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Drew Gower was at his largest of 388 pounds when he had his awakening and during this interview he is down to 204. After years of regret and depression Drew had a moment of self realization during a psdiclicobyn mushroom experience. After this profound encounter Drew also found himself with a copy of the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho given to him by TruthSeekah. These two experience sent Drew and TruthSeekah on a path of enlightenment, self worth and inward discovery. During this discussion you will hear stories from the two as they explained how the mushroom encounter combined with book The Alchemist lit a fire within them to chase after their God given dreams.
Drew Gower is a Health and Spiritual Wellness coach. He is also the founder and CEO of The #NoDaysOff Movement. Drew has helped many people on their road to true victory and transformational progress. Drew is available for private sessions by appointment only via Skype and Telephone. Schedule your FREE 10 minute phone call consultation by visiting

Drew Before and After
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truth seeker and all its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral projection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and dual remote viewing please be advised – a simple decision [Music] you’re watching [Music] won’t you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yo what’s up ladies and gentlemen we’re tuned into another live broadcast of the truth seeker podcast I’m excited to be here delighted as well I’ve got an awesome show planned I’m gonna give you guys some inside looks some backstory about alchemy true hallucinations right the magic of an alchemist and so the person that I’m gonna be speaking with tonight we we go far back and have she has seen my transformation through spiritual alchemy and I’ve seen his in and out of religion and playing around and coming back to and flirting things like that and just understanding what we want to do with life what the path is that God the most high creator has for us and trying to manifest that so we got some some tips we’re gonna be covering we’re gonna be talking about psychedelics as well and how they have impacted our lives and very excited about this show tonight this is gonna be an unkind ‘add show so before we go any further I always have to say a huge thank you to all the patrons everybody who’s supporting my work at backslash true seeker there you can sign up at any level of giving and support what we’re doing I’m now doing this full-time the podcast is free for you guys to listen to but it’s not free to create it takes a lot of money time effort and energy to put into this and also most of you guys know I’m a musician I’m a hip-hop artist and I speak about all of the things that are on this podcast the topics and things like that where we’re talking about the spirit realm spirit travel psychedelics any in every has to do with spirituality I talk about this stuff in my music and there you can access my entire discography for any level of giving and you get cool stuff so you get rewards and if I can’t go any further without saying a huge thank you to this week’s patrons and I want to say a huge shout out to Josh Austin who signed up this week and became a member and also Adam star seed Bay so it’s so cool that I’m actually building relationships with these people on Facebook and stuff so when you become a patron you get access to the patron only Facebook group in there you guys can request guests to have on the show and we have a lot of discussion over there so it’s it’s a it’s essentially a family that we’re building so I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who believes in my work and wants to see this stuff continue you guys mean the world to me so without further ado I’m gonna bring on tonight’s guests Andrew Gower drew gobble what’s up my brother I’m well man it’s good to see you thanks to you drew okay so drew is down now from right under 400 pounds so he weighed in I think today or yesterday at what 202 – OH – that is 186 pounds and the fourth of this month was 17 months 17 months yeah hard work dedication pays off my I know I know your hashtag right now and the movement that you have is hashtag no days off that’s what you’re branded that’s what you’re pushing my hashtag and they go together but hashtag consistency man just whatever whatever you’re doing to be consistent with it right yes sir yes there’s a lot of hard work you know people ask all the time like how do you do it or whatever like it’s a big secret there’s no secret it’s really just hard work whatever you’re willing to dedicate yourselves to and you know hard work pays off I like the fact that you used the word secret right because that’s a big thing and uh you know in the movements and stuff the secret and what we’re gonna talk about tonight is the secret behind the secret so we’ve all watched that documentary many of us have read that book and it’s about the law of attraction the law of manifestation which the secret touches on a bunch of beautiful things about visualizing things and seeing them come to manifestation in your own life and they just tell you just to think about it but it’s it’s a lot more they kind of leave it at that right and so obviously if you was to think about losing weight or your dream job or where you want to be with your family just thinking about it I mean how far does that get you I mean you can have the best intentions of the whole world like this world is full of good intentions and but if like you don’t do anything with that if you don’t like what the work and that’s all it’s gonna ever be is just an intention you know up to 17 months ago like I was overweight my whole life like I had all these big huge seems like obstacles to me at the time the biggest one was myself but I was so big but I always wanted to be small like I used to dream I would have like lucid dreams of me being skinny and being fit and being active and being able to do these things but it seemed to me at the time that it was as far away it’s like some people dream and they could fly like it seemed like that far-fetched like I wasn’t possible and I’m honestly I was doing this like more or less out of just persistence out of maybe even like a religious tradition to where I was working out and I was eating right and I was doing it for like six months before I believed that I could before I believe that it was ever gonna make a difference there was some kind of hope in me that if I just kept doing it I kept doing it I kept doing it like I was either gonna kill myself or like it was gonna pay off one of the two because like I was that determined and after about five or six months started noticed in results like I started seeing changes in my body I started like my clothes started getting bigger I was able to like do you know be more active into things and once I started seeing results and I started believing in myself and believe in that I could I had to like I had to see how far I could get because that you know this was never about weight loss it was never about me like oh I want to be like a certain number me like whatever it was never about weight loss it was always about me finding the confidence with myself to be able to achieve anything I want to and find that like the possibilities are endless not just with your health but with your job like the dreams that you have for your life like it’s endless we always talk about if you want to create that life for yourself and we always talk about do something today plant a seed today that you would want to manifest maybe not tomorrow maybe a week from now plant the seed do something toil the ground break up that hard ground do something today that you want to manifest later so if you want to land that dream job and I’m when we say dream job we’re literally talking about the dream that you had when you was a child that many of us have given up on which is the whole story of the alchemists to recapture the dream right many of us have given up on but do something today that you want to manifest tomorrow however how big or how small it is whether is to go to the gym for the first time whether it is to you know write a song or start start writing or you know if you want to write a book many people have stories within them and an inspiration that they want to give out that they can help people but they have to do something they have to put that pen to the paper actually heard a quote like you know people who live their lives in fear we disguise in its practicality like this is just what normal people do like we go to work on to take any shots or they’re afraid to like take any chances like that their life like its practicality but really they just call it practicality it’s just fear within themselves like fear to you know go with an extra mile or you know it doesn’t matter what it is like I said you know the no days off movement it’s not just about weight loss like when I started with me it’s not like I’m gonna work out every day like a no days off literally type thing it’s an idea it’s a mindset that you get within yourself that like no matter what like if this is a passion something I’m gonna pursue with my life a dream that like you know I’ve had ever since I was a kid or maybe just an aspiration to follow follow your dreams or do something you’ve never done before it doesn’t matter what it is like it’s a mindset to continually go after that and not take no for an answer you know I’m so tired of people just like floating through life and letting life do them and something I’ve learned man like I I’m hurt I have you know I feel defeats all the time like there’s stuff that I go through I have my own inward battles but these battles that are fighting I choose and you can live your whole life and you can choose what you heard for or you can just let the whole world continue hurting you what you do nothing about it um it’s definitely shows like empathy because it’s not just you if it was all just about you and hey on this successful guy now I’m all good I’m living the life that I want to live I’m sure I’m shedding the weight but you have this burden to go back and help others right and that that’s a huge difference when people have an awakening or they achieve some type of goal we want to go back and say hey this is how it this is how it works like this worked for me this is all I can give you I’ve tried many other ways I’ve tried thinking about it I’ve tried praying about it all it’s good you have to think about that you have to pray about it but then you have to put you have to put the work in you have to put your hand to the plow and start doing the work and life is is is an example in his experience and hard work pays off it really does and I want to I want to kind of go back because we got a particular place now but if we can go back and tell the story because me and you met I want to say maybe 2004 I may be a little early is that Wow yeah so me and me and drew were are really big into the youth group churches came up in youth ministry and things like that and I did essentially Christian evangelism as a Christian hip-hop artist and and did that in the early years and and drew played on the worship team and he did music and we we played in some bands together and some Christian hardcore metal bands and good stuff awesome memories and a lot of this a heck of a journey and Dan I think we had we maybe had a fall out for a couple years and and life happens and we we both took a turn and I think when I a couple years later I got with you and you did the church staying in ministry stuff for a while and then next time I talked to you you were taking trips back and forth from Mobile Alabama to Atlanta partying on the weekends and this was totally unlike the drew that I like the church guy who plays into in the worship band and stuff like that so I don’t know how far you want to go into that I know you said we wanted to be really candid and and and talked about some things tonight so I’m gonna let you use the discretion there but as far as you you you want to go I’m willing to go with you man but let’s let’s talk about you know what you know where you were in in the youth group and Church ministry and that whole structure and then you can kind of set the story up if you want yeah absolutely so you know my wife and I actually met in a Christian Bible College you know our goal or life’s intent was to you know to help people really we ended up getting really hurt by the church that we’re involved with and you know what like looking back on it now it seems so I mean like me maybe just like meaningless like maybe just like like why did it matter so much to me at the time but that was the bubble