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In this episode TruthSeekah and Shanta Gabriel speak about working with angels and how she began her work with Archangel Michael. Throughout history people have reported encounters with angels. This is recorded throughout every Holy book in existence and major religions have formed after these angelic encounters. Moses had ecstatic angelic encounters that led him to write the Torah. Muhammad was visited by the Angel Jibril Gabriel, who revealed to him the beginnings of what would later become the Quran. The Apostle Paul was visited by a bright light said to be Jesus that inspired him to write the majority of the new testament. The Angel Moroni is the angel that Joseph Smith stated visited him on numerous occasions that inspired him to write the Book of Mormon. These are but a few examples given throughout culture that record angelic contact that shaped the lives of individuals during their journeys. Within each of these texts there are mentions of many more encounters that inspired many more people to fulfill their God given callings. I approach the conversation of the angelic realms and must mention UFology because in fact very similar stories are happening even today with extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings whom we would refer to as angels. Angels are sent to assist in our life’s journey and can appear in many different scenarios. Many people recall having an angelic experiences during a near death encounter. Children have even reported seeing angels on many occasions as it is believed that the veil of the spirit realm is thinner for children because they are closer to God and their eyes have not become calloused. The apostle Paul even speaks about us entertaining angels unawares. The word angel simply means messenger and can vary in meaning due to circumstance or situation. Angels can also show up as ministering spirits to help us during hard times and encourage us on our journey. Many people claim to work with angels during hands on healing and reiki sessions.  This form of healing is referred to as light work.

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spirit realm of all of it is dealing with the angelic realms and stuff so we’re gonna be talking about this by name got an awesome guest lined up for you guys today first of all I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who was supporting my work via patreon you guys enable me to do this full-time reporting my music and my podcasting endeavors to get the truth out there to get a conscious conversation and a safe place to connect with everyone and so we’ve essentially built a community here and it’s beautiful to see everybody in the chatroom as soon as we click that live button everybody floods in here says hello and all of this good stuff so I just want to say a quick good morning and Shalom to everybody who’s joining us there if you want to support head on over to patreon comm backslash true seekers there you get access to my entire discography of music which is 10 plus albums you get access to unreleased music unreleased podcasts and interviews and you also get access to Thursday 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the Holy Spirit the angelic realm even some of the dark stuff I like to kind of get into some of that too cuz I think we can learn from it all but you sent me your story and you were saying that you worked as a massage therapist and one day during a session or I don’t know if you was in a session or not like I said that you had who was it the Archangel Michael appeared at the end of your table during a session I don’t know if you want to start there or I would say that I I was definitely wanting a change in my life and I had been praying very hard I felt like my life path needed to open in a different way it wasn’t I didn’t feel like I was really using my gifts and I had been working as a massage therapist for about 10 or 12 years I was very involved with spirituality and unity church mainly but also Hinduism I had had a guru state new ashram but I was really focused on my new path opening this I was praying very hard for that and I was very adamant when I when I prayed and I really wanted something I was vigorous in my prayer and you know I want it now I was that level of asking so as I was giving this massage the whole the whole room serves lit up and goal light and it was almost it was vibrating so much I thought it might have been an earthquake because if you’re in from California you think earthquake when the room lose but it was not actually I wasn’t in California I was in Hawaii so I was giving the massage at the very end of the massage I send light down the body I’m showing you with my hands and at the end of the table there’s just this light started growing and growing and growing until I saw wings that went completely out my ceiling and I had a high ceiling at the time and it was very disconcerting I was I said in my mind who are you and I heard this voice say I am Archangel Michael and my first thought was there is no way no there is not going to be an angel in my living room so so I I said something like I’m busy you know go away because I was there was a person right in front of me so my background is in Hinduism they say don’t get don’t get it overcome by vision because a lot of that is just an illusion and you need to go deeper if you really want to be one with God you go past the illusion so I was trying really hard to do that with this beam standing at my table and I and I also felt like it was a real it was scary I mean he was he had a lot of power there was there was it was too much for me really and I didn’t know where to put it I had no background in angels I wasn’t interested in angels and you know I would been my family I thought I was pretty much weird for most of my life and so I didn’t really want the Angels so so I ignored him and that wasn’t easy and and this he kept coming back the who you know so I would every time would give him massage she’d be there and people started talking about the light and how strong it was and it was quite amazing but I didn’t tell anybody that this had occurred so I went on for about another year and then I was meditating one day and the same thing started happening in there the room started vibrating gold light filled everything and when I opened my eyes there was this huge beautiful gold angel there with wings that went out the ceiling again and this time I could see his eyes and he and and they just melted my heart was an amazing experience and he said that he was Archangel Gabriel and that he had work for me to do so that was how that one took a whole different turn I was willing to surrender to the process and he taught me this alignment exercise that you just bring light through the the chakras he taught me a way of receiving messages a whole little exercise that I teach in my classes about how to receive your own guidance from your Higher Self and he said that our higher selves are actually the key because we want to connect to our our most divine self and and let that that’s our soul that’s the one that that knows what our soul came here to do and so we use that as the intermediary to the angelic realms or the master teachers or whatever we’re really meant to connect to that our higher self makes it safe then we can really trust that the process is is started and we’ll be able to work from there so that was how it began and it took me a couple of years of doing that every day before I even started telling anybody was there a like a transfer of