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Breaking Down The Hidden And Cryptic Meanings Of Some Of My Song Lyrics TruthSeekah Breaks Down is a new idea that I had where I go into details about the meanings behind some of my song lyrics. In this particular episode I break down the lyrics for my song Kymatica letting you know where I got the name and what the heck I meant by all these crazy lyrics. I hope you enjoy!


Hypnotic Gnostic’s researching the records akaschic,

In the temple Im’a lay prostrate like the Mystics, Seers and Prophets

Christian Mysticism practice Biblical cryptic wisdom cosmic universalism

transcend and elevate past you schisms

Ecstatic intoxication receiving the outformation offering prayers and supplication The Spirit is guiding my sanctification,

Hebrews 6 I’m leaving the basics staring at clouds and counting the spaceships

body goes numb its a great sensation I’m raptured up to heavenly places

The energy, it enters me, vibrate at a higher rate of frequency

eliminate all doubt and unbelief from within Im’a transform mentally

Palms on the ground fall to my knees I begin to sweat and feel the heat increase,

Life in the tongue power when I speak I feel it move from my head down to my feet

I’m ascending the ladder, the weight of your glory I never did fathom

and when we’re alone in the zone I feel like I’m surrounded by light and theres nothing that matters

Interdimensional beings rebuking the demons they’re fleeing

Shamans and Prophets believe in a realm that is so far beyond that of which we are seeing

Another dimension, ascending the planes etheric ascension

Another decision, the things I’ve seen if I should mention

You radiate and shine bright, light up the night sky

I’m raptured up to a sacred place illuminate my mind

Another dimension, ascending the planes etheric ascension

Another decision, the things I’ve seen if I should mention

You radiate and shine bright, light up the night sky

I’m raptured up to a sacred place illuminate my mind


Close your eyes and meditate

and let the forces of the universe take you to that sacred place

My soul navigates through the etheric planes

I was concieved through nine ether way before the big bang

Extra dimensional beings traveled here in cylinder shaped space crafts

landed upon the landmass created mankind

Travel through the mind and redefine the mind the time traveler

The wormhole it grabs ya, I bend space and time and matter

My soul folds and forms the Merkabah,

I become the master of heaven and earth for what its worth

I search the Cosmos for my spiritual birth and there I was the first stage of primary creation

