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In this episode TruthSeekah and Shanta Gabriel speak about working with angels and how she began her work with Archangel Michael. Throughout history people have reported encounters with angels. This is recorded throughout every Holy book in existence and major religions have formed after these angelic encounters. Moses had ecstatic angelic encounters that led him to write the Torah. Muhammad was visited by the Angel Jibril Gabriel, who revealed to him the beginnings of what would later become the Quran. The Apostle Paul was visited by a bright light said to be Jesus that inspired him to write the majority of the new testament. The Angel Moroni is the angel that Joseph Smith stated visited him on numerous occasions that inspired him to write the Book of Mormon. These are but a few examples given throughout culture that record angelic contact that shaped the lives of individuals during their journeys. Within each of these texts there are mentions of many more encounters that inspired many more people to fulfill their God given callings. I approach the conversation of the angelic realms and must mention UFology because in fact very similar stories are happening even today with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings whom we would refer to as angels. Angels are sent to assist in our life’s journey and can appear in many different scenarios. Many people recall having an angelic experiences during a near death encounter. Children have even reported seeing angels on many occasions as it is believed that the veil of the spirit realm is thinner for children because they are closer to God and their eyes have not become calloused. The apostle Paul even speaks about us entertaining angels unawares. The word angel simply means messenger and can vary in meaning due to circumstance or situation. Angels can also show up as ministering spirits to help us during hard times and encourage us on our journey. Many people claim to work with angels during hands on healing and reiki sessions.  This form of healing is referred to as light work.



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