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Well today August 10th 2018 makes exactly one year from being let go from my truck driving job that I was at for 10 years. In this episode I am joined by my wife Arien Spirit Wolf as we talk about our journey spiritually and financially. I could not be doing what I am today without the love and support from my wife and it was actually her idea for me to step out and pursue full time music, ministry and podcasting. Now one year in and we haven’t looked back. We go into some of the detail about how we made cutbacks and things in order to make this dream a reality.
Arien also goes into her love for essential oils as she is a Young Living rep and consumer. You can sign up under her at We talk about how to walk by the spirit and not feed the fears that others will try to put upon your life.  Also discussed  is the topic of seeking the approval of man.  Sometimes when you are trying to follow God’s truth for your life and the path he is leading you on, people and friends will shed off and shy away from you if they are not in a similar journey.  It can be hard to walk the lonely road of following the guidance of the Lord and we as humans desire a connection with others, which can be a hindrance at times.

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true purpose in life and I’m just so grateful so I want to start out by specifically thanking our newest patrons Kylie Wain Melissa g’day Mintaka Krystal Gann and jilt regno forgive me if I pronounced it wrong but those people are our newest patrons and newest supporters and we just want to thank you so much I’d also like to give a special shout out to Adam brink who supports us at a higher level and has been a supporter for a while now and I am done yes that’s the intro ladies and gentlemen true seeker podcast excited and delighted again to be with you guys shout out to everybody holding us down in the chat listening live chatting it up shout out their budding discord and everybody listening to this on all the podcasting apps as well again like she said thank you guys for all the continued support via patreon like that’s the best way to support the work if you’d like to do that head on over to patreon comebacks last true seeker you get access to my entire discography Thursday night school of the Mystics and a whole bunch of other cool stuff and like she said today is like the one year bursaries of being let go from my job I was a truck driver for 10 plus years and got let go a year ago and essentially is one of the best things that ever happened to me we all have a dream or a vision that we want to pursue but complacency knowing like having a secure place where you’re going to get your income from and stuff like that that holds people back a lot so sometimes we kind of have that fear to just jump out there pursue our dreams and what we want to create in life but sometimes we got to be pushed out there so that’s kind of what happened and I want to talk a little bit about that today and we’re gonna hear it from Erin’s perspective like she said she’s my beautiful wife and she’s been here with me the whole process and couldn’t have done it without her definitely so with that being said if you’d loved if you’d like to support backslash truth seeker if anybody has any questions while we’re live just go ahead and drop those in the chat and we’ll try to get those read out as well so I guess there’s a lot to talk about I’ve been talking about this stuff for a while but where was I mentally in your opinion one year ago like before before the bomb got dropped on us yeah lay right before this job we’re in a bad place a dark place you are not the same person that I had known years before you’ve just you got so worn down from that job from working such long hours from getting to three hours of sleep a night you are almost like a zombie and I could tell that you were just not enjoying your life anymore but you were doing what you felt you had to do to support us and even a few months before you were let go from your job I remember I felt God was telling me something in my spirit that something big is going to change and you guys have to get ready for it so I am grateful we didn’t know what the change would be but I am grateful that that’s what the change was that you were able to get out that bondage of that job and still be able to support your family but by doing something you were meant meant to do yeah I mean how I was in a bad place like I tried to I tried to do my best you know what I’m saying to to work hard and still put in doing the podcast I was getting more consistent I was creating more music and just getting it out there more and and you know working daily to try to make this thing or some type of full-time income and be able to get paid off of it but it you know it’s kind of it didn’t look possible at all you know how that we had a number that I was making every week or every other week or whatever at my job and I was trying to make the podcast and the music and the graphic art websites on the side take over that number and then you feel like it would be a smooth transition if I got that number to meet that one it would just replace it but really that was wasn’t anywhere close to that whenever I got let go from the job so as a father as a husband like coming home I had a piece about it at the same time when I got let go I got home and and told her you know I figured she would panic freak out I mean we’ve all done it you know what I’m saying but she had a piece and she took it as a sign and said maybe this is God kind of pushing us out there to go ahead and try it one time at least you know you don’t want to be 60 years old 70 years old and say man I wish I would have went for it wish I would have gave it my all right yeah because you never ever would have left your job I don’t feel like if those numbers didn’t match I don’t feel like you ever would have done that on your own that you kind of had to be pushed out of the nest so to speak yeah and that’s the thing with anything like in life people they want that smooth transition right I mean that’s what we want I mean even with like having a kid bringing a kid into this world people like well I’m gonna try to get financially stable first so I could bring a kid in there will be it’s like you like usually never ready for that transition because then I mean where would the faith come in where would the the testing and the hardships have come in if you were just approaching it all with ease and grace and just knowing where everything was going to come from there would be no faith in that there would be no testing and trials so when it comes to having a kid like you’re never financially ready or it comes to pursuing your goals or like all of the big people who have huge success stories about starting their own business or pursuing their dreams full time like they all talk about you know the sleeping in the car and going without eating and stuff and I think I was I was prepared to do without a lot you know and and stuff making that transition not being homeless or anything but we really haven’t done without you know of looking at the money and just trying to replace stuff of money I was spending gas money to get to work you know paying for a car note to pay for the gas to get to work and all that stuff starts you know getting in and then lunch everyday and eating out on the road like that was a lot of money just to sustain me at work and so like I was able to take that money off the top and just all of these little ways where we could like save money and cut corners and stuff and it’s it’s working one year into it and I’m excited about it and so yeah yeah I’m so