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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah speaks with Marilyn L. Redmond about overcoming addiction, religion and the 12-step program. Marilyn Redmond has had her share of ups and downs in life and lived through some pretty traumatic experiences. She is a survivor of intense spousal abuse where her husband tried to kill her on multiple occasions, this led her to substance and alcohol abuse to cope with these intense situations. At her wit’s end Marilyn found solace in the alcoholics Anonymous program and found beauty in the 12-step program as she begin to walk them out. Marilyn now focuses on the spiritual aspects of the steps and uses them to help others overcome their addictions.
At the end of the interview I share some of my personal stories dealing with family members who suffered from alcohol addiction and drug abuse. The story usually does not have a happy ending. Most people suffering from these addictions end up hurting the people they love and creating bad memories in the minds of those who truly care for them. It never ends well. Thankfully there are people who care enough to help people work through and overcome their addictions whether it be Alanon (AA and the 12 Step Program) or even churches that offer Celebrate Recovery Classes. I have personally seen many people restored after lifelong struggles with addiction. The curse must end with us, if not it will be passed down to the sons and daughters of future generations. Like father – like son is the old familiar narrative but the curse can be reversed and restoration is possible. Over the years I have seen many christians cringe at the thought of the 12 Step program. In their mind Jesus is the only answer (because it was their answer) and they scoff at the idea of 12 steps saying that it only takes one step and that’s towards Jesus. Many people are co dependent upon religion and they are able to lay their burdens down at the feet of Jesus and trade their burdens. The problem with being codependent is that they still cannot function outside of the church. many of those people fall right back into addiction if something goes wrong between them and their church. What is interesting about Alanon and the 12 Step program is that the steps seem practical. The steps seem the prepare the person consciously to walk in forgiveness and make amends with the people that they have wronged.

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we’re streaming this on youtube Adam star seed Bay Christy folks what’s up guys careful carpenter Shalom Shalom peace guys so without further ado I’m gonna bring on today’s guest and I’m pretty excited about this interview this is a lady by the name of Marilyn Redmond who has had quite who has lived quite a life and into a lot of different things into spirituality maybe mysticism dealt with religion dealt with struggle and abuse and stuff so we’ve been exploring some of the things about trauma and people going and having a rough childhood and a rough life early on and it kind of sets them up and marks them or this life of spirituality and spiritual practice in it births a hunger within them to bring light into the world because they’ve sensed the darkness they felt what it’s like to be bullied to be abused to be addicted and so they had this Pat burning passion within them to bring light to the world and I think that’s your story so Marilyn welcome to the podcast it’s gonna be a good conversation oh I’m so glad to be here and thank you for asking me this is a great honor I’m really gonna enjoy it oh definitely like I said yes you have you’ve been around for a while you’ve been doing this for a while now 30 been doing this for 30 plus years as far as in in in the circuits and stuff and you spoke at some of the edgar cayce events and things like that so you know i think you you know one of the pioneers to people for for people like myself just kind of opening up the door you’ve been doing this for a very long time even when it was maybe taboo for a lot of people now it’s widely accepted it’s the cool thing to do spirituality yoga and things like that’s awesome but you know you’ve been doing this a long time just just I guess we could start with what were some of the early experiences for you that kind of got you into spirituality that made you ask the bigger questions in life well I didn’t plan to go in this route but this is the route that I know today we’ve all written a script and this was the script I had to live out I was born into domestic violence and alcoholism and mental illness and so my childhood was very dysfunctional and abusive in many ways and because alcoholism ran in the family I was set up for being addicted to prescription drugs a doctor gave me prescriptions and I got addicted and I discovered in treatment that one pill and when drink is six times the effect so you know my life was going downhill fast at one point at the heads you know it starts out when you’re on a prescription or any drug you have a honeymoon period where you think things are really terrific and this is the answer right and of course it turns against you at some point and so that was the turning point I’ve been in hell I know what that’s about today separation from the love of the universe and it feels like hell and so when I was in treatment I was introduced to twelve steps and I knew my body told me I was dying and I knew from the doctor’s report I was in a hospital setting for treatment and he did an exam and said you’re in the last stages about to drink is to die so I have not had any relapses or any problems with that I’ve been able to stay and make oh us saying so to speak through the last 33 years this month I have 33 years of sobriety and I have found through the 12 steps took me out of religion the Joseph’s encouraged you to meditate in my church preached against that and said you are supposed to listen to that inner voice and that’s the voice of the devil so that was a very big struggle for me but I knew that this was the only way I was going to live is if I followed the trail steps and that’s what it said to do and I’m those days I was very obedient too and I didn’t ask questions so if you told me to do it I’d just say how high I just jumped and so I started meditating and that brought me into where I am today things started unraveling and opening up to me in the answer started coming of what I needed to do and how my experience could help others and that’s of course what I’ve been doing for the last 33 years is helping others to see that there isn’t another better way in life you don’t have to go down to the depths I did my husband tried to kill me and I was trying suicide that’s how bad it was and that one that I know he can get home alive he tried to kill him several times and I heard my prayers always came out of the hymnal I didn’t know how to do it from my heart in those days I didn’t even know that’s what was happening but spontaneously I just said god I really don’t want to die and within minutes he was off the road instead of driving like a maniac because he was going to show me he was in a rage and things started to change from that point and within a few days I was in treatment got the answers to start to be on a spiritual path and it took a while to understand the difference between religion and spirituality because I’d been raised a very good Lutheran from the time I was five years old and baptized so to make that switch was a challenge but today instead of listening to my head I listen to my and that’s what I try to share that’s awesome amazing story and it’s funny you mentioned you know working the 12 steps and working the AAA program I’ve got some friends who have went through the program and it’s helped them and when you look at the history from Bill Wilson he actually talks about getting a lot of those steps from LSD encounters have you done any research on that where it were some of that stuff stem from oh I don’t know about his adventures with that I know that he went to a lot of lectures by him at Fox in New York he was a great friend of Edgar Cayce who I’m also in the lifetime member of the other Cayce Association which is very spiritual and I know that he also was part of the Oxford group in Washington DC was where the those that were the first six steps and then he expanded them so from the Oxford group so I know about his spiritual background but I didn’t know about that oh I know I know he was into more than just alcohol and whatever and I’ve also been in other trail steps because I needed I needed everything you could give me Helen on has helped me because I was raised in alcoholism and Ellen on for the friends and families of alcoholics and if somebody has a relative a husband and wife you know I do a lot of