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Tre9 is one of the pioneers for Christian Rap and has played a huge role in forming a community within the genre especially in the Houston Texas area. Tre9 started a a website call for local artist to build with one another that largely grew in the webs number one source for christian hip hop and community. became a worldwide success for artist finding fellowship and community within a marginalized genre within its early years. Artist would use it as a catalyst to promote their music as well as booking shows and finding other like minded artist to connect with on features for their albums and trading out concert bookings. Tre9 eventually sold to after hearing from the Lord about his calling within CHH and the community. Tre9 has always been ministry minded when it comes to the avenue of christian rap and has started discipleship ministries to equip younger artist to be effective as not only musicians but missionaries. Tre9 also has led outreaches to local jails and prisons within the Houston area and that’s where he met gangsta rapper Pyrexx. Pyrexx gave is heart to Jesus at an event that Tre9 hosted in the prison where Joseph McSweeny aka Pyrexx as incarcerated. Pyrexx changed his life and upon being released Pyrexx and Tre9’s friendship grew stronger while Tre9 continued to disciple Pyrexx taking him under his wing and letting him share the stage during his concerts. Fresh out of jail Pyrexx looked the part of a gangsta rapper covered from head to toe with tattoos and on top of that already having success as a secular rapper. Many people questioned Tre9 about his affiliation with Pyrexx because he was still very ruff around the edges but Tre9 saw something of worth within Pyrexx and even though he had his own ups and down Tre9 continued to disciple Pyrexx and never gave up on him. Pyrexx is now one of the top artist within the Christian Rap genre and has a successful ministry sharing his story with large audiences all across the U.S.
Tre9 took a five year hiatus and essentially passed Pyrexx the torch to run with while Tre9 retired from being a Christian Rapper. Well, now Tre9 has re emerged on the scene and is working on his next album with his lable Much Luv Records and is set to release his next album very soon. Tre9 is also working with his next artist Austin Lanier who is already making a lot of noise in the arena of Christian Hip Hop.
Christian Rap has come a long way since Tre9 started in the late 90’s and he has seen the genre morph and Christian artist rise to fame and then fall into sin or get caught up in the industry for exalting the platform over the ministry. This is one of the main reasons that Tre9 decided to come out of his hiatus because of the lack of discipleship and discipline within the community.




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