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In this episode David Curtis joins TruthSeekah to speak about his experiences with UFOs and Aliens. David speaks about summoning UFOs and making contact with aliens or interdimensional beings through meditation. David also speaks about how when these experiences come into our lives we also start to see more synchronicities and coincidences that have something important to do with our life’s journey. Many people refer this this as being led by our intuition, the holy spirit or even by our guardian angels, it is as if something or someone is guiding us. Strange things begin to happen as our journey unfolds and we draw closer to God we see all things working within our favor. Many people end up coming to similar conclusions as the mystics of old and speak about a “oneness with all things”. This “oneness” seems to be reached as well by walking in a level of gratitude where you are thankful for everything in your life, the good as well as the bad. You take nothing personal and you become a victor rather than the victim. This phenomena is very strange but shows us how closely connected we all really are. We see ourselves ending up in very similar places to people who have had complete opposite religious upbringings and beliefs. Once we are able to move past our own dogmas we are able to see that we are not any different from our neighbors and everyone is an extension of ourselves. So with that being said the UFOs and alien phenomena go hand in hand with spirituality and not in a bad way. Many people are starting to feel that these so called aliens or visitors from above are simply what we would call the angels from our own religious texts. This episode shows us that there is something deeper to be found within our experiences because we are not alone and never have been all along.

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can’t really go on a job site and start talking to people about UFOs or psychedelics or aliens or even spirituality for that matter so I remember when I was on the job sighted I had to go there I had to talk about football in sports and the weather and things like that you know so like to really create an atmosphere where we can dig into some of these ideas and thoughts and experiences that we’ve been having and kind of just throw them up man and see what sticks and so it’s really cool when people have had similar experiences and similar encounters and we can all come to the the table and bring our information there and and not not argue not debate you guys know I don’t like to do that even when some people want to prompt you to do that it’s not that there’s a specific agenda with the information that comes on if that’s the case then I wouldn’t have a lot of certain guests on here who are strong with their stand point but it’s really about exploring the information for what it is and seeing if it fits and I think that a lot of us are having very similar experiences there’s more insight that we can get with the more people that we talk to and really have like a judge of character for people and just see where they’re coming from so we got a good show for you guys today I’m gonna be speaking that David Curtis about his UFO encounters and it got some really interesting information on how it ties into spirituality and the occult and things like that and so I think they go hand in hand I think they’re good for the most part you know what I’m saying that when we talk about having an agenda that that’s maybe that’s an agenda you know those are my experiences my encounters other people have had similar encounters but then again we’ve had other people on the show such as Kerry Cassidy and some other people who say wait these things may not be as pleasant or as good as we you know think they are or want them to be for that matter I think I want them to be the Savior so I think I want them to be the ones that are watching over us and have been here since the beginning and I think they are so but I think it’s just about looking at the information for what it is and I’m definitely open to that to have those conversations before we go any further I got to say thank you to everybody who’s supporting my work my music my podcast you guys enabled me to do this full-time I’m now doing this full-time just stepping out there on faith man I’ve been doing this for about six months now it’s been going great the numbers have been increasing like daily the podcast views the supporters everything is just increasing and I couldn’t do it without you guys so thank you from the bottom of my heart everybody’s support on back slash true seeker I want to give a shout out to a couple new people we have this past week since I did the last show like just a couple days ago we got two new people who joined the community this is uh someone named home sauce as the name they’re going by Samantha Kristina welcome to the family and everybody else who were supporting thank you guys so much if you want to support my work you could do so for any level of giving anywhere from $1 to $5 $10 a month whatever you’re able to do would mean the world to me I don’t know over the backslash true seeker there you’ll get access to exclusive podcasts my entire discography of music I do hip-hop and rap music about these topics that we’re speaking on today about UFOs spirituality all of that good stuff I tie all of this information in all my research into my music and then and didn’t do the podcast where I kind of break it down and go into some of the detail of those encounters and stuff that are in my music so you get access to that we also have Thursday nights which is called the school of the Mystics that we do which is going to be tonight 7:00 p.m. central you get access to that and this is a roundtable discussion we’re going to be starting a course this week which is how to tap into the prophetic ministry how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit hear God speaking in your own life and so these are these short teachings we’re going to be doing and there’s practical experience and activations and it’s a group discussion so join us tonight if you’re a patron over at backslash truth seeker and get access so with that I’m gonna say thank you guys without further ado David Curtis you joining us from Australia is that right brother no from England England the accident right welcome to the show man yeah so I guess after I did those interviews with Kerry Cassidy I guess you found out my work and seeing what I do and I reached out to me wanting to be a guest and showed me your material some of the other interviews that you’ve done and I kind of went in and we’re just skipping around throughout the interviews because it’s a lot of material there and I went right to the place I needed to go talking about the white room and the UFO encounters and things like that and I thought I have a listen to the entirety of it but I thought that it sounded mostly like pleasant experiences that it was something that maybe is welcomed versus being something of negative or being tormented or something like that if you want to set that up kind of go into some detail I’m interested to hear the whole story man of some of these encounters that you’ve had okay so I was born in March the 1st 1945 at the end of the World War two and I was living in Oxford and I was brought up in a non-religious house so things like good and evil God soul Jesus they didn’t mean anything to me no so there was no interior tea you know there was nothing inside and my parents they just lived and they died and that was it really you know they weren’t materialist they weren’t atheists they were just ordinary people working ordinary jobs but they had no interest in religion that was the society they were brought up in so any at the age of four I’m lying in bed and I see some flickering lights by the ceiling and I’m kind of fascinated by them and I feel my body’s expanding into the room so it’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger I get a bit freaked out and put my head under the pillow and I see these entities running around so that sounds like a typical abduction I have no memory of an abduction but something strange was going on with my with myself and maybe that was the beginnings of some kind of inner world you know and in a world that was not in my family and I never told my family and I wasn’t particularly frightened so I didn’t tell my parents about it so then I move on to 15 III I joined my sister who’s married to an American in Portsmouth New Hampshire so I go over there I go to high school and he he’s just come out of the Air Force and he’s a lab technician in the local hospital and he gets me a job in the Air Force Base while I’m working in the Air Force Base this is 1961 in the fall and right when I’m working there the most important UFO abduction cases being investigated right at that moment in that particular Air Force Base and it’s the Betty and Barney Hill abduction and that and John fuller wrote a book called the interrupted journey in about 1967 so I’m at a place that’s very strategic it’s the first major abduction in the George Adamski would say no he’s a contact here with Venus but since Betty and Barney Hill it became abduction so that was like I had this four-year-old thing it’s kind of like you tick another box it’s like suddenly I’m right at the center you know there’s a maneuver like on the chess board and I’m maneuvered to go over to America I believe it’s all orchestrated I believe that it’s a what I call a meta programming by alien intelligence which I have contact with direct contact with and I didn’t know then of course but looking back I can see that yeah I life I haven’t been the mover of my life I haven’t been the kind of ego center that’s in control I’m just kind of following I’m not following orders in fact I feel very free iterated person but I feel that somehow I’m kind of receptive and adaptive and I’ve been to India I’ve been all over I’ve lived in about 50 different places right so let me ask you this so is it this inward is it this inward knowing like because you said you don’t feel forced it’s like you know in your heart of hearts that there’s this divine purpose that you’re here for there’s as part of your journey and if you submit to it amazing things begin to happen your life begins to be orchestrated by essentially the hand of the divine or you can kind of step away and say no no I’m not going to entertain that I’m just going to do what I want to do that’s the type that’s what you’re talking about correct yeah right I can go into that well 15 my sister and brother-in-law they go to California I get kind of abandoned so I’m literally on my own of 1516 and I’m with an American family and then I get a job in a summer camp and I literally have no money and nowhere to go so I’ve got to literally ask people to look after me so I get picked up by this American family and I’m taken to New York to Poughkeepsie which is about 50 miles north of New York City on the Hudson River and I live with a family the man is an IBM person he’s a and he’s he’s got many patents on on computers and when I leave high school he gets me a job on the Apollo rocket so I’m doing them some basic work in working on modules and microscopes on the Apollo rocket and then I go to the State University of New York at Stony Brook Long Island near Manhattan and I’m into classical music but there’s a rock concert and it involves a soft machine and Jimi Hendrix Experience so my first kind of like opening into the rock scene and the hippie scene and counterculture was Jimi Hendrix but as I say I went to the concert and for whatever reason I decided to drop out of college and I wasn’t part of the counterculture I wasn’t aware of hippies only like Jimi Hendrix but I wasn’t aware of the counterculture and the the guy that the young man that I was like friends with in this IBM house he had gone to Vietnam and he came back from Vietnam and he had a really good Corvette you know super Corvette car and he said you want to meet him if he Leary and I didn’t know about drugs or Timothy Leary so he takes me out to this house Timothy Leary is only living about 20 miles away in in Mill Brook and I go out there we drive into this big estate and there’s this big wooden house with psychedelics painted all over the wood the house and there’s all these people freaked out that they’re just lying around quite free and we have a conversation with Timothy Leary but of course I don’t know anything about Timothy Leary so anyway in the local paper it shows Leary and some friends throwing flowers at the policemen at the police station because they used to raid raid the house all the time no for like drugs sex rock and roll that kind of thing so anyway I I’m in I’m in Poughkeepsie I was married I left my marriage I left the you University I don’t know anything about UFOs spirituality or anything like that and I get this room and I just had the change of consciousness I don’t know where it came from it just like took over and I describe it as walking around the town and it was like a gothic is very Edgar Allen Poe very gothic very shadow world I like going out in the evenings I like going out before dawn in the early morning but I wasn’t aware of magic or anything like that