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Have you ever had an encounter with an other-worldly being during the witching hour? Have you encountered a ghost, demons or spirits in the night? It can be very frightening especially when you wake up out of a deep sleep and there spirit is hovering before you. These encounters usually happen late in the night around 3:00am which is known as the Fourth Watch. In the Book of Mark chapter 6 we read about an instance where the disciples were on a boat in the Sea of Galilee. While they were at sea they turned and saw Jesus walking on the water. This frightened them and they thought that it may have been a spirit or ghost. This is interesting to note because this experience was during the fourth watch. In Jewish mysticism it is believed that during this watch of the night the veil between the spirit realm and our world is very thin. Many awaken during this forth watch to get into intercessory prayer as the Jewish mystics believed that there was a special blessing upon those who were up praying during this watch. This is about 2-3 hour before the sun rises. In the Bible we see King David waking up and praying towards the east in the morning and Jews praying towards the East as well. It is believed that this is because they are praying towards the Holy city of Jerusalem but my studies have shown that this is a much older practice of Sun gazing and praying towards the rising Sun. There are sects of Buddhist and Hindus who awake during this time for meditation as they believe that there is less chatter in the athers because the majority of the world is still asleep. From my personal experiences I’ve seen more angelic activity in the morning sky during the hours between 3-5am. Many who are into witchcraft honor this time as the witching hour and use it specifically as for incantations and summoning spirits. In folklore, the witching hour or devil’s hour is a time of night associated with supernatural events. Creatures such as witches, demons and ghosts are thought to appear and to be at their most powerful. Black magic is thought to be most effective at this time.

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doing over the last couple years really but this morning I really got into it really deep and I figured I would go live and talk about it a little bit with you guys some of the research that I’ve done and kind of get some feedback from the chat so y’all feel free to ask questions and join the conversation here can’t go any further without saying a huge thank you to all the patreon supporters everybody who is supporting my work supporting the podcasts and my music everything that I’m bringing to the table I would not be able to do it without your help so thank you again from the bottom of my heart when I give a shout out to a couple people really quick some of the newcomers who have just joined the fold here with us I want to give a shout out to Alba Rodriguez Alexis Sampson Corrie Ann Mitchell and yeah all of you guys thank you guys for the support it means a lot we’ll give a special shout out to those giving at the diamond body level Adam brink Noah and Benny ween shout out to you 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in so if you would like to make it there it’d be fun to hang out so got some good uh good topics we’re gonna be discussing today and uh speaking about the witching hour and already there’s people in the chat here talking about some things I’m gonna go into so this is gonna be good three o’clock in the morning in one of my songs I say 333 am awakened when things go bump in the night I’m taking the forever in places raptured up by a golden light and it’s just speaking about those weird things that happen in the middle of the night the what happens when we close our eyes when we put our head on on the on the pillow to go to bed and I really believe that it’s in it’s in those hours man that our spirits open up and God is able to communicate with us with us through our subconscious many of us are so tied up so tied up and so busy with our lives throughout the week that we don’t have time to meditate or we don’t have time to sit and be in the moment because we’re always going going going and when we’re talking about receiving revelations when we’re talking about receiving downloads from spirit it’s usually in a place where our subconscious is not occupied when we’re doing something that we kind of know by muscle memory whether it’s driving a car on your commute to work or home from work or cutting the grass jogging being on the treadmill whatever it is even you know using the bathroom a lot of people have really good songs and downloads and information that comes to them when they’re just idle and their subconscious is not tied up that’s when when we see God spirits speaking to us and so the witching hour what is specifically significant with 3:00 in the morning biblically and in Jewish mysticism they believed that the that 3:00 in the morning was the fourth watch of the day so like if they was to break the day into for six hour periods and then so with each of those six hours there was a specific prayer and believed to be certain spirits and entities that are that preside over that space of time and at the end of the day these certain spirits leave and bring back information to the Father bring it to heaven other spirits are carrying messages and dreams and they’re loosed at different times of the day and so 3:00 in the morning is into the fourth watch so three o’clock a.m. which is about two hours before sunrise to two or three hours and it’s believed that the veil between the spirit realm in our world is really thin so with like I said prayers being sent back and forth to heaven so the Jewish mystics believed that whoever was up at this time of the morning praying there that there’s a special blessing loosed upon the people who were seeking the father at 3:00 in the morning it’s also crazy to note that I think on the opposite end like those who were into Satanism and like deep levels of witchcraft also find this time significant or doing incantations and chanting and spells and and and dealing with demons and summoning demons as well because the veil is really thin so on one side you have the side of the righteous where there’s a blessing in it to believed in Jewish mysticism and even other cultures as well that there’s a blessing in it if you’re doing something righteous if you’re in prayer those type of things then on the other hand I remember when I used to drive a truck for a living I would drive out I would drive out and leave the job and I would leave about 3:30 in the morning to actually head out further for my route and I would have to drive through the bad part of town and I’m telling you like driving through the hood or the ghetto or whatever there’s a lot of activity going on at 3:30 in the morning there’s prostitutes trying to flag your vehicle down if you stopped at the red light they’re trying to knock on your window there’s people who were up all night binging there’s people walking down the street it looks like they look like zombies they’re strung out on dope they’re strung out on drugs or whatever and they’re just like zombies in the middle of the road and in these certain parts of town so for something of the spirits being loosed we can see all types of stuff going on and there is still activity going on at 3:00 in the morning 3:30 in the morning good and bad the Hindus and some Buddhist sects believed that that they actually use this time for prayer and meditation early in the morning because they believe that the majority of the world is still asleep so that the ethers are not as crowded that they can focus in more when there’s less commotion less stuff going on in this in the astral realms as far as dealing with humans so they would like to wake up before everyone to plan their day and to really to those quiet times of the morning and I will say that as far as like personal experiences with with stargazing and seeing spirits and having my own encounters when I was doing a lot of stargazing a lot of times when I would head out in my truck at those times 3:30 in the morning I would try to get to a truck stop around 4:00 so I would get there as soon as I could but it was usually around 4:00 in the morning so I’d get to a truck stop and I would get out and I thought I’d go to a secluded place where there was no lights around me and I’d stargaze and I would see so much activity in those early hours of the morning between 3:00 and 5:00 in the morning until the Sun starts rising it’s awesome to note as well if you look back into some quotes and there’s a quote by Muhammad Ali when it comes to UFOs and stargazing and stuff and he always would say that he would be followed by UFOs and he would see them all the time and he’s quoted as saying that on his jogs in the early morning about 5:00 in the morning he said that he would see them playing tag these UFOs are these spirits playing