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In this episode of the TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Debbie A. Anderson about vibrational energy and how spirit or spirits speak. Debbie shares how she communicates with spirits from the beyond that has passed on and linger between the dimension. Everything has a vibration which interconnects with itself. Every living thing vibrates and becomes at one with its surroundings.  EVERYTHING we know is of life.  Life in vibration with the earth is the basis of everything – energy, light, and sound – all of one source. Connecting with the highest vibrations our energy releases and reconnects with the universal flow of life on Earth. It is the song of the “ancients”, their way of communicating with everything that exists on the Earth plane. As one vibration interconnects with another, it changes, shifts, to create different waves of energy – emitting vortexes of new connections with the universe. As one vibration spirals downwards another creates a spinning swirl of energy pushing, forcing it upwards.  Each connects with the other and reconnects to itself. | Debbie A. Anderson

Born in England, Debbie is a natural healer who has worked in the magical sphere of spirituality all of her life, bringing forth many modalities that have manifested and evolved along the way. She has been insightfully using Tarot decks and giving intuitive spiritual readings for over 30 years in the UK, Canada, US and Australia.  She now lives in Ontario, Canada. As a Clairvoyant Medium her abilities have opened her to many mystical communications, including the creation of Vibrational Energy, which she defines as being “gifted” to her from spirit.
The Vibrational Healing Energy is a “hands on” healing technique which applies the gentlest touch of one vibration with another by way of communicating with the body, mind & soul, allowing the “self” to create an individual energy pattern to live and heal by.  This led her to the creation of her many healing Products & Services.

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truth-seeker and/or its affiliates are not responsible for any strange phenomena that may occur during or after listening to this podcast which may include the following heightened senses of awareness psychic abilities UFO sightings alien contact time loss out-of-body experiences ringing in the ears ESP lucid dreaming increasing chronicity astral protection telepathy stronger intuition levitation miraculous healings and all remote viewing please be advised to assume a jury decision [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you are now locked into the to think about you succumb to the paranormal esoteric and all paying spiritual ladies and gentlemen how’s it going this is the true seeker podcast thank you guys for hanging out with me on this lovely day I’m excited and delighted to be with you guys as always got an awesome show plan for you gonna get into some spiritual conversation maybe some conversation that will motivate you it might educate you train you equip you encourage you and send you forth out there on your journey and to go forth and do good works yourself interesting conversations we’ve been having here lately on the podcast has some really cool guests and today is gonna be the same thing more that spiritual talk getting into some of these stories and energy work and energy healing and how that stuff works in our lives and how we can do it ourselves as well He healed get healed and go forth and heal the nation’s ourselves good stuff can’t go any further without saying thank you on the bottom of my heart to all of my patreon supporters everybody supporting my work on patreon if you would like to support head on over to patreon comback slash true seeker get access to all of my work my entire discography which is like 10 plus albums over 200 songs at this point you get to download you get access to extra interviews podcast a bunch of cool stuff that we’re putting up over there also you get access to our Thursday night school of the mystic sessions so that’s the community aspect of what we’re building you get access to that 7:00 p.m. central every Thursday night we do our school there so I’m gonna be doing that tonight actually yeah head on over there check it out all the cool stuff just put up a new song yesterday I’m working on an EP right now entitled colors and so doing that so you get access to all that cool stuff and so it just had a thing that was a patreon supporter or something Callie Patricia wean which I believe is a dog Benny said I’m gonna go ahead I was gonna mark this down so I got a UH someone who’s been supporting my work for a while Benny wean he’s got his whole family signed up on patreon him his wife and then now he just signed up his dog is a patreon supporter and they want to get all the alerts and all the perks and stuff so he said to make sure that I mention him his wife and his dog Callie wean so we got Benny Kiley and Callie their dog weaned so thank you guys for the support each and every one of you your dog as well good stuff so you get access to all that cool stuff that we’re bringing to the table just put up a new song yesterday entitled out-of-body experience and I’m doing a seven song EP which is kind of modeled after each chakra the name of the EP is going to be called colors and each track is gonna be modeled or influenced and inspired by a particular chakra there’s half three n I have one about the heart I have one about the crown and one about the route so as soon as that is done it’ll be on patreon each track is as it’s done it’s uploaded you get access to that people asking me when is it going to be available to the general public it could be months but if you’re a supporter you help them create this you’re co-creating with me you get access to all that stuff so again thank you guys for the support he was supposed to shout out to some of the latest patrons right quick want to give a personal shout out somebody’s been following to work been supporting for a while but just became a patron Tiger King thank you so much Tiger king for coming on joining patreon Joshua DeLeon thank you Winnie WI in any win wine Winnie thank you whoever you are you’re awesome Devin Rey thank you for coming on as well so those are some of the latest patrons that we have who have joined the fold who have joined the commune with us here also special shout outs Adam brink and Noah who are supporters at the diamond body level namaste my friends thank you so much for the love I love you guys backslash truce ago without further ado we’re gonna bring in our guests today today I’m speaking with intuitive healer energy worker Debbie Anderson Debbie welcome to the podcast how are you I’m great thank you so much Derrick even though we have these roles okay this is what I do this is what I am there’s always so much more right I mean if you really love it too if you really wanted to say what you did it would yeah I think it would just be a long list of this this this this so what’s the best way to just explain what you do or is there medium and so I basically speak to dead people we’ve been we’ve been covering that a lot lately it’s a very interesting and I try to approach a lot of these conversations from a biblical perspective and when we’re talking about that and it could be scary you know is this can we do it should we do it is are we are we talk are we literally talking to these dead people or are they demons some people believe that you can’t talk to the dead so a lot of interesting conversations here lately when it comes to talking about that so I’m excited to have you on the show and kind of get into some of this stuff the thing about it is there’s good and bad both living and dead so we have to and I always say to people before you start playing with this kind of thing ensure like you know one we’re going to drive in a car we put the seatbelt on we check the oil we check the gas we check everything around us we make sure that we’re protected and that’s part of what we do when we’re doing these very work and very important you know you can’t you know assume that you can dive into the you know into the ocean 300 feet up and everything’s going to be okay we don’t know what’s below we need to be very conscious of that so I always say to people just use common sense but you know – I guess the fear the fear is there there should be a healthy fear right but exploration is needed we need to go down to the depths of the ocean and figure out what’s down there and the treasures and the new entities in like fists or whatever there’s some crazy stuff down there so we need to encourage exploration as well right I think we need to be consciously aware of our role in anything and everything to me is about intention you know from the time you get up in the morning we clean our teeth to the time we go to bed at night everything we do within 10 so depending on what our intention is with that connection with spirit is what we will draw to us as well mm-hmm intention is key whatever we’re creating branding whatever like we put yeah we tweet that’s like the life essence is is the intention like we give it that that entity that Topa that it exists now from the intent that we created it’s really interesting when we get into alchemy and breathing life into something yeah you know with the intention well what is it we’re all creators of our own universe which is something we tend to forget you know we all want to find the scapegoat we all want to find somebody – it’s not my fault but we are our own creators and you know for those of you out there that don’t believe you Chuck made me who I am today yeah a lot lately yeah yeah because if you know I’ve had everything and not had to want for anything or any of those things maybe I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today maybe it didn’t set me aside so you know I would say to people you know anything out of something bad always comes something good and you know if we want to stay in that treadmill or looping in something bad in our life or something that’s all quite gone right guess what we’re gonna keep saying that we keep looping round and round around around we’re on that little treadmill whereas we can decide to step off and that’s what sometimes we have to do you know sometimes I say to people no the best thing you can do at the once is just being silent step away from everything heel and then step back out again you don’t have to keep finding it although all the way along there sometimes we just have to do that with Collies is that going into a refuge like you just need to be inside and you know protect yourself and love yourself and just do what healing you need to do and then when you’re ready come out fighting more come out smiling or whatever but you know life is for living and though people seem to think while we’re here to learn lessons we’re here to experience because this is all about emotion when we’re in spirit we don’t feel those emotions so yeah there’s love there’s heat there’s happy the sad everything has to have a dual polarity to it just as we need on a battery there’s a plus and a minus a negative and a positive but it needs both of them to actually put it into our flashlights to get light so it’s just keeping it in balance yeah yeah they work together without the other as you say it’s yummy a bit we just need to keep that balance and yeah maybe we do go the other side a little bit and go into the negative but when we when we recognize that and we see that it’s like oh okay all right I mean now I know what that feels like but I also know what positive feels like which do I choose so yeah it’s very much a life is imbalance all the time okay so we’re talking about speaking with the dead spirits the spirit realm what exists over there what does it look like what does it sound like I want to get into that but first I like to kind of go back to the beginning maybe your childhood you said you kind of you know it was there was some adversity there growing up and it maybe got you into some of this stuff what what was some of the things that if you look back at your childhood it kind of pushed you in this direction what were there any encounters that you had as a child that let you know that something else existed on the other side Thank You Benny yeah well when I was born in 1957 so that was way before Internet and all the amazing stuff that we have access to today and around about four years of age my parents separated and my twin brothers and I and my mom moved in with my grandparents and I shared a bed with my mom and my brother shed because obviously though it wasn’t a big family house so you know in bed at night four years of age to the ceiling would peel back down would come these little ethereal bodies and sit on the end of my grandmother’s it was it was scary so in those days you know I had nobody to sort of say hey this is spirit don’t worry about it they’re just here they