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When Will The World End? When is the rapture, who is Babylon and what is the mark of the Beast? Or better yet, when WAS the rapture? Brian Godawa joins TruthSeekah on the Podcast and covers all of these controversial Biblical End Time prophecy subjects and more. When we think about the rapture it’s interesting to note that the word itself appears nowhere within the Bible, not even once. Upon further study the Bible actually teaches many things contrary to the popular end time rhetoric that we’ve been told in mainstream christianity for years. The majority of christendom have just blindly accepted these agreed upon doctrines without question or propper contextual evidence. It’s almost as if the doctrines were passed down from generation to generation. We have also seen what happens when people begin to questions these doctrines as well. They are usually ridiculed, rejected, excommunicated or ghosted. In this interview Brian Godawa gives us a look into what may seem new to a lot of believers but has been there within the Bible the entire time. Brian explains how the views expressed were also the views of the Biblical writers as well as the early church and gives precise scriptural evidence for these claims.
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first one make sure after this you go back and listen to that one really good stuff we covered some great topics and we kind of went in at the very end of that episode about horror movies and some of the allegory and some of the beauty in horror movies so make sure you guys go check out that interview as well I can’t go any further without saying thank you to all of our supporters via patreon everybody who supports my work financially I literally could not be doing this without your help so thank you guys for supporting we give a shout out to some of the newest supporters who have jumped on board with this thing we have going on which is the true seeker podcast and the music and the School of the Mystics and everything we’re bringing to the table so shout out to the latest patron someone changed the name to elite shout out to the elite whoever that is Laura Manson hanging out in our discord community as well Chrissy Silva and who else we got here Megan Sean Karen Sydney John Nathan 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be awesome to see you guys there if y’all want to come there and enjoy that event with this it’s gonna be really good August 18th so sure Mississippi the info is that true sticker calm so without further ado this is podcast number 2 with Brian gaddama Brian good morning how are you my friend good Derek thanks for having me on ready to rock and roll here ready to get into it early this morning yeah oh hey I got a question for you how does this zoom work visually does it like bounce back and forth between you and me or are we both up on the screen at the same time visually what we look like on YouTube is we’re side by side right now and then I have the ability to zoom in on you or zoom in on me or put a side-by-side I’ll control everything on the back end alright I just wanna make sure in case I need to pick my nose or something you know I do I do that when I have to pick my nose I put it on in just the guest and I pick my nose and come back like nothing ever happened so yeah man um we’re gonna get into it this morning I really enjoyed our last episode that we did together I got a like I was saying before we went live I got a lot of traffic from your site you have a huge following people adore your work you just come out with another book which is the third of the fourth installment of The Chronicles of the apocalypse right this is a resistant revolt of the Jews it’s a good place to start would be just kind of give people an idea of what the Chronicles of the apocalypse is for some of the newer listeners who have never heard of that sure Chronicles of apocalypse is a novel series where I try to basically I call it the origin story of the book of Revelation so you know you’ve gotten a lot out there these days there’s a whole you know there’s a whole market of books and novels about the end times and what’s it gonna look like and you know of course left behind is that is the sort of the big turning point where because it’s sold you know over 60 million or more books and it was it was the the dominant sort of interpretation of the end times called dispensationalism or slash premillennialism not that that matters if anyone cares but the point is is left behind is sort of like the the typical view and so nowadays there are a lot of books where people say oh you know what’s what’s the mark of the beast going to look like in our future and all this stuff and all of them assume that the book of Revelation was written about our time period or our near future and I take a different tack on that in that I want I want to go back and write the story about the origin of the book of Revelation when John wrote it in the first century you know you’ve got a time period that’s just fascinating historically for Christians number one or really anybody interested in kind of religious history because we’re you know we’ve got Nero is Nero Caesar is the Emperor and of course he became famous for engage in engaging in persecuting the Christians throwing them to the Lions and the reason why he did that was because he needed a scapegoat for the Great Fire of Rome and otherwise people are gonna blame him for burning down Rome so that he could rebuild it in his in his image see and so he found a scapegoat and he started persecuting Christians and at the same time right around ad 66 or so the Jews in Israel revolted against Rome you know they’re part of the Roman Empire but they were expecting Messiah to come and they didn’t exceed not believe in Jesus so they were still looking for Messiah but they thought Messiah would be a political military deliverer from Rome see so they rose up against and many you know they were there were divided factions all over the place but nonetheless they still rose up and Nero sent Vespasian and his son Titus to with four legions and multiple auxiliary units from different countries and nations and he sent them to quench the revolt and ultimately they subdued all of Israel and and ultimately destroyed Jerusalem destroyed the temple the holy temple and that’s a story that is historical and I want to tell that story and but I also have another aspect of it and that is well first of all I mean let me finish that was I think this is a fascinating important story that many people don’t know I’m particularly many Christians because it’s sort of like you’re the if you read the New Testament you know it goes up to the book at book acts is like the latest thing written right and it ends in the 50s or whatever you know it ends before Paul even gets gets executed so he gets executed maybe somewhere around you know in the early 60s or mid much what happens after that you know then we’ll jump to the Reformation or the Roman Catholic Church you know stuff like that there that historically Sunday morning yeah yeah exactly and but this this particular war of the Jews against Roman stuff is a turning point for both Christianity and Judaism because because of the destruction the temple it changed Judaism it forever it turned it from a religion of Torah into a religion of Talmud and because once they don’t have the temple they can no longer engage in sacrifices and all the the the prescriptions of Torah that they’re supposed to follow so they create a new system to make up for it and we just know you know which is why modern-day you know is Judaism even Orthodox Judaism is not biblical because they’re not but nevertheless that changed it forever right and it also changed history Hannity forever because up until that point in time Christian was still struggling in in that it was still sort of a sect of Judaism right they they were Jews mostly and you know Paul started bringing the gospel to the Gentiles but nevertheless the main Jewish Church was still rooted in drew they’re still heavily connected in fact some of the Apostles even went to the temple and stuff and the point is is that it wasn’t until the temple was destroyed that the Christians sort of like got kicked in the bud and from that point Christianity grew and spread over the earth because they got unrooted from the judaism and and the reason why that was important was because the whole premise of the New Testament gospel was hey you know Jesus was the Messiah the Jews first but then to the Gentiles and when when the Jews rejected their own Messiah then that gospel as Paul said then the gospel would go out into all the earth and you know Messiah was supposed to bring Jew I’m sorry bring Jew and Gentile together as one into a new Kingdom right and of course you know most everybody expected that to be literal on earth and physical so to speak but it was actually a spiritual Kingdom and that’s why they missed it and so that’s sort of that’s sort of the the time period but this war is you know it’s a fascinating historical thing and we have one exhaustive source that wrote that about that war and what went on in the details and was written by a Jewish historian named Josephus and he is very fascinating because he was a Pharisee and he fought in the war against the Romans so he was there at the time and then he got caught captured and he ended up going over to the side of the Romans why because he believed that Israel had been unfaithful to Yahweh and this is what and God was chastising Israel using the Roman armies to chastise Israel and he considered Joseph is actually considered Vespasian to be the Messiah come to sort of make the world one and unified in all this but nevertheless he retained his strong Jewishness and so he tried to help persuade the Jews to surrender so they wouldn’t get destroyed but of course they didn’t and they did and so Josephus has this intimate insider’s view in both the Roman camp and through research the the Jewish as well so it’s this fascinating story so I I’ve done research on this and I wanted to bring that to life that historical side to life of what’s going on that time period all that long-winded discussion is sort of like just the the sort of the historical his story side that I’m interested in but the other side is the more controversial side and that is where as you know most of these end times novels these days are about revelation being in our future I write about how revelation was written for the first century that’s a shocker to a lot of people because we have all these assumptions but I try to show in the novel how the John writes you how he writes the revelation and how people may have taken it and understood it in his time period to relate to events that were going on at that time and that’s the shocker but it’s really not so shocking because in fact it’s it’s not a new view it’s a view that’s been around for a long time there’s plenty of great scholars who have supported it all the way in history in fact one of the later ones is RC spruill who’s a very well-known evangelical theologian you you can’t criticize him from being unorthodox in any way yeah it’s just that many Christians aren’t used to it so they they react and they say oh that’s gotta be heresy because you know this is the way how Lindsey taught me or this is the way John Hagee told me and they don’t realize that so much and this is the key point so much of what we’ve been taught the that revelation is saying about the end times is completely not true it’s a it’s a it’s sort of a an imposition of our own cultural biases on the text so we read the book of Revelation and we read it through our eyes instead of through the eyes of an ancient Jew to them it was written and who was steeped in Old Testament prophetic imagery and symbolism and and that is what I hope to do is to sort of bring a fresh approach to understanding Bible prophecy in its own context and how it might be understood by those who wrote it to those who they wrote it to it’s a lot it’s a mouthful before we went live you talked about this is understood as preterism I’ve been calling it Preet ISM you told me it’s preterism right is the way to pronounce it this is growing it really is growing you said that you believe in the next 10 years or so this very much could be the dominant view of Christianity of understanding that most of this stuff if not all of it has already happened and I guess that’s a great point it’s most of it or all of it happened yeah so there are different views you know everyone has surely and for yeah partial pressures and stuff like that but so you know whereas I still do believe there is a an actual return of Christ an E and a final judgment and a resurrection okay so we are still waiting waiting on that yes but the important point is it’s not rooted in everything that most people assume it is like in other words it’s not rooted in a rapture Great Tribulation Antichrist you know and Armageddon type of thing that stuff was a reference to what was going on in the first century CE and and that’s where it becomes very interesting and dramatic because you know there’s you know we could go through lots of different remember which examples we went through on your show last time well let me ask you this because I think this is a good one in I can’t remember either which acts I knew it was a really good episode but I mean I still get these questions people have watched our interview and it’s and they’ve learned from it they’ve taken notes from that interview and those people are with us in the chat and they’ll grow and shout out to Danny Guerrero who’s definitely into this right now so um people I’ve got a bunch of questions coming in but it’s talking about the resurrection of the Dead let’s just look at this um I know it’s in I know Peter talks about it it’s talked about in several different places that when Christ returned from the grave right there was a period of time where the dead in Christ also rose and went to the to their family members house and their loved ones house it was preaching the gospel in the streets so for me to look at the whole you know the dead in Christ shall rise and you know come up from their graves like that literally happened right so would that be that scripture fulfilled because like for me it is like that’s what that is for me sure sure yeah I mean that that is what some people say I I don’t necessarily think that what you’re referring to is Matthew 27 when the curtain of the temple was torn into that was Christ’s death and that you know keep in mind what does that mean you know first shift you have to realize you know you have to really look into the meaning of the text and in other words that the curtain of the temple was that which divided protected the Holy of Holies as the ultimate sacred space right where nobody could go in there if anybody went in there they would die and the only time anyone could go in there is on one day on the day of atonement and only the high priest could go in there to sprinkle the you know the bull’s blood or whatever on on the mercy seat and so consequently the the fact that when Christ dies he rips that