energy would you able to feel the energy of this being when it when it came into the room atmosphere changed was it was it unbearable was it a beautiful blissful feeling like what was the energy like it was it was huge and expansive and it was very blissful it completely it took my whole consciousness and and deepened it and expanded it so that I felt like I was there one with the light that I could receive was usually I’m sure at the time but are you the only one who’s been able to experience the encounter of actually seeing the entity there or can people feel it you said yeah I haven’t had an experience that people actually seen well they say when they’re with me and many people do say that there’s angels in the room and they and they see it isn’t quite that dramatic of a demonstration as it was at the beginning but but the the transmissions now are very strong and I just completed teaching of 15 week class on the Archangels that are represented in the chakra system and the transmissions from each of the Archangels represented in the chakras was really powerful and people definitely received and said that it was a life-changing experience to go through if we’re doing energy healing prayers meditation removing casting out demons like all of this type of stuff we can’t most of us can’t see what’s going on but something’s taking place there there’s a war being fought there’s nasty entities that are being released and sent places and then there’s angelic assistance that’s their most of the time we can’t we can’t see this stuff sometimes we can and I think this is a time where were you I guess you became more sensitive to seeing this do you think that the angel was there the whole time even before that and you just weren’t wasn’t aware of the energy work that was being done or was this like something like breakthrough this is the first time and then from this point on out I was connected was it something I think it was more than that er because I was yes I I think that that I would have noticed because the energy is so strong when they’re present that we would yeah it’s hard to ignore that I’ve had similar encounters as well um but I don’t see a lot but the times I have been able to see have been amazing and the energy shifts and sometimes it’s unbearable I mean really intense like screaming crying like really did you have anything was it was at any any essences like that when you were in contact where the the energy the the feeling was so blissful were you crying screaming out I’m not sure anything like that do you understand what you’re saying and I think that because I had spent five years in an ashram where my teacher from India was a very powerful master of the science of sound and he transmitted tremendous energies he was a Shakti pop guru who could raise your Kundalini with a with his chanting and with his his voice so I think that I was beginning to get used to it but I had many experiences like that when I was in the ashram where it was too much energy so I think that that as we learn how to receive more of that energy the spiritual energy and be able to hold it in our bodies that that the inner that were able to receive and worry to use it whereas when I would cry and and scream I didn’t scream so much but there but there was a lot of Tears yeah a lot of times when we do that well we can’t stand it anymore so we have to let it out there’s a it dissipates the energy so I think our task because there’s more light coming to the planet now than ever ever before we have access to realms of spirit that have not been available to ordinary people and so with our intention with our focus of attention on on the spiritual realms and and allowing ourselves to be in harmony with what our highest good is what is it that we came here to do we want to have our higher self know that we’re willing to receive access to the realms of our soul that would most service in this time what’s in our highest soul reality so I use that as kind of a phrase you don’t know I I’m willing to receive whatever is in my hope my soul’s highest reality and so yes excuse me oh you good uh let me ask you this because this is something I’ve just been pondering as well there’s a scripture in the Bible that says we are seated with Christ Jesus in heavenly places that like our spirit our soul is in the in the ether whether it’s in the kingdom of heaven or another state III protect I perceive that as being our higher self and we are able to connect with our higher self I feel like that higher self knows our life path knows what we’re supposed to be doing people talk about connecting with their higher self to get guidance about what they’re supposed to be doing is it something similar to that is that is it I think that you’re exactly right on with that yes I think that’s what it is and I and of course we have access to our higher selves because that’s who we are it’s our most divine ask and so yes we have a Wii it takes if the prime the pump we have to it’s like a muscle we have to develop a muscle but that’s our intuition so yes it’s it’s ours we’re meant to have that some people here already asking questions and they want to know some practical things that they can do to connect and it kind of I guess it kind of piggybacks into something that I’ve done in what you’ve mentioned that you said the the Gabriel was a Gabriel Michael that taught you how to do the chakras sending light there’s something to that that’s been a practice that I’ve been doing of just you know the seats of light the wheels of light of just seeing each chakra spinning in a state of meditation visualize light going to them spinning clockwise clockwise and just going up the spinal column and each one lighting up until you get to the crown chakra and something happens there’s a release there’s like an instant trance state that just you know you can even leave your body there’s something about light visualizing light going to places starting things moving things in healing things talk a little bit about the practice that you were taught about the the alight clearing with the chakras yes well why carries is such an amazing tool and Archangel Gabriel has been talking about that now since 1990 this is when all that happened and he says that that divine light carries infinite intelligence and love so the one thing that we can do no matter what’s happening in our lives no matter where we are who are with we can send light into every situation in every relationship and it because of that infinite intelligence it will know what to do so so the exercise that he taught me is actually really simplified it’s all it is is by I’m just gonna do it if I’ll just show you okay yeah so this is the way it and this is on my website as well so there’s the of me doing this and information there I call the light from the highest source there is and I ask this light to fill my highest self with the most divine receptivity and clarity bringing the light through my crown allowing wisdom and grace to flow into my body bringing the light into my third eye allowing illumination and insight and inspiration to flow into my body bringing the light through my my fifth chakra my throat chakra bringing compassion and expression of my creativity allowing the light to flow into the heart expanding the heart in love and healing power allowing the light to flow through the solar plexus bringing strength and protection and courage allowing the light now to flow into the second chakra bringing communication unity consciousness and creative solutions in every situation allowing the light now to drop down into