing it through music and art and healing and all these wonderful things and it really is a beautiful group effort we are the celestial band this is the song that we sang man but we’ve done over two hours I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and I probably end it with more quest for you guys and it would be good I’m glad we did this together but I’d like to have both of you on individually by yourself so we could just go really deep into your stories and stuff so if y’all want to do that shoot me a date when we get off here we’ll make it happen but um really enjoy the guys thank you for coming I had no idea about your work and I’m glad I went to your website and checked out your stuff too so thank you guys so much go ahead and plug y’all stuff one more time right here at the end of the show so people can check you guys out on social media or on your website as well yes the best way to find me is to go to my website which is flying Rainbow lasagna calm and I spell lasagna with an e on the end but pretty much if you just do an internet search for the keywords flying Roomba lasagna you’ll find my video series my artwork webinars and everything else and I encourage you to enroll and apply and check out all of my work thank you awesome core occult priestess com and if you google my name or DuckDuckGo my name you’ll see all of the work I’ve done I’ve been on YouTube for over nine years never monetized thank you and still only give me some love and find my blog be occultist in the corner that’s where I keep the hidden secret stuff for the advanced people good stuff y’all make sure y’all go and support I really enjoyed this episode in as the chat saying they all enjoyed you guys as well so we’ll do it again pretty soon thank you guys for coming on hanging out with me I appreciate that alright guys peace and Shalom we’ll do it again have a wonderful day namaste all right kore Corinne Corinne the occult priestess really cool I’ve been friends with her for some years now on social media been checking out some of her videos and she drops in from time to time to check out some of my stuff too so like-minded people building together and I really like that so and Aurora was awesome too as a pleasant surprise so we have to do shows just – so many places we can go with all of it so good stuff I’m glad we talked on the quarry good David Wilcock dang that’s just so weird man it’s like you know saying money talks you know and those guys have funding but behind them and you come out of the the gate swinging like that with like Corey Goode having all of this crazy graphic art and crazy stories and borrowing from people so it’s crazy but at the same time like you have to fight for what you believe in and you don’t just let somebody come into your space we feel like we own this like we have a part of us like we’ve paid for this this isn’t just no we’re not just youtubers we’re not just random people like you don’t I’m saying so you have to fight for the things that you believe in and you don’t let somebody come on there try to change the narrative or say this is this and that is that so I’m really good to have that chat today I’m gonna do this right quick just because I like to kind of give shots out to people I got some mail in mail time what’s the song from Blue’s Clues makes me wanna wag my tail I got some mail this is a package I got from this is from Brett Stacy he’s a patron he’s a supporter he’s a brother and he sends me little cool things from time to time and I like to open it on air he sent me this anointing oil from Israel he’s sitting I have a have a bunch of really cool stuff that he sent me over the last few months and stuff and I got a bunch of really cool stuff from fans and the audience and stuff so I’m gonna open this on air and I’m gonna explain to the listeners who are listening on the podcast in what it is I have an idea what it is he’s told me what was coming but I haven’t seen it so I’m gonna open this and if you’d like to send mail or whatever the case is the address is in the description as well so check it out opening it together heck yeah so this is pretty cool man come up pretty good it’s uh it’s in plastic I’m gonna pull it out this plastic so what it is it’s a like a wall flag or a banner and it’s funny because he’s always quoting me on my song unworthy and I said I’m erasing that my banner got me praising his name lifting up the standard because I’m not the same but uh this is uh then several of the names of God one two three four five six six names of God looks like Jehovah the Lord my provider is Jehovah Jireh I use that a lot in my um music Jehovah Jireh Jehovah Rapha is the Lord my healer Jehovah Nissi the Lord my banner this is my banner I go to war let people know this is my banner Jehovah Shalom we end every episode with Shalom peace Shalom it means the Lord is my peace Jehovah roja means the Lord my shepherd and has the Hebrew in it as well and Jehovah sitk a new is how that’s pronounces TS idk en you Sitka new Jehovah SiC can do is the Lord my righteousness and I just kind of feel it man even as I’m saying these names in evoking these sacred names of God what is God’s name and it brings us to this whole thing again enough I’ll go on tangents about this about the name of God and what is his name what is her name but it’s its name all of these is God’s name right I am that I am is what he told Moses to call him in the book of what