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Ed Grimsley has been seeing battles between unknown aircraft in the night skies since he was a teenager. Since then, he has continued seeing what appear to be Delta shaped and Saucer shaped aircraft in space shooting it out, using what appear to be laser weapons. He has seen hundreds of these objects recently and using his five Military grade night vision binoculars he has invited many people to come to his areas and view the objects in earth space shooting it out. Using his night vision glasses, even skeptics who thought he was ‘seeing things’ have now been convinced that what Ed Grimsley has been trying to tell people about all these years, is very real.

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Today’s Podcast Is Brought To You By If You Would Like To Support The Show Head On Over To There’s Over 180,000 Titles To Choose From You Can Listen To Them On Your Iphone Android Kindle Or Your Mp3 Player Make Sure You Sign Up On A Computer So That We Get Credit We Get A Kickback For Everyone Who Signs Up For A Free Trial At Slash T Waking Your Higher Conscious Some Of The Esoteric Things Going On In The World And Things That’s Going On In People’s Lives That We Can Really Have A Medium For A Place For Everybody To Come Together And Put All Their Ideas And Their Pieces Of The Puzzle On The Table And See If We Can Make A Picture Out Of It I’m Your Host True Seeker And I Believe We Have On The Line My Co-host Anthony Graham You There Yes Sir I’m Eric How’s It Going Brother It’s Going Real Good Me Hey Doing Good Magnus Awesome To Having You Onboard And Your First Show Hanging In There With Me And Helping Me Do This Show Tonight Man Glad To Have You Onboard Lake Chad Is Good Stuff Tonight We’re Gonna Be Talking With Edie Grimsley He’s Got Some Amazing Videos I First Seen Him On Youtube Seen Some Of His Videos And Seen Some Of His Lectures And Some Really Nice Stuff He Has Captured From Different Anomalies In The Sky Different Aerial Vehicles You’ve Seen Ufos Flying In Formation Stopping On A Dime Doing All Types Of Different Aerial Phenomenon So You Know We’re Gonna Bring Him On So Without Further Ado From California F Grimsley There Yeah Yeah Guys No Good Right On Hey Hey Lar Oh Yeah We’re Ready Man We’re Ready To Get Into It Man We Got A Lot To Talk About Let’s Get Some Tips On Here Yeah Definitely Well Like I Said I First Seen Some Of Your Videos Online Youtube And Actually On Your Website And Stuff And Once I Was Checking Out Your Stuff And Trying To Find More About You I Was Listening To Coast To Coast And I Heard George Noory Tell A Story And He Talked About He Was Doing Some Speaking Engagements And He Said It Was A Man Mysterious Man Standing In The Room Watching Him And Uh I Think He Said You Came To Like Two Different Lectures Or Whatever And Finally You Came Up To Him And Said Hey George I Can Show You Right Now Ufos In The Sky And He Said That You Took Him Outside On The Balcony Or On The Roof And You Should Use The Night Vision Goggles And Showed Him He Said Sure Enough He’s Seen Two Craft That He Had No Idea What It Was And They Were Doing Maneuvers That Airplanes And Satellites Do Not Do Can You Tell Us A Little Bit About That Yeah Yeah He Had About 30 People Came Up On The Roof In Santa Clara Area And I Was Showing People A Lot Of Craft And Lot Of Things Going And So We Spoke To People Down To Grab Him And Get Him Up There And There Were Still Four Craft Still Going On We Were Sharing I Think Four Or Five Pair Of Goggles Around And I Pointed Out A Couple To Him And Showed Him And And This One That Was He Was Looking At Just And A Pop And Thought That Worked It Girl Right There But It Just Stopped The Plan Like It To Start And He’s Goes That Is Amazing And Then We Looked And Then He Thought Other Stuff Saw A Couple Things Swimming Around Up There Real High Out And There’s Different Things Patrol Craft There Is Crafted On Patrol There’s Mother Ships There’s All Kinds Of Things Out There And There’s Satellite To And There’s Bugs And Laws But Easy Enough To Tell The Difference Mm-hmm In Turn Four It Was Looking Around And He Had The Glasses Off To Tommy Or Somebody Else And Just Been This Other Craft Our Guru I Said George Curtis Leaving Here And I Had To Me Mind And Pointing The Laser Up And It Was Leaving He Goes So What Was Accorded It Go He Said It Was There There This Disappeared This Sorry Dad Their Pilots Bar At You Thought Top And Then It Just Took Off And Then After It Was Going Real Fast Just Colson With Ruth Blinked Out And He Feels Like His World Is Rocked Because He’d Heard About Things But When I Was Shown In Claim It Definitely Did Definitely Put Him In A New State Of Mind Yeah There’s Some Amazing Footage You Have That Man A Lot Of People Have Actually Been Filming Using Night-vision Goggles And Stuff And I’ll Tell You What You’re Capturing Stuff From With Those Goggles That You Can’t See With The Naked Eye Yes A Lot But It Was Some Of The Like The Biggest Objects You’ve Seen Out There Or Some Of The Objects Pretty Big Or They They Usually Just Lights Or What What Are You Really Seeing A Lot Of Well I’ve Seen Several Crop Maneuvering Circling Battling Firing Beams Blowing Each Other Up I’ve Seen That A Number Of Times And I’ve Seen Like Three Come In Fairly Close To Me One Night And Do A Big Horseshoe Pattern Around Me Like As If You’re On Parade And That Was Awesome But I’ve Just Seen So Many Different Things There’s Things Out There That Our Football Shape There’s Things Are There Delta Shape Those Things Just Look Like A Concord Jet Or P1b Bomber And They’re Flying Up In The Edge Space Or In Space And They Can Accelerate This Fly Out Of Sight Just So Quick And They Can Really Battle They Can Really Really Battle You Know What I Want For A Ride Morning And Okay Actually Many Times I’ve Seen Glow One Another Up Usually Wanted To Battle With The Deltas The Other Ones Get Hammered But Other Times The Disc Shape Or Saucer Shape Lines It Go At It With Each Other Sometimes It’s Hard To Tell Who’s Who But They Usually Blow One Another Up And Sometimes You’ll See A Rescue Capsule Come Out Blinky If You In A Few Minutes And The Other Craft Is Gone That Threw It Up And They’ll Be Blinking And Having A Strange Droves Like Like Some Of The Military Craft Have And They’ll Float Along In Space Just Drifting Out Whatever Speed They Got Hit At And Not Halftime You’ll See Another Craft Come Up Circle It And Then Another Craft Come And Fly Patrol Around It And It’ll Move In And Pick That Catch The Bus In There By The Way Once One Make Weaksauce Wrong When I Was All One Get Blown Up And About A Minute Later Here’s The Storm I Floated Across And Then About Five Minutes Later Here Is A Single Craft Coming From One Direction Flying In Really Fast And Flowing Up And Turning Right Near The Damaged Craft The Capsule And And Two More Coming From Another Direction And They Flit Apart One Full Out Of The Circle Of Hennessy Other Collector Protection At The Once We’ve Been Bird Ate Not That Full And Picked Up Capsule Then It Turned And Started Heading Out And The One Purple Rope West Front One Five Expected And I Watched Them Fly Out And They Threw Out I Straight Course Heading Right Out For The Moon With The Show To The Moon Appear The Tolerance Paula Contoured So Not Only Are You Seeing The Craft You Know Not Only Are You Seeing Craft You’re Actually Seeing These Things Shoot At Each Other Correct Oh Yeah They They Battle Not Always Been It’s Quite It’s Quite Often You See It And Sometimes It Takes Place So Fast If You’re Blink You’re Going To Miss It But You’re Going To Find Out It A Lot Of Times When You’re Looking In The Sky At Night You’ll See Something Like The Flash Bulb Can Walk Way Out There And When I Have Been Looking And Doing That I Think It Craft Getting Blown Up By The Way Is Out I’m In The Flash Me Explosion And So Far Out Like 500 Miles Of 700 Miles Out And You’re Not Getting To See The Thighs Of Craft And That Just Like You Would If You Were 250 All Numb So I’ve Had A Lot Of People That Come And See It And I’ve Felt That A Thousand They’re Better People Just Actually Think Battles It Has Come Out Then With Me When They Take Place Is And There’s Another Thing That Happens Off There’s A Fleet Of Usually 3 To 5 Very Big Craft And They’ll Come In Complete Weight And They’ll Come In And They’ll Be Descending Down And If You Picked Up On A Real State If A Artery Or Safe Pattern Like That They Can’t Get All Back Bacon Out Usually Treat Over And One On Each Side Up Iron Just Like The High Guard Type Of Control If It Been On Them And Then Turn Usually You See Them Dropping Down About To 300 Miles Soft Goat Or In The Ocean And Then We’ve Seen Them Down By San Diego Coming In And Dropping Down Toward Sea Of Cortez Next And I’ve Been Out On Ocean Liner Cruise Ships And Shooting People Or Out Middle The Ocean And It’s Free And Lead To I Guards That Happened Not Too Long Ago On Board Liberty Ship Going Down Towards The Mine Room And This South Caribbean There I Think That The Human Race Thinks More Of Itself In What It Should Because Often They Think The Superior Thing Here And There’s So Much Hot They’re Going On And So Much Galaxy They Just Look Through This Glasses One Time They Would See How Most Until There Is Out There Because You Don’t See Hardly Any Stars Compared To What You Could See To The High-tech Naugles And If You Get Too Cheap Of Goggles You Don’t See Very Good And And You’re Going To Miss Other Excuse Me That Reminds Me A Lot Of Our Cabin Trip Many Think That The Flashes That He’s Describing Remember We’ve Seen Could Have Been Okay Then Yeah Works In A Lot Of Flashes Do If You’re Looking Up And You See Something Looks Like A Flash Bulb Went Off Way Out There In Space That’s Somebody Here Isn’t It Mmm We’ve Seen Some Of Those Flashes And Then Look Them Over And Check Them Out With Some Ten Power Magnification Night Vision And You Can Actually See This Road But Long And See Craft Come In Later To Picked Up Wow So Let Me Ask You This I Think The Next