the base chakra bringing well-being into every area of life and allowing that light to drop like a stone down into the center of the earth bringing that nourishment and strength and well-being from the earth back into the human form allowing ourselves to be in this radiant rainbow light and expanding our field into the realm of pure potential may all that we do in this day be in harmony with our highest soul reality for all these blessings we say thank you and so it is Amen that’s beautiful I felt that way and like you said that’s on your website too if somebody wants to listen to that you can go to her website and check it out that’s powerful there’s something about light maybe light is all weapon light is our currency like light light lightning electricity water like all of this magnets like all of this stuff kind of works together to create who we are where all of that stuff mixed together I always go back to the scriptures I’ve studied the scriptures for years and just there’s so many phrases about being filled with light being vehicles of light being light bearers literal light bringers of knowledge and even like the early term of the word Illuminati was the illuminated ones and is all of these references throughout the scriptures about light workers and we work with light that is so beautiful and I think it’s I think it’s really that easy like I don’t think that that was that what you did was that hard or somebody can just sit down and imagine like we created as we think it and as we speak it we envision it we speak it out we create light going down to each part of our bodies our chakras which is symbolic for things going on in our in our life essentially and speak life and light to each one and therefore get up from that place changed and feel the energy vibrating at a higher level of frequency that easy and it’s all within yourself right you’re not going somewhere you go within it’s easy and it’s simple but because of all of our the way we restrict ourselves or our belief systems or old patterns it may not be as easy you know is it but it truly is a very simplified thing and Archangel Gabriel says that that the radiance of someone who brings light into their body on a regular basis is both transformational and magnetic so we’re in a time where we’re using light as a creation tool we’re creating what we want we actually can bring you know the visualization of what we’re here to do or what we’re wanting to experience in our lives bring that all the way through the chakra system we start from violet at the top down goes all the way through the rainbow to red and the in the base and this base piece is the other thing that Archangel Gabriel talked a lot about still does is is grounding how we need to bring these higher realms these higher frequencies of energy into our body and let them change us and transform us let the light do its work we intended and then we need to ground it because the earth needs the light the the earth is going through its own transformation and we’re a part of that so we want to be really connected and he uses trees a lot as a demonstration of what we can do when we’re rooted deeply into the earth the winds of change can come and blow us all these ways and yet we stay we stay in our bodies we stay here and that’s part of learning how to use light and take the higher frequencies into the body without letting them dissipate through over emotions or or how we you know that that feeling of being so uncomfortable that we want to jump out of our skin the grounding is a key to to learning how to work with that yeah balancing the inner energies definitely so that we don’t get so overwhelmed because hey you know and I’ll say this so like the whole the whole overwhelming thing if you get overwhelmed you can’t really do what you’re being anointed for that moment to do if there’s something for you to do to get rid of or to help someone else get through their trauma through their pain and hurt but you’re just so caught up in the Bliss which is beautiful you know and it can be contagious and I think part of that’s healing as well that’s we’re able to feel that but it’s to be be mindful and not to just get caught up in the feeling itself because we forget of it people get a dict addicted to the feeling of these beings just like you get addicted to drugs I know for me when I was a teenager I was you know I’d used a lot of I say a lot of toys I smoked marijuana a lot and it took me to this a similar place of euphoria and bliss which now that’s behind me the the presence of the Holy Spirit of God of the angelic realms that took that euphoric place that alcohol and drugs kind of brought into my life and I got addicted to being in that blissful state and it’s good but if we can get caught up there asleep where we we don’t move any further we just feel the Bliss we feel the presence and we just were content in it you know and I can understand that totally and have been there and then then one time I was told that I was so spiritual I was of no earthly good you know that’s not what we came to do so it really is like developing a muscle it gets the more grounded we are and we need we’re here to bring divinity into our human form in a way that has never been possible before the great masters in the past they had access and now we as regular people have that access but it takes preparation it takes our intention it takes allowing ourselves to be a good receiver there’s there’s you know so it’s a refinement process to you yes yep big big time we call it the sanctification process was a hammering process I’ve heard I’ve heard a pastor say he says cuz that’s a cliche in the church room you’re so spiritually minded you know earthly good but I’m so spiritually minded that I’m earthly incredible you know how it’s supposed to be let me let me ask you this so what do do the Angels say when in reference to Jesus the Holy Spirit or God do they because there’s like there’s always you always have to be careful of the entities that you’re trying to channel or or speak to who bring about some new revelation or something that kind of brings the worship and glory to the angelic being versus the being pointing to the creator of or source or whatever the case is is there any conversation that goes on there with that with pointing back to God or creator or anything cuz I’ve even seen messages lately people are trying to like undo the notion of a creator and we don’t need that in our life and things like it’s kind of weird have anything it does and you know the the miracles of life how can anybody doubt that there is a creator and infinite intelligence that somehow it is it it’s two amazing and miraculous to doubt that there is a creator that is always there so there’s that they they caught the divine presence that’s usually the terminology that that that we work with so that’s what they’ve given to me and so I so definitely and they and they also call it the river of all creation that there is this divine flow that occurs and it’s happening through us all the time we just have to step our feet into the flow and be receptive and it’s going through us there it is so that’s that’s what I think really an essential thing to remember is that there’s that the divinity is there and we want to bring it in and allow it to work with us and so that that alignment being like a tree it really keeps coming back to that if there’s somebody out there listening who wants to connect with say some of the main angels Michael email you know your Raphael can anybody do this and and how do you go about doing oh and is it safe I mean