tag in between the stars so like I’ve talked about seeing this as well where you see a craft or a light in the sky outside of our atmosphere posing as a star and another light will go up to it and touch it and it will tag it and the other one will take off and go another direction almost like they’re watching over humanity and what’s going on and they’re changing and they’re just leaving for duty and stuff and I’ve seen some amazing encounters and it’s always been at the wee hours of the morning we’ve went out stargazing and making contact and things like that late at night where we go out probably nine ten o’clock at night and stay too early in the morning and the most activity is during that window from 3:00 to 5:00 and there’s so much testimonies and there’s so much history in the myth of it of what is really happening between those hours there’s a couple things that we can look at one thing it’s believed by those who are of the left-hand path or those who try to use magic to deceive or use Satanism and dark witchcraft and things like that it believed that this is a good time for them because it is believed that that’s the hour that Jesus died on the cross and and so the hour that he died all the all of these spirits were now this is only myth or whatever this isn’t like proven or or even scientific about the exact hour that he died there’s definitely debate about that but that there’s those on the left-hand path who believed that this is what happens and so Jesus is not there to kind of make sure like kind of hold these spirits back so they’re loosed upon the earth at this time some believe that I will say that there’s a lot of crazy stuff that happens in the middle of the night and even to this day I’m still because I’ve seen so much stuff and I’ve been awakened and had entities on me all types of crazy stuff going on good and bad right late all kind of stuff going on so I always cover myself in prayer and and intentions and crystals and and oils and things like that before sleep I really do believe in spiritual warfare and I believe that I did that there’s stuff going on in the heavenlies and so when it comes to like the Scriptures there’s a beautiful scripture where it says not to let the Sun go down on your your anger if you have an art with someone to make sure that you deal with it before the Sun Goes Down and I’ve always kind of held this as a principle regarding that so that uh because at the end of the day you got to lay your head on your pillow in every single one of us have to give an account before God and you lied you can lie to people you can do what you want whatever it is but every night you have to put your head on your pillow and there’s people who have done wickedness in the earth and and there’s people who were just living crazy lifestyles who in those those are we hours of the morning they can’t run from God they have to put their heads on the pillows and that’s and you can’t run from that you can lie to yourself you can lie to people you could try to lie to God but when you close your eyes you have to deal with that whatever you do whatever you’re putting out that’s it essentially that’s up that’s a part of your karmic loop as well whatever you’re putting out is going to come back those spirits that you’re entertaining the stuff that you’re doing it’s going to come back there’s a scripture here in job chapter four and I want to read a little bit of this because this is one that really stuck out to me years ago and I had a similar encounter to this this is job talking about a spirit or what we would call a ghost in the Bible Jobe has this encounter in the wee hours of the morning where a spirit appears to him and the spirit isn’t there just to scare him the spirit isn’t there to woo him or say hey they exist I’ve seen one you know what I’m saying that comes with the territory too but understanding that this particular spirit came for a reason job chapter 4 verse 12 reads now a thing was secretly brought to me in mine ear received a little thereof and the thoughts from the visions of the night when deep sleep falleth on men beer came upon me and trembling which made all my bones to shake then a spirit passed before my face the hair of my flesh stood up it stood still but I could not discern the form thereof an image was before my eyes there was silence and I heard a voice saying shall mortal man be more just in God shall a man be more pure than his maker this is a this is really deep because here we see the spirit approaching job while he’s laying on his bed in the middle of the night it doesn’t tell you what time but it’s it’s at night which says when when I deep sleep Ollis upon men and these these spirits are loosed whenever we’re calm I mean spirits are always there but when are you listening I when can they get your attention in this particular case it’s talking about it brought a message right the spirit had a message to bring to him I’m convinced that he didn’t necessarily have to see the ghost of the image or the spirit and in order to receive the message because when these spirits come they bring thought-forms vibrations or what we would call feelings or even ideas that are sent from the ethers and so the scriptures are clear that God sends forth these spirits these beings to carry messages the word angel itself means messenger God’s messengers why because they carry messages they carry messages with them they carry prayers back and forth they release other spirits they relief essences they release essences upon the earth as well ideas upon people groups and bodies of people so it’s more than just there’s these angels who love God who are flying around watching over humanity they actually have functions and they do stuff and there’s some that that’s all they do is record the deeds of men bring it back to God record the deeds of men bring it back to God and they carry they carry essences and ideas and things towards the earth so job sees the spirit and he says it’s he says he sees it but it’s form he can’t really make out um it stood still but I could not discern the form thereof an image was before mine eyes some of these spirits look like what we would call wisp and if you look that up there’s a whole whole idea on on wisp but the spirits play off of the elements as well that they can manipulate matter they can manipulate shadows and things like that and a lot of times they look like smoke they look like wisps but it did look like light at times as well especially those that are in heaven traveling traveling to the skies that are made out of the fire of God as the Book of Enoch says so he couldn’t really tell what it looked like and what it looked like what is what we would you know think it would be a ghost smoky image that’s moving it’s changing shape it’s it’s it’s not staying still but it brings the message to him and it tells him you know just up what he he needed to hear for the story or whatever they shall mortal man be more just in God and this was just a message though you think about is I had a very similar experience to this almost exactly the exact thing there was when one day I was uh when all of the knowledge and the deep stuff was really new to me and I was still in church I posted something on the internet that I knew would challenge a lot of people and I knew it would probably cause a lot of people to stumble because it was deep a little bit too deep for the people in my community at the time and I posted it and when I did I felt the Holy Spirit say don’t post that take that down and I left it and uh and I knew that it would like I said people would question it or question me and you know you don’t throw your pearls before swine right I posted that I went to bed that night and I woke up in the middle of the night and I’m looking at the ceiling and there’s light from the cell phone or something like that and just that’s the ceilings kind of illuminated just a little bit and I was looking at a shadow on the ceiling all of a sudden the shadow started to move and it turned into smoke that was on my ceiling probably about two foot two foot wide on the ceiling just a smoke bellowing and as soon as I seen it I knew exactly within me what the message was and it said go delete that right now you’re not supposed to you wasn’t supposed to put that on the internet I seen it scared me start with me sent a message to me I got up went checked on my daughter first any time anything like that goes bump or weird in the night I always go check on my daughter I checked on her first and then I deleted it off the internet and I just begin to pray ask God to forgive me and uh help me be obedient to the Holy Spirit and not grieve the Holy Spirit and uh or Lord knowledge over people like you know many people out there do so I did that that was the the lesson that I learned but as reading this the scripture it was it seems like the same exact encounter it says it brought a message or an idea and that the message was there as well something even