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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Molly MacCartney about tapping into and working with Spiritual Energy and Intuition. What we’ve come to realize is that everyone has the ability to tap into these spiritual functions for themselves. They are what we have called the sixth sense. Have you ever thought about someone and then they suddenly call you on the phone? Have you every though about an old song that you haven’t heard in years and then the radio Dj just randomly plays it as you think of it? These are just minor examples of how we are tuned into our spiritual senses and psychic abilities. The cool thing is that you can actually hone in on them and get better at using them just like a muscle. The more aware we are of their presence in our life the more we can open ourselves up for these “God Encounters” if you will. We have learned to do this while in prayer by using the laying on of hands during group gatherings. Instead of praying a hundred words that just seem to end in monotony we can learn to pray and speak 10 words of power. Its about being able to be quiet and tap into the persons energy so we can sense, feel and know what they are going through so we can minister directly to their specific need. The truth is that God cares about all of us. Every aspect and every area of our lives, and He even knows what we need before we even pray. Each one of us can learn to be so close to the heart of the Father that we not only know His heart and desire for our own lives but also the lives and purposes of those around us. When we think of terms like psychic abilities and sixth sense our mind goes to new age and hoodoo but the interesting things is that these types of spiritual giftings are also mentioned of in the Bible. Jesus and his disciples used these spiritual powers and anointing to bring forth healing and deliverance to many during their ministry. I’ve heard it said that to deny the spiritual gifts and talents are to deny people an aspect of Jesus. If Jesus and His disciples needed these tools during their ministry then how much more do we?

Molly MacCartney is a Master Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Teacher.
Molly provides soul-centered, compassionate guidance to help you:
​Find Inner Balance and Life Direction.
Connect to Divine Wisdom and Spiritual Purpose.
Get Clear about your Work and Relationships.
Contact your Source and the Spirit World.
Discover Spiritual Solutions to Real-World Problems.

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and you’ve been in this thing for a long time or if you’re just coming into a man there’s gonna be some things that we’re gonna talk about that can help you wherever you are and just some practical things to bring to the table to help you out in your day to day can’t go any further without saying a huge thank you to all the patreon supporters you guys are the enablers you guys could help create this show and push it out there I couldn’t do it without you thank you guys so much from the bottom of my heart give a quick shout out to some of the newest patrons that we had this last week here we are Devin Rey thank you my friend for coming on and supporting the show and Michael Payne thank you so much for coming on as well these are two of the latest supporters within the last week like I said huge thank you couldn’t do it without you if you would like to support I don’t know that at backslash true sticker there you get access to my entire discography of music all of the music I’ve ever 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shout out to the people giving at the light body level the I’m sorry the diamond body level shout out to Adam brink and Noah thank you guys for supporting at that level as well so without further ado we’re gonna bring on today’s guest and we’re gonna get into some of this conversation or you guys Molly McCartney welcome to the show hi thank you thanks for having me how are you today great beautiful day good good got my uh gotta give a quick plug here I got my new true seeker mugs in a coffee there so yeah yeah very good very good excited about this conversation so a lot of times like people will send me a bunch of questions that they want me to ask or whether whoever it’s a promoting a book or about their past or whatever the case is so but usually I just like to just have organic conversation with people and then the people listening on the podcast they just get to sit in on like a first-time conversation so that’s what this is I’ve got some questions that that I wanted to ask you and usually like to start by going back to the childhood in the past and things like that so we’ll start there but first just kind of give everybody an introduction to who you are and what you bring to the table hello my name is Molly McCartney I’m a master intuitive psychic medium energy healer and teacher from Orlando Florida still living in Orlando Florida traveled around a little bit in the middle years but serving here to help people ignite their own inner light and I love what I do I give readings but my main calling is to mentor other people who are feeling intuitive and feeling a bit lost and not knowing what to do with their spiritual gifts or repressing them because they feel ashamed or stay or the world’s told them that it’s a scary thing it’s something that’s so needed in this world right now and it’s coming back and and I’ve been there I’ve been I’ve been down the dark rabbit hole of of not being able to live in my truth and I feel it’s so important to help people do that that’s a that’s a huge part of the journey is uh finally coming to grips with who you are and being okay with that was that a struggle for you was there like back-and-forth of fighting I’m gonna be public with what I believe or I’m gonna keep it to myself and work in the shadow side deal was that like a process of maybe months or years that took place for you it was definitely a lifetime process and it still it is honestly because I’m definitely more in the public eye now and I have a lot of people who read what I write and and I feel more responsible to maintain clarity on the path and to make sure I’m presenting what I know to be true from my experience all the time but yeah it did begin when I was a little kid like most of us I was totally open with it and then you know there were people around me that’s what I was weird or I was you know just out there and and so I kind of had that weird stamp across my head a lot of my childhood but you know I kept it there I was the only child so I could play with spirit a lot I could hear them in the wind I could see them around my bed at night and I just kind of went into this space as well maybe I am pretending but it’s yours amazing so I’ll just I’ll just keep doing that I shut it down due to loss of my father I got really upset when I lost my father as could be expected completely heartbroken and shattered and really shut down to spirit and my elementary years and really struggled through childhood because of all that and and just stopped trusting the divine basically and when you don’t trust the divine you can still be very intuitive and very sensitive but you have no guidance you have no guiding light so I knew that I could see things and other people I could sense patterns but I didn’t know what to do with it so that made me very confused so I had a divine appointment I call it with tarot cards as a teenager and that’s where it was in the shadows a bit but it was my again my saving grace because I could finally navigate through spiritual means and look at a spiritual level of reality where before it was always like well this happened to me and and and this is this is terrible this happened to a friend this guy dumped me this you know I’m not feeling well all these things are going on and so I just would numb out but if I went to the tarot cards I could look at it as a growth process and so that’s when it really started to bloom as a tool that I wanted to be lived with out loud and then I took psychic development classes as a 20 20 something and through that course of study I really grew and healed so I had a lot of a lot of negative things to overcome by that point my early 20s in my early 30s and that was when I really started to come out of spiritual closet they call it to my family to everything you know because they were a Christian and they loved me you know and we’re all good now but I was so afraid that they would completely reject me so I was doing something evil I didn’t even know what I was doing especially when mediumship came in I was like how do I know these things you know how am i hearing exact thing this person needs to hear and and I can see their family member you know what’s going on all the social training had told me it was just freaky but it’s not it’s beautiful it’s amazing yeah that’s that’s the thing man is like you know whenever we’re coming up there’s so many people who have these similar stories I mean that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing is the fact that I wish I had somebody there to like help me and guide me and this is the way to do it you know and it’s okay to mess up and it’s okay to ask questions it’s okay to be different as well like we didn’t really have those people there it was like like as far as you know I’m in the Bible Belt so would definitely you know I’m saying dealing with the church isn’t coming out of religion and if you it was anything that kind of deviate it from their belief system not necessarily the Bible because there’s a lot of deep crazy stuff in there that I like to bring out but if it deviated from their doctrine and from there you know rules and things that they that they believe in then you get shunned or whatever so it’s like you got to walk on eggshells kind of in or you either with them or against them type deal with it with the belief system so with like being open with it now our hope your story this podcast and there’s thousands of people out there now who are embracing their messages I’m hoping that they can you know reach out to younger people and help them and not you know so that they don’t feel so isolated like what would have happened if when you were very young if you had someone in your family or it was just like an okay thing to explore those voices or explore those feelings of intuition or being connected with nature like what would happen then you know well I think that’s why it was so hard when my dad died because he was more open to it and and you know I’ve talked a lot with my mom over the years about it and she’s you know she again she loves and accept me there’s no issues there but it took her some time to really get there with me with him he was already you know talking so friends of his I heard later you know he would talk about mediumship and other worlds and other dimensions he’s very fascinated by that stuff and I also have an aunt who practiced Wicca and really got got into all of that so she gets it you know and so but we didn’t we weren’t close in terms of distance so I’d only see her every once in a while but it was it was a saving grace to have at least those two people in the in the direct family to know that I’m not completely off the mark I mean there’s something you know there’s something there in the family and then friendship-wise had some good friends but I was still kind of the weird one for a long time