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TruthSeekah Breaks Down
Breaking Down The Hidden And Cryptic Meanings Of Some Of My Song Lyrics

TruthSeekah Breaks Down is a new idea that I had where I go into details about the meanings behind some of my song lyrics. In this particular episode I break down the lyrics for my song Kymatica letting you know where I got the name and what the heck I meant by all these crazy lyrics. I hope you enjoy!

KYMATICA LYRICS | Album: Awaken The Fire

The book of Enoch in my hand and some scrolls that I’m holding
a mystical experience just like Joe Rogan
I’m chillin with etherians in a light that is golden
they say they are the Sirians with love and devotion
Sparring with the devil Im’a put him in a choke hold,
Fighting with the devil we gon battle in the dojo
Raising my vibration through Kundalini yoga,
building up my Qi I feel it rise like a cobra
Sitting in a posture thats shaped like a lotus,
clearing out my mind and my mental is focused
My eye is single, pineal is open,
herbs and spices, incense smoking
Concentrated breath in my lungs I’m holding,
three part breathing the energy is flowing
Sitting in the silence, the now and the knowing,
I’m thinking about my karma, my reaping and sowing
I’m speaking to my father I’m praying for my homies,
reflecting on my memories, reflecting on my journey
Who are my friends and who are the phonies,
who are my padnas and who tried to control me
I will not let them rock me, I will not let them roll me,
I will not let them stop me, I will not let them slow me
Order of Melchezidek, the gates of Orion,
the Lion of Judah the stars are aligning
Heaven is the pentacle we’ll vanish like the Mayans,
some people call it rapture I’m speaking about the science
Zodiac signs celestial lights in the sky
your life is going through cycles and still you’re wondering why
You say your preaching the truth but can’t decipher the lie
we’re at the end of the age look at the signs of the times
And now you know that it is obvious the preacher preach psychology,
we break it down and chop it up and teach you demonology
Pharmacy is sorcery, alchemy in first degree,
keepers of right knowledge that is written down in poetry
Brainwashed in colleges protectors of the fallacies,
they’re dealing with confusion so we go to where the solace is
Knowledge is power we spit that truth to the youth,
you know that now is the hour we give you esoteric proof
While its devoured by cowards who will not put it to use,
much like the towers of Babel we see the knowledge reduced
As in the times of the Pharaohs and also ancient Peru
Abraham was involved in a form of voodoo
We seen the star people fall just ask the kings of Zulu,
their appearance has evolved and they look just like you
The lost scrolls will unfold the prophecies were true,
we break the mold take control in the form of ancient Hebrew
So let me ask you a question
now what is your perception of astral projection?
Must use discretion
I see through the lessons of hypnotic suggestions,
anti-depressants hinder your expression
So under the crescent we buck the oppression
return to your essence through inward reflection

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Truth-seeker And/or Its Affiliates Are Not Responsible For Any Strange Phenomena That May Occur During Or After Listening To This Podcast Which May Include The Following Heightened Senses Of Awareness Psychic Abilities Ufo Sightings Alien Contact Time Loss Out-of-body Experiences Ringing In The Ears Esp Lucid Dreaming Increasing Chronicity Astral Projection Telepathy Stronger Intuition Levitation Miraculous Healings And On Remote Viewing Please Be Advised To Listen A Dramatization [music] [music] Yo What’s Up I’m True Seeker This Is My Podcast This Episode Is Gonna Be An Experimental Episode Gonna Be Trying Something A Little Bit Different I’m Gonna Be Breaking Down Some Of My Lyrics And Some Of The Meanings And What These Songs Mean To Me What Was I Talking About When I Wrote It It’s Kind Of Cool Because When When You Listen To Music Like People Get Their Own Interpretations It’s A Good Thing Or Sometimes A Bad Thing People Don’t Know What In The World You’re Talking About So I’m Gonna Break Down Some Of These Lyrics I Really Enjoy When People Listen To It And They Get Their Own Interpretations But To Kind Of You Know Somebody’s Music Goes Overlooked Or Unlooked Or Whatever So People Just Listen To It As One And It Goes In One Ear Out The Other Or They There’s Jewels Hidden Without These Lyrics And Some Of Them Like The Concepts Are Just Really Deep And I May Even Be Doing A Bad Job Of Trying To Explain Some Of This Stuff But I’m Gonna Try To Take These Lyrics Line For Line Bar Free Bar And Break Down Or What It Meant To Me When I Wrote It And Try To Go In Just To Some Detail About It So I Hope This Is Something Cool I’m Gonna Start With This Song Calm Attica And If You’re A Fan Of The Podcast And Not A Fan Of The Music This Will Still Be Something Pretty Cool For You Because We’re Gonna Be Going Into A Lot Of Esoteric Mysticism Ufos Angels Aliens Spirituality All Of This Stuff Within My Music So If You’re New To The Music This Would Be Like The Best Way Of Even Understanding What My Music Entails So With That Being Said You Can Find The Music On Itunes As Well Or Whatever Music Device You’re Listening To Music Oh And I’m On All Of It Spotify Amazon All That Good Stuff So This First Song That I’m Gonna Do And This Is An Experimental Run Man The Song Is Called Calm Attica And Okay So We’ll Start We’ll Start There The Name Calm Attica Word That I Get That Name That Is The Name Of A Documentary That When I Was Having My Spiritual Awakening I Found That Documentary It Was Popular For A While Talking About Consciousness And Unseen Realms And How The Universe Works And A Lot Of It Had To Do With Vibration Which Was Really Cool So I Liked The Documentary And Then The Name Was Something A Little Bit Different So So Let Me Just Start There And This Was Really One Of The First Esoteric Songs That I Did I Believe The First Song That I Done Was Meditation And Then The Second Song Was Enigma I Was Working On The Song Enigma Which I Got Six Cents To Feature On And Then The First Full One Was Calm Attica Which Was Just Me Going Like I Think It’s Two Maybe Three Verses Without A Course So It’s One Of Those Tracks Works Just Bars The Whole Time There’s No Chorus No Nothing It Just It’s Just Spit In The Whole Time And So This Was The First Song That I Actually Did That On I Think I Have To I Think It’s This One And Esoteric Agenda Which Also Is Named After A Documentary So Maybe I’ll Do That One Next And Maybe To Start Out Breaking These Lyrics Down These May Not Be The Best Songs Because They’re Just Straight Bars With No Chorus And It’s Gonna Be Probably Long And Hard To Do So I Don’t Know How Long This Is Gonna Take This Is Still An Experiment So Hope You Guys Enjoy So Alright The Lyrics The Book Of Enoch In My Hand Some Scrolls That I’m Holding A Mystical Experience Just Like Joe Rogan Okay The Book Of Enoch In My Hand And Some Scrolls That I’m Holding Obviously The Book Of Enoch Which Is An Apocryphal Book A Book That Was Taken Out Of The Bible Or Not Really Out Of The Bible Because It Wasn’t Included In The Apocrypha Enoch Is Mentioned In The Book Of Jude In The Bible And To Really Understand The Bible To Understand How The Spirit Realm Works And Operates You Need To Read The Book Of Enoch The Credence Is And Jude Jude Gives A Prophecy That Says The Lord Cometh With Ten Thousand Of His Holy Angels That Prophecy Is Written In Enoch And I Know That May Even Seem Kind Of Like Reaching Maybe But I Did Go Back And Do The Research And Found The Prophecy In The Book Of Enoch But Understanding So Much Of The Bible Like You Have To Have Enoch To Understand Who The Angels Are How They Got Here The Fallen Angels The Nephilim What Evil Spirits Are On The Earth Today The Book Of Enoch Is A Must-have For Anybody Who’s A Biblical Theologian Or Wanting To Understand The Bible Or Wanting To Understand Spirituality And The Spirit Realm Even If You Don’t Know Anything Of The Bible And So Man I Don’t Know How Long This Podcast Is Gonna Be Because There’s So Much Stuff We Could Just Go In On Just This Man I’m Gonna Try It Man I’m Gonna Attempt I’m Gonna I’m Gonna Finish This Episode So Enoch There’s Like A Resurgence Of The Book Now So Like Right Now I Don’t Know If It’s Youtube Or Social Media But Everyone Who’s Doing Research Like You Have To Go To Enoch Like You Can’t Talk About The Illuminati Or Demons Or Angels Or Anything Without Bringing Up Enoch That’s What Like That That Book Is In Resurgence Right Now And There’s A Scripture In The Bible That Talks About That There Will Be A Period Of Time Where Some Of These Books Will Be Hidden And In The End They Will Come Back Into Fruition And They Will Come Back To The Population And People Will Get Those Books Again And So Enoch Is Definitely One Of Those Books The Book Of Enoch In My Hand And Some Scrolls That I’m Holding A Mystical Experience Just Like Joe Rogan So On My Awakening I Found The Joe Rogan Podcast And Found Many Of The Guests That He Had On To Be Really Cool Aubrey Marcus Amber Lyon Duncan Trussell Some Of These People He That Has A Lot Of People On Who Talk About Spirituality Kundalini Awakening Psychedelic Experiences And Things Like That So A Mystical Experience Just Like Joe Rogan So Joe Rogan Talks About Going Into Like Dmt Encounters And Psilocybin Mushroom Encounters Which Changed My Life And He Talks About Seeing These Beings These Angelic Elves In In This Realm And He Describes Them As These So He Says Complex These Beings That Are Made Out Of Complex Geometrical Patterns That Are Made Out Of Love And These Are The Things That You See In That In That Realm And That Just Rings So True Wasn’t Mean I Like The Way He Put That So He Talks About These Encounters A Lot On His Podcast It Seems Like He Tries To At Least Talk About It Once Every Podcast Like Whatever I Don’t Know So He’s Out He’s Definitely A Psycho Not And Listening To His Podcast A Lot Not Just Him But His Guests Do That He’s Had On That’s My Phone I Should Have Put That On Silent So Yeah A Mystical Experience Much Like Joe Joe Rogan I’m Chilling With The Darienne’s In A Light That Is Golden They Say They Are The Syrians With Love And Devotion Kind Of The Same Premise Talking About The Mystical Experience Meeting Angelic Beings These Angelic Beings Named The Etherion Z’ Soul Of The Etherion Zin A Light That Is Golden It’s Like Having This Encounter And I Think That A Lot That Like I Tried To Paint This Beautiful Picture Of Some Of The Encounters That I’ve Had Over The Years With The Angelic Realm Demons All Of This Stuff And Try To Make It Sound Poetic And Stuff So Chilling With The Theories And A Light That Is Golden And I’ve Had An Encounters In Like Meditation Which Were Where This Golden Energy This Golden Light Takes Over Your Vision The Light Of Christ Ëthere Ian’s Which We We Get You Know The Word Ether Which Is Space In In In The Different Realms And Dimensions That Are Out There Even In Outer Space The Ether The Spirit Realm They Say The Other Syrians With Love And Devotion So Syrians Being Beings From The Star System Sirius Right The Dog Star The Dogon Tribe Who Say They Come From That Star Right The Tribe Of The Dogon Do Some Research On That Says I’m Sparring With The Sparring With The Devil I’m Gonna Put Them In A Chokehold Fighting With The Devil We Gonna Battle In The Dojo I Think That’s Pretty Self-explanatory Sparring With The Devil Put Them In The Toko This Is Like Fighting With Our Own Demons Fighting With This Entity That Is Here To Tempt Us And That Is Just That Manifestation Of Everything That Is Evil Within Us You Know Fighting With The Devil We’re Gonna Battle In The Dojo So That’s Simple Right There Raising My Vibration Through Kundalini Yoga Building Up My Tea I Feel It Rise Like A Cobra All Right I Don’t Know Like How Deep To Go Into This Stuff But People Who Are