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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Laurel Airica about the power of words and their magic. Speech is spiritual and the Hebraic and Kabbalistic term ABRACADABRA literally mean that  “I Create It As I Speak It”. Words are magical and have the power to cast spells. When you write words and sentences you are performing a magical “rite”, for even the spelling of these words can put one under a “spell”. You can also write your blessings or curses in “cursive” handwriting. A chapter is a secret society or religious order, like the Knights Templar. Once we understand the power that our words have to create and destroy we can use them not only for our benefit but also to raise the frequency of humanity. For it is written that life and death a within the power of the tongue | Proverbs 18:21. In my personal studies on the origin of human language as to which may be the earliest language spoken or the most “powerful” language ever uttered we are led to the ancient Hebrew and Sanskrit. Many scholars break down the beauty and intricacy of these two languages, for each english words is broken down into many words in Hebrew. Many have said that english is just the run off or combination of all the languages put together but the english language itself is still very meticulous and magical.  Later in the episode we speak about fairies, gnomes and elemental spirits and how belief and expectancy allows us to see such beautiful creatures.
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and all things spiritual I’m here this is the true seeker podcast had a little hiccup there with the audio I think we’re good you guys in chat let me know if we’re good with this audio while we’re rolling forward so thank you Chris for letting me know great fixed it at the last minute we’re live this is the true seeker podcast we’ll do a live show you kind of run into these hiccups and all of this kind of stuff I blame one of my producers tave for setting up our Pro Tools on my computer and trying to change the way I record so messes with the audio drivers but anyway we got a good show playing for you guys today I got a special guest I’m excited to get into some conversation today hang out with you guys in the chat everybody hanging out live with us on YouTube listening live what’s up to everybody on Facebook as well we’re streaming live there and as well as everybody hanging out in the discord chat as well welcome to the podcast and we got a good show playing for you guys got to give 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really cool really cool like-minded people at that and yeah join the family and support the show you get access to my music as soon as I get done with a song it’s uploaded to patreon and there’s a couple songs over there that are brand-new that I’ve just done within the last month I just put one up just now before we went live so there’s a new song called roots I just now put it up go over there check it out let me know what you think backslash true seeker thank you guys for the continued support we’re gonna jump right into this discussion I have my guest Laura Erica Laurel welcome to the podcast how are you I’m very good thank you and I’ve somehow lost your image so let me go back on to the link great yeah if you click that zoom it should pop up so thank you for for coming on and hanging out with me today well absolutely my pleasure and my goodness you have disappeared it looks like if I switch between this link and the document I lose you so now I have to just get on but while I settle around having already been through challenged with connecting to the Internet while I fiddle around and I think I’m about to have you we can talk and I’m all set and I will not switch around then now what I know I cannot do that say okay great I could see you fine here you find everything as well I seen one of your videos the one that went viral I think a collective evolution did some edits on it and put a cool video went viral it’s got a lot of views on it so I first thing you there several months ago probably obviously I’m a poet I make music and hip-hop and stuff as well so studying the power of words and the power of the the English language and things like that and seeing that video was awesome so you are a spoken word artist poet and so much more you put it you you painted it you know in a much more beautiful light than just spoken word artist so let everybody know kind of what you do what you some of the titles that you operate on and what you bring to the table would be awesome well let me just say I started my work when I was three years old and started exploring all of these hiccups in the English language where words either look at them like themselves in the way that they’re spelled for instance level is a level word it’s a palindrome front and back all sorts of things puns and the symbols of the alphabet and in the 80s I wrote a manuscript on it called psycho semantics English in translation and I was told that without a PhD I could just forget it and so a few years later I wrote a poem while a student of Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith at the agape international spiritual Center and it was the first I’d written in many many years and back then early 90s anyway I recited it somewhere and a the founder of a new-age record label called higher octave asked if I’d like to do an album of my verse and so when so then I realized I could turn everything I’d learned about language into poetry thereby bypass the academic linguists and just go directly to people so a friend said to me congratulations on creating your own niche and I thought well what’s my niche then oh I’m the metaphysical mother Goose so I’m spinning new tales about our natural wisdom and beauty and power as each person is an artist with the spoken word and we know from all the from Genesis myth and from the founding principles of every culture and religion that it all begins with words were creating out of language and so I’m the metaphysical mother Goose and I’m looking to help us all create a new story for the lifestream awesome so understanding the power of words I mean there’s so many different ways to approach it since you minute since you mentioned that Genesis myth and story that would be a great place to start because when we’re talking about words we’re talking about the breath and the power of the spoken word when it comes to the ancient languages everybody like olive like the Christian guys I know they study they want to break down the Hebrew and Hebrew with such a beautiful language and then the Latin and then Sanskrit even just being these old languages but they kind of look at the English language as it’s just kind of like the like the leftover of all those put together like it just kind of happened or whatever when at the end of the day the English language is a magical language and very powerful in itself that would be something beautiful to touch on because you know they just kind of I guess cuz the second nature or whatever first nature you just know the English language so when you can break down the power of those words it just blows your mind but even the English language and so I think your work what you bring it to the table it helps us to kind of fall in love with our language and our voice even right well yes there’s so much in it and I let’s see you asked me some questions before and so let me in terms of my elemental connections and I have felt like an L M until being someone very much of the alphabet very literate and very elemental I have felt like that most of my life and I felt like an exile from the nature Kingdom and charged with helping humans harmonize our speech so that it becomes as resonant and growth producing as birdsong