T!M has been exploring spirituality since a spontaneous awakening when he was 12 years old and now guides others directly to the deep awake state he teaches a paralogical approach to spirituality, which urges us to both wake up to oneness and feel empowered as individuals, so we can bring the best of ourselves to life T!M’s philosophy of ’emergent spirituality’ offers a profound understanding of the purpose of life, which helps us to consciously engage with the evolutionary process of ‘soul formation’.

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[music] Won’t You Come Won’t You Come Come [music] Oh [music] Won’t You Come [music] I’ll Likely To The Truth Speak Up I Can Give Me Live Acoustic Accom Your Source For Spiritual And His Facial Music Paintings And Media Shows Designed To Help You Grow In Your Walk With Christ And Advance The Kingdom Of Heaven And Now What’s Up Ladies And Gentlemen Thanks For Joining Us With Another Exciting Episode Of The True Seeker Podcast Finally Got All This Stuff Up And Running I Know Today Is Going To Be A Very Special Episode I’m Going To Be Joined By My Good Friend Tim Freak And We’re Going To Be Speaking About The Deep Awake State And Different Techniques To Stay In That That Meditative State And In The Power Of Now To Create The Life That You Want For Yourself And Make Things Happen So This Is Really Powerful And This Is What All Of Our Shows Are About About Being In The Now Moment Because That’s The Only Moment That We Have So I’m Really Excited About This Episode And I Know When Things Start Going Squirrely I Put His Image Up On Youtube And Started Promoting The Show As Soon As I Did That Youtube Gave Me A Copyright Strike And Said That It Was Against The Terms Of Service And All Kind Of Stuff So Really Strange So If You’re Not What If You’ve Seen This On Youtube Later On And Not Live That’s Why I’m Not Streaming On Youtube Because I Got A Strike And I’m Not Able To Do So So I’m Glad Now We Can Focus On Itunes And Facebook And Other Stuff Like That So Without Further Ado I’m Going To Go Ahead And Bring On The Guest He’s Been Waiting Patiently While I Try To Get This Mess Sorted Out Man Thank You For Your Patience Brother I’m Delighted To Be Here Man Thank You So Much So You Got A Lot Of Books Under Your Belt That’s One Of The Things You Have A Lot Of Resources A Lot Of Materials And I Heard You On The Freeman Show And You Were Talking About The Deep Awake State In These Different States That We Go Through Throughout Life And I’ve Been There I’ve Come Out Of It And That’s Kind Of What You Were Touching On A Little Bit That I Wanted To Go Into About How To Stay In That State And So One Thing That You Mentioned With With Freeman Was About The Newness Of It And So I Know A Lot Of There’s Information That Comes When We Explore The Dream State The Astral Realms And Stuff Is All New We’re Excited And Blown Away And It Changes Our Vibration And We’re Kind Of Walking In This Everything’s New Everything Is Spiritual We See Things Differently But Then Sometimes Bills Kick In Family Stress Depression Punches You In The Face And Brings You Back To Reality How Do We Stay In That State Because You Because You Said That We Could How Do We Stay In This Place Of Its New All The Time And We Feel The Euphoria From The Love Of God Or The Kundalini And We Can Stay In That State Right How Do We Do That Man That’s I Think That’s What People Need To Stay In Because People It’s Like It’s Like A Roller Coaster Sometimes Well I Think The Thing We Need To Think About It Very Carefully Because I Think You Can You Can Easily Mistake This The Idea That You Can Stay In A Permanent State Like Like You Know You’re There And Dinner Maria All The Time Yeah Yeah And And I Not Only Door Nothing As Possible I Think It’s Desirable And So What I Was Saying Previously I Can’t Remember What I Said But It Wasn’t It Wasn’t Meant To Imply That Because One Of The Things That Suppose It Happens For Me Is That’s What When I Was Your Age And Younger I Was Very Much Coming Into A Spiritual Situation In My Culture Where That Where We Inherited A Lot Of Eastern Ideas And With This There Was This Idea Of This Permanent Enlightenment And Having Been Around It Now For Many Many Decades That Has Gone And The People That I Met That Were Enlightened Turned Out Not To Be And I Have A Very Different Perspective So The First Thing Is Look Very The First Thing Is Just There Is This Deep Awake State And What Characterizes The Deep Wakes A Is A Shift In Consciousness Where It’s Unique I’m Sure To Everyone But There’s There’s Common Threads Which Are Found Throughout History And Around The World Which Is Where I’ve Written All These Different Books On All These Different Spiritual Traditions There’s A Human State And That Human State Is When You Are Super Alive And With That Comes A Profound Sense Of Communion The One And A Confidence Very Deep Knowing Or Something And Knowing That The Way I Would Say It Is That That Life Is This Is Okay That Despite All Of The Horrors And The Bills And The Things Which Are Really Not There Okay Underneath What We’re In Here Is Good And And Matters And Then Most Important Of All This That You Mentioned It’s Love And Sometimes Also Beautiful Euphoria You Know These This Feeling Of Uplifted Spirit Which Is Quite I Mean It’s Just Exquisite Now I Do Feel It’s Very Important To Well For Many People It’s Like You Know The First Time I’m With Many People Who Experienced This In The Very First Time And It’s A Very Big Shift And Then It’s Important To Get To Know The State And Return To It To To Find It Whenever You Can And Because As You Do That What Happens Is Not That You Stay In One State I Mean To Be Honest With You I Don’t Know What It’s Like For You But When I Am In That Deep Euphoria Side I Couldn’t Deal With My Accounts Yeah Or My Mortgage Or Any Like That’s Just Not Gonna Happen All My Kids Indeed So It’s Not About Being Permanently Blissed-out It’s More For Me Anyway About Having Access To This Deep State When It’s Appropriate So When I Was Younger My Experience Was Waking Up Oh My God Oh Lost It And Then Well I Hate This And I Hate This And Then Oh My God And I Hate They’re Very Rare And They’re What’s Changed Over The Decades Isn’t That I’m Probably Like This You Know Or That I’m Super Enlightened Or I’ve Become Sort Of Uber Being Or Anything Nothing Like That Sam What Happens Much More Interesting Is That This Deep State Is Always Accessible Now So That If I Put My Attention On It It’s There Now But That Doesn’t Mean If I Sink Into It It Can Become That Ecstatic Place But But That’s Always Not The Right Thing To Do But It I Don’t Use It Anymore And That And The Secret To It Is Giving Signs But Now People Want A Magic Bullet Oh You You Know Cross Your Fingers And Just Go Breathe Through Your Nose My Times Every Day It’s Much More Obvious The Way You Get To That Point Is You Just Pay It Attention Yeah It’s Like Anything Else You Know You You’re Doing This And You Do It Well Because You’ve Done It Enough Times And You’ve Paid It Attention If You Play Musical Instrument The First Time You Pick It Up You Can’t Really Play How Do You Learn To Play You Just Keep Playing Keep Going And If You Do It Enough Times It Becomes Familiar Yeah We Talked About A Lot Of Times Like All The World Religions I Don’t Know About All Of Them But The Majority That Have A Spiritual Practice And Have This Spiritual Ecstasy Within Their Practice Even If It’s Not In The Holy Books Like They’re Kind Of Turns Into Maybe A Church Service And The Music Is Playing And You’re In That State And The Holy Spirit Comes Upon You And You Feel One With God And Nothing Else Matters And The Bills Don’t Matter And Just Love And God And I’m Accepted For Who I Am Like This Is The Same Thing We’re Talking About Whether It’s The Kundalini Or Is It’s You Know Something That You Feel During Yoga Or Just Being Mindful And So With Something Like Christianity Someone Who Goes To Church Every Week They Have This Routine Of Like If I Have A Week That Is Crazy And I Barely Made It Through The Week Sunday Or Wednesday I’m Going To Get Back To This Place Of The Euphoria Of God Loves Me Let Them Pours Love Out On Me And Feel It And Get Back There You On The Other Hand Have Meetings That You Hold And It’s Not Really A Religious Ceremony Or Religious Meaning But It Teaches People To Be In That Presence Of God Or The Presence Of Oneness And Feel The Euphoria Of Love So If Someone Who Doesn’t Have A Religious Routine Every Week How Would We Do That Is It Just Find Time When We Can Or Would I Mean Get You Know Really Exciting Question Really Great Questions Before I Answer I’m Going To Give You A Little Quotes I Can’t Remember I Mentioned Mr. Freeman Allah Is One Of My Favorite Quotes So Does Can I Agree Every Man Again Oh I Just Love It It’s From From Thomas Moore The American Writer Is A Union And He Wrote Care Of The Soul Lovely Lovely Man And I Adore Him And In One Of His Books He Had This Line Which I Just Love And I Love It Really Because It’s Got Words And I Would Never Normally Use Absolute And Unforgiving I Never Used These Words But In This Context I’ll Just Throw The Quiz At You And I Think