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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is join by Nancy Rynes. Learn how Nancy Rynes, a scientist and former atheist, transformed her life by using spiritual wisdom given to her during a profound Near-Death Experience (NDE).

Nancy Rynes is a spiritual explorer, making the path to a heaven-filled life clearer for seekers the world over. Nancy is a leading voice for bringing heaven’s wisdom into our lives on earth, developing our heart-centered intuition, and living a life of inspired creativity. Known for her fun, lighthearted, girl-next-door demeanor, Nancy teaches others how to live a more purposeful, joyful, and heaven-inspired life.

Nancy was raised in the Catholic faith but moved away from those teachings in her early 20s. As a scientist, science writer, and corporate trainer, for over two decades Nancy aligned herself with the skepticism prevalent in so much of the scientific community. She remained an atheist until her life-changing bicycling accident and near-death experience (NDE). Now, Nancy is an avid spiritual seeker as well as practitioner of compassion, kindness, contemplative prayer, and present-moment awareness.

Drawing on heaven’s transformational wisdom learned during her own NDE, she integrates the teachings of love, compassion, kindness, gratitude, and joy that form the foundation for a peace-filled, meaningful life.

Nancy believes that the road to true happiness starts with acting in love and gratitude: loving ourselves for who we truly are, loving others for the spark of Divinity we hold inside, and showing gratitude for our lives by living our core truths as fully and abundantly as possible. Her book Awakenings from the Light dives into these and other topics, giving the reader concrete examples of how to make Heaven’s wisdom a very real part of life on Earth. She has also authored Messages from Heaven, and contributed to the book Awakened by Death.

Nancy Rynes has been featured on NBC’s Megyn Kelly TODAY. She has been a keynote speaker at SCL Healthcare’s Provider Resilience conference and a featured speaker at the IANDS Annual Conference, the “Shifting Your Reality” Conference, and with Eben Alexander at The Vail Symposium. She has also appeared on many radio programs including Conscious Conversations with Christine, We Don’t Die, AngelHeart Radio, Moments with Marianne, Stargate Roundtable, IANDS NDE Radio, Heavenly Encounters Radio, and SoulfullPreneur Radio. Nancy’s writing has been featured in BeliefNet, Regenerate Magazine, Excellence Reporter, and The Journal of Exceptional Experiences and Psychology.

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[Music] alright ladies and gentlemen good morning I’m your host true seeker this is the true seeker podcast let me know in the chat if you guys can hear me some people say they couldn’t hear the intro coming on let me know that you guys can hear me make sure everything’s good so just want to say happy new years to everyone and thank you for joining me on the podcast and starting to your new year’s off right it’s gonna be a good show today got a special guest lined up for you all we’re gonna get into some good stuff so want to say a quick thank you a huge thank you to everybody who’s been supporting my work through patreon rocker with me this whole year 2018 has been amazing we’ve got a lot accomplished and I’m just so blown away about what we were able to bring to the table and I wasn’t able to do that without your help so thank you guys all of you in the chat everyone listening on your podcast wherever you are any way that you’ve contributed to this podcast to me being able to get my music out the different awakenings and meditations and things like that that we’ve been able to put out I was not able to do that without your help so thank you for help helping finish strong in 2018-2019 is gonna be that much more so thank you guys for the continued support there’s a new album out just released at midnight so January the 1st my new album colors is available if you’re on patreon you get to download it there but it’s on every other platform as well so make sure you guys go over there and check that out support the show as well it’s 7 song EP each song is about one of the seven chakra energy points in the body influenced up from that chakra so already getting great feedback and I just put it up this morning I guess so yeah make sure y’all check that out and the meditations are doing really well getting a lot of good feedback from that that’s a new venture that I just stepped out in and again I’m blown away by the support I’m ready for new things that weren’t introducing to and so be ready stay tuned check your emails cuz you’re gonna get a lot of updates about new stuff that’s coming out I just want to give a quick shout out and update to some of the newest patrons who who have joined and let you guys know that by supporting you get access to the entire discography you get access to the Thursday night school of the Mystics and a bunch of other cool stuff so shout out to Brandon mortal shout out to you brother thank you for coming on Taylor Liston Curtis H Lisa Jankovic mr. B Brooke and roddenberry Amanda Marzulli and Sanyo Ojo thank you guys for believing in the work and coming on and supporting this thing financially you guys are awesome thank you guys so without further ado I’m gonna bring on today’s guest this is a really interesting topic we’ve covered it before but uh it’s just a beautiful topic to explore we’re talking about near-death experiences today my guest is Nancy rinds Nancy welcome to the true seeker podcast how are you my friend I am awesome today thank you for having me on and happy New Year to everyone awesome you have a long list of