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In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Brian Godawa the author of the Chronicles of The Apocalypse series about the end times and Bible prophecy that has already taken place without us even knowing it. Cognitive dissonance would have us read over very key scriptures within the Bible that are very easy for anyone to understand and they already have a meaning because of that we’ve been told. This allows us to simply read over it because we feel as if we already know what it’s talking about even if it is absolutely wrong. They also cover the topic of entertainment and how it is being used to push incorrect Bible theology that is widely accepted by the majority of christendom. The prime example being the Left Behind series from the 90s by Tim LaHaye. There is this notion that everyone wants to feel important. Everyone wants to be the “People of the Book”. We hear all the time in the churches that people feel like they will not pass until they see the glorious coming of Jesus Christ. The fact is that every generation has felt this way and when we go back and read the Bible with this in mind we can see that Jesus, Paul and the disciples had an urgency about their message. Some of the things that stick out are Jesus not worrying about attending funerals, Paul telling the young men of the faith to not worry about getting married and settling down. This is because they knew the end was upon them. How did they know this? Because their master told them. Jesus goes into much detail in Matthew 24 about the end of the age and how the disciples standing there during this discussion would definetly see all of his prophecies fulfilled. When we take a glance into history we see that right after Jesus was crucified and rose again he ushered in the new covenant and essentially a new age of the dispensation of grace. But with that also came the dark parts of his prophecies. He told them that they would have a coming tribulation and if it were possible that even the very elect would be deceived. He gave his disciples key instructions on how to survive the coming disaster and where to find safety. Thus we see according to history that those who took heed of the warnings of Jesus actually fled unto the mountains when they saw the abomination of desolation upon them that Jesus spoke of. Those who didn’t were captured and tortured by the Romans when the Roman armies took over Jerusalem.

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Remnant: Rescue of the Elect (Chronicles of the Apocalypse)

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End Times Bible Prophecy: It’s Not What They Told You

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support you can head on over to patreon comback slash true seeker and sign up at any level of giving per month and join the membership community what we have going on over there you get exclusive content exclusive music all types of stuff we got Facebook groups and communities that we’re building and it’s so awesome that so many people are supporting right now and it’s just growing daily it’s crazy I never seen it thought that it was going to grow this fast and people are coming out the woodwork so I’m now doing this full-time full-time podcasting doing music teachings everything that I do online I also do graphic art websites and stuff like that so I couldn’t do it without the help of you guys and it’s just taken off so thank you guys so much I want to give a shout out to the latest patrons over there people who join the membership section Justin oby thank you so much brother for joining Brenda Jaynes she sent me a letter saying that she just found the podcast and some of the topics that we’re discussing was actually helping her in her spiritual walk liberation being set free from the knowledge and information from like dealing with the dogma and things like that from formalized organized religion so thank you for the kind words Travis call Sabin dude thank you so much for everything that you’re doing also Chris bars I see what you guys just like are giving so much per month man it is I don’t even know what to say I’m kind of at a loss for words so I thank you so much my family thanks you for helping me do this and go full-time with this knowledge information and truth that we’re sharing you guys are a blessing to me so with that out the way today’s podcast episode is going to be a good one I’m excited to talk to my guests we tried to hook up several months back when I was doing the mythos podcast but then I was going through some rebranding and trying to get some things out of the way and graphic art and changing all the podcasts over and reuploading so that takes a lot of time so kind of fell through the cracks but now we’re finally able to make it happen so my guest today is Bryan katawa Bryan welcome to the show brother thanks for having me on yeah man like I was saying we tried to make this happen a couple months ago wanted to to make it happen but couldn’t but so I’m pleased actually that you came back you to the show and got some questions for you they’re gonna be good when I read your email when you sent it he was talking about dealing with some controversial topics and I don’t really like Dylan was controversy too much like it’s not like a thing but controversy sells right like all of the the clickbait titles and things like that that’s all over the place and I try to stray away from it to say controversy for in my mind kind of clicks with conspiracy theories and these different theories and things that we can’t prove or or whatever so dealing with with controversy is one thing but dealing with with truth is is another thing and conspiracies and stuff like that so the topics that that you bring it to the table I think are awesome because I read a description of the books in the series that you got going on and the funny thing is I put out a video about two weeks ago talking about the end times and the end of the world I don’t really get into too much of it anymore but I’ve seen like an influx of messages in my inbox hey are we living in the last days the RFID chip what’s what’s going happen and I did a video according to my understanding and my studying of the Scriptures for years and I haven’t been one to like just push doctrine just because I used to they used to be my thing to get in the debates and prove the Bible and one of the things that I saw in your email was that like a lot of this the stuff that that you sent over was stuff that was in my video so it’s not like we’re gonna come on here we’re gonna debate and have this you know controversial discussion but like I’m excited to have you on the show because I think that our understanding of the Scriptures and belief system almost goes hand to hand man so thanks for coming onto being a part of the show I got some questions for you I’m ready to get into it man thanks for having me you know you you mentioned Derek they you know the idea of controversy cell holes in and even this whole issue of clickbait and stuff yeah we live in a very we live in a time that I I call a conspiracy theory time and it’s it’s frightening to me because you know as a Hollywood screenwriter and as a storyteller I you know I’m fascinated by conspiracy theories they make good fiction they make good movies they make interesting novels you know I kind of think connecting all the dots and stuff but I’m not I’m not a conspiracy theory kind of guy but I do feel we live in a world which seems like people are just the more sensational you are the more extreme you are and bizarre it’s it people want that and and I think there’s an entertainment side to it you know I don’t because some of my books and I’ve written my chronicles of the nepheline you know it’s about feel article stuff I’ve discovered in the Bible they have to do with like Giants and Watchers and this kind of stuff and I believe what I’ve what I’ve read and studied and that’s why I wrote the novels but you know I embellish it I fictionalize it I made it a little bit more interesting from my stories you know but nevertheless I think people that those have been selling very well because you know I think that that that’s in that interim sort of world between the extreme and the banal you know so I believe in this some of this stuff but I think there’s a whole crowd of people who become so obsessed with it and they just want more and more and more and they don’t seem to go beyond stuff they sort of tend to love to stay in the world and the more sensational it is the more they start believing it it’s you know and it’s it’s kind of scary to me because I I think that it shows we’re easily manipulated you know yeah so all that to just get to what I was getting to which is my new series chronicles the apocalypse it’s a novel series but I’m dealing with like you mentioned the last stage what are the last days and I am you know I come from a tradition where back in the 70s late seventies you know I my view of the end times was very heavily influenced by how Lindsay and how Lindsay is sort of the forerunner of the left-behind viewpoint and that’s what I call it that’s the easiest way to call it the Left Behind you point you know and I see today you know and look I don’t know exactly where you’re coming from or maybe you know where your listeners are coming from but I come from that that’s a pretty traditional Christian viewpoint they mostly come from there yeah yeah yeah most people um but I think now more and more people are starting to change their minds and I went through a change in my own view because I started to see that there is this sensationalism of you know whatever is the most you know outlandish connection they can make with a Bible prophecy and what’s happening in the news and over the decade over the decades you start to see these things aren’t happening that they’re predicting and they keep changing or and over again and it’s almost like they start to make the give the Bible a bad reputation because they’re always wrong now I know that doesn’t mean the Bible is wrong but it it started me to thinking I’m like maybe this whole system’s wrong because they’re always wrong over and over again maybe it’s not just individuals maybe it’s the system and that caused me to look into other ways of understanding the last days in the end times and and I’ve changed my view dramatically so much so that now I would I’m sometimes considered a heretic by those people the left-behind view because whereas most people believe there’s this whole complex scenario of that’s gonna happen soon you know there’s gonna be a rapture there’s gonna be a tribulation for seven years there’s going to be an antichrist and they rebuild the temple and you know and then Armageddon all this stuff it’s a very typical picture and I most people think that’s in our future well here’s the shocking thing is as I’ve studied the Bible with a lot of scholarly research I’ve come to believe that know a lot most of what they think is in the future has already happened in the past and that’s the shocking thing that could just go what how could what are you talking about you know and as I explored it more that’s that’s where I it became so powerful I thought you know I gotta put this into a novel form because I think it helps people through entertainment and fiction people like that it sort of gives flesh to the to the bones and it helps people see this is how it plays out and it’s making a lot of sense to people so my series is called chronicles the apocalypse and I’m basically telling the story of the Apostle John in the first century when he wrote the book of Revelation what was happening at that time you know he was under the the the the Roman Empire Nero was the Emperor at the time when he wrote it Christians were being persecuted for their faith thrown to the Lions that’s where we get all that stuff right and and the Jews started revolting against the Roman Empire and it was called the Jewish revolt and that revolt brought the Roman armies to Israel which ended in a massive war that ended with the destruction of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple that has never been rebuilt since so my my novel series is telling that story and that’s what I wanted to sort of share with people and so it’s entertaining its historical but it’s also feel logical in a very real sense yeah see that’s why I was gonna tell you man just to touch on a little bit because I remember when I was really big into the studying of this stuff and and and getting into a lot of it and having debates with people and and and the goal of conversation was that I was right and I need to teach you why I’m right like that was the goal of every person of a different faith whether they were Catholic or Muslim or Hindu or whatever the goal of that interaction was to win you to my faith and I’ve since change over there just just by meeting people and seeing God in everything and in every one type of scenario but to see that what like whatever we’re trying to trying to prove with the whole theology and stuff I’ve seen that entertainment is powerful because I’ve done Christian hip-hop music for years and I didn’t want people to call me an entertainer like I’m a prophet I’m a man of God I’m a messenger this this message that I have is powerful I’m not reducing it to entertainment until we understand the power of entertainment and how powerful it is just like you said and I was wondering ask you know I’m pretty sure this is the case but is this a almost a controversial a way to share controversial theology in similar ways that has been done by the church for years but by people like Tim Lehane with Left Behind and the mark and all these books and movies about the end times because most Christians have honestly got the theology from the books and those movies like that’s their their vision of the end times and it works well with the entertainment with the vision because it’s not they don’t it’s not up to the imagination like they have the visual representation of how it’s gonna it’s gonna happen so with that stuff being shared people are able to read the Bible and read over blatant like blatant facts blatant scriptures that tell you about the enzymes that kind of proved the doctrine that you’re bringing in in these books and it’s simple like in this verses that stick out such as like this generation shall not pass and until all of these things be fulfilled and it’s so funny to watch some of the theologians squirm at that verse and in the stuff they come up with what that just means this these people here and I’ve heard all kinds of stuff but it’s pretty simple right yeah yeah no I you know I and here’s the thing this is why you know I would argue that left behind that series that was so hugely influential but I think it was a brilliance to it because one thing that they got was if you tell a good story people are drawn to it and that that’s not good or bad that could be used for good or could be used for bad now I would argue that the theology of left behind was bad theology and actually a lot of people would argue that this the writing was not very good either but nevertheless they were doing something right right because I and I think what it was was they were in in the big picture thing at least for their market the Christian market they were telling you a good story to some degree and and I think you know it’s the same reason why a movie like Avatar you know when the world’s most watched movies you know it’s very pagan it’s it’s you know I would argue it’s very anti-christian and anti-american all this kind of stuff but I love the movie even though I disagree with it philosophically because it was a good story so I think I agree with you that I’ve also come to believe in my life that even though I’ve always been a person who’s loved the Arts I’ve also loved the intellect and I’ve loved the mind the study of the mind and so I love theology but I realized not everyone can and not everyone can get into intellectual stuff and studying all that yeah and I don’t I used to kind of condemn it look down on on people who couldn’t who get their their understanding from movies and songs and stuff it’s really dangerous and I do agree that it is dangerous but I also realize that it’s a dominant you know it’s like you said this is where a lot of people do get their stuff their ideas from so I I embrace the value of good storytelling good art good entertainment so like you I used to think entertainment was lower on the value than the truth but now I think it’s the same in other words yes I’ve got truth that I want to share with the world but if I’m not entertaining then no one’s gonna listen and I don’t deserve to be listened to so that’s my goal tell great stories yeah I embody my theology in it but I I think that the value of storytelling itself is so powerful that that’s my goal now my goal is not to like you know my goal is not to prove to you I’m right but rather look I’m going to tell you a great story and if you can if you can enter into it maybe you’ll see what I’m trying to say you know in a way that you wouldn’t if I just come at you with a more logical argument that makes sense so I know you said you’ve gotten a lot of backlash with the theology and that’s just kind of the buzz where people go through like the whole heretic thing this is heresy they throw that word around like crazy and