Question Is You Know It Yeah You Know I Don’t Think There’s A Question About If They’re Craft Up There People Are Seeing Them There’s Countless Numbers Of Videos People Seeing Them For Themselves I Don’t Think It’s A Question If They’re There They’re Definitely There Who Or What Is Manning These Craft In Your Opinion Oh I Believe You See Back In Alexander The Great’s Day You Know A Couple Thousand Years Ago They Reported Battles Going On Over Over Their Battlefield And The Chanise Chariots Were Firing On Lightning Like At Each Other And I Believe That There’s Always Been One Melt Right There And That One May Be Protected Mankind Or In Possession Of Mankind Mm-hmm Ask And Another May Want To Come In To Help Us Or Depot Control And I Think That’s The Babblings Going On There Or He Could Just A Little Good And Evil Battling It Out And What Kind Of Disloyal I Know That There Was A Prophecy By Edgar Cayce Which He Said That The Battle Of Armageddon Would Be Fought In The Sky To Be Fought In Out Of Space And Then Here And Then Here You Are You Know Getting Footage Of These Different Ships And Seeing These Anomalies Of These Shipman Craft Shooting Laser Beams At Each Other Blowing Up And Things You Know It’s Amazing Man The Seeing Is Believing Well If You Try To Tell Someone You Know It’s Kind Of Like The Old Saying I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You So You May Not Believe Me But Whenever You Put These Goggles On Or You Check Out The Footage For Yourself See It’s Totally Different Experiencing The Craft Having The Craft Come Down And Seeing Something Then You Know Something Taking Somebody’s Story For It Yeah Well You Know The Things I Tell People About When I Was 16 And Saw All The Battles Going On The Sierras Above My Hunting Camp And Waking Up My Dad My Mom All The Camping And Hunting Friends Around Us And Showing Them And You Know After An Hour And A Half Of Them Watching This Stuff Go On Most People Go Home Oh Well And Back To Sleep I Laid Up All Night And Watched Until Daylight The Next Morning And I Counted Who What If I Counted Over 45 Crafts Blowing Each Other Up I Don’t Know Who Was Who But My Dad Had A Good Answer For Me He Says Well I’m Going To Go Back To The Tent Go To Bed Is How Can You Do That This Might Be The End Of The World Or Armageddon What I Read Is Wrong If We’re Still Here In The Morning I’ll Wake Up And If We’re Not I Won’t Wake Up And The End There The Rattling Of Things As Well I Don’t Know What To Fight About I Don’t Know Who’s Right News And What They Fighting About And He’s Because I Don’t Know Who Sided Beyond And My 270 Pier Rifle Wouldn’t Reach Him Twice Because I’m Going To Move It Sweep And If There’s Tomorrow There’s A Tomorrow If There’s Not I Won’t Know And He Said But You’re Going To Town To Get Supplies With Me Okay So I Felt I’ll Sleep On The Way To Town Okay Weasel America I Will Ever Lake And We Went Into Town And When We Talked To The Military The First Guys Go Yeah There’s Been A Lot Of Calls On That And Then He Pushed My Dad Through And The Next Guy Just Gave My Dad A Bad Time Try To Make Him Think He Was Crazy And My Dad Told The Guy To Go To Hell And You’re On All Die Yeah Awesome The Guy Says You Can’t Tell Me To Go To Hell And My Dad Says What Do You Mean I Can’t You’re Wrong I Just Told You – I’ll Tell You Again Mm-hmm As Often They Check It Out What Kind Of Nv Ds Were You Guys Using There’s Different Types Of Night-vision Devices What Type Were You Guys Using To See The Crap Well Those Several Pairs And Times It’ll Work Usually You Have To Have A High Generation Like At Least 2 Plus Or Plus Watch Out Because They Only Made Generation Fours For A While Special Ones And They Had A Lot Of Trouble With Them And So They’re Not Making But A Lot Of People Are Saying Oh Here’s Four But It’s Actually A Three Plus Or A Pedicle Greed And They’re A Little Clearer A Little Better But The Gentry’s And Some Gen 2 High-performance You Can See It Now Everybody And Their Brother Wants You To Buy A $4,000 Pair From Them And Get Their Companies Sell It To You And Then They Tell You Things Like Oh Yeah Ed Grimsley Buys His Goggles From Us No You Know Why Not No But Companies Are Getting Rich Off Of What I’ve Told People Because I’m The One That Started All This Night-vision Goggle Stuff And Beautiful Work They Call Me The Guru Or God Our God Father Nightwish Here Are Bows And It’s Kind Of True But It’s Like I Had One Guy Call Me One Time And He Says Well You Know The First One That See These Crafts Actually Don’t Necessarily Cousin Balin He’s A Total Box Is Long Time Ago On The Wall It Says I Could See Only Babbling Nice Is Okay Well How Long Ago Was It Well When He Says He Could See Him The Only Gen Glasses Was Available With Some Of The First Military Gen Ones And If You Used A Pair Of Those And Looked Up You’re Lucky To See Nodding Hearted Everybody Your Face He Was Just Sitting There Lying Trying To Tell Me This In And Then When I Told Him About How You Can’t See Those With That Model Or That Design Oh Yeah Well I Think It Was Something Like That I Don’t Know I’m Kind Of Strange But You Know I’m A Little Bit Busy Because It Helps Yeah And But I’m Truthful About It And I’m Trying To Warn The World That Was In A Taken Over For Being Maneuvered Manipulated And Over Controlled And It’s Coming From All Levels Of Our Government And To Counties As They Be Visible And That Their Apartment To Us And Manipulate This And It’s Not Just Are You There Are There Was A Salient And Opti Through Her Staining Going On With Hitler In World War Two And Together They Were Going To Take Over The World Sharon Forever Well Germany Lost The War But The Nazis Kept Going And Their Scientists Came Over To Americans I’m Gonna Side This Month Arrested So Now You Got Russian Mob See American Multi And They Came Into Power And Space Program Scientific Programs Nap And Then They Started Running It So They Get Involved And Then Now There’s Infiltration In Our Congress And Our Senate About By Source Because One Seventh Vote No In Congress And Senate Vote No Ten And The Rest Vote To Take Our Right Away To Grow Our Own Food You Got A No That’s A Crawfish Crap And If They’re Not For Us And That They’re Trying To Get Easier For Masato And Their Big Brothers To Group C At Booth And If They Stop You From Having Food You’re Going To Say Well Hey I’m Hungry Here’s A Service They Will Give Us Your Guns And It Becomes More Of Our Patriots Here And If You Join Us We’ll Let You Have Food And Yeah Even The Fema Trainers The Fema Camps All The Underground Cities That They’ve Dug And Built I Mean You Look Up People Like Jill Snyder’s Work In 17 Years Doing Underground As A Shootout With Some Grade Three Ground And Your Belt Truth And Worst Case Of Suicide You Know Hanging Himself Shooting Himself And Dabbing And Autocephaly It Ended I Handed Up Passing Away Some Some Mysterious Dev Didn’t Need A Guy Who Came Out With A Lot Of Information On That Yeah Well He Got He Got Murdered Mm-hmm Okay Shot Him And Stabbed Him Yeah Little Seeking Information Well You Know At Least That’s What They Said Look At It I Want To Open It Up Now To Let Everybody Know The Reason We Started The Show Was To Really Put The Information Out There For Other People Who You Know Have Questions Who Are Seeing Craft And And Going Through These Experiences But They Don’t Have Nobody To Talk To They Can Listen To The Podcast They Can Call In With Their Questions Things Like That You Know So If Anybody Has Any Questions If You Want To Ask Add Any Questions Or Anybody On The Panel The Number To Call In Is Seven Two Four Four Four Four Seven Four Four Four You Enter Pin Number Seven Eight Six Four Three Push Pound And Then I Will Actually That’s The Call Id Then The Pin Number Is One And Then Pound And With That Being Said We Have A Guest In The Room Actually Want To Bring In On The Line This Was When I First Started Seeing Crafts And Having Sightings From Myself Was About Three Years Ago Now So It’s Been About Three Years And When I Was Going Through It There’s A Lot Of Questions And Things That I Had And Not Really Many People I Can Talk To I Tried To Talk To Close Friends And Then They Wouldn’t Answer My Phone Calls Later And Only Thing I Had Was The Internet And Facebook And Things Like That Trying To Reach Out To People And It Was A Guy That I Met Online Because I Think I Connected Him With One Of Your Videos I Ran Into Him Whether It Was Through Facebook Or Whatnot Anyway His Name’s Eric And I Reached Out To Him About Three Years Ago And He Actually Accepted My Call And Made Him Talked And He Was Able To Say Hey I’ve Been Seeing These Things – Don’t Worry You Know You Can You Know If You Need Somebody To Talk To I’m Here So I Believe We Have Them On The Line Eric Are You There Out Here How You Doing Brother Hey Mister Grimsley And Eric I Appreciate You Having Me On And I Just Wanted To Say Mister Grimsley I Appreciate You Exposing You Know The World To This Reality You Know As Derek Said I Was Exposed To You Via Coast-to-coast And It Ate My Curiosity And I Thought To Myself You Know There’s Got To Be Something Here To It Later I Decided To Take The Plunge And Invest In Two Generation 3 Night-vision Goggles And I Actually Went On Online And There Was A Phone Number And I Called The Phone Number And This Miss Man Man Answered And He Was You Know Disheveled And Immediately I Realized It Was Hughes And He Said A Few Today This Is It I Said Is This Ed Grimsley And He Said Yeah I Just Got Out Of The Shower As It Oh My God And I Said It Is Such An Honor You Know To Speak With You And You Took The Time To Discuss These Goggles What I Could Possibly See Etcetera And From There I Went Ahead And Purchased These Goggles For About You Know Close To Four Brand Of The Huge Investment And I Have To Tell You Um Did You Buy Them From Me Or Somebody Else No From You From Your Group And And I Have To Tell You Mr. Grimsley Is I’ve Been Taking Family And Friends Out And Showing Them These Objects Guarding Through The Sky And We Can Identify What A Satellite Is Because A Satellite