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In this episode David Curtis joins TruthSeekah to speak about his experiences with UFOs and Aliens. David speaks about summoning UFOs and making contact with aliens or interdimensional beings through meditation. David also speaks about how when these experiences come into our lives we also start to see more synchronicities and coincidences that have something important to do with our life’s journey. Many people refer this this as being led by our intuition, the holy spirit or even by our guardian angels, it is as if something or someone is guiding us. Strange things begin to happen as our journey unfolds and we draw closer to God we see all things working within our favor. Many people end up coming to similar conclusions as the mystics of old and speak about a “oneness with all things”. This “oneness” seems to be reached as well by walking in a level of gratitude where you are thankful for everything in your life, the good as well as the bad. You take nothing personal and you become a victor rather than the victim. This phenomena is very strange but shows us how closely connected we all really are. We see ourselves ending up in very similar places to people who have had complete opposite religious upbringings and beliefs. Once we are able to move past our own dogmas we are able to see that we are not any different from our neighbors and everyone is an extension of ourselves. So with that being said the UFOs and alien phenomena go hand in hand with spirituality and not in a bad way. Many people are starting to feel that these so called aliens or visitors from above are simply what we would call the angels from our own religious texts. This episode shows us that there is something deeper to be found within our experiences because we are not alone and never have been all along.



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