just want to hang out with you just let you know everything’s gonna be okay so of course I would scream and cry and wake up and you know mom would come up and so you’re just having a bad dream go back to sleep so that went on for a little while and I think they thought that they were scaring the bejesus out of me so they’re in ok this kids not ready at the moment so it’s just step back and when she’s ready we’ll come back in and start interacting in her life so sort of as I was growing up I would sort of say profound things to people and there are a lot of kids that do that today so for parents caregivers grandparents whomever have young children around them and they start to give these profound insights just zip it listen don’t interact just listen because y’all actually may learn something that would help you in your life because they’re very connected kids up till about the age of eight seven or eight very very still very connecting with spirits in fact you can walk along and you’ll see it you know a little baby and when they start to see you you know you’ve got something because little babies don’t you should start to follow total strangers in a store when they’re still focusing their eyes in my I always I always smile at them and say you know what you’re here to do and then a big grin comes on their face so I hope they remember by the time they’re at the stage to start their work but so through my life I was seeing spirit saying these things to people sort of being told that I was a precocious child and that kind of thing come my teenage years I was sure I saw Jesus Christ absolutely positive on the school bus and of course I was in England it wasn’t quite like the school buses we have in North America but yeah I was on the bus coming home from school and you know I said oh look this Jesus Christ back to work and then my mother you know thinking that there was something quite wrong with me took me to see a psychiatrist and of course in those days I was a little bit concerned that I might end up with a little white jacket and the padded room I actually said I’ve made it all up and felt bad that I had sort of I felt that time it sort of betrayed paribus understanding and then again just slightly backed away so it was really in my 20s when I fully went okay it’s okay I leave I always played with the tarot deck and stuff like that from my sort of late teens and kept on doing readings for people so it was sort of know it can up and down kind of thing and you know as I’ve moved on in my life as I got older it seems to be more and more so you know it’s I’d be very blessed and all I would say to people is you know we all have the ability we’re all psychic all right so psychic medium clairvoyant whatever you want to add that little label to it they’re just names but everybody’s psychic and we have it there we just have to remember to connect into it and I you know so to say to people it’s a bit like a kid that plays soccer they go out and play soccer every week and then the coach says hey there’s a kid here that can really do something and he’ll put in the practice and put in the time and put in the energy and then later on he goes to become I don’t know famous soccer star whereas the other kids maybe just enjoy playing soccer for the fun of it so that’s what I say to people if you have this and you want to like we all have it but if you want to tap into it then do so you can help yourself in your life in so many ways we all get messages we all get connections we all get you know all these things every single day of her life but sometimes we’re too busy to notice them and this is why I’ve been hearing a lot lately that people say it’s almost like when I’m just going to sleep I feel like I hear a voice or there’s something there and I said because I see anytime Spirit can connect with you electronic solvin you know you’re running your lap around in your life and busy and things like that so we try and connect with us during sleep state or just as we’re going into sleep state so again there there are no hard and fast rules I received people just you know sit have some quiet time you know and quiet time because go gosh you haven’t got a meditate you have I’m like well yeah you have but meditation doesn’t have to be sitting for hours on a cushion in the Zen position going on you can go for walk in nature you could put some music on and just switch off everything else and just listen you know sit in silence lay on the grass looking up at the clouds yeah place your feet in some water in a lake or a paddling pool and just look at the water you know it’s just we don’t have to have all the expensive tools you know just having that time with you yeah that’s that’s the thing because like I remember when I was I was a truck driver for some years and I would be driving and I would want to tap in the spirit I would I would want to do that and I would just look at like a you know driving past these lush fields and I’m like man I just want to go lay down in that field just for a minute and just connect it going past all of the scenery or whatever the case is and it doesn’t it could be that quick and it really is that quick just like stopping that that vehicle closing your eyes and going in for two minutes one minute just focusing on that breath tapping in and getting tuned in with spirit right absolutely you know I say to people just go for a walk you know just make you know when I say people go out and lay on the grasses and put your electronic phone away because I’m pinging pinging tapping thing is like an irritating and weird side track to me like oh I wonder who that is contacted me so they switch everything off yeah just lay there down close your eyes connect with mother you know I always call mother mother earth I connect with the mother and just see what comes through you’d be quite surprised and ask a question you know if you need guidance on something we will have a guardian angel I try and explain to people we have a guardian angel from the time we come into this incarnation to the time we leave and those are those moments when we get there all I haven’t heard from so-and-so in a while and then we bump into them or we hear something was I was just thinking about you or you know we’re driving along and we get you know taken on a different road and like why am i driving all the way around the houses to get to where I need to go then we find out that there was an accident or you know a holdup on that road so that you know usually I place my hands together and say thank you spirit for taking me away but of course within that it’s free will and free will is when we go I know better than this and then go ahead with what we’re going to do and then wish we’d listen to our gut feeling or intuition our guardian angel or whatever name we call it but it’s there we can ask a question and I’ll give you an example of something some years ago when I was going to print my first Oracle deck self-publish so I was like okay I have three printers here and I don’t know which one they’re all about the same price point they’re all about the same quality so how make a decision I’m going I really feel that I’d like some guidance on this and at that time I was we were driving I was on to her and in front of me swing says big truck and it has the name King on the back I said oh my goodness and one of the names of the people that I was dealing with in China his name was King Wang so I thought okay I think I’ve got my answer thank you very much and that was it now sometimes we get that and you know I had a friend of a friend in England and she was thinking of coming to Canada yeah and she wasn’t sure and I said well ask you guardian angel ask you guys to help us ask and she said okay so I said but you have to wait and see what comes through and so she’s in this tiny little village in England and she said okay she said I’m driving along and all this on this big truck and in England they have very small trucks they don’t have what like we have in North America in swings this big truck is that it has a big Canadian flag on the back of it do you think that was a sign and I smile what do you think it was good well I’m still not sure okay well just see what else happened and then she saw another something on the TV about calendar and visiting Canada so they do sent us a sign we just have to interpret them hers was very clear and I think very concise in in her face and so is mine because I was open to okay how do I can I interpret this so that’s why I say to people you have to create your own interpretation catalog you can’t go to a book and say okay this is what this means we just have to be aware of that and then we have the choice at the end of it do we follow it or don’t we so yeah there was a guy there was a guy talk about like um I had a guy he was he was a member of a church and some of the things that we talk about will get you kicked out of churches tight bill right but he was really into my work and liked how I incorporated Christ and consciousness in it and so he you know a lot of people in to follow my work they are still in search or coming out of church I used to be in church anyway he wanted to hit me up and he had messaged me a couple times but then he was like you know what I don’t need to follow true seekers work I need to stay away from him because I’m in the mysticism or whatever you want to call it it’s like a taboo thing in the churches but he really felt drawn to reach out to me and wanted to support me he loved my music he loved the stuff I put out but he was gonna message me on his own on Facebook about possibly meeting up with him he lived to two states over I’m in Alabama he’s in Louisiana so it’s over almost three hours away and he’s thinking about messaging me he’s like now I can’t talk to him because if people find out that I’m affiliated with Trucy good I’ll be excommunicated that kind of weird stuff it gets awkward um he’s thinking about messaging me he’s at a red light he puts his phone down he says no he looks up in front of him it’s a true seek a bumper sticker on the back of a truck is one of my bumper stickers on the back of a van and two states over and I mind you I only have a few bumper stickers and it’s two states over he looks up seek truth true seeker com okay okay Lord I’ll call him so anyway he ends up getting in contact with me we ended up going on a vacation trip and we stopped in to see him and his family got to meet the guy had a great conversation got to pray with him and stuff like that so he was you know that was a synchronicity for him that he was like he wasn’t gonna contact me but then he did and it worked out we became friends after that you know whether people call it defining intuition or defined communication this is what you know the synchronicities about it’s there we’ve asked we get the messages we just have to interpret them and yeah when you go something is clear quite incredible you know I had a lady that I was doing a reading came to see me and I’m in Winnipeg Manitoba at the moment I’m just heading back to Ontario and she said the the weird story of how I came to connect with you was some months ago she was with another psychic or something and she said oh who’s this Eddie this I think the name is Debbie a something Debbie and she’s a clairvoyant and you should really see her and this is another person I know you but she didn’t know me so she said I then she said I’m on it she’s on her Instagram I don’t Instagram she said then all of a sudden Debbie Anderson came up she said I didn’t know what you did so I had a look and she said I heard you were clairvoyant me I saw you were clarifying medium then she said I saw you were coming to Winnipeg so all of those synchronous so she came in and reading with me so you know all of those things you know she could have just didn’t dismiss that or whatever been you know this other psychic said you really got to see her you know she’d be a great deal of help for you and hopefully I was but you know I just those kind of things that happened and you know my husband does past life regression and he had this late him first I she said and he said why is this chrisley come up on your phone she said is it something no I have no idea so she said at that point she did some investigation and then heard he was coming to where she would so how happen I have no idea like some of the weird stuff that happens I always go but it’s defined synchronicity the way it comes in you know she said it freaked her out cuz you know the guy in the store said well it’s a brand new phone I just switched it on and there was my husband photograph in his name he’d like Facebook photograph and name underneath it and she said I had to see who this guy was and what it was to do with and she said I’ve been thinking about doing a past life regression and she so she’d put it out there and said okay so I think it’s amazing you know I think some of the miracles that we have every day we tend to miss them you know