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TruthSeekah and Michael sit down for a round table discussion about Spirituality and the Spirit Realm. Some of the topics we discuss on the show may seem a little deep and hard to comprehend but the emphasis always goes back to making our encounters tangible. There is always a lesson to be learned from the realms of the spirit. We also talk about intention. Pointing out a lot of tools that we use to access and maneuver around the spirit realm. To go in and not to just be amazed and in awe but to learn how to pull things out and shift circumstances and ideas to our benefit as well as those around us.

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings so everything is the same except for the experiences ringing via the YouTube loosely RI synchronicities astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and your remote viewing please be advised to listen at your own decision [Music] [Music] okay who needs an intro I don’t know we’re gonna try to do this again before we were rudely interrupted by the technical difficulties so we’re trying to do a roundtable discussion we’ve been talking about doing this for a while okay the intro is deciding to play this is insane man well it’s trying to play in the background it’s weird okay I’m scared that if I continue on the intro is gonna tell [Music] [Music] CAES faintest and when I don’t be [Music] right now locked into the to think about you think and all things spiritual yes I’m true seeker were back with another exciting episode we’re gonna try to do this again we’ve been having some problems with the stream here we were supposed to have Dan Oscar Pinsky on with us but right before we went live he had some internet problems and he wasn’t able to join and then so me and Michael Bastian went live that’s right right about 10 minutes and then my computer shut off during the live stream so we said why not try it one last time why not you know so instead of running through all this field about everything I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who is supporting on the patreon page you guys are helping me to do what I’m doing full-time every little bit helps backslash true seeker thank you to all the people who have been supporting from day one like I love my day once and thank you for everybody who have just joined within the last week or two so many people supporting the work and what I’m doing here and I think it’s awesome because it encourages me because you guys see value in what we’re doing having these discussions having guests on making ourselves available putting out content music teachings and things like that to kind of advance us spiritually and really just share what works for us and that’s all I’m sharing is what has worked for me not really too big on to the theories and things like that but let’s just share what works and I think if we all do that I think we can move mountains in the in the spirit realms and instead of taking a long time to figure out how this stuff works and just just share what’s working so Michael Bassam amen what’s working for you man what’s working are you talking about like as far as getting into the spirit and seeing crazy stuff happen and like that’s a good place to start sharing the truth or I’m getting messages to people who are like do not tell anybody my secrets and singing crazy stuff is a great place to start well but like what how do you know if it’s like a good thing that you’re seeing or if it’s like something you shouldn’t be seeing or if it’s like a bad spirit or a good spirit I mean how do you tell them in discernment spirit of discernment how’s your sermon what’s that let’s see if we got any people calling us heretics yet yeah that was that was drew and my buddy drew he said he’s gonna call in he’s been on the podcast two major transformation in his life awesome friend of mine good brother and we’re talking about off the air about the tribes coming together right and having friends and going to prayer meetings and in the tribes mix in and Dan’s friends meet my friends and all of these kind of things right so drew was in the midst of that and drew is hung out with Dan right we went to New Orleans to a float tank experience together Meade Andrew and another friend of ours and uh we documented it you need to watch it yeah I want to serious yeah it is it’s hilarious and I kind of cringe at it a little bit now because I’m so deep in it I’m so deep and I’m just like I want to get in the flow tank and I meet with the angels like I think I was looking forward to it man and we had it was a beautiful though beautiful beautiful time and I’ll send you that link and anybody else I’ll put it into in the show notes in the description but what’s working Michael Bastian getting quiet having faith sticking close to the Bible got my Bible right here’s my three bucks buy my mommy my mommy bought it for me the good book okay guts are falling out of it what did I’m just trying to say about the Bible of me a man whose Bible is falling apart usually shows that that the person isn’t falling apart or their life isn’t that’s right not misquoting but I stopped marking it I mean it’s it’s like I feel like if I keep marking it it’s just I usually just look at the Bible on my phone anyway but it’s nice to see him a messed up Bible sometimes you like well you know I used to do this but I mean you could just randomly open this thing and ask God questions and he talks to you it’s I’m not really that good he says stuff like like a look as for me my feet were almost gone my steps had well nice slipped you know you could you can easily get sucked into even the spiritual traveling stuff people get sucked into the pride side of it and I know people that get into this that they’re just like they almost worship the mystic they think that the mystic people are gurus and people just don’t want to think for themselves they don’t want to be discerning the spirits on their own and it’s easy to to it’s sucked into the prides at the side of all that but if as you keep coming back to the Bible and God keeps crushing you in your life through experience all things and you’re just like crawling back to him I feel like you’ve got all the Psalms on your side like you’ve got all the patriarchs all the stories in this Bible all the the the incredible histories of the God of Israel that led the people of Israel through the Red Sea I’ve been telling this to my students recently at the Rotary Club my business class have been like business class of business Taiwanese that want to learn English that have businesses about a flight attendant but they are amazed when you just tell them some of the basic stories the Bible that have been archaeologically proven that you can go to the Red Sea you can swim down where you know Ron Wyatt swam and he took photographic evidence of the wheels of Pharaoh’s armies and bones of horses and Men and the wheels these golden chariot wheels are exactly the kind that you would see depicted in the Egyptian you know higher glyphs and pictures from that era from that pharaohs time in Egypt so you you you find this stuff and you realize holy crap this this Bible is really like everything in it is true God is real when I found that out when I was 17 years old it suddenly made sense to me in a very personal level not just oh your grandfather was was a writer who wrote 16 books by the Holy Spirit and we got to follow him and I read a lot of his books you know Don Bosch him face up with a miracle all this stuff and I had experienced levels of spiritual warfare but it was like suddenly it was like holy cow this is really literally true God actually exists man I mean if you find that out that’s it you’ve got to follow him what else you gonna live for and it’s not about showing off to people you know that’s what works though right just finding finding God and finding ways to stay close and learn in a kind of walking hand-in-hand with with the Lord through the good and the bad right that that’s all that matters in the end I mean he could lead you through the Red Sea but then a few years later he’s gonna kill ya cuz you’re worshiping that that that golden calf and you’re gonna lose your soul and he’s gonna kill you out of mercy but the but the people that get into this through relationship I meet a lot of in Clayton followers just because I’m like his biggest troll and biggest groupie Frant and like fan and a lot of people are after that kind of experience with God and they don’t focus enough on the relationship yeah and I’ve been guilty of that too at times you just forget you know that God actually wants to know you he wants to walk with you he wants to start a story in your life that’s not just completely random it actually goes right into the Bible mm-hmm sorry I keep pulling the Bible I heard this is a trick you just hold a Bible and you look spiritual well I like that because we were doing a lot of preaching in churches and traveling and stuff and uh all the pastors would come out with the iPads and I was like where’s the book you know I always want to always make sure I put I had my book with me man and say you know I’m saying what happened and the electricity goes out what you gonna do so um tonight we’re just hanging out man you know real agenda so anybody who has any questions or comments or want to share your stories may call in the numbers streaming across the top of the video and it’s in the description as well we’re gonna jump to some of these phone calls I believe drew is on the phone we just mentioned drew a while a while ago caller from Alabama’s issue drew what up bro what’s going on my brother and the title role and amen hey I need and we can go into this story too but I need um if he’s there can you punch can you give Lou the phone I think I think Michael bathrooms a fan of uh Lou Engel you know who Lou Lou Engel is Michael Bassam yeah yeah yeah we’re actually we’re actually in a mayor’s conference right now together it’s a seminar for a new young couples for just how to be a godly household but hang on let me give ya they’ve got a second to be awesome of Lou Engel can come on just say hi evangelist hey Lou you guys are expecting a big turnout for the call this year never been before Paul of the jeribai Revolution first waves up raise up who we are who where God wants to be I feel like stronger than ever I have a change in as much me neither Lenny almost like to call it the call of the Nazarites are you familiar with Lou Engel Michael Bastian do you have a question I’m Lou Engel um from the call I’ve I’ve definitely heard his name before I haven’t heard his message yet but it’s really exciting to meet you sir and and welcome to come on my show to someday if you ever have a chance are you guys doing a conference right now you’re doing a marriage conference hopefully I can hear you very clearly now well we’re doing a marriage conference for young singles about Christian household how to raise up children okay when they grow up here without the cold and the job evolution beautiful it sounds like every other conference though no where’s the nominee good we got a doctor the door I think it’s David oh that’s good radio live radio [Laughter] yeah well hey man thanks for putting them on dude I know he’s I thought he was fasting but I thought it was fasting no I mean I think he does like intermittent fasting so you like go days not eat anything right yeah whatever you want but it’s crazy man Thank You Man like you know hilly the pizza and get real spiritual um yeah crazy yeah that’s crazy man so drew what’s going on with you man um I mentioned our trip cuz we were taught my everybody’s connected and stuff and was through Dan and do our friends and just just like enter me mingling and meeting new people and then I talked about our trip to New Orleans to the phone to the float tank you want to talk about that a little bit yeah yeah so like our journeys been really long really kind of like crazy as long as me and you don’t each other carry some of things that we’ve been been through and been to and kind of in and out of and I’m you know I’m thankful at the end of the day like I wouldn’t take any of it back you know I think God’s brought us where he wants us and it’s probably let us experience some things let us walk through some things and I think probably on the other side of that we’re stronger because of that and maybe your testimony and maybe just our history will be able for us you