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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast I am joined by The Occult Priestess joined by her good friend Aurora. Aurora claims to be a soul walk-in and says that she has been here for the past 17 years occupying a host body. This was the first time that I had heard of anything like this at least in this terminology and had to ask more questions. We ended up talking about spirituality, healing and overcoming traumas and was a great discussion all around.

We also spoke about did David Wilcock and Corey Goode controversy. Many people are now claiming that they are parked of a secret space program and have been since they were children. These people claim that they were taken out of their beds during the night the majority of their childhoods and taken either aboard craft or via jump rooms to the planet Mars and various other planets. One of the main people who claims this is Corey Goode who has formed what is known as the Sphere Being Alliance and has also made contact with a species of aliens called the Blue Avians. Corey Goode comes out of nowhere onto the scene with this huge grandiose story top-of-the-line website graphics and mega funding while also being backed by Gaia TV and David Wilcock. Many people claim that Corey Goode has holes in his story yet his videos are some of the most watched on YouTube concerning these subjects. Many Gatekeepers in ufology have called BS not only on Coreys story but also on David Wilcock for promoting and coaching Corey during his TV and lecture circuit appearances. Bill Ryan of Project Avalon says that Corey story is a conglomeration of many people’s personal accounts who share their stories on the Project Avalon forum. Bill Ryan pulled Corey Goods IP address and says that Corey Goode had been spending hours a day browsing the Project Avalon forums and reading similar stories to what he now claims as his own.

The Spiritual and UFO community is a small and tight-knit it family and we welcome newcomers as we were welcomed at one point as well, but we are protective of Our Truth and won’t let just anyone come in and change the narrative. If at the end of the day the goal is absolute truth, then we are willing to have that conversation. But if the end goal is large crowds and mega funding then we will have a problem with walking the spiritual path and upholding Integrity which in the end go hand and hand.




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