answers on Quora on the internet and people will say well my dad you know I can’t get him to stop drinking or whatever well if you have a dad or a spouse or when a relative of a good friend go to al-anon and you’re gonna find out the answers of how you can have a better life and you don’t change the other person but you can come into a tolerance and an appreciation and gratitude through you know the situations and see it from a better point of light and that’s what the 12 steps have taught me is to look for my heart instead of the appearances and that makes the difference let me ask you this because this was always a controversial thing because we talked about coming out of the church there’s a lot of people listening who are coming out of the church well they’re not coming out of the church they’re realizing that they are the church let’s put it that way right yeah they’re coming out of formulas religion so when we talk about a a I remember friends of mine who they tried to you know pray the addictions away from their kids the kids were struggling with drugs and alcohol and things like that and and they would you know want to go to AAA but the parents and people in the church was like no don’t go to AAA because it’s not of God there’s the only way you need to kick your addiction is go straight to God or go straight to Jesus don’t go to AAA because it’s this formula and stuff so there was always a lot of pushback from the religious community when it comes to the the the hit your knees fine Christ it delivered and and there was always something that that kind of stood out to me with the 12 steps was like they would always say that once an alcoholic always an alcoholic it’s a disease and I’m always gonna have this there and the the Christian mindset was like okay you can be delivered you don’t have to be an alcoholic anymore you could be set free and that that can be gone where’s the connection there for you when it comes like this is something that always plagues me or this type of addiction that will always be there versus I’m set free I’m no longer tempted or is it always still there some some ways cuz they you know those people go on and say you know I’m I’m alcoholic even you know identifying with I take one sip I’m done I’m done for you know I’m going in all the way you know well you’ve asked a very complicated question but very good question you know what I had to understand was it is dis-ease if you’re at dis-ease it can grow into being a disease so therefore alcoholism is according to the American Medical Association a disease because it leads to insanity or death and if you don’t have a intervention which can be done in the 12 steps now the 12 steps are definitely your connection being regained in an appropriate way with God they don’t have any religious affiliation so Jesus is not brought into it you go straight into the love of God rather a / than a person so you’re looking to the love of the universe to heal you and yes healing for an alcoholic is no desire to drink even though this disease is still going in your body and that’s the other part people don’t understand sometimes it’s a disease of body in mind so the genetic element for me was in running in the family so to pick up for me I was just a sitting duck to pick up a drink was to start the disease initiating it and going on in my life because I was set up genetically so genetically you can stop drinking and it doesn’t change your being rational see a drug changes you from being rational so you’re a drug person and you’re not making good choices so when you quit the drug and you have a clean mind and you can come from your heart with healthy choices that are good for you and those people around you you can act in a loving way and that’s called recovery and you allow the love of the universe to flow through you to those around you rather than your fear anger resentment guilt shame all your negative energies people in the Bible call those you know Jesus said Satan get thee behind me and that’s what he was referring to is our lower energy comes from our ego and if that’s running our life it just does make your life hell so the steps take you out of needing to be in I’m fearless today you don’t have to have fear in your life it’s an illusion and and you don’t have to have resentment see fear is the lack of faith and in my church they never talked about faith you know so I hold up I found out that if you plug the toaster into the electrician electric wall clock clock it you know you get electricity so meditation and prayer plugs me into the electricity of God so to speak I have that connection today which I don’t go through somebody else like some churches haven’t you do to get to God I go straight to God in my prayers and talking and communication and so when you do that you have to let go of anything in the way and that’s your ego and that’s what sends out the guilt shame and so forth in the steps show you how to release that negative energy the negative feelings so that you can replace it with the love of grace alone grace of God and when you’re living in that space you don’t want to drink because you feel you don’t have to drink to feel good you just are good you just did that’s your experience is a good experience and you don’t drink to get it you feel it naturally so if I you know if I picked up a drink today I might not drink alcoholic ly immediately but it sets off it triggers the disease to Capri enact and the disease actually never stops moving through your system and if you pick up it picks up where you left off so for me it would be to die because that’s what’s left on my so-to-speak monitor so people sometimes have a lot of relapses because they haven’t reached that stage of alcoholism yet but the only way that you’re going to totally be free of this disease is and I’m not going to test it I’ll tell you this my Christ person this is really what I was happened for me in the 12 steps I’ve discovered that you can literally replace all your negative energy with all the loving grace of God and be in that mature place about growing the past energies and replacing it with the truth of the universe which is love and you become a crusted being a Christ and being just means you have been moved into unconditional love without judgment criticism or condemnation and you are now coming from true love for you know love your neighbor as yourself and so that’s a Christ did being and we all can move into that it’s are we willing to remove what we’ve been hanging on to our old childish immaturity and grow up so when you grow up and become a mature person your christ and you don’t you don’t need to drink because you’re out there helping others and this the gratification of that is so strong and joy you know that’s what I always wanted anyway was to feel I wanted some joy in my life I wanted some peace of mind you know and I have that today and I don’t have the feeling so I can get a little down here and there but you know and I’ve been just the last 24 hours there’s been a real maze of difficulties and I’ve been getting through it just fine we handled it as rationally as we could and finally found some answers late last night to resolve it it’s an issue with this licensing of a car I stole and the whole thing turned into a real jumble to say the least and this lady was so upset she was ready to sue and we got that calm down but when you have a rational mind you don’t have to handle your problem so they become worse and you can handle them so they resolve in a loving resolution and that’s what I help people with with my counseling how can we look at this situation reframe it so that you can see it from a bigger picture of this was part of a situation and what were the lessons and how can we solve it in a loving way for you and the people around you and we can move out of these old situations with spirituality and most of the time and I’m not trying to put any churches down because everybody’s where they’re supposed to be in learning then that that’s where they are you know when they’re ready to leave they’ll me leave the church but you know churches tell you you know you’re supposed to follow our tenets but the tenants tend to be man-made rules rather than as principles of love and that to me is the difference between a church and spirituality mm-hmm that’s beautiful um are you talking about being able to you say feel the love of the universe a lot of times whenever someone’s addicted to substance whether it be alcohol or drugs there’s a euphoria that comes with it there’s a place of escape like I can leave my current situation my family my bills whatever it is I can leave this distress that I’m in and go to this other world almost like if I get high if I you know if I get drunk enough that stuff disappears but we know what substance