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In this episode Pastor Bryan Jones speaks with TruthSeekah about spiritual warfare and dealing with our own inner and outer demons. Much is to be said on the topic of spiritual warfare and there is an enigma within the Christian church about which demons we should cast out and which demons are sent by God to teach and buffett us. This understanding is made clear throughout the Old Testament where God is letting Satan tempt and test job but not letting him harm him. The scripture also goes on to say that God sends forth evil spirits and also what is known as evil angels to deal with men and bring about a specific purpose on the face of the Earth. Within the New Testament the apostle Paul also talks about in 2 Corinthians 12 how he dealt with his Thorn In the Flesh which he also goes on to say was a messenger of Satan. He also calls it the spirit of infirmity which is a sickness. Traditionally many Church fathers believe Paul was speaking about his failing vision but this is not certain. We do know that a messenger of Satan is a demonic spirit which Paul sought the Lord saying on three specific occasions asking God to take it away, but to no avail. The Lord answers back to Paul and says simply “My grace is sufficient”. Paul realizes that the reason this messenger of Satan was sent to him was buffett him. This realization came after some time of heavenly visitation, a Healing Ministry and a revelation of Grace like no other. He came to the understanding that this was sent into his life strategically by God himself so that he would not be lifted up in pride which cometh before a fall. Again the question to consider in spiritual warfare is which demons do we rebuke and which do we cast off and out of our life through prayer and supplication while some are strategically sent into our lives by The Sovereign hand of God to build character, perseverance and to teach us long-suffering. The answer is simply walking in discernment and submitting yourselves to God in every area so that there is no hidden sin, no selfish motive, but standing with Clean Hands and a pure heart before the presence of God. This is the answer and the key to each and every victory in our lives. To examine yourself and see whether or not you are in the faith. To those suffering, there is hope. To those in bondage, there is freedom. To those who are weary, there is rest and knowing that God and His grace is sufficient for you to meet every need and get you through every situation. It’s about knowing that we need him just as much today walking in the light as we needed him in our darkest hour.

Pastor Bryan Jones is the pastor of the cave Ministries located in Mobile Alabama. Bryan serves alongside his wife Angela who have been faithful stewards of God’s anointing upon their life. You can watch their live stream of their services at

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him to have the full Christian experience and not just take my word for it or whatever the case is I wanted him to have the experience that I had and grow with the body receive prayer those type of things right just a normal Christian experience so we started hitting up all of these churches in the area man we were going we’re checking out like every denomination we would study have our own Bible studies and our own prayer meeting but just wanted to go deeper so we went to a bunch of different Baptist churches and I think it was like a Church of Christ and I was experiencing stuff I’d never seen before in some of these churches and all different and then somebody invited us to a concert one night and I said it’s gonna be at a biker church called the cave ministry it’s a new ministry in in town and they were doing a rock concert there you guys should come you would love it so my family went and I brought the brother who just came in interfaith with Christ and we went there and we fell in love with the people who were genuine and full of people with that looked like me tattoos from head to toe earrings lip rings you know saying we’re all black you know saying look just like me saw fit in and this was the cave ministries and so went to that concert there and started you know going to church there they started doing church church services on Sundays and Wednesdays and started doing that and it just kind of blew up so the pastor there who is my guest today Pastor Brian means a lot to me I started doing gospel wrapping and traveling to do a a lot of churches and then we I’d also go to nightclubs and go to the bars and stuff and here was this white Christian rapper going to a bar downtown and my pastor would come with his biker gang it was like they had a Christian biker club and they would just come in droves and it’d pull up it was true seeker so they’d bring a full crew of people out man so that you know I’m saying that some of the early days of my ministry getting started with Pastor Brian and he would just support me and he also – we talk about the prophetic a lot on here and and moving in the spirit and being able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit moving and working in our life and Pastor Brian created a platform at the cave ministries where he trusted me to come up there and to teach and if I felt the Holy Spirit was telling me something about deliverance so about speaking in the into someone’s life Pastor Brian trusted me enough to actually come up on the stage and and actually deliver that word so everything that I’m talking about it’s birth a lot of it comes out of the cave ministry so with that being said Pastor Brian I love you man welcome to the show I Love You Man great to be here brother well you’ve come a long ways man since back in the day amen oh man yeah it’s good to be here man truth love what you’re doing and I love your being real your very authentic a man you know you don’t put it on the front and I’ve always liked that about you you are who you are amen and that’s good stuff yeah you know I guess you a little background maybe yeah yeah let’s start cause I’m talking about the cave ministry and this this you know a whole like biker Church and I think that’s a great place to start with with people yeah just kind of you know years ago I just let me quick background you know I was you know I was a drug addict for years and years and I was shooting dope and living on the streets here and there behind the dumpster etc etc and then I had a I had an encounter you know the darkness meThe light and I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit with God and it radically changed my life amen and so I guess in 2009 the Lord woke me up you know I’ve been saved for a long time I’ve been you know clean for a long long time and I was basically working out of town I had a job I’m working offshore I was actually working on the old rigs inshore but anyway the Lord won’t be out one morning and he said I want to go get a building and you know I just heard the whisper you know it’s important to follow the whisper amen so heard the whisper of God’s nod won’t my wife up I said we got to go get a builder and she said what for us I don’t really have a clue so anyway we got up we went we got a building one thing led to another you know two years later Lord had me to quit my job quit everything and just go full-time into this and since then it’s just kind of blow up you know we minister to and we cater to those that have been hurt by the church those that don’t feel accepted by the church the alcohol the drug addict the prostitute the stripper the felon you name it where they can just come in and just you know feel the presence of God because we believe that they could have an encounter it’ll change everything and that’s that’s what it’s all about we want them then encounter the Holy Spirit not not the pastor you know I went on the encounter him and that changes everything so like you said it just kind of it just kind of blew up since 2009 we’ve had to move three different times you know into a bigger facility so it’s just the blessing of God loving people that’s what they’re all about you know it’s the first Corinthians 13 and action you know that’s what I like to say that we are you know we just love is the law the cave ministry where love is the law and so that’s basically what we do man that’s what we you know want to just love people I loved you right amen man yeah I mean there’s a lot of different places we can go right off the back but I do love and I appreciate that it’s still your message that it’s not so much about doctrine or being right or having all my beliefs in order which I think we’ve probably been there at some point I definitely have but it’s about encounter that yes the same presence of God that came in and changed my life when I was at my lowest this loving force of God that came in and loved me when I was unlovable like other people can experience that almost like cuz you come from the drug drug drug background I do too you know when you had drugs you wanted to share hey I got some dope I want you know you know I’m saying will you hide with me so essentially like that kind of bleeds over to say look I’ve experienced something I love in a piece in a euphoria there’s a drug type of you for your hair that blooms and that comes with it it’s not a theory that you believe but there’s an encounter with the Living God and so when you set up a safe place for that for people to encounter God for themselves man it’s it’s so beautiful and you started out with that and like probably I mean everybody loved worship at the cave everybody loved the teaching but I think the altar calls as people are itching to go down to the altar because they’re dealing with some stuff that they can’t talk about they can’t tell you that hey I’m a prostitute I’ve been living on the streets you know and I’m saying well but you you come to the cave ministries and there’s a comfort there that I can be myself and I don’t have to pretend to be someone else so with the Yum center ministry being birthed like that and even reaching out to the homeless I remember times they were like really big I don’t know if you want to call them mega churches but they were bigger churches down the street and homeless people would go to their church and they would have somebody walk them out of service and drive them to the cave this is the church you need this is the church for the homeless the rejects the nobodies right and I know we spoke about it years ago but I remember telling you I said Brian this isn’t a church this is a rehab facility man you don’t know them hello we could come there and have their life change so talk a little bit about like what would happen at the altar in the early days and what’s still happening now oh yeah I was absolutely like to say you know we just want to be we don’t have a program I don’t care for programs you know ask the people say did you get a program when you got here and they say yes I would say who did you get it from because I got a fire now but anyway you know just just let it rip tater chip just father worship up and see where it goes and see what the Holy Spirit does you know I mean I don’t have to speak nobody has to speak the Holy Spirit can speak on his own you know if it goes that way we just like to follow the Spirit of God and I mean in the early days it was it was really really crazy you remember that little warehouse yeah that’s what it started in like a small warehouse that was you sort of like storage a storage unit yeah church was birthed out of that maybe 2,000 square feet we’d have to open the doors their garage door beautiful another altar would fill up with with needles with meth with cocaine drugs would be thrown on the altar you know we and afterwards we’d have to go flush it down the toilet you know I take somebody with me to make sure that I flushed it amen yes you know because we’re talk about spiritual warfare you know so much come on I need accountability some go with me but uh and that’s why it was in the early days man people were just coming and neighbors throwing and it still happens you know okay I’ve got I’ve got a needle over here at a bar in a body that a woman just put on the altar and I keep it up here as a reminder for what I do but it’s okay we’ll get rid of your needles for you we’ll get rid of your dope whatever just come just come so we always open the altar up there is no specific altar time the altar time is whenever the Spirit of God moves on you amen and so we just flow in the prophetic and I love what you’re teaching about Cris violets in minutes he’s one of my favorites