and things started to happen I started to meet people I would never have met if I wasn’t in that stay so doors so yes we’re going to some kind of pickup sorry so doors were opening and I end up going to new pole stay across the river across the Hudson River and and I start mixing with hippies and I get into that scene the hippie scene and in a new pulse about 10 or so years later David Wilcock goes to new polls and the the the the the place I was at before Stony Brook University dan burisch and I think Project Camelot interviewed dan burisch and he plays a major part in my life not not personally but what he revealed about the looking glass yellow pew the book to do with Orion and I get very connected to a Ryan and I’m given a pew in the vision so it links him with where I was at the University with dan burisch and then later with David Wilcock I meet a friend in Oxford and he’s the world’s he’s now the world’s scholar Ahn jung-geun synchronicity so I’ve got synchronicity coming in with David Wilcock and the UFO at Stony Brook with dan burisch so it’s like setting the scene if you will so I’m living in new post and I come back to England and I go off to to India and I spend some time with the Lama there in the Himalayas and I can kind of quick forward to 1976 when I’m in Oxford and I’m living in the house of Lawrence of Arabia and above my window is a blue plaque and they put blue plaques on houses where very famous people live and that was TE Lawrence Lawrence of Arabia and that was 1976-77 well in that year a very famous ufologist john emac who wrote a book called abduction from harvard university he wrote a definitive book a biography of TE Lawrence Lawrence of Arabia the very year I was in that house and that’s where I had my first UFO experience what was that like your first encounter Yeah right so I I’m I’m in the darkroom I’m looking out of the window in a dark room and I see this light above some trees in the garden I have no knowledge of UFOs I haven’t seen any movies on UFOs so I’m really I don’t even know it’s a UFO it’s just a light in the sky so I’m sitting there in the very deep stay and suddenly the ligh penetrates through my left eye there’s no light there’s no beam from the light but I know the light goes right into my left eye into my brain right into my psyche and I I’m very I’m very surprised I don’t know what it is I’m very interested and it moves to the right so it’s going from the left eye to the right eye and I think you know I wonder what’s going on it’s very deep experience it’s slightly troubling but I’m not really that frightened and then it goes back to thee it was going to go back to the left eye and I knew something radical was going to happen to me so I kind of like got up and drew the curtains and I felt like it was trying to move me into a hypnotic stay and maybe take over and just like in my four-year-old experience although I was expanding into the room I stopped the process and put my head under the pillow and even when I’ve taken psychedelics I’ve never let go of my body I’ve never what you call had an authentic out or the experience I’ve seen to shut down the process and that’s always been the case whenever I’ve been confronted with I don’t know what it is but I’ve had contact with a certain kind of power it’s not it’s an invisible power I’ll go into that it’s an invisible power and I haven’t given it a name I don’t know what it is I have never given it a name and I linked it to UFOs but this power is like coming into the room and you don’t want to connect with that power you know it’s there but you don’t want to know what it is you don’t want to because it really is power itself if you wanna know it’s it’s like if you take all the concepts of power political power power of the ego power of science power of technology even power of UFOs if you take all of that and put it into an essence and call it a power that has no name in the gnostic tradition they call it the unknown father in tibetan was in buddhism they call it the one mind in h and egypt they called it fo for the one it’s the one it’s the emptiness actually entered that now I’ve actually been into the emptiness but it’s not the power itself is a reflection of that power is not the power beyond the body in the gray it’s not the power beyond the planet its but it’s the same power but it’s like the moon reflects wow that’s exactly what I was thinking as you’re speaking good because I’ve got a very important information about the moon recently revealed to me and about the about the moon and the earth and the matrons anyway so I’m in the room I have this experience it penetrates into my interior life is spanning my memory is scanning my personality is it’s it’s intrusive it’s a very profound experience but Mike the end result is I don’t feel it was bad yeah though is very intrusive I don’t feel like it didn’t it wasn’t meant to make me feel that I didn’t want further experience did it feel good was it euphoric at all a lot of people talk about when having those similar encounters or even though they’re strange other-worldly it’s euphoric you feel relaxed you feel like you’ve had soma or something right like did you feel that at all with it intoxicating well not not the first experience was him but I I can that’s Johnny Mack at Harvard well you see Timothy Leary was at Harvard and Ram Dass Richard he was a Harvard and they both visited the larva that I visited in the Himalayas near Tibet so you just lay right behind him maybe right so if I go forward to 1984 in Oxford and I call it the powerhouse can I’ll go into the power I call it the power house you go you go through the door and there are two black pillows I it was owned by a college in Oxford and this lady that brentd out rooms and I had the gara I had the garret with a big window at the top on the roof and I looked over the valley and the hills in and I call it my powerhouse and there were two black pillars but I had no knowledge of occultism or magic I was getting into that a little later with a lot of people in the Golden Dawn and Crowley but I didn’t think anything of it you go through the black pillars so through my life I have the spontaneous feeling to open up the curtains or look out of the window just a spontaneous feeling and I might contact UFOs so this is my first contact my second contact with UFOs so I opened up the curtains and I just had this feeling to look to my left there’s a light look to my right as a lie in the gray skies it’s a gray sky two lights I write this play about two UFOs in dialogue and it’s as if they’re the UFOs of thought forms having telepathic conversation I’m so freaked out by that manuscript I literally throw it away I don’t even get into it I’m so freaked out by air and I liken it to like if you’re in the house with two spies from mi5 or CIA and they’re talking about very important information you don’t want to know that no if they know you’ve got him yeah it’s important powerful information and I thought I was tuning into very powerful information and maybe I was meant to do it but I didn’t feel I felt it was overpowering you know like I was tapping into some power that freaked me out just as it is as a child then the next thing that happens is that I’m sitting and it’s in the daytime I’m looking over the hills and I feel this energy coming over the hill I can’t explain it’s a sunny day and it’s just this energy that I call power that’s why I call it the power house it’s this power that has no dimensions I can’t tell you what it is I just know it’s this power hmm know what’s happening I’m looking at the hills and it comes over the hill I can feel it coming over the hill getting closer it’s coming across the countryside and I knew that when it touches that house it would wipe me out so again I’m having that feeling of being taken over but this power I didn’t see anything I didn’t have anything in my mind but it it it’s hard to explain it’s just this invisible presence what I mean what do you feel like though it is that the euphoria when it comes is it a good thing or is it scary and good I mean no it’s like when I was a child it’s quite simple it’s like you don’t want to do it if somebody says if somebody says yeah motorbike I’m gonna go no hundred miles an hour no no I’m not gonna do that magnify that it was kind of a it was quite simple it’s just like a choice you know when I was I didn’t have to do it yeah so no you’re offering is power you’re offering to take me on this trip out of my body I’m sorry but I don’t want to go your land you know and I’ve said I had UFOs within 10 feet of me so I’ve had opportunity to connect but you never you never had like the physical like getting get on board or nothing like that but you felt like you could have right let’s put it this way I think there’s a reason why I don’t want to be taken over it’s to do with independence is to do with freedom is to do with maturing and getting integrity getting my own foundation getting my own strength now throughout my life I’ve made contact with a lot of famous people a lot of powerful people gurus and pop stars and all that I’ve made contact with I’ve had a chance to be published by Oxford University Press at the highest level I’ve never accepted any of that I was I could have been in the number one video on the top level television in this famous light pop artists right this woman wanted me to be her mad man in the whole video I didn’t do it so there’s some level of power there’s some level of power that’s not only invisible from another planet from another dimension but there’s power in the world it’s invisible you know you think of politicians and you can think of very rich people very the the Illuminati the movie makers my friends the world Scoleri goes around all around the world he’s you know there it’s like a think tank I mean it’s on a very high level but you see I don’t want that what about for good though using it for good you were meant in the Illuminati I mean they just released a video like two days ago of one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now a guy called the weekend somebody was filming his set and on the screen behind him it flashed the word Satan really fast and they had a record it and they freeze framed it and so it’s like they are getting power there’s a power out there you can use it to tap into it for good or for bad but you have to kind of pay homage to a god or Thoth or look at you know do we look at the people who who’ve kind of went before so if we’re talking about Crowley or these type of people but after and it could be definitely used for bad I think that’s the most what we see going on the Illuminati and things like that seats of power but I think it could be used for good too like if we follow that intuition that spiritual guidance because in our link that to this because a lot of what you’re talking about sounds like the pranayama spirit that’s just permeating through all life the Kundalini the Holy Spirit it sounds very much like this in these encounters that people have had with the awakening of the Kundalini the baptism of the Holy Spirit feels like this intense fire there’s fear there but it’s a good it it looks over their life knows everything about you loves you it’s okay it cleans out all the wrong and and set you on that life journey and it sounds very similar to that’s why I have to bring this up with the UFO experiences because if we’re to me the UFOs are the angels of the holy books that’s just the angels of the creators um what would you say to that yeah well in Union in union psychology you know we have a body there’s a spirit and there’s the psyche right where we dream and have visions and out of the body in true psychedelics all of that now that’s not necessarily the dimensions you know the spirits of dimension the bodies of dimension but the psyche what they call Maya the illusory body they say it can be like a size of a sesame seed just a seed or it can expand to fill the universe by the Atma and the and and Brahman than the Atma so in a sense the psyche is not is in the one sense nothing and everything right so if in the psyche you meet entities right you meet entities now they could be UFO entities there can be angelic they could be satanic and I’ve met quite a priority I’ve met hundreds of entities I’ve never spoken to them or anything like that so I’m in this powerhouse I wake up in the middle of the night I’m looking at my body and above my body is a a figure lying above my body and it’s the devil right so it’s Satan now in in the in in in Steiner Rudolf Steiner anthroposophy he talks about the guardian of the threshold I see as the Kundalini right so it’s awakening of the Kundalini but it’s at Niki’s has a dark force so they call that carly the black goddess Carly but it’s lying above my body and I think it’s a beautiful-looking being right it’s a beautiful-looking being and so if then I have another experience I’m lying in bed I’m not awake I’m aware of myself as a fetus I’m lying in the fetal position and an a-hole appears in there in the top of my head and my perception goes out of the hole at the top of my head and I see it I see like a sea of infinity like blue and white waves going off into infinity so I see that as the the reptile in fact lizards and reptiles have a third eye you can’t see it’s