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First Alien Contact | UFOs E.T.s and Angels | Melissa Peabody

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Melissa Peabody has been engaging and her own CE5 contact initiative. After seeing lights outside of her home in San Francisco she felt an intuitive notion that the lights were trying to say hello. After repeat encounters with these strange lights in the night sky Melissa took it upon herself to try and speak to them and get their attention. Melissa takes out her camcorder and begins to film some of this interaction that began to take place as she willed. Many people across the globe feel like they have been contacted by aliens or beings from another Realm. This podcast is dedicated to seeking out people who have similar stories as Melissa Peabody to get to the bottom of what is actually going on. Melissa started a website entitled MyFirstContact.Net in hopes to create an online archive of her personal ET contact videos and also receives submissions from around the world. MyFirstContact.Net serves as a beacon for those who have had similar encounters and creates community with people of like-minded Interest. One of the topics covered in this conversation is how the fact that the word abduction or abductee has been being phased out. We have not heard that term really used since the early 90s and before. Nowadays people are elated when it comes to considering Close Encounters of any kind hence the term CE5 initiative. A CE5 is not where you are contacted by extraterrestrial beings but where you actually engaged and contacting them and are successful. We have held our first Global CE5 initiative via YouTube and had a great turnout. Many people are welcoming alien contact and have an inward feeling that we are not alone and that these encounters are benevolent in nature. From my research and studies what we are calling extraterrestrial, alien, interdimensional and so on are simply referred to as the angels and the holy books. These angels are messengers of light and bring forth messages for Humanity as a whole. We see in the Bible where the Saints and Prophets would fast and pray for an elongated period of time and get themselves Within a state of being where they were sensitive to the spirit Realm. Eventually into the fast they were met by angelic entities that told them what they were to do in their life’s path. We are seeing the same thing now. What we term the Watchers, Elohim, cherubim, and seraphim are all angelic beings that serve under the order of Yahweh. These interdimensional beings are also called guardian angels who are sent to assist the call of God upon an individual’s life. They are protectors and keepers who serve God and the greater good of humanity.



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