until I I didn’t need a really good soul friend to grow with in high school and and I noticed that with my clients a lot of times they will meet friends that they walk the path with together and maybe it’s twin flame you know there’s lots of different theories about what that is but you can really finally find a home in somebody and say okay I’m not you know we get each other finally you know it’s taken some time but but we get each other and and that that’s something I would tell any young person to believe in that there there are other Souls here you have contracts to meet up with them divine appointments it’s going to be okay and sometimes you walk that barren wasteland for a little while and and that’s where you build faith you know and it’s and you look back and go oh my gosh I’m so much stronger because I made it through that did you ever get into any any of the dark stuff did you start out with in any of the dark magic or looking into witchcraft or anything like that contacting no I’m grateful for my Christian foundation because of that I always was I resonated with divine energy and I knew the good feeling of that so I never was tempted and I’ve never been wanting to try to make things happen for myself or you know manipulate things I just it’s just not in my nature so I feel lucky that’s just that’s just out I did have a friend who had experience somebody was in Necronomicon I think I can’t remember what the name is that’s some dark stuff and I did after I left the church around 14 years old I started researching other religions I got really fascinated and saw very similar stories and a lot of religions so I did look into Wicca but it’s definitely not dark contrary there’s some what some people believe it’s it’s beautiful nature based worship and I went to a savate and I’ve worked in a Wiccan store as a reader every now and then so I you know I consider myself a little bit witchy I think anybody who is accepting their spiritual gifts and healing ability as that but it’s not in that dark you know dark witch way so yeah I feel I feel lucky but I didn’t go down that path that pretty much protected by my guides they won’t let me ask you this you talk about how like everybody is intuitive and everybody has these dormant abilities for some some of them you know they were very like more active whenever we were younger and then there are all types of stuff training suppression you know lies stuff like that we kind of suppress those abilities and even ideas that those things exist or whatever most of the people I think who like listening to a podcast like this or who you know hit me up for services or whatever the case says they’re usually people who want to [Music] do what we’re doing like a lot I don’t know if you’ve noticed that a lot of people who come to you or healing or for reading them for me I’m seeing the majority of times they want to be healers themselves or they they feel intuitive and don’t know how that looks or how to tap into it or whatever the message I got from spirits some years ago was healed the healers and it’s all of these healers out there who need to be healed first first it was myself right here you know I’m saying heal yourself then heal the healers are you seeing that as well is there like a resurgence of this this stuff is our people wakening up to their abilities and is there room for them here absolutely I totally see that and and my my clients and the folks that I that tend to come to me it’s almost as if I’m giving them permission to finally live out loud so they’re not necessarily going to go into doing the work some are a lot that take my program are looking to be spirit workers energy workers readers and they want to integrate that power into what they’re doing and finally just stop playing small yeah that’s buy time you’re you’re you’re already on the path you’re already picked up some skills and I have awakened to your gifts but you’re like alright enough making excuses I’m gonna do this that’s that’s when it comes to me and yeah I feel like that’s the vision that I’ve gotten and years ago I mean I download all the time divine downloads to come of course through readings that’s that’s what I do all the time every day but years ago when I was developing I did a lot of what you just said I would sit and just listen to spirit and I would get lots of guidance and it was a vision very similar to that that this I love that you asked that question so I wonder if this was going to come up that the Second Coming is actually in humanity that we’re not waiting for just one person to come but the Christ consciousness comes through people who are waking up and are expressing those gifts through healing because as Christ said this and more you shall do yourself and there’s a whole verse on spiritual gifts and I’m not I’m not scholars don’t remember the numbers and the names but you know there’s there’s lots of little peers in that state you know we’re come in and and if we support each other in that you know we can’t have a world especially in the religion area that’s saying no no don’t don’t wake up those gifts are scary you’re not allowed because that’s what’s going to help balance the world so yeah I think that’s really important it’s beautiful gets us out throughout the Bible man I every from everywhere from Genesis to Revelation spiritual giftings and you know they just feel like they own the terminology or whatever but really as far as being a marine and just really tearing up the scriptures in cross referencing and stuff and studying everything ESP is usually like where it’s at they’re just different offshoots of ESP and being able to sense the spirit through the different bodily functions and the five senses or whatever six senses really they’re you know I’m saying you’re able to feel and discern that and there’s examples throughout the Scriptures where Jesus and the disciples were you know waking up in the middle of the night and they had a dream and they were led to you know to go to this city you know it’s part of your destiny those synchronicities and things and it’s all throughout the Bible so it’s really beautiful to eventually find out what this show exists to do is not to condemn people but to let them know that you know even the Bible doesn’t condemn that condemn them it promotes what they’re going through so that’s the that’s the beautiful thing about it when somebody comes to that understanding that God is not against me even from a judeo-christian experience you know God is for me and he’s for these abilities and things like that it’s beautiful it’s changing people’s lives um I mentioned dreams mitching you know the spirit speaking to us in dreams and intuition and stuff and there’s a lot even in the scriptures about the the dream state and that’s where God speaks to us I mean our pioneer gland releases DMT whenever we sleep and we go into these enchanted realms and and God deals with us signs and symbols and dreams and figures and things and all types of interesting things weird things happen in the middle of the night when we sleep and you talked about having conversations what which you would say were spirits in the middle of the night in the dream state can you talk a little bit about that and what actually happens whenever we dream well that that specific memory I saw them more clearly as a child and it’s kind of funny as I grew and I started to consciously practice my psychic ability I got to a point where I could see again and I said please don’t because it was too much for me to stay grounded and actually see spirit but I have still seen and it’s mostly like at light outlines light bodies shadow I’ve seen shadow people too as well but but that particular memory it was it was my my group of guys that call him almost like the council and now they speak in a voice of we so they’re just one you know one unconsciousness but I saw it was around a six to eight of them around my bed and it was just these beautiful orbs of light and look looking like light beings around the bed and and I just felt safe I felt comforted and they put me to sleep I feel sleepy and then I I guess I would dream I I know I had a lot of flying dreams I had a lot of interdimensional dreams and I try to explain them to my babysitter in the morning or to my family and that just you know I think thinking I could fly at four years old and trying to jump and fly and I’m so confused why it didn’t work in the the physical realm but yeah they’ve been with me all along and that’s something they tell me a lot that when we go into deep meditation that’s more of my adult experience of them as trance meditation which is like sleeping while you’re still a little bit aware and that practice is oh my god it’s so amazing it’s the most relaxing thing you can do but trusting that when you start downloading information or hearing those those voices if they are uplifting if they’re healing you know it’s good and I know there are evil things out there to look you look out for I feel lucky I have not seen that in the way that other people have yeah but that’s important to clear yourself protect yourself look to the divine to help you do that but yeah that’s how they come in and they just speak in blocks of thought and sentences and things that I couldn’t generate on my own you know especially back in the day when I was developing I was like that’s not and even now I’m a human being I you know I’m a normal woman I walk around I cook dinner I do laundry I have cats a boyfriend you know so deep mystical thoughts is something that comes from some another source you know I can never take credit for that and I think that’s important whether it’s in dreams or meditation to know it is coming from an important place someone here I don’t know if this is ally or Kenny a friend of mine says voices of we you said that they speak as in we let’s focus in on the voices hearing voices I mean when we’re talking about that that’s you know it could be dangerous yes it could be good there scriptures that the scripture says that uh Jesus says my sheep know my voice in a stranger’s voice they will not follow so there’s this voice there Jesus as far as you know existing physically it’s long gone but he’s here in essence through us the second coming like you spoke about um I want to talk about how that sounds because I think this could help people and I and I and I think by bringing our pieces of the puzzle together and seeing what it looks like it’ll help people do the same thing they have their pieces they’re trying to figure into trying to make sense of what we’re talking about we’re hearing voices or the spirits are speaking to me these type of thing could be scary um and I’ll say this for me just from my experience and you let me know how they because I want to know how they sound is there a tone right for me as a Christian coming up as a Christian right hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit it’s an inward knowing it’s what we call a still small voice the Bible calls it a quickening in my spirit I inward knowing sometimes you can hear it’s a cut it’s an inward dialogue and inward conversation the voices of we from a Christian standpoint would be okay was it the Holy Spirit speaking to you is that God speaking to you or is it Jesus speaking to you or maybe it’s the angels who like it’s that essence it’s the inspiration that they don’t sound different like God doesn’t talk and then Jesus talks it in