and and so you know he’s so in tune with the prophetic and that’s that’s basically what our services are we just flow in the prophetic the prophetic worship prophetic word yeah I don’t know if you’re familiar I know you’re familiar with the fivefold yeah you know we operate in the five hold here and everybody’s identified a bank gift and so if one of those have something safe the Lord gives them something you know the the might they’ll come up and speak to the crowd and next thing you know it just it feels up at the altar so it’s still pretty much the same amen but we do a lot of discipleship now we do a lot of training you know I myself have five disciples that that I trained on Monday nights but we do a lot of discipleship now you know helping people get grounded and rooted in the word so we’ve kind of evolved into discipleship five-fold discipleship so amen yeah that’s good man it’s how it’s always been a place for like I said people who who need discipleship that’s that’s one it’s not just coming to to hear a sermon or it’s funny you that you actually used the word program because early on like when I left church whatever year was early on it was because it was a program like I remember going to the church that I was attending which was right down the road from the old cave they would they would hand us our itinerary and they would say you would say three fast three slow taking up an offer in so-and-so it’s gonna come up and give this we got our missionaries gonna say any you would just sit there and watch it like a spectator and yeah and it’s so weird because we’re talking about the presence of God and trying and people having an encounter with the God of the universe that made everything he loves you he knows you you have an encounter with this and then we you know I’m saying we take the needles we take the drugs whatever we throw it away we get free from it but then many of us come into the bondage of religion where there’s rules and regulations and do’s and don’ts and you have to think like me you have to act like me you have to speak like me you have to pretend that you don’t like these things or whatever the case is and people put down the bondage of drugs and alcohol and things like that and they pick up the bondage of religion which at the same time I think rules and regulations and do’s and don’ts are very good that’s what the word religion means some people need that especially people who were like dependent on drugs and alcohol to get through the day like you need to be told touch not taste not type a deal so that there’s definitely room for that but um have you had experience with that where like because I know people would come in and they would sense the freedom in the cave and there was even a time early on where there was a sign up to say like judgment-free zone hold on wait wait you you don’t just get to just kind of come here run loose like there are parameters you can’t sleep around with the women who were coming off of drugs like you know I’m saying there’s been some some stuff like that in the early days of learning talk about like I guess the rules and the regulations that go on but the but that are good good reason yeah and I think you know the the main thing is Richard to look at is people on an individual basis you can’t do every person the same does that make sense yeah I have to we have to look at their wall where are they at where are they not at some people you have to give a little bit more grace to it that makes sense until they grow into that place you don’t saying we have to be we can’t automatically as soon as I get free gonna begin to dog them out you know you got to do this you got to be that other because they’re on a journey and their journeys not where another person’s journey is you know yeah their revelation is not what another person’s revelation is so it’s it’s important to discern where they are and what they need and so that comes with just spending time with them and that’s one of the you know the one of the things in the church that we really don’t do enough of is spend time with each other because how am I going to get to know you and how am I gonna get to know where you are unless I spent some time with you amen so the rules and regulation and as you grow then you know Paul said this to Timothy says commit these things that I have given you under faithful men but what does that mean that means these people are faithful so what if they’re faithful faithful over a little make you ruler over much okay so as you’re faithful I commit more to you I give more to you you notice saying so there there are certain guidelines in the Bible we know that there are do’s and don’ts in the bottle we get that but it’s the trickiest and and/or the gift is let me say it’s not the treatment the gift is is knowing how to apply those when to apply those come on in people’s lives and say okay dude look we’ve been on this journey for a year you keep falling to the same thing yeah and it’s a beat you up is saying let’s come together and figure out why because I know you want to be free you don’t saying it’s no no condemnation yeah there’s no judgment in that it’s just that I want to see you free and operating in the fullness of God that I know that you can operate in and that’s you know that’s the main thing that’s my goal is to people up amen yeah and just help them get where they need to be so that they can step in and operate in their gifts and they can raise others up in that I mean it should be like the domino effect yeah that’s good man in that kind of it’s kind of like a piggy back to where I’ll kind of wanted to go with this episode to talk about and I’m genuinely down to learn like I’m I’m coming to you as a brother wanting to learn and the stuff I’ve learned and then what you’ve learned and then see you share some stuff on social media to know that we’re both dealing with this we’re talking about people who were going through trials and they keep their in a stuck in a cycle they’re repeating the same thing over and over whether it’s a drug addiction pornography addiction whether fits of anger and rage or whatever the case is they’re dealing with this stuff and like what is the route let’s deal with the route so that kind of builds the framework for what I wanted to talk about is dealing with these demons right there’s the whole spiritual warfare spiritual bondages and things like that and which demons do we rebuke and cast out and which demons are sent here to teach us by God like God allowing these things to come into our life to buff it us to make us even as fine gold its dealing with the fire of God of sending these trials and and God articulating these I believe these trials for our journey and in our life he knows everything there’s no place note that we can go where he’s not there and then cuz I listened to a lot of Todd white and any demon we’re casting it out we’re rebuking it we’re moving strong you know everything’s if it’s not good it’s of the devil and you know so there’s that extremism there that part is part of it like people are dealing with demonic addictions and strongholds but sometimes like these these obstacles in our life we keep repeating the cycles because we haven’t dealt with the root and God wants just wants us to not just deal with the demons who come in but to really chop down the root with the Bible calls binding the strongman how do we know what is a good is it just I think that for me the simple answer is just discernment like you said I don’t think there’s a right or wrong we discern that in stones life because there’s people who are in abusive situations their enablers for things going on in their life they wanted to stop what’s your take on some of that yeah I think one of the first things you said the word discernment you know as for me I have to discern you know did I invite this you know did I do this you know what I’m saying because like you know for me I you know I had hepatitis C at one time from shooting dope so everybody said what you need to take authority of that environment but you know what I invited that into my body because of a choice I made hmm and so I think for me a lot of the attacks you know are self-inflicted but also even though they’re self-inflicted and what comes against us God takes those same thing and uses those like you just said a few minutes ago but we do know that according to Scripture that the enemy goes you know to and fro and he went to the Lord and he talks in pain God said have you considered my servant Joe and he said you can do anything but killing so God gave him permission to go and do the things that he did to Joe and I believe that even in our life you know that God allows things they don’t come from god but God allows them you know the enemy comes and what in what really ends up happening and if you really see it behind the scenes is what’s happened the whole time is the enemy is being used by God the enemy is being punked up hard it’s hard hard to fathom an for a lot of people I get it he’s being pulled out because God’s saying okay you can do it you know he’s watching and so God takes it in he uses that to mold us to shape us to make us into who we need to be or to work something out of us amen and you know I think a lot of this too is we go by and I know that where I came from the life I live you know we’re body soul and spirit that’s what we are body soul and spirit something happens you know we get born again our spirits great or spirits good amen they were born again you know in our body we know our body amen but our soul over the years gets damaged our soul gets scarred our soul gets wounded and it’s in those wounds that the enemy comes in and he can use the wounds of the past of karma unforgiveness hatred anger whatever it may be you know maybe somebody was molested or what I’m just saying that those are the soul wounds that we and those soul wounds have to be dealt with you know from the past because if we don’t then we’ll always leave an open door for the enemy to come in anyway so there needs to be inner healing in our soul Jobe said something interesting he said out of the bitterness of my soul will I speak and so that’s very interesting to me because he was very bitter in his soul so the condition of his soul was revealed there his mouth because we know out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak and if you reference the word heart out it literally means the soul so it’s really out of the abundance of the soul the mouth speaks what’s the condition of our soul and so I think the enemy plays on that he knows the condition and he comes against us in those areas you know but I’m like you I do think that God takes and he uses everything you know good bad and ugly yeah you know or are good and so on it’s it’s light and it’s darkness it’s two kingdoms it’s the kingdom of darkness and it’s the kingdom of light you know and I think that the you know for me to speak revelation is the best information you know I’m saying you know I’ve seen both sides I’ve seen the darkness you know I’ve seen demonics the same demons you know but I’ve also seen angels I’ve seen the Spirit of God you know I’m saying so we got to understand that there’s a conf yeah and there’ll always be the conflict yeah war in our members oh yeah it’s uh it’s part of the sovereignty of God I believe right of that everything he created everything there’s nothing like outside of God like there’s a this enemy that formed outside of God who’s gonna rival God and one day overthrow God and I hate you God like God is sovereign and once you it’s hard for a lot of people to grasp because it’s like God knew about my heart God let this person people have to have to kind of rationalize that or kind of get over that and in their own way it could be hard for a lot of people there’s a lot of people bitter at God because of the past trauma but like healing comes to the broken places first man and God wants wants to hear this I think for me it’s like a personal checklist my checklist is James 4:7 it’s been my foundational scripture of coming out of deep witchcraft and occultism and demonic oppression what I remember calling somebody from TBN the little prayer line and I told him my situation and they gave me that scripture and this was in Scripture and I’ve it’s been my Scripture to this day IRA sign all my autographs and sign my CDs with it James it basically says submit yourself to God come on resist the devil and he will flee that’s like my checklist to make sure that what type of oppression that’s going on in in my life I’m not exempt you’re not exempt but