know maybe in the future to be a blessing meant to be a testimony to somebody else because we’ve been through some of these things you know you were talking earlier you were talking earlier about those prayer meetings that we used to have and um you know I I’ve walked down some roads like I’m not really like proud of things that I’ve done that obviously you know I don’t regret because it’s made me who I am but it’s something that I think sometimes God allows you to little things along and life’s the hard way maybe just cuz we’re stubborn or maybe we like we know the Caldecott have we kind of just rocks with it anyway um but one of those prayer meetings that we actually went through and God showed up and I remember like it was amazing but I walked into that prayer meeting with drugs in my pocket and I’ll never forget like but you know halfway through the prayer meeting I was like so convicted I ended up went and like going and pushing him down the toilet and like unless that for a meeting different and I knew within myself like there was things that I had to do to change not just because it was like a right or wrong or you know it’s whatever it might be in the world’s eyes but because of you know it was my own conviction like it was something I knew I had to do it for myself and that was important you know that was something that stuck out to me and you know you were mentioning that earlier that was something that kind of brought me back for a minute so we’ve done a lot and you know I grew up in church and you can call me a prodigal or whatever you want to call me I kind of relate myself to the prodigal son inscriptions it except when I come back I no it’s more than just I’m getting a party like I know like you know I’m going back to my right foot as a child of God as you know it is my right of passage you know I’m a child of the king like this is what I want like I’m royalty because I’m his and you know we make that declaration within ourselves will become Krishna you know and that eternal security like that’s forever like you know you you become as a child of God that you become part of God’s family like that doesn’t go away like my son can be like the worst person all day long and all that but you know if he died he was worst kid that whole day like he’s still my kid you know what I mean so they doesn’t take it away and looking at it like that and allowing yourself to forgive yourself to move on that can move mountains but um you know we’ve we’ve done a lot and going back to the whole no low flow things dude like that hole even like recently with stranger things and like that whole you know that’ll TV show think about that yeah it’s synchronicity it really is some of the stuff that we’ve been through which you know that I didn’t even know that was a thing until you know a few years ago and I remember the first time we went it was like completely pure intentions and it was like you know we were kind of just curious I guess I’m a second time we went with intent and you know there is things out that I’m not I don’t think everything in this world is black and white I think you know there are some things that you know I wouldn’t say they’re questionable but I would I would maybe be curious though to why God put certain things on the service you know whether it be you know mushrooms or whatever it might be to you you know we have natural receptors in our body for psychedelics and there are natural psychedelics in this world so why would we have natural psychedelics in this world and have receptors in our body but or not have no reason to use you have no reason for us to use them so then the question a lot of a lot of things that maybe what we might seem right or wrong in our culture maybe isn’t correct you know there’s a lot of cultures that find alcohol and tobacco as right or wrong and you know in some cases it’s even illegal and you know it’s what’s needed and it’s just your culture what you’re brought up and that is right and that is wrong but I don’t think everything is like that in this world so we’ll say that we went we went with it you know we went with intent and you know you do certain things like that they’re not meant to be used to have a great time or you know get high or whatever you want to call it but they’re used for spiritual journey in some cases and cultures it’s even a rite of passage when a man or woman becomes of a certain age they’re looked at as an adult it is a spiritual journey that they will go through it kind of like lose themselves and find themselves lose who they think they are and find who they’re supposed to be it’s very very important it’s very life-changing but it’s also one of those things that it’s very I guess you could say frowned upon or maybe just not understood correctly because it’s our culture do I communicant own them completely no I you know would I ever use them again I don’t know how I use them recently no way but you know it’s just one of those things I have used them I don’t have like a strong sense of urgency of like oh this is wrong but this was right I know what it’s done for me and it completely changed my life what about you Michael Bassam have you ever had any psychedelic encounters and you wild crazy youth no I mean I’m kind of personal people are like you know what you don’t know you don’t need drugs I mean my parents are classical musicians I grew up homeschooled yeah you know go out in the backyard and have a spiritual experience but I don’t doubt that you can I mean I’m sure that if I was to get into it I’d probably be tempted to really get into it so so far I haven’t tried anything just coffee alcohol some tobacco you know but I’ve noticed when you’re extremely tired when you get to that place where you’re so physically exhausted but you can just stay awake and you get really quiet and you just lie down and put on some music like I’ve almost left my body I know there was one time where I was about to leave and I was like okay Lord take me and then Lord’s like now you’re not you’re too scared no I’m not Lord take me I’m ready I’m ready Lord I mean I felt like my spirit was literally about to just get out of there nor my soul or whatever I don’t even pretend to understand this stuff how it works but it’s it’s interesting to me I just I believe that the experiential part of it is not as important as the faith part of it so that you’re able like which is astral travel we as Christians we start where they end so as high as you can astral travel is the point where by faith you can begin to travel in spirit and do stuff but the difference is it always requires faith so that you get a reward because God wants you to grow in your faith and if you just like whoa I’m in the asshole realm I’m I’m seeing things so it’s those yeah then you’re like alright you got your reward already you know you saw it but if you’re if you’re doing something in faith where you’re like is this real or is this imaginary am I making this up versus am I really talking to Jesus or and then it comes true what he said or what you saw or what then there’s I think that’s that’s more like Abraham level you know he believed in God and it was accounted to him for righteousness and but I loved experiences though I won’t lie I mean I love it when you see stuff that’s like that’s fun I mean I wake up in between half awake and half asleep and I’ll see stuff in my room like this whole all the ceiling in this room was all covered with veins that was weird and I saw it’s kind of like portal opening in front of that’s definitely some strange thing stuff oh it was totally out of yeah and then I watched stranger things like the next day and I was like I saw this but we live in a world that is spiritual when you wield the Word of God its wielding this light and your faith shines and you know angels come in and it’s just it’s awesome I mean you got a we got to get word spirit you know someday we should have a spirit battle we’ll see who’s more spiritual truth seeker yeah my friends we had some moms kidding it’s probably it’s gonna be me level 90 are you level 95 no we’re traveling you guys you guys can totally be more spiritual but you know what I think I don’t even think that you know after having those awesome encounters which I love and I’m totally open to having to have them again and more often it to me and none of it makes sense unless you can bring it into this realm and you can actually make it manifest and change your reality and the reality of those people who are around you and I think Drew’s story after everything he’s been through and I’ve been through and we’ve been through together through dealing with psycho psychedelics and being Christians and Christians using psychedelics together that type of deal and to see where drew is at now drew was almost 400 pounds and has lost over 200 now right Wow yeah yeah so he’s been able to kind of go into those realms and see his self and get a vision of what he wants to do with his life in those realms and get a hunger to do it and to manifest it and to interview to get a game plan and and hey the you know the psychedelic state is for that the dream state is for that to go in right to get a vision and go to the place where visions are birthed and and and and shaped and formed and reformed and go back to that place and I did it too when I started doing healing sessions one-on-one sessions for people it came through a psychedelic encounter and this overwhelming sensation that having an encounter with God on magic mushrooms and having this overwhelming sensation to do healing sessions and it looked like it was something that was the furthest thing that could that could ever take place and what in a few months God gave me again a game plan and started doing it and started doing a bunch and seeing people’s lives being transformed and making myself available to that and it’s crazy and it’s so powerful that it’s it’s hard to believe and to even to see drew where he’s at now to where he was that’s hard to believe you know but uh that’s what it’s about it’s about making it simple and bringing it into this reality every single bit of it you know like I had these amazing encounters with Jesus where I seen Jesus and my my vision was radiating with bright blinding light and I couldn’t see anything and Jesus stood in front of me in the spirit realm and it was so bright that I couldn’t see and I could feel his love radiating towards me and it was so pure and blissful and awesome and euphoric but at the same time there was a heaviness and a burden and as his his pain for Humanity and how much he loves us with this this heart aching love and I felt that too and it was just crushing me and I was screaming at the top of my lungs at a prayer meeting in somebody’s house and they could feel the energy radiating off of me it was really an amazing encounter with Jesus but if I was just to leave that encounter but yeah man I I said that and just kind of way in our our experiences but to bring it down to to break it down and bring it into reality okay what’s that for okay he wants me to feel how he feels for Humanity so I can take that and run with it and I can take that and I can I can have that same compassion towards people and see people like he sees them and I can hurt for people like he hurts for people he lets me feel how he hurts for people and and and and how much he loves people and how much he hates sin and how much he hates you know us being caught up in bondages and darkness and stuff that we that shouldn’t be in and to be able to feel that in a spiritual encounter but make it as plain as something that we can we can carry in our day-to-day lives well amen yeah now just like if I could add something to that you were talking about kind of like making that dream state like making that part of who you are because like you know an experience when we go so far unless you do something with it and by us as people and even as Christians like we’re very much by by what we see and that what we believe um so you know you can sell people all the time you can tell people the time of like God’s great love and His mercy and His grace but unless you show that to others and let them feel that same great person in love it means nothing and same thing goes with our experiences like you know we have these great experiences or whatever and like we have all these great intentions in America and our heart of what we want to do none less like we put that to action it means nothing and um you know