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I wanted to do a short livestream talking about the reality of spiritual warfare and the demonic realm. I received a message from an SRA victim (Satanic Ritual Abuse) who told me of her story and the traumatic experiences she endured. She inboxed me to ask some questions because a few notable christian minsters told her that the abuse that she encountered was all because it was in her head. They told her that all she as well as the satanic abusers needed to do was change their thinking and none of this would have happened. After speaking some truth to her about my experiences I felt that this was something that I needed to address within the christian community. Many people are moving away from the reality of the demonic, possession, oppression etc. Much like the new age some christian circles tend to turn a blind eye to the demonic preaching all love and light. It almost seems to be an out of sight out of mind type of thing but those who have experienced the depths of the darkness know that this is something that should not be overlooked. I hope that this quick broadcasts brings some clarity to the invisible war that is being waged in the heavenly realms.