Seasoned In It You’re Gonna Know What Kundalini Is But I Guess I’m Gonna I’m Gonna Try To Break It Down In An Elementary State Because A Lot Of People Listening To It Maybe These Terms Are Brand New To You Maybe You’ve Never Heard Of Kundalini Maybe You’ve Never Heard Of Chi Chi-gong Right I Raising My Vibration To Kundalini Yoga Your Vibration Is Your State Of Mind That You’re Vibing At You Know Your Vibe The Way You Feel Some Raising My Vibration Through Kundalini Yoga Through Breath Work Through Chanting Through Different Bodily Motions That Raise This Kundalini Coiled Energy That Arises Is At The Base Of The Spine And Rises Up Through The Seven Chakras Out Of The Forehead And It Springs Forth There’s A Kundalini Awakening It Springs Forth Like A Cobra That’s Why You See That The Snake Imagery Coming Out Of The Third Eye And In Egypt And In The The Hindu Culture Even In The The The Cobra Or Snake Being A Symbol Of Wisdom Even In The Bible Jesus Says Be Wise As Serpents But Harmless As Doves And That’s To Be Our Nature The Serpent Being A Symbol Of Wisdom And So Many People See That And They See Kundalini And They See The Serpent And They Link It To The Serpent In The Garden And The Devil And Everything Demonic So You Know Kundalini Yoga Is Demonic See Even As The Imagery In The Symbolism Right But With All Imagery In All Symbolisms You Have The Positive And The Negative Of It All Jesus Being The Conquering Lion Right Was Something Beautiful He Watches Over Us As Well As A Roaring Lion But Then Even The Enemy In The Bible Is Says That He Goes To And Fro Like A Roaring Lion Seeking Whom He May Devour So We Could See In The Dream State When You Have Dreams Of Lions Or Dreams Of Snakes They Could Be Used For Something Very Negative A Very Scary Disaster Coming Into Your Life Trials And Tribulations Ahead Or They Could Be Used As Something Beautiful I Had An Encounter With The Lion We Look At The Lion – Which In A Wardrobe Aslan Being The Conquering Lion Something Beautiful That Represented Christ So When All Imagery And All Symbolism Whether It’s Biblical Ancient Or Even In The Dream State You Have To Do The Discernment And See If It’s Something Beautiful Or Something Negative Or A Warning Or Something Like That Wolves Tornados All This Stuff Man There’s Double-fold Meaning In It All So Building Up My Chi I Felt It Rise Like A Cobra So The Kundalini Energy The Chi Energy Is The Same As The Holy Spirit I Know That’s Very Controversial When I When I Did A Podcast Talking About That Some Years Ago I Caught All Hell And That Was The Kind Of Podcast That Sent Me Over The Edge In The Church Realm Where Most People Is Like We Got To Stay Away From This Guy He’s Saying That This Kundalini Demonic Energy Is What The Church Believes It’s The Same Thing As The Holy Spirit When You Do The Work When You Do The Research And You Look At The Information For What It Is Without A Biased Standpoint All Signs Point To Yes Right You Look At The Fruit Which Is Number One My Life Changed When I Stopped Judging People Based On What They Believe Or What They Say Rather Than What They Do Their Fruit The Character What Comes Out Of That Conversation Hanging Around Somebody For A Certain Period Of Time You’re Gonna Partake Of Their Fruit Some Shape Form Or Fashion You’re Gonna Partake Of The Fruit Of Somebody And The Fruit Is Just The Type Of Things That They Produce The Things They Talk About The Thoughts That They Dwell On How They Make You Feel What Is The Fruit Of That Person So I Quit Judging People For Coming Up To Me Said Hey I’m A Catholic Hey I’m A Hindu Hey I’m A Muslim Hey I’m A Christian They Got A Bible In Their Hand But In Word Lead These People Are Ravenous Wolves These People Are Money Hungry These People Are Out To Get You They Ought To Get Followers And They Stop At Nothing To Get That So I Stopped Judging On Those Premises Simply Because Jesus Says To Judge Men According To Their Fruit I Think We Should Do That I Don’t Think We Should Judge Them According To Their Doctrine Or According To Their Belief System Let’s Look At Their Fruit Let’s Look At Their Life How Do They Treat Their Family How Do They Treat Their Friends Moreover How Do They Treat Their Enemies Right Judge A Man According To His Fruit So All That To Be Said To Say The Kundalini We Look At The Fruit Of It What Happens Kundalini Yoga Kriyas All Of This Stuff Is Very Similar To Being In The Pentecostal Church And Someone Receiving The Holy Spirit You Lay Hands On Somebody Somebody Gives Their Life To God He Comes Into Their Life And Washes Them Clean Of All The Evil And All The Wrong That They’ve Done They Received The Fire From Heaven Jesus Talked About The Baptism Of Fire Which Is A Separate Baptism They Received This Baptism Of Fire Which Consumes Their Whole Body I Had This Experience Upon Giving My Life To Christ And Following Instantly I Had This Experience For Most Christians And Most Churchgoers This Is A Separate Experience Like They Give Their Life To Christ And Then They Come Maybe At Another Bible Study Or A Prayer Meeting And And They Say Okay Do You Want To Receive The Holy Spirit Will Pray For You A Lot Of People Receive It That Way But We Look At The Fruit Of That The Burning Sensation The Fire The Trembling You Begin To Shake Violently You Begin To Cry You Begin To Scream Like All That Evil Comes Out Of You And It’s Cleansed And Is Erased And In A Second Right A Beautiful Encounter Sometimes A Very Violent Encounter Screaming Wailing Crying Man There Was One Night That I I Had Some Stuff I Was Dealing With I Received Prayer And These Demonic Spirits That Were Following Me Like My Whole Life Man They Left Me In An Instant And That Process Led Me Screaming And Crying For Like Three Hours Straight And It Was Crazy Because When I Went Home I Looked In The Mirror And I Had Like These Like Blood Vessels Popped All Over My Face And I Looked Like I Had Chickenpox It Was Weird From Screaming And Crying So Much And Still Like The Whole Next Day My Mom Looked At Me She’s Like What Happened What Was Going On You Know And I Didn’t Tell Her At The Time I Was Young I Was Like 13 When That Happened And So This Stuff Is It’s Powerful And It’s It Could Be Violent And Even On Your Body So All That Stuff There Being Said With The Holy Spirit Encounters Is Very Similar To The Kundalini Encounter Same Thing You’re Washed You’re Clean You Feel Alive For The First Time Colors Seem More Beautiful Nature Seems More Beautiful Beautiful You See God In Everything And Your Brothers And Sisters And Everything You Look At You See The Energy And Man It’s The Same Thing Same Exact Thing Sort Of The Problem There Is When We Try To Say That We Have Exclusivity On It Speaking In Tongues That’s Another One This Is What I Study Guys Every Every Religion Every Religious Organization Every Spiritual Pattern Path They Believe In Speaking In Tongues They Don’t Call It That In The Scriptures And In Christian Church They Call It Tongues Of Fire Right It’s Called Glass Allah Start Speaking In An Angelic Tongue An Unknown Tongue Which In Many Cases Like People Are Able To Translate That Or People Around You Have The Gift Of Interpretation Somebody Hears It They Think You’re Speaking English Because They Have The Gift Of Interpretation And They Don’t Even Know It I’ve Been In Services Man And In Small Groups Where People Are Speaking In Tongues And There Was A Woman From China There Who Thought That The Person Was Speaking English Because She Could Understand Everything That The Person Was Saying Yet She Didn’t Know What Was Going On But This Person Has The Giftings And Abilities To Translate And Interpret Tongues Glaus Allah Every Religion Does It Fallen On The Ground Wailing Crying Rolling The Bodily Manifestations Christianity Doesn’t Own That The Hindus Don’t Own That Egyptians Don’t Own That Whoever Else With It Whoever’s Doing This You Don’t Own It It’s Just Part Of It Man Um There’s Just So Much To Say About That And And How Everything Just Links Together There And Every Religion Has A Piece Of That And They Call The Kundalini They Called The Holy Spirit Different Things In Different Religions And The Chi Energy Tachyon Energy And Egypt There Was Even A Word Man And I Had This Word I Wish I Could Find It Again But The Native Americans Had A Word For It Wasn’t The Great Spirit But It Was That Spirit That Permeated And Echoed Through All Life And All Creation And They And They They Actually Have A Word For I Need To Find That Word Again I Actually Found That In In Manley P Halls Book The Holy Spirit Manley P Hall He Puts Out The He Put Out These Pamphlets And It May Be 20 Pages There May Be 30 Pages Pamphlets About Different Subjects And The Holy Spirit Was A Good One And He Touched On A Lot Of This Subject As Well Very Beautiful Experience I’m Raising My Vibration Through Kundalini Yoga Building On My Tea I Feel It Rise Like A Cobra I’m Sitting In A Past Posture That’s Shaped Like A Lotus Clearing Out My Mind And My Mentalist So This Is Talking About Whether You’re Meditating Whether You’re Doing Kundalini Yoga Or Just In Prayer With Just You And Your Father Clearing Out Your Mind Your Mental Is Focused I Relate Everything Back To The Church This Is What I Came Out Of I’m Still Well Versed In The Scriptures I Still Hold To A Lot Of That Truth But The Christian Church Would Say Because I’ve Heard This So Many Times I Even Did It A Video On It Is Meditation Demonic But They’ll Say Okay Clearing Out My Mind My Mental Is Focused They There’s This Belief This Notion In The Christian Church That If You Clear Your Mind Out Your Mind Becomes Idle And Demons Will Come And Inhabit Your Body Not By Doing Yoga Not By Meditating Not By Doing Chant Chants And Mantras But Just Simply Clearing Your Mind Out Now You’ll Be Possessed With Demons This Is Crazy This Is Craziness My God Is Crazy So Spending Time With The Father’s Just Say Just Say You’re A Christian And You Want To Spend Time In Prayer And Meditation And Not Even Eastern Meditation Because They They Want To Man They Want To Demonize Everything Everything That They Don’t Understand They Demonize But They’ll Tell You That They Understand It So That You Know They Don’t Don’t Even Make Sense To Them But Clearing Out Your Mind Spending Time In Meditation And In Prayer When You Spend Time With Your Father In Heaven Yeah You Should Bring Your Worries And Your Troubles And Things Like That But It’s About Spending Quality Time With Your Father And Your Mother Right If You Spend The Time With Me If We’re Hanging Out For On The Phone I Don’t Want You Thinking About Everything Else My Wife Has A Hard Time But This Was Me The Father In Heaven Deserves Your Undivided Attention You Should Clear Your Mind You Should Stop Thinking About Video Games Your Job The Work Week What You’re Gonna Eat When You’re Done Praying Like These Are Things That Come Into Your Head Like Doing The Laundry Cutting The Grass Different Things That You Have To Do Right You Have To Do Those Things But When You Spend Time With The Father Or Even With People In Life You Should Give Them Your Undivided Attention Man Let These People Know That You Care About This This Time This Is Quality Time So That’s Where The Clearing Up My Mind And My Mental Is Focused Is And That’s A Process A Very Hard Process For Many People At First To Go Into The Dream State Or To Spend Time And Clear Out Your Mind Especially Me Man I’m Very Creative A Very Visual Person You Can Leave Me By Myself I’m Growing Up Man I Just Have My Toys And I Have These Army Fights With All My Toys And I’ll Be By Myself And I Have One Army Going Against The Next And These Ninja Turtles And I Wouldn’t Entertain Myself For Hours Right So My Mind Is Not Short Of Stimulating You Know I’m Saying To Have Just Being Able To Entertain Myself So When You When You Come With The Father Man It’s It’s The Process Of Clearing Out Your Mind And In When Those Images Come Up Or Hey What’s The Name Of This Song Again You Know You’re Different Things In Your Mind We Try To