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Jazzy Ellis is a SAG-AFTRA stunt performer, activist, actor, and healer with stunt and acting roles in over 40 films and TV shows, including Avengers: Infinity War, Luke Cake, NCIS: New Orleans, Under the Dome, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, and many more. In this episode, I spoke with this amazing and talented woman about her path to success through following the Stockdale Paradox. This paradox is similar in ways to The Secret and the law of attraction. This idea’s namesake is James Stockdale, a man who was a Vice Admiral in the Vietnam war. He ended up becoming a prisoner of war for seven years and as he observed the hopefulness and hopelessness of those around him, he began to take note of how going too far to one extreme or the other causes failure and even death. The Stockdale Paradox is an idea that to be successful you have to KNOW success and your dreams will come, but not put a time limitation on those dreams. You also must face the brutal realities of your current situation without being too optimistic or too hopeless. You have to find that balance and work toward your goals. Jazzy graduated from Princeton University in 2010 and spent time in the Ecuadorian Amazon learning the ways of healing and enlightenment, including having an Ayahuasca experience. She went on to become a school teacher and reiki healer and now pursues her dream of being a stunt performer and actor, but also continues to teach others and share her wisdom with those eager to learn. Jazzy also speaks about spirituality and the role that spirituality plays in having a dream and pulling your dreams into reality. You should devote some time every day to achieving your dreams and goals, even if you only have 10 minutes a day to spend on it, that will get you a little closer every day to a life that you want to create for yourself.

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral protection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and or remote viewing please be advised to listen at your own decision [Music] [Music] you are now locked into the to think about gaming live at UC cacao to the paranormal esoteric and all paying spiritual and now your truth seeker what’s up ladies and gentlemen this is the true seeker podcast I’m your host true seeker excited and delighted to be with you guys today got a beautiful conversation plan for you we’re gonna be talking about all things spiritual spirituality how that we can capture our dreams how that we can see that vision that’s within us that’s been there ever since we was a child how can we bring it into manifestation how can we walk in that dream life that we see in our dreams that person that sometimes seemingly haunts us that it seems so far away but we want to create it we want to bring it into the now moment we’re gonna talk about that how to do that I’m doing it my guest has done it we know about the law of attraction we know about mental and spiritual alchemy we’re gonna be talking about something that’s even new to me something called the Stockdale paradox what is that how do we get into it so my guest today is jazzy Ellis we’ll jump into that conversation here in a minute I want to thank everybody who is supporting my work over there on patreon patreon comm backslash truseq if you would like to come on board and support what I’m bringing to the table the podcast my music you get access to my entire discography you get access to the Thursday night school of the mystic sessions which is the community aspect to the podcast and what we’re bringing to the table here so give a quick shout out to the latest patrons we have Jonathan Santiago brother thank you for coming aboard Shannon Lewis and Austin Bruce thank you guys so much for believing and what I’m creating and bringing to the table and supporting it I couldn’t do it without you thank you guys backslash true seeker so I think we’ve worked out the bugs my guest today again jazzy Ellis how are you my friend can you hear me I’m great and I’m so happy to hear you thank you for welcoming me on the show really cool really cool thank you for being here just to kind of set the scene a little bit my wife and daughter went to moba Khan which is like a Comic Con for Mobile Alabama and so they went to a panel that you held or you were featured on and heard your story heard what you do some of the the films that you’ve worked in some of the acting and the stunt work of things like that they went to the panel heard your story made you made mention of the Stockdale paradox something that was foreign to my wife at the time foreign to me as well I know she went to you and said that you would make a great guest on the podcast she came to me and just was head over heels I can’t wait for you to do it you and she was on me she’s like you need to get her as a guest looked into your work looked into the stunt reel looked into the act and stuff and I really liked your story I really like what you bring to the table and you take spirituality your stunt performer actor and activists and a healer as well so all of that stuff kind of combining for your alchemy to bring you where you are to the table if you want to give a little bit about your background at what you do that’d be awesome to kind of get familiar with the audience sure so I am a professional stunt performer for film and TV I am also a healer I am a Reiki Master and I lead guided meditations for healing and all of these I do for myself as well and that’s kind of how I make it from day to day with my Reiki healing and my guided meditations but before Suns I was a high school teacher and I taught math and special ed and this was actually or the Stockdale paradox was something that I taught to my students to get them to believe in themselves a little more and that to ensure that they can accomplish their goals know what what some of the shows that you’ve been you’ve worked on you’ve worked on The Walking Dead you’ve done some stuff with Marvel what are some other shows you’ve been on or movies the Marvel shows I’ve done Avengers infinity wars I was a jabari warrior on that film I was in Luke Cage season 2 which comes out is it today or tomorrow comes out tomorrow on Netflix yeah I’ve been in a few TV shows shots fired like you said The Walking Dead NCIS New Orleans yeah fun stuff a bunch more than that you you’ve been busy you’ve been busy so from becoming a teacher doing that and that playing a part of who you are now you’re teaching still right you’re still teaching even as you’re doing your panels in your discussion still kind of bringing that over still teaching people to believe in themselves and that they can fill their dreams so like I said we’ve we heard about the secret we’ve heard about the law of attraction mental spiritual alchemy these type of things what is the Stockdale paradox in how does it apply to us so the Stockdale paradox is that you have to come to terms with your current situation the very brutal realities of it no matter how deep how dark you have to get to come to terms with where you are right now that’s step two step one and step two is understanding that you will accomplish your goals no matter the one or the how it’s gonna happen so those two parts and now Stockdale was a prisoner of war and Vietnam I believe for seven years and he witnessed his fellow prisoners of war around him dying for different reasons whether it was suicide and the people who’ve committed suicide were dying of broken hearts because they they were optimistic too optimistic they set a time limit on they wouldn’t be out so let’s say Christmas is coming up they would think to themselves Oh Christmas is here of course we’re gonna get out now and then Christmas would pass and they’d still be in prison and they passed because of a broken heart and now pessimists they would think oh I’m never gonna get out and so let’s just end it now and Stockdale he thought I don’t know when I’ll get out but I know I’ll be free eventually and so he just kept the faith he accepted the brutal realities of the situation that yes he was a prisoner of war he had to do what these captors made him do and then seven years later he was free and not a lot of his fellow prisoners made it out but he did because he kept he kept the faith and he understood where he was at the time very similar to my story especially using the term prisoner I got to a place within my journey of my my profession I was a truck driver for over ten years and eventually that cab of that truck started feeling like a cake like a cage like a prison but man I’m stuck for you know seventeen hours a day sometimes operating doing this building someone else’s dream and that’s okay if that’s what you want to do with your life and and you’re good with that but for me I felt like I had some deeper calling there was things that I knew that I was supposed to be doing that I didn’t have the time to do it while I was in that cab I would listen to podcasts I would listen to inspirational teachers who are living out their dream being authentic and every aspect of who they are and creating the life that they wanted for themselves and that stuff it created within me I talked about being envious like I was envious but in a good way like if you see somebody like your good deeds your lifestyle should be envious people should look at this so you know what I want what that person wants but not that to be a hater but to be envious like you know what I can I’m gonna live my best life and I’m not going to I’m not gonna settle until this vision and dream that I have comes to light and people get to a place where it begins to taunt them like you literally your dreams are taunting you because they seem so far out of grasp and our guests like to Stockdale paradox freedom was taunting him you’ll never be free all your families forgot about you and you’re gonna die here just like the person next to you or is you know has died and uh it’s it’s weird I always relate stuff back to the scriptures and as a scripture that says even though like A Thousand shall fall am i right ten thousand on my left like no harm pretty much shall come to my dwelling and even though people are dying all around me I’m not gonna be a statistic I’m gonna rise above and if you believe that it’s more than just believing it’s more than just a secret of envisioning it or speaking it out and creating it that’s part of it but it’s I talked about walking it out building it creating it you use the term fighting for it you have to fight for what you believe in and kind of prove that that’s what you really want it’s uh you want to talk a little bit about fighting for your dream and fighting for your goal of what that looks like definitely so for me that looks like listing out everything that I don’t have going on right right so in terms of the Stockdale paradox that would be the brutal reality of your current situation so for me before stunts my current situation was I was a high school teacher working 120 hours a week as a math and special ed teacher I had a caseload of over 40 kids the state law said I shouldn’t have had more than 25 each of my classrooms was 35 kids state law said I couldn’t have more than I think the special special