that I was in and sometimes like when your bubble burst and that’s all you have in life like you don’t know what to do before I go too into this I want to kind of give like a little precursor anything that I talked about as far as like you know we’re gonna get in I’m gonna talk about some addictions some things like this and it goes much farther than just food or whatever but this is my story I’ve actually thought about telling the story many times I’ve actually thought about how much do I really want to share and the way that I look at it is like if I’ve gone through a valley or have gone through weakness or defeat in my life and I’m able to speak about it now because I’ve overcame certain situations and if that helps somebody maybe where they’re at or where they were or whatever it might be and I don’t feel like there’s any mistakes I don’t feel like things happen just because and I feel like if that were to help somebody then it wouldn’t be just in vain like I wouldn’t just done those things but because I overcame because I’m allowed to share my testimony now of the victor that have in my life not just with addiction but with with everything there’s a lot of freedom that comes with victory in your life but if somebody else gets something from this then it’s all completely worth it well I’m gonna I want to say this just to kind of back you up right there we’re seeing a lot of victory in those areas by being open with things that we’ve been told don’t let the world see your struggle don’t let them see your bad side don’t let them see the chinks in your armor and things like that and you have to kind of polish your story y’all make it presentable and things like that but we’ve been seeing a lot we’ve been covering a lot of ground and a lot of people have been responding by just being open to be okay you were a Christian you were in the youth group you were doing this you were doing that whatever your story is and not to make edits along the way but just be open because that’s what people are resonating with and we’ve been seeing a lot of awesome things where people responding whether it was you know some of the things that you’re gonna talk about but go ahead yes getting back to that when me and Derek had reconnected it was you know we we had gotten hurt by a church like we were I believe we’re still living with my my wife’s mom at the time we were in a really bad place financially we feel like just we felt like just like everything in our lives were like falling apart at the time I remember questioning God like you know God if you’re so great then why would you let this happen and not only did like I didn’t want to be in ministry after we got hurt by a church not only did I not want to like you know do those things that I once used to but I didn’t even want to be like a Christian anymore like I felt at that point like man like what is the point like this is not worth it to me and I know this sounds so like you know mediocre maybe childish to some but that’s where I was and I think every week you know every person has their weak moments when we were living with her mother-in-law I had somebody in my life that was not connected to at the time very important to me and they had reconnected to me and they were living in Atlanta at the time and I remember like it was so important for me because I felt like I hadn’t spent time with this person and so long and I feel like like this is it like I want a relationship this person so bad um I remember you know they did all they could to connect with me and reach out to me and like I want to help I got the answer whatever like whatever it was and I remember one weekend they came they came down we were living in Alabama at the time they picked us up and we went to New Orleans for the weekend and I just remember being so happy that like we were even together because like this person that’s so much to me at the time and it really didn’t matter to me at hey you know at that moment like what was going on I was just happy to be there happy to be in the presence and it was just was just thankful like for the first time in a long time like it was something new to me it was refreshing to be the presents and like talk to them and you know for somebody that was missing that out of so much out of their life like for you know so many years before it was it was nice it was kind of a hope for me personally on the inside but when we went to New Orleans that night we were introduced to it was it’s called Molly it’s a street slang term for ecstasy the way it was offered I’ll never forget it was like offered almost like an octopus in the matrix but it was like something that would completely change your life if you just took a chance and tried and I’ll never forget that that night that moment it was like I still look back on it to this day and it was like life-changing I remember it was just like complete and utter rest I remember like worries doubts fears everything that I had held onto for those past few years because I had been hurt and I felt like I was struggling so much with everything that was in my life like all these things that I was feeling just like suddenly went away and I felt completely oh I felt complete peace felt complete joy and I felt so connected everybody that was around me I mean it was truly like life-changing I mean it still to this day I’ll talk about it that way because at the time that I felt like that was you know I mean not necessarily what I needed but that was what I needed to feel in a sense that that makes me yeah yeah let me cut you off here though did you feel that in church cuz I know I did did you have those encounters in the presence of God and things in church as well but leading worship absolutely absolutely I mean it was almost in the same sense of spirituality when I talk about complete peace complete joy I mean as Christians we know I mean that comes from the Holy Spirit like you know he is our lift over our head and but in the same sense like I got that same feeling but it was different it wasn’t like you know you can you know the difference between something that’s like through discernment something that’s real and something that’s like man-made or you know whatever it might be but I definitely felt that growing up I mean but this was different and when I say different it wasn’t like a good or a bad different it was just different but I remembered it was like you know they say you know scientists whatever like they say like it’s not something that you can be addicted to ecstasy or MDMA I would HIGHLY highly disagree that feeling or whatever that you might get from that substance is definitely something people would be addicted to you know you might not be physically addicted to it your body might not be like craving it but your mind definitely will your body definitely will because like that feeling is pretty much whatever you can think like heaven would feel like physically like that’s what it’s like that experience and it was so great for me at the time just to not have to feel you know the brokenness that I was feeling I remember that night we broke down like all these goals that I had for my life like all these things that I wanted to do and for once like I liked it I could think clearly and I wasn’t bound by my own voices in my head you know saying that I wasn’t were there I was a good enough for all these things and I just just complete peace complete rest like that whole night I will continue probably to say the rest of my life truly was a change for me so it’s crazy that it’s very similar to the church story yeah you know in this this euphoric encounter that you had at life changing I remember going having church services and writing down the goals right you know and hey man I had this awesome euphoric encounter with this presence with this God and I’m gonna write down these goals and make these changes to my life and and I it’s so funny that it like for some it would have the same impact but the environment is totally different and so me and you talked about this this is one thing that I said I want you to continue to story but I’m gonna go here we talked about how when you I think you were maybe still in the scene a little bit when we were talking and I was telling you about the drug scene and I referred it back to the Christian hardcore metal scene right because in those scenes we had when we went to shows we we did shows all over town and we’d see kids there we’d see people there kids is what you call people who go to shows we’d see kids people there and and we’d hang out and we were friends at the show what’s up dude oh man you were at the Norma Jean show oh yeah you were at the under of so yeah and when you go to the shows you see that guy it’s that guy and you guys are friends you may exchange numbers you call every now and then how you gonna be at the solo show yeah man and you build a friendship but it’s only would you come to find out if you’re a part of that scene and I talked about the church scene you go to church and there’s a guy who stands by the door he shakes your hand every Sunday he gives you a hug he he tells you a joke you know and all these peoples who sit behind you they shake your hand they hug your neck you may exchange numbers you talk a little bit but only if you’re part of that scene the same thing with the drug scene the MDA that MDMA scene and the rave scene that those things don’t think they call it raves anymore but the EDM scene let’s just say that and so those people are your friends when you’re there but when you leave the scene the church being the scene the hardcore Christian metal scene the drug scene whatever scene it is those people fall off right and that’s something to look about like the reality is that okay are these people really my friends cuz I’m connecting with these people here and like you said you want to believe that the church people love me the drug scene people I want to believe that they’re really my friends and when this I love you dude drew – love you man and I know you heard that time and time again and you know you want to believe that and I spent in me in the church I won’t totally want to believe when I would have conversation with guys on the phone Christian Brothers and they would say it on the phone when we hung up hey bro I love you and I’m like I’m on the other end and I gotta say I love you too man but I had I remember the first time that happened to me and I had to think about it do I really love this dude I do love you man and hang up and I found out when whether my belief stating line up to theirs or whatever the case was they kicked me to the curb I was no longer a part of that scene right and that and that love that I thought was there really wasn’t man and I know we talked about that when you were going through that stuff but uh I want you to just go just about just talk a little bit about the acceptance part because you were talking about how you’ve been big your whole life and you’ve had nightmares essentially of being skinny and waking up still trapped in your body and you would go to the scene and they didn’t care how big you were they were hugging you hanging on you men women and it was just part they accepted you for who you are talk a little bit about that so after that first experience like I said it was it was like you have to do he did it once and it was like you’re hooked like just a feeling of like not feeling however you’re feeling you know people don’t do drugs because they’re addicted they do drugs to escape their own reality they do drugs to escape their own pain or whatever it might be so we started making regular visits to Atlanta where this person was it was in my life at the time and the more and more that we went the more and more you know number one drugs that we were doing but the more experiences that we’re having this person was a resident DJ in Atlanta so you know he was like top notch up there like everybody knew who he was amazing creative artist probably one of the most creative people I’ve ever met in my whole life which is really sad in some ways because of some of the decisions that he’s made but I will say the first time he took us to a club you know they don’t really calm raves anymore I think that’s a bad precursor a reason you know bad text but first time we went to a club we went to a club called the quad in Atlanta and I remember walking in and you know we had taken Somali in the car on the way there and we were walking in like it was all like started out you know hit me like a ton of bricks and just like looking around and like everybody there it was probably like the most acceptance I had felt in my life there was not one person there with negative anything negative to say there’s not one person there with anything negative to feel about themselves or