a hole they’re not like having this you know and and I’ve been led by those voices right as a Christian as a believer I’ve been led by the voice of God spirit whatever you want to call it just a week the three are one it’s a week and I’ll say this also while stargazing communicating and seeing angelic lights in the sky starships and what we would call UFOs or called the Elohim Seraphim the cherubim the angelic lights that are up there they communicate as well they there’s no difference in the voice there’s no extra base in the voice of God like it’s a it’s a communication thing and to understand like what voice it is or how that voice sounds for me is it’s judging the fruit in what they’re telling you they don’t let sound different or hey that’s a demon talking to me that’s this I think you have to judge by the fruit there’s that is that kind of what it feels like for you to like do or do they sound differently is there a different vibration with the angelic versus the demonic I’ll say that the demonic brings a state of confusion and dysphoria and fear and things like that but when the angelic it’s it’s a beauty peace higher consciousness in love right yeah absolutely and and yeah now that you’re breaking it down like that I see the details of that question and that’s that’s really cool oh yeah for me and and what I teach my students all the time is you know um you know what you’re dealing with with how it makes you feel like you said if you feel just for if you feel off it’s it’s gonna be like look out for that if you wouldn’t like allow another person or something some of us do and we have to learn to stop allowing another person to make us feel that way when they talk to us it’s like they say some it doesn’t feel right well they’re probably manipulating or not they’re lying they’re they’re trying to get something out of you or they’re abusing you you know you have to like be able to recognize that and that can be a journey for a lot of us and it certainly was for me when I was younger but then once I got that clear naturally my communication was fear it helped me get clear on the human realm about that oddly enough it was very very interesting that like by being able to tell spirit and put boundaries or spirit I started doing it with people but yeah it’s it’s a feeling and it is like a welling up from within it’s almost like the when I’m in a trance State and I’m feeling that it’s almost as if it’s coming through the sound is coming through my atoms in my body and it feels amazing I feel like I’m being infused with wisdom and an understanding even though God will always say and the higher spirit will always say you’ll never really understand it so stop trying and that’s part of the like release of you know faith I call it fractal thinking you start asking lots of questions like well how does this work and how does that working like we’ll give you just enough to show you you know that it’s all good and it’s all balanced and we’ve got this and I have sent some dark energies and I will say this about dark energies in my experience when I’ve gone into them it has been when you really look at it it’s usually been a spirit that is stuck in a dark place or a sad place again I haven’t had the demonic sort of experience that I’ve heard of out there but when I’ve looked at something that feels dark and demonic and scary and I’ll there’s been a couple times where I’ve worked to send the spirit to the light and it was deep abuse on behalf of this spirit that they were still living over and over again it was very disturbing to look at but to go in there is a sphere worker and send her into the light was really important and it took the dark energy out of the house that I was in otherwise a lot of clearing palace Anto sage and really doing a lot of energy clearing in a home where dark energy is stuck is important and the other thing that came up when you asked me that question was sometimes earth energies can sound a little dark until you really feel like it’ll feel like that low you know talk about a deeper voice of God like I’ve more experience in a drum circle once it was really going really heavy and all of a sudden I started to hear this is almost like a growl like a Jaguar growl endure Neath the drums and I’d never heard that before and I wasn’t I still to this day I’m not sure if it’s kind of a dark energy coming in because of certain people in the group or it was an earth energy because every once in a while that earth or did you’ll come in I’m like what is that that is not the Angels that is not the extra strobe I know so it’s you to be very discerning but again it’s how it makes you feel and spirit God the Angels will and benevolent energies from other dimensions will always seek to educate and heal there will be no manipulation there will never tell you to do something they will never tell you this person is really right or wrong and you need to fix it or you know you need to go do something to balance this out it’s simply about being you know they’re gonna teach us about being and how to be with others and to grow our hearts and compassion and that’s my experience that’s when you know you’re working with the with the higher energies for me I think it’s um like whatever you’re doing in life like what if you’re doing wickedness if you’re doing bad stuff that you know you shouldn’t be doing and you’re going against that inward knowing that hey this is wrong and I think then if you try to tap it in at those levels sometimes you deal with whatever you’re entertaining if you’re walking in the light as he is in the light you know you will not you will not gratify the lust of the flesh you won’t be doing the negative egoic things cuz you’re walking in the light but if you’re manipulating people you’re lying you’re cheating and all this stuff and then you still call yourself a a light worker and then you try to tap into the other sides I think you are susceptible to have those negative demonic encounters and I think you just really see and communicate with the beings of what like whatever level you’re vibing at and if you’re doing all that stuff you’re gonna have those type of experiences at least I did anyway but now that you know people ask me because I have these crazy scary stories man when I was a teenager doing black magic and witchcraft but now they’re like okay now we’ll have you have you been attacked have you had this and everything’s been beautiful now like you don’t saying because I’m at this level now I’ve dealt with the lower-level stuff and now when I tap in it’s all beauty it’s all Christ consciousness it’s all of the light you know that is awesome and that shows that that jury that’s a pretty amazing journey to be able to see the shadow side and come back and and it is about looking at the shadow in ourselves which it’s very important for everyone because we all do have the dark side and it’s important no matter what happens how you play that out in your life to acknowledge you have it and to see what’s in the dark corners before they do take over you know looking live to talk about it man yeah yeah somebody our Leslie here is mentioning and we’ll just jump on this question right away she’s mentioning that uh her cousin had some type of mist like spirit I’ve seen mist mist spirits right she said to tried to go in their mouth I’ve also had a friend of mine who was on like heavy drugs bunch of pills and stuff and and he had this had a spirit get on him and tried to go in his mouth of you is there something significant with going in through the the mouth or is it a symbolic of your voice what do you what do you think would go on with some type of negative entity trying to and gain access through the mouth I would be very careful of any spirit that tries to enter without your invitation that’s just my rule and I just stick to that I I don’t I don’t know that I’ve had that experience or heard of it but I’m not saying it doesn’t happen if it does it’s simply like stand up and say you have to bring make sure in much larger then the mist you know it’s like it’s a bully it’s cut and it’s probably not trying to do anything good if it’s not and it doesn’t feel good because like it’s forcing itself on you you know there could be healing happening if the person needed to be calmed down but again it would probably you could you can also ask spirit to come another way if it is a healing spirit if it is your guy it’s trying to help you say well that’s too crazy for me right now can you come another way and they they’ll figure out another way to come to you where it’s not scary if it is indeed them I haven’t seen spirits enter through the mouth I’ve seen them leave through the mouth on you know several occasions of getting in deep prayer and delivers with people and coming out I mean I’ve like pulled it out with my mouth with an inhale holding into me and then released it because I knew what to do with it but I’ve seen and we’ve talked about this on several of the past episodes of like even a Christian deliverance there was just realm where like people would start coughing whenever they were going through deliverance and negative things were being released out of their life and they would start coughing gagging it became it became normal and like all my friends who were going through this type of deliverance ministry it became like mid-conversation would start choking or you tell them the truth that just like hit them to the core that they need it and then it’s uh it’s like gagging it was really weird because breath is life you know and that is vibration that’s what what runs through everything so it does make a lot of sense actually oh I mentioned starships I mentioned you know lights in the sky UFOs we’re talking about angels and and things like that have you ever physically seen anything supernatural has there ever been like I know we get impressions and we feel the chills and we’re at one there’s all of this stuff that you don’t need to see but have you ever seen anything cross over whether it be good or bad or a ghost an angel a UFO something like they have you ever seen anything cross over well I definitely have had a few moments where I was a UFO spotter and and no it’s it’s not in me all the time but there’s just been certain moments in life it’s like look at the sky look at that and I’m just like that’s different and there was one year where I constantly saw these really interesting comment like things and here it was telling me that’s information it was right when things were getting really rocky in the world I mean really rocky right after 2012 I think it’s like there was just all kinds of stuff happening and I was like one of these things I’ve seen like four of them and in three months you know and I’ve never seen them before in my life and other people aren’t seeing them but they are physical things in the sky I look I’m funny I look up the scientific explanation and a spiritual explanation all the things that I experienced so there is a scientific one and they were saying there was messages to calm down humanity and we needed to be calmed so that we didn’t overreact and it was something that vibrates they were sending to us that was actually during my trance meditation classes and and I’ve been really lucky to develop in safe circles and groups for the teachers so that’s most of my supernatural experience has happened in kind of that container and I guess spiritualism is where my teacher