Michael Basham is a spiritual seeker and host of the Spirit Wars Podcast on the Fringe Radio Network. Michael interviews guest and discusses topics concerning spiritual warfare and empowerment. In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Michael about the importance of getting spiritual material out to the masses that may be demonized or considered fringe in most christian circles.

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[music] You [music] Won’t You Come [music] [music] Don’t Be [music] Right Now Live Into The Truth Seeker Pike And Camilla A Truth Bigger Gun Your Source For Spiritual And Inspirational Music Teachings And Media Is Showing Tonight They’ll Be Growing Your Walk With Christ And Advance The Kingdom Of Heaven And Now Your Own Because What’s Up Ladies And Gentlemen True Seeker Here With The True Seeker Podcast Want To Welcome All Of You Guys To Another Episode Another Live Hangout With Us So Phone Lines Are Open You Guys Want To Join Ask Questions Have Comments All That Good Stuff The Phone Lines Will Be Open We’ll Be Taking Your Calls In A Little While I Want To Give A Quick Shout Out Again Just Like In Every Podcast I Do Want To Give A Quick Shout Out To All The Patrons Over At Patreon.com Bass Backslash Truth Seeker Everybody Who Is Supporting The Show We’re Getting So Many New Listeners And Then Even So Much So So Many New Supporters And I’m Thankful For Each And Every One Of You Guys You Guys Are Awesome And You Helped Me Do What I Love To Do This Is So Much Fun It’s Bringing Content Bringing Music Bringing Videos And The Numbers Are Increasing On The Podcast Itunes We’re Going Up To Charge Which Is Beautiful Continue To Download Download Download If You’re Watching This On Facebook Or Youtube Make Sure You Go To Itunes Or An Amazon App And Subscribe There And Get That And Get The Feed As Soon As It’s It’s Up So We Got Some Awesome Shows Coming To You Guys And Even Today I’m Excited About This Episode I’m Going To Be Speaking With My Guest Michael Bassam From The Friends Radio Network And We’re Going To Be Speaking About Spirits Angels Aliens All Of This Good Stuff And The Whole Thing About That Is We’re Going We’re Going To Have A Conversation And It’s Not It’s Not Scripted We’re Just Going To Hang Out And You Guys Are Just Going To Get To Sit In On It Pretty Much As What We Do Here So There’s Some Obscure Verses In The Bible And We’re Going To Get Into Some Of That Stuff And What Does It Mean Fran And I Know That The Most Thing That People Like Like They Like The Teaching They Like Cool Stories But That You Know They Want To Hear About Manifestation Man They Want To Hear About Experiences That We’ve Had I Mean That’s Me When I’m The Podcast On Coast-to-coast Like I Want To Hear About Men This Stuff That That’s Happening Like Because People People Want To Know That That Stuff’s Real And Should They Tamper With It Should They Mess With It Should They Try To Summon Spirits Or Reach Out And Contact Them It’s A Lot Of Stuff Man Brother Welcome To The Show Man Hey Thanks For Having Me On Yeah You’re Giving Me A Building Ideas Here With Your Intro There And A Very Honor To Be Here Very Very Thankful For You And There’s A Little Bit Of A Time Difference I’m In Taiwan Right Now Surrounded By Ghosts And Spirits So You Know There’s That Problem Too But Uh Yeah You Do Hey How Do We Meet By The Way What Brought Us Together It’s Amazing The Story You Know We Met Through Alan Nichols Aj Aj Was A Was Speaking To Allie Of The Friends Radio Network And I’ve Listened To Some Shows Several Years Back I Don’t Know Exactly Who It Was But They Always Promoted The Fringe Radio Network And I Don’t Know Which Show It Was Exactly But That Name Was Always There So Aj Alan Nichols I Think I Think You Interviewed Him And He Just Speaks Highly Of You Guys On What You Guys Are Doing Over There And He Kind Of Such A Key Player Man I Mean I Hope That We Can Get Your Show On There Too It’s Just It’s Such A Work In Progress I Mean The Whole Thing Just Seeing It The Last Year Like It’s It’s Like Basically Everybody You Got You Know La Marzulli Who Now It’s Got Michael Heizer And Canary Cry And All These Big Names And Johnny Iron Of The Iron Shows Really At The Heart Of Everything Is One Of The Fathers Of Fringe Christian Talk But I’m Just Curious To Like See What’s Your Vision Like What What Inspires You To Start This Show Because You’re Really A Quintessential Example Of People Deciding Hey I Want To Share The Truth You Know I’m Seeking The Truth I Want To Get It Out There And And Also Networking With Other People And Aj And I Interviewed His Friend Joseph You Know Really Amazing People But Yeah I Mean What Tell Me About About The Show I’m Actually I’m New To The Show So I’m Actually Curious In The Show Star You Know I’ve Been I’ve Been Podcasting Since Probably 2010-2011 And It Started Just Out Of Having Phone Conversations With Friends About The Lord About Our Experience That As Christians And And Then We Would Punch People In On Three-way Just Throughout The Day And We Have Like 5 People On The Phone Three-way Having These Awesome Realizations And We’re Like Man We Need To Record This This Needs To Be Recorded Because The People Can Hear The Social Wisdom Of People Who Have Been Through So Much And I’ve Had Just Encounters With Jesus And Stuff Man And Praying For One Another Other Stuff So It Was Like We Did Go Public With This So Back In 20 Called The Awakening Podcast And So We Started Doing That Interviewing People And It Was A Lot Of Teaching A Lot Of Bible Studies And Things Like That So That’s How It Was Birth And Started And So Over The Years I’ve Had A Lot Of Encounters With The Spirit Realm And Demons And Angels And Things Like That And Just Really Gave My Life To Study In The Spirit Realm How It Works And How It Operates And Seen A Lot Of Crazy Stuff There You Know I’m Saying On The Other Side And The Whole Thing About That Is Wanting To Share With People With My Experience Experiences Even Though They May Seem Friends What We’re Talking About Aliens And Ufos And And These Type Of Things As A Christian As A Believer You Kind Of Get Shunned Sometimes So I Thought It Was Necessary To In My Circle Kind Of Be A Forerunner To Go Ahead And Talk About This Stuff Because There’s Other People Who Were Where I Was Having These Encounters With The Divine And They Have Nobody To Talk To And They Try To Talk To People In Their Local Church And They Get Demonized Or Excommunicated So Here We Are Just Having A Roundtable Discussion Opening Up The Phone Lines Because When I Was Going Through My Cell I Was I Was Trying To Call Podcast And And Calling You Know Different People Trying To Get Some Some Some Info Man To Make Sure We’re Going Crazy And Stuff Like That You Know So Yeah That’s Pretty Much What This Podcast Was Actually Birthed Out Of Well It Sounds Beautiful Because Exactly The Kind Of Stuff That I Talk About With People I Got A Phone Call From A Guy Today Who Was Like You Know I Just Had A Dream About I And I Saw A Portal Open In My Room And I Had A White Linen Wrapper In My Hand And I Was Like Who Can I Talk About This With Well Maybe I Can Talk To Michael Bastian And I’m Gonna Call Him On The Phone Right Now Obviously Somebody From The South Nate Anybody Talked About You Talking About Aj You Know Like Aj My Scene Is Dan Not Talking About Anybody Were Great Aging Impersonation Man No That’s Not Easy Okay It’s A Friend Of Aging Oh Great Okay We’re Good Hint But I Talked To Him This Afternoon We Had A Beautiful Conversation And He Was Like You Know A Lot Of The Christians Around Me Aren’t Ready To Talk About The Supernatural Especially Like Dreams Visions He Asked Me Like Do You Ever Have You Know Experiences Or Dreams About You Know Premonitions And I’m Like Yeah I Had One This Morning Actually About That Phone Call I Didn’t Want To Tell Him But It Was Just Because Coming You Know Sudden But But I Get Those You Know And I’m A Normal Guy I’m Not Anything Special But Your Whole Intro Right There Man You Just Gave Me The The Golden Ticket To Go Hog-wild With This Show Because There Is So Much That Normal Christians Are Not Ready To To Experience And I Don’t Want To Scare People But There’s Just A Whole Lot That They Don’t Teach You In Church Yeah And And Beyond That Even I Would Say That The Fringe Christian Network Or Radio Movement Really It’s Not Just The Website But It’s Let’s Let’s List Them All Right From Alex Jones You Got Steve Quale You’ve Got La