curtain in half is a very powerful spiritual meaning that saying there’s no longer a an exclusion from the Holy of Holies now Christ has made a way into the Holy of Holies for every one who has faith in Him and so that’s sort of the context and then it says you know the tombs were opened and many bodies and the Saints who had fallen asleep were raised now it doesn’t say all the saints and it says many of the Saints were raised and they were coming out of the tombs after his resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many and it’s just this weird bizarre little verse about so maybe to be honest a lot of scholars have a hard time that they did they don’t know what to think I barely hear about it you know when we’re talking about like I’ve talked to a lot of people they’re like I don’t think that’s in the Bible yeah yeah like they came back and you know the you know the Walking Dead was here you know yeah yeah exactly it is fascinating now the reason why I wouldn’t think that it necessarily fits the you know the the final resin ratchet resurrection is like in Daniel many of those in the sleep in who sleep in the dust of the earth shall wake okay it says many doesn’t say all right okay great but it says some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt and so I think that even in that context what Daniel is talking about is something that’s happening I would argue Daniel 12 is happening at the destruction of the temple so I don’t think that this event that happens during gee it’s it’s during Jesus’s death I don’t think it’s related to that it’s a different kind of a thing and honestly I don’t I don’t have like some certain explanation of it I can only say I think it is a reflection of the of the the power of God reflecting and these these are Old Testament believers in other words who fall asleep and race it’s sort of like another validation of Christ’s you know deity and his his Messiahship and all that there’s all these different miracles surrounding Christ that show oh he was the Messiah and I I just think that’s one of them in that nobody you know you don’t really see people raised from the dead except by the hand of God and and so this is a particularly dramatic one showing this is a very important event and and I do think it might be tied to the fact that you know there’s other stuff like in Peter where it talks about how when Christ dies you know he goes down into Hades and yeah yeah Hades or Sheol and he proclaims that his victory that’s most likely who these souls were right he was going down to kind of actually I actually don’t think they are okay because the the the Peter passage we’re talking about is 2nd Peter no it’s first Peter first Peter 3:18 says Christ suffered for sins the righteous for the unrighteous that he might be bring us to God being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit in which he went and proclaimed to the spirits in prison so I think he’s actually going in proclaiming his victory as Messiah to the spirits in prison who are the spirits in prison they were formerly it goes on to say verse 20 they formerly did not obey when God’s patience waited in the days of Noah while the ark was being prepared so I think that actually Peters referencing this is a reference going all the way back to Genesis 6 that talks about how the Nephilim were in the in the earth in those days and the and and the sons of God came down from heaven and the sons of God are the heavenly spiritual divine beings who are around God’s heavenly hosts in heaven some of them came down to earth at that time and violated God’s you know separation of heaven and earth and they mated with women and bore them the Nephilim and all this kind of weird stuff but I think the theological meaning of that is that there’s this group of fallen angels basically who who came to earth and I think those are the ones that were imprisoned at the flood and and I draw that from Jude as well you know Jude talks about this he says the angel 6 the angels who did not stay within their own own proper abode right but they left their or their position authority but they left their proper dwelling that’s the angels or the sons of God leaving heaven coming to earth and violating the laws of God he says just I’m sorry he says God has kept them in eternal chains under gloomy darkness until the judgment of the great day so what happened to these somehow these in the flood these these you know angelic beings were Punic punished and imprisoned until the judgment and so that’s where those are the ones that I think Christ is going to in in in Hades not to tell them the gospel not to free them necessarily but to proclaim the probably the word is Christ went and proclaimed to the spirits in prison so I think the context there is a proclamation of his victory as Messiah and as Messiah then there’s also you know we we’re getting of way off was good man let’s go you know Ephesians is where it talks about how you know what does it say where is that verse there it is so it talks about how Christ ascended in on high in Ephesians 4 verse Coast host of captives this is talking about the Ascension of Christ so in Christ ascended he held he led a host of captives and gave gifts to men and so I think that that in other words when Christ ascended he brought you know it’s like he opened Hades and and he may have freed all those old tests excuse me Old Testament believers that there may have been a freeing of them but in particular that the text is actually saying he led a host of captives and the question is were those captives the Old Testament Saints or were they were they these these spirits of spirits of the Watchers the watchers who were judged and and I Michael Heizer makes a good scholarly argument that these are the Watchers and I agree with them because the notion of captives is not a it’s not a positive thing because this whole notion of leading a host of captives is actually a reference to the ancient worlds the ancient world had this thing called the the military triumph or the triumphal entry and that is when a enemy was was you know defeated and particularly with Rome as well you know they had the triumphal entry when Rome defeated an enemy they would parade the fallen leaders dead or alive they dragged them through the streets of the city as a way of proclaiming their victory and there you know now we are your rulers you know they’re dragging the old rulers through the streets so this picture of the Roman triumph I think is what’s going on in in the biblical text which is really more about dragging the enemy through the streets because you’ve triumphed over him and Colossians says this very thing right Colossians 1 or 2 Colossians 2 right – 15 it says Christ disarmed the rulers and authorities put them to open shame by triumphing over them so and this is talking about the cross when Christ died on the cross rose from the dead and ascended into heaven it’s a three-part complex event it’s not just one thing when he did all that Colossians says that’s when he disarmed the rulers and what the rulers and authorities by the way you do Athelstan and he’s talking about spiritual rulers not earthly rulers so it’s saying that you know this is what Christ accomplished on the cross as he disarmed those rulers and triumphed over them there’s that word triumph again which is a reference to the military triumph of dragging the enemy through the streets so this is the this is actually and this is you know it’s funny because this is not this is the picture of what I call the watcher paradigm or the divine council worldview and what it is is this notion that who are these Watchers and why are they important to the gods of the Bible yeah exactly the gods of the Bible and you know you read Psalm 82 there’s a lot of passage where they show up but but nevertheless Deuteronomy 32 8 and 10 through 10 is sort of like the classic passage and that’s where it sort of depicts the basic notion that at the Tower of Babel mankind is so sinful that God just gives them over and they say and he says basically okay you’re so sinful you’re not gonna follow me so I’m gonna give you over to the very gods that you worship and they will be your authorities over you so all the Gentile nations in the biblical worldview were under the authority of false demonic deities or Watchers and then God says but I will keep Jacob for myself and and and whether you Monica at first though well that’s that’s definitely a that’s definitely a a just like these rulers who just kind of inhabited the praises of the people and kind of got you know big-headed or something yeah so the two theories would be that that oh no God gave them to rule over them and they were good and they were supposed to rule and they rule bad I don’t think that’s the case cuz that would be like all of them across the board just started to do wickedness type deal right right exactly in other words I think full context when you do a study on the whole storyline and the big picture I think the context is no mankind’s already fallen the Angels have already fallen because they fell in in you know Genesis 6 and so what God is doing is he’s doing what Romans 1 says he gives them over in other words it’s like okay you’re going to you’re going to continue to be wicked I’ll give you over to your wickedness I’ll let you worship these false gods and they will be your authorities over you so but you know what if you think they were good and fel that’s you know whatever that the bottom line is being worshiped we’re not there anymore yeah and so so this you know we’re going off onto this you know this massive side trail but it’s really not a side trail because all of this stuff that we’re talking about here I have is also a part of my chronicles of the apocalypse don’t you have the Chronicles of the Nephilim and things like that as well yes so I wrote an eighth book series before this called Chronicles of the Nephilim and in that series I I basically went from the Bible and I retold stories everywhere most everywhere where Nephilim or Watchers showed up I retold that story and I filled out this storyline of the Watchers and because you know Bible doesn’t say a lot about it but it does hint at it and there is so material on and there’s giants you know Goliath wasn’t the only giant you know there were there were five other Giants who were hunting David and that’s in the Bible it’s just we don’t see a lot of this stuff because we read over it or we don’t understand the text but anyway so yeah so those those eight novels I was I was explaining this this watch or paradigm and how it may have looked in the spiritual realm and and I try to be consistent with the Bible but I also you know try to pull back the curtain here’s what what would the spiritual world look like you know and so I have some fantastic imagery and some really cool stuff there and you know now that was chronicles Nephilim but what happened is I realized that by at the end of that series it ended with Jesus Jesus triumphant was the last book and I realized that Jesus was was preaching a message that it’s another message that I think a lot of Christians miss and that is a lot of what he preached was wasn’t just that he was bringing salvation of course that was a message I am the Messiah come to bring salvation but the the second part of his message was I’m also bringing the day of vengeance of our God the day of the Lord and wonder why this terrible day of the Lord yeah yes the terrible day of the Lord right and so people like to often say you know let me give ya and and that that day of the Lord that judgment is ad why because two things one in Matthew 23 Jesus says that the first the generation of Jews of his day that crucified Him we’re guilty because they killed Messiah they were guilty of the blood of all the prophets that’s what he says in Matthew goes I will send you prophets and wise men and scribes some of you will kill and crucify but on you and he’s talking to the people of his day on you may come all the righteous blood shed on the earth from the blood of abel to the blood of zechariah whom you murdered truly i say to you all these things will come upon this generation so he’s saying because this generation is gonna kill Messiah they’re gonna do the biggest the the highest handed sin in all of history right and in other words he said it would be like you have the blood of all the prophets because you’re killing Messiah and then right after that what does he say he’s gonna do Oh Jerusalem Jerusalem I long to gathered you but you would not willing see your house is left to you desolate and then he says not one stone will be left upon another so he’s basically saying because you’re gonna kill Messiah this first generation I’m going to judge you and I’m going to destroy the temple so the destruction of the temple is sort of God’s judgment you’re on ancient Israel for rejecting Messiah but it’s a second thing – and this gets into revelation the second thing is it is also the historical the historical vindication of the New Covenant because of this God in when he dies on the cross that’s supposed to bring in the new covenant that happens in the heavenly realm but God is not a God of just the heavens he’s a God of the earth and he’s a God of history so whatever he does spiritually he also does historically to justify it so he what he does is in order to vindicate the claims of Christ as being Messiah the one that you Jews rejected the first century Jews we’re not talking about modern day right he says because you rejected him I’m going to get rid of the incarnation of the Old Covenant I’m going to judge you but also get rid of the old condition because think about it if you’re saying there’s a new covenant if you’re if you’re God and you’re saying there’s a new covenant but you keep the Old Covenant temple up that’s contradictory right so God needs to get rid of that Old Covenant temple and destroy it so that it sort of vindicates see the New Covenant is here the Old Covenant is destroyed and it’s interesting that it’s never been rebuilt since interestingly it can’t be without starting world war is that let me ask you this cause we’re like everybody’s waiting for the temple to be I’m saying rebuild and then Jesus says in three days the temple will be rebuilt that temple is us now is that correct yeah the holy spirit absolutely um it’s very very important I do honestly I don’t understand why there there is a section of Christians out there I used to run with the man okay be one of them yeah I know gotcha about me too actually so yeah I’ve been all the different viewpoints so I know what that I know messianic and keeping the Sabbath and yeah oh really oh interesting okay so um anyway so but there’s this you know mostly there dispensationalists and they believe that all of this prophecy is the church is just a parenthesis we’re not even very important to God because what God really cares about is this geophysical Land of Israel and or the genetic descendants you know and they I don’t know why I don’t know why they don’t know the Bible but it’s all over the Bible it clearly says you know whether it’s Romans all of Paul’s writings you know that the whole point of it is of is