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Hey TruthSeekah here. I am truly honored to connect with you today and want to congratulate you on gaining access to the Interactive Throneroom Guided Meditation!
I’ve gotten a ton testimonials about how this meditation changed peoples lives as they have been able to encounter the throneroom of God from the privacy of their own homes!
For many it was their very first time to even encounter the presence of God in such a powerful way!
So much hard work has gone into making these interactive guided meditations but in the end it has paid off!
As you know these are NOT just your ordinary guided meditations. Ive hired voice actors to play the roles of characters that you meet on your journey.
There is High Def ASMR sounds in the recordings as well as binaural beats and healing tones within the music!
The greatest compliment that Ive even gotten is that people are able to feel God presence through my work! And quite honestly that’s the only compliment I’ve ever wanted 🙂 

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