Here is a 2 part video that I did with Corina from Kingdom Reflections. The first part is about my testimony of coming out of witchcraft and dark occult practices and the second is about my journey into the depths of Christ and where I am at now. I pray that it blesses you.

We are excited to present this interview Corina did with Derek Grosskurth from TruthSeekah! This is part 1 from our two-part interview with this amazingly-talented young man that God is using mightily in such a unique and powerful way. Hear about his incredible journey where God took him out of the side operating in darkness and unveiled his original Blueprint that God had for him before he placed him in his mother’s womb. Now, he engages in arenas that many would never dare to go, releasing the light of TRUTH IN LOVE! Watch, be blessed and please share!

Corina Interviews Derek – TruthSeekah Part 1 from Corina Toncz-Pataki on Vimeo.

Here is Part 2 of this powerful interview Corina did with Derek Grosskurth from TruthSeekah! In this interview, Derek dives deeper into the mandate he has received from God to go into an arena that not many dare to go into. This is part of his destiny scroll that he is walking out, which IS intertwined into his original Blueprint. Watch, be encouraged be blessed and dare to walk out YOUR original Blueprint and see God manifest Himself through you, in the arena He placed you.

Corina Interviews Derek – TruthSeekah Part 2 from Corina Toncz-Pataki on Vimeo.

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