Laurel Airica

TruthSeekah Records A Rap Song With A Grandmother In Her 70s and Its AMAZING!

Laurel Airica aka Speaking Beauty is an amazing poet and wordsmith who has a beautiful way with words. TruthSeekah reached out to her about featuring her on a track and walked her through the writing and recording process. Below is what came out.

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TruthSeekah Words feat Speaking Beauty Colors + Lyrics (HD)


Your word breathes life, never deny the reason I’m alive (I’m alive within your sacred breath)


I will sing of love and freedom I will use my voice to heal My words will spark compassion masses know that you are real Freely receive and freely given freely flow I freely give it Prophesy unto the dry bones army once dead now is risen Stop look and stop and listen stop looking pay attention Inner reaches of outer space overstand my inner vision Listen to intuition emphatic bringing healing In my life I use my wisdom knowledge gained from my experience Abracadabra, bless the masses words are alive, we play with magic Blessings and curses, know your worth come as you are, your soul is perfect Diaphragm expands to dialect exhale the breath to reconnect Anointed as for such a time as this I use my words to create bliss I trust the spirit of my adolescence but who can speak within your sacred presence


Your word breathes life, never deny the reason I’m alive (I’m alive within your sacred breath)

Speaking beauty

We are Godlings on this planet Here because we all pre planned it Ghastly, ghostly shadows damn it Now’s our chance to Superman it. Lift your voices, re-enchant it Freedom’s codes are all semantic Though we’re small and sometimes frantic Souls are whole and all Gigantic. These may be our darkest hours Yet, each of us has superpowers. The Infinite is in Finite Which means we can switch on the Light All life’s a dream and we’re the dreamers Though hate’s streaming through the schemers We’re all here as World Redeemers Beaming Peace we’re Love Supremers! So, Mages, Sourceresses, Sages Artists of all sorts and ages Share your gifts now be courageous Daring actions are contagious. A Diamond Mind and Heart of Gold Are gifts the Prophecies foretold For those uniting Souls on Earth By honoring each Being’s full worth. When we let go of Againstness we step into our Immenseness For the Genesis of Genius is the light we strike between us As we use the gifts with which we’re blessed To inspire Higher Consciousness.


Your word breathes life, never deny the reason I’m alive (I’m alive within your sacred breath)

TruthSeekahs new 7 song E.P. COLORS is here! Each song is inspired by one of the 7 Chakra Energy Points in the body. This album is filled with healing tones and modalities designed to bring the listener into a more conscious state of being. The album explores mystical and spiritual hip hop with beautiful melodies sending healing to each chakra. 1 Roots 2 Stuck feat King James 3 Synchronicity feat Tha Voyce & Illuminati Congo 4 Anahata (Sacred Heart Space) feat Justin Caldwell 5 Words feat Speaking Beauty 6 Third Eye 7 Leaving My Body



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