TruthSeekah Breaks Down Kymatica Song Lyrics

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TruthSeekah Breaks Down
Breaking Down The Hidden And Cryptic Meanings Of Some Of My Song Lyrics

TruthSeekah Breaks Down is a new idea that I had where I go into details about the meanings behind some of my song lyrics. In this particular episode I break down the lyrics for my song Kymatica letting you know where I got the name and what the heck I meant by all these crazy lyrics. I hope you enjoy!

KYMATICA LYRICS | Album: Awaken The Fire

The book of Enoch in my hand and some scrolls that I’m holding
a mystical experience just like Joe Rogan
I’m chillin with etherians in a light that is golden
they say they are the Sirians with love and devotion
Sparring with the devil Im’a put him in a choke hold,
Fighting with the devil we gon battle in the dojo
Raising my vibration through Kundalini yoga,
building up my Qi I feel it rise like a cobra
Sitting in a posture thats shaped like a lotus,
clearing out my mind and my mental is focused
My eye is single, pineal is open,
herbs and spices, incense smoking
Concentrated breath in my lungs I’m holding,
three part breathing the energy is flowing
Sitting in the silence, the now and the knowing,
I’m thinking about my karma, my reaping and sowing
I’m speaking to my father I’m praying for my homies,
reflecting on my memories, reflecting on my journey
Who are my friends and who are the phonies,
who are my padnas and who tried to control me
I will not let them rock me, I will not let them roll me,
I will not let them stop me, I will not let them slow me
Order of Melchezidek, the gates of Orion,
the Lion of Judah the stars are aligning
Heaven is the pentacle we’ll vanish like the Mayans,
some people call it rapture I’m speaking about the science
Zodiac signs celestial lights in the sky
your life is going through cycles and still you’re wondering why
You say your preaching the truth but can’t decipher the lie
we’re at the end of the age look at the signs of the times
And now you know that it is obvious the preacher preach psychology,
we break it down and chop it up and teach you demonology
Pharmacy is sorcery, alchemy in first degree,
keepers of right knowledge that is written down in poetry
Brainwashed in colleges protectors of the fallacies,
they’re dealing with confusion so we go to where the solace is
Knowledge is power we spit that truth to the youth,
you know that now is the hour we give you esoteric proof
While its devoured by cowards who will not put it to use,
much like the towers of Babel we see the knowledge reduced
As in the times of the Pharaohs and also ancient Peru
Abraham was involved in a form of voodoo
We seen the star people fall just ask the kings of Zulu,
their appearance has evolved and they look just like you
The lost scrolls will unfold the prophecies were true,
we break the mold take control in the form of ancient Hebrew
So let me ask you a question
now what is your perception of astral projection?
Must use discretion
I see through the lessons of hypnotic suggestions,
anti-depressants hinder your expression
So under the crescent we buck the oppression
return to your essence through inward reflection



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