Is A Certain Height And Has A Certain Speed But As You Know When You See These Things In Groupings Zipping Across The Horizon And Second Your Heart Stops And You Look At That In Your Whole Reality Just Change This You Know And I Just I Just I Just Again I Want To Applaud You For Having The Being So Brave And Honest And Bringing This Out And When I’m Showing Septics And They Look At It They Give Me Back The Goggles And They Say What Did I Just See And It Completely Broadens Their Perspective In The Reality And It Changes Their Paradigm In Which They Live And You Like The Look On Their Face When They Realize They’re Being Lied To By Everybody Oh Well The Will Mr. Grisley Everything We’ve Been Taught I Academically Through The Media It’s All An Illusion And When We Talk About This Zombie Apocalypse We Are Surrounded By Virtual Zombies Humanity Has Been Dumbed Down To A Point Where It’s It’s Embarrassing You You You You Look At What They Type Out On Cnn And Fox And You Look At The Political System And You Look At Both Parties And They’re In Essence The Same Thing Touting The Same Thing Out In War Pouting You Know That Taking Away Your Freedom You Say And Then More And More I Have To Tell You More And More People Are Waking Up And The Veil Is Getting Thinner And That’s A Good Thing But I Can Only Hope That That Veil Is Dropped Soon Enough Because We’re In A Collision Course For Something Not So Good And I Think You Can Agree With That All I Know So Much More Than I Even Tell The World Because I’ve Been Studying This For A Good 20 Years And Watching The Government Manipulate The People And Lied To This And I’ve Been Watching Our Government Get Infiltrated And Whatever They Want And Eisenhower Said Be Careful Military-industrial Tom Now Mamie Eisenhower Was My Grandfather’s First Cuz Speed And My Grandfather Fought About Alien Fast Ufos How They Were Working With This And Then I Even Went At A Peace Treaty And Then I Hear Stuff About That Breaking The Treaties They’re Doing Different Stuff And You Know We Got A Lot Of Technology Often And I Would Doubt It And What We’re Not Working Together Now To Control The World And Go Out And Get Control Of The Universe Because We’re Flying In And Out At Each And There’s Battles On There’s Battles Going On Out There Well You’re Pointing To Your Point Mr. Grimsley You You’re Aware Of The Tr-3b And I Actually Witnessed It Tr A Massive Tr-3b Going Over Memphis And It Was Silent And To John Mckinnon You Know John Mckinnon Is He’s The One Who Hacked In The Pentagon And Discovers Another Officer That’s Carrying Mckenna Susie I’m Sorry Gary Yeah I’m Thinking Someone Else But The Point Is That You Know And – Nick Pope Maybe We Have A Breakaway Society That Has Possesses This Technology I’ve Got To Make Pope He Even Bought Me A Beer Time Or Two And We’ve Set After Conferences And Now And Talking With Nick Easter’s Then He Knows I Know A Lot And That He Can Tell Me I’m Wrong And I Says Well Tell Me Tell Me More And He’s Been As Well I Can Only Say What I Think He Says I Have A Life And I Had A Dog And I Can’t Step Out Of Bounds For His Bar As Well I Show Do You Know A Lot For The Kids On Nieces And Tell Them What I Think So In Other Words What You’re Allowed To Say And What You Can Do Is A Point Where If You Go Further You Put Your Head Under The Killer And He Is A Good Guy But He Knows A Lot More Than You Saying Enter And I Actually Am Saying Less Benign Oh But I’m Saying It Out Try To Get The World To Wake Up And It Happened And Amazing We’ve Just Got To Try And Work Together But The Thing Is That New World Order Military Industrial Complex Not Be Dollar Alien Working In That Whole Group They’re Out The Control Man Fine They’re Teamed Up Against Us And They’ve Even Even Developing Highbreed And I Think They Want To Wipe Out What They Consider Keeping Low Level And And Put In The Higher Briefed And Believe Me If They Had Their Way Right Now A Lot Of Us Be Terminated And They’re Making Plans To Do It And Right Now It’s Not Big 94 They Asked We’re In Their Control They Are Moving Us And Steering Us All This Tech Anima Crap Has Been Created Falsely To Make The Skirt And Brink United Big Town And There’s A Woman Out Feliformia Being Prosecuted With A Family For Having Their Own Garden In Their Backyard Growing Their Own Food And Yet Obama’s Wife Has A Garden At The White House Fragged About It And They Made Laws About Against Having A Garden Welcome Me That’s The Trees Independence When You Go To The Un And Bring Other Countries Military Into Our Country And Say They’re Going To Help With Taking The Guns Away No We Have The Right To Our Constitutions Our Constitution Is Not Being Honored For Us By The Government That’s Whispers Our Impact And When They Bring In Foreign Troops Hillary And Obama When They’re Working On The Un Doing It That’s Just Using Another Excuse To Other Way To Take Our Protection And We Will Be In Hopelessness Now That Is I’m Apt Reason To Go Outside Bring Foreign Troops Into Our Countries And Do It And Claim It Gee Plan Involves That Well Russia Was Full Fat We Were Supporting The Un And That’s Because Un Is Being Used By The Secrets Everman Commit By District Louis And They Even Want To Put An International Tax On Us On Top Of What We Got Well No I Don’t Need To Break In Mr. Grimley But You Look At The The No Debt Ceiling To Me It Looks Like If They They Say Conscious Attempt To Destroy The American Dollar And Once You Destroy The Economy You Bring In That New World Order One-world Currency Your Point Right On The I Agree With What’s Being Tried To Be Done With Their Friends Certain People On Units Are Controlling European Market Money In England Funny And Russia There’s All Those World People That Are Doing It And You Know I Don’t Know How Much They Need Before They Have Enough They Could Spend With That Now And To Me They’re Bound And Bent On Controlling Valentine And Own It But I Don’t Know About You But You Want To Be A Slave You Want To Be Owned It’s Been Thrown I Mean Obama Is Half Black And Black People Are Falling Like He’s The Messiah But At The Same Time They Don’t Have Enough To See That He Is Bringing Them Down With The Restless And They’re Going To Be Slaves In And It Doesn’t Matter What Color You Are The Earthy Is Over Now People Don’t Understand That The Different Nationalities There This World The Chinese Japanese Korean Filipino All These And Then The Scandinavian Different White Base The Black Different Right There Is So Many Different Nationalities Out There And I Believe If One Thing Earth Has Been Tried Before I Bring All These Nations All These People Involved Park The Galaxy And Replant The Spears And If We Ever Learn To Get Along Here We Cause Problems And We Fight With Each Other Again And We Make Wars And We Destroy Things And They Invest In War Machines Money And They Need To Be Killing Office 4030 All Right Mr. Bush Just Father He Was Supplying Money And Supplies To Germany And To A Minute Able To Them Your W Which Has A Fate Working Room On His Ranch Linux’s People Have Talked About It It’s Just Like How Do You Put A Program Together With Brothers And Human Beings To Get Along With Each Other When There’s Somebody Else Out There Trying To Grab It Make You Fight It Involved Get Your Money Get You To Fight With Each Other And Do The War And Have Your Young Die So That They Could Make Money I Mean People Of Iran Don’t Want To Fight War Guy Iraq Milk They Wanted To Get Along And Live But They Also Had Their Ways It Was Just Some Bonus And This Government Went To A Fine 11 And A Lot Of Crap And Make Them Look Like Evil And It Was Probably Some Of Our Own Culprit Operation It Created After Lie The Colorado Theater Shooting The Young Man Was In A Car Drugged Out So Bad That He Couldn’t Even Respond And They Had The Great Car It Ended Get Him Defusing And There Was A Number Of People In That Theater That Said There Was A Guy Down Front Doing Something It Was A Guy By The Side Looking Something At And Then Another Man Who Bled To Death All Covered And He Bled To Death On Somebody’s Lawn And A Game Of Nice Dress With Masks And Special Suit Come Grab Him Out The Lawn Put Him In The Gun To Thought And To See Some Of The Things That Took Place It Couldn’t Yeah And His Stuff It Was Done Was About $10,000 Worth Of Equipment And Different Thing That Used And He Didn’t Have Much So Who Gave It To Him I Don’t Think He Ever Had Position They Took Possession They Have Drugged Him Because His Father Is Going To Testify And Has Fallen To Pretty Wrong On A Scientist He Was Going To Testify Against Of The Heavenly People And At The Same Only If You Shoot Up A Bunch Of Theater People And You Do This That It Makes It Oh There’s A Nut Loose And Guns Can’t Be Trusted They Give As A Nuts And They Slaughter People That Was Deliberately Put On So They Could Take Them Books Get Mad And There Get Busted On It If They Find It Out You Know Stage Put On And A Lot Of Good Researchers And Investigators But Coming Down Now They’re Trying To Hush It All Up But That’s Because The U N Confused Let Me Take Your Guns Again That Was The Way I’m Going To Do Some Problems Justify That Happening Is Just Like The Guy That Supposedly Shot Ronald Reagan He Was Friends With Bush’s Family Is There Did He Has The Problem But He Probably Got Raped And The Thing Is That There Is Photographed That The Government Takes Session But There Was A Guy In A Window Look Again And When The Guy Was Shooting Down On The Street The Guy Window The Ones That Shot Reagan Though And It Was Photo But They Didn’t At A Girl And Everything Going Down Is Pretty Bad Will Be Basically For Being Manipulated At Every Turn To Manipulate It Control School Get Our Money To Be Various Things That Won’t Keep Track It’s Our Go Will Trade So Long Card And Then Secret It Involved With A Base Program That Flies In And Out To Plant It All It Can Go A Bit Hard It’s Just Unbelievable What And I Have Seen Them New I Just Want Without Popping In The Ocean And You Know I Found Like Them In That Just Bradley My Day Off You Know And And I Don’t Have Rattles