it always comes back and you never resolve it but it’s always there so but it takes us to another place and I think that you’re talking about feeling the love of the universe I think that takes us to a euphoric place of oneness with God and knowing that would love and we’re cared for and everything’s gonna be okay what was the what was the first time that you felt that you forea and knowing that everything’s okay because I am one with the Creator I’m one with God and I can feel the love of the universe all over my body and my mind my heart my understanding feeling that love was the first time you felt that well that’s an interesting question for me I was told in spirit to make a trip to Australia to any convention and I was just newly divorced and in those days I was emotionally three years old scared spitless of being on my own no family was supporting me in my recovery and God says when this opportunity came to go to Australia and I says well I don’t have any money and I don’t have the time and you know I’m not about to go there all by myself so guess what there was a group of 15 people going in a travel group called sober travel and I could join them so I would be with like-minded people and people I could you know enjoy the trip with so then I says well I still don’t have any money how am I I can’t go and I ended up in a car accident and five car collisions like an accordion and I watched the angels help everybody so no one really got desperately hurts that was the cars did but people didn’t and I came home and prayed I says what’s this about and they said well we want you to take the insurance money from your car and take for the trip expenses to go to Australia so I said well okay I guess I’m going to Australia so off I went and part of the trip went to the Great Barrier Reef as part of the excursion and when I was out at the at the Great Barrier Reef snorkeling and I was enjoying the fish we were lighting up fluorescent fish when the Sun hits them the great big clams this is in my first book the great big clams opened up and any of the coral was moving with the current of the under underwater current and swinging and and all these different corals were gorgeous colors and shapes it was absolutely gorgeous and it was time to go back on the boat and I didn’t want to leave because it was it felt like heaven down there I mean it was marvelous I’m swimming with the fish it was terrific and so I stood up to take my snorkel off and it was like the heavens opened up and said you do belong you are part of this and I just felt like I’m part of this whole picture and it just from that point on I never felt like I belonged I never felt like I fit in anywhere it’s growing up in school and church or anything and all of a sudden God’s telling it you belong in this universe you’re part of us and and it was just such a tremendous message to me I believe that’s probably my first experience like similar to what you’re explaining feeling the love of the of God feeling the love of the universe especially I mean that’s so powerful especially when people are part of these you know religious organizations these churches or whatever where it’s all about you know you’re doing this wrong you’re not doing this right don’t do this don’t do that don’t do this and if you do God’s not gonna accept you if you do this God’s not gonna love you Marilyn if you meditate that’s demonic you know stay away from this kind of stuff there’s a lot of us who have who have dealt with that we’ve heard that and in the weird thing with a lot of people especially like in the evangelical movements is like we have an encounter with God we have an encounter with the love of the universe as you say and then we go to church to try to recreate that or try to try to cultivate that relationship who is God what happened to me you know and we get plugged in and we you know let go of the bondage of the world some people you know kick alcoholism drugs or whatever they put it down and they get in church and they up a whole nother set of burdens in a yoke that they can’t carry you know religious um religion puts like expectations on you that they don’t the people and leaders don’t even put upon themselves these different rules and things and and you know there’s so much there when it comes to accepting yourself and knowing who God created you to be and really the love of God some of them you know not yet not obviously not all churches are that way but some of that stuff gets really coaching it’s real you feel bad when you leave church like you don’t feel good about yourself or good about that God loves you no matter what you’ve done there’s there’s an everlasting father who cares for you some of those churches you leave and you feel like scum like you feel and you didn’t even do nothing but they make you feel like this weight in its burden so you kind of have to go back to these leaders and stuff who can liberate you from that and that’s uh that’s that’s witchcraft that’s manipulation – that’s not control mindful we our whole society has been mind controlled in fact that’s what you just mentioned with one of my big soap boxes is about medicine they tell you what’s wrong with you instead of what’s right with you and they just perpetuate the illness by that so if you don’t focus on what you focus on grows so when you’re told that your and I hope I don’t offend people but when you’re told you’re a sinner that’s shaming people and you’re making them feel less than and so then you say well I have the answer weed it’s all mind control in my opinion it was for me anyway and I had to understand that guy was created in the spirit of love and I never was a bad person in fact in my one of my meditations a few years ago the message I received was silent I said I do listen to it now said Marilyn there’s nothing wrong with you and there never was you are a good person and that was the most validating comment my parents never said they loved me or I was a good person it was always if you are busy and productive what’s wrong with you you are you know I mean you got to get the work done and that’s most important and who you are doesn’t count and so the love of God is love is a validation and churches that don’t have that loving essence it’s kind of sometimes they poke it in it’s like it’s throwing the dog a bone they’ll throw in a nice little comment and then the rest of its still back to what’s wrong with you and so that’s how they hook people but that’s how I got hooked into domestic violent marriage you know it threw me a bone and I that was the nicest thing that ever happened to me at that point so I bought it and stayed in there looking for more bones and of course things got worse and worse so we’ve been deceived in and as a schoolteacher I was taught to love the child and not the behavior and so I taught from that point of view but most of the time society says you’re a bad person and this is what’s wrong with you and you can’t have any self esteem when that happens and if when you get self-esteem and I’m going to release all the negative energies to find the self esteem inside the love in my heart could finally safely open up and she fill me and share it with others and then I don’t have to buy into what people tell me I know today’s as being a counselor that when people talk they’re projecting their discomfort onto me I’m having a self-esteem today I can say that’s sad that they feel that way that’s not who I am anymore and I don’t have to buy their bullshit I don’t have to buy their comments just because they’re making them I can discern they’re they’re uncomfortable with their life but I don’t have to take it on that’s exactly right I mean we’ve been discussing that it’s usually nothing to have to do with you at all it’s usually nothing with you it’s you represent something that they don’t like about themselves exactly you’re too free I’m not free I can’t be free I’m I’m in bondage but she’s free oh well look what she’s not really free she has this he’s got that she’s doing this wrong she doing this wrong and people project because they’re upset that you’re walking in a freedom that they only can dream of at this point you know but that’s why we’re supposed to respond with compassion and respond with love and see that person restored and we can do that I think love wins at the end of the day and uh it’s not it’s not not personal nothing’s personal at the Bible it’s beautiful it says that that our battle is not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities and in heavenly places so it’s not that person you know your enemy is not that person your enemy is what that person has been through and they’re still holding on to it that’s what we have to deal with the trauma and the things the pains and you trigger that person cuz you’re free