about others the connection that was there between the people was amazing like you know it didn’t matter who about it’s like everybody was give everybody compliments everybody everybody how does love all these things know granted this is all drug-related and just like you were talking about like with the shows and with churches like you’re seeing these people and yeah love you bro love you bro um it’s really just it’s it’s all drug-related like you know everybody there you were the minority there if you’re not on drugs I remember actually one of the cases we were at a club and this girl came up to me she goes what is wrong with everybody here and I looked at her I was like go ask around for about five minutes she came back to me an hour later and she was like rolling so hard that her teeth were grinding she thank you so much and I just remember like at the time I was like yeah I did something good you don’t I mean but looking at God now I was like and one of the things that I’ve gone through I’ve been through in my life you know it’s hard for me to talk about it really is out of respect for my parents because I love them yeah but like I said it before I think by sharing the stories that have happened the stuff that I’ve gone through I because there’s not you know the stories of them telling like I’m gonna share the end of this and it doesn’t end up well yeah you know there is no like bright light at the end of this tunnel because when we make choices like this we go after these things that are completely meaningless for our own selfish pleasure to like pleasure it’s like it never turns out good to make a very very long story short I will sum it up and say probably for the next year and a half we were making these trips to Atlanta probably every weekend we were doing these drugs and it didn’t stop it MDMA it didn’t stop like you know yeah we got to understand DNA but you know you want to talk about a checklist like these checklists were being tricked pretty much periodically it’s not something that I can look back out and be at all proud of you know it’s not something that I regret I don’t like anything happens for you know any reasons I feel like there’s good they can come out of everything yeah but I will say that I wasted a lot of time in my life um time that I could have spent on others at medical expense of myself I bury myself and going after the thing is that I really want yes at the time that what was in front of me and then you know it seemed like it meant so much more like it was you know so base to me at the time and look back on it narrow it was just just me and let’s just you know talk about you know the night after or the day after the days after because when you have in this awesome encounter and it seems beautiful work it almost seems like we’re promoting it they’re like I want to be connected I feel like I’m in touch with everyone that people love me um well I may try it people are thinking this right but talk a little bit about the next day’s because essentially what has happening you’re getting a rush of dopamine rush of serotonin all the inhibitors in your body that respond to pleasure they’re all being infiltrated and being shot with dopamine instantly so yeah you feel like oh the things that you have to work for and do in your life that they give you that that natural dopamine right it’s released throughout our body in our brain that come naturally you’re getting rush of it and then the next day you’re burnt out your emotions are all out of whack it’s hard to respond to conversations it’s hard to to feel to move on talk a little bit about the crash that comes the next day after a night like that yeah definitely you’re talking about like instant gratification like that’s what it is but your body doesn’t produce that as quick as you’re using it when you’re using those types of drugs the crash is probably two to three days along when I say crash like I’m talking about muscle spasms muscle aches you you’re not being able to like think clearly or focus it’s really on anything and you just it’s like a three-day bellarmin hangover like one of the worst hangover you ever had and then the depression that comes along with that is it’s unspeakable you know dopamine serotonin all these things that are inside your body those are the things that like naturally help you overcome those types of aliens and when they’re depleted there’s no way to overcome those feelings so you know I remember the depression being so bad it was almost like debilitating like you I mean some days anymore to get out of bed and the crazy thing was is like after that I like after all that happened the next weekend I wanted to do it again and it mattered to me the price that was paying or but the price of my body was paying because that instant gratification at the time seemed so important it’s the instant gratification that’s that’s with everything and that’s totally what drugs do right you get you get an instant boost are you supposed to work for that like that almost the dopamine is like a reward system for the body I do good I feel good I workout you know like it’s like I told you earlier man like you have inspired me to start working out again I started losing control especially with my driving job that I had man slammin cheeseburgers for breakfast lunch and dinner dude like it was getting bad dude and and I and you know my weight started getting away from me and to see the transformation that you made and you weighing in around 205 or something I’m like wow he’s closing in I can see 240 260 to 270 I he’s he’s out there well you closing in on me drew bro you were close to 400 pounds and you’re getting your game you’re closing it man I’m right there with you so I said look man I can’t like I got it I got it you know I gotta use this as motivation man to get back and do it with you man and uh and get back in the gym me and my family so I got in the gym today and I felt like crap I had a bad migraine all morning like all morning and I was gonna use it as the excuse not to go like you it was a bad man I was getting dizzy get any weird dizzy spells but um I went anyway and you had just put out a video a vlog about when you don’t feel like it do it anyway that’s when you need to do it when you don’t feel like it when you have the excuses do it anyway and uh man right now I like my body feels great and I say that to talk about the reward system like putting in that work getting on that that bike lifting the weights like my body is rewarding me with this this feeling man with my whole body feels good drinking water eating a healthy man it comes with a price obviously when we looking at the food issue the food instant gratification do you know how to slam a water burger patty melt at freaking 8 a.m. in frozen a huge dr. pepper the drinks are getting bigger every day but dude like the instant gratification but the weight that comes with it after like the weight of like what did I just – it’s 8 o’clock in the morning and I’m stopping at freaking water burger and then I do it again at 2:30 like crazy stuff man you know but it’s the instant gratification but hard work pays off and that is totally the key the secret to the secret man about everything that we’re talking about yeah definitely I I’m right there with you with the whole slammin cheeseburgers bro I remember looking back and it’s not even being like a big deal for me to go when I would go get like I wouldn’t say get a meal I would go through a drive-thru and get a bag full yeah what come on we need the whole thing and that was my life for years and years like drinkin I was 6 you know six-pack of coke a day and no no second thought or no care in the world about it and at the time wondering why I had all these body you know body issues and my blood pressure was high and I was borderline diabetic and I was always dizzy and always had muscle cramps muscle spasms and was always tired like I remember like that being probably the biggest thing in my life I was always tired and always like Lexi basically yeah probably one of the laziest people you would ever met in your life and then instant gratification it’s not worth it ever there’s so many things that kind of go along with that but where I’m at now like it’s not even now wouldn’t say it’s not like a temptation I mean you know as far as like food and things like that go because you know obviously food tastes good but there are bigger things in our lives that create us to be like you know who we are today there were reasons that you know me growing up the way that I did I had an attachment to food like that to share like a brief story when I was a kid I remember we had financial issues my dad was out of work he was on workers comp for a long time and I remember like us not being able to put food on the table I remember being so bad like some weeks my brother and I would count the in the freezer mm-hmm to make sure we had enough meals to get to the next week and it was funny because we knew exactly when my dad got paid and soon as you got to pay we knew we were getting fed so when we got to go eat like we went they like you know what I mean and I remember like that being you know like a huge thing to look forward to like wow I get to eat like yeah let’s kill it um which ended up being really really bad for me later on in life and I don’t blame anybody like my parents did the best I could and I’m thankful for them but everybody has hard you know issues they deal with in life and me attached myself to food in that way I think was just the way for me to cope with everything else that I was feeling anxiety depression all those things that people deal with I really really struggle with growing up and that was what I turned through I turned to food and it would calm me down it would kind of make me relaxed make me feel better about myself about everything else that was going on in my life so to get back to the you know the realm that you were in the drug scene how did you get out of it really just by choice I remember we had moved we had finally gotten our own place and we had the opportunity to move from where we were in Alabama to Chicago my parents live in Chicago and a door came open for us to make that move and without thinking about it I knew it was something that I had to do it wasn’t me running from my problems but it was me separating myself from certain situations giving up I’m walking away her like never the same thing and I didn’t either one of those like I made a conscious effort for me to change everything about my life um there was a lot that went on with that with that relationship that I was telling you about but it’s funny because we talk about you know when you’re in that scene you’re part of that scene and when I stopped being a client for this person that relationship went away as well so which is you know it’s funny to even talk about right now I have nothing but love and compassion you know for this this person in mind let’s go back to where I come into the picture before we move to foot forward from from Chicago and everything I come into the picture we started you called me up apologizing over some things that were said in just over the years and we reconnected and I apologized too and we we had a come-to-jesus moment right and and so with that being said I was doing prayer meetings and Bible studies at the time invited you to one and we were talking every day you were working as a a bug guy a exterminator and and I was driving a truck for a living and we we talked and you’d fill me in on these stories so I know these stories I know where you were I know I know the details and I was I was really big in the spirituality is it was really big for me Kundalini Yoga and breath work and achieving heightened states of consciousness through holotropic breathing but you would tell me about these stories of trying psilocybin mushrooms and things like that some some natural substances while you were going to Atlanta and trying like you said a little bit of everything and I kind of did it all when you went in you went really deep and you went all the way and so I would talk about the psilocybin I mean I would talk about the the natural ways to achieve these states and you would tell me about the mushrooms and about the ayahuasca and stuff like that we would just have conversations about it and and I can it was at a time where I was kind of like my thing was I don’t need those those substances or whatever to achieve those states because I’m spiritually advanced enough to go into myself and do holotropic breathing or have out-of-body experiences through meditation and achieve those states and you would tell me about some of your experiences and then just so happened at the same time I had been listening to a lot of Joe Rogan aubrey marcus and some of these people