credentials and going forth and sharing your story on a lot of large platforms you’ve been on that the NBC Today Show speaking and megyn kelly about your experiences tons of of places that you’ve been and I’ve I’ve watched a little bit and I’ve made sure that uh I didn’t just dive all the way into it because I wanted to kind of have my mind blown this morning during conversations I’ve listened to your story and I know a lot about it the death is something that a lot of people are afraid of we’re getting older you know we have a new year here our time is very interesting in the way it affects the human body and how we experience it on this side of eternity you were an atheist who had a near-death experience and rocked your world for the better and I’m thrilled and ready for you to share your story so if you want to just kind of give you a background a little bit let people know who you are what you bring to the table would that be an awesome place to start yeah you’re right I was an atheist before all this happened in fact it was raised actually in the Catholic faith and when I went off to college what we a long long time ago I went into the sciences and in the sciences it’s not really accepted to be anything other than a huge skeptic and materialist and atheist so I that’s sort of what became my norm and that’s what I bought into for so many years but about actually five years ago in just a couple of days so my my five year rebirth of ursery is is in a few days you have the date I do actually my my accident that I’ll be talking about was on January 3rd of 2014 so it’s coming up here pretty quick but you know before all that happen I didn’t believe in anything I was terrified of death as so many people are I mean it was it would keep me awake at night thinking about how afraid I was of that final crossing and you know I had lost some family and friends before so I had seen it happen and it terrified me even more and then and then my accident came so I was bicycling in my little hometown in near Boulder Colorado at that time and just doing my normal errands around town on a bike and if anybody knows you know the boulder area everybody does stuff on a bike it’s not unusual that people are out all year round so I was out on January 3rd it was a beautiful warm day and I went her into a roundabout one of those traffic circles and I was basically t-boned like this from this from my right side by a woman who was driving a very large SUV and she was texting while she was driving I didn’t know that but I just saw as I was coming in to where she hurt her road was hitting the traffic circle I thought she was gonna stop but at the very last minute it looked like she kind of floored it so I didn’t know what was going on I was just in that moment focused on trying to survive and somehow I mean she hit me but somehow I ended up on the hood of her vehicle looking in at her like you know go away one of these ends not pardon me would you do what I yeah what I do like hello I was thinking in my mind hello can’t you know aren’t you looking at me can’t you see me but she was so focused on her phone that she didn’t see me looking back at her and so she kept driving and I I was absolutely flabbergasted but I was also terrified you know there was that immediate I had this feeling that this could be it you know this could be how it all ends for me right here and she kept driving and and I ended up because I couldn’t find anything to hang on to it was just in that weird point on the hood of her vehicle I couldn’t grab so I slipped down the front of her vehicle and hit the pavement and then as she rolled I was luckily in between her front wheels luckily but as she rolled over me something like out of a movie almost like Indiana Jones I actually got stuck on the underside of her vehicle and she was then she was dragging me as she was driving I’m underneath like this being dragged underneath the vehicle and talk about terror I mean I was absolutely absolutely terrified but one thing did happen which was the beginning of my sense that all is not as I thought it was in my whole life so as as I hit the pavement there was a part of my consciousness that remained in my body it was a very animal I would say like the I call it the human body consciousness very focused on survival fear terror you know that whole everything that we would think of as far as what an animal might feel in that situation but then I at the same time I noticed a part of me was outside of the accident watching the whole thing seeing things that I shouldn’t have been able to see from under the car I was watching that whole thing from I don’t know 50 to 75 feet away as as I was being dragged underneath and it was that part of me that was outside I call it some people called The Watcher some people call it your soul I don’t know what to call it I just know that that part of me was very calm and serene and very connected I guess you might say to the greater reality and knew that this was going to be fine in the end and there was a kind of a struggle that I had you know there was a that sense of everything’s going to be just fine it’s it hurts now but it will be fine and then that me underneath the vehicle was like no this isn’t okay you know this is horrible and that that sense of what I call dual consciousness being able to experience two levels of consciousness at the same time very distinctly that lasted until the paramedics finally arrived so what I saw from my outside perspective was that the guy that had been following her in another he was in another truck you know just a bystander drove around the traffic circle the opposite way to stop her because he had seen what happened so he blocked her from continuing to drive and effectively saved my life if he hadn’t done that