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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Dr.Kate Flynn about some of the ideas brought forth in her book activating ascension. We discuss some of her ideas on number activation sequences and third eye clearing. Many of the ideas brought forth in her book Activating Ascension (The Ultimate Guide for Navigating a New Life) are designed to help the practitioner tap into their higher self and thin the veil between their reality and eternity. In these higher states of consciousness we are able to receive vision about our life’s goal and access the things that we desire to bring forth. There are also meditations and tools in the book that make it more interactive and you can actually track your progress as you work through the texts and practices. In the interview Dr.Kate Flynn speaks about releasing trauma and negative attachments and beliefs that are no longer serving us. Many people are still living their life dealing with trauma from something that happened to them as a child even now into their adult lives. This trauma and negativity can affect our relationships with family, friends and even our careers. Activating Ascension gives practical and spiritual ways for us to cut the ties with the mistakes and memories of the past that many of us relive daily.

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Kate Flynn welcome to the podcast how are you I’m well thank you for having me I’m happy to be here awesome I got your book in the mail the other day for those watching on YouTube you can see I’m holding it up it’s not activating ascension the ultimate guide for navigating a new life new life is really good we get stagnant we always talk about like having that dream that we that’s been there since we were children but it’s as we get older sometimes it becomes a pipe dream or we have to let that dream go and you know come back down to earth and hold down these 9 to 5s and keep these somehow keep these lights on and things like that so the dreams and the visions and the things that were within us when we were killed we feel like we let them go and they just go somewhere to die but there’s mindful things that we can do practical things that we can do to kind of go back recapture that dream if that dream was given from our Creator then now we can actually go in and manifest it and ascension understanding that in these practical ways to do that I was able to breeze through your book I didn’t finish it yet but some of those practices are in here and you have eloquently put different practices in ways that we can do that we’re not alone we we have help we’re fearfully and wonderfully made our bodies our minds to be able to use it to recapture the dream whatever that vision is to bring it into this reality and we’re gonna talk about that today activating ascension many people think this like a state of enlightenment like if you have ascended Jesus ascended we have the ascended masters where does ascension come into play when it comes to those dreams or that vision that’s within you and what’s the difference between that and enlightenment I really look at it as activating ascension being activating an ascension out of your ego and into your heart into our hearts is when we are most aligned with our souls and with the divine powers of collaborating in our favor never really looked at the difference between enlightenment and ascension I think enlightenment is something that happens as you ascend and we are all in various states of Ascension just holding that intention to live from our hearts and to create a new reality brings about an Enlightenment you talked about over here on the back it says that we all have the ability and we’re all sitting here to bring something positive to change the world and that’s a that’s something we’ve been exploring lately with a couple different guests is that everyone is sent here to do that not just the chosen ones or the lightworkers or those who are called out or or choose that life path but it’s everybody is sent here with a gift with something special is this book how we can unlock that whatever that is to bring to the table for the healing of humanity and things like that absolutely it would be a powerful tool to unlock that I really do think with what’s going on in the world right now you know we need all hands on deck we can’t be figuring out you know trying to be somebody else or being what other people be it’s time to show up as we are and as we were created to be and that’s what’s going to really make the difference we talked about we’re born with the you know and then we have all these experiences some of them what we call good and some of them what we call bad and they all form and shape us this was not necessarily an altruistic work but I put together this was a work that came out of necessity I’d lived my life um I I joke when I tell the story that when I was in chiropractic school I was diagnosed with a severe case of HMS which is hot-mess syndrome and I was coming up on turning like this anymore something has to change and it started for me by reading Eckhart Tolle lays a new earth um awakening to your life’s purpose and that book completely changed the course in my life I do believe we have to go through some of these things you know if everything kind of works out well for us we don’t really grow through that so it’s to adversity and exploring resilience and finding out what we’re made of through that but we really can uncover who we are so to me it’s like um returning to your authentic self or unbecoming everything you were never meant to be so that you can live as your authentic self and not all to me is I’m resonant with enlightenment and ascension some of the questions you have on the bit on the back of the book that kind of explain it a little bit just these questions that I think we all ask ourselves why can’t I change why is life so hard how can I get better results faster how do I let go of the past once and for all why does this keep happening how do i unlock my potential and then the final one you have here is isn’t there a shortcut and so we all like shortcuts they usually don’t work out or pay off the shortcuts but just like you’re talking about you we have to we have to do the work like we have to have the life experiences we have to have that character those character traits somehow impart it to us whether it’s schooling I think that essentially we’re all in the universal mystery schools I think we’re all initiated there this spiritual practice and we’re at different levels and in different grades and things like that so what does this mean here because we’re talking about we have to do the work we we learn from our mistakes I think that they’re good the good the bad the ugly I welcome all of it and I’m thankful for all of it in hindsight when you’re going through the bad stuff at that moment you’re like somebody help me but we’re able to look back and make peace with our demons and and even see how those demons or those dark forces were used strategically to kind of catapult us where we needed to be and and we wouldn’t be here or wherever we’re trying to go without those little guys in our life and so as far as shortcut it are are you teaching shortcuts or is that it just is it word it weird or is a well I know there’s keys and techniques but are there really shortcuts to like bypass a lot of stuff without having to go through it I know we can learn from each other right people can listen to this podcast hear the experiences what to do what not to do and if you heed the warnings and you apply the wisdom those are definitely shortcuts right you don’t have to you know go down a road that took us 10 years to learn a concept you’ll apply the principles that were sharing that took us 10 years to learn is that kind of what it gets to or if you it’s a little different than that the shortcut really is being honestly yourself one we spend so much time not wanting to do the hard thing that we make things way harder than they need to be as we try to go you know over around or through when I’m sorry over around when really if we just go through it if we stick with what’s going on and we look at it and we honestly view it the situation how others are affecting it how we’re contributing to it whatever it is then we could we be put where present with it we accept it first because I believe that accepting it is what allows you to make a change so you might not have you might not be responsible for it but once it’s in your lap it’s yours to work with does that make sense there’s a quote that says I’m it’s about blame and how you know it might not be your fault that’s what it is I may not be your fault but if you accept responsibility for it then you can use through it and change it so the shortcut though that I’m referring to specifically on the back of the book is by identifying the obstacles identifying the things that are hindering your path making it more difficult and then using the techniques that are in there just start to transmute them and move them out of the way so maybe you go from you know a tiny narrow steep incline to something that’s a little wider a little easier to travel on free from so many obstacles what was um if we go back to the beginning like what was the thing or the things that transpired in your life that kind of got you into this type of work I like to talk to people if they’ve like when they were children did you have any supernatural encounters any things that kind of put you on this life path that had to happen when you was a child or what what what what’s your story to kind of get into this type of way and I always tell people that wow that happens a lot that is not my story no my experience when I was when I was two my dad died very unexpectedly and suddenly over the course of about two weeks he got really sick he had vasculitis all of the vessels in his body swelled up and at that time steroids were really X experiential experimental and so my mom they told my mom I think had given these steroids but they weren’t sure how he would react to it if he would accept her as his wife and his kids as a family so my mom made a very difficult decision not to pursue that and he passed away so that singular experience that loss has affected in my life probably more than anything else the one thing that sticks with me always from the Eckart Tolle book is you’re never angry for the reasons you thought you’re angry and I have spent my whole life being angry and didn’t know why really through exploring that book I realized it was because I was I was too when I lost my dad and I was really not happy about that and the Sun the God that I was and couldn’t understand a God that would do that to a little girl so as soon I was raised Catholic and have no hard feelings about the Catholic Church I left as soon as I could to kind of explore different ways and really through this journey have learned that you know God isn’t a puppet master in the sky that’s pulling the strings and making all these things happen we all have our path or journey I have a very close relationship with my father now that I probably wouldn’t have had he had he been alive so