there’s a lot of beer that’s been out there of connecting with anything other than Jesus or God or whatever there’s a good reason for that and so so then that comes right back to why we want to use our higher self rather than just going okay whoever is out there I did that I did that that’s my story it’s very confusing and it doesn’t have that quality of presence so we want to use our spiritual resources to bring us what is most connected to our soul we what we don’t want to just open it up to anybody because there’s there’s lots of beams out there that don’t have bodies that are not very wise and they’re not safe yeah and they’re looking for bodies you know we just open ourselves out god knows what might happen so it’s not that’s not in our highest good so so I always say whatever’s in my highest good and so we talked to the highest self I call it the soul star you know – this is my my soul’s voice I want to hear what my soul has to say and so for me it was a writing exercise that helped me to that the Archangel Gabriel gave me and I actually am teaching it this summer but I but it’s part of what I do as a coach you know teaching people to receive and that’s like developing a muscle you have to do it every day and you have to have your intentions really clear and and and you know the sanctification process as you say preparation for what it is that you really want you to feel in your life when it adds meaning and purpose you know without this connection to your to source energy inside and without that connection to your your soul for me life doesn’t have any purpose or meaning otherwise so that’s part of what I what I do with my the prayer work and the groups that I work with is is to really recognize that our spiritual practice is what brings us into alignment with our soul and what has meaning and it gives purpose to our lives again you mentioned the prayer work and prayer is something that seems so basic you know I think all religions practicing is that okay it’s just reciting a prayer or talking to God or whatever what’s so magical about prayer for you for me it starts off as maybe a petition maybe but but even as we pray I feel like we’re creating it so it’s not a begging I don’t beg pray anymore you know I shift things when I pray I bind in loose things as the Scriptures would say and I think we create as we speak if we understanding the power of our voice and versus sending a petition holy God hears me hopefully God grants my prayer but actually knowing how to pray I mean that’s that’s something there too to know how to pray and things like that what is the beauty of prayer for you o prayer for me it raises my vibrational frequency so our vibrations that frequency of energy that that we that that we when we when we pray we raise that vibrational frequency the higher the frequency the more your prayers are on the alignment with what it is that you are asking for that demand that divine source when I say asking I I use the qualities of consciousness that I want to experience a lot of times it’s just the opposite of what I’m experiencing Princeton’s if I really confuse then then I will pray for clarity you know and and and so you know I believe that we can and I got so many cool so many things going through and Hine at one time when it coming back to the prayer raising our vibrational frequency allows us to be connected to our soul the higher the frequency the higher of our the the more receptive we are the more were able to receive and hear our souls voice because when we pray that is giving our attention to and when we meditate and just breathe and sit quietly in the silence that’s where God is it’s in-between our breaths so so it’s that we need to listen as much as we talk to our prayers so it’s it yeah that’s a big thing that people do is they approach God or prayer I’ve just let me tell you about my problems and then it’s over as I hold on like you would never approach any type of relationship like that I mean don’t you hate it when somebody calls you on the phone and they talk for 10 minutes 10 minutes and tell you all of this drama hey I gotta go let’s talk to you later and it was like I don’t even get a chance to say nothing but hello so it’s kind of the same thing that relationship was with your Creator it’s like you speak let your petitions be known that you’re you know whatever’s going on in your heart and your mind and confess it speak it out but you know I think prayers where we talk to God and like the same meditations where God talks to us we need to be quiet and listen and God will speak to our hearts and and tell us the answers and how to rearrange some things and where what we should do next if we should do anything you know these type of things but just sitting in that presence and and the what the scripture says be still and know that I am God like there’s power and just simply acting as a human being versus a human doing but just sitting in that in that presence of who you are of who God is of all of the this spirits that are out there and knowing who you are in in the midst of that and how they serve you and how you’re protected from the I mean take it all in and sit in the knowing of that it’s beautiful yes absolutely well sad no as far as having encounters I told you we like to talk about encounter so you had this I think most of us have like our first one or two life-changing encounters it’s weird to fathom that this is easy for us to talk about a lot of people listening but there’s people who haven’t had any like there’s people like I’ve had so many I’m content if I never have another one oh but because my mind is still blown from the stuff I’ve already experienced and I don’t want to be a spoiled kid show me more I want to see more you know and I’m already the information has come through now it’s time to present it and things but for people who haven’t had an encounter and anything like that like it could be hard for them to believe because a lot of people seeing is believing I think for people of faith and people of vision I think that believing is seeing I think that’s the thing that’s more you know more along the lines of truth if we believe it we will see it but talk a little bit about some of the other encounters that you’ve had whether it be good or bad or any time that other entities have manifested I don’t know if you’ve we talked about demonic possession I know that isn’t that isn’t a part of my history it’s not a you’ve been through some places that were pretty dark though you’ve dealt with some really well I think that you know the Dark Knight of Saul has been a real familiar place for me I would say that that one of them more dark I didn’t see any entities with this except for myself and that was dark enough so I the after working with the the Archangels mostly Archangel Gabriel for about seven years I had eventually I started telling people what I was doing I I finally told my husband that was a couple of years going before I you know because I didn’t trust that he would receive it on the level that I would preceding it so and and I did have a lot of visions when I was with my guru that but they were much more of that Hindu based and those are also qualities of consciousness just like the Angels they all carry wallet consciousness so when we’re asking for a quality of consciousness like clarity like illumination like balance then there there are those beings that that represent those qualities and so so I did have experiences like that but after working with Archangel Gabriel for a number of years and just sort of beginning teaching I also started