you know I wouldn’t be here so he was able to stop the accident from continuing or stop the crash from going on and then he called he and probably a couple other people from what I understand called you know called it in to the police and you know the paramedics arrived fairly quickly after that and you know luckily for me there was a nurse on the scene who happened to be a trauma nurse or at least she said she was a trauma nurse and there was a trauma doc Derr at the scene as well he was following me in another vehicle so he was behind me and he saw the whole thing unfold and he ended up being my my doctor in the ER for the rest of the day as well so he followed me in but I was so lucky to have all of that support and help right away at the scene but as you know as the paramedics were working on me and I was feeling the body pain I had that sense of both both aspects of my consciousness coming back together and I remember laying there on the pavement thinking what the heck just happened I didn’t use the word heck but what the heck just happened what was all that and I had no concept of what that could be because first of all as a scientist I’ve been trained your your consciousness can’t leave your body because it’s produced by your brain right now so that whole thing shouldn’t have happened but it did and that’s where the weird stuff kind of the weird stuff from my old my the old me the weird stuff started but for me that’s where my life really began to unfold in a beautiful way wow that’s pretty deep I mean a lot to say there did I so it almost seems like it was gonna was going to or was I hit and run I think it was going to be a hit and run yeah the one once the woman got out of her of her SUV what I saw cuz I was laying partially out from underneath of her vehicle at that time and I was just kind of looking at her out of the corner of my eye and she took one look at me got back in the car and started it up like she was gonna drive off like with me still underneath the – out the way and want to be you know got to be at work or something well yeah and and she luckily again I don’t know if it was the doctor that stopped her I think it was the doc because the the other bystander was actually still on the phone with the paramedics at that point but someone stopped her from going anywhere luckily for me but it was gonna be a hit and run I believe so okay you were an atheist you have this experience you almost experience something kind of like bilocation dual dual consciousness which is very interesting is that enough to kind of shake your belief I mean you have that run-in with death what happened after that was there this place that you went to this glorious paradise the land flowing with milk and honey did you see angels was it any of that that took place as well yes so that part of it the the bigger what I was really truly termed the near-death experience happened a couple days later so this this was just enough to be I was starting to question what I thought was reality that was all it did it was like what in the world was that that doesn’t make any sense but three days later I ended up having to go into surgery to repair my spine because my spine was you might imagine busted beyond belief the fact that I can now still walk is utterly amazing my neck was broken in multiple places my lower back was a mess it was broken in multiple places so really I shouldn’t have survived the accident but so I was scheduled to go in for surgery on the following Monday so this was a Friday and went in on Monday and I had what no one can really explain was a bad a bad reaction to the anesthesia and which is weird because I had had this anesthesia many times before when I’ve had you know regular surgeries I’ve had a few other surgeries before and it never had a reaction at all but this time my heart stopped my breathing stopped you know my blood pressure went basically flatlined for somewhere between a minute and two minutes which in the O R is a real long time they don’t like that happening but it’s a long time and what I experienced though I I didn’t know any of that all I all I experienced was drifting off you know into unconsciousness because of the anesthesia and then I woke up which you’re not supposed to do and I woke up standing up which again I looked down and like this isn’t supposed to be happening I was standing up on a hillside and while it wasn’t necessarily the land of milk and honey it was definitely a different realm or a different a different part of reality or a bigger part of reality and it wasn’t really the visuals that were astounding to me while they were there was the energy the colors the sense of depth to everything around me it wasn’t just a tree that was in front of me it was tree with many layers of energy like coursing underneath of it that wasn’t the kicker the kicker for me was feeling coming through me like through my body waves of love what it’s the only term that I can come up with waves of love and acceptance and joy and peace and welcoming and that is what really woke me up and I looked around I remember distinctly looking around like this isn’t a bad place to be during surgery because I was I was actually thinking that I was hallucinating at that point even though you’re not really supposed to be able to hallucinate while you’re under anaesthetic I was thinking that it was a hallucination but then I began to wonder if I died on the operating table because this I knew that this level of awareness shouldn’t happen under anesthesia and I thought well I must have died because that’s the only thing in my mind that could explain this but then I thought well if I died why why am I here because I don’t believe even any of this I don’t believe in anything after death that death is it and