really really neat to note is to understand angelic communication angelic contact we you know John Dee with the knocking and language and speaks with the voice of angels or the tongues of angels that there’s an actual language that the angels speak understanding spirits and how they operate I believe that one of the voices of these angels or one of the ways that they communicate is through telepathy they communicate telepathically where you don’t have to actually audibly hear something speaking to you for an idea or a thought to be communicated over towards you so in in the same chapter it says that first this is there were silence and then I heard a voice I was there silence but yet you hear a voice the voice is speaking within it’s an it’s an essence that’s communicated with you when we are developing our spiritual gifts when we’re tapping into the spiritual gifts even mention of in the Bible there’s one that’s very specific and many of you guys operate in it without even knowing it this is where empathy comes from this is the gift of the discernment of spirits you’re able to discern the spirits around you and you hear them talking can you hear them speaking no you can feel them you know what they feel like there are specific times where you will go into a situation or around a person and you’ll automatically feel what they’re feeling the Bible says that we wore not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities in the heavenly realms that we’re not dealing with people we’re dealing with spirits we are not people we are not these flesh suits if you will we are spirits we are souls that are slow down into time experiencing this reality and so we’re able to discern those spirits were able to feel them many many times you know we talk about being an empath and people can’t go out in public because they’re just overwhelmed because they can read the voices they can read the thoughts that are going on in people’s heads you go out in public and it’s just overbearing especially when you’re early on in this thing it could be very overwhelming it could be a lot to deal with into a place where uh you know if kid if kids are open up with this a lot of times they they put kids on medication if they say I’m hearing voices or I feel uncomfortable in situations or whatever cases they have medicines dedicated to silence the voices of the spirits and it’s not that they know that you hear them or they’re trying to speak to you it’s not like that it’s the simple fact is that you’re able to be around them in yours you’re sensitive and you know what they feel like Adam starts eBay welcome to the chat brother he says are we talking about the 13th hour yes the witching hour and it’s it’s a it’s a time where people are just more sensitive to this stuff going on all types of things happening happen in the wee hours of the morning and you know why is it are we more vulnerable there’s good and bad like we can’t just focus on all the bad all the scary stuff we got to talk about the good stuff as well a lot of people who get well is that there’s like a lot of people especially like in the church realm I’ve talked to over the years who talked about waking up at 3:00 in the morning or 3:33 and they can’t go back to sleep they wake up in they’re wide awake they don’t know what it is they can’t sleep but as they do further research further study you find out that God is trying to call as intercessors to awaken awaken the intercessors that they would have power in prayer that they can pull down principalities in strongholds over people’s life so a lot of times God is the one who wakes you up at 3:00 in the morning 3:30 4:00 in the morning to get up early before everyone else to start your day in prayer and in meditation before him – I’m telling you if you can do that it’s it shifts the course of your whole day to actually get up and do it but how many of us have have felt that and we just turn over and go back to sleep or people are finding a lot of breakthrough in their life whenever they get up and they do that in the form of intercessory prayer a lot of times when you’re waking up like that it could be at the at the pinnacle at the peak of a dream you could be dreaming about someone and then you wake up and it’s right at 3:00 in the morning and that you have a distress about that person you’re to immediately go into prayer God wakes you up to go into prayer I’ve had it I’ve had it happen many times and I want to go back to sleep but I have it or you’ll wake up and that person’s on your heart that person’s on your mind you don’t know why you haven’t seen them in years I had to happen you know on several occasions with family members and stuff and I just immediately start praying I get up and I start praying and and come to find out that that person is going through spiritual warfare in their life they’re going through a breakup or a divorce something crazy is happening with them and you can actually feel you’re so connected in the spirit that you’re able to feel it and it wakes you up and it says that you’re moved by their infirmity or what or the things that are ailing them you can feel it you can feel it when you’re around somebody who’s dealing with stuff and I’ve talked about this time and time again and I’m gonna reiterate it just because it’s truths and it needs to be heard doesn’t meant a lot of people who have heard it but when you’re studying the spiritual gifts you have to be sensitive you have to be sensitive to the Spirit the scripture said that the spirit of the prophets are subject unto the prophets you can’t just talk to anybody around about this a a lot of people are experiencing it a lot of people are going through it but then again speaking about it openly or people who are experts especially in religion like that’s where I come out of so to understand that there’s not a lot of people who know what this is or who or who have had experience with it we talked about waking up and you’re feeling like spirits in your room something watching you something in the corner something on top of you what is called in the testament of Solomon talks about the Incubus and the succubus these spirits that come forth in the night to crawl upon men and women to arouse them sexually the Incubus and the succubus there’s things like that you you you people encounter you know when it happens to a man it try to cause you to ejaculate and it’s called a wet dream and it’s in ancient lore there’s there’s all types of images and writings about these spirits that would come upon men in the middle of the night and climb upon women and try to have sex with them this is crazy I’ve had I’ve had a couple encounters one of my main encounters and the reason while I’m doing this is when I was like four years old I woke up in the middle of the night and had some type of two entities pinning me down to my bed on on both sides and I couldn’t move and couldn’t speak I don’t know if I couldn’t speak or I was just too scared to speak I felt like I had to call but I was too scared because I thought that these beings would hear me I tried to act like I was still asleep but I woke up in fear and that’s one thing that these entities try to bring with it is the spirit of fear these spirits come together these when you open up the door for one spirit they go out and they try to get seven other spirits stronger than themselves but they all kind of go together so the fear is the way that they operate and and it’s almost like the whole lore behind the vampires like they can’t really get in unless you let them in so as long as you’re not entertaining them or giving them an open door in your life or in your mind I think that you’re entertaining and watching on television things like that then they don’t have legal ground to be there so they’d like to come with fear and try to intimidate that’s all that they do so they can’t hurt you people talk about you know there’s a lot of people talking about the old hag syndrome and this is known about a lot of other names and we’ve been discussing this on some past interviews with some of my friends the interview with Danny we went into a lot of detail and it’s almost like people who are destined to do something great in the kingdom of God that they are attacked at a very early age almost like they’re marked by the enemy like I have to kind of get this one I needed trying to try to snub this one out and so you saw having these encounters as a kid in that stuff right there just piqued my interest in to you know as I’m growing up asking people become a teenager hey have y’all ever had uh you know have you have you guys ever you know woke up in the middle of night pinned to your bed and you know you crazy like now I never had sweer when were you talking about then you get around other people and like yeah I have that it’s called this and I heard it was called you know witches and the witches do this and other people have talked about you know these so-called witches or whatever these dwarfs or