education number was 15 at the time so I was overworked in every way possible and again I wasn’t working towards my dreams although I’m very happy to have shared what I had to share with my students it just wasn’t the path that I thought I would be on at the time so it was coming to terms with that like okay this is what I’m doing now now I’m a high school teacher I’m working 120 hours a week for someone else and not for myself I wasn’t taking care of myself my health was going like I had lost so much weight because I didn’t have time to eat like so many things were going wrong and I’m like okay this is what I don’t want my life to be right now so what what is it that I do want and how am I going to fight for that so what I wanted was to be a stunt performer I know that sounds crazy because I was I was a high school teacher I’m like okay I want to do stunts for a living but I talked to my principal I was just like hey can I have a few days off just to go work on this film set and I’ll be back like of course like thinking about it now it sounded absolutely insane that question but she said yes she said of course you’ve been working crazy hard your numbers are high your kids are testing high go do it see how you like it tell me tell me about it when you get back and I loved it I fell in love with it and I went back and I told her how much I loved it and I was just like I don’t know if I can keep teaching if that’s if that’s the path that I feel like I should be on and she said okay well we’ll have a finish out here and then let’s see if we can transition into that goal and it worked out that’s beautiful and it’s like you said not denying the fact that it doesn’t look possible it looks so far away it was insane like I started I started I went lava I was telling a little bit about wanting to become a healer and that just looked I don’t feel like or even being doing a podcast what I’m doing now bringing to the table there were so many things against me though I had done shows in the past every other word was um you know like I hate listening to myself I still even don’t like to listen to myself but there was all these things I have to learn how to speak and then I want to do guided meditation so how are you gonna do guided meditations in your rapper you sound you know you have broken English and things like this and how are you gonna do this so all of these things is like there’s no way there’s no way but to just have that vision to have that goal in mind to say you know what this is what I want and whatever it takes I’m gonna create it I’m gonna birthed it I’m gonna keep it in my vision I’m gonna speak to it and create it I know that I’m stuck in a truck right now I know that I have to be tied down to this machine to just simply keep the lights on and support a family I’ve even heard people say when talking about your dreams like this is this is something too because now I don’t want to throw the person under the bus but it’s it’s somebody that we both know told a friend of mine that you had your shot okay now it’s time for your children it’s time for you to invest in your children you may be tied down to that truck you may be tied down to that job you had your shot now you have to prepare your kids for their shot and it’s like that’s that voice in the background man you know go ahead I’m sorry everyone has their own life their own path and I feel like yeah kids and the family is one goal but everyone has so many other goals that they want to lead and it shouldn’t stop just because they’re helping their kids get to their goals yeah someone said that it was very encouraging at and up it was very discouraging even to hear that because it comes in like while you’re trying to rationalize with your inner self that inner child letting that person come back hey you can live or hey it’s time you know I’m grown now I’m getting older like I need to you know focus on other things and I remember sitting in my truck crying because that dream was so like even after I had a float tank experience psilocybin encounter I’ve been reading The Alchemist all of these things which are a concoction to push you over the edge to obtain up obtain your dreams sitting in my truck crying waiting on a customer to open I was like when do you give up on your dream like if that’s true like if that’s like if you’re too old like if you’re a has-been like you just got a shit I get do I get used to this is it done do I move on what age or when do you give up on your dreams or should you ever do you go to the grave not and not try you know what I’m saying where does that come into play that was facing the reality of my current situation but having that vision where does spirituality come in for you it’s and I think it’s pretty much every aspect of like you said it’s part of your day to day life but where does it come come into getting that picture of our dream what we’re supposed to be doing there’s people listening to have no idea what they’re supposed to be doing they just are on default they wound it up at a job he’d been there for years running into some type of career that they didn’t plan on and they don’t know what to do what a spirituality come into play with trying to focus on your dream or you’re calling or whatever you want to call it yeah so like you said spirituality is part of my everyday life and it has been for a long time I actually studied religion in college so it’s something that I I need for a reset when things aren’t going right I just know okay let me give myself ten minutes at least and either meditate on it pray about it talk to my higher power about it and just give myself the time to feel it out I guess but whenever I give myself that time to myself and to my dreams because that’s what I feel like I feel like when I’m giving myself time to meditate or to think about what I want to do I’m giving my dreams time to come to fruition and to think about the next steps but that happens every day every day I give myself that time and reevaluate my current situation and see if I’m still on the right path towards my goals I don’t know when I’ll accomplish them and I don’t think that there should be a time limit on on any of your goals but as long as I’m working towards it and when I give myself the time to meditate on it I’m I’m still on the right path I feel good about myself but that’s where my spirituality is every and every day when I give myself that ten minutes in the morning and at night that’s good and I mean that could change your life I talked to a friend of mine who watches the show he he he’s giving herself to 15 minutes a 15 minute meditation every morning and that that simply that 15 minutes it’s changed his life to become mindful to get the goals and activities and kind of go into the ether I know we make this sound spiritual and woowoo it is for me this is my way of explaining it not everybody has to I mean people are living out their dreams and living out and doing what they were sitting here to do without the help of this type of stuff maybe it comes into play but by default for them maybe they are doing things they just word it differently but for me it’s always been about going into the dream state through meditation through prayer and and finding that vision for myself and finding ways to pull it out of this imaginary realm this person that exists in your mind that you want to create and pulling it out and it’s one thing to to be mindful but it’s about remaining mindful and not letting anything pull you pull you out of that going back to when you should give up on your dream there’s never cut it off like the whole away there’s no wind um I’m 34 even in hip-hop it’s a young man’s game for the most part they laugh at has-been rappers or whatever I’m just now starting to make a lot of noise as far as people finding out who I am and and and things like that and just now I’m 34 years old I’m just now doing what I was sitting here to do all of it’s been the part of the mission all of it was used and all of it was I was at the perfect place at the perfect time none of it was wasted time I don’t I don’t believe in that but a lot of people are applying these spiritual principles that you’re talking about you know we mentioned all these terms and they’re doing it in their 50s 60s new enthusiasm for life and they’re going back at 70 years old and doing what they always want it to do their whole life and they’ve been they’re able to create it and bring it into this existence so as far as those who feel like they should give up those who feel like they should you know just focus on the kids or whatever the case is what would you say that is their encouragement they have to fight for it what would you say to that so for me as a daughter I am inspired by my mom who went back to college in her fifties and she recently graduated with her master’s degree and nursing and like she didn’t have to she had a great job but she wanted to learn more for herself and just me being an adult and looking at my mom going after her own dreams and like that’s inspiring to me because I’m like okay when I get to that age I can still do things that I didn’t think I could do or that I thought time would have run out for me for like no it’s never over we’re still as long as our hearts still tickin and we want something in life we can still go after it and I don’t I think it’s it’s a way to challenge ourselves to to create new goals for ourselves and to go after them you always have to have that vision of something you want to you want to create you always have to have that next step there’s never like this place of arrival even once we’re here like and I’ll tell you this and maybe you can relate but that drive that I had while I was in that truck that cage it felt like 17 hours a day like I’m wishing like what if I had 17 hours to work on music but if I had 17 hours to devote to a podcast and it ate me alive is like how do I do that but that it created a drive within me like that passion is okay i’ma I’m gonna work I’m almost a year into this now I’m doing this full-time the drive has changed not in that truck anymore I’m having to learn how to stay motivated now that I’m on this side new vision that the Bible says that where there is no vision the people perish where there is no vision that people cast off all restraint they just we gotta have a vision we gotta have that that next move we got have a vision board like what do we want to do how do we get to the next level as far as reaching people once we’re there how does that work for you have you felt that because like I know the feelings in the mote you’re not a you’re not in the classroom anymore you’re on sets you got all you got this big list of movies and films that you’ve worked on how does that change and how do you stay motivated or or do you not have to worry about it anymore like how does that so the crazy thing is when I started I was just like okay in the next five years I’ll be doubling two actresses a year and I’ll be happy well I reached that goal within two years and then I was doubling at least two actresses a month so I mean I surpassed my goal and then I was just like okay now what but every time you have to ask yourself now what you just need to up the ante a little bit okay create new