am I submitted to God in every area is there secret sin in my life is there hidden objectives and hidden motives do I want to build a platform to get followers or to to validate my message or whatever the case is like you have to deal with it like the inner working so checklists submit yourselves to God do that in every area like daily the Bible says to examine yourself to see whether you’re in the faith submit yourself to God resist the devil if that temptation is coming if if you keep falling for the same thing show some resistance eat a little bit man if we it says if we take a step towards God he takes a step towards us right so just show a little bit of resistance submit to yourselves to God resist the devil and he’ll flee make sure that you’re submitted to God if you’re not submitted to God in these areas it’s like it’s like open open season for attacks in in thoughts to come through these demons and we talked about how scary and demonic and drug addiction of stuff is simply thought patterns in strongholds that present themselves up against the knowledge of God within our mind every single one of us ungodly beliefs is what we’d like to call it absolutely and you’re absolutely right man I mean submission is everything because when we’re submitted to him you know let you said it you said you know just submit and resist submit resist and I found the more that I resist it’s because the more I resist they see the less strong how they have on me they see the less hold they have on me you know can’t get me in this area so guess what you’re gonna have to try something else you notice I am Jesus himself said it says when the house has been cleaned come on yeah fill it back up with a Spirit of God because guess what this dude’s coming back with seven more looking for a house looking for somewhere but if we’re submitted under God amen I submit my mind my will my emotions everything to God and so it really makes it difficult for the enemy to trap me you know I mean so uh amen brother let me okay yes this is a point that I want to do like an in-depth teaching on this because this is this is good man and uh we have evangelists coming to the cities we have the cave ministry which is like a beacon of hope in the city for drug addicts and things like that and it goes back to what you said at the beginning and I’m glad you said it about discipleship about leaving in discipleship and it ties in with the scripture you just gave that and I’m wondering are a lot of preachers are a lot of tent revivalist evangelists who just come in do their thing convert Souls and leave are they doing more damage than good if someone who comes and they hear the message of the gospel they come to the altar demons leave leave their soul they get set free cast out that person goes back into life they don’t know about the scripture you just quoted about when the spirits leave they go get seven demons badder than themselves or you can’t ask me out I bet you can’t cast these guys out they go get those spirits and they come back to that crack addict that jumps in a drug and they come back to try to take root and it’s worse seven times worse and it says that they’re seven times worse than they were before right oh man like that’s the power of discipleship not to just come in and say well I converted so many people and save so many souls and now they’re just walking around aimlessly to get this man Church structure discipleship and teach them how to shut those doors and how to get filled with the whole spirit but B being filled with the Holy Spirit on a daily basis you know I’ve seen it both ways I’ve seen it done the right way and I’ve seen it done the wrong way you know there’s a good friend in town right now he’s in the Bayou by the name of Dave a good friend of mine and uh you know he doesn’t right away he gets him but he plugs them in you don’t just leave them hanging you don’t saying he plugs them in somewhere that they can get you know you don’t just plug them in anywhere he plugs them in a good place you don’t say so they can get this up ships but then I’ve just seen him hit town and run and then you’ve got you know you got a thousand people that don’t know what to do and all of a sudden you know and the sad thing is is okay we’re okay we’re alright we’re saying we’re born again boom we’re good and you know two months later a month later wow they’re right back out there and like you say seven times worse discipleship man it’s key it’s really it’s really key because you have to teach these guys the level of authority I mean there are we’re talking about the kingdom of darkness it’s a kingdom which means the king’s domain so what does that tell me the earth is Satan’s domain it’s just is that’s what that’s what the Bible says the earth is his domain it’s the kingdom’s domain the Kings domain and there are a level of authority and if people don’t understand these levels of authority man they’re just it’s open season for them you know Satan you know Jesus talks about buying the strong man and when you look that up the strong man is Satan that’s that’s your prince that’s the king that’s the one and then you go into principalities which is leadership you know there’s generals and then there’s powers which is our emotions you know we’re dealing with powers but that we’re doing actually dealing with our emotions then there’s rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness but we don’t sit down and explain these levels of authority to people and what these if the power these authorities have then we just leave people of open bait man you know it’s open season on them you know what I mean yeah and then probably I mean the whole authority that that that we have in the expectation of of like deliverance that we’re able to walk in and we was talking about you’ve been doing a lot of teaching like you’re doing a series on the power of words and the power of criticism and words wisely because we can’t take them back there’s power in our speech the things that were entertaining that you know what I’m saying that the things that we’re speaking over ourselves we talked about like the whole ungodly belief like ah you know I’m saying I’ll never amount to anything everybody hates me I can never find I can never find a church that I love you know what I’m saying okay well you’re you’re creating that as you speak it that’s the power of your speech that you’re every Church you’re gonna go to you’re gonna find something that you disagree with and walk out what they don’t like my tattoos nobody shook my hand and you creating that like even what my podcast and everything that the Lord I’m saying giving me I’ve spoke I’ve created it I’ve spoken into existence I speak blessings over it we prayed before we went live prayer is like this communion with God but we’re speaking it out God I pray that people will be set free not just asking God but I know my power as a son to command it that when people are listening they’re going to be set free come on I get the inboxes I get the phone calls I get the messages people are listening to some random kid on YouTube or whatever with tattoos sitting in his room praying and they’re getting set free in the Holy Spirit’s encountering them in their room because we have the faith to believe it to walk it out and and that goes for everything that’s the power of our our words or we create as we speak and the whole vibe or spirit of it or whatever when we speak we create it it’s the spirit of expectancy as well how many times of have we just shown up the church to be one thing and how many how many conferences or church services have you done what you’re expecting guys moving and you’re not gonna leave or you’re not gonna budge I’m not remember we’d stay in church for hours laying on our face at the altar until God moved and guess what whoa he moved we could have just came and went and went and got dinner and left and all this kind of stuff but we expected a move of God and it happens as part of the spirit of expectancy with witches throughout the entire entirety of the Scriptures yeah I don’t think people understand the man that you know once words come out your mouth and go into the atmosphere now now the enemy can take those words and has authority over those words come on and can make things come to pass you know like you said I’m nobody I’ll never be nobody you know I hate my life well if you keep saying you hate your life guess what you’re gonna hate your luck yeah if you keep saying you’re gonna hate your job you’re gonna hate your job it just is so that we can you know we’re talk about spiritual warfare but a lot of this spiritual warfare – I know that God uses but some of it we bring on ourselves simply by the words that we speak you know I’m saying just like you said I’ll be nothing on nobody but now I’m battling my mind with my identity because I said on nobody guess what I feel like a nobody and I don’t know my identity amen yeah you know and we talking about criticism while ago that’s one of the most you know it’s it’s very deceptive you know we can see things like a credit card you know we know that that’s deceptive right hey man get $7,100 you know but 28 percent interest could be 65 when you pull you know pay it off you know sexual immorality we can see that it’s deception yeah but many times the deception we don’t see it’s things like criticism you know gossip all of that is all that is deception that we really don’t see by the words we speak amen you know I tell people on terms I mean criticism is the food for people’s ego you know your Jesus your favorite food of your ego is criticism why because it puts you in a better light it makes you feel better so we criticize everybody else and we feed our own ego man and you know yeah amen and that’s deception that’s deception what we’re speaking in people’s life why why is that why does that go hand in hand with church culture pastor like it goes hand in hand like the gossip the backbiting is it that you enjoy people seeing worse off than you are like I’m better than him at least I don’t do this at least I’m not doing that is it burst out of something like that because it goes hand in hand with church culture that they’re gonna gossip they’re gonna talk about you Christians kill their wounded those how it comes like I think I think the majority of people listening right now they’ve experienced that and if they haven’t they will it just comes with the territory as part of that culture talk a little bit about that man well I think we have to go back to you know we have to go back to a spiritual warfare because I believe that the enemy knows the enemy has seen it for years even you know even biblically speaking you know I’m saying that things that happened between like Paul and Barnabus and the the you know the dissension that arose between the two other doctrines other enemy knows right but if he could come in and disrupt that if he can separate you if he can pull you out you know and say here’s the thing about it though is I see mature Christians that’s been in this thing for years I’m still falling for come on man you know still falling for the same deception over and over you’ve been in this thing 23 years you know say my mouth man you need you need to wake up and realize that you’re being division let me tell you oh let me tell you something you know we talked about Ananias and Sapphira and in the in the book of Acts you know the Bible says they they lied in the presence of the Holy Ghost and they had to carry them out but if you had to look at why that why did they die here’s the reason they died listen there was such a great move of God there was such a great presence of God the church was being handed to daily there was a huge outpouring there was a huge revival going on are you still there yeah I’m here okay there’s a huge revival going on but when they came and they lied in the presence of the Holy Ghost what were they doing they were hindering a move of God they were hindering unity within the church so you know what the Holy Spirit says I’m not having any of this you’re not going to bring division in the midst of what I’m doing here in Jerusalem so what we have to understand I mean the enemy knows the power of division okay why because they know scripture too and they know what Jesus said a house divided will not stand and if a house divided will not stand then come on let’s divide the house yeah that’s that’s exactly that’s exactly it because we’ve seen total we’ve seen church splits over that we’ve seen yep we’ve seen people who were like like mighty men of God get into that I’ll talk