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Melissa Peabody has been engaging in her own CE5 contact initiative. After seeing lights outside of her home in San Francisco she felt an intuitive notion that the lights were trying to say hello. After repeat encounters with these strange lights in the night sky Melissa took it upon herself to try and speak to them and get their attention. Melissa took out her camcorder and began to film some of this interaction that took place. Many people across the globe feel like they have been contacted by aliens or beings from another Realm. This podcast is dedicated to seeking out people who have similar stories as Melissa Peabody to get to the bottom of what is actually going on. Melissa started a website entitled myfirstcontact.Net in hopes to create an online archive of her personal ET contact videos and also receives submissions from around the world. myfirstcontact.Net serves as a beacon for those who have had similar encounters and creates community with people of like-minded Interest. One of the topics covered in this conversation is how the fact that the word abduction or abductee has been being phased out. We have not heard that term really used since the early 90s and before. Nowadays people are elated when it comes to considering Close Encounters of any kind hence the term CE5 initiative. A CE5 is not where you are contacted by extraterrestrial beings but where you actually engaged in contacting them and are successful. We have held our first Global CE5 initiative via YouTube and had a great turnout. Many people are welcoming alien contact and have an inward feeling that we are not alone and that these encounters are benevolent in nature. From my research and studies what we are calling extraterrestrial, alien, interdimensional and so on are simply referred to as the angels and the holy books. These angels are messengers of light and bring forth messages for Humanity as a whole. We see in the Bible where the Saints and Prophets would fast and pray for an elongated period of time and get themselves Within a state of being where they were sensitive to the spirit Realm. Eventually into the fast they were met by angelic entities that told them what they were to do in their life’s path. We are seeing the same thing now. What we term the Watchers, Elohim, cherubim, and seraphim are all angelic beings that serve under the order of Yahweh. These interdimensional beings are also called guardian angels who are sent to assist the call of God upon an individual’s life. They are protectors and keepers who serve God and the greater good of humanity.

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the generous donation from my good friend Lee Dunham and his wife thank you guys for supporting my work and if you want to do that back those truce again you get access to all this good stuff all right without further ado we’re gonna bring in today’s guest I’m excited about this subject I don’t think I talk about this subject enough I do try to get a little bit of it in on on every conversation but I like to talk to people who have had UFO and alien contact whatever it is whatever we’re trying to get to the bottom of it all you know I think that everybody has a piece of the puzzle everybody brings something to the table of their own personal experiences what they’ve learned what they believe and we try to formulate a picture together we bring all our pieces of the puzzle put it together we tend to formulate a picture and that’s what it’s about I don’t think that I don’t take anybody’s word 100% I don’t believe everything james gilliland jordan maxwell even my own experience is i don’t claim to have it all figured out but i think that the truth lies somewhere in the middle of it all as it forms a picture so today’s guest we’re gonna be talking to Melissa Peabody of my first contact dotnet Melissa welcome to the podcast how are you I’m so glad to be here with you I’m excited to talk about this and as you know I reached out to you not or promotion for my project but as you had and I was explicit about that but you had talked about during a show with james gilliland that you knew people who were very much triggered by deep fear having seen films Hollywood films about UFOs and ETS and they were terribly frightened and so I’ve had my own experiences filming many unusual I’ll call them objects in my skies and I believe they range from UFOs and ships crafts what you will to light beings to orbs to energy shafts we can go into all of that but my experience has been I don’t watch those Hollywood movies I don’t really I don’t have that fear and so and I’m also a documentary filmmaker and a journalist and so my response to something new in my skies is really very much curiosity driven and I want to know more I want to know what it is that I’m seeing I have a camera I have an edit system I know what to do here and so it’s my nature to just film what I’m seeing it is completely without fear and I want it to offer that to you my project my films they’re very very short so that you could just literally if if you talk to someone who is very very afraid on this topic you could simply point them to this and just say go watch a few of these films they don’t have any fear in them and there are in my experience and my experience might be narrow but I don’t think there are many things out there that deal with this topic that aren’t fear driven and I personally believe it’s perhaps purposeful we can get into that too but that is why I met you that’s why I contacted you just so you could divert people to an alternative mm-hmm you contacted me and said let’s let’s talk what do you have to say about that so you do have a website I don’t think you have any products for sale or you’re trying to convince anybody you’re just simply showing up with your story and you’ve been doing your own independent research by having your own encounters which anybody can do and then we just show up to the table and talk about them right so this is your first interview as well well it’s funny it’s my first video I have had a couple of only two other chances to exercise this skill which on building and they were audio but yeah this is my first interview and and the reason is it’s a very important reason it taps into the money thing I am doing this for free I’m doing this for my own joy and my own exploration of what is life and so I have a certain perspective I’m I’m being shown certain things and I want to I want to I want to share that with other people I don’t want them to have to buy my videos and so in terms of the joy factor you know I put that into these videos and films but I also want to build a community and so part of what my website is is as you say people coming up to the table eventually I’ll have some other pages on there like a forum where people can just exchange ideas and perspectives with each other but I am somewhat new to this and so so far what I have is films and I have a submissions page and the goal is really to build a global community of people who have maybe not felt like they were welcome to share what they were seeing and filming themselves their own photos their own experience I have a woman in Liverpool who emailed me shortly after I started this project and she submitted you know a picture of like the tiniest tiniest little orbit but she was filled with such immense joy in sharing it because she was not made fun of and she had said that you know throughout her life she had seen many many orbs and really everyone around her was telling her it was not real what she was seeing was not real and they were just Chinese lanterns it’s just so creative it’s like wow why that but she was not feeling like she was welcome to share her experiences and no one no one really believed what she was seeing and so my goal is to just create this very big skywatcher community global anyone can come to the table no one has to pay borders of countries are meaningless the skies belong to us all it does not matter who you are or where you’re from it’s all part of the experience and we share it and that’s the point we share and so it’s not me as being like this star like having certain sorts of things that only I get to see it’s really important to me to welcome everyone and to show that in fact God I don’t even know how many maybe millions are seeing this they’re seeing this everywhere they’re seeing it and and they are starting to share it and so I’m creating a platform where we get to support each other and show each other that we are not alone we are not alone and we’re not crazy we are actually seeing these things we’re seeing a lot of similarity across the board so for instance I would just say one of the really interesting things that I’m filming is is what I would call orbs and I don’t know what an orb is I’m just saying it what I came up with with the beginning of my project as you know for my home pages let me just begin with this I had never ever ever been a part of any UFO community I had never ever spent any time investigating this and we can go into reasons for this about it before this interview but just to stick with this work thing I had no language for what I was seeing I did not know how to describe what I was seeing and so at first when I was doing my first films I just called them white objects and then with the orbs I called them orders because they were round so what isn’t work and one of my sons asked me what is what is it what are you filming and I said I don’t know I just know that it is a light object it emits light and it has a structure and its structure is round and within the round structure there are oh there’s a beautiful architecture it’s like bones in humans or veins but it’s it is veins of light bones of light within a round structure and he could accept that as like okay I can go there personally I feel like these are I feel like these aren’t beings and they are projecting themselves into our reality our visible reality our visible