that kind of shaped my experience and always looking for approval and acceptance from men basically and in mmm I’m just grateful that there was no Facebook how do figure out where this anger is coming from and how to let it go how to let it go that’s big for me to like always look back and fathom that if like when I was going through my teenage phase and just wild rebellious I’d be in trouble like I really I’d be in trouble if we had social media and I had so much crazy stuff and I would have been the one wanting the attention I would have put all of it on social media I’d be I don’t know I don’t know why I would be right now it’s so crazy to go back and think about that but yeah we I think we got lucky we did but it’s cool now we can use the to our vent advantage and use it the right way use it right good you see peaceably you see I mean people are doing it they’re using it and I mean just craziness on on online they don’t know how to act you know but that that’s a big one you know we talked about being thankful I talked about being thankful for my demon so somebody made up a a Facebook post a couple weeks ago and they said okay right now just begin to thank God for all the beautiful things in your life and all the good stuff and I said okay that’s good thank him for the bad stuff too no no no we’re not gonna thank God for the bad stuff I’m like yeah you need it like it’s building character within you you you know that that stuff is needed more than the good stuff essentially at the end of the day you know and I’ll have that that loving relationship now with my demons if you will but some some people you know they look at it they get scared of that stuff and then a lot of people grow bitter and they blame God like you said you did at a young age and a lot of people can’t get over that why do bad things happen to good people you know and there’s just dichotomy that people can’t seem to get over there of that God would allow that to happen like how do you reconcile that i die i mean i i reconcile about seeing the beauty in it in the aftermath how do you reconcile it going through it with the relationship with the creator with in essence or whatever that you did this to me you allowed this those type of ways how does someone get over that because there’s a lot of people who they had that disconnect god would not let that my god would never let this happen therefore this is another god or this is the devil the devil did this it wasn’t God you know these type of things how do we reconcile that I reconcile it by you know this is what I share and I’ll find out one day if I’m right or wrong don’t really care but the thing that helps me reconcile everything that’s going on in the world not only my own experience but the atrocities you see play out on the news is that we all pick this you know we become human to experience the spectrum everything from the most most wonderful thing to the most most awful thing and if we didn’t need to experience those things and we can just live in our crystalline light bodies and who wouldn’t have to come into the dense energies of the earth so I look at it like I pick my parents they pick me I pick my siblings we all kind of came into these contracts of agreement they said I’ll do this for you you do this for me to bring us to wherever it is that our hearts are aligned and we’re trying to get to you so I feel like everything we have we have because we’re I match for it so I was a match for those relationships because it that was where I was vibrating at that time once I got tired of that and wanted to experience something differently and started doing this other stuff my vibration rose and therefore the things that I were attracting into my life changed too so as long as you look at it from there is no puppet master in the sky I believe that God is love I like what Richard Moore says that got as a verb like love each other and that’s what fills the spaces in between but when so when I look at a prayer and things like that I look at it as though I am praying that I come into alignment with that which is automatically being sent to me the moment I ask for it it’s not a fairy godmother saying okay you get this wish you don’t get bitch it’s begging yes I mean yes it’s asking it is given so if I’m asking and it’s being given it’s up to me to receive it so when I pray it’s opened me to receive that and when I pray for other people like if I was gonna pray for you I’d ask that you rise to meet that which I know is being sent to you yeah and to me that’s very empowering mhm definitely cuz like I mean just in just in in the prayers like that in the spoken word you know of that that you’re actually creating it as you you speak it and you know like I come from the evangelical Christian circles and stuff so I know all about prayer fasting all of that kind of stuff and but there was a moment that my prayer changed when it changed from begging or petitioning God whether it was for healing for others or someone who is coming we’re dealing with oppression or a loss or whatever instead of asking God God if you love us would you please healer would you please take this emotion away or whatever the case is and you know from like petitioning guy that way to understanding our roles would with vibration and speaking words the power of words in that prayer the prayers change to say okay let me bless this person with peace let me impart peace to them so you know say you know whether we want to do it in the name of Jesus or whatever but I bless you I speak peace over you I cast out any darkness I speak love and light to be imparted to you right now right now and then things begin to change miracles were gonna happen as the spirit of expectancy well we’re not hoping not showing up hoping God would act on our behalf but knowing that he already has right here we have the breath of life in our lungs and we’re made in that image and likeness to go forth and do these wonders and feats and stuff and to know that it’s already happened and we have that power I begin to see my prayer life change and see a lot more miracles and stuff happen in my life and it’s a common story it’s not just me a lot of people when they understand their power and their authority as sovereign people and people who are anointed and who you know walk in love and in light they have that power um when it comes to ascension right we like some people have I guess an idea of leaving this place or we’ve heard ideas like you have to get ready for ascension to get to heaven like you have to get yourself ready or you won’t be able to ascend when I mean I’ve heard theories like when the when the end of the world comes and the world is destroyed you have to have your light body ready through this ascension alchemical process or you’re gonna be stuck here and you’re gonna burn here you know there’s all kind of weird ideas about ascension people tied into the rapture we have you know we’re gonna be taken out of this place and Lee but what what does really I know you’ve touched on it but what what does it mean versus we’re gonna ascend to leave this place we should be wanting to ascend to change this place that make it better right yeah a lot of people say a lot of stuff and I think it’s funny how as humans we just love holding onto our dogma so we’ll we’ll leave the church but still take that automatic thinking with us and make all these rules up yeah I like I did a video on grounding and somebody just sharing a grounding technique and somebody commented you can’t ground like that you have to have your shoes off the grounds and I was like I don’t need that many rules around around what I’m looking at so there are a lot of thoughts out there I feel like when we’re creating a reality out of love we won’t be trying to escape that there one therein so we have this belief that this is so bad and this is so hard we must escape out of it and so when I talk to people about like third dimensional reality fifth dimensional reality it’s like you can’t you can’t wish yourself out of the third dimension or fight yourself out of the third dimension you know you have to move through it you have to look at those things you have to if you want peace in the world you have to choose peace in your own life and that then stuff gets a little tricky because you have that I forgive or the fight that you want to keep going right so I don’t I don’t really concern myself I guess with what happens when we’re ascended I believe that we are multi-dimensional beings we have ascended through this a lot of us have ascended through this many times and we’re here on this planet right now to assist in that do I believe that we’re all gonna like disappear I don’t know nothing like that has happened so far that I’ve seen in my experience I think that these are shifts that happen subtly over time as we all realize that we are interdependent and interconnected that I am you and you are me and even though we have different bodies that look like their boundaries and separation we really are one and then as we do that maybe we won’t feel like we need to escape from it mm-hmm yeah I know right there escape is something wanting to leave this place and whatever it takes to leave this place I mean versus to be like we should want to ascend transform so that we’re comfortable in our bodies and we’re not looking for an easy way out or right the shortcuts you know we have to go through it we have to do the work and then we you know that was my big thing everybody like even coming out of Christianity it was like people waiting on the rapture and they’re like come Lord Jesus quickly like come Lord Jesus quickly like you believe you got you have family members who are gonna burn for eternity if they die but you’re ready to leave this place you have work to do if you believe that doctrine like if you really believe that you have work to do right but you you wanna you want to leave and just escape this place and just start over and it’s so weird how every you know every generation feels like if there’s a generation that this is gonna happen to and stuff like that they just want to leave this place you know well it absolves anybody of responsibility if you’re waiting on the rapture then you don’t have to do anything in the world you don’t have to love your neighbor you don’t have to forgive people you don’t want to forgive so it’s a it’s a comfortable story we tell ourselves to avoid looking inside yeah and a lot of us don’t have also been taught that that we are victims that we are not in control that there’s nothing we can do that or defend on you know whether it’s God or the church or Authority or something outside of ourselves so that’s a big awakening right there just to realize that oh I’ve given all that power out to ideas and constructs that I don’t even align with they really don’t logically even make sense when you sit down and dissect it and now I can claim all that power back um when I talk about opening the third eye like that’s a big thing now I mean the New Age movement spiritual the circle is how to open the third eye techniques things that you can do when we’re not but when I think about opening the third eye I feel like it’s something that