and tell people to stay away from you watch out for your work do like expose videos and all this kind of stuff on you right just because you bring in another perspective especially when the perspective in the end can be proven right like through their scriptures that were taught to just read over but when we read when we read them about the rapture and and you know the common deceptions and stuff and one of the thing the things I said in my last video was about how I think everybody just wants to be the people of the book like we all have this this feeling on the inside that I guess when we read the Bible then we look at the news we look at television and we we’re in the end times ends coming things are turning evil so everyone has this at this earnest expectation that Jesus is coming back for them and I think every generation since Paul has and when we go back and read Paul and read those writings knowing that they knew that their time was at hand we could see the urgency in their letters like hey he who endures to the end shall be saved and there was an urgent when it was urgency when they’re talking about getting married Paul said no we’re not worried about getting married we’re not worried about going to funerals like it’s coming soon we got to get this message out there not that they had 2,000 years to put to keep getting a message out but hey this was something that was at hand and and every generation since then has felt like that and I know I felt like that and most Christians I talked to are waiting they all say I think Jesus is coming back before I die they all want to have prophecies fulfilled and things like that you know yeah I think I think the reason why is is because we want to feel significant and honestly I think the problem is is that that’s nothing wrong with that but we want to feel significant to God and if we are the last generation where all of God’s prophecy our prophecies are culminating that means we are the final generation and that makes us really important then wow I’m special to God I’m not just another Christian in history who lives and dies but see the thing is is that’s where I think we’re we are fundamentally misunderstanding the power of the kingdom of God because as a Christian to me the whole point of it is is to realize that we are one part of the body of Christ we’re one brick in the temple holy temple of God and we have to get over ourselves we have to put our pride aside and say look we’re part of this greater thing that’s bigger than us and we may just live and die and just love people and help small people we’re not gonna be Billy Graham’s were not all of us are gonna be big and famous for Jesus or whatever all that kind of crap and I think that when we we we realize that our purpose is to honor God and to be a part of his kingdom which is the bigger thing not where the end of the world where the special group and crowd in other words get working for the kingdom of God not sitting around waiting for God to come and deliver you from from your work get to work and I don’t mean work salvation I just mean get to work doing the work of the gospel that you were saved to do that’s kind of how I see the picture you know and so I do think that there’s this obsession with the end times I see a lot of people they spending they’re spending all their time making all these connections with little details of Bible prophecy what’s going on the news and hey and it’s all an obsession with evil about here’s all the evil that’s gonna come for the Christ they’re spending all their heart and minds on on pursuing understanding evil and I think we should pursuing the kingdom of God and yeah you know we’re not to be blind to evil and we’re not to be ignorant of evil of course not but this obsession is is where I think it takes us off of what’s really most important and but like said you know I mean if you read the Bible there’s so many places you know we can we could look at but you know I take the book of Hebrews for instance you know you talk about the last days right and many Christians just think yeah we like you said every generation thinks they’re the last days but here’s the interesting thing the Jenner the first century generation of the writers of the Bible actually said they were in the last days so if you look at hebrews hebrews 1 vs. through the prophets it’s in the past but in these last days he has spoken to us by his son whom he has appointed heir of all things you’re like going wait a minute these last days they believe it’s not just that they believed they were the last days they said they were the last days and then in Hebrews 9:26 this is another passage where he goes st. book and he’s saying Jesus has appeared once for all at the end of the ages to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself so and believe me there’s there’s another dozen passage of passages I could point you to but this is just one little entry into beginning to get the clue that what does the Bible mean by the last days we always assume well last days of the earth last days of time in history know the Bible when it says last days it actually means the last days of the Old Covenant age why because when Messiah count comes he brings in the new age the Messianic age of the New Covenant so in 9:20 and Hebrews 9 where it says it’s talking about the first coming of Christ not the second coming of Christ it says Christ appeared once for all to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself that was the cross right but it says that is the end of the ages so in other words the Bible is saying that the end of the ages is not the end of the world the end of time the end of history it’s the age what does age mean age is one particular time period so it’s saying that the first sensor was the end of the Old Covenant age because the new covenant was coming in now that’s pretty shocking if you think about it because the implications are wait a minute well family then go back and read all those last days Bible passages and you start to see Wow in acts 2 Peter says Peter says you know you the outpouring of the Holy Spirit they’re speaking in tongues and he says this was what the Prophet Joel said in the last days I will pour out my spirit he’s saying last days were upon them right then they’re again the last days of the Old Covenant and and here’s the crux of the whole the big picture I’m you know and we could sit there and look at specific Bible verses which I think it’s helpful we need to do but where as many Christians think well that the whole point of prophecy in Revelation is is to talk about the end of the world when Jesus comes back but I argue that most of the New Testament prophecies are not about that they’re about the end of the Old Covenant so when Jesus comes he inaugurates the New Covenant right when he does in the cross but think about this the you know the Jew Judaism gods you know people the Jews had a very historical religion right God works in history he parts the Red Sea and and and brings him across in order to establish a new seat the Mosaic Covenant well if God is ending that covenant that he always operated historically by but but think about it he the the it’s just a spiritual thing Jesus died on the cross and you’ve got these juice going what do you mean he’s a messiah and we’re forgiven of our sins we still have the temple we still have to do sacrifices right in other words the Old Covenant symbols of the temple and Jerusalem were still standing which was which means that from the time of the cross to the time of the destruction of the temple this a transition period between covenants the New Covenant has come in but it’s not fully consummated the Old Covenant is gone but it’s not fully gone right so the whole point is it’s not until God destroys the elements of the Old Covenant and judges the Jews who rejected him as Messiah that’s when the final consummation of the New Covenant has arrived and the Old Covenant is dead and gone forever and that’s sort of the picture of what I’m sort of communicating and and what I’m saying is not something new I didn’t make it up I’m not a loan and Bible interpreter there’s a there’s a long history of very scholarly Orthodox Christian men through history who have argued this you know we’ve got RC school ken Gentry Gary Tamar and it goes back in the history where you know some of the ancient church fathers even even mentioned this stuff so it’s nothing new but it’s definitely new to our minds because we’ve been programmed to read that the end times is about us not about them I’ve talked to friends of mine who who kind of grew up in the churches and it was something that I came into later as a Christian but were that theology was pushed and they would like he would talk about coming home from school and his parents be gone and he didn’t know they’d be at the store and he’s running through the house thinking that the rapture happened like this was a like a fear that he had that he missed the rapture because he had looked at something on the computer or on television or something you know any loss of salvation but it gets people built with this morbid fascination like you were saying earlier one part that God’s gonna punish the wicked and they can’t wait till God shows you what he’s gonna do to you type deal and then another thing they kind of want the persecution to come and we’re looking at the news and and there is Christian persecution in the media and things are heating up but that the thing is it’s doing a huge disservice and a huge disc justice to those who have come before us when we look at like Christians like enough Christian friends who like they want their head to be chopped off for Jesus and they think it’s coming like they want to die that way because of their love for the gospel and the love for the work that God’s done in their hearts so obviously they want to you know I’m saying pledge their life to them but we have to look back at history like you’re saying about the tribulation people hung about a common tribulation and a coming judgment in these things we look back at what the early church went through when tribulation started these people were crucified crucified upside down they had to they were beheaded they were boiled alive they were made to fight bears and lions in a Coliseum as sport all types of wickedness all types of evil were done to these people and I have friends who will say yeah that happened then but it’s gonna be worse I don’t think you can really get much worse than that there’s not well yes I can hey that’s like the most bloodiest thing that ever happened you know I’m saying that people are looking forward to something worse for me as I hold on you need to understand like this this stuff happened man this was bad well that’s one of the reasons well another one of the reasons why I’m writing the book it why I’m writing the chronicles of the apocalypse because the first novel in the series is called tyrant rise of the beast and the tyrant is Nero who was the Emperor of that time and what I do is I tell the story where I start with the Great Fire of Rome many people have heard of that great the Great Fire of Rome was a tragedy where two-thirds of the city of ancient Rome was burned to the ground it was the most devastating thing ever and what happened was that people started thinking that and it’s possibly true that Nero deliberately had the fire set so that he could rebuild Rome in his in his image right and so he realized that oh my gosh if this rumor takes hold they’re gonna mob they’re gonna mob me and and hang him right so he decided to find a scapegoat and to blame the great fire on and that was of course the Christians because at the time they heard Krishna’s talking about this judgment of God God’s gonna come and judge with fire so it’s like okay put two and two together they’re the ones that did it right and which was brilliant diabolically brilliant right and that’s what launched the persecutions you’re talking about and I think Christians have heard of this but like you said we don’t really know the details so I actually described the story of the neurotic persecutions in the first century and I I talk about all these things that not just throwing them to the Lions but one of the things that Nero used to do was he would go into the reen arena and he would do it what’s what he called fatal charades which was he would he would put Christians onto the arena and he would act out he would get you know guys with swords and they would act out ancient myths that were violent like say there was a myth where the myths of derse where you know this goddess Artemis came and and judged these people by having having sending dogs to eat them alive that’s the myth so he would like put Christians out in the arena and unleash dogs on them right and so it would be playing out the myth of derse and all this so he would act these things out in the arena which was really disgusting and evil you know so I try to tell that story like you said to give give help people get a sense of the really the heaviness of what this is you know and like you said there yeah well there are a lot of tribulations I mean all through history there has been great persecution of Christians actually in all kinds of people right and many people will say well right now there are more Christians of being persecuted now than in the first century well technically yeah because we have you know how many billions of seven billion people on the planet whatever yeah there’s gonna be more technically but and here this wood gets here’s another point that gets to what you were saying so we hear about this the great tribulation the great tradition right jesus said in matthew 24 there will be a great tribulation well when does that happen people think it happens in the future here’s another one of these like passages in the Bible so I’m not making this up it’s the Bible saying it and Christians miss it you know because it doesn’t fit their theories go to the book of Revelation chapter 1 the very first chapter John is writing I John but revelation 1 verse 9 he says I John your brother and partner in the tribulation and the kingdom and the patient endurance I was on the island of patmos so he’s literally saying when I wrote this book of Revelation I am going through the tribulation so it’s amazing what I’m amazed is how much the Bible actually does say explicitly that these passages are being fulfilled in their time period in the first century and if we can readjust our paradigm and say instead of coming to the Bible and saying how does this fit into the newspaper let’s if you look at it well what did it mean to them in their time period because Revelation was written to churches seven churches in Asia Minor Minor in the first century what did it mean to them not what does it mean to us I mean obviously we draw something out of it right but but like Paul said in Corinthians right where he said that you know that what happened to the Jews in the wilderness was an example for us to learn from right it’s so we learned from it but the original letter was written to them and I think that’s the fundamental misunderstanding why Christians are missing the boat they’re seeking to import our perspective on it instead of first finding out what did it mean to them and when you do find out what it means to them you see all these passages and they start to make sense John I by your partner in the tribulation I mean that’s just that’s like that’s like rocks your world and in my opinion you know that should change everything I mean the I mean the Bible is like a hand hand companion when it talks about the destruction of the temple and wanting to know like these prophecies and they’re not crazy they’re not far-out like they literally happen like everything that Jesus said and what you’re talking about too in the in the book as well the new one the remnant was talking about Jesus warning them he said when you see this stuff starting when you see everything starting to happen he says run flee to the mountains he said those are who on the rooftops don’t go into the house and grab your cloaks and get your belongings that run he says get your family and run to the hills run to the mountains because that’s the only place that you’re going to find solace and and those who owe because that happened in what is that up from like 66 to like 70 AD or so some years in there that actually happened in all the prophecies he said that people would be dying in this industries weeping and gnashing of teeth and people eating their children because of what the Romans did to them but those who listened to the prophecy of Jesus who who took heed to the warning that he gave they ran and didn’t didn’t go back for interfer for anything and it’s kind of its kind of almost see this like a see it kind of funny because he also says it’s he says how hard will it be for those who were given birth but then he makes it he also makes a comment about the Sabbath he’s like prayed that it’s not on the Sabbath day cuz y’all a mostly y’all are following the the letter to a tee that when the Sabbath comes y’all ain’t gonna do nothing y’all just gonna sit inside and say oh man I can’t I can’t break the law on the Sabbath so he even throws that in there but those who listen to Jesus and ran out of City and fled into the hills they survived but the ones who was there were encamped by the Romans yes and that