This interaction is something that is happening by default, and many people fall victim due to their own lack of knowledge and misunderstandings. With better insight into the spirit realm, we find ourselves fighting a spiritual battle that is at hand. The majority only seem to play defense. They only react to attack. They are never on the offense and never take the right precautions to achieve victory in their own life, much less the lives of their friends, family or people around them. Having proper knowledge increases our faith and vision and allows us to see an outcome before it is even conceived.

When understanding how spirits work and operate, we must realize that spirits don’t die like humans do. Though the flesh may fade, the spirit is eternal. We are eternal beings experiencing time and eternity slowed down. The same spirits that Moses fought against are still here in the Earth today. Pharaoh has passed and is long gone, but the same spirits that were influencing his decisions are here today.

The reality of the spiritual realm and the unseen world is more real than what you are able to experience with your five senses.

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