about it a lot because I’ve seen this a lot like just with the competition with with church leaders or and it happens a lot with young people full of the Holy Spirit who come into the church and this is something I’m sure you’ve you’ve had to kind of check yourself on to make sure you don’t do because because you’re conscious of this I know you are when other people come and they start moving in the power of God there’s a lot of churches where a young man will come in let’s look at Brandon Sanders for example or me where doesn’t matter there’s some people that we know who come into the church and they’re moving with the power of God they’ve been set free delivered they got a message they they don’t care what people think that they’re sharing the gospel right there can come into some churches and there’s a target on their back because the congregations going to that young man for prayer the congregation and people like hey this guy win when he prays stuff happens bro you know and in there and the pastor hears that and that young man has what the pastor used to have before religion kicked in before the there’s bills and we got to balance money and how much am I gonna get on for this offering like these other things that come through and you have to keep your hands clean in your heart pure so it happens man I know I know you’ve seen that there’s some because a lot of people who come into the cave ministries come off with drugs they’re set free and they’re running like they’re running with the fire of God in yeah and stuff like that so have you seen have you seen that is that something yeah you know and to be honest I mean cuz you know transparency is God’s favorite color you know I’ve had to guard myself from that myself you know I’m not immune to it you know what I’m saying so I’ve had to in a and I’ve even fell for it in the early years you know I’m saying and I’ve learned here’s what I really feel like you know when you’re in the Apostolic you know I’m saying when you have the Apostolic mindset the apostolic heart those things don’t affect you because that’s what apostolic does it raises other people up it sends other people out you know what I’m saying yeah you’re right but if you’re not careful a spirit of jealousy will come in they preach better than me they’re they’re all fire you know I got to shut this down people are gonna be going to them yeah and man let me tell you something if you would sit back and let some of these people go it would still it would take some of the stuff off here’s what I’ve learned hey man job easier really yeah really God sent them to help me come on come up beside me yeah look cuz I can’t pray with a hundred people like I used to yeah you know I did a couple of Sundays ago it was probably 75 laid hands on 75 P but when it was over there is nothing left God’s in me some of those old fire people send me some of that you know to me so I’ve got to where I welcome it but you’re absolutely right there’s a lot that don’t because I think the problem is is that we have to have it under our thumb you know I’m saying we’ve got to be look you can still be in charge without bounding people up you can still be the one that God has placed over it to oversee it without putting people under your thumb amen because there’s a lot of people out there and you know I have to ask myself as a pastor yeah am i hindering people from stepping into their destiny you know I love to open my pillow filled up to two young Christians you know and and say man come on up here you know it’s your turn I’m putting you out you got to go yeah I love I can never blame you for that yeah yeah yeah you know it’s just we’re here to complete complete not compete we’re here to complete each other and I think it’s important then and be honest I think that that’s one of the places you know because I hear people talking all the time when I’m raising up sons awesome I’m glad you raised it up sons but what are you letting the sons do you know or you allowing the sons to speak or you like and and it goes all the way back to spiritual warfare because we’re still it’s still divining you know what I’m saying it’s still something that we fighting with on the inside and it’s jealousy it’s a spirit of jealousy it’s an ugly thing yeah man um a hundred percent I wanted to I got a couple more things I wanted to talk to you about there’s some questions here I’m just just gonna let you know a lot of people are eating it up that you’re like a breath of fresh air to a lot of people who probably have given up on Church culture and haven’t been around a church in a long time so a lot of people are like you know they’re giving you a lot of props writing down a lot of the quotes and stuff that you’re saying so they are really enjoying this so just quick shout out to that um there’s been a lot of mention lately about cults Christian coups you know what I’m saying I’ve been a part of some cults as far as I just not like a scary word but just like a move like different movements of of Christians or people who believe something outside of the box I know the cave ministry gets called a cult has been called a call I was called a cult leader when we were trying our best to just to do biblical ministry and evangelism and we’re not trying to do anything weird anything outside the box trying to keep everything lined up with the word and they would call you a coat then you know they called pretty much called Jesus the same thing so that so it’s being talked about a lot there’s a lot of Fringe movements and I say the French stuff was just like some of the different Christian leaders who were not accepted by the the mainstream they would be called false teachers and false prophets but these people have like good good fruitful ministries and to some extent because there’s some good stuff there when you like every cult has something that they’re bringing to the table that the people are drawn to like I was drawn to the black Hebrew Israelite men for some time and I was drawn to that they go out into the streets and proclaim and teach and make disciples and bring people in and that it looked biblical to me it looked like what Paul and those guys were doing back in the day so all these cults have have something about them you guys have been called a cult from from like day one I think you printed out some shirts well you just kind of accepted it and a cult like I say it’s a cult by definition it’s not a bad thing it’s just someone’s actually who believes something against the norm you know understand so I guess I guess Protestant Christianity it would be a call every single fashion of the world but talk a little bit about that word in that acronym or what it means to you now yeah I think you know yeah we will call it cult the beginning simply because people you know people judge what they don’t understand yeah and that’s even that’s what they don’t understand yeah right and if it doesn’t fit in the you know the denominational box if it doesn’t really fit into what they used to and not look it didn’t help that my last name was Jones so you know Brian Jones or you can to jail no anyway uh that’s funny I’m sorry so yeah we were called cult from the beginning because it wasn’t what people were used to I think any time that you really follow the spirit and the holy spirit and you allow the Holy Spirit to do man you’re gonna pick up all kinds of names you don’t say so and what’s craziest you know I was I was raised and I’m not gonna call I really was that was cultish you know and then I got free from that now I’m a cult leader what we did we just embraced it you know we were good with it hey see you LT Christ is unconditional love transforms so we just had shirts made up with the acronym cult Christ this unconditional love transform so we just rolled with it you know what I mean we just rolled with it we just were used to it now yeah and I think you know as far as the cave ministries or any ministry like this you know it really doesn’t have the structure like a denomination it doesn’t have the uh the overseers it doesn’t have all of that you know I got a board of trustees we sit down and we talk and we make decisions okay but we’re not governed by all of these other things and all another state or for what hurts’ or something yeah yeah exactly now I do set up on a Pastor Chris phone at the river you know that’s my pastor that’s what I’m held accountable to you know and he still disciples me you still get in my grits you’ll still ask me what’s going on but I do have accountability it’s not like I don’t have accountability but sometimes you know in this structure unlike denominational I have to make decisions you know rather it’s financial decisions the building decisions leadership decision et cetera et cetera and not all the time let me just say this are people going to agree with that and the moment they don’t agree with that all of a sudden I’m a cult leader you know but they don’t agree with me yeah yeah yeah you know just because you didn’t have a vote in that okay God called me to run this play I’m just being honest with you I’m not you know hey I got accountability I got 12 minutes said about in a movie with me and we discussed uh we come up with the best way so I think but but it goes back to just not understanding you know people judge what they don’t know yeah it’s exactly what it is and people are quick to call a false prophet when are well heresy like you have the different people out there heresy hunters and they’re looking for that’s what i’ma tell you what that that was like one of my big things at the end was just like because it happened with even doing the gospel rap you know we did that as a ministry we travel doing it and like I would have conversations with Christians and we would agree on so much but they would keep quizzing me about my beliefs until they found something that we didn’t agree with and it’s like that we’re looking for and it aha found it we can’t walk together it’s like what and it would be little weird like you I’m saying my Newt stuff to me that I did that it’s not like life or death situations or whatever the case is because there is some other stuff that I can show you in the scripture that will blow your mind and your you know stay away from me and things like that but I’m not even talking about that I’m talking about just the simplicity stuff and it was weird that like a lot of Christians do that they want to make sure that they have it all figured out and they have all the doctrine right and I’ve been there but it is and nobody does nobody does in like you can you can find anybody’s ministry and it’s whoever you listen to you can find fault in it you can find their interpretation on particular scriptures that are way off that make no sense you know but but on other stuff they’re right on like you follow everything but that and that’s just with with with everybody nobody has it all figured out like that I like what uh there was a quote by Damon Thompson years ago it says they might not agree with your your doctrine they may disagree with the doctrine but they can’t say anything about your love for people and that’s how how did the Lord say that we’re gonna you know be known that we’re Hitler his we’re of his it’s about our love for one another and I love for two people and I think at the end of the day that’s what it comes down to man love covers um just like a multitude of sins love that’s the key brother fuels the faith what’s confusing your faith you know a moment in scripture says it’s supposed to be love man that’s right absolutely I totally agree man I mean you know if we’re not walking in love you know we just let’s just shut the doors and go home amen you know and I’ll totally agree with you man that you know here’s the thing about it is things that I preached three years ago I’ve had a different revelation on tonight yeah and I see that I was wrong but you know people don’t want to admit that yeah but I could have stayed stuck on that said no I’m not moving but God revealed in Scripture that you know what Brian you weren’t right there and it’s okay to say that I was wrong it’s okay to say that I wasn’t right you know because we’re all involved I believe in evolution you believe in evolution because we’re all evolving you know I’m saying we’re on a journey and I’m not where you’re at you’re not where I’m at you know but we’re all headed for the same destination yeah I think that that’s that that’s a key just because I may not believe exactly like somebody else and it doesn’t make them wrong and me right it just means that I have a revelation of it