and they’re still bound because they’ve been told by a pastor or a family member that they’ll never amount to anything that they’ll never be anything and here you are fulfilling your dreams here you are walking in freedom and you trigger that person it’s freedom from the ego edging God out is the ego and what I do a lot of research one person called me a research journalist I do it I’ve got ten books and on YouTube myself and blog and whatever and what I discovered is that the Bible was written 2,000 years ago four terms the people understood at the time so today if you I want to write a book about this one I have a couple more books I want to write my angel experiences and what the Bible really says the Bible is really explaining your energy and they use the terms people understood 2,000 years ago they if you go back and check Tesla he says if you want to understand life it’s all about energy vibration and frequency and that’s what the Bible is describing is how can you change your energy into a higher frequency and feel the love of the universe which is that higher loving vibration not doing in person and spiritually you do it through the love of the universe rather than artificially through drugs because in my case I got addicted to him so was that the really way to get that experience not permanently and not in you know and I realized anyway it’s a superficial way to feel high and I can feel high Oh just that the other day having dinner the other night besides some really good things well my birthday was last Sunday and so we were celebrating and I just was having such a great time and I haven’t had a drink for 33 years yummy I just feel so great inside it just was just oozing and so you know that’s the love and people called it God because they didn’t understand energy because it’s invisible and so they had to label it with material three dimensional terms and they don’t understand that that’s what life is about it’s raising your that’s what Jesus came to say was the energy needs to shift Satan get thee behind me that’s what he’s talking about and Chris the churches have me a doctor and out of it in creeds and whatever and then telling you this is how you do it this is how you don’t and then telling you you’re wrong if you don’t follow their way but the point is if I come from my heart I’ll always be right and I’ll always be connected with God and I be I am a good person and what people do around me makes me today look at myself and say am I still sending that out so that’s what’s coming back and so that’s what I happens that’s the church telling me to change and then they don’t really tell you how the 12 the 12 steps tell you when I used to sit in church and hear all this stuff from the pulpit but it wasn’t really how to do it just you need to do it you know but they don’t say that my paradigm busters reveal the real you book tells you how step by step detail by detail how do you get rid of the Satan or the lowered answer negative guilt shame fear you know jealousies seven deadly sins how do you get rid of those and replace it with the love and grace of God so when you do that you’ve moved into a higher consciousness and that because of Christ consciousness and churches don’t really tell you they tell you you can’t become Christ because Jesus is the only one that’s not true we’re all Christ did beings releasing our human defects and when you address your own defect and say God humbly remove this and replace it with your love and grace you move into a higher consciousness and that’s what we’re all trying to do is move into a higher consciousness of unconditional love and that’s what the thousand years of peace is about and we won’t have that negative energy demeaning us and criticizing us and telling us what’s wrong as you mentioned going back to the addiction you talked about early on that there was this you were pretty much already like a priek candidate when it comes to alcoholism alcohol abuse and things like that because of your genealogy and because of your genes have has that led you to study generational curses at all okay a curse is only a curse if you allow it to be a curse but families buy into that and perpetuated and dropped that belief system down through the children and the children learned from their parents and the parents can’t teach them what they don’t know so generationally one day literally I stood in my family room and I literally felt the anger of my family from six generations go poop onto my shoulders I’m the one that’s supposed to heal the anger of the family what I found out about anger and I teach a class every month about this is if you’re angry you’re a little five-year-old throwing a temper tantrum because it didn’t go your way somebody didn’t go they’ll do it the way you wanted them to do it and it didn’t do it the way you thought they should do it life ain’t going the way you planned it and so you’re a little kid throwing a temper tantrum and you know what when I accept everything is falling together just like it needs to for where I need to be in what I need to learn I don’t have to be angry today I don’t have to be my husband tried to kill me half a dozen times when he died two years ago I was in compassion because I had learned to pray for him the woundedness he went through in his childhood to play that part so I could learn to come out of it you know it really affected the people that we think are the worst enemies are our best teachers and how we can change into a better person and they’re there to show us that instead of us condemned the more and more as to say you know I think in prayers meditation in an altered state this works really well you can’t just say it in you have to move into a that’s why I might hit with gist and do regression work you do it in an altered state that’s now C otherwise you’re not living in the now so when you do it in that state and I thanked him for playing that part and all of a sudden it was no longer an issue I took responsibility for my part of what I’m learning to heal we now have to see that these people around us are teaching us to be better people and I know today we all write scripts before we come in and he came to me and while you’re still alive in spirit he wasn’t living in another state and he said you know he says I didn’t want to play that part in your life but nobody else was we come in in soul groups and nobody else was stepping up to do that and he says I loved you so much that I play I was in domestic bond a strangled rape you name it okay and he was a sex act a psychopath rageaholic against alcoholic of course so that’s how I met him he made me as drinking buddy so you know we have to come to a bigger picture of what’s really going on in the energies and it’s not the peepees that don’t take it personally it’s not the people it’s the situations that were healing and they are generational and my family has for years and years had these mindsets of being victimized and mentally controlled and so forth and I’m hopefully changing that in my family man good stuff when it so when you when you have these type of traumatic encounters you’re open up or spiritual experiences we’ve been talking a lot lately about shadow beings and seeing those dark entities those dark figures and stuff people have had encounters with those I know you’ve had a lot of encounters with angels and I want to talk to you about that have you ever had any encounters with the paranormal and and demons and things like that manifesting into this reality I am I have done several exorcisms yes and it’s dark energy you know attached to people and to release it it takes the love of heavy energy of love as the demon has to neutralize the energy and for them to be willing to release that I wanted exorcism took over three hours because she kept in Buddy she can’t such a poor boundaries that she just kept letting them come back in and come back in generally it can take a couple hours then or less some have actually left sooner and angels are the higher energy that God he might call them helpers coming into I mean I’ve almost died 12 times and angels have kept me alive and well I’ve been off the cliff of the Grand Canyon I went off the cliff that they between BAM cans aspirin in Canada that those national parks almost went off the cliff on and going to see my great-grandson a few years back and God pulled me out of my body she put me over the cliff and said see that you are going to be hurt your spirit won’t be in your body you won’t go down with the car so don’t worry if that happened you’ll be okay so angels have been there for me in so many situations I see angels and I paint their portraits if people are interested in their portraits being painted they can contact me at Maryland and Angelica’s gifts are calm off my website or I have