and cricket choirs and and whale voices I believe that as speakers of the word with the power of the word and the power of life and death on the tips of our tongues that it is our responsibility to speak in a way that is very harmonious that resonates with the beauty within every being and so I I performed somewhere at Lee and Carla McCluskey’s home the marvelous artists you’re going to be interviewing and I I was a garden-party and I performed and I asked what poem shall I do next and the flock of birds just then flew out of a tree and I knew they wanted me to share the piece I call open heart synchrony which is a vision of what happens when we the words we speak it’s like one of the lines is if our words so melt the heart they start the milk of human kindness flowing so that every time we speak on mind we set another flower growing than I believe before our very eyes we human beings like butterflies willfully metamorphosize and as I wrote in in one of my pieces I think it’s called angel food words that put wings on our hearts and it’s about words that are unknown and yet they’re obscure English words that can transform our whole sense of our inner beauty and our purpose in the world so Wiggly streamers website is unknown country calm and wiggly and his wife Ann gave me a book called the language of the birds by William Henry and it turns out that the language of the birds also known as the green language and angel ish is the language that puts everyone in harmony with nature and at my most far-out vision of possibilities of what happens when we harmonize speech I thought I was really going overboard in writing at it so it’s so ornate and ideal and it turns out that what I wrote is already in I believe the Quran the idea that we can speak a language that is so beautiful to our hearts and to nature all around us that we absolutely have the power to lift consciousness and the whole frequency of our existence to a higher plane and so yes there’s many many gorgeous obscure words like omniscient you I’m sure no omniscient on knowing nipa 10th all-powerful omnipresent present everywhere and we the consciousness of the divine is how we conceptualize those three words the word that also applies to us is I’ve never met anyone who knew it and it’s a myth assent and it means possessing full creative power and we have that power through the power of the word that’s the beautiful thing you know and just what what that first word was with that first vibration understanding vibration understanding the power like I said even of the English language some people you know they can’t get past that or you understand like the majestic languages of Biblical Hebrew or that doesn’t exist anymore you know those type of things but when it comes to the English language we’re talking about the power it has performing spells and rites and things like that talk a little bit about the the spells that we have with the power of our words that were casting spells and things right yes I will and something you don’t just in terms of the power to name scientists have called that original spark of creation the Big Bang and that’s a very explosive male vision of what happened and I wrote a piece years ago called a modest goddess Odyssey and in it the the message for me was it wasn’t a big bang it was a giant jolt of joy so but power to name influences our perceptions and just as we live out of our stories like all of these Genesis myths there is a story rewritten already written in the English language and we basically are dissuaded from even looking in that direction when I was growing up for many years before hand there was a saying and for some people it’s still a current idea that puns are the lowest form of humor and yet are where all the secrets are when you have words like I will give you some examples that our favorite ones of mine the fact that praying sounds so Savage it also sounds divine or how about the way the Prophet has become our bottom line now ad worship or worship perish or perish and it’s easy to see why the world so nightmarish so people have been ignoring and ignorant as a result all of these echoes and reflections of the consciousness and the culture that reverberate in English and I can go on but maybe you want to interject no I just I love it something happens man whenever we talk and it’s like you know we had that power to create we have that power to name we have that power to shift and that’s one thing like people want to name something and they feel like they own own it because they gave it a name you know whether it’s a spiritual gifting or ability or something like that they feel like they are the ones that are privy to the information there’s a metaphor for that which is they call it getting giving it a handle and getting a handle on it that you can command it just because you’ve spoken it forth and what we’re all kind of like The Sorcerer’s Apprentice we have this power and no knowledge about how to use it wisely or how it is using us to propagate ideas that we no longer subscribe to and that we are seeking to evolve beyond but as we keep repeating them and adding in energy and an energy impact so we’re we’re resonating vibrationally with each other and sending out this energy out into the world and so that’s why it’s so important to become conscious about how words use us and the levels of meaning that are loaded within a single word just the word meaning I have an essay I don’t know by heart but it’s it’s called the mean meaning of mean and it’s about all we use it for a definition and if you’ll notice the word definition has definite so you’re you’re not hearing you’re not being instructed to to listen to what you say but only to watch so in the mean meaning of mean mean means definition but it also means cruel it means meager it means average so our words are constantly bouncing around and reverberating with other layers of intention that have to affect us subliminally and so becoming conscious how words are using us and becoming and opening up them up like oyster shells finding pearls of wisdom and some as well as as words that are kind of subverting us becoming more conscious of that turns anyone into a philosopher just by playing with words as you get informed by language and then inspires creativity I have I have my anthem I called taking command of the English language and it’s about how we can collectively creatively upgrade English which is the leading software of the Western mind so that it can support our conscious evolution from humankind to human kindness so awesome we’re being affected by these words whether we know it or not and that’s what we’re talking about like the the you know the whole music we’re talking about creating conscious music and being conscious of the lyrics that we’re putting out there you know and that’s what I kind of bring to the table with my music and and what what it’s doing is uh you know people say I just listen to the beat you know they just want it they just want to hear the music because they like the beat but they don’t pay attention to the words that are being spoken over them and they think that it’s just I don’t it’s I don’t really care for the lyrics I just love the beat but you know whenever these words are being spoken even when it’s when it’s you know given the rhythm as well when it’s matched with the music it even almost like intensifies it as well to be able to be I guess played over in your head over and over like a mantra these lyrics start coming up we don’t want them to especially if they’re like bad lyrics and stuff that’s the majority of the stuff that’s on a radio today you know well scientists in Russia are pairing linguists with geneticists and using words to alter DNA so if you think you’re not affected by the words you hear think again and something