our body our body our cells of attrition and this is something I struggled with for a long time being so overweight was how could I ever be a testimony you know I mean how can somebody you know and it’s not like that like a shameful thing I’m never I would never be one of those people that would put other people to shame or anything like that but self-control is the fruit of the Spirit and if we can’t self-control in that area you know and I don’t want to step on any toes but if we don’t have self-control in the area how could we help or guide or try to reach others in those same kind of areas that they’re struggling with and that makes any sense yeah you know you got to be good to your body like I gave you this body to be good to to the nourisher to take care of and you know it’s something that’s become you know it’s it’s important for me it’s it’s no longer like a goal of mine but it’s more of an obsession that was something that I have to do I used to struggle with anxiety and depression and so this was like an everyday occurrence and now if I don’t take care of about if I don’t work out if I if I’m not good to the temple that God’s given me then I still struggle with those things because I do because I do take care of my you know my body because you know all these other things like that is what naturally gives us that’s a how naturally God gives us the ability to overcome those things and I know people like don’t really know that or don’t haven’t really experienced that but it’s the complete truth there is a natural high that you can get just by working out just by running just by you know what I mean like your your your body is naturally giving out endorphins that are that are negative you know when you’re physically in activity like that and but like I said it you know you can talk all day to somebody but unless you show them that same experience and it should be the same love or whatever it might be your words mean nothing so you make those you know feel that same feeling that you’re feeling that same feeling a desperation or whatever it might be so then to make that same change in their life but they need to be in other words the only goes so far yeah and just thinking of it like this like you’re the temple people worship the temple all the time they’re always like oh behold the temple look at my check me out I work out a dude and or they’re afraid of like how do I look in front of people and we can easily get sucked into even these cell phones I mean you can be talking on the cell phone all day with people and be sucked into the internet and it’s just as bad as any kind of gateway drug or heavy drug and if you’re not using this temple to perform its main purpose which is all right a prayer house for all nations so there is something to fellowshipping and listening to people and pouring out love but then the other side is connecting with God directly and having that relationship with him and if you’re completely sick or super you know unhealthy it’s hard to hear from God it like is you don’t like even if you just haven’t slept in a long time or you’re or if you you’ve drank too much or anything you can easily you know you won’t be able to even read this you won’t even be able to like connect with it cuz it’ll just be like or you know you just overwork people are workaholics where people watch too much TV whatever it is you know just balance in all things and the but the main point is not any of those things it’s just can you connect with God or not and then that’s if you can then suddenly you’ve achieved maximum power of and you will come on the true seeker podcast I think that’s and tell I mean it’s true like we look for a sign this is the shows are a place where you share the signs it’s that’s the stuff that that we can see we can tell the stories the hard part to get across is the relationship I don’t know how to I don’t know how to really transmit that enough but I know that for myself that’s the challenge is like am I really connecting with God or not well every easy to look spiritual it’s not even haven’t talked to him it’s hard to to convey that over a podcast especially coming from my experience so here we are a couple kids talking about you know doing magic mushrooms but you got to use the context of like our day-to-day and our relationship with God and where it’s comes from like like we’re Christians were like reading the scriptures daily where we were doing magic mushrooms listening to Bethel worship music and in Hillsong you know and and so it’s to really try to wrap your head around that it’s not like but we have but people don’t know that unless we tell them the stories they we’re not so when we preference like our spiritual encounters our meditation times our spiritual practice like it’s you got a you got a you know I’m saying be able to know where we’re coming from because everybody’s not coming from that background everybody’s not a Christian that everybody doesn’t know that Jesus loves them with an everlasting love and He gave His life for them and and and in him we live and move and have our being like they don’t they don’t have that revelation so when we share all of this stuff we still got to let people know that we’re we’re coming from and who we are of just random people right trying to meditate or trying to astral travel versus we know who we are and being called and being sent and having all this encounter and experience and years behind us and we’re not just new agers out here doing it we’re not just Christians trying something new like there’s a there’s years of study and in revelation and heartache and travail wanting to give up and in God working on your heart there’s so much there and it’s hard to get that across whenever we’re like hey man yeah so we did this and we went to a float tank or you don’t they don’t know that like hey like all the preparation that went in before the flow tank or all the preparation and all the studying and the fasting that went in before we would do what I heard all the other before doing this a psychedelic journey and the chantings and the mantras and getting oneself right spiritually and it goes without saying even see even that is like that I’m saying that the spiritual process is the preparation which is so much more holy than sometimes even you know indulging in and doing it so for me when we do those things and I have so many stories and they’re so beautiful and I can’t even wrap my head around a lot of them like I can’t I can try to explain them I don’t know what I seen it in some some occasions you know it there’s so many beings and life forms and things out there that cross over to this reality not us going into theirs but their cross over to ours you know – I have to make sure that I get the lessons from it like if we do something like that or we God shows up in a mighty way in my life and something beautiful and awesome and blows my mind that he doesn’t do everyday you know I have to wrap my mind and get and see what he’s trying to tell me versus okay let’s do it again let’s do it again you know because the wheat there’s those people out there and we’ve been with those people let’s do it again let’s let’s do mushrooms next weekend I wouldn’t know dude no do you I’ve never I’m just curious so do when you do it can you like keep control like do you feel like you um do you like if there are demons pouring through like a gateway somewhere like do you have the lucidity to be able to wield a sword of the Spirit like when you’re high on mushrooms or are you just seeing it like you’re watching a movie type of thing it’s like you’re on a roller coaster but the Holy Spirit’s driving it out-of-body experiences that were demonic I’ve actually definitely experienced things that were like okay this was not good but it was like that go ahead psych it up there I if I could see real quick I’ve actually had both encounters yeah one one encounter I had with magic mushrooms was probably one of the worst nights of my life I felt like I was being attacked spiritually I had a vision of it was like a demon a snake and it had its self like wraps around me and every time I breathe in like it would clinch tighter and tighter almost where I couldn’t breathe I will say that everything is done from the intentions of your heart you know the scripture that God weighs weighs the kisses of your heart so if you do something with or without the right intent I think your your outcome is always gonna matter the one time where I had that negative experience I was also doing other drugs at night I was also just not in the right film tight spiritually I was not just running from God running from his call but I was just completely like over it like I didn’t even care I was probably one of the worst times of my life honestly but then I’ve also had some of the most crazy like face-to-face encounters with God when it was done with the right intention um I feel like that’s very very serious note to push maybe something to kind of portray as to whatever your intentions are like going in through that kind of journey I think that’s what you’re gonna look like that’s what you’re gonna get if you’re going in try to get like effed up and high and whatever yeah you will but you’re not gonna have a great time I promise but if you go in searching for something searching for an answer or maybe it be spiritual or whatever it might be like you’re gonna find it you know yeah it’s just you can even go back you can even go back to scripture you know seek and ye shall find not to the door shall be opened like it’s all there yeah and I just think I think it’s important to it to kind of I guess portray that because it’s not it’s a very very serious thing you know no no no and you have to try your best to understand what you’re getting yourself into and even when you’re trying to prepare yourself for it the best you can there’s really no way of preparing for it yeah but if but like I said we’re we’re approaching this as Christians and so our our outcome our experiences are different than someone who has no idea who God is or Jesus is with that being said as far as like we know who put that who put that piece of fruit here like that organically grew from the front from the ground my father put that here it’s not about like mixing drugs and concoction this type of potion and taking it right and then so if I take it and and I eat it and it’s something that could come here from from the ground from the earth that that’s my thing I was scared going into it but that was part of me is that okay God you you put this here I’m gonna try it and I felt like you calling me and I did so much so much so much research on it but we did it with Jesus and that’s the weird the weird thing but you just got to know who we are and what we come from we act like as Christians there’s places where Jesus won’t go or Jesus doesn’t do or whatever the case is like he’s in everything I do even if I’m messing up if I’m doing even if I am in error and I’m making the wrong decisions like he’s their man he’ll never leave me and he’ll never forsake me well he will forsake you if you’re doing my bedrooms he’ll give you over to your sins and you know no he’ll never leave me he’ll never forsake me and so it we had some beautiful encounters in but like I said we have to preface that because it’s not like somebody listening who just stumbled upon this podcast and hey there’s some guys saying they had a good time doing mushrooms and God spoke to him let me try it well we were speaking to God for months and years you know up to that point – so you know you get you to get get out of it what you put in it is all about intention like we were talking about before we went live this time where the guy was trolling you who was trolling me on my channel about is it all in your head are you just delusional are you making it all up you know what if it’s just all in your head and oh yeah you know well it’s some of it is to be honest ok I’m completely not coming from a position of any experience with drugs at all so I just I’m just look I’m learning I’m learning from you guys I would think about the future for my children what I want them to try stuff I mean and what position will I take if I find out you tried mushrooms like well I might have a more balanced perspective on it I’m still not gonna do it but I feel like you know a lot of this stuff it’s just is it real or not that’s all I want to know it’s like not just how emotional do I feel when I’m getting