these the shadow beings getting on people in the middle of the night and waking them up because their house is on fire it’s been said that they were somebody woke up and there was a being on them trying to wake them up they got up in and the house was on fire so it doesn’t always have to be something negative or something evil and demonic it works both ways and there’s many spirits out there that are just neutral they’re just they just exist they just have something that they do they have a routine just like you have your routine you get up your budget to eat breakfast go to work do it come home you have your routine every day they have their routines as well when it’s talking about these the spirits a lot of times I think those words are interchangeable for ghosts in in the scriptures like the only word that we really have we have spirit and the word spirit is is also translated back and forth with ghosts you have the Holy Ghost in the Holy Spirit certain sects of Christians who would say you know it’s not the holy ghost because he is not a ghost he is a person don’t call him holy ghost so they so they’re on this kick that they don’t want to call the holy spirit the holy ghost but the words interchangeable it’s also interchangeable with an in the Old Testament with the word God the word God itself the word God with a little G can be talking about demons can be talking about ghosts can be talking about spirits can be talking about angels it could be talking about all kinds of stuff you have to look into the breakdown of the word how it’s being used and which version of the word that we get in English is being used there Elohim Elohim the gods the &eacute;low you know what I’m saying so did that word and what it what it’s being used for can be broke down on on on many different terms and so when we see King Saul approach into Witch of Endor and they’re trying to summon the spirit of Samuel it says that they they seen the spirit of Samuel approached sin and the word used is god or gods that he’s seen the gods ascending and descending and it said that it was actually Samuel that approached him so using the breakdowns on the words and people you know we get into this thing about the Holy Bible being the inherit word of God and that it has nothing wrong no flaws in it and it’s 100% perfect it gets honest okay which version like is it the King James is it the NIV and there’s stuff wrong with eat with every version of these and even like the you know I’m saying if anything we can maybe go back to the Hebrew and have that conversation but these words that are used there’s it really is left up left up for interpretation when the scripture says that it’s up to no Privy interpretation like it means what it means and that’s it but yet who knows what it means right everybody who reads it gets something else out of it and and the more you study it the more you break it down it becomes revealed to you in layers like an onion just peel them back the layers and so we could be reading something we could be studying something about these gods with these eloheem of these spirits and we could be right from our revelation from our standpoint we could be right somebody comes with something very different a different idea that seems that it matches up with along the same concepts but their right to but it seems like it’s in contradiction but it’s only revealed to them through the study and the things that they’ve have seen whether it’s in real life or simply within the scriptures when it comes to breaking down the Word of God and what is the Word of God Jesus is the Word of God the Word of God is is what Jesus is the Word made flesh so he’s an essence or an aspect of the word the Word of God and so the scriptures the the word that we have that’s inspired is the written word of God so it’s like the written part of it and so it’s inspired by the Holy Spirit those books that were inspired even the books that were taken out they were inspired at some point too and so something that you write you may write a book that’s inspired by the Holy Spirit those books are inspired Adam Stasi Bay says the I M is the word of God the logos the Word of God and it’s the word that is in season for you the Bible descriptions God is your daily bread it’s your manna you can only get what God has for you for this day and he has given you this day your daily bread as Jesus says in the prayer when he taught us how to pray give us this day our daily bread the Scriptures exist as manna and just so as the Israelites would get up and God would supply them God would supply them food manna wafers these weird things many people believe it might have been mushrooms because if you took if you tried to get a whole bunch and just kind of hoard it up and just have some for tomorrow it would rot it would turn to mush and it would rot away you only can get what God has for you for that day that’s in the scriptures that’s in the logos and the Word of God or you for you studying and it’s symbolic of the lives of the Israelite partaking of manna and it’s the same way it will turn to mush you only get with you what you need so that’s how it works that’s how the revelation works it’s just sustain you not that you have to go out on your own volition and try to get as much as you can and even bring it back to share with other people I if you get too much it’s gonna turn to mush you got to teach them how to go get it for themselves that’s what it’s about I’m trying to read some of these comments here gonna shout out to everybody holding us down in the chat right now Adam Christie folks Chris Joshua flu man Kiwi monk everybody all the names that are scrolling right there um yes so in the two or three hours before that the Sun rises like I said the monks Christian mystics the Jewish mystics they would get up early and they would seek God they would pray they believed that the spirit the that they believed that the veil between our world and the spirit realm was thin it’s also believed that when we look back at King David he always rose with the Sun and he prayed towards the east and so by tradition we’re told that he’s praying towards the holy city Jerusalem pray towards the east upon further study breaking this down and then looking at ancient culture and customs they all welcomed the rising of the Sun and a lot of them were into Sun gazing in praying towards the Sun that’s why the Sun rises in the East to wake up and pray towards the Sun or Sun gaze there’s a lot of even I think it was Abraham who came from a religion that worshipped the Sun and and even in the scriptures the Sun is symbolic for God and so many times the Bible says that the Lord is a son in a shield and there’s just so many more instances of the all-seeing eye and seeing the son is being venerated in ancient cultures so we see that they would wake up early to Sun gaze and in the whole deep study behind that and connecting with God or seeing that as a portal as your Sun gazing you can only do it for I think about 15 minutes or so it’s different depending on where you are but you do it for about 15 minutes or so and as you’re gazing now this is what it’s believed by the Mystics and I’ve had very similar encounters where your gaze at the Sun and it’s a perfect circle right and then when you close your eyes you can still see the dot in your peripheral vision you can still see it and it’s believed that when you close your eyes you can travel through that that portal almost as a wormhole and enter into the ethers whether it’s having a nap traveling to heaven through an Autobody encounter or just practicing up your meditation skills and what and and really I think it’s different for everybody whatever you want to do whatever you want to go usually a very similar concept like that happens for me when I’m meditating is that when I when I’m meditating I’m trying to leave my body or trying to go deeper into the trance there is a light that appears to me as I’m focusing on the darkness in front of me usually a light will appear in my vision with my eyes closed and it will be moving back and forth almost like a pendulum swinging back and forth trying to hypnotize you or almost like help you get into that trance as you focus on it and it’s almost like it’s alive that it’s moving back and forth and it’s kind of hard to keep in the center of your focus but the longer you do that the more you’re kind of lulled into the trance in it it’s like that you can actually travel through it like that’s the actual wormhole that you have to get in there as well and I’ve had very powerful encounters as well while doing that and uh everybody everybody does it a little bit different but I’ve talked to a lot of people who talk about that light that appears to them in the midst of meditation a lot of people do guided meditations I’m for guided meditations I really like them and I usually would start off my meditation with the short guided meditation so I do a short guided meditation that gets you more relaxed