goals and so now I’m upping my stunt skills too to be able to do new things and I’m working on those skills every day and I’m still trying to stay on top of my original goal which is to double now as many actresses as I can but I’m moving into writing and producing so as you accomplish one goal you just made room for another now how do you stay on top of those goals is it something that you that you write them down I know it’s like writing down your goal to dream your vision they said just by simply writing it down I think you’re achieve that goal by just writing it down doing that it’s just a dream it’s just a dream and you’re just gonna keep dreaming it and it’s gonna stay a dream it’s never gonna be a goal that you accomplished you have to write it down or at least say it to somebody give yourself some accountability to make it concrete and for me I spend at least five minutes in the morning I try to at night as well but definitely in the morning I write down my goals I write down my feeders because I have to confront those fears those are my fears are part of my brutal reality in terms of the Stockdale paradox so I write down my fears I work through them like why am i why am i thinking that about myself or why do I have doubts in that area and I work through those and I get to it I get to my goals just journaling yeah it’s so it’s so powerful writing it down speaking it out creating it there’s also another scripture that says assist it to get the vision write it down make it plain like there’s precepts to do this of the ancients did it they created it they had a vision it’s easy to forget like we would like to just be mindful of at all times and and and have a to-do list in your head but when you I’m telling you when you write it down you’re able to look at it you’re able just envision it and it’s not just something that just trust me man we have ideas and then three weeks passing like Mia I had that idea but if you were to wrote it down on the paper you can always come back to it you can always chip away a little bit at it and you can whatever you want to do it we talk about hard work hard work pays off you have to do the work you have to take that seed you have to go to that ground you have to tilt it till the land the hard or stony ground whatever it is you got to cultivate the land you have to plant the seed you have to water it you have to you know come back and keep watering it make sure it gets sunlight once it starts growing come back here and take the pull the weeds around and you have to cultivate that Jam it’s it’s it’s precious it’s precious and it takes work yeah I love that analogy my dreams are my gardens yeah and who are you letting in your garden if we talked about this last night on my friend Christy Lee’s podcast like there’s people like want there in your garden and the fruit isn’t ready to be picked yet like there’s a little tomato growing or something and and it’s supposed to be big and ripe to eat and if you let it grow it’s kind of it’s gonna be big it’s gonna feel it feed people and you know this whole garden but there’s people there who are who are taking you know your fruit before its time and there’s people who are in your life speaking against your dream all you can’t do that you should’ve did that ten years ago you’ll never be a speak great speaker you’ll never do this how are you gonna motivate people when you can’t motivate yourself there’s always people speaking in trying to take away from that dream dream killers dream stealers they’re envious if you know misery loves company these people how do you identify and have you had to personally identify with people who were like toxic like I got to get this person out of my life there’s not there’s no way that I’m going to be able to move to the next level with this person always shaming me bringing me down and I’m gonna keep me you know on the same level that they are like they they’re good at certain levels but literally when you go to another level man some people they can’t go with you we would love to bring our crew we would love to bring our people who’ve been there from day one because what if like if I eat we all eat my people like not everyone is ready to go with you yeah not everyone is ready but also when people shine or when people dim their own light to shine negativity on you it’s because they’re going through their own thing or anything that they say negatively that’s what they’re dealing with anything that we’re focused on in life that’s what we’re going to be talking about and if we’re talking negatively to other people that’s probably how we talk to ourselves too and so what I do have negative associates or friends or even family I try to acknowledge where that negativity is coming from and if I can do something about it I do if what I can do doesn’t help the situation then I do separate myself because I can’t be surrounded by that when I’m on a different path or a more positive I’ve been to those dark places and I’m I don’t want to return to them I don’t I will help you come out of those places but if you don’t want to come with me I can’t force you so that’s how I feel about that yeah getting the negative people out of your life the toxic people people who bring you down dealing with them but then again I’m on the opposite spectrum how do we find people that compliment what we’re doing how do we find those people who have the same goals in mind you know what I’m saying how do we keep those people or attract those people into our lives the people who can help us get to that next level this is something that you do really well with your with your podcast and with your music I think by sharing our message with the world were automatically going to find the people that are meant to be with us people are going to hear our message and they’re going to latch on to us and those people are our tribe so for me by by going out and teaching the world what I have to teach at different panels or on this podcast or everything I’m saying today with you I also say at work like when I get down time at work and I’m talking to my co-workers the casting crew of different sets this is what we’re talking about we’re talking about how to achieve more goals how to bring each other more light in life and just by sharing your own personal message and your own personal story you’re gonna find your try now what about not not those people who are after the same things that you are and they want to be a motivational speaker they want to be a stunt double they want to be an actor and activist a healer like there’s those people who are with us trust me like our vibe attracts our tribe those people are all around us I have a lot of people who want to do broadcasting they want to do their own podcast they they want to be rappers like everything that I’m doing like they see I do it well and they come to me so those people are naturally going to come what about I’m having a little trouble but I know I know the trouble is is there to show me that I need to work on it and if I’m going to go to the next levels I need this what about the people in our lives that we need to to complement our weaknesses like if I’m surrounded by 50 motivational speakers like that’s one thing what about the the people who are able to do the things that I can’t do so and I’ll put this out there and I’m gonna create this by just even putting it out there right now just by speaking it I need two people to help me edit my podcast down and create snippets from segments out the podcast I don’t have the time to go back and listen and reiterate and mix down and like I need that in my life so I’m putting that out there anybody listening reach out to me if you want to help me create snippets there’s that I need help with that um I can’t do it how do we attract those people into our lives who are able to compliment our weaknesses like whether it’s a I don’t know if you if you’re your own agent or you have an agent who gets you on jobs and and sends out emails and handles that kind of stuff like there are people who here to assist us and help us do things that that we can’t do I have a good friend of mine Christie Lee she does what I do she’s a psychic healer has her own show there’s no idea how to build a website she has no idea how to create graphics or even where to start video editing promotion I do all that for her like I’m that person for her in her business in her her calling but how do we do that do we just simply speak it out do we look for it what would you say that I say step one is realizing that you need help in whatever area that you need help in and then you know just putting out there I do I do think that when there’s people who are better than us at in a certain area we have to be a bit more careful about letting them in because just because they’re good in this area they might not be good in that area that might be I mean you might have to set healthy boundaries for yourself depending on what they’re lacking but that’s that’s I guess more personal for me because I I tend to mirror the people around me so if I have people around me that aren’t working towards similar goals that I am it’s kind of distracting for me yeah so that’s a little caveat about boundaries but yeah just putting out there is enough the the universe will answer with exactly what you need but knowing that you needed that goes a long way too right actually knowing that you need it because everybody wants to be or you would like to try to do as much as you can and be the one-stop shop like I’m gonna market it I’m gonna promote it I’m gonna be this and it’d be awesome if you could do that but eventually like you’re doing this stuff when you should be creating your art like a little bit of it over the years has become my art I’ve had to learn how to do everything I literally record the music through the album artwork there’s a promo material shoot the video edit the video promote the video and it’s like all these stages I’ve learned how to do myself but it’d be super beautiful if I could just work on the music give it to a team they promote it like and you have to actually market yourself we want to try to do it all but to understand that look I need to see what my weaknesses are maybe hire a videographer maybe hire an agent who’s gonna send these emails out for me or get me on podcasts or get me on shows and do this kind of marketing side for me like those people exist for a reason right and also when when you’re going from working for for someone else to working for yourself you’re excited about all the power that you have in the beginning and then you realize oh I actually don’t want all this power I actually don’t want to do that thing because that’s like a task that takes all my energy away and so giving up some of that power and letting someone else have it you know so that you can work collectively towards the same goal there’s even more power in that so giving up control I said that’s a big one for me to get over right yeah I think I think for everyone who’s out working towards their own personal goals like giving up control and sharing power with someone else towards that same goal like that’s a big step but I think it’s something that every human should write yeah I’ve created this platform with