atrophied it’s there it’s there in the third eye so in the ancient world everybody worshiped the dragon and and that symbolizes the third eye but it also symbolizes Draco the pole star in Draco because that’s your guide star so when you travel by sea in the ancient world everybody worshiped the dragon because that was your guide in the heavens so when you look you travel by sea or you travel you’re always looking for the pole star in Draco now in in the UFO community you know the reptilians have got a bad press mm-hmm I’ve never had that particular point of view now the point is that when I go when I had my first awakening in Poughkeepsie and I dropped out of college and I fell I was in this different kind of dimension in the city different dimension the there was a terrible aspect to that it was a very very terrible aspect but as you say it was also euphoric it was like double edged it was like good and evil it was like yangon no so there was like a terrible thing and yet at the same time it could switch to something really euphoric really ecstatic yeah so I’ve always had that polarity in my set south where you know I don’t take sides I don’t like to take sides in politics I don’t like to take sides in the alien agenda and because see Theory you know I like things to happen to me good or bad I take the rough and the smooth I don’t kind of like shy away from anything I’ve gone very deep into things in myself and and and I feel that’s the fabric of the psyche that that’s like these entities are really Maya and I’m afraid that a lot of what people think about the UFO and entities is really you might say thought-forms and they’re they’re both revealing something to you and yet they’re not to be taken seriously they’re not the reality that they’re not they’re not really to be confused with spirituality spirituality is one thing that the spirit Nirvana and whatever and and I think that people are taking sides like reptilians versus Nordea upset yo-yo yeah that kind of thing but I I treat the angelic I treat that kind of thing as entities yeah who are who are revealing they’re bringing something to you to reveal something to you and you gotta weigh things up you’ve got a kind of light weight way the good and the evil you’ve got to like you know like the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you multiply and it says the tree is to be desired to make you wise and the serpent is your guy in the gnostic tradition the serpent is your guide if you look at the dow if you look at the thou which is the way that is the dragon path that is actually called the dragon part because it’s Draco is your guy in lodestar your lodestar and in England we call them ley lines okay I lived on the ley line when I had my first UFO experience in Oxford it was on the ley line was on a dragging path so let me ask you this when they’re talking when you’re talking about being contacted by the UFOs or you know getting that intuition to go look out the window and there they are okay I’ve had very similar encounters looking look up to the sky you acknowledge that they’re there they kind of like wave at you and then they’re gone and then there’s a download there’s a knowing there’s an intrigue that’s an all and I think that promotes spirituality for me I talked about a little bit on carry show and probably Camelot where creativity like that it likes something within you and even the God thing for me like there’s some people who the existence of aliens or the are creators or these entities that are out there that are good watching over us or exist on other planes of existence to them it kind of destroys their faith in God but for me it makes it more real it makes it tangible that this isn’t just a theory these aren’t you know these stories that were passed down and God isn’t so far away that we can’t interact with that realm but they are watching over us there in outer space they can come in and out of our dimension there’s so many layers to it and so it builds my intriguing almost gives credence to the beliefs that I have about spirituality about God about the ancient texts about the Bible those type of things that all types kind of fits in there but so when it comes to being contacted and you said you’ve had open contact for a long time that’s one thing that comes with these experiences is open contact and you mentioned being contacted but have you done the the work on the other side where you go out in what was there’s a term called summoning UFOs have you ever went out and did did a ritual raise your hands did a prayer whatever the case is in contacted them and they have appeared to you yeah well as I say that my first in which was 1984 now if I go forward to say 94 I’m living in the north of England in Lancaster and I decide to go out it’s freezing cold in the winter I go out and the consolation that’s closest to Britain that dominates the sky is Orion right so I went out I didn’t know anything about Ryan at that time so I look up into the sky and there’s Orion and just in the corner of my eye I see something near the roof of the house I look up Vanessa there’s a red all the size of a basketball so it’s a red or it’s about ten feet away and it’s like a microphone like mesh you know like a nightmare kind of thing and it’s just hovering there and it moves very slowly second-by-second about 15 feet and it just disappears and I move I moved from there for for a maybe a year later I moved back to Oxford for a short time to stay with my nephew he’s just finished University and artificial intelligence so we’ve got a degree in artificial intelligence he’s got this place in Oxford I spent some time there with him and I decided to go out on the porch so I go out on the porch and there’s this red orb again just this sphere right in front of me and it’s just hovering there that’s 200 miles away from the formal one and then I realized I’m being monitored right so that’s and that’s connected to me looking at Orion as well I was actually spent time in the in a room just looking at Orion happened snow worm that would be that would be my fall then then I move down south near London where I’m living now and I decide to do a UFO watch from my window so I open my window and the Ryan’s up in the sky just above me and what happened in the daytime my friend my friend who was T is a professor of psychoanalysis and he’s as I say world scholar on Jung and synchronicity he used he went to Glastonbury which is very a cult Center where the Ithorian legend is in when he was at Oxford University took a couple of years out and he got into Crowley and he had the book Israel regardez encyclopedia of the symbols of the Golden Dawn that kind of thing so I looked into the book I you know I I looked into the book and I thought well I look at a pentagram I just thought I’d look at a pentagram and I thought well I think I draw the pentagram outside the window but when I had the thought to draw the pentagram outside the window I had never practiced anything magical before and I don’t know why I did that I literally don’t but when I get the feeling to do something like that I just do it so I go outside and I drew this pentagram on the fluorine impasto I think it was like a purple color so 9 o’clock at night I’m standing there and just above me by the roof only about 20 feet away these five UFOs come over in pentagram formation and they’re they’re like very slow they’re like hovering just above my head and they’re like five disks and they were they they’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen there were golden golden orange so they were like disks that were golden orange and they seemed to be hovering just above my head they didn’t have any dimension so it just like a kind of like pure lie sir and they seemed to be spinning and they just went in front of me and over the pine-trees and by the military base so the military base plays an important part in my life I had my know I was in in my in imports in Portsmouth New Hampshire that was a military base to do with nuclear nuclear warheads and now I’m I’m near a military base here and the UFOs disappear near there and it’s on a hill so this is on a hill so I move into the place I am now I move from there to here and I’m sitting near the castle because when I’m looking out now I can see the castle in my window and these five UFOs appear in a vertical formation they one two three four five I look at them through my binoculars and they look fairly solid Meeny kind of red and then they disappear one by one and then this silver cylinder appears is big silver cylinder and I look at the silver cylinder and they could have gone into the silver cylinder as a mothership but I don’t know and then I watch it go down towards the ground it goes down towards the ground then it disappears where the military bases it seems to go into the ground where the military base is silver cylinder that was my last experience in 2008 so you know you gotta weigh these things up you’ve got to like take all that aboard yeah you know why they do you know you think of what was the point of that you know like I know about UFOs why wasn’t something more revealed if you know what I mean you know why why that’s why because all of the encounters you’ve had you’ve seen like you’ve had a lot I’ve had a decent amount as well that changed my life I mean doing this show I’m pursuing this work now because of these encounters and you would think that you would have more detail you would know the agenda you would know the names that’s why I always always question a lot of the people who go on shows and they claim to have it all figured out like the information is still slippery they’re like I don’t think like people like you talk about the war between the draconians and the Palladian Zand the you know ryan council of light are here to do this people seem to have a lot of info infer as much encounters that you’ve had and i’ve had i would feel like and i guess i could tell that you know you’re telling the truth some of these people i don’t i think there’s a lot of people who are just kind of making it up and they’re selling books and they’re you know they have an agenda there and it’s hard to trust them do you feel like that at all – without being so without being without calling names or trying to sound harsh because maybe they do maybe they have had that kind of contact but as much contact as I’ve had I don’t I can’t just take it and run with it you know well you know in university I studied philosophy and comparative religion and I and I spent time in a Hmong Christian monastery I met Lamas I met Krishnamurti was a quite a famous guru I had very important experiences with him honour honour kind of transcendental level etc now the point is that you know where’s the ground the thing I asked in in all of this before not then where is the ground is you know like you said the Bible is it Buddhism well you see what we call religion is like a hijack I see religion is a hijack of Buddha and Jesus for example Buddha and Jesus nobody knows the background they appeared on the scene they came out of nowhere on the world scene on the world stage Jesus the Buddha route 36 right they just appear out of nowhere and they have a small following of family friends it’s interesting both of them had family friends and a few intimates right so that was their first little circle with family friends so there must have been in the vicinity of their home now it’s interesting there’s a very famous yogi the most famous yogi of Tibetan Buddhism is Milarepa and Milarepa his father died and the uncle took over the property and they just swindled the mother and the son out of the property so the mother sent him away to be trained as a as a magician and he was trained as a magician and he had the power to bring hailstones he could create hailstones and eat and he hailed he hailed the the house where his uncle was living and it just absolutely smashed it to pieces I remember reading that because at that very moment the hail came down in the middle of the summer it was wow man it just came right about synchronicity man yes I would think so min the Reaper what he did was he gave up being a magician he came back to his hometown he took up residence in a cave and then he became enlightened he became but like he became part of a Buddha a part of the not the Buddha but he took on the characteristics of the Buddha so I’m saying there’s a connection between you know being grounded where your home is it’s quite literal you know it’s quite literal you’re not with some like Krishnamurti for example and a lot of these gurus they create a sect live in the middle of nowhere disconnected from everything and live in this fantasy world mm-hmm is a fantasy world yeah it has no tangible power definitely as it’s just theories grounded in knowledge is not grounded in books is not grounded in study now all my experiences are grounded in study I studied everything going back to ancient Egypt and I believe I’ve discovered the kind of Egyptian template and it took 12 years between 2011 to 2003 to 2014 that published 9 books right published 9 books and they contained all the knowledge I gained out of my life on this planet and I closed the book so I no longer read book so I no longer take in information I’ve closed the book and now I’m learning to live