thankful we haven’t even been we’re not past due on any bills we’re not doing without we’re living a blessed very fulfilled life and I know that this I know it was meant to be I felt like it was meant to be right when it happened I know I didn’t panic at all I was looking for her to panic because wait like in Toms past you know years past she’s panicked she’s the one like I I go out and and do the work she’s works to but I’ll go out bring the paycheck home give it to her she balances the bills I don’t have to see the numbers I don’t have to crunch numbers and know where this bills getting paid so it’s like easier for me just to kind of kind of go with the flow and then she’s the one that looks at the numbers so would be the first one to kind of panic and say hey I don’t we got these bills we can’t pay and then being released from jobs in the past or or and stuff like that like the first thing you do is panic but then I guess after it happened in a couple times in the past and being the people to face like you understand that God got you no matter what you know all that panic in was for nothing you know all that stress and stuff was for naught we didn’t have to panic because always man at like that 11:45 our man right before the clock strikes 12:00 God always came through whether it was an unexpected check in the mail or somebody said hey God told me to give you this money I don’t know why or whatever getting another job I remember like getting in trouble on a job for letting inmate use my cell phone and they they gave me a two-week suspension and that was two weeks that worth the pay that I was gonna lose I ended up working and I was freaking out how we gonna you know make this money come in and this was early in our marriage too and I remember going to work with a friend for one day after all that freaking out and panicking working with a friend for one day and made more money that I would have made two weeks I made him one day with a friend so I mean why were we panicking and then I on top of that like something else happened and ended up going to a talent show that we didn’t want to be in and you had to pay to get in and like I didn’t want to do go to a talent show because you can like win money and stuff and I was like this is kind of like a ministry it’s not really I’m not trying to win money doing it but something happened and you’re supposed to pay money to get in it but someone say somebody dropped out and we just want you to come perform and you don’t even have to pay us the money upfront just show up showed up we ended up winning like 500 bucks just coming there performer doing what we love to do and it’s little things like that once you you reach a mode where you panic you feel that panic set in what am I gonna do what am I gonna do you never see the godly forsaken you’ll never see the godly begging for bread like God always meet you when it may not be how you want it to happen but he always comes through and in and going through those testings and trials and learning that we’ve been able to kind of give that wisdom to other people I mean I that’s that’s my song and dance on here being able to share that with people don’t panic whatever you do and we’ve had friends go through similar situations people just buying a house and then the week later they get let go from their job and they’re just like stay calm don’t panic I don’t know what’s gonna happen but God got you you don’t you’re a person of faith and every time that bill shows up they know that check shows up unexpected chance oh I mean we got stories upon stories I remember pulling out my cell phone just a couple weeks ago writing down cuz we could just go in on memory and pull them out all these things we’ve seen God do over the years miracles and healings and supernatural encounters and so I wanted to just write them all down so I’ll put out my cell phone and just started writing all these miracles down and it adds up and if you you got to learn from it right you learn not to panic or you learn who your God is then he’s got you type deal right a big difference this time why I didn’t panic was because like I said a few months before it happened I I had gotten in the practice of listening it’s really important when you talk to God and talk to a creator that you listen and that you try to perceive the message that he’s trying to give you and just trying to be more intuitive and more in tune to the Spirit a few months before it happened I felt for sure that God was telling me something was going to happen to us financially that both of us should amp up our side businesses which I’m a distributor of essential oils and he had his music podcasts web website building all of that and we even sat down and talked about it and I said look I don’t know what’s gonna happen but I know something big is gonna happen and it’s gonna be hard but we both need to put in as much of our free time into our extra business ventures as we can to try to prepare for what’s coming and so when it happened it was it wasn’t a shock or a surprise to me because I felt like a few months before God had told me something was going to happen and kind of allowed us to prepare for it in a way that it wouldn’t be so scary when it did happen you got to tap into the spirit for sure you just uh you know we talked about you know being children of God the Bible says that those who are led by the Spirit of God are the sons and daughters of God you have to be led by the Spirit it’s a it’s a faith thing but it’s a it’s an inward relationship it’s a knowing thing to be able to know the hope of your calling and your salvation as well and essentially be secure with it and be faithful with the few he’ll make you ruler over more and that’s universal principle with everything hard work pays off dedication pays off sticking with it even when you don’t want to do it I mean there’s been interviews and stuff that I didn’t want to do or she’s you know talking about we you know putting off you know recreational stuff to write a the SEO for a show or create the images and stuff that takes sometimes a lot of time sometimes I’ll spend hours creating those thumbnails or whatever you know and uh because I think it’s worth it like I believe in my vision I believe in the things God has entrusted to me and you should to the things that God has given to you you have to invest in it you know no matter what it is you know where your treasure is there your heart will be also so whatever you’re spending your money on with it whatever you’re spending your time on those are the things that you really believe in and instead of you know Netflix singing it up or gaming it up or doing all the leisure stuff which is fun but you got a you got a grind too you got to make something happen and get creative and and be consistent and I guarantee you if you pick that one niche or that one MLM whatever it is and you stick with it it’s gonna pay off in the end I was talking about she’s doing the essential oils and how much she loves that and studying that and studying that there’s other avenues and other people try to get her to join other MLMs they have you know things that they’re selling and facial products and health products and stuff that could work you could easily jump in that boat and and take off and start selling it but you would kind of undo everything you’ve done with your essential oils and your clients and your collection and stuff like that you kind of undo everything so she’s been consistent with that and I guess that’s a good transition to talk a little bit about your passion with the essential oils where that started maybe what you get into that so I’ve I’ve seen my friends talk about it on Facebook and everything