light spectrum so that we can see them if we are willing and if we are ready yeah so what are your questions about that yeah you’ve got some really awesome video footage on your website where you’ve you’ve actually filmed them and like you said I think we’re seeing different things it’s not just UFOs it’s not just aliens it’s not just angels and demons or whatever we want good or bad there’s a whole plethora of entities and beings and shapes and colors all types of stuff that’s going on out there you’ve got some footage of these round or sphere looks like to be vehicles with lights going around them they’ll light up with maybe look something looks like too big headlights that come on and turn off at will and then another one will pop up next to it really funny that because I watched I watched that video you posted and a friend of mine who’s in the chat right now our home saw so I’m gonna have him on the on the podcast at the end of the month he just went out and filmed his own video footage and it looks very similar to the one that you shared but I think it was I think it was it was during the day and they lit up during the day in where there’s one in the sky and then another one pops up just a little ways off from it like the same distance and everything it’s very similar to what other people are seeing so we have what looks to be craft maybe maybe entities or beings physical beings made of matter or on the ship possibly possibly some type of drone some believe but then there’s other things people have seen like the orbs and things you’re talking about or there’s stuff that out there that doesn’t even have a shape or form it’s moving like gases and changing and morphing and turning into star patterns and weird stuff that’s going on and I think some times we’re seeing actual entities or angelic hosts as we would call them according to different religious texts so what what’s the difference have you seen what you look at in it’s like an entity I was told that even even the term cherubim means a living entity like it’s an actual entity versus of a vehicle or something like that do you feel like do you resonate with with that that there’s some that are a machine maybe nuts and bolts not necessarily by us but it’s in like a physical matter I do resonate with that completely there’s one of them I did I was doing some filming of this red orange light object that appeared really often above this circuit at an angle away from but above this above my cityscape in San Francisco and it moved around moved around and when I would go in close with my camera and just to say again I have a professional camera because I’m a filmmaker so I could go in I had a very good zoom and this object was really moving around the sky in this sort of small area but very very active and later after I digitized my footage I could of course go through it slower and any time I stopped the footage or most times it would take on an angelic shape so it was broadcasting light with wings above the shoulders arms shoulders of body legs ahead and this happened again and again it happened again and again through the footage it didn’t Worf into other shapes but it really made me made me wonder what it was and it made me reconsider it didn’t look like a ship it didn’t look like as you say you know there there’s other footage I have where you can see the little round lights around the body and what you can see is it has to be a ship it is so uniform and so structural architectural and they stay in relation to each other so they do seem to be lights around an object which I consider to be a ship in this case it was not that way it was an energetic being that was just in my skies and it came again and again to this angelic shape again and again and it’s it’s exquisite and it it made me consider our history so I did a film on that where I went back I found all kinds of really beautiful 4,000 year old rock paintings you know petroglyphs in there where you could see you could see a being with wings and then you know back you know through the centuries there many wonderful paintings with beings with wings and fast forward to today to that shape and that’s what I was saying is you know if I were walking down the street 3,000 years ago and it was at night and I saw this being and it it showed these wings and it was sort of blasting in and it’s light in and out of the sky around me I would just say that’s an angel and people can agree with me or not it kind of doesn’t matter it’s really what you it’s what you want to believe and and the shape what is so beautiful is that shape is consistent over time and that leads me to think that this ends Delic being and also the ships they are they have been with us over time this is not a new thing it’s new to us and more and more of us are able to see it and film it but it’s not new they they’ve been with us through time do you think that you just happen to catch these these sightings and then get them on on video do you think that it was just coincidence how everybody is able to see them I mean because there’s people who don’t believe who were who are filming things going on in the skies do you think or do you think it was planned do you think you were somewhat contacted like they wanted you to see them and recorded and thus change your life course essentially to start this website try to start this community do you think that they contacted you for that reason I do I do think that but I think they can I think they contacted me because I was ready and I can I’d like to go into that because this really might help your viewers and listeners just as a consideration something that they might want to consider for themselves but first of all I have the equipment I have the skills to make these films I know how to do narration I make documentaries I have an edit system so you could look at it as just like the physicality of it and the skill bit was there with me but the consciousness was not there with me until I began seeing them the first time on March of 2017 and Wow hasn’t even been that long been like a major like torpedo into my life changed my life completely and I have a funny thing I’ll go into why I think my consciousness changed but somebody was asking me what I call myself and my nickname is Missy I said you could call me Missy and one of my sons piped up he goes or you could call yourself Starchild because it’s just been a big it’s been a big thing for everyone right where’s this coming from but for me I don’t think it’s a coincidence like I’d like your opinion on this because I I think that you’ve been in this so much longer than I have okay but it was in the late fall of 2016 so literally six months before I began seeing the ships only six months I had a tremendous urge that I could not deny to meditate and meditation is not in my family background it’s not almost no one I know does that so as it was odd that it would come in so strongly right and and that the urge was coupled with that I needed to meditate with crystals and so this was way outside my box it was way outside the box of really anyone I hang with and yet I you know I I did it I just I needed to do this I did it I wanted to do it and it led me into a really open doorway of looking at what is inside what is inside me as opposed to what is outside me and it was an introduction it wasn’t my first introduction but I’ll keep it simple it was a continuing introduction that there is life beyond the five senses and that life beyond the five senses is equally real perhaps more powerful perhaps you know many more opportunities for life and for living for experience for connection and so I really loved it and I meditated often with crystals and I had many many beautiful visualizations it was a it was it was just an internal adventure is really not the right word it’s almost too cheesy it was it was a blissful experience that I had never had before and I had deep respect for it and wanted to continue okay so six months later I get up in the middle of the night I can’t sleep it’s 3:30 in the morning and walking around in my bathroom you know for an hour to then try and sleep again and I look out my windows and I see something I’ve never seen before I see these two massive if you if you compare them to the buildings you know two very very large orange round objects that glow orange red and they’re just hanging there they’re hanging there above the buildings in San Francisco and I think wow I mean am I really seen them and so I went and got my cell phone I took some still images and I also took some short videos and I get up the next day and and sure enough they are just exactly what I thought they were they they were called them UFOs because I have no idea what they were I – at this point I think they were craft of some kind from this perspective but you know okay so the next day I wake up at dawn it’s a very gray very green light and I I see these I look out the window just because of what I had seen and I see these very soft gray two orbs just sort of floating around and I take some pictures or a video of that – they’re short and I’m really starting it’s starting to get my attention in a serious way the next night I wake up a let’s just say one again you know I’m going through a period of life which is perhaps purposeful that I’m being waked up being waked up on many levels and be waked up spiritually waked up in terms of my consciousness and physically they are waking me up so I get up having an awakening and so I take my camera and I look out my window and I see the most beautiful unusual red light object which is not the ones that I saw before as I go in close it splits into two two ovals right next to each other and the patterning on the outside of it is just it’s gorgeous and it’s really unusual and perhaps it’s a marker of who and what it is maybe that’s its ID you know what it puts on the skin of it shit lets everyone know here’s Who I am here’s where I’m from yeah but it was something I had never seen and after that