finding your heart center and just focus in on your breathing things like that they kind of get your body ready for trans day and then you’re able to kind of explore freely as you will maybe have some tones on and things like that in the back or some data waves or something like that that puts your body into that that uh restful state that hypnotic trance state so yeah I wanted to I was up early I woke up in the witching hour and wrote about the witching hour I’ve been I’ve been writing a bunch about the dream state and spirits and how they interact in contact us and it was a there was a scripture that I wrote down here and this is a really good one this is also in job this is job chapter 33 sixteen or seventeen it says in a dream in a vision of the night when deep sleep falleth upon men and slumbering x’ upon their bed that’s the dream state it says then he opened if the ears of men and seal if their instruction see laughs – look it says he openeth the ears of men while you’re asleep and seals your instruction so there’s a lot of people who believe that like the dreams are just the junk that we have trying to the garbage from the day that I just kind of overflows that stuff comes back for a reason and and when you’re understanding the signs and the symbols and the things that that actually come through it can help you on your journey a true shaman is one who is able to travel back and forth between the realms but one thing but to be able to travel into the ether to travel into the dream state for yourself master yourself first then you’re able to help others but be able to go into the dream state and grab things and pull them out and bring them back into this reality and to this existence that’s a true shaman it takes a lot of practice but it can be done whether it’s your destiny whether I mean just all types of things man the things day and it’s like you have to be obedient with the dreams that you’re having the reoccurring nightmares like all of this stuff is symbolic about things that are happening in your life and there’s a clip by um David Wilcock that I actually featured in my song dreams that I did and he was talking about how a lot of people have dreams and trust me I come from the Christian circles and everybody is overly zealous about the apocalypse they’re overly zealous about destruction in the end of the world and in the end times and Jesus coming back to save us so everyone’s like over infatuated with that so I dealt with a lot of people over the years who would have dreams about destruction I’ve even had them I’ve had dreams about monsters being released on the earth and all kinds of stuff and the destruction that’s to come with the EM and so the in this particular clip wilcott talks about how when you have those dreams about apocalyptic events and the end of the world and destruction and chaos that don’t get overwhelmed it’s not about the end of the world that God showed you that the world is about to be destroyed but it’s essentially the end of your world or the world or life as you know it that’s that’s what the end is and so we have these apocalyptic apocalyptic dreams like that of things coming crashing down we talk about signs and symbols we talk about snakes and you have to seek God for the interpretation of these of these dreams you have to seek God for the interpretation of the meaning because the majority of them are twofold here’s the thing well you know is God really showing me he’s about to destroy the nation is God about to destroy the world or is he about to destroy my world you have to get to the bottom of it to find out what it means you have to get to the bottom of it as far as like having a dream about a snake or serpent I got bit by a serpent in my dream what does that mean while the devil teas are symbolic for serpents in nabob is the devil trying to attack me is the devil trying to poison me somehow through people through people talking about me what does that mean or the snake is also symbolic for wisdom be wise as serpents yet harmless as doves all throughout ancient culture especially in the East the serpent is used for wisdom that’s why you see in ancient Egypt they had the the serpent coming out of the headpiece of the Pharaoh IFS protruding out of the third eye signifying the rising of the Kundalini energy and the third eye being illuminated and so that wisdom represented by the serpent all throughout the scriptures while we see the Kundalini staff or the staff the staff of Moses it represents healing Moses took took the serpent and wrapped it around the staff and held it up I said whoever looks upon this will be healed it was a picture of Jesus being lifted up as well healed incoming from Christ so you had a lion the devil as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour oh and there’s lions in your dream chasing you trying to get me if they devil trying to get you and then understand okay well maybe that’s Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah he’s the conquering Lion over the tribe of Israel is it Jesus are you running from Jesus and Jesus is trying to overtake you but you’re running from him what does it mean so you have to get to the bottom the dream you have to get to the interpretation of it to find out what it really means shout out to Crowley’s thank you for the donation to super Chad I appreciate that so much it really goes a long way every little bit helps thank you so much so usually with these dreams just so that you know that it’s not about in the end most of the times those destruction type of Dreams they’re always in hindsight the Lord told me he was gonna destroy America the Lord told me he’s gonna take the twin towers down like you couldn’t do nothing to stop it if he did why didn’t you a wake up in the wee hours of the morning in intercessory prayer and stop it the Bible says that the Lord does nothing and unless he reveals it to his servants the prophets first you have to be able to listen you have to be able to pray against things and kind of bind in loose things as well but not everybody knows how to do that especially like you look at um like 911 right there’s so much stuff after 911 one of the big things for me was like you can fold the money you fold all of the monies I think it’s even starting with five ten twenty twenty-five often twenty fifty and a hundred if you fold them in the shape of an airplane and put them up next to each other they play out in sequence between towers falling and on the back on the other side looks a lot like the Pentagon then it being hit and exploding and so things like why couldn’t we see that before it happened and read the signs and and stopped it because the majority of the time those prophecies are always in hindsight in the revelation we’ll come to after but there-there are people who are so in tune or close with the voice of God that they’re able to call things out before they happen floods and things like that I know uh Kim Clemente who’s no longer with us but that guy had some prophecies man that was right on that was really spooky about floods and naming dates and stuff and then they they ended up like playing his uh prophecies over the footage of it happening and devastation I think he prophesied Katrina and all kinds of stuff man with with the Hurricanes and stuff home sauce was pointing out with the dollar sign that the dollar sign is a caduceus yep crawling says can you use enemies to fight other enemies or do you fall and become like them let them fight amongst themselves man you let them enemies you kind of you gotta gotta kind of pull your hand out of it cuz they’re gonna fight each other so you don’t wanna you don’t want to go down with their ship so to say I’ve had to do that recently and not retaliate and there’s been ways that I could have retaliated and things but I didn’t and there’s a blessing in it for you if you don’t respond like Jesus man with love and just let them fight amongst themselves try to help them if they won’t listen you just got dip do your own thing Felix says I had a vision of a tiger behind the gate behind it there was a painting on the wall of Jesus cristy folks also she’s talking about intercession yeah intercession is powerful we need to do a whole thing on this right Christi says God was angry and going to destroy the Israelites until Moses interceded on their behalf that’s good um who was it the King Hezekiah who did evil in the sight of the Lord and the Lord was going to destroy him the Lord was gonna destroy Hezekiah said look your time’s up I gave all this stuff to you you’re not using it right I’m gonna put you down got somebody else won’t take your place he repented lord please don’t he repented he and he showed the Lord that he was serious and the Lord I think granted him 15 more years as king and didn’t kill him so an accessory in prayer and repentance goes a long way to stop confusion and chaos in your life I wrote a big excerpt on that with actually how to do that modeled after James 4:7 as long