Clear It Out It Comes So To Actually Take That Stuff Put It Out Of Your Mind And Focus On What Works For Me The Blackness In Front Of You The Darkness The Abyss Of When You Close Your Mind And A New Thought Will Come And It’ll Try To Pull You Out Of That Place Push That One Aside To Keep Pushing Them Aside Five Minutes Go By New Dot-coms Hey Uh It’s Not Working What’s Going On All These Thoughts Come In Keep Pushing On My Side Keep Focusing Your Thoughts Your Consciousness On The Darkness In Front Of You For Me And For Many People This Is What Happens Eventually Maybe It’s Your Third Eye Lighting Up But You See A Light In Front Of You There’s A Light And You Follow That Light With Your Consciousness And It Helps You To Stay Focused The Light Will Just Be Moving Back And Forth And Going Up And Down And It’s Like It’s Alive And It’s Almost Almost Like Someone In Front Of You With A Pocket Watch Trying To Hypnotize You Maybe This Is Some Type Of Built-in Mechanism With The Third Eye Maybe This Is The The Angelic Beings Maybe This Is Your Guardian Angels Helping You To Go Into The Trance State To Help You Become More Hypnotized But To Follow That Light It’s A Beautiful Light It’s Blinking Many Colors And It’s Almost Rise To Get Away From You Just Keep Your Focus On And It Kind Of Teaches You How To Look Around And It’ll Go Out Of Focus And Come Back And Man It Is A Beautiful Encounter But To Do That I Think You’re On The Right Path If You Can Get That Happening Start That Keep Following That Light Man And Different Things Will Happen And Then Just Try To Hang On To The Information That Comes After That That Point I Don’t Know What’s Gonna Happen For You After That If You If You’d Be Taken And Shown Visions About Yourself What You Need To Do Commune With With Higher Intelligence Your Guardian Angels Jesus The Holy Spirit The Intention Is All Yours You Can Kind Of Set The Intention Before You Go In Okay I’ll Cover Myself Just In Case There’s Any Demons Out There These Christians Have Told Me About The Demons I’m Asking The Holy Spirit To Guide Me To Keep Me In Perfect Peace So Keep My Mind Fixed Upon Him All Things That Are Beautiful You Know Those Type Of Things Sitting In A Posture Too Shaped Like A Lotus Is Talking About The Lotus Posture Folding With The Sitting With Your Legs Folded One Over The Other Clearing Out My Mind And My Mentalist Focus And It Kind Of Goes Into More Detail My Eye Is Single Pioneer Is Open Right Jesus Said If Your Eye Is Single Your Body Shall Be Full Of Light Many People Think That He’s Talking About The Third Eye If He’s Not It Totally Relates Have Being Single Minded And Having And Not Being Like – You Know I’m Saying The Scriptures Say That A Double Minded Man Is Unstable In All Of His Ways And I Can Admit That I’ve Been There And And I’ve Been Unstable And I’ve Had Other Ideals And Other Focuses And Not Knowing What I’m Gonna Do So To Be Single Of Mind Have In Mind What You Want To Do Where You Want To Go That That’s That’s Everything Right Now My Eye A Single Pineal Is Opened Pineal Is The Third Eye Where Jacob Wrestled With The Angel And Seen The Angels Ascending In Descending This Ladder From Heaven To Earth Ii He Was Seen In A Vision And Seen That The Place Was Called Pineal That Was The Name Of The Places It’s In The Scripture Pineal The Pineal Gland A Third Eye And So The Pineal Is Open I’ve Got It I’ve Got Teachings On Here On The Website Where I Talk About That The Third Eye Is Not Something That You Open Or You Do These Mantras And You Do These Things To Open It But That Many Of Us Who Have A Who Walk A Spiritual Path And Who Have Had Experiences Even As We Were Children Right You’re Born With It Open And There’s Different Things And Different Beliefs And Realities That Come Into Play That Maybe Make You Closer Or People Say That It Gets Calcified Where You’re Not Using It It’s Definitely Like A Muscle And The More You Use It The Better You Become At Operating In Those Realms To Understanding It How It Works But I Have I’ve Got A Whole Teaching On An Article About How It’s Always Open But How You Can Stimulate It Just Like A Muscle My Ayah Single Panelist Open Herbs And Spices Incense Smoking Okay This Is A Funny One Because When I Wrote That I’m Talking About Burning Incense Right When I Go Into Those Realms I Like To Burn Incense Sandalwood Lotus Blue Lotus What Is It Um Copal Incense Copal Resin Which Is Beautiful That’s I Put That In Some Of My Lyrics And The Copal Resin Is About The The Mayans And Aztecs Would Use This Before They Went Into Trance They Would Burn It And Stuff A Strongman Copal Resin You Can Find It Online And You Can Get It From Them Today Or I Know I Got Some At The Indian Powwow That I Went To For Chicken Dance And So Herbs And Spices Instant Smoking Right I’m Just I’m Not Burning The Herbs Burning The Incense Having Them There And The Funny Thing Is People Like I Had Friends Who Smoked Incense Or Even Spice There’s Something Called Spice That They Smoke And It’s Like Synthetic Fake Weed And It Messes You Up And They Like It You See All These Videos Of These People Freaking Out Online It’s Because They’re Smoking Spice Or Mojo Or Incense And I’ve Never Done That I’ve Never Smoked Incense And Spice From The Gas Station When That Stuff Was Just Becoming Big I Remember The First Time I Had A Run-in With That And If It Weirded Me Out I Had A Long Day At Work I Was Filling Up My My Truck At Work At The Gas Station On A Friday Evening I Go Into The Gas Station And There’s These Guys In Front Of Me They’re Kind Of Dirty Looking Shoes As Dirty Closes Not Good Wrinkled Up Long Straggly Hair Beards All Crazy But They’re In Line With The Indian Man At The Gas Station And This Is What They’re Doing This Is My Impersonation Of Them And This Is Why I Freaked Me Out I’m Standing Behind Them It’s Two Guys Enos What They Say Come On Dude You Don’t Have Any Dude You Don’t Have Any Incense Man Dude Come On We Drove From Mobile Man To Come Here To Get The Incense Man Like We’ll Drive Over Here Every Friday And Buy All You Got Dude Where Is It Man Just Will Want It You Said You Had It You Know And I’m Standing Behind These Guys I’m Like I Like In I Like Incense Like I Buy Anything I Don’t Buy Gas Station Incense Even Though The Conduct You You Just Burn For Smell Purposes Like They Sell Those Steaks I Don’t Even That’s Nasty But Anyway I Like Incense And It Is I’m Like These Stairs Are Really Adamant About Buying Incense Man They Really They Really Want This Incense But I Didn’t Know What It Was At The Time I You Know It’s Just So That They Leave Kind Of Upset And I Talked To The Dude That The Guys Say Some Late What They Were There’s Somebody Incident They Want Incense He’s Oh Yeah They Want They Want To Buy The Incense Or Whatever I Was Like In A Freak Me I Think I Posted On Facebook What’s The Deal With Incense It In People Like Yeah You Can Smoke It Man People Are Getting High On It And It’s Not Showing Up In Their Drug Test At Work Or The Fake Weed And Stuff You Find Out What’s Happening In These People Man All These Weird Chemicals That Are Being Put In Their Body Or Freaking Out Man People Are Like Foaming At The Mouth People I Died In On That Stuff There’s Videos Of People Die In Smoke In Mojo And Fake Weed And Incense And Stuff That They Bought At The Gas Station Dying From It I’ll Pass And And That’s Deep To Man Because Where We Are As A Society I Remember When I Was Little Man There Was A Movie That I Loved The First Of All I Love The Movie Menace To Society When I Was A Kid Like My Brother Introduced Me To That Movie And I Watched It All The Time Like We Had The Tape And I Would What Man It Was So Now Watch To Three Times A Day And And Learned About The Black Culture Hip-hop Culture They Were Rappers In In The Movie Ghetto I Tell People I Learned How To Fight By Watching That Movie Really But I Watched Movie All The Time And Then So There Was A Parody Remake Don’t Be A Menace In The South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood Many Of You Guys Know That Movie And That Movie’s A Parody Of Ministers Society Boys In The Hood And A Couple Other Of The You Know Gangster Movies From The Mid Early 90s Done By The Wayans Brothers Hilarious Movie Hilarious Movie Called Classic Really But In That Movie There Was A Part Where They’re At A Party And They’re Smoking Some Weed Or Some Kind Of Something’s In A Weed Angel Dust Or Something But They’re Passing Around This Joint Everybody’s Hitting It At A Party And They Pass It To A Dude He Hits It Oh Man That’s Some Good Shit And They Pass It And The Dude Hits And He Follows Out He Sauce Foaming At The Mouth And He Dies And They Look At Him Scared To Death Oh My God This Guy Just Foamed At The Mouth Violently And Died And They’re Like Pass That Shit Homie Let Me Get Some And They’re All Smoking It And Another Person They Fall Out Smoking It In This In The Time In The Mid 90s You See That Oh That’s How It’s Like They Want The Weed So Bad Man They Don’t Even Care You Know But That Stuff’s Really Happening Like You Can Look It Up Online Don’t I Don’t Advise You To Cuz It’s Disgusting People Are Dying And They Can’t Breathe And They’re Foaming At The Mouth Man And Shaking After Smoking That Stuff Stay Away From That Stuff Y’all It’s Crazy My Eye Is Single Panel Is Open Herbs And Spices Incense Smoking Concentrated Breath In My Lungs I’m Holding Three-part Breathing The Energy Is Flowing Concentrated Breath In My Lungs I’m Holding That’s Talking About Doing The Breath Work John And Loominatee Congo My Homey Leads Breath Work And We’ve Had Him Do Several Sessions Over The Past Couple Years Of We’ll Get A Group Of People Together And Get Him To Lead It Over Skype We’ve Had A House Full Of People I’ve Rented Buildings And Had A Projector There And Had Him Lead It Over Skype Doing Breath Work Which Is The Breath Is So Powerful Many Of Us Aren’t Even Breathing Right Throughout The Day You Know There’s Just A Way To Breathe And Even When You Study Breath Work Like They Believe That The Breath Actually Goes Down And Heals Your Body If You When You Stop Breathing Right And Just Did The Inflow Of Energy And Outflow Of It So When You’re Doing Meditation And Yoga And Things You’re Taught Breathing Patterns And One Of Them Is The Three-part Breathing And It’s Just To Breathe In Through Your Nose Hold It S To And Then To Be Conscious Of It And Then The Third Part Is To Let It Go So Breathe In As One Hold It Being Conscious Of The Breath And In Three Is Releasing It Three-part Breathing In My Lungs I’m Holding Concentrated Breath In My Lungs I’m Holding Three-part Breathing The Energy Is Flowing And Actually Be Able To Feel The Energy Flowing As You’re Breathing And It Gets Deep To That You Just Breathe In Man We All Breathe Right The Word Spirit In Hebrew Is The Word Pneuma Which Means Breath Jesus In The New Testament Breathed Upon His Disciples And They Received The Holy Spirit It Says That He Breathed Upon Them And They Received It The Energy The Prana Is The Life Force As The Holy Spirit Which Is Breath It’s Been Here The Whole Time It’s Gonna Be Here After We’re Gone The The Breath Is The Life Force Force Without The Breath You Don’t Exist The Prana Energy That’s Going Throughout Our Bodies It’s Everywhere It’s Sacred So Look Into That Man Breathwork Sitting In The Silence There Now In The Knowing Sitting In It’s Self-explanatory Sitting In A Silent Silence The Bible Says To Be Still And Know That I Am God And That’s That’s The Place That I Answer My Meditations In Prayer I’ll Do Every Time To Just Be Still And Know That He’s God And Even Entering Into Those Those Realms The Scriptures Talk About To Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving And Enter His Courts With Praise To Go Into The Deeper Chambers The Outer Courts On Into The The Inner Core And On Into The Holy Of Holies Is The Symbolic Place Of Where We Want To Be In A Place Of Worship And In A Place Of Intimacy With The Father And Going Into Those Deep States Sitting In The Silence Be