is the Exodus in the end he says I am that yeah I mean it translates in the Hebrew to a higher a char a higher or a higher higher Asher a higher which ever you however you want to pronounce it and it means I will be that he says I am that I am and I will be whatsoever I will be and that’s deep for me because that means I’ll be whatever you need me to be and here’s just an example if you need me to be your provider I’ll be your provider if you need me to be your healer I’ll be your healer you need me to be your banner you need me to be your peace I’ll be your peace I’ll give you peace you need me to be your Shepherd you need me to watch over you watch out for you I’ll do that I’ll do that for you you need me to be your righteousness I am your righteousness I’ve provided righteousness for you so these names of God are beautiful and there’s so many more whatever you win I am that I am and I will be whatsoever I will be lets you know that I whatever you need whatever it is that you need he’ll be it you know I’ll be your strong tower I’ll be your lover I’ll be your friend I’ll be your father that’s a big one for me never had a father in my life come to Yahweh I am that iyami’s a look you need a father let me be your father and spiritually that moves into the physical realm he comes into my life as a father and this is where it becomes tangible it becomes beautiful in this song and dance with the creator of the universe and it’s not just an idea or a theory or some dead book that talks about this stuff but it becomes real in our lives so that’s the beautiful thing about the names of God so Brett Stacy I appreciate the the fan mail and the friend mail as well and everything else you’ve sent me over the years man thank you so much and that’s awesome i’ma hang it up behind me or beside me just so I’ll always see it and he says it helps him you know when you’re in the time of need or in doubting or just in a strong season or whatever the case is you look at that you look at that banner and that’s what those things are used for banners and necklaces and prayer beads and crosses and incense and a lot of these statues and things like that they’re used to almost be as a monument that when we look at them they remind us of something should I have a picture right here and I’ll show you guys watching on on stream but it’s a it’s a cut out old picture of me and my wife this was back in 2000 look at that smile both of those smiles look at that man this reminds me of something right it reminds me of a time when I man fell in love with Jesus again it reminds me of struggle it reminds me of being set free I was only a couple months out of being into really dark witchcraft and going schizophrenic and going crazy and then the light of Christ came into my life this picture it reminds me of that so I can look at that right in a room it instantly brings me back here’s a cross and things like that these symbols mean different things to us and so I’ve got so much stuff around here and we all wear crosses or carry Bibles and when you pray you hold that Bible close to you there’s no significance in the Bible in that that physical book that’s there there’s no people like treat it like the flag like you can’t burn it you can’t throw it away you have to bury it or dispose of it a certain type of way but there’s nothing in there in those pages in that book but what it represents to you like what this stuff represents to you and that’s why we want to take back words we want to take back in the term a cult our core goes by the occult priestess and so many people will see here our cult oh you’re a Priestess of the occult the occult so the dark arts know the occult means that which is hidden and I like to point out that Jesus taught occult knowledge Jesus taught hidden knowledge that you had to dig that you had to find the meanings in the metaphors and the allegory and the parables about what he meant you had to think about it yet to dig he gave stuff for just the laypeople little basic stuff but for those who were close to him he made them dig and he gave them some really deep nuggets and so we have to take those words back take the occult back because it means hidden knowledge and we speak hid knowledge we study hidden knowledge we preach hidden knowledge we also speak open knowledge as well but so you have the knowledge part of it there with your cult and just like I mentioned we kind of I guess disagreed a little bit but even as we talk about the Luciferian thing and so that’s a word that I have mentioned several times in the past that really rubbed people the wrong way because when you hear the Luciferian you think Lucifer you think devil you think fallen your mind immediately goes to these things we were taught in church or whatever the case is but in the Bible there’s no such character by the name of Lucifer at all that that is not even a title of a character that’s a title that means light bringer and it’s talking about Venus we talk about Venus at the beginning of the show Lucifer is a representation of the bright and Morning Star the bright the brightest star or planet in the morning sky is Venus until the Sun rises and Venus fall falls from grace Lucifer falls from the heavens and in the Sun the son of God rises in all of his glory to shine his brilliance and all the other stars bow down and so it’s a symbol of the allegory there so the real term Lucifer or Luciferian simply means