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The Stockdale Paradox | Capturing Your Dream | Jazzy Ellis

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Jazzy Ellis is a SAG-AFTRA stunt performer, activist, actor, and healer with stunt and acting roles in over 40 films and TV shows, including Avengers: Infinity War, Luke Cake, NCIS: New Orleans, Under the Dome, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, and many more. In this episode, I spoke with this amazing and talented woman about her path to success through following the Stockdale Paradox. This paradox is similar in ways to The Secret and the law of attraction. This idea’s namesake is James Stockdale, a man who was a Vice Admiral in the Vietnam war. He ended up becoming a prisoner of war for seven years and as he observed the hopefulness and hopelessness of those around him, he began to take note of how going too far to one extreme or the other causes failure and even death. The Stockdale Paradox is an idea that to be successful you have to KNOW success and your dreams will come, but not put a time limitation on those dreams. You also must face the brutal realities of your current situation without being too optimistic or too hopeless. You have to find that balance and work toward your goals. Jazzy graduated from Princeton University in 2010 and spent time in the Ecuadorian Amazon learning the ways of healing and enlightenment, including having an Ayahuasca experience. She went on to become a school teacher and reiki healer and now pursues her dream of being a stunt performer and actor, but also continues to teach others and share her wisdom with those eager to learn. Jazzy also speaks about spirituality and the role that spirituality plays in having a dream and pulling your dreams into reality. You should devote some time every day to achieving your dreams and goals, even if you only have 10 minutes a day to spend on it, that will get you a little closer every day to a life that you want to create for yourself.



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