we’re born with it already open if you want to call it the third eye light that’s how we’re able to see into the spirit realm that’s how we’re able to communicate with the other side receive messages all of that through the the third eye pineal gland I believe it I don’t think that it’s something that we do to that it it opens up one day like it’s a closed eye and then it awakens I think that there’s techniques you have a lot of them in this book there’s things that we can have of round us a lot of things that kind of make us more sensitive to the spirit realm or that that actually stimulates the third eye or that muscle like we have to learn how to use it and and we get better at it things like that so I think there’s things and techniques that that we can do you talked a little bit in the book about unlocking the sixth sense and so that’s essentially right wouldn’t we use the third eye to be able to see and move around in in the spirit realm like that sixth sense is that is that kind of what that is for you absolutely I do think we’re all born with the capabilities I think there’s some intention in there and what we choose to experience some some people may say I want to be wide open when I come in and and connected and they either maintain that connection or the adults around them you know tell them what you’re seeing isn’t real that’s not true it’s your imagination and they start to close it and some people might come in with it maybe not all the way closed but partially closed whatever’s going to move support what they bleed out for themselves in that life I do think it’s like a muscle like learning to ride a bike anybody can learn to do it and access it that that’s one thing that I don’t know that there are shortcuts for other than doing the practice you know if you’re just saying I wanna I want to be awake I want to be able to see but you’re not doing anything then it’s gonna be more challenging to get to you yeah one thing I think that that’s cool about a lot of these practices and stuff that you have in the book about awakening as ascension like there’s things that we can do to wake up you know like but what do you do once you’re awake how do you how do you stay awake how do you not I mean many of us wake up just like on a day-to-day and we hit the snooze button we want to go back to sleep and there’s things that we do you know that can kind of lull us back to sleep or we’re like in this higher state of operation for weeks months at a time and then something happens a tragedy whatever it is we just we’re not doing the work anymore we’re just we shift back to autopilot and then we find ourselves almost in the same boat like man I don’t you know for me it almost seemed like a different person like man what was going on like there was so much creativity our words carried power I cared more all of these things that came with the awakening process essentially but then you know something could happen and like it it was a different person like how do we stay awake through like being mindful and continuing the processes like is there this long these are one-time processes right there’s not one time things that we do right no and I think it’s normal to have a normal whatever that word means to have a little up and down and I also I think when we go through periods of really quick awakening it can kind of turn our lives upside down and some of that you know we realized if people come in and they say I want to open my intuition I want to be intuitive it’s like well what if you open your intuition and you realize you’re not you’re married to the wrong person are you here in the wrong job it would be in alignment with your soul to move to California or do something like that so we want to be to the extent we’re comfortable with it and as soon as we lose that comfort then we start to shut it down a little bit when we see oh these are things that I’m being asked to look at that I’m being asked to change or we see their ripple waves go out and to our relationships and see how we start to rock the boat in that regards it can be like you know being asleep was a comfy blanket from you know childhood and we call it back to us because it’s easier and then we don’t have to rock the boat we don’t have to call people out on their stuff we don’t have to really make any changes because even though we know we want to change for the better what is known is safer to the ego than what is unknown I really like dama dama get Ruiz’s work on that and the five the four greenies mm-hmm it’s good too I think because like you have the contrast you have you know what it’s like to be walking in the light in that high vibration you know what that feels like and you know what it feels like to just exist you know what I’m saying and so you can you can determine not that you’ve been on both sides like what’s better you know how to keep it how to maintain it and if you really want it I don’t you know I do think it’s for everybody but I don’t think it’s anything to play with I don’t think that spiritualities anything to play with I don’t think that religion is anything to play with I think it’s very serious but you know you’re talking about opening up to these realms you know manifestation happening angelic contact you know ETS like whatever I mean the list goes on and on you have all of this stuff happening for you you’re you’re manifesting whatever you want really fast and you’re stepping into a new life and all of this stuff happens you’re almost pushed into it like wow what did I do in the last three months and all of this stuff is it’s working and I don’t know it does get overwhelming we have to learn how to maintain it you know I would talk about like you know people pursuing their dreams but you kind of have to go through the testings you got to go through the trials you got to go through the bad stuff at times just to make sure that you really want it learn etiquette like what if we just you know went live one Podcast and just started bashing and and attacking people and calling people names and out out of their name and all of this kind of stuff I don’t think that we would be very honoring of the platform I don’t think that yeah I think that we could even destroy the platform that which was bestowed upon us or we built and look at you know make this connection look at Roseanne Barr you know what she did and now she she she killed it all with a tweet like once we build it once we’re in it being able to maintain it is a whole nother ballgame and I think that staying mindful with these practices and I mean you know I think that it’s it’s part of staying awake you know and not not going back to sleep essentially I think it would be challenging to use to like use logic to keep that going right it’s like an addict you know an addict and recovery knows the difference between being clean and sober and being and being addicted and actively using but yet knowing that isn’t enough to stop them from going back right so it’s about using the tools recognizing when fear comes up I think fear is probably a really big component of coming down on that roller coaster so I recommend people they do some kind of daily morning routine I like to do the resistance shake from the book it’s just sixty Seconds you shake your whole body is degrees you can no matter what your state of mind was before you went into that you’re gonna feel better afterwards do some kind of fear release exercise there’s a few of those in the book and a grounding exercise and and that takes not even five minutes and if you start your day off with something like that it’s gonna set the tone for the day now I know there are other ways you can do journaling and mantras and meditation and yoga and just pick something that works for you be consistent do it each morning yeah and that practice alone can make it so maybe you still go down a little bit but you don’t you know take a big nose if it’s more subtle shifts and rolls and then in the energy and in your vibration fear though I mean fear can convince you of all kinds of things yeah you could trick you so in realizing and a lot of times you know we want to well again if we externalize that fear and say dark forces or you know something outside of me is bringing this about we’re falling back into that pattern when we realize oh I’m changing and that’s scary and my ego slamming on the brakes then we can come back into the place of empowerment and we say I can do something about that I recognize that I see it and I can do it differently in the book so the first part of the book is all about opening intuition from identifying those things that help close it down to then programs and things you can do daily to open it back up the second part is the clearing of the obstacles which is a start-to-finish healing system in itself it’s the work I do in private practice you can learn how to do that on your own the third part though is all about that creation piece and that’s maintaining that’s mind-body purification you know looking away you’re eating looking at things you can do on the daily to hold on to the growth that you’ve experienced versus the self-sabotage right which can happen I don’t know some people are prone to it but I think going you know going through that stuff you’re gonna you’re gonna continue to go through it you’re gonna continue those cycles until you learn from them and to learn how to break the cycle what’s how to turn the cycle the other way or turn the cycles off and on at will I mean maybe self-sabotage is good in certain instances in situations I I felt this this mechanism within me and I’ve caught it but uh I had this thing where I like to be innovative and creative and I’ll build something for years months whatever but when other people start copying it that that naturally happens whether it’s a genre or style of music that we’re creating and then you start in it starts to catch on other people are starting to do it and then I like I’ll leave it okay we going to something else everybody’s on this now and now in it would it would mess it would you know I wasn’t able to be consistent with what I was building I would build it for months a year maybe more but once it got successful you suck or starting to get successful you self-sabotage and move on because you want to be unique you want to be different and I had to catch myself like man I’m continuing to do this in many different areas of my life friendships relationships whatever that I’m building my music whatever and and it was you know it’s not good but I had to catch myself as a holding this is a weird cycle that I’m repeating I need to stop it cuz it’s I’m never gonna be successful at anything might be a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none if I keep doing this you know right so that goes back to the everything you have you have because you need it and that’s one of the most challenging things to get people to see so someone will come in and they they’ll say you know I have really bad neck pain or have headaches or whatever it is and I’ll say okay what how are you benefiting from that and they’re always like what I’m not benefiting from this I want this to go away it’s like well everything you happy you