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In 1 Corinthians 11 Paul is speaking on proper ways to pray and says that a woman should not pray with her head uncovered. It goes on to say that a woman should have power over her own head and to cover it before she prays because of the angels. It says that a woman’s hair is her glory and yet the beauty of the hair is what caused the angels to sin. Hair is very powerful and symbolic within the scriptures. The Native Americans believed that their hair was an extension of their nervous system and made them more alert and intuitive. There were even studies performed that showed how natives would be awakened out of a deep slumber when someone was close by trying to cause them harm. Once they shaved their head the results were not the same. It is believed that they lost their keen intuition once their hair was cut. We read in the story of Samson in the Bible that his power was literally within his hair. When his head was shaved, he lost his power and uniqueness and became like every other man. It is similar to the root system of a tree that digs deep within the earth to communicate with other trees and the plant life around it. Our hair is believed to act as our roots that extend out of our nervous system become as an antenna to communicate with heaven and tune into frequencies and energy. Paul says that if a woman pray with her head uncovered it would be better for her to be shaven bald because as she prays the angels would notice it and her hair may entice them once again. This is why the custom is still around today for Jewish women, Catholic nuns and Muslim ladies all to wear head coverings over their heads. This tradition is also still practiced in the black churches in the south with women wearing large fancy hats during Sunday service.

With the book of Enoch filling so many holes in Biblical doctrine why would they take it out? Why would they call it heretical or uninspired? To understand this we must look at what it exposes. When referring to spirits and fallen angels, Enoch says that their goal is to entice those in high positions. These positions are places of power within the Earth such as the government, educational, medical, entertainment and religious systems. The deities of old demanded worship and in exchange they would give power to those who bowed a knee. As silly as ancient culture is to many in the western world, these gods of old are still being worshipped under different names and titles yet their customs, rituals and sacrifices are still being kept even today. They are honored still by sacrifice, holidays and wickedness upon the Earth and exchange their glory for power, renown and influence. These truths are still maintained by many in the mystery schools and those initiated into secret societies and fraternities.



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