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When Will The World End? When is the rapture, who is Babylon and what is the mark of the Beast? Or better yet, when WAS the rapture? Brian Godawa joins TruthSeekah on the Podcast and covers all of these controversial Biblical End Time prophecy subjects and more. When we think about the rapture it’s interesting to note that the word itself appears nowhere within the Bible, not even once. Upon further study the Bible actually teaches many things contrary to the popular end time rhetoric that we’ve been told in mainstream christianity for years. The majority of christendom have just blindly accepted these agreed upon doctrines without question or propper contextual evidence. It’s almost as if the doctrines were passed down from generation to generation. We have also seen what happens when people begin to questions these doctrines as well. They are usually ridiculed, rejected, excommunicated or ghosted. In this interview Brian Godawa gives us a look into what may seem new to a lot of believers but has been there within the Bible the entire time. Brian explains how the views expressed were also the views of the Biblical writers as well as the early church and gives precise scriptural evidence for these claims.
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