else that occurred to me as you were talking about listening to the beat I once was walking along in beauty in nature realizing that there’s a flicker frequency to everything there’s the night and day is a flicker frequency there is just vibration is a flicker frequency and it occurred to me that it must be possible to so orchestrate light and sound so that as you or I as we are delivering our work there is a story being told but there’s also a flicker frequency that can awaken soul identity memories the intellect is out of the way because it’s occupied on the message but the soul recognizes the frequency of divine truth and feels strengthened and reinforced and invited to presence itself more fully in the physical human instrument that’s beautiful when you create music or a poem and you’re conscious of that when you do it I know you are with with your words and I get that feeling when I listen to your poetry especially when you’re going into some of the like majestic spiritual magical realms you know as far as I guess we would call fantasy to some people if they don’t if they’ve never seen it write fantasy and you got me thinking about these words fantasy a fantasy like I would love to explore these realms of magic and and such and some of the things of lore as far as like fantasy music somebody actually called my music years ago they said I love the fact that you do fantasy rap and I’m like it’s not really you know my it’s I don’t call it that it was the first time I’ve ever heard it called that but when I listen to your music it takes me to another place I’m able to opens up a new world it’s like a portal and it’s the same thing with my music I’m getting these messages from people it’s changing their lives it’s opening up doors and new ideas and concepts that are that are radically changing their life for the better and when I create the music when I create and put the words in there like there’s an intention behind the word that you want this to happen when you create it and on the other side it does and I think it’s the same way for your poetry and your spoken word and stuff as well well thank you very much and I completely agree with your work I think it is divine and sublime and inspired from such a high frequency of consciousness I think it’s absolutely magnificent and majestic and I’m a great fan now and I really like the word fantasy and that you were looking to see what else would be in that word and so and everything sparks more for me so so I think about the sea of consciousness the global sea of consciousness and I spell it ste which is vision it’s how how consciousness is directed what is the vision we are looking toward individually and collectively so when you talk about a fan to see to me it’s about someone who’s looking to see a vision that exceeds where we are so back not not just exceeds but is in a whole other realm of a higher frequency of possibility have turned into our shared reality so we I mentioned nursery rhymes a bit ago and we’re all probably all of us talk it’s even the word talk I was gonna say taught row your boat and talk ta you t means tense so hard to learn without being how do bees being tense but in any case we’re all taught that life is but a dream and there’s the term life’s dream and the term life’s dream and you can’t hear a difference because I don’t believe there is one and I believe that our our work together everyone listening everyone interested is to become a metaphor teller of the vision for reality for our shared experience that each one is seeking to have and intention is so powerful it’s putting a vibration a very directed vibration into the web of life creating a tension that then finds finds like an arrow to a target finds its goal even if the archer wobbles after the arrow is released beautiful the ancient mantra like the magical mantra abracadabra means I created as I speak it the magician would you know perform the right and then abracadabra pulled the rabbit out the Hat or whatever he was about to perform I created as I speak I create as I speak understanding that like with fantasy or with these other realities or were able to go up into higher consciousness and pull things out and bring them down to a level that people can understand it that it invades their reality in a beautiful way what is like the link there with creation is it just like we’re creating everything as we speak it because like as a man thinketh in his heart so you know so so so shall we be but when we confess it when we like if we have these thoughts of these ideas or we read them in a book when we begin to talk about it it creates it and it brings it into our reality whether it didn’t exist before or everything exists and if you focus on it then you can you have the power to bring it down and slow it down bring it into time where does it come with you know from was like going into these other magical realms and grabbing someone’s hand and kind of bringing them with us when we create a piece like that well all I can do is as you have done the conjecture how is reality put together how is it put together with words and with intentions Abraham of Abraham Hicks is a really good source of that kind of information I can only say in response to your question not having contemplating and concentrated it previously but just the sense that all possibilities exist and we have free wills so you know it’s like I think I’ll take that and according to Abraham all you have to do is have the desire in your heart and you’ve already created it and then it’s a matter of coming into alignment with the frequency with the plane on which it exists and so when we’re putting out what people call trash talk negative messages against misses all that ugliness my goodness that’s waiting for you you’ll meet it up ahead down the road if you know sooner or later so I I like the idea of speaking Beauty because baby and truth are synonymous that’s the that’s the beautiful thing it’s like being able to tap into those realms because like now I don’t know how many experiences you’ve had but I know we’ve both but we both have work out there about the elementals and you have a lot of stuff about the faeries and things like that is like where do you approach that from is it just is it in a realm of fantasy or there have you had like spiritual encounters and you can invite other people into that encounter with that Kingdom by writing the poem and doing the spoke at work because it you definitely have the power to invite people in with you definitely but where does the inspiration come from on like a spiritual level well I can only say I mean I’ve once wondered myself sometime in my yes I thought did I think I was an elemental when I was a child or is this something that came to me later and I don’t really know but I I know I come from another dimension and I have felt like a human being from the plant family I am more plant than human which is why I think the the direction I’ve been given has been about creating consciousness around words and inspiring people to get very creative with language and to be able to create beautiful new words metaphors and phrases that can inspire higher consciousness so in terms of my my relationship to the plant kingdom I wish I have not yet seen an elemental I but I do feel like an elemental and I also have felt strange as it was since childhood somewhat like an incarnation of the moon now what exactly that means I wouldn’t be able to tell you that I do have some things that sort of relate to that so where else would you like to go and I’m asking this because I’m genuinely you know saying genuinely curious especially because like it just in it invokes all and Wonder and creativity you know you hear a song about it maybe somebody will try to get in touch with that Kingdom you know what