Marshall You’ve Got Tom Horne Got Canary Cry Got Like A Blizzard Of Different Shows Galaxies Of Shows The People Who Are Willing To Go Into These Other Dimensions But Beyond That There’s Even More There’s Even More Weirdness Be Discovered I Live Among Missionaries And These People Tell Me Stories About Witches And Ghosts And Demons And Other Gods And Fallen Angels You Know They’ve Experienced It Themselves And They Tell Me These Stories I’m Going To Post Some Podcast Later Once I Edit Them Down But But Just You Name It It All It’s All Real All I Can Tell People Is That The Supernatural Dimension Is 100% Real And You Don’t Have To Be A Guru Or A Psychic To Experience And In Fact Like Most Ghosts That Will Show Up In Your Life They Will Be Less Scary Than The Movies Because There’s No Scary Music You Know All The Horror Movies You Always Have That Like War Jump You Know Sorry We Just Watch The Babba Do So Yeah Right On It’s Freak I Can’t Even Watch Those Movies But I’ve Seen Ghosts You Know I Was A Missionary To China I Had A Ghost Appear Next To My Bed And And She Was Some Lost Spirit Or Whatever Every Night I Would Wake Up And I Was Preaching The Gospels Of Some Spirit That Happened In The States Probably Not But If You Go To China Found Millions Of Dead People That Died Not Hearing The Gospel You Know You’re A Missionary Out There Maybe You’re Their Chance Fear The Gospel I Mean These Chinese People Their Traditions About The Afterlife Are Crazy And It’s Just It’s There’s No Atheists In This Country I Live In Taiwan There Are No Atheists There Are Daoists Buddhists Some Christians Very Few Atheists I Should Say Very Few There’s A Few Minuscule Amount I Never Mean Witches There’s A The Only Satanic Cult Group That We Have Is From A Jesuit School Down The Street So What Does That Tell You About The Jesuits For All Those Conspiracy Theorists Out There But Um But You Know We’re In A Very Supernatural World And And I I Titled My Show Just A Little Bit About My Show Is Just Called Spirit Worse Because I Think We’re In A Spiritual Supernatural Battle And My Grandfather Don Basham Was The Guy That Wrote Like Some Of The Main Books On Deliverance And Supernatural Spiritual Warfare And Stuff And I Think It Needs To Be Updated And I Think It’s For This Next Generation It’s Going To Be Something Different It’s Going To Have To Do With Some Pop Culture Video Game Type Stuff Because We’re All Playing Video Games We’re All Watching Saturday Morning Cartoons Since We Were You Know Little Kids And And That’s Just A New Thing So But Yeah Like Well Let’s Let’s Maybe What We Should Get Into The Topic Of The Show Because You Talked About You Know The Spirits In The Sky Yeah And That’s A Very Beautiful Idea Why Did You Why Did You Want To Call It Today Well Beautiful Sky Would Yeah What’s That Even There’s Like So Much That Goes Into That Right I’ve Spent A Lot Of Time Sky Watching Watching Uh You Know Whenever I Was Coming Into This Stuff And Just Spending Hours Gazing At The Stars And Learning Their Names And Then Seeing Stuff Come Out Of Stars And Stars Moving And In Spaceships And Spirits And Weird Still Going On Into Heavenly Realms I Would Spend Hours Out There And So That Right There Just Kind Of Opens Up Everything For Me But I Wanted To Name This Show That Because I’ve Seen That The Whenever You Went Live That Morning Showing The Stars And Talking About Some Of The Things That Go On Out There The Portals And Things Like That And Then We Get Into Some Of The Older Texts Enoch The Testament Of Solomon Which Is A Beautiful Read Talks About That Many Of These These What We Call Stars Are Living Entities They’re Living Beings That Record Humanity And What We Do Throughout The Day And In Some Of The Text Say That They Report Back To The Father Of Lights And Tell Them The Deeds Of Mankind And They Over The Seasons And Things Like That Sort Of So Much That Goes On Within That And I’ve Had Personal Encounters And I Know You Have Too But I Wanted To Name That Because Of The Live Stream That You Did Where You Were Just Going In Just Talking About The Stars And Stuff As Well So Spirits In The Sky Wow Well If You Bring In The Stars Man I Can Tell You Testimony From Yesterday I Just Posted It To My Facebook And Youtube And All That Stuff This Is Stuff That I Don’t Even Dare Put On The Network Because I Don’t Want To I Don’t Want To Offend People Basically That Are On There That That Stays Strictly Within The Confines Of The Bible All Right Now I Talk To People Like Ian Clayton And You Know Prang Medic I’ve Had Both Of Them Come On The Network But I Don’t Dare You Can Bring Them On Again For A While Because They’re Into The Mystic And The Mystic Aj Nichols You If You’re Friends With Aj Then You Know The Mystic John Crowder Well They Get Into Some Pretty Out-there Fringe Stuff And We’re Talking Like Most Christians And The Churches Would Call It New-age Because They’re Like They Have No They Have No Grid For It And You Don’t Have A Grid For This Stuff You’re Like Oh Well I Don’t Understand It Therefore It’s Witchcraft Or New-age You Know Maybe Some Of It Is Alright I Don’t Even I Don’t Want To Put A Judgment Here And Say Anybody’s Completely Right Yeah But Let Me Give You A Little Personal Story Here Before We Get Into Like Some Supernatural Things This Is Supernatural But It Was Physical Like Very Physical I Was Told To Listen To A Guy Named Mike Parsons Who Extrapolate Some Of The Teachings Of Ian Clayton Who Is Probably The Four Most Weirdest Mystic Guy Out There That You Can Listen To On Youtube Find All Of The Teaching Ian Clayton Talks About You Know Creating Your Own Galaxy I Mean He Is A Weird Guy But He’s Got So Much Authority The Way That He Preaches He Goes To A Lot Of Churches That I Guess They Just Don’t Give A Gosh-darn About Who They Get In Their Church Because He Just Gets With So Many Weird Things But He Speaks With So Much Energy Invite We Call Him The Alex Jones Of The Mystics Because He’s Just So I Saw The Holy Spirit Entered Into Me And He’s From New Zealand You Know Yeah So I Mean What Else Do People Have Do Out There Besides Get Spiritual Experiences I Have No Idea But Um One Day You Know I Was Going To Work I Had To Go To The South Part Of The Island For For A Camp I Run Into Ian Clayton All Right This This Is A Guy From New Zealand I Run Smack Dab Right Into Him In A Hotel Lobby Which You Want To Know Why I Was There I Had A Weird Feeling Like Go To This Hotel Lobby I’m Like Okay My Going There I’m Actually Late To Get On The Train To Travel You Know Three Hours Down South But Something Just Made Me Go In There Something And I Just Walk In There And There Was Inc Lee And I Was Just Listening To Mike Parsons That Morning Who Kind Of Connects The In Clayton Who Shares His Teaching Season From England By The Way This Is Another Dimension Of Weirdness But I Met The Guy And The Whole Time I’ve Been You Tubing About Him I’ve Been Blogging About Him I’ve Been Like God Is The Things That He’s Saying Are They Really Real I Even Wrote A Blog Address To Him Said Calling Ian Clayton To Join The Fringe And I Had No Idea What The Fringe Even Was Back Then I Thought It Just Meant Christians That Are Weird Yeah And I Had No Idea That In The Future In Five Years I Would Be On A Network Called The Fringe Radio Network And I Would Be Able To Write An Email To Ian Clay And Saying Would You Like To Have Been A Review On Our Network And He Said Yes Okay Should And Then He Found Out Who I Was And He Was Angry Because I’ve Been Posting About It For Years He Calls Me I Get A Phone Call From Ian Clayton Mystics Will Know This Guy As He Used To Be A High-level Warlock A Witch And He Was Called A Shredder She Was The Scary Guy Back In The Day Then He Becomes Christian I Get A Phone Call From Him One Day And He’s Like Excuse Me Are You Keyblades I’m Like Oh Yeah Oh Hey By The Way I Was Posting Yourself Cuz I’m A Big Fan I Wasn’t Making Any Money Good Oh Okay All Right I Just Want To Make Sure You’re Not Making Money With With My Stuff Because I Don’t Want To Make Sure That You Do The Show Making You Know That You’re Trading On The Wrong Training Floor You Know Trading Floor Is In Like You’re You’re On A Masonic Satanic Trading Floor Okay Through Dubious Means Using Other People To Make Money Or Whatever I’m Like No No No No It’s Fine It’s Pretty Sick Huh Well What A Relief Okay All Right We’re Good To Do The Interview And So He Got It I Mean That Interview Nearly Killed Me It Took Three Weeks And