comes from so a lot of the experiences I’ve had are similar to any spiritualist you talk to transfiguration on the face is something that happens a lot with trance meditation and channeling so you can actually see ectoplasm rise from the face and it changes shape I’ve seen that many times it’s fascinating and also the the light bodies when I started to develop as a medium and I talked to other mediums that see things all the time walking around and I said and you can literally do that with your guides and say how much you want to take like I’m let’s turn that off a little bit and so that was fascinating and amazing and shadow people and little fairy spirits I get a little annoyed at them in my house when they both bother my animals so I’ve seen a lot of that and and people that know me just laughs and I have to get off the stage and tell them to go away and clear out the space but you can tell with your animals if they’re acting really strange and there’s no bugs in the room they’re chasing invisible things my dogs cats both had that and I just say do not mess with my you’re driving them crazy but that’s been most of it what I can pick up right now but to me it’s so natural like I’ll just see things or when I’m in nature I do a lot of nature walk so it’s a huge teacher for me to tree use the ground the rocks and I’ll have visions and see things mists and orbs and things like that and I just love it it’s just like this is this is the real world yeah I mean it’s a it’s like there well you’re you’re privy to it if you want to see it you know sometimes I think it’s by accident or we’re just at the right you know I’m saying place at the right time and location and you see it and it a lot of times it changes your life but what I found out is like whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find like if you want to see fairies if you want to see UFOs if you want to see demons or whatever the case is and it shifts your consciousness and you begin to look for that I mean that’s even true about you know I’m saying dogma and doctrine people who are watching this show and trying to pick the things that they don’t agree with and the things that doesn’t fit their belief system and stuff and you have those people too but then there’s other people watching who are like oh I love that yes I agree with this so beautiful you know those type of people too so it’s all about your consciousness and what you’re looking for you’re gonna find right absolutely and you just made me recall a story of when I asked your it to really show me something I couldn’t deny I came home from a development class and I was like alright you know I I said things I couldn’t possibly know obviously this is something I’m getting into my teacher had told me early on you’re gonna you think you’re going to get your graduate degree in art therapy but you’re gonna actually do this and sure enough I’m doing this now at the time I said no way I’m not doing this this is just fun for me but I went home and I said okay spirits show me something that I can’t argue with and I know my dad was very close to me at that time really working with me in a safe way so I feel it was probably him as I went to bed that night I fell asleep pretty quickly and I woke up the lights were still on oh I was I think I was working on astral travel that night I wanted to just kind of play with that a little bit and I fell in just sleep while I was doing that and I woke up and felt two hands on my ankles yanked me down on the bed about three inches and if I had not asked for a sign I would have been terrified I was anyway I said okay that’s nothing I believe you I believe you and I said don’t do that again don’t do that I’m not going to test you again but I feel like they were kind of laughing at me like okay well alright stop testing us and it was for me again a safe thing to experience but if I had not asked I hadn’t been looking for it yeah I would have had a problem with that so yeah it happens it is spirit especially your guides especially any benevolent spirit that wants to serve through you or help you in your life is just waiting for you to ask no to wherever you’re ready to begin and start communicating and start using that wisdom in your life they’re just they’re sitting there waiting so there’s a there’s a scripture a quote that jesus said and I think it’s universal he said you have not because you ask not on Paul Paul repeats it as well you have not because you ask not and that’s for everything that’s for anything like across the board every it works with spirit as well if you wanted to see things if you want to you know I’m saying be in tune and well yeah it gets weird man it gets weird at night and it’s getting weirder you would think that things would be a little bit more normal but in the middle of the night man there’s just so much stuff that happens in my bedroom man it is insane I’m not it just I don’t know if it’s all in my head or whatever or when I’m dreaming I go to these weird places but no you but when you open to that stuff and they communicate with you like the fear is you’re gonna wake up and there’s a little alien there like you don’t want to be startled and I know like um what’s the name uh Jordan Maxwell I would say like they were out gazing at UFOs and having all crazy encounters with UFOs and starships and stuff and they went back to the hotel and he’s like praying he’s speaking he’s like I’m open for this contact but I don’t want you to wake me up in the middle of the night as a little gray alien standing in my bedroom and startled me I please don’t do that whatever you do you know I’m saying so he’s putting that intention out there that I don’t want that to happen but the things that go bump in the night man and the spirits and when we when we close our eyes and that DMT is released man God really communicates with us with the things were bent we’ve been suppressing or things about other people or about our future or the astral realms I mean so much stuff is going on I don’t want to say that I’m tormented by it it is weird you know what I’m saying I’m not tour minute it is weird but you have to you have to like you know it becomes normal though right you have to always cover myself and in prayer and you know make sure that the angels are watching over me and stuff but I remember that you know there were people that I knew back in the day who were into black magic where they were like literally tormented in the nights by spirits in their house and stuff and they really had no control over it’s like their house was like an open portal to whatever spirits that wanted to come through you know so covering yourself is uh and clearing I have this conversation a lot with my local students we talked about you know a lot of people talk about protecting protection protection protection it can be very exhausting to think I’ve got to protect myself from all this stuff I I teach clearing so making sure because we’re all connected no matter what we’re connected the spirit where I’ll just say we were talking about inner dimensions it’s all there and it is what we notice or don’t notice and if energy is particularly strong it will wake you up like in this house this is this house is built in 1940 it’s an old bungalow house when the first in Orlando and when we moved in I could not sleep at night and and I’m a really good sleeper now I do still do some interdimensional travel I all have those dreams right now was doing some work somewhere I’ll just feel extra tired when I wake up so that’s we definitely do that in our sleep and we definitely download on our sleep too but this was something else it was it was like an entity or an energy in the house it wasn’t evil it just felt like it was uncomfortable for me and I was almost like not welcome and you know other folks in the house didn’t notice because they’re just they’re not tuned into that world as much as I am so I would get up I would do sage clearing up do Reiki clearing throughout the house and I had to do this several times and then we had to clear out the crawl space in the bottom of the house in the Attic and when we finally cleared up about four decades of stuff that was just kind of left behind the house was clear so you know stuff can hold energy too and that’s the whole art of Feng Shui to get your energy your home’s energy clear because spirit will kind of congeal into cushions and blankets and old things and it’ll latch on it’s like you know old energy will just stick around so it’s really good to keep that stuff cleared out just like you clean your body and that will help a little bit but I have had that same experience and I’m like oh okay someone’s died and everyone smile have to periodically cleanse again because it’s an old house you know yeah there was like you know we’re talking about that everybody’s intuitive and everybody has spiritual gift things and abilities and stuff and you know we come we come to that understanding at different stages and different points in our lives and we’re talking about healing and I think that the best way to tap into those things or to unlock those things as first heal the healers first you know I’m saying do the the work that you needed you know I’m saying do with in we’re talking about healing what does that look like in a tangible way for somebody like I know we’re talking about it but when would be what what do we mean by healing what how does any start healing from what what you don’t have Sam yeah that’s a big question and it’s it’s so much more than going to get energy work done I’ll tell you that or get it even a Reiki attunement it’s um it can start there though right it’s a good place to start that’s that’s a activation you know you get an activation but it’s what you do with the activation in your life and so for me my place of darkness was in my my darkest place do my teens that had a lot of dark places and then the darkest was in college where I weighed 90 pounds more than I should I was junk food junkie I had several physical conditions and I was on five medications by the time I was like 22 and my grandma was on way you know like like 5 in my 20s like no I’m not gonna live like this and I was very depressed suicidal thoughts and and look at me now I mean I’m you know I’m I’m one of the happiest person people you’ll meet but back then I was I was really in despair and really in fear and in the shadows I knew because I had had kind of shielded my my vision since I was so angry at God as a child that I had not opened up to divine guidance I didn’t have faith and I had to work on my life and I had to do it with the spirituality intact so I knew I was walking around blindfolded that’s what I called myself like I can feei I’m not blind I’m not lost but I just blindfolded myself so I take that blindfold off and start making choices so it’s great to have inspiration it’s great to feel the healing energy coming in coming in if we don’t do anything different in our lives physically it’s like I teach coming down through the chakra system you know you start with a crown chakra where you go to third eye you go to the throat so you start speaking your truth you find out what brings you to way you find out what brings your power and you go but you have to get plug it in at the root chakra level and then it that’s the most challenging part to me was to change how how I behaved how I thought how I ate you know balancing you know the fun stuff like