I’m hopeful people will just take a moment but smell the roses and see what’s out there you’ve asked a question that’s spirit witho magic I think it’s beautiful it makes it a lot more interesting to when you have that stuff happening all the time and so I’ll have the synchronicities happen a lot I’ve been in seasons where they were crazy then I’ve had seasons where there’s no synchronicities and it seems dry and I’m like what’s wrong with me tight deal and then now where I’m at I have them all the time and it’s insane and like me my wife and my daughter it’s like a game now yeah something happens and I say something in the TV says it or the somebody says it at the same time and it’s usually something profound or whatever and it says we just laugh at it now and for me it’s just like spirit letting me know that hey you’re on the right path you do absolutely you know and I love you know people sometimes say to me I feel that nobody’s there for me spirits not there for me anymore I feel alone and I said you know what I love the prayer footsteps the poem footsteps Wow about this two days ago on the podcast the same poem saying these little secret little things man but I always love that because you know the words in there were you know I didn’t abandon you that was a time I carried you well you know and I think that’s so beautiful and sometimes we forget that and we’ve all had dark times you know guilty as charged where I sit here but I had to make choices hmm and some was stepping away for things some was stepping into things yeah and yes you know I always say to people spirit will not take you to the abyss and then push you off they never do that they’ll help you their guide you and yes sometimes we have to go through the the hard stuff yeah sometimes we have to do that yeah you know and you know I know they’re saying is what doesn’t break us makes us stronger and I think from that we bring something forward that we can utilize ourselves in our life whether it’s for us or for somebody else you know I’m a great person I’d buy a book let me go okay I’m gonna read this out read it no I own that’s right on there and then while later somebody come along and they’re talking about saying I got the book just actually said to Sperry this is getting expensive can you do it in another way handed on to some but that’s it that’s being there turning up being in your divine synchronicity yeah and letting God Jesus Christ whatever your belief system is to talk through you adversity is our friend you know and it’s weird that like we can talk about this but and I we have to talk about it because in Christianity and Christendom we’re told that the devil is our enemy and which he kind of is he’s our adversary but that adversary is your friend he’s showing or a reason you need the positive and the negative reinforcements in your life you need to be checked sometimes you got all these people in your corner telling you what you want to hear you need that adversity the word Satan means that adversary right it’s it’s something coming against your will or what you feel like you’re supposed to be doing or whatever you need to be checked you need to be kind of shaken up and get out of your comfort zone sometimes so you know I’ve made peace with all of my demons and I’m thankful buried somewhere I pull up now and again and just dust them off and go okay maybe it’s time to actually get rid of you now because you know the other thing and this is not a slur or a slight on Christianity or any other face but the Bible has been written rewritten so many times by men and sorry I’m not trying to you know diss men but in those days it was men than had the authority arrived and and sadly the rewrites were to make people fearful to tithe to the church I know I grew up in England and many of the churches and the beautiful cathedrals there were built on people’s money that you know if I pay into the church or whatever I will have a heavenly passing into the next into the of spirits oh yeah it’s it’s a shame because you know I believe like Jesus Christ his love he sent me yeah he got ticked off now and again and made it clear but then isn’t that what we do as humans no I think he was showing us examples how to love people how to help people and you know I have you know people say to me well our world at the moment is so chaotic and let’s go no no no there’s an awareness and awakening’ happening this is beautiful this is where our world as individuals as groups we’re starting to come together as a community again help people work together except you know where I am in Canada remember there’s horrendous forest fires and you’ve got them in the States here in California but we’ve got people from all over the world that are fighting these fires to save these people’s homes to save communities and you know that’s what sometimes we get sent to us and we get a choice and I truly believe whatever is going on in our world at the moment is perfect synchronicity to what we need because I’m a true believer of out of something bad always always always always always always come something good something better something more that we wouldn’t have done if that hadn’t happened through the adversity absolutely and this is where the devil and the the God or you know the Satan or whatever this is it you know we have that choice at that time do we help somebody do we move in and you know like the Good Samaritan mm-hmm yeah keep walking by right if there’s so much there in the Bible that we you know yeah there’s just so much though I love it because it’s not that I want to tell somebody you should do this oh you should do that or this is a path to follow because I truly am interested when I meet people other face to hear how their faith works and so for lots because I want to become part of it but you know it’s healthy how many crossovers are how many threads that link us all together and there are there are so many threads that link it all together as male yeah and I have this weird sort of thought process and back in the time when time began whether it was a blind to soar whatever it was that there was a group of people and they took the word whatever the word was and they walked at the four corners of the earth and on their journey they met other people along the way that created all these different diverse cultures and all these different diverse spiritualities that we have that are available to us because there are so many threads that cross over it is just incredible the more we find out about somebody else’s face it’s like oh my gosh that’s very similar here or this is whatever so yeah we’re all into woven there’s no we’re not any different we’re all interwove and in some way yeah we all have a piece of that and that’s the interesting thing and it’s like it took the power away from it for me a sync is like each of those religions will try to tell you that they have exclusivity whenever it comes to a term or idea just like you mentioned at the beginning now we’re dealing with what the Bible calls like spiritual giftings and to be able to prophesy to be able to lay hands on someone and and heal them well there’s other practices where you lay your hands on somebody and heal them as well and it’s called Reiki you’re moving energy away and you’re helping them so like as far as hearing voices of the Holy Spirit being led by the spirit that’s ESP intuition empathy being able to feel all this stuff so none of these religions actually like have the corner stone or on these things or they like have the market on them it’s it’s it’s all the same thing and it to me it’s beautiful I’m not judging them but I’m judging the fact that we’re all experiencing the same things but from different perspectives and standpoint its point of view we’re looking at the same thing from different points of view and so for us to say that this is the only way what you haven’t seen seen it from this side you haven’t been over here how are you making judgments and you’ve never walked a mile in these Jews you don’t know what it feels like to go through this you know and to experience that so everybody’s walk to me is beautiful even the people who were in that judgmental phase you know in their in religion or their in Dogma and they’re holding on I remember I remember doing it myself you’re like this is the truth and if we look at it like now I talk about this like it’s it’s so aggressive because that’s their eternal salvation it’s not just their life it’s their afterlife too they’ve put their their money your tithing into it they’re supporting it they’re funding it they’re putting all of their their their their money into it but then their afterlife and you’re telling me that what I’ve entrusted my life and my eternity into is wrong or it’s not the way the absolute way so you can see how people get into cognitive dissonance when that kicks in they don’t they just sleep holding on holding on I believe the divine works through all of us and we have that part where we can work with it or against it and you know I always say if the wheel turns to you and your religion your belief system will whatever then great I would never ever change that for somebody because if that’s what they need that’s what they they need but for me it was you know I I grew up with a Church of England Christian background and there were many times you know my mum at that time was a very young lady divorced so if you think of 1960s and how divorce aid ladies and I’m sure there’s a few out there still were treated it was very very horrible you know it was not like today and so it was very difficult for my mom and she was a beautiful lady you know she could go on and then find somebody else but no it was wrong and all these kind of things and you know we used to go to church on Sunday and very much my mum was you know believed in all of that and I just saw some of the way she was treated and for me it’s a trial growing up in that I’m like I’m Christian this is not Jesus crisis it’s not love you know this is just you know pure pain and agony but but that’s okay you know that maybe as I say it’s all these things that I saw and viewed from a child’s aspect that it’s like you know why can’t we all play together every different culture every different religion you know under the age of five if in a room and let them play and they would still have that thing that one kids got the toy that I want it wouldn’t be about race it wouldn’t be about belief it wouldn’t be about anything else it would be just kids playing and being kiss yeah was one of those single single women she was a divorced woman and she had three kids and she was a waitress and she would bartend she would do what she could to provide for us we ended up there were some neighbors in this place where we lived and it was an older couple they were probably in their 70s that they would watch us we’d go over there and stay with them and they’d help my mom out and we’d go stay over there and they’d take us to church little small backwoods Southern Baptists Hellfire and brimstone Church I was a little kid and I was into like Metallica and heavy metal and I love horror movies so we’re going to church and I’m drawing pictures of demons and stuff but you know I’m having this just weird encounter so religion for me was like this man screaming red-faced you know telling you you’re gonna burn forever and it’s all these people listening to it really old backward search and it would be weird to see him like turn that off after service and be a regular person I know this guy he’s going out there he’s fixing to knock out this uh this pizza buffet you know after it’s like the sermon you know but why he’s up there he’s playing this role and stuff but I remember so my mom she wanted to come to church with us they kept inviting her but she’d always put it off because my mom liked the party and stuff too and she did wanna go to church she ended up going to church with this with the with the elder people in us and she wore what she had she just kind of she got tried to get dressed up she showed up and she wore jeans woman yes the pastor changed his sermon she was the only one she he condemned women wearing men’s clothing that whole time and my mom has never stepped the foot in another church again isn’t that crazy when when I was in Mount salon last time last year in Mexico I went and was very honored to be able to go and help out in a church called Lavinia and they worked there helping people by taking meals to them so there would be Laputa which is a ham and cheese sandwich a bottle of water and a fruit so either an orange or an apple and I was asking how this all came about because they have services and things like that which I didn’t go to I was just going there as a helper for the day and you know one of the guys said well actually the church came about because in the time when I think it was Vietnam war was going on and people were trying not to be signed up exception to go they went to communes and things like that