that like you said that that’s my second book which is remnant rescue of the elect and what I do is I tell the story of Roman army the Roman armies are starting to come down into Israel because of the Jewish revolt and I follow the journey of a Jew a Christian and a Roman they’re sort of through circumstances they’re thrown together into this journey and they’re they’re there while it’s while it’s happening and so like you said what I do is I tell us what was it like then where the the Roman armies are common the Jews are revolting and their thing they’re actually starting to think maybe we can stand up against Iran like they’re thinking like maybe we can do this right of course they yeah because they thought God was on our side but because they rejected Messiah they didn’t realize no God’s not on it your side he’s against you and he’s coming to judge you but the Christians that were in Israel Jews who became Christians right believers and there were some of them in in Jerusalem as well imagine they are you know there’s still Jews and their believers and the temples still there some of them and this is in the New Testament we see this happening all over the place right we see the Apostles trying to say Jews are saying yeah you can believe in Jesus but you also gotta get circumcised you got to follow the laws of Moses you got to do both and that was a major problem for them which which meant they were saying yeah believe in Jesus but it still gets circumcised to still go to the temple because the temple still there so I tell the story about these Christians are saying no no no get out of the city and and they’re trying to tell the Christians because God’s coming to judge the city and many of them didn’t believe so the whole a lot of the stories trying to convince him that what’s going to persuade them and and there’s some twists that I won’t reveal but it kind of gets to the point where it’s too late and how are they gonna be saved out of this mess and it all fits with the history of what you mentioned before that that there’s one historical source that we have that has a complete rendering of the years 80 66 to 80 70 the Jewish revolt the the Roman armies and the battle that they did to destroy the Jews the city of Jerusalem in the temple and that’s that author is an ancient Jewish historian named Josephus and he wrote what’s called the wars of the Jews and he wasn’t a Christian but he he he lived during that whole war and he ended up getting captured by the Romans went and helped Titus his goal was to try to keep Titus from doing too much destruction and try to protect the Jews but he ended up siding with the Romans and tried to persuade the Jews surrender give up you’re gonna be destroyed you know and so anyway I I used that source from Josephus as my historical main historical resource to tell that story of what was going on so this isn’t just about you know theological stuff I’m also giving the history for an event that a lot of Christians don’t know about because I’m telling you I’ve met and talked to a lot of people and they don’t they know about the event but they don’t know what happened and therefore they don’t know how this event connects with Bible prophecy and that’s what my novels try to do is as they’re going through this experience we’re seeing yeah this that’s the fulfillment of this prophecy that’s the fulfillment of this prophecy and so it’s kind of this whole package that I think you like we said it’s entertaining but it also gives you knowledge II yeah for me of being in in the New Covenant and seeing that it’s something that the prophets look forward to they were prophesying about this coming time and then it talks about the whole mystery of the gospel and how the mystery of the gospel is Christ in us as the hope of glory and then this whole new transition of the faith and how it operates and how we receive power from on high and that we we can do greater things in Jesus as we go forth into the world and dude with with power like that’s what I believe and seeing that being fulfilled I try to interpretate the a lot of the prophecies you know in a future tenses people put them about this coming back of Jesus and it’s not that I have to pull but I can’t help but see that Jesus in us is like this coming of the Messiah to come back and rule and reign I see him alive in in the lives in each and every believer when we come together and form the body of Christ on the earth he says where two or more gathered there I am in the midst of him so it it kind of combats the doctrine of Christians waiting for Jesus to come back and they don’t care about their bodies they don’t care about the Earth’s like this room yeah that stuff there they don’t care about none of that because they’re gonna leave this place and and it’s gonna burn when I see that Christ we’re not waiting for Christ to come back but we are Christ come back who’s living within us operating in the world yeah I think that what you say has a lot of biblical support to it now traditional Orthodox Christianity still does believe that there will be a physical second coming of Christ but it’s not linked to all this tribulation Antichrist stuff right however what you’re saying I think it is is relevant in the sense that when we go to Matthew 24 and Jesus you know they asked Jesus when are the signs of your coming and all these things to take place most people assume that that coming of Christ on the clouds you know he says you will see the Son of man coming on the clouds with great power and glory here’s one of those things that’s very difficult for Christians to understand because we assume so many things from our own view and not from the view of the ancient Jew and we think that Christ coming on the clouds is the second coming the physical coming and I would argue it’s not because it’s a coming it’s God coming in judgment Jesus coming in judgment to judge the Jews for having rejected him as Messiah and he’s gonna judge them and he’s going to destroy the temple but here’s the problem is when when we modern people read this phrase you will see him coming on the clouds with great power and glory what do we picture in our minds well I would say we picture this notion of you know Jesus basically surfing you know surfing on the cloud somehow maybe on his horse have you seen them go up so shall you descend you know and but the problem is is if that that concept is a poetic concept that has a precedent in the Old Testament when you look back in the Old Testament and I can you know in my book end times Bible prophecy I I go into into detail and talk about these passages but this notion of cry of God coming in the clouds is all throughout the Old Testament you’re going to try and find some examples here to kind of you know make the point here but so in the Old Testament whenever let me just paint the picture whenever God would judge a nation or people or a city he described it as God coming on the clouds yeah so so for instance when when God judged Egypt in Ezekiel 37 a is near the day of the Lord is near it will be a day of clouds a sword will come upon Egypt when he judged Egypt in the ancient world he said it I came on the clouds when God when God came there’s another passages in Isaiah 19 the Oracle concerning Egypt behold the Lord is riding on a swift cloud that’s Isaiah 19 is about to come to Egypt when he when God judged the city of Nineveh it says God God is taking vengeance on a whirlwind and storm and the clouds are the dust of his feet and listen I could give you another half a dozen of these verses my point is simply to say in the Old Testament never God judged a city a nation or people he described it as him coming on the clouds now does that mean God was literally physically coming on the clouds Yahweh no no it’s a spiritual it’s a spiritual metaphor for this when when these pagan armies like God didn’t when it says that he came to Egypt or against Nineveh it wasn’t just God it was another nation’s armies so God was saying that these other nations are gonna come and destroy you but that’s essentially me using them to judge you does that make sense so therefore now you jump ahead Jesus is saying in Matthew 24 getting back to their when he says you know in the very beginning Matthew 24 when will these signs be in the the jesus says not one stone will be left of this temple it’s going to be destroyed and then they said when this is when is this gonna happen you know and Jesus describes all these things that then happen in the first century and he says you mentioned this earlier he says all these things that I’m telling you that we think of the end times tribulation abomination of desolation they’re all going to happen to this generation and what that phrase in Greek means you look it up everywhere everywhere that Jesus uses it he’s talking about the generation to whom he’s speaking he’s not talking about a future generation he’s saying you people right here are gonna see this happen and boom is that it actually happened yeah exactly happened so he was right you know and so when he gets to the point where he says now you’re gonna see the Son of man coming on Klaas of heaven that’s that metaphor of saying I am going to come and judge you and I’m gonna use the armies of Rome in order to do that now I can prove to you that that’s literally what he meant because this same sermon Jesus gives in multiple places and the Gospels right and if you look at the same sermon in Luke 21 look it up this is really cool The Book of Luke is written to Gentiles so whereas Matthew book of Matthew was written to Jews he uses a lot of Jewish poetry and and metaphors that they’re familiar with right but idioms exactly so Luke is writing to Greeks and he knows they’re not gonna pick up the Jewish idioms as easily so what does he do he get he explains the same sermon that Jesus gave on the Mount but he gives a little twist he he doesn’t use the he doesn’t use the same language because in Matthew 24 Jesus says when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel flee to the mountains what’s the abomination right in Luke 21 verse 20 that same verse is said this way but when you see Jerusalem what surrounded by armies know that it’s desolation has come near then let those who are in Judea flee the mountains so you see the Bible itself is actually explaining to us what the Bhama nation of desolation is and it is the Roman armies surrounding Jerusalem to the destroy it which as you said earlier already happened in AD 70 so my I find it a coincidence that do you think what Jesus is saying is in our future when in fact you can show how everything he talked about was fulfilled in the past you know it kind of makes you it kind of makes you really have to reevaluate how you interpret those biblical passages instead of assuming they’re in our future look and see well how might they have been how might they have been fulfilled in the past and you’ll find that they were all of them all of them he says all these things will upon this generation not some of them not a few not all of them and sure enough you know a lot of a lot of Christians will these days you know they’re what what I call literalists and they just they just think that everything in the Bible is literal and there’s so much this poetic and just because it’s poetic or spiritual doesn’t mean it’s not real it just means this is the way that God uses language right and when they read these phrases like you know back to Matthew 24 before the Son of Man comes it says immediately after the tribulation of those days the Sun will be darkened in the moon will not give its light and the stars will fall from the heaven and these a lot of these Christians just assume well that’s if the Bible says it it must happen so therefore excuse me therefore the moon’s not gonna give us like stars are gonna fall from the heavens literally literally these are astronomical occurrences but the problem is again you you if you look in the Old Testament you see this was a very common way of Old Testament prophets describing the fall of ancient our of authorities and powers our earthly and heavenly powers whenever God judged a nation in the Old Testament he says that the the stars fell you know from the sky and all this and if you’re thinking that’s legal yeah exactly lightning and stuff let me let me find a good example fact I think that the passage that this Jesus quotes from I think the Lucifer I think I think the Lucifer term is perfect if we go back and get that and see and see him talking about these people fall and we’re talking about this person falling and that term falling all of these kings and rulers all fell from their their lofty place and they were made desolate and all of them even like the kings of Babylon where it talks about Babylon falling in an hour in Revelation then we go back and read Daniel and say oh wow it actually uses that same terminology of Babylon the Great falling in an hour but yet we’re we’re looking forward to like Rome again or America like I’ve heard people want they’re looking for America to fall in an hour when Daniel talks about how Babylon fell in an hour and I’ve heard people talk about how the host stars are falling instead they try to get people and as far as like the end times go and like looking forward to the future they try to interpret that being missiles and bombs falling yes yes yes which is which is funny because they call themselves litter list but then all of a sudden that becomes a metaphor right but that what you’re talking about is in Isaiah Medes Scott used the Medes to destroy Babylon he says this the stars of the heaven their constellations will not flash forth their light the Sun will be dark when it rises the moon was not shed its light and thus I will punish the world for the world for its evil I shall make the heavens tremble the earth will shake right he’s basically describing it like as if he’s D creating the earth right but but that didn’t happen because obviously that occurred in history when Babylon fell so there’s many many of these examples that that describe this notion so then we go back to you know Matthew 24 and say okay well then in that context if John said the tribulation was occurring in his day and Jesus says right after the tribulation the Sun will be darkened and that that moon and stars falling is not literal but it’s actually metaphorical of the earthly and heavenly powers and authorities lose you know being overthrown it makes sense when Rome came and destroyed Jerusalem the powers of Israel fell and they lost their power the power of the Old Covenant was gone and that Jesus came on the clouds and judged them through the Roman armies by destroying the temple which was the very essence of the Old Covenant so God was saying not only did I say that the New Covenant has replaced the Old Covenant but I’m gonna destroy the Old Covenant to such a degree that I’m gonna destroy the temple and you’ll never be able to rebuild it again which I find is interesting that they haven’t been right and so so this is how you see the picture unfolding oh the end of the age that Jesus talked about is not the end of the world the end of an Covenant age it’s an eschatological age yes so these are the kind of things that I read about an enzyme light so in my book end times Bible prophecy that’s where I saw lay out the the I explained the Old Covenant and how I explained how you understand Old Testament poetic prophecy then I go through the book of math not the book but the chapter of Matthew 24 and I walk through each of these prophecies that Jesus gave and explain how they’re rooted in the Old Testament I’m not making this up I’m not bringing the newspaper and I’m just saying hey look this stuff occurred in the Old Testament so you that’s how you understand it it’s it’s so weird too but like if you just study the New Testament you you you won’t really get it you have to go back and study the old as well and you have to actually read the footnotes in in your scriptures as well that kind of do a lot of the work for you so like when Jesus and Paul most of their stuff I would go out on a limb and say wasn’t original the majority that I found out there quoting the Old Testament and but but they’re taking it and putting it in their own words and there’s a note to follow to show you the chapter in verse where they’re just rewording what was mentioned of in the Old Testament and showing you that they’re sharing it there as you know being the prophecy this is we’re in the prophecy the prophecy is fulfilled one thing I thought I wanted to kind of throw at you I don’t I don’t know if this is that the exact interpretation but as far as the whole being poetic and and seeing how it fits when we’re talking about seeing seeing Jesus come back in all of his glory on the clouds right it almost seems and I just came I just I just actually put two and two together the other day when I was thinking about it they said I don’t stand by it but acts 7 and talking about Peter being stoned to death right before he dies a martyr he looks up and he sees Jesus in all of his glory in the clouds i seated at standing at the right hand of the Father so it’s almost like this place that believers before they die or right at that moment they’re greeted by the Messiah so maybe as well as it’s a prophecy of something that went when you pass you’re greeted and seeing him in all of his glory standing in the clouds