you know I I just got up the next day and and I’d like to get into the fear aspect of this topic if you will mm-hmm the next day I woke up and I just said for whatever reason for what because you know probably because of meditating I am experiencing a different level of reality than I’ve ever experienced before I have the equipment to explore it and I have the curious nature to explore it I am Not Afraid all of these encounters I didn’t run in fear I didn’t have a trigger for that I simply had a trigger for I was very very very excited and joyful to see what I saw and I was very curious and so I think that that too made me somebody that they would come to and say you do it because you’re not afraid however I know there are lots of people around me who are afraid and there is an aspect of fear that I’d like to talk about that I did participate in it wasn’t really fear but this would get into Project Blue Book and our the way our culture our government strategically in dark indoctrinates fear on this topic or it says go away from this topic so here I was my entire life I never had anything to do with UFOs I never I’m gonna I have an extremely curious person which is what led me into journalism and filmmaking and all that it is a leading aspect of my mind and my personality and yet I stayed away from that and it’s such a beautiful interesting topic right it’s it’s huge it’s it’s huge that we would not be alone in the universe is really important so I started to think leading up to this conversation with you that actually I did participate in an aspect of fear which was I stayed away I was I definitely was alive and a way to to the shunning that is strategic on this topic and I just didn’t look into it so I wasn’t afraid per se I just didn’t do it but when when this happened when I started seeing this I just decided this is the most fascinating unfolding story and I’m going to follow this wherever it leads and I’m to enjoy every step of the way and and I would just like to say that these holly hollywood movies about i just want everyone to remember okay these things that i’m filming and other people around the world are filming in their own skies all of us together there might be a million of us the might be more people who are just being quiet no these are real where is the Hollywood movies are fake they’re fake they’re fiction they are not real and they are designed I’ll go further you know everybody growing up we all know this we like a good thrill and especially if it’s a contained thrill so it’s only contained in two hours it’s a two-hour movie and then we’re gone but what I really have come to think is that actually the way energy works is that back fear that tremendous fear that that movie is designed to deliver to your energy field to your mind to your subconscious perhaps to your heart I don’t know that stays with you it is almost like it becomes it becomes a button that can be pressed whenever that topic is raised then you go and you see a really scary movie about ETS and UFOs and they kill you and they do whatever they do to you yeah and then somebody ten months later raises the topic of ETS and UFOs and boom that presses that button it’s a trigger it becomes a trigger and then what you have to do is you have to do the work of getting rid of that fear fear is fear as a really useful thing I’m not dissing fear so when we walk down the street and there’s something scary happening we we are wise enough through our fear to know to run and so it’s very good but what fear does fear takes you out of the the larger part of your mind the it takes you out of your heart it takes you out of any part of you that allows you to have a higher perspective on what is going on in your life and what’s going on in front of your eyes right it basically takes you into what’s called your reptilian brain it’s the oldest oldest part of your brain maybe as old as dinosaurs and it is the one that tells you run run now it’s a very narrow bandwidth and it does not allow critical thinking it does not allow curiosity girl just not allowed love it does not allow like from the interaction doesn’t allow any of that and so I guess my advice would be don’t watch those scary moves movies about ETS and UFOs if you would like to contact I like purposely didn’t watch it was a movie came out called the Fourth Kind somebody commented here and it was definitely abduction you know and it was done in the in the form of like The Blair Witch Project almost like it was a documentary or something that was real these real experiences but in the end it was made up you know and so I made sure when I seen those previews and stuff I made sure I didn’t watch that because I’m going on having my own encounters and it was already hard enough to get over the fear that I had from the stuff I seen as a child thankfully I’ve seen some good Hollywood movies as a child too you know Close Encounters of the of the Fourth Kind there was flight as a navigator there was a cocoon was a really good one so there was still some good stuff from like the 80s and stuff that I seen when I was a kid that I remembered so those battled in my mind what was real and I guess when it comes to the whole discussion of good aliens and bad aliens that’s part of that battle there as well so yeah getting rid of the fear and what you do with the fear that comes some people it gets them out of trouble some people make the right decision some people if there’s an intruder or robber who comes in you get into a defense mode and you subdue that robber some people when that fear comes in they clam up they can’t move and when they should do the right thing they don’t so fear affects people people different differently so when it comes to that I would definitely say states stay away from any of the other scary stuff and most of that stuff like you said it’s it’s fake it’s Hollywood renditions and some of the good stories now like the movie fire in the sky was a big one which scared a lot of people scare I was a little kid and watched that that come out to be the essentially the opposite of what really happened of what Travis Walton really experienced was something beautiful in Hollywood he sold his story to Hollywood they painted it and made this fear based video so if you if you do see crafts if you’re on the side of the highway and you’re broke down or you flash your lights in a vehicle and there’s a ship or something that flashes back at you in the night sky that you won’t try to make contact with it so as far as stepping back and seeing what’s going on I strongly feel like the good guys are out there that those are the angels of the holy books and things like that and and and those who were who or we would call fallen angels or the bad guys I think they’re running the show down here on earth and there are the ones with the smear campaigns and stay away from that and you’re gonna be targeted and if you talk about this openly we’re gonna come after your family I have people I’m trying to get interviews with right now and they will not go live with me because they’re scared of what’s gonna happen to them you know and things like this and so it is about moving past the fear of every aspect and and and living in your authentic self and if you’re interested in this stuff I come from the fear base as well because I come from religion I come from Christianity worthy and in the the main thought in Christianity is that these are demons these are fallen angels abducting people patrolling our night skies and things like this deceiving people this is what they believe so for me to come out of a Christian background and I was evangelist in the Christian Church and so me to start talking about my encounters and even want to pursue these encounters to be authentic with myself that was a big fear that I had to get over and many people watching who come from that background because if you start talking you have to be led to podcasts like this you have to be led to documentaries or websites like yours or you see people talking about it freely without judgment I had no I had no idea who to talk to I had to find podcasts and stuff like that for my own um the next question I wanted to kind of go into was like when you’re having these contact you feel like it was set up for a reason which I do too they maybe they targeted you because they knew that you would do something about it that you would make their presence known or tell people and you wouldn’t be afraid and things like that I believe that with contact comes awakening maybe they go hand in hand maybe there was some consciousness stuff going on first and then the UFO stuff just like propelled it I know it did for me it took took it to new levels and new heights that those realms were real where do they go when they leave like all of the creativity the all in a wonder and we’re not alone all of that stuff just fed into the awakening process but I wanted to ask you with the cloaking mechanisms and stuff like that we see them they appear they’re gone they let you see them a lot of times when I have sightings they would show up they say hey look at me I look oh my god and then they were gone and it was like okay I just wanted you to see me today I wanted to let you know I’m watching you and I and everything’s okay like I’m I’m your guardian angels essentially was there any telepathic communication that happened when you would when you would see these crafts were you getting what we call downloads of whether it’s a consciousness shift and upgrade do you feel like they’re saying hello at least I do feel they are and that is more of that is to come I feel like I feel like so far what it is is that they wake me up and they say get up yeah and I think yeah they’re gonna get up we’re out here now and I get up and I pick up my camera and there they are and so I spend some time with them and in some of my films I do absolutely feel telepathy is happening I feel it’s really happening more on their side although I am becoming more able