you know I is not seen and ears not hurt the things that the Lord has prepared for those who love him so what does that tell him there’s some things that none of us have seen yet yes some things that none of us have experienced yet you know what I’m saying come on somebody so I believe it I believe it man and I think that um like I think that that’s what it comes down to is uh it just is just walking in love for some people it’s too simple yeah I know what I’m saying when I got into the Israelite stuff like it became like grace became too complicated you know saying you were too deep for the gospel right because it the Bible talks about who has bewitched you from the simplicity of the gospel and it’s it’s really it’s a simple love story you know really it it’s grace for all and uh you know if that if that message ever change is if that if that that love ceases to exist then I think that we’re in an error man no you know and I can look at people and that’s what’s kind of led me here to what I’m doing now is like I look at people of other faiths men or people who don’t believe like I believe or they’ve been turned off because of a misrepresentation of Jesus and whatever the case is but they still love God in their treat their family right they treat their friends right they are good employees you don’t I’m saying they don’t they don’t bicker and back by and and complain and stuff and that’s that’s what it’s about it’s about walking in love man towards all people and that’s what the grace of Christ allows us to do to show love to those who have never experienced it to show grace to those who have never experienced grace we’ve seen that happen for the for the first time many times in in the cave ministries man I I wanted to piggyback just a little bit too because you we mentioned people coming in on on on drugs people in cooking cooking drugs all over the place I mentioned on one of my first early podcast with and I’ll going to say is now it was it was a rapper named Pyrex I mentioned on the show with him a lot of people quote me on this and they they’re they they’re kind of confused I asked this guy who does a lot of street ministry and I said ah I said Pyrex have because have you guys ever seen somebody full of full of demons and and confused and they can’t even look you in the eye and there’s just so much darkness going on within them I mean if you guys ever pray for somebody and seeing God delivered them on the spot and you’re the next day or even that day you’re talking to like a total different person who’s got his countenance who can hold a conversation with you and it’s not freaking out in their head I was setting up the question to have him testify and he said no we’ve never never seen that I was like oh my god and a lot of people quote me on that there was like man I was crazy he said he never seen that but and I set that question up referring to the cave because there would be countless times with people who would for like four or five days cooking dope and wander into the cave ministries and they get set free demons cast out of them and they can hold it they couldn’t look you in the eye they couldn’t they could barely speak they’re people who wouldn’t mumble because their demons were talking to him they would mumble under their breath and he couldn’t look you in the eye they get set free and it’s like a total new person walks in there man and that that’s what I’m referring to man we’ve seen that countless times with your ministry and and you you’ve you’ve been faithful it’s a learning experience it’s a learning curve part of the reason why I respect you or any teacher I won’t learn under any teacher who claims to have it I’ll figure it out there’s many people there like like and I can say this this is a perfect example so it was just like we were doing an extensive revelation on on tithing when I first started going to the cave and I started seeing some parameters and some things that the other churches would teach that was unbiblical and simply demonic they would put you in bondage and if you don’t if you didn’t pay your tithe God would take it from you and just as weird stuff that put me in bondage from other churches I came to the cave the first time the first Sunday and we I pulled you the size hey I love the man what about tithing man let me talk to you you said you know what man God showing me some stuff about tithing – and you’re right this confirmation and from that moment on not because I’m anybody but that you are open to change like you were open to get to the bottom of it and not have it all figured out right if we don’t do it this way then people aren’t going to give we have to formulate it in such a way or people we have to make them give you know that type of thing hats off and kudos to you for always being open man and and it’s consistent with with the message and with the love man you know I think the heart’s desire is is to be right you know I’m saying yeah someone forever searching we’re forever searching not only our hearts but scripture and hear from the spirit you know are we right and that’s what my associate pastor Jerry I know you love Jerry Spencer a man he’s a nut but anyway you know that that’s one of his saying is he you know he says I’m gonna stand in this pulpit teach I just want to be right yeah and that means even if I have to back up and say I was wrong yeah it’s okay it’s okay to do that man I think that pride gets in the way you’re like no I’m not wrong oh you mute it you’re as far as you’ll ever do you mean if you can’t learn any more than and that’s where you’re gonna be and you’re gonna you know I’m saying and you’ll never go any further yeah so yeah and you know you’re so right about I remember the people that came in man and just demonically possessed and man they would start manifesting right in the middle of worship amen and the cast out ain’t nothing like casting out Devils right in the middle of worship amen so yeah there’s been times that I’ve been up there and a guy grabbed me by the throat and pulled me down on the floor you know because here’s the deal man like we’re talking about the encounter we go all the way back there inin the encounter is going to make those things manifest you know the presence of God you look at them in Scripture we Reaver Jesus came they would run the hill fall down if you come cast out before our time you know what do you know so it’s the presence of God that’s gonna get rid of that stuff man you know the in corner amen that didn’t you know I like I like I like the whole you know I’m saying discipleship thing and speaking truth there was like a lot of deep revelation that we got studying the scriptures about how demons are casted out even just by simply sharing the truth declaring the truth there’s if there’s someone sitting in there who believes and it could be just a change of persona of the way that they see you we talk in they would just go back to all pastors or fake all pastors are just about money and then you need a pastor who’s real and you could care less about your money you know what I’m saying and that changes your your perception those spirits hate it that pastor he just wants your money they leave no man no no no I met a pastor who really loves me he cares about me no no and by truth in coming to a greater level of understanding about who God is and how he works in people man there’s like we talked about deliverance that’s deliverance man sharing the truth in love and doing it in such a way man pastor Brian thank you for coming on the show bro I enjoyed hanging out with you so let’s and in a prayer man so anybody who’s struggling with addiction anybody who’s struggling with their beliefs of job of judgments towards pastors or churches or ministers or having that that hurt that they’re still dealing with these pastors did this stuff 10 15 years ago and ain’t even thought about that person and that person is still holding on to bitterness and resentment and it’s hindering the way that they they view Christians that they view people and that they view God so if you man if you want to start us off with a prayer for deliverance would that that be beautiful amen hallelujah Holy Spirit you know every person that is listening you know where they’re at and where they’re not at God you know what they need it’s the Holy Spirit right now I just right now read Elise you over them where they’re sitting where they’re listening from Holy Spirit that you would right now just begin to move upon them I release the kingdom of heaven over them where there’s peace and there’s joy and there’s there’s excitement there’s happiness there’s all these fruits of the Spirit God would just begin to pour out upon them Lord God that right now forgiveness comes Lord angers don’t bitterness Lord but the Spirit of God would go inside and begin to do a new word a fresh word would go into that hardened heart and pilot that fallow ground hallelujah because today seeds of hope seeds of joy seeds of love have been planted so father right now the ground is being prepared it is prepared already and right now you’re just pouring in to pour into them spirit of God’s you’re the Living God hallelujah that they would forgive that pastor or whoever it was that minister whatever that hurt them our our Lord that they didn’t see it the way they saw it and Lord right now in Jesus name that you would take them to a place God that they can have fellowship hallelujah fellowship with the Brethren fellowship with sisters God that they would find a people that they can connect to God holiday admit they can grow together so god I just keep you the Lord for every person that’s listening in Jesus name it is done amen amen I love you bro I love you man thanks for having me yeah it’s good stuff so if people want to check out the cave ministries you guys have a physical location and you also do Facebook ministry as well you stream your services and stuff like that go ahead and give out the links and stuff where people can check you guys on Facebook the cave ministries in Mobile our address is 601 Ziglar Circle Mobile Alabama 601 Ziggler Circle Mobile Alabama hey we’re here Sunday mornings at 11:00 Wednesday night Bible study and we have all kind of Psych worship classes that you can get involved in we can get on 101 we can hang out and be awesome and you can catch us a live stream at the decay ministries dot org and go to our archives and what some of our stuff hey we’d love to hear from you you know hey we’re here I say this you know we’re I love I want to add this real quick truth yeah we’re not after your money amen because I believe this God is not a deadbeat dad you know take care of that which he birthed and he birthed this ministry so guess what he’s gonna take care of it I Love You Man I love you bro thanks for coming on all right man talk to you soon pastor Brian Jones of the cave ministries ladies and gentlemen good brother that’s one of the real ones there like I said I mean he means so he means the world to me so the early days of my ministry and being able to step out in faith and we talked about the prophetic so much and here in the voice of the Holy Spirit and growing in the knowing of that voice and and he created a safe place I give a lot of stories and examples where I’ve been able to speak out the things God has put in my spirit and it’s been in his church he’s trusted me to standard and we’ve seen we’ve seen healings we’ve seen deliverance we’ve seen salvation by the unction of the Holy Spirit and and so yeah my hat always goes off the Pastor Brian in the work that he’s doing at the cave ministry dealing with hurt church hurt and things like that that’s a big one man that’s a that’s a real big one that we all have to deal with a fence comes in offense is deep like in the scriptures like as far as a studying spiritual warfare to be offended can can can mess with people so so much man and play a huge detriment to your faith we have and if you haven’t been offended most of you guys I’m pretty sure are if you’re seasoned and in in your spiritual walk with God like it comes it’s part of the testing you know but it’s what you do with that whether it’s the way you were treated by a church a pastor or ministry or people gossiping about you whatever I’ve experienced it you know I’m saying and and we have to be careful because it can birth within you the wrong motives and you can do the right thing but with the wrong motives that’s starting a ministry you can be and nothing that you know I’m saying like early on some of that was there for me of like having rejection from certain churches or