It’s Really Capture Something They Said At One Point The Soul Has An Absolute An Unforgiving Need For Regular Excursions Into Enchantment I Love That The Soul Has An Unforgiving An Absolute Need For Regular Excursions Into Enchantment And That’s What You’re Talking About We Don’t Live In The Enchanted State And It’s Right We Don’t We Need To Move Between States No One’s Awake All The Time Literally You Know In The Dalai Lama Goes To Sleep At Night You Know Our Level Of Consciousness Is Fluctuating All The Time It’s Getting Late Here You Know In A Few Hours I’ll Be Feeling Tired I Might Just Want To Watch Some Tv For Half An Hour And Relax With My Wife I’m Not Going To Be Like There It’s Just Gonna Be Right Or Right Now I Just Need To Chill And That’s Okay Yeah So You Know It’s Fine But Like You Said What You Need To Build In Is Regular Excursions Into Enchantment So That You Just Remember On A Regular Basis And If You If We Do That Then The Journey Stays Alive If We Don’t Do That The Journey Goes Black And White Doesn’t It Goes Dead And Suddenly It Caught In It And It’s On Top Of You And You’ve Forgotten You’re Alive Being Alive Doesn’t Sound Very Good So How Do You Make Sure That You Stay In Touch That’s Where You Need Either Community Or A Practice Now The Great Thing With What’s Happening Now Is That These Communities And Practices Can Involve Online Connection Like Exactly Like We’re Doing That Africa Doesn’t Have To Be Your Locality Doesn’t Have To Be Well What’s On Offer The Religion You Were Born In To Know More Now Everything Is On Offer So You Can Find The Thing That’s Right For You What I Offer Is A Way Of Connecting Physically When We Can With People But Also Through These Other Things Which Allows You To Develop A Practice Of Remembering And The Things Which I Teach Them You Can Go Out Right Now People Are Interested And Download A Meditation Which Will Take You Half An Hour In The Short Ones – You Ever Got Lost Now Which You Can Do Whatever You Want And It Will Take You To This Deep Work State And If You Get Used To It That Far There’s Loads Of Them On That Because What It’s A Bag Is About Paying Attention To Your Deepest Being It’s About Learning To Notice Who You Are Beyond Your Body And That’s Easiness There’s This Deeper Level To Us Isn’t There You Know That There’s His Body You Can See Right Now Waving At You There It Is And Then What But Actually There’s Something Behind That There’s Psyche What Used To Be Called Soul Yeah Mind Imagination There’s Something Which Is A Which Is On Another Level It’s Not Made Of Matter But It’s Connecting With You These Words Are Coming From It So You’re Aware Of That And Then This Deep Thing That You That Really Marks Out All Of The Mystical Traditions All The Deep Traditions Is That There’s A There’s An Even A Level Beyond Soul Which Gets Called Spirit Or Numa Or Nouse Or Up Man In The East Buddha Nature Doesn’t Matter What You Call It And That’s Your That’s Your Your Being Which Is Your Deep Being As The Experiencer Of This Moment And And The Deep Meditation Is About Paying That Attention And When You Pay That Attention As And As You Learn How To Do That The Deeper Wakes Take Just Arises Of Itself There’s Nothing In The Way You Don’t Have To Get Rid Of Your Ego You Don’t Have To Mortify Your Body Everything You Just Let Yourself Be As You Are You’re Fine If I Appreciate Yourself As You Are And Just Notice This Deep Deep Level To Your Being Which Is The Witness It’s Awareness Itself Witnessing This Moment And If You Can You Will If You Find A Way Through Meditation And That’s What I Can Offer To Come Back Into That Deep Being There’s This Profound Oneness And This Incredible All-embracing Love With Just It’s Just There Waiting To Be Discovered What Are Some Of The Other Things You’re Able To Pull Out Of That State Because It’s Almost Like You Commune With Your Higher-self Like There’s Something Watching Over You Or Or Guiding You That Knows What What You Need What Your Life Journey Is Supposed To Be And When You Go Into That State You Get Insight About What To Do And If You Go Deep Enough How To Do It You Get The Steps And Things Like That That’s Beautiful Because We’re Able To Pull Things Out We Go And Pull Things Out Bring It Into Manifestation In Our Reality Which Is Beautiful Practice And I You Know I Found Myself Teaching People That All The Time And Doing It But And When We Talk About It Like It Is This Enchanted State Which It Is And It There’s A Need For It I Believe But What About The People Who Don’t Go To That State And They’re Able To Do Those Things Just Fine Which Is Have A Career Being You Know Creativity You Know Walk In Their Destiny And Their Calling And They Have Never Even Stepped The Foot In That Realm Or Not On Purpose Maybe They Have Maybe They You Know Throughout Life They’ve Been You Know Yeah Maybe They Have And I Think This Is A Key Thing That One Of The You Know I’ve Been Around I Had A Spontaneous Awakening When I Was Spirituality One Way Or Another Ever Since So That’s A Long Time Now As I’m Getting Although You Can See By My Beer I You Know Again Old Bag And So It’s Been Quite A Few Decades For Me And My Relationship In That Time With Spirituality Has Changed Considerably Because I You Know It Isn’t It Annoys Me Quite A Bit Beyond It Okay Because It Seems Very Stuck And One Of The Things Is Is That It Sees This Awakening As Only Happening To People Who Read Spiritual Books Or Do Spiritual Practices You Know What People Often Say To Me Who Was Your Greatest Teacher And When I Answer You Know Her Answer That With Real Honesty My Deepest Teacher Was My Mom And Who Didn’t Read Spiritual Books Didn’t Think About Philosophy But Just Naturally Inhabited This Deep Awake State And Was Full Of Love And Everyone Saw It And Was Totally Giving And You Could Just Tell And And She Me It Was Natural Now For Me I’d Come At It Through Books And Writing Books And Reading And Meditation And Tai Chi And Ayahuasca And God Knows What Everything I Could Like My Handler But She Didn’t She Came In A Completely Different Way And So What What I See Is That This Awakening Which Is Happening Is Natural And It Happens To People Anyway So That We That It Doesn’t Require A Spiritual Tag Because It Can Just Occur Anyway Now Those Who Are Drawn To Spirituality We’re Drawn Because We Want To Consciously Engage With The Process And Good For Us That’s Great But Make No Mistake About It The Most Awake People Person You Might Need May Not Even Think About Any Of Us Yeah Because The Telltale Sign Really Is That Love And That Sense Of Connection With Something Bigger Than Themselves Which Can Go Very Deep And They’ve Done It Throughout Their Life Even Though Candy You Know And People Can Discover It And So So There There Really Is You Know You Can Come And It’s Through All These Different Spiritual Solutions And You Can Come At It Through No Spiritual Tradition Because It’s Inherent To What Life Is Yeah That’s The Big Like Enigma Of It All Is Like We Teach To Go In To The States And Pull Stuff Out But I’m Like People Are You Know People Who Are Drawn To That They’re Probably Just Like What Are You Talking About Like You Don’t Need All Of That But It’s What Works It Works Yeah Yeah That Are The Key Thing You Know The Important Thing It Feels To Me Is That Each Person Has The The Deep Self Empowerment To Follow The Thing Which Is Right For Them Because Every Soul Is Different You Know Has A Different Past As A Different Agenda And Mine Is I Mean I Love Philosophy I Love All Of This I Suspect Yours Might Be Too But Not Everyone So What We Need To Do Is Contribute In This Way And If We’re Doing Our Best To Manifest What Is Best In Our Souls To The World Then We Can Help Other People Do The Same Even Though They May Be Coming At It A Very Different Route So I See My Experience Is Very Much Like It Sounds Like Yours Is Which Is If The More I Have Cultivated This Deep Awake State And Not As Something Again For Me Really A Spiritual Practice Anymore I Did Cuz I Liked It I Did It Because It’s Fun I Do It Because It’s It’s What What Else Would You Want To Do It’s Like To Want To Live Half-alive The Older I Get The More Alive I Need To Be Because You Just Think That Long Left So I’m Going To Make The Most Of This Yeah And So I Want To Be Alive As Much As I Can I Want To Be As Creative As I Can And These Are The Same Thing The More When I’m Awake I Am In Touch With The Creativity Of The Universe So No Surprising I Can See Things In A Different Way When I’m Not So Awake Then It’s Are Much More Likely To Be Caught In Repetitive Patterns Yeah And It Looks Like I’ve Got No Way Out I’m Just Stuck In This Thing And Yet Minute I’m Awake Like There’s A Million Possibilities And And Like You Said You You Think It Done The Mind In Spirituality One Of The Things That Pisses Me Off About Is That It Has A Real Down On The Mind Often You’ll Heal The Minds A Problem Or Just Stop Thinking I I Don’t Know What People Are Talking About Yeah Mind Is A Beautiful Thing Yeah Like Everything It Can Be Very Repetitive And Or It Can Be Lucid And Clear And Full Of Insight And And That’s What Happens When You Enter A More Awake State The Mind Becomes This