well yeah and I think there’s another element to that’s also important to understand that this the the the thing that we miss is there’s a very particular meaning to this image of the Son of man seated at the right hand of God it isn’t just this sort of like oh yeah yeah he’s on the throne but it goes back to Daniel and Daniel 7 which talks about the Son of Man comes up to the throne of God and then God judges and all this kind of stuff and the thing is is this this image of Christ seated at the right hand let me explain what it means in other in other pastors like in Matthew 16 verses 27 to 28 Jesus is talking to them and he says as the Son of Man is gonna come with his angels in the glory of his father right and it says he will pay to each person according to what he has done then he says truly I say to you there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom what wait a minute he’s saying people that were standing there won’t die before Jesus comes in his kingdom this is another one of those examples where people don’t Christians miss that they don’t realize that he’s telling us that’s this notion of it of him coming on the clouds is something that was gonna happen in their generation not in the future and in Matthew 26 63 and 64 he’s standing before the high priest and the high priest of course is rejecting him right because the Jews were rejecting him I said I adjure you by the Living God tell us if you were the Christ and Jesus says this I you have said so but I tell you from now on you will see the Son of man seated at the right hand of power and coming on the clouds of heaven and there’s many other of these times where he says this this was offensive to the Jews and here’s why because what he’s saying is you’re rejecting me as Messiah but I am going to prove to you that I’m that I am the Messiah and the Messiah was Daniel 7 the son of man who would come up to the to the throne of the Ancient of Days right and he would take his seat and he would be in a sense he was God in the flesh so there’s a whole deity thing going on there but my point is is this notion of him seated the right hand is a way of saying I am the Messiah the Lord that you rejected and so what he’s saying is when I destroyed the temple that is going to be now someone like Stephen had a literal vision where he saw that but the actual destruction of the temple is his way of telling the Jews see I told you I’m seated at the right hand you’re gonna see this you’re gonna see it not literally see it but it’s going to be proven to you that I am the Messiah that you rejected and that I’m at the right hand of God when I destroy the city of Jerusalem and the temple that you have made into an idol because you reject the Messiah you see no is this this whole package of him saying that that I’m the one you you rejected me and because of that I’m gonna prove you wrong and I’m gonna prove to you that I am the god you rejected by doing this major judgment of Cataclysm upon Jerusalem it’s very deep and like I said I think the scripture interprets itself and then history we they don’t really teach his history in the churches though that’s the only kind of the kind of thing so there was there’s so much more on on your website so many more books and and I was just reading some of the excerpts from them and some of the tag lines and stuff a lot of it caught me and there’s so much more that we have in common that I just want to pick your brain about a couple things here that I have written down because you’re you’re really big into the arts in teaching Christians to kind of kind of get into the arts and how to share their faith there and be embraced there because many people tell you to stay away from the ours you know and that that’s Hollywood and it’s demonic and all this kind of stuff but we can be there and we can put out good quality content or good quality scripts good acting and just thrive in excellence and be a Christian and and try to get some type of message across or even many messages hidden throughout it so I’ve been I’ve been doing that now with my um my music videos and stuff and so I mean trying to trying to actually write scripts to the stuff versus just us performing or whatever you know that’s what yeah yeah easier just to tell a story exactly a story it’s hard for me to do it to my own work because when I wrote the song like ah my mind starts thinking about everything I’m talking about so how can I step out from that and then try to weave another story or you know piece of visual together so I’m stepping out in there we just did a sorry yeah we just did a visual for um for watchman’s album and it’s easier for me to write a script of for a song that I did write you know so I we did one for his and it’s it’s amazing I like we get a lot of a lot of feedback on it and there was something that you you you wrote about which I’m really big into it’s the horror genre and you said that God has used in is using the the horror genre well that sounds like something we shouldn’t we shouldn’t play with we shouldn’t entertain at all but I love thrillers I love I love movies that have everything in it that’s gonna make you laugh that’s gonna make you cry that’s gonna get you scared and then everything in it and I think a good one was that movie get out I don’t know if you seen get out get out was amazing that was a roller coaster of emotion that I loved it but talked a little bit about God using the arts and specifically how you kind of tied that in a little bit with the horror genre yeah that’s a good question um you know I forgive me but I’ve always got a book to pitch for every idea here and yeah I I actually wrote a really well-known article uh that’s become sort of the the go-to article about it’s called an apologetic of horror now you could probably find that on the internet somewhere free in fact maybe out somewhere on my website freed but that’s become a chapter of one of my books called God against the gods and in that book I tried to explain how God himself uses pagan imagination things that pagans were familiar with and he redeems them and repurposes them for his own purposes so for example you know you you read about the the Leviathan in the Bible right and some Christians think well that’s a dinosaur or you know it’s a whatever is a sea monster you know whatever and and it’s like no no if you study that that subject and again I have another article on Leviathan where I explain this but Leviathan is actually a common metaphor throughout all the ancient nations including Canaan and Mesopotamia and it basically is a a seven-headed sea dragon of chaos that’s what it is and even in the Bible it’s that way in other words it’s a deliberate symbol of the chaos that God is overcoming by creating his covenant to order if that makes sense see and so that’s a way that God you and that’s a horror element isn’t it because a sea dragon with multiple heads and by the way it says it has multiple heads in the Bible but you gotta get my article to find out where um but so I I defend horror as a genre because I know that in the Christian world there you know it’s a it’s a very tough one a lot of them in look I don’t think horror is for everyone but my main argument is okay I’m not gonna try to make you become a horror fan but you can’t condemn it because God and I make the argument God uses horror so much that I actually think it’s one of his favorite genres which shocks people because sure look look at the look at the entire prophecy structure of Daniel you’ve got these multi-headed beasts like Godzilla right eating people destroying the land look at the book of Revelation it’s clearly symbolic no matter what your interpretation is you’ve got the seven headed dragon sea dragon right you’ve just got constant four elements all throughout the Bible and not only that but I even show people where God uses metaphors like zombies as this metaphor for spiritual depravity I kid you not and Myka talks about how spiritual leaders are eating my people they’re cutting up their bones and eating their flesh right it’s cannibalism and so God uses these metaphors to talk about spirituality and so that’s why I support it as a genre and but recently I was featured on a famous fundamentalist Reformed Christian website by John Piper he’s a very famous sort of a very you know John Piper and he’s a very you know he’s more of a traditional more of a fundamentalist type and but he’s very well known and I respect him right and he doesn’t like horror and his people don’t but he was willing to interview me not him but one of his writers was willing to interview me and and hear my side of things and they really they really said it was the most they got the most hits forty thousand hits within a week and most of the people didn’t agree with me but they’ve they found it fascinating and helpful because I’m basically explaining to them something that is there in the Bible that they haven’t seen before and so so I try to say look that the genre is clearly biblical but that doesn’t mean all horror is acceptable you know I mean I would admit that most horror movies are garbage right but there are lots of horror movies that I list in my article and in my book that are good examples that support a biblical worldview and let me just give you one example there’s lots of like zombies I like zombies right and you would think oh that’s disgusting it’s just people eating people that’s gross but as a matter of fact there you go baby walking day yeah in fact what I love about The Walking Dead yeah yeah oh it’s starting this Sunday yeah awesome awesome so here’s what analysts I’m walking dead good perfect example what I try to tell people is that the zombie genre is basically a metaphor for how we dequeue ‘men eyes ourselves and justify violence against each other by dehumanizing and it’s also a genre that that that tries to show us how can I put it it’s a genre that embodies two competing value systems the value system of survival versus sacrifice to most zombie movies you’re gonna see people who are doing everything they can to survive and but they there but those who are selfish survival of the fittest right the evolutionary ethic those people are selfish we see them as being dehumanized right and we see them as being bad people but those people who seek to survive by sacrificing themselves for others right making others more important as they’re fighting the zombies right those are the people who have the higher virtue and human dignity well what it that’s that’s Christian that’s a Christian worldview right and so Walking Dead is a great example of that where it shows that the way you maintain civilization is by having an ethic that that is not survive it’s not survival survival of the fittest is evolutionary and that breeds ultimately that breeds destruction right so these are the kind of things I try to explain to people if you understand the nature of this John you you see what they’re doing yeah look if you can’t watch disgusting things of the zombies eat people I understand I appreciate it but you’ve got to realize that there’s something deeper going on there and it’s not just disgusting you know they just want to watch disgusting violence there’s a there’s a moral message behind it and particularly Walking Dead very much so I I have to say I’m disappointed in the way that they’ve dealt with religion because for a while there in the in the early seasons I think the old guy can’t remember his name but the old guy who was the Christian man he was the more Hershel yeah he was the moral compass he was a Christian he wanted the Bible I’m like this is awesome and then he dies like everyone dies right and there’s this brother yeah the weak preacher the black guy who’s a coward hey I’m okay with that because there could be that there could be those people right and and but here’s the problem through time his he was uh he was a coward and he becomes less of a coward and more supportive of the group which is way cool right but the problem is is he loses his faith in his religion in the process his religion becomes worthless and he it’s just no longer an element and and and that’s sort of disappointing to me but nevertheless I think they’re wrestling Walking Dead Brussels with these issues that’s what’s really cool about it yeah it’s really cool and I think it’s cool that you you promote for Christians to go into that realm so ascend that’s what I do on this podcast I don’t I don’t discuss religion or doctrine and dogma a lot I try to weave it in because it’s just who I am it’s gonna come out so we’ll do shows where we have people on here who who aren’t Christian at all but they bring their audience with a huge audience who are now watching an interview with their favorite researcher or their favorite musician I have all kind of people on here and so we’ll have a conversation so now we’re doing an interview talking about aliens or talking about the music industry and then I’m weaving biblical truth throughout the entire podcast and not quoting scriptures never mention a scripture but given the spirit in the life that’s behind the scriptures in the meanings and stuff and so essentially kind of like with the horror genre or anything that we search wants to call worldly to go into there and not be scared but to embrace it and I’m telling you you can be powerful and effective there because like the messages I’m getting recently they’re blowing my head off they’re crazy and I’m caught but from the Orthodox Church I’m a heretic for touching these subjects and and stuff like that and saying what I really believe in and that I like this kind of stuff and so I don’t really get welcomed in too many of those circles but I’m finding the people that that resonate with what we’re talking about and people who are called to things or they feel like it’s we’re giving them permission to be themselves or permission to like the things that they’re really drawn to and the passions and stuff so it’s so cool that you’re encouraging people to do that because this is always this and I say that we should because the other religions and cults and sects they promote that they I know people personally who were who were in the white supremacist group of the KKK I used to work with them on job sites and in Mississippi and and they would talk about one of these guys who’s he’s in a huge documentary that that that was on on the History Channel he’s actually my boss was in it and he pointed me out in the doctor hey that’s me there and I’m at this point and stuff and a blue blew me away that I’m working with with these people but he told me what made him leave was the fact that they tried to get their their their followers in their members to go out and join different places of society to become doctors to become lawyers to go into the military just like in Islam they promote that go into all the world with Jesus like go there and take it over go there and share the doctrines weave it in there and don’t even come aggressive be wise as serpents and harmless as doves and and yeah they’re actually doing it but on the Christian in there like oh you don’t need it we’d stay in the church brother the church is what we’re supposed to be every Sunday and this is what we’re doing but the guy who was my boss at the time and he left because they were they were trying to make him join the military like the the Ku Klux Klan was trying to send him to the military to go there and kind of kind of infiltrate it with their belief system so he’s like I’m not trying to do that so he ended up leaving but it’s so funny that all the other groups and cults and belief systems they do that but when it comes to the Christians it’s it’s us for and no more be careful brother everything’s out to get you things like that so that’s awesome that you’re empowering people to do that yeah no absolutely you know and and not ask kind of what I’ve done in Hollywood but sometimes it’s but but look I mean there’s God uses us all in different ways and and I’ve never tended to like the Christian sub-genre of Christian movies Christian books and so like that but look I mean I’ve had my shadow my share of them too I don’t care for them I would prefer not to do them but sometimes God puts different people in different situations you know that like for instance there are a lot of Christians in Hollywood who are like you say they’re they’re involved they’re subversive they’re subtle you know and they’re trying to make a difference in that way and there are others that are bolder and sometimes Christians are bold and they still have success in the field but sometimes you know you share your faith with people or you’re trying to share the truth even if you’re being nice about it and your career suffers and that happened that’s happened to me you know sometimes I’ve done okay and sometimes I’ve suffered because of my faith you and so God just uses people in different ways you know so because like for instance me I’ve I’ve ended up more on the independent film side of things not in the big studio side and I think I think because the way I write my stories it you know I don’t try to write Christian stuff but I think that my view is not it is not as amenable to the left-wing Hollywood mindset and so but I’ve accepted that and I still I’m still making movies you know and but also my novels you know I would never you know this is so funny I would never have thought that I would