alcohol and you know really making sure that I didn’t go completely acidic and completely like a monk could enjoy life but not not go over the deep end and so I think that’s that’s a big healing thing and it’s about self love about loving your human self because it’s easy to love our spiritual self it’s amazing like when you really tune into that like oh my god it feels so great a lot of people get stuck up in the psychic centers and not want to come down and then life is just really crappy for them and I was there and I wanted to just disappear and that’s that’s where I wanted to die like let me just stay up in the upper chakras and it’s not time for me yet and I’ve got to come down and be in this world and that’s most people that are suffering in that space are the ones we need here to be in the world present with their spirits and you’ll so so that’s the challenge and when you can do it for yourself that self healing journey you can encourage others you can be an example for others just like Christ living and living by example you know you can throw at it whatever feels good to you use it that’s it that’s a big one too as far as like being okay I have a good time or you know not being so spiritual spiritual minded that you’re no earthly good type deal and like with the Gnostic beliefs in even some of the really strict Christian beliefs it’s like anything that brings your flesh or your body pleasure then it’s evil and if you abstain from from anything that makes you happy then you’re more godly than others or whatever and there was just it’s a poverty mentality all types of stuff that come along with that I’ve had that I had to kind of break out of that and what I think we did it for me was what will kind of put it on me is I seen people do it the wrong way especially with money and with cars and clothing and never in it was like this this uh ambition within the Christian circles for me was like they never had enough they always wanted more it was all once they got that good job you want a better job you got to get the better and it was always like just moving up this weird materialistic corporate ladder type deal and I was like man that looks so that looks like the furthest thing from Christ and so I’ve kind of kind of you know pushed me on the other side to the poverty thing as I okay you got a forsake money you got to forsake riches and forsake the fun things I mean but it’s about a balance of being able to go out and have fun go see a good movie eat a good meal you oh not sure if the live or nuts we live on YouTube somebody let me know in the comments if we’re live on YouTube please there we go yay okay we’re back internet problems and like you asked me at the beginning can we edit the episode we can definitely edit on the podcasting in but but the video feed it’s just live man you got to roll with the punches part of it it happens yes so talking about enjoying the delicacies of life having fun having a few drinks kicking back tight stuff like was there ever did you ever become like super spiritual or almost become like a monk type deal and kind of push that stuff away I mean incorporating that for me it’s been like big huge right have you ever had to deal with that actually yes and it’s interesting because you know in our culture and and depending on your family if that’s part of the social structure of family without the negative side of you know true alcoholism where it’s really a problem it can be challenging because there really is nothing wrong with with enjoying the fruits of the earth it’s about balance and I did go through a time where I was various spirits here likes to blink my lights and my meeting I mean in my own office but so I did go and college I did have six months was extremely acetic I cut out everything I was also a pretty regular smoker heavy smoker had quit cigarettes quit everything and and to deal with my stuff so so one thing I want to say about that is in the beginning if you are really looking to spiritually awakened it’s hugely important to cut out that stuff in the beginning and to show yourself that you can live without it and find joy without it I find that that’s very important and I went through that a couple of different times the next time was strict vegetarian vegan for many years and then there was spans in that where there was absolutely no partying no nothing and I really needed to come home to myself so anytime I would do anything like that it was like leaving myself behind and I knew that’s the energy I was doing it with so if you know you’re numbing if you know it’s with your problems and you don’t know how else to find joy that’s something to question and that’s just for good balance but if it’s in celebration and it’s it’s because you’re enjoying the taste that goes with the meal and you’re gonna have a nice time with your friends with in moderation I mean I don’t see anything wrong with that at all and I certainly enjoy lying myself but I make sure I watch it and if it’s ever something that feels like oh it’s something I need in my life or I can’t say like that’s important to look at that and I vast spirit about that many times because of the teachings that always say you need to be completely free of all that stuff again when you’re awakening and setting your path straight and really finding your truth it’s really good and if you know that you’re on it and you can bring it back in in moderation know that what spirit would tell me is know that as long as it is in celebration and not in coping then you’re on your path yeah and so that’s something that I advise everyone to ask I ask myself and I stay in that because one thing I’ve noticed with all of that stuff and this came up when you’re starting the question before zoom went down is when we repress that stuff as we see with with the priests and all the scandals that are there I mean very open now which don’t surprise me at all I just always knew this stuff was going on you can feel it you can feel the weirdness around things but repression of those human desires like stricter question causes that come to come out the shadows energetically we are made of dark and light we’re made of you know kind of that clear space and that build space of stuff and if we don’t we say we’re just gonna stay clear completely this stuff’s gonna want to come in and it’s not necessarily because it’s evil or because it’s the devil it’s because you were humans and there’s there’s things to play with there seems to explore there’s pleasures to be had and the difference is mistaking your connection to the divine through those things so your promotions money you know buzzing sex whatever it is looking great if you cannot find your piece and you can’t find a connection to God without that stuff yeah that’s if not then play with it enjoy it Colette Baron read as a reader that I looked too she’s kind of a hero of mine and she always says be in the world but not of the world yeah and where the world like a loose garment and I love that kind of visual that yep I’m playing I’m enjoying life but I’m not identified with it I think that’s where the word sin comes in that we mistake yeah firstly things for God yeah definitely man that’s deep cuz uh you know I think a lot of people do that I think I’ve done that I mean we all we’re just we’re trying to learn which aren’t we’re trying to figure it all out so you know would we really don’t have that person there which I think we have them there when we’re looking for them now and we have the spirit with us you know that which is the best teacher right there’s gonna lead us to different people lead us to podcast lead us to documentaries videos whatever we need to kind of teach us through everything around us through the burning bush through the speaking donkey through the writing on the wall used things that are in our lives to teach us and that’s that’s the best thing ever but like like understanding what sin is or what the yime saying the world is or what is secular what is not of God or whatever the case is and so there’s just weird notion there in Christendom that it’s like if it’s not Christianity then it’s demonic or if it’s not in the Bible then it’s demonic type deal and so cuz there’s these translations of world that is worldly so it’s not of God which is not the case of what sin is when we trying to like break that stuff down what it really means is it’s essentially what you said like addictions like the things that are killing you the things that you feel like you can’t live without and a lot of times you can feel that setting in I know I do and my wife does it’s like you can feel they say okay do we need this do we you know it just would just be becoming a habit if it is let’s break it don’t give anything power over you and I’m saying can you quit and that’s the thing for us you know we’re aware of that we’re conscious of that I’ve done my own healing I started young – so I guess I have that I’m saying advantage over all just I guess a lot of people but I’ll go out drinking with friends and we still have those friends who are drinking to forget like hey what are you doing man it’s like pills like oh this is all on you’re out it you gotta lie what’s going on we’re just gonna drink we’re gonna have dinner and have a drink your order night all this stuff and we have those friends that still do that on my man this guy he’s got a lot of childhood wounds and hurt that I know these people personally that man that’s why you’re doing that and a lot of people you know say just because it’s a Liberty to us to go out and do that not everybody and do that some people if you give them that first drink you know they’re gonna are they gonna spiral out I know people personally they’re gonna start eating the pills they’re gonna try to smoke crack like crazy stuff like really a one drink led you to go smoke crack for the night like it’s really weird and it says that’s the healing we’re talking about that’s why you need healing there’s a lot of people like that and you I think at the end of the day you have to know yourself and know your triggers and and if you’re not healed and you had that going on still know yourself and and and know what it’s gonna lead you to do or it’s gonna trigger you and your and you’re gonna spiral out you got to know yourself right absolutely absolutely and and sometimes just like illnesses come to people to teach them to walk in faith sometimes people have that addiction as their their lifetime illness and so it’s something they walk with all the time to know that yeah like that’s that’s there with me like I’m gonna have to deal with that for me it’s food you know I was 90 pounds overweight so I have to watch it when I’m eating you know I love you know cook good cooking I love going out to eat I look and then I’ll notice the pounds are creeping up and it’s not a vanity thing it’s like oh I’m doing that thing again I’m not taking care of my body temple and that doesn’t feel good anymore before it was nummy so it felt better than my pain now I feel good so if I’m starting to feel sluggish or I feel I don’t have energy it’s just like it’s all about how I’m feeling and the same thing with any kind of you know celebrational sessom so it’s important to know ya know when you’re staying in balance and it’s about saying conscious you know making a choice consciously I’m doing this because of this you know not just because I don’t know what else to do or because it just it’s