and they tried to get into what I call the the church but a lot of them were hippies so they cut the beard to long hair yeah and they were told that they couldn’t have a beard you know you had to shave off your beard you had to wear a shirt and a tie and you know pants and they’re like well yeah so they they created their own church and it was called Lavinia because it was like the vines and the wine and they would go and help people they would just take bags of food along to people sit there and talk to them and the people would be fed and this is how they ended up going into Mexico not trying to change the Catholic religion or anything like that but where people were poor taking along a bag of cornmeal and saying you know is this EU and they’re like well why would you do and I go you know we want to help people yeah and that’s what they do and it’s such a beautiful because I thought you know that’s what Jesus did so to be able to go and be part of that although I’m not part of a Christian Church anymore anything like that just gave me hope that there are people out there doing good work and not making it about you know yes and in fact they have t-shirts and it says God’s work our hands and I thought that was just so perfect God’s work our hand and that’s what it is yeah God’s work our hands how do we how do we deliver how do we do something and I thought that was so perfect I sent you to do it you know that’s the thing where everybody’s like I can’t believe that this is in the world I can’t believe that that’s in the world well you sent you to change it you have that I can’t believe building of anger and this enrages you what will change it you know and it’s so crazy like I there’s so many Christians who like make like this big stand like and they preach against something versus like and they try to like change legislation or whatever to like whether it’s abortion or these weird things that they get on or whatever it’s like look you want to end abortion you teach your you teach people you don’t like try to like change legislation or whatever the case is or whatever you teach people the right way to do things versus like everybody knows what you’re against nobody knows what you’re for and it’s so it’s okay see when we look at the hippie movement we look at the Jesus people is what they called him as all these hippies God you know I’m saying born again in the sand in the late 60s and 70s and there was an influx of hippies coming into the churches but like you said they told him they had to shave their beards and cut the hair show up you know not wearing any shoes you know and so they would be they would kick him out so they had to start their own movement and he became the Jesus people and and and and you know most of the people who were in the prophetic movement right now the people who teach spiritual gifts and the people who teach you how to prophesy and hear God and things like that most of them came out of the Jesus people movement and there hippies who are now Christian pastors and evangelists funny because I you know when he was telling this story I said oh my goodness I said can you imagine if Jesus Christ turned up to go to their church there he was this long hair in his beard and probably bare feet and you know wearing a smock kind of you know thing he would go I think it’s crazy we wanted to be who wasn’t about what we wore it was who we were inside and that’s what I say to people is who you are inside that matters that’s all it is whether you have the smallest suit on or the ripped t-shirt it’s who you are and what you do come as you are absolutely they want you to get it it’s like I think they’re put in the cart before the horse because they want you to get cleaned up first and then come to the the healing facility the church is what’s supposed to be healing people but they want you to get cleaned up first and then come to get clean that’s backward you come in dirty you come in crazy full of demons or whatever and then you get washed then you get changed and then you get healed and sent out so they’re trying to put it back where they’re like hey look we don’t need you you like yeah you know messing with the people that we have here or whatever the case is you know what I’m saying so really weird they would come yeah performance makes Christian yeah the rules yeah it’s crazy I don’t know why they do that they kind of you know they get in in these weird pristine temples and everything’s clean and nice come on that’s not that’s not went out and he he he gave he shared the word on outside he didn’t have a roof on him you know everything over the top of him he just let people come and listen and share what food they had and things like that and you know beauty of it had all things in common yeah absolutely and we’re forced to be reckoned with man love changed their generation and we look at the 60s I mean it’s a very you know similar thing that happened there love and what and what love has the power to do with whatever we’re creating whatever we’re branding like if it’s love that motivates it it’s it’s it’s not gonna be stopped it has power literally over darkness and over demons and over all the negative stuff that we go through is love is the answer at the end of the day and I’m like you I believe Jesus was loved and I think he was loved that became a person and started walking around with humanity you know and that that’s what it is to me and that’s the key that’s the foundation it’s love if you want to say Jesus is the foundation he is love made manifest um let’s let’s go back a little bit to because I do want to talk more about contacting departed spirits that’s very interesting there’s so we talked a little bit about your past what kind of got you into some of that stuff we’re having organic encounters as a kid I mean that that’s my story most of us probably listening have had night terrors and shadow beings and stuff and it just opens up the door but what does it come into like what was your first experience with contacting the Dead did the dead contact you like how does that work in the beginning growing up the one thing was in those days we didn’t have showers we just had a weekly bath I know it sounds gross but you know I shower every day but in those days we would have the Sunday night baths and then all through the rest of the week we were just what I call hand wash those areas of us so you know I’d be sitting in the bath and and then it would be like there were people that are like I’m naked you know like a little kid what are you doing here and of course they don’t see us but I would have these conversations and it always seemed to me that I was telling people things so it became very difficult to understand that there was something wrong with it because it just seems like a natural thing you know as I grow into my sort of teenage years into my 20s and so forth it was like okay it’s fairly there they come to me for a reason is it that I’m supposed to be doing this work yes it is I’m supposed to be doing this work so how do I do this right okay I have to learn I’ll have to learn how to how they’re going to communicate with me and how I communicate that message to the other person sitting across from me so you know I learned with different tools you know as I said I always played with tarot cards when I first started and I always say to people now those things are just like blankets you know the blankie that we have as a child but it’s our safety blankie the Divine’s coming through us and that’s how it works so for me it can be I’m clairvoyant so clever I can mean that I can see I can hear I can sense I can feel so they come through in different waves of things there isn’t just you know I love it if it was just you and I having a conversation and I could just do that and have that conversation with them but it comes through like pictograms or metaphors and things like that and sometimes I’ll get an initial sometimes I’ll hear a name so it’s all of those things I think it was John Edwards that said here’s spirit up here here’s a clairvoyant in media or meet him down here one has to come down one has to come up they connect now they have to find a language in which they can communicate with each other so yeah it’s sometimes I’ll get somebody like wow that was really easy yes I’m kidding and then the next time it’s like okay now I got to decipher everything is it’s coming down so it’s different every time and it’s beautiful because this is where at the end of it I usually go well thank you spirit that was a new experience but I’ve been doing this for quite a few years yeah for those who are you know maybe skeptics when it comes to that how do you know what you’re communicating with so because and I say that because of the you know we’re talking about Christianity in the charts most of them will say oh you’re communicating with demons and it’s a blanket statement there is no other spirits like do they tell you who they are are you actually trying to help somebody bridge the gap who has a departed loved one or something like that that’s what I’m doing yeah people come to me because usually they want either closure or confirmation or some connection with somebody that’s passed in spirit all of those people come with love so they’re bringing that love vibration with them I just want to connect with you I want to just make sure grandpas okay or mom’s okay and those kind of things so that’s coming with pure love and that’s where I connect now I have my guide to my helpers I don’t just you know jump into my car and drive off without putting my seat belt on as I say to people yeah so I I have that work I meditate beforehand I connect with spirit so that I’m grounded and connected to the divine so I’m tethered if you like some people that I hear do this work are all floating around and then all these things happen to them in like well how can this be happening if I’m supposed to do this I’m like well because you have your own responsibility to you have to be grounded to our mother earth because you’re human you’re in a solid format you’re not energy you are energy coming through you so then the other part is we connect with our the heavens are divine so yeah there’s a process you know I go through it I I’ve been doing this for many years I feel very blessed but there’s no way I would step into that without knowing that I have my team with me no way that I would open those doors without doing that connection because it’s like having a light on the porch at nighttime all the mosques come to it it’s a bright little light so you switch on that little light and you’re gonna attract everything and yes as I said at the beginning there are some entities energies that are not good justice are on you know would I go walking down a back alley at 3:00 a.m. in the morning in an area where I know that I may or may not be accosted you know use common sense it is something that we still need to use so you know I think anybody who wants to open that portal for themselves personally just before they go to bed at night clean teeth PJs on laying on the bed all electronic switched off please and thank you lay there ask that question of your loved one whatever it is you okay is there a sign you can send me and then drift off into sleep you’ll get information through sleep State and maybe in the next day you’ll get these little nudges Oh you can you guys uh still see me hear me uh I think we might have lost her for the time being I don’t know if my Internet’s out my Internet’s being kind of buggy he’s a rose on here y’all let me know in the chat if you can still see me if I’m live and hopefully her internet connection will pop back up here in a minute okay you guys can still see me awesome Benny welcome to the stream brother you want to go back and watch the beginning of this episode Benny because I gave you a shout out and talked about the dog and the family and all that stuff at the beginning bro so I gave you a shout-out at the beginning there make sure you go back and see that yeah when it comes down to it people are having good and bad encounters in everything right so if we were to say you don’t want to do this because I had a bad encounter like people like to project then it’s only right I guess it’s only it’s only right to project because like if you had a bad encounter but it’s not a blanket encounter it’s not for it’s not for everyone it’s really not for everyone nothing is for everyone everybody’s different everybody has the different things that um that help them they have the different things that they’re into or you would everybody in church kind of mentioning you know the 60s that’s where talking with that time about the drug culture and then Adam talks about how it was all about the drugs and it wasn’t about the love then we look at Terence Mckenna who is a psycho not who has learned some really deep truths when it comes to the spirit realm and when it comes to using psychedelics for spiritual purposes as well so there is