Months And Years Just To Just Set It Up But But That Was One Experience In Taiwan That Made Me Think Alright There’s Something To These Mystics And That’s Just One Sector All Right I’m Not A Cultist You Know Following Ian Clayton A Lot Of People Follow Him Like He’s A Cult Leader And He Kind Of Is I Really Respect The Guy I Don’t Pray To Him Alright So If Anybody’s Going To Crucify Me For You And Clayton He’s Got A Lot Of Haters Out There But Um But In My Experience I’m Just Finding There’s A Lot Of Weirdness Out There That Tells Me That God Is Bigger Than The Boxes That We Can Make For Him Even These Podcasts That We’re Making We Only Know This Much Of God And There’s Probably Other People That Have This Or This Or This Yeah That Understand About It We Should We Should Meet Them We Should Connect With Them I’m Not A Judge Er I’m Not Someone That That Understands Everything I’m A Networker And I’m Very Curious To Know To Know What Kind Of Things You’ve Seen Like Maybe You Have Some You Told Me That You’ve Had Experiences With The Stars As Well Maybe You Can Go Into Detail With That I’ll Try To Get Back On Track I Kind Of Got Sidetracked That’s A Great Story And Like You Know Fits In The Place Because My Whole Me And Clayton Thing Here Recently I Have A Friend Of Mine Who Just Brought Him Out To Their Church This Weekend And They’re Posting All These All These Pictures Of Him And Stuff And He’s Sitting Up There With Water Guns You Got Water Guns You Know And I Comment Like Is He Is He About To Shoot The Gloria Guy On Everybody Is He Gonna Spray The Glory And They’re Like Yeah He’s A Powerful Office So You Know I’m With You On Some Of The Stuff That The Mystics Do And There’s There’s A Huge Part Of Me That Thing Like A Lot Of People Make It Up As They Go Especially In The Prophetic Realms And Yeah You Know Be The New-age Circles They They Do Share Like A Vested Interest Of Making Expense They Go Type Deal But Um Anyway I Actually Really Huge Song I Don’t Know If You Heard It But I Have A Song Called On Gateway To The Seer Realm And That’s Who I Sampled At The Beginning Was An Interview With Ian Clayton And I Messaged My Friend Who Was Bringing Him Down Hey Can You Let Him Hear My Song Where I Used His Sample On You Know She Said She Would So I Haven’t Haven’t Heard She That I’m Here Yet But I’m Kind Of Scared Now Are You Making Money Off Of Me You Know Because I Put It On An Album But Um Yeah That’s The Whole Thing With You Know Ian Clayton For Me But Uh I’ve Checked Him Out He’s Been To Some Churches Down Here As Well Close By What Some Friends Wanted Me To Go But I Think They Liked It Like The The Cover Was Way Too Much It’s Like 80 Bucks Just To Go Here Speak Or Whatever The Case Is But Um As A Comm I Didn’t Have That Kind Of Money Well Here’s Mine Deal With Him There Are So Many People On The Internet That Want To Know What Is He And Claim Talking About You Know This Week Or Even This Month Or Even This Year But We Can’t Know Unless You Know You Have The Money To Pay For The M3s Or You Go To The Conference Here’s My Big Deal With Him And I Look At Him I Die I’m Not A Great Christian Or Whatever But I Know That God Has Done Things In My Life That Are Awesome And Ian Clayton Has Confirmed Those Things For Me Because I’ve Been Way Out There For Years I Was Part Of A Very Very Controversial Missionary Group Called The Family International Or Formally Known As The Children Of God And The Things That They Practice Were So Out There There Was No Grade For That Stuff Ian Clayton Was The First Person To Bring In Grid For Me To Make Me Kind Of Believe In The Things That God Was Doing In My Life So I Almost I’m Very Loyal To Him In The Sense That He Brought Me A Lot Of Confidence To This Very Crazy Stuff Yeah That We Don’t Have Time To Get Into Yeah But Um But Anyway So I Only My Hope Is Bring Him To The Internet What He Between You And Me And Whoever’s 90 People Watching This Live On Youtube And Facebook And Wherever Else Between You And Me This Guy Does Not Understand The Internet All Right He Does Not Understand Youtube His Daughter Told Him About Me Being His Big You Know Kind Of Troll On Youtube Posting His Stuff And Talking About Him Every Time You Make A Youtube Video Here’s A Secret To All You People Out There Who Are Afraid To Start Youtube Channels Just Make A Youtube Video Where You Just Walk Down The Street Lab For 20 Minutes And Just Post Ian Clayton On It And At Least Mention Them And Talk About It You Will Get At Least 700 Hits From That Video Just Because You Called It Ian Clayton Because There’s So Many Desperate People Out There Like Let’s See And Claim Talking About Today Well Nobody’s Posting His Stuff So If You Even Just Talk About Him People Will Be Interested To Hear What You Say So I Just My Hope Is That He Will Come To The Internet Maybe He Never Will You Know Maybe That’s When It Snows Guys Who Looking At My We’re Out Here A Little Bit Ahead Of Us Jordan Maxwell Perfect Example Man Someone Who He Doesn’t Make A Lot Of Money Doing What He’s Doing Anymore But The Podcasters Who Have Him On Or The People Who Plagiarized His Work They’re Making Money Off Of God’s Like Him Who Read Seen Really No Income Off Of A Cuz He Doesn’t Know How To Use The End And He’s Doing Podcast On Other People’s Network It’s Not Getting Paid For Him And They’re Like Dude He Gets A Lot Of Views He’s The Same Way Man Because I Like It’s Always Been Like The Biggest Interview That I’ve Done And I’ve Reshare It And Re-uploaded It On Different Servers And It Always Gets A Lot Of Views But Him He Himself Is Not Tech Savvy Has No Idea How To You Know How To Get You Know Saying Get The Work Out There Unless He Comes Jordan Maxwell During These Days He’s Still Like Giving Up On Humanity Like It Has He Like Doubt Feet Look You Have Any Hope On The Podcast That I Did With Him My Relationship With Jordan Man So I Would Have Our Long Conversations With Him On The Phone Private Conversations And And We Do Three-way Conversations I Bring Some Of My Friends In Who Were Fans And He Would He Would Just Be Teaching This Man And Just You Know Doing What He Does And A Buddy Of Mine Would Try To Cut Him Off Yeah Hey Mr. Max Let Me Tell You About This And Like And He’ll Say Son You Need To Listen When The Man Of God Is Speaking He Said Do You Think That They Cut Paul Off More Paul Was Teaching You Know And All This Stuff And He Said Oh I’m Sorry Mr. Maxwell But Um Anyway I Saw I Had Some Intimate Conversations With Jordan And So The Reason What I’m Doing The Reason I’m Doing What I’m Doing Is Essentially A Little Bit Because Of Him Because I Wanted To Give It All And When When Like The Christians Would Demonize Me And My Best Friends Would Say Oh You’re A Devil Worshiper Now Man You Know Things Like This And Nobody Want To Talk To Me Because I’m Talking About Aliens And Angels And Ets And Stuff Like That But Jordan You Know I Talked To Him And I Have A Sample Where He Was Just Like Look Man Like These People Are Demonizing You For Seeking After The Truth These People Are Demonizing Bang For For Asking Questions And You Know Why Look For Their Validation And Stuff So Essentially Get Out To Follow Him Encourage Me Just To Keep Doing With The Things That I’m Passionate About Man And But The Episode That I Did With Him Several Years Back It Was A Doom And Gloom Episode He’s Got So Many Beautiful Stories About Ets About The Truth About The Government How Things Are Set Up And Stuff But The Episode I Did With Them And We Got Into Some Good Topics A Little Bit About The Mazzaroth And The Zodiac In The Bible And Things And Brilliant He Yeah Then He Goes Into Humanity Is Screwed Humans Will Not Make It They’re So Caught Up On Football And Fast Food And He Just He Just Kept Going On And On And It Was A Spiritual Experience Because He Was Sucking All The Freaking Air Out The Atmosphere Man It Was Bad Like Everybody I Felt It And I Would Try To Change The Subject Hey Man You Got So Many People Who Supports You We You’re Encouraging So Many Young People Coming Up You Know To Seek After The Truth Uh That’s Uh They’re Not Going To Make It In So I Hesitated Horrible So I Do That I I Had To Kick Him Off The Show I Was Like I Join I Appreciate You Man And I Will Catch Up With You Soon It Just Hung Up And Was Like Wow And Everybody Was Just Calling In Wow They’re Like This Guy Is Out There Man This Guy Was Just You Can Feel The Evil Spirits Off At The Conversation Just To Touch This Is How The Spirit Spirit Ism Works