We existed in gas pockets of mysteries of the universe, I unlock it

Another dimension, ascending the planes etheric ascension

Another decision, the things I’ve seen if I should mention

You radiate and shine bright, light up the night sky

I’m raptured up to a sacred place illuminate my mind

Another dimension, ascending the planes etheric ascension

Another decision, the things I’ve seen if I should mention

You radiate and shine bright, light up the night sky

I’m raptured up to a sacred place illuminate my mind

Eye of illumination receive insight during meditation

see my spirit take flight to rejuvenation

when I look up to the heights and I’m praying they come, they come, they come

and I’m praying they come, they come, they come, Yeah, so here they come

When the stargate closes better believe that another one opens

releasing the fear I’m golden holding on the hope beholding

the light of my ascended master, U.F.O.s up top Mount Shasta,

Chariots of fire travel down and save us from disaster

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TruthSeekah and all its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral protection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised – a simple decision [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] how are y’all doing today I’m doing well just woke up not too long ago and figured I had some time to myself and check my messages my inbox and some people were giving me a shout-out and saying that they really enjoy the break it down podcast well I’m able to go into information on the song lyrics to some of my songs that I have out there and break the lyrics down and open up dialog and open up discussion and people have their own interpretations but when I kind of shared the place that I’m coming from when I wrote them it gives you another look at the same information or many times people don’t even know what I’m saying like I see people quote my music all the time on social media and stuff and they’re using the wrong lyrics and all that kind of stuff and that’s cool too like I enjoy that oh you thought I said that that’s that’s really funny so but I think it’s all beautiful but this is just something I like to do and getting some pretty good feedback from it so why not keep it going I’ve been doing a lot of podcast lately a lot of stuff under my belt a lot of big gasp and have a lot of bigger names on here many people who I’m interested in and their work and creative people that have something beautiful to bring to the table so let me first of all let me turn up my mic I think I’m pretty low one second all right that should be a little better technical difficulties all right I’m sure that’s a little better so dealing with beautiful 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of money that I was bringing in at a full-time job but you got support and it goes a long way you know if we have 40 people giving $1 a month that’s 40 bucks that’s as feet you know I said two or three meals you know I’m saying so whatever it takes man it all goes back into what I’m doing I’ve enjoyed it I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with my daughter we’ve been going to the gym every other day and had just been in quality time together as a family being mr. mom around the house doing a lot more chores and cleaning up and the dishes and cooking and you know I’m saying taking on that responsibility and taking a lot of responsibility off of my wife too with what she’s doing so it’s just it’s beautiful I have a lot more energy like the job that I worked man for like 11 years was totally strenuous man out there was some nights I’d have to get up at 12:30 in the morning to go to work and get off it like man sometimes I’ve worked about 20 hours in a day you know on several occasions and it doesn’t it’s not good for the body so I’m excited and delighted to be doing what I’m doing and I can’t do it without you guys so without rattling on any further I’m gonna go ahead and get to the point I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who is supporting like I have all my people who have been doing it for months now from the beginning you guys know who you are and I’ll probably do a roll call eventually where I just go through all the names but within the last week or since the last podcast we’ve got several new people who have joined the family who have joined the membership section that we have on patreon and I’m gonna give you guys a shout out I’m gonna shout out again Tina Carter thank you so much friend I know you’ve been supporting for a while Thomas mustachio moo-stache iya okay thank you where is he from okay he’s from Scotland his brothers supporting all the way from Scotland man Phil ging thank you for supporting harsh Patel Thank You Kenny and Ally right out thank you guys so much you guys have been supporting in so many ways so there’s a whole gang of people who are support and everybody’s joining the membership section we have a private Facebook community as well what we all just kind of connect and suggest guests and all that stuff so anyway thank you so much man it really means the world so without further ado I’m gonna go ahead and get into the content the song that I’m covering today if you read the title is my song called flight of the navigator featuring rasul-allah a beautiful song one of my favorites personally that I’ve done I really enjoyed that song I don’t think I really enjoyed the hook more than anything but it’s just a fun a fun track just to be really candid on that song what does art mean that when I listen back to the song personally is I don’t like the way that I mixed it too much because there’s you can hear too many vocals I like the layer and stack my vocals but you have to actually stack vocals and do several takes of the same verse but then blend it in such a way that it sounds like one and so there’s a lot of quick rhyming roles in that and that song and you have to especially when your role in a rap and fasting you’re doing multiple takes it’s hard to do it the same every time so you got to cut stuff and move stuff and and panning just right so as a producer and I people have called me out about that before too maybe that makes me a little self-conscious of it but you can hear the gang vocals or the multiple voices in there and I wish I could edited that out a little bit more and even in my earlier stuff I didn’t spend as much time making it sound like one voice but on the newer stuff I’m definitely taking more time to still do the gang vocals two or three takes and blend it enough and listen to it over and over to us like okay it sounds like one cohesive voice because there’s different techniques in the panning so when we have a voice a vocal in the middle of the monitor say here’s your speaker’s you have a voice that comes through both of them and then we have one that maybe goes like 45 in this speaker 45 percent so you can hear it in that one just a little but it’s more dominant here and did we do another take it’s the opposite maybe 45 and this speaker on the left and then the other half in you know on the other side so when you blend those together you got one main one in the middle and then the two on the side but blend it so it sounds like one cohesive voice but it creates this weird dynamic because it’s not the same it is a little different and it creates this really cool dynamic and I like to do that it makes it sound you know a lot less dried just versus like somebody pulls out a microphone and jumps in the studio and stolen a verse over a song right so I definitely like like doing that people have their opinions in the community about you know stacking your vocals and people want to do it in one take just to maybe prove that they can’t and to be quite honest there’s a lot of stuff that I’m able to do in the studio that I can’t do in real life when I do my vocals I have a lot of bass and a lot of power in my voice in it when I it takes a lot of energy out of me to get through some of these songs and so you’re able to punch in and do different takes in the studio that you can’t do in real life so that’s part of like the back end and and stuff so that’s something that I wish I would have fixed a little bit on that song to talk about the lyrics we talked about the the intro let’s talk about the intro first the intro is by james gilliland it’s a interview that he did with some research society talking about UFOs and talking about the I know the bridge the part in the bridge talks about like going on like a little kid at a campfire they’re trying to summon UFOs or they’re meditating there’s something that’s called the ce-5 initiative which is where you know you have contacted the CES contact encounters of the first kind second third fourth on up to the fifth now fifth is something new so first time is like when you see a UFO ending the second time is where it comes down closer then it makes contact with you or shines a light I think the fourth time is when they show up like you see an actual being right and in the fifth kind is where you don’t contact they don’t contact you but you contact them so that’s the ce-5 initiative and there’s a whole movement of em from what I’ve seen to people who were really big into that one of them is james gilliland who when I was having some encounters and doing studies and research in those fields led to his work which a lot of it is so beautiful even his teachings and a spirituality that he links in with it so james gilliland with the east steady ranch east SETI stands for in like enlightened contact with extraterrestrial intelligence so their whole deal is about making contact with with other realms and then another person shoutout to Steven Greer who is pretty much the same thing they do the same thing they take groups of people out they meditate they play drums they have fun and then they create a sacred space where they try to make contact with ships or beings out there who I guess according to your theology you would say are different people from my study and research the beings out there even me and my wife we’re talking about it last night she’s asking me you know what do I think they are are their ships with these aliens in them or are they living beings there’s a lot of stuff