light bringer and in the bright and Morning Star which even says that Jesus is the bright and morning star or even the day star right you have all of these terms man Lucifer a cult and so many more that you know we Illuminati right you know we say hey I’m a I’m a member of the Illuminati you’re like hold on what do you mean you’re you were petitioned through the whatsapp and then you join the Illuminati all of these uh Illuminati people trying to get you to join they’re from Kenya and you have to pay them money and all this kind of weird stuff but the Illuminati what that really means and she kind of went into some detail about being illuminated right and so early Christians were called the Illuminati because they were illuminated with the white light of Christ you are the light bringers you are the light bearers and the Bible just man it uses that term over and over again about being illuminated with the light of Christ and what do you do with your light do you hide it under a bus a basket do you or do you shine it in the midst of the darkness for everyone to see to illuminate those who need the way we’re all roaming through the midst of darkness and we’re looking for that light to help us get to where we’re trying to go and so that’s what the word Illuminati means the light breakers or the light bearers so yeah it’s a it’s a beautiful term and we’re taking those terms back I know I even know you know Christian – won’t deal with the the rainbow anymore the rainbow originally as far as we’re dating back a symbol for God’s promises God’s covenant with mankind that when you’ve seen this this rainbow it reminds you of my covenant and the scripture says that and so there’s Christians who won’t wear a rainbow bracelet they won’t wear a rainbow t-shirt they’ve given it because now if you were a rainbow you have a rainbow sticker on your car it means you’re gay and they don’t want to be so they just gave it to them I’m not giving nothing I’m taking it back I’m taking the all-seeing eye back I’m taking all of this symbol I’m taking sacred geometry I’m taking all of it and all of its gonna be purified and so hats off to people like Illuminati Kongo who’s kind of done the same thing and he still gets it from day to day to day about being in the Illuminati and being all this kind of stuff so you know I’m saying to the pure all things appear I’m not giving them nothing didn’t even if it’s something about demonic or Satan they don’t have have any type of power to create only power that those type of entities have is to confuse and to mimic they can take something that’s righteous something that’s beautiful and anything that comes from above is beautiful or they have the ability to take that and put a spin on it take the cross what do Satan is do then they come up with a new symbol a new cross no they take the cross and they turn it upside down what do Satan is do did they come up with a new symbol yeah they got the the upside-down star the Baphomet you turn it no they just taken these Christian symbols or spiritual symbols in the invert them ha ha turn to your symbol upside down what happens if you’re in a gang and you write that name upside down or you draw that symbol upside down or you put a mark through it that’s war that means war so they don’t have the power to create anything just to pervert and to turn it upside down so that’s the same thing with you know what I’m saying the the Baphomet which is a great symbol sacred symbol shout-out to uh Brett Stacy just gave us a donation man thank you so you’re awesome brother Brett Stacy and I think it was Austin Kerr at the beginning of the show as well you gave a donation to thank you guys for donating to the stream and Bret Stacey man you’ve always come through man thank you for for going above and beyond brother you’re awesome he says yushua HaMashiach mushiya new Messiah no that’s a new one I haven’t heard that one have to look that up be with you all John 1:8 and I’m gonna I want to look that up while we’re on stream but taking these these symbols turning them upside down we look at the Baphomet and you think that’s a satanic symbol that symbol in the testament of Solomon was given to Solomon from God by the angel Michael gave him the five-pointed star the pentagram to give him authority over spirits and as a symbol of protection to use that symbol in in the form of a ring so that’s why you would see people who were into Solomonic magic who were into any types of form of magic what they will do they will draw a pentagram get in the middle of the pentagram so they’ll be protected from any type of spirits that were cooking that we’re going to approach them whether it’s to meditation astral travel or performing a magical right where these entities will approach you so that symbol was given as something of protection and and so they take it and they just pervert it they invert it turn it upside down I’m not sure I’m trying to figure out what this word means Bret let me know it says okay the Hebrew is how much Chaka the word how much shiok if you guys don’t know it means the messiah but um but i don’t know about this Michonne oh let’s see I have to I’m gonna have to dig deeper into that one a little bit brother unless you can let me know and chat but yeah thank you guys for the support and thank you for everything really had fun with this with this episode we did a longer episode most people like the longer episodes you know