But I’m Just Trying To Tell The Truth And The Truth Is That We Need Help All The Directions We Can Get With You And I Have No Way Of Standing Up It’s Corrupt The Government We Can Sit Around Do It I Now Go Bad Bad But The Government Doesn’t Listen To This Quote And Then They Lie About Us If We’re Telling The Truth They Have Special People Out There Saying Oh Aaron Please A Nut He’s Just Trying To Make Money And So Goggles I’d Rip In The World Off Whatever And What It Is They Don’t Put Their Name On Well I Put My Name On What I’m Saying Because I’m Not I Haven’t Nation Of Y And Now And Believe Me I’m Getting A Lot Of Shit A Lot Of And I’m Through A Lot Of Hell I’m Having A Very Rough Time Just Surviving And About Four Weeks Ago Houston A Fire Started In My Area Where My Ranches I Had No Home On It But I Had A Motorhome I Had A Camp Trailer Camper And Tired Contractor I Have My A 12th Grader I Pick Psycho My Track Letter Backbone My Dump Truck And I Had These Things First On My Rent And I Had Fire Break And Everything All Linked Around Per Se Freeze And Yet Everything Burnt To The Ground I Had A Fishing Boat If They Blew That Up To Eight Seven Or Eight People Are Fishing Down There There’s I Was Working On It Picks And I Add It With About Foot Clearance On Every Side No Fuel Tank Nothing Around And It And Trailers Note Down And Yet Twenty Feet Away The Grass Down Directly So Basically I’m Pretty Sure That They Made Sure That’s When The Fire Started Cereals Step On It So I Just Took It For About Four About All And The Telephones Going To Show To Help Me Clear Up Different Build Get Go On Research And What I Have Very Much The Light Build-up Wired Take It Out And Then I Have A Pair Of Those In Here And There And Then Six Pairs One Time That’s Deliberately Being Done Very Don I Keep What I’m Trying To Do Now In Trouble Now When I Get To Build All Right I Say One Thing And The Paint That Sucks It Probably Don’t The Chomp Dude I Guess If I Did I Don’t Have To Worry About Work Work Early Corruption And Living As Fish Stuff But It’s Just Like People Will Create Free Energy Devices And They Get Something Twerking Show Chemistry And I Checked It On Copyright Kept Everything Have Next You Know They’re Found Dead Eat The Dead In Their Laboratories And If The Same Thing With People Three Very Answered Oxygen Therapies It’s Just Bizarre And I Think That Could Be Done Frequently Now You Thought About Zombies Different People Are As All These Secrets So Weird They Can Releases On It From A Shine Light And I Met Three Put It Down And If You’re Eager To Take A Bit Sick Listen A Wire They Could Take You Talking And Your Front Yard Eager Out Oh Yeah They’ve Been Elected Okay Your Phone’s Breaking Up A Little Bit Again They’re Probably Not Liking What I’m Saying Yeah Yes Yes A Little Bit Just It’s Just In And Out Um I Would Ask You This About The Craft And Everything You’ve Been Saying Um Seeing That Night I Are You I Mean Are You Seeing Them During The Day Now As Well Not You Know Now That You’re Consciously Aware Of Them At Night Have You Seen Them During The Day At All I Have Seen A Few Craft In The Daytime But Not Like At Night And I Have Actually Seen Craft 3,000 Feet Above Me Like As If They Were A Small Airplanes But Beautiful Saucers 150 200 Feet Across Ribs Down The Top Of Them All Looking Like A Number Ola Rib And I Know And I’ve Seen Them In A Group Of Three I Closed And It’s Always Something Like You Don’t Have A Hammer Hooked Up And You See We Are Phasing Lunch Or Something And In There And They’re Helping You Film They Go While I Got It Then They Look At The Camera And It It’s Ted Foot Five So Opposite And I Don’t Have Some Concluded A Lot Of Things Are Real Good But When You Get Government Users To Come To You Down And Say They Want To See Your Footage Does Not Really Thing Without This Ah I Basically Sold Out First I Didn’t Have Anything To Show Me Some Because All My Footage And I’ll Worry I Threw It Away And The Guy Do It Good Effort And And I Asked The Question This Is There Have A Quick Question Great Idea Have You Been Seeing A Two Weeks Ago I Was In My Backyard And I’ve Been Seeing And It Sounds Crazy A Golf Ball-sized Light Orbs That Are Going Over Basically Going Over The House About 50 Yards Over The House They Go For About $100 And They Dissipate To Nothing I Called My Fiance Out After I Saw One She Came Out And Witnessed Another One That Came By Again A Golf Ball-sized Like Light Orb That Just Vanishes As A Weapon Without A Goggle Without The Goggle This Is In Broad Daylight This Is On A Saturday At Incredibly Low And Then She Got Tired She Walking I Got My Camera And I Actually Took Pictures Still Pictures Of These Things There Are Four Sets That Went By And Then Eventually Three And A Formation Off The Distance Went By And Each Blinged Out Now I Don’t Know Here’s Here’s A Thought If That I Think When You Open Yourself To These Realities More Comes To You But I Wanted To Ask You At Have You Seen These Small Light Orbs During The Day Or At Night Yes A Lot Of It And You Know I Don’t Know How To Say This Cuz I Don’t Want To Scare People But There Are Energy Forms Or Spiritual Forms That Are Travelling On The Earth All Over The Place Yep And They Actually Have The Ability To Come Through Your Window And Move Around In Your House And An Exit And Move Back Out I Just Three Days Ago Was Talking With A Young Lady And She Had One Come From A Distance As She Saw It And Zoom Right Up And Go Right Into Her Head And And And Then Basically She Was Awake And Then As If She Went To Sleep And It Came Back To And Anything I Could Tell Is It It Was Probably A Spiritual Vehicle Or A Spiritual Being And Maybe You Didn’t Go Off And Go To Heaven Or Hell Or Wherever We Go To But That Maybe You Wanted To Stick Around And It Mighta Came To Her And Hitchhiked Or Joined In Or Might Have Been A Relative Spirit Or That And I See These Great Big Bubbles With The Night-vision Goggles You Know And It Looked Like A Hotter And They Look Like A Hot-air Balloon I Got A Wrap They’re They’re Rounder And They’re Clear You Can Look Like You’re Looking Into Them But You’re Not And Then Sometimes You Can See Like An Image Of A Being In There And What I Think Let Me Ask You Add That I Experienced I Saw One The Size Of A Beach Ball 20 Feet Away And It Came Towards Me As If It Were As If It Had A Consciousness About It And Just Like You Said You Could See Through It And It Looked Like Cytoplasm Of Ejeta Had A Texture To It And It Looked Like It Was Curious But I Was Amazed At The Physical Side Of It I Attached It Could Be Like An Intelligent Energy And It May Even Be Looking For A Body Or A Source Or Whatever I’m Just Not I Just Don’t Know Everything But I Know A Lot And I’ve Been Out There Researching And Doing And It’s Just About Nothing Out There Going On That I Haven’t Seen Or Been Around And I Think I Think We’re Looking At Multiple Dimensions I Think With The Goggles You Can See Distance And You Can You Can Make Out Other Spectrums Of Light But I Think We’re Looking At Layers And Layers And Layers Of Dimensionality That’s What I’m Thinking Here So The Light Orbs Could Be A Spiritual Dimension Then You Have The Ufos It’s A Completely You Know Other Dimensional Being I Think There’s Many Layers To This I’m Lit My Eyes I Think You’re Right And I Think You Will Find It In The Human Race Or Anything There Is Some Individuals Or Entities That Are Good And Bad And I Think That Orbs Can Be Good Or Bad Probably For Most Part They’re Good But In One Situation I Don’t Want To Make Them Any Name Which Or How Long Ago But It Hasn’t Been Too Long This Girl That I Knew That She Grew Up And I Was Like An Extra Person Around Is Picked On There’s Years And And Like To Play Baseball And Stuff No And I Used To Be Able To And Once She Knew I Was Being Awful Guy Night Vision Guru And All That She Calls Me Up And What Gonna See With The Boyfriend And I And I Could Find One To Do And Then They Get Me A Slide From The Group And They Don’t Worry About These Two Orbs That I Talk About And That They Come And They Go Across Position And They Come Over And They Move In They Come Towards The Help And They Hang Around Outside The House And They’ve Got Brave And Couples Came Into The House And Then They Look At Him And They’ve Left And I Told Them Don’t Get Too Friendly If You Don’t Know What Before Twat Maybe They Disappointed Riza’s If They Want To Come And Take You Over Maybe They Are Bad Theorists Trying To Find Out That They Can Do So You Have To Be Careful So They Know So Then It Got To The Point Where They Were Telling Me Things Come Right Up To Our Door And I’ll Hang Out Outside And We’ll Open The Door And They’ll Come In They Can Come Right Through The Window Voyager And They’ll Come In And We’ll Sit Down And Be Eating Dinner And You’ll Move Around In The Room So Then A Couple Months Go By They Think They’re Really Getting Active In Trenton What Guy And A Couple Of His Friends Go To Town And I Don’t Know If They What It Beers Baxter And Barbecue Throughs And Whatever It’s There Away And She’s Just The House And Steak All Up No You Can’t Believe It We’re Coming Down The Road We’ll Be Here In A Couple Minutes The Orbs Are Coming Around They’re Going Right Because The Car In Front Of The Car And They’re Just Really Friendly And It’s Almost Almost Like They Want To Join Us And She Goes So Far Out And Then They Hang Up And She Never Hears From They Don’t Show Up At Home And She Gets All They Were All In An Accident Right After They Caught And They Were All Built Don’t Bang Bang’s Thing The Only Thing You Can Do Is Try To Be Aware And Try To Deal With It The Right Way No Don’t Let Something Take Your Spirit Or Your Soul And You Know I Have Seen These Big Ones I See Them Over Subdivisions I’ve Seen A Mobile Mobile Trailers And I Go Back The Next Day And I Checked Around That Neighborhood And I Find Out What Usually Someone Has Asked Away So I Suspect I See This Thing Moving Trick Treat Of Those House And You Can’t See It Less You Have Glasses And Then It Moves Off Just Another Site Coming