to do that on my side – yeah it’s in a year now and so I feel like there have been films that I have in experiences I had where I asked them with my voice so not telepathically okay can you you know very simple things like can you move to the lab you dine your light brighter yada yada yada do you hear me flash three times if you hear me or if I’ve seen you before are you someone I’ve seen before and they’ll do it and so they just realistically just think about it they are way outside my window they’re a few miles up in the sky they are surrounded by winds and you know city noise and all that there’s simply logic would lead you to know they can’t hear my voice even if it was the government because some people think that it’s the government we’re seeing government craft but then I think the telepathic communication gets in it totally you know dismisses that that the government were communicating with government agents up to here you know I think I think it’s entirely possible let’s just say we know that now that let’s get into this a little bit this is really fun we know for the first time in the history of the Pentagon this year the Pentagon is being audited and we know it’s because there are as much as twenty three or twenty plus trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon budget no one knows where it went it’s it’s not accounted for and so what I believe and there are many others who believe this too is it’s going into you know there why wouldn’t they into their experiments in terms of their space program things they don’t want people to participate in or know about so I don’t really get the vibe that like a government even if there is a government spaceship up there I don’t really believe it would be in their interest considering there see krisi which i think is pathological personally yeah I don’t think they want us to know any of that stuff that’s going on I think even even the stuff that they’ve been releasing lately even the stuff that I think it’s because they have to because because because disclosure is taking place within the skies like disclosure is happening with normal average everyday individuals so they have to well we know what’s happening you know they have to now they’re gonna give us some information you know control so he can control the narrative I’ll try to anyway but it’s they can’t I agree with you completely and I agree with you that you know there are the guardian angel type of ships that are up in the skies they could have they could have destroyed us oh yeah millions of years ago I mean if they can come in pop in and pop out of our dimension our reality I mean yeah it’s just impossible to think that if they wanted to do us harm they would have done it the ones that are doing this harm are on this planet yeah I completely agree with you messing with our food and doing all types of wickedness and dumb really what’s demonic you know this type of stuff that they’re doing and you said if they wanted to destroy us they would have been did it a long time ago they’ve been here since the beginning they’ve been here since we were a very primitive people it’s recorded throughout the art it’s recorded throughout the history book the books the cave writings the renaissance religious art the early christian mystics in the early they all believed that these were the angelic heavenly hosts the angelic armies which those terms break down to I love it because in the scriptures it talks about the Seraphim which talks about it calls them the fiery ones these are these angelic armies that travel back and forth from heaven to earth and they’re called the fiery ones or the fiery serpents serpents as one who brings knowledge and this these are angelic beings that have our greater good in mind and we just so happen if we want to if you’re curious enough if you have the time you can go out there and see them you can make contact with them appeared to the prophets and disciples throughout of religious texts and I like the Renaissance art even some of the earth the newer stuff anyway with just the last couple hundred years were showing Jesus hanging on the cross with men flying these little bitty fiery ships with little men and I’m piling them back in like from the 1500s and stuff pictures of the Mona Lisa and mother Mary if you look in the background as a person standing on a mountain pointing up at a little UFO and there’s pictures of UFOs sending laser beams towards people’s head giving them downloads of knowledge this was very much a part of the early religious traditions whether it’s Christian or whatever they’re in every holy book they’re in every people group and Native Americans talks about the the star beings who came here and and was their ancestors that seated them here all of it ties in together and it’s nothing to be afraid of it’s very much a part of our fabric our DNA and if you’re religious it’s part of your religion I totally agree with you I mean it’s it’s a I would like to go it’s sort of an offshoot into Project Blue Book because it’s sort of like it’s a part of history it’s really not taught in schools it’s only if you want to seek outside of what you’ve been taught that you actually come upon this and you learn about this and then you start seeing it in the art as you say you start seeing it in the oral tradition and histories of the native peoples it’s there it’s been there forever but it’s not taught to us and so why why is there such a wall and there are I am a I have some ideas on that but I would just say that one example of how we are forcibly repelled from pursuing any interest in this and any sort of deep dive into our own history and to the presence of these beings and these ships you know throughout time as helpers is there was this really interesting program which I know you know about started in the late 40s went through the late 60s called Project Blue Book in the United States and it was overseen by the United States Air Force and what they did is you know purportedly they were going to investigate citizen sightings of UFOs what they did instead was again very pathological and it was very strategic what they did is anytime somebody reported you know some Joe Schmoe in his backyard you know saw shit for seven seconds they would come they would interview Joe Schmo and then they would go and actually interview his boss his colleagues his neighbors his friends and they would the interview would be based around a character assessment was he a good human was he a good person was he a good citizen was he an enemy of the government you know it was this kind of stuff it was very scary stuff I mean think of that time was after World War two really this is you know you know really scary era almost like almost like the witch hunts it’s like I was just saying it was very much witch hunting and so if you were a person and then what they did with that so first of all the fog of that would be I could imagine there could be some big fallout under job you know your boss would be like hey crazy stuff here business my podcast yeah definitely your business here your friends would be like oh I need to melt away from this person they’re cutting they’re getting the negative attention of our US government you could easily imagine the fallout of that then there would be an isolation factor that would happen and then that person would be scared into silence if they ever saw another thing would they ever report it no they would have a record and then this is the pathological part or one of them is then project Bluebook classified the sightings and so by doing that you know that is just like it that is like a control thing that’s control freak to the nth degree but also it keeps people separated from each other so there might be somebody in your neighborhood that saw the same thing or perhaps saw something similar a week later yeah and actually through the grapevine you would find each other and you would talk and through the grapevine you’d find other people what they did is they created silos around people of individual sightings and they created fear so people would not say another thing again because they might lose their job they might lose more friends no it might be in friction in their family and so that happened in that time period and then you follow it and trace it through the films which continue that like this is a scary thing this is not something to be sought out and you can understand why people would have just like it would be a very fringe’ fied topic and I think it’s the goal of many of us including you to say alright it’s time to just get rid of the fringe aspect we’re just normal people out here and we’re going to mainstream this yeah definitely and I talk about it all the time and it’s something that I had to overcome and step out there and say you know what I’m doing it regardless and I’m not the only one who had these encounters I wasn’t oh I was alone for a lot of it but eventually my friends came with me they had very similar encounters we would go stargazing for hours we would spend nights under the stars and see amazing aerial phenomenon they would do like you’re talking about hey can you move to the left can you show up can you show me two or three of them I mean just insane stuff that we were seeing and I wasn’t alone but my friends were like they would tell me not to talk about it because what if they found out on your job what if like what if the parents find out what if my pastor finds out and this desert very things that you can consider I had to consider it I didn’t I didn’t want to be the UFO guy or the weird crazy guy at that family reunion that type of thing too but it comes down to how bad do you want it like we would I would be doing somebody a disservice not to not to speak about it because I fear about my reputation more than I care about the truth right I care about the truth and that that’s what it comes down to me whether it be people say ah man I want what you’re on whatever you had I want some of that