I’m in so much pain you know and then and then also to forgive the self if that does happen you know I think if there’s anybody out there listening that then says oh my gosh that’s me like you know be kind to yourself because that’s something that will perpetuate the the illness is you know you feel shame so you cover up the shame and and it’s important to seek the light without you I think I just wanted to add that yeah it’s it’s deep man because you’re talking about like some people are gonna have to deal with some stuff their whole life like you may not never get over a certain thing there’s always gonna be that thing there that might trigger you you know and I don’t think there’s really rules to it you know what I’m saying to actually know what that is from the Christian perspective and I’ve been on this journey of just trying to like wrap my mind around this because like there’s just two thoughts evangelical Christians are like walking in miracles and power and signs and wonders and things like that and you’re in healed and all that healed it from everything in your life cancer you know character defects anything you can think of to be healed from it a broken leg anything and and they believe that anything negative is a demon or it’s demonic or whatever the case is and so understanding now like reading the Bible for you know even for a frame of reference is that like some these demons come at these demons or ailments come into our life or reason like they were sent to teach us something that’s biblical from Genesis to Revelation most of Christendom don’t you know I’m saying teach that or believe it but it’s biblical and so of trying to like rationalize okay which demons do we cast out and which demons do we learn from type deal as well right I actually figure out what’s going on with our lives and you said that some of the things we’re gonna have to deal with oh wow I mean we look at the Apostle Paul he talks about like the thorn in the flesh and then he had this this ailment this thing that was messing with him and he saw God in prayer and fasting on three special occasions that God would take it away and it says God wouldn’t take it away and just says my grace is enough my grace is sufficient you know what in aside know what that thing might not ever leave but like will you still follow God will you still do the right thing even though it’s there so trying to figure out you know people are like you know saying coming to us to pray for them or to do energy healing get this out of my life like hold on God’s trying to teach you something sometimes that’s a scary thing to try to wrap your mind around that God is the one behind someone’s that’s discomforting things in your life right that’s an awesome point and yeah this is a great conversation because I’ve looked at this a lot and and and in my world we talk about a medical intuition as well where you’re looking at the chakra system and finding why certain illnesses are related to how you’re living your life or what’s going on internally that’s creating an internal environment and in that world of thinking just like in in the biblical world or the Christian world of thinking that’s a demon it’s like people get very blamed full of themselves they go why did I create this or what’s wrong with me why can’t I get it right and it’s like illness after illness coming on especially when it’s chronic and it’s unsolvable or and you know doctors don’t know what to do and people are suffering a lot of time it is a spiritual reason and it is about walking in faith it is about self-care and taking care of the body temple differently and and for me I guess my big of flexion in life it’s good to boil it down to an emotion or an emotional journey because you know if you have addiction if you have you know whatever you if you have chronic cancer you have something is always coming back in your life like what’s the emotion that it triggers in you that makes you want to either just say screw it I’m just gonna do you know be a bad person or do whatever I want or not believe anymore and you know kind of sink into the the lower vibes whatever that is for me it was grief you know when I go back that was my Ground Zero I loved my dad you know I have six years old so it was like every loss that occurred after that brought me back to that six year old girl that was grieving so any anger that I’ve had any frustrations any lack of acceptance all that ego stuff you know cunt would come back and I deal with and I could finally look kind of zoom back and look at it as an observer and say well wow this is kind of this is the same feeling coming back over and over again every time there’s a loss in my life it doesn’t mean I have to tumble into the depths every time it happens I can take it and take care of myself better go into to prayer go into my energy work and really now I’m the patient or now I’m the one that needs the healing and just honor that that we’re never done we’re always working on growing and growing our wisdom and that is the time those dark nights of the soul are the times that like the footprints comb you know why is there only one one footprint when I was having the worst time in my life well that’s when I carried you in and I truly believe I believe that about being walking with the Holy Spirit that in the times that are the hardest those are the times almost grateful for in my life now because that’s why I’m so strong in belief that I’m connected all the time and so I’m having a good day I’m like awesome the day is that much more amazing and wouldn’t having a hard time yeah I got into it I found myself triggering some people in the kind of getting into a facebook debate which I need I thought I was delivered from but um somebody post it up and say you know thank God for all the beautiful things and all the awesome things in your life and the good things and uh and I replied and said you know thank him for the bad things – oh no no no no no I’m not gonna thank God for the bad it was like what really he’s like you don’t say my mind is so renewed just understand that everything is God all is God the good the bad the ugly the questions that doubt all of its all gods so you’re gonna thank God for his good stuff or like I’m saying thank him it’s like the cliche it’s easy to praise God when all things are going good for you or you’re gonna shake your fist at God when things aren’t going your way that’s when it that’s when it matters right do you still have that faith are you still walking in integrity when nobody’s looking when things aren’t you know i’m saying going great for you but understanding the sovereignty of god about it all is you know the spirit is responsible for all of it there’s no place you can go nothing that happens that doesn’t have to like ask for permission almost you know i’m saying to come into your life to teach you you know you loved you know what i’m sayin you’re like guarded by a supernatural horse which we call God or spirit or whatever that’s good it’s a you know I’m saying so all of it yes some people it’s so weird it’s like a disconnect there for a lot of people maybe it’s just a religious thing but I’m thankful for all of it at this point yeah I think it’s a journey to get there and we’re all we’re all kind of uncovering different puzzle pieces at different times yeah and as another teacher said to me once that we’re all at different places in the fog about it right so it’s like we can see clearly one way and then someone else sees this other way and that we put all the pieces together and some place where my spirituality kind of came together through different religious teachings because I definitely gravitate to it Eastern thought Taoism and Buddhism I love Christ consciousness and Christianity is wonderful I totally respect it I’ve just I don’t choose to go to church you know but I understand the scriptures I understand that kind of conscience building that is important and a Christian faith and and some others I’ve read a Wiccan and Native American spirituality earth magic oops not on my screen but but where it all comes together for me is that we are all channels so we have personalities like I’m Molly you’re Derek you’re true seeker but we have different personalities that are at first glance very different but when we really go into the egolessness of who we are that that Boyd we’re like containers for life force energy so and in that life force energy is God energy and earth energy so we’re and each other’s energy so we’re all just cycling through it all the time and again when we think too hard about it or we start judging or we start fearing that’s when we get tripped up and we can’t hear it intuition we can’t hear the guidance we can’t hear the peace and that helps me kind of get through that little little thing like yes all the bad things were important and the good and I can enjoy the good things so much more because of them I think that’s important and I’m just a channel so I always that’s my only prayers thank you for making me a channel of your grace you know and I just add the word says need a clarity healing wisdom whatever it is just I just affirm it and no matter what’s happening I’m a channel for that in whatever situation I’m in and that’s just been really helpful for me to affirm that connection all the time that’s awesome Molly I enjoyed this conversation this interview you do private sessions where people you do energy work all of that beautiful stuff help people assist with healing all of that good stuff that we’ve been talking about if people need help they can hit you up go ahead and share your website and what people can get in contact with you that’d be awesome yeah thanks so you can find me at Molly McCartney com I do private readings and energy healing at a distance and here in your land of Florida and I also have my film school you can find that and empowered wisdom school calm that’s from my online course is to teach you how to develop your own intuition and say get in touch with your inner channel of light and you can work one-on-one with me along with the course or just take the course by itself so that’s Molly McCartney calm and empowered wisdom school back home Molly thanks for hanging out with me we’ll have to do it again I enjoyed it so much let’s do it meet you thank you all right have a good one my friend thanks you too Molly McCartney enjoyed it got in some good conversations some good dialogue talking about the spirits favorite realm spirits how they operate another kind of dedicated my life into study in the spirit realm how it works how it operates you know on every level I mean I’ve done the work on the negative side like I’ve been there you know as a misguided teen so now I’m kind of journeying through the light and understanding how it works and how it benefits us and like I said I think essentially we’re all playing a game the game called life and there’s rules to this game is universal law most of us don’t even know these things or whatever so understanding the spirit realm how spirits operate how we operate our body our thoughts intention all of that things kind of changes the experience that we have here and can help others right really good talking about the demons man talking about the just the darkness that we’ve all dealt with and deal with like when we’re going through it it’s very hard wouldn’t wish it on anyone we you know you know want to be delivered from the darkness