Back And It Is Actually The Size Of A Hot Air Balloon It Carries People In A Basket And You Can’t See It Tell Me With The Fifth Level Goggle And The Cheap Those Red Nozzles Don’t Work And I’ve Been Out More People Loading Up Get Ready To Leave And Everyone Show Up And Come Lend It To You And Come Across Feel Right At Me And Even 200 Feet Away And I Shine All Green Laser Onto It And It Kind Of Illuminates A Little With Blaze There And It Comes Real Stop I Turn The Laser Off This Is A Little Closer Turn It Back On Tops And Then It Blew To The Right Of Me And If We Was Back To The Left To Me Goes Out Round Behind Me And I Was Getting A Little Scared I Was Wondering Oh My Going Somewhere Or What And Then I Just Kept Shines Laser At It I Can Liken It And And It’s Not I Picked Up Moved On When It Crossed Over Thought Subject And Then It’s Here And I Have Seen Those Big Blue And These Books Supersonic From A Standstill Position Just A Truth And They’re Gonna Keep Going So Fast They’re Out Of Sight And Only They Say Is Their Spiritual Beautiful On The School Paper Something Where They Take A Dead Person In Spirit And Take To Special Place Through I Know What Today’s Physics They’re Real And One Of The Other Things That I Used To Think Laughs Up Is I Was One Night I Know And Looking Down At This Block Might Be Forget Baby Come Down Three You Know Well Maybe What 130 Feet To The House Well My Dogs Better Nelson Snarling I’m Booked Maddie With The Goggles And Impairs Man Has Nearly Spoken Up And A Third Directing You Kid So I Turn The Goggles On Hooked Up That Way And Here I Thought And It Was A Human-like Body With A Cape Fluttering On Top And The Height And It Had Advised On Transit 300 Feet High And I Was Traveling At About The Speed If Somebody Was Pedaling Hosted And My Dog Growled And Barked And It Turned His Head Looked Towards Us And Made His Arms In Our Direction And This Probe Over 30 Coming Right At It And I Just Broken Run And I Called The Dog Come On Dude I Didn’t Hit The House On To And The Dog And I Came In Locked The Door I Turned All The Lights On And I Had A Ball Gate Ready To Go And My Face Hit Each Other Leg And I Said You Know My Fat Kids Fishing My Thoughts A Lady Deep In Recruit But Dogs With Least Once I Help Seek Mouthing Google Is The Other Stuff Site And Like If This Thing Will Start Going Around Trying To Figure Out How To Get Her To What And Then Sally Three Hours Of This I Went Into The Room Put The Dog In Put To Bed And I Put Couple Things Off The Trip Lever Like Not Make Noise Up Oh This Thing Yeah Like Awaken I Will Be Really Sleep On Off Negative Space And About Months Later Iphone Excuse People Everybody Went So I Would Alas Beautify Them But I Never Saw And And So I Know That I Know It Was Real And I Think How Many Things Out There So We Think If I Or Her Are Actually Regular Mothman All That So Tommy George Noory And I Was There I Come Back And They Look At Me Laughs Oh My God You Got The Paper Hey Hey Eddie Can You Um Your Phone’s Breaking Up A Little Bit Again Maybe I May Be A Kid Apart Is It Better When I’m Up Higher Yeah Yeah Sounds Right Now Yeah I Think What I’m Doing Is My Mouth Is Sliding Down You Know Old Age Ha Ha So Anyway That’s Just You Know You Can Just Go On Endlessly There Are Things That Are Unbelievable That Happen And If You Look At Them And Try To Figure Them Out Get Scary Because People Think You’re Crazy Because You Talk About That But Yeah I Don’t Talk About Something That Didn’t Happen Yeah Yeah Because It’s Only One More Thing For People To Get More Ammo To Say Oh Look He’s Crazy The Truth Of It Is I’d Rather Be Half Crazy And Totally Stupid And If The World Thinks There’s Nothing Going On Out There And They Don’t Believe In Aliens They Don’t Believe In Spaceships And Stuff Then I Can’t Help Your Totally Stupid Okay I Think I Can I Break Can I Break In It Real Quickly Yeah You Know On That And That Point You Know I’ve Been Studying Zach Wright Fiction And His His Take On The Annunaki On The Origin Of Man And When You Reverse Sending You Review This Alternative Concept Of How We Became Humanity I Think That’s Super Interesting I’m Sure You’ve Done Research On That And When You Go Back That Far And You Look At The Way History May Have Been Created Or How It’s Actually Formed That’s A Whole Nother That’s A Whole Nother Bailiwick Right There Are You Familiar With The Sitting Yeah And And Waste On That Well You Know I Believe That Right Now That The Earth Has Been Destroyed A Number Of Times And You Can See It With The Mountains In The Gravel Applying A Mountain That Used To Be Upstream Dead Sea Life Found In The Sierra Mountains Are In The Colorado Mountains Like It Used To Be Ocean You Uncover You Kick It Around In There Yes You Know Clams And Things It’s It’s Just It Had To Be A Lot Of Shakin Moving Going On Water Levels And Also Costa India Is A Town That They Found It’s A Hundred And Fifty Feet Underwater Mm-hmm And It’s All Stones And Pillars And Things Like That So At One Time That Was Human-like Beings Living There And They Got Destroyed They Got Flooded Over And Supposedly The Legend Is That Those Beings Were There And That Other Craft Came In And Was Fighting With Him That Had Lightning Wiping Weapon Three And If They Had Firing Back At The Other Crap Things That Was Like Lightning Going Up From The Ground And Going After The Craft So It Sounds Like To Me That We’re Looking At One Elian Fighting Against Another One That It Took Up Squatter Rights Or Was Here On Earth And Wasn’t Part Of The Other Earthling People You Know Those Are Just Thoughts But If You Go And You Take All These Different Things Like That And Put It Together You You Will Basically Be Amazed Because There’s Too Much Of That Stuff It Becomes Exact After One Story Over Here On The World And Another Over There On The World And It Is Just Too Much Coincidence And Collaboration Collaboration To Be A Lie There’s Actually Actual Footage And This Was Some Amazing Footage When I’ve Seen It I Don’t Know The Exact Name Of It But If You Type In If You Type In Ufo And Shot At You Actually Find The Video Of A Ufo Coming Close To The Earth’s Atmosphere And Then The Flash Comes From The Other Yeah And At Links Adder From The Earth Like Some Type Of Vibration Or Light And It Backs Up A Little Bit And Then A Laser Beam Shoots From The Earth And Tries To Hit The Ufo And It Turns Around And Leaves I’m Actually Thinking That The Ufo Whoever’s Occupying The Ufo Is The Good Guys Well I Anywhere Ever Shown At Them Be Right Back Trying To Keep Out Our Helpers Yeah I Think If The Whole Zecharia Sitchin Thing Holds Any Weight About Us Being You Know The Homo Sapiens Being Created As You Know To Be Workers It’s It’s Pretty Obvious That We Work On Basically On The Thrones And We’re Just Like Mice Running On The Wheels To Keep The System Running And As Long They Have Businesses And Everything Going It Keeps Everything Spinning In All The Energy For Everybody Working Together So That A Few People Consider Up And Live Lavish And I Work At All I Think What Here Is We’re Aware That And Eric Would Probably Agree Oh Yeah Derek Think About This Is That The Humans You Know Homo Sapien We Only Utilize About Eight To Ten Percent Of Our Brain And I Believe That We Were Manufactured To Be Basically Slave Workers And Not So Intelligent And You Wonder We Have This Magnificent Brain And What Aren’t We Able To Access It Like A Computer And I Think There’s Something There And You Look At The Junk Dna You Look At The Way It’s All Spliced Together On You Know In Italy Willie And You Look At All These Facts And You Look At That You Look At The Jump Between Cro-magnon And Homo Sapien Period There’s A Huge Leap There And So We Piece The Finest Quarter That Is A Missing Link Yeah Absolutely There You Know It’s Right There And When You Pose That Question To The Scientists Or Geneticists And Say Why Is The Dna Strand Sliced Together In These Fashion They Really Can’t Give You A Straight Answer And That That’s Big Science Right There And So As A Critical Thinker You Know We Need To Unlearn What We’ve Been Taught And When We Start Thinking Critically About The Big Picture It All Starts Coming In Quite Clear There’s A Lot Of Psychic Phenomenon That That Happens Just With Regular People Whether It’s A Synchronicity As Small As Being Able To Get This Notion Of Your Friend Who You Haven’t Talked To In A Long Time Is Calling And Then They Call You On The Phone Or Anything Of A Problem Yeah Or You Think Of A Program That You Haven’t Seen In Years And Then As Soon As You Think Of It It Comes On A Television Or Commercial And Just Little Small Stuff Like That Stuff Like That That We Need To Pay Attention To Because We’re Not Being Taught How To You Know Utilize These Giftings At School Or On The Jobs Or Anything Like That Like They Don’t Want You To Are Utilizing Those Giftings And Think For Yourself And If You Do Start Talking About It You’re Demonized Or You’re An Occultist Or You’re A Psychic And That Has A Lot Of Negative Things That Go Along With It Too A Lot Of People Just By Using Those Terminologies Oh Derek Derek Your Honor On A Sort Of A Tangent But You’re Absolutely Right This Is A Deal Is That You As A Human Have More Power Than You Can Possibly Imagine You Can Manifest Your Reality You Can Then Adjust English And You Should Know That Of All People Because What You’ve Done In The Last Year Or Two Years You’ve Manifested What You Wanted Okay So We Can Talk About You Know Ufos And Interdimensional And Your Human History But It Goes Even Deeper Than That I Mean Reality Is Even At K-member Who Coined The Phrase It’s Even Stranger Than You Can Imagine Okay It’s All Strangely But You Possess You Possess As A Human Being More Power Than You Know You Just Have To Know How To Access It And Manifest That Yeah Oh Yeah I Think That’s That That Was Known By The Ancients I Think That Was Known By Our Ancestors And Things My Whole Thing Is To Actually Uncover That And Get Back To It And Say Yeah You Know Technology Is Good We’re Actually Able To Have This Conversation And