that Israel is not a physical people Israel has always been faithful in and those who have faith in Christ are the children of Abraham not the physical descendants literally like he says that over and over again and so it’s like how could you possibly say that God the chosen people are these physical descendants of Abraham when they’re not actually children of Abraham according to the Bible you follow you know and so just it’s sort of weird but when the other element is like you said so they think this temple is gonna be rebuilt and why it’s interesting because there’s not a single verse in the entire New Testament not a single prophecy anywhere that says the temple will be rebuilt which is kind of interesting because you’d think that if it was that important to God he would he would prophesy on us right the only reason why they think that it will be rebuilt it’s because they assumed the book of Revelation has to do with our future rather than the first century yeah in the book of Revelation revelation 11 it literally says you know literally talks about their go and measure the temple and I’m gonna protect the inside but I’m going to destroy the outside on this case stuff so they say oh well since the temple is destroyed this must be referring to a built rebuilt temple but the problem is is John actually wrote this around 65 ad or so before the temple was destroyed so actually the temple in Revelation is a reference to the temple that was standing at that time period so there’s no there’s no there’s no description that oh the temple is going to be rebuilt after this one’s destroyed it’s it’s people bringing assumptions to the text and then they they have to spin it to meet their their eschatology see but the problem is is that one of the most powerful themes throughout though all the Gospels in the New Testament is that the body of Christ is if you want to have a rebuilt temple that’s what it is in Ephesians chapter one and you know there’s a there’s dozens of players with it you know this talks about but it says I’m sorry not Ephesians 1 Ephesians 2 you know it says look you he’s talking to these Gentile Christians you are no longer strangers and aliens you are fellow citizens with the Saints and members of the household of God and keep in mind the household of God is the people of God but that’s also a Frazer he at the temple right and and and it actually does mean the temple in this case because he says you are members the household of God built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets Jesus himself is the cornerstone in him the whole structure grows together into a holy temple in the Lord in him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God’s holy spirit and so all the Old Testament Scriptures talked about God said I will be a dwelling place yeah or I’m sorry um I will I will dwell amongst the people he in the Old Testament he’s saying when the New Covenant comes I will dwell amongst my people and where did God dwell in the Old Testament he dwelt technically according to the theology he dwelt in the temple right the the Shekinah glory now that so the dwelling place of God was this physical temple according to the Old Testament but in the New Testament he says now God will dwell in his people why because his people are the spiritual temple so when these dispensationalists are so they’ll say oh you’re spiritualizing the texture spiritual isn’t fixed well the problem is is yeah because the final birth spiritualize it yeah and and if the apostle if Jesus says says this and if Paul says this and if Paul writes that that we we are a spiritual temple that fulfills the promise of God’s temple who are we to argue with spiritualization right it’s yeah it’s virtualization because that’s exactly what happened just like Jesus was a spiritual Savior not a military leader just like the Jews expected yeah so I think in in some ways the modern-day futuristic Christians were expecting all this stuff to happen in a way they’re looking at Jesus like the ancient Jews of the first century looked at Jesus and they missed him yeah right because they were looking for this physical earthly leader and that’s what that’s what these modern-day futurist Christians are looking for as well everybody wants to be the people of the book you know Paul spoke with a letter of urgency like when you understand that they knew hey the end is coming the end is near like it was literally it was near we got a we can’t make we can’t get married we have to get this gospel out we have to stay out there and do this thing you know and don’t look back and all this cuz the end was literally near for them all those prophecies that just gave he told him look these generation shall not pass away until all of these things be fulfilled in those generations were the kids and people who were there and it literally happened and it’s interesting to note that uh I don’t deal with I don’t deal with a lot of people who believe this theology anymore I don’t hang out in charge us or anything like that is usually where these people are but um I got a message in my inbox this morning and I thought it was interesting because we were doing this show this morning um so I got a message in my inbox so somebody sent me a video saying that the rapture is going to happen next month August the 12th Old Testament the prophecies the blood moons the stars the zodiac everything points to that date is when the rapture will take place I’ve been studying this for a while myself and every year you get multiple dates from gurus from people who could show you those same astrological signs and stuff and say this is where he’s gonna be and stuff like that but um there’s people out there who still believe this it’s a it’s like a fear-based thing make sure that I’m I get all the sin out of my life or I might be left behind type of deal um but people still believe this and they’re still gonna be days just like August 12th is gonna come and go there’s probably gonna be another September 23rd I mean there’s Nooh September 30th whatever every year there’s gonna be multiple ones they’ve well he I know you’ve seen a bunch in your lifetime as well but on those who are looking for like a future rapture what is or was the rapture that did it did the rapture already already happen and we’re waiting for something to happen to us yeah I don’t believe there’s a future rapture to happen and I don’t I don’t necessarily think that there was a rapture in the first century either I mean some people do have that you know the but but in terms of the actual biblical texts the only real passage that you could say you know talks about what looks to be a rapture all right would would have to be second Thessalonians chapter I’m sorry first Thessalonians chapter four and that’s the passage where it talks about how let’s see if I can find it here we do not want you being uninformed brethren about those who are asleep that they may not grieve as those who do not have hope for since we believe Jesus died and rose again so Jesus will God will bring with him those who have fallen asleep we declare to you by the word of Lord that we her alive until the coming of the Lord will not precede those who have fallen asleep the Lord will descend from heaven voice of an archangel the dead in Christ will rise first then we who are alive who are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the lord in the air and yeah okay so it sounds like the rapture that we’ve traditionally heard where they you know Christians vanish or they go up in heaven but the problem is is traditionally that chapter is a reference to the second coming in the resurrection of the dead that’s not the rapture that’s the resurrection of the Dead and so the rapture is supposed to be something that happens before the tribulation which that word is not even in the Bible yeah the words not even the Bible but the point is that they believe it happens before the seven-year tribulation which is way before Christ returns right or some now believe oh it’s in the middle of the tribulation and some believe oh it’s after the tribulation whatever whatever this is this is a resurrection it’s not the rapture now if you want to call that the rapture at the resurrection fine I guess go ahead but but it’s not the rapture as we traditionally understand it which is before this the book of Revelation itself and this is something I bring out in my novel series they’re frames and yeah whatever jets and helicopters all the bizarre imagery and the Sun Moon and stars going dark and stars falling all this stuff like let obviously hasn’t happened but there’s a couple major problems with that is that number one if you just go to the text itself the very first verse of Revelation the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to show his servants the things that must soon take place 2,000 years from 80/60 is not soon hey hey is like a thousand years Brian yeah well let’s listen but the thing is is it’s the very first verse so he’s really telling you this is all these things are but he doesn’t just say it once he says it about ten times yeah I’ve got this list of the things which must shortly take place in twenty-two the time is near I behold I am coming quickly a little while longer no more delay the time is short there’s a dozen places in Revelation where Jesus says behold the time is near is near shortly and everywhere this concept takes place in the Bible it always means with you know within that generation or the lifetime of the people writing and so – and some people say oh well yeah that’s just a metaphor for you know that will soon take place when the events start to happen or something like that they try to get out of it but the fact is is that’s not what it’s saying so I’ll tell people I’ll go okay so do you believe Christ is out coming soon or you know do you believe the rapture is gonna happen soon whatever you know and they’ll say yeah you know go what do you mean by soon does that mean like it’s gonna happen probably within our lifetime yeah and then I say well that’s exactly what the authors of the Bible thought when they wrote soon right in other words this coming that they expect is not what they think it is and so you have to go into the text and find out what it means and the second thing is right after he says all these things must soon take place he says he made it known by sending his angels to the servant John and the Greek behind that phrase made it known is the Greek semiosis which is a reference which means symbolism so it’s he’s saying right up front that he symbolized the message to John so anyone who’s gonna read the replica revelation is gonna have to focus and stress symbolism they’re not literalism or what I like to call hyper literalism yeah and so if you’re gonna interpret it you’re going to have to take it primarily symbolic now that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t refer to anything in history of course not symbols refer to something right but the point is is it’s symbolic so if you take these things literally like all you know these locusts with human heads though that’s literal it’s you’re missing you’re misunderstanding what the is the way that we find out what all these symbols in Revelation mean is by going back and seeing what their precedents meant in the Old Testament prophecies because after all John John is drawing John the book of Revelation draws more from from the Old Testament than any other news a big one yeah yeah he draws from Danny he draws a lot from his donkey talking about what time up Babylon being destroyed within an hour we can go back and read in Daniel where the ruler fell within an hour this big hearty King is on the ground like eating like a cow he was brought down to the low places and fell within an hour this big ruler and people are like okay America’s Babylon like we have to make it about us America is Babylon so many Christians believe that I’ve believed it there’s archetypes I believe in spiritual archetypes I believe that America could be that spiritually but as far as literal like who these prophecies were for Babylon the Great has fallen will fall oh so that stuff already happened and you can read about it if when you just just be conscious of it when you’re reading the Old Testament or reading Daniel or reading some of these things that we’re gonna happen to the rulers so what would you say for those who would say that America is Babylon and those prophecy America is gonna fall and be destroyed because yeah marecus Babylon the Great yeah I think I think yeah that’s a common thing and again I’m a person who has to stress is the text not our own creative imagination which you know I’m not against imagination but when it comes to Bible prophecy you want to stick as close as you can you’ve got to draw out what it means what did they intend by okay so so what is babylon babylon is the harlot right because the two things are the same thing there’s two images used of the same entity it’s the great harlot and babylon and the great city in all this and rather than saying oh Babylon oh that sounds like Oh Babylon was a bad corrupt pagan city so I therefore what you know what nation or what city can be like that go back to the old testament and one of the things i point out to people is you look at revelation 17 where it talks about the harlot i will show you just first one i will show you the judgment of the of the great harlot who is seated on many waters etc etc and this harlot is babylon now you go oh who can it be well first of all you have to understand something the concept of harlot is a spiritual tournament it’s a reference to spiritual and faithfulness every single place in the Old Testament that uses the phrase of harlot is used of spiritual unfaithfulness to Yahweh of Israel and Israel alone now there’s two places where it isn’t used of Israel it’s use of Nineveh and tyre and the interesting thing there is tyre had a covenant with Solomon to help build the temple and Nineveh actually repented right and they ended up repenting after Jonah right and so they became into covenant with Yahweh so my point is is if you look at the meaning of the phrase harlot it’s a it’s it means spiritual and faithlessness Thiago a Yahweh who can be spiritually unfaithful to Yahweh only his wife right you can only be though you can only be unfaithful if you are the wife of Yahweh covenant did in marriage and that’s what the phrase always means you know whether it’s Hosea Ezekiel Isaiah Jeremiah was it I mean I’ve got tons of these passages it’s always used of Israel being an unfaithful wife to Yahweh the Bride of Christ the well we’re getting there so so what I you know I had a whole debate with one of these guys about that who believed he believed America was Babylon I said America can’t be Babylon Islam can’t be Babylon because none of them are covenant ‘add in spiritual marriage with Yahweh only Israel was so the hint here is Israel is the harlot what does that mean I think what revelation is talking about is the first century a hah state Jewish leaders who rejected Jesus they led the people into unfaithfulness against Yahweh so basically the harlot is the apostate Jerusalem of the first century