who talk about ayahuasca and talk about psilocybin in their encounters and so my intrigue started to peak even more of and i just i dedicated myself to studying psilocybin mushrooms and listening to hours of mckenna hours of amber lyon who is doing like the scientific research about how psilocybin mushrooms are helping people overcome the fear of death cancer patients overcoming the fear of death people breaking addictions by having this this journey into the light through psilocybin mushrooms which were we find out used by our ancestors used by the indigenous cultures as a rite of passage for all the young men to do and I just became infatuated with it talking to you and still kind of scary scared to do that because I come from a drug scene as well and I and it was bad like I was into you know I was in the witch craft and things like that mixing it with drugs and I’ve seen some demonic entities form and that scared me and I and as a Christian as a believer now that I’m in the light I didn’t want to do anything to open that floodgate back I didn’t want to give anything the permission to take my mind away again because I literally years ago had demons in my head and uh messing with me and talking to me and trying to pull my spirit on my body and just crazy stuff so I didn’t want that to happen but I but all the research I was doing was all beautiful things changing people’s lives and stuff but so there was this intrigue there and then I would talk to you about your experiences and how you you talking about how it’s a journey but even in the drug scene you were talking about how even the psilocybin is something natural the mushrooms were something natural that helped you overcome fear to help you look at yourself objectively from a loving standpoint and this was some things that we just begin to talk about and so I want it to do it until you talked about having an encounter and for some reason I don’t know but what suck in my head that it was with mushrooms but come to find out you you mixed a bunch of stuff together and you mentioned having this encounter where you essentially wrestled a serpent like a Python spirit wrapped around you you did ketamine a lot of other things that you mixed one night and psilocybin was what you mix acid and everything together but you talked about this serpent wrapping around your body and when you would breathe in it would constrict a little bit more and you couldn’t get the air that was let out and you said you fought that thing for eight hours and so all of my research is studying and getting brave to want to try it you told me that and I was like nope I’m not giving my mind over to that I’m not fighting no spirit like that for eight hours man talked a little bit about that that Kate that that instance and like I said it wasn’t suicide it wasn’t just pure psilocybin and you mixed everything talked a little bit about that experience man so definitely was back to mana trips it was a surprise birthday party for me that same scene that we were talking about I think maybe that was thrown for me that night and of course it be my birthday everybody had the bright idea to try to give me the best time ever and I don’t I can’t tell you how many or what I took that night but I know it kept getting offered over and over I know I did do mushrooms at night and with it being so much altogether you know mushrooms in its in its own entity in its own self is a very pure spiritual substance I’m not condoning this in any way but I will tell you this like if you’re on it Jeremy to search and find something spiritually mushrooms will help like psilocybin mushrooms will you go on a journey looking for something you’re gonna find it because you have to face all your fears and all the stuff that you think matters in your life and although you know where you some doubts everything that’s in your heart that you’re holding back you have to face every one of those before you’re actually found freedom on a journey like that but it’s not something be mixed with anything it’s not something to go out and take and get high and have more time no it’s not it is not it is not it was not a party drug you know even shamans and you know people in the Indian culture they take that it as a rite of passage for manhood it’s something that’s taken with the right heart almost like Christian is taking communion and just taken with the right heart going in and prepared for the version of yourself that you’re gonna be when you come out of it and I remember that night vividly I’ll never forget the fear the horror the complete pain that I felt spiritually and physically like I was gonna die that you know you were talking about like the serpent like you know I don’t know if it was a serpent or it was just this heaviness of this presence that I felt and it was like on top of me and every time like I would breathe like it would it would contract a little bit more um almost to the point where I was like gasping for air like when you get the you know the wind knocked out of you and I remember having like the most horrible thoughts like you know there’s some of the craziness that I was thinking that night like this was all a setup everybody around me was like UFOs and I mean just you know really stuff that like is off-the-wall stuff that’s not normal it’s not not healthy it’s nothing that I would ever condone and I know now looking back on that and I even think I after I told you that story I even told you like yeah I know where I messed up like I mixed all these things and there are certain things that I feel like are on their own right in its own way pure and you know no matter what we think or opinions about certain things are like it’s our culture yeah yes psilocybin mushrooms they’re a drug they’re against the law I don’t condone them at all but I will say if it wasn’t our culture and say we were in another culture and it was something that was normal no alcohol in other cultures is not normal you know cigarettes and other cultures are not normal like it’s something off the wall so the way that we look at this might not be you know I mean like that’s just our culture that’s who we are so I will say like the biggest thing that you can do as the person has to keep an open mind because it’s not once you close your mind you start putting others on trial and judgment for the decisions that they make your box to reach people gets smaller and smaller and smaller I’ve told this story many times so I want to hear your version of it and hear what it meant to you but so I can safely say that my relationship with you and you coming out of the drug scene and and everything my relationship with you that I did I tried mushrooms with you for the first time I’ve only done them a couple times in there and they’ve been through a point of let’s see let you know let’s learn I mean there were there was fasting there was prayer there was Self Realization weeks and days beforehand there was an expectation there to go in and and deal with some trauma things like that and learn from the spirit right so even going into the first time my expectations were high but we took a trip to Louisiana and I’ll just start it off with there and you you tell that that men’s trip that we took and where we when you can you know kind of set that up so I remember we actually talked about this for weeks yeah I mean before about the idea it was a of like a float deprivation tank the idea of your body being pretty much like on water you know if you’re only in like 3 or 4 inches of water but your body is kind of like elevated on top of the water and the water is that your body degree level it’s super super dense so you pretty much just float on like three to four inches of water and it’s completely concealed so you can’t see anything what happens in that type of situation is like your sensory deprivation like your touch or feel you know well just all that kind of stuff kind of like let’s go and you’re almost put into a dream state to where the woman’s really conscious within you is like your mind people have had all kinds of visions through it people have you know seen patterns of sacred geometry all these things that you would normally experienced for a second I’d like people see this naturally just by having this experience I remember we took a trip and we went and did that and with Dan and we loved it it was a great time and so we had started talking about like we wanted to do it again and I remember the idea the thought came up hey we should we should try and mushrooms and do it this time and I remember going with the right intent and then you know I we had we had other people on that trip with us but me and you I think we’re really really on page that first time you know we’re on the same page like we knew like it was gonna be a journey I think we even like you know kind of had like a time within ourselves before we even did it like we knew it was about to happen and I remember I remember so much about that night but I remember that night being really really life-changing talked about setting up New Orleans like like what we did first when we got into the city oh yeah yeah so we did we went to a Reiki healing session with dr. Jess which is amazing she actually gave me a shout out today she’s amazing but we did a Reiki healing session which is pretty much like you letting go of everything that you’re dealing with like you walked into a room one way you go through a session like this and you walk out of the room a completely different way if you allow yourself to some of the greatest things in our life or things that we need to give up anyway but I remember we did that and you know to me I went in like you know people here like Reiki healing or yoga or holotropic breathing and they hear all these like things and immediately like they put those things on judgment because they don’t understand them some of the biggest like amazing things in our life are things that we don’t understand but if we try to wrap her head around it and I would put a little effort into into understanding it but make a lot of difference in your life and I don’t know it was an amazing session and we walked out and I remember just feeling completely light like you know I walked in with burdens fear whatever it might be whatever you want to call it and I walked out a completely different way um we went to this place in New Orleans and it was something that was built it was a park area it was built right after Hurricane Katrina and it was just this big long winding road and I forget the name of it but it had a certain name and a certain meaning there pretty much there was a sign out there that said it’s this is a promise that the people of New Orleans will one day rebuild and you know one day they see it again and I thought that was amazing and later on that night actually was during the experience you were looking at a book and the book had the same picture of the park that we were just at that day you never really know you know of course to us at the time it was like labyrinth it was a meditation walk and it was uh like almost like this spiral grid and you walk it and meditate and that when you get to the end you know whatever you want to let go you you do it by the end yeah those are really amazing really amazing experiences so and you know one story I did about that night probably the biggest thing I can remember one of the most profound and thought-provoking things about all night I remember we were both like spitting knowledge like we were sharing with each other like how we felt like we were deep into this journey that night and I remember we walked outside for a minute and we walked back in and when we walk back in there was this there was a door-to-door hallway it was like a short little five-foot hallway and it was closed off my two doors but in that hallway was a huge wall length mirror and I remember we walked in front of the mirror and I looked at it you looked at it we just stood there for a minute and you were like what do you see and at the time like you know if I came in my head I’m like oh god he’s seeing stuff like okay you know what am I supposed to see right now well that’s when you weren’t that’s when you were right under 400 – yeah it was almost 400 pounds yeah yeah mirror and I was like what do you mean what do I see and you’re like I remember you said it in like a really you know like a really like loving and caring way it was you know and of course at the time I felt like so much more connected but you were like not what I see or not what you think you see what do you see and I remember the first thing that came to mind like I did have to think about it and all I said was I wish the outside of me looked the way that I feel right now on the inside that’s all I said the conversation didn’t keep going like I mean