Source Of You Know That Lovely Boom Oh My God Look At It Like This Oh God I Just Thought We Could Do This Or And That Experience Insight And And Behind You All Don’t You Think It’s So Important To Have A Confidence It’s Actually Faith In Its Deeper Sense Not Faith In A Set Of Dogmas But Faith In Life A Real Faith That Makes You Enables You To Take A Risk Because You Know That It’s Okay It’s Okay If You Fail Even Death It’s Okay Yeah When You See That When You Realize That You Know Even Death Is Okay Then You’re Free To Actually Live That’s The Most Profound Experience That I Had Even As A Believer Right Like You Know Growing Up In A Christian Church And Having My If It’s Static Encounters In That System Arm And Then You Know The Whole Thing About Christianity A Lot Of People Come To It To Kind Of Know Where They’re Going To Go When They Die And Have This You Know Security In Place But Even Then On A Really Strong Psilocybin Encounter I Went To That Place Where You Go When You Die Like That Was The The What Was Communicated This Is Where You’re Going To Go And It’s Okay It’s Different There’s No Humans Here There’s Energy But You’re Here But Its Energy And It Was It Was Scary But It Was Beautiful And Then Overcame That Fear Of Death Through This Really Strong Psychedelic Experience So And I Used To I Used To Tout On Being Able To Achieve Those States Without Psychedelics Or Ayahuasca Now You Don’t Need That You Could Do With Really Strong States Of Meditation And Things Right And Which I Still Believe But I Think That Those Deep Ayahuasca Encounters Or Psilocybin Encounters Are Needed And It Is Something Almost Totally Different Like It’s Not The Same Thing Right What Was Your Like Big Awakening When You Were 12 Did It Include The No I Was Very I Was Very Lucky I Mean I Was Just I Used To Sit On This Hill As A Boy Looking At Just A Small Time In The Southwest Of England Where I Where I Grew Up Where I Still Live Pretty Close The And Just Looking At All These Adults Running Around And Thinking Why Are They Pretending They Know What’s Going On Because Clearly They Don’t Because We’re In The Middle Of This Breathtaking Mystery That I Mean I My Feeling From As Long As I Can Remember Was I’m Alive And First And Foremost I Have To Know Why I Want To Know What This Is What I Want To Do What I Have To Do With It What’s Important Why Is It Like It Is All Those Questions And And I Couldn’t Understand What Anyone I Still Don’t If I’m Honest I Feel There’s That What Anyone Doesn’t Ask Those Questions Every Day I Every Day I Wake Up And And There It Is I’m Alive Again What The Hell Is This What Is It What’s Going On This Is No Sensations And Thoughts And Feelings And Story And What The Hell Is Going On And Then The Universe Goes On Forever And Then You Look Up To The Sky And It’s A Hundred Billion Galaxies And So Mysterious How Could You Not Be Overcome By And Yet I Look Around Me And I See The Vast Majority Of People That Don’t Seem To Notice So As A Kid That Was Obvious And I Think What Happened To Me Now I Didn’t Know What Happened When I Was Young Was That I Went So Deep Into That Mystery That It As It Always Does If You Go Deep Into The Mystery It Triggered An Awakening And The Next Thing I Know There’s This Oh My God The Whole Universe Is Full Of Love I’m Crying This Is Profound Oneness This Immense Sense Of Goodness And A Feeling Like Oh My God I The Feeling That I Can Remember Was Oh My God I Found The Answer That I’m That I Need It’s Just Not Words It’s Beyond Words Yeah It’s An Experience And That’s What I Came Down From And For Me It Wasn’t It Wasn’t On Drugs So I Didn’t Have A Connection With That At That Time I’d Explore Them Later And I Wasn’t In A Church Although I Did Grow Up With A Church And I Nearly Became A Friar Twice When I Was Older But In That Seminal Moment You Know I Wasn’t Meditating I Was Just Sitting On A Hill And That Was A Kid Sitting On A Hill And So For Me There’s Always Been That Sense That This Is Accessible And Natural It Doesn’t Need To Be Through Some Fixed Form Yeah And The More I’ve Gone Into It The More I Found It Everywhere You Can Find It’s Really Drugs Or Ayahuasca For Sure And You Can Find It Through Meditation Yeah And You Can Find It Through Ecstatic Dance You Know Or You Can Just Find It Anyway Without Let Me Know Why Just Feeling The Sun On Your Back That’s That’s Like The Powerful Thing About It Because Once You Remove The Guru From The Religions And Know That You Don’t Need Anything Outside Of Yourself Like Maybe People Listen To This In Their Here With You Know Hear Us Talk About The Ayahuasca Or The Psilocybin And You’re Like I’m Not Going To Have My Awakening Until I Have That But The Power Behind It Is Almost Like It Says In The Scriptures That The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You And You Don’t In And So That Births This Feeling In Gnosis Within You That You Don’t Need Anything Outside Of Yourself That All You Have To Do Is Kind Of Go Within And Even When We Talk About Meditation Maybe Some Beginners Would Be Like Okay How Do I Meditate What Do I Focus On But To Kind Of Break That Down Is You Don’t Then Need That Ceremony Or That Ritual Of Like Meditation You Could Just Be Going About Your Day And Stop And Focus On Your Breathing And Bring All Of Your Attention To The Now Moment Wherever You Are People Get Overwhelmed In Their Day-to-day Where They Can’t Just Create This Special Place Of Meditation And Go In For 30 Minutes Or So But You Can Stop And You Can Focus On Your Breathing And For What It What It Does For Me Is It Pulls Me Out Of The Autopilot I Get On Autopilot In Days And Weeks Go By And I’m Not Conscious I’m Just In The Routine Of Work Of Rest Of Work Of Entertainment And I Was Like Man I Haven’t Went Went Into That State I Haven’t Brought My Attention To The Breathing Or To The Grass Or The Nature Around You Which Can Easily Like That And You Don’t Have To Go In You Just Stop And Just Focus Just At One Moment And There It Is You Have It Within You You Need Nothing Outside Of You That’s The Beauty Of It It Really Is And And And Then What We Offer Each Other From The Outside Is What What I Try And Do Is I Go Look I’ve Had I’ve Had The Luxury Of Being A Very Very Lucky Life I’ve Been Able To Experience This Very Deeply Write About It Da Da Da So Anything I Can Offer To Others Before I Pass Her After The Next Bit Of The Adventure I Would Like To Do That Nothing Special About Me We’re All Exactly The Same That’s The Point And The Whole Point For Me When People Come To My Retreats Is They Leave Feeling Empowered Not Leave Feeling Like Oh Tim’s Great It’s Like What Hope They Think I’m Great I Think They’re Great But I Stop Point The Point Is They Feel Oh I Got It In Me Yeah Because That’s Where You Find It And It’s Not It’s Because Because The Thing You’re Looking For Is Your Deep Being And And The Great Secret At The Heart Of Every Mystical Tradition Is It Turns Out Your Deep Being Is One With My Go Deep Being And Every Everything The Being Of Everything So When You Hit That The Depths Of Yourself You’re So You’re Like On The Surface Where Like Individual Like Waves On An Ocean But Go To The Depths And This One Ocean And So That’s Where When You As You Cultivate A Familiarity With The Depths Of Your Being There’s Oneness And Then The Love Is How The Oneness Feels When You When You Know That We’re All One There’s This Incredible Love And Not Loving Some It’s Not Like Just Pink Fluffy Love It’s Like Really Strong Powerful Support You In The Most Awful Suffering Love And And It’s A Love Which Can Carry You And Go Right Into The Darkest You Know I Was Talk About My Mum Recently When My Mum Died A Few Years Back And Being With Her Through All Of That Cancer And Matylda Was Like Ah Love Was Still There To Sustain Us Both And Even Though It Was Horrendous On One Way It Was Also Beautiful And Kind Of Strangely Magic And As Well There Was Both Of Those Things So What So My Contribution And The Thing Which Which May Be Of Use To People In My Book Deep Awakened In My Talks And Meditations Easter Is To Try And Take Having Studied All Of These Different Spiritual Traditions Is Go How Can We Develop A Philosophy For Now Which Can Speak Directly To What We Need To Wake Up And How We Need To Think About Things Which Cuts Through All Of That Kind Of Eastern Mysticism Which Is Is To Do With Another Cultural Is Deep But It Can Be Very Confusing And And Can Cut Through Through The Kind Of Deadness Of Sometimes Of Our Western Tradition And And But Find Its Essence And Then Bring It To Life In A New Form And Really The Last 10 Or 15 Years That’s What I’ve Been Doing My Friend Abhi Been Developing A New 21st Century Approach To Awakening And The Great Thing Is It Works And I Can’t Because I’ve Now Been With I Don’t Know What It Is Probably Thousands A Lot Of People You Know In Countries All Over The World Where I’ve Seen People Wake Up For The First Time Or If They’ve Woken Up Before And Lost It Find It Again In A Very Deep Way And So That I’m Getting To The Point Now Where I Mean I’m Nervous To Say It Cuz It Sounds A Bit Much But It’s All I Do Kind Of Feel Like Look Every Single Person Who Comes Can Experience