the podcast and my music literally by networking and there’s power and numbers there’s power and connecting with people and I’ve had guests on who are like have a massive followings and I’ll have them on and they’ll tweet the show out and instantly I got thousands of views instantly and now I have people who are able to resonate with my work because they heard this you know because I was on their show or featured on their album or they’re on my album the same way with with this what we’re doing right now there’s people in the comment section now saying they absolutely adore your story and adore you they want more info on you so you know what I’m saying so that’s what it’s about networking and working together and not being afraid to share the limelight or the platform that’s big for me because I come out of the Christian industry the Christian the gospel music and it was always people who disapprove of your platform and if there was any flaw if there was anything they didn’t agree with or anything that that they or even if they thought that you might take their fanbase in the Christian industry like they wouldn’t work with you they’re that protective and then I’ve just kind of what had helped me have an awakening was to be able to work with people of other faiths and people who were who had lack of faith maybe from Christianity and find out hey these people like religion really can be something that binds people and holds them back is what the Latin word means religio but to understand it look networking has done wonders it’s beautiful I’ve built everything through that you need you need people yeah obviously and and you’re gonna rely on people I mean I’ve watched I watched some of your reels that have been put together you didn’t edit those you know after you’ve done an acting role or whatever you relied on that person’s magic when that person’s skill set to edit those clips to the best of their ability and make you shine right you relied on that and that’s part of it it’s finding those people who can who can make you shine and being able to but you made them shine to you creating your magic working your magic and creating that scene and all things work together I think that’s why I love film work so much because I mean yeah you can create films by yourself but the best films are made with big budgets and a whole bunch of people ya know you’ll have 500 people on a set for three months and that’s like when you when you consider all these people are working together towards the same goal it’s beautiful and every everyone has their certain job mine is usually stunts or acting but like we’re all doing something that really adds to the finished product and that feels really good to work with people yeah my problem is there cuz I have I’ve studied it all and I’m pretty good at it all I want to have creative control you know in it maybe maybe to a flaw moving forward definitely to a flaw moving forward but it’s gotten it’s gotten me to where I am today as far as like I want to shoot the video and I want to be in the video but you can’t do both right I can’t shoot the video and be a actor role in the video or be the performer in the video you have to find people you trust but having that creative eye even with the music to mixing the mastering I don’t I want to be could I wanna have control over all my stuff it’s it’s work to create a brand and create Beauty that I’ve been able to bring to the table but it’s that I’m like obsessive even over the creative control of my image or my persona with with the music and videos and everything that is being pushed out there so much so that moving forward it could be a flaw because there would be no way that I could open up time for any anything else like that would just it takes too much time to shoot a video edit a video ba-ba-ba-ba on those people who complement and who can help you get to the next level in a free up time so there’s wisdom in that going back to a capture in the dream what like for those who are there like what like what’s like practically what is would a step one I know we bring it break it down to a spiritual level but to be very practical what do we do there’s people who are still stuck in in that truck there’s people who were in that office job we listen to testimonies of people who who were you know working for fortune 500 companies and making hundreds of thousands a year but they’re not happy and make you hundreds of thousands of dollars a year building somebody else’s dream but inwardly they want to be a Reiki Master they want to be a healer they want to help humanity in whatever facet that that is and it drives them crazy you know and a lot of lot of things happen spiritual awakenings near-death experiences ayahuasca journey so the Simon float tank we talked about that what like what is something practical that people can do like what would you say it would be the first step for that person step one even before speaking out your goal because that’s an essential step I would say give yourself time and just feel feel out your current situation like pause at work or pause and and you’re so for me it would be pause and between classes in my classroom when I was still teaching for you would be pull over and just stop and feel how you feel in your truck if you don’t like the feeling ask yourself why or if you already know that if you already know where you want to be but you’re still there okay skip to that skip to the next step which would be to write down the goal write it down or tell someone hold yourself accountable to actually starting on the path towards your goal and maybe it’ll take a while before you can completely transition over to you know full-time working for yourself but at least you’re working towards it just baby steps everyday if you need to maybe 20 minutes a day if that’s all you have time for to still pay your bills and to work towards your goals and give yourself those 20 minutes a day to work towards your goal but yeah step 1 feel it out give yourself time to really like understand where you are right now understand how you feel understand where your intuition is telling you to go step tell a family member tell your accountabilibuddy I like that word someone to hold you accountable as you’re working towards this goal and then get to work just get to work now let me ask you this have you ever felt any guilt by eating paid making a living doing what you love to do and I preface that because I come out of religion and there was a there’s a big thing there of like you should do it for God you should do this for free that’s a big thing trust me and and weird out with you’re in New Orleans right now we’re in the Bible Belt we deal with this like big-time I know you should be doing that for free there’s people who think that I should create my music and they should be able to download it for free and I shouldn’t make even Jesus survive off of the donations from his disciples like come on really yeah well there’s like a lot of people have to get over that guilt because of that beating people in their ear like those people are in our ears man they’d like me literally they’re blogging about us they’re doing it it’s insane and it’s because I have a background in that and I deal with a lot of people coming out of religion who listened they just so I deal with and they have to they have to go through that what would you say to them to you know who are dealing with that I would say there’s a reason that God put us here on this earth and if we’re not working towards our own personal purpose that he put us here for them what are we working towards and why are we making ourselves feel guilty for doing the work that God put us here for and paths change and that’s that’s normal I feel like life is a roller coaster so if you’re on a different path than you thought you would be guess what that’s what God wants for you and I I think that everyone should be able to make a working living off of their own dreams that’s that’s the weird thing and I’m still blown away I’m still blown away that people because I love creating music i people pay you for what you love to do I feel like that should be everybody’s goal like I really do feel like everybody has that ability I don’t feel like you should be a slave for your wage no matter what or whatever part point you’re at in life then you shouldn’t feel tied down or feel broken and beat up and like your dreams have passed you I think that that we all have the ability to go back now we have to do the work we have to prove to God the universe ourselves that we want it and we’re worthy of it we all are worthy of it but you have to do the groundwork as much as we’d love to and that’s the Dane because you’re a Reiki healer up Reiki healer Reiki practitioner I do spiritual work there’s a bunch of spiritualist listening to this right now we help people it’s not man went off on a tangent about this last night it’s not we don’t have a magic wand bibbidi-bobbidi-boo we’re not like we’re in God is not a genie it’s not a magical lamp like that you could just get your wish and not do the work like we can give you the principle we can motivate you spiritually we can teach you practical I really believe that they’re practical things spiritually that we can do to be mindful to stay mindful to get that goal to get that vision to speak out the things that we want and its power the spiritual power Justin Sibley speaking at all speaking to the things that are not as though they were that’s biblical but it’s not we don’t have a magical one I wish we did sometimes I feel like I did in the past but it’s becoming seemingly more real to me that this is something that you have to work for you really do I wish we I wish I can give you the wisdom and and and it would be an overnight success it is this what what I’m doing what you’re doing like it’s it’s taken years to do this right it wasn’t overnight you just didn’t you know you had those dreams those visions and stuff and and and you acted upon them and II you have to do that so would you I mean we don’t want to sell anybody false a hope or false vision like you have to do the work right right and I mean part of my journey is all the failures as well so yeah there’s no false hope like this journey is not the easiest one that I’m on but it’s one I chose and it’s one that I’m working consistently on it’s like I don’t know it’s hard work yes fail often and fail big is what others are there’s like a there’s a video out there by um what’s his name uh Will Smith they’ll often and fell big and I love those people who were giving back you love what you’re doing you’re giving back you know what I’m saying like I’ve reached it and it’s not I’m not trying to hold it to myself I’m trying to share it like these are practical ways that you can create the life that you want for yourself I love listening to the people who do that and who bring the spiritual aspect I listen to like Denzel Washington Will Smith Oprah a lot of those people who were like look it’s spiritual but it’s practical too and you have to do both like learning from your failures is huge like you have to if you don’t learn from the past you’re just gonna recreate it and you’re gonna keep you gonna be stuck in that cycle unless you learn the