we ended probably talking about something else how do you remember that I remember that moment because it was very thought-provoking for me at the time and it’s funny because a little things in life that we pass off as like my new are gonna be the big thing this later on down the road when you look back like the memories that you’re making right now like the things that you’re doing the choices that you’re making like those give me the things that like your memories are you know in the future and even though I was four pounds and all these things like you know I didn’t change my life and I say it wasn’t life changing but looking back on that that was like you know found for me at the time for me to even say that because I wasn’t one of those pea and if I know it was a revelation to cuz we were talking about that and then we were talking about how many people go out at night and on the outside there are Dom peace they’re the most beautiful person in the club but on the inside they’re dying right and so they kind of masked the outside to kind of hide what’s going on on the inside and I was like well drew for you this is the opposite right now because you on the inside or one of the most beautiful people and you were talking about how on the outside you didn’t like the appearance and we kind of correlated that and which is so profound you know it was probably like I was a top five probably one of the most thought-provoking things I even looked back to this day and the mirror Leah credit I probably credit my weight loss in the transformation the journey you know some of that to to that night yeah well there was there was there were there was that and that that was a big one and in fact for you got to a fans of the music music they were talking and he was just blowing my mind with just man just being so philosophical about about life and about about the now moment and accepting yourself and love I pulled out my cell phone I was like wait a minute say it again and I recorded him saying I wanted to try to bring it with me man because it’s kind of some of that stuff is slippery when you’re in those states so I said okay let’s record this and it’s said again so I recorded it and then put it away and I sent it to Drew maybe a week or two later he’s like dude don’t show nobody that you know and it wasn’t because of the drugs or what you were saying it was because of the weight usually don’t you know that’s a bad angle you didn’t want nobody to see it so and then we were talking about collaborating on some stuff on my album music and stuff and I was like don’t worry man I got something we’ll do something and I wanted to surprise you because I took that audio and I put it at the end of my song the imagine Atrix it’s just beautiful people have had life-changing encounters from that song from that album and listening to that and most people don’t know who it is at the very end but that was captured man so we can go back and like relive it as we hear that you know you dropping that knowledge man like four years ago maybe now and just so it was it was so beautiful for you so beautiful for me life-changing experience I still have a notepad that I that I pulled out a piece of paper and started writing down this stuff that with information that was coming to me on on on the psilocybin mushrooms and being at the flow tank experience and hanging with you and it was like it was so powerful that I had to cut the short the float tank experience short and I got out I said I got to write this stuff down I gotta start writing since uh so I got out draw it off and everything and I just started writin down cuz like it was a place that I went to of like I said like almost like God talking to you from a loving place even about your flaws cuz you got to deal with your flaws but he’s dealing with your flaws he’s telling you how to overcome them and giving you steps and I was sitting writing down steps do this do that do this and there’s a picture of me and I’m gonna put that in the show notes I’m gonna put whatever pictures and stuff that we have from a couple of these experiences I’ll put them in the show notes so you guys can kind of see that but it was just a picture of me just writing that stuff down and this was like I said about four years ago and that still folded up in my wallet right now but the crazy thing is when we’re talking about alchemy we named the show the magic of the alchemists true hallucinations and so this is something that we went into that realm got a vision about ourselves about the future looking at ourselves objectively without without fear what with love and grace on how to do it communing with the creator of the universe whatever you think that is right and it was a loving thing and and some of the things that came out I remember and I’ll just share my little part that in that particular instance after seeing it after going visit dr. Jess and seeing her healing people doing it for a living doing what she loves for a living and essentially I I love to heal people whether it’s to my music whether it’s through prayer we believe in the power of prayer the power of spoken word laying on of hands and we’ve seen many miracles in our lives right I wanted to do that and I had this overwhelming urge to be a healer and uh and I was wrestling with God like I want to I want to do that in guys like yeah you should but you already are a healer and they begin to show me how my music heals and how I heal through friendship and sauce and so I’ve shown that and and and even in faith how the Scriptures define faith is calling the things that are not as though they were already and God showed me through faith how to embrace that and say you’re not going to be a healer you already are and begin again begin to give me the revelation on how I was and so what I want to do it for a living oh so I want you to do it for a living really okay and it start giving me you got to do this you got to do that and you got to take care of these two things that you’re doing you got to take care of that and I’m gonna teach you how to do it and I’m gonna give you grace to do it in us I mean life-changing encounters man people don’t want the examples I’m saying here reading in the in the in the chat room and people are saying if Jesus was enough you wouldn’t need that you know but we’re we’re encountering Jesus which is I think we can I like to maybe this is too simple for some deep minded theologians but I think Jesus is love made manifest whatever you think love to be pure undefiled love made manifest into a person and so I believe we were communing with that that night that that presence that we’ve known from little kids in church – doing psilocybin mushrooms at a float tank Center commuting with that Power Man and uh it changed my life and then so there was that those two things happened the float tank experience and the Reiki thing for me we left changed 100% and and I saw and within the coming months I started doing it I started getting booked people started coming out the woodwork wanting private sessions with me to do faith healing to do Reiki over the internet and change people like addictions as the people were dealing with addictions and stuff and and booking me for private sessions and it got overwhelming like out the blue like before we went there I had no there was no way and even afterwards I would still like how is this possible how is this person who can sometimes barely formulate a sentence going to be able to do this in something who looks the way I do or whatever and I had all types of things and that’s what we all do we have we all have the reasons not to do it and this is why you can’t but we have to push back past that and stand upon the promise okay I believe the voice that told me that empowered me to do it and I’ll be I begin to see manifestation in my life through after the psilocybin encounter and the floating experience and then there was a book that I read that took it to a whole nother level like it it it magnified the experience month months later and that that book was the alchemist and I read it blew my mind I said drew you got to read it drew drew read it in like three day he was so fast man and uh and we both came to the same conclusion and and that book is a magical book and when you read it you cannot you you won’t feel fulfilled not pursuing your dreams as you read that book you will you will begin to to see that you know the dreams and the things that you’ve wanted to do even as a kid those dreams come back while reading that book and shows you that when you agree with God that okay God you put these dreams in me and I’m not gonna give up on them I’m gonna fight for them because you give them to me and you find out that when you do that the universe shifts and fights with you not against you but fights for you as the Bible says many many many times over and over that God fights for you not against you talk a little bit about leaving that experienced man and what it did for you and in your perspective of The Alchemist yeah definitely you know it really changed my life changed my outlook you know like he talks about it opened my eyes to so many more possibilities that were there in my life that I didn’t see before because I was so focused on myself you know we are very very selfish people you know the best way you know people I’ve turned people on to the book The Alchemist you know many times and they’re always what’s it about you know and the best way that I can possibly describe is the it’s about finding yourself while you’re trying to find yourself you know I think Christians are one of the biggest people that struggle to find their own identity yeah Who am I in Christ what are my gifts you know wait how can I be in the will of God how can I do all these things you know what it’s really really simple to be in God’s will to know that you’re in God’s will is to do God’s will just do it like you know there’s something in your heart you want to be a blessing you want to help people just do it and that’s how you know you’re gonna be in God’s will you know I mean like to be in Christ just to be christ-like and yeah I couldn’t have it any other way it you know what though it pushes the doctrine to the side the doctrine have we we have seen in many circles that that separate us this is the way it is we don’t believe that we believe this okay these people are wrong these people are wrong to really understand who Christ is in us which is the hope of glory right in the manifestation of Christ out of us is the manifestation of that glory to the world and so to simply stop arguing and start doing what Jesus said to do if Jesus showed grace and mercy and empathy towards people then we do it right and that’s fulfilling the Great Commission and that’s that’s what we begin to do that was like leaving that it’s like you you want to see people healed man like you want people to experience the same encounter that you know I’m saying that you did so talk a little bit about how we have another journey we’ll go into in a little bit but talk a little bit about how after having the psilocybin encounter spending time with God in that realm and then reading The Alchemist how like what did it do inside of you as far as seeing the skinny drew that that tormented you and in your kind of played with you almost like this Peter Pan figure who would come and then leave in the middle of the night and mess with you like how did you capture that inch and chase that how did the psilocybin and how did the alchemist help well you know we talk about like complete peace complete love complete joy like you know all these things that I was feeling was something that was brand-new to me like you know even being I guess like any Christian faith it’s like you know we find so much judgment from other people we find so much judgment from whatever it might be you know the u.s. tattoos I engages like wow you know what I mean there’s judgment that comes with what people don’t think is Christ or craft price alone you know I think the like that experienced that book gave me different eyes to see other people I remember walking away you know like you said wanting other people to feel this thing more than I felt because I knew it was possible you know even now like where I’ve come from and the weight loss and all these things like I would never you know there’s people you hear stories I know people that have lost a ton of weight and you know you think you would be completely humble from a humble place a place of brokenness that man how was there and you don’t have to live like that and like there is so much better out there for you I promise there is if you just try if you just go after it but there’s people out there that have gone the other direction that have you know whatever they want to call it