I’m learning to like live if you know what I mean but if I lived in the medium of knowledge now now I’m not saying I’m trying to be wise but I’m learning to be wise yeah to what well I think I kind of look at it I’m very similar a situation where I don’t I don’t do much reading either like people send me all types of videos and they want I’ve had some of some of Jordan maxes some of Jordan Maxwell’s people offer to send me external hard drives were like 4 terabytes of videos and documentaries and information I don’t want it like I’m I’m I’m kind of like you as far as like trying to and this is where I put it asking for wisdom on how to share the knowledge that we’ve already studied how can we bring this into practical experience for ourselves and for people to better the world around us and so as far as like digging and reading and studying and researchers now I’m all for experience I love having a spiritual encounter but um as far as like just trying to dig to get to the bottom of it I’ve seen so much as it is so it’s like asking for the wisdom on how to share that is that is that ring true well yeah go into that now right the world around us what we call society which I’ve never been a part of I’ve never played the game I’ve never played the game I’ve never played the mind game right or of politicians or people that run institutions all of that kind of stuff you know we’re we’re at we’re immersed in language aren’t we consciousness is like language knowledge language with language with cultural entities we’re human we’re selves were a self that’s come into a body and what I call consciousness is like a toolkit it’s a toolkit there’s a reason why we have this toolkit and you won’t find that reason in a book because the book itself is the talk it’s the toolkit so everyone’s got their language in the family you’ve got your secret language in the politics you’ve got you Subrosa behind closed doors you’ve got the secret language in the Masons everybody’s got their secret language right so the UFO they’ve all got their little pockets of secret language right what is the language what what is this language of the human being now see what I mean when moving outside of what we think language is – what is language why are we supposed to know we’re here you’re here for 100 years now we’ve basically lived to 100 years what are we here for 7 billion people what on earth are we doing here to go to the moon to build an AI computer to paint pick the Sistine Chapel to build the pyramids no we’re not here I don’t think we’re here for that that’s a symbol of what we’re here for but what are we really here for that’s the wrapping what’s inside the wrapping that’s what I’m trying to discover that’s why I’m trying to open do you do you feel like this is some type of testing ground what you see good of of right and wrong and trying to figure things out and almost like you know the life of the life you live determines the place that you spend eternity if you want to call it that well you see you can talk about the planetary face and karma and character and type so we’re all types I’m an artist I’m a poet I’m a philosopher I can be all those types right that’s the entity reptilians are types Nordica tight all these types fine they all in body language and knowledge don’t they they’re all sharing they want you to buy into that knowledge buy into this knowledge by this brand by this this right and I’m saying that people have that their concept of a secret language people want to know think they’ve got some real no real language they mean what they say they’re telling the truth they really mean what they say but if you don’t have the truth how can you speak the truth what is the truth no so my my question is I’m 73 the other day my gressil a bit right question mark is at my age now wisdom is true if wisdom is truth what is that truth and who’s going to reveal it some entity or is there a Buddha and Jesus you see who were Buddha where did they come from what did they discover in their cave in their temple in their whatever and why did they come on alone why were they alone when they came on the world stage now they appear to be alone and yet immediately the family is there and the few people are there it’s very interesting kind of conundrum because they’re coming they’re coming out of nowhere which means something I think it like Nirvana you know Nirvana is supposed to be empty and yet you have a diamond body you have a diamond body you have the body of wisdom the Dharmakaya and yes must be empty and the Tibetan Buddhists say nirvan there isn’t the end you don’t just get enlightened and sit in no man’s land that’s only the beginning you’re you’re a free individual you’ve dropped your calm where you drop your conditioning you drop your whatever and now you can be a free human being and travel the dimensions that’s what they say whereas a lot of Buddhists say no you get a let you know Zen Buddhism you get Satori and that’s the end of the journey you’ve finished but in Tibetan Buddhist and you’re only beginning with your body of wisdom it’s not like you’re at the end and you pack everything in you’re only beginning the journey which is eternity paradox between infinity we live in an infinite universe and yet we’ve got this concept of eternity the circle the one the unknown God the invisible God and that that power that I talked about I did experience that I’ve had I’ve experienced that I wrote it in my book the one mind three months of being in Satori emptiness Nirvana I have experience in in after you’ve experienced that you walk around with the heightened sense of awareness right for sometimes the things you see like you say you felt like you was in a dream state like the things were different you looked at things they seemed different your consciousness was shifted um I’ve know people who they would vibrate their bodies would they would get I think what they call in in the Hindu tradition kriyas for their body they would get these jerks of energy throughout the day in their body and I knew guys and mid-conversation which starts shaking you know from an encounter that they had a week ago and they’re still vibrating off of that frequency from that experience yeah well that would be one of the seven chakras you see but if you go out through the hole in your head you go out then you’re in this emptiness I mean I looked how when I had the experience of the thousand petaled Lotus my perception what they call consciousness transference in the Tibetan in the Secret Doctrine of the Tibetans and and I looked how so I did see the Infinity I did see see something and I came back in but what but where I am now where I’m sitting in this room now I had in 2015 had the three-month experience and I used I kept a journal every day a diary every day and although the world around me was the same you know like just sitting in this room looking outside at the castle it wasn’t the same world but it wasn’t the Gothic world it wasn’t the shadow world thing it wasn’t like the magical world it was a nut it was like purity it was like a pure space so that when I when I look at the room now and the outside its lit up you know the light and the sky is all all lit up so you have light and space but this but being in Satori of Nirvana it’s not that space it’s not time and space it’s around it it’s like it’s like there’s a different dimension of space that isn’t bound to time and space yeah in it and it doesn’t have a limit so it’s not like limited by the trees or the sky or or anything material and that’s that that would be the same as I experienced before what I called the power you know so before I wasn’t ready for the power but it get is given at me in small doses it’s not the power and like Buddha was connected to the power yet it is an expression of that power would you say that it’s not a symbol it’s not in my psyche it’s not a lesser it’s a less Formula like the shekinah with the Hebrews were called the Shekinah glory a tangible presence but not the presence itself almost just like beholding and a piece of it like you said talking about the reflection of the moon and seeing that image which is the the light of the Sun expressed through the moon and we get we get that light and you walk with that because many people say that if you was to go directly to the supreme power that you would surely die I mean we look at the Ark of the Covenant which carried the presence of God and if anybody touched it who wasn’t worthy they would instantly die I mean and even having that strong encounter from an expression of the source was so profound there’s more right yeah so you know the concept of the one in the Egyptian model the concepts of the one faith he’s not in the universe he’s the grand architect of the Masons he’s the grand architect right so so he doesn’t really exist as we call it in this universe he’s not he’s not in existence and it’s just a principle called the one but you could say the one is navarre no it’s the one – empty it’s nothing because when you’re approaching it through knowledge or or cultural science it really is nothing so what’s be what be before the Big Bang or nothing but it’s not nothing yeah think compared to something it’s not a corollary of something the scientists want something else don’t they they wonder kind of like the mind of God you know the god gene what they called the god gene particle but but you see nirvan there isn’t that kind of nothing it’s not that is here right now then nothing is actually here right now I’m talking to you and I’m very much in my consciousness using language but I’m also aware of that of the emptiness I think that’s where meditation comes in I think that’s where meditation comes in that we are able to kind of shut everything thing down and kind of go back to that ass to get a glimpse of it to kind of take it with us to kind of remind us who we are where we came from one thing I wanted to talk to you about is the the importance I think of stargazing you said that when you were having some some encounter stargazing gazing into Orion and then things would happen people ask me you know how do I have more synchronicities how do I get on the spiritual path I’m what do I do the three things I tell them is begin reading literature reading books that are about people who have had encounters like that or some of the information that that’s come before us I say read spend time and meditation and in prayer to kind of reflect on what you’re reading and and touch the divine kind of get with that source energy and stargazing I always tell them stargazing for me that’s just like that communication I’ve spent our stargazing and like you I’ve gazed into Orion and seen starships and seen entities coming in and out of Orion or just being focused and then out of the peripheral other beings will come into play and begin to see all of this stuff just by simply squatting down and gazing at the Stars there’s something to that are you there David or did you lock up you might have locked up okay okay so what would you say is the power of stargazing are we making connection when we do that I mean that with the entities who who dwell in that star system I mean what’s going on when we gaze into Orion or we gaze into you know I’m saying the Pleiades and we feel energy we feel downloads I feel I’ve been I’ve gazed so intently before I felt like I was being sucked out of my body in it I had to catch myself you know and it scared me it really did know that there’s a meadow in Oxford and I used to go to this big meadow and just lie down and I thought I’d be taken out of my body which again you know I’ve not have it’s not happened to me I think it’s a matter of orientation you know if you’re a spiritual person they call that that in Gurdjieff’s term the guy called burr Jeff he calls it the magnetic Center in it in alchemy and you call it the lodestone it’s a magnetic stone and and as I say the pole stars a magnetic star so you know it’s aligned to the Earth’s axis it’s a light line there so this the the very first pyramid the Step Pyramid which a lot of my words based on I’ve had certain things revealed to me but that’s a line to the pole star Draco so it’s an alignment it’s like you’re aligning like the ley line the dragon path that thou being in the DAO being synchronicity what they call the law of correspondences the sympathy of all things it’s being intimate you know it’s like feeling intimate you know if you go for a walk and there’s birds and trees or you’re or people you like it’s an intimacy I think that’s a very important spiritual quality is like intimacy being receptive connecting yeah connected it is it’s vulnerable being vulnerable as well because vulnerable you can you think if you’re open to people open to well you can be hurt because you’re vulnerable and in a way no the terrible aspect of the Godhead which is the numinous the terrible aspect of the Godhead you know even the evil aspect is part of it is part of the drama you know so I’ve never closed off you know I’ve not dabbled or anything in magic in that way but I’m saying that when you’re being intimate yes you can be a bit afraid of course you’ve your instincts you’re afraid and you want a good experience and now you’ve got a whole kind of cornucopia of reactions but if you’ve got the right intention if