have because you need so what are you getting out of it one of my very first patients in practice um I put her on supplements she came in for nutrition and she got a lot better a lot fast and then I didn’t see her anymore and I talked to a mutual friend and she said oh well she’s started getting better and all the benefits of her sickness started to go away so before when she was sick you know she’d sleep in all day her husband didn’t expect much ever and and then once she started feeling better it was like more expectations were placed upon her and shin like that now she’s since moved beyond that so I look at it as healing as a spiral so we get the choice so I look at it as we start in preparation then we go to repair rebalance rejuvenate and radiate and we circle around each time it was okay did I learn what I needed from this am I gonna circle am I gonna chase my tail in circle or am I going to ascend to that next spiral and sometimes you know we don’t even see it when it’s happening and that’s typically preparation or repair like you don’t you don’t even know it and then you start to become aware like you were saying you hey this pattern keeps repeating itself what is that trying to tell me when my favorite acadec Rinna’s from an a re conference I went to the guy called him a fox another freaking opportunity for growth and until we see them and say okay oh that’s what you’re trying to tell me I am good enough or I can do this and still be unique because nobody else is going to do it in the same way that I’m doing it so I can stay with it and then you move up through and of course the upper spirals are a lot more fun than the lower ones but but they’re all used for you know learning tools man if you’re not learning from them then that you know you’re gonna keep repeating them those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to recreate it or repeat it and that’s definitely something we’ve all dealt with you know most of this stuff I feel like you know it seems like new new territory maybe because it’s have come out of the religious background and we’re you know do you have you dues you don’t this is wrong this is right that is man it’s hell coming out of that and there’s a lot of people waking up I deal with a lot of people coming out of religion they still hold to their core beliefs of of God of Christ you know and and and that but as far as the dogma and the rules and you know these made-up things that are in religion it’s really hard to come out of that that programming they really are programmed to like and it’s it’s very hard to come out of it but you start to learn how to do it and it could take years it most likely takes years I wish there was this one you know one thing you’d like you could do to just like cut ties with it and it’s fine you got to walk it out you start to question you know teachers that come into your life other things that you feel drawn to but you’re innately scared to look into it because of the dogma in it it’s you can’t just turn that off like it’s embedded within you like if I touch this is gonna if I adapt dogs growling at me it’s probably gonna bite me if I touch him or whatever and we feel that way about me to talk about meditation shock you know crystals anything spiritual you know and I’m dealing with so many people who are trying to come out of that in this that back and forth and back and forth and even me I did it for years you know and self-sabotaging you know coming out of it and then running back to it that’s because of being scared and this is the only way that’s right and stuff so man getting over that dogma and stuff that’s been placed upon people is really is really hard and is there what would you recommend for people people to do is it’s just something they just have to go through walking in love you know seeing seeing the good in all that that’s kind of what helped me well what would you recommend for people who are coming out of Dogma and just it what you know whether it’s religious or not just that that Dogma that I can’t do this I I’m never gonna get ahead I have to stay here I’m always gonna be poor my family was poor you know all of these type of things yeah ideas and thinking so that programming is very powerful and that’s how they keep people dependent you know it’s you need them to be saved then you’re always going to be a member of the church so I tell people we can’t the purpose of what I do isn’t to drastically change the course of your life it’s to add efficiency to its natural unfolding so it can take years and years or you know you can use this system to really bring that down and maybe do it in two or three months but in the first part of the book there is a section on discernment and I would suggest that people start there because Dogma is one of the biggest blocks to third eye awakening third eye opening so there are techniques in that section that will help move you through that but one of them is to just sit with whatever you’re thinking sit with it listen to it in your heart and feel is I feel like truth or does that feel like something someone else told me I’m supposed to believe is that true for me or is it other people’s beliefs or opinions and that’s one of the biggest obstacles so I don’t know if you saw the tables in the back of the book that kind of take you through okay so one of the obstacles that comes up all the time having accepted other people’s beliefs or opinions as truth because we are so molded by our cultural experiences and especially our families and if we grew up in that circumstance it’s part of our experience it’s it’s woven into our DNA but sitting with it and saying does my heart expand when I say that statement like you know this person’s going to hell because X Y Z does that make my heart expands yeah or does that make my heart go like this because I don’t believe there’s a loving creator that would have your heart expand if someone’s going to help because they didn’t you know X Y or Z I mean if you look at that part of the Bible we’re all going to hell for you know wearing this fiber yeah crazy things like that so being present with that and feeling that expansion or contraction which one is happening it usually comes down to people being uh you know they feel like they got the one up like I’m doing something that’s that you’re not doing right I’m doing something that that makes me closer to God you know then then then you that then you’re doing verses like I’m going to heaven you’re going to hell and there’s just one up that that people want to have and and they do it with the dot you know do within that with the doctrines and the dogmas like back and forth they’re like compare it to see who’s closer to the so-called truth and at the end of the day they don’t even know it but it’s it’s their truth like that dog might come there true if it doesn’t make it truth it makes it truth to them and in their mind and their psyche in their cognitive dissidence you know what I’m saying so at the end of the day it’s just like they’re doing it to try to make themselves feel better because they’ve done a lot of bad stuff you know what I’m sorry I’ve done a lot of evil in their life so now they’re like trying to make recompense forward and Godfrey has forgiven me but he hasn’t you know if he’s forgiving you then why would you continue to do these things this weird dichotomy that goes on there um yeah right when we went live there was a comment and says I think that was by I’m not sure who exactly write off maybe Jesse Lee I’m not sure but they made some observations about the paintings behind you and I seen them there’s that all those paintings are beautiful and they were oh yeah especially the purple one and they were going back and forth whether I seen it it just looked like abstract art and then I was going through the book and I seen the the number activate gene sequences which I’ve never heard of that and then I’m looking closer at your pictures and there’s numbers woven all throughout the these paintings behind you talk a little bit about the number activation sequences because I’ve never heard of that okay so I had done a meditation at home I was living in Miravalle at the time and I went really far out there and I was having a hard time getting back in so you have to one thing to consider is when this happened for me it happened like I went from not having any idea of intuition to channeling and seeing visions within a couple years time so I was kind of freaking out I had two friends that I knew could help me that they were in Knoxville but no one was answering their phone so I knew that they were at this particular place so I drove up there and I was like you have to help me I’m freaking out I can’t figure this out and my friend Denise kind of got this faraway look in her eye and she came back to me and she just started saying numbers like three eight four five nine one two and at first I was like are you freaking kidding me right now I cannot get in my body but the more numbers she said the more in my body I became and so over the last ten years we that’s probably a technique I use more than any others because you know for meditations or visualizations you have to be quiet at home not driving but if you’re upset at traffic at a stoplight you can say what numbers will help me move through this and move through that so I liken it to we have all the freakin sweet frequencies we need within us and the numbers help activate those frequencies that will move us forward and deactivate those who hold us back so it’s quick it’s easy as long as you don’t get too stuck in left brain well what did these numbers mean where do they come from if you just let them come through and you ask for them they’ll be there and it even helps sometimes you know if you start with your phone number your zip code your address numbers like that and then eventually you’ll start hearing these numbers like where’s that coming from and so you trust that it is helping you move through whatever intention that you’ve made now this painting behind me this one is called conscious evolution evolution of consciousness and that’s actually an interdimensional being on there her name Q and she’ll you can invite her off the painting and into your experience to help you expand in your consciousness and those so all of these were intuitively channeled I heard typically what colors to paint where which numbers to put yeah and that that’s why one I want to ask you about the numbers because in the number sequence I mean you have these different numbers laid out as you’re explaining it it kind of sounds like it could be random just start saying random numbers but you have these these numbers in these sequences for a reason though these numbers it’s is it dealing with numerology that each number represents this type of is it is it random I mean that was with it so there are sequences in the book and I call them like Universal Keys it’s a it’s a place to begin for each person and then if you notice in there it always says listen for additional numbers that are specifically for you so it’s a key to get you started and those can be repeated and reused I had somebody write down the numbers I said in session and they