this little angel business it was right during the time in the in the 90s in the late 90s when the angel craze started and and there were angel stores all over the country and I wrote my own car I have cards and during that time so I choose one now and we’ll just start there let’s see Derrick might to know today oh you got to okay what is it be aware of the simple truth that God exists in all circumstances that’s always good to know and remember that just remembering that Israel that’s been my message here for the last couple years yeah and you wouldn’t have a desire without the means to fulfill it Wow so the desires of our soul are there for a purpose and so we’re here for that anyway so through through that time I created these cards it’s I had I had my work in in maybe four four hundred or more angel shops all over the country that was the way you did it back then you worked with the retail outlets I had t-shirts and hats and they all had a message on them magnets so so it was it became this little business and and in those days women were not able to get loans very easily and and so I as most women did that I knew at the time where we created our businesses through credit cards and so you know when I didn’t have a publisher for my book I self-published and eventually it got over overwhelming it got more than I could actually pay at the same time as I was trying to build it it was it was falling in and and it was a time when when I was very frightened and when I asked my guidance I asked her Kendall Gabriel okay what what’s happening what shall I do and he’s one of the main things he said it’s just when did you think you’d need faith and I thought I think I thought well that’s a great bumper sticker but it’s not helping me right now you know but the true it was true it was that that it’s easy to have faith when things are going really well but when we really need to find the faith is when things are dark and they’re not happening the way we think they should be so so in that process of bankruptcy for my business the the our house was underwater and the attorneys they would just throw it into the bankruptcy so we lost our house and and then my appendix burst I had a car accident and and and then my husband found the new wife so so we got divorced all in one year that was 1999 and you know that I hope never to have to have an experience like that again because I mean people are having that happen right now I can relate so much through you lose everything that you held dear in your life that value is gone and then who are you because if everything that we think we are is gone then we have this whole other exploration of finding out who we truly are from then and so that was a huge experience just to go there and and here and another one of my things about that is that that I like to ask for signs and and so in that process of dissolving my life I went to I went to live in a spiritual community and in Michigan that was a retreat center just to have a safe place to be and it was in the it was in the countryside and it was just a very beautiful safe place and so when I was trying to decide if I should go there I prayed a lot and I and I I was listening as well and what I heard is I that it was appropriate for me to go there and they said October 1st to January 15th was so clear that was 1999 and so I heard that and I said I’m willing God lead me you know this is you know I’m willing to be led if this is where I need to go but I need a sign I want a sign because all of that was in my mind I need a physical sign and right at that moment I was covered in butterflies my ho they were crawling down my face they were like they were all over me it was it was I’ve never seen a flock of butterflies with hundreds and they were all over me it was it was astounding and and I I said that that is a really good sign god but give me one more just to say just one more and there was a doubting Thomas and just in that moment there was a two blue butterflies and a yellow butterfly that landed right at my feet in this little pile and I and I had never seen a blue or a yellow butterfly at that point and so I said okay you know I’m I’m willing to do this I recognize that that was the last piece of my and that everything I had in my life will now be gone and I surrender it’s up to you God I’m yours you know and and that was the beginning of starting all over again and I was 56 so it wasn’t exactly it wasn’t quite as easy as it had been when I was 30 or something yeah I’m sure I mean I think that’s so beautiful though is the butterfly of new beginnings and rebirth and things as well sign of synchronicity and leading you to the next phase in life and so you’ve been doing very well that’s what some people were asking as well in the chat wanted to know is your family supportive of your beliefs and no they they they they never were and they still are and you know and I’ve been on this path for four years and so you know obviously if I you know with the but where they are right now is that they think I’m a nice person you know where that was kind of the same so you know they might money from a religious background at all or no am I actually nine my family had no religion my father was in the Navy he was a military officer you know that was our whole life I started finding my own church when I was I think I was about nine or ten and we lived in a small town and I started just riding my bike to a different church every week because I needed to have spiritual support and and and it wasn’t Mizzou only one of the family that would you know but that was important to me and so so I’ve always been kind of the black sheep of the family anyway and so they and they truly I think my son says that I mean well you know but I mean thinks I’m I’m whatever he thinks I don’t know that’s the crazy thing we’ve been talking about that a lot because I mean that’s a lot of people’s stories you know their family disowned them or they’re they can’t talk about these type of things with other people like in the in the scriptures at school because Jesus talks about like this is Jesus the Son of God all power righteousness given unto him he would go in the cities where he would see people he grew up with and people who knew him and his father and his brothers and sisters and he was just a regular guy but now you’re talking about all this spiritual stuff like I know you’ve always been into that kind of stuff but they didn’t believe him right look how we went to school with you you’re a carpenter you led a regular job you’re regular guy and now you’re talking about all of this supernatural stuff and so this is Jesus with all the power and glory and authority was rendered powerless in his his home town and were the people who knew him but s/he would leave and go out people would like man he could speak a word of faith and and change people’s lives and be able to still assist in healing and getting over all of their stuff but at home the scripture said that a prophet is without reward in his own home because they know you and it’s the same thing like hold on your true seeker you know you you were just into this last week and now you’re doing this but we go out of town and people are move the faith and they just simply believe and it’s just something with that there that you know in your own home in your own hometown it’s the hardest place to kind of win them over yes and so we choose a new family we choose soul family that that that support us and communicate with us and believe in us and and that’s that’s what’s really important now you know I feel absolutely