like look completely sober having these encounters and things like that but my friends told me not to speak about it and many people it was a bunch of us who have these encounters and they won’t speak about it so therefore I say it because I have to I have to say it because they won’t so I can say it but it’s paid off now now you got a good podcast now oh you’re known for that now now you can talk about it because you got a pocket I didn’t I haven’t has always been like that like I started talking about it and then you become a beacon or other people play hey man I have similar stories to everybody comment in the chat section everybody’s had their own encounters everybody’s had something similar and they’re waiting we’re waiting I was waiting for someone to stand up and say look this is what I’m experiencing I’m this I’m that I definitely cater more towards like the religious community or the in the spiritual community as well because those people who call themselves Christians or whatever had that belief they’re having these encounters too but if they talk about it they’re demonized they’re called crazy you’re in a UFO cult whatever people tend to say or whatever but that’s why there’s a responsibility to talk about it and it wasn’t always easy now it’s kind of paid off I have people who support me they follow it they share it out they love it they can’t wait for every episode they love the discussion it wasn’t always like that like it totally wasn’t always like that you had to keep doing it and it’s essentially like being the forerunner or breaking the you know the hard ground to plant the seed and now the harvest is coming now people say oh I want to do it too I want to do you like fine good I’m glad that I’m that beacon but it wasn’t always just easy man you know it was not and I’ll pick up on like when I began this project it was pretty interesting because I felt all the things that you’re talking about the potential pushback so one of my sons even was concerned yeah it would affect my career yeah that anyone found out that I was doing this that I would lose clients yeah and so that was exactly what you’re talking about I decided I was gonna do it anyway and he had a really interesting perspective he just said okay what you in doing this project you have taken on a mission and your mission is to shake yourself up and you’re you’re shaking yourself up in showing these films of things that people don’t want to acknowledge are real you have decided that part of your mission is to shake them up – I respect that and I think there’s part of that but that’s true but um I would take it as a much more benevolent mission which is that I have taken a mission to open myself up to explore a reality that’s larger than what I knew and it’s very beautiful and to offer it up to anyone who wants to partake and if they don’t that is fine and if they do here you go and it’s just like what you said you started your podcast you’re just offering it people can come to it they can listen to it what that’s the beauty of it now the people who resident I don’t I don’t have to proselytize I don’t have to knock on you know door or show up at your Bible study and say hey you guys believe in UFOs I got a podcast like search terms in the internet and Spotify everything’s in its way now that whatever you’re looking for just like the universe whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find it you have to get on there and type in or you have to click that video that says you know Melissa Peabody my first UFO encounter you have to click that video and watch it that’s your own free will that lets you hear and so that’s the thing we’d have to force anything down anybody’s throat if you’re not ready for it if you’re not open to it fine there’s some especially on YouTube like right here beside my head people who are watching this there’s probably a ton of other videos that you can just scroll through and click about any other subject but you’re here for a reason you know if you’re led here for a reason you’ve been listening for this long something within you has called you here for a reason and that’s what it’s about that reason is what brings us all together and it there’s something of substance here it’s not it’s not just you’re here by accident or anybody you know for the larger picture that anybody’s here by accident like there’s stuff going on that lets us know that we’re not alone if it’s a belief in God now if it’s a belief in the divine if it’s a belief in my life has meaning whatever it is for different people it brings something to the table that matters for me I got a lot of my Christian friends early on they would get scared at this subject because there’s the whole thing that aliens seated you here and then the Bible is fake and the Bible is made-up in all of this kind of stuff and so they if some reason in their head the understanding that if these aliens exist if these entities exist then the Bible is a hoax but for me like these encounters prove the Bible like it talks about these angels flying back and forth and fasting going out on a mountain in these angels appearing to you like I’ve done it like it’s in the scriptures the universal law and all of these beautiful things so it doesn’t take away that the fact of the that the Bible is fake or whatever the case that doesn’t bring that to the table but it brings the fact that no it’s real there’s something that’s physically going on out there not when you die your spirit travels to another place like no there’s another place out there right now and they’re traveling back and forth watching over us communicating sending messages it’s encouraging very encouraging – I find it very very comforting one thing that I would like to say is really interesting I wanted to say this because I know that james gilliland interview and I’ve heard some other ones with him and he’s very good he’s very good about I forget his wording but basically clearing negative unseen entities so I would like to say you know for anyone listening a completely not a Pollyanna on the subject where I just assume everything is rainbows and my experience my feel wing from orbs that I am seeing I get a very definite feeling of love from them mm-hmm I would call it love someone else might call it it’s a good whatever you’re comfortable whatever words are comfortable it’s very positive let’s just say that and I trust in my gut feeling of what I’m receiving from them I also very consciously and this is what I advise anyone who’s listening to do if they want to have it counters on their own just like you look at the spectrum of humanness glow the spectrum you know can go from really beautiful intensely beautiful loving beings in service to others and then you can go to the other end of the spectrum and they are hideous and they’re in service only to themselves in any hideous way that they can get away with that spectrum is real on our planet just my people yeah just my people and so it’s unrealistic to think that in the universe out there and if we’re talking about ETS and UFOs it’s it’s not possible to think that the entire universe is all beautiful and good it is very possible to know that there’s an entire swath of beings who are dedicated to the good who are dedicated to service to others who are here in service to us who are here to help the planet they’re here to help us and that’s why they’re here but there are other entities around and about and I would I would I would add to what James has to say in that my own version of that is what I want to encounter you know see if there’s anybody in my skies tonight I opened my heart I have consciously opened my heart so I’m sending out a frequency of love energy period and there’s nothing there’s nothing that can come into that frequency that is less than that I’m setting the table I’m setting the boundaries of the encounter so whatever I see is matching that frequency another way to do it that I’ve been advised is and it does the same thing you basically you basically decide you know in and of yourself as a conscious being that you are sovereign you are your own sovereign being and nobody can control you nobody and so you control your experience you are sovereign and you set a boundary saying I call in I call in only the ships of the light is one way you can say it I call in the beings of the light or if you’re uncomfortable with that kind of language and there is actually a metaphysical reason for that light which is very precise and I could go into the mic but you could also say I call in the ships that benefit me that then that are beneficial I call in the beings that are beneficial and if that’s more comfortable to you when I say of the light it is from my own researches over this past year the the it’s very specific and so when you have beings whether they’re human or not and they are basically in service to what anyone would call the light that is around us literally the energy they bring in their life force by being open to receiving the energy that is around us through your chakra system let’s just call it that or whatever if you do that if you consciously want to you know be a part of this light universe and you bring in your source energy you breathe in source energy through your chakra system and that’s where you get your energy then you are a being of the light you don’t have to bring in Jesus or in else you’re simply a being of the light because you were supported by the energy that is swirling around you that comes from source there are beings that are not of the light and this is what in the Bible you would call the fallen angels and these are beings who have said I want to set up an anti universe I don’t want to bring in I want to cut myself off from the light that is literally around my body mm-hmm okay it’s just right there but I’m not going to take it and they bring in their energy from darks sources and that would be from other people no we’re just say alive that’s what they do and so when I say I call