you’ve got the right intention and you’re building on something there’s got to be something there you’ve got to have confidence in yourself that there’s something there in yourself you know there’s going to be a place as in there as a place you can go to in yourself and that’s what meditation is this is a meditation it is really a communion with the spirit so if you’re in communion with the spirit the world opens itself to you mm-hmm that’s how I would describe it I’ve never taken myself but that’s of course if you if you’re stargazing I think there’s a form of meditation yeah yeah I’m saying if you you know if you’re an artist and you go into the studio and there’s a blank canvas yeah that moment that’s the Nirvana that’s the white room in the way that’s the white square and live on that emptiness have you got the if you’ve got the energy the courage of the confidence to make a mark you know and like the cave paintings they went in there didn’t they and they made the mark made they scratch them made them are so I’m saying that you know being open and what I would call the act of creation know that there are always acts of creation synchronicities UFOs their acts of creation they’re coming out of actual creation they’re coming out of nothing what we call nothing which the scientists don’t believe in but we know we know it’s real and once you’ve had one experience then you’ve got a Avenue once you’ve had one thing it’s enough to start it it’s enough to get bit by the bug you get bit the bug bites yeah but once you’ve got it it’s not gonna go away no I don’t think it ever does some people turn it off you know people that we get busy you know things happen consciousness shift things change some I don’t I wish I did like I wish I still had as many encounters as I used to it’s been a while since I’ve had a profound UFO encounter and I was at a place where I was having them daily like making contact daily now it’s like I’m reflecting on what the hell was it like what is it in a you know and trying to talk to people and stuff and then the information and knowledge from the research and even from the meditation or seeing the UFO is not it’s not just about seeing something I think people see stuff all the time but communicating with it connecting with it and getting downloads of information and energy that’s a whole nother level that’s a whole nother thing that we’re bringing to the table and so it’s not about content continuing to have the experience it’s about dissecting it and what does it mean to you I think it’s uh I think it’s a disservice just to keep wanting more I want another one I want another experience I want to see something else like you’ve been privileged to see so much you have to do something with the information I mean there’s people you know who like chase after psychics and prophets and stuff like that and I used to do that go to services where you want someone to speak over you a prophetic word about your life and then the next week you want somebody else to do and you’re just chasing this versus like or even with the psychedelic experience you want all of these psychedelic experiences but you haven’t done the work and and and the information that has come through you have to dissect it and apply it to your life to go deeper that’s what’s working for me I’ve had those encounters and I’m trying to make the changes in the adjustments to my life and when I do the information that comes through has been profound it’s been life-changing about like you said something whether you want to call it God or the universe or the ETS or whatever or if something is watching over us it’s communicating with us and it has an agenda or path for us like a life purpose to affect people to bring about good to bring about change and I’ve seen it in my own life and I think it it’s very tangible and it’s very beautiful [Music] yeah all right so we’re in the body right we’re born in a we’re in a body we don’t have much memory of what happened before so we’re in the body and we’re a self so 7 billion people we’re selves in bodies right and we’ve got this toolkit consciousness the Spirit doesn’t connect through consciousness the spirit connects to you right so the spiritual awakening is a communion one-to-one communion almost self to self in in the Buddhist says Hindu says the small South with the big south itself to South that’s what I’m saying it never goes away once that you communion once you’ve reestablished connection with the source inward dialogue yep whatever where have you come from has it were into the body you’ve reconnected and then consciousness has to do something about it right so you’ve got people that don’t have that contact with their self or that with God or whatever you want to call it and they live in consciousness they live in the matrix they live in what the Buddhist core conditioning Maya so they’re chasing their own tail they’re playing themselves they’re not playing an artificial robot the chess you know they’re playing the game they’re playing they’re really playing their own mind game they’re playing they’re playing against themselves in chests so we’re all playing against ourselves and I’m saying that the the spiritual awakening that the south to self the one to one isn’t about consciousness but we’re here so we have to you might say represent that communion which is without knowledge we’ve got to translate it into knowledge so we have what you call genius so the genius translates what he’s no she’s inspired to say or poetry or music this come out of nowhere and they express it and and that direct kind of expression that creative expression is again like an act of creation is coming out of nowhere and what happens with the establishment the authority the people that run the society I I caught no it’s called cultural capital they don’t love music and love are they they they want the product they want the brand to make more money hi Jam yeah the creative artist and they have patrons right so you know the vatican’s the patron in the Renaissance and then you’ve got like people you know paying lip-service well I’ve never bought into that at my art nobody seemed very few people have seen my art because I’m not gonna play that game you know and like I’m on Amazon I publish my books on Amazon I put my pictures on Facebook and so forth and so on and show a few friends but III I’m not going to bow down to any authority there’s going to hijack the meaning of my life you know the meaning of my life is to be in contact with the spiritual to be creative and to be independent to be free and and I’m not going to play that game I’m not going to play against myself because when we play against ourselves you show yourself it’s hard to get it back we look at look at prints look at his story man you know and I and since there would happen to him and him changing his name into a symbol because they owned everything that he put out and they had you know they they could approve or disprove songs you know and maybe the stuff he wanted to put out they wouldn’t release it there and that’s happened with a lot of people having to change their message or even selling their story to a network I mean if we talking about ufology let’s look at the movie fire in the sky you know what’s his name he sold his story and they totally misrepresented it and it made it like a horror movie essentially when it was something in the end beautiful and he’s working he’s working out there now doing the circuits to kind of undo what that movie has done you know yeah and they want to change it so I talked to James Gilliland too and he’s one who uh who’s out there on the front lines of the the contact the experience is in initiating contact as well and and he’s been approached to sell his story but he won’t because they try to put the horror Bend on it that genre set sells I mean there’s you know I went and seen a horror movie the other day but it was good that was an awesome message in it about psychic abilities I seen the new insidious movie and took my daughter to see it it is a horror because this jump scares and stuff like that but as far as they did a really good job in that movie of tying in receiving messages from the other world of being a psychic and being down trotted and abused by your parents and laughed at but still seeking after that so they’re so that like there’s people now with that art and creativity they’re still tying these beautiful messages in with the genre thing I think like entertainment is so powerful I do music about my art in my experiences I’m taking these really delicate spiritual encounters and putting them in a song and trying to articulate it in a way that it it sounds intriguing and in it almost builds an altar or a monument of these encounters that I’ve had and other people you know well I’ll talk about reading in fact reading books and information listening to music that promotes this type of stuff a lot of stuff so Pete other people who are listening to my songs about my encounters they’re finding themselves having these encounters with UFOs and spirits and meditation and things like that so something with the synchronicity everything ties together you know once you start giving your attention to it you start noticing it in everything and something’s guiding you something’s leading you to everything you’re doing some people never realize that though some people are just on that study mode and they never come to this an inward knowing that it’s about spirituality it’s about treating others well they just they want knowledge they want to have the information but there’s no connection to the spirit realm there at all for them supernatural networking you got matrix I’ve met I’ve never seen the mate I don’t watch films but yeah I’ve not seen the matrix we know but you know the cancer mm-hmm yeah obviously they talk about the prison planet and AI is something something is kind of it’s talking about Maya too you know the veil of the unseen realm that or this realm that we see is just a shadow and it’s just kind of not real you know it’s the world to come that’s uh that’s the real world yeah I mean you know the things that we see around us what we call history and even the pyramids you know again it’s so it’s a language I mean in the end everything in consciousness is a language and everything’s coded what I call the symbolic code but it’s but and in in the world when we go to university and go to go to school and all of that that’s one kind of code there’s a propaganda and indoctrination and that kind of conditioning and and so you you got that level of programming which is what we see on the television and what the core society but there’s a meta programming like say the Bible you know you’ve got a person Jesus and some people going around in their local city or town or something like that and then you’ve got this secret code you’ve got this meta programming this mythic symbolic magical language kind of in there and you know looking at it if you just look at it like the Bible or any other texts the Book of the Dead the Egyptian Book of the Dead it’s just a riddle it’s like the riddle of the Sphinx I mean it’s just a very very come complicated very messy it’s a very messy language know when you read poetry in a way it’s it’s not easy for the conscious mind when you read poetry the contract you’ve got a switch you’ve got to go from the conscious mind which is like ego base and controlling everything you’ve got a let go you’ve got a kind of goat fall into the poetry don’t you you fall into the music and and and you’ve got to navigate so there is a kind of secret code within yourself you can navigate this dark night of the soul this matrix and whatever you want to call it and and I as I say it’s it’s like mmm my first memory my very first memory a two years old is looking at a red fire engine right so my favorite toy is a wreck was a red fire engine so my memory is just looking at this red fire engine and somebody something revealed that to me and I interpret that as the chariot of fire so the fire engine becomes the chariot of fire the child to fire becomes the UFO so at the age of four years now I have this seeming abduction so I’m saying that you know your life story is encoded meta meta program with mythology and symbol and magic and it’s making the connection you know it you could live your whole life and not reflect on that level but it’s there it’s actually there you know the flowers in the garden or maybe your father like my father used to read detective books and cowboyed you know that kind of American politician you know um it could be anything that contains this symbolic knowledge for you mm-hmm and yet you could live your whole life and not realize that something in your front room when you were a child or some person you met or some place you went to there was something telling you something but you just didn’t see it you just didn’t like listen yeah that’s uh that’s um that’s so true that’s a fear and I think that’s that’s what you always want people to experience what you haven’t experienced an encounter you want everybody to know what you know I mean just look at vegetarians look at vegans you know they’ve got the answer they found the antidote and then they’re gonna go around and tell every about everyone and proselytize and even with you