supported by my community of friends you know and so and that’s what you know and we bless our family we we bless them on their path you know it doesn’t ultimately it doesn’t matter to our soul whether somebody approves of us or believes in us that’s something to get over though like that can be that dark night you know it was it you know so I just I bless them I you know I try to be as kind you know treat them with loving kindness you know I you know I treat them as I would want to be treated but but in trying terms I had to completely give up on receiving love and approval from my family yeah that’s a big one it’s hard for a lot of people like I said I went through you know I opened myself up as a teenager to all these entities and wanting to make contact with anything out there I essentially became oppressed or possessed whatever I was going insane because all of these entities were contacting me and I couldn’t stop it I couldn’t say when it was just you know the key to our own energy system so we we don’t turn that over exactly I did that and it was it was bad it was really bad and I ran to Jesus I needed healing I needed peace in my life and I found it in Christ okay and went through some a lot of healing through that and then you know that was really dark for me like I was I would never wish that upon anybody would never want to go back to a place like that but as I was receiving my calling and things were evolving a little bit from just regular Christianity or regular evangelical Christianity put it that way things got a little weird and I was you know seeing angelic beings and UFOs I see him in the night sky they wouldn’t make contact they got really interesting as I began to talk about some of this stuff reluctantly in some places but on podcasts and in other people would watch him in my community and stuff and so I went through a dark night because I was a Christian minister Christian evangelists who a lot of people looked up to now they think I’m a devil worshiper because I’m talking about UFOs and aliens and whatever it’s our systems and all of this kind of stuff so I went through something that I it was just this dark ask the stuff I received from the demonic possession stuff when like having all of your friends and family and fans and people who look up to you turn their back on you and warn people about you stay away from him he’s deceived he’s possessed this is that that was very hard because like we do want to be approved we do want fellowship we do want community and then when that community you’re a part of it’s just like now we can’t have you or whatever the case says it can be very hurtful but we all have to get to the many people listening have been through that or are going through that right now and so it’s understanding that it will live for their approval will die at their rejection we have to know who we are we have to know who God says we are you know that we’re loved that we’re beautiful fearfully wonderfully made and we have a plan in the future and our lives have purpose and stuff is if we don’t know that and we don’t tune in the podcast and episodes or surround ourselves with people who is going to reaffirm that in us will start to believe what the other people say about us well maybe I am a nobody maybe I am a has-been maybe I am crazy maybe I am making it all up you start to believe this kind of stuff so it’s really good to have a community of people who see the best in you that know the best who can speak it out prophesy pull it out of you and just encourage you in your walk and help you find out what what unique walk that is for you not my walk or not your walk for somebody else but their particular life path and how to follow that and get on that journey but faint not because all the bad stuff in the dark night is part of that journey it’s all part of it and it’s for a reason and forces it teaches us and you know here I mean I I’m over is not gonna come you know my they’re not going to approve of me they’re not going to understand it’s not a part of their reality system yeah so you know we have to honor each person in their own and their own reality and it may not be ours and and when we do that it allows them we we receive we receive what we put out so if we’re respecting their own path even though it’s not ours that then then just having people if they don’t approve it’s okay because they still love and respect us that that would be great that’s good enough you know and if it’s our path that they reject us then there will be others and what’s so lovely now is like what you’re created is a community now people have a place to go to find out that there are alternatives and that then people who have gone through the dark night and come out the other side and are happier than ever you know and so it’s like my my life is so fulfilling to me and and in many ways you know I don’t have a husband or this or that you know but it I still have what I have is so valuable and has so much depth and meaning and purpose and beauty and and these this is the way I live now and you know finally you know my brother actually came to visit me for the first time in 50 years at the beginning of the year or last year the last year and it was just an incredible thing because I don’t know what he was expecting me to live in but he was he and his wife were completely blown away by the beauty in my life and the beautiful place where I live and and you know and how happy I am in I mean they just it was like astounding to them and I have I shudder to think what they imagined that was living in 50 years every now and then you know it was it’s been a real journey and we’re in a fabulous time now because there’s so many people that are on this journey and the consciousness that the planet has transformed and all of those people I’ve laughed sometimes I think okay those of us who went through the 60s we would through the 70s in age there was that time of the harmonic convergence when everything shifted and now we’ve just come through may look kind of the same but it’s not things that’s why things are responding to light and that’s when light is such an important tool to bring into our bodies and let it change us you know that’s the I believe that’s the Holy Spirit coming in you know it’s another it’s the form that it comes in light we call it whatever of the names we can call it I think that they’re all right and it’s all you know it’s just semantics you know it means whatever it means to us this light is transformational and when we bring it in and let it work on us we change there’s a wonderful one of the most powerful tools we have right now was discovered by this I mean if people already knew this when you put your hands on your heart and just breathe into your heart if you take three or four breaths into your heart you will calm down and what this group of scientists called heart math it’s a it’s a nonprofit organization and in the San Francisco Bay Area they found out that it creates a coherence in our bodies when we put our hands on our hearts our bodies shift and and it allows us access to a greater level of intelligence that we have within us and so they’ve been studying the heart for 25 years and and and found out that there are scientific reasons that we feel better when we put our hands on their hearts and it allows us to feel more grounded so that whole connecting connection to the roots of a tree that aspect of ourselves is really how we bring these higher qualities through our human bodies I believe that I believe that you know with the hand over the all that other hand