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Spiritual Warfare | Our Own Inner And Outer Demons | Pastor Bryan Jones

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In this episode Pastor Bryan Jones speaks with TruthSeekah about spiritual warfare and dealing with our own inner and outer demons. Much is to be said on the topic of spiritual warfare and there is an enigma within the Christian church about which demons we should cast out and which demons are sent by God to teach and buffett us. This understanding is made clear throughout the Old Testament where God is letting Satan tempt and test job but not letting him harm him. The scripture also goes on to say that God sends forth evil spirits and also what is known as evil angels to deal with men and bring about a specific purpose on the face of the Earth. Within the New Testament the apostle Paul also talks about in 2 Corinthians 12 how he dealt with his Thorn In the Flesh which he also goes on to say was a messenger of Satan. He also calls it the spirit of infirmity which is a sickness. Traditionally many Church fathers believe Paul was speaking about his failing vision but this is not certain. We do know that a messenger of Satan is a demonic spirit which Paul sought the Lord saying on three specific occasions asking God to take it away, but to no avail. The Lord answers back to Paul and says simply “My grace is sufficient”. Paul realizes that the reason this messenger of Satan was sent to him was buffett him. This realization came after some time of heavenly visitation, a Healing Ministry and a revelation of Grace like no other. He came to the understanding that this was sent into his life strategically by God himself so that he would not be lifted up in pride which cometh before a fall. Again the question to consider in spiritual warfare is which demons do we rebuke and which do we cast off and out of our life through prayer and supplication while some are strategically sent into our lives by The Sovereign hand of God to build character, perseverance and to teach us long-suffering. The answer is simply walking in discernment and submitting yourselves to God in every area so that there is no hidden sin, no selfish motive, but standing with Clean Hands and a pure heart before the presence of God. This is the answer and the key to each and every victory in our lives. To examine yourself and see whether or not you are in the faith. To those suffering, there is hope. To those in bondage, there is freedom. To those who are weary, there is rest and knowing that God and His grace is sufficient for you to meet every need and get you through every situation. It’s about knowing that we need him just as much today walking in the light as we needed him in our darkest hour.

Pastor Bryan Jones is the pastor of the cave Ministries located in Mobile Alabama. Bryan serves alongside his wife Angela who have been faithful stewards of God’s anointing upon their life. You can watch their live stream of their services at http://www.thecaveministries.org/



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