know Christians or any type of religion you’re gonna go out and say hey I have the truth you need to know this what I know and so essentially what we’re doing just just kind of having this conversation sharing the stories for many people that already rings true they’ve already had that inward knowing that self-reflection and for those who haven’t it’s available we’re just letting them know that it’s it’s there and this is sad that that people never encounter that I mean I have family members who you know who’ve had a hard life you know I’ve had a hard life too but just to see them still continue to go on that path that destructive path when the path of goodness is there to like this self-realization learning from your mistakes learning from the mistakes of others all of it’s there but some of them will never experience that that’s sad to fathom it’s sad to think of I do believe in and happy endings I do believe that that we could be happy and inexperienced that and I want that for everyone but David I appreciate you coming on the show hanging out with me bro do you want to share your links where people can contact you I don’t I don’t know if you have a website but you’ve got a lot of interviews that you’ve done you’re also active on Facebook and things like that if you want to show you links out yeah I’ve got a YouTube channel and you can get I think I’ve got about nine nine play a playlist of nine now on my youtube channel I’m on Facebook and Amazon my books are on Amazon and my in my email is David SR Curtis at and no you can find me in those places David I’ve enjoyed hanging out with your brother well let’s do it again soon if we can man okay nice seeing you alright thank you bro yeah see you bye bye bye David Curtis ladies and gentlemen awesome good stuff enjoyed that conversation a lot um when we’re talking about that stuff man just I think just talking about those those experiences those encounters and stuff like that I think that it’s part of what initiates that we’re talking about people who want to have those encounters in their life we’re talking about how do you do it stargazing there’s something that’s that’s connected there thank you guys for hanging out with me I’m gonna try to get to some of these questions here in the chat room phone lines are open if anybody wants to call and feel free to use that technology that we have but let’s see so ray asked me a while ago I did see that come by in the chat you asked me if I’ve ever done Stephen Greer’s meditation I have it’s a good meditation we we used to do that ce-5 initiative meditation before going out to stargaze and trying to make contact we’d kind of get in that heightened state state of awareness and I remember doing it with a friend of mine out in the field we were sitting in a vehicle first and getting relaxed get into the meditative state before we went into that meditation and I know it was so funny because you can tell like he was reading and then you could tell that he was turning the pages and so there was just we would always laugh we’d hear him breathing and then it was just so raw and he’s reading and you hear the pages of his book that he’s reading his meditation out of it was just hilarious but that’s my memories of doing the ce-5 meditation from Steven Greer but we definitely did do that Christy folks she asked earlier she says she wants to be a part of what we’re doing with the School of the Mystics but she isn’t able to do it on Thursday nights there’s a lot of people I’ve been getting this message a lot a lot of people support a lot of people who want to be a part of what we’re doing on Thursday nights but they can’t because of the job or you know the family things going on and when they have time to kind of get away it’s during work hours listening to the podcast driving whatever the case is so I wasn’t going to record those because they’ve been really candid and stuff and personal but I’m gonna record them and they’re gonna be available for the patrons so it’ll be in the patrons section essentially because we’re doing a course and if anybody comes in at any time in the course maybe we have you know five sessions under our belt you can go back and listen to them they’re gonna be really short sessions that we’re doing with the teachings anywhere short so we’re gonna do the short teaching of the course and then we’re gonna do the the Q&A and the the group discussion that’s in the book so it’s about starting the prophetic ministry and a lot of its is basics for me elementary stuff but I think it’s good to brush up on elementary stuff even for me and there could be some things I have I haven’t learned because this is somebody else’s course there’s a bunch of them we could choose from but we’re gonna start here and see how it goes and so it’s gonna be something that we’re building with the community Thursday nights at 7 p.m. with the School of the Mystics so you’ll be able to listen to that at your own leisure so if you are a patron you’ll get access to that too so I wanted to make sure I let that know that it will be recorded now yeah man I’ve had a pretty interesting week this week guys I mentioned it at the end of the last podcast man I um I I don’t know I don’t know how much to just really go in on this we’ve been talking about this a lot lately I was on Kristy Lee show last night we talked about it a little bit but just to kind of keep keep you guys up to speed like I did a contest for a song I wrote a song submitted it to this contest that Tariq Bibby put out ended up winning first place it was a theme song as about star seeds who feel misplaced and who are going through a rough time on the earth and then kind of finding healing or finding their calling in the end so I wrote this song it’s available on patreon as well you can download it it’s called scars and it’s about a girl it’s about a guy going through life and being an outcast being rejected not fitting in at school those type of things and you need talk about pill addiction and stuff like that and then the second verse is about a girl kind of same experience not fitting in at school being picked on made fun of and things like that and then at the end they find each other they run away together and they find healing and it’s I sum it up in a song I did that song put it out there for the contest I won first place I won $1,000 praise God it was awesome it came to a perfect time right when I needed it for bills and act that type of stuff so really a god thing that I won I knew funny things I knew I was gonna win like when I cuz I woke up with those lyrics in my head like I got the song from spirit 100% so I woke up out of sleep and had these lyrics in my head just the beginning of it to sit down and do it and it just started flowing one first place one guy um was upset that I won because he submitted a song the song was not good his singing was off-key all of this stuff but he insisted that he should have been the winner and it got really weird this guy was messaging me the guy who did the contest Tariq had to block this guy because he’s talking about pressing charges just crazy stuff this guy who claims that he was supposed to be the winner of the contest and the song was bad I wanted to tell him that it was bad I wanted to tell him that he should have got somebody else to sing it because he was off-key you know but I didn’t I had the message typed up and I was gonna send it to him because he was like accusing me accusing the contest of being rigged and all kind of weird stuff you know so that happened with the contest and then on top of that a close friend of mine went through some weird psychosis he’s been going through this thing for a long time actually doing really weird stuff on social media I mean going live on Facebook and getting naked like taking off his clothes and saying America stand before you as a naked man naked before you naked before God I hold nothing back and he’d get naked and put the camera on his face where you couldn’t see it he’s sitting there naked on on live stream this dude he’s on drugs and stuff and it’s a good friend of mine man he’s got a calling on his life I’ve seen God use them he’s talented he plays all kind of instruments he raps he sings he’s awesome man but he’s just in a bad place on some really hard drugs and involved with some dark spirits man and anyway this guy reached out to me after all that stuff about getting naked and he even made death threats to his baby mama and his daughter on Facebook live he said was gonna kill him give him back to God crazy stuff he reached out to me in uh and said congratulations on the song you did good my brother I’m not even gonna ask you for what you owe me half of them half of the money it’s like what he said yep you owe me half of the money that song was inspired by me and I actually wrote that song and I gave you the knowledge and all this took to write that song and I was like I didn’t even entertain every minutes do shut out this dude he’s on some crazy stuff to come at me sideways like that on something that I created you know what I’m saying that’s just insane this stuff you go through when your mind is on some of these hard drugs and he just insisted man he just kept on and on and then he started blowing me up calling me calling me calling me I wasn’t answering because I was busy at the moment you need to answer right now your life is in jeopardy oh my god you know he was one of the crazies coming out the woodwork bad thing is I really believe in this guy man I could see the potential in him anyway I finally answered the phone and said I’m watching a movie with my wife what’s up ba ba ba ba he just went off on some crazy stuff and you owe me hit $500 you want a thousand I want my money like dude you’re insane bro and I just told him look you need to get off the drugs you need to get clean I love you bye and I just blocked him from all social media blocked his phone number all that stuff so then four he goes and does this long Facebook rant on me and tries to post it in the patreon on that patient group but in my product on my that I have true seekers friends on Facebook and this long thing talking about I’m a Judas and I stole from him crazy crazy stuff and didn’t started going to all my friends just telling them crazy stuff about me we gotta quit following true seeker he’s using magic he’s left God he’s following magic in and like he’s going to all my friends just having these private discourses with them and a weird thing is like a lot of people entertained it you know and I think you know and that’s that’s the weird thing when it comes as psychology and understanding why people are trying to rationalize what’s a drug addict you know me too I’ve I put myself in the mix why am i why was I trying to I see the I see the potential in this guy like I see you know he’s awesome artists like people would people pray and fast for his talent like they long to write a song they long to be able to play the guitar be able to sing and rap and like this guy he’s got so much talent it’s oozing out of him but he’s in a bad place right now man so we’re just gonna pray for him I’ve been praying for him but it got to the next level he started sending me death threats he started telling my friends that he was gonna stop at nothing to to honor his ancestors and kill me and his ancestors will get glory out of out of my downfall and just crazy craziness so um I reached out to this lady the mother of the girl he was threatening cuz they they had a whole deal on it as well threatening to kill him and kill him kill his daughter and so I reached out the house I look if you guys had any uh any luck going to the policeman with this guy because it all my friends were messaging me like dude you got to be careful with this dude and he’s crazy right now he may show up at your house bah bah bah bah bah bah this kind of stuff so I hit the lady up she said he was supposed to go to court yesterday he never showed up you know they got three warrants on him you know she told me to call the cops just so I can you know let him know what’s going on that it would help this case cuz he’s they got warrants on him he didn’t show up for court for threatening these people and he got gun charges and all kind of crazy stuff anyway I didn’t call in just a few hours later she posted an update oh she posted an update saying uh he was locked up so they had this picture of him you know all cracked out and stuff in jail and it’s like it’s insane gotta be careful man this is real I’m reading the the comments at the same same thing man and so uh jared says man you should prepare hey we got guns bro we got guns trust me we’re prepared we’re ready ready for whatever the weird thing is like a lot of once you reach a level of notoriety once you get a big enough platform a lot of people come out the woodwork but then then again you know you got to see if you’re catering to these people if you’re enabling these people those type of things but it’s not just me I like we like to say cuz we talk about spirituality we’re open to so much stuff and trust me I get those messages from crazy people who listen to the show and listen to my music and they resonate with me and and this mean I think I’ve even had somebody else say that they felt like they wrote my lyrics or something I don’t you