we want to be pulled out of it we want to be brought to a better place but the beauty is own you know we can look in in hindsight and uh and thank God for it maybe the beauty is when you’re going through it you thank God for it right I mean there’s that too there’s an inward knowing like eventually you know that you’re gonna be taken care of you know that you’re not going to be forsaken you know that type of understanding so I guess whenever you’re going through it not to panic not to freak out which we talked about just trust God because this soon shall pass we look at Joe we’re looking at which is you know a story full of symbols our life and we’ve all been through similar situations or we’ll so but it’s about not freaking out it’s about not panicking um like I said we all can thank God when things are going great and I’ve I’ve done it I know many of you guys have no you guys I know many of y’all have to you just in this place where everything’s going good you’re on that mountaintop and you’re just rejoicing in the spirit and then something happens and it just tilts you and then the next day you’re freaking out panicking so you just own this mountain this holy hill with God and then the next day you’re panic and freaking out don’t know what to do you know what I’m saying so it’s about like trying to find balance and that’s not balancing that’s a teeter totter man I think we’re supposed to be in the middle somewhere in this really good ground that we can operate on both ends of the spectrum I think that’s where we’re supposed to be and it takes a lot of work and it takes a lot of vows and testing and just the N word knowing that you don’t freak out stop freaking out tell yourself man cuz I don’t think that the good I don’t I don’t think that the bad stuffs ever all like all gonna go away right you know people talk about like you know having these addictions and like Molly was talking about there’s some things that we may take to the grave with us we may never overcome a certain area in our life but it’s there for a reason like and we can look at a bunch of stuff a lot of people like addicted to pornography and they just can’t overcome it you know what I’m saying they’re just asking God to take it away they get so I’m saying they beat themselves up when they look at something like that or whether it’s getting drunk or getting in an argument or whatever the case is you have these character defects and these things these addictions that you don’t like about yourself that you want to stop and people beg God to take it away move which we’ve all been there but I really think that the whole worshiping God and given glory back to the Creator is the fact that even though you have that stuff going on you still worship god you’re still thankful if he just took that desire or temptation away like instantly maybe eventually it’ll go away but like right now when you’re dealing with it you’re dealing with there for a reason you’re dealing with it because you’re still feeding it right you’re still feeding it and it’s gonna continue to grow the more you feed it it’s gonna continue to grow you have to choose part of that choosing is the worship am I going to fulfill the lust of the flesh or am I gonna worship God it’s like you know what that stuff it’s the lust of the flesh it makes you feel good it makes you feel good when when you do it it makes you feel good when you go through it when you participate the Bible says sin is fun for seasoned sin is fun for seasoned so it makes you feel good you get this instant gratification which is demonic anyway instinct I’m saying instant gratification will i’ve been studying and coming to that that’s it’s not good take taking ecstasy pills to automatically adrenaline dopamine serotonin released in your you like first for no reason at all you’re feeling amazing you have you have to work at that stuff you have to work to feel amazing you have to eat right to feel amazing you have to be a good person and get good awesome healthy friendships around you to feel good like there’s no shortcuts and all of these shortcuts are not good for you or any means and that’s the same thing with the addictions or with the pornography or the drinking or whatever did the drugs that give you an instant gratification that could be smoking cigarettes smoking cigarettes is an instant release instinct Oh oh my god you take that puffs whoo yeah whoo nicotine whoo yeah instant free God killing you not good instant gratification you have to work at this stuff man it’s deep it gets really deep Thank You manly P Hall for opening my eyes to that you talk about like living your dreams and I really do feel like everyone gets should be able to live their dream everyone should be able to get to do with the things that they love for a living I think that everyone deserves to be in healthy relationships I think that but you don’t deserve anything you deserve what you work for how do you deserve it more than that the person besides you who’s actually putting in work and they’re outperforming you right because they care about it and they’re feeding it and they’re staying diligent so you just deserve it just because you’re you’re entitled you have to work for that stuff if you work for it yeah you deserve it you get it you earn it you want a good marriage the only good relationship with with a spouse you got to do things you have to feed you have to grow it in it you want to want power in the spirit you want authority over spirits show self-control our doing stuff man Adam saucy da says praying and meditation is key in one’s life in one’s daily life becoming your own personal self healer in dealing with the shadows of the past and present then one’s life it’s a daily walk we’re not handed anything it’s easy to get complacent it’s easy to get comfortable yet to get out of your comfort zone don’t never get there man it’s a weird it’s a weird play something they don’t never get there don’t I’ll never quit trying man don’t ever give up don’t don’t don’t ever take anything for granted it never say never don’t take nothing for granted never say never thank you Justin Bieber Never Say Never look it’s a trip man testing you create what you want pays off I’m gonna continue to say it you know they will come do it um with somebody on my public platform not gonna call this person’s name I’ll which I’ve talked about this person in the past but um this is the part I’m not gonna even I don’t know the overbearing fans this is for you ask yourself overbearing fan social media is very weird it gives it gives you access to people relationships that you might not need or or whatever the case is are you an overbearing fan I’ve talked about this like I’m talking about somebody in particular probably not you guys but it’s one person I’ve talked about this person past this woman keeps calling my phone professing her undying love to me this lady left me like 25 voicemail messages this weekend woman if you listening stop calling my phone I got a number blocked but it still sends her to voicemail man listen stop it you’re crazy you’re crazy person stop harassing me you are an overbearing fan my wife has to deal with that my wife has to put up with that a crazy people delusional people like crazy I messed around and this just this lady hit me up shoot man it’s been like three four years ago now this lady hit me up um talking about she can help me booked guests and send like emails for the podcast and I needed help with that so there were some people who were fans comment on all myself I messed around a Gaydos lady my phone number and talked to it about you um saying potentially helping me with the podcast this is like four years ago and then she’s just been professing her undying love she knows I’m married she knows I’m happy like I haven’t entertained it at by any means I’ve told her day away and uh and these people keep coming I know it comes with the territory but don’t be an overbearing fan I’m happily married I love my wife there’s been a bunch of weird scenarios that happen friends their wives will hit me up profess their undying love to me they get there they get my phone number out of their husband’s phone and they’ll text me and dreams and fantasies craziest demonic stuff man I’m happily married if that’s you and you’re thinking about doing that please don’t don’t do it to me these are the artists they don’t want you doing it to them – I know yeah I’m a regular person at the end of the day may have some influence may have they make good music I think I do but that doesn’t give you the right to do that man but then you know it’s the overbearing fans it’s crazy is crazy it’s not wanted don’t be an overbearing fan people are delusional like they need psychiatric help they really do because they get into some weird stuff not just me trust me I’ve heard stories over over the years of pastors you know dealing with that and the spiritual leaders dealing with that and these women who profess their undying love to the pastor and a God told me I’m supposed to be with you God told me that you’re my wife God told me your husband’s like well he told me something different cuz I’m happily married Adam Starseed Bey says the spirits testing you brother it’s not a test for me it’s a test for my wife definitely a test for my wife my wife has to deal with that to know that her husband is being petitioned by these women all the time I don’t I don’t Kris said give me her number I got this you know what I thought about getting the number and sending it to you guys in discord and say you know give her a taste of her own medicine man they just letting all of you guys call her all these people up I had to call my I had to get myself though it’s the trolling me coming out you know what I’m saying uh-huh Christy folks they fall in love with the persona and become cest and become obsessed fan fanatic it’s what Aaron Fowler obsessed man I believe it Aaron I really do I think they’d see that what church we would say they see the God in you it’s not you it’s the God in you it’s the holiness it’s what you represent you’re a leader you have prestige renown Adam says you’re being tested brother my seelix and my wife’s being tested we’re all gonna be tested you’re gonna be tested too Adam you’re trying to go out there on the on the frontlines and you’re gonna get better at it and you’re gonna get an audience and lonely women out there are gonna watch you and stuff and they’re gonna try to hit you up you’re married happily married with kids and stuff as well I passed the test I’m passing the test we have other people out there I can I can I can go down a long list I’ve been in ministry or been in the church around for a long time and I know ministers who who have fallen they didn’t pass the test they traded their wife in that they’ve been with for 20 years 25 years they traded her in with a younger looking virgin a younger version came along you don’t had three four kids with her she’s put on some weight you still have your charisma and in the first time you’re petitioned by a younger woman you fall away I don’t like that if you’re a married man like that’s weak you’re not a spiritual leader in my book you got to deal with that man they’re gonna come on a cop and I’m like sometimes just two crazy women instantly crazy dudes like I get crazy messages all the time and like and I and although after these interactions on Facebook and stuff and instead like I wonder like