And You Could Feel It And Uh And I Just Tried I Had To Try To Straighten It Up Man Like When Before We Ended The Episode About You Know That Uh That Scripture In Ecclesiastes About Solomon Talking About He’s Given His Life To Know Truth And To Know The Divine And Know The The Things That Are That People Don’t Know And And To Know Wisdom And To Know Folly In Ntn In The End It Was A Vexation Of Spirit It’s What He Says And We Look At Jordan Maxwell And We Could Totally See That So We Prayed For Him And Kind Of Gave People Encouragement And Things Like That Before We Got Off The Air And Um So Like You Know I’m Saying The New Agers And His Followers Who Would See The Interview They’re Like Why’d You Guys Kick Them Off And Then Talk Crap About Imus Like We Just Straightening It Up Man You Know Just Letting People Know That There Is A Hope Out There And We Do Believe In That Hope Is Found Through Christ And As A Piece That We Found In Christ You Know So We Tried To Tie It Back In And Try To Encourage People Before The Episode Well That’s The Main Thing Like Okay Here’s An Example I’ve Interviewed Douglas Dietrich Probably Like 15 Times I’ve Been On His Show I’m Invited Back I’ll Invite Him Back To But It’s The Same Thing Like If There Isn’t That That Sense Of Peace And The Holy Spirit Is In Control And And Not Just Douglas I I Actually Really Love Douglas A Lot I Loved His Audience I’ve Met Some Amazing People Through Him I Would Look At Jordan Maxwell The Same Way Like When You’re Talking To Jordan Actually You’re Not Talking To Him You’re Talking To His Listeners Well On Your Show Yeah You Know Because They’re Going To Come To Your Show Now Goes Like Well Why Don’t Your Development Ritter Yeah Exactly This Is The Mission Field I Mean This Is I’m A Missionary Kind Of I Mean I’ve Been Working With Them For Four Decades And The Internet Is A Mission Field And What We’re Doing Right Now Is We Haven’t Learned How To Really Get Rich Or Famous From It Yet But Although It Is A Platform If We Have Products To Sell Or Books To Sell Or Whatever You Can Do That But Um I Truly Believe That This Is Is Sowing Into The Kingdom Of God And That One We Have These Big Names These Famous Old People Not Old Old But Jordan Maxwell Has Got To Be Like In The 70 Yeah He’s Not Doing That Well Then Was Helen 10 Years Ago Yeah He Wasn’t Doing Too Well 10 Years Ago On Carrie Cassidy’s Bunny Even Carrie Freaking Kerry Cassidy Was Trying To Trying To Beg Him For Like Some Hope For Humanity And It Was Like Yeah No There’s No Hope Or Your Manager Gary Cassidy You Know Greg Gasps Oh Yeah I Mean These Are The Most New Age Of The New Age People I’m Gonna Follow Their Word I’m Blood Along Man Yeah But Uh Well They Got A Lot Of Good Intel Yeah But They Also Kind Of Tend To Believe Every Single Guest That Comes On The Show Except For The Christians Yeah You Know Yeah So But Yeah I Mean It’s Interesting To Hear That You Interviewed Him And And To Know I Mean I’m I’m So Busy Now That Literally I I’m Clueless Like I’m Kind Of Flying To The Dark It’s Like I Don’t Know Everything It Doesn’t Think About Me I Like Interview Um You Know The New Agers And And Try To You Know Put The Bible Out There And I Do It From A Sense Of Like Networking Right You Know So Like That’s Like Whatever Platform I Have Now It’s Been From Networking Even When Even My Music My Music But Most People Are Listening Now Because Of My Music They Have No Idea What Who You Are You Know I’m Saying Or Who I Am Or What The Cases But They Know My Music And So That’s Why They’re Here So Even With That Networking As Far As Like Being A Christian Rapper Is Us You Know Back In Like 2011 And And Before And Wanting To Get Into The Spiritual Esoteric Music Because There’s A Scene There There’s A There’s A Scene And Those Guys Are Really Good Just Dropping Esoteric Knowledge About Manly P Hall In The In The Initiation Of The Pyramid Rituals And They’re Breaking It Down In A Rap Song And I’m Like I Wanted I’m Really My Knowledge And Put That Out There So I Got With Those Guys But I’m Just This Corny Christian Rapper From Alabama Who Sounds Like Paul Wall They Say So I’ve Networked And I Had To Pay Money Because I Had To Pay To Get Features From These Guys If You Want Them On A Song These Guys Are Struggling Artists Too You See Them 100 200 Bucks They’ll Do A Song With You And They Have That Following Their Fans Are Waiting For New Content Like Ian Clayton Like Jordan Maxwell So I Do A Song With Them And Then I Bring My Biblical Knowledge And Esoteric Understanding To The Track And Then Now If I Do Good And I’m Better Than Them Essentially Hopefully That I Do Better Than Their Now Their Fans Are My Fans And So Essentially That’s How I Deal With The I Use It To Kind Of Build That With Networking With The Podcast Interview In Jordan Maxwell Interviewing Santos Bonacci Michael Heizer So Many New Listen I Interviewed Busy Bone From Bone Thugs-n-harmony So The Search Engine Is Seo Those Things That I’ve Been Studying Is Like It’s Kind Of Helped Me Build What Kind Of Platform I Have To The Power Of Networking Man So There’s So Much Power Even If It’s People You Don’t Agree With Mac Get Them On Talk To Them You Ain’t Got A Debate Them And I Catch A Lot Of Flack For Not Debating People When I Have Jordan Maxwell On Here And Jordan Do You Need Jesus It’s Time To Repent That Type Of Stuff But I Try To Dab A There Enough Scripture In There And Enough Maybe An Outro To Let People Know That There’s Hope And What We Believe In And Try To Weave It Throughout These Conversations As Well Well I Got The Same Thing Man So Don’t Don’t Listen To Them Haters And I’m Not Going To Try To Rap Here Because I’m Just Like A Really White Guy From A Classical Music Family My Parents Are Both Classical Musicians So I Couldn’t Rap If My Life Depended On It But That So Cool That You’re Tying That Into It And You Probably Know The There’s There Some Christian Artists That Blinky D-link Edy Have You Heard Of Blinky Me Never Heard About Gone Man Blinky Deepen Blinky Dino So A Lot Of Christian Rappers Man And I Interview Them On Here Because I Moved In That’s Occasional Long Shot To Me Blinky D Tiresome Networking That He’s A Bright Guy Um Esoteric Chris Really Wrap Like Mom You Know I Remember Back In 2011 He Was Like Where Will You Be In The Year 2012 In Italy In Seed In The River And They Would Have Like A Clip From Kerry Cassidy’s Show On There Yeah Like About That’s What I Drew Dimensional Beans I Do The Same I’ve Got Apples In There A Monkey And I Put Some Of Yourself I Got To Get Some Intros Man I Don’t Man Hey I Love To Promote Your Stuff I Needed This Yeah Well Look Oh This Is What My This Is What Johnny Said Johnny Iron The Iron Show Was Like A Rising Tide Lifts All The Boats You Know People Don’t Get It Like If You Can Share Stuff If You Bring Other Shows Into Your Networks And Kind Of Cross Share And And Cross Promote We’re Not Gonna Get Ahead By Tearing Each Other Down You Know I’m Not In Competition With You You Know But When We Meet All Of The People That I Know In Fact One Of My Good Friends Tony Floyd Is Listening Right Now And Now He’s Learning About You Who’s This For You We’re Cross Pollinating All These All These People All This Stuff So And I Look At It In The Spirit Like All The Stuff That You’ve Got All Your Mantle’s Your Crowns Your Weapons Your Armor The Things That God Is Giving You And All Of My Stuff It’s Like Some Kind Of An Rv I’m Kind Of A Nerd You Know Not Really In Our Preview Video Games I Mean This Is All Video Games Behind Me So All My Video I Mean Hey You See This Green Screen Right Here This Is Gonna Be Like Chinese Video Like All This Kind Of Wild You Know Weird Out There Kind Of Nintendo Stuff Whatever I Use It Because I Enjoy It And It’s Just A Very Good Language To Explain Spiritual Waterloo You Know It But It Really Is Even Like Eating With Food And Stuff And When They Drink Elixirs And But Different You Know These Different Things That They Have In The Videogames And It Helps Them And It Gives Them Life And Mana And Stuff Like That This There’s So Many Analogies There With Rpgs Totally Yeah And I I Think That We Can Approach This Stuff In A Very Similar Way We’re Giving The New Agers Full Rein Someone Messaged Me The Other Day Like Look I Got Migraine Headaches And I Got A Prophecy That It’s Something From The Sirius Star System Would You Please Pray Into It I’m Like Okay Because I’m That Crazy Like Sure I Mean I Wouldn’t Necessarily Think About