out there that talks about that these ships even in the Bible where it talks about the the cherubim being these living entities who are made out of fire even the cherubim and the Seraphim that these are actual entities flying around so when you see that light in the sky with the detail in the trail and then stopping and moving and stuff you know many times they are ships but then again many times that these are angelic entities like in you’re able to see them like I say I’ll go back to the Book of Enoch Enoch talks about how they are these angels of God are made out of the fire of heaven and they’re able to travel the sky as a flame of fire but as they wish they able to come down and take bodies and look like men on the earth and there’s a lot of scriptures even in in the New Testament which is quoted from the book of Psalms that says the Lord maketh his ministering spirits as a flame of fire and there’s just a lot of breakdowns too that go back to fire in angels and then they have the ability to change their parents so making contact going out there I’ve done it I used to spend hours out at night or the wee hours of the morning you know stargazing and I don’t use the word but begging God to let me see these angels if they are of him if they are if they are traveling let me see one if they’re traveling the night sky if they’re doing warfare over humanity if they’re protecting us if they’re out there let me see like I’m your servant I’m your prophet I love you like trust me with this you know and I and then just being consistent in doing it I started seeing things I started seeing things come out of portals and go into stars and in craft flying across the sky and and stop on a dime and then change direction and go straight up and sort of seeing stuff that sort of blowing my mind and then going through that stuff it’s beautiful but it’s scary and there’s not really a lot of people to talk to so essentially you know a good time and time again that’s why I talk about this stuff so freely it’s because people are having these encounters people having experiences but they don’t have nobody to talk to I for one have been one who have tried to go to the church and ask the pastor about these encounters and everything that’s that they don’t understand they claim as demonic you know I’m saying so and that that goes for so many things so you can’t really talk to people in the orthodoxy of the church in that establishment they have a reputation to protect they have a doctrine that they have to uphold and if they go against that doctrine then you know their higher-ups will take them out of there and get somebody else in who plays by the book you definitely got to do that when it comes to those guys but so there’s so much in in into a song and choosing some lyric or an intro you know I’m saying that it means so much to me and I try to capture everything that I just told you and put that in an intro of just us james gilliland sharing about UFO encounters and what we have to do to engage that there’s so much research and so much experience that goes into one line sometimes and we haven’t even touched the lyrics yet and how far we even into this podcast so far we’re like shout out to everybody who’s holding me down in the chat room I’m glad that I have admins over there so I think canto was monitoring the rooms having to block people if you guys get out of line man we do have moderators who will block you guys and people spam messages and like to be funny and there’s bots that come on and stuff too so appreciate everybody holding us down everybody has their part thank you canto for always coming on and doing that that’s what’s up so to get into the first verse hypnotic Gnostics researching the records Akashic I mean we could stop there hypnotic Gnostics write Gnostics essentially someone into Gnosticism I don’t really identify with that term there’s just so much I think I don’t identify with that term like hey are you a gnostic no I’m not a nastic for many reasons but I do I identify with Gnosticism right I don’t identify I’m not I don’t call myself a gnostic because it’s simply the same reason why we hesitate this calling ourselves a Christian if we believe in Christ or we believe the you know I’m saying the way of Jesus or whatever and he taught love and we want to you know be disciples and devotees of him we’re hesitant many many Christians are hesitant to say hey I’m a Christian because of what Christianity means and what we have as an example or say okay if I say I’m a Christian you think that I believe this this this this this and this and that’s totally not the case like I don’t believe in any of those things I don’t identify with many of the main doctrines that the American Church upholds and teaches and there’s so much deception traditions of men and manipulation that is engrafted in there and I’ve been a part of that so I’m hesitant to even say that in the same way with Gnosticism they have so many things that they believe in and they uphold to and what they think is truth and stuff and so I don’t identify will call myself a gnostic per se but I will say this I’ve become all things to all men in order to reach some and you know what it’s working so it’s working for me hypnotic Gnostics I’m into gnosis knowing God through experience through knowledge hypnotic Gnostic were circuit researching the records Akashic what is the caustic the Akashic records are pretty much like this let me try to explain it as a ethereal library were all memories in all of the ancient records reside in the heavenly realms we all have access almost like this place almost like the ancient Library of Alexandria if we can imagine that being a place for us to access in the spirit realm there are classic records that record all of the information all of the the writings and holy books everything is a part of these records so hypnotic hypnotic Gnostics researching the records of Cossacks so tapping into the trance state and receiving information from the Akashic records in the temple i’ma lay prostrate like the mystic seers in the prophets so essentially in the temple or in the holy place in your own holy place that you’ve set up it could be a bedroom a living room I’m a lay prostrate lay on my face prostrate before God on my face like the Mystics the seers and the prophets seers or prophets the seers of stargazers stargazers are mentioned of throughout the scriptures it’s another word for prophet Christian mysticism practice biblical cryptic wisdom cosmic universalism that transcends and elevates past your schism so Christian mysticism is essentially what I’m about not that it’s a specific doctrine but I am a Christian I am a mystic and I really am into the mystical encounters of the Bible and and experiencing them for myself and I believe that’s what it’s about so this verse kind of goes into a little bit more detail about having an encounter as we go down further having an encounter with the Holy Spirit or what some people would call the Kundalini right and it goes into some some more detail about that Christian mysticism practice biblical quip cryptic wisdom so it says like these the deep metaphors and messages that are hidden within the Bible in a very esoteric way it’s not on the outskirts you know guys know that I’m so big about that about people read the Bible and they read the stories and they’re they get their answers or whatever and that’s and they think it’s that’s what it’s about I think that the Bible is about King David or King Solomon and and researching them and even as girls going as far as trying to find their bones and where they lived and where they walked and stuff like that and I’m not saying that that stuff didn’t exist but I’m saying that the power is not in if it existed at all if it never existed it wouldn’t change anything the power is in the allegory the power is in the messages encrypted within those stories you have to understand those stories in the temple i’ma lay prostrate like the Mystics is in the prophets o Christian mysticism practice biblical cryptic wisdom cosmic universalism that transcends and elevates past your schism so it’s just one miss this cosmic universalism that we’re all one and we’re all connected you guys don’t have the tattoo of the flower of life and that’s what that symbol means all of these circles and all of these lines that are interwoven and interconnected and all touching one another and that’s how we are we are we are the universe we are God manifesting itself on the earth and every every person is an extension of ourselves every person that we rub shoulders with every person that we come in contact with that we agree with that we disagree with people that make us mad there are they are all extensions of God we are all part of the same body that’s what I mean when I say cosmic universalism that transcends in elevates past your schism schism what is a schism okay most of us probably heard the term schism from the band tool they have a beautiful song called schism but schism is a biblical term as well it’s mentioned up in the Bible and so a schism is a disagreement in doctrine in church matters religious matters so we have a disagreement within so if we’re part of a church and we we disagree with one another and it’s something that’s pretty big and we have to get to the bottom of it and essentially we could break fellowship and cut ties that’s a schism isms and schisms Bob Marley mentioned it too in a song so yeah it’s in the Bible schisms aesthetic aesthetic intoxication receiving that out formation so in static intoxication is even like the early the early church and some of the early church writers talked about just the beautiful presence of God when they tap into prayer and worship and they had this encounter with with God or with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and it’s ecstatic I mean you’re touching the divine you’re reaching into other realms and the other realms are reaching back to you and you you make this connection and it’s just intoxication I mean even in the book of Acts a lot of people talk about how when they received the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts how they were rolling on the floors and they seem to be as drunk men and they were like they were