lessons that the universe or God is trying to teach you there but also learning from the mistakes of others right you see other people trying to do it and they’re doing it this way and it’s not working learn from the successes of others look this guy he does it when he does it this way he gets a lot of feedback a lot of things are working marketing Facebook the way he’s sharing whatever learn from that take it make it your own you know what I’m saying it’s working and that’s the beauty of the alchemy of it all it’s using everything to get you to that that step that next level that you want to be for your life and it’s a it’s for everyone but you have to prove that you want it I want to hear about your sensory deprivation tank experience because I mentioned it before we went live and you you’re in New Orleans right now and you said your first experience was at no low-flow tanks which I’m good friends with the owner Spencer uh Spencer for CA and I’ve been there several times and that particular place has been came up in my story many times and I’m doing what I’m doing today because of a float tank encounter with psilocybin what was your encounter is it just relaxing you feel really euphoric and high because you feel like you don’t exist when you’re in there and you get out and you know all the magnesium and salt in your body it’s a beautiful encounter what was your encounter go on to the floating shop so I actually wasn’t going for the spiritual aspect of it although that’s what I found when I was there I was going more for the healing for the the Epsom salt part of it since I really needed a good soak that’s that’s when I first got into stunt work and I was just in a lot of pain hmm and so I did my first time in was a 30-minute session and I was like oh this is awesome I was listening to like Reiki music and just escaping into the divisions that my mind created when there was nothing to look at and nothing to be present for besides myself so yeah it was like a nice I don’t know I might have even fallen asleep for part of it but it was just a an escape into nothingness almost but my next session I extended for an hour and that’s when I i created sort of cartoons in my mind of how I wanted things to go in my life but yeah it was fun it was cool NOLA full tank awesome awesome yeah yeah definitely good people Spencer over there but um yeah and it’s part of just that being mindful every time I went like I went in mission minded like you said you can go there and you can just relax and have a good good you know you can get healed like you I feel euphoric and high when I get out just because all the salt and it just does wonders for your body really but what like with spirituality with anything in life you get what you’re looking for you know what I’m saying I find that there’s a Bible we talk about this all the time but there’s a Bible verse that says the promises of God are yes and amen and we talk about whatever you release to the universe God the universe says yes amen okay I hate myself I’m stupid yes amen giving it back to you I’m beautiful people love me I’m going to impact thousands with mas with my voice people are gonna be healed when they hear me speak people are gonna be inspired when I speak okay yes creating it for you yes and amen that’s literally what happens and when we go into the the astral realms through meditation through that 15 minutes the five minutes that you’re talking about we find it’s time to get available to go into those those states through the meditate meditation through the prayer through the float tank experience we get what we’re looking for if we just need to kind of get that game plan for the day we need to focus on our breathing focus on our body get healing for ourselves whatever we’re looking for we’re gonna find it and that’s the beaut of it in essentially we’re playing a game I feel like well like this is just life playing the game called life and there’s rules to it and many of us were put here and we’re just on default and we have no idea how to play the game we have no idea like that there’s boundaries and out of balance we don’t know that there’s things that we can do to get ahead or things that we can do to mess ourselves up we haven’t been taught these things but we understand stories we look at ancient writings and stuff and we see these laws and these principles hermetic principles the law you know the 48 laws of my heart that it’s all of these beautiful precepts there to understand is something called universal law and whatever we put out we get back whatever we sow will reap be not deceived whatsoever a man so is he will also reap blessings honor praise you know again III give hats off to everybody who supports my work but like I have people who who want to have so they want to do what I’m doing they want man you got all these people supporting you buh-buh-buh hold on okay have you ever supported anyone like have you seen someone on who somebody in need have you helped that person have you seen that person could you fulfill a need that that that person need it and not getting anything in return have you been that we’re gonna we’re gonna receive that back there’s years like you have teaching children helping children encouraging them to go after their goals and their dreams and seemingly you fell in to yours right it was all part of the process but whatever we so whatever we plan if we want if we want opportunity then we need to give opportunities I’ve had all of these prosperity church guys in the past who have dealt with I love these people but they have this weird notion that they’re waiting to win the lottery like literally like they literally believe that God’s gonna bless them to win the lottery or have this a creative idea that’s gonna get them Millions and when they get their Millions they’re gonna help the home they’re gonna feed the orphans take care of the widows and all of these things that Jesus said do they’re waiting to win the lottery to do this when they have the means to do it in some type of capacity capacity right now like you can help somebody in need right now and if it’s in your heart you can do it and who’s the descriptions are believe they’re true when it says that whoever is faithful with the few I’ll make them ruler over more be faithful with that teaching job show me you care about these these children tell me you care about people show me you’re not gonna squander the money away show me you’re not gonna do this learn the you know how to appreciate people learn how to appreciate good things you know come from nothing that’s the alchemy and I believe that everyone that we have to learn them however that comes to you through this conversation through someone’s story that that you know it’s for everyone to do it was there any books was there any philosophy or anything like that besides to Stockdale paradox I know that was big for you anything else that encouraged you like it was like a big deal to you for me it was the alchemists psilocybin floating meditation music all of these other things anything else that was big for you I think my my senior thesis in college was huge because I went to the Ecuadorian Amazon and studied under two different shamans who kind of not made me lose faith and what I believed in but expanded my my belief system that’s well that’s what I’ll say they expanded my belief system and made me see that there was way more out in the world then I thought as as an America as a privileged American going to the Amazon but yeah I think that experience just opened my mind to different ways of viewing the world and I think that’s where my path sort of shifted mmm-hmm did you come in contact with any plant teachers or anything like that while you were there in the Amazon I was cleansed with ayahuasca in the traditional ceremony under under one of the shamans and yeah I learned a lot about myself yeah that’s beautiful beautiful man all of it is the alchemy I really I really believe it we I don’t believe in last years and even when we get off a track you know whether it can happen you can be walking in your dream walking in your call and everything’s beautiful you’re blown away and then one thing happened and it was you’re like wow what did I do and then like that that person seems so far away like me and I was doing it it can’t happen and I was doing it but we fall off and we have to we have to find our way back to that and seemingly do the things that got us there again and and and do it with the right motive and right intentions and stuff and we still get discouraged right I mean that’s still you have to deal with that we’re not exempt we’re not privileged do you know what I’m saying like it’s really practical things and walking out your calling and walking out your dream before we go what would be something that you would you would say to that person who feels like giving up who feels like they don’t even know if they have a dream you know what would you say to those people about recapturing that dream and not giving up even though it looks like hell around them it looks like abuse around them it looks like judgment around them what would you say to that person to encourage them I would say you can always change your situation I’ve been in countless awful situations in my life but i I’ve I always held on to the fact that that was temporary that’s a temporary situation and that’s just something I needed to learn at the time it’s never the end whether you’re going through something good or something bad like your situation can always change and just putting that little effort in for yourself and not just for money not just for not just for what you think of as a good life but just truly for yourself listening to yourself being intuitive like trusting that you know what you want and listening to yourself you’ll get to where you need to be and don’t put a time limit on it but you’ll get to where you need to be I’ve been a an attitude of gratitude I think is is big right in every level every level and when I was in that truck like I would pull over or I would drive and I wouldn’t look at the grass but hey man I would love to lay down in that grass but I can’t like you’re seeing all these things that you can’t do but you you have to pull yourself back like I would I would let it torture me and I think for good reason a little bit it put something lit a fire within me that I could I don’t want to be torture I’m going after this thing but I would I have to bring things into perspective and and and approach it with gratitude hey everything because okay I’m here for a reason like I’ve I’m complaining about something that I prayed for you know what I’m saying at some point I was at a worse job right literally I was at very degrading jobs that’s that were part of my alchemy I’ve been there and I’ve prayed for a better job I’ve sought God for a better job and I got it and this was a lot better in my truck driving job that turned into a prison only because I wasn’t support like I was it was that that level of going to the next level that transition phase it was it was coming but we have to have an attitude of gratitude for everything for I mean everything our hands our breath that we have breath that we have life right now like so many people don’t