went back and reset them and the first time they fell great afterwards the second time they’re like I said those numbers again and I felt terrible there one time only there there one time only uses so don’t necessarily repeat those but the ones in the book those are specifically channel walking around just repeating all these numbers and trauma you know it’s like what it’s like there was like I didn’t know if it was like a sigil or a way to activate or or call the entities or the vibrations in you know I know I would say Universal key to unlock those frequencies that are within you that resonates more with me for for what that is but I’ll show you the other ones like this one the one with the spirals that helps you move through this spiral so if you’re circling and you want to not circle anymore so they are and they are activation peace so you look at them and you’ll have an experience yeah they write them in really beautiful for those of you listening on the podcast in really beautiful colors spirals numbers all mixed together popping out at you and really look like you can travel through that that far one that is almost like it is a portal or vortex that you can enter into absolutely absolutely PA first glance they’re like oh they’re their paintings and once they this one on the end is rewriting tragedy I felt strongly encouraged to kind of point that out it started out as a beautiful green under there and I had to paint all of that on top of it and it was very unsettling to me at first and then the more you look at it it does help you rewrite tragedy and start to move forward in a different way yes see that’s the thing how my mind works because if we’re if we understand numerology like numbers do represent different things you know so I’m looking at numbers that are on there and what it represents colors represent certain things like you said I mean that you have a bunch in here about color as well different colors it makes you feel a certain type of way when you when you’re when you look at a color if you’re wearing a certain type of shirt a lot of people who were into mysticism and some of the ancient arts I know David Wilcock II would always wear a certain color shirt when when he would do his lectures and presentations because it would make the audience feel a certain type of way and so just understanding the vibrations the numbers and the colors and sound all of that kind of place to hand in hand I didn’t know if it was there’s some activation code like particularly with the numbers but it’s very beautiful I like all of them so if you guys are listening make sure you go find the YouTube video so you can can actually look at these pictures paintings that they’re really beautiful they’re all on activating ascension com2 you can view them all from there there you go activated snooze to calm let me ask you this too because we had this question pop-up so I talked with the friend I’m gonna relate these two questions together I thought with a friend who was listening to my music and it’s it’s beautiful just like we’re talking about the paintings can activate a sense in and kind of help you and be used as tools the music can totally do that as well you’re able to kind of almost create a time capsule or a portal through the music and what you’re experiencing and what you’re going through at that time other people can experience that and mine was all types of Kundalini awakening UFO encounters all kinds of stuff and intuition creativity people would listen to my music and be taken on spiritual journeys while they’re listening you know and just one message I got particularly from somebody listening now Jesse Lee said that she was listening to one of my albums and had like a Kundalini awakening while listening to the music so and I don’t think she knew what was going on like it was just like what listening to the music and it started feeling her I’m moving and the energy release in the euphoria and all that stuff while she’s listening so there’s a there’s a I want to ask you because it’s it was formulated from a question I think by Jesse Lee as well but it says that can we accidentally do some of these things mentioned in here or do we have to be conscious of it like can obviously where everyone is affected by music everyone is affected by numbers everyone is affected by colors if you if you know it or not that’s universal everyone prays for the most part everyone you know all most of the stuff really is practical at the end of the day but is there fear there that you can tap into it not knowingly and activate some things in your life without knowing it like what’s what’s the deal about a fear thereof not knowing that you know people I mean this people you know when it comes to the religious dogma it like people will turn this off they’ll to hear what we’re talking about oh you’re talking about entities in the pictures yeah turning this off click you know I’m saying but they don’t know that when they watch it when they watch a movie it’s the same thing the entity that’s in the movie or the monster or whoever when you close your eyes gonna be in your dreams like you know I’m saying it’s kind of the same type of deal so for people who are like scared about stepping into some of this stuff or thinking that they can accidentally do it can you well I think we’re all being being affected by you know either way whether you want to be or not you know to be conscious of it I think you have I think you have the one up to be to understand this stuff that we’re talking about can you I think you can I mean accidentally may not be the best word maybe subconsciously or unintentionally on some level your subconscious that was going to bring it on you know that’s what that’s what we want it is the fear that shuts it down so I’ve heard people say you know they had this vision or they had a premonition or something like that and I said dear God if this is not oh you you know shut it down but they’re so the words are one thing but the vibration behind the words is much stronger than what the words are themselves so their vibration was like this is scaring the bejesus out of me and if it’s you know so shut it down and so that fear was come in there and shut it down and type of the way yeah so fear release and trusting yourself are gonna be the biggest things that you can do you know whether you use a technique from the book or you sit with it and you practice some deep breathing and intentionally say okay I know that I’m safe right now I know that I’m loved I know that I’m supported I call in divine forces to or divine powers to collaborate in my behalf and when you set the stage like that it can’t be for anything that’s out of alignment with your soul right you can’t set those intentions and create that sacred space and invite anything into you that’s not supposed to be I think that’s biblical as well I think that’s I think that’s a biblical – like for those who are like scared like it’s it’s I think it’s I think that God isn’t gonna give you anything that you can’t handle and if you ask for something if you want to if you want to preface it with that has my greater good in mind you know and just trust that you know I did it I mean that that was my you know as I was glancing stepping out a little bit and seeing you know I was seeing UFOs and light beings and I’m like you know the churches are telling you that those are demons and stuff you know what I’m saying or you know you don’t you don’t know so yeah your mind always goes back to that so that’s a beautiful prayer that’s a beautiful you know what way to put it and say you know whatever’s out there that has my greater good if you want to preface God hey don’t send me nothing that’s gonna hurt me and if you have a loving father he’s not gonna do that to you anyway so you can approach it with a level of boldness and reassurance that you’re not going to be possessed if you meditate or whatever the case is if that’s where God’s leading you if he’s gonna lead you to it he’ll lead you through it I believe that 100% right I also call him impulse activations it’s like when divine timing meets experiences things are gonna be catapulted and moves faster than they otherwise would so often times in my experience this has happened to car accidents to discourage anybody from driving it with me but I’ve been in too many total car accidents they each one moved me forward in a way that I was unwilling to go consciously so it was a huge amount of energy that came forth and pushed me out of this little comfortable bubble that I was in so I would start seeing things differently I do think there was a grounding piece yeah it can kind of create triggers – I remember like when I was in one of my first car accidents and we spun around on the interstate we had the music turned up and we was driving through a storm but we were flying I know we’re doing like 70 or 80 just stood through it through a storm and hit a puddle of water and just start spinning on the interstate shot off into the ditch and almost hit a tree and I yelled out Jesus was scared and it hurts always right before we hit the tree and we didn’t hit but actually actually you know when the next time that we were to actually get in a car the following week just to drive to the supermarket or whatever we had to get in a car I was triggered I was scared to get back in that car because I’ve had that you know happened to me so there’s a lot of people with the relationships and these different imprints that you’re talking about they’re triggered you know they think I’ve been saying it’s like I think all men are dogs you know this is all you know all men are this they only want one thing you know all pastors just want your money or whatever and you have these weird beliefs or whatever that they’re not necessarily true but because of your experience that you had it is part of your cognitive dissidence if I get in that car you start feeling the heart racing oh man I’m scared I’m nervous and it’s I think I think even that at times could be used for good right like you know I think I think that I think the fear and that that inward knowing that hey I’m in trouble when it becomes a problem right right I look at it like whatever you believe is going to be true so if you believe people can’t be trusted then you’re gonna continually invite people into your life that can’t be trusted if you invite if you believe that all men are dogs then you’re only gonna be you’re only going to meet to run by our dogs right so that’s where your belief is that’s what the universe is gonna bring before you so when you start to say oh well you know I know so-and-so and she’s married to somebody who’s wonderful then that creates some rewiring in your brain because you start to have this oh it’s possible that there are there’s a man out there that is wonderful and kind and loving and I think that’s a particularly hard one because most of us don’t have good relationships modeled to us from a young age so we see how mom and dad interact and we transfer a lot of that out to the people that we meet so if you change your belief system you change what you experience if you believe that people can be trusted then you’re going to invite