intoxicated and it was so early and they told him they said look this in they were accusing him of being drunk on wine and they said look it’s only 9:00 in the morning or whatever it’s too early for us to even be drunk on wine right now this isn’t wine you know this is the new wine is what it’s called in the Bible right it’s the new wine so they get intoxicated upon the Spirit of God and these US encounters of ecstasy with the divine and other worldly experiences ecstatic intoxication receiving the out formation which instead of receiving the information receiving the out formation which comes from other realms right just to play on words as well especially like if we are UFO gazing and gazing into the Stars and there’s messages and stuff being translated transmit it back and forth to you and you’re connecting with something out there receiving the out formation offering prayers and supplication the Spirit is guiding my sanctification offering prayers and supplications ministering to the Lord being open before God whatever we’re going through just vocalize it and I know people say God you know God knows whatever you need whatever you want before you even ask it he already knows so why ask it well it’s part of vocalizing that it’s part of you you surrendering it to God and not like he already knows that I’m going through this as snow let me create this sacred space and begin to offer this to heaven and say look I need help whatever the case is offering prayers and supplication the Spirit is guiding my sanctification sanctification okay you have in the scriptures the two the two casings and I was probably many more but you have justification and sanctification or to two words used a lot justification by grace through faith is that like we are justified before God through faith in Christ justified by faith even the word justify we like to say play our words just if I’d had never just if I’d never sinned just this justified had never committed those acts right and so that’s what God does he takes our sins and he throws them as far as the east is to the west he offers us forgiveness and grace to move on and to get over all shortcomings and to teach us how to learn from those mistakes and so we’re we’re justified by grace so justification and it’s sanctification is like the act of him working out those things in you of so like when you come into this relationship with God when you become born-again you’re not it’s not like instantly you’re a perfect and instantly everything’s fine many things fall off of you let’s get that straight you know I’m saying there’s many things that fall off of you and we touched on this we gave a whole episode to this if you guys want to do the research but go back and listen to the my interview with Anthony Cummings we touched on this and went into a lot of detail on it so about coming to Christ and then have to go in and get inner healing and inner work and it’s a process that God oversees it he’s over it and that’s that’s what the sanctification process is the act of him walking you out and finishing the work that he which he started in you which the scripture says Hebrews six I’m leaving the basics Hebrews six is I’m ago I’m gonna read that to you so let me um to be pull that up on a on a computer right quick so I say Hebrew six I’m leaving the basics staring at clouds and counting the spaceships so Hebrew six and just the very beginning let us move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death and a faith in God instruction about cleansing rights the laying on of hands the resurrection of the Dead the eternal judgment and permitting we will do so so this is the NIV version there’s other versions that Ward it a little bit differently obviously but it’s talking about moving on to what it uses the word perfection let’s let’s leave the elementary principles like once we have the foundation they’re about repentance from dead works repentance teshuvah turned from that which is killing you I mean it sounds like a bad word but to turn from the things that are killing you that’s a good thing to have a mind change to change your mind that’s what the word repentance means is to have a mind change to change your mind so if you have a you know stinkin thinking if you have things that are holding you back or or ungodly beliefs things that you believe about yourselves things that you believe about others things that you believe about God that are hindering you from moving forward into your destiny and in being made whole then we need to repent from that in turn so these are all basic principles basic principles that are taught doctrines of Christ and I like how it talks about basic principles it’s how am i raising the dead as a basic principle it’s okay now that we have the basic principles down let’s leave the basics and go on to some of the deeper way to your things that I can teach you that even Jesus said okay you guys aren’t ready right now you know but there will be a time let’s talk about the order of Melchisedec who is that which the book of Hebrews goes into a little bit of mention about how we are priest after the order of melchizedek we are grafted into this esoteric order that Jesus was a part of and many people think that Jesus is Melchizedek but Jesus was under the order of Melchizedek so it gets into some really interesting things and so Hebrews 6 it’s start off by saying okay let’s leave the basics and let’s go on to some deeper things and we like to quote that just to kind of get deep but I will say make sure you have the basic principles down like make sure you’re doing the basic principles the baptisms the repentance from dead works and you’re doing it and you’re teaching and not that you’d know it but did you have it down right so leave the elementary principles to go on don’t just try to skip the elementary things or get bored with the elementary things but make sure you have it down and it’s part of your life Hebrews 6 I’m leaving the basics definite clouds and countless spaceships so for me this is just a reminder of like stargazing but if you’re looking at the clouds even like it kind of just embodies the daytime and when I was having my encounters during the day I wanted this I mean at night I was having so many encounters at night that I was like okay now I want to see something during the day if I could see all this stuff at night let me see some stuff during the day you know and I began to do that and I then again had my mind blown seeing crazy fleets of UFOs fleets of chariots chariots of fire fleets of these these entities men and it was crazy all struck but I knew it was real I knew it was real and after having those encounter so staring at clouds and countless spaceships so a lot of stuff you can get into cloud ships so there’s people who believe that there’s these clouds that are shaped like UFOs people believe that those are UFOs people believe that that UFOs hide in clouds they travel from cloud to cloud so they won’t be seen that they’re cloaked I think there could be some truth cloud seeding and you know the government maybe even knowing about when there’s gonna be a lot of UFO activity and them cloud seeding to make cloud coverage so you won’t see them it gets into a lot of stuff staring at clouds and countless spaceships body goes numb it’s a great sensation I’m raptured up to heavenly places body goes numb it’s a great sensation I’m raptured up to heavenly places that goes back to the aesthetic intoxication just explaining what it feels like to touch those realms and to see things like that and to have a UFO encounter I mean I’m still stuck on experiences that I had when I was younger whether it was UFOs or encounters with God with it with your private prayer meetings with with friends and we just we tap in and we touch heaven and we take away something that changes us for the rest of our lives you know because they’re so beautiful and so real it changes you man and just like a almost like a drug addict like you’re still chasing that first high you can get caught up still chasing that first high and we’ve all been rebuked on that because like it’s not it’s like the experience is so intoxicating and it’s so beautiful like a drug addict chasing that high because it essentially it feels like a drug like it really does literally like when you get into those other realms and you tap into heaven and and you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and Kundalini energy type energies it’s it’s intoxicating you feel drunk like it’s it’s weird it’s beautiful though there’s no hangover there’s no nothing bad comes from it but many of us in the charismatic church circles we have gotten to a place where we started out and it was about the feeling like it was about uh-huh getting together praying for one another and having and recreating those encounters which are beautiful and which is good because it’s good for people who have never experienced it to say okay I got something tangible for you I got something real and this is what we’re gonna do we’re gonna pray we’re gonna ask heaven to show up and and it happens like what your level of expectancy and then it happens and but we could get to a place where you have to reach the level of maturity like the scripture says or we move past that that we’re just not trying to get in for the feeling but we have to go into some of the way to your matters that we have to cover and and learn out and and and you can only go so far until you deal with some of the things that are within you so you’re able to graduate and go to the next levels in God on the road to your destiny and many people get caught up and just chasing that feeling just like a drug addict and it’s cool because there’s many drug addicts who are drawn to this because people who are addicted to dope people are addicted to crack or heroin or marijuana whatever they’re addicted to like when you feel the presence of the Holy Spirit it’s very similar but it’s better it’s it’s so much better and it’s clean it’s a it’s a real it’s a high it literally is a high and people become addicted there so it is a beautiful way that God is weaning drug addicts off of heroin and methadone and things like that and and pills and pain pills by coming into his presence and this is something that