Link Together And Things Like That Through Technology But If We Forget Our Essence If We Forget Who We Were Before The Materialism Before The Computers Were Facebook And This This This Web That Connects Us All Together There’s Actually A Real Web Which Is Called The You Know Some People Call It A Global Brain Some People Call It The Source Field Where We’re All Connected I Know We Can We Can Sense Each Other’s Feelings We Know When Somebody’s Going Through Tribulation Or Whatever So You Know How To You Know Talk To That Person You Can You Can Sense When They’re Going Through Trials And Stuff Like That And That’s What What I’m About That’s What I’m You Know With My Music And The Radio Show Which So I Look Return To Your Essence Return To Who You Were Before The Materialism And There’s So Much To Uncover And I Think Our Ancestors Had It And I Don’t Think It’s This Mystic And It’s So Far Away I Think It Was Very Close To Our Distant Past Or Even With The North American Indians Or The Egyptians And All These People Had This Deep Spirituality That Ran Through Any Normal And Was So Far Removed From That Now It’s It’s Sad Really And The Atlantean Some Speculated The Atlanteans Were At That Level They Were Spiritual People They Weren’t Materialistic At All But Something Changed At The Materialism 310 And That’s What Ultimately Destroyed Their Society But That’s Where We Are At This Point We’re Very Materialistic With All The Iphone The Ipad Computers We’ve Been Infiltrated By It’s Almost Like A Demon Of Knowledge And So We All Think That How To Get Our Hands On That I Thought Or That Curry Whatever And We Don’t Think About How To Get Ahead Since It All You Make Sure That They Like Food Yeah I Actually I Do A Lot Of The Network And Things Like How To Generate Make Electricity How To Make Cars Run Further I Ig I Built For Two Years A Second Fellas Bottom And You Know I Never Have Enough Money I Never Get Enough Force To Try Go To Fix It But Those Who Have Done It They In A Bit That The First They Got Off Of A Film They Were Killed In Their Lab By Something All The Great Sisters Is Dead To Keep That Down On An Equal Um It Is Very Possible That They Have Full-time Team This Was Around They Look For Thanks To Threats They’re Fine If It Comes Back If We Try To Destroy It And You Know I’m Almost 68 Years Old I’m Having A Rough Time And Everything I Have Stories Were Taken Away It’s Almost Like They’re Going To Try And Stop It Function Inch By Destroying The World Around Me And It Is Terrible Please Try And Retire Every Night You Don’t Have Enough Money To Buy Groceries Okay You’re Back And Like If You’re Behind On A Property Tax They Charge You Charge You Eight To Six Out Of That So You’re Paying 28% And You Know What A Third So Once You Have A Three Thousand Dollar Axle And They Add Another 1,500 To It Plus The New Bill And If You’re Old Or Retired And You’re Trying To Make It Week You Can’t Keep Up With Thank You After So Then They Take Your Property Away From You And Say Hey Do This On The Street Now Here’s An At A Great Country’s It Does That For You You Pay Taxes Your Vet Got Four And Then At The End They Won We’re Totally Being Lied To And Manipulated Okay And The President Take A Birth Certificate And Make Him Look Legal Now If I Faked Paperwork To The Court Dizzy Beta Solid Earthjustice Exam If I’d Passed Off That’d Be Fraud That Nothing Happens In Young We Can Take This Conspiracy To Undermine Our Constitution Yo He Read That He Was Going To Support It And Protect It And He’s Doing Nothing But Taking It Away Well Cio He Has The Right To Take Away I Don’t Think Anybody Else Right And If They Do It Then Security And They Need To Be Arrested They Need To Be Taken At All Yeah But It’s Like We Were Saying A While Ago I Really Think That You Know The Evil Ones Are On The Earth I Don’t Think There’s A Threat From The Outside That We Worry About I Think That The Evil Ones Even As In The Scriptures That Satan And His Angels Fell Out Of Heaven Over Kicked Out Of Heaven And Cast Down To The Earth I Think They’ve Set Up The Dominion Of Earth And They’re Running Everything And They’ve Infiltrated The Government If It Raided The Educational System They Whitewash History And They’ve Got Us Right Where They Want Us I Think It’s Planned I Don’t Think That Um I Don’t Think We Have A Choice I Think It’s Planned But At The Same Time It’s A Lot Of Negative Talk And A Lot Of You Know Fear I’m Really Optimistic About Everything I Really Think That There Is A God And That There Is A Supreme Creator Who Really Does Have Our Best Interest In Mind I Really Believe That I Have Peace Believing That If I Didn’t Believe That You Know I Would Have No Reason Not To Rob Still And Just Try To Get With Them And Sell My Soul To Get With Those Higher Up Doing This Corruption And Things Like That But You Know I Really Think That Nobody’s Yeah I Don’t Either I Don’t Need It I Think There’s A Lot Of People Who Don’t Want To Be That Either It’s Not Jake I Think I Think You’re I Think You’re Absolutely I Think We Are Coming Into A New Era Of Positive Not Nice To It I Think A Veil Is Being Lifted We’re Having This Conversation I Would Have Had This Conversation Three Five Years Ago I Have Learned So Much And And Again I Keep Saying That That Phrase The Veil Has Been Lifted I Think We Are Coming Into An Era Where It’s Going To Change Because More People Are Going To Be Awakened And Then The Powers That Be Realize That That’s Why You See This Intensity And And In This I Mean You See Things That Are Just Just Alarming Like Why In The World Would They Do That The People At The Top Understand The Veil Is Being Lifted People Are Awakening And I See Nothing But A Positive Future Other Two People Onto A Lot Of This Is Anthony A Lot Of People Forget Or Real Bosses You Know Mr. Grimley I Wanted To Say Um Listening To Your Story And Everything About How You’re Stuffed I’ve Learned And All That I Think That’s Really Messed Up You Know It’s Unfortunate For You Um But Drive On You Know Can’t Flutter Yeah Drive On Men And Keep And Keep Moving Forward With What You’re Doing I Mean I Appreciate It I’m Pretty Sure That Eric And And Derek Appreciate It Too And No One Else But The Listeners As Well You Know In The Rest Of The World Day You Need To Know This You Know I’m I’m Not Real Um Educated On The Subject But You Know Me And Eric Have Gone Out And We’ve Star Gazed And And I I Mean It’s Opened My Mind In A Huge Way I’m I Was Just Wowed And Odd You Know When I Got A Chance To Go Out And Do That With Them I’m Totally Blown Away So You Know My Eyes Are Open To It Now And I’m Pretty Sure That That We Can All Appreciate The Work And The Instance Of Studying You Know That You’ve Done In The Field I Just Want To Say That And Uh I’ll Be Praying For You Man I Hope Everything Works Out Well I Definitely I Can Use All The Prayers I Can Get But You Know Ways That You Believe In A Creator And If There’s Something More Powerful I’m Like There Try To Make It As Quick As I Can But I Was In The Military And I Was Walking Across My Airbase In Northern Michigan And I Went Across To My Duty Section And There Was A Flat Pad And A Forklift Ramp And It Was Storming And It Started To Snow And It Was 40 Degrees Below In Northern Michigan Right Up There By The Lakes You Know And Near The Canadian Border And And I’m Walking Across And I Think There’s Enough Snow On The Ramp To Walk Safely But Big Mistake It Had A Little Snow Drifted Across It It Had Fought A Little Bit That Day And It Was Ice And My Feet Went In The Air My Back Slammed Into The Crevasse That Were The Angle Changes And My Head Slammed Down I Was Knocked Unconscious When I Woke Up I Realized I Was Paralyzed In The Middle Of My Back Down And That I Was Blind And I Couldn’t Move Myself And Can Drag And It Was 8 O’clock At Night Snowing 40 Below Zero And About 20 Mile An Hour Wind And I Tell You Laying There I Got Religious Mm-hmm A Lot Of Prayer I Would Fall Asleep And I Was So Cold And So Freezing That Everything Hurt And I’d Fall Asleep And Dreaming That I Was On An Island In The Coconuts In The Sand And Then I’d Be All Peaceful And Then I Would Be Cold And Wake Again And Then Finally I Felt Something Against My Chest And I Heard It And It Jumped Back Up And It Said What Are You Doing What Are You Doing Are You Alive And It Kicked Me In The Ribs And I Said Don’t Keep Kicking Me Or I Won’t Be And Then The Guy Says What Are You Doing That’s Just Oh I Just Thought I’d Take A Nap And I Had A Bad Crazy Sense Of Humor Even I Was Almost Dead And He Goes What I Told My Fellow I’m Paralyzed I’m Blind I Can’t Move I’ve Been Yelling For Help And Then Passing Out Yes Man I’m Gonna Go For Help Right Away And He Goes Don’t Go Anywhere And I Go Duh And He Goes I’m Sorry Man I’ll Be Right Back And He Went And Told Help Where I Was And He Came Running Black With A Blanket Or Coat Or Something Because I Could See And He Was Brushing Snow Off I Was Buried In Snow And He Saw My Face Had Icicles Coming Out My Toes And On My Mustache And My Address On My Cheeks And My Fingers Were Frozen And Discolored Like In My Fingers In And He Got Me Help And They Put Me In A Paint The Ice Walked It Saw Me Out Well In That Time I Was Praying To Send Me Health I Didn’t Care What It Came From But He Ran Out Of Cigarettes In The Barracks At 2:30 And He Went To Get It Back Cigarettes Cutting Across The Base Out Of The Machine Stepped On Me I Fell Over Me In The Dark At 2:35 And When He Told Me That He Was Looking For Sugar That I I Just Laughed Because Smoking Saved My Life And I Then I Went Through A Lot Of Hell And Trying To Heal And Get Things Together And Still Have Problems But I Had Forgot For A Long Time Yeah I Told Na8 Oh I See What I Said To Help Swirl And About Ten Years Ago I Needed Heart Surgery They Did Some Service Beatin It Messed Up On It If The Wired Wanna Awesome Clop Storms Night It Blocked Up And Which Gives Heart Attack They Had To Go In And Free It Up And When They Did I Look Jane Yeah Hibbert It Out For Whatever And My Heart Clip Our Foot And The Duct No Foot Up I Went