Still And Know That I Am I Am God So We Enter With With Praise And Thanksgiving Gratitude Start Just By Thanking The Most High Power For Everything That You Have For Your Breath I Don’t Have Much To Be Thankful For You’re Still Here You Have Breath Thank Him For The Breath Thank Them For Your Family Thinking That You Have Two Arms And Two Legs You Know Just The Little Things Man And In All Spirituality To Me Is Unlocked With An Attitude Of Gratitude Everything Everything For The Good The Bad And The Ugly Well I Have All This Stuff Happening I’m Thankful Man I’m Reminded Of The Interview With Um Beast Mode With His Name Played For The Uh The Seahawks Beast Mode I Can’t Think Of His Name Right Off But He Did Several Interviews Where You Know He Got Into It With With The Reporters And He Would He Would Only He Didn’t Want To Do Interviews With Them And And Because They Do Bad Articles On Them And Stuff And Then They Trying To Make Him Do Interviews And Under Contract He Has To So They Would He’d Do One-liner Interviews Or Just One Word There Was One Where He Said Thank They Would Ask Him Questions And He Said Thank You Thank You Hey You Were Really Good Out There On The Field Thank You What Is You What Is Your Plans For This Evening When You When You Get Home Thank You And There Was Another Interview Where He Said I’m Thankful Everything That’s Only All He Answered Was I’m Thankful Where You Going This Evening Where You Guys Gonna Eat After Practice I’m Thankful Just Real Thankful And It’s Hilarious The Way He Did It But Over And Over I’m Just Reminded Of That Interview I’m Thankful I’m Thankful And That That’s That’s My Mantra Man Thank You God You Know For Everything In My Life And You’ll Find That When You When You Walk With A Attitude Of Gratitude And You’re Thankful For Everything That You Have Well You Don’t Have Or What’s Coming Be Thankful You Know Thank God For The Things That Are Coming Into Your Life You Know And You’ll Find That When You Walk With That Attitude Of Gratitude You Begin To Attract More And The Things That You Want Will Come And The People That You Want In Your Life Will Come Because You’re Just A Good Person To Be Around You Don’t Man Trust Me I Know Those People Who Just Complain And Are Bitter Every Time You Talk To Them It’s Complaining Man I Don’t Like To Hang Out With Those People At All At All Man And I Try To Help Them It’s Like You’re Always The Bearer Of Bad News You Can’t See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Most People Need Help Man All Right Sitting In The Silence Then I Want To Know When I’m Thinking About My Karma My Reaping Am I Sewing Right So Just They’re Still In That Place Of Contemplating Thinking About Your Car My Thinking About The Good That You’ve Done Which What’s Coming Back To You Somebody Posted A Thing That Says Okay Christians Should Not Believe In Karma So So You’re Talking About Karma And You’re A Christian It Was A Meme Somebody In A Sheridan And When I Think About Karma Everything For Me Goes Back To The Scriptures Everything I’ve Just Been A Theologian Man I’ve Studied That I’ve Given My Life To Know This And I Think About You Reap What You Sow Whatsoever You Should Sow You Shall Also Reap And In Jesus Even Goes Into Detail About This Not Even Being Physical Stuff This Being Love And Hatred And And And Jealousy And And Things Like This Like When You Show Compassion You’re Gonna Get It Back Like What’s Over A Man Shows He Shall Also Reap I’ve Seen It Firsthand Firsthand So I Try To I Try To Those Things That I Want Back I Try To Sow That Into People If I’m Looking For Blessings If I’m Looking For A Financial Increase I’ll Go Out The Way When I Don’t Have Money And Try To Bless Somebody And Like Make Their Day Make Their Week Their Month Or Whatever Of Something Crazy Like Tip The Pizza Man Fifty Bucks Or Something Like I’ll Go To The Restaurant And Pay For Somebody’s Meal A Young Couple Sitting Next To Us That We See And Just Pay For Their Meal Without Them Knowing It’s Like You Know What I Bet You This Is Gonna Make Their Day Maybe They’re Just Like Me At Times And They Have Their You Know Last Fifty Dollars And They’re Going Out To Eat On It Or Something Man You Know So It’s Like I Want To Do Something To Bless Them Something To Help Them And Stuff Goes A Long Way And Even The Way You Treat Others Treat People The Way That You Want To Be Treated I Remember When I Was First Finding Out About All These Inconsistencies In The Church Realm And In The Government And Stuff And Like My Ministry Was To Expose The False Prophets And Talk About Creflo Dollar And All These People Who Are Just Money Hungry And Stuff And Td Jakes And Point Out The Holes In There Doctrine And That Truly Became My Ministry And I Was Not A Happy Person But I Was You Know All This Stuff Was Brand New To Me And It Was Truth To Me And I Begin Talking About That And I’m Beginning To Do Videos And Exposing False Prophets And Calling Them Out By Name And Degrading Them And Telling Other People Man Don’t Listen To Them People And The People Are Sheep Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing Man And People Just Want Your Money These Type Of Things And I Began That Became My Mantra And Then Some Years Later Even Repenting From That And Walk In A More Spiritual Life More Godly Life I Begin To Have Those Have People Say Those Things About Me You Know People Who Looked Up To Me In Ministry Doing Street Evangelism When I Got Away From That And Started Talking About Michael To Sarah You Know Jordan Maxwell At Manly P Hall First Glance This Stuff Scares Many Church People Off The Back Even You Know Masonic Imagery And All-seeing Eyes And Things Like That So Those People Who Looked Up To Me At Some At One Point They’re Messaging Me And Posting Like Dude You You’re A Devil Worshiper Now You’re A Satanist And They’re Telling Everybody About Me Being A Satanist And Stuff And They’re Calling Me These Names And I’m Totally Not A Satanist At All But They Thought I Was From Being Involved With That Imagery And Those Philosophers And Stuff So Partly Doing The Music I Thought That It Would Open Up Conversation With People Especially Talking About Orion Even Writing This Song Like I Was Ready To Do Maybe Have Conversations Like I’m Sharing The Info On This Podcast So When People Would Ask Me I Can Go Into Detail And And Also Do It You Know When You’re Talking To Christians You Gotta Use Christianese I Think I Got To Come Out Of The Bible I’ve Actually Pulled The Bible Out Show Them Verses In References And Things Like That So I Can’t Really Just Talk About It Like I’m Doing Now I Pull Out The Scriptures And Stuff Which I Can Do Totally Can Do And I Can Use The Same Terminology Out Of The Bible Kundalini Is Not In The Bible Astral Travel Is Not In The Bible But It Is Just Not By Those Names They Use Different Names Psychic Abilities Aren’t In The Bible But They Are By Another Name Everything It’s The Same Thing Guys So I Was Ready To To Give The Answers About What I Believe In To Go Into Detail About This Stuff But Oddly Enough Most Most People They Never Came To Me To Ask Me Hey Man What You Meant By Uh The Gates Of Orion The Lion Of Judah Their Stars Are Aligning Like What Did You Mean By That Like But I Never Got That Instead They Talked Amongst Themselves And In Many Of Those Circles They Have No Understanding They’re Baby Christians They’re Still Learning Never Heard Of These Terms Many Of You Probably Have Never Even Heard Of These Terms As Well But For Those Who Who Have Man You Know We Share A Similar Interest In In These Things And You Guys Know What I’m Talking About And That’s Why Most People Are Listening To Man Because They They See Themselves In My Story And I’m Still Talking About Christ I’m Still Talking About Jesus And Things But I’m Venturing Out People Are Having Spiritual Awakenings And They Have Nobody To Talk To That’s Why You Get The True Seeker Podcast Right You Got Somebody To Talk To This Is The Platform That I’ve Built Over The Years And And Seen Different Things Come With That Is Just People Who Are In The Same Shoes That I Was In And That’s What What Motivated Me To Keep Doing The Podcast So Or To Even Talk About Things That Are Fringe Things That’ll Get Me Demonized Talk About Christianity And Using Magic Mushrooms Oh God That Doesn’t Even Go Together Right Yes It Does I Know Many Christians Who Are Using Magic Mushrooms They Don’t Talk About It Scared To Death To Talk About It Maybe They’ll Lose Their Job Maybe Their Family Members Will Think That They’re Druggies You Know So Therefore True Seeker Puts His Head Out There On The Chopping Block To Be A Forerunner And Talk About Some Of This Stuff It’s Paying Off You Guys Are Listening Right You Guys Are Resonating With It So You Know They All Talked Amongst Themselves About Me But Never Came To Me And That That’s Manic Goat And There Was Man There Was A Certain Point In Time Where Like Every Interview I Did I Talked About That Because It Was Hard Going Through That Man Like Having All My Friends And Family Not Really Family But All My Friends And Church Family Who I Loved Dearly And Deeply Found Out That They Were Talking Bs About Me And Saying I’m A Devil Worshiper And I’m Don’t Listen To Me Don’t Listen To My Music Stay Away From Him You Know And In That Whole Process Was Just Oh My God The Dark Night Of The Soul For Me People I Love Telling Everybody I’m Going To Hell And Stay Away From Me And Stuff You Know And Not Coming To Me And Having To Hear Everything From Word Of Mouth From Other People And Didn’t Having People Come Up To Him Repent To Me It’s Still You Know Did What It Did And It Didn’t Make It Any Softer But You Know I Had To Go To That And Many Of You Guys Are Going Through That As Well Many Of You Guys Are Definitely Going Through That So Think About My Karma My Reaping And Sowing I’m Speaking To My Father I’m Praying For My Homies Reflecting On My Memories Reflecting On My Journey Straight Up In Prayer I Mentioned You Guys I Mentioned My Friends People Who Post On On Facebook Who Have Prayer Requests Or People Who Need Prayer Like We Take It Seriously Man Even It’s Not A Prayer Of Hoping God Will Touch Them Or Whatever But Even A Prayer As When We Speak It Out We Create It We Created As We Speak It So People Who Are In Bad Health People Who Are In Financial Crisis And Situations Which Is A Lot Of America We Just Speak Blessings Over Them Which Speak It And We Created Into The Atmosphere Abracadabra I Create As I Speak I Believe In That Leaders Power In That Praying For My Homies Praying For My Friends You Know In In That Place Of Meditation And Prayer Reflecting All My Memories Reflecting On My Journey As Part Of The The Gratitude Looking Back At Everything How Did I Get Here Thank You Thank You For The Process Even Though I’m Going Through Hell I Trust The Process I Trust The Process I Trust God Who Are My Friends And Who Are The Phonies Who Are My Partners And Who Tried To Control Me I Wouldn’t Let Them Rock Me And Wouldn’t Let Them Roll Me I Wouldn’t Let Them Stop Me I Wouldn’t Let Them Slow Me Easily Said Who Are My Friends Who Are The Phonies Who Are The Real People Who Got My Back And We’re Going Through That Stuff When Having Everybody Demonize Me And Talk About Me That Was A Big Thing For Me So That’s When I Wrote That Like Hanging Out With People And I Don’t Know What They’re Saying About Me Around Those Church Folks I Don’t Know What They’re Saying You Know They Claim That They’re Taking Up For Me Some People Bleh Yeah Man They Were Talking About You Bro But I Mean Sure Man I I Didn’t Join In Or I Told Them You Know That That’s Not Cool Let’s Make Sure He’s Here Or Something That’s What They’ll Tell You But I Found Out That In The End I My Close Friends Were Talking About Me It’s Crazy Ah Jesus But There Was A Quote Man That I’ve Seen And I’m Pretty Sure Many Of You Guys Have Read It Too But It Said Uh If They Are Comfortable Talking About Other People To You They’ll Be Comfortable Talking About You To Other