This Deep Awake State So Profoundly They Feel The Love In Every Pore In Their Body They Just Know It’s So Powerful If They Give Themselves Over To The Experiment Yeah And They Just Forget It I Just Get It I Mean Just See You Know People Arrive And They’re Like Can I Get It Come Here And Let Me Just Get It And It’s Nothing To Do With Me It’s To Do With All Of Us We Take Each Other There And Then Of Course That Doesn’t Stay Like That Nothing Stays Longer But Once You’ve Had It You’ve Had It You Know And Then You’ve Got Somewhere To Return To Exactly That’s A Really Important Thing Freaking Out Now I Make Happen To People Just Listening To This My Feeling Honest-to-goodness My Feeling Is If You Say You Want It Yeah Life Will Find A Way To Give It To You Yeah Definitely Well That’s People And And When People Say I Lose It I Can’t Stay Awake My Feeling Is Are You Paying Attention It’s A Bit Like Sitting With A Guitar In The Corner And Going I Still Can’t Play And It’s Like Well How Often Do You Pick It Up But If You Want The Reason That I The Reason I’ve Had So Much Experience Of It Is Because When I Was Very Young And All The Way Through In My Life I Really Wanted It It Was Like Really High On My List The Top I Want This I Want To Know What Life Is I Want To Know Who I Am I Want To Experience That Deep Awake State That Oneness That Love That’s Like Whatever It Takes And Of Course What Life Did Was Gave Me Loads Of Opportunities To Experience It Yeah That’s One Thing That I Can’t Say Against Organized Religion Such As Christianity Because It’s Almost Like They’re Preserving That In My Heart I’m In In All Of The Things That Happen In In Like A Charismatic Or Open Church Service As Far As Like Speaking In Tongues Or You Know Saying What Is It Called On Glass Allah Like This Something That’s Practiced By Every Religion In It And They’re Still Doing It So There’s A Beauty In Like It’s Still Being Preserved It’s Still Teaching You To Listen To The Rhythm Of The Drum And Go Into Hypnosis Even They Won’t Teach It Like That Like It Is That They’re Still With Keep In Touch With That Primitive Side Of Our Being Of Something That’s Been Practice Ever Since We Were We’re Here To Go Into Those States Man And To To Go In There And Come Out With Tears And Go Out Come Out Crying And Stuff Like That Like What’s The Parallels That You’ve Seen Because I Mean Because I I Totally Believe It’s The Same Thing When You Feel That You For You I Felt It In The Christian Church And I Felt It During During Kundalini Yoga It’s The Same Thing People Get Pissed At Me In Religion For Saying That The Holy Spirit Is The Kundalini And It’s The Same Thing Right But That That You’ve All Read This There’s The Difference There’s The Difference If There Is One Which Is Not That They They Are Different It’s Just That People Are Involved In Something Which Is A Rigid Dogma Yeah Thinking That’s It Whereas As You Explore You Realize Oh It’s All It Exactly It’s All It I’ve Had The Same Thing Yeah Yeah And It’s All But The Each One Is A Different Tone Of Voice And Each One Probably Has A Different Problem But It Hasn’t Dealt With An Obstacle Which Is If You Get Into It You’ll Find All That’s Not Quite Right Is It Each One’s Evolving Each One You Can Get Trapped In Each One You Need To Move Beyond And And And So The Key Thing Is You Making The Journey And My Feeling Is You Know Though I Was Involved With Like I Said I Always Me I Almost Joined A Franciscan Friary When I Was Younger I Thought Very Close To Doing That I Also Had An Ending Guru Who At The Time I Thought Was God Turned Out He Wasn’t You Know I’d Be And But I’m So Grateful For Each Step Because The Edge Step Took Me Further The Key Thing Is Keep Moving I Think So To Trust Your Own Intuitions But But Try And Avoid To Begin With It’s Hard But It Gets Easier Try And Avoid Thinking Oh This Is It Whatever It Is That That The Faker Arriving Yeah Is The Only Thing Which Stops You Traveling Yeah Soon As You’ve Arrived You’ll Stop Traveling Your Friend A Movie Right Everything’s Working I’m Good I Learned Everything I Need To Know You Have The Implement It Without Still Going Back To That State Yeah Happy Logical Always Fresh Isn’t It You Know There’s Always A New Challenge There Always How Can He Love In This Moment How Can You Love In This Mode Okay Now You Know I’ve Just Been Through All Those Things With My Accountant Like My Worst Nightmare Ah Money And Another Tax And I Hate All Of That And Then What Do You Know It’s Come My Way So Then It’s Like Well How Can You Deal With That And Not Get Lost And And Each One Becomes Like And You And I Slip Over And I Get Up And I You Know There’s A Great There’s A Great Description By One Of My Mentors When I Was Younger Who Is Now Much Much Older Around Us The American Teacher Was With Tim Leary With All Of The Lsd And You Know I Remember Him Destroyed Saying In His Experience The Spiritual Path Was Step For Up Brush Step For Up Brush Step For And It’s Like Yeah That’s So Rather Than It Being About Why Aren’t I In Anything The Whole Time Actually Saying Look The Reason We’re Not In It The Whole Time Is Because You’re Evolving Yeah And Evolution Means You Move Forward And Moving Forward Means You See Things You Haven’t Seen Before So You Know When I Was Young I Wanted To Be Right Now I Want To Be Wrong Because Every Time I’m Wrong I Learned Something Yeah And And Something New Opens Up To Be Okay With There Too That’s A Huge Evil I Really Can’t Be Wrong And That’s What That That’s That’s What’s So Beautiful About What You’re Doing Is So Innocent Is That You’re Not Trying To Get The Followers You’re Not Trying To Build The Cult You’re Not Trying To Say Okay Next Week I’ll Be Back And You Guys Have To Come To My Site You Got No I’ve Given You What You Need Go Out And Give It To Others Almost Like Jesus Making The Disciples Sending Them Out To Teach Everyone Else You Know Versus Like Okay Guys Come Back I Have Something More For You So I Know I’m Giving You Something Within Yourself And There’s Such An Innocence To That Because That’s Not Taught By The Other Religions Like We Have To Have The People Who Come And Eat From Us And We Give Them Only Enough To Bring Them Back Next Week Or Or Whatever And So That They’re Reliant On Us And Then When People Are In That System And They See That Their Guru Or Their Leader Is Is A Regular Human Like They Are And That Person Falls Or They See Them In A Different Light Many People Lose Faith And What They Were Taught Because Their Leader Fell Or Something Like That But What You’re Teaching Is Something That’s Independent For Each Of Us To Go I Didn’t Do It Ourselves That’s That’s Where The Innocence Is And It’s Okay To Be Wrong I Don’t Have All The Answers But I’m Giving You A Technique That Does Like If You Go To This Special Place That’s Called In The Scriptures It’s Talked It’s Called The Secret Place To Go Into The Secret Place And Put And Pray Spend Time With Your Heavenly Father And You’ll Know Things I Think It’s Jeremiah 33:3 Says Come It Says Coming To This Place And I Will Show You Things That You Do Not Know And Cannot Find Out And That’s What’s Beautiful To Me Because We Go Into This Place To Commune With With The One We Learn Things That We Will Never Learn With Studying A Thousand Years And Stuff Nobody’s Even Speaking On Like We Go Into The State And Pull Out Stuff Like Where Did I Get This From You Know That Makes Me Want To Share With You Or Try Out For People Are Listening And One Of My Favorite Quotes From The Gospel Of Thomas The Gnostic Gospel Because You Know We Talked About You Know For Me This Meditation Whatever You Want To Call It It’s Simply Looking At What Is So You Look At What Is And What Is Is The Moment That’s Your Coming Into The Moment That’s What It Is Isn’t It Have A Look There It Is But Also Oneself To Know Yourself So That’s Seeing Oh Look I’m A Body There I Am Really Appreciating Panoramic Oh Yeah Body Feel The Air On My Skin There Was Is We’re Having A Heat Wave It’s All Sweaty That’s Interesting Look Drips Well That’s Interesting Yeah What’s That Oh You Know Breathing Oh That’s Interesting How Does That Feel Wow Pretty Amazing Actually When You Paired Attention So That’s Body Yeah And Then It’s Like Then There’s Soul Then There’s Another Dimension Here It Is Right Mer It’s That I Mentioned In Body Timms Making Funny Noises That’s What’s Happening In Body But In Soul In The Imagination There’s Meaning And I And I’m Sending Meaning To You I’m Moving My Mouth And Sending You Meaning That’s Incredible A Little Bit And You’re Hearing Meaning And We’re Connecting Soul To Soul Right Now That’s Incredible So You Explore Soul Oh Wow That’s Interesting All These Thoughts What Are Thoughts And An Image Years And Then There’s This Other Thing Being Spirit Numa And And It’s Pointed To Is There’s A Lovely Line In The Gospel Of Thomas Which Reminded Me Of The Things Too From Jeremiah But It’s Kind Of Even More Jesus Says I Will Reveal To You What Cannot Be Seen What Cannot Be Heard What Cannot Be Touched And What Cannot Be Imagined And It Reminds Me I Love It Is It Reminds Me Of A Quote From The Apana Shots Which Is Like Five Or Even More Hundred Years