ministers or whatever and then you like I’ll show them let me be successful let me do this outside of that and you could be doing the right thing but with the wrong spirit and with the wrong motive and in the scripture says that unless unless the Lord builds the house the people the people labor in vain I mean I’ve spent a lot of money over the years in the past building stuff creating logos and doing stuff for validation from people and things like that I’m sure many of us have and I’ve had to I’ve had to repent and I’ve had to delete things and and and and ask God to remove roots of bitterness and stuff like that out of me in the majority of you have to and that’s part of the process man and and I want to say that too if you feel that creeping up in your heart if you’re building something if you’re pursuing something out of anger out of bitterness or i-told-you-so or I’ll show you cut it off at the root man because your waste years your waste finances and you’ll run a lot of people off who God has brought into your life you’ll run them off and your mess-up relationships and do things that you can’t undo you know what I’m saying there’s wisdom that come that comes to this me and pastor Brown we go back we haven’t always seen eye I’m saying I – I and like I received a lot of back last night I don’t know about from Pastor Brian he’s always been a really good friend but just the young church members and stuff and I I have to look back I have to look back at it just my whole thing with with the cave man so many good memories but you know when the cave grew it became something a little bit different and pastor Brian’s had to learn in here he’s open about that stuff and so like I would bring in like some of the stuff I would talk about you know I’m saying well if I’m talking about aliens or the Kundalini or or whatever whatever that’s outside the Bible or something that they don’t agree with or whatever the cases my people people would lash out people demonize what they don’t believe or what they don’t what they don’t know anything about so I’ve had I’ve had to deal with with that and if you build something off of that man you have you have to guard your heart you can’t you can’t stay in that bitterness man you can’t stay in in in that rejection and and and that heartache man you have to forgive I don’t believe that you forget I believe that we have to forgive and we have to move on but I would look at stuff like that that would happen like from the cave and at the time it hurt me right we’re just having words spoken against you and he’s a false prophet he’s just deceiving people he’s that he’s this he’s that I’ve heard it all we all most of us have I think the majority of people listen I’ve dealt with church culture and you’re bringing something new to the table and so I thought with that at the cave at the end of going there for some years but then I got offended I was hurt it’s because I was studying something new bringing something new to the table and they didn’t get it or whatever the case is I got hurt but like with wisdom you look back at it you have to look back at it and there has to be perimeters like these people or Pastor Brian like was only doing the right thing to them like if and I would do the same thing so my hats off you can’t just let anybody come in and just start teaching things that’s that goes against your core of belief system and you know I’m saying that’s only right you start doing the church then we’re like hey we’re I’m I started seeing angels and seeing UFOs and all kind of sub and I start talking about it openly like they didn’t want to have that and so like I said I got offended early on why not this is I can show you in the Bible you know these things but they’re just protecting people and there’s a lot of ministries and things that people get involved in that if you bring something outside I’m even now as open as my platform is I’m still guarded against my platform a lot of Christians a lot of Christian friends get mad because I’ll let New Agers come on and we’ll talk about New Age spiritual concepts but when it comes to like the biblical stuff I’m really guarded against who I let on here I believe in Pastor Brian up and I vouch for everything that brother said and I know most of you do too I’m reading the comments and but when it comes to that I’m not gonna let somebody come on here and bash people or do condemnation or say it’s on this is the only way or whatever there’s a grace there and there’s a grace for learning and pastor bronze definitely experienced that so even with me being so open as I am and some people can’t stand like I have friends who can’t stand the New Age guests that I have on they love me they support me they love to hear me speak they learn from me they get wisdom they support me financially but they support mean they don’t support the New Agers they don’t support the X Muslims or whoever I have from a different walk of life and just because I have somebody on here doesn’t mean that I agree with everything that they bring to the table that’s so weird I remember early even in the early days of posting stuff by Manley P Hall and people still send me this like I’ll share some really good stuff too I’ll share some really good quotes from Manley P Hall and then people will send me like bad quotes from Melanie Hall or stuff that didn’t make sense or seemed crazy or whatever the case says oh well what about this it’s like I don’t know nothing about that just judge me upon the quote that I shared this little excerpt you know I’m saying and so what we’re having people on the show I’ve had people I’ve had people on this show who would like I said we’re not friends anymore I’ve had cult leaders on here I’ve had Brandon Barth Rob Danushka penske these people that we’re not really friends anymore you know what I’m saying but judge it off of that episode like that was a good episode it was in a good spirit the Spirit of Truth and and building upon that but doesn’t mean i vouched for everything these people doing I can’t like I do my research but I can’t like get to the bottom of all these people man I got like that’d be a full-time job so I try to find equal playing ground with everybody if I have the New Ager on and they just are excited to talk about love or meditation hey I’m excited to talk about love and meditation let’s build you know what I’m saying so I try to find that with everybody like no matter what walk of life you’re from and it’s been graceful like we’re you know way over a hundred was probably bout a hundred and twenty episodes in now and I felt good about every single one of them like there’s been like gyms in every episode that people can learn from that people can apply to their lives and things like that so that’s that’s what it’s about man finding that common ground with people and the scripture says can two walk together unless they agree and people are you know what I’m saying people try to use that so hey I don’t agree with you we can’t walk together but hey just like the way I’m phrasing it can two walk together unless they agree I let’s find what we agree on and walk together right you know what I’m saying so that’s what it’s about it’s not by becoming offended or or man every all of us have dealt with it and it comes back down to the scripture where Jesus tells Peter he says Peter I want to tell you something Satan has desired to sift you as wheat but fear not for I’ve prayed for you Jesus seen that the same way like this universal it’s gonna happen to you Satan has desired to sift you to get you off by yourself you’re connected with some people you’re growing strong whether it’s this podcast whether it’s this community whether it’s another Church you were involved with back biting sarcasm and things like that come in Satan wants to sift you as wheat Satan has desired to sift you to get you off by yourself to get you off by yourself and to confuse you and let you to hear you’re the only one going through this that’s why like I’m trying to say this as much as I can you are not alone you are not alone I get so many messages from people that’s what does it hey man I listen to your podcast and I know that I’m not alone I know that I’m a Christian I believe in Christ here’s the way the truth in the life no man comes to the Father but by him I believe that but I also believe in aliens even like Christie Christie’s in the comment section Christie folks she always says like I love the true seeker podcast because this is the only podcast I can come to and talk about Jesus and aliens you know what I’m saying I don’t think that any topic is off-limits there’s a fear there’s a stigma there and a lot of churches that oh we can’t talk about that or we can’t do this there are subjects that I stray away from that people are demanding me to speak on whether it’s the LGBTQ community stuff or transgender or Flat Earth where do you stand on Flat Earth true seekers tell us they already know like if I say this they’re not gonna listen to me anymore it’s like look man I’m trying to choose my battles wisely I’m not just trying to go out here and just try to debate with people and marginalize a fanbase and stuff and I talked to I talked to Pastor Brian before we went live and I said um I told him about the audience there’s I think the majority Christian I still use that word lightly because what is a Christian these days you know what I’m saying but the majority of people believe in Jesus but there’s people from all walks of life who finds something that they bear witness with that stands out to them that they’re not judged for looking into or talking about and it’s about grace and peace and so you have to you we it was funny like me and a friend of mine uh si 115 Samuel McCrae we when we all went through that other people go through it we had that we had an inside joke is we said guard your flock be careful like there was times like people couldn’t even like my statuses on Facebook cuz people hey I see you like true seeker status uh do you know who he is do you know he’s a cult leader do you know he’s this he’s dad he believes in aliens and Kundalini and stuff like that it’s crazy but you know what it we said at the beginning it’s about being transparent speaking your truth not to if I don’t want to offend people that’s never the goal to offend someone but the goal is just to like if you’re into it let me know yes freedom in that whatever it is I don’t care if I agree with it if I think you’re wrong or whatever the case is but it gets weird when you have pastors and ministries and stuff who believe you’re going to hell because you think differently than no more you’re gonna be cursed or your dissonant this type of stuff so it’s about walking in the truth in in love and and in love is the key that sets the captives free man at the end of the day the love of Christ which is empowers you it enables you to face your fears to to embrace others look at Jesus who he was spending time with and you can’t tell me we look back at pastor Brian like I’m telling you guys like this dude he really did start off in like a little bitty warehouse that you would like a storage unit and and that thing was packed with people who couldn’t move shoulder-to-shoulder because they had the best doctrine no because they did everything right because they were good no because that they loved on people man it’s cuz that they loved on people where they were and he’s not lying prostitutes drug addicts people been up cooking dope for day come in people are we’re led their things and stuff so that blew up love is contagious it was the love of Christ it ain’t just some universal love everybody no it’s the love of Christ that sees the best in everyone the love of Christ that sees the best in everyone you’re talking about being prophetic look at the valley of dry bones what do you see I see a bunch of dry bones I see somebody who I see a has-been no I see an army I see an army of people who the church may have passed up but God’s not done with them yet I see an army and all I have to do is prophesy all I have to do is speak life to these dead bones and watch them arise come on somebody man come on y’all don’t got me preaching on here that’s all we have to do and I’m doing this on the podcast I’m doing this in the music trust me thank you guys for the support man you guys share in the harvest I’m telling you the messages I’m getting of people have given up on life people who are demonically oppressed but there’s something that they feel like they can come to me they feel like they can come to this platform and be open and honest and even