be a guy writing novels about Bible stories because my whole goal you know years ago was like like what you said if I want to do secular things that have a Christian worldview and my movie to end all wars is a good example of that it’s a secular movie Kiefer Sutherland but it has you know it has a Christian worldview but also there’s a I I also have to follow my opportunities and I have to make a living and I did this novel on Noah called Noah primeval that was the launch of the whole series chronicles of the Nephilim that’s become a best-selling series right I did it because I wrote it as a script couldn’t get it couldn’t get any interest in it I was just a small guy and then I noticed Darren Aronofsky was making his Noah movie and I thought well that blows that so I don’t why don’t I turn my script into a book get it out before his movie comes about you know so I did that and it became successful and I started writing novels and that’s how I’m making a living you know being able to pay the bills while also doing screenplays and my point of it is is I love doing it but it’s not the first thing I would have wanted to do is write Bible stories you know to me that was always like why would anyone bother you know yeah but when I when I discovered some of these fascinating theological things like nepheline Giants the lion men of Moab you know weird weird things in the bottle I just thought I don’t I don’t write it I don’t write like a I’m not a Christian I’m not a Christian novelist I just write stories that are fascinating in these Bible stories of fascinating and they’ve got fascinating things in them right they just so happen to be about the Bible and faith right so what you know I don’t care I’ll do both right but it’s funny how God’s path for me has just ended up you know having a lot of success in the realm of being more explicit with my faith and that doesn’t always give me work in the business but so what you know each one follows their own calling and God uses us all differently but you’re right I think in the end Christians have to become more accepting of those who are going out into these fields that are very difficult interacting with godless people or whatever you know whether it’s the in music industry Hollywood whatever we meet journalism we need Christians to be in there to be that witness and to basically reform those you know because the more Christians for instance the more Christians that are we okay we have a big problem now with the media fake news nobody trusts the media and we shouldn’t because they’re liars all of them are lying they’re all got they’re all agenda driven and they’re all pretending they’re objective right so he’s got this massive problem where I wouldn’t trust almost anything you read you know unless you read multiple viewpoints right so we need more Christians to get into journalism so that they will bring honesty and objectivity right because that’s the values of the faith you you know you you don’t have the value of being a lying you know manipulating you know journalists that’s not a Christian value but the more Christians that can become journalists maybe will affect that world to make it more honest if that makes sense right it’s the same way for all these fields so I applaud you in what you’re doing it’s it’s a tough it’s tough sometimes you know it’s like you say you’re rejected by the church sometimes but sometimes you can get rejected by those people that you’re trying to be a part of because a lot of them hate God works sometimes it doesn’t yeah but the fruit is there you know it is like so you know I’m saying the words of Jesus and Paul like it becomes a lot more real because this stuff’s happening like you know saying you’re not you’re not you’re not loved by everybody some people hate you because of your your doctrine some people hate you because of this but there’s fruit there and that’s the thing that blows me away and then and and as far being a Christian like I follow the fruit I judge by the fruit I don’t judge by appearance I don’t judge by doctrine I don’t judge by none of that I judge by the fruit and see what this person produces in their life and their families and their friendships and their business endeavor their endeavors their integrity I judge by that like what comes off of that and I don’t care what what doctrine or Church you’re affiliated with and it works and Jesus said to judge by that way so we’re not you know that’s what that’s around but I’ve seen I’ve seen much success I definitely want to have you back on man and just do a whole show because I wanted to do some stuff about the horror genre and I have friends who do like horrorcore music where they don’t know if you have heard of the Insane Clown Posse it’s that type of genre where they write horror scripts in their music and but it’s about killing and monsters and all kinds and they do hip-hop songs about that so I’ve had I’ve worked with some of those guys in the past and I want to do some stuff especially with with Halloween coming up so be cool to have you on just do a whole show dedicated to God in the horror genre would be awesome but even even kind of even kind of break down some of those movies man because I’m trying to resurrect some of the stuff from the 80s and 90s man and like every tense I get I let my I let my daughter watch some of the stuff that she will with like the animatronics and the puppet monsters and stuff versus like the CGI now that is not scary at all the only thing like the genre has now is jump scares they’re really good with the music and doing jump scares and that’s really good but in the 80s and 90s they create the puppets were like I thought they were real those monsters like I literally thought they were real they’re little puppets that are chasing people monsters man and they had they had a sense of presence being there because they were physical right I just watched I rewatched the old classic the thing with them which was John Carpenter’s The Thing you know and it still holds up I mean you know the monster is you know it’s it’s by our standards it’s it’s not how can I put it it’s not I wouldn’t say it’s not believable but you know I’m saying it’s just but because they acted well and because it’s its presence is really there it still holds up my opinion you know I loved all of that stuff man the Ghoulies the critters the gremlins man it’s just totally different and like I don’t know why they stopped I don’t know why they’re not doing that stuff anymore with the little monsters it I mean everything’s like a supernatural thriller and and the ghost of the monster is CGI I don’t know man it’s it’s not I mean they haven’t got the CGI it’s really good it’s really good but it’s not it’s not believable like they don’t have done the the life in the eyes they don’t it doesn’t look alive it doesn’t look real but someone yeah it’s almost like it’s more photographic real right on the surface it’s more realistic on the surface but you’re right it doesn’t have the the sense of presence of really being there it’s hard to get that’s hard to grasp maybe one day they’ll accomplish it yeah I hope I hope they mixed it too you know I think that would be great you know I wrote there saving saving money or whatever but like I’m really big like one of my favorite ones for many reasons is the movie the gate from from from the name I heard of it but I don’t think I’ve ever saw man but they forgot his name he always get them confused with Kiefer Sutherland what’s his name the guy looks just like him Stephen Dorff it was Stephen Dorff first like one of his first movies as a kid and and so they if you look at how they shot the scenes in that movie there’s these little bitty monsters little chasing people and they’re coming out the ground and they’re cold they’re animated and it looks like they’re done with claymation because they’re they’re really small yeah when you when you when you read the director’s cut and watch some of that stuff they were they were these grown men wearing these big old suits and they and they put them and you know I’m saying they uh they shrunk yeah they built the sets where it looks like steps like eight foot tall steps but when they shrunk it down it looked like they were really interacting with the kids and chasing them and they went through all that work to get those shots man and I wish they would still do that now then we just do the CGI of a little monster chasing you and the shadows aren’t absolutely interacting with the surroundings I yeah everything’s a green screen everything’s a green screen although I gotta say I just saw the movie gravity again with my wife and you know that was the you know in space with Sandra Bullock and stuff and that whole thing is almost all CGI but I tell you I never once thought it works well with mechanical things right but but I I never once thought we were watching two CGI it was there it was that good but you’re right when it comes to it comes to monsters and stuff yeah it is it’s hard to make it really I I I understand okay I’m not against CGI as much because I I still do like it but I do admit that sometimes a lot of times it’s not as present as the physical effects there was a recent low-budget horror movie that called splinter I think which was pretty good and they they I watched that one and they use physical it was a simple thing you know but but they were explaining how they prefer to use the physical effects for the same reason you said because they just felt like it could have done CGI because it’s affordable now excuse me but they said you know we wanted it physical we wanted it there and it was kind of cool definitely if you get some free Tom watch the movie the gate it’s one of the it was it’s one of my absolute favorites and it woke me up to the horror genre as a kid in a bad way though but it’s really good and as far as like like trying to pull something Christian from it is something of like of morals out of it these kids open up a portal to Hell by listening to satanic rock albums it’s a sin okay and following some of the stuff that is mention of in the album’s and stuff and so it’s really cool definitely go back and be careful what you wish for be careful would you be careful yeah yeah and your ear actions have consequences and this isn’t just playful stuff this can be really real evil yeah that’s this bit that’s best other side of it yeah what the movie that I talked about when I was I mentioned I was on John Piper’s website we were talking about the movie it and I you know I saw the movie and I I supported it because I gave like half a dozen the new one aspects yeah the new owner half a dozen aspects that made it in my opinion a Christian worldview I mean literally and so I said look you know you’ve got this is coming of age for children and in the movie it shows very explicitly that sexuality is not part of coming of age and adult sexuality with children is evil it also shows that coming of age has to do with facing your mortality that realizing you’re gonna die when a child starts to realize death what is death and death is real and I’m going to dive that’s part of what it means to grow up not having sex right like which most movies are about that right so I said this is a very powerful Christian example and I said um I also said that this notion of facing your mortality also in the movie the kids the heroic kids were the kids who sacrifice themselves to protect their friends and yeah and so it’s like this is all very powerful Christian morality that we want to reinforce in kids so I like I like I defended it aggressively and you know they had to go like well you’re making some good points you know I still don’t like horror but you’re making good points it was kind of good yeah facing your fears man and in talk about how like he only existed because of the fears because of the dreams and because of the nightmares almost almost like Freddy essentially and he can only mess with you in your place and if you let him if you let the fear get into your head it can roll you can it control you control you cripple you know all of these things so definitely about facing your fears and that’s totally the whole premise of you know the Christian faith and all the stories was about fighting the Giants and not being serious big intimidating giant who’s cursing you and cursing your God and everything you stand for and threatening your life and your family and standing up to the Giants and in the in the movie it is their giant you know it’s that story you know thinking maybe we should cut this this podcast in half and make the second half the one whore that’s what we need to do just keep going with it man there’s so much into it I am uh yeah it’s but I real again I always try to emphasize it but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone and I really because my wife can’t watch anything scary and but you know we mentioned this facing your fears and I think that’s another criticism of horror that Christians give it’s like they give that’s fear and I have one guy give me lift all these Bible verses about like you know the perfect love casts out fear we should not fear we should fear we shouldn’t you know and I’m like look dude I said because I said something like you know one of the reason one of the things that horror does well is you know it help it can help build a healthy fear of evil like look I didn’t mean we should go around being fearful of you what I meant is and I give examples I said what why why would you not jump and swim in the ocean when there’s sharks swimming around because of fear you fear being eaten by sharks that’s not bad here should you say well no I trust in God I’m not gonna fear sharks because fear is bad and jump in the ocean no of course not what do you tell your kids what do you tell your kids to do not to talk to strangers yeah why because you fear what a stranger will do to them yeah that’s not a bad fear that’s a healthy fear that’s what I meant by healthy fear yeah and so I but like you said a lot of times some of these movies are about facing your fears the whole point is is don’t let fear control you you should stand up and you should fight and that’s not just the movie it that was a no that’s a lot up in fight evil I don’t know if you studied um Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey have you looked into that at all I mean that’s yes that’s like the premise of so much stuff and talking about the whole the whole fear thing is because when we start talking about the you know the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom the fear of the Lord is to hate evil these dis fear a lot of non-believers will hear that terminology oh why should I love a God that I’m told to be scared of yeah don’t be scared of him it’s a healthy fear and they can’t they can’t fathom that this healthy fear but the analogy I use is definitely kind of what’s going on in politics now or in a social aspect as well the cops the police you should you should fear them you should have a healthy fear and so they try to tie that in with with a respect or something but fear them as far as not to go so far as to lash out at a cop be but you know be but belligerent just to handle them you need to be careful dealing with law enforcement you know have a help not that you fit you’re scared of them or your youth or they’re better than you or something like that but yeah yeah fear not to move past that boundary same thing with God fear that he can take our lives but he can also give us life and he gave us life like that’s that’s healthy to kind of understand that and you know fear of authority or your parents or whatever it’s a healthy yeah not scared and timid man you know great so yeah I I exactly and you know that’s a difficult time for people you know they have all their different different ideas and and I understand what they’re thinking they’re thinking like you’re watching this movie and you’re getting scared and you like being scared and what you know why how is that good how is that good but again if you look at the context it’s all about the context you know even these slasher movies with the kids and stuff you know a lot of them are kind of over the top or you know they like to come up with creative ways to have sex and be killed and I well I acknowledge that yeah they’re some of it but there’s some of that that is actually a very Christian morality which is they show the kids who do who are permissible get killed right with a guy getting down example myself or getting stoned and then Jason appears to him why he’s drunk in stone yes so it kind of shows that these are doorways and you should you should fear the consequences of your actions because this is what do we say when you know yeah it’s wrong to engage in sexual promiscuity it’s more is immoral God doesn’t like it but there’s also other aspects of the argument for instance you can get STDs and that’s a fear right I don’t wanna get STDs I don’t wanna have a disease on my body right that’s a healthy fear these are the things and also also I do think like I said this also comes back to understanding evil if you don’t understand your enemy you can’t fight them yeah and I think the part of the notion of recognizing evil and and the encouragement to fight evil cuz you know basically in most horror films you have to fight back or you die right so it really reinforces this notion that if you do not fight evil