like fat-shamed other people or made fun of other people like how could you ever like how dare you you know we are all but sinners saved by grace so even us with Christians how dare you put somebody on trial you know if we’re to be christ-like we were to come from a place of love a place of grace for by grace we are saved through faith not of works lest no one can boast you guys is combined grace completely it’s a free gift and then it’s freedom to some Christians because Christians don’t believe that they believe it’s not like you know oh you say a prayer and you’re saved and like it’s not that easy you got a little bit of a life a certain way you know what you don’t I promise you don’t by grace were saved and I’m you know I know I’m kind of rambling at this point but I wanted to I I feel like that needs to be pushed home yeah for me because I have found so much freedom in that myself some of the valleys the poorest parts of my life that I’ve walked through is by grace alone that I’m still here today I know it’s completely God like I know God has so much better already she already yeah in that place but he’s brought me from through the alchemist and the things that God has brought me to since then it’s open my eyes and opened doors and I never thought would be open for me and I’m just gonna I’m just gonna pull from the from the chatroom a little bit right now yeah there’s some there’s some people who were talking about like it doesn’t mix together and there’s so many there’s so many Christians that’s why that’s why this show was so important and so empowering from if you’ve seen my inbox drew if you’ve seen that the Christians who who step out and commend me for talking about this stuff cuz there is a persecution as I old I mean there was even I told you a couple weeks ago somebody wanted me to do a church show and they put my name on the flyer and they were gonna shut it down if I showed up you know I’ll say Church in concert but it was outside at a park and in the people who oversee the party line if true seeker comes with shutting this down there’s no way he he goes out giving mushrooms to people telling people Jesus loves them which that’s what that’s I guess the renowned from coming in and being open but if I was to show you the inbox man of all the people that commend me and they say I wish I could be as open as you and and that’s what we do we empower people to what be themselves don’t be me don’t be drew don’t try to be somebody else be the person that God made you oh you like that stuff for a reason okay well you could be into that it’s okay so I want to talk a little bit about because we’ve done many shows on this about like there’s even a church in Alabama that is a they used the sacraments of psilocybin and peyote and ayahuasca all things that are natural that grow from the earth God’s green earth amen they use it in sacrament for religious ceremonies as did their ancestors right but in the church realm this isn’t to be played with at all this is that you don’t they like to call this sorcery they call it a pharmakeia they call it they got all kinds of names from it and they tell you not to mess with it at all because you can open up your mind to demons that’s why I didn’t want to mess with it you telling me your stories and and coming from that realm in having you know being having a warning it’s not a party drug it’s not even a drug I don’t like I don’t mix those terms together psilocybin it’s a sacrament and it was used by our ancestors as a rite of passage and wanting to spend time with the Creator so here’s the here’s the thing Dan asked a Pinsky a good friend of ours he went on the first floating trip with us I had him on the show in man you guys got to go back in this in that show it’s one of the highest-rated shows I’ve done so much truth in that episode but he talks about how nobody can kick you out of the club they didn’t bring you into the club in the club the club of grace essentially right the grace that Christ has called you to so Christians can’t do mushrooms Christians can’t to smoke marijuana Christians can’t have a beer right these these rules that that are not in the Bible but we’ve made them up in in in the church realm and of religion these rules that we’ve made up talk a little bit about that because the next encounter that we have we had a blissful encounter you know at the flow tank it was beautiful philosophical the next time we got together to search our hearts and it was a good year and a half almost two years later we did it again and who had a men’s retreat my mind was blown taken to new levels even with that revelation that God had had given me took him to new levels but we were listening first of all we were listening some with us that are good for me by above and beyond which you turned me on to that and that I can’t listen to that music without reliving so I try not to do it I try not to do it often yes there I’m saying it we’re not when I need it I’ll go back and listen to that song and I’ll be taking right back and everybody who we was with they have the same testimony but for the most part we were listening to Bethel it was so he this is what you get a bunch of Christians in a cabin in the woods eating psilocybin mushrooms talking to God fasting and listening to Bethel worship music and hasn’t praying crying out to God thanking God and the beauty that surrounded that experience so Christians can’t do this Christians shouldn’t do this first of all we’re not we’re not encouraging anybody to do anything but we are owning our story right and nobody can take that away from us talk a little bit about that I mean it’s important that you say that like in no way do we condone any of this this is our past I’m just not afraid to talk about it yeah well so many people have gone through so much and there’s a dirty mess in there bro I’m not afraid to talk about it because like I said if my past can bring freedom to somebody’s present it was completely worth it the valleys the struggles that I walked through and I’m you know what I ever doing it again probably not like whatever put myself in those situations again probably not no but I have all of those situations and so you know by doing that I feel like there’s a lot to be to be learned from that for me you know from where I was to where I am and even where I’m going in life those experiences made me every part of this journey has brought me you know some kind of new understanding through it yeah so the the cabin experience I remember you know after that first experience it was amazing I think you kind of thought of yourself as a buff after that you kind of you know understood that whole situation that scene well I thought I knew you thought you kind of thought you understood I thought I knew man if I if my memory strikes me correctly you were in the middle of writing 333 and I remember you you had told me you rep you had written a song the song was called golden teachers for anybody that doesn’t know so psilocybin mushrooms have many strands just like marijuana and there is a certain strand called golden teachers it was actually one of terence mckenna’s favorites so and you guys thought that I really knew those skate guys can do your research but that was his favorite what’s called the golden teachers he felt like he learned the most out of that he would do a hero dose which is five grams or more of golden teachers and that was what he pretty much based on this knowledge and experiences off of was dueling globes and teachers and I remember Derek even told me you know through one of our many conversations we had daily you were like yeah I’m writing a song to kögel the teacher is writing all about it that and I remember I even stopped you in your tracks I was like hang on bro it’s like he why are you writing a thought about it you’ve never done them before you’ve never experienced it you’re like well it’s it’s it’s like this and it’s like though you know way it was before no foot no like I was like you know we and I think I think from then on like we started playing this if this little trip but I was still scared because you said it was more intense but I didn’t I didn’t know it was yeah so you know and I think I even tried to prepare you a little bit more for you do as far as for what you know expect but with this one we went out to the woods wait a few brothers of ours which you know are amazing to this day mm-hm and I remember with full intent with full purity in our hearts we wanted to go on this journey and find out whatever guy was trying to teach us whatever God was trying to show us for our life because so many times like I said we get wrapped up in the south that’s just I’m like who we are like our day-to-day or nine-to-five like this is so important no this is so important that our mind and our bodies are like just all over the place but we went into this with so much intent to like bring something out of just the brokenness that we know where we’re at in life my god like whatever you want to show us like show us and I remember we fasted like we prayed it you know like prayed before or like and you know we partook and I don’t know if you want to share from there but um I don’t know I don’t know how much I need cuz I went in I went in to that story on many occasions you know I actually did a full breakdown on the song golden teachers or I break down lyric for lyrics so if you guys want to hear that in its entirety but totally changed my paradigm I’ve met I feel like I met this angelic these angelic beings who I refer to as the golden teachers and it totally rocked my world totally took me to a whole a whole deeper place of understanding about Who I am about my music about you know where I’m where I’m headed things like that and it became a lot more real to me cuz you know I talked about going into the astral realm gazing into the star systems and having these euphoric encounters with God and I described them I go above and beyond because I try to describe the feelings the sensations and the emotions that I feel of encountering God and going into those states of the Holy Spirit and you for were your meditation and and they kind of checked me there and you know and said hey is this true seeker you’re the one who throws this exoteric knowledge out there for the masses in and they just trample them under the under their feet and you’re just making it plain to everybody something that is so sacred you’re just tossing it out there and putting it in song and stuff and you know just showed me the impact that we have to be careful and wanted to make sure that I knew the implications of sharing this knowledge and sharing this info and just check me to say okay you want to move forward okay if you do we got some things we want to show you and in all of our our whole trip was synchronized and we went deep I’ve never I didn’t know it scared me at first because I didn’t know what to expect I expected what happened the first time being philosophical talking to God getting some some pointers about my life and where I’m headed in the future and things like that and and this was a whole nother realm and I go into a lot more detail on some some other podcasts but yeah definitely check out the the golden teachers episode while I break that full song down but even after that man you uh you know learnt some things and and got this Drive so to really go you know go for the gold stop playing games not not stop playing games with God I mean we’ve been doing it we tried this tried to do that for years but stop playing games with yourself and then to start the weight loss journey so talk a little bit about the beginning we had these encounters and that’s the funny thing so people like not everybody has to do that right we did right it’s our story we own it we had to do it we did and some people date it’s not salon they go to the gym they work out they don’t want to be fat no more they just go work out being it’s over there and shave they want to dream you know they want that dream job they go to college they study being they got it some people have to you rock bottom some people have to have a friend to to a shoulder to lean on a pep-talk a guru a teacher whatever it is and so that that was our teacher and that was what guided us and it was totally benevolent totally loving and totally of God right yeah definitely and you know even I can honestly say at the time for me personally it came from a place of innocence I remember that night we even talked about returning to your Ennis yeah yeah I remember just letting go of so many things I remember having a vision of you know like an empty swing set I remember like you know like that vision to me and like that night was just like you know returning during this since returning to out that you were that little boy that you’ve