now there’s some interesting things in in revelation 17 and again all this stuff I actually do bring out in my book am I in my novels but it describes the harlot and if you look at the passage revelation 17:4 the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet and adorned with gold and jewels and pearls okay we read that okay oh yeah that so that’s just some generic description of her being all prettied up or to be seductive right but if you look at those those actual clothing and material they are the same description of clothing now get this that the high priest of the temple wore so what the hint here is this is a reference to the high priesthood in other words the high priesthood that is supposed to be leading Israel are the ones morally responsible for the unfaithfulness it says that she holds in her hand a cup of full of abominations on her forehead was written a Mystery Babylon the Great right well what is this just some generic symbol always written on her forehead what does that mean is that just a symbol well guess what this would make very much sense to the first century because all those people knew that the high priest of the temple had on his forehead a a golden plate that had engraved in it holy unto Yahweh anding in the proxy for for Jesus almost you know what I’m saying yeah yeah but my point is is that sounds exactly what’s written so what’s happening here is John is mocking the first century religious priesthood that’s leading Jerusalem and he’s basically saying you who think you follow God you’re actually like a harlot you’re you know your high priesthood that’s supposed to be holy unto Yahweh on the forehead is actually like Babylon which is the opposite of holiness right so he’s subverting their picture and he’s using the images that are connected to the Jewish high priesthood to make the point that Jerusalem has become the enemy of God Jerusalem first century has become Babylon why Babylon because Babylon in the Old Testament Babylon Egypt and Sodom and Gomorrah were the three major enemies of God now there were others like a Syria but Babylon Egypt and Sodom were the were repeatedly referred to throughout the Old Testament as the symbols of the ultimate enemies of God and particularly Babylon because Babylon goes all the way back to Babel right so Babylon was the ultimate enemy of God so John is saying in rejecting Messiah you have become the ultimate enemies of God himself and it’s really interesting because this isn’t the only place where John is is doing this subversion in revelation 11 verse 8 he says he’s talking about the two witnesses and he says though their dead bodies that they’ve been killed now and the dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city that symbolically is called Sodom and Egypt where the Lord was crucified well where was the Lord crucified obviously Jerusalem so John is saying the great city is Jerusalem it’s called Sodom and Egypt so now you have the two enemies of God he’s saying Israel Jerusalem itself has become the enemies of God it’s become like Sodom it’s become like Egypt it’s become by Babylon see what I mean so it’s this whole subversion going on of Revelation that John is actually pointing to the fact that Jerusalem is going to be judged and the great city there is another phrase that shows up in our you know revelation 17 at the bottom at revelation 17 18 it says the woman the harlot that you saw is the great city that has dominion over the kings of the earth so it’s like oh so the great city is Jerusalem we know this because John said it already so he’s Jerusalem is the harlot he’s saying he’s telling us right and then you get this phrase that has dominion over the kings of the earth and this is another one of the things that I like to tell people explain to people is unfortunately they’re following English translations of Revelation which are not very good and I say that because when we read a word like earth we think oh well that’s what do you think we read earth you think of the globe don’t you because we’re mock people and we think of the earth the globe well that’s not what the word means the word in Greek means gay it’s gay and means the land actually now the word land could mean all that you see it could mean it’s usually meant the local areas of land or the dirt but when you use the word land in ancient Israel you are often referring to the Land of Israel right so when it says dominion over the kings of the land it’s not the kings of the earth it’s kings of the land these are the rulers over Israel see and I explained this to people and I say so imagine if you change the word earth throughout all of Revelation to land and you suddenly would start to see oh I thought Revelation was about the judgment of the earth no it’s the judgment of the land and when you say judgment of the land what does the agent you think the Land of Israel and and I can prove this – I won’t at the moment because I know that those are some examples to show how we have all these assumptions and we’re miss reading revelation by by by misunderstanding their original context we’re looking at you know the colors and the adornments and the chalices and all of this stuff and we shall we so you’re pointing that back to the Jewish people you know the Jewish priests who work we you know I guess we’re the people of the day then we have Rome right so a lot of people break that down with the colors and the Fleck you know just everything that goes along with Rome and I’m just message here is in in the chat so they’re saying doesn’t the hall it refer to Rome as well with adorned in purple and uh yeah it’d kill God it can’t be okay Karla cannot be Rome it cannot be America why because a harlot a spiritual harlot in the Bible is someone who is covenant Edyta Yahweh Rome is a pagan nation it was not covenant it yowee a marriage senior america is not a is not covenant into yahweh only israel was so so again you go into the meaning of the words and and and and you see oh my gosh according to the context itself these pagan the harlot cannot be a pagan nation because they’re not America is a Christian nation don’t if they turn their back I’m sure you’ve heard that though right I mean it was arguments that America is a nation that’s founded on Christian worldview and principles absolutely but we’re not covenant into Yahweh because Yahweh is not covenant ‘add to any nation anymore once Messiah comes Messiah inherits the nation’s so people from every tribe and every tongue and every people are now in the kingdom of God so God cannot be covenant into one single nation he’s covenant ‘add only to his people so yes America was founded on Christian principles by a lot of Christians but we weren’t we weren’t covenant to Yahweh only the people of God only the church is covenant to Yahweh and why do I say this because when I said before that the the harlot is unfaithful to Yahweh the other aspect that I bring out and I like to bring out in Revelation is revelation is a story of two women the harlot and the bride you mentioned this earlier so when we get to Revelation chapter 21 that’s where we read about the holy city the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven right and and people again people assume oh well that’s this huge big block and maybe it’s gonna be a literal city here and all this stuff and no it’s a symbol well what is the holy city what is the New Jerusalem John this is another thing Christians keep missing this it’s right there John tells us what it is he tells us what is the New Jerusalem go down to chapter 21 go down a few verses in in in verse 9 he says come I will show you the bride the wife of the Lamb now that we all know is the body of Christ those who believe in Jesus right and it says he cared I’m coming I’m gonna show you the bride and he carries me away to spirit to a great high mountain and showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God having the glorious of God glory of God so he clearly says that the New Jerusalem that comes down out of heaven that he describes is a symbol for the Bride of Christ so here’s the picture of what has happening in Revelation first century temple still up god is saying I’m going to do two things I’m going to judge Israel for killing Messiah and I’m going to destroy the Old Covenant replace it with the New Covenant historically by destroying the temple and what happens is he describes in the first half of the book you know or whatever first part of the book it’s it’s it’s the unfaithfulness of the harlot God’s going to judge the harlot for unspiritual and faithfulness in a spiritual court of law how does he do it he pulls out the scroll of divorce that has seven seals right and he’s going to divorce Israel and he does it by but in the law you you couldn’t if you wanted to take your adulterous wife to court you had to have at least two witnesses didn’t you guess what the two witnesses are in revelation 11 the law and the prophets Moses and Elijah condemned Israel because they didn’t follow Messiah see so God has witnesses against Israel he calls him in the court he rolls out the scroll of divorce and ultimately what happens to an adulterous wife in the law of God you can stone her and kill her right and so God basically killed the harlot the unfaithful wife which is first century Israel and her leaders and he marries a new bride the bride of Christ the new covenant people of God it makes all perfect spiritual sense if you understand it in the Old Covenant New Covenant context and I think Christians just don’t read the Bible covenant aliy and that’s why they’re missing all these pictures and images everything is the covenants yeah yeah you know it all has to do with blood you know going back to the beginning it’s really a bloody religion it really is like everything seals the deal in blood and it’s been like that with all that all the other nations as well they all deal in the life force of man which is in the in the blood life is in the blood yeah so in other words the the very essence of life on earth you know biblically speaking is blood so God uses that as the ultimate spiritual symbol you know or let’s not say spiritual something he uses as the ultimate liturgical or religious symbol to show how serious his covenant is so yeah absolutely a couple couple more questions that I have for you right now the mark of the beast so we’ve we know about the RFID chip we know about we know about a lot we know about Rome not being able to you not being able to buy sell a trade back in Rome unless you had more the sign of the Cross and they didn’t do any business with any outside pagan people pagan nations you had to bear the sign of the Cross or they wouldn’t buy sell or trade with you or RFID chip I’m even here now that the third eye it’s the mark of the beast or the third eye is the forbidden fruit that we’ve opened and now we’re we have the knowledge of good and evil in all of these type of things right these different hypotheticals what is was more is going to be the mark of the beast yeah the mark of the beast is yeah like you say it’s a very very popular one I am there’s a couple things to to to understand when we come to this text is that it’s interesting like I said before there’s all it’s funny how everything in the revelation has a precedent in the Old Testament and when you find out what it is it ends up giving meaning in a way that you hadn’t expected so revelation and rich to be marked on the right hand or the forehead so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark now this notion the mark is you know is it the UPC symbol is it the computer chip in here and all that stuff it’s none of those things and and this has a security guard yeah right it’s none of those things here’s what it is it’s a symbol of spiritual ownership which has nothing to do with some kind of literal physical thing and and here’s why if you the this notion of being the stamp on the forehead it’s not stamped but mark on the forehead in the back of the hand has a precedent in the Old Covenant go back to Deuteronomy 6 6 to 8 it says this this was when God was giving Moses the law he says these words that I command to you today shall be on your heart the law the Torah you shall teach them diligently to children walk and talk and sit by the way and walk by the way and then he says you shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes now this is where the Jews take that literally and they make the file actor ease right I put the Word of God on their foreheads but if you read the context it’s clearly a symbol God is saying I want the Word of God the Torah to guide everything you do your hand and every way you think about the world your forehead right your your mind your thinking and all that so it’s symbolic of everything you say and do is is within this context and so ultimately I think the mark of the beast is basically symbolic but it also so happens there’s a couple of things we have to you know keep in mind and that is in in the ancient world you know they had what theirs well okay there’s a couple of things number one is he verse 18 John says in chapter 13 this calls for wisdom let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast it is the number of a man his numbers 666 but it’s not 666 its 666 and this is very important because all these people that say things like you know the UPC code if you look at the numbers it has six digits and six digits and or you know this guy’s name has six letters in his name you know all that is completely not the same thing it’s completely unconnected because this is 666 not six three sixes in a row so you see I’m saying yeah so he can’t be three sixes row so what does it mean well it just so happens that we have evidence of this in the ancient world of something called gematria or gematria and that was the we ain’t the Jews and the Greeks a lot of them what they like to do is they eat they liked to their alphabet system or how this is before they didn’t have Arabic numerals right we have Arabic numerals one two three four five six right they didn’t at that time so they only had letters so letters would represent number see and so what they would sometimes do if they wanted to be poetic or hidden in what they were saying they would add up the numbers all the letters in a name you add up the numbers and you just say that and so there are examples in the ancient world that says I love her whose number is five thousand and twelve in other words they don’t want to actually say the name and this is like graffiti written on walls right and so um and they would do this all the time and so if you take the letters in a name and you add them up that’s what’s going on here he’s giving a hint that this is secretly what what it is and he’s telling them what it is now it just so happens my oh my what a coincidence there’s one character in the ancient first century world whose name if you add it up in Hebrew is 666 and that name is Nero Caesar and they’ve got proof of it now yeah Chiron is and they found actually his name that’s oh and and guess what if you add up the letters of his name they all add up to 666 and it says the number is the number of a man a specific man so these are so so what