that connection there but you’re gonna find videos on everything you’re gonna find videos about people say hey stay away from psychedelics because you’re going to get if you do psychedelics you’re gonna get possessed and I’ll guarantee you we can go right now to youtube and we could do it you could do it you could go to youtube and you could type in anything and you’re gonna find videos for it and videos against it you’re gonna get possessed if you do drugs and in other people say I met Jesus on drugs I met Jesus on like a dollar so let’s look at the Kundalini that’s a controversial word especially in in Christendom and and I use that word a lot and for me it’s synonymous with the Holy Spirit right so we could type in Kundalini and there’s gonna be people doing videos about how they got possessed by doing Kundalini Yoga they got possessed by Devils by meditating and when they meditated they opened up a door to the spirit realm or they got possessed and they got hurt and they’re warning you to stay away on the other hand you’re gonna find videos where people will have amazing life-changing encounters with the Kundalini it changed my life there’s a sense of freedom purpose it cleaned me out I’m now a better person I’m linked towards love more these different things that have helped make them a better person same thing for Christianity in what denomination do you want to hear horror stories about people coming out of the Christian Church people coming out of the charismatic denomination I guarantee you there’s tons of YouTube videos about people who say oh man they’re charismatic all this bad stuff then you’re gonna find another video with someone with all the good stuff about that denomination we’ve talked about it this morning in discord our good friend Christy Lee here in chat was talking about she came out of Mormonism for the most part she that was wrong it was like really bad experience or really bad encounter for her in Mormonism my experience with Mormonism from a Christian standpoint they say that Mormonism was a false belief it’s demonic it they don’t have the truth like that’s what Christianity taught me about Mormonism I had a friend on my show some time ago who was a Mormon and it was a life-changing encounter for him very spiritual experience that he had in that church and his story is completely different from mine and Christi Lee’s and so it’s everybody has their own encounters and so people want to project it as being the truth which one of those is the truth which one is the truth if you meditate will you become possessed I’ve meditated I was possessed I’m a clean I cleared out my mind and demons came in remember Christians used to tell me that that is a jacked-up philosophy and theology that you can clear out your mind and then demons inhabit you that is the decid um that’s demonic that’s a demonic ideology right there to think that you’re fearfully and wonderfully made and if you clear out your mind you stop thinking about all the garbage and all the stuff that you stop thinking about the bills you stop thinking about your meal you stop thinking about your diet you stop thinking about your clothes whatever it is consuming your thoughts stop thinking about that clear your mind out and focus on God focus on nothing nothing this the two go to the place in between the thoughts go there although that’s where the demons live brother you know I’ve been told that by many people that’s where the demons are don’t do that you get demons coming as soon as you do that demons come in it sounds silly and people laugh at me for talking about this who were seasoned in meditation or whatever the case is they laugh that we’re having this conversation but I’ve had so many people in Christianity over the years I’m in the Bible Belt so I kind of it’s a little bit different down here but we’ve heard that so many times if you empty out your mind you’ll be possessed by the devil the most amazing angelic encounters that I’ve had with God with the Holy Spirit was when I was reading the word the scriptures I hadn’t worship music playing on in the background and then I got a little devotion in got in some prayer and it just laid down and I tried to clear out all the thoughts and I tried to go to that place in between the thoughts and I try to push every thought out laying down okay I’m gonna go play basketball this even up get that out of there I got to do the laundry all this my wife Oh get out of here you know and and and maybe those things are coming up for a reason they’re important you have to deal with them but go to that place in between the in between the thoughts but nothing exists and hold it grab it hold it lay there as long as you can and so I did that in prayer in worship worship music playing on in the background I begin to get I feel the Holy Spirit come upon me I begin to get up and I felt like the Holy Spirit wanted to dance for him I begin to dance in my home dance to the music and I felt literally felt this euphoria the Holy Spirit was wrapping around my body and I began to dance with God in my living room I went to this place with God where we danced together and it was it was euphoric there was no drugs there was no I mean worship music reading the Bible and trying to get those thoughts out data occupy the time and say you know what this time is for God this time ain’t about thinking about basketball this time ain’t about reading a book this time ain’t about playing the video game this time is about focusing on God and I had amazing encounters and I just begin to recreate that keep doing it over and over and I would have amazing encounters man we’d have supernatural counters encounters with God with Jesus and I remember that dancing with the Holy Spirit in my house it was just it felt like it was rapping or it wasn’t like it was in me you know you feel the Holy Spirit within you or you get the chill bumps like it was that but I literally felt it moving and dancing and wrapping around my legs it was awesome good stuff but it’s about going to the place in between the thoughts get all those thoughts out that are that are trying to occupy your time and so for people to say that that’s demonic thing is I think it’s demonic to like go into prayer and you’re thinking about something else you’re thinking about the video games you’re thinking about dinner tonight my wife if my wife is talking to me and my mind is you know I’ll try to do I like the multitask but she deserves my undivided attention I’ll be I’ll be texting someone in my wife’s talking to me and then I’m replying to an email and watching a YouTube video and I and I can hear what she’s saying right but I don’t all the time process and I have to stop I have to put that phone down wait on this email whatever I wherever we are and just get from my undivided attention God is the same way the Holy Spirit is the same way deserves your undivided attention and you’ll see you begin to start showing God a little bit of extra attention maybe he’ll start showing you a little bit get a little bit of extra attention from God could happen it could happen I I really believe that that’s where everything takes place at is in the prayer chambers which is in the secret place the quiet place the majority of my music is about encounters in the secret place was God and so you have access to the universe the multiverse you have access to everything you’re seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus as you go into that quiet place of prayer and supplication and just communing with God it is very much symbolic for the wedding chamber that one would go in with their spouse where the two become one flesh you go into this sacred place I’m telling you like giving it your undivided attention why would you go to the wedding chamber why would you go to the bedroom with your spouse and you’re thinking about all this are you thinking about other people you’re thinking about video games you’re thinking about the bills no that’s a sacred that’s a sacred space man the same with prayer and supplication don’t fear it that’s insane and I know this sounds like um like it’s elementary for a lot of people um it sounds silly but I get this a lot over the years from Christians who are scared they think they’re gonna be possessed if they meditate I’ll do it meditate upon the Lord meditate upon the word meditate upon what is beautiful what is pure what is righteous and it’s a tool do you are you trying to be possessed you can you can get you sure you can get possessed I got possessed meditating so yeah it is possible but like we went to the place at the beginning we’re talking about us all about the intent what is your intention what are you trying to do you have to go into it with an intent my intent and in that space was to commune with my father who loves me lover of my soul to commune with that entity that being that essence which is in all and through all its in the breath it’s in everything mr. pranayama is the life force in everything that was mine Tim so have your intent even Debby talked about you know closing yourself and making sure your seat belt is on those kind of things so you have to use wisdom you don’t just run in you run in you’re gonna get done in you know I’m saying that you do have to be careful it’s not a game it can be dangerous if you’re focusing on the wrong things like if you know my first encounters with the spirit realm I was a negative individual I was robbing people I was breaking in the houses I was stealing cheating I was stealing from stores and then I was doing occult rituals and then I was trying to contact demons and entities and whatever wanted to come through guess what some stuff came through and I bit off more than I can chew but it was because of what I was doing it was what I was vibrating at it was what I was trying to contact and I did it the wrong way I got possessed I did so it is possible but all of these same meditation psychedelics prayer yoga is all tools it’s all tools prayer okay who are you praying to it’s prayer demonic no what if you’re praying to demons it becomes demonic right things are permissible but not all things have beneficial what is your intent behind it what are you trying to create what are you trying to accomplish meditation this meditation demonic No are you meditating trying to contact demons and we’re asking demons to in and habit your body then it becomes demonic right it becomes because you’re doing it with the wrong spirit with the wrong motive yes you have to be careful this it is you know we talked about this stuff openly really deep stuff you have to be careful we don’t want to play with this Christianity people playing with Christianity Christianity is nothing to play with God is not to be mocked the Bible none of this stuff is to be played with we encourage exploration but it’s not to be taken lightly those who put their hands to the plow and look back are not worthy for the kingdom look a lots wife put your hand to the plow and turn away there’s they’re stories when it comes to Kundalini of people having people becoming disillusioned by opening their third eye and there’s gonna be videos that you can find where people say I got possessed by opening my third eye I got possessed through Kundalini Yoga and they’re gonna give you the testimony and so when it comes to weighing that out with the Holy Spirit which is the same thing the prana all of it’s all the same thing I said well you don’t get possessed with the Holy Spirit it’s just a perfect gentleman it’s just beautiful it’s just lovely Kundalini will get you possessed as a difference no you can get pizzette you can you can get disillusioned in the churches again I know more people than I should who are disillusioned in churches saying that God told me this God told me that and God ain’t said a damn word about that to you know it was God and it’s crazy stuff crazy stuff talking about God told me this the Holy Spirit told me that your disillusion you’re in dysphoria because you put your hand to the plow and you look back some something happen you didn’t balance the energy even with the Holy Spirit what do you mean balance in the energy of the Holy Spirit yeah there because there comes a lot of responsibility upon you it’s not a game you don’t play with this none of it you don’t play with the Kundalini you know play with the Holy Spirit you don’t play with the prong I’ll play with breathwork I know we make it sound fun put it in a rap song you know what I’m saying like there’s a lot of responsibility even for me to be judged if I don’t tell you guys this stuff like I have to but I encourage exploration I really do I should but do it the right way egg precautions and all of it and all of it but explore if these things are calling out to you like I say I don’t think you have any choice but to go down those paths if psychedelics are calling out to you they’re calling you you have no choice but to go down that path and do that stuff and that’s what happened to me and it changed