looking at like hey what do you have to do the first step in recovery is to admit that you have a problem or admit that you don’t have it all figured out that’s that’s the problem we have to be able to admit that we’re not okay none of us are there’s nobody out there who you know every single ministry that dog in it’s essentially the ones who dog other ministries I remember like you know and I talked about this this is just been in my life we’re talking about cults when I would have brand new boss drop on my show I had him on I considered him a friend I had him on and a lot of people a lot of Christian people they that’s where they draw the line everybody has a place where they draw you know saying draw the line for a lot of people is Kundalini if I mentioned Kundalini there they’ve watched a documentary on the Kundalini you know what I’m saying and that’s where they draw the line some people it’s speaking in tongues oh you guys speak in tongues that’s where they draw the line there you know and it’s different for each person man but people seem that I have brand new boss up on there like you know what if you’re gonna have this guy on your sense of discernment is out the window like you you do not you cannot discern what this guy is doing right and I believed in the good things coming I believed in a good that he was doing like I can look at look at Brandon bar throw up and say you know what he is helping a lot of people there’s a lot of peas doing a lot of bad and it’s said they don’t think you know and depending on what level of perception you know you’re walking in you’re gonna see the good and the bad but it’s when your perception changes and you don’t look for the bad you just look at the good we look at the early days of the cave ministry doing so much good were they doing bad stuff he’s we’re learning as we go Pastor Brian was learning he’s open he’s open he’s open to talk about that learning as he goes some things he believed in some things he preached on he’s had to renege on that shows true humility that shows true vulnerability that’s where it’s at man I was wrong on this I can’t let nobody know I don’t believe that I’m just not gonna speak on it whatever the case is right know be opens hey look man I taught some things I believe some things that uh I’m ashamed of you know I feel like I shouldn’t have did this ask for forgiveness whatever the case is man and see doors shut to see doors open in the spirit you have to it says we have to confess our sins one to another any time we try to hold this kind of stuff in whether it’s the offense whether it was whatever your baggage is man this is why these demons in these strongholds take root it’s when you try to hold it in and try to hide from from people try to hide it from people and try to hide it from God essentially look at Adam if we look at sin in the first sin what they Adam tried to do he tried to hide his nakedness from God we have to be naked before God we have to be open and honest with people and before God and not hold anything back and I’m telling you that’s been my key to walking in power that’s been my key to walk victory is I’m I can’t I can’t do this stuff and have secret hidden sin I won’t do it maybe that’s the key maybe it’s an integrity thing where you won’t do it not that you can’t do it because people do it every day Lauren Hill said every day people lie to God what make something that they won’t lie to you if they’ll lied to God and try to hide things from God they’ll lie to you that’s Lauren Hill that’s what it’s about just being open and honest and honest and there’s a truth in transparency there’s a truth in saying there’s a there’s a grace in saying I don’t know you know what I’m saying I’m big on that’s where I come from it’s been so far removed man but that this is the early days of what I was doing and and and learning to be okay with it you know we’re told if we’re trying to evangelize people what are you trying to evangelize me to what about this what about that what about this and we have the scriptures we have to all always be willing and ready to give a word and kind of stand up for what we believe in but just making it up as we go which a lot of people is doing are doing that’s that’s not the key that’s not the key the key is just being transparent and if you don’t know say you don’t know you know but if you’re trying to build something you can’t really do that right because they’re gonna go find somebody else who claims that they have it and that’s just that’s just what it comes down to so yeah I want to give a shout out to everybody holding us down in the chat there’s been some questions the chats moving kind of fast here we have a quick shout out to will star so he says he says uh Lauren Hill the singer yeah it’s in us in a song called out that thing every day people lie to God to what make something makes you think that they won’t lie to you shout out the will star Chris bars home sauce home sauce is gonna be interviewed on the podcast at the end of the month so he’s he’s a patron he’s a supporter he’s you know been riding with us for some months now he’s been helping on Thursday night school of the mystic we’re gonna hear his story coming up in a few weeks Danny Guerrero Danny I need a book a date with you man get with me Danny I want to get you one here too so shout out to Danny christie Lee christie folks Andrew Jackson Andrew says we may not have all the answers right now but seeking them grows true faith yeah yep seeking answers being a truth seeker you know what I’m saying and not be you know if there’s truth there if it’s truth there’s truth and what I found is a lot of this truth is universal I believe the Bible is universal I believe in karma I believe in what Jesus said would you sow you reap in the street we said you do dirt you get dirt if you do dirt you get dirty whatever you put out whatever you put out there you’re gonna get it back the universe is gonna send it back to you what did we talk about a while ago what pastor Brian whatever you speak out is gonna come back to you whatever you do is gonna come back a lot of these biblical principles are you are universal law and it’s not just for Christians proverbs is not just for christians christians didn’t write proverb christians didn’t write the Bible man and and then even like the New Testament like Jesus and Paul in those guys they didn’t even have the New Testament if the King James Version was good enough for Paul it’s good enough for me no they didn’t even have it man all they had was a baptism and filling of the Holy Spirit and they’re walking it out being led by the spirit and that’s the same thing we’re supposed to be doing man it is an intimate relationship with God it’s a walk with God a daily walk with God well we talk about be being filled just take those few minutes to get by yourself get what God and do what the scripture says to sit in silence to sit in silence and take just just a few minutes and uh acknowledge him as being God I’m gonna read one of these comments here this is from Christie Lee she says my son was hit by the Holy Spirit in one of Brian’s tenth services he went from he went from half out of his mind cooking dope into sanity that night perfect example Christy Lee good friend of mine her son went to a tent revival that Pastor Brian Jones was speaking at got filled with the Holy Spirit why he was cooking dough running amuck doing this thing and the Holy Spirit filled him changed his life that evening Danny Guerrero says some of the early church fathers were real mystics bro oh yeah that’s why that’s why I answer to the term Christian mystic I’m a Christian I believe in Jesus you know what I’m saying I believe in the scriptures but then I’m a mystic because I believe that that that belief is a mystical union with Christ and we are and will be as he is and that’s what it’s about every single one of us and it’s empowering it’s not about religion it’s about a relationship with a Living God that created everything like that phone like matter like everything exists in him and through him and you can have an intimate relationship with him with it with that and it knows you knows your name knows every knows the number to every hair on your head that’s intimate man knows you in and out you know we do a lot in you don’t say new ways circles and stuff and we would like to say source so we like to say the universe or whatever that’s cool but it’s an intimate knowing like I don’t know if I can be intimate with the universe I don’t know if the universe cares what I’m eating for dinner you know I’m saying but we move into a relationship with a loving God a father the Holy Spirit acting after acting as a nurturing mother to move into a relationship with that he cares man cares about us knows us in inside and out it’s just like us were made in His image and likeness and in the in the likes and desires and vulnerability and regret all of that stuff God has experienced it and if we’re not wrong because we get angry we’re not wrong because we don’t know we’re not wrong because we don’t have to figure it out no we’re right we’re right in a perfect place that God wants us to be so he can break us down to reteach us many of us were taught religion many of us were taught things that are not biblical and we’ve held them as ultimate truths and we have to reach this place where we just give up everything we thought everything that we learned and said look Lord teach me over again open my heart I’ve learned some things I’ve been judgmental I’ve been I thought I had it all figured out there’s some things or some people that I see working with you know in in let God reteach us I think that’s a place that most of us have to eventually come to at some point the unlearning stage and getting over cognitive dissonance and thinking that we have it all figured out and when truth comes that um we don’t agree with or we’ve never heard and not not to just be scared or afraid but be be open to uh not even open to change you can believe whatever you want to believe and it’s gonna manifest for you that worldview is gonna is gonna stay there like whatever you believe is gonna be real to you that’s the power of the conscious thought that’s the power of the spoken word and if you believe it you’ll receive it we like to talk about the promises of God are yes and amen we talk about this a lot on Christy show whatever you say we talked about this with Brian whatever you say with the universe God is it’s a mirror the scripture Tom eyes we behold the scriptures we’re looking into a mirror whatever we speak it’s gonna come back whatever we put out is coming back you can’t go to a garden and just stand there start speaking to the soil come up trees come up yeah you can talk to plants it helps them to grow you can do that but you have to do the work you’re gonna have to go out there to that stony hard ground and be like a John the Baptist and till up the ground you got to put in some work you got to take a seed you got to put it in the ground you got to cover it up you got to water it you got to keep water in it once it starts sprouting you got to cultivate it that’s the the blind man had the business I see men as trees we have to cultivate it we have to prune we have to get fruit off of us we have to give shade to people we give life and sustenance man this is what it’s about it doesn’t just happen overnight man it’s a beautiful walk it’s a song and dance with with the creator of the universe the creator of our souls who longs for a relationship maybe that’s unfathomable you’ve never had nobody show you time and attention so now we talk about this God who loves and wants to show you some attention maybe some people can’t fathom that that changed my life I was depressed I was alone a lot with my thoughts and with my toys as a kid you know what I’m saying fantasized about suicide and things like that always alone you know and then reached a certain point when I gave my life to Christ I would be alone by myself and I never felt alone I was never alone again when I felt alone I just start talking to God he starts talking back with that still small voice the quickening of the Holy Spirit dancing and fellowshipping and being closer than a brother man and that’s the relationship man that’s what it’s about and many of you guys have been there at some point you want to go back you want God to be as close to you as it was in day one you we talked about these early days of the cave we can’t go back there we can’t go back to those early days they were a beautiful man awesome every but we we have the maturity and