for a long time several years and I just never could spring for the cost of to get started to get started you get eleven oils and a diffuser and the whole kit and you get like the ability to make an income doing it and it’s a hundred and sixty dollars and that to me it was a lot for these little bottles of oils when I didn’t know much about it I was like uh a Glade plugin is a lot cheaper you know so it really what caused me to take the leap was learning more about natural health and doing things that are good for your body and putting on pure pure ingredients on and in your body the second leading cause of death in the country right now is cancer and only about ten percent of those I believe is from genetics that means you have 90% of cancer cancer cases that are caused from environmental factors and I know a lot of people I mean it’s so hard to know what’s in your food and in your products these days that when my friend started telling me more about Young Living and their products they really take pride in being as as organic and natural as possible they don’t even treat their plants with pesticides they use essential oils to keep the bugs off their plants in the fields so that’s how I got started as just learning about how pure they are and all the different amazing things you can do with them so that’s how I got into it and it’s transitioned from just like aromatic oils to kind of influence your emotions and support you emotionally to putting it on topically you know you can put them on for cuts and scrapes for bruises take them internally you can make little capsules and take them internally to help support your digestive system to support appetite control just anything you can think of there is an essential oil that will work for that and if you use the really really pure ones it’s amazing the difference you can see it’s good stuff I love it too and uh just just studying aromatherapy and just different smells and different colors and lighting and things like that all of that stuff plays a part on your psyche and the way that you feel so being able to smell those beautiful aromas from you know those natural products it’s awesome it makes you feel good when you smell them and there’s so there’s so many different health benefits in a way that it affects you is really weird right now like about what you can actually say because of the the FDA like because they own those medical terms like if we talk about the flu or we talk about the virus they own those terms you can’t say that it helps with the flu publicly because you’re giving medical advice on words in terms that they’ve created so they’ve kind of like tried to corner the market when it comes to your health and stuff really insane they’ll try to sue you and send you cease and desist and stuff like that so you’ve got to be really careful talking about this stuff but you know it’s just if you really believe in it you gotta find creative ways in outlets to get it out you know I think it’s you know you know they’re trying to control the narrative on everything I mean look at the ad pocalypse we look at Alex Jones being pulled I mean my stuff was pulled a long time ago and I’m trying to rebuild after that like they want to control what you say and who you were find–and and all kinds of stuff and want you to walk on eggshells that most people won’t won’t talk about this stuff that it’s good for you that you believe in because you’re scared of what what’s gonna happen to your monetization or to your platform you get pulled off of facebook off of youtube and not even that give a reason why they say that you broke the Community Guidelines and I’ll send you a ten page website with just writing and you broke something within this guideline that’s all they’ll tell you it’s insane so it makes people not even want to talk about it or I could see why a lot of people may even want to jump ship and find a new MLM because they can’t you know something that they love but if they use the wrong terminology or say the wrong thing they’re gonna cut their head off essentially yeah that’s why I think that’s why it took me so long to even try central oils because all I knew is you know you can put in the diffuser and it smells good like I didn’t know what all it would really do for your body and a lot like you said you can’t I can’t tell you what all I use it for what it does for my body because the FDA could come and get me and put me in jail saying that I put myself in the place of a doctor by diagnosing and treating diseases and they could cause me to delete my facebook page my website every form of media I put out and so I I do my best to stay compliant but my biggest mission statement with my business was to help people by using my essential oils to help people to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle so I do the very best I can with you know the abilities they give me I want to hear your side of the stories I’m trying to pick like there’s a couple monumental things that happen to me and if it happened to me it happened to you we kind of we were on this journey together we’ve been together since I was 14 I’m been in and out of witchcraft like you’ve seen me go almost insane as a teenager making pacts and Covenants with demons we gave our lives to Christ and got born again together went through the church thing together came out of that got more into the spirituality and the UFO stuff and you’ve been like it’s always been me like pioneering where God is leading me and whatever area where we’re in and not many people have heard your side of the story and none of it had definitely hasn’t been an easy transition none of that has been easy for me and I know it hasn’t been easy for you the UFO stuff all of that like any of that you want to give commentary on about some background information or what it was like transitioning maybe just start from the beginning and kind of run through it or something so everything that true seeker does he does to the extreme right you guys probably know him by now so whenever he started his journey to awakening and studying UFOs and all these different new topics I’m I’m pretty stable like I kind of found a happy medium and that’s usually where I stay and I test the spirits for myself like he can tell me what he’s learning but until the Creator like tells me himself and touches my heart it’s not gonna really the magics not there for me so he did a lot of study and a lot of back-and-forth on things because he would find this awesome Awakening and this awesome truth and then he would have the opposition of like Christians and the church which is these are weird terms to use but it’s the best thing on that and so he longed for that sense of community from the people that were there for us when we were just little baby Christians but then at the same time he felt God leading him into all of these truths and these amazing deep things so he would find this truth and then he would run and burn everything like he would take everything out of the house all the books t-shirts CDs everything that had anything to do with this this truth and burn it and or throw in the trash and so but then of course it was God calling him it wasn’t it wasn’t him and it wasn’t evil in any way so he would once he came back down and started going into the truth again he liked by all the same stuff the same books same books he burnt last week he’s buying him again this week because that’s really the path God had him on but he in a way he was fighting it for the approval of man honestly it’s hard when you don’t have a community and it’s hard when people you feel like people don’t believe in you because you’re crazy or whatever so the back and forth