The Sirius A And C Region Be Binary Star System As A Source Of My Migraine Headaches But Hey If Somebody Has That Much Imagination Unlike Sure Go For It You Know What I Do Two Days Ago I Sit Down Ask The Lord You Know About This I Went On Youtube First I Looked At A Bunch Of Videos About Sirius A And Sirius B Do You Know How Much It Cult Stuff They’re A Billion Yeah Everything Said You Know Ancient Egyptian Star Gods The Pyramid Themselves Everything Not Over So I’m Like This Is This Is Way Over My Head I’m Like Fine I’ll Go Pray Into It You Know It Was A Serious Prayer It Was Like No You Do Not Have The Authority To Go And Attack The Sirius Star System Just Want To Start On The Sky Buddy I Mean Isn’t God The Ruler Of The Universe We’re Dealing With Ancient Evil Entities And We Need The If You Want To Speak In Here You Need To Go To The Court Need To Get The Proper Documentation The Ian Claim Court System That He’s Kind Of Brought Into The Christian Lingo Of This Modern Time To Deal With That Stuff Because That Is Big Heavy Stuff You’re Talking About You Know High-level Archdemons Just Attacking Some Star System So We Still Tried My Friend Tony Beside He’s Messaging Right Now Get Hit In The Head With The Hammer He Was There With Me I Messaged Him About This Too But Um You Know And Then I Thought I Was Making This All Up I Was Like Alright I’m Entertaining Some False Imagination Maybe My Friend Guess What Happens I Come Home I Get A Phone Call From Someone In California And I Start Talking To Them You Know I Forgot Everything About My Prayer Afternoon They Say Hey By The Way You Know I Have A Friend Here Who’s Going To Gesture Just In Westerfield I Don’t Know If You Know That I Didn’t Where’s That Oh Yeah Jason See You Know Him Better Than Me He’s He’s All Into This Serious Jesus She Tells Me All About Down Like You Have Any Clue What I’ve Been Doing All Day And I Totally Forgot About What’s-his-name Jason Westerfield That’s All About The The Sirius Star System I And She’s Like You Need To Be Careful That Is Connected To Everything All The Masons All These Different New Age Groups And I Was Like Oh I Thought Just A Bunch Of Weird Youtubers Are Talking About She’s Like No You Do Not Mess With A Series Star System Lets You Directly Heavenly Court Authority Like Alright Okay This Is Confirmation So Anyway It’s Just An Example Of Spiritual Warfare Manifesting In Our Life From Random Things And It’s Real I Mean You Deal With This Stuff You’re Dealing With Real Entities It’s Not Just Some You Know Youtube Channel Or Podcast You Go Over Your Head You Can Get Literally Killed Physically Or Cursed We Have To Get In Touch With Jesus And We Have To Do As Jesus Said He Did What He Saw His Father Doing Yeah You Know And We And We Don’t Go Off And Be The Big Hero Yeah That’s What Is That’s What’s So Cool About It Is That That Stuff Interests Me And About The Spirits How They Operate What Our Spirits Are The Star Spirits Are They Living Or They Just Balls Of Gas Guesses That Just Exists Out There Somewhere Or You Know All Of These Other Things You Know When People Have Sicknesses Or Infirmities In Their Bodies Is It Just A Sickness Or That Gets Deep On Every Single Level And That Stuff Interests Me And So But The Beautiful Thing About Jesus Is That He Is The Head In All Authority Over All Of These Things Like All Of These Entities Must Bow To King Jesus They Must And So When People Have Those Things Going On In Their Bodies Or Whatever The Case Is We Can Deal In In Realms That Are On Scene But We Know Who Has The Authority To Always Bring Us Back To To Have Our Best Interest In Mind And So For Me It’s Been It’s Been Awesome To Dealing With In Like The New Age Circles Because I Have A Lot Of New Age Followers As Well Who Don’t Believe In Jesus Or They Think That You Know Jesus Was Just Another Way Or Whatever The Case Is But When They Need Something Listen When They Need Prayer They M You They They Come To Me I Had A Guy Who Came To Me Several Months Back And He Said Uh True Seeker I You Know I Pray I Meditate I Do All The Stuff You Talk About In Your Music And On Your Podcast Man I Want To Go To The Next Level What Is It Man What Do You Have Because It’s Not Really Working For Me I Said Okay With The Whole Prayer And Meditation Stuff That That’s Good But You Need The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit You Have To Surrender Your Life To Jesus And Become Born-again And That’s All Of My Music And All My Podcasts All Of My Searching Comes Out Of That Do You Want That Bro I Wanted I Want To Go I Want That And It’s Okay Well Let’s Pray Man Jesus You Know We’re To The Cross And He Took Our Offer He Took All Of Our Sin Upon Himself He Became Sin That We Might Be The Righteousness Of God And And And I Explained The Gospel To Him Let Him To Jesus Over The Phone Prayed Over Him And He Was Struggling With A Pill Addiction And Uh Jesus Mighty Name And So Mmm Feel It Right Now It’s Awesome Of Me I Prayed For Him Man He’s So Beautiful Man In That Thank You Lord The Gospel I Pray For Him In The Pill Addiction Left In An Instant And He Got Filled With The Holy Spirit Got Born Again Over The Phone Dude He’s Weeping And Crying Man And I It Just Shows You The Power Of Just Like Belief And Knowing That And When He Called Like All Of The Studying The Stuff And Knowing Our Authority Is Just To Know The Power And Authority That We Have Not To Think I Hope Jesus Heals On My Hope He Breaks His Chains No To Walk In The Power And Authority And Know That The Prayer Of The Righteous Availeth Much And We Have Power To Tread Among Serpents And Scorpions And And Seeing People Get Set Free From From Me You Know Sticking My Head Out Here And All These Other Realms And Things Like That With People Who Would Never Step Foot In The Church Man Coming To The Saving Grace Of Who Jesus Is Man So It’s Awesome That’s That’s Why I’m Getting Goosebumps All Up And Down My Body Whoo Amen And It’s Like Three O’clock In The Morning Here In Taiwan I Got To Pray With A Lady Today On The Street I Don’t Know If She Got Healed Or Not I Just Kind Of Brings Her Gems Like No No No I’m A Taoist You See The Temple I Am Not A Christian I’m Like That’s Okay She Just Loves You Let Me Pray For You Look At You Limping Across The Road Jesus Loves You I Love She Got Healed But Hey At Least I Got To Pray With Her And There Was A Witness And The Point Is This Is Another Sector You Know We’re Talking About Aliens And Fringe Christianity And The New Age And You Know I Brought Up The Mystic We Both Have The Connection There And And Then There’s This Other World It’s Called Healing And You Could Spend Your Whole Life Researching Andrew Wommack Yeah I Love Ton Of Really Awesome Healers It’s All True You Know His Teaching About God Wants You Well It’s Not God’s Will For You To Be Sick And You As As A Christian Need To Realize Your Authority And Your Identity Who You Are In The Power Of The Gospel That You Know You Can Commend Sickness To Leave And Don’t Worry If People That You Pray For Don’t Get Healed Right Away It Doesn’t Mean It Doesn’t Work A Lot Of Times It’s According To Their Faith Yeah So Um And He’s Very Honest He’s Like You Know First Person I Pray For Dad And I Love That My Favorite Quote From A Christian He Sounds Just Like Leather He’s Got A Lot Of Healing Yeah I Listen To A Lot Of Andra On That Yeah But I Just Love That Guy And He’s Got So Much Faith For Healing And What We Need To Do How Do You Get More Faith That Word Of God Yeah Yeah And Exercising It Yeah Both So Listen To Those Andrew Wommack Testimonies If Anybody Needs Some Andrew Wommack You Know I Got Three Gigs Of Andrew Wommack I Can Send You On The Google Drive Don’t God While Mack The Guy The Guy Who Led Me To The Lord He’s Diehard Andrew Wommack So And He Always Brought It Brought Me Back When I Would Get So Far Out There And Stuff And Whether It’s I Studied So Much I’ve Studied Messianic Judaism And Hebrew Israelites And I’ll Do An Expose And False Prophets Like I’ve Been In All He’s Like Derek It All Comes Back Down The Love Brother And And I Didn’t Want To Hear That But He’s So True And Even Me I Sound Like A Like You Know Like A Broken Record Now Is When I Tell My Friends Who Get Out There On Their Friends Stuff And They Like No It’s This Is No Brother It’s All Love Man So So I Was I Would Listen To A Lot Of Andrew Wommack Too In The End The Biggest Thing That That Actually Stood Out To Me From Andrew Wommack Was The Fact That He Talks About Right When