my life in a beautiful way there’s people who went out and did it with us in it they had a beautiful encounter they went out they abused it if you’re abusing the church if you’re abusing the holy spirit if you’re abusing the Kundalini it’s not going to be good it’s not gonna be good for you if you’re abusing if you’re taking advantage of people in the church if you’re a pastor if you’re a leader you’re messing with children in the church if you love that power if you’re getting drunk on power no matter how big your platform is you got7 fans seven followers seven patrons whatever if you’re getting drunk on power not gonna be good for you you better learn to balance the energy you better learn to keep your hands clean in your heart pure each and every one of you guys so many people who I’m involved with you everybody’s seeking a platform everybody wants to be heard and I think you should but you better do the damn work you better do the due diligence you better you’re gonna be tested and I’m open about it I’ll get you know women petition me and all kind of weird stuff goes on you’re gonna be petition you’re gonna be hit up Adam star seed Bay maturity is key every one of you guys get ready it’s coming if that’s what you’re seeking it’s gonna come be encouraged oh do it you all have a story your story can benefit people it’s going to come it’s gonna come and you you may have the right intentions and you might have the right motives but you aren’t ready for these attacks you mean ready for these demons get ready for the dark night of the soul it can send you in a whirlwind some people don’t come out of it that’s a fear to die in that to die in that to be sucked away going down a path that you have no business going down and you die in that I’ve seen marriages destroyed I’ve seen ministries destroyed I’ve seen kids growing up without fathers because of their dad or whoever was a minister and get sucked into a extra marital affair and it couldn’t balance the energy couldn’t balance it you better do to work man if you’re seeking a platform if you’re teaching people the Bible says you’re gonna you’re gonna be judged with the harsher judgment I do believe that in this a respect issue I respect the platform I respect the spirits I respect the devil I respect Satan I respect all of it I don’t play with none of it and you better too I don’t respect the devil he’s the buh-buh-buh-buh don’t respect nothing you better you better never say never never say never we’re talking about this this morning there’s churches out there who are doing celebrate recovery reaching out to all these addicts and really on a slight tip trying to get them to be members of your church and stuff reaching out to all these addicts who are usually if you’re addicted to a substance and you’re in a situation where you’re openly abusing yourself you’re a weak-minded individual many of us have been down that path you come into Christianity they tell you what to do tell you when the sleeve tell you when to wake up tell you what to touch what to eat all of this stuff so you you’re easily dismayed right people can tell you what to do when you follow them because they have a suit and tie or they have charisma with people or they have some spiritual authority so you begin to follow these people so in the churches there celebrate recoveries and they’re there with the scripture talking about sending them out there trying to do a good deed but they’re sending them out in and making them twice the the son of hell than they were to begin with you gotta be careful man with these with these people my lives are precious man dealing with these these addicts and people who are who are on substance man you got to be careful and I forgot where I was going with that but we were talking about um we taught my did in the discord earlier how I end up doing more harm than good at the end of the day people in you know the themselves and then you gotta be careful with that stuff y’all um man you know I guess a couple one thing I had some notes here to ask Debbie and stuff so I’ll kind of good on this path here for a few minutes but walking to the dead taboo to do to not not to do what’s going on with that let’s approach it from a biblical perspective there’s a lot of people now in the prophetic movements of stuff or what they’re what they have Dean to be communing with the great cloud of witnesses there’s a scripture in a verse that says now that we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses and this great cloud of witnesses are the elders and church fathers and things like that heroes of the faith that kind of have went on before us some of these people in the movements are having encounters with their people that led them to God that people led them to God and they’re having encounters with with people who have passed on their elders are like God is leading them to go get go out and get a hotel fast and pray they go and do it and then their elder who has been dead for ten years shows up in spirit and teaches them and in parts some wisdom to them and part some wisdom to them have an encounter and it’s happening more and more a lot of people are doing this I don’t know you know and then other people are saying you know they’re doing similar things like that and Moses is appearing to them Jesus is appearing the spirits of the departed people who died physical deaths on this earth are coming in spirit of communicating with the dead so it is something that is now being explored by a lot of Christian sects a lot of Christian denominations are kind of exploring this idea some of the big name people Todd white one of the biggest evangelist out there right now who had the he has stories where this happened to him it was visited by spirits of his departed elders that he looked up to and that taught him there’s the great cloud of witnesses and I’ll say the synchronicity there for me was this and um I was watching you know at the peak of my awakening going through all this stuff bunch of crazy stuff going on I’m watching Star Wars right and we look how obi-wan he had a he had a teacher which was quite gone Jen to me watching it that’s Jesus qui-gon jinn as I’m watching Star Wars qui-gon jinn is Jesus to me and little things he’s saying and stuff like that so I think spiritually to me he represented Christ and then obi-wan represented us which honestly they all represent us it’s the hero’s journey type deal right that’s where the movie came from Joseph Campbell so anyway qui gonn wagon Jen the Jesus character dies and Yoda takes obi-wan at the end of one of the movies Andy they walk off into the sunset he’s like follow me I got some things I want to show you is that what is it it’s like I’m gonna show you how to commune with the one who has gone before you I’m gonna teach you how to communicate with him he’s like Oh obi-wan and I took that and I put it in a song to me that was profound I was like wow Yoda is fixing it take him and teach him how to connect with his elder that has passed away and then you know Star Wars goes on to kind of explore that communing with with those people in them speaking to you whether it’s the Holy Spirit of Jesus in our in our time and when I went I seen that my mind went straight to the Bible with the amount of um configuration up Transfiguration where Jesus goes up to the mountain to pray he goes up there and then as he’s as he’s praying he brings James I think it’s James John and Peter he brings them or John and Peter he brings them up the mountain with him he’s always tried to get them to go with them well finally we get a look at what happens when Jesus goes up on top of these mountains or goes inside of these mountains to pray so they go up the mountain there with him Jesus starts praying immediately this cloud comes upon them a voice comes out of the cloud such communicating with Jesus jesus’s clothes changed to his ascended form looking much like Gandalf the White from Gandalf the Grey coming back to Gandalf the white type deal right his raiment was white everything turned brilliant his face was shining and all this stuff the voice is communicating with him through the clouds and then Moses and Elijah show up have been passed on for so many years they came and they started communicating with Jesus and so Peter and John seen this and they’re recording this like they’re blown away right that’s the picture of me like this little bitty nuggets sprinkled throughout Star Wars and throughout you know a lot of these these other holy books as well this was like common stuff even some of the books that were taken out of the Bible talked about very similar things like this I’m convinced that this happened every time Jesus went to pray Jesus went to pray he would pray for hours like clockwork he would go away in it and when I talked about going into the prayer closet going into that secret place with God this is what I’m talking about Jesus would go in the mountain or on a mountain he’d go off by itself and pray for like hours straight what is he praying about god I asked you to take care of my family my friends got leukemia I’m asking you to bless them then forth healing I ask you in my name you know what is he praying he’s I’m convinced he’s communing with his elders the first time we get to see it’s all speculation but the first time we do get to see what happens these guys went with him they seen that happening and it’s only written of like one time where that actually happened in the New Testament I believe but I’m convinced that that was every time I have no reason not to think it I just the first time that somebody went into there to kind of write down what was going on he’s communing with the elders is he’s and because people are doing this now like it’s happening people are going off to pray I’ve had many visions of gee supernatural encounters and and spirits showing up like we’ve seen some weird stuff man this stuff is possible so communing with the dead they’re deceased they’ve they’ve passed on Moses and Elijah is there I know people who claim to like I said talk with Noah and all kind of crazy stuff I don’t I know I wasn’t there to validate it I got it and have that encounter I didn’t have that experience but I’ve had similar encounters where I can see you know maybe this is happening you know maybe this is happening for that person so going back to the churches and going back to the celebrate recovery where they’re dealing with drug addicts they’re helping people get off the street all that kind of stuff they’re they’re trying to help people get off a dope right in these celebrate recovery things and and many of us have done this but I have a and I’ve said that I’ve been saying this a lot but I never say never never say never I can’t tell you how many of these pastors these church leaders these elders say I will never do that nope I’m good I’ll never do it I’ll never say never I’ll never do that I knew people I knew pastors who come out of the dope game will come out of the shady lifestyles who were living a good life their ministers at churches now beautiful wife and kids great family doing it and they come out of that lifestyle and needs they said I’ll never do that again brother I’ll never smoke meth again I’ll never put that pipe to my lips I’ll never do that I’ll never do this and I know they mean well when they say it but I feel like that’s a I feel like you’re tempting God to say you’ll never do something you can now I never say never now I will not do it and we all feel like nope I’m never gonna have a sip of alcohol I’m never going back to the bottle I’m never gonna do this I’m never gonna fall away you find out two three years time is it time is something else Tom will have its way with you it’ll break you I don’t jump god I never say never I’m thankful but the grace of God that keeps us in is able to hold us but to never say never man those people like I know those people they went back to smoking dope i dad that pastor he’s in prison right now I love him he’s in prison right now and many of them car salesmen – an extra extramarital affair now the car salesman other bank tellers it were pastors there were spiritual leaders spiritual pillars of their community now they’re bank tellers in an instant it could be taken away from you don’t let your talent take you to a place that your character can’t keep you don’t put the cart before the horse do the spiritual work welcome it learn from it grow from it all of it in discord y’all join our discord this is where the fun stuff happens after the show after-party don’t I just score but oh my they said there’s like true seeker we were talking about you and discord and you know how cool it is that you’ve been through a lot of stuff and you know and people have seen my journey my journey has been online and Facebook it’s I’ve always been out there on that platform so people have seen me in many different stages of this growth and who I’ve become who I’m becoming right they’ve been able to see that and they’ve