how long I’m gonna be on social media man like I can’t deal with that every day like you need to be talking to a publicist or a booking agent or something man some of these people Godley and I like what um Illuminati Congo said some some time ago he said uh if you love artists a rapper and you and you love them and you love to art what they create in what they bring to the table leave them alone and let them create like stay out of their inbox I love encouraging messages I love challenging messages but when you just you know man there’s etiquette to be used the overbearing fan and I wonder if I would have been an overbearing fan at some point like I wonder like years ago if I would have had my favorite rappers phone number or years ago if I would have had Jonathan Davis’s personal cell phone how many texts would I have sent him 10 years ago five years ago whenever how many texts would I have sent Jonathan Davis dogs are like barking at the door really weird I feel like I might have been an overbearing fan at some point you know it’s about using etiquette man and don’t like if you if you honor somebody’s work let them create man like that I’m not saying don’t contact me but if you’re on some weird stuff stay away please I don’t have time for it I have like all my stuff that I’m doing right now that’s a PSA it comes for it’s gonna come to everyone especially anyone who seeks a public platform or you’re out there in front of the people politicians happen it happens to everybody but you got to pass the test man don’t you know if you if you’re building with somebody you’ve been building for years and y’all are in love man don’t let the Knicks Hardbody woman the first time you get petition you fall I know many men many men who have fell in the churches in spirituality Facebook ministries are getting a little Fame a little renowned itself could be easily taken away from you and you have to pass the test you’re going to be tested you have to stand up it could be taken away so I understand that I’m thankful for it I think I’m thankful for the platform I’m thankful that I have an audience that I’m helping people I know my calling I Know Who I am but I mean instantly man there’s things that you can do that I’ll take that away or take the anointing away man you know what I’m saying the power in your voice take it away are you still showing up you’re still going live you still – trying but there’s no anointing they’re talking falling upon death ears as things that you can do to lose that got a balance balance those chakras man balance the energy understand that everything you’re doing physically has spiritual implications God man get get alone with God find out what you’re supposed to be doing and do it whatever that is now people in the chatter begging me to send you this lady’s phone number I’m not I’m not I’m not gonna do it I have to go man these dogs are freaking out trying to get in this room I don’t know what’s happening something’s going on they think they’re hungry or something but uh with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I enjoyed this episode I hope you guys did too really enjoyed it um if you’d like to support you’re not yet a patron you’re missing out definitely my full discography of music everything that we’ve been talking about in this episode I having song formats so there’s songs about all of this stuff there’s songs about spirits in the middle of the night there’s songs about intuition and astral traveling all of that cool stuff I’ll head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker and I’ll sign up for any level of giving you get access to my entire discography of music which is like ten plus albums and all that good stuff and you get access to Thursday night school is a Mystics to come hang out with us there with that yeah that’ll pretty much do it I’m gonna say pieces from I think I over everything you guys are asking about the mug that these also mugs in for those of you guys watching on video if you’re not I have true seeker mugs available which I think they’re pretty cool true seeker com go there click on the mug it helps support the show as well all different ways of giving everything is in the description of these videos in podcasts so if you’d like to support you like me I want to I want to help you there’s tons of things you can do financially to help you can get merch you can get all kind of cool stuff and then even if you don’t have any money there’s ways you can help as well look in the description of this video so with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love you guys and we’ll do it again up one more ramp one more rant I got another rant for you guys these things are getting under my skin okay I talked about a couple weeks ago that I was supposed to be doing a concert in Mississippi I was supposed to be doing a concert I told him I guarantee to come out how much I would charge wasn’t a lot I worked with the guy in the past doing some stuff and something happened and he guaranteed me the money we made the flyer I put it out on all my social media sent out all the email lists by Bob we’re looking forward to his concert working on setlist got other people lined up to go with me two weeks before the event the guy messages me and says hey we had a couple we had a fallout with some of the other artists on there just do it like his wife beat up the other artist okay that’s the fallout weird Mississippi stuff guys here’s why wife beat up one of the other artists but they they dropped off husband and wife duo that was going to be performing anyway then that was just me and my buddy Justin Caldwell was gonna be performing with me um dude hits me up two weeks before told me that those artists fell off in that he wasn’t gonna be able to pay me the guarantee to come out well I still do it just do it on love we’re friends whatever I said I can’t like I’m doing this full-time I’d have to pay out of my pocket to come and perform and bababa and it’s a long drive for me I can’t do it bro he’s okay well we’ll just reschedule we’ll get you in October and I’ll pay you the money I’ll have the money up front which you already told me I had the money up front anyway um well reschedule cool all right but hey you know what they were gonna cancel the show but Justin in his uncle we’re gonna go out there and perform anyway so they made a new flyer they started promoting him my mom lives in Louisiana she’s driving through to come visit she happens to be driving from Louisiana to Alabama she’s going through Mississippi she’s listening to the radio the week of the concert shoot secret performing live in concert they doing commercials on the radio that I’m still gonna be there and I posted I cancelled it told him I tried to send on my social media hey and I found out man I was like I contacted the guy said bro you can’t be doing that like you gotta let these people know I’m not coming oh I’m sorry man they just had an old flyer whatever it may be it was a misunderstanding maybe it was deceitful I don’t know anyway but I was still being promoted at being at that concert and uh come to find out I don’t know who it was my sincerest apologies if you’re listening I don’t know who it was but I heard that there were people there who showed up to see me people who drove an hour and a half to this little hole-in-the-wall in Mississippi to see true seeker perform and I wasn’t there definitely wasn’t my fault I’m sorry that that happened please don’t hold it against me um thank you for coming out and driving that that far to see me it really means a lot there will be more we’re gonna be planning some more stuff get connected with what I’m doing just to kind of I definitely say follow me on social media just in case anything like that happens and I have to we cancel shows or something I didn’t send out an email I just you know and this is I think this is maybe the first or second time I’m talking about cancelling the shows anyway I’m sorry about that whoever drove out there but that upset me man that uh they were still promoting the show that guy was going to be there and people did drive an hour and a half it did that to me one time we went to an under oath concert and we drove an hour to go see under rose we were so looking forward to it drove to Pensacola Florida was the hour for us cuz under oath was gonna be there we get there and there’s a sign on the door under oath will not be with us tonight they had van issues I’m like man I wonder how like how long they knew under oath wasn’t gonna be on this bill this was early days of under oath skies if anybody else it is you know we still stayed and and seen the other band so we made the best of it but I mean we wouldn’t win if under US wasn’t playing and I wondered like there’s been a lot of stuff in the past where like these people will a fouseytube one of the you know one of the who at one point was one of the largest youtubers out there most popular fouseytube you guys know who that is I have a have a teenage daughter so I know who fouseytube is he used to prank videos and stuff anyway he he just do an event renting out a building and just went on some weird law to attract a law of attraction stuff renting out the Greek Palace Theater in California and just said that Drake was gonna show up so that promoting that Drake was gonna be there I hadn’t talked to Drake he was honest like some Universal Hall and the secret stuff you know he just kept saying it over and over and telling people he’s promoting Drake’s gonna be there Drake went nowhere around didn’t have anybody show up couple of youtubers hanging out you know and uh that’s that’s something that’s happened a lot in the past that I’ve heard of like people finding out that they’ve been promoting that this artist was gonna be at their concert and then nobody’s even heard about it you know what I’m saying that’s not cool so again I’m sorry whoever that was contact me let me know who you were man I’ll send you the merch out or something like that make it up to you but um we will be doing some more shows here I know we’re gonna do another house show over at Justin’s mom Deborah’s house which is where I had my album released part it we had a lot of fun that night people drove from all over the country to come in so we’re gonna do that again have a good time with that it was supposed to be going to Tallahassee as well you’ll be talking about that event coming up pretty soon as Sooners like there’s like official stuff there’s nothing’s official but it’s supposed to be September 22nd but as soon as like there’s an official flyer an event created I think is just like word of mouth right now but I’m supposed to be performing at that so with all that being said man thank you guys for the support backslash true seeker and we’ll make it happen home sauce says it gets real when husbands start confessing their love oh yeah right I’ve got those guys out there too I’ve got those guys it’s is crazy I don’t I’m not bragging I don’t want it I rebuke it in Jesus name I don’t want it um Chris bar says Justin’s house win um we want to probably shoot for early November I don’t want to say early November we’ll make it happen G but with peace with love and understanding I love you guys peace be upon you and I will do it again very soon got another show coming up Thursday so peace of Shalom [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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