mudras I like that that to put our bodies in different postures to receive energy to to send energy with different hands like there’s a spiritual science to it all and it all up shit too I mean just a way you’re breathing through your nostrils which nostril through your breath and imagining when you breathe in imagine the light coming through your breath and clearing your whole system and moving yes there’s so much spiritual science just to that and it works you feel different after you do it whether you’re creating it as you speak it you’re creating it in your mind it’s real for you it changes you if you if you believe it and you do it and count countless numbers of people are being are being helped through these last few years have it have been haven’t really had the the awareness that you know in the Eastern cultures they have been studying this stuff for thousands of years this is not like new information and so you know if you have an open mind that’s the beginner’s mind if you can’t fill a you can’t fill up a cup of tea you can’t pour more tea into it if it’s already full so we want to learn how to have more of an open mind and an open heart and if we’re in alignment with our higher self and woop we’ve prayed to only receive that what’s in our highest reality and what’s in our highest good then we can trust that what we were saving is good for us but it’s just the study of you know there’s so many different forms of yoga and and the Chinese medicine has been working with how the energy flows through our body for years they they’ve called this you know prana chi all those sacred terms for lifeforce where we are connected to a higher force of energy working in us Yoda was right use force it’s this really available to us we don’t narrow our thinking and and say only be what we already know what point is that how we’re going to learn if we don’t expand and explore in these other areas and I think that the sacred movement of the eastern cultures where they they’ve they’ve studied Tai Chi and Chi kung and and hatha yoga and the pranayama the different exercises with the breath and the body movements those are refining our energy system and people are finding that that they’re being healed of chronic things but just by using these using the body the energy of the body and a new way yep that along with with the mind seeing happening in the breath as far as speaking it and creating it it’s powerful it’s possible yeah so you have some sessions available and some things that you offer on your website if you want to go ahead and plug that out where people can contact you guys a lot of comments a lot of people really digging what you’re talking about and so there’s some stuff you can the classes all kinds of stuff you got a really cool well my website is Santa Gabriel comm gabr IL and it’s Shaunta sha n ta so I’m dick Gabriel calm and if you go there I have meditation there’s even a free there’s a meditation of a tree right there are free right now you can go there and you can have all these different meditations and different ways of connecting and I have private sessions where I actually do a session where we walk you through the light and bring the rainbow light body into your own energy system so you can have an experience of it and once we have an experience of that that higher frequency then we don’t go back we’ve stretched our envelope and we become changed and so it’s it’s wonderful to have an experience of that and I do it in person and I do it on the phone as well and I also have a soul alignment reading what what is it that we really are aligned to do who what are we here for and what is our energy system working on right now what do we need to know things are changing so quickly that it’s really important to get in touch with the self you know and so I help people do that I don’t have any classes online right now but I do have programs that I’ve already done theirs so I’m in the process of putting that 15 weeks into an actual program that can be downloaded and so there there’s a I keep I keep up leveling so I’ve had these programs available and then I’ve up level energetically because I’m changing you know God changes us all the time and so we are continuously up leveling our energy and raising our frequencies and so then it’s like new and maybe the old information but there’s a new transmission of light there’s a stronger connection deep in our soul so that’s been a really important key for me I want people to have a personal experience that’s what it’s about it’s what it’s always been about so those same experiences that you’ve experienced and just kind of opening them up for everyone else to come and be a part of and I think that really changes and just lives in that that’s that’s my message too and so I appreciate that Shanta thank you for coming on hanging out with me I’ve really enjoyed it you guys make sure you go and check out her website and some of the stuff that she has which is really cool you won’t be disappointed it’s our thanks for coming on we have to do it again sometime soon thank you dear all right god bless thank you Dante Gabriel ladies and gentlemen good stuff yeah it really enjoyed it so there’s a couple questions here I’m gonna try to jump to in the in the chat or comments anyway a Christian says I pray why can’t I receive I know it and believe it but why can I see it why am I still blind when I see so many things including spiritual planes from pass and I’m the past or future life I thought of a an answer but it looks like allogram kind of beat me to it she says Christian it sounds like you are receiving that’s good that’s good information to be privy to those things you mentioned that’s a wonderful gift you have much love yeah I think so I think that it’s different for everybody I think that some people are able to see I have certain friends who have a very similar story to scientists where they were actually able to see angels whether with the eyes open or with the eyes closed or whatever some people are able to sense it in their body some people it works different for everybody like everybody doesn’t work the same but you have to figure out what works for you and it’s through like the sermon of spirits of just being able to feel the auric field of the room of the individual to kind of know how to pray or how to release things or whatever so it works a little bit different for everybody and I’ll say just be open to that don’t always want to see something close your eyes and see what you feel and and some of us some people can do it all you know some people see stuff all the time I’ve seen physical things I’ve seen I’ve probably had a lot more more profound encounters with my eyes closed of in the angelic realms and have it encounters with Jesus with my eyes closed versus seeing something with my eyes open which I’ve seen incredible things angelic beings and stuff like physically manifests and I’ve seen demons physically manifest so I know this stuff is real through these these type of encounters but the more powerful encounters have been with my eyes closed and being able to see in the spirit what was there and then everyone else being able to feel it as I’m able to see it in really beautiful encounters and so everybody’s different not everybody are gonna flow in the same giftings and not everybody’s gonna interpret the energy of the same way so that’s what I would say about that Christie says she’s diggin everything she’s saying but I don’t know if I want a private session like that I just enjoy listening well you know never know until you try it like I don’t know