You Get Born Again He’s Like Come On You Know Not Having A Lot Of Money And Things Like That And Just Trusting God And Yeah And We Have All These Stories I Went Through It A Couple Weeks Ago I Went Through And Listed All These Miracles That God Has Done In My Life So I Wouldn’t Forget Them And I’m Just Kind Of Remembering All These Little Things Where Money Comes Out Of Nowhere Unexpected Tech Show Up And Stuff Where We Would Trust God And So Andrew Wommack Talks About When We Start Off As Baby Christians We’re Living From Miracle To Miracle In God’s Given Us A Financial Miracle Financial Breakthrough Find Out To Me In It Was Like It’s Common But He’s Like That’s How We Start Off But God Doesn’t Want To Keep Us There What We’re Relying On Miracles To Pay Our Bills Or We’re Relying On Miracles To Do That It’s Like He Wants To Entrust Us And So And So We Know The True Gospel Of Prosperity Because He Don’t Want He Doesn’t Want Us Begging For Food Or Begging For Money Or Asking To Borrow Those Scriptures Or Repetitive Throughout Throughout The Bible About You Know How You That You Never See The Righteous Forsaken You’ll Never See The Godly Begging For Fred Ellen For Bread And That You Will Be Delinda And Not The Borrower So These Scriptures Are True And In Somebody Like Him His His Work It Helps Us To Kind Of Balance All That Stuff To Man Him And And You Know We I Guess If We’re Throwing Ian Clayton Out There I Can Throw Benny Hinn Out There I Love A Lot Of Any Hands Teachings And So One Of The Biggest Things That Got Me In On Intimacy With Jesus And And How The Spirit Realm Works And Authority In Those Those Realms Is Benny Hinn People Laugh At Me For Mentioning His Name And I Guess You Know I Said Yeah I Used Tried To Expose Him To But His Teachings Man Good Morning Holy Spirit His Book That He Wrote Talking About Spending 14 Hours A Day Locked In His Room With The Whole Spirit And Just Intimacy And Fellowship With Jesus Man And Uh And I’ve Experienced That Two Men And That Kind Of Made Me The Person I Am Today So Um I’m Gonna Leave It Up To You Man I Know You Got To Go You Got To Work Tomorrow It’s Really Late For You An Auton Tom’s On Two Different Sides I Man This Is So Exciting Talk To You Forever No Right Left Oh This Is So Good Thanks Man A Guy That Knows Benny Hinn Ian Clayton Andrew Warren Jordan Maxwell What’s That Eggs Where You From Buddy I’m In Um I Marry You By The Way You Saw How Ab And I’m In Alabama Go Dude Yeah Where’s Your Alabama Accent You Don’t You Don’t Tell Me I Got A New Orleans Accent Those Were My I Was Resonating You Sound Like A Man Of The Universe You’re Just A Human Being An Earthling That’s Awesome I Mean You Really Seem To Understand So Many Things And Well Let’s Leave Let’s Leave This Out There For People Like What Are We Doing Out Here What Is The Goal For All This Is It Just To Survive Are We Just Trying To Make It Through The Apocalypse Like Just Coming Into Heaven Brother Are We Trying Do We Know About The Millennium For Example Like What Does God Got For You My My Understanding Is That Heaven Will Come To Earth And All The Talents All The Giftings All The Interests All The Passions And Dreams That You Have In Your Life Will Be Used For That 1000 Year Period After The Anti-crisis Done And Gone That We’re Going To Use Those I Mean That’s Why I Want To Learn Chinese And Japanese Because I Think I Would Like To Work With Them For The Millennium Forget This Career Or This Life I Mean I Don’t Want To Deal With These I Mean I Can’t Stand The System Of This World I’m Happy Being A Missionary And Kind Of Infiltrating It But You Know What Do You Think Is That Is The Long-term Picture Like What Do You Think We’re Going To Be Doing With All This Information You Know You Have Any Any Any Survivors On That One On That Topic In Eternity Or Now Kind Of Both Because I See The Google 666 Transhumanist Agenda Falling On Us Like Jordan Maxwell Sees Very Clearly I Also See Ian Clayton’s You Know Of God Appearing And Andrew Ah Max He’ll All The People And And Vinnie Hannon And A Number Of Other People You Know That We’ve Talked About And What What Are We Doing That Was Going To Be Our Part In It You See Is Like Your Edge For Now For I Think I Think Mine Is For You Know For Now I Try I Try Not To Put You Know Too Much Of My Consciousness In The Future Of Dreaming And Stuff Like That I Try To Go That’s My Problem And I Get Into Autopilot And Say Like I Learned Very Early Of Like Setting Dates And Then Maybe Have Any An Event Or A Concert In My Case And And I Would Just Be Thinking About That Concert A Month Out That’s All I Was Thinking About What I’m Gonna Do At The Concert Then The Concert Would Come And It Would Leave And I Believe And It Was I Put So Much Energy Into Wanting To Do This Concert Yeah Isn’t The Best So Everything Like All The Mystics Talk About Like The Now Moment Like That Like I Believe That There’s No Such Thing As Time I Think That That Everything Is In One Now Moment And So That’s Why I Think Meditation Is So Powerful That We Come To Come Together And We Sit Down And We Focus On Now And Not You Know Jesus I’d Be Anxious For Nothing So I Try To You Know It Everything About Spirituality Everything About Spirits Or Whatever We’re Talking About If It Can’t Help Us Now I Really I Really Good I Don’t Want To Nothing To Do With It Because It’s Just Like Just A Theory And If If The Theory Can’t Help Me Spiritually And Help Me What My Family Help Me Be A Better Person Help Me Be A Better Son A Better You Know Employee On My Job Whatever The Case Says If It Can’t Help Me Now And I Can’t Bring It Into This Moment Then It’s Just Theories And If We Get Into A Lot Of Conspiracies And Stuff Like That Which I Don’t I Don’t Like That Stuff Anymore When We Talk About Aliens And We Talk About Spirits And Encounters With Ghosts And Things Like Those Are Things That Essentially Affect Us And In Our Day To Day Life Whether You See Them Or Not Those Words Are You Know When We Talk About Ghosts In The Bible The Word Is God Well You Know And They They Actually Use That Word A Lot In The Bible To Explain A Lot Of Different Things God With A Little Genius So Gods Among The Spirits They’re Called Gods As Even Devils In The Bible That Are Called God’s With The Little G So We Have These Words That Means So Much So Yeah You Know What We Can Do Now And I Think I Think I’m Helping A Lot Of People And I Know I’m Helping A Lot I Get The Messages Daily Man Of People Who Are Coming Into Relationship With God And And Just Help Out Helpful You Know Get From You Know I’m Saying Just How Much It Moved A To Day Man And I Know My Part And It’s Working Man It’s It’s Friends And I’m Still Figuring Out Day To Day But Whatever Is Going On It Is Working So It Helps People To Have A Hope And I’m Saying To Kind Of Live The Best Life They Can If They’re Dealing With Addiction Like They Can Overcome That If They’re Dealing With The Depression Like I’m Saying We Can Deal With That Too And And It All It All Comes Through Peace Through Jesus Because I Was There You Know Pretty Much My Testimony Man I Come From Studying Witchcraft And Studying Their Coat Back In The 90s And As A Teenager And Having The Supernatural Encounters Pretty Much Before I Met Jesus And Knowing That Was Love And Having My Mind Taken From Me And Being Put In Weird Realms With Demons And Spirits And I Couldn’t Understand Them I Wish Schizophrenic As A Teenager And I Had To Call Out To Jesus Because I Had Been Born Again Um A Few Years Before And Experienced The Bliss And That Baptism And Fire Of God And And So When I Was At My Rock-bottom I Called Out To God And He Came He Came Like That Man And Picked Me Back Up And Said Sit On My Feet On Solid Ground Man And Uh But In That It’s Been A Journey And Stuff So I’ve Studied All That Stuff And I’ve Been There Man The Church Said I Got Born Again And Not Not Not Born Again But When I Came Back To The Lord We Was At It Was Living In Hammond Louisiana And The Church That We Were Going To I Called All These Churches And Said Okay I Need I Need Prayer I Think I Have Demons I Need Prayer And One Church Called Me Back Went To The Phone Book And And The Guy He Came To Our House And Prayed With Us And Was Picking Us Up Bringing Us Back And Forth To Church To Two And A Half Years Later You Know We Move Away We Actually Find Out They’re On Cnn They Were Doing Animal Sacrifices And Have Sexual Relations With Children And They Were People In Law Enforcement Teachers Part Of It And I