I’m getting at is I think the whole context is is that you had Miro right yes that you have you had to serve you know in the Roman Empire you had to honor Niro you had to obey Him right you had the Imperial cult everyone had to obey Him the Christians would not they would not bow the knee and so they got in trouble for it and it would it would hurt you economically as well so so you see my point is is that this oh and that’s the other thing you know offer a history they saw his name is six-six is it there’s nobody’s name that adds up in Hebrew like Jew you know John is a Greek I’m sorry John is a Jew writing in Greek some even believe he wrote originally in Hebrew but he’s writing to Hebrew people he’s using Hebrew gematria and one other name in Hebrew adds up to 600 666 no other name that I know of your history you know these people who were arguing a lot of this stuff and it usually just church people who are just repeating stuff off of the movies or repeating what they seen John Hagee say most of these people repeating this stuff is the same people who were saying that Barack Obama was the Antichrist literally like all my life like all my friends the church people they were you know ripping their clothes crying out to God no we can’t let this happen Barack Obama was the Antichrist to them in their mind and it became real and obviously he was not you know listen I’ve lived through a long a lot of presidents I’ve all probably been yeah Clinton was Antichrist Bush was the Antichrist I thought Bush was like oh you know I came conscious of what he was doing and all the wickedness in the government that’s the ended that man is evil you know I thought it was that’s another interesting thing Antichrist what is Antichrist that’s another thing that we have all these assumptions that we bring to the text and we create a false picture that actually is not in the Bible did you know that the word Antichrist does never refer to a specific individual you go back at all it’s only found in like erases it yeah it’s found in five places on first John there and read these passages when you read the passages where the word Antichrist shows up you really you’ve come to realize there is no specific individual called Antichrist there isn’t John 1st John chapter 2 18 he says children it is the last hour interesting remember I said things are gonna come soon John is saying it’s the last hour in his time period in the first century he’s saying it’s the last hour last hour of what he said as you have heard that Antichrist is coming so now many antichrists have come number 1 when he says Antichrist he doesn’t say the Antichrist there’s no preposition as in that would make it a specific Antichrist so the phrase Antichrist is coming is simply a phrase that means against Christ words there’s there’s going to be a spirit against Christ that’s coming but he says so now many antichrists have come therefore we know it is the last hour okay so there’s many antichrists it’s not a specific individual it’s just a generic spirit against Christ what could that possibly be few verses down later in verse 22 he says who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ that is the Antichrist he who denies the father and the son so he’s basically telling these people look the Jews but because I mean these were Christians that he’s writing to and they’re mostly Jews right and the Jews were the ones who were saying Jesus is not the Christ they were against Christ they were Anti Christ right so he’s not saying there’s if you want to say who is the Antichrist the Antichrist is anyone who denies the father and the son anyone who denies that Jesus is the Christ is it Icke riced so you see this whole notion of Antichrist is of being an individual who’s the embodiment of Satan it’s completely not even in the text at all it’s made up John’s talking about it the mark of the beast he’s talking about the fall of these nations there’s rebukes to physical churches that were there that don’t exist at this moment they you know he wrote to physical churches these letters to who these people who were supposed to read this text at this particular time was the book of Revelation and these prophecies in these codes they’re almost speaking in code words was it written under fear because he was in jail he if they knew that hey I’m writing a letter about these people who have me right now in captivity I’m writing about these prophecies I’m writing about this stuff that’s to take place you guys get this get this revelation decipher the codes which you guys know the gamma trio these Romans don’t understand it you guys know what I’m giving you the numbers I’m giving you the codes break this stuff down excuse my language and get the hell out of there is that kind of what was going on yeah basically Revelation is what’s called uses apocalyptic language and yeah you’re right apocalyptic language was often the symbolism used to hide it from the unbeliever and conceal it or reveal it to the believer so that they wouldn’t get in trouble you’re right and and it has a long history of that we should by the way that’s that’s the premise of my entire series see I start the series with this Nero has is persecuting the Christians and therefore Paul and Peter are martyred John gets sent to Patmos right but all of a sudden Nero hears about this is this is the story of chronicles of the apocalypse that I’ve been writing and Nero finds out that there’s this subversive letter going around that predicts the end of the world and the assassination of the Emperor of Caesar right so he’s like alright so he’s like who is this I want to track these people down and kill him so he sends a Roman warrior to find out who it is and the Roman warrior has a Jewish doctor with him and a Christian servant or slave and so the whole story comes through the eyes of a Roman a Christian and a Jew as they’re trying to find out who wrote this letter where is it and they’re trying to track it down because the Christians are hiding it why because they’re being thrown to the Lions and John is saying you know don’t you know he’s writing to to the churches in Asia Minor but the persecution by that point had spread throughout the whole empire right so the point is is a creative being persecuting saying just hold on hold on you know second last forever it’s gonna last for three and a half years and sure enough the persecution by Nero lasted three and a half years and and so so I have these this guy tracking it down and then he ultimately finds out oh it’s written by John on Patmos they go there and visit John and of course they then learn oh this is not what we thought it was it’s not against Rome it’s actually against Jerusalem and and so then in the second and third book of this series you know you have Christians who then are trying to get the letter to the Christians in Jerusalem because it was written to Asia Minor right and so they’re trying to get the letter to the Christians in Jerusalem to tell them get out because Rome is coming so it’s all about the story of well what if the Christians didn’t always didn’t necessarily believe them you know not all of them would believe them because you know there was divisions in the church right the book acts is all about how Russians disagree with each other right so imagine going to Jerusalem Rome is about to come down and you know destroy everything and they’re telling Christians get out because Jesus says when you see Rome you know surround by armies get out well the Christians may not have believed it and so I tell that story what that might might what that might have looked like and what might have convinced the Christians and I have a historical basis for this what what might have convinced the Christians for for leaving and I’ll tell you roughly what the historical basis is because we’re back to the fact that you know Matthew 24 Jesus is saying the Great Tribulation which I would argue was the persecution of Christians in the first century I agree with what how can that be well guess what John says in Revelation brother your part and partner in the tribulation was on the island of Patmos so John himself is saying I am your partner in the tribulation right now as he’s writing the letter of Revelation so it’s it’s amazing how much of this stuff is right well versus there a verse chapter 1 verse 9 I I’m amazed at how much is spelled out in the text and Christians miss it so so so he’s saying the tribulations going on right now as John is writing the letter you couldn’t be any clearer than that right so any back to the back to the story so so Jesus is saying he goes our tribulation they will put you to death I lost what I was saying oh oh okay the Great Tribulation if these days not been short and all that kind of stuff and OH so then he says when you see the abomination of desolation spoken by Daniel the prophet standing in the Holy Place then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains so he’s telling the Christians when you see the abomination spoken by Daniel get out and well what is that what is the domination of desolation is it something that’s in our future or was it something that already happened and what’s interesting is if you look up the same exact sermon the Sermon on the Mount in in a different gospel Luke explains it a little more clearer because see Matthew’s writing to Jews so he uses the phrase abomination of desolation they would know that because they knew Daniel Luke is writing more to Gentiles so he exceed uhz n’t use as many Hebrew phrases because they may not may not understand it so when when Luke has Jesus giving the same sermon he spells it out more clearly to the Greeks he says Jesus says but when you see not the abomination of desolation he says when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies then know that it’s desolation there it is a desolation is coming there let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains it’s the same exact thing but but Luke is explaining what that abomination of desolation meant so he says Jerusalem surrounded by armies my oh my isn’t that interesting that that is exactly what happened in AD happened but but but you have to ask yourself but wait a minute if Jerusalem is already surrounded by armies how are you gonna get out right yeah how are you gonna flee well here’s what actually happened in history and I tell this story in the second book called remnant rescue of the elect what happened was when the revolt first started Nero sent the Syrian governor who was one of the client kings of Rome with several legions and his name was oh I’ve got a brain fart here says Diaz Gallus and says Diaz Gallus took several legions and surrounded Rome with armies and then he started to break through into the temple he was going to break through into the temple put down the revolt this was when it was just starting in AD 66 right he’s gonna put it down and you know maybe even do something to the temple all of a sudden he’s on the verge of breaking into the temple and all of a sudden he just stops and he withdraws and Josephus writes about this he says we don’t there’s no for some unknown reason cestia is just withdraws olives oops and they leave and not only that but as they’re leaving the Jews kind of get embolden and they say this must be God’s stopping and let’s chase after them and they chased after them and they killed a bunch of them so they wiped out a bunch of Romans and that made the Jews feel like hey gods on our side we can do this right so what happened was after that point it was still another you know like a year or so before Rome came back to do the final destruction right so what I’m saying is in that interim period after Rome is surrounded by such Dias then he leaves maybe that’s the point where the Christians first left because they realized Oh Rome was surrounded but now she’s gone but that means the the desolations still coming this is our chance to get out of the city and to go to the mountains and these are the ancient historian Eusebius tells us that the Christians did that they went to the mountain city of Pella which was one of the Decapolis cities in the in the north on the Transjordan side of the of the Jordan and they did that too to escape and get away and so they the Jew the Christians were not killed in the ultimate siege of Jerusalem that happened later so there’s like two there was two times basically where where Jerusalem was surrounded and the first time allowed and when that when they withdrew it allowed the Christians to leave but then the second time Titus surround it and and there actually might have been another time where people could have left the city because when Nero died was right in the middle of the siege so Titus withdrew and waited a year before they could sort of there was a lot of civil war going on in Rome before he went back and finally destroyed Jerusalem there was a year period there where they kind of were waiting so that was a time period as well where people might have been able to leave while you know while waiting for that destruction all right people are still holding on to this idea okay we understand that understand that this stuff happened understand that the early church was martyred they were made sport different getting creative on ways to kill the first-century Christians let’s let’s crucify them let’s torture them let’s boil them let’s do all you know put their heads on platters like all kinds of crazy stuff I understand that that happened but that was not it you know it’s you know even all of the stuff you’re saying yes it makes some sense but it’s gonna happen again history repeats itself Brian it’s going to happen again technology is taking control the mark of the beast or microchip and you’re in your hand which is could be your cell phone you’re addicted to it you can’t buy a cell without it as in the days of Noah history is going to repeat itself I understand that but it’s coming upon us now all of these prophecies are happening happening again what did you say to that yeah you know I don’t believe that that’s the case I I can’t I can’t disprove to someone who who will believe that prophecies that already occurred are going to recur again I there’s nothing I could say it’s like well if it’s been fulfilled why would there need to be another fulfillment I don’t understand why but I think that but I mean there’s there’s a biblical basis for it too this gets back to the last days and the end of the age and the whole point of it is is the prophecies in the Bible we do see some repetition of things like the abomination of desolation right there’s a there’s a couple fulfillment so to speak and you know not really but there’s there are repetitious imagery of fulfillment and some of the Messianic prophecies had like a you know of a fulfillment in Isaiah’s in Isaiah’s time but also in Christ’s time but the basic principle is this prophecy is often typological right like you know the Apostles will say oh you know just like Abraham killed Isaac or not killings but you know was willing to sacrifice his son so Jesus yeah yeah exactly so it’s type in shadows it’s called typology but the problem is this the principle of typological fulfillment is yes