it’s just the whole thing about having a longer episode is the fact that uh you got to find stuff with the guests that you can build upon you have have interesting people on like sometimes I mean there was a time several months ago I just did 30 minutes with a guy and I said hey man I appreciate you talk to you later you know so those longer episodes usually mean that you know there’s some good info and some good knowledge being shared back and forth and we were on a similar page so that’s what’s really cool about that so really enjoyed it again yeah I think that’s it man if anybody has any questions in the chat I’ll try to answer some questions really quick and go back over some of these if I can but let me know if you guys have any questions or any comments and I’ll try to read those in the stream here in the last few minutes to just let you guys know too tonight we do have the school of the Mystics we’ll be reading from some text that we have we started last week and it’s going to be good it was good last week and hopefully it’s gonna be even better this week so Thursday night 7:00 p.m. those who are patrons you get access to that even for a dollar a month or whatever it is but you know you get you get the emails with the links and all that kind of stuff let’s see okay so Christie Lee you guys know I was on Christie Lee’s podcast last night which I’m always on every Wednesday night 7 p.m. central I live streamed to my end from on on the YouTube channel just to let people know what it looks like on the back end what we’re doing here and then as well as just kind of let you guys know who haven’t made the transition to Wednesday night blog talk so that’s what we do but um yeah I just kind of creating content letting you guys know about that so that was available too it was really good last night we get into a lot more prayer meditation activation and Christie does readings and stuff over the air as well so Christie saying she would like to have Kor on her show they’re called priestess that would be really cool from murderous Herodias or horrendous do you think Hitler did what Jesus would have done if he was alive knowing that he had the power knowing he’s going to be crucified and knowing his sacrifice never stopped humans from being cancer I don’t know if you say what wait am i killing a people group with Jesus have killed a people group is that what you’re saying I mean because you see them as a threat or you see them as second-class citizens or see them not even as I don’t believe in genocide at all of any any type of people so I don’t really know how that fits in it but it kind of brings up the notion would you kill baby Hitler if you knew that that was baby Hitler was going to do what he did would you take him out as a baby maybe that’s what you’re saying I don’t know but no I don’t think Jesus would have did that I think Jesus uh what it did would he what he did because he was the King of the Jews and he hated his own certain people in front of church selling out for money I don’t think he hated those people man I think I think he I think he hated the spirit behind it and it was something it’s it’s symbolic for one but it’s that that whole deal was concerning sacrifice and if I will maybe try to relate this back to what we were talking about today even with who are the real gatekeepers of spirituality who are the real protectors of spirituality of ufology and people who have had legit encounters right and you just let these like we man we’ve cried over this we fasted over this we’ve prayed over this we’ve been persecuted over this stuff and it’s the real deal and so it means something to us and it so you just let a foreign outside person come in take over there just nonchalant about it and quite literally they’re you know presenting false information right is that what kind of what we were looking at the whole Corey Goode type stuff so essentially that’s kind of what that whole Jesus thing there was with him throwing the money changers out of the temple this was something where they had to come to the temple to bring their sacrifices right your sacrifice is symbolic about something that means something to you that you brought to God to offer as a sacrifice and so these people were coming for Passover coming for these different festivities and they were selling you sacrifices outside the temple you get there a you don’t have your sacrifice here take this Turtledove sacrifice it hey take this goat take this lamb offer it and then you just buying it at the door then they’re flipping money and doing all of this stuff in the temple which gods house is a house of prayer that’s what Jesus said when he flipped the tables and so that’s what it was about you can’t just you can’t just show up with and bring something that’s not of that doesn’t mean something to you whether it’s sacrifice right in spiritually speaking your sacrifice is the things that you bring to God like you have to you can’t show up empty-handed you have to bring something romans talks about how we’re are a living sacrifice that our lives are literally a sacrifice before the Father and so everything that we do and the things that we’re bringing in and we try to offer to God we talked about this on the last episode that fire consumes it and fire burns this stuff up and the fire is what consumes the sacrifice on the altar and the fire of God is the holy spirit so there was a reason that he had this