trustworthy people experience which again no matter what you do it always brings it back to to you to within write it money out the house I’d world never needs to change right it’s our perceptions our beliefs how we look at things and then using that to decide is this a circumstance or situation I want to stay in or is it time for me to attend bond because as you go through this process people are either coming with you or they’re not right and your friends are gonna change your relationships are going to change because you’ll find that you’re no longer want to be around not that your way is right or that their way is wrong but they’re either doing though work some kind of work some kind of inner reflection and contemplation or they’re not and they’re happy to stay asleep it’s not conducive to edit yeah it doesn’t work out yeah you can’t you can’t take them with you you can offer them tools and reach out a hand but you can’t make anybody come with you man that’s deep you know those people because you have those friends who are like family and a lot of people are held back because they don’t want to let those friends go you know what I’m saying and they know that they have to make changes I mean there’s so many people definitely when you’re a teenager it’s big but I mean even people aren’t into their adult lives who are just like almost I wouldn’t say misery loves company on Darian because they feel the need to change they know what they’re supposed to do but they know that if they come out with who they really are how they really feel they’ll be ostracized and all of that kind of stuff especially man I’m relating this back to the church realm but like right like that coming out of church okay true see we’ve been listening you you going on podcasts talking to these people and then you’re coming to Sunday morning church and like something’s you know something’s got to give you know but once they find out who you really are and you you’re okay with that man it’s a it’s a it’s a wager you know what I’m saying like people people are judging you people are making fun of you people are talking about you that you know they’re if you step out talking about crystals and energy and healing and angels and stuff like that they’re they’re gonna talk about you I say all the time they’re talking about you anyway right you can either might as well be an interesting story it should be an interesting story you know and and and you should enjoy what you’re doing right you’re gonna be you’re gonna be held back for fear of judgment and and ridicule but you’re already being judged and ridiculed at the same time you know oh do what man first-first riding this and asking ok god where are my people you know I want to share this I want to get it out and hearing God’s say back there in church it was I’m not going there you know my experience wasn’t a being on the inside and then coming out but being on the outside seeing especially where we are in the south and where are you at um I don’t Tennessee not gonna see ok yeah yes yeah if you can if you can do this work and thrive in the south you’re a true warrior like if you can do it and thrive and you can do it and be successful and not give up like you’re a true warrior man I’m in Alabama I’m a little bit further that’s bad but definitely there’s a special reward for you for not giving up you know there’s there were yeah there were a lot of times I was looking for an escape probably the first four years when I was here but my husband has you know we have kids here and it’s kind of like this is this is where I’m gonna be so the funny thing is we’ve explored all these different churches have ended up in the Episcopal Church which I really love and I’m putting my stuff out on Facebook you know all of all of this stuff the intuition the crystals the oils all of this stuff and so many people from the church are responding and they’re like yes I want to learn more about that and it’s like blowing my mind that that would even be possible because I thought for sure I would be ostracized I talked to the the pastor’s wife or the reverends wife and she said oh honey you’re in the right place I’ve been you know I’ve taken Reiki I’ve done all these kinds of things she said people are gonna love you here and I was like just so like oh take your breath in and I don’t have to not be my true and authentic self for fear of making somebody else that’s awesome that’s awesome yeah that’s super awesome actually you talk to before we went live he was talking about changing kind of like renaming the activating ascension and renaming it something that’s not less I guess it’s less woowoo or whatever you would call it something that seems more practical that would open up to a wider audience but it was still powerful you want to talk about that the name that you were talking about sure it’s called life in the sweet spot and that’s what my practice is is being called that’s what so I have these I don’t know if you saw the activation cards the meditation made easy cards to see any of us right that’s all being rebranded under life and a sweet spot and I look at that like where is the sweet spot the sweet spot is at the intersection of our divinity and our humanity and that is our intention we’re always moving towards that then we’re gonna be in alignment with our soul and the plan that has been laid for our life so the activating attention will be assimilated into badge which I’m mainly happy about I love the book cover that the signposts on the book cover was actually my husband’s idea and one day he was like I’ll cut him out and I’ll make him look old and we put that all together and then kind of Photoshop us so that’s my husband and I on the cover holding hands because first I had am a woman and people said why is it a woman so I put a man on there and that was five as in a man and so it’s not coupled its unified so that’s the purpose of man and woman holding hands like let’s move through this unified together harmonizing our masculine and feminine energies who is the the perfect candidate for this book is it someone who was just waking up because it it it’s like it’s almost like the perfect discipleship cup companion for waking up barely holding your hand through the process right it is like you know a lot of books well my intention was to give it all away in this book so it takes you through everything start to finish I would say that it’s you know is it for someone brand new or someone that’s been doing this for a while if you’ve been doing this for a while chances are you probably have some dogmatic things that you’ve adopted and have kind of carried over into this process so sometimes people brand-new do have a an easier experience with it people who are you know part of your life if all of your life is in turmoil then you probably need to get some help somewhere first allow a piece somewhere to settle before you go into this yeah but if you have one thing or two things that you’re working on and you’re in you but you feel loved do you feel supported and you feel like you have a bit of a foundation then definitely you can sit down and do this the first part is all about the intuition because the second part is intuitively navigated so if you don’t have any sense of intuition you’re gonna have a hard time taking yourself through the second part always tell people stay with that and also you can read this as like um hesitate to say but like bathroom reading where you just sit down and you know you you say what what would be most beneficial for me to hear right now today and you randomly open it up there’s a lot of leave that part I don’t recommend because you’re gonna be activated just having the book you’ll go through a little activation and then if you sit down and try to read it start to finish it’s gonna be a little bit like that so go slow and you’ll be awesome well dr. Kate Flynn I appreciate this conversation if you would like to share out your website one more time where people can check out the book and also check out those paintings as well go ahead and give out your website one more time sure it’s WWE activating Ascension com ladies and gentlemen dr. Kate Flynn thank you so much for coming on I really enjoyed this we have to do it again thank you I appreciate it all right thanks again flan ladies and gentlemen good one another good one I meet all of these really cool people who are out there and doing the dang thing they’re doing it man activating Ascension ultimate guide for navigating a new life obtaining your goals becoming more intuitive more more conscious you got it like you have to do this stuff before you can’t put the cart before the horse yeah I put it behind horse and do that because like I said you you buy his self-sabotaging man whoa ah you can mess it up man I’m glad you like want to build a like okay so I mean he said the perfect principles of Christ like Christ is the foundation right he’s the cornerstone the foundation is the rock what if you build your house upon the sand what if you go to the beach and you build a house what’s gonna happen when don’t when the when the waves come up you don’t have a foundation that’s gonna wash away you have to have that foundation you have to know who you are you have to know your calling you have to know why you’re here you have to know your power you have to know your worth you can’t put the cart before the horse you have to do it in in a process its spiritual its alchemical but it’s practical sandcastles Jesse Lee says in the chat sandcastle that’s it man you got it you got to do the work there is no shortcuts like she’s you said there’s no shortcuts now there’s techniques and there’s guidance systems and national wisdom and you apply the wisdom and the knowledge that’s there that’s not a shortcut though because you actually have to do something after you have to apply it to your life to make something happen out of it it’s not it’s not a shortcut there are no shortcuts you’re not promised happiness if the work for it you’re not promised a platform you’re not promised a podcast you’re not promised a new album that’s recorded well that’s got a lot of good lyrics like yeah that’s a lot of work man it’s not easy people and it used to hurt me man I have these friends who like they just beg for more music and used to offend me because I work so hard on this on an album and release it and then the next week when’s the next one coming out oh I’m ready for the next like bro I just gave it gave you everything I had on this album and you’re not you’re like you just listen to it okay you want the new stuff and always write of me like begging me for like unreleased music and all kind of stuff and [Music] a lot of work it’s a lot of process that you have to go through you have to do the work if you don’t do the work it doesn’t exist or you have a really crappy album I could throw something together 200 songs under my belt doing anything worth building is worth building great anything worth doing is worth doing great do a good job at it just throw it together you talk about people self sabotaging talking about like man something that’s been really big on on YouTube man and we’re talking about like when people like