I’m saying I’ve listened to a lot of stuff I like Manley P Hall and just listening to stuff and getting intrigued by it and then spending time in meditation and just connecting but just like the whole just a whole nature Kingdom itself and how and how we are one with it and it’s beautiful so as far as spiritual encounters and stuff because like I said you you create that like was here with your your your your work your poems and and everything but as far as having a spiritual encounter whether it’s with a divine being or having something like that have you ever had an encounter like otherworldly encounter with some type of being like that no I haven’t it certainly asked for it in writing my verse many years ago I read that Archangel Uriel is the archangel of language and culture and so before writing my verse I would get up at 4:00 every morning and write for a couple of hours before going to a silly job and so they would ask Archangel Uriel for inspiration and I would invite in other mystic masters lovers of God who are masters with the word and so create from there and in one of my poems called word fire because someone once asked what do you what is it you want to do with your words and I said I want to set the fire on page before I could think and so I have a piece on word fire and I talked about Archangel Uriel conferring this Cabala of English that I Yamla and so decades later I learned that Uriel was considered responsible for the Hebrew Kabbalah so I do believe that I have support around me I I do hear messages that go into my verse I have not actually had a vision with a figure an illustrious divine figure in front of me so how about you yeah we talked about I don’t want to you know I’m just curious I’m picking your brain right now I’ve definitely had encounters but like I said like that’s the thing cause like you know and so I’ll preface it by saying this there’s people who do the type of music that I do and they get ancient knowledge mainly P halls stuff Jordan Maxwell Michael Caesarea and all of these you know even stuff for my abraham hicks and they put it within their music and it creates that spark of awe and Wonder and I’ve had them on the podcast and I’ve called in their interviews to talk to these guys who create music and when I would ask them about like meditation or angels or whatever because having these encounters and I would ask them and they they don’t they’re just repeating things they’ve heard it wasn’t like coming from like this just encounter and I feel like just the way you share that you know some things man that you you know some stuff about the fairy Kingdom or whatever not like it’s just you know in the land of make-believe but that is something that really exists you know well it does feel that way and years ago I was receiving bodywork and I felt like it was touching that I had a fairy village living inside me there was only one friend at the time I could confess that too and sometime after that I received an invitation to a conference and one of the seminars in the conference was about getting in touch with the micro angels in your body so I certainly felt them before I knew such a thing existed so it’s been more an intuitive elemental knowledge rather than a full-on visitation we have a question here someone in the chat wants to know I guess since we’re talking about the plan so we’re talking about nature and elementals and stuff they wanted to know if you’ve ever heard plants speak yeah well I have I I wrote a couple of articles and I don’t and I would like to hear what the the individual asking what herb or I assume experience was but I wrote a couple of articles called reading tree leaves because I worked at the first psychic hotline in LA in 1995 and because I read intuitively it was feeling uncomfortable to be experiencing the caller’s energies personally so I created distance and I started looking at plants out the window so I started reading tree leaves and I wrote a couple of articles called reading tree leaves I’m not sure if I have them available online at the moment or not and in and I share how how I would use the plants to me information about the client like you would use a tarot deck and the most dramatic instance of that was when I was doing a reading in my home I have a lot of potted plants and I would ask them for information about the client and one little plant I felt it very agitated and it said tell her to turn the sprinklers on for the birds I think excuse me turned the sprinklers on for the birds and I thought I can’t say that and I mean it was relevant to nothing and so I thought I was miss reading but the plant kept insisting so finally I said this plant wants you to turn the sprinklers on for the birds so she called me and I said does that you even have a yard and she said well it’s live in the triplex and there is a large backyard so the next evening she called me and she said well I went to look for the sprinklers in the garage to turn them on for the birds and I thought you even listened to that you took that seriously because I didn’t in any case she said she saw that the lawn had just been watered she then in the garage found the rotating sprinkler and thought the birds would rather have a fountain so she was looking around for the fountain and saw something glittering behind the tire of her car so she walked over and picked it up and it turned out to be her that her grandmother’s diamond engagement ring and that had gone missing from her jewelry box six months before and she would have crushed it next time she drove out so that’s good stuff there’s a scripture job 12:7 it’s a beautiful scripture says but ask the animals and they will teach you or the birds of the sky and they will tell you or speak to the earth and it will teach you or let the fish of the sea inform you just like communing with the animals and with the elements and things like that and that’s you know whenever you know we access higher states of consciousness like those things that you know God speaks to you the divine essence speaks to you through everything every situation the animals your friends your enemies like everything around you the television it’s really interesting if we’re if we’re able to hear that voice of God and interpret it and then capture it into a song or slow it down or something like that and in a way that other people can experience and that’s that’s the beautiful thing about the song and dance with the divine and slowing it down you know everything’s just so fast and be able to get that information or write down those words that are just playing over and over in your head write them down and then start building on top of it and stuff like that to kind of make a song or a and what in my poem word fire I say I learned to catch phrases as they float on by in ethereal blazes that drift through the sky and you I find you have to catch it in the moment and then put it on the page and that’s when it stays alive if you let it drift away and then write it down afterwards it’s a paraphrase and it doesn’t have the same life force yep that’s awesome catch a phrase right be able to catch a phrase you like there’s been times while I like wake up in the morning and there’s just something over and over in my head just out of the dream state I’m writing it down I’ll get right into booth right out of bed and just late now see how it sounds over a song good for you that’s exciting it’s usually just these little bitty pieces of stuff and people who are asked like you know I’m saying to you channel the music like I don’t do like ritual to channel it but it’s coming from somewhere else out whether it’s coming from within or without or we’re just influenced by the just something that we’ve come up with I’m like you I feel like it’s being communicated or shared with us