that’s when there was a it wasn’t really a voice I call it a voice but it was a voice that kind of came from everywhere through me it wasn’t really an audible voice necessarily but this voice said this is your home welcome back home you are a part of me you’re a part of us welcome home and that’s when I just wept because I remembered just in that instant that that was our souls reality if you will and and this physical is but a temporary state of being and that’s when things began to shift is when I remembered what my true home was you know that that’s where things really opened up for me and where I was really challenged beyond I still AM to this day but that’s where the challenge began the challenge to really embrace that here in this plane that was my you know my life’s challenges to take that all that I learned in the time after that voice welcomed me there was I was there for what seemed like months but I knew that the challenge would be to take that and come here with it that’s always the the hard part you’re hanging on you’re trying to explain to people what colors sound like brain oh and within what sound looks like in the feeling and it’s so it’s it’s very similar the way you’re sharing that story like we’ve had we did we did a men’s retreat we did a pretty high level dose of psilocybin mushrooms and felt like we had that we went to the place you go when you die and the funny thing is it’s sounds exactly like what you’re talking about this ancient place of the ancestors are like hey this is where this is where you’re coming we’re here we love you and and you feel loved yeah you’re talking about the sound and there’s a thing to kind of like know you’re loved whether it’s love by God or love by your family you know it but to tangibly be able to feel loved wash over you like physically euphoric li wash over you right and clean you out that is it’s hard to explain that and there’s this like you know we’ve had that encounter then I’ve had other people have had near-death experiences on here there’s a there’s there’s these bible scriptures like paul apostle paul like leaving his body and traveling to the third heaven and he comes back and he says i seen things that it’s not permissible for me to say like even if i wanted to communicate i heard the voice of angels they have their own language i there’s no way i can physically i would sound like a madman i’m gonna do my best but there’s no way to kind of articulate the beauties and wonders that i’ve seen and just so just to just start to take a piece of it and and share that in and to bring it back in and try to embody that truth of hey this is temporary where you’re going is a beautiful place and it’s what we all came from and though that information that comes from that realm is so beautiful you talk about having this inward knowing this quickening you know it even calls it a quickening in the bible this inner still small voice or whatever guiding you he said they spoke as we this is you know we’re we’re here with you did you see any any beings there’s people in the chat want to know you know people follow that you know that these stories of these uh you know near-death experiences they and most people say there’s a man who approaches them is that jesus is that the christ does he may not even say his name did you have that kind of encounter at all of someone who’s like i’m the one who shows you around or anything I did I did and she she I called her she but but I also know that that was a cloak that she wore just for the time that she was with me in fact she said that but I’ll call her she and later she explained that I could use the name Mary although she said don’t put too much but put too much on that name it’s just a name that many have worn and it’s it’s just as good as any is how she put it so it’s just a name which is why I often don’t use that people put too much yeah if we get the name right then you know but this when she approached me she looked like a silvery spiritual I mean all I can say is she looked like a silvery spiritual being that was vaguely and a human-like womanly form with what appeared to be long hair and her her gosh I gloat I mean it was like this silvery glow that was coming off of her and her garments or her energy around her looked like you know cloaks but I knew and she explained to me that that was really just a a form that she took in order for me not to get freaked out because I knew as a human I’m still partially in that human phase because once you what I’ve learned since and during that time is that when you first take the first steps in leaving this body you’re still pretty well attached to it you there’s a process of letting go of that attachment to the physical human self and I was still pretty fairly attached to that physical human self so there was still the the potential to have fears come up and and she and they all of them did everything they could to keep me from freaking out so that meant the guide that came to me would be one that wouldn’t be intimidating I think if if Christ would have shown up or Buddha or some you know bigwig would have shown up I would have totally freaked out because that’s just that wasn’t my reality up to that point my I needed somebody that was kind of like me that I could relate to so what I saw was a woman who had an incredible connection to a group of beings beyond her which were kind of like phased out of my sight I knew that they were there with me I could feel them I could feel their thoughts occasionally I could like in here not in here not by my ears but in here I could feel their emotions I knew what they were feeling but I couldn’t communicate directly with them because as they said there are too many of us and only one of you and you can’t handle the amount of information