there are repetitious images that reflect the ultimate fulfillment but once the ultimate fulfillment comes then there’s no law its it’s fulfilled so for instance it is finished like Jesus said right yeah yeah and and and the whole thing is is once the New Covenant has arrived there is no new New Covenant like the old Cummins destroyed it’s the end of the age people think oh the end of the ages the end of the world no it’s the end of the age what’s an age and ages a single time period in the ancient Jewish mind there’s another thing we don’t know we don’t we we misinterpret the text they believe there were two ages the present age that they were living in and the age to come what was the age to come that was when Messiah came he would bring the Messianic age to come what’s the point of the New Testament the Messianic age has come Jesus arrived died for our sins and brought in the new kingdom the new covenant the new the new age to come is here visit Aquarius yeah right no but when but when the text says the last days it’s not the last days of the earth or in the last days of history it’s the last days of the Old Covenant so if you have this if this picture of prophecy is all about God is ending the Old Covenant destroying the Old Covenant temple establishing the New Covenant Kingdom and what does he say about the New Covenant Kingdom no it will grow to fill the earth and it will overcome all kingdoms and it will never and what what future fulfillment can there be I mean it’s it’s been fulfilled but you know these prophecies of the Covenant Kingdom has have come and been fulfilled so I don’t think there’s any any meaning to saying they’re gonna happen again because the Christ has come and those things have been fulfilled so otherwise you could say well maybe Christ will be born again in Bethlehem you know because that’s a prophecy yeah kesariya for every generation I can’t can’t a new you know and actually I heard that there is a there’s a TV series coming out that’s gonna have that but but um yeah so that’s that’s what I would say to that and I think that I think the desire to have all these things happen all over again is just an unwillingness to ignite to recognize the fulfillment has occurred and you want it to it’s it’s it’s wish fulfillment you want it to be in the future because it would be cool if it was and we would be special if it was but if it’s not all of a sudden we become in our own eyes where we’re not special anymore but see that’s a misunderstanding of the kingdom of God yeah God is not about we have some special status more than anybody else God loves all people who have faith in Christ in all of history and you’re no more special than anybody else and that is an ego crusher and I think a lot of Christians a lot of believers are driven by ego and sadly that’s that’s the case cuz I know what happened to me when I when I came into this understanding I’m like wow so I’m not the let we’re not the last generation I’m not more special to God than every other generation you just feel this urgency within you like it’s there you feel it you know where does it come from if you’re just looking at you know the eyes of your understandings open that the world is wicked and wicked people are out there so you’re trying to make sense of it in a biblical you know sure sense and everything you hear on the television is we’re in the end you know john hagee all these guys that they pay to promote out there and by the way this is where this is now we get into what I think is the dangerous part of this whole Bible prophecy it’s one thing to laugh and mock and say oh you know the blood moons you know you know like John Hagee was saying that 2015 because of the four blood moons it was unprecedented it actually wasn’t but nonetheless you know he thought this was something bigs gonna happen of course what he meant was you know the beginning of the end times and the ravisher and all that stuff and of course it didn’t happen but the problem is is it’s not just that these guys are wrong john hagee Jonathan Cahn was talking about the shemitah and the shemitah was supposed to be the yeah and the shemitah’ is the 70th seventh and all this and was saying that the economic collapse and that was of course a couple years ago and it never happened and it’s not just that these guys are wrong it’s that they’re false prophets yeah the Bible condemns these men but Christians continue to give them a platform they should all be running away from these guys and not listening to them because over and over and over and over again they’ve said this stuff for for hundreds of years but even in my own lifetime I remember how Lindsey yeah saying the end of the world is gonna be in the nineteen crisis every single one of them they were all on board with this thing exactly and how Lindsey is still around and still is talking about prophecy nobody should be listening to that man he should have been excommunicated by the church because he is a false prophet John Hagee is a false prophet Jonathan Cahn is a false prophet and and that’s serious business this is serious now they all try to protect themselves by saying things like I didn’t say Christ was coming all right yeah you just hinted at it you just basically said something big is gonna happen those guys we try to save themselves by not giving a date now there’s all these little guys who give you a date like I said leaving the title of this video right now if you watch enough there’s dates there’s dates everywhere and so really those guys don’t give you the dates like hey I didn’t say it but that but that doesn’t matter they’re still false prophets because we all know what you’re talking about and we all hear that you’re saying this is gonna happen within our lifetime right now kind of thing you know within the next few years whatever and and so it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a cautious false prophet but it’s still false prophet and this stuff is big big money – oh it’s so funny defense Sherpa and this is a minor point to be honest because I mean I they really believe in it i I believe they believe in it but the problem is is you make big money writing these sensational stuff and once you get hooked into that big money and into that circle of all those false prophets and and you go to all your conferences I know because I know some of these guys and I go to these conferences it’s like if you were to actually like if you were to actually start to acknowledge this stuff as false you would lose your income and I understand the pressure of that you know I mean so so I respect the pressure they’re under but you ultimately have a responsibility to the truth and you have to start facing that reality and the reality is this that all these futurists have always been wrong through all of history so what my my claim to Christians is you guys they’ve been wrong over and over and over again for hundreds of years and even in our own lifetime for decades and decades all these guys you’re following they’ve been wrong and they keep changing changing their their claims don’t you think it’s time to consider maybe they’re not wrong in their specifics maybe the whole system’s wrong because they’re never right and maybe you should consider another system and that’s where I think preterism comes in because a lot of Christians are starting to see this you know we all know for how many years and that that that the dominant view the left-behind view was based on Israel becoming a nation in 1948 and they thought that within a generation all these things would happen another false prophecy we’re already into the second generation deep into the second generation none of this stuff has happened right and the whole thing is is maybe give it another generation another unfortunately it might take another 20 years but you know once you were so far enough away from this and so Christians are seeing this they’re starting to say hey yeah wait a minute Saul rooted in Israel become a nation but nothing ever happened when they said so maybe this whole Israel as a nation thing is completely irrelevant it has nothing to do with anything in Bible prophecy and they start to look at other viewpoints like the preterist viewpoint and they start to see oh our explanation is oh by the way modern-day Israel has nothing to do with God they are just another nation they’re like a Gentile nation our religion the Jews barbarism yeah and and all the nations need to repent and follow Messiah right so if you’re Jew and you don’t follow Messiah you’re not you’re not the God’s chosen people you’re not a child of Abraham until you have faith in Jesus and that’s her message to everyone not to just Jews it’s to everyone and so the point is is that in the press understanding no I mean you know there there’s no special status for the modern day nation state of Israel at all now there are some who believe that there there will be a revival in Israel of belief in Jesus you know in our future I don’t believe that but I acknowledge that guys in my camp even suggest that so there are differing beliefs okay but but the bottom line is is you are not a child of Abraham except through Messiah through Jesus and so consequently if there is going to be a transformation of Jews it’s going to be through faith in Jesus not because they’re God’s people no matter what creating the one new man and and understanding the Scriptures tell you plainly a true Jew is one inwardly you’re talking about these people have always had the one-up or where the people of the book I’m yeah it this is it gets into racism I’ve been on both sides of it I’ve studied with the Hebrew Israelites absolutely I’ve studied with the Klu Klux Klan riyo who showed me their Bible and every I mean from Genesis to Revelation every the only scriptures that are highlighted or scriptures about domination and the dreadful year and our year is coming and we’re gonna be the people and our land is gonna be given back to us and cleanse the land and crazy stuff these people believe and they all believe there that they are the people of the book they’ve got out they teach it in their churches they teach it in their in this in their schooling in its it’s demonic and it always gets into I’m special because of my blood type I’m special because of my race or my ethnicity and it gets in to the really demonic stuff man and you know that’s in fact that’s what makes dispensationalism actually racist because they are they are claiming that physical Jews are God’s chosen people because of their bloodline yeah and the New Testament says very clearly in order to children of Abraham are not children of the flesh a blood but they are children of faith and so it’s only faith that makes you challenge me so yeah this is more deep serious theological things as really funny because like I’ve actually been accused of being at my view as being anti-semitic exactly cuz I talk about God judging the Jews in the first century destruction the temple but the problem is is what they don’t understand is I’m saying the first century Jews I’m only saying what Jesus said if you wanna if you want to call Jesus an anti-semite be my guest because you’re the one who’s gonna be judged but Jesus is the one who said the first generation will be judged but no other generation after that has nothing no generation after that has any blood guilt it’s them only the first generation that killed Messiah so to call my view anti-semitic is itself a kind of racism because I’m literally saying the opposite I’m literally saying only the first century is guilty and no no other Jews are guilty after that and and yet ironically it’s the dispensationalists who believe that all the future prophecies that they believe you are yet to come are rooted in physical descendants of Jew of Abraham of the bloodline being God’s chosen people which is racism and it tell it the Scriptures tell you plainly to stay away from genealogies and who’s your father Oh what you don’t have enough they literally gets then and thousands of people that I’ve I’ve met and been a part of these circles and these conferences and paid to have these people come down it taught to our gatherings and stuff it gets really demonic I will say that looking at left behind looking at all the stuff that we’re talking about now shows just one thing the power of art and the power of books and writing I mean most of this stuff like you said Kant was backed by the Left Behind series he’s fiction books that you know change the narrative and they got behind it yeah and so it shows us that the same way they kind of created that you for what you’re doing you can kind of undo some of that work or create you no the true narrative or I look at my music and things like that and see the you know the entertainers which are like the philosophers of our day now the people blindly follow and they blindly listen to okay that’s what he said he wore a suit it sounds professional I’m going with it I believe him I don’t know why but I just feel something with dimming I believe him in the end they push it they repeat it shows you the power of art let me play the devil’s advocate here for a second though because I’m sure you’ve gotten this and there was even a there was a quote here in the chat from Christi folks and she wasn’t accusing you it was just pertaining to what we were talking about but I’m gonna I’m gonna play the devil’s advocate as accusing you the Bible says that we’re not to add to or take away from the book and if we do would be a cursed and I’m sure you’ve gotten this from people you’re weaving stories in and out and adding to and stuff like that have you been accused of that what would you say to someone who says that you’re adding to the Bible or the book of Revelation I don’t remember what I’m sure I have been yeah well you know the problem is is that that claim goes both ways I you know my whole point is I’m not adding I’m actually going back to the text it’s all these other futuristic views that have actually been adding to the text because if you listen closely to all my arguments today you’ve noticed that I go back to the text within the text I don’t go outside of the text I go within the text and so I’m not adding to the text I’m actually drawing out from the text and the people who are adding the text to the text would be more along the lines of people who are imposing their own modern-day view upon the ancient you know book of Revelation you see I’m saying so for instance when I say things like what what what is the harlot well the harlot is defined by the Bible and we went into that and we showed oh okay only a nation covenant with God could be a harlot not a pagan nation so for people to come and say well Rome’s the harlot they’re the ones who are adding because what they’re saying is not within the actual text you see and when I say things like you know John says verse 1 the things are all these things in Revelation are soon to take place right I’m not the one who’s adding I’m going back to the original text and when people say well I know that revelation says all these things would soon take place you know like within their lifetime but it actually means thousands of years from then they’re adding to