know I’m saying like just crazy I have people hit me up telling me that the Illuminati and the Masons told them that they were supposed to be my wife and and marry me and I’ve had my friends wives who have never met just friends on online and their wife will secretly message me that they want to be together just crazy stuff that goes on and it comes with the territory man and you wonder things like okay what are you doing true seeker that creates a a breeding ground for these people why do these people feel comfortable what coming to you I see the potential in a lot of people like even with with this guy I see potential in him and I feel like he’s I hope that he gets cleaned up and I i prophesy that over him that he will man and I want that for him I think everybody deserves to have a happy happy ending man but I’m done with him you can’t threaten my life or my family and then think you’re gonna come back and hang out and be friends I’m done with them on that tip but um there’s a line that you can’t call you can’t take back your words man you have to be careful you can’t undo it hey I was just playing man I was in a bad spot okay I forgive you but you got to stay away you got to stay where you are you can’t yeah you can you can’t be trusted you know those sight and there’s those people sometimes you have to cut people off sometimes you have to get people out of your life man some people are dangerous the spirit of jealousy men have a lot of friends over the years who have been jealous of my platform they think that they deserve it they think that they’re more spiritual they think that they have the right knowledge to share with the masses of this platform that I’ve built in they’re jealous I don’t deserve the platform they do like I’ve had people there and they do little stuff like that guy as far as like messaging all my friends and say hey stay away from true seeker he’s a fake he’s a false prophet he’s leading people astray like that type but like people have inbox them I’ve had people do that inbox all my friends and then call me and have a conversation with me accusing me and then I’m able to kind of shed some light on whatever you no nonsense they’re entertaining in their head and I win them over and you know what man I’m sorry bro and they go back in the message all the people again and they apologize and say you know what I was wrong about true seeker this this this I’ve had that happen a bunch especially with church people but um you know creating a safe haven or for these people to thrive in the spiritual spirituality the New Age whatever you wanna call it like there’s a lot of people who were out there you know but guess what I come from Christianity in the Christian Church and guess what there’s a breeding ground for that too they’re in the prophetic movement sin and suffering we so this is just like a warning just hey everybody get up on their game like we have to really be walking in the spirit of discernment with with what we’re entertaining and with people and we allow people to speak into our lives and he that do reached out to a lot of people he uh that was weird there’s a whole the whole thing is just weird in general that one person would have that much power to go on there and do that and stir up as much stuff as they could and we have to be careful to stuff we’re entertaining and we’re letting these people we have to move in this period of discernment it was said a long time ago that um the guy who led me to the Lord years ago he went to church and there was a guy who came and uh he asked him to come to church so he came and checked out the church and uh talking it was like man you got and then he told him he said look you guys claim to be spiritual you guys are talking in tongues praying and the Holy Spirit healing people dancing in the church you guys are just getting into the spirit of God but you you can’t even move in the gift of discernment he said what are you talking about he said you have registered sex offenders in the church and you’re letting your kids run around because it’s a community almost effort almost you’re letting your kids run around and your kids are sitting in the laps of registered sex offenders and you guys cannot even discern it you don’t even know that but you’re so spiritual you’re so deep you’re so connected with God or hearing God or God told me this you know these type of things but you can’t discern the pedophiles and sex of registered sex offenders in your church and in your kids are sitting in their lap and they’re sitting on your on their knees and they’re you know playing with the kids in the church and so that really punched him and hit hit hit hit home with with him and he shared that with me and it always ring true to me because I’ve known stuff like that too of this these people who go to church in their accept it and you know that I’ve seen trust me man like they’ve I’ve seen so much there’s a lot of delusional people in churches too that’s a lot of them in the New Age movement there’s a lot of them in Islam look at what these guys are doing these people are killing itself over their religion and killing other peoples and doing harm to other people racist people people in the Ku Klux Klan black Hebrew Israelites like on every asset that aspect there’s extremists out there and it’s about just trying to find balance and trying to find peace and harmony and and and be that light unto the world that’s essentially what it’s about but in the midst of that we have to be careful we have to use discernment pray for discernment that’s a spiritual gift like in your spirit you can know that hey this isn’t right or God will tell you stuff about people I mean that’s what we’re going to be speaking on on School of the Mystics tonight is how to how to hear that voice of God in your life for what people are going through business decisions relationship decisions like hearing God being able to discern the spirits that are on other people like you can do that that’s part of it it’s very practical it’s practice isn’t just theories and cool stuff of what if it’s real no this stuff is real it’s tangible and if it’s not if you can’t apply it to your life if it cannot help you or the people around you then I really don’t want to talk about it and so there’s some somewhat of a tangible experience in each every one of these interviews that I do I try to take something from it I mean even this discussion with with David Curtis today it’s like this guy’s 73 years old and to see where he is and to see his life’s past very similar to mine like those experiences he’s had and the conclusions he’s come to and it still seems like he’s just still seeking like now what is the thing like what’s the absolute I think I found the absolute like I think I think I know what it’s about for me it’s it’s simply knowing God and making him known letting people know about this this gospel that God loves you and he’s got a plan for you and you can encounter God that you have a purpose for your life and a plan for your life and in that and through that there’s so much other stuff whatever your life calling is to be whatever you desire to do with your life all of that stuff is kind of woven throughout that message but the message is is an empowerment of the good news man and so of a day you’re not alone right and so like that’s that’s my end all like that’s my agenda in the midst of having these conversations with people is to share my story and and see how it relates and really get deep down into the into the essence of the of the mind of the psyche and and what people are going through and people who need help people like this guy who uh you know sent me death threats and stuff like that I try to put myself out there you know I try to put myself and I had I have discernment with them that’s my problem and not just me but most of the people I run with in my circle is that we have compassion for others we we know that the churches have kicked these guys out we know that they’ve been booted from society and in their outcasts but hey those are the people that God uses man so we have a compassion for them I mean because we’ve been there we’ve been blacklisted and I don’t want to kick this guy while he’s down I’ve been there I’ve got the karma to prove it you know I’ve done that to people and it’s been done to me and I would not wish that upon anyone that’s why I try to go above and beyond to extend my hand but um but you bite me when I extend my hand out there then we’re done I can’t mess with you I can’t like if I keep if I got in and and to pick up a snake and the snake bites me who’s the blame me or the snake especially if I go out there and do it again keep getting bit by the same snake no you got to use wisdom and discernment man with all things the scriptures is is deep on this and the scripture talks about giving people over to Satan let that sink in what does that mean giving them over to Satan it’s really just pulling your hands back look man it’s you and God you were Satan essentially like i’ma have to give you over to what’s what’s ailing you and let you let you deal with that for a while see what happens and see what you come to and God has a way of worrying the hearts hearts of people and and and setting up situations and sending demons into your life and in downfall and things to let you know that he’s the way like he’s the only only place you’re gonna find serenity and solace is in him this relationship with God and and that that’s what it’s about so with this brother I pray for him I release him you know all that stuff and I I believe that uh you know I want his best days to be ahead of him I want him to to get clean I want him to be happy I want him to be in his kid’s life and things like that um I hate the fact that everybody you know doesn’t get the happy ending which I was talking about I believe in that I fight for that I I make every I don’t live for the moment I try not to I try to I try to make every decision with the future in mind all of them a future of my daughter my wife my friends my family even myself to kind of set myself up of like planting something today that come in a manifestation like building the life that we want the vision that we have of ourselves when we go into meditation and you get these visions of yourself and what you want to do and why you’re here what is my purpose and then you’re so far removed from that purpose that you see yourself in the astral realms it’s like okay what can I do to achieve that what can I do to actually tap into that and and in this thing’s practical things you can do to be whatever you want whatever you call it to be and aligning yourself with the universe or with God you God works with you he doesn’t work against you he doesn’t you know it’s not mad at you and if we talk about the universe and God that’s a whole nother thing – I’ve been just kind of contemplating you know some people like to say God you go in new-age circles they don’t want you to say God because I think you’re being religious but you know we talk about God in the universe trying to use it interchangeably but I don’t think it’s the same thing I would think that God created the universe that’s two different things and we talk about the universe that’s that’s not something that uh that loves you or something that’s tangible something that cares about you God is personable like there’s a relationship with the loving God with the spirit realm right so we’re talking about people getting offended or not wanting to be you know not want to talk about God or whatever the case is I’ve been you know I’ve went through that whole thing I go into a lot of New Age broadcasting shows and they have me on even within myself but um it is what it is men it’s about God and if you want to call it the universe but I think the universe God created you the universe and uh you know I’m saying so there’s a difference there that’s just a tangent but uh some of these other questions here in the chat room I see all it is his interview is gonna be really soon guys all it is we did a song together – so make sure y’all check that out a ll I T eyes II just type in all it is one word on YouTube with true seeker and you can check out the new song that we did about a UFOs and the spirit realm some awesome stuff we went into but um he says here in the charity says I believe we all have a a he said I believe we all have a lie detector built-in into our spirit we just have to learn how to listen to it yep we can we can sense things and like I say we right so I think I think the different people have different giftings and different abilities and it talks about this in a Bible and it talks about the gift of the discernment and it says that I know we want to say we because we do like you do I do and you know people who do but maybe some people don’t maybe some people have other giftings in they’re better at utilizing those gifts and uh and for the body so we all come together okay true seeker and all it is you guys are good at discernment here’s somebody else who’s good at speaking here’s somebody other who has a gift of planning and bringing people together all of these are gifts within the Bible the gift of administration making things happen – gift of healing the gift of prophecy the gift of speaking in tongues obviously I think we