to see you fail like there’s people out there who love to see you doing worse than them misery does love company there are people out there who get excited when you’re going through a hard time they get excited man I don’t know what it is it’s something within them it’s to scapegoat mentality it’s the whipping boy mentality so we have somebody to fall to point the finger at who’s doing worse than they are it is weird maybe we’ve all been there it’s a weird place to be you have to you know if you find someone who’s doing the same thing that you’re doing and they’re doing maybe better than you at the time that we can applaud them give them a pat on the back report their work even somebody who you may see as competition maybe we shouldn’t see them as competition especially if you know if it’s about the same type of work that you’re doing if you’re doing something with purpose you know I’m saying you would want to you know there’s a lot of good good things that they could expand the you know the need for what you’re doing and tell new people about this type of work a lot of people it’s us for and no more they don’t you know they’re scared that people will take their fanbase people will take their they’re following and things like that but something about kicking people while they’re down when they’re down pointing at him ha ha look at him he’s he’s he messed up told you he was gonna mess up that could be for anybody man there’s people out there who are waiting for you to fall but just know this on opposite end of the spectrum there’s people out there applauding you when you take steps in the right direction as people who want to see you succeed find those people get them in your corner I’ve got those people in my corner I’m in that corner for other people find those people the people who want to see you fail I want to see you fall you got to get get rid of them people man they envious they feel like they deserve what you have they’re more anointed to do the job that they’re more qualified they have more wisdom even you know you may be an error you may be teaching things wrong so therefore they don’t want you to do it you know there’s all types of things that come into play where people want what you have that beautiful relationship you have with your wife somebody’s envious of that they want that they want that Jesse Lee says cuss Cod and dye job cuts diamond die it was the old inmate I used to work with when I worked with prisoners and he used to do an imitation and it’s just so funny custom and bad dope that’s cotton that I sound nothing like him but it was just it make me laugh every time he’d say it talking about jobs wife curse God and die people want to see you fail it wants you to cut God and die I want you to curse God and die I want to see you self-sabotage they want to see everything just hold in on you like it you know it’s like a train wreck like when you’re passing by car accident trying to look see if anybody’s hurt trying to look see if you can see something they’re holding up the sheets in your body I seen the dead body seen a dude you know you’re like you want to look you use a train wreck you just can’t look away trains about the crash even before like trying to help or something you just want to watch you just want to watch the train wreck I’ve been there I’ve see stuff out there you know and like people headed down the wrong road and they can’t take correction they can’t take any help or criticism and it’s gonna be a train wreck it’s I mean it you can’t prevent all of them right and prevent all the train wrecks you can’t lift somebody’s life for them you can’t make them believe a certain type of thing or make them show empathy they have to learn for themselves right so we’re wanting to point at people and make mock them mother down I see uh it’s happening like on on YouTube you know some months ago the youtuber big guy Logan Paul went out to Mount Fuji and there’s a big forest I think it’s in Japan Mount Fuji in his they call it the suicide forest a huge force you can get lost in it he goes into the forest and uh they’re shooting their little vlog and stuff he’s just doing it for fun on vacation and they found a dead body somebody hung themselves in the woods and they were the was the ones to find it and he put it on camera and then he uploaded it the next day and got millions of views you got a strike on his channel lost a bunch of advertising they were gonna delete his YouTube channel I think he lost a bunch of subscribers all it was just huge controversy about how he showed that so now we need to ban him from YouTube and how could you how dare you and this you know he thought he was he turned it into a PSA he thought he was doing something good but it blew up in his face and like he was like the laughing stock in the ridicule and in like you could see the competition because they were doing other videos on it like they were they were they were saying how can food how could uh Logan Paul profit off of someone’s death and he’s making money off of this and blah blah blah blah blah and so all these other people are doing their rebuttal videos pointing his flaws and what he did wrong and they’re making essentially they’re making money off of the dead body – they’re making money off of it but looking at um it’s falling demise and how they’re happy they’re just kicking him why he’s down everybody was doing videos all the big names that’s all you’ve seen it was it went on for a couple weeks you know and he almost quit Vagan I think he at this point thing he has but he went through it like a really dark Tom obviously he learned his lessons and it wasn’t right and it was wisdom that when used but it happened to him and the same things happening now to another big youtuber by the name of fouseytube woods YouTube is uh I don’t know he’s pretty much going crazy he’s doing a bunch of delusional stuff and booking concerts saying that artists are gonna show up and that artist doesn’t even know anything about it a bunch of crazy stuff and he’s been there falling apart they’re going on crazy rants that don’t make sense doing all kinds of weird stuff and everybody knows it and instead of like reaching out to the dude for help they’re all looking at his his story and what he’s doing they’re doing commentary on it they’re like making videos making fun of him and like he’s gonna explode man and he’s he’s gonna kill herself and all of this kind of stuff and people are like kicking him while he’s down and they’re pointing out all the flaws and all the ridiculous things that he’s doing it’s very interesting the whipping boys syndrome and the scapegoat that we want to we have a need to point at people who are doing worse than us kicking them father down the song by tool was the call it’s called a right into talking about monkey killing monkey over pieces of the ground [Music] fight you just war I’m better I’m giving them taking it from you instead of sharing like there’s enough to go around for everybody right instead of sharing you want to kick somebody while they’re down you want to make fun of somebody but man I’m telling you there’s such a blessing in and seeing and being able to have that vision [Music] to have that vision [Music] to see people especially if you’re a person of faith because the faith is this is faith being able to see somebody that are not as though they were just like the valley of Jawbone’s in the Bible where Elijah was able to look at the the field or I think was Elijah Ezekiel it slips me right now but um Elijah I think to look it up because I’m if I don’t look it up let’s see of dry bones see let’s see what that was thing was Elijah it’s in Ezekiel so I guess it was dick you okay yeah Ezekiel looks at the valley of dry bones and he’s talking to God and it says kidneys bones live God looks at him and says hey can these bones live a valley of dry bones as an army I was defeated dead ruined these bones live he said o Sovereign Lord you alone know we said no son a man speak to these dry bones and they will live again can you see it and he speaks to him and they become a great army these dry bones it bless and muscles begin to form and it’s huge army of defeat right rises up and becomes new life and it’s it’s a it’s a parable it’s an allegory how we are to be able to look at people as well we’re going through a rough spot and you see those that person though they aren’t as though they were can you see the potential in that person that’s a blessing it’s hard to do it can be a curse it could be a cursed you can see the good in people and you can try to prophesy speak it out of them encourage them it could be a curse because you got to know when to when when to move on you’re trying to make people change and things like that you you know the way that is right oh this is the way you do it I’m trying to tell you this is the way and you just want to preach and preach and preach and it can be a curse because you’re sitting there spinning all this time with people who really don’t want to change who don’t want the help and being able to see people but when you find those people who want it and you can prophesy and you’re a person of vision you’re a seer you’re able to see you like you could do that with people and you can watch them change man that’s beautiful that’s alchemy like that’s true spiritual alchemy they should be able to see somebody man I’ve seen it man I’ll give you guys this quick story um when we were street preaching back in the day last week like when we street preaching back in um and with you was that 2009 maybe a long time ago we’re street preaching who’s in front weeds that we used to go out at 10 o’clock at night and we’d say to like 4:00 in the morning and so we’d go to downtown in front of the biggest club club Atlanta’s downtown Mobile and uh we’d set up with we’re all white and we’d preach and we prophesy and seen a lot of cool stuff [Music] there was we get harassed you know um people drunk I’m a down there people wanted to debate with us you know all this kind of stuff we’ve been asking for it you down there word preaching repentance and turn from your sins the most hots coming back to destroy this place all kind of stuff it’s when I was running with the Hebrew Israelites so we go down every preach and we get harassed and sometimes people would harass us I remember this one guy he’s a homeless dude the homeless guy will come up while people were talking crap and stuff he said hey y’all don’t mess with dumb that’s God’s people right there I don’t mess with them that’s God’s people they’re doing the right thing you talking to homeless guy who was strung out on dope living on the streets but he knew what we were doing he knew we were down there trying to preach righteousness and trying to help people really and they’re like whatever the case is they as God’s people man y’all been I mess with him and he’d always you know to take up for us and this guy was strung out on dope living on the street his homeless man some months later we’re at a church service and uh and that guy comes in because we had a homeless ministry we’d reach out to the homeless and our church was full of homeless people my old pastor Pastor Brian I did the