Throne Room meditation


This meditation will take you on a mystical tour of the ancient tabernacle and into the throne room of God. The purpose of the meditation is to help you experience deep inner healing, release trauma and become fully immersed in Gods love. The sounds and tones used in this recording are designed to bring you the listener into a relaxed trance state. The audio is here to aid you into the experience as you travel deep into the aether and encounter the power of the creative mind and visualization. Please enter into this meditation with intention and expectation as we allow god to do the miraculous in our hearts. Please find a quiet place free from noise and distraction to receive the fully immersive experience of this meditation.


Truthseekah omggg that meditation you just put out had me feeling like I was teleporting to the Courts, deeper and deeper with every breath… Wow. Great job. I feel refreshed, cleansed, and Holy. Thank you for that sir. -Kristie Fowlkes

 I’ve meditated twice with this and ended up plastered in heaven for hours. Love it! – Rebekah Milne

Oh wow. This first listening evoked exquisite, emotional ripples. With that being said, yes, wow, just wow. The reward is great. – Sheryl Yearwood

I love it!!! It’s the best meditation that I’ve ever heard. It needs to go viral!
The first time I listened to it I was covered in Spirit bumps while tears poured down my face. I would just about bet that it’s one of those Meditations that gifts a different encounter each time depending on what our Soul needs in the moment. This Meditation is high quality, super powerful and well worth the investment — it’s seriously much more than a Meditation — it’s an experience — an experience that you will want to visit over & over again. – Kristy Lee

It was a pretty routine day for me- not emotional in any way. I was overwhelmed with tears and emotion in the end part when the female voice was speaking of God’s love. And earlier when I felt so welcomed and invited by the female voice welcoming me into the Most Holy Place. I have been using Rose flower in my meditations recently and I placed the rose flower in my 3rd eye and felt some movement and clearing in my sinuses. I was able to completely let go and tune in. Something that I have struggled with in other guided meditations. Partly because I know you have good intentions and also due to this meditation using archetypes/symbolism that I recognize from my Bible based childhood. I had no difficulty transitioning out of the alpha state on this one. I hope it is widely circulated/purchased because I sense into the detail and precision that you channeled into creating it. I may next time pause it at the silence time and spend some extra time at that point journeying. – Amanda Wideman