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Drew Gower was at his largest of 388 pounds when he had his awakening and during this interview he is down to 204. After years of regret and depression Drew had a moment of self realization during a psdiclicobyn mushroom experience. After this profound encounter Drew also found himself with a copy of the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho given to him by TruthSeekah. These two experience sent Drew and TruthSeekah on a path of enlightenment, self worth and inward discovery. During this discussion you will hear stories from the two as they explained how the mushroom encounter combined with book The Alchemist lit a fire within them to chase after their God given dreams.
Drew Gower is a Health and Spiritual Wellness coach. He is also the founder and CEO of The #NoDaysOff Movement. Drew has helped many people on their road to true victory and transformational progress. Drew is available for private sessions by appointment only via Skype and Telephone. Schedule your FREE 10 minute phone call consultation by visiting