as we’re submitted to God as long as we resist the devil and the temptations and things like that then that stuff’s gotta flee draw close unto God God will draw close unto you I modeled that out as a practical look for spiritual warfare and making sure that your hands are not clean I mean your hands are not dirty and your heart is clean so that any anything that happens it’s not your fault you know what I’m saying it cuz you there are certain things that you can sin against your own body against your own self and then you open up the doors for these things then you have to close them you have to undo them you have to learn you have to learn from it and how to do it and how to stay clean from that stuff but then there’s other sides of the spiritual warfare where you just under attack there’s just certain things that are loosed on you and towards you but for good reason to bring about character long-suffering to teach you some things that they teach you some things in there in the valley in the wilderness that you never learned upon a mountain so there’s those things that happen in our lives as well I’m writing about all that y’all I’m so excited I just want to just keep sharing out of this book man it’s just flowing man I praise God for it um let me see who else we got here Kiwi says I did that was a $20 and I saw the Twin Towers burning yep $20 the crazy thing is we all know that it actually did that with the 20 but you can line them all up and it plays it plays out the whole sequence with five ten twenty fifty and a hundred that’s crazy I had a t-shirt like I was big like a whole part of my arm Awakening and stuff was through Alex Jones and learning that the government doesn’t love me like Jesus loves me or you know have my best interests in mind and those type of things like I don’t know why I thought that but I just did I just kind of assumed that they run things and they run it righteously but um they don’t so when I will have my awakening experience early on it was through Alex Jones and many people have been through the work of Infowars and Alex Jones and a lot of other documentaries loose change and stuff with 9/11 was a big thing that woke a lot of people up I had a shirt anyway that had the folded up $20 bill with the towers on it so I had a big shirt with that lumen I like to consider that changing the future I see something in a dream and praying into the dream to change it or something better or more godly yeah yep I agree with that intercession read somebody’s it’s Chris bar says amazing solo podcast thank you bro I almost didn’t go loud because I supposed to have a guest on and so the guest didn’t uh didn’t show up this morning and so I was like I have a lot of stuff I need to be doing so I wanted to just say you know use it as an excuse to work on some things I got to get ready for my concert this weekend and some of that stuff so but uh Chris was like nah man go lie bro you could do it man I said I don’t have a topic like you know what let me just speak on what I wrote about this morning while it’s fresh right Benny Benny wean says sup homie what’s up bending love you man thank you for the support you your wife and your dog thank you guys for the support it means the world guy who says raising my consciousness vibration and my frequency has it looks like you got deleted man I’ve seen you posted a lot more just now but I can’t see the rest of it this can’t wait for that book yeah it’s gonna be good y’all I’m super excited about it but um yeah I’m and talking about the dream state and the whole thing with getting into like writing and stuff like that is super analytical and when you touch on a subject it piggy backs off of so many other subjects like you start talking about spirits like that even this morning I mean I’m sorry I wanted to kind of get the idea across about Jobe and the spirit that approached Jobe in the middle of the night that brought a message I’m going over all these instances in the Old Testament and things where spirits brought messages to people and so I’m covering that but then I saw okay it was in the middle of the night and it was telepathic it didn’t have us it looked like a ghost it was like you got to cover everything like I can’t just touch on it and then not cover it all and then talk about the dream state and how God speaks to us in the dream state so I tried to cover all of it so all of that’s gonna be there and I want it to be I’m just trying to get it all out of me man all of the stuff that you’ve heard little pieces of in all my podcast you really put it all together you know in a book that just kind of summarized a spiritual warfare the spirit realm angels demons and how they operate how do they function how are they affecting us without us even knowing it and it just gets in I mean come on like I don’t even I don’t even think that there is an end to that even like this book is going to be really exhaustive but it’s not even gonna scratch the surface it’s not evil cuz there’s stuff I don’t even know right I know a lot and I’ve talked about it I know a lot about it you’re gonna see how much I know I know a lot I’m gonna put it all out there but as far as I know nothing as far as the full spectrum of it I’m just scratching the surface all of us are you can go as deep in God you want as you’re willing to receive as you’re willing to believe for you can go as deep as you want how deep are you willing to go and I don’t think that there’s a law against how deep you go I don’t think that anybody gets to tell you how you’re too deep hey you need to back up a little bit how much are you willing to believe God look at look at look at some of the champions of the faith even in Christian just Christianity man look at like Smith Wigglesworth this guy was like praying and fasting and he’d go to somebody’s house who was sick he wouldn’t leave their house until they were healed like he’d sleep on the floor next to their bed praying and fasting violently he would go he’s going on the bus on the train and just like Paul his shadow or his aura will fall upon people and it would heal them it’s it on he’d sit on the train and people would walk by him and start weeping he hasn’t even opened his mouth and they say what must I do to be saved what what must I do to be saved he opened his mouth this is just his present we’re talking about discerning spirits right who can discern what spirit Smith Wigglesworth was in was walking in what spirit was he in with spirit was on him in him random people come up to you say what must I do to be safe why are you convicting me of my sin I can’t be around you you just convict me on my sending man hasn’t even opened his mouth and the very holiness that this guy walked in was convicting people of their sin you should read about his his exploits I tell you what he didn’t write a book but there’s people who were in his life that jotted down a lot of stuff that uh that he did that they knew him personally and I listen to the audiobook when I was driving years ago Smith Wigglesworth and II the book was an audiobook but it was done with like a text-to-speech app it’s like a robot and Smith Wigglesworth went down to the office and then he found the pastor like it was like one of those early Windows ones like I put it on I was listening to it and it was hard to hit hard to listen to but I swear to you after three minutes that sounded like a regular person I just got acquainted with that voice and listen to the whole audio book in my earbuds like sounding like a computer so technology has come a long way when it comes to audio books but if you have to put up with the quality sometimes you have to sacrifice the quality in order to get the you know the quality of the nowlet’s coming forth I mean one of the best podcasts that I did was with Eric doe lured and that audio was the whole time his phone was bad my phone was bad and it both of them together did buzzing very hard to hear but if you try to listen if you try to pay attention to that podcast literally that’s one of the best podcasts that I did and so talking about spirits like we’re talking about it now in a biblical esoteric breakdown in an esoteric sense this guy is talking about everything that I’m talking about now he’s talking about on a scientific level and he doesn’t even know it’s biblical he doesn’t even know that it’s it’s lines up with spirituality he approaches it from a scientific standpoint so it was really cool to have him on and uh and he and he be changing the you be explained in terms and things like that and I would I would go back to scripture every time oh this would this is in the scripture and he couldn’t agree with me or not but he’s like it sounds it sounds about right yeah that sounds very similar he’s talking about entities forming through music entities being over certain areas of the earth like over certain continents that like the right telescope or something like that from a certain perspective and it would sound it’s it looks like it forms