Side And Outfit For A While They Took Me What Upset And Rolled Up I Had Been Thought To Courage In Sir And Then I Died In I Worked And They Basically If You Tries To Knock Me Back Then The Third Time I Died At The Launch Pot They Figure Rated And If They Pick City At 55 I And They Did Back The Doctor Had Fallen And The Nurse Buildings Is Himself And She Did One More To Me And She Berated Army My Heartbeat Back And So After About Half Hour They Had Took Another Salute Me And I Had All This Water Coming On For God All To Come On In Fifty Felt Like I Was Right On And Barbed Steel And I Do They Were Thoughts Of Nurses And They Don’t Give The Rest They Thought I Was Gone Forever And Herstal Were In Me They Stayed With Me And Even Though I Was Awake And Test Scared I Could Completely But We’ve Been In And Out In And Out So Much And You Know When I Was Laying On The Table And Died I Thought All By Myself Saw Tunnel And It’s Worked Late All That And I Thought Myself I Thought I I Guess I Should Go Towards That Light This End It Just No No No No That That’s Marked Ret On Earth And Its Frame Like Oh Who Are You What Are You Saying Are But Not Well When You Forget Your Feet I Tell You You Forgot Each Or You Should Those On Part And I Like It And When I Can’t Dude After The First Time Vanity Is Austin I Looked At That Settle Light And My Heart Started And A Month Later How Stable Offer For Any Let’s Go Grab Me Anything Wrong Well You Know I Am And I Don’t Yeah Your Screw You And I Could Want If You Guys Affiliate Did You Sit For Anything These Are Voice Top With It Yep – Jordan Fact Well That’s Amazing Man And I Am How Many People Do You Feel This Is Yeah But I Bring Them Back Huh That’s Man That’s Amazing That’s Awesome Way To English So I’m Man Thanks For Speaking With Us For Right Over An Hour And A Half Man We Appreciate Having You On Guess Right Before We Let You Go Once You Give Everybody The Links Of Where They Can Check Out Your Work At Well I Have A Link Of Wwn Grimsley Calm And Then There’s Several Places Around Where On Youtube And Different Things About Night-vision Goggles And Ufos I’m Probably About Eight Hundred Thousand Places And Then There’s A Whole Bunch Of Places With A Debunkers Say All He’s A Fake He’s Up Only Know Blah Blah He’s Just Trying To Make Money Selling Glasses Well Anytime I Fell Goggles They’re Cheaper Than What You Could Get Them For Brand New The Same Thing Because I Get Them At The Factory I’m A Dealer And I Get Wholesale And Then I Pass Them On To The People And Then I Tell The People What For And Try To Train Them And Then They’re Part Of The Team The Skylon Church No And I’m Going Fast And Growing All Over The World So Even If I Die Next Week My Work Is Going To Go On As Long As Keep Stinking Up And The Truth You’re Standing Here In It So Eric And Come And Million Other People Around The World Will Say Na This Is True It’s Not A Lie So They Try Harder To Debunk Me And Like Hey Look Bad And My Phone Number Is On The Website Now Hit Over The Place And I Try To Answer The Phone Whenever I Can I Mean I Got A Getting Phone Calls With Two Created For The Room Like These Days I’m In The Shower In The Morning And I Asked On The Shower I Mean No That’s The Way I Do You Know And If I Tell A Pair Of Goggles And Make $200 On On Perignon Or Something Else With 600 It Helped For My Work And Then Do That But At The Same Time There’s A Conspiracy Work I Stood Up Or Have Broken Through Folk Page So And And Stole $300 Laser And It’s Just Like It Gets So Disgusting That I I Almost Think I Should Just Try To Help Animal Time But I Still Review Like As Long As I Can Get A Few People Listen It’s Fine But Yeah Let Me Let Me Break In It Before You Leave Others Eric Just Want To Let You Know If You’re Doing A Great Job Because Of You I’ve Been Able To Expose Many Many People To The Reality And Just Know That That You Have Touched Many Many People And To Continue The Work And I Really Respect How Brave You Are Being Criticized And I Tell You What At The End Today This Will All Come Out And A New Paradigm Will Occur And People Like You Have Really Made A Difference So Well Done Sir Well Thank You I Just Hope I Can Bring More Money In And Keep From Starving To Death And Losing My Properties And Goggle Students Because They Know If I Don’t Have To August I Can’t Do After Work And So Ah Well Yeah It’s This Crazy Thing You Know If Some Millionaire Wants To Give Some Money Away I Wouldn’t Mind A Little Help Because I’m I’m Teetering Right On The Edge To Drop It In Now And I Still I Just Feel Like You Shouldn’t Be Punished For Telling The Truth It’s Not Working Out That Way And For Every Ten People That Understand You And Believe You Some Idiot Will Call Up To Go To Be Shot You Don’t Believe In God In Aliens And You This You That Night I Said I Told The Guy I Said I Believe On And I Think Aliens Are Part Of My Creation Everything Else And I Said You Don’t Believe In God Knees Know I Believe In God You Don’t You Say I Don’t I’m Telling You It Human Over Here On Look For Tom Ask The Right Question Everybody Get To And Rather Itself It’s Bad Or Not I’m Trying To Tell You The Truth And Help You And I’m Trying To Help God Do It No I’ll Say That I Explained My Question What I’m Trying To Do And And He’s The Guy Who First Told Me Said I Ought To Be Stuff But I’m We Cost 20 Minutes Easter’s Can I Call You Back A Little Bit Okay So About 15 Minutes Later Falls Because Hey I Got A Voice Jesus You’re Not In Who I Thought I Was You Were And I Got A Little Money I’m Gonna Check The Banks With My Life And Often Oh A Week Later I Got A Hundred Dollar Check From Him In The Mail So That’s Awesome Well Yeah Like I Said Man I Mean The One Who Was Watching Over You While You Was In The Snow And I Think He’s Still Watching Over You And As Long As You Stand On That Path Doing What You’re Supposed To Do He’s Gonna Make Provisions For You To Do That And I Man Thanks So Much For Calling Dad And We’re Gonna Have You Back On Here In The Next Few Months If That’s Fine Yeah And You Know There’s A Couple Other People I Can Line You Up With It Know The Real Truth So Yes I Need Those Emails You Can Line It Up Would Definitely Like To Get Those Names You Mentioned To Me I Like Roger Clear Hmm I Joined Max Well Jose Escamilla I Mean These Are People That They’re Telling You The Truth They’re Not Trying To Bullshit Anybody Yeah We One Of Us Are Out Telling The Truth We Have A Rough Go Of It And Finance Is Something Else There’s A Lot Of People That Are Out There Putting On Conferences Playing The Big Role In The Shows And You Know They’re Artificial And They’re Making Money At It I Look Good To You And Every Just Want To Simply Get Through Your Jordan Maxwell Yeah He’s Awesome I’ve Actually Spoke With Him A Few Hours On The Phone And And He Definitely Helped Me Out A Lot His Lectures And Just Speaking To Him In General You Know With That Being Said You Know We’re Talking About Orbs And Spirits And Things Like That And Definitely Want To End On A Positive Note Man Because When You Study Demonology When You Study And Research Yeah You Know Behind Spirits And Things Like That You Find Out That Fear Itself Is A Spirit In The Scriptures That Says The Lord Has Not Given You A Spirit A Spirit Of Fear But Of Power Love And A Sound Mind So Therefore We Understand That Fear Is A Spirit That Actually Operates And When You’re Dealing With Fear And Just Fear-mongering You’re Dealing With Demons So That’s One Thing We Don’t Want To Let The People Leave On A Note Of To Be Scared Like I Said I Really Believe That The Supreme Creator Whoever You Think He Is He Has Our Best It She Whatever You Want To Call It They Have Our Best Interests In Mind I Feel It In My Heart And That’s What This Show Is About Even Though You Know We’re Gonna You Know Be Approaching Some Times That Are Going To Be Shaky Are Going To Be Hard Are Going To Be A Little Bit Bumpy But I Think We’re Gonna Make It Through I Think You Can Agree With Me Can’t You Yes Yes I Completely Agree It’s Amazing Well Yeah Thanks For You Know Calling In Man You Guys Helping Me Out With The Show And Uh It’s A Good First Time Talking With You Man Oh Yeah I Really Appreciate That Talking Everybody And I’ll Talk To You Offline And A Good Review The Show And I’ve Got Some Things Talking To You About And Again I Appreciate The Invite Awesome Man Well Yeah We’ll Be Doing It Next Week Every Wednesday So Everybody Who’s You Know Downloading The Podcast Sharing Their The Message On Facebook And Youtube And Stuff Like That Things For Everybody Tuning In And Everything And Everybody In The Chatroom As Well And We Will Be Back Next Week Anything You Want To Say In Closing Anthony Yeah Thanks A Lot For Every Man I Mean Every Time I Get A Chance To Do This It Is More And More Enlightening For Me You Know Mr. Grisley Obviously Stole The Show It’s Awesome No Eric I Haven’t Actually Had A Chance To Meet You Man But Hopefully I Get A Chance To Missions Ain’t On It Your Man And Uh Thanks A Lot Dude I Appreciate It All Right Hey Nice To Meet You And I’m Sure You Will It’s A Small World It’s A Small Universe And And Again I Think There’s A Reason Why I Was Connected To Derek And Got Involved With This I Think We Have Similar Tides It’s A Strange World In Which We Live In You Know Whenever The Doors Open For You You Just Got To Walk Through Them And If You Don’t It’s On You So Yeah Can You Not I Think We’re In For Some Really Interesting Time And I Think We Should All Enjoy It And I Think I Think Your Point Just Stay Positive Because It Is Just Nothing But A Ride You’re A Scholar And A Physical Body And And Just Enjoy Derive And Be Positive And There’s No Fear And You Manifest What You Want If You Manifest What You Want It Will Come True And Here You Know That Because Everything That You’ve Done Look What You’ve Done Look At The Show You Treated Look At The Reality You’ve Created For Yourself It’s Only Going To Get Bigger And Bigger And Bigger Now You’re Bound Here There Are Our Dreams Yeah I Agree Man I’m Telling You Fear Is Crippling Man It Will I Remember