we have the vision to be able to look back and see every stage of the cave or every stage of our life of our spiritual progress and our spiritual growth and be okay with each part and it’s beautiful and it’s God’s using it all to bring us to the fullness of where he wants us to be we always look back with a man I wish I can do that again I wish I can go back to that we wouldn’t want to go back because it like going back we’d have to undo everything that you’ve learned along the way and that the wisdom and the things that you’ve accumulated along the way you don’t want to undo that you want to get into a place now where you you’re still walking close with God full of the anointing full of the Holy Spirit like pastor brian says evolve you have to evolve we have to go through stuff man when I posted the other day on Facebook grow through what you go through you got to grow through it without going through that stuff you would not grow you’d be the same person you have the same understanding but it’s about now and then trust me trials and stuff come to pull us out of the presence of God and bring us back into our rational mind and try to figure out things on own and stuff like that and I like what I like with um Andy Mineo said he said the opposite of faith that’s not doubt the opposite of faith is thinking that I have it all figured out and that’s the truth and so we go through trials and it tries to pull us out of the spirit but fruit goes fruit grows in the valley fruit doesn’t grow on top of the mountain top the altitude we have it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a roller coaster it really is it’s not a bad thing it’s part of growing but now you can be in the season where God wants you coming in and out of the wilderness we’ve all been there coming in and out of the wilderness but having the wisdom on how to respond to take those tests again we got to repeat those tests it’s all about testing men but now we know how to respond to people so then that’s when judgment and criticism comes we don’t have to lash out we don’t even have to respond I’m telling you man this has just been the story of my life I’ve been through it before I’ve been through criticism my whole spiritual walk with Christ has been a filled with criticism and people saying watch out for him and me just as a baby Christian giving my life to Christ being on fire hey watch out for a young guy this is this is nothing new so when it comes now tribulation it’s going to come it’s going to keep coming I’m not exempt from it the only thing about it is now I know how to respond or the lack of some not all of these things are meant for you to respond to and this would have been something good that me and Pastor Brian could have got into because I wanted to go into Facebook etiquette a little bit if you’re listening pastor click that that uh that link if you want to come back in we can talk about Facebook etiquette just for a minute but not everything deserves your attention not everything deserves your response that’s what it’s about man trust me I’ve getting messages and inboxes and people posted on my wall you’re a devil worshiper your this am I supposed to respond to all that like to each and every one friends turned their back on you friends come and go seasons changes they rearrange people come in and out of your life do we get heartbroken do we you know it’s a process it hurts it definitely hurts you know here in you know in the sofa so funny because I’m going through some of this stuff and then somebody sends me a diss song where they dissed me in a song just the other day how many of you guys have had a diss track about you how do we respond to it you know in in the hip-hop realm you’re supposed to respond they take a shot at you you take a shot back you go back and forth people love it people love controversy controversy sells so do we respond to it no and I’m not responding to that and this is part of it to go so there’s a stinging comedy and doing jokes and lashing out at people it’s called punching up you have to punch up it’s bad when you punch down all right you can’t be like you can’t reach a certain level of over standing not understanding but over standing and start punching down on people who don’t have it figured out like you do you don’t punch down you don’t beat up you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater you know what I’m saying people have not been through the things I’ve been through let’s just get it straight you know what I’m saying people are coming from all walks of life all points of view all stand points and so not everything deserves your attention the person who made the diss track is the crazy person we deal with a lot of crazy people out there the person who made the diss track it’s about somebody else but they just mentioned me at some weird little segment it’s kind of weird but no there’s crazy people like they’re all in mine they’re in my inbox too I get that but how much do we address maybe I maybe I went too far already by just talking about it now because I know y’all y’all gonna try to find it we’re just let me hear let me hear see that’s what I’m saying and then if I did a diss track you guys will hey let me see it yeah you seen that so that’s how it works but I’m not gonna I’m not going to give it life I’m not going to entertain those type of things especially if it’s punching down if it was punching up if somebody of high stature somebody I respect somebody who has some things figured out rebuked me or did a diss track about me maybe I would respond and that that’s part of it you have to choose your battles wisely guys if not you’d be fighting all the time look at it like Joel Osteen look at creflo dollar’s some of these people that I’ve like judged over the years and talked about them in songs and use samples and stuff Oprah let’s just use people like that how many how often does Oprah respond to her criticism there’s stuff all over the internet internet time I Oprah’s the Antichrist she’s a New Ager there’s stuff about Billy Graham being a New Ager and being a universalist and do you think Billy Graham when he was here he goes on Facebook and looks up diss songs and just videos you know how many songs mention Billy Graham in a negative way or Joel Osteen I come from that Christian background so trust me there was a thing where you take shots at people who disagree with you so there’s a bunch of people do those guys get up and go on with YouTube and get messages you know me heretic hunters the heresy hunter sends those people message they have people protesting outside of their churches man this is how real it is but you have to choose your battles wisely man become water like Bruce Lee said become water my friends that’s what you’re supposed to do it home so home sauce says uh check up not down that’s right you got to punch up and I don’t they don’t mean that they’ll respond you know what I’m saying that’s part of it so home sauce whack em see ya know this person was a crazy person I’ll give you guys just a little bit of info on that dist it was uh just so you won’t be in the blue cuz you probably hear about it maybe I don’t know but anyway this person inbox me and it probably should have went to the law about it honestly but he beat inbox me about a certain MC which is a friend of mine bliss bliss blonde dope and I have a couple songs with bliss and this is like an overzealous fan bro he like hit me up and was like he hit me some weird it was a weird question I’ll go into detail forget it I’ll tell you but I’m not gonna respond to him he said do you ever dream about bliss and it’s a female rapper do you ever dream about bliss I said no not once and he said oh you popular dream about your wife what about Kalki do you dream about Kalki Kalki is another rapper in that same vein I was like no I never dreamed about Kalki so okay bah bah bah bah bah he’s like I’m going after Kalki and bliss fans and I was gonna come come against you but but you know I’m saying you’re cool in my book okay thank you you know I don’t even really know this guy have so many people you know in boxing try to pick who I entertain and um but then he was like you know what I want to bathe in her blood I’m gonna kill her and her kids and it was like I do you’re done bro you know I get weird stuff all the time probably should have went to the law but I’m not that she date she’s went to the law already so that’s taken care of so far as wisdom is concerned us all right bro I’m done I blocked him and then three days later so my hey there’s a diss song with you in it and this is crazy person it’s always crazy people man crazy people comes with the territory we can look that’s not it doesn’t stop there man you know there’s and it’s not going to stop and I hope that I’m not speaking that and creating you know I’m just it’s the crazy people gonna keep coming no I understand that it comes with the territory I do understand that there’s a level of understanding of of going through stuff and but there’s wisdom on how to how to deal with with the crazies and the people who inbox you and I’m supposed to be your wife true seeker the Illuminati told me that your wife isn’t your real wife you married the wrong woman trust me I get that stuff I do and you know what to entertain who to block who to pray for that kind of stuff it comes with it and obviously bliss is going through it now and hurts her platforms getting to such a level where people want to lash out and do weird stuff you know but yeah so yep don’t make it awkward people don’t make it awkward I love it each and every one of you guys don’t make it awkward all right so yeah man thank you guys for this episode Christy Lee says as for those of you watching on the pod Conley YouTube video you can see my wife put my logo on the back of my microphone Christy says your mic microphone looks awesome great job Aaron my wife did that for me chris says yeah true see his wife is awesome good friends um yep so with that being said tonight which is this is a Thursday night whenever you listen to this if it’s not Thursday night when you’re listening Thursday nights we do the school of the Mystics really excited about that it’s been really good we’re practicing walking out the prophetic hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us moving off of intuition there’s still small voice what God would say to our group to individuals we get off into one-on-ones groups with each other and we ask God for a word of knowledge what he would say to that person and and many people are doing this for the first time I’ve been doing this for years some people are coming into our sessions doing this for the first time and they’re taking off and just like they’ve been doing it and they’ve because many of you guys have been feeling energies and vibrations your whole life it’s not just Christian either word of knowledge and things like that it’s Tom ESP extrasensory perception but we’re not gonna go there that’s what we’re walking in and being able to pick up when somebody’s going through hardships I’ve walked into a room one time and I felt the strong presence or grieving I wanted to cry I wanted to weep us what is what is this go around the corner there’s a woman crying her Hut she caught her husband cheating on her and they’re getting divorced she was in the in this room weeping and as soon as I walked in a room POW I felt it this is what we’re talking about and this is what we’re moving in this is what we’re learning how to move in encounter with God and hear the voice of God speaking to our hearts and doing something about it you guys been doing this since you were a kid you guys been feeling those since you were kids and nobody’s ever taught you you’ve never been in a safe space where you can practice and that’s what we’re doing Thursday nights school is amiss –tx you get accessed by being a patron so if you want to support what I’m doing help me keep the podcast going I had two slash true seek and thank you everybody who was supporting it means the world I couldn’t do this without you literally I have to do what pastor brian says go back on the boat I have to go back and drive a truck and there’s no way I can work that I couldn’t do it thank you guys man I’m really bottom of my heart thank you um yeah with that being said I’ll see you guys tonight 7:30 home sauce says be there or be square yep love you guys Shalom Shalom peace peace that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to juice seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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