it the shifts of the light it’s very metaphysically precise it’s not religious mm-hmm it’s not your loop or whatever it’s like I want those beings who are bringing in Source Energy this same way that I am and that way we have a connection that’s natural yes it’s very you know what I like the science behind the spirituality and so you know the way my mind works is I did I come from a religious background so I know the religious start here I’m reading some of it in the chat right now we well I just later by know we welcome everybody to the podcast no matter your religious background upbringing or belief system but from a biblical perspective to say the same thing that you’re saying is just sending that making it that declaration you know you have to say a prayer it’s a declaration I’m declaring it I’m speaking it therefore I’m creating it as I speak it my words are powerful but from a biblical perspective there’s a story where Jesus talks about those of you who are asking your heavenly Father so when I had my encounters I’m out there spending time with my Heavenly Father in prayer reflecting about my life reflecting about my journey and wanting to see asking my Heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit can I see the Seraphim and literally quite God if the cherubim are real if the Elohim are real and they’re travelling back and forth please allow me to see one I’m your servant trust you I believe in you will you allow me to see one anything out that has my greater good in mind can I see it and then I’m almost begging I really wanted to happen I’m willing it to happen I want it to happen so bad just to know the way the universe works the way God works the way the Bible works all of this kind of stuff and so there’s a scripture where work Jesus says that those of you who ask your father for a fish he’s not gonna throw you a serpent those of you ask your father for a loaf of bread he’s not gonna throw you a stone essentially if you’re asking for something good if you’re declaring it I’m asking for an angelic encounter I’m asking to see the Angels of Light this air from the fiery serpents from asking to see them but he sent a demon to me to abduct me or a demon to deceive me it doesn’t work like that o ye of little faith some people’s mind works like that and I was told that you know be careful you might get abducted so now I’m one with my father like I’m connected with the source of the one who created all of this we all are we have to tap into that and know who we are but there’s a confidence in that and not knowing that what if I did get abducted like we create it we’re creating this right now even this is just a piece of our ability we’re made in the image and likeness of that creator to breathings create something like this beautiful episode and have this conversation that we’re doing now that is I believe given strength to people given letting people know like you said that they’re not alone in the universe or in these encounters it’s okay to be different it’s okay to have these encounters it’s okay to not know what the hell’s going on sometimes we’re trying to figure it out and that’s the beauty of it not to demonize everything or to think that there’s wicked behind every corner trust me there’s people out there like that who can’t see the good in anything but I’m with you in the battle of good and evil I’m with you I mean that’s just universal law for for for there to be anything positive there has to be negative if there has to be if there’s anything light and that is good we have to have a contrast of darkness good we don’t even know that it’s light unless we have something to contrasting to if something to darkness if we’ve ever been in a time of darkness if we’ve ever been in a state of living hell on this existence how would we know what is good and what is to be cherished and what is to be respected unless we have that contrast so that’s universally we can look at who they are what they are what is it is they don’t in your own imagination is it what the Muslims in Islam would call jihad the holy war that’s taking place within our own brain and within our own spirit the Bible goes into much detail about that being symbolic in the Old Testament of these nations fighting each other that represent aspects of our own humanity in our own psyche that’s at war within itself so the positive and negative definitely does exist and what side wins decide that you feed more decide that that you pay attention to that you speak but all of it’s part of the game all of its here for a reason the good and the bad in every aspect of our life it is and I totally agree with you it’s what you feed it is what you feed that will appear in your life so you could go back to the ETS and UFOs if you’re feeding the positive the loving the trusting in this world it’s a difficult thing to open yourself up to just trust it’s something to learn and to practice because it’s not normal if you if you do that then you’re going to be getting these different kinds of experiences but I would add a little bit more to this dark and light which is it’s fascinating what you were talking about and I really agree with you I would just say I would go a step further and I would say you know as you choose to not be on the dark side of the coin if you will I mean first of all you’re given the option the opportunity to choose yes the scripture that says exactly with you mama I’m sorry that’s just the way my mom where it says choose just a light or darkness you know you get the you get to choose it’s here and I would go you know those beings who have come into this world to play these roles that aren’t dark so if we want to follow this through even further we could just say we owe them gratitude we owe them gratitude even if we don’t like what they’re doing because they’re showing us something that we have chosen that we don’t like we can see I don’t like that I don’t like what you’re doing and so I’m not going to do it I’m going to do this other stuff that feels good and so they provide they provide something that we could push back against the contract well they will the contrast and they will go on and they will they will reap the karmic rewards of whatever they’re doing but they do provide us a service and for that we owe them gratitude is I know it’s maybe it no it’s 100 even I mean we’re talking about it as form of of ETS or angelic beings but even man if we look at just our own darkness that we’ve been through like I’ve you know we and I’ve had pastors on this show and good friends of mine we talk about in the spiritual aspect which demons do we cast out and do we rebuke and say get out of here and which demons are sent here by the Creator to teach us lessons and to buff at us and to get us ready for Christ’s hood you know what I’m saying so I’ve gone instead of like when I was going through my struggles and my really hard times of darkness and depression and what’s called the dark night of the soul when I was going through that I would’ve did anything to take that to get somebody to give me some solace and take that away from me but now when I look back at it I’m thankful for it I’m thankful for those times so now my relationship with those demons have changed I don’t rebuke them and wish death upon them I’m thankful that God the supreme creator of the universe sent them into my life for a reason and for a season to buff at me into creating me the person that I am today to give me that contrast I’m thankful for the light now that I have spent time in the darkness and so even the relationship changes with that on a very spiritual level i I just I would say just to take a step aside for a second I want to say that I believe and I’d like your opinion on this I believe that these UFOs are showing up in our skies more often and they’re doing that to support us in what you’re saying they’re supporting us in our evolution as we are making better choices because we’ve been buffeted as you say and we haven’t emerged victorious then we are more able to Vienna says we have emerged at a higher vibrational frequency and consciousness by having dealt with our demons by having looked at them dealt with them seeing them and I would I would say I have a really great rock here speaking of crystals this is a great rock I love this crystal because it shows it is very beautiful and the reason it’s beautiful is because it reveals it includes the shadow side right it is a very beautiful rock and if it were only just the white side it wouldn’t be as beautiful and so in terms of the the wrestling with our demons what I would say about that is that we wrestle with our demons and I would put it you know in a different term we deal with these emotional traumas that we experience in life and they’re part of life and they they shine us up they knock off our rough edges but the goal is the goal is not to amputate those experiences such that they never existed the goal is to the go to wrestle with a demon or deal with the trauma in such a way that you accept it you remove the bad feelings associated with it but you keep the learning yeah and that’s part of your beautiful like the the Brahma is part of the beautiful life just like this stone I mean the dark is part of the beautiful stone is part of it and so it’s it’s yours it’s it’s precious it belongs to you and as you do this I feel like you become more accessible to the UFOs and I also believe that they encourage relationship and the way that they do this is in my experience over you know what’s been a little bit more than a year of filming what I’ve noticed is that there are there were certain ships that would always seem to be at a certain time in a certain place in the sky above San Francisco and they would come there again and again I would film them there again and again and eventually and they would be in their own place they would each seem to have their own place and so that led me to wonder what’s going on here I mean do they have they divided our sky up into