this prophecy it’s like this this prophecy actually work because if it’s true I want to follow it yeah if it’s not then it’s time to you know like God is gonna rearrange the way that we you know when you’re for example when you’re reading some of these revelations that people are getting a lot of the mystics a lot of the different Christians with different experiences like the John Crowder’s and the Brandon Barth ROPS and and I know that they all don’t agree with each other but like Justin Abraham and Neville Johnson and the list goes on and on can you actually try that can you go to the court system of heaven and pray for those kids locked in cages and pray for those Hollywood actors and pray for the presidency and the NFL and all this stuff and the fact is you can and it’s not about emotional attachment I mean we musicians I’m from a musical family love that feeling but I’m just like what is true you know it’s like the feeling is real but maybe it’s not always a good thing to be scooted around by a demon that’s showing me how all the missionaries in my base have these different weaknesses in there did you see that did you see what Simon does and he’s like I see my missionary friend he’s like he’s like this nice bastard but in this vision and this astrological trip or whatever by the way this is mms this is this is one of my drugs here this is something that is strictly against the pharmaceutical industry anyway cancer you know what you know there’s no other topic the whole thing about that it doesn’t matter and it depends on if it’s real for you and honestly as much as I love those people you named I think the majority of the time they’re making it up as they go I really do with all of my heart that they’re making it up as they go does it work it works according to your faith do you believe it works well yeah where it works that’s how that’s how the universe is there’s so many different realms and levels and dimensions and realities here that whatever you believe it exists so as a man thinketh in his heart so shut you know so so is he or so shall it be like whatever you want to create whatever you want to manifest and so if you think that you’re schizophrenic hypochondriac and you go out into the sunlight and the sunlight burns your skin you’re gonna have a fear to go outside your house and you’re gonna be limiting you’re gonna live your life that way when we have these these encounters with with Jesus or whatever or even we can we can say mushroom or or without the mushroom just spiritual encounters did I meet angels on mushrooms well it doesn’t matter if those were real angels or not but when I left my experience my manifestation was that I did and I had the encounter and to me it was real and I think they are real but people will laugh and scoff and think we’re crazy when we talk about this stuff but it like you have the experience if you have a nightmare where something like God comes to you or devil comes to you and and scares the piss out of you and it changes the it changes the path the course that you were gonna make maybe you were gonna I’m just gonna throw something out there hypothetical maybe you were gonna rob somebody and you’re plotting and you’re thinking about robbing someone and you have a dream that when you rob this dude you got shot and and as a demon came to you did a demon really come to you and warned you in your dream well when you wake up your your your reality changing and you’re gonna live your life as that happened and in it it’s it’s real to you it’s real to you nobody can talk you out of it it doesn’t matter if it was real or not but the outcome and and the experience of what you you took away from it and the guy who led me to the Lord man and he has amazing encounters man he his encounters early on getting baptized with the Holy Spirit in a room by itself with Jesus and just poured the Lord poured hot oil on him and it was running down and like it’s scared him anointing oil and and it blew his mind so he has all these crazy encounters but he would lock himself in his room for 2 3 hours every night praying meditating and reading the scriptures and and and he what he left that room with power when he put his hands on people things happen when he prayed things happen but and he was with a woman at a time he was married to this lady and she would mock him for seeking God as much as he did and say all you missing out on all the fun stuff and you’re doing this and what if that stuff y’all doing ain’t even real and he’s in and he responded he said well if it ain’t real you know in the end we had fun we didn’t hurt anybody and we helped a lot of people so if it was real or not my experience was and I lived in my life as it was this most of these people in these churches are delusional man I get them in my inbox every day people thinking that they’re the Archangel Michael and oh gosh a Metatron and they they’re on and like they don’t antidepressants and people on all kinds of pills and stuff man but I don’t know what goes on in in people’s heads but I know that it’s powerful and it changes you I’m sent away they get that we interact with people and there’s just there’s just different levels to it man I think a lot of these people are full of crap dude I really do you because I’ve seen so much of the good and the bad on the in the light and the darkness and I can see through a G I can see agendas well you know I can see through it I can see if people are operating out of hurt or out of manipulation I can sense this stuff and a lot of people can if you if you flow in a gift of discernment and you learn how to Titus how to see and be a seer but to see the intentions of the heart Jesus did that Jesus would walk upon a crowd of people and he would know their intentions and he would make he would make his next move based upon that you know what what he would read their of their mind he would read their aura their spirit and he would he would go the other direction and knew they were wanting to kill him or whatever the case is and so it gets into really weird ground and just because it’s fake just because they’re making it up I’m not okay in it but are they helping people like is it really doing good or are they doing bad because they’re making it up and using the name of the Lord in vain I’m not sure um we do have another call here this is one of your friends aren’t Johnny welcome to oh man hey I just wanted to call in I won’t keep it short but you know as you know that I own the fringe radio network and Michael is like my boy he’s my right-hand boy he’s really running it along with man I just worked all day setting up the DNS for Fringe video I wanted to helps people look at it and tell me what they think there’s nothing there it’s just a front page that I wanted to know what people think of the design and tell people that were expanding into the fringe video network as well we stick it better watch out oh I think things brother talking about I just told I wasn’t even listening I just dialed in oh we’re talking about you this is a follow I’m not even in the studio this is actual sound like a munchkin on the cell phone maybe a little jumpy out of this precious studio and what does he sound like he sounds like this of the iron junior next time we’ll come on the iron shell will both be like deers in the headlights deer the headlights when you start up that intro what are you talking about drugs spirituality you know I’m about to promote my book you’re promoting the fringe video network calm well one thing we were talking about is how you know a lot of these we just named a bunch of names of everybody into like the mystical Christian movements and stuff and talking about what if some of these people are making it up as they go which I really feel like they are and and and the power that they they have in the teaching the power behind their teachings about accessing heaven and petitioning heaven and is it causing harm if it’s real and if it’s if it’s helping people and is it a bad thing you know it’s kind of talking about that a little bit too cuz they’re I mean cuz a lot of these guys have come we have conflicting stories so is it the Holy Spirit that’s telling this guy this a little bit and telling him that and their stories are conflicting and or is it that they’re making it up as they go or they’re a little bit delusional you know cuz that’s what me and Peter good game I don’t know if you guys know Peter good game he’s like a legend we came up with the concept of reverse discernment because we’re really into the signs and wonders community not active in it but really liked it and we’re you know we’re really aware that there’s a lot of BS you know mixed in with it so you have to use reverse discernment and people only think of discernment in one way they think of discerning the bad right now doing some things you go right okay right okay well reversed assignment a concept we came up with it is agreeing that there’s good and bad there and then discerning the good pulling that out adding that to your theology in your worldview as long as you have a really good background you have to have a good theological background you should just go into this signs and wonder stuff blind with no formation you have to know your Bible you have to spent a lot of time in decent you know bread and butter plain vanilla Bible studies and theology before you ever get involved with it you know because yeah if you don’t know what you’re looking for some of it could be dangerous there’s their salvation theology a lot of it is real dangerous when you get into the Pentecostal Assemblies of God the fivefold all the charismatic most of the charismatic and really I mean if you leave if you sneeze you lose your salvation you know you have to get it back you know and that’s right there’s a lot of real good stuff in there you know you gotta be able to yeah so anyway I didn’t mean to take over here know exactly where we were headed and that’s the conversation we just had that even though that there is a bunch of BS and they are making it up they’re helping people I get so many disturbing messages about Brandon ball drop and my affiliation with him and me interviewing him and he believes this and he believes that and I can’t believe you promoted him and it’s like look he’s it’s working remember what was the question at the very beginning Michael what’s working for you guess what what what what Brandon boss top is doing is working he’s helping people man people are getting off the dope they’re getting off a hard drugs and they’re coming into a relationship with Jesus Christ even though I don’t agree with the majority of what he teaches I see the fruit in it understand that one thing that he’s doing and the armchair investigators aren’t that he’s act he’s actually out there making a difference and making disciples and helping people man and I don’t care how you do it if you’re making this world a better place and how friends or how crazy or silly it looks I don’t care I really don’t so my hats off to Brenda bought up I love that dude yeah I stand in total agreement with you you know I mean same here I I would echo the same exact thing that you would say about him you know and then it’s kind of like you can I can sum it up with that old question you know what translation of the Bible is the best and the answer is the one you will actually read is reaching that you’re gonna miss yeah exactly yep they’re not gonna listen to me and you know and that’s I think that’s why God’s you know blessing this platform as I’m able to go into places that the church is not gonna go and and we don’t go as hey you know we want we want to get your decision to follow Christ and it’s not I don’t promote this as a Christian platform and and it doesn’t have to be there can be shows what we don’t even mention Jesus we just talk about spirituality and life and things and and God’s blessing it man many people are coming into relationship with Christ Center and and and you know they’re I’m gaining trust with people who would have never ever picked up a Bible and these people are messaging me where do I start brother I say you start in your prayer closet ask God to reveal himself to you open up the book of Matthew open up the book of John and ask God to reveal himself and I say I guarantee you I guarantee you that it will if you’re really seeking them and man people are coming into relationship with Jesus man through that and they’re calling me up and they want