a radio show love never fails and I’m on the air which is the afternoon bold brave Mediacom six o’clock here to Eastern Time and so I’m easily accessible they can get me off of this Google Maryland Redmond and a lot of my activities will show up so you know I do counseling office Skype with our phones if you can’t be living close so I’m going to have a new client just can drive which is nice so you know if I’ve actually done readings as far as a lady in Australia contacted me and I did a reading so out of the country even so through PayPal we can do these things today is that wonderful mm-hmm definitely I know we talk we’re talking about AIDS was talking about demons and without having to see them physically you know we definitely could see the presence of the of the dark energy of the demons and things like that but I was traveling to see my grandson’s I lived in western Washington south of the airport from Seattle and I was traveling over several mountains and heading towards Boise Boise Idaho for Thanksgiving and when I got to the top of one of the passes the snow was coming and a trucker helped me cut the chains on my car and before I hit panting in Oregon I had a flat tire these were not the typical chains they were a new version they were experimenting with and and of course the one of the wires hit the tire and tossed it to leak okay yeah I made a hole in the tire so here I am honor this freeway no house is flat ground it’s where they have a big rodeo as a you know out in the wilds you might say without any town houses or whatever and I’m sitting on the side of the road of the flat tire no this is before cell phones where there wouldn’t a probably didn’t cell phone contact where I was was half an hour north of propellant and at those times on the news there’d been some attacks of single women stranded on the freeway and I am stranded and but this little old truck comes putting down the highway all of a sudden I went into this piece because I was pretty anxious what’s going to happen to me sitting out here on this freeway with us you know no way to get out get it anywhere else and the man stopped it was a little old gentleman and he opened the window and he says ma’am he says do you need help and of course I didn’t know who he was from Adam but I said yes I need help so he says his comment was I need a second job he was a retired gentleman but I so I can’t help you all the way but he says I can get you to les schwab which is a local tire place on the west coast I can get you to talk let’s go they’ll come out and fix your tire and you can get going again you want me to take you in tulips because my eyes perked up yeah I’d love to be able to get help so he took me into Pendleton and the man at the shop said the whole room was filled with clients waiting to get their chain chains on and snow tires on because the snow was coming and the man I told him I said I got to get across the Blue Mountains before dark I had a nightmare experience years earlier and I didn’t want to go through that one again and so no man looked in the room he says if you don’t tell anybody in the room I’m taking you next they’re not in line right I’ve taken you next and I’ll get you back on the road he says don’t tell anybody but he says I’ll help ya so they came out got my car fixed the tire and got me out and when I went but I was still at the counter when I was talking to this gentleman and I went to turn around to thank the man for helping me and he was gone I recognized later that was probably my first experience seeing when it’s a physical being and I went to thanking him and he was gone my boyfriend has had numerous experiences where they’ve shown up in physical form and I could tell you several of his stories but yes I have seen them and I have actually felt at one point I was an angel in physical form somebody that needed help one day and I’m sitting there in my car and she’s talking to me about what she needed to say and I’m Way too you know was a tire problem my block tire went flat I ended up in this lady’s car waiting for the triple-a to show up and I’m sitting there saying oh I’m supposed to be here sitting and listening to her she needed someone to talk to you apparently she’d been praying for someone to hear her story and what she needed to understand and and there I was so I donned on me all I’m there for her so we could be angels – yep that’s that’s what the word angel means messenger someone who’s carrying of a message and I think in the scriptures it calls Paul a messenger but there’s something I mean there is that they’re not just messengers like this like they’re otherworldly at times you know what I’m saying they’re they’re etheric light beings from another realm and they’re not just because I think some people were trying to say well you know angels are just people angels are just people they can be people but they also can be etheric light beings as well you know something that carries a message or a spirit that carries a message like this spirit is coming with a message of feeling a vibration that’s that’s a message to change the way a group of people are feeling a city of people are feeling like really you know it gets pretty deep but to come and change it it talks about in the Bible it’s also about like the spirit of confusion or the spirit of joy the spirit of slumber spirit of deep sleep and these spirits would go back and forth with God and say hey let us go down let me go down and be this type of spirit and this other one they would kind of petition God wanting to go down and change the vibration of the people and those angels oh pardon me but that’s what my paradigm busters book is all about we can change we don’t have to stay at the level we are right now I created a diagram and it’s charged in my paradigm Buster’s book which is also in my newest book finding reality beyond fear as the stairs going up higher and higher into higher vibrations in that’s what the 12 steps teach us is how to move up those fears and we don’t stay yeah one level we have the choice to let that energy go higher and higher in us so we can be that christ in our higher consciousness person coming from the love unconditional love of the universe and so we’re at stuck in one place we are we don’t have to be sort of sinners the rest of our lives we get to be that’s what Jesus was on the cross and crucified to show we can rise above our ego and that’s when he became you know but he didn’t die he came back and showed people I’m still here ain’t no crip young people actually he was around for a lot longer than the Bible said after the resurrection we resurrect from our lower natures into this higher consciousness and not that we’re going to be well is it part of us is our whole consciousness if you put it all together part of us is a little bit of an angel and we but we have to grow into it talk about chakra energy and cord clearing what what’s what’s cord clearing in chakra energy well those are two really good questions chakras are the energy sources there’s seven basic chakras that there’s lots more my boyfriend is pranic healing and he’s familiar with all of them but there’s the rich chakra the solar the navel chakra the solar plexus the heart the throat the crown chakra and then the third eye and those are the energy interfacing with God’s energy from the universe and you have to clean out those chakras so they function and bring in I have a chart about this in paradigm Buster’s too and I teach it every month in my class you have to clean out those chakras so the love of God or that energy from the universe can come in and actually integrate into your physical body that’s your health and if you’re toned off from that energy of love integrating in your system you’re going to get sick that’s what the sickness is about is they aren’t functioning and you’ve got to get them opened up so they can allow all the energy in and you can then be as healthy as you can allow that energy to interface with your whole body cord clearing is really important and that has a lot to do with being codependent we take on all this energy of everything around us especially people if you’re in my case a woman who was totally clueless and I latched on to my husband as a barnacle because I’m three years old well it turned out he was probably three years old from his abuse and the two of us are trying to be one four to two children trying to be one person and you have to learn to grow up and disconnect from that’s what ellinon it’s about you detach you could stop the cord connection to another person for your survival and your self-esteem then being okay because if they’re okay you’re okay you know that’s all this codependent stuff and there is a 12-step program called coda that helps you with this too and you release those cards so