could be practiced in the privacy of your own home and it says we’re to it which says where two or three are gathered and touch and agreed there I am in the midst of them that’s what Jesus says even after he’s gone and so Jesus is the embodiment of the Holy Spirit is God with us right and you could do that you know it doesn’t cost you any money that’s what I love about it that we could tap into these higher realms of consciousness and and become one with God and we don’t have to buy anything from anybody you know when I have to have anything that nobody is selling us and that’s what it means what they have the Kingdom of Heaven within you and around you it’s so beautiful well we get caught up on chasing that encounter so God usually corrects us after so many months or years or whatever where it becomes about that and then and in Disqus deal take you to places where you can’t feel that spirit or you can’t feel that intoxication no matter what you’re doing you know show you things in your life that you have to correct verse and I’m a no I’m an example I have friends of mine who I’ve had this conversation with who can totally attest to it and same thing for them they have things about their lives that they have to get rid of the idolatry get rid of the the bitterness and the anger it’s just deep down stuff that nobody even knows is there but God and he deals with your heart the way to your matters of the heart it’s beautiful y’all it’s deep that’s the sanctification process where God is dealing with you and he’s weighing you and say okay you got some forgiveness issues we got to deal with you have this you have that and I have great things in store for you but you cannot handle them until you get rid of this that’s still with it and you’re like nope not dealing with it let’s keep going in let’s keep doing what we’re doing it’s working I’m tending it becomes this struggle it becomes this dance it becomes this ending you really understand what it means to see Jacob wrestling with God wrestling with the angel and who won when he was done here he walked with a limp when he was done he was changed you know and that’s just the embodiment of us wrestling with God as well that’s a picture of us body goes numb it’s a great sensation I’m raptured up to heavenly places even further the energy it enters me i vibrate at a higher rate of frequency and this is literal energy enters me vibrated a higher rate of frequency eliminate all doubt in the unbelief from within I’m transformed mentally right so just changing the heart changing the mind from experience to experience and this is what it worked it’s not about the experience per se but like the fruit of it like what is it changing in you many people are very judgmental they’re what it was the word they don’t speculate but they are skeptics of these encounters as well like a lot of people believe that these are demonic encounters that even a lot of stuff is going on in churches right I mean that’s where I come from it’s going on in churches and they think it’s demonic so I say judge the fruit what is the fruit of it many people you know I interviewed Brandon bar up from red leather ministries who was the guy who was getting high on God he was featured on the vice documentary I consider that that brother our friend I consider him a friend we talked from time to time and I’ve had him on the podcast twice but people are like I can’t believe you had that guy on your show that guy’s deceived he’s deceiving people and he is into something that’s demonic in my responses look at the fruit the fruit being like what comes later like what is produced from your actions and what you’re doing Jesus talks about judging people and he teaches us how to judge people righteously and it’s and it’s not how I thank God that he even yesterday he brought the scripture up tomorrow my mind but it talks about how men judges by the outward appearance but God judges by the heart like God can see things that nobody else can see and on the outside we could be made up and look like we’re OK and take on a persona or fool people but we can’t fool God right so that’s what the fruit is about Jesus said judge judge a man according to the fruit does a good tree produce bad fruit can a bad tree produce good fruit if as if it’s a dead and withering tree most likely it’s not gonna produce an orange that you know that has the nutrients that we need for our bodies or grapes or apples or whatever the case is that’s the fruit of it so when you hang around a person long enough you’re gonna protect that fruit they’ll show their true colors what what is the fruit from the experience so what is the fruit from the angelic encounter what is the fruit from you rolling on the floor speaking in tongues when you get up are you changed and so that’s what we kind of like to judge those experiences by so I say palms on the ground fall to my knees I begin sweating through the heat increase life in the tongue table when I speak I feel it move from my head and down to my feet and I’m essentially just going into more detail of just laying on the ground palms on the ground falling on my knees begin to sweat you’re sweating and you feel hot it produces the fire within you the Holy Bible says I’ll baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire that fire is hot literally is hot like you can feel it in your belly it consumes your whole body from the top of my head down to the soles of your feet that’s what I speak on palms on the ground fall to my knees I begin to sweating for the heat increase life in the tongue probably when I speak I feel it moved from my head and down to my feet and ascending the ladder the weight of your glory yet never did fathom when we’re alone in the zona for like I’m surrounded by light and there’s nothing that matters that’s that’s beautiful too because you’re sending the ladder the ladder giving homage to Jacob’s Ladder in these different levels of glory and angels ascending and descending down the ladder from this open vision that Jacob had as well ascending the ladder the weight of your glory I never did fathom it talks about the weighty presence of God a weight of glory and so pretty much what this is how it works man so there’s you pretty much have an altar of sacrifice everything that’s in the Bible is symbolic about spirituality and about your life so when he when they wouldn’t make a literal altar and bring a goat to it and sacrifice to go it’s not about that I don’t even know if that happened like there’s people who try to recreate that now the Jewish culture and people who have learned Judaism by religion these people they take it literally but it’s about the spiritual aspects of it even Paul tells us this Paul tells us that the Bible is allegory Paul tells us that that you have to be one who was awakened the one who has had the encounter with the Holy Spirit to even understand the Bible if all these people have no idea about the Spirit about spirituality how it works and their decoding the Bible for you and they have no idea it’s not it does it’s not to be read as a history book at all the weight of your glory I never did fathom so we’re talking about what you bring to God for your sacrifice like he requires a sacrifice and what we’ve found out is that the sacrifice is usually the things that you hold dear to you just like Abraham was to sacrifice his son Isaac you bring his son Isaac and lay him on the altar and and kill him for God then God changes his mind and says no I didn’t want your son I just wanted to see if you do it I’m telling you it’s not literal look you know people used that stuff and they’re like see he’s gonna kill his own son what type of God is dead and he was literally gonna do it people try to use that like to go against the Bible that is symbolic for the things that you hold dear to you and your life does it do you love it more than God and I’ve been through all of it with the music I love my music I love music and not just music in general and there’s been times on my walk of sanctification with the Lord where he says okay you need to I don’t want you to listen to metal music anymore I don’t want you to listen to Christian metal and this was back in the early days I don’t want you to listen to this anymore and as I was just getting into it like I was willing to start Christian bands and everything you say you know what it’s time for you to give that up I got some things I want to work out in you and I’m like what I’m trying to start a Christian band like I’m really big in a p OD and packs to 17 and pillar and all this stuff right now and it was big to me it was it was it was big for me and it was my it was a comforting thing to me it was my future what I was wanting to do in life is like you know not give it up I don’t want you to listen to that I want you to get rid of all those CDs and it became this tug of war me and God about listening to Christian metal or Christian rap it’s weird science goes on within the psyche nobody else knows this tug of war is going on and uh and it’s about what do you love more and so most people think that it’s a law like God’s telling you in to tell everybody I have friends who like God deals with them about this don’t listen to Christian rock don’t listen to this don’t listen to Christian rap or most people they mistake their inward convictions for convictions they’re supposed to oppose on everybody and they say okay God doesn’t want anybody listening to Christian rap or Christian rock in general and I’ve had those messages from close friends who God told them not to so they want to tell me and say you know what the Lord told me that that music is fleshly it’s about it’s about the self it’s about the ego it’s bragging music and God doesn’t want us listening to it like that type of deal these are weird conversations that I’m giving you guys privilege into between close friends that most people it would seem crazy to know that these conversations go on but I talk about it because if we don’t talk about it those who are struggling with them or have had the same experiences you guys would never know and the ones who have had the experiences they thanked me I said wow dude I’ve been through the same thing and they’re thankful that somebody’s vocalizing what they’ve been