happened a lot I kind of got into practice where if I would see things missing on the shelves or in the bedroom I would go look in the trash and get them out and hide them somewhere and then when he came back down and be like okay baby here’s all your stuff I saved you from the trash thank you but even like you know somewhat like learning you learn some things repetition learning how God acts in your struggle and stuff you learn whenever you feel that need to get rid of everything you learned and I learned to like sometimes you still feel those feelings sometimes you still want to do those things at times then you got to understand you have to learn you understand okay why am I feeling this way is it because this is demonic if it is let’s get rid of everything demonic and if that but or is it something else that’s getting in the way of your relationship with God or whatever the case is and you need to examine that because you’re gonna keep repeating the cycles over and over and you’ll be like a dog chasing their tail it wasn’t just me all of my friends have done it the most of the messages I get from people who enjoy this podcast and what I bring to the table here they have done it and so you know it it’s a struggle and sometimes God will have you go and get things out of your house and burn them and throw them away I’m not saying that’s bad at all I’m just saying in this one instance it was a struggle between wanting the approval of your peers and actually following the path that had for you so this is a little different I’m not saying that’s evil in itself and then you know once he finally found his stability he found his place knowing that he was living his purpose however many years that’s just a month or two ordeal like that was a journey that took I would say that’s that’s the hardest time for me because I couldn’t stand to see you struggle and and almost like self hate because these other people were putting his stuff on you and that was really hard for me but I’m very thankful that you’ve found your place now and you know that you’re doing the right thing and that this is the path God has you on because you’re seeing so much fruit from it and that’s kind of how I measure everything is by its fruit like don’t tell me show me show me what a difference it’s made in your life or someone else’s life and that’s how I judge if it’s good or not so um but anyway now that you’re on your path and you’ve learned so much about UFOs and psilocybin some of these topics still like I’m not there yet I don’t feel like I don’t feel like I’m missing something that needs to be plugged in in that area of knowledge so for me if I think about something and it causes me fear or panic or worry I just try to put it aside because I feel like whenever God tells me about it or leads me into studying that then I won’t have those negative feelings about it anymore whoa what about the further you know when I went off on the trip and did the first psilocybin encounter for me it was phenomenal life-changing really meant a lot okay got a lot of healing from it even on the first one a lot of vision about about this and about what I’m supposed to be doing in the future and this was man no it had to be four years ago if not more when I came home I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to make you mad that I was out having a mushroom encounter but I told you anyway and you kind of lit into me but if you want to talk about that just because of our past and drugs and we’ve LSD and stuff like that like I mean that’s kind of what you thought just tripping or something I didn’t know anything about psilocybin how it can treat depression and there’s a lot of good things about it but the thing that hurt me was I felt like you had been dishonest with me and went off with your buddies and did this trip thing and and you were different when you came home and it wasn’t a bad kind of different so yeah I was really upset at first because I felt like you hadn’t been fully honest with me but you know after I just tried to see how you acted and making sure you’re not like this drug addict now and wanting to go every weekend and party and forget your family none of that happened so it was all good things you came home with like a purpose in mind and a vision for it and I really only saw good things from it so while it’s still not for me like I’m not there yet but I could see good things happening in your life from it so that’s kind of what caused me to stop being so upset about it the fruit of it so now that you know we were into spirituality and understanding aliens or whatever I’m into or whatever you’re into or just really more in touch with nature as well seeing God in nature seeing God in everything you know we’re for you personally spirituality where does Christ come in what does Jesus fit in have you have we outgrown Jesus is he’s still there does there still do you pray to him what is your relationship with Jesus now that we kind of started out in the Christian Church and now we’re running we’re best friends with psychics and healers and things like that and people in nature and stuff like where does Jesus fit into that for you I’m almost hesitant to even say anything because I was so bound up for so long over some of this who do you pray to and all that I’ll tell you what I do I pray to my Creator I feel like he created me I love him so much he’s blessed me with my family he helps me through hard times and so I prayed of my Creator and I believe that Jesus was divine I I pray in Jesus name sometimes I love to read about stories of Jesus healing people and what he did in the Bible and the message that he showed us through his life how to live how to love people you know it it doesn’t seem like there was any any hate or negativity in him until he saw other people being exploited and abused and so for me Jesus is an awesome example of how we should be in this life to just love people to love nature to pray to God to thank God for everything he’s blessed us with to ask him to help us when we feel like we’re down and we need another leg up I still love Jesus and I’m very grateful that he came and lived as an example and even died to show his love for other people and I fully accept that still but I mean I I fully believe in psychics if you want to call it that and intuitive knowledge and crystal healing and natural herbal healing and I really believe that that’s how we’re supposed to live and yeah I think that’s how Jesus lived too when he was here yeah it goes beyond just like from I guess coming from evangelical Christianity where I was a evangelist in for ten years we’re told all you have to do is just say you love Jesus or ask him into your heart and then it’s kind of done or whatever no it is finished like jesus said that’s what they preach you know but it goes beyond that now now I think the Christ consciousness or whatever is more real to walk in the same consciousness that Jesus walked in and and trying to be like him follow the example versus just like I’m saved or I’m a Christian I can do whatever I want it’s it’s a little bit more in-depth now that you’re able to study spirituality in house Jesus was a spiritual person and while he disappeared for hours on end in prayer and meditation and things like that and his community and things like that you just learn from it all and follow his example versus just saying yes I’m a Christian I believe or whatever the case is it’s kind of transformed into something a little bit more right yeah I think to say all you have to do is ask Jesus into your heart I think that’s a cop-out like it shouldn’t be just this one phrase in the English language that you say and then poof everything’s okay