covered up with so much and then I was you know was amazing I I’ll never forget it but you know you know we talk about the here and now in the future and you know us – living in that woman I’m able to live in this one because this moment would never have happened without that moment exactly every single one even even the the whole Atlanta drugs drug stuff in the broken relationships and tearing up the body the food like you wouldn’t be where you are today without that like that is that’s your story my story I’m not in that you know it’s crazy because for so long it was like you know embarrassed or ashamed or whatever but you know I think I can look at it from a different point of view now and as us Christians or whatever and like it’s something that God has brought me from his guys brought me through and I have victory in my life not just an addiction like you know drug and alcohol self-esteem you know esteem food depression anxiety all of it you know what am i perfect do I walk around in cloud nine every day nope absolutely not you bet but there is a hope there is an encouragement there is a determination that drives the inside of me to be a better version of myself and I was yesterday yeah it’s so important for to live in the here and now because we’re not promised tomorrow or next week for the things that we think matter the bills and nine to five whatever like you know I’m sitting here worried about bills and whatever it might be like coming along next month yeah well well I’m also taking my kids for granted I could see spending time with them taking my wife for granted I could do that and the here and now like that is what all this stuff like these experiences has showed me to truly go wrong because I remember going home with so much thankfulness within I love my wife like she is amazing she is the best like and she truly is like for anybody that knows me like she is my best friend from day one and you guys have done I have been on this transformation together so talk a little bit about her man absolutely so we moved to Chicago two years old and we moved here we had the idea to completely change our lives like you know we wanted to just transform ourselves because at that time we knew it was possible we felt like it was possible if we just didn’t give up and I just remember you know we actually tried for like a month and gave up whatever like I’ve been a part of so many gym clubs and memberships and you know I was paying $800 a month on like freeze-dried particle food like it was awful and you know whatever it is long jump our subject here for a minute oh you guys like every way that’s out there like Salam’s something like I get it that’s your hustle you want to make people’s lives change though start making them believe in themselves like if you’re in it for the money like that’s cool whatever but be possible and you know what there’s no secret it’s just hard work so you you like kind of giving somebody this idea that if they take this miracle drug or eat this free fried food you know freeze-dried food or whatever might be they rub this cream on their stomach for 30 days and they’re gonna look like a model I promise there’s no easy way to get what you want right there’s no shortcuts and every struggle every you know drop the sweat every shadow blood it reads here that you’re gonna cry through it all it’s just gonna make you stronger at the end but going back to my wife and I men we started I was almost 400 pounds and she you know she was a pretty big girl too we both were but I remember we had it in our like in our hearts like a no-quit attitude and you know what spurred this on and I’ll make a really long story short we went on a family vacation to Alabama and we actually hung out there remember the Orla Rodman Jersey but uh we hung out and we took a selfie and I still have the picture to this day but that same day we went onto the beach and I was walking out to the end of the beach with my kids and I was sinking all the way down to my shins my knee my knees and the same cuz I was so heavy remember we walked all the way through the water and I’m sitting there painting like gasping for breath because I couldn’t breathe because it was so overweight so out of shape and my little girl is like tugging at my pants like Daddy come play with me come play with me and I’m looking around all these other families and they’re like you know a commercial families playing frisbee and running with their dogs and stuff gonna say they’re like sweaty no ideas I just sit down on the sand and laid back because I couldn’t agree I’ll never forget that day because that night we went back to the hotel and I cried myself to sleep remember before I went to bed I told my wife like I don’t want to be this way anymore wait you know I have kids like I want to be there for their graduations I want to be there for their birthdays I want to be there for when they get married you didn’t want to grow up one day and be proud of them and I told her I was like you sooner we get back to this vacation I was I don’t care what it takes I don’t care if it kills me I’m gonna change myself we got back the end of March 2016 and April 4th 2016 we started our journey and we have been on it ever since when we first started I had come across this program and I’ll give a little bit of give a little bit of a shout-out we started this program called DDP yoga I got it referred to me by a friend of mine and I know you think yoga like it’s all this like Eastern really um no it’s like a kick your butt workout program they use yoga movies because it’s good for your core strength it’s good for your for your muscles so there is like yoga moves like you know just whatever I mean there’s there’s different stretches and things like that that you will use for your muscles your body and all that but it is a it is a workout and it will test you and push you and we did that solidly for probably the better part of four months because we couldn’t do anything else there was no way I was gonna get on a treadmill I was completely too out of shape I couldn’t catch my breath half the time and this was easier for me because this program is created for people that are naturally bigger that have problems their joints for their muscles and it was really easy and it’s a lot of muscle strength it’s a lot of dynamic resistance and it’s a lot of things you can do to keep your heart rate up and continue to burn calories and lose weight or while you’re not killing your body while you’re doing it and we did that for a long time I think I’d probably lost my first 70 or 80 pounds just by doing that so essentially you starting so where do we go from okay so that the alchemist talks about fulfilling your dreams and then we talk about synchronicity like all of these things start happening out the woodwork just like the example of when we went to the park and we did the labyrinth then we go back to the flow tank and we open a book and a symbol that we’ve never seen before was in a book on a coffee table and we’ve seen it and we got chills and essentially what synchronicities are is the is God is the universe letting you know you’re on the right path that’s like a breadcrumb you following the path of that the Lord’s got for you opening up doors and synchronicity happens so much and even through the alchemist it talks about that it talked about just like the universe lining up and even without the alchemists like it’s just it’s something I think I think Carl Jung or call Sagan I can’t remember I think it’s young but uh he coined coined the term man about how the universe is is just like the way that we’re experiencing things right and and everything’s linked everything’s connected and we start to see that stuff and when you when you get on that path man you start opening up these doors and it begins to unfold it is as a sacred dance it is a journey it’s the hero’s journey told of even by Joseph Campbell’s the hero’s journey on the story of Jesus the story of the prophets of the disciples of this this persecution and this coming back to it to obtain your calling and made for great things and it’s when you find out that it’s not that these books that the alchemists and I say this all the time even the Bible is not telling the story of a man named John the Baptist the Bible is not telling a story of a man named King David who lived 2,000 years those books the Bible the scriptures is telling your story and you identify with those people and it teaches you how to overcome how to face your own giants how to deal with your own idolatry their own golden calves that we build up in our lives and so when we understand how this thing’s works and you don’t you don’t understand that by theory or hearing somebody teach it like it goes through experience right and and so you can’t buy that you can’t buy these lessons you can’t buy the journey of a Scylla of a high dosage psilocybin journey and then you come back understanding that time is an illusion and all you have is the now moment and then it rings even more true when you hear Jesus say be anxious for nothing don’t worry about tomorrow we hear it all the time oh yeah I’m just in the moment I’m dude when you go to a place beyond space and time when God takes you there hold your hand it brings you there those words of Jesus the words of Apostle Paul saying I was caught up into the third heaven and I witnessed things that it isn’t even permissible for men to repeat I heard I heard the languages of angels like that stuff means a lot more to me now when I just read over those things we’ve been to those places and you can you can it you can achieve it through trance state meditation it’s a lot of work you you can you can be that you can get there and and it’s just to be mindful to understand time timing is an illusion we don’t have tomorrow tomorrow’s not promised we we don’t have yesterday we have this moment right now this space this time and that like you said is the message that is coming through so to make the best of it don’t wait for your next life I mean there’s people who teach that philosophy and they they well I’m gonna make it I’m gonna make it right next time or man we only have to date and so the urgency because we’re on autopilot that’s what I’ve termed it autopilot of in our jobs the monotony get up drink your coffee go to work come home I’m tired I can’t be alert to these conversations I can’t I can’t I don’t have the strength to play with my kid maybe I will tomorrow maybe I will tomorrow right maybe I’ll do it tomorrow but to understand that we we’re not promised tomorrow and I think if any lesson not to yeah I heard it tomorrow’s not promised but to experience the only moment that we have the now moment man it’s just uh it was life-changing and so no I don’t think everybody has to go on a psilocybin mushroom journey I think that we went on there we went on those journeys and we bring back the knowledge and information just like I don’t think everybody has to be possessed with demons to know not to play with witchcraft so you I’ll come back I tell my story it’s like I don’t think that everybody should be dealing with the binge eating or think that they that it’s okay that if you eat then the pain will go away or you you it makes you feel better no you deal with drew listen to drew story he’s coming back with some knowledge he’s coming back with some answers and to say all that to say our journeys started in a similar place and we’re still on a similar place as for us the journey is unfolding from where we were of me being a truck driver who was tired every day getting up at sometimes have worked what seven hours before my family even got up to start their day right and to live like that I did that for 11 years man and I felt like I was I felt miserable like the job was okay as far as work but as far as knowing what I was put here to do and the alchemist the the trance state all of that stuff it it gives you the it lets you know the urgency that you don’t have tomorrow to do it now and so that’s what we have the impart to you guys drew has helped many people on their road to walk in freedom drew is helped many people on their road to recovery whether it’s weight loss whether it’s it’s pursuing your dreams and there is steps to take it’s more than just encouraging words we get encouraged we get inspired but then we have to start taking these steps these steps what are the steps to take well it depends on where you are so I love what what drew offers he offers to people who not only are just overweight in obese and he had he helps those people to but those people who are having trouble getting over that that that obstacle getting over that hurdle of dealing with addiction Dylan was lost stealing was childhood trauma to go back to to the point of pain to minister forgiveness and