evil will win this to me is a very good moral that we need in our society why because we live in a world that is increasingly saying you know don’t fight evil you know don’t judge other cultures just because their Islamic your Islamophobic and it’s like you know no it’s not true they’re not all terrorists all stuff and it basically does not it does not reinforce a healthy fear that we should have to stand up and fight evil so yeah that’s so true and there’s there’s so much you can take out of it and like you saying like a lot of the monsters or a lot of the bad guys out there and in the horror genre they’re like there to kill the people who were doing evil or yes like a retribution you did this and I’m coming back to repay you tight deal I mean there’s so much of that that going on as well and it just makes it it makes it so much more what we were able to to pull things out of it and yeah you’re reaching but you have to I mean you have to reach to kind of to get some things out of it and see and see beyond of what these people represent in your life and and it’s kind of ruin movies for me because I watch every movie like that I watch Lord of the Rings i watch avatar how does this movie relate to me and I read the Bible okay how does this relate to me just for them or is it something that that it’s like spiritually it’s gonna show me how to overcome my enemy spiritually it’s gonna teach me how to be a better person and even the Old Testament and we didn’t even really touch this and this is something I wrote down I want to get into with you but talking about the allegory in the Bible how these people in these bad guys and these monsters represent things in our lives that we face that we go through the different armed idolatry the Golden Calf I mean we all have to face our own Golden Calf in life we have the Giants laughing in our face daily on the job and in in in in media and on the television and we have to face this stuff that represents things that are going on in our life in the Bible when it comes to allegory and idioms and stories that are intricate intricately woven through there by God Himself let’s say that it’s a very powerful book allegory is beautiful and it all relates to us and the power of of myth not the fact that myth of something that didn’t happen or didn’t exist but when I understand the Bible to be written this way but when I started sharing it we’re talking about the doctrinal issues as far as caring people with the tribulation you’re talking about how the Bible isn’t not really about this but the Bible is about you and it’s telling your story and this is how you interpret it and and so the first fear there is like oh god he’s saying that Jesus never existed or this doesn’t exist or whatever and how to reconcile that and I know you we could do a whole show on all these topics but if you want to touch on that for a minute yeah well boy yeah well like it’s kind of bringing it back to in some ways I guess bringing it back to the endtime stuff the eschatology you know look I would say this you know in trying to be honest and fair to a viewpoint I don’t necessarily with you know I think for myself back in the seventies and eighties you know I do think that there was a the obsession with the end times did have a healthy fear to it because I do think there was an element that was basically this it’s saying look the world is gonna get worse and you’re gonna face destruction and you’re gonna be judged by God because God’s coming to judge right are you ready right and I think that’s that’s a good way to challenge people with a healthy fear of your going to be facing God someday and it might happen soon because all this stuff is happening right I think that that it you know if it has that aspect to it it’s good because we are gonna die and and it and if you think this is the end times you’re gonna be thinking more about that reality of death but the problem is when it becomes a problem is when it becomes so obsessive with the details of this is that and this is that and all these this Bible verse fills this and and this you know and and obsessed with the evil rather than obsessed with telling people you know Christ come back and are you ready to face judgment I mean that’s really the heart that should be in anybody’s approach to the end of the world or the end times no matter what you believe it should be you’re going to face God and be judged for what you’ve done and are you ready to do that you know and so if you have that heart and attitude you know I can disagree with you and ya still get along you know but truthfully you know it’s just there’s just so much I’ll admit that’s like yeah I think you mentioned this in very beginning there’s just so much it’s sometimes it seems like the world is just getting worse and worse it really does you know but then if you look at history you go wait a minute there are houses where men were sleeping with each other in public exactly as you go to to to pick up little boys like all the philosophers of old had boys that they would trade out and pass around with hands to have sex with them like this was normal that that’s not happening now we have that advantage right and and look you know in the midst of World War two it’s like the war to end all wars right and people at that points it would say you know well house so much for the kingdom of God being you know growing to fill the earth right haha but look what happened yeah it was an it was a it was a downturn but good one and the world is better now after World War two so you can’t look at one little section of history and say oh look at how everything’s gonna go to hell because things can’t worsen and they get better and it all depends on God and what God is doing so I want to be I don’t want to be focused on what Satan’s doing I want to be focused on what God is doing and be a part of his kingdom because Daniel 2 says that when Jesus came the cornerstone hit that Roman Empire it crumbled it but it grew to become a mountain to fill the earth and that’s a hopeful positive thing about the power of God’s kingdom it’s not a failing kingdom it’s a successful kingdom let’s be a part of that positive success okay one last question before we go according to your studies who or what was or is the market a beast ah that’s a good question it’s kind of got a two-fold element to it because I’ve done a lot on this and and and I really think I did a good job in tyrant rise of the beast in explaining it and painting a picture in experiential terms but in short I believe that Nero was the Beast of Revelation but the Beast had multiple aspects to it like sometimes if you if you look at like see if I can find it here revelation 17 you know he talks about the Beast having seven heads right and so there’s a sense in which the Beast is sometimes the the corporate entity of the Empire it represents the Empire and each of the heads are a different King and sometimes the Beast is a reference to an individual but in general I think Nero is the Beast of Revelation and let me give you one reason why go to revelation 17 verse 9 john is talking about the seven heads of the beast and he says those seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman is seated and all scholars most scholars agree that the seven mountains was a very very well-known reference to Rome Rome was the city on seven hills or seven mountains so he’s saying the Seven Hills are seven mountains so he’s saying it’s Rome but they are also seven kings and they need to and by the way the word King in Greek in that ancient world basically was a reference to any ruling authority a governor was a king Caesar was a king yeah so he says there they are seven so the heads of the Beast are seven Kings seven Caesars I would argue five of whom have fallen five are dead one now is the other has not yet come so John is literally telling us when he’s writing this one of these heads five of them have fallen one now he is the sixth one now is well who’s that well if you look at history yeah it’s no coincidence that the sixth emperor of Rome was Nero so he’s writing it and saying Nero was that now more like a reference of like these kings as well oh yeah I remember I remember reading it without like I didn’t really study this under anybody’s doctrine or theology I just studied it according to the Bible reading danjo and matching it up with Revelation and like like Revelation was like an overview of so much stuff that happened in Daniel oh yeah yeah no no absolutely absolutely and then the second aspect Finn is if you go to Revelation 13 it’s revelation for wisdom let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for right after he says everyone’s supposed to receive the mark on the forehand in the back of the hand the number of the beast is a man and his number is 666 most people think that’s the number 666 but it’s not it’s 666 and if you look into the ancient world they had what’s called de Maitreya very common the Jews did it everybody did the Greeks did it we have examples in history what they did is they didn’t have numeric numeric numbers and so what they often did was they would take a name that was spelled out and they would add up the numeral numbers of there that their letters represented and that that would give you a number right and this is a common thing they did and surprise surprise is it a coincidence that the neh name Nero Caesar in Hebrew comes out to 666 it’s no surprise and it’s no surprise to me that nobody else’s name really does you know and especially at the same time that John’s writing is that a coincidence I don’t think so but but that’s like the number but the mark the beasts then if you read what that saying he’s saying he causes all both small and great rich and poor free enslaved to be marked on the right hand in the forehead so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark well there’s something in the time of the Roman Empire called the Imperial cult that’s what I think the mark of the beast is and what that is is this basically all the all the everyone that the Roman Empire conquered they let you continue to have your own culture in your own nation but you just had to give service to Caesar and you had to say you can worship whatever God you wanted to do cuz you just have right and right and but you can worship whatever God you wanted but you had to make Caesar the head of your pantheon of your gods right that’s all and so in each of the cities most all the cities had a little altar they had many gods to all the different gods but they had all had to have an altar to Caesar where they would perform daily sacrifices that was their form of saying hey you’re allowed to be in the Empire in that and that sort of lets you engage in commerce right and of course the Christians the Jews didn’t like that cuz that was idolatry Caesar gave them a special dispensation under this condition that the Jews would they didn’t have to engage in the sacrifices to Caesar but they would have to give a sacrifice on behalf of Caesar at the temple so they got out of it and in a way that’s still very idolatrous but the Christians of course wouldn’t do that so they were penalized economically and stuff for in you know being in the in the kingdom there so because they did that time yeah yeah yeah during the time of Jesus where he says give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar but be sure to give unto God what belongs to God right yep exactly and it’s interesting too though that the the whole thing about marked on the right hand and the forehead that’s we you know people think oh that’s uh that’s a UPC code or that’s a computer chip but again you go back into the Old Testament and you find in the book of Deuteronomy God says we need giving his law and he’s saying my law should everything to you and he says it you should put it on your forehead my law on your between your eyes and on your hands what did that mean was obviously a metaphor he was saying the law of God should guide everything you think and everything you do it was a it was a symbol for thinking and doing being submitted to God so now if you go forward into it back in the revelation and he says have your mark on your forehead in the back of your hand it’s a symbol saying you have to be submitted to Caesar so that everything you think you knew should be guided by them by Rome yeah that’s that’s what it meant so that’s that’s how I see the mark of the beast yeah I mean that that’s what he was talking about about the law when he even talks about when he when he when he gave the the Sabbath that the Sabbath was a mark now many people think the Sabbath is the mark if you’re a Sabbath keeper or a sign yeah yeah that’s not the deal but we do see that the whole play on words about the law itself being a mark and what you think and what you do and how you operate in in this system too and also with like the Roman system as well to kind of kind of move it forward the whole sign of the Cross on the right hand and on the forehead that you would would not deviate from the you know I’m saying it what is it on the Roman Catholic faith which yeah which at that at that time became the universal religion because many people don’t even know the simplicity that the word Catholic means Universal the universal faith and that so you could still worship all of the other pagan gods and paying pagan deities from that point to before through the person of Jesus and Mary and the veneration of the mother as the goddess of heaven and things like that so this this unholy trinity that they were still pushing and but they’re keeping the memory of the pagan gods alive through this Universal religion of praying to the saints and all types of stuff that was brought into this faith to kind of keep up those traditions man so even though even the Christians can do it even the Christians yeah could be a part of it and the whole I think when you thought you turn 13 they put the cross on your on your hand and on your forehead and they slap you and tell you that you you’re not supposed to deviate from that faith and that you’ll be guilty of hellfire my nephew just had to go through it what they call it confirmation yeah and it’s it’s pretty pretty crazy but I think I think that has some significance as well so breaking it down man so much more that we could talk about so much that we have I don’t know if I’ll break this down into two shows or maybe just take some notes and come back for another one on the whole horror movie thing just to really whatever you want on here I love I love doing podcasts so let’s do it yeah we’ll do it we’ll do it we’ll do one maybe next week or so just just geared to the horror genre I’ll take some notes maybe even I’ll throw some movies back and forth to you that we’ve both seen in the thing from the eighties and nineties as well I love to go you know that’s why I came up so we touched on some of that stuff and even some of the new stuff to to kind of give some some insight on that like the movie it which was really good and you know I’m saying get out and man did there’s some movies that that are catching us and they’re like I said it’s the ones that can its able to take you on a rollercoaster ride with anything I mean I’ll do that with my music I try to to take you and on this this trip to kind of make you feel like you’re on Iran on a journey in the movie and you feel like you’re there with that person and yeah like that’s the goal I mean you know I’m saying the whole movie get out man that even would still split that’s another one yeah split you’ve seen that yeah yeah talking about the different multiple personalities and how that links in with familiar spirits and sins of the past and things and and being double-minded there’s so much that we can pull from these movies and put in there but that’s another one where you’re on the edge of your seat watching a movie and you feel like you’re actually in the movie and you’ve had this empathy for the person and so it’s powerful and and and and so if we can do that with and entice um some of the righteousness in there and some biblical doctrine and like I said I’m cool with them not even knowing without them not even knowing that hey I just taught you a Bible verse you know they don’t write sharing these verses and just changing the you know the wording and terminology like Jesus and Paul did right as they’re quoting the Old Testament and they’re in their own terms or Paul’s dealing with the Greeks and stuff mentioned in their gods and all this these taking stuff that that they’re gonna understand they’re not gonna understand Hebrew idioms they’re not gonna get it so yeah put it in a way that they’re able to understand it so bro thanks thanks so much for coming on the show hanging out with me we’re gonna do it again very soon man I thank you so much bro you bet thanks for having me you want to go ahead and plug the website and everything that you have one more time oh yeah absolutely so everything if you want to find out more about what I’m talking about stuff gaddama com that’s my name g.od aw a dot-com I have all kinds of cool I’ve made a really cool website lots of information lots of freebies lots of artwork you can find out all my novel series chronicles and apocalypse chronicles of the Nephilim all the books we talked about here today they’re all accessible through my website and with a lot of information to explore these ideas and stuff