even have that like people some people’s Tom have been cut short even in recent times of celebrities in all of these passings and deaths and suicides and stuff we have that breath within our lungs create the same breath that God breathed in to create everything that same Numa the spirit we have that we have that power to create so to be thankful for everything what whatever it is if if all you have is that breath be thankful for that breath man and to start there with that attitude of gratitude because it you’re gonna need it you never graduate from from gratitude man um jazzy thank you for coming on the show go ahead and share your links man if it’s social media I know you know you have a nice Instagram if people want to follow your work follow you check out what you do what you have to offer those type of things go ahead and share your work where people can can catch up with you yeah everyone can find me on most social social media networks at jazzy Ellis that’s j AZ zy e ll is if you want to look if you want to see some of the work I’ve done you can google me and find my reels or find links to my website but at jazzy Ellis yeah that’s that’s the new term when you finally made it may just Google me man I’m on all with you per what do you prefer Twitter YouTube Instagram Google me man I’m on all of it stuff jazzy I appreciate this talk thank you so much for coming on and sharing your story with the listeners and it’s very encouraging thank you so much I appreciate you thank you great talking with you I’m afraid I’ll send you this interview and everything once it’s processed over okay thanks so much jazzy Ellis ladies and gentlemen great talk great talk like I said my wife and daughter went to a mobile con which is mobiles Comic Con and they got to sit she she led a panel speaking about her story and her experience and it was just so encouraging to them and she my wife was like on me get her on the show get on the show okay I’ll check her out no no go you need to do it like set it up I want to hear it I want you to I want to hear the story you’ll love it and then she talked about the Stockdale paradox and talking about how this guy was a prisoner of war and how he didn’t let his circumstances affect his future he didn’t let his circumstances affect his outcome and I knew that’s what it was dr. paradox but for some reason when I looked it up to title this show wanted to bring that to the table I some reason I typed in the Stockholm Syndrome we have the Stockdale paradox in the Stockholm Syndrome and opposite in its Stockdale in Stockholm is two different things but Stockdale was a prisoner of war he didn’t that his circumstance speak for his outcome essentially he didn’t give up people around him are dying I’m not gonna die look that’s on y’all that’s what I’m not dying I typed in stop the Stockholm Syndrome talk home Central’s like the opposite because it says Stockholm Syndrome Stockholm Syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity these feelings resulting from a bond or in between captor and captives during an intimate time spent together they are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims psyche identifying with your Kaptur instinct or survival mechanism it’s almost like you look at like the slaves identifying with the slave master and just I hate this is what I am I’m just going to we get comfortable survive I did do anything to survive with and this is talking about being a prisoner and I find it funny because we’re talking about being a prisoner of war I felt like I literally said that term I feel like a prisoner in my truck I felt like I was in a cage man I mean that that mentality people are in relationships you feel like a prisoner and how do we get set for you how do we come out of it how do we obtain the life that we want for ourselves and I hope that your you’re not just gonna be a hearer of the word but a doer of the word and to simply apply these stuff these steps and the principles to your life because if you’re not you’re doing it wrong I hope that it encourages you I know that it encourages you I’m I’m reading the chat I get the end boxes still get the in boxes I love it thank you guys for reaching out and telling me that you love the show and what it’s doing for you it’s super encouraging because I still get the naked negative stuff and you know I still have to deal with those demons and deal with those monsters and whatever form they come I still deal with them I’m not exempt you know we still have to battle depression and fight it and all of that you never graduate from that stuff but it becomes a lot more easier especially if you know your calling and know what you’re supposed to be doing I spoke about reading this excerpt at the end of a manly P Hall book and I want to read this guy’s this really changed my my paradigm about deserves what and everyone deserves a perfect life I’ve interviewed people that says you deserve a perfect life and I think that you do I think you do I think you deserve to have your dreams fulfilled whatever those dreams are but it takes work and my paradigm shifted because matter how much I want you to walk in your best life no matter how much I want you to kick the addiction to go out there and get that job to create the life that you want for yourself I want it for you so much I want it for you so much because there was a burden there even when I was at the cusp of my awakening to do what I’m doing now we have this I guess through empathy being super sensitive like I would get sad to look at my bosses and my co-workers who were just like they’ve been doing this for years and I had to kind of get over it but I would look I’ll get sad I believe man like these people have given up on their dream like they’re just by default you work at this place and you’ve been here for 40 years and I don’t think that’s us which that’s what you wanted to do when you’re a kid did you want to work for this company and retire and just you know live to survive and you’re on default and that in in it would play out in in there emotions and how they treated people and you could you could tell that they were not happy where they were but they were there by the fall but a beautiful thing is like what we talked about like anybody can do it there’s people in there 50 60 70 s my friend Christie Lee she’s just just turning 50 and she’s now just now like walking in this beautiful call in this vision that she’s had for herself she’s just not doing it you don’t have to be 50 you can you can be she asks clients who come to her who want to do what she’s doing they’re much older than her and she’s working with these people in there taking the risk they’re stepping out in faith and creating the life that they want for themselves it’s possible it’s doable a vision of yourself that you want I see Jared in the chat he’s talking about working out talking about in a minute fasting he’s talking about all of these little things that help you create that desired life if you have a desired physique and work towards it Ogawa talk about the psilocybin when I talk about the flow tank experience in New Orleans drew Gobber was with me Alchemist allah sobhan in a float tank look change your life as I pursued my dream of my calling in that little fire within me to do what I’m doing today drew Gower was with me it was 400 pounds that was his prison his body became his prison we had a heart-to-heart during that uh boat tank session and in the suicide minute we just had a heart-to-heart and was I asked him a question there you know and it changed his life wrote about it in his book he sent me the rough copy to draft the reading I was in tears reading this story about me and how I encouraged him and how you know just being open with it man and seeing how all things work together man look whatever you want you can create it drew was 400 pounds he’s doubt he’s these were skinnier than me he’s he’s under hard work it Kayson pays off you fight for what you want we say work you know you got to work for what you won’t work for your dreams jazzy corrected me and said fight for it there’s times where drew he would get up and he wouldn’t want to go to the gym let me take an off day daughter the movement called no days off I’m not taking no off days this is what I want I’m gonna create it I’m gonna walk in it and he did that no days off was the movement and he didn’t take those days off when he wanted to when he felt like giving up he said no no days off show up as big simply showing up I’m gonna read this in I’m gonna believe that it’s going to change the way that you see things I hope that this going to light a fire within you as I read it it’s a couple pages this is the from the book it’s just simply called magic by Manley P Hall it deep does a lot of little small books and pamphlets and stuff and I’m gonna read this I hope it comes across are you but it changed the way that I’ve seen things like I do think everybody deserves to live out their dreams but at the end of the day if you don’t work for it you’re not going to do it matter how bad I wanted for you no matter how much i pray for you no matter how much i bless you no matter how much we try to pray you out of a situation you have to fight you have to prove that you want it this is your alchemy this is your journey the hero’s journey is about you this is your cross that you have to bear to find freedom want to read this it’s it’s a quite lengthy but I think that uh think that it’ll it got to the very end this is a good book but the very end is what is what stood out to me magic by Manley P Hall and it talks about white black and gray magic and the difference between them and magic is not always just spells and enchantments and things like this your words are magic abracadabra I bless what I speak you create as you speak your words are magic so the intention behind your words is magic here we go I’m gonna read this and I’m not the best reader so bear with me people who use these false systems vindicate themselves for the most part on to unsound hypothesis one that God has intended a man to have whatever his puny intellect desires to man knows what he needs both of these are false assumptions that was big on big for me May was not intended by God to be rich I’ve already got the gospel you know what I’m saying man was not intended by God to be rich wise beautiful healthy witty of charming personality or happily married this does not mean that the Lord has any objection to any of these things or all of them it merely means that if man desires these things must go forth as Adam was directed to earning his bread by the sweat of his brow and not by a sweat of somebody else’s there’s a lot of coattail riders out there man if they’re not look if they’re in that there’s people in there’s people riding with you in the boat and there’s secretly drilling little holes open that your float hoping hoping that you’ll sink hoping that you’ll come back to them and get in their boat the aura of man’s consciousness of Conte the aura of man’s consciousness is his dwelling place it is his feudal castle though he’d be driven from his home from his world that is a sanctuary nun has a right or good or ill to enter that sanctuary other than by the door anymore then one would