righteous anger I think we all should have this righteous anger right I mean people look at us coming in from from the outside or whatever and they think you know they have that towards us they think that we’re bringing in new ideas or hey he said a code he had an occultist on his show that’s not of God so they’re acting with this righteous anger I think it’s because they don’t know any better but in their mind they’re doing the right thing they’re trying to protect their flock they’re trying to protect what it is that they’ve worked so hard to build so I think it’s it’s very similar when Jesus running those people I just had enough of him and I said look it’s my father’s house you know y’all and y’all turned it into a house of trade let me go back to these questions right quick yeah so Christie leaves broadcast is tapping and tap in tune in you go to tap into and it’s on blog talk as well just tap in tune in to to to read some of these thieves in the temple tonight love come quick it’s what a call call priestess says about Prince lyrics to yeah so yeah that’s pretty much it everybody’s I was just chatting it looks like um Kenny’s has had to buy the temple coins first because Roman money was not for the temple didn’t buy stuff with the new temple coins yeah yeah became it just they muddied up the waters and that’s why and Jesus had to come is okay this y’all sacrifice I’m looking to show y’all sacrifice I’m trying to put it into all this sacrifice and so Jesus became the sacrifice we didn’t have to buy those type of animals and sacrificed that blood that his blood was the recompense for sin that his blood satisfied the wrath of God and so yeah that’s what that the gospel is about so yeah with that I think I’m gonna say peace and Shalom and I really enjoyed this episode if you’d like to support I encourage you to support I couldn’t do it without you would definitely our listener fund it and I couldn’t do this without the support so thank you guys again from the bottom of my heart for all of you who have been supporting even if I don’t call your name out like every episode you guys know who I’m talking about man I really appreciate you guys and which I’ll the that you believe in my work enough to spend your hard-earned money and support me so but you get a lot of cool stuff it’s not just money just not being wasted you get my entire discography 200 plus songs some good stuff in there there’s some wack stuff there’s some really silly songs in there I think when I first started you know some people those songs are their favorite so we just can’t you know throw it a baby out with the bathwater some people loved that early stuff but it’s their back slash true seeker and there you get access to all the stuff and the thursday night school of the mystics you get access to that too for any size donation so I really appreciate the help over there so murderuss says you have a rainbow pony back there a nice gift that’s my daughter’s man yeah I’m not my daughter’s I’m sorry that’s my wife’s she had that since she was a child back in the 80s and so yeah she’s got that to remind her of her childhood I’ve got et back there too he reminds me that demons take human form as little green means now I’m joking et reminds me of uh I’ve got all those old alien movies man cocoon there’s some there were some beautiful Alien movies before they were all about abduction and ripping your skin off and poking holes in your eyeballs there were some beautiful movies look at the movie cocoon look at the movie flight of the navigator which I’ve named a song after you know Close Encounters of the Third Kind I believe it is maybe it’s the fourth for some reason I get those numbers makes it him I think it’s important Third Kind I don’t know check it out but yeah all of this stuff is just access symbols man that reminds us of things that’s why we create logos and symbols and use colors to evoke emotions and I’ll say this too because this was kind of weird but I got a friend of mine I’ve done some music with him I’m not gonna say his name but he he’s seen one of his friends who watches the podcast said man you should be doing what truth-seekers doing man you should be having your own podcast and putting out your music like he does and building your audience and all this kind of stuff and he checked it out and he’s like man that’s even the Kasane colors you would use and true seekers using your colors and your symbols and all that stuff and it do hit me up and it was kind of weird almost like it was uh like it accusatory a little bit so hey man using my colors just like and these colors in these symbols and things man there’s something we all resonate with like purple and blue something about these colors and spiritual and creativity and people use this stuff so I don’t know it’s kind of really felt like like I took it from him or something it hasn’t even had nothing for me to look at to take so it was kind of weird but uh yeah if something calls to you man you got a you got to do it if you believe in it it takes blood it takes sweat and it takes tears literally I believe that that is the magical concoction over this stuff blood sweat in tears whatever that means that we get to cry weep over it believe believe for it I’ve literally mixed all of those together blood sweat and tears at some point to take me to this place of seeing dreams fulfilled don’t give up on it don’t let somebody else take it from