that you finally could be your own individual self instead of being two people hooked together at the hip there used to be a book called the Bobbsey Twins and that was my husband with me we were hooked at the hip today I have a boyfriend but he has he’s a whole individual I’m a whole mature person and we come together as partners rather than cleaning like a barnacle on to somebody else and we each have our own lives and then we share but it’s not that somebody else’s expanse I call it win-win in my counseling how can you work this out so you both get what your needs are met and if you meet your own needs see you don’t need to be a barnacle to somebody else and those chords can be released and you can turn into a mature person and you are no longer that little kid hanging on to an adult trying to make it or another person not any older than you are trying to make it like you you can grow up when you do your cord clearing talking about growing up talking about being stuck it’s very interesting you talk about being three years old and that may seem you know kind of far out for some people but there’s a lot of study out there that that shows that you’re kind of stuck at that age where the trauma happened to you where something bad happened to you and is talking about a lot of experts who study this they’ve said Donald Trump seems to be stuck you know at a young age as well from some trauma and still having something to prove that he you know can get some you know something done or he can be somebody or whatever the case is he’s an overachiever almost you know and being stuck at that early age so it kind of like never I’ve actually grown up so that they can ascend to the higher levels of consciousness well I like overachiever I miss valedictorian trying to get my parents to give me some validation and say what we’re proud of you I just kept getting a stinking well they one of these days they’re going to notice I do really well and it became bility turning not because I miss – kid in the class I studied the harshest because I was trying to get recognition and they weren’t recognizing themselves cuz they never grew up so they couldn’t give it to me and so I’ve learned God recognizes and validates me today I had a beautiful validation last night at a meeting and you know this man stayed to say you know what you said he says I’m going to keep it in my heart forever he was very impressed so today I don’t look to people for my validation but it comes because I have something to share and they recognize that and I’m very grateful that people are listening and hearing that there’s better ways to live our lives to be awesome go ahead and talk a little bit about your your newest book finding reality beyond fear well I’m very proud of it it’s actually my story growing through the stages the universe has lost the universal laws and their laws of love now when people read the Bible and they say the Lord they’re really talking about the law of love it’s not really a person and so like the 12 steps we were that’s what we were talking about last night is the principles of love and when you’re following those principles your life improves because you’re now focusing on what works instead of what doesn’t work so my book is the in the four sections finding grace and what we’ve been talking about is releasing what doesn’t work on how I did that and the second part is finding balance and there’s different little slogans we call them to help you find a balance in your life when you’ve gotten some self-esteem and you feel good about yourself then there’s little things like when to keep it simple easy does it this too shall pass when you have situations that are coming up it helps you to handle those situations and we call it finding balance the third part of the book is finding sanity and health and the more you open your heart and release what doesn’t work your health will actually be restored because that’s what the problem was in the first place but medicine doesn’t recognize that and finding truth in the end is we can actually use sin if you know about alchemy we are the pot of gold we are the genie in the bottle but when you ascend into that higher consciousness that’s what the fourth chapter is about and we do actually become Christ it or masters of our own life we can make the choices that give us the results that are loving solutions and that’s you master your emotions so you don’t go down the tubes with your old I’m a terrible horrible up but you know I used to think I was a terrible horrible awful person and I was gonna have to live the rest of my life this way god help me you know but we don’t have to stay in that attitude anymore we can change it and we can be the innocent child which has no criticism judgment condemnation and we can move out of that place in our innocence that’s the love coming through us to others being innocent like a child and so the fourth part is about accomplishing that higher level of consciousness and I find it I think it’s a bit that chart for going up the vibrations that I mentioned is also in that book so I have found a ways that works for me and I surely you know people have told me it works for them too so if someone were interested in going to my books are on all of Iowa ebooks all together I have ten books on there they all are about moving into higher consciousness one way or another I have also a book on there called road to success and another one called the real meaning of 2012 bringing heaven to earth and that’s what we’re really just through releasing the negative and merging and we’re all doing this in one way or another what what happened in 20 2012 do you believe something happened there something shifted oh it was a huge when Jesus came in 2,000 years ago there was a photon bill and that was the Christ consciousness energy and if you know anything about astrology and so forth I’m not a master of that at all but I understand some basics about it and that allowed his energy to bring in him into a higher loving God type consciousness and press people often to see him as God and the churches promote that well as the universe is evolving and whatever that energy was not sustainable on earth and so we went into like the you know in history we call it the darkness the dark stages and so then we can started coming out of the Dark Ages historically well at 2012 the Photon Belt returned and the Christ consciousness started being beaming to earth again and that’s the energy around us and within us that we can utilize an access today to bring ourselves into that same place that Jesus brought himself so the photon bill makes it possible for us to be supported in a living universe again and the people that did it without that energy it was a real struggle they called those the Masters and that’s what a master was they had overcome the planetary density of energy into a higher consciousness well today everybody can do it if they choose to do the work I agree with you the chat here laughs a lot of people talking about how powerful 2012 was for them and something happened spiritually definitely new levels for me in my awakening in UFO angelic contact and uh beautiful so if you want to go ahead and plug your website we get off here people can go directly to your site you got a lot of information on your website and you’ve you have been well-documented your endeavors there’s a lot of stuff on your website if you want to go and share that link out before we go okay I’d love to it’s Angelica’s gifts ngel icas gif TS angelica is my major angel and she Angelica’s gives us what I call them all my endeavors because I wear many hats and so it’s all focused under Angelica’s kiss my books my counseling my writing and the rest of the things that I do so yes it is full of information and videos too and articles and a variety of things and just click on whatever the parts of the I’m also retired teacher I have lots to say about education you know whatever parts are that I’m acquainted with holistic health and whatever you’ll find it on my website and as I said my books are on my blog I try to keep it up-to-date so you know what’s coming on my radio show every week in fact this coming week will be past lives I’m going to do a program on past lies Marilyn Redmond books dot blog is my blog and of course I have over a hundred videos on YouTube so check out and I have videos for domestic violence and all kinds of lectures about that and my books and questions like we’re doing today so a variety of things on YouTube check it all out I love to hear from you if you wanted to contact me at Maryland at Angelica’s gifts com be sure and give me you know you can email me and you have a question or concern and I answer a lot of questions on Quora every day about a thousand questions a day people come in