more more in depth so feel free to contact me through that website as well all right okay and you can sign up for a newsletter so to speak where I you can keep up to date with my new stuff and get special deals and freebies and discounts and stuff like that yeah he’s got a bunch of cool courses that are available too that’s one thing I had some notes on to talk about and they’re just so everything we’re talking about with the whole arts and entertainment and the imagination and the power behind that is some of the stuff that you’re gonna be offering on the website so everybody make sure you guys go there check that stuff out very interesting and very much along the lines of what we talked about here that imagine the whole power of imagination and the power of stories man infiltrating that bro thanks for coming on the show man we’re gonna do it again very soon you bet I bless this bro there it is ladies and gentlemen great podcasts I thoroughly enjoyed it so much so much that we talked about and I do find it very cool that I just put that video out about where we are in as far as biblical times and understanding the scriptures and interpreting that to find out where we are I just did that video like two weeks ago and pretty much his books and everything it’s founded behind like most of the stuff I was talking about like it just goes hand in hand I find that really cool because dealing with this information and dealing with this different doctrinal beliefs it’s kind of Fringe or at least I found it to be fringe because like not a lot of people were talking about this stuff and when we do talk about it we’re demonized or their or they think we came up with it or like some new doctrine and for me I thought it was new cuz like I didn’t study under someone I didn’t come to this conclusion about the about the the scriptures already taken place like everything already happened as far as like Biblical prophecy nobody taught me that and so to come to that conclusion on my own and then find people who believe the same thing like that came later I didn’t even know he believed along the same lines I knew that he wrote stories about the Nephilim and about the Giants and stuff like that but to even break down some of the theology and he’s passionate about it and it’s right on let the Bible interpret itself and there’s so much if so much goes into that so that that was really cool that um that’s his that’s his worldview about how to interpret the Scriptures as well so really cool and I think that it what everything we’re talking about is like understanding the Bible and understanding where we are now like where we are now it you have to understand that we’re in the new covenant we’re not waiting for the new covenant we’re not waiting for this time to come that everybody’s anticipating for there was a period where that happened all the prophets of the Old Testament were anticipating this new thing that was going to be done they’re waiting on this new thing and the new thing happened and and we talking about the prophecies about the earthquake is gonna happen this earthquake is gonna come and all this stuff when Jesus died on the cross the earthquake happened the temple was destroyed the veil was ripped this stuff happened it assured out the old age and brought in the new age and I think it’s funny too because I’ll move in a lot of new-age circles and when I was first talking about stuff like this or mentioning the term New Age to my church friends in the church circles they totally demonized it but but not that the New Age is a bad thing but Jesus says behold I will be with you even unto the end of the age Jesus brought out orchard in a new age we’re talking about the age of Taurus the Age of Pisces and the age to come which is the Age of Aquarius so talking about this stuff Jesus talks about it the Bible talks about constellations the Bible talks about and it names them by name and that’s what gets me is like hold on who came up with the whole constellation thing because we think that that’s pagan right we talk about the constellations and we talk about we think you know maybe the Greeks are the ones who kind of mapped all that stuff out or why is this in the oldest book of the Bible the book of Job wise job calling these constellations by name why is job’s talking about Orion wise job talking about the Pleiades the Seven Sisters is what he calls him while he’s talking about the bear all of these things were mention of in the oldest book of the Bible the book of Job and when I was getting into a lot of this stuff I was led to the work of Patrick cook who’s now he’s not with us anymore but the Bible UFO calm and when I was looking into aliens and looking into all of this stuff I was led to his work having supernatural encounters led to his work to kind of give me some footing and I was happy that his work backed up a lot of the things that I was researching on my own like I said not under a teacher but the teacher being the Holy Spirit and we will give you that but not having like okay I believe this man’s doctrine and I emphasize that because most of us do that my pastor taught me this or Benny Hinn taught me there so Perry stone taught me this and all these different biblical teachers who want to impart their doctrine to you and make you a disciple of them essentially being his disciple of the Holy Spirit letting the Holy Spirit lead you letting the Holy Spirit disciple you and guide you lead you into all truth because he that but Patrick cook his work I’m reading stuff like this this is a excerpt on his website and it says witches wizards sorcery evil and unclean spirits devils ghosts demonic possession and exorcisms conjuring up and raising the dead divination trances astrology Oracle’s enchantments supernatural healings superhuman strength Giants dragons and unicorns are but a few of the many instances of paranormal phenomena found in the Bible some of the lesser known anomalies in Scripture are levitation astral projection clairvoyance psychokinesis telepathy metamorphosis glass awliya speaking in tongues that’s what that is the behemoth satyrs cockatrices flying fiery serpents and gigantic terrifying fire smoke snorting Stoneheart a indestructible indestructible and fibia s– sea monsters and patrick cook is talking about all of these things are in the bible which they are and it makes it so it makes it so cool and even looking at that as okay were these in the Bible trances in the Bible okay worse trances I he starts studying some of these paranormal encounters and spiritual encounters essentially in the Bible trances for one how the disciples would go into trances and go into the dream state to get information from God and spirits would appear to them through fasting and prayers and going in and out of trances God would speak to them and guess what happens now when we go in and out of trances I believe that God still speaks to us he still leads us through communion with the Holy Spirit and it’s about getting silent spending time in prayer and in meditation and bringing that intention into that and so we say prayer is when we talk to God but meditation is where God talks to us to allow this two-way conversation mention of in trances in the Bible all the stuff is mention of it now I’ve got an article on that as well on the website our transits biblical where I just kind of give some insight in and on that whole thing about the G even the Jewish people would pray they would take their prayer shawl put it over their head and go into what they called their prayer closet symbolically is they would shut off and wrap it over their face and pray and talk to God in a place where no one could see them they were by themselves and then it what did Jesus say but when you pray go into your room go into your prayer closet shut the door behind you and talk to your father who is in secret and your father who is in secret and sees all things will reward you openly go in there speak to the Father and have this relationship with him there and that’s what we see happening we see God dealing with men all over who would repent who would turn from their sins and put their trust in him and and God would deal with you so everything that the disciples if they needed it I believe we need it if Jesus needed it to get his ministry across I believe we need it I think of greater things you shall do for them that believe I think we need it and it says these signs shall follow them that believe in my name that will tread upon serpents they should cast out demons and there be bitten by serpents in the shop by no means harm you like this literally happened literally happened to Paul but spiritually happens to us daily going into into places and and and drinking deadly poison and drinking and consuming things being symbolic for hearing doctrine doctrines and hearing things that potentially has the ability to harm us wine is one that is well drunk with the wine of her fornication that’s mention of as doctrine to be drunk in wine so in my music I’ll talk about all this stuff I put all of this stuff in my music when I talk about being drunk with the wine of her fornication like it kind of goes hand in hand to understand these idioms and these things about the ghosts and devils and possessions like all the stuffs in the Bible people say okay well where’s ghosts in the Bible where is that words the Bible talk about ghosts well it doesn’t use that terminology see that’s the thing you have to get over and so the problem with most Christians are most religions in general is that they feel like they owned the term like speaking in tongues you talking about glossolalia I don’t know what that is I know we’re speaking in tongues is it’s the same thing the same thing other just because other nations and other tribes and tongues don’t use the same term but they’re talking about the same supernatural encounter speaking in tongues gloss alia all religions do that all of this stuff going into trances and so ghost and I’ll live ghosts aren’t myth ghosts aren’t called ghosts by name in the Bible ghost you know what word it uses and it throws a wrench in them in the system gods with a little G you know what else it calls God’s unclean spirits you know what else that calls gods principalities and powers that fly around into heavenly spaces calls them gods so you have to go back and break down the Hebrew and the Greek and see what what words are being used there in the context about what’s being used there and see what it’s talking about the Elohim angels uses the word God Paul calls Paul an angel was Paul and angel did he fly around and have wings and travel to spirit he did travel to the spirit realms he did travel back before from heaven to earth in a trance but the word angels used there and it calls Paul an angel because the word angel is translated to messenger so you have to break down these words and see the context in which it’s being used so it doesn’t disprove the Bible for me it doesn’t have like lack of faith in the Bible it it makes it more interesting to know that all of these things are in there and they’re not bad they’re not bad so it’s so funny we talked about going into meditation and going into the dream state and going into a trance this true seeker practices trance meditation I do you know what the disciples did to Peter did to acts 11 Acts chapter 10 and 11 where it talks about Cornelius he had to go into a trance and have a vision from God about symbols and signs in his dream he had to interpret that dream we get into dream interpretation if it was good for them it’s good for us they got into dream interpretation and through interpreting his dreams he was able to move forward in his destiny of what he was supposed to do to further the kingdom of heaven on the earth in and within us Peter did this God spoke to him in a dream and a vision of something he was to do in his waking hours he did that to further the kingdom of God and essentially open up the kingdom of God to the Gentiles to the non-jewish world and that it was okay to deal with these people that is okay to sit with these people and sup with them and eat with them and something that their tradition Jesus condemns the traditions of men essentially even Peter himself being evolved in the traditions of men right he had to be instructed by God to a dream and a vision God is always talking it says that he opens up your ear in the wee hours of the morning when you’re sleeping it speaks to you and so are we listening is what I’m saying so all of these things to me I have friends that they for them it opens up new realms and disproves their old-time religion that they have it like this is the way it is this is the box they have their religion they have the Bible figured out but for them it kind of hurts their head to say Oh aliens maybe real different races of angels maybe real different hierarchies and things like that and for them it it hurts their brain but for me it opens up my mind to intrigue and even to understand that these angels fly back and forth from heaven to earth and we must take them for craft in the night sky or a UFOs or aliens and we I use that terminology not you know the Bible doesn’t but I do you know because other people do and I try to find common ground to build upon so for other people it freaks them out I’ve had these conversations with them but for me it’s not okay heaven is not an imaginary place that exists when you die but heaven is a literal place in the midst of the sky past the third heaven that angels are traveling back and forth to and the Bible says that they are it talks about that in the Book of Daniel as well I believe and this is something you can send you can see them you can go out there and make contact with angels and have the angel encounter and angelic visitation oh that’s heresy that’s I don’t believe it brother trust me they say that but you know what they won’t they won’t get mad at you having a demonic encounter they love to talk about the demons they’d love to talk about the demonic encounters when we talk about these angelic encounters then it’s like oh this new age or whatever man expect them look for them to them I’m telling you like all this stuff is real and it’s available for you as much as you want it’s available for you and you determine that angelic encounters how much knowledge how much wisdom how much of the scriptures you want to consume you and be a part of your life how much that you want to be transformed it is all available to you without measure you’re the one who measures that however much you want to give God is how much he’s gonna give back how much you study but it’s all done with the manner of love and of acceptance and to let people know that that God loves them they have a pious a plan for them that’s the message like Brian said like all of it is to be done with that so if we disagree on the little stuff or you don’t believe angels or you believe aliens or demons or whatever people believe all kinds of stuff but if we can approach it with the fact that God loves us has a plan for us in it wants to encounter us and embrace us like that’s the underlying message for everything that fuels the angelic encounters that fuels the faith in the scriptures tell you that faith is fueled by love like your faith you can have a measure of faith or the gift of faith but the love is the fuel of it it talks about that I believe is in Corinthians and Galatians love fuels faith without it you’re nothing and in this same thing we’re talking about in Corinthians where Paul starts talking about you can have all of these stuff you can speak with the tongues of angels in akheon language you can oh the tongues of angels and speak to them and have encounters but if you have not loved you are a resounding gong you are a clanging cymbal of clanging brass and you’re doing no good so love is the answer love is the key and that’s too simple for a lot of people who are into theology and the end time so the love thing is – because Joel Osteen preaches love so it’s got to be something else because they can’t have trust me I’ve been in those places where people they want to have something exclusive but now blood love’s not in its love and or love but no it’s all about love it’s all about for God so loved the world that He gave it’s all about being loved becoming loved and God expressing his love to us and through us that’s what it’s about and so with that we’re empowered to go into any realm that God has for us any place that God has for us whether we’re going into spiritual hip-hop whether we’re going into the horror genre whether we’re going into Walmart to work with co-workers and going to work 8 hours 10 hours a day at jobs where people are they don’t believe in Jesus I didn’t believe in God and and they curse your God and they they make fun of you and things like that to bring the love of God to those places wherever you are wherever you are and whatever you’re doing like that’s the Great Commission that’s it it gets no deeper than that and like I say all the time you guys know it if your spirituality is not something that you can break down into practical steps and practical ways on how to share it with people and make you a better husband a better wife a better friend a better son better daughter does it make you a better person and you and you have all this doctrine and all this stuff about spirituality if it does if it’s not that practical