all can kind of tap into all of those areas but we talked about the body when we all come together and all of us are good at these things trust me when the the church in the book of Acts this is what they did they were all good at these different things they came together and they function and they changed the generation they changed everybody they came in contact with it was not like it was not like an agenda driven thing of hey look at me some of that came into play but they addressed it and they they dealt with it and they did it the best way that they knew how but we’re talking about spiritual giftings we’re talking about other some people good at divination of tapping into the spirit realm casting Lots and these spiritual practice in this whole artillery that they had man and when they rolled together and they were on one Accord you couldn’t stop them and we can we can still build like that we can work with that when we when we come together on one Accord for so for one man of true Sego or whoever show or a podcast or a teacher you listen to who claims to have it figured out and they want to be the master teacher some people call themselves the master teacher I’ve been getting a lot of links from this guy out there they call him he calls himself the master teacher and I’ve I’ve known many master teachers on YouTube but it’s about it’s about a community man anytime that one man is exalted anytime that even like in a church setting when when the pastor is the go-to guy well my pastor said this my pastor is the man of God over my life ba-ba-ba-ba-ba that’s demonic it’s straight Daman and you can learn from that person he could be a shepherd but really essentially God the Holy Spirit Jesus is the shepherd but it said when we come together when we all come together it’s about a community it’s about the body of Christ it’s about the flower of life all of us being an expression of God and when we come together we formulate the body of Christ on earth the body of love right the body of what it says that you have two or three if two or three gather in my name there I am in the midst so as you come together you essentially formulate Jesus on the earth you are the manifestations of the sons of God that’s what it’s about it’s about coming together it’s about walking in the spirit of unity in the spirit of love man that’s just what that’s just I wanted to kind of give you guys some insight on what I’ve been going through this week also to maybe I want to speak on this too this is for the this is for the father’s out there and the mother’s too but there’s something I’ve got this on my wrist for you guys who can see this on the video end but I’ve got a I’ve got a pink tag on my wrist it says good air something I want to encourage you guys man this stuff is practical man there’s something that I do that I want to pass down to you guys to do if you don’t at least one day a year I take my daughter out to something I call it daddy-daughter day and it’s usually check her out of school I’ll let her go for a couple hours and she doesn’t know it I have this day planned where I pick her up we go ride go-karts we go have lunch somewhere special and we go to the movies or whatever the case is but I did one yesterday so or the day before and so I want to talk about that a little bit I this I want to talk about the trip to encourage you guys to do this whether if you’re a father if you’re spend a few dollars ain’t gotta be you do it for less than 100 bucks man just to spend time I mean do it and even go on a walk go on a nature hike you know the in on just like a beautiful day check him out of school go spend time with just you and them now I’m not not both parents just one you and so go get your kid take him out yes day before yesterday I took my daughter I went got her we went got some lunch had a good lunch then we went to this place called get air which is a trampoline spot and we went there and I wanted to plan it I’m trying to plan it out with the with a movie because there was a movie I wanted to go see and take her to the spot but we went there to jump on these trampolines this trampoline park and we were the only people there I went there right when it opens I mean how many kids are there at noon you know on a Tuesday so we went to the trampoline park and we don’t we had the whole place to ourselves man this whole traveling it was 20 bucks I think it was 20 bucks like 26 bucks for us to do that we went there and spent an hour and then we went and seen a movie and then went and got ice cream or whatever but it’s just something like that that I just encourage you guys man this stuff is practical just you know tom is precious time is of the essence as well and I want to encourage you guys to do that go check your kid out of school one day man it don’t take a lot of money if I don’t even if he ain’t got no money man you can go for a walk you can go to the park and just get on the slide whatever it is man but this stuff it’s practical man so I’m reading all it is he says he says he says great idea I’ll do it with my five year old soon week he says we got to get air in Michigan too might have to try that much love truth yeah do it when nobody’s there to man so it’s not crowded and kids are just you know knocking everybody down and all that kind of stuff but it was fun just to have the whole place to ourselves man and I try to do it once a year every year it’s not planned she don’t know it it’s a surprise she comes you know she’s in school comes on it’s like here we’re going and I had everything prepared I love I love surprises man I’ve been able to surprise my wife and my daughter on many different occasions and that I like I just loved it I love surprises man good surprises put it that way I’ve had enough bad surprises of my life so it’s all about the good surprises and making them laugh bringing smiles to to people’s faces in their face that’s what I do if I don’t do anything else man as a father I try to I try to you know be light-hearted and make them laugh and make them smile you know in a world out there that can be can be hard and cold-hearted at times I try to keep things like even with you guys man I try to bring something to the table that’s gonna encourage you guys it’s gonna better your life it’s gonna you know I’m saying make this walk a little bit easier make it a little bit more enjoyable I think we’re supposed to enjoy life I remember going through spirituality as a Christian and as like the gnostic traditions even they teach that you’re not supposed to enjoy life that you’re supposed to like be a suffering servant or what even in like like the five percenters they call the poor righteous teachers like you know and that was like I thought that’s what you had to be you couldn’t enjoy life you wasn’t supposed to have money you weren’t supposed to have wealth or or be happy and stuff but that’s man that’s demonic man it’s not of God man everything is beautiful to enjoy everything in life but to really reach that spirituality where you can go out and just sit in nature and be okay well you can go and do that walk with your family I walk through the forest in the cool of the day and just enjoy it and feel connected with everything there man spirituality let you do that and to know that you’re one with all creation with God the Holy Spirit which is there with you with your breath as you were able to breathe in out in nature maybe even we went hiking I’m gonna I take my shoes off and I go I go barefoot hiking with the family and we just connecting with the earth and the energy is getting grounded putting our feet on the ground like really connecting it don’t cost money like it’s free to do a lot of this stuff man and that’s that’s what it’s about man to be to live in the moment cuz that’s all you have you don’t have tomorrow you don’t have yesterday yesterday is gone but to be in the moment like I always point out Eckhart Tolle is a millionaire off of teaching people how to live in the now moment and how to find that power in the now moment well that’s why I talk about meditation it’s about focusing on the moment we go into those realms we we get the vision for ourselves in the now moment there is no tomorrow we talk about going on being set on autopilot and just living life the mundane over and over and even with my family like even though like I do this stuff it can I can still get on autopilot and my family can do it my daughter goes to school comes home does homework we get dinner we eat we spent some time together I do a podcast whatever and it can be monotonous you get into the monotony of life so you got to switch it up you got to grab any shake things up even for yourself man turn that autopilot switch off I did it for years when I was working in weeks would pass man and I’m just like just going just living just doing it and a lot of times it would come to play because it would make it worse because I’d have something I was looking forward to a month out two months out six weeks from now whether it’s Christmas you know you get close to Christmas you’re like man I can’t wait till Christmas or your birthday or you going to a concert and you get on autopilot because you want that event to come quicker so you have to shake yourself you have to get out of that autopilot and don’t let the moment pass you by to be present in the moment and make those memories men don’t like make those memory that’s what it’s about I have to it’s a stunt man that’s a slump slump to fall into I’ve gotten there and it’s you know mindfulness meditation all of that helps to do that and just a walk in gratitude start looking at your life and just find the things in your life that you can be thankful for for starting with your breath take that deep breath in holy spirit’ a lot of times I can take that breath and I just feel the holy spirit when I breathe it’s the breath it’s the pneuma he says Jesus breathed upon his disciples they received the Holy Spirit we could tap into the breath that’s the life force without that breath you don’t exist you’re not animating this is the breath that animates all life so it’s as simple as that being thankful for every little thing that we have and just our limbs our health our family our friends you know whatever you have in your life that you’re thankful for man so to really sit in all of that and then to even speak it out express it we said we’re not talking about a theory we’re talking about or just a God who is distant we’re talking about this relationship with with the Creator that uh longs for a relationship with you that wants to hang out with you that wants you to tell him or it your your feelings or your fears and confess your faults to him so he can take them he takes all that man and that’s what it’s about so Missy so yeah thank you I everybody who supported my work little T in the chat room Andrew Jackson Christie folks ologists Fano matrix everybody Chris garner which Chris Garner’s been hanging out for a while to Everett Kathy Katherine Kathleen a little bit of everybody man thank you guys for hanging out with me today thank you again for supporting my work I couldn’t do do it without you a little bit goes a long way doing this stuff you guys know I do the podcast that’s free to consume I usually I used to only I used to do an hour free and then the second half was for paid members but now like I just do the whole thing free um so yeah you your support really helps me me so if you guys want me to continue doing these podcasts doing these shows continue making music head on over to patreon comback slash true seeker and there you can sign up for any level of giving got my music there I you know all the new music that I’m working on it’s already available if you’re a patron I got a new album coming out is available now you get order you get entered into a contest to win this big wall flag and I’m signing every pre-order that comes through so the album will be released on April the 20th we’re also doing a album release party so if anybody wants to come to the concert that we’re doing I’ll be performing live and it’s a free concert inside a house it’s gonna be awesome house shows are amazing haven’t done one in years but it’s going to be awesome so the show is free just get you room and uh and you know it gives them R in a room pay the gas and come down like I got friends driving over eight hours to come to be here from Orlando it’s gonna be fun if you guys want to hang out you want to meet you’ll get a chance to do that so April xx all the infos on my website the true sticker calm there’s also some some new merch on there I don’t promote the merch too much but I do have t-shirts and things available promoting some different songs that I have and even there’s a true seeker podcast t-shirt and some quotes and stuff like that from my lyrics so all that stuff’s available on my site as well and so if you want to support by shirt all that good stuff with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I enjoyed this episode got some more stuff lined up for you guys and uh thank you guys for the support with that peace Shalom god bless [Music] well then does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to chief seeker comm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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