especially for me like as time goes on and I’m able to look back at it or I may not feel as spiritual or whatever as I did when I wrote it it acts as a time machine and take takes you back to that place but it’s like man who wrote that there’s no way I wrote that there’s no way I wrote that it’s so beautiful and then even your your words or your music is able to minister to you like the same thing that other people are feeling when they hear your music you can put it on and just like oh man this takes me to this place yeah something else you know well your work is gorgeous and the way you explain that is so beautiful and precise and accurate in my experience awesome so talk a little bit about because I know we were meant in it but you have that that video on the English language and about words putting actual spells on you and some of the same words that people would use and some type of craft you know are the same words that we’re using in the English language when we speak or when we write things down and cursive exactly well the video that went viral because it was placed on a Facebook page of Collective evolution is called the secret spells of the English language I found that there’s a couple of other people on YouTube who then use the title and some of the material but the essence of this life sentence is I it comes down to the phrase of we awake each morning and go off during the weekdays to earn our living at various jobs and undertakings until we come to the weekend and I point out that what I do is a translation of the English language and I spell that tra NCE with the idea that words cast spells so when you translate that life sentence you remember that awake is a funeral party for the bed that morning is the state you’re in when you attend awake so when we say good morning to each other on another level we’re saying good grief so it’s a very dark way to start the day and we stagger off in a week days to earn our living since urns are only for the ashes of the Dead we call our jobs undertakings job itself is a Hebrew word for persecuted as in job we rush to meet deadlines instead of lifelines and what we get at the end of this traverse bargain with life is a weekend we get progressively weakened and over a ten-year period we call it a decade and the British call it a decade and our greeting to each other is not namaste I honor the God within you it’s hello and if you reverse the syllables it’s almost like wake up hello you reverse the syllables and you have oh hell so a lot of times when people see this life sentence and there’s one for children as well that I have their life sentence leaves people feeling like someone did this to us and no doubt there was intentional manipulation of the language since language is the instrument of hypnosis and it’s used by politicians and by corporations to put people in spells and I point out that the word already has a spell within it and so the point then is to break the spell and to get free and not to look to blame someone else for being responsible though I’m sure there were many actors but the fact is what can we do with it now and also I believe I think of language not only as grammatical but Hollow grammatical so that it’s multi-dimensional it’s echoing and reflecting it’s like we’re not just in a Hall of Mirrors but we’re also in an echo chamber so we’re bombarded with visuals when it’s written and audio when it’s spoken that is reverberating and creating all sorts of impact on our lives I just wrote a piece about changing the terms of agreement the idea that we call it a nervous system instead of our electromagnetic communication network I mean it changes everything the way we speak of things so the point is then that language is software that English is the leading software of the Western mind it’s according to William Henry mythologist it is the lang of the birds and it is something we are meant to recreate at a higher frequency collectively and if it isn’t already up on my website there will be soon a chat room where people can suggest words and suggest phrases and in my anthem taking command of the English language I refer back to that phrase random acts of kindness and and whatever thoughts you know acts of beauty that change people’s behavior all over the world so we are at this this nexus point of do or die and everybody’s consciousness is being called forth we have all of these large actors on the stage but we are we so outnumber them and the power of the word is so much greater than the power of the sword and will endure and so this is our time to lift our frequency and speak with beauty and start evolving the language and when it occurred to me after I had discovered that life sentence or put it together like puzzle pieces I realized that we know first there was a big so OTT in my mind but an interesting so what this is and then I got that the so wat was about evolving language and you’d like we upgrade software and so so I just lost my thread and I watch it a moment or weekend or maybe it’s your turn they know it’s good I could just keep listening a couple a couple a couple questions I got here so when did you put that piece out when was that recorded and put it put out to the public the piece about the English language and the spouse okay I’ll let you know in just a moment what I was going to say was that far out idea of upgrading language I learned shortly after it was also Confucius’s idea he said if given charge of the governance of a country the first thing he would do would be the correct language there’s all sorts of other people and most currently I guess and prominently is Terence Mckenna who talked about we’re in this linguistic construct and if you can see the words that the world is made of you can make something else of it so that life sentence I guess came complete in the early 90s and I believed I’m a I am not quite sure the date when I made those videos where there it was 2000 probably 2010 or 11 so was that was that original from you or was you inspired by someone else’s work that already had something out because I know you know Jordan Maxwell is where I’ve heard similar things today I don’t know if he was influenced by your work or you know I bet someone mentioned Jordan Maxwell and then I I went online and I listened to his work I had not encountered him before I haven’t met anyone who does what I do and when I have met someone who’s become obsessed with some aspect of English as I have it’s always been a different slice of the pie so the only thing I heard with Jordan Maxwell was something about language of the sea whatever right so I’m about language of the sea too but it’s about the vision the SCIF language yeah I know one thing he talks about is like the English language and whenever we write when you perform you know a spell when we spell words right perform a magical right when we write a sentence and we write it in cursive and all of these different things that kind of go back to the power of words performing spells as you’re writing them down and well this before but cursive yeah I hadn’t heard that the curse in cursive spelling writing yeah absolutely well even our whole our whole justice system you know just us we book people we sentence them to a term it’s all about language and then maybe they get parole which is a statement by the prisoner to the bench and it’s the spoken word in French so we know it’s all the power is all in the words that’s why it’s in our justice system oh yeah it’s it’s it’s crazy so talking about like you know the power of words and and we have this power and abracadabra we create it as we speak it like do we have the power to create our future like you know is that something just you know as far as like the law of attraction and I think it’s one thing for us just to visualize something