like you really should practice Christ consciousness and try to live how he lived and treat people how he treated people so if anybody has any questions for Aaron’s spirit wolf leave them in the comment section on either on Facebook or YouTube and I’ll try to ask her those questions if anybody wants to know anything but yeah we’ve been you know we’ve been doing this for a year now like full-time or whatever people only usually see what we show them you know I’m saying they only see us when we go live some people I saw they know they don’t know like I’ve been podcasting since 2011 or you know we’ve been researching or you know this goes back to frickin 1997 1998 getting into ocultism or Satanism and Wicca and studying all that stuff and so now we’re in kind of realms where some people are into that and they they don’t know that you know they don’t know that you’ve studied they don’t know that you’ve been there they don’t know that you used to do this or do that people don’t don’t notice that you know I’m saying sleepless nights and they you know they make judgments and assumptions based upon what you shows them what they were able to see so it’s kind of kind of crazy and see what this question says Jonathan Santiago says true seeker how did you guys manage in the start when you first got laid off money-wise trust wise etc if you guys don’t mind I started doing the math like I said a while ago it was uh just seeing how much money I was spending at work like I needed coffees to keep me awake I would snack I would eat out like I got I was sorry eating out like crazy I’d eat out for breakfast lunch and dinner or at least breakfast and lunch and adding that up throughout the week like that’s a decent chump and then the gas money that I was driving you know 45 minutes to to and from work every day adding all that stuff up and that’s a big chunk that I could take off of what I need to survive on what I need to live or whatever the case is so I started to trying to like just do the math on ways we can make it work I was making money off my meat off my music but I may buy the frivolous stuff I would maybe buy a basketball jersey or new shoes or go out to eat like spend that money that I was making off my music because it never was a big chunk per month it’s just it trickles in you get a little payment here a little payment here a little payment here and I’d say okay let’s go out to eat okay I’m eating out on this by myself without them even knowing while I’m working spending this money was like you know what now that we’re gonna have to kind of penny pinch let’s see if I if I got money that comes through I could pay my cell phone bill you pay the light bill I could pay this instead of just spending it away and like making good use of the money you know and being more conscientious of it so in an less waste so that came early on and it wasn’t we’re doing great men like we’re doing great we’ve we’ve never like God is good man you know I’m saying and there it is a step of faith though it is you have to trust it’s all about trust right trust in the Creator trust in the father and not panicking if you panic and freak out you’re trying to how we’re gonna make this work just go with the man and so if it’s like if it’s a cut if it’s calling you like if God called you to it he’ll brought you to it he’ll bring you through it he gives you the vision he’ll give you the provision the whole thing about is the timing when do you do it everybody wants to do ministry full time everybody wants to be a full time rapper full-time photographer full time podcaster but it’s like when do you do it so you have to use wisdom with it but you have to walk in faith I got friends who are rappers who make zero income per month and they’re getting ready to go full-time well in their head that’s it they’re just like they’re not promoting they’re not buying ad revenue they’re not selling albums but they see me go full-time so they say you know what imma do it but you got it you gotta at least try to make the transition easier if that’s your vision you have to do something today and you know I talk about this all the time on the podcast what you’re trying to bring it to fruition for tomorrow you got to do something today you got to take that seed first you got to go to the hard ground till it up get the ground ready put the seed in cover it up water it let the Sun make sure sun’s hitting it when it starts growing cultivate it pull the weeds out that’s a that’s a daily thing and so I believe you have to do something today that you want to manifest tomorrow and like I talked about that that seed maybe commissioning somebody to make you a logo that seed maybe a website that seed maybe sending an email but you can’t just sit back and just have this awesome dream you know and not have goals and not have really practical ways to try to make it happen and money’s a part of it and frivolous money and if you’re splurging maybe cut back like what’s worth more than you that really nice house or the job would you give up your job and move into a smaller house maybe a mobile home with lower payments so that you can be a full-time photographer so that you can be a full-time rapper whatever the case is and so you can’t some definitely starting out you have your cake and eat it too I mean we’ve seen this that was something we learned from our own stuff but then watching other people if you know the example I’m talking about like when you start it when we had Nevaeh and other people were having babies at the same time do you know you want to give that example you don’t know well Aaron was staying home okay yeah so I made a really hard choice I’ll say it I say that I made the choice but again even so long ago when Nevaeh was born I would pray and ask God to open doors for me and just show me guidance and give me peace and we had paid a deposit for daycare like I fully intended on going back to work as soon as Nevaeh was born and I was able to but I felt like God would not allow me to do that that I was supposed to stay home with her so we just forfeited our daycare deposit I turned in my notice and quit my job and and it was hard to do but I just I had to follow where God was leading me and so I did apply for some assistance and we got very little assistance because I refused to lie on the forums and honestly the government does not help you that much if you’re honest so but anyways we were able to make ends meet we like he said we cut corners anywhere we could we don’t we’ve never had cable ever that’s not a necessity I’m sorry it’s not Internet’s not really a necessity unless you do something like this for a living where you have to have it I mean most people have it on their phones there are things in ways that you can cut corners so so we did we cut corners every way that we could I stayed home with her I was very blessed and I caught so much backlash from people for staying home with my baby because I asked for government assistance and I mean I don’t like people to not like me or to think of me in a negative way but I didn’t care I was I was doing what God wanted me to do and those years I had at home with my child I’ll never I would not trade any amount of money or fame or anything for it like those moments were so precious and I’m thankful that God allowed that to happen in my life but other people were so bitter like they they maybe had a huge house with a huge note brand-new car lease you know I’m wearing makeup I’m very low maintenance person and they were saying they wish they could stay home with their kid like then but you’re getting your hair done and your nails done and you got a really nice card huge note and all of this stuff so you can’t like it’s