walking freedom of God created them to be and you you offer private sessions and stuff man and it’s awesome that the freedom because because you’ve worked with people who I know personally and all I can speak on is what you’ve done for me and I had Jordan Maxwell on a couple weeks ago and I said I wouldn’t be where I was today without this man however much I agree or disagree with the man right I don’t agree with everything that God says and I catch out for but I said the same thing if it wasn’t for drew Gower I wouldn’t be here you know and in doing what I’m doing I would be trying to be accepted by church people I would not be myself I wouldn’t be confident in Who I am and have the grace and empowerment to do that man I went back and forth so many times and drew drew seeing it because I had drew on the podcast probably a year ago now and almost about a year ago and we tried to cover these topics like from a Christian perspective and we tried to tell his story without going down that those roads too much right we couldn’t tell the whole story we couldn’t be true and drew have seen have seen me go back and forth to be okay with who I am and the person that God has made me so first of all man I thank you from the bottom of my heart for just empowering me with the grace to do it and I know you don’t take credit for it it’s just done out of friendship and I know I’ve inspired you and it’s just mutual man but I really mean that man thank you so much for that thank you [Music] you know it’s funny like some of the best things in our lives like they’re not things I’m so thankful for the position that God’s put me in for the things that ever will come to be in a place to help people and like you said I’m not going to pass though I don’t put myself in a situation I feel like I’m better follow me but I know what works yeah you know you know what don’t work – I mean that’s part of it yeah if you bought it like if you’re you know you’re in a car and you’re on the road somewhere near lost you’re gonna stop and ask somebody who knows directions know where to go I feel like I could be at that place like I’ve been put in that position you know I’ve helped a lot of people overcome different issues whether it be addiction not just with food but alcoholism drug addiction finding their their main sole purpose in life and look you know what everybody works like we all get 9 to 5 so it’s ok look like everybody’s got a job but you know what who you always know what you do and you know you want to be a blessing you want to be a healer you want to be whatever you want to be in life do it now don’t wait you know click second Timothy you know Paul’s divine words to Timothy were coming before winner that’s all he asked with that pretty much me oh well that pretty much means a context like whatever you’re gonna do for God whatever you need to do in your life do it now do it in this present moment because like you said we’re not promised tomorrow and you know your life until you start treating your life as a platform it’s never gonna be a platform until you start trading your life with some kind of integrity and some kind of character like you’re never gonna reach those places you know you wanna the best way to possibly get somewhere is to act like you’ve been there before and you know you’ve got that’s giving you gifts that’s giving you amazing things like be encouraged in that and do something about it you know you know how to get better over a certain situation or you know how to do something like be a help to others like love yourself and love others because Christ first loved you and they’re like amazing things amazing possibilities for your life and I can go into detail there’s a lot that’s about to change my future yeah yeah just because of some of the things that I’ve walked through some of the weight loss some things like that there’s a lot that’s going to change with question there’s a lot that’s going to change financially for me there’s a perk that anybody can achieve anybody can attain but it’s gonna take work yeah you know people say well I’m not motivated well you know what motivation isn’t gonna get you there I promise because motivation will come and go just like night and day determination discipline like that’s what’s gonna last and it’ll West they’re longer than anything else well yeah I don’t want to go into much detail no no you don’t want to speak on anything prematurely but we’re talking about the alchemist and and what you know the thought I had to kind of tie in there is that you started out you know you read the book The Alchemist you’ve seen these designs in these synchronicities and things everywhere you do DDP yoga you see DDP coming to an event in your area you’re still I think you were I don’t know how many pounds you were down but you went to the the event you paid for the meet-and-greet you met DDP you told him your story gave him a t-shirt gave him a letter and gave them in and just you know led with a prayer and left and then some weeks later he contacts you back hey drew your story is inspiring I want to get you I want to read your story on my Halloween special right so as you know he did that like you know right out of a year ago I went I want to read your story on my special he read it it was beautiful he gave a shout out plug plugged your vlog you do from family vlogging and thanks to documenting your day he plugged that for you and then contacts you some months after that saying look we want to do a hole a hole featurette on you on your journey your progress with DDP yoga so here you go reading the alchemists get into this place that you’re that you’re your own you’re following god you’re following the signs you step out in faith to go see DDP he features you now he wants to do a whole feature Rhett on you and even there’s some things open in the future like I said we’re not gonna speak on but really awesome promising things in the future to work with DDP in some shaped form and that right there is about embracing the now moment and and putting it out there into the atmosphere speaking it creating it and making something happen so this is the secret behind the secret this is the magic behind the alchemists because the whole thing about this about and you guys know I talk about this all the time spirituality drug encounters psilocybin meditation none of that means anything if you’re not able to bring it into the physical reality it doesn’t if it doesn’t make you a better husband a better co-worker a better friend a better uncle a better father if it doesn’t make you a better person I can really care less about your spirituality or your church doctrine for that matter if it’s not impacting the people’s lives around you in a positive way if you’re not making their walk a little bit lighter if you’re not helping them bear their burdens as the scripture says I don’t want to hear about it if you’re just judge and point point out the flaws or some and there’s many people there and many paths whether you’re into religion or not like these people are there so so just I mean I guess we’re coming up on the end of the show man talk a little bit about your website in which you offer people for who may be in any of those boats like I said the obesity the addictions whether they’re food whether they’re pornography addictions whether they’re drug addictions or whatever you’ve you’ve helped many people on their Road and their walk so talk a little bit about what you offer man absolutely so in the beginning of this journey I started a movement called hash tag no days off I started as more of an idea something that anybody can relate to whether it be weight loss all your dreams overcoming addiction being a difference other people and they live in a difference in your own life I started a movement just with an idea that whatever I was gonna go after I knew at the time you know for me it was changing just everything about my life I was gonna do it with no days off at the time it was just something funny and then it became something and then became something bigger and I’m over the past year and a half it’s changed completely but now it’s gonna reach people’s lives and it already has and it will continue to it is my life’s mission I have an extreme burden for people for where they’re at for where they were worth their going it doesn’t have to be about morbidly obese you know people doesn’t have to be about any of that kind of stuff although I do feel a calling to those type of situations that’s where I what people that want something better in our life people that are always tired are we sick whatever it might be like I have a burden for those people and I don’t want any kind of you know nothing like dressed up or anything like that I want to meet you where you’re at when I fix the problem I don’t want to fix like hey let’s do this workout lose some weight like hey let’s look what’s let’s fix your life yeah that’s all clothes know what’s gonna last you know I do free consultations find out evening’s like the way you’re at the first consultation will do we will set you a game plan for the rest of your life whether it be strict nutrition nutritious food diet a workout regimen your daily goals weekly goals monthly goals yearly goals where you want to be the next year where do you want to be in the next five years because all of these big things that I’m speaking of we’re all asked to me and I had to answer every one of them and guess what every single one of them I’ve met and and and I continue to me like I’m meeting goals now that didn’t even have in the back of my mind before and it’s all just a it’s really just a gift it’s a victory it is something that comes at the end of the long a long hard road of just hard work concerns and I never quit never give up attitude I am helping people daily I encourage people around me all the time and you know people have good intentions I have something inside of me that will not let me quit there is a burning desire and me to push and to keep going and I can speak about it all day long and I can tell other people about all the wrong but how great things could be but my goal is for you to feel that same burden that same desire for you to really really want change because until you feel that the my words for you will never mean anything I want to be an encouragement a support and an accountability partner for you and whatever you feel like you’re going through whatever you feel like is so big in your life that it’s hard to overcome because I promise you it’s not anything is possible if you’re willing to work for it yeah that’s what the scripture says essentially right all things are possible for them that believe and sometimes we need help believe in sometimes we need that extra push of that person who’s willing to get down in the trenches with us that’s why we’re here man this is why we do what we do so all of you guys who want to check out Drew’s work drew story head on over to Drew gal were calm and he’s available for private sessions they’re free consultations and just talk with the man understand this passion and he’s helped a lot of people in their road to recovery and obtaining their dreams that’s really what it’s about I’m with you man I wanted it I have a burden to see people do what God put them here to do and uh and and and and I wasn’t at the beginning it takes a lot for us to understand that some many people are even like pushing pushing the buttons at the job and and in boxing items or bagging groceries like some people are called called to do do that and they are doing that and my wife checks me on that all the time and but some some people are in those nine to five s and they’re right where they need to be right there you know right where they want to be but those of you who are listening to this and you’re saying I was made for more I’m meant for more I don’t see a way out but I want to I have dreams and visions and I’ve given up on them and I want to reclaim those dreams w-w-whoa calm you’ll head over there to check him out and we’re here to help I thank you guys for checking us out everybody holding us down in the chat room Adam starseed brother thank you for supporting through patreon brother I gave you a shout out at the beginning if he wasn’t here but thank you so much for that like it really means a lot that you guys believe in the work and what we’re doing here so with that being said you guys I’m gonna say peace in Shalom if you want to support and head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker and sign up at any level so peace peace aw I love you guys Shalom Shalom [Music] for this episode folks here more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to G C cos outcome and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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