going through so I’ve been through it I go through it still to this day we’re gonna continue to go through it I went do it about my books I’ve got a large collection of esoteric books from Manley P Hall I look up to Manley P ha I love his work I love his spirit and everything about the man but there was a time where God said no get rid of those books because you either those books mean more to you than I do and I’m like no let’s keep the books let’s uh I won’t read from them and I mean I’ve had to get I had to throw away books and not just me many of my friends have had to throw away books and not just esoteric books they have Christian books there was a time where I the Lord had us get rid of any symbols that we had like any like I had statues of Jesus and posters and a friend of mine went bogota-colombia and brought me back this awesome like wood carving of this European Jesus right and uh it was beautiful and it was a gift and I got rid of it like we got rid of everything and you just takes you on these levels in levels of devotion man and I think I’m thankful that it’s an inward journey and nothing crazy on the outside you know I’m saying so these are just these different levels man and so what you lay down on the altar is what his fire consumes so it talks about his fire consuming the altar and burning up that sacrifice and it’s offered up as praise to heaven as praise to God and he returns with his fire his fire is beautiful that’s the presence of God that we’re able to experience in our lives and so the the weight of your sacrifice as far as what it means to you is the weight of the glory of which you’re gonna receive when you spend time and intimacy in prayer I’m telling if you have hidden sin in your heart and and things you’re trying to hide from God and then you try to go to God in prayer it doesn’t work out it doesn’t work out it doesn’t go together it won’t work you have to be open you can’t hide anything you can have hidden motives and really tap into those realms you cannot alright I’m ascending the ladder the weight of your glory I never did fathom when we’re alone when we were alone in a zone I feel like I’m surrounded by light and there’s nothing that matters when you go into those place there’s nothing that matters many people the you know that that place is also symbolic of King David hiding in the the cave from his his enemies it was many times a King David and the Bible had people trying to kill him the King King Saul was trying to kill him and in hiring hands to kill him so he was running he didn’t know who was out to get him or not so he would take refuge in these little caves and stuff he would go in these caves and so the caves are symbolic of us going to our hiding place with God our secret place of where we can get alone and many people have places in their home gotta set up well that’s my prayer room this is the little area that I’ve made and that churches it’s at the altar you go kneel at the altar and you create that good space there I mean this is happening there too so when you’re there nothing matters the enemies in your life are people really trying to kill you maybe you know but what we’re talking about it’s about the bills the bills are trying to kill me my responsibilities my insecurities like my doubts my questions my worries my fears my inadequacies like they’re trying to kill me but in that cave in this symbolic place of solitude with God I feel like I’m surrounded by light and there’s nothing that matters nothing matters they’re just him and just letting him love on you and spending time with your heavenly Father these interdimensional beings rebuking the demons they’re fleeing shamans and prophets believe in a realm that is so far beyond that of which we are seeing so at the very end is talking about interdimensional beings unclean spirits clean spirits right if there’s an unclean spirit is probably clean spirits too right so for anything for something to have a truth in the scriptures that had whatever at whatever is spoken of there can you could bet that the opposite is it’s true as well so for there to be a unclean spirit there’s gonna be clean spirits where there’s demons there’s gonna be angels right so interdimensional beings rebuking the demons they’re fleeing rebuking them is standing your ground and usually the authority of Christ to rebuke them I rebuke you in the name of Jesus you guys know we’ve talked about it many times too on other episodes I’m just gonna refer back to episodes because we do like going to it like a lot of detail other shows so the one with me and Spirit of Truth the rapper Spirit of Truth we talked about demonic possession we talked about waking up in the middle of the night and having beings in your bedroom deeming demons on your chest these things and you rebuke him you speak the name of Jesus and they’re gone it stops rebuking the demons they’re fleeing shamans and prophets believe in a realm that is so far beyond that of which we are seeing so just essentially just touching on the realm that what we see is eternal be able to see with a trained eye into the eternal realms and to be able to see things that other people can’t see into other people they don’t it doesn’t exist but two shamans and prophets we believe in these realms and we’re able to access those realms as well okay then it comes into the course so we’re gonna go into the course here we’ll go back and check these messages right now I see a lot of people still in the chat room hold it down Chris what’s up Chris garner Mormons get deep into the edge I see you I see your messages brother um let people know too that the phone lines are open I’ll make sure that I do this for I have so many messages from people who want to talk to me and you know I try to say look if you want to talk you have to call in during the podcast especially women like a lot of women try to reach out and they have stuff that they’re dealing with and I personally don’t give my number out to to women you know I’m saying so but if they want to call in on a public platform that’s that’s cool too so this is the opportunity to do so going into the second verse let me pull up my lyrics again all right so this this verse is beautiful I really like this I’m discourse I mean another dimension ascending the planes that Erica’s sentient another decision that things that I’ve seen if I should mention you radiate and shine bright light up the night sky I’m raptured up to a sacred place illuminate my mind I really love it because talking about the other dimensions that were seeing ascending the planes that they were ascension so we were able to tap in to the other realms and see these different things in the spirit realm and feelings and being a shaman is one who’s able to go into these realms and move things around and make things happen and go into the dream state and pull things out so another dimension and then we go to another decision the things I’ve seen if I should mention so should I even talk about these things right other thing that’s the question many people have when he see UFOs or aliens or or or have an encounter with God should I even mentioned the name of God because many people get turned off by just that term God in itself because it’s a Christian term essentially for them that’s what they associated with and so when you say God it means okay the Christian God or something so you gotta say the universe or energy I’ll say all the words because it is all the words to me you know I’m saying so another decision the things that I’ve seen if I should mention I’ve questioned that it didn’t go so you radiate and shine bright light up the night sky and it’s talking about the we’re gonna say UFOs well I’m gonna say the Angels the Chariots of Fire we radiate and shine bright light up the night sky I’m raptured up to a sacred place illuminate my mind so even in that moment creating a sacred place that I’ll remember forever you know those experiences man and then embodying them in a song and bringing them to life in a song this was so beautiful about this man like even like watching movies and having those deja vu moments when there’s something playing in a movie where a little kid walks up and says uh this phrase in it the phrase touches you all the way down to your soul and you’re moved and you like man that’s deep and I think he’s talking about this so I’ll take the snippet and put it in a song and so when I listen to my own song it reminds me of where I got that that clip from and it reminds me of that movie and I’m taken back to the same feeling of awe and wonder that I felt when the information came through it’s good stuff so after the course the course repeats itself and after the course it’s rasul-allah verse rasul-allah from the lost children of babylon when i was led into some of the research of about 2012 you know I’m saying when that stuff was big and then the third eye pineal gland and vibration and looking into all these things I one of the first documentaries I got into was the documentary West 2012 enigma which I still recommend to people to go back and watch that documentary 2012 enigma with David Wilcock and in studying the terms and that he’s talking about in there typing it in on YouTube somehow I ran across a rap group called LC OB the Lost Children of Babylon who the main founding member was a guy named Russell Allah good friends a good friend of mine I talked to him yesterday we’re gonna be working out more in the future a lot more he’s on watchman’s album plug to go download dad go buy that right now it’s pre-orders up watchman’s album so rasool allows one there and and and so these guys lost children a babylon are the reason I’m doing what I’m doing because I heard their music and their music is talking about everything that I’m talking about and everything I’m experiencing through experience UFOs reading ancient wisdom ancient writings reading Manley P Hall and they’re talking about this stuff so to set up this experience at which a lot of people are having with my music is that you go out and you have an encounter or something that connects you to God and then you listen to my music you listen to my podcast and I verbalize what you experienced and when that connects that divine spark and you feel the euphoria