but I do think that we we birthed it as we speak it like we can have these awesome ideas and things like that but once we speak it I think we begin to plant seeds and tell people and and and almost create our future that we want because everyone has the dream everyone has this childlike faith in this thing they wanted to be when there was a kid but it kind of got away from them my whole journey has been to kind of kind of go back and bring it you know recaptured the dream and be able to bring it back into this reality and I’ve used the power of the spoken word to do that and understanding who I am and things like that not something that I’m going to be one day but something that I already am and we just have to just have to manifest it so if somebody wants to create their future or do what they love for a living can they use words to do that so funny you should ask because that’s exactly what I am aiming to do so I edit books for people usually people novels and nonfiction people who are dealing with consciousness and putting out a positive message my intention and my desire are to create my living anew on a higher frequency able to focus on my own work exclusively except where I want to be of service to others in a different way so that’s that’s my journey and that’s what I’m seeking to demonstrate in my life and so you were the one to inspire me to reactivate my patreon account and I have begun to do that I will be putting in more levels of donation and reciprocation today and then so that’s what yes I do believe more and more of us and you are absolutely showing the way can take our divine advocation meaning hobby and turn it into a vocation and a vocalization that goes out in the world and inspires the blips no matter what form it takes awesome there would be people who would see your work or see my work you know and I remember man like putting out music and and I’m I’m some people’s favorite rapper like as far as the history of rappers is concerned I don’t know if they’ve what however it goes but I get message – you’re my favorite rapper I just that and at the time I was getting these messages I was a full time truck driver and it almost killed the magic for them to know that their favorite rapper was a delivery driver to keep the lights on right but when you see the videos how well they’re done the music and what we’re bringing to the table and you get to see all of this beautiful stuff you get to see what we want to show you with the internet right it we almost kind of kill the magic when we find out that their favorite rapper is a truck driver or your favorite this is that or whatever the case is right and it kills the magic a little bit but we I would see you you were on TED talks you’ve got videos that have gone viral you have amazing websites and all this stuff so people just kind of like automatically assume that you’re successful and you’re making lots of money with your art and you’re doing interviews and podcasts and stuff like that they already they automatically assume that but that’s not the case always right well thank you for saying that and no it has not been the case the human side of my journey here has been rather more arduous than I would have liked but it is also I guess that’s true of most of us in any case I am the age I am and I am looking to regain my wings so that I can lift into a greater frequency of creativity and put out more work in the world I have an enormous body of work that I did hoist it away with no intention really of sharing it and I’m looking to get that work out as more videos of a higher quality so books and such and I would really so appreciate anyone who is moved by this work to become a supporter contributor I assure you you will be recognized and deeply appreciated and toward the goal of liberating my time to focus on my own work so I’m the age I am I’ve been at this for decades and I don’t know how long you know it’s like I intend to live another 30 years but I can’t be guaranteed and I I would like to share the gifts that I have more fully and completely for posterity definitely patreon is a really good way for artists and creators to kind of make a living doing what they love for a living especially when you have something that you’re bringing to the table that there’s a need for I found that with mine with my podcast and with the music and stuff that people love to support and and there’s people who are able to support at higher levels than other but just anything helps right and so I think that I think that your patreon is gonna blow up I prophesied that over you now that your patreon is gonna be awesome you’re gonna have more than enough then you need usually be able to do everything that you’ve ever dreamed of you’re gonna be able to do a long side and with patreon and I’m gonna sign up and be a patron as soon as we get off of here so go ahead and and you can go ahead and plug it now so that those people can join me and head on over there and be patrons as well thank you so much so I will complete the various tiers for levels of kind contribution in the next few minutes and then please do join go on to slash word magic global word magic global so what are some of the ideas for the tiers that you have just a weekend before we head over there what are some of the core ideas that you have thank you well I my choreography about an elemental being who goes through the looking-glass into this dimension and has to deconstruct the language to find her way back home again it is a very lengthy piece with lots of fun beauty and magic in it I would like to publish it chapter by chapter Illustrated making it available to patreon contributors first and foremost before publishing it in hardcopy so that that takes a little income to do I also have a book called we do come with instructions the ABCs of in there have self-realization and inner consciousness so this is about the philosophy in wordplay and it’s it’s it’s little brief aphorisms i’m going to be sharing that with people the lengthy autobiographical poem I have which is a description of creation my own as well as my vision of the larger I’m making that available that’s called first-person a singular so I have a lot a lot of work that I am going to be sharing with patrons and their patronage will allow me to publish it in ways that are beautiful and yeah I’m gonna head over there and enjoin so really cool stuff that you got going on and we’ll say this too we’ve been talking about doing a song together doing a feature a collaboration and maybe that would be on patreon as well patreon exclusive I’m gonna have Laura Erica on a song with me so we’re taught in talks with that so head on over to her patreon in the next few months and that’s going to be available next month about over months but I will have it ready to go I mean it’s already published it’s just not complete so you’ll find tears but I’m about to make it sweeter definitely well I’m gonna I’m gonna go sign up right after this and I invite everyone no matter when you’re listening to this because there’s no there’s no time limit on these podcast like some of the popular podcasts I’ve done like four years ago you know what I’m saying so and they’re still relevant so wherever you are listening to this it transcends time head on over to her patreon page because I’m sure it’s gonna still be poppin so yeah that’s that’s everything that I had written down to talk about you you were on you were on TED talks it’s just tedxtalk TEDx talk a little bit about your experience with that because that was really cool thank you so much that was I shared nine obscure words that revealed the whole purpose of life and so I shared one of the words with you which is a myth ascent meaning possessing full creative power I also shared the word theodicy and I found that word