prayer and it’s been something beautiful but you know I’ve put my neck out there you know I’m saying to be put on the chopping block because of the fringe stuff we talked about and you know and not being scared but we’re I don’t know what God’s doing with this platform and and and not just mama but what you guys are doing because it’s very similar God’s using it man and for such a time as this where the the churches are I guess neglecting the gifts of the Spirit and the things that see my fringe and kooky or things that go bump in the night when if you don’t answer their questions they’re gonna run to the New Agers and the new ages are definitely gonna answer their questions they’ve got they’re gonna tell them what’s that what’s happening so we have to step up as the body of Christ and not just let them go by the wayside people are having spiritual encounters as as children and they have no idea how to explain it how to shut it up how to fine-tune it they don’t know what’s going on and and what we’re doing is very much needed right now yeah Johnny Johnny’s got a very good I’m glad he’s on here because he he’s been around the block with this stuff and he’s got a lot of discernment and he’s also incredibly open-minded so we should actually have Johnny as the official guru for some of this stuff that we’re seeking yeah man yeah I I’m the official old man and that’s for sure I’m definitely you guys’s elder I keep doing my friend you’re like obi-wan once you do nine years of podcasting and radio casting yeah you know there was a time before World War two when this whole fringe ministry of yours and mine and and Mike Michaels would have really no value but not now not since the aliens landed at Roswell I mean we’re right on the cutting edge now so I mean they can put us down they can badmouth this they can say all kinds of stuff but but they and us are gonna stand in front of Jesus and who and who is going to you know I was going to feel better in that day I mean you know I mean Jesus when you’re coming into the kingdom yeah I mean you’ll be looking at you but I think he’s gonna be paying a lot more attention to the ones coming in behind you that you’re bringing in that’s my rock you can’t back that up with Scripture probably but maybe no but you have so much value and you just need to keep you just need to keep doing it man you’re reaching people I can’t we’re all fringed me you and Michael but I mean you’re a rapper and you’re and and you know you’re kind of in that culture there nothing not in I’m in a different fringe culture but yeah you got to keep on going cuz you got value did I mean I think yeah I think what Alan Davenport said to me that the the spiritual side on both sides of the fence all know me by name is what he prophesied over me and I’m sure they know you even better and I’m sure they know Michael’s name even better than either one of us so we gotta watch each other’s back we’re building a wall here we Trump’s got the physical wall we ritual and I’ve got the wallet China mm-hmm what is the backbiting and stuff and fighting that’s in the fringe community now which didn’t used to be but as we get bigger and bigger we’re gonna see a lot more of that and I think that we really need to stick together I mean we’re not gonna agree on everything on every little thing you know yeah we got to shine that we’ve done a couple shows where we address that and that’s just something that I don’t understand for me it’s a turn-off you know it’s when some of the friends people who have a small following but like I said when you flowing that the gift of the sermon you understand where that comes from like you that you can’t honor somebody and you have to steer people away from John Crowder it’s because you’re trying to build your following yeah hey guys watch I like John Carter but I wouldn’t I wouldn’t listen to him guys be careful you know it’s because you’re trying to I think anytime that we put salt on somebody it’s because we’re trying to make ourselves look better and I said I see through that and but I see like you said the reverse discernment that’s I’ve been practicing that for years now I didn’t know it had a name but it’s it’s awesome though it’s awesome to kind of use it for the other way versus seeing the negative in everything and this demonic watch out hey that’s demonic number you know what there’s some good in this brother man I see potential in this dude man I could see I could see I see I see them in a few months from now or a few years from now I’m gonna hang in there with them you know that type of disarmament can you discern yeah you know if you’re local you know spirit-filled Church you know people are gonna get wound up even and even in front of Benny in Everybody Hates in there’s gonna be a hundred people lined up most of them are faking it the most of them are faking it some are going on to some power suggestion but transformers are actually getting real exactly all it’s actually doing it I like I like all these guys in the early days TD jakes creflo dollar I’m sure all of these dudes start it started out man if you go back and read Benny Hinn’s early work man good morning Holy Spirit welcome Holy Spirit about transcendental encounters with Jesus praying in his room for 14 hours reading his Bible and Jesus stepping in his room and fellowship with the Holy Spirit like that’s the kind of stuff that I was into when I got born again so I was led to his work obviously it’s not the same now but early Benny Hinn man he was on to something dude just like all these guys you know Mike Murdock all these Kenneth Copeland I’m sure these dudes started out in a pure place man I really do but now a lot of these dudes I don’t I wouldn’t I would never send anybody you know I’m saying their way of everything kills it sorry institution lazy cycles everything money yeah Michael said before which is a really profound statement as these kinds of things happen whenever uh the church tries to organize yeah I mean it should be organized unorganized let’s start a church the three of us guys or go in well you know what it comes in a pair to Israel is when you start a church or you start a ministry and it revolves around one man just a pastor the pastor is the overseer of everything versus having the prophets the Apostles the evangelists the teachers all being a board of members or board of people that flow in each of those gifts and if we when we do we do that in small prayer meetings all the time and it works marvelously people have testimonies and songs and share and I feel like the spirit wants us to go this way and and being led and we trust each other each other’s gifts of discernment and what we’re good at and it flows marvelously versus like okay this is a service that we’ve planned out and I’m the pastor and man that that’s what it really means to be the body of Christ of everybody coming together in having the true file fold ministry coming together it’s unstoppable the body the description says that that uh upon this rock he’ll build his church in the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it oh why is the the gates of Hell prevalent against most of the churches and people come out of the churches more confused than whenever they went in man you know because they see us fighting another yeah every other sermons about money you know what I kind of I kind of disagree I don’t see the church at least American churches having really that much of a deficit I mean I’m sure they all get their problems but I mean I don’t I mean what the only thing they’re not doing is providing an answer for for fringe questions you know what about the aliens you know what about demons what about angels you know what about the Giants some of that stuff is eight that should be like ABC stuff for you and it is though that’s why the scripture says that the spirit of the prophets is subject unto the prophets most churches have kicked the prophets out and anybody have have any type of prophetic England if they’ve kicked them out I remember because kid we’re talking when I talk about grown people who are well-versed in doctrine having disputes about religious matters I’m talking about kids who are having angelic encounters and hearing voices and seeing shadows and then even if it’s a good thing like in angelic voices you know and and you go to the pastor and they say oh that’s just we’ll pray it away let’s pray it away and then nothing happens and so this is like I think that’s some some elementary stuff I think that what almost 90% of Jesus’s ministry was dealing with spirits and demons you know and it’s a minute we forget to even the word ministry like I’ll tell you some inside baseball what’s happening around the show that I’m doing spirit wars and with a lot of people at the fringe radio network is that we have a resident prophet Allen Davenport that’s been coming on pretty much every other show and Cassandra likewise but I mean everybody carries a different gift and what are they doing with their gifts they’re ministering to other people like all the people that have been sort of satellite Anor engaged in this this conquest of the Spirit that were involved with are taking heavy fire you know Dan was gonna come on today and he couldn’t because he’s lives in Honduras or Guatemala and he just couldn’t get a good connection but he was gonna share some of his battles and then here comes this prophet guy and he’s doing a show and you know it’s interesting and I figured I was gonna be another one of these guys that just talks about the fivefold ministry and whatever he comes in here and he just starts like taking out his props you was like oh my gosh and you know you’re like my friends of mine that live here with me they’re like shaking and weeping when he gets prophecy for them and you know it works that’s the thing is that it’s people using the gift to actually heal people especially in this battle zone and we need it and we need teaching I mean we don’t all need to be that guy yeah but we need to know what is Derek but Gilbert talking about view from the bunker we need canary cry radio these other guys that do such a good job and we’re not competing with each other because there’s so much territory I wish there was like a thousand Eric gross skirts we need to clone truth Sica and get more of these because there’s a lot more people out there that are waiting to be reached and the gifts are just gifts you know we can I’m all in I’m kind of the spirit nerd you know I just published my book about kind of the spirit traveling and it’s fiction but it’s based off of actual experiences and things that I’ve seen and it’s just like it sounds like sci-fi so I might as well as sci-fi eyes it the book started coming true things in this book started happening and I’m just like man there’s just so much ground to cover if you’re out there you’re listening you should start a show you should start a YouTube channel everybody should have a blog everybody should get involved within a few years you’re gonna get picked up by the fringe radio mothership that’s going to come pick you up and and just you know add you and it is you know we we all are needed God’s got something to share just through you share your truth whatever’s working like I want to know yeah I’m still on the journey I have not arrived I need I need help as well we need each other and like I said I think that’s why I try not to get into the conspiracy theory stuff too much I just like to what works like and people may say what aliens and stuff that’s conspiracy know this it’s it works man like it’s I’ve had encounters and and things like that so it’s not like a theory of something that I don’t know where I can’t prove or it hasn’t happened in my life you know that’s right yeah that’s what really ins work for me all right so we got Martha it’s a lot of that Brandon and monsters a lot of that’s harmless you won’t even really actually dangerous stuff like these Hebrews guys you know what a ministry what are the key ministries I was just telling somebody today they’re trying to send me that you realize when they key ministries they’re really they’re really evil could you say that a while okay now give me an example I mean one of their videos demonstrates to you how Jesus did not in fact die for you he only died to reunite the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel so really I mean if you’re not one of them you need to just kind of give up okay that’s the injury I’ve been a part of