People Gossip Is Important Man Like It’sit’s A Really Touchy Subject Jesus Talks Talks About Hellfire And Talks About People Getting Recompense For Their Sins And The Evil That They’re Doing One Of The Times He Talks About People Suffering Hellfire It’s People Who Are Gossiping And Backbiting And The Only People Who Would Do That Is People Who Don’t Understand The Power Of Their Words And The Power Of The Spoken Word That’s The Only People Who Would Do That Man Once You Understand That Your Words Are Powerful Your Words Create Even In The Scriptures It Talks About That Life And Death Is In The Power Of The Tongue To Choose Life That You May Live Man It’s So Powerful Guys God The Lord Doesn’t Play With Gossip At All At All And That’s What I Found Out You Know I Was Gossiping About People Myself And In Turn I Had To Reap That I Went Through A Season Where I Was Just Like Man Everything I Put Out There Is Come Back You Know Yeah Part Of It But Then I Hope To Touch Back On The Karma Thing With The Christians Are Saying You Know Christians Shouldn’t Believe In Karma Jesus Totally Taught That You Reap What You Sow But I Will Say This Maybe That The Thing On The Whole Karma Thing That Doesn’t Fit In The Biblical Context Is That Jesus Paid Our Sin-debt Right So He Kind Of Took Our Karma Upon Himself So That’s The Part Of Like Our Eternal Security Or Something Right He Paid For Our Sins So He Took The Punishment Which He Did So That Kind Of Changes That A Little Bit And Also I Think In Karma They Believe That You Go Through Many Lives Still Paying For The Wrongs That You Did In Your Previous Lives So That I Don’t Think Jesus Really Taught That And That You Reap What You Sow So I Think That’s The Difference In Saying That You Know I Believe In Karma Or Whatever But As Far As The Principle About You Do Dirt You Get Dirt What You Put Out Comes Back To You Totally True Even As A Christian Like You Gotta Watch What You Do You Can’t Go Around Just Being A Dick To Everybody And Not Expecting Some Kind Of Recompense For That All Right Order Of Melchisedec The Gates Of Orion The Lion Of Judah The Stars Are Aligning Order Of Melchizedek No Chest Attack For Those Who Don’t Know Try To Go Back To Teach You Guys Because Many People Don’t Know These Terms They Heard Them They Don’t Know What They Are But Much As A Deck Is A Person Who Appeared In The Old Testament And Appeared To Abraham And They Gave Him A After After Winning A Battle They Gave Him A Portion Of The Spoils And It Says That Much As A Deck It Called Him If He Looked The Name Up It Says He’s – He’s The King Of Salem Of Selam Right Which Or The Prince Of Salaam Which Means The Prince Of Peace The Word Salam Or Salem Means Peace He’s The Prince Of Peace And The Funny Thing About That Is That’s Also That You Know One Of The Names They Call Jesus Right But The Order Of Melchizedek Is Who We Are In Christ That We Are Priests Under The Order Of Melchizedek That’s Spoken About In The Book Of Hebrews And Jesus Is Under The Order Of Melchizedek So There’s Debate Of Was Jesus Melchizedek And He Appeared In The Old Testament Because It Says That He Had No Father And No Mother And No Beginning And So That Was The Deep Part About The Whole Melchizedek In The Old Testament We’re Under That Order Jesus Is Under That Order Hebrews The Order Of Much Hezid Act The Gates Of Orion The Lion Of Judah The Stars Are Aligning Many Many References To The Stars In The Bible The Lion Of Judah It Says He Holds The Seven Stars In His Hand In The Book Of Revelation The Seven Stars Are The Pleiades Also Known As The Seven Sisters Like Orion It’s Mentioned Up In The Bible That Was New To Me To Know That Their Zodiac And All The Constellations Were Mentioned Of In The Bible They Didn’t Teach Me That In Sunday School He Just Didn’t Heaven Is The Pentacle Will Vanish Like The Mayans Some People Call It Rapture I’m Speaking About The Science I Heaven As The Pentacle Will Vanish Like The Mayan So Much Like You Know They Try To Do The Research On The Mayan People The Mayan Culture Their Stuff Is Left In Place All Their Writings Just Their Homes Everything Was Left In Place And These People Vanished And Nobody Knows What Happened Like Where Are The Mayan People They’re Not Here Anymore Nobody Knows Many People Believe That They Did Ascend Or The Ets Came Back To Get Them And If You Look At Their Art They Have A Lot Of Ufo Style Spacecrafts And Rockets And Things Like That And People Wearing Astronaut Suits In Their Art You Know Even Like And That That’s A Big Thing Of What The Ancient Aliens Goes Into The Whole Mayan Thing And How They Just Disappeared So Heaven Is The Pentacle Will Vanish Like The Mayans Some People Call It Rapture I’m Speaking About The Science So I’m Just Talking About How Like The Whole Rapture Theory Of Being Caught Away And Taken To Heaven Is Very Similar Maybe To What Happened To The Mayans Right Zodiac Signs Celestial Lights In The Sky Your Life Is Going Through Cycles And Still You’re Wondering Why The Zodiac Signs Like I Said This Mention Of In The Bible It’s Called The Mazzaroth We’ve Done Several Podcast On It Or I Had Santos Bonacci On Even Jordan Maxwell Who Went Into A Little Bit Of Detail About It He Didn’t Go Into A Lot But Everything Is Written Up In The Stars As Above So Below Your Life Is Written Out In The Stars So Below Is What You Go Through Even It Gets Deep Even If You Look At Like What The The Greeks Believed And How We Were Avatars And We Have Our Avatars Are Out There In Space Watching How We Act Down Here And That’s Our Higher Self Essentially And You Can Connect With The Higher Self And The Essence Of Who You Truly Are Watching Yourself Play Out This Journey That Is Essentially What As Above So Below Is And You Understand That The Scriptures Say That We’re Seated In Heavenly Places With Christ Jesus Understanding The Scriptures And Understanding Heaven Heaven Means Space Heaven Means The Sky One Day I’m Gonna Go To Heaven Or Did Where Do Children Point To When You Say Where Is Heaven They Don’t Point Within They Point To Outer Space Space The Sky Where’s God They Point Up He’s In He’s In Outer Space So The Same Word Is Translated There As Sky Is Heaven I Ascended Into The Heavens Ascent Descending From The Heavens Angels Ascending And Descending From Heaven It’s How Am I Going Into The Sky So That’s Where Like A Lot Of The Ufo Stuff Comes In For Me Is It’s The Sky These Angels Ascending And Descending And It’s The Same Word We Get Right Your Life Is Going Through Cycles And Still You’re Wondering Why And This Is The The Cycle Of The Zodiac And And The Different They’ve Studied People Who Are Born Under The Same Cycles And They’ve Seen There’s So Many Similarities In Their Lives To The Things That They Like The Things That They Go Through In Under The The Different Signs That Their Birth To Under And So Many People Go Into The The Horoscopes Daily And They Read Their Horoscopes I’m Not Saying To Do That But If You Can Study The Cycles And Knowing That In The Old Testament When G God Is Talking About The Stars And The Moon And The Sun And Everything He Said It’s Given To You As Signs And Seasons And To Study It And Disentis And To See It Essentially Astrology If It Was Okay I Believe In Astronomy I Used To Say This I Believe In Astronomy But Not Astrology Well And I Think I Said That Because Most Christians Would Believe That Astrology To Be Wicked Or Something That Is Condemned By God Right Because There Are Scriptures Worse If He Condemns The Astrologers And Say You You’re Seeking Asana The Signs But You Shall Get None You Shall No Longer See Visions You Shall No Longer Do This And He’s Rebuking Them And We Read Those Rebukes And Say Look See God Rebuked The Astrologers For Trying To Get To Heaven On Their Own Or Trying To Be Like Him Or Something Like That But To Really Understand That What What That Means For Us Is The Fact That God Rebuked Everybody Their Scriptures That That Tell You That God Is Rebuking The Worshipers Those People Who Would Sing Music And Sing Praises To Him He Rebuked Him He Said I Will No Longer Hear Your Songs Your Voices Will Be Like Clanging Cymbals I’m Not Gonna Receive Your Praise Anymore So Does God Not Receive Our Praise Does God Hate Our Worship Do We Are We Not Supposed To Worship Like That Anymore Are You Doing Every Every Culture You Do In Every Church On Sunday Morning I Would Not To Sing Music Because God Rebuked Them And Told Them Not To Do It He Doesn’t Receive That From Them Anymore No He’s Rebuking Them Because Of What They’re Doing And Where Their Heart Is Their Hearts Have Gone Astray Their Hearts Have Left Essentially Their First Love You Have To Get Back To The Beauty And The Essence Of Why You Started It Even With This Music Man Even With Ministry We Always Got To Get Back To The Essence Of Where We Came From Sometimes I’ll Admit It’s Hard To To Remember My Story And To Remember Where I Came From And Being Full Of Demons And Being At Rock Bottom And Thinking I Was Going To Hell And Just Hearing Voices And Stuff I’m So Far Removed From That Now Sometimes It’s Easy To Be They Even Think That That Was A Different Person It’s Been So Long And I’ve Haven’t Experienced Anything Like That You Know I’m Saying And And God Has Just Been So Beautiful And So Awesome In My Life And So Important That That That That Rebellious Teenager And Those Feelings Sometimes It’s Easy To Forget But I Have To Try To Consciously Move Myself And Put Myself Back In Those Shoes So I’ll Know That The Other People Out There Like Me I Don’t Know How To Respond To Them Instead Of Going Over Their Head Or Trying To Talk Christianese And Something That The Christians Do We Talk A Lot Of Religious Talk And Then New People Have No Idea What The Hell We’re Talking About So You Have To Take That Knowledge And Take That Information And Break It Down In A Simple Way To How We Can Have Impact On The Life Of The People Around Us Amen You Said You’re Preaching The Truth But Can’t Decipher The Lie Where At The End Of The Age Look At The Signs Of The Times And That’s Simple You Say You’re Preaching The Truth But Can’t Decipher The Lie I Think That’s Really Rolled Out Of Understanding That A Lot Of The Preachers We Listen To Who Claim To Have The Truth But There’s Holes In Their Doctrine Everybody All The Theology And All The Preachers Every By All The Teachers Will Have Things That They’re Really Good On Really Good And I Can Call Some Names Out Like We Use You Know I’m Saying Joel Osteen For Four Example Like There’s Someone I Used To Point Him Out And Say There’s So Much Bad That He’s Doing Or Whatever But It’s Also Excuse Me There’s Also So Much Good That He’s Doing As Well Helping People Encouraging People Motivating People That’s Good Motivation Is Great Man Sometimes We Need To Be Motivated Right Well We Look At Benny Hinn And I Drop His Name A Lot People Laugh At Me Because He’s Kind Of A Laughingstock In Many Church Circles Even In The Secular Circles Like They Make Fun Of Benny Hinn But I Guarantee You This When You’re Studying Spirituality And You’re Studying The Holy Spirit In Them In The Moves Of The Holy Spirit Benny Hinn Is The Dude To Go To To Get His Teachings And His Breakdowns Of How He Studied The Scriptures And On Top Of That His Early Work Like Benny Hinn Came To The Knowledge Of Christ And Having These These Spiritual Encounters Of Locking Himself In His Room For 12 To 14 Hours A Day Fellowshipping With The Holy Spirit Trembling Under The Power And Fire Of God In His Room For It Like Days Like This Is His This Is His Testimony So He’s Wrote A Couple Books About That And Good Morning Holy Spirit And Welcome Holy Spirit And I Read Those Books Early On On My Christian Walk And Even Listened To A Lot Of His Teachings He’s Really Good On A Lot Of Stuff But A Lot Of His Stuff He’s Off On Right So Then We Get To Like The And This Is A Term That Only Christians Are Probably Gonna Understand But You Get To The Reformed Theology People Like To Reformed Baptist People And There Was A Big