have a right to enter another one’s home by the kitchen window the door of the sanctuary in this case is the physical world because here all men have the privilege of knowing their opponent here I’ll have an opportunity to struggle against the thing that they do not desire Dazz he talked about seeing your flaws in your fears and where you end up like those fears exist for a reason and not real but they exist you can learn from them here your brother has the privilege of rejecting your proposition or of accepting it if such be his pleasure he may let you into his house or keep you out as he may see fit or here at least there is one equality men may say yes or no according to their moral dictates and may have the privilege of defending their integrity with their lives you may go up to your friend John and say and here’s this is home for spiritual listening for healers you may go up to your friend John and say I wish you would stop smoking you are not to do that but you have no right regardless of how virtuous or altruistic your desire may be to sneak into the brain of John and implant there’s something which he cannot combat because he does not know that it exists any person who does such a thing assumes the responsibility for the life that he has led out of its natural course wouldn’t we like to pray the addiction away wouldn’t we like just like to pull it off of them the masters themselves our elder brothers will enter no man’s house unless he has invited they Accord all creatures the privilege of living their own lives this is your free will if Annan cultists were to break both legs and should ask in whatever way he knows that one of the great healers should mend his left leg the healer would come labor with the leg and go away even though he knew the right were broken also he would not touch it but he has not been given permission to work upon only one you so you have to have permission and I think that coming to a healer coming for prayer coming to God to have something to be rid of something there’s a consciousness there that lets you know that there’s a problem but you have to be open before God you have to be open before your peers to let them know give them permission if you don’t give me the permission we can’t work on that spiritually as a healer or the physician and God is known as the Great Physician wisdom is given to no man until he asked for it or in nature every creature is according to the privilege of the unfolding of its own destiny guarded and protected legitimately by those intelligences placed there by nature for that purpose those about us in the world who seek to assume the lives of others are set aside the law of the individual completeness always injured and seldom do good and a force your good deeds upon people it’s funny I remember a story back when I was just really gung-ho young Christian a buddy of mine back when he had to dial up like 56k modem if you wanted to download a song it may take you 5 hours to download a song and he had Napster whatever he was downloading all of these dis music that I thought was ungodly and I went and I and I said me you shouldn’t be listening to that oh I like it I got all these excuses I went in as a computer and deleted them all and I thought I was doing a godly service and he was pissed and he wanted to fight me after he had videos the videos would literally take two days to download back in those days stained corn Marilyn Manson all this kind of stuff I didn’t help him he was not wanted to and in my mind I was doing evert a virtuous assistants in aged and wise Chinese once set out to visit a distant place he sent a messenger I had to tell the good folks of the house to prepare him no food except rice but when he had had arrived he found many he found a many course dinner awaiting him but the good family felt that they must so honor his presence the philosopher reproved them saying I asked for rice do you have given me fish I asked for rice you’ve given me corn I asked for rice you gave me meat I asked for rice and you have given me sweets and among all these things you have given me o rice observing that the family was hurt by the words the philosopher added I have lived these many years and after studying carefully this body which God has given me I have found that it does flourish nobly upon rice it was with wisdom that I ordered rice it was with folly that you insulted me by offering other foods that I’m a great philosopher but I am wiser than all other men and yet you did not think me wise enough to order my own meal the same way when our brothers asked for rice we have no right to give him meat because we think he ought to have it it matters not whether the meat be physical or spiritual whether the rice be literal or allegorical no man who is sick should be healed merely because he is ailing his deep get this no man who is sick to be healed merely because he is ailing he should learn the lessons that accompany the disease that he has brought upon himself to affirm health is foolishness to find out the reason for the ailment make right the wrong and become healthy again is wise and proper to be so moderate so why so thoughtful as not to become sick it’s still better philosophy it is black magic of the worst kind to interfere in any way with the individuality and mental independence of any human being if this individual becomes a menace to society it may become necessary to incarcerate him or the good of the community but this is not in any way interfere with the conscious fruition of his mind beep if the incident shows such a one the error of his ways it as well but whatever the result has been permitted to remain the maker of his own destiny and a captain of his own soul he is at least living his own life and dying in the way that he chooses we will he has been reasoned with has failed he has been scorned pleadings and prayers all has been done that man can do net let no one enter the sanctuary even of the criminal soul or as his spirit is a part of God endowed with the inevitable precognition of choice so the vengeance of God will descend upon him who seeks to steal in and cloud the brain of the influence and or influence that divine spark against its own will many an individual has played havoc with the laws of nature by not allowing the individual to fulfill his own destiny I would I’m the game I’m I knew the rules it’s up to you you can’t say that you didn’t know Father forgive them for they know not what they do there’s grace there but once you understand there’s still grace but you have to make the choices yourself nobody can’t do it for you trust me no matter how much I would love to I would love to do it you have to this is your journey man we cannot always tell while souls come into the world rich or poor some took some to grow strong and survive others become weak and succumb but this we do know that the law of karma directs these things facing each life where it will BES facing each life where it will best learn the lesson needed for its growth some must learn in sickness and in pain others in laughter and joy some must learn to be exalted others to humble themselves but all are here to save their souls are the sweat of their brows to need the bread of their own existence even though they must mix it with their own lifeblood of myopic vision dares to ordain health for the sick or illness for the strong who dares to say to the poor man who dares to say this poor man should be rich or this man should be poor does he know the reason for his coming does he know the virtues and vite devices which lying hidden in the past are invisible because of his present condition that’s good or bad people love to come to you and say like you should do this or you should be here or don’t do this and I’ll do that you what you wasn’t there you weren’t there in those dark hours of learning in the dark night of the soul you wasn’t there when this was stolen from me when that person took that from me and I had to learn how to cope when that was taken you weren’t there I had to learn how to survive by the sweat of my own brow of my own feelings my own insecurities you weren’t there you haven’t heard me you ever heard me in my prayer closet you weren’t there with me you see this side of me I look healed I think everything’s fine everything’s going great said talk about this they said uh wish I could sit up and talk to beautiful women on podcast all day create it if that’s what you want you can create it whatever it whatever you think it is but you want you don’t know what this what goes into this I wished it I wish it was that easy you don’t know what goes in this has been years in the making this has been failure this has been ridicule this has been being open with your beliefs in your vision has led to ridicule like I’ve went through the dark night by being open and being me like I’ve went I’ve had the judgments of of my peers and the ridicule and not having anyone there who believes in you and everyone hoping you fail and hoping you learn the error of your ways and come back to their way of thinking like we’ve been there right nobody’s been in there with you in your prayer closet nobody’s listened to the hours and study in the schooling and everything that you did to try to build what you’re trying to create nobody’s been there man they ever felt that that pain you did does he know the reason for the environment which he dwells of the urge that have led him to this present state if not he should be silent don’t speak on this stuff man if you don’t if you listen if you don’t know any if you haven’t experienced it don’t speak on what somebody else is going through man do not speak on may this internet is given so many people platforms to voice their opinion who shouldn’t have one who shouldn’t be able to influence people you’re speaking on things that you have no bearing over you don’t know what these people have been through I see you know there was a there was a young man who died as a rapper xxn tascioni and he talked about depression he talked about drugs talk about a lot of stuff within his music and there’s people who were like laughing and they’re glad he’s dead like my close friends are like laughing at the memes you have to learn empathy man that that’s a son as somebody’s son that’s somebody who had a voice big enough that if they had compassion and grace given to them maybe they could have used that platform for something righteous for something good people are laughing at the demise of others and say they deserved it you don’t know what these people are going through man you have to be able to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes man and learn while they’re there have empathy that’s what it is you have you have sympathy for people but have empathy put yourselves in their shoes man and say if would you like to be the mother and read a mean that says I’m glad your son died he was a menace to society come on man by this we do not know mean that the world should be unsympathetic unsympathetic or unready to help you shoot you should be ready to help people you don’t laugh at them and at their demise we do mean however that the help should be given and not forced upon the other it means we should serve each other we should help each other