it’s prohibiting you we have kept it simple since from from the jump humble beginnings and and we have you able to do it you know and people would you know get mad or people would be envious or whatever but you could do it too I think anyone can do it if they if they just tried hard enough well there’s a lot of things you had like you said it’s where you invest your time that’s where that’s where your heart is so I didn’t I didn’t care you know about all these superficial stuff or driving a big fancy car or having cable I wanted to be with my baby so I got a run I want to let Erin finish up some of these questions and just finish up the podcast however long she wants to go the time is here how long we’ve gone I’m gonna go ahead and run I got somewhere I got to be some really good questions coming to through for you about your favorite books this is a good one the brother Wayne thing I know you can talk about how it’s hard for me to do brother Wayne now and stuff so I got to run I got a couple things like I do I’m on the air and finish it up once you’re done click that and you’ll be done I love you bye guys so I guess I really am taking over now okay let’s see if I can read these questions they look really small hmm okay I may have missed some questions I don’t know so if I if I miss you maybe retype it because I don’t know how to do all this this is not my jam so it says true Sica can you ask spirit wolf what is her favorite book and favorite essential oil my favorite book is probably gonna make you laugh I am a huge Harry Potter nerd like I love love Harry Potter and that’s not like awakened or enlightenment at all but it is definitely an escape and I love it so much that is probably my favorite book series is Harry Potter but if you want like a legit awakened answer a book that made a big difference in my life it was the alchemist that book is an awesome it’s written kind of like a parable and it’s about going out and achieving your dreams and taking risks and it’s really good and in case you didn’t know you can do your free audible trial I think it’s backslash true seeker and if you do a free trial we get a kickback even though it’s free and you can I think get the alchemist on there and check it out it’s a great book there’s a bug in here and my favorite essential oil is a blend it’s a Young Living blend and it’s called peace and calming and it’s got lavender it’s got I think it has I know I’m saying it wrong but I say Alang Alang but I know that’s wrong and it’s just for it’s for calming and it helps me sleep at night when I can’t sleep very well I put it in the diffuser and it just it smells wonderful and honestly I think I have more awakened dreams when I defuse it so that would be my favorite and and it’s it’s main component is lavender lavender is a close second I put lavender on everything and I put it in my bath it just it’s very calming and relaxing so Liliana said behind an awesome guy there’s a powerful woman thank you we we have been at for a very long time he’s my best friend it makes me really sad whenever I meet couples who fight a lot because we don’t what you mean we have disagreements but we we’re best buds like we get along really well so it’s it’s really been a great journey together let’s see if I could find some more questions I know there were more yeah Derek had an appointment he had to get to so sorry he had to go and I’m not as good at this I see a question on Facebook and it says what began y’all’s awakening was it a trauma premonition or what I guess it was just honestly the general calling of the Holy Spirit for truce Iike whenever we came to Christ I had gone to church before but I never really had experienced anything real or the Holy Spirit but I had prayed and I go to church but it kind of just felt like you were just talking to yourself instead of praying to a living God you know and things had gotten really dark for us where he was hearing like demonic speech and there would be no one talking but he’s hearing voices kind of thing and he would get really sick and pale like at you know at the snap of a finger he would be white and cold and clammy it was almost like he was dying and you know I I didn’t know what to do for him or or we were so stoned I couldn’t drive him to the hospital things got really really bad and he felt like he had to come back to Christ or he was going to die and I really think that we both would have and so that’s what started us into our upward upward spiral I would say it was pretty traumatic for him and for me I really I really rebelled against the idea really hard but he told me he says okay just pretend and try it my way and if in two weeks our lives aren’t 100% better then I’ll I’ll go back to doing all these rituals and stuff with you that’s how much faith he had and our lives were better they got infinitely better and there was never any question of turning back and it’s been just an awesome step-by-step Awakening and truth learning since then someone said it’s awesome to see him have the backing of his wife that’s such a powerful need yeah like I said he’s my best friend and it it made me sad for so many years to see him in a job that yeah he made good money and it supported our family but he he wasn’t even himself anymore his whole countenance his face everything had changed and I guess when you go for years only getting two or three hours of sleep every night like you probably do get into kind of a zombie-like State but I knew he wasn’t enjoying his time that he he was even with us because he was so tired so yeah he’s my best friend of course I want to see him prosper and I love to see all the stories of people who’ve been touched by his work and it makes it all worth it Danny says do you have a favorite verse from the Bible yeah mine is probably I think it’s its proverbs 3:5 to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not upon your own understanding because I I like to understand things and I like to know exactly you know why this is this way and why that’s that way and sometimes God doesn’t work that way like I said before about him telling me whenever this big change was going to happen in our life he didn’t tell me what was going to happen or exactly when it was just kind of like a nudge like hey this something big is gonna happen you need to be prepared for it so yeah I do love that scripture and it even comes into play almost daily for me but yeah you can’t lean on your earthly knowledge or what your flesh or your mind understands because the Spirit is different and yeah and someone says I think it says Chris where does spirit wolf come from do you have a Native American background yes I do I we are not on a roll or anything but I do have a strong Cherokee lineage and I am approximately one-eighth Cherokee from both sides of my family my grandfather was adopted he was born on a reservation and adopted by a white family and because of all the shame that they put on you know the Native American race at that time the adoptive family of course changes everything to say that he’s white so but we can we can trace it back really far and yeah it’s I do feel kind of like a pulling toward that lifestyle so that’s why I picked spirit wolf for myself because I feel like a wolf is my spirit animal they are very protective they’re very loyal and I feel like I have a very small pack like a very small tribe I don’t have millions of friends like some people but the few that I do have like I would defend them with my life so and then spirit I just I try my best to walk in the spirit and listen to spirit and live my life that way so that’s I did choose that name for myself and that’s why Black Panther says your husband changed my life