Movement Of All My Friends Getting Into That Stuff Because They Were Really Big On Having The Right Doctrine The Proper Doctrine Which One Think Most Of Us Were There At Some Place Whether We Were Reformed Theology Or Not But You Look At Their People What’s-his-name’s Got The Book He Got The Bible John Macarthur And Dudes Got A Lot Of Good Stuff Man When You Really Give That Guy A Chance And Breaking Down Where They Were Coming From In The Biblical Standpoint Sand Doing Like These These Deep Breakdowns On It And He’s Got A Lot Of Stuff He’s Right On But Then Again There’s Other Scriptures He Gets To Clearly Off Clearly Off And They Preach It With The Exclusivity Like Nope I’m Not Off Brother I’ve Done The Research This Is Right If You Disagree It’s Because The Holy Spirit Is Is Is Not Working With You Yet And He’ll He’ll Get To You You Know Weird Stuff Like That You Know Like If You Disagree With Them Then You’re The One Who’s Who’s Wrong But You Got To Understand Just Because I’m Wrong Doesn’t Mean You’re Right At All So We Look At People Like John Macarthur We Look At People Like Another Good One Who I Like Was Named Paul Washer Damon Thompson They Got A Lot Of Good Stuff But There’s Still Half-truths And Other Portions That They Haven’t Studied In Their In Their Life Like They Haven’t It Hasn’t Been Revealed To Them Biblically Or Spiritually So You Say You’re Preaching The Truth But Can’t Decipher The Lie Where At The End Of The Age Look At The Signs Of The Times So Pointing Out Even Other Preachers Who Reference Those God’s Work Or They Really Look Up To Those Guys They Preach Them Truth But They Can’t See The Holes In The Doctrine So But I’m Not Pointing That Stuff Out Anymore Like It’s Not I Don’t Care I Enjoy The Stuff That I Resonate With That You Have If I Don’t Oh Well I’m Not Gonna Try To Debate You About It Anymore There Was A Time It Appeared In A Season Where I Did That And I Was A Very Miserable Person Not Because I Was People Were Proving Me Wrong But I Was Just Finding Than I Was Finding The Negative In Everybody Right And I Don’t Want To Do That Now I’m On The Other End Maybe Too Much Or I’m Just Finding The Good In Everybody Right Yeah It’s Maybe I’m Wrong Maybe There’s A Balance And I Know There’s A Balance But I’ll Tell You What I’ve Been Way More Happier Finding The Good And Everything Then Finding The Bad And Now You Know That It Is Obvious The Preacher Priests Ecology We Break It Down And Chop It Up And Teach You Demonology I’m Hakeem I’m Gonna Just Keep Rapping This Pharmacy Is Sorcery Alchemy Your First Degree Keep Us Upright Knowledge That Is Written Down In Poetry And Now You Know That It Is Obvious The Preacher Preached Psychology There Was A Big Thing To Wear Like When The Preachers Would Call Out Other Preachers A Man That They’d Say You’re Not Preaching The Cross You’re Not Preaching Psychology I Mean You’re Not Preaching Jesus You’re Preaching Psychology You’re Preaching Self-help You’re Partnered With Oprah And They Call Each Other Out And Stuff Right So Essentially That’s What I Was Just Dropping In There A Nugget About That You Know That It Is Obvious The Preacher Preach Psychology But We Break It Down And Chop It Up And Teach You Demonology So We So I Was Taught To Studied In The Scriptures From A Sect Of The Hebrew Israelites The Gocc The Gathering Of Christ Church And I Was Really Big Into That And And Being A Christian For Like 10 Plus Years I Believe In Reading The Bible It Was Different When These Dudes Have Given Their Life To Study In The Bible And They Studied With Breakdowns And They Just Taught Me How To Do That And How To To Go Into The Biblical References Like Even In Your King James Bible There’s There’s Write-up Usually In Most Of Them Either It’s Down The Middle Of The Of The Bible Or Right Under Each Verse There’ll Be It’ll Say Like Hb 12:11 And So That’s The Reference People Don’t Even Know To Do That It’s Even In Your Bible Handed To You So And It Shows You How To Reference Everything Back Then Kind Of Get Your Doctrine In Theology By Not Just Taking One Verse By Itself But See Because A Lot Of Times They’re Finnish In Other People’s Thoughts Or They’re Just Quoting Other People When You Do That And You Can You Reference The Work Back You See That Paul And Even Jesus Most Of This Stuff Was Not Original At All Like They’re Quoting The Old Testament In The Majority Of What They Believed But Paul Definitely It’s Worded Differently He May Say Something Like You Know Men Everywhere In Prayer Should Lift Up Holy Hands During Prayer He’ll Say That And Then In The Expositor Edition You’ll Go Under That Find A Verse In The Old Testament And You Just Flip To It And He’s Talking About A Certain Law Where They’re Telling You When You Pray To Lift Your Hands And You Know Maybe There’s A Science Behind That Maybe There’s A Reason That We Should Pray That Way And I Was Talking To A Watchman The Other Day And I Find It Funny That The Bible Tells You When You Pray To Look Up To Heaven Open Your Eyes Lift Your Hands Up And Pray Like Lift Your Hands Towards Heaven Maybe To Receive Maybe To Send Energy Or Whatever I Don’t Know What The Purpose Of It Is But That’s What It Tells You To Do And I Think When We Pray Maybe We Should Try It But Over Here Now In Western Tradition A Tradition Instead Of Looking Up And Holding Our Hands Up We Close Our Hands Together And Make A Little Like A Little Ball Or Fold Them In The You Know Like The Prayer Folding Of Your Hands Do It That Way And Then Close Your Eyes And Bow Your Head Look Down Looking Down In Theology And The Bible Is To Hold Your Head Down In Shame It’s A Symbol Of Shame And I Think I Think We Got That Backward I Think We Should Do With The Other Way Around Like The Bible Says When You Pray Look Up Be Confident In Your Words Know That Your Fight Says To Know That Your Father Hears You And In The West Were Taught To Hope That He Hears Us We’ll Pray Let’s Hope That God Hears Us Hope He Answers Our Prayers No Part Of The Knowing In The Manifestation Is To Know That He Hears You And He’s A Rewarder Of Those Who Diligently Seek Him And He Cares About Even The Smallest Simplest My New Details Of Your Life That’s What It’s About And So I Mentioned Mentioned Demonology There’s We A Big Part Of What I Talk About Is Demonology Is A Study In The Different Spirits And In The Bible The Names Where They Came From What Those Names Mean Referencing Them Back To The Book Of Enoch Referencing Demonology Back To The Testament Of Solomon Solomon Was The Greatest Demonologist Of Art Of Any Day And Jesus Mentioned It Jesus Jesus Well I Say That Cuz Jesus Steps On The Scene And In There They’re Rebuking Jesus The Pharisees And They’re Saying Look You’re Casting Out Demons That’s Only Because You’re One With The Demons That You Are Deeming Yourself You Are What Beelzebub And He’s Like No I’m Telling You Right Now Y’all Talking About Beelzebub There’s One Greater Than Solomon Standing In Your Midst And You Don’t Even Know It So Jesus Is Really And Essentially They All Studied This Stuff Man These Guys Knew This Now You Know Why Else Would They Make Those References Even The Reference To Beelzebub Or Bezel Bub That Reference The Only Time That That’s Mentioned In The Bible Is That One Time So When People Just Take Their Theology By Just These One Scriptures They Say Okay Well Because It Calls It Cause Bezel Bub Beelzebub It Calls Him The Prince Of Demons Is That That’s What He Says There You Know That You Cast Out Demons By The Power Of Beelzebub The Prince Of Demons Okay So Mentioned One Time He’s Never Mentioned Again But In The Testament Of Solomon An Apocryphal Work It Goes Into Detail About Beelzebub And Who He Is He’s The Leader Of These Not Satan He’s Not The Devil This Is Something Totally Different These Spirits It’s Not All Just Demons Like They Have Names Orders Rankings Generals Their Over Dominions Principalities And Areas Of The Earth It Gets Deep It Really Does So That This Is Spoken Of In Matthew I Believe It’s Matthew 14 Or Matthew 12 Always Get Those Two The Context Mixed Up On Those Two Is It But Both Are Really Good In There About Demonology So Read Matthew A Little Bit Then We Go Into Pharmacy Is Sorcery Alchemy And First Degree Keepers Of Right Knowledge That Is Written Down In Poetry So Pharmacy Is Sorcery Obviously And It’s Not Wanted I Say That It’s Not Obvious Pharmacy Where We Get That Word Is From The Latin Pharmakeia In The Bible When You Translate The Word Sorcery It Translates Back To Pharmakeia It’s Where We Get Our English Word Pharmacy And It Is About Mixing Concoctions Or Almost Like A Witch’s Brew Of Mixing All Of These Things Too To Come Up With This Formula And It’s Looked At In A Very Negative Light In The Bible As Sorcery Sorcery Was Prohibited In The In The Bible For You To Be Doing That Stuff And Uh And We Look At The Pharmaceutical Industry And You Know Why That’s Is The The Most Demonic Thing On The Face Of The Planet And That That’s Really Who Runs And Controls Everything That We’re Doing Man That The Pharmaceutical Industry And How Man We Talk About Mlm Multi-level Marketing I Got Some Friends Into That That’s The Biggest Mlm Of Them All Coming In And Pushing Drugs And If You Can Get You Know If You Get 75 Clients You Know To Be Prescribed To Adderall Today You Guys Will Send You Guys To Check You Know Do It I Mean All This Stuff’s Going On That In People Just Man Peddling These Drugs Pharmacy Is Sorcery Alchemy In First Degree Keepers Of Right Knowledge That Is Written Down In Poetry Right Knowledge And Understanding Is What We Teach Right Knowledge Or We Can Call It Light Knowledge The Kabbalistic Understanding Of The Knowledge Of Spirituality And The Truth In Love Is Light It’s Translated As Light And It’s Written Down In Poetry Form Through The Music And That’s Well What I’m Talking About Their Pharmacy Is Sorcery So Sorcery You Know The Word The Word Pharmakeia Sorcery People Even When We Talk About Drugs Right We Talk About I Say Drugs I Don’t Even Like Colin Right Let’s Call Them Medicines Plant Medicines It’s That’s Totally Different We Talk About Mushrooms Magic Mushrooms See That’s Sorcery Pharmakeia It’s A Drug No It’s Talking About Mixing Things Up And Making These Concoctions And Getting People It Addicted In Having All These Side Effects Of It And Stuff And Man Just Craziness So For Those Natural Things That Are Put Here By God We’re We Talked About Maybe Marijuana Or Ayahuasca Not Sure About Ayahuasca Because I Think You Have To Do Some Mixing There As Well But Definitely Psilocybin Which Is Like I Said Been Life-changing For Me You Just Pick It Up And Eat It And You’ll Commune With God Like Literally So That’s Something Totally Different But That’s One Thing A Lot Of People Jump To Even I Jump To It Like Doing My Research I Didn’t Know How To Do More Research To Find Out So Brainwashed In Colleges Protectors Of The Fallacies They’re Dealing With Confusion So We Go To Where The Solace Is Essentially Brainwashing To Colleges If You Look At Some Of The Things That Are Being Taught In The Colleges Today The Professors Are All Anti-god Anti Religion Anti Spirituality It’s All About Science That’s What They Teach There So There’s So Much Stuff There There’s People Who I Know Who Are Spiritual People Who Were God-fearing People They Go To College And They Come Back And They’re Some Of The Most Bitter Atheist On The Planet Brain Washington Colleges Protectors Of The Fallacies They’re Dealing With Confusion So We Go To What A Solace Is Its Confusion Man So We Go To What A Solace Is Like Proven Peace Not In Theory Not I Can Maybe Find Peace Here Or This May Work No This Works Spirituality Right Standing With God A Relationship With Your Father Knowing That You Are Loved Knowing That There Is Grace That Enables You To Do Good Things That There Is Grace And Put Here For You To Pursue Your Dreams And God Gets The Glory Out Of You Doing What You Were Created To Do To Know Those Things There’s So Much Peace In That Guy’s I’m Telling You So