even from that like oh this aha moment that’s what he’s talking about you know or that’s what I received during meditation it gets deep and that’s what LC o B’s music did for me they have an album called the equal vidiian man it’s beautiful very beautiful I’ve worked with a lot of those guys too and I guess they’re gonna continue to work together so rasoolallah is on the second verse I’m not gonna go into his verse it would be cool to have him on here we’re supposed to be doing an interview soon as well probably to get on get him on here soon okay so let’s see to do and it goes back to the course and then we had there’s a bridge and as a bridge was another sample where james gilliland comes in and speaks some more and the I say I of illumination if you guys watching on video you see I have the little eye on my hats the third eye of illumination I have raw the eyes on my arm I have God Psalm 33 talks about the eye of the Lord shall give watch over thee I love that scripture the eye of the Lord not the eyes of the Lord but the eye of the Lord and even seeing the eye as a universal symbol for God I love looking into other cultures and seeing what they believe and then even my own ancestry I mean we went up to the Cherokee nation’s up in Oklahoma and visited their their reservations and even their museum and the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma in their museum they have these old paintings and it’s the eye and and they tell you what the eye means and it talks about the I mean God being God and/or the son as the universal symbol of God the Sun is always watching over us and and and then we went to Moundville Alabama which is a beautiful place and they actually still have mounds there that the Indians built their structures upon and it’s really cool you climb to the top of the mounds and go up there and it’s and you could feel the energy on those those hills man it’s really beautiful but going to their museum which they have a really cool museum actually they have this this 3d experience where you go freaking in the middle of Moundville Alabama there middle of nowhere they got this awesome experience where you go there and it tells you about the history now you’re sitting there looking at the screen of just stars and stars and stuff popping up and there’s a screen where it’s like it’s got constellations and stuff and then all of a sudden like the smoke comes through and this Indian this 3d Indian pops up just like you see like on you know how to do the 3d people for like those concerts and stuff they bring them back like they brought Tupac back at a concert they brought eazy-e back and I think oh D be back one so whatever they look really cool what is it the same thing you’re sitting here looking at the screen in this 3d Indian comes out of the smoke and appears in front of you and he’s sitting there telling you the story of their ancestry and stuff it’s really beautiful and mountain villa Alabama but to get back to it in Mountain Ville they have their art as well and they use the eye as well didn’t see their eye is beautiful too because their symbol is the hand with an eye in it and it’s cool actually it’s cool because the hand meaning man and the eye in the center of the hand meaning God in man or God and man dwelling together it’s really beautiful but that symbol in every every culture man even in Egypt symbolizing God and the early Christians used to symbol Psalm 33 the eye of the Lord shall watch over thee all right eye of illumination receiving sight during meditation see my spirit take flight to rejuvenation and I’m looking to the heights and I’m praying they come it’s pretty much self-explanatory I have illumination receiving insight during meditation see my spirit take flight to rejuvenation when I look up to the heights heavens and I’m praying they come they come they come and it’s just asking for an encounter I’m praying they come they come they come yeah so here they come when a Stargate closes better believe that another one opens releasing the fear I’m golden holding on to the hope be holding when the Stargate closes oh my stargates when I’m referring to stargates from what I’ve seen they’re seeing like I said stars fly into another star whether these the UFO light ships are beings but I’ve seen them go in to a star and they disappear I did go and they either I’ve seen them going tagged a star that’s something that looks like a star anyway a light that as you’re looking up on the night sky you see stars everywhere and there’s one just standing still and as one would fly across the sky touch that star and when it touched that star that’s they take changed places and win a different direction beautiful stuff I’ve seen crazy stuff but doesn’t know something’s going on out there that’s all when you say that right trying to make sense of it all therefore you get my music when a Stargate closes better believe that another one opens releasing the fear I’m golden holding on to the hope be holding the light of my ascended master all right we love love to talk about ascended masters right Maitreya they’re different angels and different Baba’s you know all these ascended masters well Jesus was an ascended master and not even in a new age since like the scriptures literally say that he ascended into the heavens it uses that word ascended and he’s called master he’s called teacher master Lord so he and he is essentially an ascended master the ascended master my ascended master ufo’s up top Mount Shasta I’ve never been in Mount Shasta I really would love to go but dealing with UFOs in Mount Shasta like a lot of people talk about going there with like Steven Greer I know he takes groups out there to Mount Shasta and james gilliland he lives right at the foot of Mount Adams and there’s a lot of UFO activity at Mount Shasta and Mount Adams in mountains in general and I do find it funny how like when we look at the other cultures and where they go when they meditate if you look at like the Hindus or the even the Buddhists like going into a mountain a little bitty cave and praying for and meditating some of them like for a month at a time even Jesus went out into the desert places to pray and fast for forty days and Jesus did it and these other cultures are doing it and Jesus would when he would go off to pray he would go into mountains and he would go on top of mountains when they had their certain – Sermon on the Mount experience where they’re at what’s called the Mount of Transfiguration Jesus and I believe it was James and John were up on top of the mountain and freaking spirit of cloud came and God spoke and I think it’s Moses and Elijah appeared out of the cloud and Jesus’s garments changed and he was all of a sudden wearing all these white sparkly garments and they got to see him like in this ascended stage and and and these other people were there to witness it and were able to to see what this is what I say they were able to see what Jesus does when he prays they were able to see where he goes when he prays because Jesus would always go by his self he would leave his disciples and go pray he’d go in a mound he’d go fast he’s going on top of a mountain so in this particular case they knew he wasn’t gonna be with them much longer they went with him to pray he said come on they could never stay up like he’d go up there to pray and he come down with with them and they’d all be asleep look ya’ll can’t came I mean how many of us will be trying to get into meditation and prayer we go to sleep during meditation we’re trying to meditate we fall asleep we have a peaceful rest but we don’t remember what happened we can’t really get into those heightened states of consciousness because we’d go to sleep because those realms are closely connected right and even there Jesus comes down and he sees all of them sleeping man y’all couldn’t stay up just for a little while you know and so in this particular case goes up to the mountain they get to see what he does when he prays this dude transformed transformed and radiant white clothing and he’s talking to Moses and Elijah and God they’re all communicating and these guys seen it as far as I’m concerned this is happening every time they pray and what see everything’s connected for me and even other songs so if you go to the end of my songs and knowing there’s a clip from Star Wars at the end of one of the episodes I forget which one it was but at the very end after I think it’s um it’s not Luke it’s the other one I forget their name sometimes I’m sorry I’m not a buff but um I do remember qui-gon jinn because to me he was the Jesus figure right and at the and I and while I’m watching it I see him as Jesus I don’t know why this the the teacher the you know he has the apprentice under them and he’s teaching them and after qui-gon dies at the end of this episode and you guys are screaming because you know exactly who I’m kind of think of but uh qui-gon dies and the other guy who was under qui-gon I can’t think of like I can’t I’m sorry it’s not Luke Skywalker but it’s the other one he’s walking off into the sunset with Yoda and at the very end he says come with me I’m gonna show you how to communicate with your master who has gone on before you so he’s going to tell him and show him how to communicate with qui-gon jinn in the spirit realm and access him for questions and as needed in his new his new place and I put that day at the end of my song and essentially Zhi it shows us Jesus going to the top of the mountain meeting with his predecessors so many people have stories of meeting with saints of old who have gone on before them the Bible talks about in Hebrews that were surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses and in such the name um and these are like the patriarchs of the Bible and so they even there was a lot of people even now who claim to like the Saints that have gone on before them like their teachers Bob Jones in the prophetic movement he’s won a lot of people claim to have meetings and be in hotel rooms and God say stay here and pray I have some things I want to show you and Bob Jones who is there was their teacher on earth who passed away he shows up Bob Jones appears to them and teaches something so tells them a life lesson or what you not not to take