some type of living entity like a monster or something that’s like man the Scriptures talks about you know these principalities and powers that are over certain people groups and places of the earth and so it was really cool so if you get a chance to go back and listen to that one it’s the interview that I did with Eric doler so if you type that in on any of my stuff on my website you can find it chris is asking for the name of the book I’m going to try to find it right now all right for the dead air so Smith Wigglesworth book it is ever increasing faith I believe it is as a bunch of a man Wow huh I believe it’s ever-increasing faith is the first one that comes up but this guy was legit man he had so he he became famous like his big thing in the churches he’s like a you know one of the ones who is venerated because of their faith um he had an instance where he was at a speaking engagement and they brought a baby up to him a baby that was born without arms and legs and they were praying for the baby and they handed him the baby and he I tell you when you when you step out in the Holy Spirit when God speaks to your heart when God speaks to your heart cause you to do weird stuff act of faith it is an ever increasing faith but it’s like you have to do stuff to prove your faith look at Jesus man Jesus spits in the in the mud mixes it up and puts mud in the guy’s eye smears mud in his eye you he gets healed and there’s just weird things that we you have to do it is really really weird not getting I can go on and on about encounters and experiences like that that you have to do stuff but they hand it Smith Wigglesworth this baby without arms and legs story has it and he said the Lord told him to kick the baby like a football mr. Wigglesworth grabs the baby drops it and kicks the baby across the stage like a football when their baby hit the other side of the stage says arms and legs sprouted out of the baby the baby grew arms and legs recklessly um this is his big claim to fame in the churches and stuff they did I remember todd Bentley kind of tried to copy that a little bit what’s going around kicking people and slapping people and punching people in the stomach you know and they’re getting healed and stuff you know there’s always some type of weird expression that you had to do something different right I mean insanity is when you’re doing the same thing over and over and over expecting different results you got to do something different man that’ll preach on itself right you got to do something different got to change it up do something different what’s breakthrough happen but we look at the prophets in the Old Testament there was certain man there was crazy stuff these guys did man these people were madmen for real these dudes were real shamans and mystics like they believed God in the Old Testament it was a prophet I want to say it’s Jeremiah I’m not a hundred percent sure but God told him to sleep on his right side for so many days I only want you to have the anointing and to walk in this this love I’m not sure if it was Jeremiah but Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet I’ve been through times like that we just weeping and weeping and weeping man but he God told him to sleep on his side if he wanted to carry the anointing something different something peculiar the Bible says you’re peculiar people right um so he slept on his side or whatever and it’s also believed in mysticism that if you sleep on your right side that your heart which is on the left shifts a little bit over towards the center of your chest have your heart in the center so that’s also believed I can’t read that text without knowing the ancient practices of the Mystics and that’s what they would do and then God says hey sleep on your side people in your side bye you know carry the anointing on questions here cristy folks they they were in discord hanging out for those of you guys who want to join the discord family there’s a link on the patreon there’s also a link and it should be in the description it should work but uh that’s where we hang out throughout the week but Chris Chris bars posted a a video of some snake handlers um let me see I wanna I wanna see if I can pull this up without getting flagged again cuz they want me to do a reaction or like talk about this video so we’ll uh I’m gonna uh turn the sound down though just so I won’t be hit for that but on let’s see I for those of you who are watching on YouTube you’re seeing a snake handler that’s what brother Wayne does for a living travels as an evangelist handling snakes there’s there’s a lot this stuff is kind of popular man and like a lot of circles the whole snake handling thing this is a video they sent me and the guy got bit on side to head when he was preaching and they think that uh the snake represents faith and if you’re able to handle these snakes they went got him if you’re able to handle these snakes and not get bit or even if you do get bit it’s God testing your faith like I think it’s other around thing you’re testing God’s patience right you’re testing God well it bit him aside to head I don’t think this is funny this is really it’s really a form of mental illness really it’s delusion people are delusional handling snakes and they base it off of like just a few scriptures they base it off of that there was a scripture where Paul was on an island and they were making a fire and a snake jumped out of the fire and bit Paul on the hand and everybody thought he was about to die everybody thought Paul was gonna die but because of his faith he didn’t die God healed him right and it’s also another scripture that says that if you drink deadly poisons um nothing shall by any any means harm you so that you’re able to kind of get hit with this poison hit with this venom and you’re okay I just test your faith or Paul was bit by the snake so a lot of people into this snake handling stuff but uh this guy he wanted to uh he thought he was dead man he thought of vomiting and like bleeding out and stuff and then a he told the people he said look man just take me to the top of the mountain and let me die with God I’m through he got me he wanted to go out that way but they were ended up rushing into the hospital and his whole body his whole face and everything swole up it’s kind of weird stuff that you get into man when you take scriptures out of context or you take just a couple scriptures and build a theology upon it we see that every day with the churches on every corner down here in the Bible Belt there’s literally churches but it up next door to each other who believe in different things and different doctrines and different beliefs and they both think that they’re right and if churches just lined up all down the street and and and they’re the only ones with the truth somebody’s lying both y’all you know don’t have the truth in in y’all into all this stuff man got bit on side his head and but people would people would say that about us though right people would say that about this just podcast that worth tape we’re taking things out of context because it’s stuff that wasn’t revealed to them it’s stuff that they didn’t study it’s things that they have not experienced they haven’t experienced this stuff but you’re asking him by faith to just believe us or or show him in the Bible a lot of people a lot of Christians will believe things if you can show them in the Bible and there’s some interesting stuff in there to say the least that a lot of people have not experienced or even read before there’s things in there that will blow your mind there’s things and out of that still blow my mind it’s beautiful though I really like it it’s a very intricate book it’s a magical book it’s I really do believe it’s the Word of God I do believe it’s inspired by the Holy Spirit I believe as we’re reading the scriptures were reading about ourselves as we read about the Israelites were reading about us the children of God that’s what it’s about so take taking stuff out of context and that’s just what I’ve done over the years it’s like with my beliefs or what things people doctrines churches have taught me that I felt deep down were wrong I like this went to the scripture went to Google went to like I got a program called East sword is really what I used it to study and I went there and just kind of made my own doctrines it’s like okay what does the Bible say the most of about this I’m gonna take one scripture and just run with it like that’s the final doctrine and I that that’s why I’m having to in this book I’m having to really lay the foundation work of spirits of God using spirits to send messages for one thing I mean most people can agree with that I mean the word angel simply means spirit God using spirits to send messages but to God using evil spirits oh no no no you’re gonna went too far on that one God don’t use no debt no demons that God don’t use evil spirits okay so I’m having to kind of build the groundwork up from there how God uses all things