the text I’m going back to the original text in the original language when people say well the Great Tribulation obviously hasn’t happened yet because nothing that great could ever have happened so therefore it must be in the future they are adding to the text why because John himself said the tribulation was going on right then and there into our first one chapter one first night so you see him saying is this is why I believe it’s so important for us to to really make biblical arguments for our cases and not rely upon all these modern-day newspaper exegesis you know these guys I’m telling you you go back and read I’ve got this book called Armageddon now and the guy chronicles how in that during the first world war we’re talking 1917 he shows how all the Christian pre Millennials at that time how they interpreted all the events that were going on just like they’re doing today you know Russia’s doing this and all that like nowadays right we’ve got Islam is doing this for us and all these guys know they’re really up on on what’s going on in the newspaper and in that sense I sighs I guess they’re they’re laudable because they really know what’s going on politically around the world but the problem is is they have all these details and then they all connect it to Ezekiel and Jeremiah they don’t know that you guys did their ma-ma’am you guys did that in World War one a hundred years ago and you were all wrong then – yeah because you’re interpreting it you’re executing the newspaper instead of the Bible and you need to apply it to John’s context not your own so that’s what I would say is is you’re adding to the text or taking away from the text when you impose on it a modern view so we need to go back to the original view and that’s how we get to the original text I um I swallowed the pill of the RFID chip I mean when it’s when it’s brand new to you of what I’m sorry what the RFID chip Thanks oh that it was the box of the Beast when that stuff’s new to you and you’re reading the Bible and they’re like hey it’s gonna be in your right hand they’re really chipping people bro they’re chipping people they’re doing they’re gonna you know you’re not gonna you can buy with it and I mean like I said this goes back for me 2008 is when I got into this stuff and I’m it’s a my music I’m changing the way people think I’m doing podcasts I’m preaching outside of churches I’m preaching downtown the end is near like doing this kind of stuff right and it it it shapes the way you thinking that way you believe in when people would come against me I couldn’t fathom it man and I had someone share the info with me that I’d that they you know in in their in their life time they’re a little bit older they believed that the Social Security card was the walk of the Beast and how that you can’t be cold and I yeah you know you got exactly you can’t buy you have to you have to mark the code when you buy a bag of chips grocery store all of this stuff and so you couldn’t buy sell or trade without the Social Security card and some of these people man that like I know personally I’m good friends with them they believe that they’ve never taken their children to the hospital to the doctor’s office one time this is this is crazy but there’s really people out there it’s crazy but there’s a lot in there’s a lot of eye-opening facts about it as well because they thought that if they went to the hospital when they were in labor that their kids would get the market a beast they would mark them with this card Social Security card so I have friends who are now 21 22 23 they’re essentially illegal they can’t open a bank account they can’t get a driver’s license because of their parents who were like hey man this is the end of the world they’re giving these cards out we’re not getting it and I’m protecting my children and all of their kids who are you know they’re some of them are my age some of them are younger they don’t let their trunk now they’re fighting with their parents have done like look I’m trying to get married I’m trying to create a life for myself and these people don’t recognize me um you know and so people really believe that at in the end they made decisions in life choices based upon that when and it’s interesting because these people particularly when they’re kids would have a hundred and four fever they wouldn’t even take him to the doctor if they would Wow no cut themselves I’m in no stitches everything they did everything themselves and they lived they didn’t live out in the woods they lived in rural areas you know and so they I mean they they had neighbors and all that stuff so very interesting when it comes to vaccines you Skid just this people what you’re saying is this stuff has real-life damaging implications it’s not just oh well I heard a different belief about the end times and it doesn’t really matter know you what your thing is the way what we believe about the future determines how we behave in the present and if we have a false picture we’re gonna behave that’s a very very good point you know but you know I on the other side of the coin I would I’ve often tell these because I’m on some of these guys shows and they’re futurists ooh and sometimes they’re very kind to have me on because they completely disagree with me but they’re willing to you know let me let me give my viewpoint which is really cool you know and I have to appreciate that and so not all of them are cooks and not all of them are you know whatever but um yeah sure yeah no but but what I say is i I go okay look I don’t believe the chip in a hand is the mark of the beast but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe it’s evil Eve just because there’s no Antichrist coming doesn’t mean I’m for tyranny when tyranny shows up and I believe mankind is sinful until the end right so there will always be sin there will always be tyranny we must always fight tyranny so therefore I think chips in the hand are bad just like you do I just don’t believe it’s a fulfillment of prophecy but I believe it’s still controlling humans which is going to be evil right yeah so so you know in other words just because you don’t believe in these prophecies doesn’t mean you’re you just oh I’m just gonna believe and accept the socialist one-world global order of course not it’s of course it’s evil it just doesn’t have to be a prophecy to be called evil it’s a Brian I appreciate this conversation man let people know where they can purchase you a new book and check out all of yourself man you got a lot of work you you’re very busy you got a really awesome website go ahead and plug that let people know where they can check out your work man sure well you know all my books are in eBook paperback and audio book on amazon exclusively so you can get everything they’re really low prices but if you want to learn a little bit more before you look into that my website has everything there I have lots of I made a website that’s very interesting and interactive I explain all my stories you can click on them I have lots of artwork that’s cool I cast all my novels and also free scholarly articles about the material as well as free books online about the material I’m writing about so if you want to go into it in depth or find out more about it so yeah good a commis for more information I mean but Amazon for off you wanna buy any of it definitely make sure you guys support this stuff and yeah nothing but love in the comment section people love you man I appreciate it Brian we have to do it again man let’s do it will do I have a good one bro bye Brian good dog well ladies and gentlemen like I said the first show we did together good stuff good stuff I love talking about this man like it was talking about like it seems like an unpopular opinion even people who are maybe new to my work and new to some of this stuff like this is new to you you’ve never heard this that prophecy has already been fulfilled and man there’s just things that you can’t overlook when you go back to history and understand like the people of the book like it happened to them man it’s it’s it’s very interesting it changes the narrative and you know just talking about what you believe affects the way you live how’d you act how you treat people who is this talking about okay Jesse Lee in the comment section says I noticed preaching brimstone makes me an angry person no joy of the Lord there as deep going out preaching the end is near you’re going to be destroyed an angry person going out preaching the joy of the Lord preaching the gospel or whatever what Jesus has done and there’s joy for you you can lay your burdens down you can pick up his burdens for his yoke is easy and his burden is light like preaching that kind of stuff it it changes the way you see things I mean even understanding the Illuminati and RFID and all of this of understanding that studying it it changes the way you see stuff your eyes are opened to things that nobody has seen the architecture you go downtown in a big city you’ve seen Masonic symbols you’re seeing ancient architecture the way that they built their structures you’ve seen all of this stuff because you’re studied on and your eyes are open when it comes to that the eyes are open when it comes to that um one of the comments we had here I’m trying to keep an eye on the comment section someone said that I think it was binary Watcher says they commit genocide on your dime these other nations our government are committing genocide through the wars all of the stuff that they’re doing when it comes down to it I have a friend of mine really close brother man when I got into Messianic Judaism he was like my entering he was into it taught me that it was something different from the crazy Karris Mattox that i had been a part of at the time so he taught me Messianic Judaism was more of a peaceful inward spiritual relationship with Christ versus like by hiranya praying for people people falling out flipping over the pews all of that which I loved that stuff that’s what I was part of but it was just something more of an inward knowing man it was a beautiful thing that we participated with with keeping Shabbat and understanding the law and you know we started eating kosher and all that kind of stuff man so anyway this guy talked about the other day I had a conversation with him and heard the urgency in his voice but he says something very similar to a binary said that they commit genocide on your dime his brother was in a state of panic that we need to come out of the system because we’re paying taxes and they’re taking our tax dollars and funding genocide funding abortion funding all of these different agendas and things and going to war because we give them money so the person was frantic and believes that God’s gonna judge him or funding in aside funding Wars killing babies person was frantic about it they but they truly believe that at them paying taxes maybe if we quit paying taxes they’ll stop if we quit funding it they’ll stop oh stop killing babies will stop going to war yes we’re not given our money keep it to ourselves taxation is theft all these movements right I’m believing that who’s gonna pave your roads are you gonna do it you’re gonna go out there and take care of them the road in front of house my neighbor’s take care of my road I don’t but who’s gonna who’s gonna do that we stopped paying taxes if you believe that if you withhold your dime then it’s gonna it’s gonna end it these people print the money man people make they create money they print it so you not you taking away your support is not gonna stop this well what if we get everybody to come out of Babylon this is the Babylonian system God’s gonna judge us at the end of the day because and this person said this their blood is on our hands the blood of the innocent is on our hands if we don’t blow the whistle if we don’t pull ourselves out of this that is a lot of guilt that you are bearing that you have no control over sir you take that into your conversation you take that into the way you view the world Herman as everything’s evil everything outside of him and his family doctrine is right right most of these people think that their doctrine is right they’re not open for correction they’re not open for debate they’re right everyone else is wrong and this end of the world mentality Jesus is coming back to take us out of here and destroy the wicked there’s just weird of like they want it to happen they want God to judge the wicked I mean I think I said we want things to be restored we don’t want wickedness to rule the Bible says that window whenever the the wicked rule the people mourn but when the righteous rule the people rejoice so people want God destroy sinners man they’re like looking for it they’re looking forward to it they’re looking forward versus trying to win that person over to their belief or to their faith man what you believe really determines the way that you act there’s a lot of people comment in here now saying that uh they believe a lot of this stuff is spiritual for them I believe it is like I said I mean the the spiritual union with Christ I mean Christ living within your heart your body being the temple of God the scripture says that God dwelleth not in temples made with hands but you are the temple of the holy spirit and the Spirit of God dwelleth within you so now you become the temple and God rebuilt that temple Christ rebuilt that temple so that the Spirit of Christ dwells within our hearts giving us a new heart that screams forth Abba Father new desires new emotions we have a hope of a manifestation of Christ with Dennis we are Jesus walking on the earth he’s still here reaching people loving people just simply trying to go out there and do what he said do becoming hope to a hopeless world right that’s the fulfillment of that understanding and people stop they’re looking for truth what is truth man I’m looking for truth I mean I’ve coined the term truth seeker my rap name that was done in like thousand and three men and really have turned into that has kind of become my destiny right Okin that name over myself so many Thompson wrote it down became a sigil I became the truth seeker came at us it became my reality seeking for true searching for truth getting to the bottom of it big when does the seeking stop when does the searching stop when do you when are you sent you know we are men to seek after the truth find the truth go after the truth regardless I mean I have a tattoo tattooed on my chest this is out of the book of Sirach out of the Apocrypha strive for the troops until death and the Lord shall fight for thee this truce to be sent with it to understand truths to embody whatever that means to you we encourage men to seek after the truth but we crucify them when they claim that they found it did you get that we encourage men to seek after the truth but we crucify them when they claim that they’ve found it keeps our search and brother keep seeking oh I got it no no no no it’s not here it’s not here piece of it but it’s not it it’s more you know what I’m saying and so this truth whatever this truth is it becomes true true for you of what you’ve you’re studying and I’m reading the comments here man people are like no this is the