you use that magical concoction there’s nothing that’s gonna stop that blood sweat and tears hard work always pays off consistency I’m telling you I know it’s we hear it all the time but blitz blood sweat and tears is the concoction it is a alchemical practice I believe it and if you believe in it you fight for it you build it don’t let nobody take it from you you create the life you create the reality that you want for yourself and if that’s all you heard today that’s all you need to hear create that stuff get out there and make it happen if it’s a song if it’s a picture if it’s a painting if it’s a company if it’s a podcast whatever it is create it there’s ways to do it and I’ve said this too I don’t see how anybody is broke I don’t see how anybody is struggling to fulfill their dreams and to do what they want with their life because we all have these we all have these little magical devices right here called cell phones these are like little computers man there’s a calculator on there the world it’s at your fingertips and I’ve joked about this with people but anything you can think of you can start a YouTube channel get ad revenue and do it for a living if you can if you’re consistent if there’s blood sweat and tears and you believe in you can’t just do it and for like a week and let me know subscribers if you believe in and you can build it the consistency shows that you really want it I have so many friends who are real creative and they have all these crazy ideas and they’ll change ideas every week one day they’ll be selling herbs in the car war in Nicaragua if I said that right the next week they’ll be selling CBD oil online then next week they’ll be doing this and doing that and there’s just something every week and you find yourself being the jack of all trades but then master of none right but with this and this is just a symbol you mind this is just you don’t have an excuse man whatever you can think of and hopefully you can think outside the box and you have dreams and ideas you want to start a podcast it’s a podcast app you can download you can speak it it’ll for an hour two hours get guest on call somebody on the phone you can record the conversation upload it to YouTube and hopefully you have something that’s entertaining hopefully you have something that helps somebody or whatever the case is or these people who use their platforms for Destruction for just gossiping and talking slander and telling fart jokes and things like that and they have twenty thousand listeners trust me I know those podcasts and stuff but hopefully you’re building something that’s gonna help people and you all have the ability to do that you can start a YouTube channel you can start a blog you can put ads on there you can get eyes to it every one of you can do that there’s nobody who can’t do that with a phone I don’t have the time I don’t have this I don’t know what to do that’s up to you man do you want it bad enough cuz I tell you this there’s somebody right behind you or beside you who wants it maybe even more than you there’s somebody who would love to sit behind this microphone there was someone who would love to have my setup and have the knowledge on how to run this stuff and they would freely take it and run with it so how bad do you want it you build it you create it brand it do something today plant a seed today that’s going to grow tomorrow it might not grow tomorrow you might tomorrow you’re probably gonna have to water it and it’s like you’re gonna have to pull the weeds from around and make sure the weeds don’t choke it out make sure you don’t plant it in the middle of a bunch of rocks it has to be able to take root plant that seed do something today that seed today maybe an email that’s seed today be creating a logo starting a blog buying a dot-com go to type in whatever word you want a brand please brand all of your stuff under the same thing I got friends out there who they have a myspace they have a Facebook they have a YouTube they have a Twitter and they have an Instagram and a website and all of them are different things different names have it one thing truth-seeker calm Trucy gonna Instagram true see going on Facebook true see call must be true see get it type in true seeker and you’re gonna find me and it shot out to core a cult priestess because if you type in a cult priestess she’s coming up if you go to google and type that in she’s coming up so branding is a part of it all of these little things man all of these things occult priestess I’m reading the chat she does do a private session so make sure y’all go check out her stuff and support support people in that you believe in man it’s good stuff love y’all man there’s uh everything’s out there so anyway I’ll see y’all tonight on the school of the Mystics 7 p.m. central will do it I’m looking forward to that it’s gonna be good so with that being said I’m gonna say peace of Shalom we will do it again peace well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker also guys really quick I was also told to plug the discord community we got people who want to hang out with you there and I’m one of them go to the description and there’ll be a link that says discord you can download it on your phone and you can also download it on your computer and that’s where that’s the community aspect that we’re building here so join our hangout if you

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