interview with him the church the cave it was full of homeless people it stunk two homeless people in the back and people people knew that that’s what we I mean we meth addicts crack crack addicts prostitutes those were the people that we went after guy that homeless guy they were busting them back and forth from tent city in the woods where all the homeless people were living in the woods busting them back and forth from there to our church and that guy would come and just over just a period of time man I begin to see God work in his life and and restore him and go through you know the Christian rehab programs celebrate recovery come off a dope get a job hold down a job get a place to live all of this stuff and he got off the streets and he became a functioning member of society and he he is a different person man he was that valley of dry bones that people went out of their way man to go pick him up to speak life into him to encourage him and I really believe that it was because took up or God’s people I think that when he was downtown in downtown Mobile in that state but he still was trying to hey don’t mess with those people that’s God’s people y’all need to listen you’re trying to help y’all you know he would say stuff like that and then see him seen him restored and my mind has to go back to where I seen him at my first encounter with this guy downtown strong out but taking up for God’s angels God’s messengers he’s seen that he knew that I that God blessed him for that I believe that God restored him I believe God restored him because of his loving-kindness but I think that I think that that act of faith and that uh perseverance in him being bold to stand up I have to have to make the connection that’s my first um encounter with him and then seeing him restored and then we begin to see that a lot man we begin to see you that with a lot of homeless people coming off the streets and things like that and it was beautiful but it’s been able to prophesy he’s been able to look at someone in the state that though they aren’t we’ll be right now but I’m not out I may have given up on me but God hasn’t to understand that to know that to embody that and to walk in that and let that be your truth you know though your father and mother forsake you he said I never leave you I never forsake you to know that that’s the truth that’s a law I’ll never leave you never forsake you well he’ll he’ll leave you on if you do there so he’ll forsake you if you do that you know I’ve seen God forsake know you’ll never see the righteous forsaken you’ll never see the godly begging for bread beggin No never I don’t care where you are he’s got you he’s got you you’ve given him your past he’s healing you he’s healed you give them your future go of it you got some good plans work out this this way you want to and I see that plan out give it to him let him purify it don’t be scared he’ll purify and give it back he’ll make it better make it where you don’t have to strive we don’t have to trick people show up you don’t even have to really do do much of the work you just show up show up with clean hands and a pure heart you get the vision you stay faithful and you build it with God whatever the future that is that you want for yourself and for your family restoration people that you’ve wronged people that have wronged you restoration to restore all things whatever it is man they that that you’re believing or or that you want trust God for it the fears you know get over the fear give them up give that to God give them out give them everything and when is in due time in the right season he’ll give it back cleaned up and polished and taking all the imperfections out for a lot of people you know because we think that God wants to take things from us and doesn’t want us to have fun or enjoy life or whatever the case is he wants to he want you to give him what you have so that he can give you something better he’s got something for you man trust me it’s gonna be worth it I don’t feel like you’re giving up and you’re losing out or missing out on fun or whatever the case is give it up give it to him and I guarantee you I has not seen mind is not even conceived ear has not heard the things that God has in store for those who love him if you trust him you don’t trust him all of it we talk about these testings and these things that you got to go through to learn how to overcome to learn how to be a good person you know to learn not to gossip all of these things you have to go through is to learn and part of this is that that learning curve you know trusting okay have to do to show you that I got you you’ll get creative get creative testing passed that test don’t test don’t tempt God you know I’m saying just trusting he’s not taking anything away from you because he’s stingy got something awesome for you down to your trust the Bible says without faith it’s impossible to please God without faith is impossible to please God Bible also goes on to say that whatsoever is not of faith is sin whatsoever that you do that is not of faith is sin to be able to see the things that are not as though they were what is it [Music] if faith is like trust in things hope for but the evidence of things not seen there’s knowing you got going to be okay that faith transforms into knowing I’m telling you we talk about that a lot viii transforms and to knowing leaving in the faith to knowing Oh God knowing your calling knowing your will mostly he believed in a will most you have faith in the world like I got big plans man you don’t know how they’re gonna work out you don’t even know how to approach it but you but you believe it you have faith in it but then that faith is gonna transform to where you know it you know your your calling you know your orders you know how to be impactful you know how to show mercy you know how to show grace and it’s true learning I really believe that I really believe that you know I learned not to gossip from having a whole congregations gossip about me you know I’m saying that I’ve learned not to gossip by knowing what it feels like to have people gossip about me okay don’t do that don’t gossip about people that feels bad that’s not good you know don’t steal don’t judge you ever had anything stolen from you you learned man I really believe like the things that we put out there I would that I’m saying we get it it comes back to us like you know stealing from people funny like I used to uh call in the radio shows when I was a kid and they put you right on air and I just start cursing screaming profanities and I’d record it and we’d listen them back and we laugh about it though our friends and cousins and stuff we did that for fun which one do I’m finna call Italy he live here’s the number to call in hey he was speaking with and I just go in at custom custom custom now I have a radio show and I take callers and I answer the phone hey what’s up true see kids are cursing just curse they come on here and they curse I quit taking calls recently I don’t really deal with the phone lines too much anymore but people I see that you know I can’t my mind has to go back I’ve seen this before somewhere where did you see it I used to do it okay we learn man we learn from from everything in best bet this stuff helps – things to be to do to be mindful this book here activating ascension really is like I really think this is a good book I’m she sent me an autographed copy and there’s things that we can do practical but it’s about learning and it’s about applying it if we don’t from the past we don’t learn from the mistakes were doomed to repeat them and so learn quick as you can I really do think that that’s the short cut the short cut simply is learning you can stopping the cycle as quick as you can getting those people out of your life as quick as you can getting cool people in your life as quick as you can learn what God is trying to teach you in every situation every season I don’t think that there’s a season that you enter where God’s not trying to speak to your heart we’re trying to teach you something every season every place you want to get out of that place learn everything okay and people are like they get you know trying to learn everything I’m trying I’m trying but just continue okay god what is it be mindful of God what is it God what is it uh what is it you know and I however long you’re there and then you graduate you go to the next level whether that’s you’re at a job you know let me talk about multiple seasons at a job you know you could be at a job and there’s multiple seasons and multiple things that he’s trying to teach you in those jobs and things and just learn it learn it apply it graduate go to the next level rinse wash repeat wash rinse repeat do the same thing keep doing it keep doing it it’s working consistency keep doing it don’t give up gets born sometimes but not nice sometimes keep doing it gonna pay off in the end to pay off if you quit if you self-sabotage it’s not gonna pay off if you move on to something else another cool idea be mindful stay mindful bring it into the moment learn from it do it make it happen appreciate you guys man enjoyed this episode enjoy this talk with you all shout out to Chris I try to turn my um those donations I tried to turn the sound off until the end of the show is like at the end I’ll come I’ll try to go and turn them turn the sound on so that when I get a notification or it reads something out it won’t be in the middle of a conversation when somebody’s talking I try to go back and do it and play it at the end but I forgot to go on and mute it before we went live um so thank you for the donation no Chris Chris sent a donation and I think it played a sound and read something but uh that’s my fault not yours so thank you for the donation man I really appreciate that thank you guys for supporting my work again on patreon thank you for co-creating this with me allowing me to to create this to birth this thank you for partnering with me believing in my work and making this happen it doesn’t exist without you thank you backslash truth seeker get access to all of my music as well as this the school of the Mystics which is tonight we’re gonna kick it tonight yep we’re doing at school of the Mystics roof sticker calm backslash true seeker look forward to seeing you guys after the show it’s always the after party kind of what we deemed now right after party is in discord discord Linkous in the descriptions we’re gonna hang out after the show but we’re always in discord so go ahead and add us it doesn’t even matter when somebody said 3:00 a.m. we’re in here hanging out trust me people are hanging out in discord make sure y’all do that there’s some really cool people over there I was talking about those people who believe in you those people who are gonna encourage you and want the best for you they’re over there so no shenanigans though no shenanigans will kick you out if you go with that with that bullcrap I love you guys man we’ll do it again very soon Shalom Shalom stream schedule is updated on my website other new guests these piece [Music] [Music] well then does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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