and read thousand people a day come in and read the answers to my questions I’m Cora so you’re welcome to get hold of me any way that works for you all right Marilyn I really enjoyed this conversation and we’ll have to do it again soon thank you so much my friend well thank you for having me this has been a joy and have a wonderful day and thanks to everybody out there I hope you’re having a good day – awesome thank you my friend thank you have a good day bye-bye Marilyn Raymond ladies and gentlemen enjoyed it sweet woman in – a lot into a lot we woman I’ve been through a lot and I’m still going still going strong got out man I love it come on people good stuff man yeah good stuff there was a comment we were talking about shadow beings I’ve been I’ve been weaving that into every other podcast here since me and Danny did our set off the Danny’s in the chat right now but it was a home sauce in the chat mentioned talk to somebody who does meth and they’ll tell you all about shadow beings you’re right man that’s it’s weird when it when it comes to a meth in in the spirit realm you know I had a friend of mine his dad cook meth and I really think that when it comes to what the Bible calls or Makia sorcery uh Smith the mixing and creating like a witch’s cauldron you know I really think meth is which is culturing I mean putting battery acid and comment you know would you clean the bathtub with all kind of crazy ingredients into some kind of substance that you’re gonna put in your body that’s deaf and it changes your your brain chemistry the way you think man and it makes you sensitive to the other realms a friend of Mines dad at some point he’s born again now but at one point he was cooking dope and he was just like telling this his son which was a friend of mine that he believed that meth was meth could be like the real way that we can talk to God by smoking meth and it’s all this crazy crazy talk crazy people talking it’s definitely not a way to talk to God you’re talking to some you’re talking to a God all right God’s with the little G you know when you’re going around seeing shadow entities hiding in the woods and people in your closet and under the bed and paranoid and staying up for days on on in you know that’s the that’s the thing about it it’s like the opposite of true spirituality when you think of crystal meth is such a powerful drug and it’s destroying so many people’s lives um you know you’re staying up for days on in that is spiritual fasting a state because you’re not eating like meth heads and crackheads they’re not eating they’re going days without eating in a fasting sleep so therefore when you stay up for height like we step for elongated periods of time you become that much more sensitive to the spirit realm and that veil it’s thin where you’re supposed to be in the you got people who stayed up stay up days on end you know they talk about like there’s secret agents cops hiding in the trees outside in the woods and the Devils coming for them and all kind of stuff man on these drugs that bad stuff can happen so crystal meth as people seeing shadow beans are being chased by demons and crazy stuff going on on that I had a friend of mine he’s a whole hippie man and he’s born again now he loves Jesus uh it’s funny to hear him share his stories about LSD and stuff back in the day but he was uh he had a story man that he was in his house tripping on acid and he was freaking out and he had these this little leprechaun demon chasing him through his house freaking out scared to death and he runs in his runs in his bedroom and he slams the door and other trolled a demons trying to get in there to kill him he’s freaking out he goes to gets his shotgun and handles wiggling the doors banging and he’s about to shoot through the door but about that time he grabs it open opens the door and it was his dad his dad was trying to get in and through the door he almost shot through the door and was gonna shot his dad you know so these you have to be careful man with with pharmakeia and with mixing chemicals and concocting things you know we talk about natural substance I talk to I’m a proponent for to the Seidman anything natural that you can just pick up in the woods and eat you know I’m saying that’s that’s a whole nother story versus like mixing let me take this lighter apart and use some of the fluid let me get this you know all this weird stuff and make creating these crazy you know you’re insane you’re a crazy person that will mess you up don’t do that you know being hallucinations and if that scary demonic stuff was talking about alcohol addiction when I was a teenager my mom was dating this guy’s name was Emmett and Emmet’s passed on now I wrote about him extensively in my book and I’m a I think I’m Tay I’m thinking about just taking a bunch of chapters out of the book and just putting it on line for people to read there’s some stuff that I shared that I don’t want to share anymore on there because you know some people were hurt when they read it because I put personal information in there for other people who weren’t resolved or healed and I talked about some things openly in my life and wasn’t good though my mom but I’m thinking about taking some of the chapters out and just putting it online just so you can read and there’s some chapters while I talk about Emmet Emmet was addicted to like all kind of pills any any pain pill he only had one leg and he had like metal rods in his back and talked about him extensively in the book and there’s some crazy stories in there about me and Emmett but one when it comes to alcoholism the guy he picked me up from I was in Alabama he was gonna take me back to Louisiana where my mom was staying so he comes to pick me up and the dude had a gallon of vodka in his truck and he was just sitting there chugging it he’s like telling me I can have some and we got to drive two and a half hours on the interstate back to Louisiana and he’s swerving all in the road and freaking out and we’re on the interstate one point he pulls over we go to the store and he I got him to buy me a 40-ounce I think I was 13 at the time bought me a 40 ounce of st. IDEs malt liquor and uh I was drinking that but another point he pulled over he wanted me to drive he’s like I can’t drive I need you to drive Derek I mean I don’t know how to drive this was like a standard you know stick shift I can’t drive that I need you to drive is that what we gonna pray make sure we pray so we can make it back and he grabs my hand he’s praying with me it’s like god help us to get well we need to be safely and he’s still chugging this straight vodka man he’s on pills and stuff too and um he’s like squeezing my hands so hard man my hand was like hurting so bad one who’s praying and and we got back on the interstate he’s trying his best to keep it between the lanes I’m scared to death scare for my life I don’t know what to do man we’re driving we pass up the exit that we’re supposed to get off at and then he goes on into the median on the interstate and just goes way down this hill comes back up the other side and you know freaking out and so finally uh we were getting close we were probably we’re probably 15 miles away and we got pulled over he was going through a city and I we got pulled over and the UH cops came in there and [Music] arrested him and was asking him about the the Saint IDEs alcohol in the in the floorboard it’s like it did you bother for the kid I said I don’t mind it’s like now you’re not drinking straight liquor and Saint IDEs and and that guy alcohol man mess it messes people up man if they can’t they can’t overcome it and I’ve got countless stories about Emmet and my mom fighting some of it’s in the book if you got some of you guys have read it but I’ll I want to post some of that online I’m gonna post it on my website just a couple excerpts in about Emmet know stories with a dealing with alcohol and abuse and watching him on my momma fight fistfights there was one time and all this is in my book man but uh it was one time that uh my friend Michael was spending the night with me over at our house and in me and my mom were up fighting all night there just no one blows back and forth he only had one leg he’s hobbling around the house my mom’s got him pinned down and Michael was spending the night with me and he’s in the living room on the ground screaming for my friend Michael help me my go hey bro gonna help a bro it’s Collier he’s I hate going in there does a man go help that you know they’re doing that and uh then he comes you know five minutes later he comes hobbling down the hallway and uh sticks his head in the door he’s bleeding and stuff and he looks at Michael say thanks a lot no I helped him and then uh I don’t they did he just kept fighting the man and um something happen