Colin Saunders

“Telepathic Communication With Aliens Is Increasing After UFO Sightings!” Colin Saunders

Colin Saunders shares his personal experiences with UFOs and alien encounters, which initially seemed like out-of-body experiences but later took on a more telepathic nature. He discussed how these encounters inspired his contributions to UFO conferences and the intriguing concept of the Hitch IQ effect, where close encounters lead to a series of inexplicable experiences.

Colin recounted his close encounter with a UFO on a secluded country road. He described the craft as a large, triangular shape with a distinctive diamond silhouette, adorned with lights and capable of remarkable maneuvers such as de-cloaking. This encounter, so vivid and impactful, not only left Colin in awe but also cemented his belief in extraterrestrial life.

Colin revealed how it was the precursor to 18 months of paranormal occurrences. He shared his belief that the beings he encountered were not extraterrestrial but interdimensional, offering a fresh perspective on the nature of these encounters and the reactions of his peers to his stories.

  1. A Family Experience That Changed Everything: We begin with a riveting account of a family encounter from March 30, 1999, setting the stage for Colin’s journey into the world of the unexplained.
  2. Encountering the Extraordinary: Hear about Colin’s close encounter with a UFO on a remote country road. The large, triangular craft, with its unique diamond silhouette and dazzling lights, performed remarkable maneuvers, deepening Colin’s belief in extraterrestrial life.
  3. Beyond the Physical Realm: Colin delves into his personal experiences with UFOs and alien encounters, initially perceived as out-of-body experiences, later evolving into a more telepathic nature. He discusses the Hitch IQ effect and his contributions to UFO conferences.
  4. Interdimensional Realms and Paranormal Aftermath: Reflecting on a significant UFO encounter, Colin shares how it led to 18 months of paranormal occurrences and his belief that these beings are interdimensional, offering a fresh perspective on their nature.
  5. Unraveling Mysteries: Colin details his upcoming book on UFO sightings, co-contributed by Philip Mantle. They explore the connections between UFO sightings, paranormal activities, and quantum theories.
  6. The Sky’s Secrets: Colin and TruthSeekah exchange personal experiences and theories on UFOs, including sky-gazing practices and encounters with uniquely shaped crafts. Colin discusses his theories on the intelligence and intentions of these beings.
  7. A Collective Understanding: The conversation shifts to shared beliefs and experiences, highlighting the growing belief in the authenticity of UFO phenomena and the shared experiences of individuals worldwide.
  8. Deciphering Patterns in the Sky: Finally, Colin offers personal theories on his family’s UFO encounters, suggesting a larger, more complex phenomenon at play.



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