then I don’t want to hear it I don’t want here we could talk about the conspiracies we could talk about some of the theories but if it’s not something that can really change the way we think and change the way that we operate in society then I don’t I don’t want it because there’s something like we need something it the way the world is going the way is it’s heading like we need an opposition to the evil into the darkness and so that’s who we are we are called by the great marvelous light of the gospel and the gospel is good news we talked about having that light that is within us and not to hide that light but to go up and on top of the hill and take the basket off of the line nobody likes a candle and puts a basket over it if you light a light you have a candle you go up to the top of the hill you give illumination for everyone to see what does a lighthouse do a lighthouse shows where you are able to see in the midst of the darkness and show people where to go and there’s the lighthouse so we know if the lighthouse is here then we can keep going straight on our coordinates we are a light in the midst of the darkness and so if you’re not going to the midst of the darkness if you’re not in places where your faith is challenged where your thoughts and beliefs are challenged if you’re not going there you’re not gonna know what measure of light you hold because it’s weighed against the darkness as the darkness increases rejoice because your your lights gonna increase even more the darkness doesn’t come in and distinguish the light when the light is turned on the darkness flees that’s so weird we ought to be we ought to go into all the world he said go give four therefore into all the world that’s what we’re doing the good news light love peace understanding and I want to end with this cuz you guys know I’ve been this is my go to Scripture I’ve been sharing this scripture a lot especially when we’re talking about the end times and and people being having these offense fascinations with the end times and thinking that they’re gonna have their heads cut off and trying to prepare for the rapture and prepare for the end of the world and it’s excuse me it consumes their thoughts they’re literally waiting to die they’re literally waiting to be taken out of here Philippians 4:8 it’s the go-to scripture for me finally brethren whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are honest whatsoever things are just whatsoever things are pure whatsoever things are lovely whatsoever things are of good report if there be any virtue if there be any praise think on these things let these things continually be in your mind the good stuff all the trying to prove conspiracy theory so trust me it gonna be like a dog chasing his tail I’ve been there I didn’t get this I didn’t inherit this name out of nowhere you’ll be like a dog chasing his own tail in circles for years months to come until you understand who you are and you just do the things that God’s called you to do find out what he why he put you here on the earth and those those dreams and visions that he’s given you even as a child find out what it is and how you can make an impact on your generation each and every one of you I don’t care how old you are or how young you are your world your reality the way it’s shaped that you can make an impact there no matter where you are everybody Under the Sun I’m a voice this is for you be used of God wherever you are don’t doubt just believe how big how much do I believe I want to do great things for God I want to do great things for the kingdom as a man thinketh in his heart so shall it be so he is whatever you can imagine he says if you ask him in my name which is according to his spirit according to these precepts which I was good what was true what saw was lovely of a good report build upon that and so we talk about all the time and the promises of God are yes and amen and to understand the universe the way the universe the way God works is yes and amen whatever you’re putting out into the world whatever you’re thinking about whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find it if you’re looking to be right with your doctrine if you’re looking to prove people wrong you’re gonna find that you’re gonna run into those circles you’re gonna run into those situations if you’re looking for aliens if you’re looking for a life outside the universe and wanting to see something out there you can find that if you want to go into nature and see fairies if you want to see elemental spirits and want to know how they operate are they real are they a part of a figment of imagination are they real you can find that too you really can it’s whatever you’re thinking about whatever your focus goes wherever you place your focus wherever you place your intention it becomes real even if it’s only to you you’ll see things you’ll learn things you’ll experience things that some people may never experience my album 333 it’s based upon Jeremiah 33:3 which has been the basis for my ministry and just for my life in general and it says if you if you pray to me if you come to me spend time with me essentially God says I will show you great and mighty things which you do not know and cannot find out the only way is through that secret chamber through that place of what I call the trance State spending time alone with your father talking to him and letting him talk back to you there’s so many scriptures that he will reward you and speak to you and open your ear and show you things that you’re searching for in the wrong places we’re searching for knowledge we’re searching for truth were searching for love in the wrong places it is in that place of intimacy with the father and just getting alone maybe put it on some mute some soft worship music getting alone and let God reveal his heart to you and then you go forth and release and share his heart with the world that’s it that’s all it is thank you guys again for supporting me so many people it just it makes me want to move be moved to tears just to see how many people who are now coming out of the woodwork and people have people who have been supporting me for a year or two on patreon or whatever I put out there and I’ve tried different things with membership programs on my website for exclusive content and I’m doing the patreon and so people have been supporting for years at a certain level of giving per month and these people are like man sure whether they’re like ten times the amount now like they’re giving their their change in their amount of giving because they believe in the message and they believe in in the work that we’re doing and what we’re building with our community online and and just mean when you give like people who are who are joining themselves to what I’m building and what I’m doing it’s not just me like there’s no way I could do this stuff on my own I do this full-time now so I’m able to give 40 hours a week to this now that was the goal in the beginning to be able to do what I love to do when I’m put here by God to do for 40 hours a week and not be building somebody else’s vision on a jobsite driving a truck or something like that that’s that was the beginning the beginning goal but now it’s not just me now we have people that were it’s it’s functioning as a ministry now now we’re able to equip people and to empower people and to send them out back into the world and like you many of you guys know who followed me man I go on to a lot of different people’s podcast and radio shows and things like that and I’ve given you the vision and what God has spoken to me which is heal the healers that’s what the voice of the Lord spoke to me heal the healers those who are to be bringing healing to the nations and that that has many implications that has many implications that most of them what I’m seeing right now there’s energy healers people who are moved with faith to put their hands on people cast out demons cast out imaginations that exalt himself against the knowledge of God there’s that aspect as well there’s people who are doing the music who are being activated to have healing and to put healing vibrations and sounds in their music and to go out into the midst of the darkness that way and bring healing but all of these people who are bringing healing to the nation’s God told me that you got to heal them deal with them them get over themselves help them get over the hurt help them get over the trials and the struggles and believe in themselves again believe in the message believe in the call that I’ve given them anoint them to do that activation and send them back out and that’s what we’re building and so I know it’s not about me I know it’s not about some rapper named truth seeker it’s not about that at all man the vision is so much bigger and I’m blown away by the messages that I’m getting in my inbox because sometimes the numbers don’t cause like for some reason I try to look at the numbers okay how many views did we get on the podcast today and I could see my iTunes I seen my Spotify I see it to kind of judge the reach you know and on days sometimes you know the numbers are low so I’m like okay the reach isn’t going out as far I got this bigger vision but God is showing me that it’s like the people who are responding the people who are hearing it all the people who need to hear it I feel that same way about like my mailing list and I’m giving you guys just the way my mind operates my mailing list I’ll lose subscribers I’ll send out a podcast and it’ll it’ll give me an alert so-and-so removed themselves and stuff they don’t want to get the alerts but it opens up room for people who do and for the people who are resonating with it and people who got on there by mistake or people who bought a t-shirt or something like that and they joined the mailing list and it’s opening up to where the people who are there are the people who like really matter and the people who are resonating with it these messages I’m getting from close friends who were I’m doing what I’m called to do this is part of it I’m doing what I was put here to do and I’m blown away because within the last three months man this is something that’s come really quick for me I’ve envisioned it my whole life and I’m just been thrust into it and this is only the beginning we’re growing I’m doing it but I’m empowering the people who are connected to me I’m sending you back out so if you just come in here to watch a podcast not it the words that I’m speaking or spirit and if you’re just listening and thinking that it’s just words are just conversation that’s not it it’s a ploy it’s to reach the masses and let them know that their greatest days are ahead of them that those things that God spoke to you you can’t have his promises are yes and amen that’s the universe responds to whatever you’re putting out if it’s negativity if it’s hatred the universe is responding to give that back to you and push that message so whatever you want to do whatever you want to create it’s up to you to do it and I empower you I give you permission to do it and I’m seeing people come into fruition of what God put hit put them here to do and it’s beautiful I get those messages daily about how people are responding how they don’t feel alone anymore just because we’re being vocal I’m telling you when I started talking about this stuff when I started I put my head out there on a chopping block like the only thing I knew was it was the church like I was I was somebody in the church realms I was somebody everybody greeted me they loved to see me I was people would have me come out to youth events and pay me good money to speak to their youth and stuff like that but when I started speaking about some of the deeper things of God and some of the deeper experiences that I’ve encountered not alone I’ve had friends who have had these encounters with me and start speaking about it like I got demon eyes I got my head cut off by those people they didn’t want nothing to do with me they warned people to stay away from me it hurt really bad it was something that I had to go through a dark night of the soul where I felt like everybody who loved me turned their back on me and many of you guys feels that and you’re in that place right now but I just want to tell you you’re not alone I’m here for you and it’s not just me it’s a whole community of people that I’m connected with and they do what I’m doing they do the same thing they’re doing podcasts they’re doing interviews whatever we can do and we found that media is a medium to get the message out there and and if you want to be a part do that so this is what you’re supporting on patreon you become a member like this is what you’re supporting helping us put the message out there helping us to empower people to go out there and do it themselves to give them the power it’s not about watching me or being blown away by anything that I share but I openly share these encounters and experiences with people not even sure if I’m supposed to do that like if that’s doing any damage or bragging I don’t even care I’m doing it because I’ve seen what’s happening people are okay I’m not alone Wow because you know what when I was going through that stuff in that and I was out there by myself I needed somebody to talk to in the church realm I really didn’t have anybody I had to reach out to I was listening in the podcast I was going on I was calling in the radio interviews to ask the guest a question hey man in meditation how does it work I need a song to talk yeah you can listen to a podcast you can read a book that’s one thing but to have somebody that you can pick their brain oh really okay so when I meditate this happens you know oh yeah yeah yeah it happened even faster it may not take you that long to go into the dream state some people can close your eyes and go right into it oh really and have somebody to talk to and ask these questions to to find out that you’re not crazy and you’re not alone so this is why we exist true seeker calm back sighs true seeker again like it moves me to tears even think about it I think everybody who’s been given there for months and years now even Chris and Nicole Christy I mean so many people who’ve just Dano have had my back for a couple years now and they haven’t just come on and then left like they’ve been here and guess what they’re doing the same thing some of them at the very beginning stages some of them very seasoned and what they’re doing and I’ve let them come on my platform and you’re gonna see a lot more these people very soon with that I’m very long-winded this is a great podcast I enjoyed that we touched on so many things with Brian there and so much more to touch on and it was so crazy to find someone who shares a lot of the same interest in I didn’t even know a lot of that stuff until like right before having him on the show I awesome man and I wanted to say that because this stuff isn’t as taboo anymore where we were demonized for talking about some of this stuff or some of these different theories and ideas in the Bible and stuff even the one I did about a lot of the biblical stuff already happened like from the church realm for the most part you’ll be laughed at this is they think it’s something new that you made up and they don’t know like Brian said that many other Church Fathers believe this the early church totally believed it and you laughed at by the the modern day church and religion but to understand that even when I looked at the likes in the comments on that video I thought it’s gonna be a bunch of thumbs down a bunch of people gave it a thumbs up a bunch of people liked it I got a bunch of comments people love the information most of us know this stuff deep down all this stuff we know it within art within our gut the gut feeling is written upon our hearts is that’s the sign of the new covenant that he would write the law of God upon your heart you know it because it’s written on your heart you just have to hear somebody say it to confirm it in you you have to have somebody speak it out that breath of life speak it out over you activate you empower you to go forth and do good works you have to have someone to tell you that’s what I say I give you permission to go out and do those things what did Jesus do at the end of his ministry when he empowered his disciples it says he breathed upon them and they received the Holy Spirit the breath of life which is in Jesus which was here since the beginning were breathing that right now that same breath is here the same breath that God breathed to speak everything into existence that’s the pneuma the Ruach the breath of God the breath of fire to understand the power of that breath the power of creative but when the thought and the mind connects with the heart and you speak it out you’re able to birth these things and into existence the birth whatever you want that’s why Philippians 4:8 think upon these things renew the mind don’t have these thoughts that exalt themselves against God and against truth and against faith and against love but to have yourself root it and ground it and have the mind of Christ what was his mind made that mind also being you as the scripture says with that I said Shalom and God bless head on over check out the work check out more of the interviews backslash true seeker I love each and every one of you guys Shalom Shalom we’ll be back again peace

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