and my mom threw a mason jar across the living room that’s one of the big jars that you would like jelly and jam comes in she threw it across her living room and hit him in the head busted his head wide open and uh he’s sitting there bleeding out man this is insane you know I’m young teenager I’ve seen all the stuff he’s bleeding out and uh but my mom goes outside cuz the laundry room was outside she goes to the dryer to get a towel wall to try to put it on his head she goes outside and when she does he locks the door locks her out she tries to come back in and the doors lock and he’s sitting on a bar stool just blood all over him he’s laughing he said I they gonna get you for murder I’m gonna die and they gonna get you for murder mom’s freaking out so my mom punches through the window of our front door and unlocks it she’s bleeding now so she comes inside and uh holds on her head illness hair to try to stop the bleeding and stuff or whatever and um one of the times when I when I first walked in and they were fighting he was laying on the ground and my mom had his uh his fake leg in her hand and she was trying to pull his leg off and uh he was pulling it in it it was got stuck at the end of his pants but he’s laying on the ground and that leg is stuck at the end of his pants leg and she’s pulling it looked like his leg was like 6 foot tall cuz she was like had his leg up trying to pull it off and he was like wobbling around so it was just insane but there was blood everywhere it was handprints with blood on I think the ambulance did come they treated him there he didn’t go with them but it was blood all over the carpet blood in the kitchen and just blood everywhere and so the next day my wife Aaron which we were dating at the time it was her first time coming over she was gonna come pick me up so she gets in the car she comes over there to pick me a michael up we’re gonna go to the mall or something she comes walks to the door and there’s like bloody handprints all over the wall and puddles of blood at the house and it’s her first time coming over they picked me up what an introduction man I was just insane I write I go into more detail in the book and stuff but uh I’ll um I’ll post it on my website some of those stories really interesting stuff that I’ve been through but alcohol man you don’t have to live like that you’re talking about abuse and domestic violence and stuff like that man get out of those situations man you know I’m saying like get out of those situations anybody abusive and controlling and you know I’ve seen you know and I believe in the generational curses man I believe that their energies transfer down and the same type of fights that my mom has done she’s been fighting my mom’s been fighting her boyfriends ever since I was born I didn’t do is make you know beating them up and stuff is crazy and you know look at my sister man my sister fights her boyfriends you know I have friends so I can look at their mom I didn’t look at look at them you know every time like it’s weird now had this this when I look at women I look at their mom I said okay she’s gonna be her mom when she grows up like this woman and if you know their mom they’re just like younger versions of their mom if you haven’t dealt with that those issues and the people I’m talking about we’re coming from broken homes man it’s probably different if you’re coming from different lifestyle and everything’s good and you come from a loving family and that’s your that’s your curse love you know it’s not a curse it’s a blessing but um but it’s that’s what you’re born into and that’s what you’re shown that’s what you have there so what’s instilled within you to to share man I remember you know just all this stuff coming with with generational curses man like um all my granddaddy um my brother everybody like I’ve been around situations where they abused women like it was normal for me to be a kid and see my granddaddy backhand my grandmother see my brother slap his girlfriend in front of company in front of people the girls crying you know I’ve been situation they asking me to help him I’m you know nine years old 10 years old 11 I can’t do now my brother’s huge you know and see my cousins and they all beat their girlfriends and they were young but like they were old men beating their wives these dudes was like man they were teenagers it was like anyway for like 17 they’re like 25 years old what I’ve seen it happen you know beaten women and I had to catch myself man you know what I’m saying I had to I had to I had to deal with those demons I was gonna be following down that road I remember you know doing things I shouldn’t have did and uh when I was in that lifestyle when I was into witchcraft and all of that crazy stuff man I was going to go down that same road and thank God that um that I broke the curse that I reversed the curse and got into Jesus and let him change my heart and change my life um I think that’s what we need to do man you can look at your parents man whether they’re alcoholics or whether they’re this whether they’re that whether they’re drug addicts look like they do what I was talking about I’m not gonna name the names because y’all know these people but the guy who whose dad was cooking meth he cooked meth with his son they bonded over cooking dope you know I’m saying it in when the Suns addicted to meth and addicted to dope years later and the dads healed and delivered now he’s in church he don’t cook dope no more he’s wonders why a son can’t do right why you can’t do right son why are you running around doing dope you taught me this you taught me this stuff you you brought me up in this that’s a generational curse in that that father the son you know when you mixing chemicals and there’s chemical reactions and stuff that uh they wait I had a situation where the the meth lab blew up in it and he’s seen his dad’s hand go flying off dad blew up blew off his hand in front of the Sun cooking dope you know and his dad to this day only has one hand it’s a reminder every day you can lose your hand cooking dope and isn’t the son seen it happen he’s a little kid and that’s all he knew that’s normal for them crazy man I believe in generational curses I can see them we can rid them God in prayer renounce it deal with the hurt deal with the stress deal with the trauma but man cuz you’re gonna you know those who and essentially comes down to those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it it’s just a cycle we talked about being on default we talked about being on autopilot same thing same thing it’s not your autopilot you just doing what you know to do you just pass down you don’t even know it you think your original you think you’re unique you think you’re an individual you’re spitting image of your father image of your father that’s why we’ve adopted into a new family our fathers good I have a good good father now we’re resembling this father now we’re taking on his character traits the good stuff it’s deep man hope this resonated with some of you guys I really enjoyed this conversation a lot of good nuggets in there a lot of good stuff that you can apply to your life and you know don’t um don’t think it like I said I’ll have to kind of give the disclaimer sometimes or whatever but don’t think they just cuz I have a guest on that I’m like with them and everything that they believe I try to try to find the gems I think everybody has something that they can bring to the table I think that a broken clock is Right twice a day and uh everybody has something that they can bring to the table I don’t think anybody knows it all I don’t think that anybody is walking in 100% truths or walking in you know I don’t think that anybody has it all together especially when there’s so much there’s some so many more topics and stuff that that interests me and there’s like not one preacher there’s not one guru there’s not one musician or whatever who holds who has done the homework has done the studying and it’s well-rounded enough to be like your only teacher God speaks to us through everything and everyone God speaks to us through everything and everyone nature you know the donkey you know I’m saying Balaam God speaking through the writing on the wall he’s speaking through the donkey’s in Scripture whatever if you’re listening God will speak to you he’s speaking to us through one another oh but Dad I’m gonna say peace and Shalom thank you guys for supporting my work and we’ll do it again very soon head on over to patreon comm backslash true secret to support I appreciate you guys Balam shalom peace [Music] [Music] well then does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica calm and if you wanted to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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