When I First Got Introduced To The Truth Movement Or Whatever It Was Through Fear You Know And That’s What It Is For A Lot Of People Because It Takes A Lot Of Different Things To Wake People Up And Sometimes It May Be You Know Not Eleven Truth Or Chemtrails Or Whatever The Case Is To Where You Find Out That Hey This World Doesn’t Operate Like I Thought It Did Like For Some Reason Like In My Mind I Thought That Like Like You Know The Presidency And All Government Were Like These Righteous You Know People And Then You See Them Lying To Us On Television Whether It Be Clinton You Know Looking Dead In The Camera Telling You From The Bottom Of His Heart He Did Not Have Relations With That Woman And Everybody Believed And Then Just You Know And Then You Know Three Days Later Helms Out He Say Well Yeah You Know I Did Have Relations With The Woman Or Whatever It’s Like Man And Then You Know You Find Out About Different Stuff That The Government Is Doing He Said Hold On This I Put A Lot Of Stock And I Put A Lot Of Trust In These People Who Can’t Be Trusted Now Writing Endings Are Going On The Rabbit Hole As Far As You Want To Go And You Find Out That This World Does Not Operate The Way They Say It Does On Our Bodies Do Not Operate The Way They Say It Does And You Know This It’s System Is Designed To Keep Us In Bondage And To Keep Us Useless Eaters Oh Right Yeah Derek You’re Absolutely Right Let Me Tell You Something What’s Amazing Is That If What I’ve Discovered Is This If You Turn Off Your Tv If You Turn Off Cnn And Fox And The Me Yeah That Creates A Consensus Reality And So That In Essence Becomes Reality What Comes Out Of That Box In Your Living Room But If You Shut It Off But If You Shut That Box Off Your Reality Completely Changes And It Becomes More Positive And So I Think That’s It It’s The Biggest Propaganda Tool Ever Created If The Nazis Had Tv They Could Have Ruled The World Okay And So That’s The Key Here Create Your Own Reality Manifest What You Want And It Will Come Through That’s The Secret To Everything You You Have Amazing Powers You Have No Idea But Because We’re Consuming Fluoride And We’re Consuming Monsanto Products And We’re Watching Sports And Andrew And We’re Watching Cnn And We’re Being Dumbed Down As A Society You Are Not Reaching The Pinnacle Of Who You Are And What You Can Do Adam Secret Agree Yeah People Need To Know That People Need Another You Know You Talked About Clinton Man A Cab Was Like I Did Inhale [music] I Did Yeah If You Wouldn’t Do Political They’re All They All They’re All Skullenbones They’re All On The Same Page At All Yeah Republicans And Democrats Are They’re Basically The Same Ilk Are I Voted For The First Time In My Life For Obama And Then Rick Lee I Realized That His Administration’s With The Shame Bush In The Actions Of Failure Or Etcetera And I Realized That Was It The Reality Again Is That It’s One One Control Panel Show It’s A Dictatorship And They Wants You To Think That Your Vote Counts They Wants You To Think That You’re Involved So You Know You’ll Be A Part Of The Game You’ll Get You Think That You Have A Say So But It’s Planned Out All Of Its Planned Out You Don’t You Can’t Invoke The Devil Out Of Office Come On Now You Know It Doesn’t Work Like Video It’s Carries Like I Have You Know Pretty Intelligence I Consider Can Intelligent Friends When You Try To Communicate These Ideas But Then They Look At You If You Have Two Head And You Go Through By Line Item And Say This Administration Is Doing The Same As This Administration They Still Think It It’s A Duality Issues Like Well Hi My Guy Is Better Than Your Guy There’s A Filter Brainwashed There’s An S Zombie And That’s With Them I Get The Scariest Thing Of All Concept Or Even Assessing In The Fact That Your Friends Are In This Stupor They Have These Glassy Eyes And They Have Their Own During A Matrix Yeah Insane But Their Perception Of Reality Is Is It Ridiculous Yeah They’ve Been Sold A Lie And I For One With My Music And Just With Everything I’ve Been Through I Mean It Was Hard For Me To Come Out At All Whenever I Found You Online And Actually Talked To You It Dude It Did It Did Wonders For Me Because I Had Nobody To Talk To And Once I Finally Had Somebody To Talk To I Got A Lot Of Stuff Off My Chest And We Can Play Ideas Off Of Each Other And What Do You Think About This Well I’ve Seen This Well I Haven’t You Know And Really Have Somebody To Talk To And I’ve Basically Stuck My Neck Out There Because I Was Pretty Respected Within The Religious Community You Know Operating As An Evangelist Since 2004 With My Music And Everything And Then We Started Talking About Some Of These Things And Then I’m Demonized Like Crazy Like Like They Don’t You Know They They Think I’m A A Witch And All Kind Of Crazy Stuff But I’m Still A Firm Believer In The Bible In God And I Practice It With My Family And Teaching Integrity And You Know I Let My Usbs My Nobody Know But You Really See It Like The Salem Witch Trials Man And Anything Different They Demonize What They Don’t Understand I’ve Put My Neck Out There And I Thank You For Doing That – Because I Know You Was A Little Hesitant To Come On Everything But I’m Really Glad You Ended Up Calling In Man You’re Very Well-spoken And The Show Went Great And A Lot Of People’s Going To Hear It So Thanks So Much For Calling In You Know That’s Really To Both Of You Guys As Well You Know Well Thank You Uh-oh Is A Sidebar I Didn’t Know You Talked To Jordan Maxwell I He’s One Of My Idols I Love He Is So Smart And So No Read And I Have Learned So Much From That Man It Just Shamed That Kid You Know He He’s Basically Living In Squalor But Don’t Know But But You Know We All Have Our Our Roads We Have Autism These Are Are Our Agendas You Know This Is What We Here For We Do Certain Things And That Was Max Well You Know Job Was To Educate I You Know And So When He Passed It He Did His Job He Basically Enlightened Us In Some Fashion And I Think We’re All Here To Fill Roles And To Do Things We Have We Have Project Than And That’s What We’re Here For And We’re Here To Learn – You Know That Is Fun I Mean Even Though Yeah It’s Interesting Too Fiddly But We Are You Know Once We Realize That We Are Indeed Slaves And Your Eyes Are Open To That Reality Of Like Well You Know Great We’re Slaves But Finally That You Know Again That Phrase The Veil Has Been Listed Well Fine You Know And Then You Can You Can Learn From That And And Go From There And I Don’t Even Go Into Reincarnation That’s A Whole Other Topic We’ll Talk About Later Cannon Clothing You Got To Get Going I Enjoyed This Evening And I Appreciate Your Time Me Too Man I Appreciate It No Problem Man Every Wednesday Man We’re Going To Try To Keep It Up And Get New Guests In And You Guys Have Anybody You Guys Want To Refer You Know Even The Listeners Contact Me Through Facebook Let Me Know Who You Guys Want To Hear On The Show We’ll Talk To Him We Got Some Amazing Shows Lined Up People Who Have Influenced Me And You Know One Thing I Want To Say About Jordan Maxwell I Just Got An Update Today He’s Actually Getting His His Talk Show Back Up And Going So If You Type Go To Youtube Or Google And Type In The Jordan Maxwell Show He’s Getting His Show Lined Up So He’s Going To Be Doing A Podcast As Well But Yeah You Know I Was Talking To Him For A While And He’s The Reason That I Really Decided You Know To Put My Music Back Out Because There Was A Point Where I Wasn’t Going To Do It And You Know He Just You Know I Just Just Have To Talk In Him Him Just Encouraging Me And I’m Trying To Do The Same Thing For Him To Really Encourage Him Because You Know We All Needed And You Know If Anybody’s Demonized And If Anybody’s You Know Talked About And You Know We Think We Have It Hard That Guy Man They’ve Stolen His Work And Plagiarized It And Made Movies Out Of It And He Hasn’t Seen A Dime You Know So He’s Definitely Been Out Through There But He’s A Huge Inspiration With All The Influence That He Has You Know I Agree Yeah Jeff Nice Was Pretty Awesome Man I’ve Watched A Lot Of This Stuff Since I Met You And I Was Blown Away By His Stuff You Know So Yeah Kudos Fun Everything And You Know The Thing Is With The Information We’re Dealing With Is Esoteric It Is Out There It Does Seem Crazy You See Ufos Fighting In This You See In Spirits Fly Up It Sounds Crazy Think About It If It Doesn’t Resonate With You Fine Keep Moving I Mean Yeah You’re Gonna Laugh About It Because You Think It’s Cookie But For Those That Resonates With For Those Who Need Somebody To Talk To For Those Who Are Looking For Answers In This Particular Area It Moves Them Deep Down To Their Core And They’re Like Man This Is What I Bet You Don’t Mean I’m Telling All The Inboxes Messages I Get People Saying That Like The Research And The Information And Stuff I Talk About It’s Changing Their Life My Music And Things Like That Man It’s It’s So Worth It You Know Put My Neck Out There And Receiving The Bad Because The Good Totally Outweighs The Bad Man Doing The Right Thing And You Know That You Know That Too And You’re Here For A Reason And It Feels Good To You Know Your Higher Self Knows That You’re Doing The Right Thing And You’re Searching You Keep Searching And When Your Time Is You Know We’re Here Just To Pass Over You Know You’ve Done Your Job Well That’s About It For Tonight Man Thanks For Everybody Joining Us In The Chatroom Everybody From Facebook Checking It Out Everybody On Youtube Please Feel Free To Share This On Youtube And On Facebook Man And Get The Word Out There And Join Us Again Next Week I Believe We’ll Be Talking To Author Bill Bean Who Has Had A Lot Of Experience Dealing With Unseen Forces And Demons And Angels And Ufos And All This Type Of Stuff He’s Got Footage He’s Got Pictures And Some Amazing Stuff So You Guys Go Ahead And Do Your Research On Them Bill Bean He’s Got Tons Of Pictures Of Ufos And Entities In His House Dealing With Him When He Was A Child And They’re Actually Gonna Be Making A Movie Based On His Life So Join Us Next Week We’ll Be Back 9 P.m. 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