that we could give to you all at once so it was being filtered through this woman this woman Lee guide of mine and she acted as kind of the intermediary for this whole this whole time that I was there and effectively what it was was a training session or a retraining session and she was teaching me what I needed to take back to this life in order to make this life one that would be worthwhile for me and my family and my friends so basically to be you know to be that the love that I wish to see in the world to learn how to really do that to be present with that that higher truth in this life so I could just be an example of what that looks like it isn’t so much about telling people it’s also about being an example and so the next what seemed like a couple of months I mean there wasn’t really a passage of time because time is meaningless as you know on that in that realm it’s there isn’t a sense of that but if I was to learn those same things here in the same way it would take two or three months here so she taught me you know that some of the grander concepts of love and gratitude and connection and how your thoughts and feelings and choices truly affect the world around you not just the physical world but also spiritually how those spiritual vibes if you will go out how every everything that you do every way that you show up in this in your life makes a difference and it was all of those things together that really began just began the process of shifting it’s taken many years after that kind of fully bring it into my life but that’s when it started began to really truly unfold for me but to have that support now those thousand or so other beings I knew were you could call them a soul family you could call them soul friends I like to turn them my friends because they tend to be my you know I call them my spiritual friends but they they’re a as everybody has a group of like-minded or like hearted spiritual beings that that tend to support each other and they were mine you know you’ll you’ll have yours everybody has them but they were mine and they were there to support me and and be with me during this this time of my learning let me ask you this about the woman yeah and just about the place in general because you’re talking about she assumed a form that wouldn’t freak you out something you can handle now we’ve heard a lot of stuff about that where the Jesus figure or the ETS or whoever they’re able to kind of take forms that you’re going to accept that’s not gonna freak you out of scare you I want to ask you this in that realm that you were in you seen hills mountains beautiful trees it looked like Earth something you were used to something a place where you wouldn’t freak out hey this is what she knows she loves trees famous givers let’s show her this did that is there a chance that that materialized for you to feel safe and that’s real not what it looked like and I say that because my experience on that side was a lot of moving colors was a lot of geometric patterns was a there’s no way to explain there was nothing was everything was moving you know although everything was moving do you have you have explored that thought at all that they brought you to a a simulation room or this place ahead this is where we can meet with her let’s give her a place it’s a good point you’re right you’re absolutely right one at one point as we were what I call walking we weren’t really walking we were kind of gliding I looked behind me because I was the scientist brain was thinking just that like what is this how come it’s exactly like I think it should look like right and I looked behind me and it was fading away into a gray mist there was nothing behind me and when I looked at her I asked her about that she said we have we have constructed this place for you well we’ve gone basically gone into who you are as a human and like you said pulled out that which would feel comfortable for you we have Kurt you you meaning so she was talking about me she said you and we have created this place together for you as a transition it is a it as you described I call it the green room but but it’s a transition place where you get you basically get what you need to be in you get to see or experience that which you need to experience in order to move on whether that’s moving on to full death final death or in my case a learning experience than to be able to come back but in that in-between in-between physical the physical vibration and the the full-on spiritual vibration we do have what we what we experience is really drawing upon from us and what it is that we need and to some extent what our team what our spiritual team or what the divine thinks that we need in order to move on so yes it really was what I see that’s why in my it’s why when I talk about this to groups and even in the book that I’ve written I don’t really go into the visuals all that much I go into some of the basics like how you can see emotions come through the colors that are in the plants right you know and and your emotional state will affect the energy of the world around you but I kept stressing to folks and I still do that what I physically or what I think looks physically a wrap you know like a landscape around me may be different for you you might be at the beach you know you might be on a planets in some other star system III don’t know and so that’s why I don’t really go into like the tour guide aspect of what I experienced because it will be different for each person that piece of it the the the outward piece of it will be different how long will you uh pronounced dead for I know it was just a few minutes but felt like consciously in eternity I mean how long how long would you were you over there for and in the physical realm well you know it depends