if you you know felt the energy at the beginning of her doing the chakra clearing and sending the light to each part very powerful and I know you felt that I know you did so if that if that’s all it is is just that you know that’s a that’s enough man it really is if you really give yourself into that and into the breathing and stuff it’s beautiful I really do like what she’s bringing to the table everybody’s stories different and just because I have somebody on who believes a little bit different or you know they approach things a little bit different doesn’t mean that I believe in it or vouch for it but it’s their story um you know I’m I’ve got a study I’ve been working on I’m trying to get it out we’re talking about like all of this stuff is figments of our imaginations or these angels that we create these demons that we create the beings that we’ve channeled that we create that are already a part of us we already feel the information but there’s not enough confidence to share it to speak the truth it has to come from an external source because we don’t feel like we could accurately share the information or the energy though I believe that a lot of people are creating for themselves these personas as scapegoats whether it’s the Angels you know what whether it’s like you know you feel a certain type of way let’s just say about this is given let’s just give her and I’ll use her story not saying that this was the truce but let’s just say that she feels deep down within that if you vision light being sent to your body or to people that it will heal them like she feels that strongly to come out and say that how did you come up with that information scientifically how do you know that well I just thought about it you know there’s got to be something there so what gives a lot of people confidence is to say that an entity told them that that in well the Angels told me oh well if the Angels told you is in it maybe it’s true it’s the scapegoat we have something to blame it on if it’s not true or or where did we get this from I really feel like that man and I’ve been doing a study about all of that about channeling I brought it up on a channeling podcast that somebody had me on awhile back and uh they didn’t seem to like it that much so it’s this another approach it’s another psyche way of doing it I think that most of the stuff is within us and we feel it we just have to have a scapegoat to say it whether the scapegoat is the Holy Spirit or on a positive note or on a negative note your prejudice the things that you don’t like well it’s just very interesting that God happens to not like the things you don’t like you don’t like gay people whoa honey God doesn’t like gay people or what about the people who love gay people well there’s verses and things in the Bible for people to back that up and you know you find what you’re looking for when it comes to that but you need a scapegoat so that you’re not crazy and um we’ve talked about this about people channeling like Bashar and there’s a whole persona that comes in with it there’s a voice change that comes in with it there’s an enlightening feeling and you will receive bliss you know or Bashar changes his voice to sound like another entity hello how are you well my name is dis and he gets this weird thing you know I approach it when talking about the brother Wayne character that I created and so when I get into character all of these things I’m able to say things that truth-seeker cannot say because of the fear of repercussion it’s the scapegoat theory we have something to blame it on I’m gonna finish this teaching I’m almost done with it I just have to talk to homestyle shout out the home sauce in the chair I talked to him about a little bit I don’t know if I’m going to narrate it I want to do pictures and it’s got videos and all that stuff I don’t know if I’m gonna narrate it or pay somebody to to read it for me um just cuz I don’t think my voice is as soothing right in this debt same thing but it does practical truth to it you know maybe even in my psyche that someone would believe the information that I’m going to present if it was presented in a more Elek elegant eloquent way someone who’s a better speaker obviously if we got somebody from Britain somebody from England to vote narrated everybody in the US would be sold they think it’s real I think it’s legit just because someone sounds different in their sharing it like there’s studies done on all this stuff man so even with that aspect of the scapegoat of having somebody else narrator and sound more professional or more eloquent you know what I’m saying it’s kind of that same thing of it falls back upon somebody else everybody does and I’ve got this huge teaching man that um I’m trying to get out there so be on the lookout for that I I’m I’m excited and nervous to get it out at the same time because I want to I’ve got all the information I just have to kind of round it up and kind of bring it all home about the message that I’m trying to present and it’s not but in its not saying it as fact at the end of the day maybe you are channeling maybe you are being visited by entities who are telling you to say stuff you know who knows you know what I’m saying so but I think it is another way of looking at it that could definitely be what’s going on with with channeling and mediumship and things like that I say if you have a truth just embody that truth man speak it don’t be afraid of it especially if it helps people and it’s good stuff you know if it’s bad stuff keep it to yourself you know Adam says uh don’t be nervous all info was precious no doubt brother Christie says you narrate it a mite and it’s not like my I don’t honestly don’t like to hear my voice playback but that’s I don’t know that’s just me maybe it’s not me maybe some other people too but anyway I’m gonna say peace and Shalom and I enjoyed this uh hangout session with you guys in this podcast and thank you guys for supporting my work and everything that I’m bringing to the table you guys enable me to do it through your giving into your donations and to your patreon support it means the world to me I’m blown away I really am Leon who says that when I hear my voice it sounds weird right do you remember the first time you heard your voice record it played back it’s not me I remember being a little kid in the first time hear my voice I’m late it sounds like another person you know and a weird oh yeah shout out to everybody holding us down in the chat yep got a bunch of new podcasts coming up this whole month it’s already booked and we’re already booking into the next month so you want to check out the stream schedule head on over to my website true seeker com this stream schedule is there we’re trying to shoot for every Tuesday and Thursday at another day to go live just to kind of go live and and share with you guys to just hang out you know so reading their comments Oh awesome you guys got to hang out laughs and if you’re listening to this on the podcast and if you want to catch a live one subscribe to YouTube you’ll be alerted when I go live and you’ll get that little alert so thank you guys again all the stuff true sigue comm check out the stream schedule there’s CDs if you want to buy physical CDs there’s t-shirts all of that stuff supports what I’m doing so uh check it out Chrissy says go La Friday I might we’ll see love you guys peace and Shalom would do it again Barry [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker com and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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