once when I was trying to rhyme the phrase The Odyssey and I kept going in my head the Odyssey the Odyssey The Odyssey theodicy the Odyssey it has to be a word and I looked it up and it is and it means vindication of the goodness of God in relation to the existence of evil and so what I take that to mean is very is is like a lyric in a song at the agape Church God is more than this and it lists all these things on the birth of a love of a child the death of a loved one all of these huge experiences in our lives that the divine is so much more than that and I feel like the theodicy is the purpose of the Odyssey all of us undertake when we enter this dimension which is a journey that we take for greater deeper learning also beset with enormous challenges because that is the catalyst for evolution and so the I look for to myself the theodicy that proof in my life to have overcome my background to be here today talking with you that’s how I become Who I am so theodicy is all of our Odyssey to show that who we are in spirit is greater than anything life could throw at us amen I agree with it thank you so much for coming on hanging out with me it’s it’s it’s such a pleasure to have you and it’s such a pleasure to have your friendship as well I really do feel a kindred connection with you and I’m happy to work with you in the future my friend me to you thank you so much we’ll talk soon thank you thank you bye-bye Derek Derek are we austere not yet okay call me after got you will do it yeah thank you thank you all right Laurel Erica ladies and gentlemen I really do feel a kindred connection with her man as she man her love for words I’ve never I’ve never talked to someone who has like a love for rhyming in in words and coming up with these creative words as well and that’s what it it’s kind of hard sometimes like we like I said how many how many times can i rom mantra chakra you know I’m saying like all of these words that I’m doing I’m trying to be innovative I did not listen to some of her poetry and then like some of these words that I’ve kind of dug deep to rhyme over the years she’s got poetry and stuff and spoken word using these same words and then she’s coming up with some cool stuff as well done I’m like hey I’m have to use it in a song man she has some really cool stuff man so like I said we’re in talks about doing some some music together soon as well she’s had a couple people wanting her to put her stuff to a hip-hop beat and and do some hip-hop music and that’s what I do so we’re gonna make it happen and it’s gonna be really awesome I love her work man the power of words abracadabra is a disarm in this man so they had two negative entities with my positive energy when I’m flowing they feelin me because it’s so in no sympathy for the power is filling me with the sound of a symphony and I said I with it I will be infiltrating the infantry come on some I don’t remember all that stuff I’ve written so it’s tough at this point I don’t even remember all of my my words it’s crazy but yeah man new music I’m still doing it still doing it it’s it’s over on patreon putting out new stuff I’m working on a new album right now called colors it’s gonna be based off with the chakra system just kind of be like influenced off of it it’s not gonna be about the chakras but it’s gonna be influenced off of each song it’s gonna eat songs gonna be based off of the chakra so there’s two of them ready up right now if you want to go download those there’ll be another one not probably within a day or two I’m almost done with another one so working hard at that got some concerts coming up here in the in the distant future that’s gonna be good as well and yeah create it man speak it it’s awesome like I would it’s weird man you you have this notion like I said admit people they see me this is a long time ago this was like four or five years ago they think that like you’re successful and you’re making all this money and you’re touring and you all this stuff is like man we’re like you know I’ve work a full-time job as a truck driver and stuff and so my friend the voice he’s like he told me not to tell people I was a truck driver yeah I don’t tell him your truck jon favreau that kind of kills the magic for him and you know he told me not to tell people and it’s like you want me to lie to people like have a podcast and I’m open and that’s what it’s about so just being open about your story and obviously the story has evolved and I’m doing this for Tom now thanks to patreon supporters thanks to the podcast all of that stuff it enables us to move forward and and I have to return that favor we see someone like Laura Erica I thought I mean she does huge lectures she’s done TEDx talks awesome videos on with Varro like I think that video on Facebook on collective evolution I think that’s got millions of views at least a million views so you would see that you bite man she doesn’t need any money she’s set she’s good but at the end of the day like you know she’s helping other people create their work in editing books and doing all this stuff for her and it takes away her getting her work out of her inspiration which needs to be put out cuz her work is amazing it’s crazy to like you’ll be listening to her stuff and then she’d just they kind of go together now listen to her stuff about the fairies and elementals and I was like hey check out my song I did one about fairies and elementals you know what I’m saying and she fell in love with the visuals and everything was really cool we’ve been corresponding back and forth over the last couple weeks via telephone and email and I really feel a connection with that lady man y’all please go support her she’s it would be definitely worth it and I’m going to do it as well so looks can be deceiving all right you perform and you walk in a level of integrity and a level of excellence and there’s a plumb line that you set with quality as well right quality podcast quality video quality lights all this stuff and it kind of gives the illusion that everything’s okay and you don’t need anything you don’t need any money or you don’t need support or whatever the case is I didn’t think she did you know I’m saying cuz I seen that’s just the illusion y’all she says talking on TEDx and doing lectures and got audio books and all kind of like stuff you could download do you think that there said but uh not without your support they’re not set right and that’s for myself that’s for a lot of my friends who were pursuing this type of work and doing from doing full-time I guess you would say full-time entrepreneurs right bring us up into the table and trying to go full-time off of it a bunch of friends everybody and we all encourage one another we try to support one another that’s what it’s about especially if you want support and you guys hear me say this over and over you want support you’re asking for support but you don’t support anybody and you’re mad and you don’t understand why man I try to put this out there into the world and nobody supports it nobody you never supported anybody and when she says like whatever you’re putting out there whatever you’re creating it’s gonna come back the things you’re saying the things you’re speaking over yourself it’s it’s just like a slingshot it’s gonna come back so if you want help find somebody to help you want support find somebody to support you want encouraging words find somebody to encourage I believe in and you reap what you sow is part of it teamwork makes the dream work man to think that you can do everything on your own you’re deceived you really are you can get to a certain level but you’re gonna reach a ceiling you’re gonna plateau out you have to you have to create a team you have to there’s you can get a lot done but it knows 24 hours you’re gonna be limited and you have