Earlier And In The Upanishads It’s Almost The Same But It’s Like A A Cone Or As A Riddle Upanishads It Says What Is It That Cannot Be Seen Which Makes Seeing Possible What Is It That Cannot Be Heard That Makes Listening Possible What Is It That Cannot Be Touched Which Makes Touch Possible What Is It It Can’t Be Imagined Which Makes Imagination Possible And What I Love About Those Is I Think What They’re Pointing To Is Our Own Deep Being And Our Deep Being Is What’s Looking But It Hasn’t Got Any Shape And It’s Got No Color It Everyone’s Got A Shape Or Color Is What It’s Looking At But The Thing Itself Being Awareness Doesn’t Have Any Color Doesn’t Have Any Shape It Makes No Noise It’s What’s Listening But It Makes No Noise It’s What’s Feeling Touch But You Can’t Touch It It Has No So The The The Deep Mystical Teaching At The Heart Of All Of These Different Religions That I’ve Written About One Of The Deep Teachings Is Your Deepest Being Has No Form To It It’s Not In Your Experience Now These Are Really Deep Ideas But When You Get It You’re Seeing That What You Are Right Now Your Your Bodies In Your Experience Your Souls In Your Experience That’s Your Individuality But Your Being Is Before Your Experience It Has No Form It Just Is It Has No Other Qualities It Just Is So You Tune Into There’s A There’s A Fantastic Mystical Text In The Christian Tradition Called The Cloud Of Unknowing It’s A Medieval Text And It Talks About The Need To Become Conscious Of Your Naked Being Just That You Are Not That You Are This Or You’re That But Just That You Are Your I Am And If You Take Your Attention And Sink It Back Another Wonderful Text They Called The Strangers And Very Early Gnostic Their Texts And It Says In The Stranger That The The Goddess Of Wisdom Says To The To The Stranger Take Yours Take Your Attention To The Rear Or Behind All Your Activity Behind All Your Experience And Just Be Conscious That You Are And In Deep Meditation You Can Do It With Your Eyes Open You Can Do It Right Now Or But Particularly You Can Close Down The Senses And Retreat Right Back Into Your Beer And There’s This Vast Ocean Of Beer And Suddenly There’s This Experience Of Vast Oneness An Oceanic Being Which Has Just Been There The Whole Time She Didn’t Notice It Before And You Didn’t Notice It Because You Were It Looking Out Into Experience And The Difference Is Now You’re It Reflecting Back On Yourself And Seeing That You Are This Field Of Being You Are This Enormous Presence A Bit Like You’re The Dreamer Of This Dream And Then You See That Your Being Is One With All Being Because It’s Formulas There’s No Barriers There’s No Cutoff Points And That’s When The Love Just There It Is Then It Cuts In Love Comes Into The Body And And And There’s That What You Called The Ecstatically The Stage Of You Is Natural Yeah Um It’s Naturally There So There’s A Lot Of Study Nothing I Know You’re Saying Not To Try To Be In That State Because We Couldn’t Get Anything Accomplished There Was A There Was A Point In Time And I’m Pretty Sure Many People Still Believe There That That’s The Goal Is To Get There And Stay There But It Was I I Do Think It’s Great To Want To Do That And I Courage Elites A Lovely Aspiration I’m Just Saying It’s More Subtle Than That Know It Yeah The Feeling Is You Know What I Want Is To Make It All Accessible So Where Do You Need To Go Right Now Do You Need To Put Your Attention You’ve Got This Attention If It’s Fluid Isn’t It Put It Wherever You Want You Know I Can Put It In My Foot I Can Put It In My Nose I Can Put It Out The Window I Put In The Future And Put It In The Past I Can Bring It To The Now Where Am I Going To Put My Attention There What My Goods Do With My Tisza It’s The Most Precious Thing I Have Yeah Now If Your Attention Is Very Limited And You Can Only Move Between A Few Worrying Thoughts Or Doing The Same Things Over And Over Again That’s Not Very Interesting But If You Can Expand It Your Attack Where Does I Want To Go Does It Want To Go Into Deep Being Whoa Does It Want To Come Into Thinking Let Me Think Does It Want To Come To Feeling Oh Does It Want To Be Sensation Whoa You Can It’s Fluid So That You’ve Expanded The Range That You Can Explore Now For Most Of Us The Deep States Are Initially Not Accessible Sorry Excuse Me Yes Sir The The Deep States Are Not Accessible So That We Cut You Know We Need To Learn To Be Able To Open Them Up But The Point Is Not To Stay In One Rule It’s Rather To Have The Fluidity That The Attention Yeah You Can Go There Like So When I Was Younger I Couldn’t Get Back Yeah I’d Go Yeah And I Couldn’t Make It Back You’ve Become Familiar With It You Can Get Back Yeah But That’s Not Because You Live There It’s Because You’re Moving Around Your Attention Is Able To Move Away Able To Come And Go Freely Yeah Um So I Think What Some Of The Studies Are Saying And They Kind Of Link That To The Flow State Like Once You Get In There Then There’s This Creative Process That You’re Able To Go Into When You Come Out Of Right And You’re Like So Linked There Because You Know It’s Real And You Know Who You Are You Carry That Love With You And But People Are Saying That Those Who Try To Stay In There Or If You Were To Stay In There The State Of Mind Is Similar To Psychosis Or A Schizophrenic Who Is Like Always In This Realm Of Irregularity Or Not Able To Kind Of Connect Their Lots Together And Things Like That You Know They Can’t Do A Lot My Philosophy Is What I Call Power Logical Philosophy Which Is Really About Embracing Paradox Because Because The Nature Of What We’re In Is Paradoxical You Know For Instance I’ve Just Said That I’m A Body Which Is A Thing You Can Touch And I’m A Formless Presence And I’m Both From Folks At Once That’s How Paradoxical It Is Yeah Those At Once Now You Can Get Just Stuck In Your Separateness And That’s Pretty Unpleasant But Equally You Can Withdraw Into These Deep States And Lose Your Humanity And A Lot Of That Goes On And You Reach There Are Clinically Described Conditions Like Depersonalization Derealization You Know I’ve Been With People You Know With Most People I’m They’re Going Hey Wake Up There’s Something Beyond Your Personality But For Some People They’re Just Going I Got No Personality I’m Lost I I’m Just This Presence It’s Like Well No You’re Not You Need To Get Because That’s Also A Distressing Stanking Me Both Or It’s Great When You See Through And Realize Wow This Is Like A Dream But When You’ve Only Got A Dream And It’s All Unreal That’s Horrendous That’s Derealization So It’s Having Both At Once And That’s When It’s Like I’m Tim And This Is Real In Its Own Way Yeah And I’m The Formless Presence Dreaming The Whole Thing And They’re Both True And Either Extreme Without The Other Then Is Is Kind Of Disastrous Actually It’s Kind Of Difficult And Will Lead To Stasis Of Distress Yeah That’s I Am Assuming That’s The Union The Yang Just Be A Part Of Yet World To Be Yeah And The Great Thing About That Yin And Yang Dirt Which Is I Love The Symbol If It’s In Movement It’s Not Like Like Oh Yeah That’s Left Within The White This Were Alumina It’s Really It’s Dynamic Why Can Life’s Dynamic It’s Going To Keeps Changing Doesn’t It Like I Said I Mean Loving This Conversation With You And Then I’m Gonna Go And Have A Rest Yeah Different And Then I’ll Go Completely Unconscious Okay It’s Okay That Was The Big Thing For Me To Get To Man Like It Took A Big Leap For Me I Talk About All The Time Now To Where I Can Be The Guru Like I Can Be The You Know The Spiritual Seeker Who Goes Into Those Realms And Receives Information And Speaking Poetically And Things Like That And Helping People Get Over Hurt And Trauma And Things Like That Which I Do But Then I Can Also Be The Guy Who Loves To You Know Tell Jokes With My Family Make Them Laugh Play Video Games And Just Be A Regular Guy And To Like Combine Those Together For Me And For Many Many Gurus It Was Something Hard To Do As A Level Because I People Were Getting Upset Like No You You Know You Can’t Play Video Games You Are The Guru You Are Like I Am All Of It And It’s Okay But To Get To That Place To Where Like I’m Okay With You Seeing That Side Of Me Or Something Like I Died That Was A Really Hard Thing For Me To Do That’s The Key You Know This Para Logical Philosophy The Shorthand Phrase I Use For It Is Both And Not Either/or So It’s Finding Both Poles And Having Both So It’s Not You’re Not Either Divine Or Human You’re Both And What What I What I Thought Would Happen I Think When I Was In My Twenties Was I Thought That If I Meditated Enough To Know I Gave Up Enough Things And I Abandoned Sex Or Whatever It Was Faster Than A Linear Then I’d Be I Wake Up I’d Be An Uber Being And You’d Be Meeting Me Now And I’d Be Like Doing And It’d Be Like Oh My God I Met Emily Was And All That Stuff But None Of That Happened Right What’s Actually Happened Is I’m Conscious Of The Paradox Of My Nature That I Am Both This Incredible Presence Of Oneness And Love And I’m Just Tim And Tim As A Guy Who Has This Particular Accent And Has This Particular Past Who Is Essentially Very Vulnerable Because I Could Die Now And He Has Qualities That If You Hang Out With Him You’ll Really I Think You’ll Like And I