and we should love each other but we should never try to obtain the whip hand over another or over nature what right as anyone to believe that man was born into this world to be happy the Arabian Nights it is written happiness must be earned deep I thought happiness was given I thought that God wants us all to be happy and it’s our birthright and destiny I think it is but it’s earned you have to fight for what you believe in you have to build it with the sweat of your own brow happiness must be earned we are born with a divine birthright a mind a heart two hands and two feet is that gratitude if any of these be missing at the time of our parents we have some other function proportionately developed to take its place with these tools we may go forth and earn happiness we have no right to assume that someone is going to thrust it upon us we have come here for the experience as a child who goes to school we may be happy in our studies or we may curse them all the days of our lives we may curse them all the days of our lives the Y’s are happy and doing the thing that should be done when we command the universe to make well the sick or to make rich the poor we know not where we speak of or in our zeal and ignorance we may be doing an irreparable injury to the one we love like a parent who cannot deny his children the sweetmeats that they want is deep beep stanga’s in granting their desires we endanger both the lie their lives in the lives of future efficiency let us rather assist all to adjust themselves to things as they are helping to build a more noble destiny for themselves not trying to give them something or force something or force the unknown upon them but rather assisting all to develop those faculties which will make them worthy to have the things which they desire and that great piece which all the world is seeking when we asked the infinite father to give us those blessings which we lack both the straight straight straighten the crooked path wherein we walk let us always add this stipulation to our endless string of desire let these things be if they are best for me if not I will not mind be done Jesus always qualify or will achieve by such difference to the divine will that alone does all things well in this we make safe our course of the procedure this humility will save us from great adversity who under the guise of egotism whisper to us that we are greater than the infinite time and time again as milton said we are hurled blaming from the ethereal skies when we seek to be greater than the power which is the cause of all things learning the sovereignty of God which is the power that is the cause of all things all things of the Bible say that all things work together for your good mr. alchemy guys we all want the good things of life we all desire to be surrounded by friends but we have no right to except to attract any of these things except when our lives have earned us the right to be honored respected and admired the struggle of the modern competitive ethics is very keen but it offers to the winner a prize in keeping with the intensity of the strife the environment of modern of modern social conditions was created by human qualities and temperaments and man has placed himself therein in order to learn how to adjust himself its complications and uncertainties the victory lies in control in the control he gains over himself his viewpoint his temperament in his inconsistencies man has long considered happiness to lie in dominating others or keeping up with the standards of the Joneses all through the ages he has driven either to imitate or control others instead of acquiring self-control and unfolding the individuality which makes him different from all other things and gives him the power of excelling in something when man exchanges his daily life of service or mental shortcuts he excuses his vices instead of mastering them he is falling under the influence of black magic it is a sub to power which caters to the worst in him people are eternally trying to walk out of difficulties instead of trying to work out of them result is always fatal for the problem evade it must forever be a problem unmastered The Situation’s in the circumstances are usually in our life for a reason the people the friends or the good or bad attracts my tribe like attracts like speakers attract motivational speakers people want to do the same things that you’re doing trust me if you’re a drug addict if you love to get high if you love to just sit around and watch the clock and get high like you’re gonna attract people who want to do the same thing if you’re into religion you’re gonna have religious people around you like whatever you’re putting out you’re gonna get back and that’s in the type of people that you attract to the circumstances in the situations and things that we go through many of us have caused upon ourselves we’re in this for reason we have to understand universal law we have to understand that for every action that we do everything that we do the things that we think the things that we speak we’re shifting something or moving something we are creating something with every breath every breath is a prayer that’s power in that when you understand you’ll let no idle word proceed out of your mouth about yourself and about others condemning judging looking down upon someone you won’t do that did you know what it’s like to be judged try not to gossip I try to be above that why I’ve had people gossip about me I’ve had whole congregations of churches use me as examples in their sermons I’ve been called out from pulpits just weird deep stuff and I know how that feels if you’re not ready like that stuff you telling you hard Stephen if that pastors gossiping about me people I love and not even know it people I’m promoting Baddeley telling people to stay away from me watch out for me that’s hard stuff to go through we have to learn we have to weed those people out we have to be ready all of this we’d like to pray our way out of a situation we asked for help I do believe in angelic assistance I believe I believe that prayer works for communion with the father I believe in blessings I believe in curses I believe that we can make this this walk a little bit easier I do believe that there it’s a but that I don’t think that’s an end although I think it’s a push in the right direction you know people someone trying to renew their mind daily someone who is coming out of wickedness or coming out of dark stuff of whether it’s dark music and you’re going around daily and you got dark song stuck in your head that’s phrases over and over and over and you’re like man I shouldn’t be thinking about it why am I keep thinking about these lyrics in these songs that I haven’t listened to an ages I have to renew your mind like it’s a process of renewal it’s not a one-time thing it’s a daily thing garbage in garbage out it all plays the role of spiritual alchemy man and uh it is about communing with your Creator it is about communion with God find out what’s got what God wants for you like get that vision versus just trying to go off on the whim and create something don’t have a reaction ministry don’t only let the things that you create come out of reacting to what others say and what others do create something now those things that that all within you that you can bring out those qualities in life the things that have helped you get to where you are speak about them find creative ways to express them with the nation’s man ask God to use you speak that creativity over your life speak that influence out tell somebody help somebody else on their journey and when the time comes and you need help it’ll be there when the time comes and you need support financially and you ask for it it’ll be there be that friend to those who need a friend it really gets down to simplistic terms we can spiritualize it all we want because it really is spiritual everything that we do but it really comes down to simplicity’s and not being a jerk being trying to be a good person creating peace and positivity in this world man I really do believe that I want to say thank you to uh everybody again to support my work through patreon it really does mean the world to me I little white literally should not be doing this without you so thank you so much Thank You Jared for the donation you posted earlier thank you so much for that Jared everybody who’s doing that supported my word thank you guys um I believe in prayer I want to pray over you guys I haven’t been praying a lot over at the end of these shows and I know there’s some people who really look forward to that so I want to say a prayer I’m gonna speak a blessing do you that energy the Spirit of God that you feel the euphoria take that apply it to whatever hurt to whatever need to whatever vision you have and use it to to the next level whatever it is this do you for me is not the end goal it’s beautiful it feels good I love the presence of God I love the Spirit of God I love that that feeling or you people can get addicted to that feeling and you just love the feeling you have to apply it you have to do the work the fruit what is the fruit not just about the feeling but after the feeling what happens once you get up off the floor get off the carpet what happens make something of yourselves guys apply these principles father God I thank you for your awesome presence your power I thank you for the Holy Spirit which is the teacher it leads us teaches us and guides us into all truth whatever it is that we’re hearing whatever it is that we’re entertaining that you’re trying to speak to us god I just thank you for the Holy Spirit is the one who teaches us and allows us to understand and grasp concepts and leads us into all truth whatever we’re here for someone listening this long into the podcast god I thank you you’re blessed in God that they’re looking for something that they resonate with something that’s here I’ve asking you right now just apply your spirit upon them give them a fresh touch a fresh revelation of your love of your grace god I thank you that you make all things new and there’s people who are into new movements they’re into new ideas and theologies and philosophies and all things are new but once we kind of been in those things for sometimes it becomes stagnant and the newness wears off god I thank you that you make all things new god I’m asking you to just a move and do that right now God someone who’s just been experiencing grace their whole life it just comes men begins to feel monotonous all things new – grace right now all things new – your spirit right now even for me god I thank you that you’re renewing all things God your presence and your spirit God in Jesus name touch them kill them motivate them let them not be victims but victors let their best days be ahead of them to be able to grasp and to work with everything that’s been in their life around him used the things that they have find them faithful with the few so that you can make them rulers over more Gabby thank you for your principles would thank you for your love and your grace in Jesus name you [Music] [Music] for this episode folks you hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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