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Well today August 10th 2018 makes exactly one year from being let go from my truck driving job that I was at for 10 years. In this episode I am joined by my wife Arien Spirit Wolf as we talk about our journey spiritually and financially. I could not be doing what I am today without the love and support from my wife and it was actually her idea for me to step out and pursue full time music, ministry and podcasting. Now one year in and we haven’t looked back. We go into some of the detail about how we made cutbacks and things in order to make this dream a reality.
Arien also goes into her love for essential oils as she is a Young Living rep and consumer. You can sign up under her at We talk about how to walk by the spirit and not feed the fears that others will try to put upon your life.  Also discussed  is the topic of seeking the approval of man.  Sometimes when you are trying to follow God’s truth for your life and the path he is leading you on, people and friends will shed off and shy away from you if they are not in a similar journey.  It can be hard to walk the lonely road of following the guidance of the Lord and we as humans desire a connection with others, which can be a hindrance at times.