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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Molly MacCartney about tapping into and working with Spiritual Energy and Intuition. What we’ve come to realize is that everyone has the ability to tap into these spiritual functions for themselves. They are what we have called the sixth sense. Have you ever thought about someone and then they suddenly call you on the phone? Have you every though about an old song that you haven’t heard in years and then the radio Dj just randomly plays it as you think of it? These are just minor examples of how we are tuned into our spiritual senses and psychic abilities. The cool thing is that you can actually hone in on them and get better at using them just like a muscle. The more aware we are of their presence in our life the more we can open ourselves up for these “God Encounters” if you will. We have learned to do this while in prayer by using the laying on of hands during group gatherings. Instead of praying a hundred words that just seem to end in monotony we can learn to pray and speak 10 words of power. Its about being able to be quiet and tap into the persons energy so we can sense, feel and know what they are going through so we can minister directly to their specific need. The truth is that God cares about all of us. Every aspect and every area of our lives, and He even knows what we need before we even pray. Each one of us can learn to be so close to the heart of the Father that we not only know His heart and desire for our own lives but also the lives and purposes of those around us. When we think of terms like psychic abilities and sixth sense our mind goes to new age and hoodoo but the interesting things is that these types of spiritual giftings are also mentioned of in the Bible. Jesus and his disciples used these spiritual powers and anointing to bring forth healing and deliverance to many during their ministry. I’ve hear it said that to deny the spiritual gifts and talents are to deny people an aspect of Jesus. If Jesus and His disciples needed these tools during their ministry then how much more do we?

Molly MacCartney is a Master Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Energy Healer and Teacher.
Molly provides soul-centered, compassionate guidance to help you:
​Find Inner Balance and Life Direction.
Connect to Divine Wisdom and Spiritual Purpose.
Get Clear about your Work and Relationships.
Contact your Source and the Spirit World.
Discover Spiritual Solutions to Real-World Problems.



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