been that many people have been able to laugh at that many people have been able to scoff at that but then again many people have been able to learn and to grow from that you don’t just learn from your mistakes you don’t just learn from what’s happening to you you learn from what’s happening to other people around you especially if you’re studying a niche you’re studying if you’re trying to go and get into something look at people doing it see how they’re doing it what’s working everybody wants to patreon now everybody wants to everybody wants to podcast like you study people and then you try to mimic it but they’re like true seeker man you you know you’ve put up with a lot of stuff but you stay strong at the end of the day bill you’re still here you didn’t give up many people would have given up many people did give up I’ve rubbed shoulders with people in the churches they’re not in there anymore they they don’t even believe in God anymore all of this stuff these people who have last out over the years how do you do it you get used to it and uh but at the end of the day you got to stop caring for people who don’t care about you not caring cuz we do care maybe that’s not a good word but you got to stop like worrying about their opinions you got to stop worrying about the opinions of others like it matters no people are talking about you people are judging you for talking about aliens on Facebook people are judging you for talking about psychedelics on Facebook people are judging you or doing this or doing that right I went through that stuff you know and they laughed at it they scoffed at it or whatever I made sure that I didn’t go like the Bible studies in church meetings to start talking about this stuff though but I created my platform to podcast years ago and I started doing it so you go through scarfing and like you know and and I’ll say this other people have heard more than I have like usually when I hear something it just it’s word of mouth hey those guys were talking about you or hey that Pastor said this or that woman said that there they never like come to me and like you know if you think somebody’s in error if you think somebody’s in sin like you should go to that person and I would it would blow my mind cuz people would uh eventually I would hear stuff and I check people say brought heard you were I’m sorry what’s up and they’ll say stuff and they’re like I said well if you believe that I’m in error if you believe that I’m doing something wrong you believe I’m going to hell right do you not love me enough to come and tell me and they’d have their reasons why they didn’t well you know the Bible better than me while I’m intimidated my pastor told me not to if I’m going to hell go get your pastor if you think I’m a handle you with the scriptures go get your pastor maybe he’s more learned and y’all come together and rebuke me and straighten me out and cast demons out of me or whatever the case is and but it never happened so most of its like gossip and like word of mouth type stuff that I’ve had to put up with over the years and they tell me what other people said or stay away from true seeker about all this stuff like how do you still do it like it it’s I live in its not really it’s kind of a small town I’m in Mobile Alabama but my renowned precedes me the podcast is people sharing it I’m going live on social media now like I’m just looking at there’s been a lot of people man a lot of people have clicked this link and watched it it shows me even if they jump in for a second it shows me their name pop up so people know what we’re doing people know what we’re talking about and if it ain’t for them keep it moving at this point and Christianity I was trying to beckon like I was trying to handle you with theology I was trying to trick you almost to become a Christian and I had to win the conversation I had to win the theology I had to win the point because I had the truth many of you guys thought that felt like you have the truth you have the truth that all these people everybody’s wrong but your theology is on point you’ve studied you’ve been here a long time you’ve went through the stuff ba ba ba ba ba ba you got it so now you got to go out there and deal with people and win them over to Christ and rebuke them and tell them not to do this and do that and but all kinds of stuff we’re dealing with with religion people know what we’re doing you feel like you have the truth you feel like you got it figured out I did that now I’ve given up my right to be right so much pieces come in instead of finding out like how I can nitpick somebody’s belief system how I can nitpick what somebody believes and how they’re wrong I’m telling you man the first time I’ve really felt that spiritual freedom come in that area was when I was dealing with Catholics it was a Catholic dude who was hanging out with us I was gonna get tatted up with my homey white Mike gonna get tatted up with him and he had some guys he was reaching out to one of them was a Catholic and if you’re a Catholic I know all the scriptures to debunk Catholicism you pray to Mary you call your do you call it a the not the priests you call him father like all of these different ways that my mind was trained over the years how to dismantle your theology and win you to Christ to Mott to my doctrine like I studied that you all many of you have studied that you know how to do it you can break it you can break it down you could chop it up up up up a lot and do it but the first time I felt that freedom I knew I was gaining ground is that I went I hung out with this guy and I did not I didn’t bring it up that I didn’t bring it up I thought about it am I trying to go back hey let me just dismantle it slow do so we can give him some truths let me show him that he’s in a idolatry he’s worshipping idols he’s worshipping fallen fallen angels through the Catholic religion let me show you that in a Bible I had to catch myself and I didn’t do it man so the first time it was like a releases okay man let me just find what I agree with this dude on he loves Jesus a me too man he’s awesome Annie you know and just love him where he is in his journey I said we know you have a responsibility if he’s in a false religion if he’s practicing a false way you have your a watch your watchman you have to pull them out of that how dare you let him stay in that false religion true seeker how dare you you have a responsibility I gave up my right to be right I respect the process I respect where this dude is he may be he’s seen something that I haven’t seen maybe he’s looking at it from within maybe he has it you know and so that that’s a bit of arrogance stuff to feel like you have it all figured out so you have all these people who have it all figured out they’re going to war with each other doctrinally and even in the ancient world you know physical wars because your doctrine are you worship this God or you have that this gods banner or whatever the case is so people are doing that with doctrine I got when I got out a Christian rap man I was so relieved and I was like you know what y’all were doctrine banging and these dudes like gang bangin with the Bible it is insane referencing Bible verses and chapters amen but y’all believe this man y’all believe that it got weird they wouldn’t want to be seen on stage with you they wouldn’t do a song with you all kinds of just weird shady stuff and that stuff is demonic man y’all y’all missing the point what we teach here at the true seeker podcast did you just see what Jesus did you just emulate it just do that we’re about there I like to talk about some of the theologies and stuff but just simply emulate what Jesus is doing he’s helping people he’s loving those who don’t deserve love he’s showing grace to those who quite frankly don’t deserve grace do that and see what happens just be Jesus to these people y’all rather be poorer to these people I read y’all y’all want to teach these people a doctrine and theology but sly way doing insecure challenged you be wrong now I ain’t wrong I know the truth truth was revert light and put up with this stuff over the years man this is demonic thank you got it all figured out you missing out you’re missing out love is the answer love is the key is Jesus the only way to God I’ll tell you all the time yes because Jesus is love is religion away – god no who’s dis the way to God is that the way didn’t know it’s love man whatever is built upon that Christ is the foundation for me he is the cornerstone love is the cornerstone anything that you’re building upon love is going to stand that’s the firm foundation not doctrine not theology it’s not being right it’s love at the end of the day I don’t care what religion you are what set you with all of that stuff look and I just seen look my video went out too much truth hit him with that truth we’re back just eat gas me for ranting hey you guys are still listening so it’s on you talking to the dad we covered that I’ll say this too cuz she was talking about a childlike faith becoming like a like a child right another big learning curve for me was with my daughter my daughter you know started growing and I’m a Christian I’m a believer gotta got a winner to Jesus right got a teacher about Jesus got a winner – Jesus so here’s me when my daughter was younger I’m trying to tell her about Jesus we’ve always told her about Jesus well always been inspired we’ve had the essence of Christ I mean we are Christians we are little Christ but then I wanted to like win her to Jesus like she had to say this prayer the sinner’s prayer which is not in the Bible anywhere this prayer of confession um that a lot of evangelist used but I thought that because that’s how I came to Christ I had to say this prayer or whatever the case was so I’m trying to witness to my daughter about Jesus and say hey you ready to pray ask him into your heart and it was really weird for me because you didn’t understand it there’s like I already have Jesus already he’s a little kid and she’s always so telling me that like Christ is already within her and she’s like giving me wisdom but it’s messing with my theology I’m not hold on you got a you have to repeat what I say you have to repeat this prayer like anyway and we did never prayed you know him say we never did we pray every night though cuz she it was like she’s been raised in it you know so she already had this connection there for being a kid in that innocence which is so beautiful and then on top of that she’s been raised in here in prayer and thinking God and all that kind of stuff so that really that really uh threw me for a loop that was the fact that I thought that I had to win my daughter to Jesus he’s already won and she’s already with within ER and she understood that that was big for me understanding these kids and how they are close to Christ you know um I’ve covered most of my notes here that I just wanted to kind of make points on you know people are judging you regardless people are making fun of you regardless not to your face it’s not gonna be done to your face usually behind your back people are cowards most of them that do that and they do it too they do it because you represent something that they don’t like about themselves you represent what does true cigarettes I have to look at this like I had I have to make sense of this how do you do it like how do you make sense of it do you freak out it will like can you fathom the spiritual energy that you feel when you have a whole congregation a church aggregation who are mocking you from the pulpit making fun of you you know how that feels you have to learn from this stuff though so why I try not to gossip about people while I try not to judge these people or I too have been judged in my life do you know that’s how God teaches you I learned not to gossip having to know what it feels like when church’s gossip about you quite literally like I know how that feels it doesn’t feel good you can literally feel the energy of it your words have power Jesus condemned people he said by your speech you’ll be condemned he told people he said look y’all are out here speaking that was sometimes what Jesus said look you’re gonna be in danger of hellfire and it was by using your words against people to hurt people and to bring people down if Jesus said that dealing with that it’s important man your words have power life and death is in the power of the tongue you have the power to bless you have the power to pull down with the words that you say to people use them use them wisely you bless people and create all kind of beautiful things with you with your words but you you learned from from that stuff and you stopped you got to learn not to care about what people think about you who aren’t serving you and it was really weird for me because I genuinely cared about you know most of these like people in church and stuff and some of the guys I would be you know it’s big for me because like I would have conversations with different