You Can Keep The Books You Can Keep All The Stuff In Awesome Jobs And You Know Getting In Debt And All That Stuff Man From Like Student Loan You Can Keep That Stuff I Don’t Want That Man I’m Going To Where The Solace Is That’s Why I Found In Prayer And Meditation Found In Christ Man Knowledge Is Papa We Spit The Truth To The You If You Know That Now Was The Abba We Give Us Enteric Proof Well It’s The Bible By Cop Wouldn’t I Put It To Use Much Like That I Was The Bible We See The Knowledge Reduced Okay Knowledge Is Power We Spit The Truth To The Use Obvious Knowledge Like Power Understanding We Give It To The Use You Know That Now Is The I Will Give You A Salute To Esoteric Proof So We’re Giving You We Are Essentially Giving You The Spiritual Science Science Behind Some Of The Terms Maybe Even In The Bible Maybe Mention Of In The Bible Where They’re Talking About Hearing The Voice Of God Or Going Into A Trance-like State Those Processes Aren’t You Know They Don’t Go Into Detail In The Bible About The Trance State So That’s Why When People Talk About That Or They Hear That They Think Of You Trying To Go Into A Trance Is Demonic They Think That People Were Walking Around Town Or Through The Forests And God Just Zaps Them Into A Trance And They See A Vision These People Were Some Of The Most Spiritual People On The Face Of The Earth Man Like They Knew The Power Of Sitting In Silence They Knew The Power Of Of Going Off By Themselves We Look At Jesus Right And We See What Does This Echo Because Jesus Went On The Top Of Mountains To Pray He Went Inside Of Caves To Pray He Went Alone By Himself To Pray If We Look Just Imagery Not Even Knowing The Culture Who Does That Do The Christians Do That That The Christians Go In A Mountain On Top Of Mountain Who-who Do You See We See The Hindus Doing That We See Eastern Cultures Doing That To Go On Top Of A Mountain Getting That’s The Highest Point That They Can Reach And Spend The Time With God In Prayer And Prayer Meditation Self Reflection Going Into Caves These These Guys Will These Arm People In India Will Go On These Prolonged Fast For Days Or Months And They’re Sitting In A Cave Jesus Went Into The Desert Fast At 40 Days And 40 Nights Right Encourages You To Do So You Got To Do That At Certain Periods Where You Have To Do That Right So What Does That Look Like I Always Say That Christianity In Its Conception Started Off As A Spiritual Practice In The East And I’ll Even Say That Those Other Cultures Those Other Maybe Even Religious Practices Look A Hell Of A Lot More Like Christianity Than Westernized Christianity Does Today Westernize Christian Christianity Does Not Resemble Anything Biblical At All And I’m Just Gave You One Example About The Way You Pray Just That One That’s One Thing There’s So Much More So Much More This Is One Example Is Like They Just Trying To Like Create Something Totally Different And Tell You That It’s The Truth Come On Man We Give Us Oteri Proof While It’s Devoured By Cowards Who Will Not Put It To Use As People Read It And Read It And Read It But They Don’t Get It They Read It But They Don’t Have Any Understanding And They Won’t Even Do It Much Like The Towers Of Babel We See The Knowledge Reduced So That’s How It Was A Bible In The Old Testament Man That’s Even Deep Too So Alright Just Give A Quick Breakdown On That What I Meant By The Diverse Is Crumbling Like Your Knowledge That You’ve Built Up Against God It’s Gonna Crumble Your Knowledge Of Your Religion And These Things That You’ve Added To The To Christianity Or Life In General I He God Judged Them Because Of That Because Of That They Added Things Right Jesus His Big Contention Was Not With The Spiritualist It Was Not With The Witches Or The The Druggies Or The Alcoholics He Didn’t Run Around Rebuking These People Or Trying To Win Him Over To The Gospel No His Big War Was With The Religious Zealots Of His Day Was With The Pharisees And Sadducees Which Are The Religious Leaders Who Still Run The Religious Systems Today The Same Spirit Is Still There We Do Not War Against Flesh And Blood But But With Powers And Principalities In Heavenly Realms Spirits Don’t Die People Die These Spirits Are Still In High Places Of Government Schooling Churches All This Stuff They Still Run Everything This Is Who Jesus Was Rebuking He Had The Most Problems Out Of These People And It Will Fall Much Like The Towers Of Babel We’ll See The Knowledge Reduced As In The Times Of The Pharaohs And Also Ancient Peru Abraham Was Involved In A Form Of Voodoo Right So That People Hey What Do You Mean Abraham Was In Voodoo Now What Are You Talking About Right That’s In The Times Of The Pharaoh And Also Ancient Peru Ids At A Time They Still Have A Lot Of Their History Preserved And If You Look Into It What Do You See Star Beings You See These Ancient Astronaut Theory And Things Like That And There’s So Much Stuff In Peru Right That’s Why I Mention That There And It’s In The Times Of The Pharaoh Also Ancient Peru Abraham Was Involved In A Form Of Voodoo Abraham Comes From I Don’t Think It Was Persia What What He Was With Another State Kena Knight Maybe The Canaanites Which Is Very Reminiscent Of Bale Worship And Things Like That But They You Know They Practice Sorcery And All Those Things In The End They Understood The Spiritual Practices But So Abraham When We Hear About Him In The Bible There Was A Point In Time A Week And You Can Find The Chapter And Verse There But There’s A Point Of Time In The Bible Where Abraham Goes Out And He Has This Encounter With God And He Wants To Recreate It So To Recreate This Encounter Abraham Goes Out And Kills All These Animals Like Weird And Like Squirrels I Don’t Know Even Know Although Like Squirrels A Ram A Calf A Goat Sheep He Kills Him And He Makes A Circle He Places Their Dead Carcasses In A Circle And He Gets In The Middle Of The Circle And God Comes To Him And Meets With Them At That Place If We Seen That Today Not Just Reading It As A Biblical Story Of Like Everything Is Righteous Because They Did It But Do We Seen That Today If We Look At Maybe In Voodoo Where They Would Cut The Heads Off Of Chickens Or Smear The Blood Everywhere Like That’s Totally What Was Going On In The Old Testament I Don’t Think If You Know So Much Bloodshed Even Blood Covenant With Yahweh To This Day Like There’s A So It’s A Really Is A Bloody Practice Like The Gods Of Old Required Blood It’s Just What They Did Man You Know So If We Seen That Happen Today We’d Say It Looks Like Voodoo Have You Seen Me Go In My Backyard Kill A Bunch Of Animals Get In The Middle Of It You Got Probably Arrest Me First Of All But You Call It Voodoo True Seekers Performing Voodoo In His Backyard Consultant Spirits God Doesn’t Show But No God Showed Up Met With Him There As In The Times Of The Pharaoh When Also Ancient Peru Abraham Was Involved In A Form Of Voodoo We Seen The Star People Fall Just As The Kings Of Zulu Their Appearance Has Evolved In It And They Look Just Like You Okay So This Is Where I Got That That One Bar That One Bar From Credo Moot Wha And In My Awakening Like I Was Just Trying To Consume Everything And I Was Led To Some Documentaries And In Some Interviews Like Six Hour Long Interview I Listened To A Six Hour Long Interview With Credo Moot Wah And David Icke I Believe It Was David Like Interviewed Him And I Was Just Riding Him In My Work Truck And I Was Just Had That Jump Playing And I Was Eating It Up But He Talks About The Star People And The Star Beings That Have Appeared To Him And Not Just To Him But To His Ancestors And He Has The Records Of The Star Beings And What They Look Like He’s Got Figurines And Little Idols And Paintings And Stuff Of The Star Beings Which Looked Like What We Would Call An Alien Gray Right And He’s Got So Much Info Of These The You Know The Kings Of Their Time And The Priests Of Their Time And What They Still Practice Today Over And In The Zulu Nations And In Africa And Stuff And He Talks About How These Beings Will Appear And Talks About Witchcraft And He Talks About Some Really Crazy Stuff So Some Of The Stuff That They Do For Like Initiation And Stuff But He Also Talks About How Many Of These Beer These Beams Are Now On The Earth And All Ufologists Talk About This – How These Aliens Or Whatever Or Nephilim Are Star Children Or Star Seeds Or Here On The Earth And They Look More Like Humans Now And They’ve Changed The Way That They Appear It People Talk About The You Know They Used To Have Halos These Certain Angels Will Come Down With These Big Halos Around Their Head And That They Would Hide Them In Cloaks Like They Would Pull Their Halos Back And Put Them Under Cloaks And Things To Kind Of Disguise Themselves And So Even In Enoch Is Deep Because It Talks About How These Angels Are A Flame Of Fire But When They Come To Earth They Take Upon The Appearance Of Men So These Hebrews Says That We Entertain Angels Unaware Throughout Our Day And So We See The Star People Fall Just As Two Kings Of Zulu Fallen To Earth Are Coming To Earth Their Appearance Has Evolved And They Looked Just Like You So Many People Say That We Come In Contact With Nordics The Tall Blond Hair Blue-eyed People And In These Are Beings From Another Planet And We Have Their Dna And Then There’s These Different Systems Set Up To Where There’s Like This Breeding Project That They Believe That They Come Get People And Use Their Dna And Use Their Their Wombs And Embryos And Things And And Put Star Children In Them And People Who Are Supposedly Coming Up Pregnant Who Have Never Had Sex At All You Know So That’s Just Given Mention Of That There’s So Much This Into Little Bars You Know Because I Just Keep Keep Going And Just Mention And Keep Going The Lost Scrolls Will Unfold The Prophecies Were True We Break The Mold Take Control And Form An Ancient Hebrew Alright So The Lost Girls Want To Fold The Prophecies Were True I’m Talking About The Lost Books Of The Bible Enoch Many Many Scriptures In The Bible Itself We Break The Mold Take Control In A Form Of Ancient Hebrew So Hebrew Supposedly Is The Language That God Spoke Hebrew Was So Beautiful And Looking At The Wording Is That One Word In English Doesn’t Doesn’t Suffice Because They Would Have So Much Of A Deeper Meaning In In Hebrew And Just For A Quick Example The Word Love So That There’s A Scripture Where Jesus Is Dealing With Peter In The New Testament And He Says Peter Do You Love Me He Says I Love You Lord No Peter Do You Love Me I Love You Lord Do You Love Me Um I Don’t Love You But I But I Love You And That’s How We Read It In The English And Like He’s Just Asking Them You Know Four Times Do You Love Me Says It Yes Every Time But The Last One That’s Hyper Deal Right So When We Break That Down And We Go Look Into The The Hebrew Text Which Is A Magical Text Right The Abracadabra The Kabbalah All The Stuff Is Based Upon This Magical Hebrew Writing Which Is Not Even Used Anymore To This Day But We Break Down That Word Love There And We Break Down The Words That Were Being Used And It’s Not The Word Love But When We Translated To English We Say Love So He Says Peter Do You Phileo Me He Says Yes I Phileo You And So What What He’s Mentioning Is These Different Layers Of Love Or These Different Types Of Love Like A Love That Like I Love My Friends I Love Pizza Pizza I Love Pieces Right Those Type Of Loves But When It’s Coming To My Wife Or My Daughter It’s A Different Type Of Love And In The Hebrew Culture They Had Different Words Agape Phileo And It Was One More There Was Three Different Types And The Agape Love Is Like I Will Die For You Like I Will Give My Life That You May Live And So He Asked Peter Do You Agape Me He Says Well He It Took Him It Took Him A Second You Know And So That’s What That’s There For And So When We When We Break The Scriptures Down It’s So Powerful To Go Back To The Hebrew Versions To See The Thought That That Was Spoken Of There All The Other Words That Were Used Because They May Give You Five Words For One English Word You Know So Man I’m Trying This Is The Long