those groups man I’ve been a part of those groups that that that Jesus only died for the black man did you get deliverance did you get deliverance honest I did oh you did I really yeah oh no they were and I would try to I would try to you know explain it and say well let me just listen because these guys got a lot of truth and they did they know a lot of stuff in them scriptures that you were never here on a Sunday morning sermon and it was new to me and it made the Scriptures become new again to see somebody teaching stuff that I had never heard and breaking it down with chapter upon chapter first upon verse but yeah and it was beautiful but some of the stuff they get into is like and then I would just tell myself ah I don’t believe that I could just listen and just hold on to the good stuff and spit out the bones you know I would say in the church and uh but no eventually just keep hearing that stuff man you start it’s you know I thought I really think that repetition reduces resistance and the more and more we hear something the more we begin to let our guard down to it and maybe begin to question it or or it could be real or even just something consciously it gets in you know I had to I had to confess some things to some brothers in in prayer and uh and when I did I felt that release and I’ve sought the Lord in tears and I literally felt like the way I was not going to be able to see Christians the same way again us and and because of that all the stuff I had been studying for months under these guys I confessed it to them and it left and I felt the Spirit of the Lord come in and forgive me and I confessed it to my brother and so the scriptures are true if we confess our sins one to another he is faithful and just to forgive us so that’s what it’s about confessing it don’t hold it in whatever you’re dealing with in it what man and so we’re talking about what works for you that works and I’m gonna share that because it works man look not the Lord Jesus Christ let him be anathema that’s pretty much it I mean just you guys both love Jesus that’s all I need to know it was pretty cool though I never thought I was confessing your way out of bad theology pretty cool yeah a lot I’ve studied under a bunch of groups man I’ve studied and once I was really big into the Hebrew Israelites and that kind of stuff I went to work with a group of electricians who were card-carrying Klansmen in Mississippi and and they they believed that the the the people of the Bible are the white man and the white men are the Jews and they tried to sit me down and teach me that stuff and I’m going back and forth with these people on the jobsite and they hand me their Bible to look up a scripture and in my Bible I have all the scriptures about spirituality about blessings about I’m gonna bless you and I’m a father unto you and you are called and my grace is sufficient like those are the scriptures I have highlighted in my Bible they handed me their Bible to look up a scripture and from Genesis to Revelation the whole Bible was highlighted with highlight a marker of scriptures about how the white man is to rule and reign on the earth and how you know the black men are the infidels and and you’re not supposed to even even share the truth with them and all kind of people did some crazy belief systems out there man I’ve had to work my way through a lot of that about the Asian man I’m I’m reporting here from the 1040 window I got to deal with these Buddhists like every day and it’s like walking through soup sometimes men but hey second Corinthians chapter 1 yeah go ahead really well that’s why the Bible is really clear about Israel I mean if you really if you really want to know what Israel was it’s very clear I mean it shows you how they were a mixed nation not a race they had nothing to do with a race they were a nation they were the nation of Israel nothing right not the race of Israel and they were made out of all races on the earth even back then and if you read your Bible in the Old Testament it will show you all the different races that had come in and joined it could become the nation of Israel right I mean even from the very beginning there’s no such thing as an Israel rate Abraham wasn’t an Israeli he was a seminarian yeah Sumer okay the Sumerians day they were a little bit mixed themselves they weren’t a race they were a nation I mean they had some real dark black within African guides and some Egyptian looking guys and some Asian looking guys that’s ancient Sumer right there makes nation right so Abraham didn’t even come from a race he came from a mixed nation became Israel his descendants whatever race Abraham was right but right away they started mixing in with other races and you read your Bible it’s so easy to see it so easy you know and by the time we get to Egypt it names them as a mixed multitude and and what it says mix it means mix that’s why today you have Jews in Israel who are black who a Chinese who are white who are Hispanic who are Egyptian of you they’re always you’re like oh my god you I think it’s very I think it’s cool that in the New Testament to when it talks about Israel and who was a true Jew and says a true Israelite is one who one inwardly or spiritually that makes you Israel and the word Israel simply translates to what child of God children of God the Israelites so that’s the thing that kind of solves that we got a question we got a couple people on the phone lines they’ve been waiting patiently for a while I’m gonna go ahead and bring these guys in we have a caller from South Carolina caller who was speaking with this is Ann and hey guys I’m enjoying this way hey thanks for calling how are you hey howdy I’m talking with everything I’ve been saying trying to track I’ve got to get in on the show she rolls in so much revelation constantly she’s amazing awesome we’ll do it make it happen how are you doing in yeah get in with Robin Maine on together the earth would would crack in half it’s been a crazy day the most recent word I’ve received from the Lord is he’s just if the word is headed CH e sed it means God is expanding and that he is reproducing himself and we’re talking about this camp and that camp and oh well we like what they do or were used to like what they did in a rubbish truck this is I walk you know perfectly but I was just thinking about that word I just received and he’s saying he’s going to reproduce himself that’s good and I accept that I think it’s really a new thing but I can’t really elaborate on it I get some I get some downloads from what dance what Anders said I [Music] it’s really about that intimacy with Jesus that it’s just like he’s rep he’s reproducing himself through us through the bride creating something new he’s always and he’s even using this technology and look how good truth seekers that using it all this darn fangled contraptions and I mean this is definitely going to reproduce into something brand new that we’ve just never seen before because we can share this information talk about it so easily mm-hmm I’m sure your mind probably starts running crazy to just just thinking of all the artistic ways that that that that truth comes across or even like looking at stranger things of this virus that is just reproducing itself on the television show stranger things and communicating with through nature and through through people and things like that man just this yeah this notion of having a picture of what it’s like for something to reproduce itself and to take over to take over different streams of consciousness to get its agenda across man and that’s that’s that’s it that’s a strong word I’ve heard it I’ve heard it in the past but I definitely feel like that’s the what this spirit is doing not with what any man is doing or something that we can try to coin the phrase or or mark it but it’s what this just happens organically you know to the body of Christ and one thing that I love about your approach to all this too and Anne’s approach too is that you’re able to look at the stuff in the Illuminati conspiracy stranger things world of MKULTRA and all this and not get afraid of it but just be feel challenged by it like all right that’s what the devil’s got it’s all stolen from the kingdom what does God got what does he have for us because are we just after you know oh I just wanna have another spiritual experience or is the kingdom of God actually gonna start manifesting and are we really going to band together and find the truth together we’re going to seek and knock and the door will be opened just like in stranger things but instead of demons coming into our house we might actually find a way to open portals between our house I mean this this is a goofy green screen that I’ve got behind me I could leave literally put anything on and have a portal to anywhere just visually but at some point this technology this is old technology in the future we’re going to be going to a place where as we’re going into augmented reality and shared consciousness as DARPA researching the brain chip interface stuff we’re going to go into something that is just it’s extra dimensional and all the thoughts in your heart are going to be manifested so we have to be grounded in the Word of God people need to really know what is the truth that they don’t just start doubting which way is up or down like most people I know I decided flat earther I might show the other day it’s like oh there’s such a thing as gravity ok please and you know but that’s where we’re going it’s gonna get a lot worse flat earth is just the warmup sorry flat earthers I love you I just interviewed one but I’m just saying that there is nothing that they won’t be able to to deceive you and make you think that now you have the secrets you have the real secret of the Bible because you discovered that black is white and white is black could you everything about that and then the next thing eventually did you know that actually Jesus is Lucifer Lucifer is Jesus and I’m telling you people get it I mean Luciferians that’s what they think they think that Christians are bad and they think that Lucifer is good you’re like what yeah hello by the way the earth is overpopulated have you realized what you sound like have you ever seen Google Earth just go to Google Earth it just zoom out three or four klicks and then tell me that again you know I’m saying all conspiracy yeah and you know what and there was yeah yeah yeah I’ve got I’ve got the I went I went back for the god of the day because there was a there’s a conspiracy I think it’s about today I think the conspiracy was about today I don’t give myself over to these things but they they cross your stream when you on social media and you got people of every sect that follow you and they’re just friends cross paths or whatever about this whole a grid shutdown thing of this EMP testing that they oh yeah is it today or tomorrow as it was it the force yesterday for me I don’t know today okay so I think it was it’s already over it’s exactly like all these people were posting this stuff and I’m getting on there sharing articles was like it’s not gonna happen stop doing this stop doing this and I share an article and they just unleash on me I can’t believe you don’t believe it bro you’re just brainwashed by the mainstream media I said no how many times have you are you guys gonna share these conspiracy theories and give dates that never happen and they say true seeker I’m not gonna listen to anything you say you lost all credibility because you share the article from a mainstream site that kind of debunked this I’m like well if this doesn’t come to pass then you’ve lost all credibility with me cuz you’re out here promoting fear and hysteria to people about some stuff that’s made up on the Internet we’re talking about fake news this is fake news in the highest somebody make dude I could easily make those articles up and probably promote it and put just a few dollars behind Facebook ads that they start circulating people eat that stuff up I had a guy on here the other day who is a conspiracy channel dude when he goes live we think I have a good following this guy goes live he’s got talking about Flat Earth and the government’s gonna kill everybody and all of this stuff and they love it they eat it up and I came into the truth movement under a lot of that stuff you know but it’s disgusting to me now it’s just I don’t I hate it man well it’s not about the popularity but it would be nice to be able to reach out to