territories so that they can be there like almost like they can schedule it and what I’ve come to learn instead is that they’re there so that you can find them yeah so then once you deal with your demons once you rise up to a certain point and you can precede them and you want a relationship and you’re not in fear you’re not in the fear mode anymore because I don’t believe that they would show themselves to you if you were in the fear mode they wouldn’t do that why would they do that first of all you would be in a completely different resonance so that would not be possible from an energy point of view but also they would not want to inflict more fear on you if you’re not in the fear mode and you go out let’s say any of your viewers decide to play with this go out you’re not in fear and you just start talking to your skies you say hello hello who’s up there you can make up whatever language I do believe that they want to create a connection there here observing obviously in my view but also they’re here to create a connection when you’re ready when you’re done dealing with you know the vast majority of your demons they can be a comfort that can be a support they can let you know you’re not alone you can have a relationship you can you know I have conversations with the ones that I know appear again in the same places in the sky I know where they’re going to be and I believe that what they’re doing is they are they’re doing that on purpose so that those of us who can see them and want to see them are ready to see them we can find them when when we need and want to find them and so they it’s almost like a reward and a comfort and a solace all at the same time like I said it it it’s the sense of magic to let you know that it’s real not that it’s a theory or just an old religious text that never existed or whatever the case is or transcend the text like it’s the legit experience from it and I like what you said about the rock and you have the rock that shows the you know the black and the white merging as far as the colors and stuff somebody mentioned over in the chat they said just like we’re talking about it’s like the yin-yang symbol a little bit of the black and the white and the white that’s in the black there and it’s part of it and like you said it’s about learning from your mistakes or what I like to talk about learning from other people’s mistakes – yes those who aren’t able to learn from their mistakes or learn from the past they’re doomed to repeat it I forgive I don’t forget like if there’s a certain type of person or people that you let into your life and they just use you and abuse you like if you was what’s the same for me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me it’s my fault for letting this person back into my life or creating this situation or giving myself over to this type of people or whatever the case is a lot of the stuff we’re creating on our set ourselves and I believe that I really believe that in this in this life were on a spiritual journey we’re all put here by God our divine creator and we take tests you know in our spiritual evolution they’re a test and we have to pass these tests we have to show that we’re gonna respond with love and respond with integrity on the road to our destiny to walk in on divine that destiny and these are steps that I’ve been taking since day one especially since I’ve become aware of it it’s helped me to take the test to know to respond with love or respond like Jesus would respond you know what I’m saying in this type of effort I think when we do we pass the test that we can go a little bit deeper and we could be trusted with more in our maybe our our reach gets bigger maybe more people are to come to listen to what you have to bring to the table but uh it’s a we all go through it and no nobody is exempt and it’s these testings and it’s in it to see if we will learn to love and we’ll repeat those tests over and over and over again until we pass it then we pass the test we can learn it we can go deeper and deeper and deeper and the scripture says that those who are trusted with the few and I can trust you with a little bit I’m gonna be able to trust you with a lot let me tell you the deep things that I have for you let me show you some stuff I’ve never shown anybody like this is the type of stuff I’m talking about in who is teaching us and stuff we have some leaders out there who were starting to definitely hats off to James Gillan and Steven Greer Project Camelot some people like that who have been talking about this stuff for years but they’ve since opened up the door for us to come into it now so now the ball is in our court and we could be trusted with with more and more and more and with encounter all of this stuff I mean it’s it’s so beautiful and I think that every I think it’s a I think it’s an equal playing field you one thing you talked about like yes we’re all special yes we’re all chosen to have these encounters and to have these experiences there’s no Messiah Complex though like some people tend to get into the Messiah Complex as far as I am the chosen one or I’m the one that is having the contacts or they chose me to bring a message and I’m the only one I was gonna have a guest on here and I’m glad they backed out cuz like when we were prepping for some question she was like I went out I was prepping with questions and she said I mentioned that she is the only one who can have this contact and I was like you know so you know it’s something that is it’s whatever you want the universe like I said it’s up in a way whatever you’re looking for you’re gonna find it if you want to know how angels operate if you want to know how the spirit realm works if you want to learn the laws of manifestation you’re gonna find it but if you want to learn the evil in the demons and devils that look around every corner they’re there if you focus on them if you feed them your time and your energy your aura if you feed them they’re gonna grow and they’re gonna be more present and you’re gonna see them and everything the same with the love if you want to feed the love and an expression and creativity you’ll begin to feed that and that’s gonna be ever more evident in your life as well I agree and getting back to just what you were saying yeah the goal of my project is anti-messiah it is border busting it’s like everybody come to the table come out come out come out and show what you’ve seen I know you have and you’re safe this is a safe space to show what you yourself have seen and experienced and and just to give us all the uplift of knowing we’re in a large community of like-minded people if you will but certainly like experienced people that they’re not showing themselves to just one person they’re showing themselves wherever and whenever they can know you want receptivity this is what I’m getting from them isn’t they want they want as many people to see them as possible you know there’s there’s this whole thing I don’t know if you know that there or if your viewers and listeners know about the disclosure movement this is a really interesting movement where there are many people on this work many of us do believe that our governments know yeah the Vatican like they know some stuff they know they know they know that there are UFOs they know that there are ETS they know like for instance if you put together you could not if you were in a math class you could not create a statistical equation that would say that we humans are the only intelligent species in the multiverse you couldn’t create that equation it’s impossible and so if you if you accept the impossibility of that then you have to accept the possibility that we are not alone and so there are many people I’m including in those people who believe that as you say the Vatican our governments you know our military various aspects of them not all not all levels but there are people in all of these that know that there are UFOs they know there are UT’s they know they’re in our skies right now but they have chosen not to share that with us and there are reasons for that and I I would like to just say I’d like to go into some of the reasons I’m thinking but first I wanted to say that’s the disclosure movement that there are people around the world who are just saying say it to our government to the Vatican the military just say it say it publicly say what we know we know what we’re seeing we know what’s out there just it it just like you’re saying it we know what’s out there because we’ve done the work and we know what’s in here is above so below as within so without any goes hand in hand with the encounters and the awakening the outer awakening with the inner awakening and being a it all goes hand in hand I don’t think it’s just just to leave you in awe and wonder I think it’s to awaken something within you something good something that makes you more peaceful more loving you know I’m saying you have a hope and things like that that’s what’s so cool about it and it’s not just about Oh have you ever seen the UFO or whatever the case is no it starts there we’re talking about even going out and having own contact and like yes this one thing when they contact you or they shine out your window and say hey look at me and then it gets him we didn’t talk to it too much I think we alluded it alluded to it but to go out there and have your own contact we’re not the ce-5 initiative which is where you go and contact them but which we’ve been talking talking about so that’s really cool we’re supposed to be planning like a global one soon that I’m gonna lead up so obvious I’ll show that I am you know I feel like we’re closing you know closing in the show but I really really really encourage people to go outside look up and start trying to establish their own contact it will benefit them it does bring an enormous amount of joy and peacefulness so it’s really the opposite of the alien invasion right it’s the opposite of that narrative and that isn’t narrative it’s a fabricated