It’s Vanilla I Knew This Was Gonna Be Long But I’m We’re Almost Done Like Literally Like Three Four More Bars Alright Alright So Let Me Ask You A Question Now What Is Your Perception Of Astral Projection Must Use Discretion So When I Met But It’s Simply What It Is Let Me Ask You A Question And What Is Your Possession With Perception Of Astral Projection It’s Just Simply Asking You A Question You Know As You’re As You’re Listening Must Use Discretion So Many People You Know They The Whole Astral Projection Thing They Equated With The Whole Demon Things If You Leave Your Body You Go Into This Demonic Realm And They Have Control Over Your Body Let’s Use Discretion That’s What People Believe Totally Not True Do The Research Use Use Discretion Must Use Discretion I See Through The Lessons Of Hypnotic Suggestions And Antidepressants Hinder Your Expression So Under The Crescent We Buck The Oppression Return To Your Essence To Inward Reflection So I Think Somebody See Some Of The Stuff Is Really Outer Court Elementary Easy To Understand And Then The Other Stuff Has Like So Much Detail Behind It So I See Through The Lessons Of Hypnotic Suggestions Coming From The Church World Man Just Seeing So Much Stuff That Goes On And Like For An Example Stuff That People People Overlook But It’s Just Like Hypnotic Suggestions As Far As Like Playing The Music So If You’re In Church And They’re Doing An Altar Call They Begin To Play This Really Soft Music And You Know We All Know That That’s Part Of A Suggestion The Power Of Suggestion Play The Music To Kind Of Load You Into The Trance-like State With Something Which I’m Cool With But When It’s Being Done To Kind Of Do The Offering They’ll Play The Music And You Get Ready To Take The Offering Up And Or Pay Tithes And Stuff Like That That You Owe Them You Owe Them Money That’s What They Claim In The Churches And So What They’ll Do Is Turn The Ac Down Where It Gets Cold You Get Chill Bumps Because When The Holy Spirit’s Alright You Begin To Shake And You Get Chills And Stuff So They Turn The Ac Down They Tell You To Take Out Your Wallet If You Have A Check Or Cash Whatever You Have Let’s Hold It In The Air But So You Take Your Check Or Your Wallet Or Whatever You Hold It In The Air Let’s Pray Over Let’s Pray Over This Money That God Will Bless Your Money He’ll He’ll Bless Your Sacrifice And He’ll Give You Increase Right I Believe In That But The Whole Thing Of Pulling It Out And Holding It In The Air I Don’t Know If You’ve Ever Been In A Church Service And They Do That And You’re Sitting There With Nothing To Give Like You Don’t Have Any Money To Give You’re Not Holding Anything In The Air And So It There’s A Suggestion There That Like You Don’t Want To Be Left Out You Don’t Want To Be Like The One That’s Not Gonna Give You Know You Don’t Want To And People That Look At You Like Oh Because They’re Proud To Give And Even People Like When They Give They Like You Know They Like That’s A Sacrifice But I’m Gonna Do It And As Often In Puffing But The Pastors Will Tell You To Say God Loves A Cheerful Giver Isn’t That Right In The Scriptures Talk About That And So They Won’t They Want You To Like Smile Or Whatever Why Are You Giving Them That Your Last Money And Be Happy About Doing It And Then They You Know They Want You To Walk Up To The Front And Put It In A Basket Or Put It On The Altar So They Let Make Everybody Line Up And Everybody Leaves The Scene That’s Even More Awkward When Everybody In The Church Goes Up To The Altar To Put The Money Down And You’re Standing There Just Looking Around Like Man I Hope This Hurry So I’m Telling You From Firsthand Experience This Isn’t Me So That’s The Hypnotic Suggestions Man This Is Some Of It It Goes It Gets Deep And Antidepressants Hinder Your Expression And That’s Just You Know It’s Just A Bar That’s Thrown In There But That That Bar Is So Deep Too Because You Know Like Riddling And Different Things That These Different Antidepressants And Things That Kids Are On I’ve Seen I’ve Been Around Kids Who Just Seem Like Really Good Rambunctious Kids Running Around Energetic And Not Over-the-top Like I’ve Seen I’ve Seen Kids So You’re Like Man This Kid Needs To Slow Down He There’s No Stop Button I Know Those Kids But This Was A Particular Kid Who Just Seemed Normal Happy-go-lucky And Uh It’s Okay It’s Time For Her Medicine And She’s Playing With My Daughter Were Exiled At A Hotel And Uh They Gave Her Her Medicine She Sat On That Couch Like A Zombie It’s Like Oh They’re Like Yeah It Kind Of Slows Her Down For A Little Bit And She Was Like Stopped In Her Tracks And Just Sat There Just Staring Into Space I Was Like Man This Isn’t Good And She Wasn’t Even Like Over The Top At All So Under The Crescent We Bucked The Oppression Return To Your Essence To Inward Reflection So Bucking The Oppression In And In This Sense It’s Like Spiritual Spiritually Be Who You Were Made To Be Spiritually To Live A Spiritual Life In A World That Promotes Lawlessness The World That Promotes Anarchy Not Not In The True Sense Of Anarchy Because I Thought I Know What That Is But They Promote You Know Eat Today For Tomorrow We Die That’s Eating And Drinking Live For The Moment But Let’s Let’s Take Other Other People In To Consideration And And And One Other And Make Other People’s Walk And Journey More Comfortable Or Give Them Some Room Or A Pat On The Back Might Let People Know That They’re Loved And Like Just Those Little Things Man That’s The Oppression We’re Going Against That’s The Warfare For Me So Return To Your Essence To Inward Reflection So Goes Back To The Beginning Of The Whole Song The Kundalini Yoga Is Sitting In Prayer Meditating Lighting The Incense Doing The Breath Work Doing The Breathing Doing Doing Those Things That Kind Of Promote You To Be Conscious To Be Mindful Ever Mindful Of Everything To See God In Everything That’s What We Need To Return To So That’s What Comerica It’s The Meaning Of The Song For Me And Obviously There’s Still Way Much More More And More And More We Can Go Into With Each Each One And But I Wanted To Just Try This Out As A Experiment I’ll Put It On My Facebook Page Asking People Should I Should I Do It Everybody’s Like Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Some People Like No Just Let People Think What They Want But There’s So Much It’s Is Essentially They’re Teaching You Know There’s So Much Teaching That Can Be Done Behind What I’m Saying So If You Liked This Episode Man If You Want Me To Do More Like Leave A Comment Whether It’s On The Website That An Itunes Comment Leave Me A Facebook Youtube Leave Me A Comment Saying Hey Do More Of The Break It Down Podcast Do More Where You Go Into Detail I Really Got A Lot Out Of It And I Understand Your Music And Your Words Means So Much More Now That I Can Actually Understand What You’re Talking About In The Spirit And The Research And Everything That Goes Into This One Line You Just Drop One Line But You Watched A Six Hour Documentary And Did A Lot Of Research On Something Where You Said – Two Lines On You Know I’m Saying So This Stuff Means A Lot To Me Some Of It It Kind Of Gets Monotonous Or Repetitive Eventually If I Throw Out The Word Kundalini Or Meditation But These Words Mean A Lot To Me And And You Got Kind Of An Inside Look Today On What It What It Means And Where I’m Coming From So If You Want Me To Do More Leave A Leave A Comment If You Want To Support The Work That I’m Doing There’s So Much New Music And Unreleased Music On The Patreon And I’m We’re Gonna Do Hangouts And Stuff On Their Private Hangouts Where We Just Get To Talk About Anything You Want To Talk About If You Want To Talk About Your Day If You Want To Talk About My Music Or Ask Me A Question About A Podcast About A Belief System Something You’re Wrestling With A Prayer Anything Anything You Need That’s I’m Just Gonna Be Available So We’re Gonna Do The Hangouts And That’s For Patron Patrons Only You Can Sign Up For A Dollar Five Dollars All The Way To A Thousand Dollars A Month I’m Excited About Patreon Because There’s Money Involved Definitely And It Helps Me Do More Stuff And Pay To Keep The Podcast Going And Paid Pay Beatmakers And Things To Make More Music But I’m More Excited Because It Shows Me The Fact That You Guys Believe In My Work You Guys Believe In What I’m Doing So Much So That You’re Willing To Financially Back It And Spend Your Hard-earned Money To Help Me Do It So Five Dollars A Month Is Not A Lot It’s Like Less Than It’s Like What Like A Dollar A Week A Dollar 25 A Week Or Something Ten Dollars A Month Whatever You Can Do I’m Thankful And Grateful For All Of It It Shows Me That You Care And It Goes A Long Way And It Really Is Helping Me To To Build More And To Do More And Take A Lot Of Burden Off Of I’m Having To Create To Kind Of Raise Money To Put Back Into The Podcast Or To Put Back Into The Music And I’m On My Website Here And If I Go Down To The Dashboard Side And I Look At The Ways People Get To Your Site Because You Can See That You Can See If They Got To Your The Weather Was An Article Or Youtube Or Instagram You Guys Are Coming Here To Instagram Or Whatever I Can See How You Guys Got To The Site I Can Even See The Google Search Terms And You Know The Number Not Not Number One But High On The List Is People Are Googling True Seeker Torrent Download True Seeker Free Downloads True Seeker 320 Free Album And That They’re Trying To Download The Albums For Free So That’s Why Patreon Works So Much For Me Because There’s Really No Money In Music You Know Unless I’m Touring And I Can’t Do That Right Now But Eventually If The Patron Gets Up To A Certain Number Man It Would Allow Me To To Travel And Do Shows To Come See You Guys And That’s In The Future I’m Believing For That Too But I Don’t I Don’t Make A Lot Of Money Off Of Themselves Anymore I I’m You Know At The Most I’m A Right Now You Know To Kind Of Throw Out There Maybe About 200 Bucks A Month Off My Itunes You Know It Helps It Helps Me Put Back Into It But It Definitely Doesn’t Doesn’t Really Help Pay Bills You Know But Um So Patreon Is The Perfect Model For You Guys Who Want Me To Continue And It’s So Encouraging That You Guys Believe In My Work So Head On Over To Patreon Comm Backslash True Seeker You Get Perks Out Of It Too Man That New Music Is Dope I Can’t Wait To Release It To The General Public But For Right Now It’s Just For The Ride-or-die People On Patreon Who Saying You Know What We Believe In Your True Secret We’re Gonna We’re Gonna Make Sure That This Happens I Believe In You So Thanks So Much For Doing That Also If You’re Listening To This On Any Podcast App Or Even On Youtube Go To Itunes Find The Podcasts Leave Me A Five Star Rating And A Review It Helps To Push Me Up Through The Ranking System When We Get Five Star Reviews And Comments And Sumscribe’ Subscribers To Where New People Can See Us People Who Are Interested In Spirituality People Who Are Interested In Occultism Or Whatever We’re Talking About And The Unknown Right And Having Different People I Got Some Awesome Guests Lined Up This Week Too So Just Know That I’m Gonna Open The Phone Lines Up I’m Gonna Keep Doing That Too So You Guys Can Call In There But Go There To Itunes Subscribe To The Podcast That Way If You’re Listening On Android There’s A Bunch Of Android Apps If You Look In The Description Of Anything That I Post It’ll Usually Have Subscribed With Android It’s On The Website Subscribe With Android And It Will Refer You To A Couple Apps And If You Already Have The App On Your Phone It’ll Let You Subscribe So Do That That Means A Lot We Got More Podcasts Coming This Week And I’m Gonna Go Into Some More Detail About My Past Vacation I Just Went On Vacation With The Family Celebrated 16 Years Of Mandir ‘fl Marriage With My Wife I’ve Been With Her Since I Was 14 Years Old I’m 33 Awesome And Awesome Journey To Find Your Other Half Out There And I Love Each And Every One Of You Guys And I’ll See You On The Next Episode Shalom Shalom Peace

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