Just Found Out That That’s Where I Know Yeah True True Detectives The Show That Came Out On Hbo That They Actually Got A Script From This Instance That Happened In To The Church We Went To Man So I’ve Been Through A Lot Like A Guy Comes To The Own Spirituality Man So I Just Try To Share What Works For Me You Know Keep Sharing Your Testimony Man Now I Want To Hear The Whole Yeah A Lotta You Know Let’s Get You On The Fringe Look Let’s Do A Show Sometime I Won’t Be As Fancy As This Lets Me Use Your Software Make A Youtube Video About It But If You Go Through A Mist Showing Up Your Intro I’ve Seen Your Stuff Yourself School With The Space In The Background And No That’s Just My Youtube And Well You Can Actually Do That In Real Time You Could Do That In Real Time With The Program Can You Use A Green Screen Real Time I’ve Been Looking That Up Yeah All The Info On That Dude Okay We Got A Talk Offline Noon Um But Yeah And Okay Um There Was Like 20 Things That I Wanted To Say About What You Just Said My Friends Like Dude Yeah Man It’s All Real Hey Everybody Out There Oh Okay Last Thing There’s A News Article Today On Dredge Apparently According To Anonymous Or You Know That Hacking Group Nasa Is Preparing To Announce To The World The Existence Of Alien Life And This Will Set Off A Chain Reaction In My Opinion This Will Set Off A Huge Just Worldwide Consciousness Awakening All The New Agers You’re Going To Go Hog Wild On This After Christmas And Christians Will Have To Start Thinking About Their Theology Finally I Mean What You And Me We’re Already Okay But The Majority Of Christians Are Not Ready For This What’s Coming We May Be You You Might Look At What You’re Doing Is Like Oversaturation You Know Hey There’s So Many Podcasters You Know Yeah God Why Are You Setting Up All These People Out Here To Talk About This Like However Any Of Us Going To Make Money Doing This You Know When You Wait Okay You’re Going To Be So Busy With The Number Of People Coming To You For Like What’s Going On My Whole World Is Being Turned Upside Down What Do I Do Where Do I Go There’s These Demons And Aliens And Blah Blah Blah I Think That’s Coming Very Soon I Think That Is The Big Picture Is That In The Book Of Daniel It Says That Those Who Understand Among People Will Understand Instruct Many And Actually We Have A Very Pictures Of Shepherds And Leaders And Teachers And People Who Understand So Anybody Out There Who Knows The Stuff Get Ready You’re Going To Be A Teacher Whether You Have A Show Or Not And These Shows We Might Actually End Up Way Busier Than We Ever Thought And At That Point Money Is Not Going To Be An Issue I Mean God Is Going To Be Just Putting Us Into Full-time Ministry And I Look At The Money As A Missionary Money Is For The Kingdom You Know It Goes Into The Church It Goes Into What We’re Doing And And Alex Jones Is A Great Example Of That He Always Puts His Money Back Into The Operation Oh Yeah So Let’s Make Money Let’s Get People To Support Us Let’s Let’s Get More Professional I Want To Get This Zoom Thing For Fringe We Need This Man Zooms Also Hmmm All This Technology Yeah You Know Duper So Yeah If You Want To Give You Links Man On The Fringe Radio Network Because You Are Over A Podcast Yourself Called Spirit Wars And It’s Very Interesting You Interview A Lot Of Similar People That I Talked To I Went Through Your List Of While Ago And We Have Several People On There That We’ve You Know Kind Of Interviewed Too On Here Well Yeah By All Means Go Go To Fringe You Know See All The Great Shows There You Know Spirit Wars Is Is My Kind Of It’s A Little Bit Of A Mess But It’s Getting There And We’ve Got A Lot Of New Shows Who Got Canary Cry They’re Very Very Profesh Got Michael Heizer Spear Normal You Know He’s Got The Funny The Fringe News Which Is A Laugh You’ll Definitely Laugh I Listen To It And I Crack Up Like I Almost Crashed My Motorcycle Listening To Fringe News Show What About A Pea Or They Are They Affiliated Pid Radio Pid Is On There I Mean Everybody’s Going There It’s Just Like A Big Like What There Should Be Actually Like A Lot Of Fringe Radio Networks Because There’s So Many Great Shows Out There But They’re At Their Max Now They’ve Got Like 40 Shows That Could Change You Know People Will Leave In Common And Who Knows Pray For It You Know They Need Money Actually The Though The Donate You Know Paypal From Shoot What’s The Paypal I Have It On The Last Few Videos I Did I Think It Orange Studio At Gmail Or Something But We Need If We Need To Stop The Hackers Because We’ve Got These Hackers That Come After Us And They Just Shut Everything Down And It’s Terrible Cuz You Don’t Want To Scare Away These Big Hosts These Big Shows That Are On There Yeah Pray For It You Know I Think It’s The Future I’m Not Just Saying That Network But I Think That What We’re Doing Here Is The Future It Doesn’t Matter Who Hacks Us Even If They Shut The Internet Down We’re Still Going To Share The Truth You Know No Matter What So Um It Was Really Big Honor To Be On Your Show Man Thanks Yeah Bro So Much Definitely Do It Again Man Yeah Cause I’ll Write It As Well So It’s Awesome Cool All Righty All Right Well Uh God Bless You I Will Talk We’ll Talk With You Soon Man Thanks So Much For Coming On Bro All Right All Right Thank You Thank You Everybody Listening All Right Peace Out Yeah Man Awesome Show Uh Great To Finally Catch Up With That Brother Because We’ve Been Kind Of Moving In The Same Circles For A While And Shout-out To Aj Allen Nichols For Kind Of Setting It Up To Kind Of Let Me Know Who He Is So If Anybody Would Like To Call In If You Want To Add On To The Show If You Have Any Questions If You Need Prayer Or Anything Like That Let Me Know The Number Is Scrolling At The Bottom Of The Screen If You Want To Call In I’m Going To Just Going To Go On For A Few More Minutes And Kind Of Give Some Some Notes In Closing I Just Talked A Little Bit More About The Spirits In The Sky And Kind Of What That Whole Term Means For Me And So When We Look In The Book Of Daniel He Mentioned Daniel We See That These Angels Travel Back And Forth Physically Travel Back And Forth From Heaven To Earth And So When We See The Term Heaven In The Bible In The Scriptures The Word There In Hebrew Is The Same Word We Use For Sky I Looked Into The Sky And Saw A Bird I Looked Into The Heavens And Saw The Angels Ascending And Descending Upon The Son Of Man Things Like This So It’s The Same Word Essentially Being Used There And From All My Seeking And All My Studying And Stuff Like That Like I’ve Seen So Much Stuff Going Back And Forth In This In The Night Sky And Then Even Seen Stuff And Like I’ve Seen All The Stuff At Night And A Lot Of Times It’s Lights And Things Like That Sometimes You Do See Spirits That Have Some Type Of Physical Body To Them As Well I’ve Seen Some Of Those Things But I Wanted To See Them During The Day Right Just To Kind Of Like I’m In The Whole Time I’m Talking To God While I Have In My Encounters Just Praying Asking God Are These Things Real Are They Of Him If They Are Let Me See One Let Me See The Seraphim The Seraphim It’s As A Form Of Angel In The Scriptures And The Seraphim Translates To The Fiery Serpents The Fiery Ones In The Book Of Psalms It Says That God’s Angels His Ministering Spirits He Makes Them As A Flame Of Fire This Scriptures Also Repeated In The Book Of Hebrews We Go To Enoch The Book Of Enoch Talks About How These Angels Are Made Out Of The Fire Of God The Fire Of Heaven And That They’re The Shiny Ones And That They When They Travel Back And Forth In Heaven They Are A Flame Of Fire But They Have The Ability To Take Upon The Appearance Of Men When They Come To Earth And So We Go Back To Daniel Where The Spirits Would Travel Back And Forth From Heaven To Earth With A Message The Word Angel Simply Means Messenger So They Travel With Messages And The Messages What Kind Of Messages Is That For One Person Is It For A Nation Is The Forest Spirit To Be Released Upon A People Because When We Talk About Principalities These Are Rulers Men These Spirits Or Rulers And High Places Over Nations There Have Kingdoms And Dominions Over Nations And All This Is In The Book Of Daniel As Well And It Talks About The Prince Of Persia Was The Name Of A Principality Spirit That Was Influencing The People Of Persia And What Is Interesting As Well Is That You Find These Other Scriptures Where The Spirits Or The Sons Of God Present Themselves Before The Father Yahweh Present Himself Before Him And Yahweh Is