when I discovered his music which helped me through some dark times he called me once after a Facebook post and we prayed together yeah he his music is awesome he’s he’s helped a lot of people find Awakening and even learn about new subjects and I know that his music is is definitely ordained for a higher purpose and even some people who love it they may even learn about something new and listen to it again and hear things in his lyrics that they’d never even noticed before so that’s kind of cool true Sica says you are so beautiful thank you babe what is some of your favorite music take a guess see if you can guess I bet you can’t I’ll tell you but I want a couple of guesses first Danny says Derrick helped me a lot in my awakening last year I was so depressed drinking every day yeah he we have been through so much and I feel like a lot of our experience and testimony happened to us so that we could help other people so I’m really thankful that he’s so giving of his time to help people I see don’t text and drive Derrick that is great advice babe get off the phone put the phone down rock music and metal that’s great guesses so my favorite band of all time is Metallica I’ve loved Metallica since I was in high school Derrick took me to see him for my birthday last year it was my first time to ever see him live in concert and I just think they keep getting better and better as the years go on I love Metallica and another favorite of mine would be the Beatles I love all of the Beatles music from the very first days to the very last days they are awesome and a lot of their music has some really great lyrics too so hey Ally so we’re almost at one hour so I think I should probably shut this down does anybody have anything else before we go so I’m just gonna talk for a minute I just want to tell you guys that you should follow your heart and by that I mean you should follow whatever you feel like God has given you a passion for in life ever since I was ever since I could remember since I was a very small child I’ve been obsessed with horses and I’ve told this story before on christie Lee christie Lee show on Wednesday night but I’ve always had a passion for horses we lived in an you know a small space there was not enough room for a horse no one in my family had horses but I was so obsessed with them my whole life and it got to the point where in my adult life I had Nevaeh’s she was small like maybe two years old and I still had such a passion for horses and I would just have these amazing dreams and wake up crying at night because I wanted to spend time with horses so that prompted me to start making some phone calls because I told told Derek like there’s no way this is an accident like I feel ridiculous to wake up crying because I want to be around a horse there’s got to be a higher purpose so I started making some phone calls and he actually on one of his little side jobs whenever he left a job and went to work at this other job he found this place that was called buckaroo barn and they had horses and did physical therapy for special needs kids which both of those are a huge passion of mine I have a cousin who is special-needs and I’ve always kind of had a soft spot for that so I started making phone calls no experience whatsoever and I just asked people hey do you allow volunteers I would love to come like I’ll clean the stables whatever you want I just I want to learn about horses and that’s how I came to my job at buckaroo barn because they said yeah we do take volunteers and I went out there and it was just a really good fit from day one and I know that I know that’s why God had those dreams in my mind at night because it drove me to find buckaroo barn and I feel like that is one of my higher purposes in this life is to help special needs kids and families and I get to be around horses at the same time so it’s really awesome I love it I love my job I would do it for free and now I get paid to do it so it’s an extra blessing and I’ve been able to help with a non-profit to give back to to help the families pay their medical bills because I’m sure all of you guys know what a burden that can be and with a special needs child those burdens never go away they always have medical visits so Ally said you need to do this more I don’t feel like I have that much to say like I’ll talk whenever I can Adam says what is your website my website is spirit wolf living comm and it’s not actually like a site I created it’s a link to purchase essential oils through me and so I’ll just plug that again if anyone is interested in essential oils if you want to learn more you can message me on Facebook backslash a RIE and G and I’d be happy to talk to you about it but if you just want to purchase or even sign up for a kit you can get on there and go to spirit wolf living com oh yeah true says I was supposed to talk about brother Wayne yeah brother Wayne’s gone I’m sorry he’s just gone he’s not here anymore it was funny because when true seeker was working that job driving sometimes tired and you know you stay up for two days and your voice is like all froggy and scratchy and so he would he would come home and just be in a silly mood because he’s loopy from a lack of sleep and these brother Wayne videos and the voice sounded like just somebody else it was so convincing well I feel like ever since he started doing this full-time he loves it so much and it’s he’s really living in his purpose the voice is gone he’s too happy he’s too happy to get into that spirit of that bitter old you know Church hurt but still a pastor weird personality that he had for brother Wayne he’s different he’s just not he’s not the scruffy old bitter brother Wayne anymore brother Allen says brother Wayne help me learn who I really am so happy to hear that Allen brother Wayne does take no donations at his his church down in Shreveport you ought to send him one I know you love it share your oily testimonies and tell us about scripture and essential oils so I did have a scripture pulled up that I wanted to read so I will read it it’s Ezekiel 47 12 fruit trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river their leaves will not wither nor will their fruit fail every month they will bear fruit because of the water from the sanctuary flows to them their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing so I like that scripture because it’s pretty blatant that you are supposed to use plants for healing purposes I probably shouldn’t say that because I don’t think the FDA likes it but if you’re going to use essential oils on or in your body you need to make sure they are very very pure the purest distillation possible because if you it takes it takes a lot of square footage of plants to make one little bottle of essential oils so if those plants have pesticides on them all of those plants with those pesticides are in this little bottle so using a concentrated essential oil can be just as bad for you as it can be good for you if you’re not using the right stuff so make sure whatever company you buy from that it is very pure that’s why I like Young Living because they have a seed to seal guarantee and they monitor everything so carefully they invite their people to come out and see the farm to plant plants to see the processes like they’re very open about what goes on at their farms and another thing I love is that if a plant is being harvested too much that the plant is in danger of not reproducing at a high enough rate they’ll stop like they don’t they don’t care about profits more than they do the environment so they monitor everything very carefully and they do care about the world and the environment and their impact on it so my oily testimonies I have