Hope You’ll Enjoy Certainly For This Hour But If You Were Within 24/7 Like I Am Fucking Nuts Eventually And That’s That’s Who He Is And He’s Doing His Best And Hopefully He’s Wiser Now Than He Was And I’m Sure There’s A Long Way To Go And I Don’t Expect That To Ever End Man There’s Such An Innocence In That I’m Telling You Because They Don’t Teach That In The Religions Man They Teach You That You Don’t Let Them See That Side Of You Because Then They’ll Doubt In A Lose Faith And They’ll Go To Somebody Else For Some Reason We Look For These Gurus Who Can Fix Us And We Can Become Like Them And Things Like That And But Then When We See The Side Of The Human Side Of Them The Humanity And That They Do Put Their Pants On One Leg At A Time Or They Do Have Those Traits That You Know What I Don’t Like That Guy We Lose Faith In Those People Then We Move On To Another One And That’s The Weird Place A Lot Of Seekers Are You Know Yeah And And And The The Irony Of All Of That Is The Biggest Gift We Can Give Each Other Is To Be What We Actually Are Because If We Do That We Give Other People The Permission To Be What They Are So If You If You Really Pushed Me And You Say Okay Sam You’ve Said All Of These People Experiences Awakening When They Come To Your Deep Awakening Retreat Why What’s The What’s The Deepest Reason Well I’d Say You Know It’s The Philosophy It’s The Practices And I Think It Is Both Of Those But The Biggest Thing I Think The Biggest Thing Is That I Set It Up Right From The Start That It’s Okay To Be Who You Are And I’m Okay Being Who I Am And I’m Not Going To Try And Pretend To Be Anything Other Than I Am And I’m Not Expecting Everyone To Pretend To Be Spiritual Put On A Certain Voice Or Will More Slowly Or To Be You Know Feel Like You’re Just A Beat And It’s A Note So If You’re Loud And Boisterous Like I Am Be That If You’re Quiet Be That If You’re Happy Be Now If You’re Feeling A Bit Sad Right Now Be That And Just And Then Everyone Just Relaxes Into Being Who They Are And When That Happens You See Other People Loving How They Are Nothing How Everyone Else Is You Look At Everyone Else And Think Well It’s Great Get Your You That Seems So Not Like Home And I Think It Seems So Simple Like Yeah Just Be Yourself Be Who You Were Created To Be But A Lot Of People Who I Deal With In I You Know I Guess I’ve Been I Think A Lot Of It Has To Do With The Religion That You Can’t Be There So You Can’t Like Those Things And Like This They Don’t Measure Whatever I Just Got The Phone With Something With Someone Yesterday And I’m Just Be Yourself Man Be The Authentic You Whatever You Like Do It You Like Meditation You Like Deep Stuff You Like To Have A Few Beers Fine Don’t Be Scared Of It Do It There’s Nothing Wrong With It But The Ideology Man In The Dog – Schisms That’s So Deep Within Religion Man I’ll Deal With A Lot Of People And That’s The Hardest Thing To Kind Of Kind Of Get Over But That’s What’s Powerful About You Retreats And About Going Into The Now Moment Is That It’s Okay I Love You Like Source Or God Whatever You Call This I Love You Regardless And I Put Those Things In You For A Reason Man That’s That’s The Beautiful Part Of It Man And Uh Then It’s Oh No For Once You Know That And You’re Okay When We Need To You Know Life Life Is A Wonderful Journey But It’s Hard Sometimes There’s Regular Times When You Know It’ll Catch You And We Need To You Were Not One Thing You Could Meet Me In One Phase Of My Life And You’d Think Wow Tim Is Really Arrived And You Can Meet Me At All Night Later Maybe Like Wow Tim’s Ism Is In Pieces And You Know And And And It Doesn’t Mean That That I’m Any Lesser Before Or Any Greater That It’s Like It’s Not Linear Like That Yeah And When We’ve Made This Mistake And It’s Particularly Coming Out Of America Actually I Think Although Europe’s Very Infected With It We Are Here Too That Somehow Being Awake Is To Do With Being Happy All The Time Or Things Always Going Right Yeah Well If You Haven’t Got What You Want Is Your Fault Here Not Creating The Life You Want What You Know That’s All Superficial The The Great Heroes Of Spirituality In The West In The Past Were Not Happy All The Time And Neither Did They Get The Life They Wanted They Were Courageous Adventurous They Were People Who Took On The Challenge Of Being Alive And Discovering Love Whatever It Took And Bits Of That I’m Sure We’re Fantastic And Often Bits Of It Were Really Tough And In Clark You Know Included Things Like They Get Called The Dark Knight Or Things Where It Doesn’t Go Well And You Have To Go Through That One Of The Great Things About Thomas Joseph Campbell With His Ideas Of The Hero Journey Is You Get That Look Some Days You’re Walking Through The Meadow Other Days You Walk Through The Dark Wood One’s Not Better Than The Other They’re Just Different Stages On Your Unique Journey And Where Someone Else’s Doesn’t Mean They’re Better Or Worse It Just Means That’s Where They Are On Their Journey And Then We Can Just Which But The Good Thing If That Means You Know When I’m Lucky Enough To Be Going Through The Meadow And You’re Stuck In The I Can Hold Your Hand For Responding Then When It Turns Around And I’m The One Going Oh My God You Know This Is Also Thing Happened To Me You Can Be There For Me Yeah No Judgment I’m Here Holding Your Hand You Know We’re Going To Open Up The Phone Lines If Anybody Has A Question For Tim Freak If You Have Any Questions For Them Be Sure To Call In We’ve Got A Few Minutes Left What’s So Powerful About That Is About Loving Them Regardless Because And Maybe This Is Just Religion But I Deal With A Lot Of People Who Are In Or Coming Out Of Religion And But When That Person Changes Like Okay Here’s The You Know The Tim Who’s A Guru I Love That Guy He’s Helped Me So Much Here’s The The Tim Who Is Telling Jokes And Laughing Every Day And They Can’t You Know Connect Those Together But I’ve Seen It To Where Here’s The The Healthy Spiritual Tim And Here’s The Tim Who’s Battling Cancer In That Person Change And It Changes Everything Oh I Can’t I Don’t Know That Person And They Withdraw Versus What You Just Said To Like You Know I’m Saying Want To Help Them Want To Be With Them Because They Were There For You Um They With Job When When That When That Situation Changes At All Like They Are Just Used To This Constant That’s Who I Know But When That Person Changes They Withdraw Even In The Most Subtle Way Like Okay You Said This About This And Now You Change The Way You Feel I’m Done With You That’s A Really Weird Thing And I’m Assuming That It’s Something In Religion Or Maybe That’s Something That’s Deep Down Within It Is I Mean I Think I Think You Know What I See These Days Is Just Different States Of Consciousness And They’re All Changing And They’re All Moving But So What Happens With Religion Is It It Attracts A Certain Stage Of Consciousness And Doesn’t Matter Which Religion Could Be Christianity Could Be Islam Could Be Hinduism It Will Attack Attract A State Of Consciousness Which Manifests In That Way And Then People Will Go That For A While Until Something Deep Within Them Goes No No No I Need More Than This Or They Read The Right Book Or They Meet The Right Person And Then They Will They Will See A Crack And They Will Start To Collect And As You Know For Many People It’s A Quite Difficult Process You Know I Wrote A Book Many Years Ago Called The Jesus Mysteries Which Was Very Controversial Was A Big Bestseller And A Lot Of People Freed Themselves From Fundamentalist Christianity By Reading That Book What Really It Was Lovely I Got A Huge Number Of Emails Saying Thank You But Too Many Of Them At The End Went But I Know My Family Don’t Speak To Me And Neither Do Any Of My Friends Because You Know They Lost That Community In Stepping Out So I Think It’s A Hard Thing To Do But It’s A It’s A State Of Consciousness Which Moves And Then Have You Come The The Key Way To Avoid The Things That You Were Talking About I Think Well We Said It Both Of Us I’m Sure Already It’s Just All Fantasy Yeah If We Just Meet See For Me When I Meet Are You Now We Meet As Life Explorers You Know I I Have A Different Life Experience I’m Older I’ve Got Certain Things Which That May Give Me But You Also Got A Different Less Experience You’re Younger That Gives You Certain Things Which I Haven’t Accessed So That There’s A Fundamental Equality Between Everyone And Then This Diversity Of Experience And We Share What We’ve Got And Certainly For Me Part Of That Sharing Is I’m Going To Keep Learning So Don’t Expect Consistency Expect You Know One Of My Favorite Lines From Andis Gandhi Is When He Said My Commitment Is To Truth Not Consistency I Don’t Expect Me To Say The Same Thing Tomorrow That I’m Saying Today If I Find Something More Truthful Yeah I Will Acts Yeah And I Win It’s The Whole Thing About You Saying We’re Changing Like We’re Changing About You Know Every Three To Six Months Ourselves Are Dying And Being Reborn But From The Type Of Experiences That We’ve Had The Trauma We’ve Been Through And Even The Food That We’re Putting In Our Stomachs Like We’re Eating Bad In And In You Know Drinking A Lot Of Alcohol Over The Cases You Know I’m Going To Be At A Certain Level And Then