those people and it’s good I mean I want to have that back on you reach out to their audience you know and that’s we need to have that kind of mentality of soldiers like we’re going in there we’re reaching out to these people you know I want to go on more new-age shows I want to meet more you just have to watch your spirit you know don’t get too many don’t take too many hits without getting some healing you know come back to mother base again but yeah but that’s what we’re doing man this Internet is a big battlefield and where don’t you always find that one guy yeah it’s a war you know people don’t get it there’s this is a bloody war that we’re in spiritually and even just informational II and yeah I mean that’s who else should we who should we hit up man who’s on what’s on the hit list of the truth seeker the next you know I’m trying to I don’t have anybody that’s why we’re just make shifting something tonight man like I’ve I have to stay stirred up I mean most people want me to just to get on here and and share what I’ve what I’ve come to learn I don’t just like get on here touting about myself and about wisdom and stuff it’s fun but I’d rather have I’d rather do it in discussion form and how we can kind of dialogue back and forth a little bit with it I’m open I’ve had a couple of the of the other of the following some of the people in the audience who have sent requests on some people that I need to look in I see miss Carol and she’s coming right now she sent me a name was somebody to check out so even even the guy who I interviewed about the conspiracy stuff it was a suggestion from one of the patrons say hey check this dude out I love your music I love his music check him out I got him on the show I did him a favor we had a good discussion I guess I kind of felt like a jerk a little bit because I was denouncing a lot of conspiracy theory stuff while he was on you know he was cool about it but I was just setting the record straight I’m not into that I’m into spirituality and what to bring change and change people’s lives versus like theorizing and the government’s trying to kill us man and what are we going to do how we’re going to escape like I’ve been there it’s fun stuff though yeah that’s what Carolyn said she said what true seeker just said I think a lot of the population is simply bored in crave right the stimulation yeah you have a lot of comments here all the people on the chat want to come on they’re like it’d be me cool chrome 13 atom star seed Baker land god bless you of Christ soldier of Christ yep Isaiah Saul devar I’m going after Andrew basiago Andrew basiago president super-soldier guy from mars uh shoot captain kay i want to get in touch with these guys I mean we should just go back and look at all the Project Camelot archives mMmmm every guest some to just go after every guest and go into info work check all the info worst guests let’s go after it let’s get some more you know but you know what doable for me part of me still has to be has to use the discernment for the platform and I say that after having Jordan Maxwell on you know I had him back on okay what happened in it the same thing the same thing I got a lot of views I got a lot of subscribers from it which was the goal was to get him one and and now in the midst of this conversation of a video that’s now at like 34,000 views because of his name not because of anything I’ve done but to get his people on and let me kind of interject my truth in there and maybe I can say some things that resonate with them or and I did got a lot of subscribers hurt a lot of people and so I will have those people on because of that but but I don’t want somebody on here lying and making it up as they go even though I was saying it is it harmful I’m not promoting that I want you to be authentic I want you to really believe if you really believe what you’re saying we I think we can build with that so I don’t want somebody on here it was like actively knowingly deceiving people which I there’s a lot of them in the christian mystic movement I think Jason Westerfield one of them man I think even the showing where he’s at now but who knows he might really believe that stuff I don’t know man you know and I hate that man it’s weird I hate to throw those names you got a call coming in I know I’m I mean okay I made up a book I wrote a book I’ll write it in the chat right here I just published it it’s for it’s not expensive but I made up some stuff but I also had some prophecy mixed in and I had some Bible truth and it’s an adventure it’s a romance novel and my friend dared me to write with Enoch and I just had I went to town with this thing man I was like all right I’m making stuff up I’m just writing this guess what all this weird stuff in that book came true I got obsessed with it I got sucked into it I can’t stop writing I’ve got like 10 more sequels on the way and it’s just you get into the spirit of spirit world and you think you’re making stuff up and then it comes true Jason Westerfield was making a lot of it up but he was also really caught tapping into stuff when it got dangerous and I know people that have been on him the power of the imagination though everything comes out of the imagine exactly which means what as the a I am good goosebumps as the AI is taking over we need to focus on creativity and what does come through that channel when you’re making stuff up and what what is inside of you is it this do you have the Word of God just like ingrained in you or are you sucked into every weird imaginary conspiracy a lot of the stuff is real aliens astral projection you know the Illuminati all of it Donald Trump it’s all real no that could never play there’s no way that that Alex Jones that ever helped the president get elected that’s like a weird alternate but yeah we do have another we do live in a world go ahead yeah segue we live in a world where lots of weird stuff is true a lot of it so we need your help caller from Northwest Arkansas who’s been holding on the line patiently who we speaking with what up guys honey few some Arkansas on a few some Arkansas what’s up my brother howdy dude not much alright just sitting here listening trying to make sense of half of it I can’t say I know most of it like you understand some of it yeah we started speaking some really deep Christianese there that if you don’t know who these these names are that we’re dropping it’s gonna go over everybody’s head and that’s one you know maybe you could do your research of just going back and checking out some of these names we’ve mentioned but or not but you know I’m saying that tends to happen in these conversations because it’s essentially we’re having a conversation about you know things that we’re into and concerns that we have and uh so uh Kenneth Booker says hunter fuse in the building hey hunter man while we got you on the line there’s some there’s some people listening right now go ahead and plug your new album because I’m featured on it we did an amazing track hunter reached out to me to get me on his album we did a song and his album just dropped yeah the album is called let us give thanks and right now your final Amazon it’s on Spotify I know it’s on title for some reason is not iTunes and I cannot figure out why so I sent an email to the people who distributed to me to figure out what’s going on with that and I haven’t heard back from you yet so hopefully they’ll be on iTunesU but yeah Amazon oh and Google Play post on Google Play as well so very much most of them it’s out on with the exception of iTunes so I’m taking getting to the bottom of that so but yeah I mean truth is song it was one of the best ones we did so yeah that’s a good song man you talk about pain we could talk about stripe we could talk about faith we could talk about life yeah that’s a good one my shock was the line just renewed every day by the presence of God yeah yes yeah I’m listening to what most you guys are saying and it’s making me cuz again I can’t say I asked a similar level spirituality as you all are but I’ve had my own like spiritual experiences because I share initial format I’ve had given demonic attacks several times and I also have a really good angelic experience which was actually very surprising to find out what was one cuz I thought it was just a dream yeah and so just stuff like that just talking about it gives it more power 3 when I think about that and then um I heard a snap Kristen aqua tea or I’m probably butchering the word how you pronounce it synchronicity synchronicity yes thank you who’s I’m speaking to I again this alone this is this is um Michael Bastian I think you you may have spoke with him before oh I may have yeah I remember yeah yeah my podcast I remember that yeah I remember sync synchronicity it’s like I’ve been really learning to keep my eye out for those because when you know this even the smallest moment can be the most powerful I remember my first big synchronicity more it was air were driving when you had illuminate on the show and he was talking about how he pretty much just spoke to God saying break my heart for what breaks yours God yeah and it mayn’t and also to talk to my head wait this was honest is that so there’s actually a song by Hillsong called Hosanna and in the bridge it also said break my heart for what breaks yours yeah yeah beautiful glad to make sure yes I just remind myself that I need to know which I go God whatever breaks your heart that you see let it break mine too so I can do your will yep give me vision I mean I think I think my favorite Bethel song is which is a ton of them is my favorite but the one I’m on is uh my go-to is God I look to you and it’s a getting and one of the keys the key note verses it says uh give me wisdom because you know just what to do and says God I look to you give me vision to see things like you do and just simply and that’s my prayer man to see things like he sees them and to know how he how he sees them assist is to know the Scriptures I remember when I came to the Lord I talked about that the guy who led me to the Lord every everything we would mention he’d have a scripture for it and it was about it was it was applicable and I was like I wanna I’m gonna be like that one day in early on I was like I never there’s no way I could learn the scriptures enough to do that and that now that’s exactly how my brain works have a every everything that comes in is filtered through the Scriptures I know the Scriptures in such a way that I’m able to kind of use discernment use the scriptures as discernment you know okay the word says this okay okay and I know the scriptures to go to and it’s just you know knowing the Scriptures is knowing the will of God what he sees you know the scriptures and you also have a relationship I think people can feel God’s love through you Derek and they really sense God’s Spirit and you do have a relationship with him and you really genuinely love God and you love others and that’s because you know you could have an AI like Satan who knows the scriptures and twist them and a lot of pastors do that and they try to get what because they’ve always got an agenda there’s always that thing that they’re trying to get mm-hmm you know whether it’s worship or money or something yeah and so but you’re not like that you’re not just handling the Word of God deceitfully but speaking the truth in love and that’s the key I think is what you’re doing is you’re actually bringing a lot of healing to people that they would never set foot in a church you know you’ve got some amazing listeners it’s so cool to just be here hanging out nothing shifts into your friends this is so cool it’s it’s turned into a community man and who are just interlinking and friends who bring friends in and and people telling other people about it and somebody googling Jordan Maxwell and finding true seeker because I had on man it’s just too awesome how just position this in this season to do this stuff I like that Keeley got brought up because that also remind me of some that has been deep on my mind this past week there’s a a pastor named Steve verdict and he’s all over Facebook and what he’s and one of his little Clips I have to come across was um he was doing a sermon on forgiveness and he said the Lord told him to talk about the nails and his idea was pretty much the proof was that this was God was the nail scars that he still had on his hand and that he’s like the nails hurt you because like because I’m not until you remove