narrative it’s not real they could go out and just begin expanding their own life by just talking to whatever they think might be in the sky that they can’t see and they might not be able to see it for a while and then eventually they can one thing that I’d like to say to help them and again it’s because you know my own experiences they said hey we’re here pay attention they want us not just me they want all of us they want us to know they’re here and they want contact they want relationship they want that and but sometimes it’s kind of hard to get it if you’re always working in your imagination right and so one thing that I’ve experienced that is so wild but it’s not just me I’ve been with people in different places and we’ve all had this experience where for some reason a digital camera whether it’s a cell phone or another kind of camera it can see it sees what we see on what I would call the visible light spectrum well we your eyes but it sees beyond that as well and so I’ve had experiences where I’ve pointed my cell phone up and I can’t see anything there with my eyes and I look at what I recorded on my cell phone and there’s a ship there and I would just say I would encourage your viewers and listeners play with that know there is a reality beyond your five senses and that’s what that cellphone experience you know reinforces for me is that the reality is bigger than what we see can feel can taste can touch and smell it is just it is bigger than that and beautifully digital cameras can capture some of that and so you can have them you know they could go out and just start talking to whoever they think might be in the skies again not in a fear mode not ever don’t do anything out of fear man don’t do anything out of here and then point their cellphone at the sky just start seeing what you see it could be really just a fun pastime yeah bill bean did that he um I’ve had him on myself couple of times a good friend he was somebody cool because I got to talk to him as a Christian he’s a Christian minister who was doing this and going out and he’d have demonic encounters so he can tell you the difference between demonic demons and angels and stuff like that but he would go out too and he would take his camera out and he would be prompted to say hey look over here take a picture and he’d have the film developed and every time there was a ship a craft that was that was on the film he had all those pictures on his website and stuff – he has pictures of demons and all kind of stuff that that was haunting his family as when he was growing up and stuff so really interesting stuff um Melissa Peabody thank you for coming on the podcast your website is my first contact dotnet let people know how they can connect with you through your website or through the submission form if anybody has any videos of what you got coming up go ahead and give a quick plug right here at the end well first of all I want to thank you – see ya I’ve had such a great time talking to you people can contact me they can find me through the website my first contact on at the submissions page is there so people can send in their videos or their photos of anything that they see that’s unusual or interesting in their skies again so that we can create a sharing we can just expand this globally everybody gets to see what’s in their skies everybody gets to participate and see it together and so I would encourage you to send me anything that you think might be interesting and so we can expand our community it sounds good definitely do that and that’s like that goes so far for for like a lot of reasons at this point I don’t seek out a lot of footage anymore but there was a time when I didn’t know what was going on I needed people to talk to I was all over East SETI org like i was all over james gilliland watching their videos and we’re very similar to the things that i was experiencing as well so the videos especially for those people who were just now getting into this they want to see what it looks like like it’s some type of proof to show you something is going on now these podcasts and in these guests and things like that are here to help us get to the bottom of the narrative and I love that people can approach this without an agenda I don’t think that you have anything to gain you’re just being honest with your your experiences and what you believe it is and the funny thing is is that when we come together and we do that we’re telling a very similar story which is the beautiful thing about it and that’s why I think this podcast is worth it and as many people tell me not to talk about this or don’t don’t look into it don’t do it it’s I there’s worth in it and it’s just to help people just like myself who was going through even you going through this stuff early on it’s scary you know you’ve watched all the fear-based stuff you need to hear the other side of the story you need to hear about people who are literally having contact experiences people who can make it happen at will things like this and so it’s for everybody it’s not just for one person it’s not no longer is it us for and no more but it’s for everybody who wants to seek out those encounters and they’re beautiful to me so Melissa people I thank you again for and we will connect soon and I’ll let you know about that date I’ll tell you the date now we’re shooting for the new moon which is May the 15th so it’s on a Tuesday night so next Tuesday I believe it is so it’s the new moon so we’re gonna plan a global thing where we all go out and I’ll go live on YouTube and just do like a meditation and a prayer and just do what we’ve been talking about I’ll go out and lead that and we’ll see how it goes we got a lot of people all over the country who are wanting to tune in and do it themselves and and make contact we have people who are already who there’s people who were seeing stuff every day and it’s blowing up blowing them away and then there’s people who have never seen it at all so everybody’s at different ends of the spectrum on that so the 15th which is the new moon we’ll do it then so if you want to be a part of that great cool and I think home sauce he’s in the chat good friend of mine he’s gonna be sending you a video make sure you go to her website brother she heard that video it’s he got a really cool video trust me and it looks a lot like some of yours but during the day the daytime the daytime videos are awesome too because I was having so many nighttime sightings at first and then you try to rationalize it and you’re like maybe it’s a satellite maybe it’s this maybe it’s that maybe it’s a plane but then you like let me see and I’m like putting the thought out there let me see something during the day just so I know you know I can actually see something and I seen fleets appear out of nowhere like 40 40 of them appear do weird aerial phenomena and then disappear and I’m like oh my god so let you know they think something’s going on we’re connected they’re spiritually angelic realm who they are what they are they they’re watching over us they’ve got everything okay there’s footage out there you should upload some of this too there’s footage out there of like asteroids and comets that are headed towards the earth there was one in Russia which it dissipated at the last second right before impact it split because there’s a just the footage of it there’s footage of this little craft flies in shoots a laser beam through it at the last moment and it dissipates there’s footage of that yeah so we got to have a place for everybody somebody’s footage footage like we forget about this stuff because this was probably eight years ago now so you know we kind of forget about that stuff but when it was news and when some of the UFO guys were talking about it it was like the big thing so to have a database with all of these these videos and footage it’s awesome so everybody head on over to my first contact net and subscribe do other good stuff over there and follow her work thank you again for coming on Melissa thank you so much take care we’ll do it again soon yes I enjoyed it enjoyed it ladies and gentleman enjoyed it I have to jump off of here because I have to go cut this thing short but yeah I really enjoyed this interview I hope you guys did too if you guys would like to support my work and see more podcasts all that good stuff head on over to patreon comm backslash true seeker and there you can sign up for any level of giving per month even if all you can do is a dollar that would be much appreciated these shows could not exist I could not be here doing this right now without your help so thank you from the bottom of my heart everybody who’s been supporting man I really mean that thank you guys people have been here since day one give a shout out to some of the people in the chat right now I’ve been saying home salsas name over and over I shout out the home home sauce crispy folks Carolyn Michael Adams starseed Bay everybody else who’s been hanging out with us here on the live stream Chris Baris what’s up brother so with that I must say peace and Shalom I love each and every one of you guys we will do it again soon this Thursday everybody right now let’s put this intention out there who’s listening live next third this coming up Thursday I’m supposed to be interviewing Jim and I from the group conspirator a Latina on the podcast like two or three times in the past six seven years I have a long up in podcasting and each time something happens in the interview doesn’t happen so let’s put the intention out there that this Thursday I will be speaking with Jim and I of conspiratorial ‘ti he’s been a big influence on me musically and when it comes to research and doing this kind of stuff so let’s hope that happens so Thursday I’ll see you guys again peace and Shalom [Music] [Music] that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to truth seeker gum and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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