themselves too seriously whatever the case is I people there’s so many stories I think even Todd white talks about it I know Todd white there’s everybody I don’t know if this really happening but they they they tie it in with the great cloud of witnesses now I’ve never per se had a spirit of a deceased person or like Moses show up before me I know I know people who claim that that they do right or these spirits that embody that same ideology whether it’s a person or not but I do feel like we’re surrounded by them and that we’re being watched over and we’re being guided by the greats we’re standing on the backs of giants essentially releasing the fear I’m golden holding on to the hope be holding the light of my ascended master UFOs up top Mount Shasta Chariots of Fire travelled down and save us from disaster that’s the end of the bridge and it goes into the the course again and then another outro so that is my song flight of the navigator I hope that I intrigued you I hope that listening to this episode sparks your creativity your creative process to do what you want to do to excite you to go out and create and inspire you that’s what it a big part of it is about for me but this is like the end inside look and I try to give you guys some essentially doctrine or belief systems that are tied in with my music like to access those realms right I’m gonna go to the chat rooms the phone lines open guys if you guys want to call in it makes it makes for better a better podcast when people call in instead of just reading the chat rooms but I’ll go and see if I can pull some stuff out the chat rooms Chris Garner’s talking about Melchizedek and the Mormons Adam starseed says what’s up brother Watson while I’m on break what’s up Adam lessons bro Chris garner says he works on a computer he gets to listen at work to great documentary I guess talking about 2012 enigma yeah and Jarrod says Anakin it’s not Anakin it’s what’s the other one and he’s like the main one man shoot let’s see but type it in just because I sound I feel stupid he’s like the main dude Mark Hamill played him what’s his name and see it’s not Luke Skywalker it’s not Mark Hamill either then if that’s the case who was man I don’t even know what to type in to find it it was Luke’s who was Luke’s teacher I can’t think of his name John the blanket really is still early for me let me see I know somebody’s gonna obi-wan there you go that’s all you had to say Chris yeah obi-wan no doubt okay y’all got it so I don’t know why I was I couldn’t find that so Chris um he says where does this where does the speech at the beginning of fearless come from I know it’s a different song I might have been wondering for a while okay so fearless there’s two versions of it so like the album version has the intro and the the video version doesn’t the video version came out early cuz we like got together spur-of-the-moment recorded and filmed that that’s a good to go into some detail on that one too that would be really cool to go into some detail about cuz just the way we set that up like those dudes came through our friend we had a mutual friend Dustin and they were on tour Andre in Matthew they were on tour and we had a mutual friend he set it up for them guys to come by and they came but came through in the morning we hung out all day talking chillin and then we wrote the song and shot the video in the same day wrote the song shot the video so that’s why it was like there’s a lot of cuts even for because I didn’t really know my verse all the way but I got out there and filmed it anyway so I did as much as I knew and then there would be a different cutscene or whatever where I couldn’t mouth the words so I’ll definitely do that song and I may try to get those guys on to break down their lyrics I think that’d be beautiful I think that would be beautiful so yeah we’ll definitely approach that song and I may try to get both of those guys on for that but yeah just so to answer your question where that intro came from that came from the god we’ll just see my mind’s gone blank right now it’s um the Will Smith and Jada movie is from the after earth yeah after Earth so he’s basically he’s basically it’s the same story I mean those those stories just repeat themselves that’s from Joseph Campbell in his work he talks about how the stories are just recycled and the hero’s journey so you had the word you had the predecessor who’s teaching the young one how to come of age and how to have courage and how not the fear and how to experience it for himself that’s that’s that’s the story that’s in almost every movie you know and then there’s the the downfall and then there’s to come back and then there’s the victory at the end and and then there’s somebody who’s trying to take something from them and they overcome they get it back or whatever I guess in every movie and Joseph Smith hacks it has a map Joseph Campbell you said Mormon I went to Joseph Smith Joseph Campbell has the hero’s journey mapped out and it shows you and it plays out the story of Jesus and all the other masters and all the other movies and all the movie plots you ever wonder like when they’re gonna come up with a new movie plot they all recycle the hero’s journey so after earth is the movie it’s a good movie got back I guess got bad ratings it’s only got like three stars on IMDB but it’s a good movie but that quote that quote was powerful there is no such thing as fear you know all that kind of stuff so uh Kris garner says are archetypes yep totally well with that being said I’ve did an hour and 20 minutes hanging out with you guys I’ve enjoyed it again another thank you to everybody supporting via patreon at any level if you’re if you’re only given a dollar a month dude that dollar means a lot I appreciate it but like I said I will say this I don’t want to beg but I will say you’re missing out I think if you’re not if you’re not a patron you’re missing out because if you’re a fan of my music and you don’t not heard the new stuff yet go to patreon like if it’s if you’re gonna buy the song you get actually you get my full discography that’s like 10 albums even stuff I don’t promote anymore that you can’t find anywhere for a $5 membership you get to download all that and you get all the new music and there’s some gems in there brothers and sisters I just did a song called alpha AFF a you have to hear hear the song to actually understand what it means you have to listen to the whole thing but there’s a bunch of new music over there and I’m about to put up a bunch more working on an album and there’s been songs up there that have been there for months and those people who are patrons are the only ones who have access to it you can listen to it there become a patron today and support independent music entrepreneurship it’s not a lot but it helps it goes a long way so thank you guys backslash truth seeker more shows coming up make sure you guys subscribe on iTunes or your Android device the links are in the descriptions of this how to do so if you’re watching on youtube because there’s no telling you to man guys YouTube can pull me any moment man any moment YouTube can pull me and they did it before they’ll do it again I don’t know why they have their reasons but uh I don’t think iTunes is gonna do that so go and make sure you subscribe there join the mailing list because everything that gets sent out gets sent out through the mailing list go back and listen to some of the past episodes that we’ve done there’s so many gems on there I’m getting some really cool people like I said Hope Medford from medicine for the people another group that has impacted my life in that huge way I have a song with her she came on the show last week John Illuminati Congo came on as well that’s a beautiful episode I got to put that one up I got to upload that one so that that one was really good too man so yeah just be in contact with me man let me know you know I’m saying what you guys want to see more of and what you like and I appreciate all the love and support with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom y’all have a good rest of your day and I’ll see you guys soon okay one last question is ascension gonna be on iTunes eventually it will yes eventually ascension will be on iTunes we have the master it’s mixed it’s not mastered but I will say this October the first were putting out the video we’re putting out the video to his song spaceships and I’ve shared a couple screenshots and I’m excited to get that video out the videos done he just wanted to wait to the first of October to release it and it’s a beautiful video it’s a beautiful video it’s first one that I’ve shot a story too so there’s a whole story to it and it plays out kind of like a movie I’m excited to get that out and we’re gonna be doing more along those lines so October the first watchman’s ascension well Watchmen song spaceships the video will be available from the album ascension the pre-orders available now are the true seeker com backslash Watchmen to buy it and I support that brother encouraged him and what he’s doing he spent a lot of money on that project paid me a pretty penny to record mix and master everything and that’s one reason why I’ve been slack over the last probably two years because I’ve been all like knee-deep in in his uh his project but that’s done we just got to master it and then we’re gonna probably do an online listening party well we just go through every track and we listen to the whole thing we may talk and do commentary about stuff here and there to kind of promote it that we’ll probably do that on Facebook but um make sure you’re subscribed there gonna be a lot of fun a lot of cool stuff happening I’m doing this full-time so I’ve a lot more time to invest in the music and then the art and in the podcast and getting the information out there and teachings and I’m excited about the future I hope you guys are too I really do be excited about your future about what you want to do in life and embrace it and go for and I want to encourage you guys to do that again peace and Shalom appreciate all of y’all [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to you thinkin calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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