the nails you could truly learn to forgive others and forgive yourself because the purses because the proof of the Lord is in the healing and so that one sent me because I’m from because for me it’s like it was in the heart because I got a heart of gold but it’s been pierced so many times by the nails of everyone just with the gossiping slandering me just how much hate is in this world that it’s like every time I remove one nail I have to learn just the positive side cuz every time I just want to hold back it’s part of the walk man any man beautiful and D Kartik yes t verdicts good man and two he’s he’s controversial just because he’s a huge megachurch like one of the biggest churches out there right now but he just did a one-on-one sit-down interview in his church with TD jakes about TD jakes his new book called soar and that’s a good interview him and in TV Jake’s having a conversation in front of his congregation and TD jakes was just really open about spiritual Christian entrepreneurship and about cool about soaring and it’s a I think I think my wife’s getting me the book for Christmas but uh it’s a I’ve listened to a couple a couple of his interviews about the book and it just came out and it’s amazing just from the interviews I’ve seen people talking about it but um watch that that interview trust me if you if you have a dream and a vision and something that you want to build in mind for the future listen to that it’s a a lot of fire in your heart and give you scripture about it too and about one thing you talked about in there it’s about how you know people pray for four four four chairs and four tables and stuff and how God didn’t give us chairs and he God never gave us a table but he gives us would he gives us trees and then he gives us the ingenuity and the creativity to go into here this place we’re talking about the imagination and to create a chair and and to take the wood and create a table to create a boat create a uh you know whatever it is man and he goes into some detail about that which is really beautiful and it’s true you’re like God give me a give me a boat give me a chair I’m gonna give you some wood and I’m gonna let you use your your brain that I’ve given you as well so in your hands and you can you can make one and create one or to create something new out of it too so isn’t it true that the enemy is just trying to usurp your creative potential like you have you ever been just it’s so high in the Lord or just getting something or you get an idea of her song or you know as you’re creating this amazing podcast video cast that then suddenly the enemy comes in with some distraction that it just jars you out of it and then just sucks all of your attention to this little negative weird cyclone of nothing and you’re like oh my gosh where’s my energy gun and you lose sight of like I was writing a novel what was I you forget or like what was that song I was about to you know I mean that’s what the enemy is trying to do and then he’s trying to suck all your energy out so that all you have the energy left to do is just go on Facebook and just do this in a slum we all use it but it’s a slum click click click you gotta be creating stuff yeah man yeah we’re meant to be little gods with little G I’ve been to worship the Most High I’ve been hitting that slum during my writing process sometimes now because I push myself so hard and sometimes I’ll sit down to write as far as creating music and I’ll only get a little bit and it’ll hurt my head so much because the word play and and all of the the stuff that goes into it now and not wanting to keep saying the same thing that I’ve been saying and how many how many ways can you rhyme Kundalini and how many times can you say Holy Spirit and I got the light at the I got the light tonight oh Christ all these Romney words and I’ve got all these albums that are along the lines of the same content but I have to present it in a new and exciting ways and say oh you said that on you Rama in the same word you’re saying the same thing so pushing it so now I’ll start writing and I’ll be on a rhyming scheme and I’ll just be researching words and rhyming words and opening up the dis horas and have all these apps open dude and I okay this works okay they don’t make sense and it finally it’s like god this is hurting my head but it but when I have a finished product it’s so beautiful but it turns me off once I hit that wall I’m like oh this is hurting my head I’ve only got two bars or two lyrics out of this but I was like you know what what’s progress those two bars and those two those two lyrics that’s progress I’ll come back to it sure let me get on Facebook let me play my video game let me do something else get off of it and then come back to it and and hopefully I can approach it afresh again or something but it’s starting to hurt and that’s how I’ve been I guess we call it writer’s block at times you know but it’s writer’s block but it’s cooped with perfectionism and wanting to be and wanting to bring good content and not just repeat myself over and over and over and I started playing the piano again I started I haven’t played the piano in years I had a really famous piano teacher Ivan Davis when I was just a new student just I wasn’t really good but he did give me a lot of good advice for practicing and playing and so recently I just started to play it again and and I just divorced myself from the thinking of how does this sound other people and just I’m just going to enjoy the feeling of making sound on the keyboard and just doing it and man I felt so much release like I felt like I could just worship God through the piano and just or just unload my soul like like David or something not that I’m so good but just feeling like it doesn’t matter if I’m good or not I mean this is it you know write write a book you know look at all the crap out there in the bookstore I mean they just have nice deals of publishers you’ve got something to say how much did you write and just stick into Facebook and flush it down the face I get on to all my freedom by now dude I get out my friends about that I get on to Dan Dan just doing that Dan will type freaking for paragraphs about this revelation about light and how we are lighting yeah paragraphs and in it I’ll get a flush down on my dude you need to save that and put it on a website make it a blog post or we can continue right to share it Facebook exactly push it out the way yes at least you know put it down and start right in in a book or something that we can have it for later you’re gonna lose all that stuff dude and I got a bunch yeah post where your eyes are tired by the end of it yeah it gets to the point where a lot of Dan Hill post so much stuff throughout the day wears just like he’s donating the feeling Indians posting so much now my dude this is good though that’s the thing it’s good but it’s gonna if you’re not saving this somewhere in a document and trying to you know put it where it’s the best way receive that’s the way for me I’ve got doing like I’ve got tons and tons of knowledge and studying that I’ve done over the years and teachings about like all the stuff we’re talking about like I can do Bible studies on this stuff and show why I believe in this stuff and I have scriptures and lines upon lies and precepts and I can teach it but I want to make sure that like I want to do it but I want to make sure it’s done in the best way we can definitely do it in a podcast through discussion people are gonna hear it you know but a lot of stuff is gonna go overlooked so I’m trying to find the best way to and I’ve do it in my music partly there but the actual will teach it whether it should be like I don’t know if it should be a Bible study lesson and say okay and here’s the verses and here’s the chapters or in a form of a documentary and have the Scriptures going throughout there and have the videos of what I’m talking about like I’m trying to find new more creative ways to share the info that I’ve studied throughout the year so there’s a lot less studying being being done now for me and it’s more of like how do I present the stuff that I’ve all the gods already given me I think this begs where we are right now and yeah not in any way saying like oh wow we have arrived not saying that but I keep meeting people who are like well how do you know all this stuff and I’m like I don’t really know that much look well you know a lot of stuff that I don’t know and I think what your business model is really good is that you could add a lot of free content but then you also have a patreon and some premium stuff that people can support you through and they’re going to people it’s just something about human nature like people don’t appreciate things that they didn’t pay for oh yeah so I mean that’s why you’ve got an Ian Clayton disc set that cost $60 and people pay it because they value this man that spent his whole life seeking God and he has his own revelation about how to do it and it’s great it’s not the thing for everybody but it’s really good yeah and it’s very valuable and I think that’s something that we need to get over the false humility of like never having anything for sale and in a way like never having any value on what God has given you but at the same time I like Alex Jones his method of just broadcasting as much as you can every day you know I’m doing a show every day now on French radio network just making it free but then having stuff that people can value that’s not just like could you please give me a little bit of money mind that but being like look here’s a book that I worked on that took my whole life right here it is and here’s my life story and here’s some secret videos about the Yunus true the indistinct tomb of truth and knowledge we should both have one of those like do you want to know the secret I know right but I mean with humility like you know making it I’m not gonna pretend to be some kind of a guru but yeah I’ve spent my whole life just doing weird things and learning about weird stuff and and it’s it’s awesome I want to share it I want people to learn even from my mistakes and learn from but you wanna foster that you don’t have to travel all around Asia and so you want to find the best way to share it and so then that’s why you wrote a book about Islam isn’t you hello what did you what is that a headphone Michael Vashem what are you doing okay I can hear you but there’s like a 10-second delay room I’m les thank you through my phone my hear me yeah well we’re gonna go ahead and wrap the show up then this is a good place to wrap the show I’ll come back a minute you keep talking man okay so hunter zolomon brother the YouTube feed yeah that’s my dude alright let’s wrap it up man bless you man all right with you guys [Music] that’s insane so anyway thank you guys for watching this video we have fun this was kind of something just that was makeshift that we didn’t know that we were gonna do it and try it a couple of times and failed at it but ended up getting it working again if anybody has any suggestions for guests to come on the show to have for me to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with these people and you know pick their brain or whatever since send me those emails out and I’ve got a couple of them in the inbox that I have to get on top of right now to see about getting some guest on and to stay on top of it man so with that being said thank you guys who have been supporting on on on page patreon and everybody who’s in the chatroom right now everybody saying the con words about my music and stuff like that I see how’s messages thank you guys so much for the encouragement and I do have some really cool stuff on the way I am working hard on the music and some other things that I’m getting ready to put out there and I’ve got a couple of songs that are gonna be going up on patreon really soon thank you guys for the support if you want to support and support the channel support the podcast support the music and support me head on over to patreon comback slash true seeker and you get rewards by doing so there’s a bunch of cool stuff click the link in the description with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom and I think I may be back tomorrow with another exciting podcast so we’ll holla at y’all later Shalom Shalom peace peace [Music] [Music] for this episode folks here more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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