I thought our session was to be about healing my smoking addiction… but instead we broke things down a little further and found the root of the problem in my overall state of depression. Derek helped me understand this and rid myself of any negative entities bringing me down. Since then my journey has been a lot easier and I’m finding it simply natural to smile and enjoy the moment. Derek/Truthseekah has the most beautiful welcoming loving energy.. like a preacher and a shaman in one. Very grateful to have met this healer. – Jaqulyn

Thank you so much for the incredible session. The pure positive energy you sent my way was received with gratitude. I’ve followed your message to act on spirits urgings and the synchronicities have been plentiful. Keep spreading the truth and love of God. –

I am eternally grateful for the beautiful healing session that I received from TruthSeekah today. During the session I felt my energy body’s shift, tension left my physical body, clarity returned within my mind and I felt completely re-aligned back into Spirit. I originally booked the session to assist with opening the doors to my new home and within 3 hours of the session I received confirmation that I was approved to move in. This alone is a miracle as earlier in the day the property management had told me I would not receive approval until at least Tuesday of next week. I also had what would have seemed like human limitations superseded by heavenly coverage. If you have areas of your life that need a hand from heaven I highly recommend TruthSeekah. His faith is huge, he knows how to read and work with energies and He is Holy Spirit led. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May your life be blessed abundantly. Kristy Lee