Looking Down At A People Group And Saying What You Know What Should We Do How Should We How Should We Get To The Bottom Of This What Should Be Their Fate Right And So What He Does Is He Consults With These Spirits These Spirits Say I Am And They Present Themselves Okay Let Me Go Down Let Me Confuse Them Let Me Go Down And Be A Confusing Spirit Amongst The People And Is This Just Read Me Scriptures Over And Over If This Stuff Happening It’s Like Wow These Spirits Are Presenting Themselves Before God Asking Them Can They Go Down To Earth And Deal With The People This Certain Type Of Way He Said No I Don’t Want You To Do That And Then Another Spirit Comes Okay Let Me Go Down And Let Me Confuse Their Speech Like These Spirits Are Presenting Themselves Before Yahweh In The Bible Wanting To Come To Earth To Do This And So This Is What Happens These Spirits Come Down And And In The Spiritual Circles We Call Them Vibration So Which Is A Thought Pattern Or The Way That You Think Because In The End When We Talk About Spiritual Warfare We Talk About Spirituality It’s All In The Mind They Are Strongholds That Take Place In Your Mind They Are Ungodly Beliefs And Thought Patterns That Present Themselves To The Mind And Will Have You Believing Essentially A Lie Believing What They Believe So These Spirits Especially The Disembodied Spirits Need A Vehicle They Need A Host They Need A Body Some Of Them That Used To Be Here We’re Talking About The Descendants Of The Children Of The Fallen Angels Those Children That Were Physical Beings On The Earth They Died They Could Not Go Back To Heaven And They Couldn’t Stay On Earth So They Travel Around In The Ether In The Spirit Realm And They Influence Mankind And They Torment Mankind And So They Miss The Feelings Of Drinking Water They Mister The The Feelings Of Murdering People Of Lying Of Causing Havoc Upon The Earth Is What They Did And So They Have To Have A Body A Vehicle To Do That And So That’s How Those Spirits Operate And They Get In Your Mind They Give You An Ungodly Belief We See That There If We Look In I Believe It As Matthew Chapter 12 I Believe It Is Where We’re Reading About The Spirit Of The Prince Of The Queen Of The South That Will Rise Again In Judgment Against This Generation And A Lot Of Times I Used To Read Over That And Say What Is This What Is The Queen Itself And I Just Read Over And Skip It But Just Trying To Do The Studying One Thing About The Hebrew Israelites Then Brothers Taught Me How To Study Them Scriptures They Taught Me How To Break It Down A Reference Back And Forth And And Like To Get My Theology From The Body Of Scripture Not Not Off Of One Scripture By Itself But To Tie Them All Together Where They Kind Of Weave A Web And Paint A Picture Man With With The Majority Of Scriptures And So It Pointed Back To Solomon Dealing With The Queen Of The South Who Was The Queen Sheba Right And She Was Against The Sons Of God She Wanted To Kill The Prophets Of God And That’s What They Did And So She Had So She Heard About Solomon All Of His All Of His Wisdom And So She Wrote Down All These Questions And All Of These Things That She Knew That When She Approached Solomon If She Had This Meeting With Him That She Could Essentially Trick Him And Trap Him With These These Words And These Questions That She Have She Has Devised In This Same Spirit Is Loosed Right Now In The Earth When You’ve Tried To Get Into Bates With These People Who Who Are Who Are Out There Who Are Possessed With That Spirit This Is What You’re Dealing With So And This Is Awesome Too Because It Shows You Essentially How To Cast Out Demons By Just Simply Sharing The Truth But People Have An Ungodly Belief You Speak In The Word Of God The Word Of Truth Over Them And Evil Spirits Strongholds That Live In The Minds They Will Fall So She Gets With Solomon Her And Solomon Have This Debate She’s Got She Got All Her People With Him He Brings All His People And They Sit Down And Have A Debate And All These Questions That She Asked If The Scripture Says That He Answered Every Single One Of Them And When She Did When He Did The Evil Spirit Left Her Right The Evil Spirit Left He Answered All Of Her Questions That She Had Devised To Discredit Yahweh And Try To Make A Mockery Of The Things Of God And This Is Still Going On This Totally Applies To You Guys Right In All Of Us Especially All Of These Other Movements And Things That Have Kind Of Formed Themselves To Be The Enemies Of God Essentially On Earth And Enemies Of Christ Answer Their Questions Those Who Have A Sincere Heart To Know The Truth Don’t Be Afraid And To Know That This Is A Spiritual Battle The Scripture Says That The Battle Is Not A Flesh And Blood But With Powers And Principalities And Spirits In Wickedness In High Places The High Places Of The Mind The High Places Of Government Of Schooling Of The Education System Even In The Church System Yeah This Is Who We’re Dealing With This Is Who Were Fighting Against So Be Encouraged Men Just Know That That The Fight Is Not Carnal And That We Have Weapons That Our Spirits That We Have Weapons To Use As Well So Be Encouraged With That And Just No Man That No Weapon That Is Formed Against You Shall Prosper The Scriptures Doesn’t Say That The Weapon Will Not Be Formed But It Says That The Weapon That Is Formed Against You Shall Not Prosper That This Is The Inheritance Of The Children Of God That Every Tongue That Rises Up Against You Doubt Shout Condemn So I Just Want To Pray Over You Guys And Just Speak A Blessing For Anybody Out There Who Is Struggling With Their Faith And What To Believe If Anybody’s Out There Struggling On Financially I Want To Pray A Blessing Over You That God Will Release Within You The Giftings And Callings That Are Deep Down Within And That They Will Come Up And Then That God Will Show You And Lead You Into All Truth And What To Do With Your Life’s Purpose And To Have A Plan For Your Future And To Bless You In The Prosper You Because I Believe That’s What The Word Of God Says And We Stand Upon That So I’m Going To Pray For You Guys Lord I Thank You Guys For Everyone Watching And Listening Right Now I Ask You To Bless Them Right Now That From The Top Of Their Head To The Soles Of Their Feet Many People Who Are Listening Who They Just A Lot Of The Things That We Talked About Just Simply Rang True Whether It’s The Spirits Or The Young Godly Beliefs Of The Oppression Or The Spirits That Are Riding Them Anybody Who Is Dealing With These Spirits In A Spiritual Battle And They Just Need Help Holy Ghost I’m Asking You Just To Help Them Right Now Just To Lucia Warring Angels Over Them Send Forth Deliverance To The Mighty Hand Of King Jesus Guy Anybody Who Needs A Physical Touch In Their Body Lord You Said That You Sent Forth Your Word To Heal Them God And I Thank You That The Word Became Flesh To The Person Of King Jesus Lord So Touch Them Even Now And Is His Mighty Name We Pray God Anybody Who Was Going Through Financial Ruin And All It Is Is The Game Of Trust Do You Really Trust Them Do You Really Believe Them Do You Do You Take His Word At Heart It’s A Game Of Trust So Just Trust Them With Everything That You Have Because The Scripture Says That He Who Is Faithful With The Few That He Will Make You Ruler Over More God I Just Ask You To Bless Them Lord Stir Up The Gift Of God That You’ve Placed Within Them Holy Ghost Move Upon Them Let Them Know That You Are The Lover Of Their Soul And Jesus Mighty Name Men Awesome Episode I Thoroughly Enjoyed Enjoyed It Man Make Sure You Guys Subscribe On Itunes And On Android As Well Those Links Are In The Descriptions And You Guys Would Like To Give If You Guys Would Like To Partner With What We’re Doing To Become A Member Or You Could Do So That Links In The Description As Well Patreon Kombat Slash True Seeker When It Comes To The Music We Got So Much Music On There That We’re Releasing That Is Unreleased To The General Public So If You Got Support You Get Music That’s Not Available Yet You Also Get Access To Podcasts That We’ll Be Doing That Is Just Going To Go On There And Not For The Public Either Just Simply For The Members And Simply For The People Who Are Coming On To Help Us Pay For This Stuff And Make Something Happen So I Love Each And Every One Of You Guys Be Sure To Join Us With The Next Podcast Because We’re Doing This Weekly Man Make Sure You Share This Out To Let People Know That You’re Watching Shalom Shalom Peace And Blessings Everyone

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