in our life for our benefit to bring forth his glory so I’m having to kind of unpack that because that’s kind of a new concept in Christendom as if we easily would love to use the devil as a scapegoat say the devil did it is the devil stronger than God what God do you serve is the devil stronger than your God no no but God uses the devil to do certain things to chastise people and I’m painting the picture of that throughout the scripture about these spirits and given you a body of work that really shows that so that if you do draw close to God if you really do submit yourself to God resist the devil that he really will flee the scripture is truth the to work together nothing is outside of God’s will no matter what you’re going through no matter what you’re facing nothing it’s too much nothing is too tough for God he knows what you’re going through I want to end out with a prayer there’s a lot of people who were going through some stuff so I just want to pray over you guys that you’ll just be inspired that God would heal you restore you back to your face whatever it is you’re going through if you’re dealing with pain in your body elements and things like this I want to UM and I’ll speak about this one on a public level because he went public with it I talking to Santos Bonacci a little bit and he’s going through some some weird health stuff as well so I want you guys just to continue to to pray for him that God will heal him and restore him and and I really believe that God can use Santos suffer for his glory man so uh let’s let’s pray for these people and I pray that God’s blessings will overshadow them and Antos was going through some some really weird stuff but he’s doing a lot of podcast I don’t know about a lot he sent me one podcast where they really went into a lot of detail about his symptoms so I’m gonna go ahead and pray out man and just speak a blessing over you guys well thank you for your peace for your love I think you for your tangible presence your grace god I thank you that you make all things new thank you right now you’re making all things new peace he’s still Jesus name got to thank you for your love for your grace God thank you that it’s tangible lord I just send forth your grace right now we got you sent forth your word it heals them we wonder about the Word of God you say you sent forth the word to hear them and forth your word God I think you let your honor your name even above your word God your name is holy God your name is a strong tower Lord wonderful counselor pray for peace about anybody who’s struggling we’re talking about witchcraft and demons and things anybody who’s opened up any doors that they can’t seem to close but they’re in over their head they need peace they opened up doors in the spirit realm now they’re suffering in their body god I speak peace over them right now in Jesus mighty name you said you are the God that healeth thee whatever they’re going through and I speak to it any imagination any high thought that exalted itself against the knowledge of Christ we cast on all imaginations right now anything that is trying to be stronger than you Lord but your king your sovereign over your people and your love stretches to your people God I just pray even now bless them with your presence right now some of them never never even felt it before in their life but they’re feeling it now God touch them right now on the top of their head to the soles of the feet have an encounter with the Living God right now peace why have you been running where are you going to run to a far done yet peace right now this Oh God wrap them up in your love your peace your patience your kindness your goodness your long-suffering they’re like people have given up on us people who used to be there aren’t there anymore God but you’ve never left us never forsaken this guy thank you for your love and your kindness we pray these things healing peace in Jesus name Amen amen yeah I hope you guys are feeling that man God loves you guys man he’s not against you he is for yous got great things in store for you get with God don’t get with me don’t get with your pastor they’ll get without you know I’ll be friends whoever get with God he’s the one who created everything everything everything all of it created it all get with him find out his plans for you Jeremiah 29:11 read that Jeremiah 29:11 I’m gonna read it for you there’s some of you guys aren’t gonna read it and I want to speak it over you myah 29:11 says for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future we’re talking about universal law we’re talking about the promises of God call it one there’s all kind of stuff Jesus never existed the Bible ain’t true the Bible ain’t this when you align with the fact that Jeremiah 29:11 is real and you believe that it changes you you’re not a victim anymore takes the power back nobody can harm you no harm shall come nigh that by dwelling you take the power back Jeremiah 29:11 for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future stand upon that as a promise believe that you’ve been believing everything else you’ve been believing everything else believe that and see what happens just try it I dare you give it two weeks that’s what I told God so God told my wife when we came out of witchcraft and occultism like really dark Satanism tormented my demons it gave my life to Jesus and my wife said I can’t can’t get with that I don’t believe in Jesus he’s not real so we can believe in the goddess and the God and the moon and the fairies and the elementals if we can believe in that you could believe in Jesus give it two weeks but if your life isn’t a hundred percent better then we’ll go back to worship and whatever you want and we did it and that was man been believing everything else try it out stop stop reading as you read too much you know too much that knowledge can be a stumbling block she did a dog gave me the revelation on that the other day ah thank you out of stuff that you’re reading there’s a lot of knowledge that you’re learning biblical knowledge good knowledge esoteric knowledge sacred knowledge whatever it forbidden knowledge there’s a lot of knowledge and knowledge in and of itself is not bad the Lord gave me the revelation is said whenever knowledge becomes bad when it begins to puff up knowledge eventually gives way to pride it gives way to arrogance it gives way to having the one-up over somebody who doesn’t know what you know and there’s people who lord that knowledge every day they use it to their own benefit they use it to manipulate people all types of things when that knowledge becomes bad like that when that when that knowledge become turns into pride the Lord showed me that it’s okay to learn it it’s okay to study study the show thyself approved the people perish for lack of knowledge like you’re perishing because you don’t study right if you don’t know the rules of the game you don’t know what’s going on you don’t know which way is up which way is down because you haven’t studied but when you do study when you do get the knowledge when you do get the information when you do get the revelation you have to break it down and interpret it see how it fits into your life you have to make it practical for the people you have to get it out you have to find a creative outlet to get it out if you don’t get it out it’s going to stay stagnant within you and it’s going to turn to pride it might turn to bitterness you might be studying because you’re offended you may be studying how to disprove the Bible because your pastor or your church friends or your family members did something to you offended you so your pursuit may be off but the Lord said that it turns into pride when you just hold it in for yourself you’re just studying you just blow in your own mind with the things of God which is good but you gotta find a way to get it out all the deep knowledge the mystical esoteric knowledge that that we can muster if we can’t explain it to a child if we can’t impart it to someone who’s struggling someone who’s hooked on dope someone who’s struggling with depression if we don’t have nothing for that person then it’s all in vain every bit of it every bit of it learn it but find practical ways to articulate it and get it out to people and if it if it’s not helping if it’s not can’t be used to to change someone’s life and to better your life don’t study it it’s better things the study with that I’m gonna say peace and Shalom I hope that bless you guys I know that was for somebody I love you guys with all my heart thank you guys for the support again you would like to support backslash true seeker so much really cool stuff going on over there on the page and in our discord in our our family our tribe if you’re looking for a tribe we’re looking for you join the discord it’s in the links in the description it’s free I love you guys peace and Shalom [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker</p>

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