The Next Three Months We’re Dying Being Reborn And Constantly Changing So That’s One Thing About As Far As Like The Consistency And Who We Are And Just Becoming Different People And It’s Okay This Is Part Of Life There’s A Quote That I Want To Share I Think It Kind Of Goes Directly With What We’re Saying And This Is From Manley P Hall Which Is One Of My Favorite Teachers So He Says The Religious Experience Moves And Relatively From The Congregational Worship Towards An Inward Communion No Matter How Desperately Sex In Certain Creed’s Attempt To Oppose The Concept Religion Finally Becomes A Personal Spiritual Experience Each Person Must Find Their Own Faith And Must Find It Within As The Keyword Religious Systems May Supply Us With The Instrument Of This Personal Quest But Cannot Accomplish The Quest For Us Yeah That’s Right So You So You Know Traditionally I Mean It’s Changing Now Because The World Is So Interconnected But Traditionally Yeah Well You Know You’re Born Into A Culture Everyone Is Born Into A Culture And Traditionally There Was Part Of A Big Part Of That Culture Was Whatever Religion You Were Born In So That Gave You The Vocabulary With Which You Could Explore Soul And Spirit But For You To Make It Your Own You Have To Doubt It Doubt Is What Makes Us Conscious When There’s No Doubt We Stay Within Our Cultural Conditioning The Only Thing Sets You Free Is Doubt Because When You Doubt You Take Your Ideas That You’ve Been Indoctrinated With And You Do That To Them Now Once You’ve Done That You Can Go Back To Them And Go Yeah I Like Them And Now They’re Your Idea Yeah That’s What They Would Just Put Any By Someone Else Yeah How About Yours Or You May Go Do You Know What That Doesn’t Work For Me But By Doubting Questioning Let’s Use That Word And What Strikes Me About The Religious Mindset In That Negative Way That We’ve Been Talking About Is That You Will Hear Again And Again Diet Is A Bad Thing Don’t Act Don’t Back Just Believe Just Believe Because They Because And That’s What’s Holding Everyone Back You Have A Minute Go No Course Question And Doubt And Explore Bake Become Conscious Then You Can Wake Up From That And It Does Become Your Own Yeah You Realize That You Will You Will Have Your Own Religion How Could You Not You’ve Lived A Different Life To Everyone Else You You Will Find Your Own Way That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Learn From Loads And Loads Of People Doesn’t Mean It Won’t Call Yourself Or Something The Christian Aura You Know You Can Be A Damn It You Can Read My Books Get Freakish I Don’t Care But You Will Still Be Yourself Yeah And You Would Have Find It For You And That Way You Know I’ve Been Here At The Beginning Of This Conversation Going All The Steve Wake States So Love And Oneness But Knee Just Saying That Doesn’t Help The Person Listening Right Exactly I Wish It Did But It Doesn’t And I May Be Full Of Baloney I May Be Just Making All This Up And And That Person Has To Have Their Bullshit Detector On And Go Who Is He Or Is He Talking Truth Or Is He Is He Full Of You Know Yes And And And They Have To Work That Out Not All I Can Say Is As One Human Being To Another This Experiencing I Fees Here It’s Waiting For You And It’s Much Closer Than You Think Yeah In Fact It’s Too Close For You To Notice That’s True It’s So Subtle And That That’s What’s So Powerful To Me In Like In Church They Always Use Thomas As The Doubter And We Don’t Want To Be Like Thomas Right In The Scripture When Jesus Comes Back But Then You Like No Thomas Was Beautiful His Story Is Awesome Like He Just Didn’t Accept It Because Everyone Else Was Doing It Oh There’s Jesus Yeah He Wanted Proof Like He Liked His Doubt Was Something Beautiful And It Saved Them And He Wasn’t Just Going To Come In And And Follow What Everybody Else Is Following Now You Got To Show Me Man I Want Proof And That’s The Proof In The Pudding Is Not Like To Follow The Philosophy Of What We’re Saying It’s Like No Go For Yourself You Can Explore These Realms You Don’t Need Me I Can Help You But You Don’t Need Me It’s Something Personal And You Can Go And Experience It For Yourself Just Like Thomas Mann I Think I Think His Story Is So Beautiful There’s So Many Parallels I Really Felt In My Opinion Either The Gospel Of Thomas Is My Favorite That’s A Great There’s Some Great Teachings That I Man It’s Lovely I Got Some Great Lives All Right We Got We Got A Phone Call Go And Take This Phone Call I Know Tim’s Got To Go Here Shortly But Uh We Got A Phone Call For My Northwest Arkansas Who We Speaking With It’s Like You Sure I Know Who This Is True That His Honor How Y’all Doing This Morning Doing Great You Got A Question Or Comment Oh I Do Have A Question And So Um I’ll Just Start Off Shortly For Mr. Freak Yeah I Get That Right Correct You Did Is My Name All Right I Don’t Know If I’ll Be Like It’s Mr. Florrick Or Something Like That So My Apology Expresses But Okay So I’m Fairly New In My Spiritual Walk It’s Like My Third Eye In The Center Still Been Slowly But Surely Opening And One Of The Things That’s Been Something That Happened To Me Recently Is Um I Was A True Seekers Podcast A Lot Where I Might Work Wonders Nia Has Been Sticking Out My Mind Lady Is I Keep On Hearing The Phrase As Above So Below But Ever Since I Started Hearing It Ceases No Matter Where I Go I Keep On Hearing That Phrase And Sometimes It Feels Like So It’s Whispering To Me But There’s No Route I Can Hear Like I Have Above So Below As Above So Below As Above So Below So It’s Like I Never Quite Understood So How What Exactly Does That Mean Okay Great Question Thank You As Above So Below Is A Phrase From The Hermetic Tradition The Hermetic Tradition Is A Mystical Tradition Which Has Its Roots In Egypt In Ancient Egypt And Its Teachings Are Tributed To A Mythical Sage Called Hermes Trismegistus Who Is Also Known As Thoth And And It Became Particularly Popular In The Renaissance There In Italy And Then Sweet Across Europe And Really The Whole Western Culture Has Arisen From The Renaissance Means Rebirth And It’s The Rebirth Of This Ancient Pagan Hermetic Knowledge This Ancient Wisdom Of Which As Above So Below Is Part Of That The Phrase Is Partly To Do With Astrology It’s The Idea That The Stars Represent A Pattern For Our Lives And That There’s A Correspondence Between What Happens In The Stars And What Happens On Earth And That But That Also Has A Mystical Resonance As Well Because The Heavens Which Are Literally The Stars That’s Why We Say The Kingdom Of Heaven Because They’re Referring To The Stars In It Which Is You Know You’ve Got To Think In The Ancient World Or Up Everyone Up Until Quite Recently That’s What You Could Look At When You Walked Out Your Door Was This Huge Canopy Of Stars So It’s The Idea That There Is A Other Dimension Another World World Of Soul Which Were As We Said Earlier We’re All Experiencing A Non-material World Where You’re Understanding The Meaning Of These Words In The Non-material World Now Is The Idea That That Is The Other Realm And That What’s Happening In That Has An It Affects What’s Happening In This And That You Need To Bring The Two Of Them Into Harmony With Each Other So That As Above So Below And Also As Above As About As Below So Above But It Really You’re Taking The Higher And Bringing It Into Life That’s There’s A Lot Of Meanings To It Actually Because It’s Quite A Big Body Of Work But Those Are Two That Feel Relevant Right Now You’re In The Bible As Well Um Jesus Says On Earth As It Is In Heaven Same Meaning It’s In And Also Says That We’re Seated In Heavenly Places With Christ And So That’s That That’s Actually Referring To The Stars And Our Solar Body Or Us You Know Being Up There And And Being Down Here At The Same Time One Of The Things Which Is Really Interesting To Get That It’s Very Hard To Understand Old Traditions Because You Have To You Have To Really Go Back Into A Different State Of Mind So Around Look Up At The Sky And See What We See Where They Literally Saw What We See But They Didn’t Interpret It As We Do So What They Imagined Was A Canopy In The Ancient Egyptian Tradition It Was New It The Goddess Knew It There’s A Canopy With Little Holes In And Each Hole Was Looking Through To The Treasure House Of Light Which Was God Which Was The Great Beyond Which Was The Source And So The Teaching Was And Everyone As A Star You And I Are Everyone Is A Star And Not Because We Were A Big Ball Of Gas But Because Each One Of Us Is Like A Little Hole In The Canopy Beyond Which Is The One Consciousness Of God And And So In A Way The Reason I Love Looking England Because It Feels Like When You Look In Somebody’s Eyes You’re Looking Through That Canopy You Looking Through The Appearances To Consciousness Itself Looking Back You’re Going Beyond Better Angels In The Era Is Like I Was About To Say About The Eyes Every Time Because I See That Like Soul Of Hosts Like A Pussy As A Court On Facebook Now See Laying The Galaxies With Like Human Eyes So Like I Was Always Wondering Why Those Two Seeing The Copes Unicore Correlate What He Tried With The Winking Of That Phrase Yeah That’s Right Exactly Right It’s Why One Of The You Know We’ve Been Talking In This Conversation