anxiety issues sometimes and that oil of peace and calming that’s my favorite I keep it in the car and I like to put it on right here behind my ears and on my wrist whenever I’m going to large crowds or events I’m finding that I don’t need it so much anymore and that’s a good thing but I have lots and lots of oily testimonies it’s just really hard to share in a way that I can legally but if you have any questions you can message me on my Facebook page I’d be happy to talk about it like thieves I can say about thieves that is one of my favorites too that’s our back-to-school oil we use it on our feet at night and we put it in the diffuser because you know when all the kids go back to school they start sharing supplies sharing books they share other things that are not so great and they bring it home to your house so we use thieves to support our immune system and it works someone said the FDA is only concerned with keeping Big Pharma fat that is true it’s it’s funny how many companies and how many different places only care about money like even insurance companies they really only care about money they don’t care about helping people because I work in the medical field I can see it I can see it a lot now vetiver oil is very calming as well yes I know a lot of people who use vetiver to help them get to sleep at night someone said are there Sasquatch sightings in your area I haven’t seen any I haven’t heard of anyone seeing any but I know when my daughter was little she used to go out and make little circles out of bricks and rocks and try to build Bigfoot traps so she may have seen some because she really legit tried hard to catch Bigfoot when she was little so Ally I’m really excited to try all the products you gave me yesterday because I am trying to go to a more natural way everything you put on your body gets absorbed into your body so if you use shampoo that has chemicals in it sulfates parabens all that garbage it’s gonna get absorbed into your scalp and your skin same for lotion same for makeup same for moisturizer sunscreen everything you put on your body is gonna absorb into your body into some way shape or form so anything that’s natural without chemicals in it organic is better you should go that route I’ve actually had a few friends to friends that were diagnosed with breast cancer in the last it’s probably been it’s probably been almost 2 years now since their diagnosis but they both found their breast cancer right in their armpit like right where you would put your deodorant and they both used deodorant with aluminum and parabens in it so you just have to be really careful what you put on your body because it gets absorbed into your body especially deodorant because it stops you from sweating and sweating is one way your body gets impurities out so I’m like you don’t want to block all of those sweat glands and keep all of that impurity impure things inside of your body you want them to come out let me go back to the facebook chat someone said where are y’all from true Sica is originally from the New Orleans area I’m from here Mobile Alabama area and we both live in lower Alabama now Jordan Viera says I love the alchemist yeah The Alchemist is a great book someone says she is right you should speak your truth more I kind of I started last year just doing videos and speaking my truth a little bit and then I did a little short video on it recently but I felt like I was under attack from another person they said some things that hurt me and so I didn’t really want to be seen on video or on Facebook or even in person like I really just retreated from who I I wanted to be but uh I think I’m back on track now it was a hard blow it took me a long time to get over it but I’m over it now so you guys will probably be seeing more of me hey drew is watching on Facebook hey drew we love you guys too hope to see y’all soon what shampoo and conditioner do you use I don’t wash my hair very much but when I do I try to find the most natural shampoo that I can afford so right now I’m using not your mother’s brand which is probably not the best brand but I know they don’t have sulfates and parabens in it and you can get it at you know like Walmart or Walgreens so that’s what I use right now brother Allen says down with the haters that’s right everybody has haters but haters are just haters so gotta let him go someone says Aaron have you experienced any of the stuff he talks about in the podcast ie aliens or angels etc yes I have experienced angels aliens not not so much I mean I’ve seen lots of things in in skies I don’t really think that UFOs are little green men driving ships I don’t know some people think they are but that I don’t I don’t dwell on that but I do know that I’ve experienced angels intervening for me and I feel like did you know that you can pray and invoke God’s angels to come around and protect you I do that a lot and so like if there’s a car accident on my my path to work and I’ve prayed for God’s angels to protect me and the car won’t start or you know any number of things can happen I’m late leaving the house by 15 minutes which causes me to miss this area at this time that’s happened to me a lot and I believe that’s that’s angels intervening in my life to keep me out of harm’s way when my sister and I were growing up we went on a trip to the Grand Canyon with my family and she almost fell in the Grand Canyon and she says that these little birds came and grew a root like instantly grew a root out of the side of the rock and her foot hit the root and that’s how she was able to not keep slipping and falling down into the Grand Canyon and I believe that was angels intervening on her behalf so yes I’ve had encounters with angels not in the form of like a person standing in front of me but I do believe that they are there and they protect me and they have my best interests at heart so I I guess I’m gonna end it now but one more question did you ever join true seeker Owen if his sacred mushroom ceremonies no I have not I know I’m not saying never but not until not until my creator tells me to go for it I don’t I feel very connected to nature I feel very connected to my family I don’t have negative feelings all the time I don’t really feel like there’s a whole lot of things missing from my perspective I work with special needs children who have the greatest attitude in the world and it’s hard to have a negative point of view on anything after working with them so I I don’t know if I felt like something was missing and my Creator was pushing me towards that I would try it but never just on my own what I say hey let me just see how this is cuz I really feel like if it’s not broke don’t fix it kind of thing alright guys well we’re an hour and 15 minutes in so I guess I’m gonna go thank you guys for putting up with me I’m not as good at this as true Sica is but I hope you enjoyed it I hope that some of the things you heard will help you to stay in tune with the spirit because the spirit is always talking you just have to quiet yourself quiet your mind quiet your body and listen and I’m so thankful that I was in a place where I was listening when he was warning me about what was to come with true seekers job because I am totally the type that would just panic and go off the rails but it wasn’t a surprise I was there’s nothing to panic about like I knew it was coming so yeah I fully supported him to go for it when he lost his secure stable job or whatever but um thanks for putting up with me if you have any questions or if you want to know more about essential oils you can message me on Facebook so yeah I enjoyed it I’ll see you guys on the other side

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