ministers and stuff on the phone and when we would hang up it was in something new to me I they would say I love you brother love you man it’s like okay you could tell someone you love him but how do you respond to that you like hey I love you like I love you too you know I’m saying so that was a big thing for me to say to another man it was just kind of awkward to tell her another man that you loved him on the telephone but in that few seconds it took me to kind of rationalize okay I’m only gonna say this because I genuinely love these people I got I can say that I love you too and then we you know when adversity hits whenever stuff hits the fan or whatever and these people are gone you’re like these people love me I do was telling me he loved me on the telephone ain’t that weird you know and um so for me at this point they’re like how do you keep moving like how do you stay I said I got a vision in mind I know who I am you have to know if you don’t know who you are you you allow these people to put these labels on you and tell you who you are I went through it I had to learn to I learned by going through it and several years removed from that stuff it’s it’s 2018 this stuff started happening in like 2010 really and even before they even when I was just in Christianity as a minister they’ve always had little bitty things to say like you’re doing this wrong you’re not doing this oh you’re not doing that it’s all I’ve always had contention there even in the church realm so as trying to keep everything straight biblical not talking about anything that kind of ruffle the feathers type stuff you know so they’ve always been talking you know you guys focus on demons too much I will let you come to church but you know Johnny G Johnny got some good friend of mine he’s probably watching I recited him recently but they used to they should try to pick my songs for me and I’d come to their church they want to go through my songs and they do this song don’t do that song because we talk about the spirit round we talk about demons and stuff and I would share my testimony and I would share about dealing with demons in the past and they’d ask us not to they tell us not at night there would be a church full of like 300 kids I say kid have teenagers right and they said I don’t think yeah I don’t think any of these kids have demons true seeker just don’t speak on it this time and I would just tell my story and it’s part of my story you know and it asked me not to talk about it and and I we we would go to we go to these recovery centers man when these people who hooked on dope hooked on opiate addiction hooked on all this stuff these drugs and they tell us they’re not to talk about demons keep because of the theology wasn’t but they’re like yeah I don’t think they’re ready for the demon stuff they that’s the number one that you start with the demons what you mean not they’re not ready that’s the starting point what do you think addiction is I think this mindset to be addicted to a substance is it’s demonic you have to deal with that stuff so I’ve always you know had contention there but we’ve always seen fruit man we’ve always stayed faithful so over the years now that were some years removed and true seeker is this true seeker is that be careful stay away at the end of the day eff true seeker honestly you know what I’m saying laughs Adam whatever I could be dead these people don’t even care so like I went through some really really rough times coming out of that stuff was like all your friends forsaking you and stuff like that I’m on the other side of it now but going through that was very hard and you learn you learned some things that you’re only gonna learn through that adversity nobody can tell you and get you ready for it but you have to actually go through it to get the wisdom to get the adversity I like to lift weights I like to workout sometimes it’s more of a good idea than going in doing it and if you want to get them shoulders right if you want to workout you actually got to go out there and pick up the weights and you got to add resistance onto it you got to add weight that resistance keep lifting keep working it out you get better you get better you get better you do it but it works at the end of the day it works if you’re trying to gain muscle that resistance that adversity who is the father of adversity the devil serves you God orchestrates at all that’s the sovereignty of God all of that stuff all of the gossip all of the slander all of the accusations all of the giggles all of the laughter all of the blogs everything that I’ve had to go through over the years have paid the way for where I am now and for you too that’s your spiritual alchemy use those things take it all use it as a stepping stone from one level to the next you learn what not to do look at those guys who are going outside of their marriage and losing their platform and losing their renown’d and losing all of losing their mind see what’s happening to them and don’t do it don’t do that it doesn’t work out don’t slander don’t do this don’t do that you learn from other people going through it and if you can do that man you’re going to be able to be steps of help us be steps ahead of other people that you don’t have to actually make those mistakes yourself to learn you learn and you respond with love which is which is Jesus you respond like Christ responded with love in every situation with love with trust and and not doubting responding with love and that’s how you passed the test to get to the next lesson and it goes as deep and as deep in a spiritual wisdom and spiritual authority as deep as your mind can fathom go as deep as your mind can fathom whatever you believe whatever you want to see you could do it as a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be what are you thinking about what are you meditating on what do you believe is it jacked-up judgment and all kind of crazy stuff but you’re gonna get that you’re gonna receive that um everybody’s wanting here in the live chat they’re wanting a Debbie’s info I don’t know what happened I guess her phone went dead or something I don’t know what happened um she’s on tour right now um you can go to her website vibrational – energy calm she’s on tour she’s in Canada she’s touring doing uh readings and presentations and workshops and things like that really cool she’s on tours he got a tour schedule and all that kind of stuff up – so yeah vibrational – energy calm and you can get all of Debbie’s info that way and drop her a line let her know you seen her on the podcast and stuff so you can keep up with her stuff there so yeah really good conversation what we got into speaking to the dead you know we just did a podcast I just put it up yesterday which was the one about the guy who said you know the Dead was contacting him in his house he was in a haunted house you know and what what is that a lot of people the Christians don’t believe in ghosts they base a lot of them base it off of one scripture where the scripture says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord so I guess there’s no in-between realm there’s no getting caught there’s no traveling back to earth or maybe occupying the heaven that is here whatever the case is like they just believe that it like once you die you’re with with God so any type of ghost any type of disembodied spirit is the demon is a God was a little G coming to deceive you and things like that people people believe that um I seek any comment and me and Kenny was talking about about this to like so there’s many people who believe about that we look at Samuel saw King saw contact he went to the Witch of Endor medium to contact Samuel for wisdom Samuel was passed on and he/she seen these these gods or the spirits coming out of the ground and one of them was Samuel he called Samuel forth Samuel showed up and talked to him so there’s a lot of even with that scripture if it blessed out people’s theology because no you can’t contact spirit spirits are dead they can’t answer you so you have to make up a theology well that’s a demon but there doesn’t the Bible doesn’t say that that that was a demon the Bible says that it was Samuel you know when he goes on to say Samuel over and over and over that it was talking with the spirit of Samuel and there’s a lot of other cases where spirits of the Dead come back to contact people there’s all types of spirits we talk about this all time there’s all types of spirits and their spirit contact all throughout the Bible in good stories about it like good like the word angel means messenger they bring messages people were still we talking about slate well you know when somebody dies those are the people who really understand truth they understand what happens but what about when they bring back that information and we say that okay they have it all figured out now that they’re dead right about when they share information with you but be careful a lot of Ouija board and see what spirits are around you and you gotta be careful man you really do connect with the holy spirit at the end of the day it would God at the end of the day beginning of the day that’s a different story man get what God that God’s plan for your life and it’s interesting there’s a some the bye-bye there was a website some time ago called Bible UFO calm it’s and I’ve spoken about this it was what was his name now man his name is slipping my mind right now um website called bobble UFO common it was full of UFOs in the Bible and all types of stuff I forgot what is his name he’s passed on now anyway he once he died his wife ended up deleting the website but you can actually go back on some other website called Wayback Machine wayback machine will let you view like old websites but it was a really good synopsis that he wrote Patrick cook was his name had this really I’m gonna be able to find it [Music] talked about like it had all of these weird paranormal words and phrases in it about Bible and it was talking about dragons and pyrokinesis clairvoyance telekinesis levitation dragons unicorns like it named all of this really cool stuff and it said all of this wood is within the Bible and it was really cool because it is and I remember getting sucked into his work some time ago and and he had everything on that website it was a really exhaustive website it could be found if you go to wayback machine wayback machine calm and then type in Baba UFO comm and it’ll go back and show you the old website but um you know show you some stuff that’s a good Kenny that’s a really good thing you just brought up in chat he says the Apostles thought Jesus was a ghost I thought he was a spirit yeah that’s good man he did I’m gonna use that taking it mine yeah when he sent they seen Jesus walking on the water they thought a ghost was coming out to him so they believed in ghosts they believed then there was such superstitious people they were into mysticism they believed in all that kooky stuff maybe they knew more than we did I think they do and if you go back just to wanting to know what they knew it’s so deep though those were some spiritual individuals man don’t they they were religious at all they didn’t even have the Bible they even have the New Testament like they are the New Testament I’m looking at the disciples and their stories and stuff so with that being said I’m gonna say thank you guys for hanging out with me today I enjoyed this podcast blowing off some steam giving y’all some truth if you don’t like it take it up with God I’m just kidding I love you guys thank you guys for the support it means the world thank you guys for all the financial support all the spiritual support the friendships everything that you guys bring to the table each one of you guys like I said we do a afterparty hangouts on discord those links are in the descriptions as well so you can hang out with us there no funny business come on let’s build each other it’s a really growing and thriving community that we’ve built here and I’m excited about it tonight which is Thursday night every Thursday no matter when you’re listening to this we did the school of the Mystics every Thursday night 7:00 p.m. you have to be a patron to get access to that but it’s only a dollar a quarter a week just find a quarter a week and and bless me with that and you get access so that helped me keep this stuff going it means a lot I’ll see you guys tonight with that being said peace and Shalom backslash true seeker there’s new music up there there’s gonna be new videos probably tonight probably gonna have release into video tonight I’m waiting for that email to come through with my vide video ographers gonna be editing the video so hopefully he said was gonna be done last night so maybe tonight with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I love you guys [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to juice seeker calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker

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