About These Deep Awakening Events That I Run One Of The Key Things I Do With People Is I Get Them To Simply To Connect Soul The Soul And One Of The Ways I Do That Is I’ll Sit Them Down I’ll Play Some Beautiful Music For A Few Minutes And I’ll Just Say Look At Each Other’s Eyes And See What You Experienced Because You Know If You’re Relaxed And You’re Comfortable What You Experience Is I’m Seeing A Face Literally Colors And Shapes But What I’m Connecting With Is Something I Can’t See I’m Looking Through The Veil And I’m Connecting With Something Beyond The Physical And It’s Really Obvious And If You Look Deeply Enough You See That You’re Looking At Being Looking Back At You And This Is Suddenly This Incredible Oneness You’re Just Looking At Some Of These Eyes And The Next Minute You Know There’s One Of You And If You Do That With A Lot Of People And That’s What I Often Do I’ll Get People To Do That With Person After Person After Person In A Beautiful Environment With Some Lovely Music So You Feel Really Cool And Relaxed Then Really The Transformation That Can Happen Because You’re Just Looking Through The Veil So Oh My God I Look Through In You And Then There’s Another One Oh My God Do I Look Through With You And You’re Looking At Something And And Although That’s Actually Happening All The Time It’s Happening Right Now By Putting Your Attention On It You See The Reality Of It And When You See The Reality Of It That’s When This Deep Wake State Will Just Open Up The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul Is So True Is Illiterate Yeah That’s Rise In Here As Well Hey Hundred Thanks For Calling Man We’re Going To Go Ahead And Yeah A Nice Collar All Right Mr. Freed What Was That Book You Were Talking About Earlier That You Say You Wrote The Book That’s Relevant To What We’re Talking About Now Is Called Deep Awake And If You My Name Is Such A Strange One If You Spell It Right Fre Ke And You Google Me You’ll Find My Website And You Can Read About It They’re Also Course On Amazon And Everything Else Deep Awake And But There And My Latest One It’s Called Soul Story So Here Into Philosophy Then Soul Story My Latest One Is My Major Work Of Philosophy If You Want The One On Awakening Then Deep Awake Which Was My One Before All Right I’m Gonna Have To Put You On My Reading List So Great Well I’m On Like Nickel And Gentlemen Good Well When You Get When When I Reach The Top Of Your Mailing Out Your Reading List Be Sure To Contact Me By The Website And Tell Me How You Got On Or On Facebook All Right I’ll Make Sure To Do That Thank You Again Gentleman I’m Cleared For Calling No Ma’am All Right Blessings And Shalom Salaam Salaam The Other Thing Which May Be Relevant To Anyone Who Is Listening To This And Thinking Oh I’d Like To Know More About What Team Does I Mean There’s Tons On My Website Like I Said Gym Free Gogo Yeah I Was Very Well Ago In Terms Of Stuff On There Oh Yeah Those I Had On It But I Am Coming To The States This Year Twice I’m Going To Symbiosis Festival To Run Some Events In Oregon And So I’m Going To Be Speaking At The Festival And Doing Other Stuff But I’m Also Hoping To Come And Run A Deep Awakening I’m Speaking At The Science And Non-duality Conference In San Jose In 8th October And Around That Time I’m Hoping To Run A Deep Awakening Retreat Either In La Or Las Vegas Probably So The Key Thing Is If People Are Touched By This And They’d Like To Know If I I Mean I Couldn’t Come To Write Me Into You You Know I Go Where I’m Invited I End Up In All Sorts Of Places So Sign Up To My And Mailing List Sign Up For The Newsletter And You Get A Newsletter Every Week Or Two With Just Some Inspiration Things That Will Touch You But Also If I’m Coming To Somewhere Near You You Can Get To Hear About It And Maybe We Can Meet In Person No Be Awesome You Sign All The Books As Well From People All Of Them Right I Do Yeah If People I Mean It’s Much More Expensive For My Site Because I Have To Send Them From The Uk And You Know You Want To Cheap Go To Amazon If You Want A Signed Copy Come To Me And I’ll Make Sure You Get A Lovely Signed Copy Awesome Yeah We Got Links In The In The Description As Well About Getting On There As Well To Do There So Tear A Man Thank You So Much For Coming On Hanging Out With Me I’ve Enjoyed It And It Was A Beautiful Episode And There Was A Lot Of Knowledge That Was And I’m Sure If Anything It Sparked People’s Interest In What We’re Talking About And There Really Is So Much Power And Going Into That Meditative State And Just And Just Experiencing Oneness And Taking That With You On Your Day To Day Man Yeah It’s Been A Delight To Speak To You My Friend Very Pleased You’re Doing What You’re Doing In The World And It Gives Me Great Hope For What’s Coming When I See What Yourself And Others In Your Generation Are Doing And It Does We Hope That We Can Bring About The Sort Of Transformation We Need To See Both For The Sake Of Ourselves Or Humanity But Also The Planet Where We’re Inhabiting And The Future Of Our Children And Their Children Awesome I Agree So Much So Thanks So Much For Coming On And We Will Speak Again Very Soon My Brother Blessings Thank You Tim Freak Ladies And Gentlemen That Was A Good Episode I’m Glad That I Got To Speak With Him Because I’m Telling You Like There Was So Many Distractions There Were So Many Things Going On With My Computer As Soon As I Put This On Youtube I Got A I Got A Strike On My Channel Man It’s Crazy Youtube Is Insane Youtube Has It Out Against Me It Was Nothing In It I Put His Image In His Name There And It Said That It Went Against The Community Guidelines We’ve Heard That Before Right So I’m Glad That We’re Using Itunes And All This Other Good Stuff Facebook For Now But So That Happened And Then As Soon As He Jumped In The Stream For The Chat Um The Computer Messed Up And I Couldn’t Open Up I Couldn’t Access The Internet I Couldn’t Access It Through Explorer Or Google Chrome And Nothing It Wouldn’t Even Pull Up Man So I Had To Restart The Computer Right When We Were Supposed To Go Live So I Thank Him So Much For His Patience And Just Working With Me But I’m Glad We Did It Well Glad We Didn’t Reschedule Because There Was So Much Information And Knowledge And Just Inspiration In General For You Guys In This Episode Even For Me Like I Enjoy Picking These People’s Brains As Well Because Like The Main Reason That The Podcast Was Kind Of Birth Was Me Researching A Lot Of Work Jordan Maxwell Trisha Mccann And Some Of These Pee That Games Killing People I Was Watching Hours And Hours And Hours Of While I Was Having My Awakening And I Wanted That To Have The Mourn So I Was Actually Able To Talk To The People On The Podcast And Pick Their Brain About Stuff I Learned In Their Presentations Or Their Interviews And Kind Of Going You Know I’m Saying The Same Direction And Ask Deeper Questions About It So Out Of That Stuff Was Sampled In My Music All These People’s Names And I Got To Interview These People Which Was Awesome So The Podcast Essentially Is An Extension Of The Music So I Thank You Guys Who Support And How You Guys Have Gotten Here It’s Really Cool Some People Have Approached The Podcast Just Because They’re Fans Of The People We Interview Some People Are Listening And Watching Now Because They Enjoy My Music And My Music Has Set Them On A Path Of Spirituality And They’ve Undergone Levels Of Awakening From Listening To My Music And Which Is So Beautiful And Everybody Has You Know This Different Perspective Of What’s Taking Place During These Conversations Man So If You Nobody Has Any Questions Or Comments Let Me Know So Make Sure That You Subscribe On Itunes If You’re Watching On Facebook Or Whatever Subscribe On Itunes Or On Android There’s A Bunch Of Podcasting Apps And We Have All That Listed In The Show Notes Just Click On Subscribe On Android And You’ll Be Able To Do That With A Cool Podcasting App I Like Stitcher Stitches Pretty Cool It’s Free And So Thank You Guys For All The Support Everybody Who Is Supporting Through Patreon We’re Getting A Lot More More People Subscribing They’re Becoming A Member And You Get Extra Perks There Those Of You Who Listen To The Music You Get Unreleased Music You’re Going To Get Extra Podcast We’re Going To Have All We Get My Book My Book Is On There For Download Pdf So I’m Trying To You Know Get Creative And Add More Stuff To That As Well So Patreon Comback / True Seeker It Helps To Pay The Bills And Essentially You’re Partnering With Me And My Music To Create More Music Music Videos Do More Podcast And Do Them More Often Because It Takes Money To Run All This Stuff And Thank You Guys So Much So If You Want To Become A Member And Support What We’re Doing Join The Team Patreon.com Backslash True Seeker I Love Each And Every One Of You Guys Thanks So Much For Hanging Out With Me Watching This Interview And We Will Connect And Be Back Very Soon Shalom Shalom Peace [music] Well Then Does It For This Episode Of Club To Hear More Episode Of The Truth Seeker Podcast Head Over To G Because I Come And If You Want To Support The Show And Get Rewards Go To Our Patreon Page At Patreon.com Forward Slash Topeka [music]

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