truth no this is the truth let me show you what I’ve seen it’s all you know it all plays on what you’ve seen men I’ve seen things men I don’t know how many of you got guys have the Watchmen album but it’s a code on there he sings I’ve seen some things seen some things things that you listening may hat may never see that I’ve been privy to experience vice-versa vice versa there’s things that you guys the listener you’ve seen you’ve experienced may go to our deathbed without experiencing and our little paradigm of what truth is becomes truth to us in our family in what’s demonic the opposite of truth or whatever we feel like is falsehood or as a lie has really blessed some people has really helped people get through life has been their truth whether we come from a biblical approach of what truth is and what the Bible says me there’s so much in that that I’ve brought out over the years and I continue to bring out that I try to show you things in there that you’ve never seen especially the things that people call evil but God has called good people that people call evil opposite called no man even the Bible says before the appointed time there’s things in there unless you have reddit experience that someone said that truce comes to experience that’s gnosis I really believe that we’re going off of the revelation of someone else I mean even reading the Bible like these are these people’s revelation of Jesus Christ it says that John of my revelation of Jesus what is your gospel say that he is down to who was Jesus for you he was a magician I can agree with that wizard you know people like they get into that aspect of him he was deaf he was that he’s the savior he’s them he’s my lord he’s this he’s that he’s the son of God he’s the son of man he was born of a virgin his father was Joseph like who is he to you who is Jesus to you who was e to you wow that’s deep who was he to you why’d you let these people take your face from you who was Jesus to you you had a relationship now you’ve let all these questions come in the seeking truths has kind of taken that simplicity of the gospel from you the simplicity which is found in Christ let no man rob you of that let no man deceive you this is your journey all of these questions I think they come in for a reason I think they come to build upon that of who Jesus is for us or who God is what God is who we are right and when we read the scripture we’ll be holding into a mirror and right when I said that at a chat here mrs. s an allegorical tale and if you believe that patience to because you’re reading not about Paul you’re not reading about I like to go to the Old Testament for this honestly when it comes to the allegory I mean the New Testament quotes allegory from the Old Testament but you’re reading about yourself you’re not reading about King David you’re not reading about Solomon you’re reading about you you’re reading your own autobiography essentially your own ascension process your own inward struggle different ways to overcome the ways that they overcame spiritually who are these people spiritually I mean you I mean most of you guys were head over heels about America being Babylon definitely not physically Babylon and we went over that today spiritually is it Babylon to present what gods are being worshipped by our rulers or the elite is it the Babylonian gods is it the Greek gods who are we is it a melting pot as some suggests that America is a melting pot of all of these gods and everything put together maybe that’s a new concept for you at the elite worship foreign gods it’s different like once you studied you can’t go back once you in the door you can’t go back you shouldn’t want to go back you shouldn’t want to want everything to make sense you want to you want to to know what you believe you want to be able to prove what you believe or what you know we talked about this there’s a difference between having faith in God or believing in God versus knowing God there’s things that I know like I said I’m privy to just because of my experiences and you could try to recreate them we do things I mean supernatural encounters and prayer and meditations and spiritual experiences that I know things exist the beings exist love exist seeing God in nature exist being strung out on dope exists being homeless exists I mean we have people from all walks of life here Pass has become all things to all men so that you can win some what have you seen this is why this podcast exists I’m curious I love to hear your perspective where you’ve come from what you’ve seen telling the truth are you making it up are you a great storyteller are you convincing and when we got a lot of comments about uh Laura Eisenhower just making it up you know and people you know into the day who knows I mean we share our stories how many how many stories can you tell right now at PETA nobody will believe you I had store I got a story about a mouse I’m gonna tell you the story people think I made this up no okay what were you smoking what were you drinking that was 13 years old I’m sitting here playing my video game in my room I got a little aquarium sitting on the ground in that aquarium I have mice little little mice that I play with little companions so I’m playing my video game mic sit on the ground in the aquarium another Mouse runs from down the hallway of this trailer I was living in looks at mum my mouse jumps up and jumps in they run around jumps back out and leaves all while I’m sitting here looking at it I was seen that I was privy to that I just tell that story and nobody believes me nope no way that could happen who you know you made that up you’re on drugs you know no that happened and that’s just is an example right I mean what kind of stories do you have what kind of experiences do you hold on to right I mean at this point now like I think we go from experience to experience from story to story my life is there’s definitely those things I mean I can look back at my life and there’s most of the stuff is in-between but you have these big milestones that changed the course of your life I mean trauma traumatic experiences that happen to you when you were a kid beautiful experiences that happen to you as a kid that changed your life and you take with you coming into knowledge of Christ things like that born again getting filled with the Holy Spirit these monumental things that change your life seeing a ghost Demon’s being attacked in your sleep sleep paralysis I mean there’s so much things that we have experienced and all of us have our own stories men it in your story is beautiful it’s unique to you you being open and honest about your story the good the bad the ugly all of it I believe it can help somebody believe that there’s people who are ashamed of this story that you can’t share your story of your mouse running in your room because people think you’re crazy you can’t share your UFO encounters you can’t share your psilocybin encounters as I’m reading in the chat you can’t share that people I think you’re crazy I believe that you have something that’s gonna help somebody and the only way they’re gonna get help is if you’re open with your story and who you are and what you believe I’ve seen it this is truth this isn’t my theory that that’s my truth that’s why I walk in it that’s why I embody it that’s why I’m open with it versus the ridicule and whatever comes with it the fame whatever like it’s truth it’s my truth take your truth let your freak flag fly be proud of who you are well God whispers in your ear in the secret in the secret places experiences that you’ve had shot it from the rooftops what happens in the secret God will reward you openly in front of men be open with it be honest I’ll be afraid talk about it whatever it is whatever you feel called to do man hope these are encouraging words I hope that you got something from this I enjoyed it I enjoyed hanging out with you guys in the chat I enjoyed hanging out with Brian for two hours those of you guys who want to hang out after this I’m available that’s available some really cool people guys really cool people join us in discord it’s like throughout the week I mean I woke up a little bit late this morning but there are already people in there praying and encouraging one another and the community that we have we have rules no funny business no crazy people it was funny somebody joined the other day hey guys I was kind of given leadership roles in discord and I said hey they’ve got it we gotta be careful crazy people and that person is like what do you mean by crazy people the list goes on and on it’s crazy people out there guys be careful watch yourself stupid enlike that’s what we’re about the link to join our discord is in the chat you didn’t in the description you can download it on your phone or you can download it on your computer and we hang out we chat we text and we get in voice chat throughout the week and encourage one another so if you guys want to hang out after the show talk about the show talk about your questions chastised true seek about what he should have said whatever it is man join us over there and discord man this is a great community and it’s growing I love each and every one of you guys who are over there you guys are my tribe you guys are part of my community I mean we vacation together right we go on trips together we’re planning concerts and going out of town and we’re meeting up man this is our family man so if you looking for family you’re looking for community it’s in our discord chat and there’s some beautiful people over there join us grow with this man thank you guys for supporting my work believing in this whatever this is whatever it’s becoming it’s definitely becoming something beautiful except people are thankful for it they’re thankful to be a part of this community I’m thankful to be a part of it it’s awesome it’s beautiful each and every one of you guys man thank you guys for supporting you I couldn’t do it without you I go back too far I say I wouldn’t do it without you I thought I was done making music and because of you guys supporting sere was birthed some of my best work today changing lives because of you I thought I was done couldn’t I couldn’t afford it I couldn’t pay for the beats reduction the promotion none of the videos not I couldn’t have done it that album exists because of you guys you don’t believe me open up the CD buy the physical CD open it up and look at the thank yous each and every person’s name who was a patron that album and from this moment out everything that’s done thank you as a straight patreon that’s my family man people who believe in me um believe in the show believe in the work that I’m doing believe in the music as little as a dollar a month man you guys can come on board and I’ll get some really cool perks as well you get access to all the all the music ten plus albums I’m still recording new music and new music is up there I just put up a new song I’ve got a new song that I just wrote and I’m have to record it but it’s beautiful I can’t wait to get that one as soon as I’m done it’ll be up there it’ll be you guys will be privy to it seven eight months maybe before it comes out to the general public some of the stuff on the last album was in there probably a year you know what I’m saying and so it was just exclusive man for you guys oh we’re on track some people are asking someone asked what am i coming to Miami when you booked me booked it and set it up not trying to get rich cover my expenses let’s make it happen I will say I am coming to Tallahassee soon so that’s closer it’s a little bit closer you want to meet me in Tallahassee we’re doing a show there there’s no flier and there’s no official date September it’s in September I think September 22nd actually but I’ll let you guys know when that’s a thing but yeah if you want to come see me in Tallahassee or you want to book me in Orlando or wherever you are I’m definitely down to come cover expenses and the crowd man will make it happen this is what we do we’re about to start doing more I mean everybody in that in the discord they’re they’re hungry for human interaction right and that’s what’s coming next and so we’re gonna be doing a lot more traveling and I’ll doing meetups and hangouts and laughs podcasts all of this stuff we’re gonna come see you guys um so as of now the next show that I have booked is August the 18th six days after the rapture so the video says August 18 so sure Mississippi small-town hole-in-the-wall in the woods we’re gonna set it off back says true stick is where you could support you can also support by going to my affiliate link for audible get a free book audible trial calm – truth seeker backslash true seeker link is in the description as well you can download a free audiobook what books should you read The Alchemist you should read the the final quest most people have read the final quest who I’ve been telling about this you guys have to read the alchemist to like once you’ve done with final quest make sure you I read the alchemist trust me by name it sounds like some kind of a cultic alchemist we’re gonna teach you alchemy you know but it’s about spiritual alchemy it’s about going through your alchemical process in life to obtain your goals your dreams in your visions to come to pass and what you must do to do that alchemist you can download that free by going to my link in the description and they give us a kickback audible trial comback / true seeker access true seeker this whole month is booked this whole month is booked we were live on the school of the Mystics Thursday night and we played an audio clip by a woman named her Laura Alicia and so this was just kind of like spur the moment we were talking about the power of words and writing in cursive and the spelling and as you write you perform a magical write you write in cursive curses and you cast spells with your spelling and all of this stuff the power of words so we were talking about that and in our community Thursday night and so I remember seeing that video so I looked it up and I found that video we played it and it was this lady Laura Alisha talking about the power of words and she put it in a really good way your job you know waking up awake you go to awake when you’re dead people in the morning people are in mourning at funerals and all of this stuff with words and showing you the power of words so anyway played that video and I say you know it’d be a really cool guess I emailed her right then and there are we having a conversation she emailed me back I talked to her for a good while last night she’s scheduled to be on the podcast probably do a song together that lady is an awesome woman Laurel Alicia y’all type that in she’s got some awesome rhymes man some awesome poetry I don’t know how old she is but we’re gonna make this happen so good stuff so with dynamo say peace and Shalom love you guys and we’ll do it again soon um just hope we’re booking into September right now if you want to come on the show if you got a a guest in mind message me email me we’ll make it happen peace and Shalom love you guys see y’all in discord [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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