other people working on things with you and whether you’re building something and you’re you’re delegating work to other people and people have strengths man and people people want to be involved people want to help even financially this be honest even financially there’s people who like their gifting and their calling like is to support and fund people out there who are out there doing the work like over the years I’ve had amazing people come into my life who believed in my vision and they say look I can’t do what you’re doing I’m this I’m that but I can support it and I can fund it and I can help you because I believe in your work and there’s people who that’s their ministry is to help and support the ministry of helps I believe it ma’am comments here Ali says what you guys do is not for the faint-hearted we love you bro bless you and everyone who supports your family while you live in your calling amen Adam Starseed says I’ll have to go rewatch how was everyone what’s up Adam love you brother he said we have to build and work together no doubt man family is what it’s about it’s about building it’s about growing and creating something beautiful I don’t think there’s a law against it I really do believe that the universe conspires with you I believe that God works with you if you’re creating something beautiful I see the connection because we’re little creators we’re little gods if you will some people get mad at that term but I really do feel like we’re created in the image and likeness of our father who was a creator and so we had that ability to create within us as well even you know something out of nothing we can’t you know we create this podcast didn’t exist my music didn’t exist you know I’ve said so much so many things that we’ve created I is symbols logos like videos webinars whatever you’re creating whatever your you’re building didn’t exist until you blew into it you blew that life essence into it and you’re made in the image and likeness of a creator I really do feel I’ve been talking about this a lot it just blows me away I really do feel like that God is honored when we create something that didn’t exist and um yeah so thank you guys for helping me create this helping me create this new music like I like I was done several years ago I thought my last album well 2015 I thought that uh 333 was gonna be my last album didn’t couldn’t afford it couldn’t pay for the beats couldn’t pay for videos and all that kind of stuff I’ll try to do as much as I could but it was just felt like I’m in Indiana it’s kind of like working against myself but people wanted it people joined with me partnered with me and they wanted another album they wanted this they won is that so you know what we came together and I’m able to do it now through patreon through the support through partnering with you guys and essentially like it wouldn’t exist I have people to get mad at me some I had to do he got mad at me he was like bro you shouldn’t say that you make people feel like marginalized if they don’t support you or whatever but it’s but I would be lying to you to say that these last this last album and even this new stuff moving forward and the podcasts as many episodes and it’s this conversation like wouldn’t exist without your help it literally wouldn’t so I am grateful man I really am moving forward and I think you guys first for believing in me believing in my vision believing in the music I believe in you let’s link together let’s build this thing created as you speak it bless it I hope that you’re really pulling something out of these interviews something out of these conversations I know I am like I love the interviews that I get to do that I’m like that I generally want to ask these people questions and get these people on the show and I all take something away from every episode and um so I hope you I hope you are too I hope you’re not just just an armchair spectator you know just watching I hope you’re like taking this stuff and bringing it to the table and creating it and whatever life that you want for yourself I think that everybody I literally think that everybody should should be doing and can be doing what they want for a living whatever that looks like I mean there’s so many things against you but hey if God is for you who can be against you at the end of the day if God be for you who can be against you so don’t get with me don’t get with Laurel don’t get with nobody I get with God find out what God would have you to do your Creator your father the love of your soul get with that entity that creative power expression that created all of this stuff it wouldn’t exist he’s the first creator wouldn’t would never have existed unless it was slow down into time and coming to this reality get with that person first get with God find out what God would have you to do get honesty no work against God some of y’all out there working against God and then many of you guys are out there cuz the church and religion have told you that things that make you happy and not having to work by the sweat of your brow or like be out in a field somewhere is there’s just you feel guilty because you have people support you you have that like that trust me I come out of the church realm that is there I had to get over it so many people have to get over it so you feel like your desires and the things that you want to do you kind of feel like it might be selfish right and you feel like gods holding it back from you or whatever the case is that’s not that that’s not the case man God he delights in blessing you just like a father delights in giving his kids good gifts and perfect gifts and stuff and if we ask for a loaf of bread God is not gonna give us a rock we ask for a fish he’s not gonna give us a serpent if you ask God for the desires of your heart he’s not holding it over your head like a pendulum he’s not like holding it here this try to get it oh you can’t get it Kenya like there’s people feel like that I felt like that that I can’t have it because I wanted it so much that’s why I say get what God let your pursuits be washed clean hands and a pure heart out of right motives bring something to the table that’s gonna help people that’s beautiful it says if you delight yourself in the Lord he will give you the desires of your heart but that desire is there for a reason God gave it to you you fighting against your desires and thinking that is demonic because their scripture there’s other scriptures that says that the heart is deceitful and wicked who can know it but so you gotta understand that’s Old Covenant the New Covenant is that he gives us his heart that screams fourth album father that’s the heart takes away the heart of stone and gives us a heart of flesh that’s your heart your heart that testifies that there is a creator that you’re one with that creator and that creator loves you and loves to bless you he’s not holding it against you I’m telling you he’s not dangling it above your head and messing with you get that out of your head i rebuked that right now man god loves you he loved he loves to bless his children talking to somebody he loves to bless his children he hasn’t put those desires there for a reason to not eat that those desires aren’t evil that pursuit is not evil keep your hands clean in your heart pure and I guarantee you that God will work with you to make those dreams of reality I’m telling you man you got one life you got one shot don’t sleep on it man don’t it’s not a pipe dream it’s there for a reason your greatest days are ahead of you with that being said I love you guys and we’ll do this again very soon peace and Shalom god bless [Music] for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica comm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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