on how how my doctor describes it to me so physically I was out for about a minute and a half that’s the flatline piece of it now when when he and I talked about this later and he does not discount this by the way so he’s one of the few docs that will come out and say these these events are real they they point to a greater reality than just this but he said you know that in his experience those physical those physical crises can just begin begin the NDE and the and EE itself can last for like the entire surgery so he doesn’t really know he said it was at least a minute and a half but that it could have been for me I was you know off in the spirit realm for for up to two hours because that’s the length of the surgery I don’t know I don’t really know but I do know that to me like it said it felt like a couple of months with no time right there isn’t in it and that’s the hard that’s the hard thing to one of the hard things to explain to people is like that times I cotta me you know it just we experienced an arrow of time as it’s called but there everything is all at once you know everything is now when whenever you came back you talked about this uh you know this information that you received and just deep in ered universal truths about God about life about yourself about energy you take that with you you try to articulate it there’s much more that was shown to you but it’s slippery and it’s just how the human mind works we kind of know it we forget details it just cuz there’s just so much you’re talking about like you said like almost like another lifetime within a two-minute window maybe or whatever the case was so you kind of lose a lot of that stuff coming through but you hold on to what you can to try to articulate it to remember to write it down are you able to communicate now with the angelic figure that approached you with the guides did they tell you hey when you need us we’re here just tap in come to the come to the place where there is no time in between the thoughts that’s our walkie-talkie come here it will meet with you are you able to do that get and actually go back and access that information again do you practice that in a taller I do I do it it’s and it’s a you know it took me a process of over maybe 18 months to learn how to do that from here because it’s a shift it’s really learning how to shift your energy up enough that that those entities the Celestials or Angelics can come down and um meet in that level where both can commune for us it’s it’s tough too for a lot of people to get their energy up to a place where they can hear that oftentimes everybody actually has access to that divine voice in their heart and that’s where going into the quiet – whether you call it meditation I call it prayer some people go out and to nature and commune with nature but getting into that quiet voice in your heart is an easy way to get there but if for me to get to a similar level as I was during my NDE which almost every near-death experiencer wants to get back to experience that level here in the physical I have learned how to do it through a combination of contemplative practices and in raising up my energy level but it’s very for me it’s a very deliberate and intentional process I can when I get myself into a pickle sometimes those those that guidance will come right through whether whether I’ve done the work to get up to that level or not and and my spiritual guy who will be right there with me but for the most part I have to be very intentional about making that shift up in in energy or consciousness to get to that here that that guidance you you know growing up Catholic I don’t know what it was that swayed you away from the faith or made you become an atheist if you really believed at all even growing up Catholic there’s always a sense of you’re running from the very thing that you need your paw you know Paul Paul why are you persecuting me I created you but you’re telling people I don’t exist or you’re an atheist you don’t believe well there’s a scientific mind that just kind of battles faith at times like that coming from that background Catholicism and forgive me if I’m if I’m wrong but I really see the Catholic faith really venerates mother Mary sometimes maybe even over Christ where you know um said we prayed to Mary we asked her to do you know to pray on our behalf and things like that so it’s very oriented around the woman do you think that that is one of the reasons that the woman showed up to you rather than the Christ figure was it that Mary was that safe motherly being that’s been there and you kind of had that marriage back with maybe the thing you were running from that Mary was the personification of grace of the you know the motherly aspect of the faith do you think that that had to come into play at all I think it may have been the nurturing aspect of it the motherly aspect again the the figure that showed up to me said not to place too much emphasis on you know the name because it was or who she was but but I think the fact that it was a gentle loving motherly figure probably hearkened back to that but there’s also another potential aspect to that in that you know my childhood wasn’t necessarily the best and at that time also I needed a motherly figure and and so there’s probably a lot of reasons why that being chose to show up as a female I mean the way that that she explained it to me and I hate to use the pronoun she’ because she really wasn’t as she at her inner core she was non gender-specific you know it wasn’t technically in our language it’s an you know it wasn’t it but the the cloak that was brought to me was one that would be comforting and that would be you know someone that could nurture that could be gentle yet strong and and maybe that’s where you know the whole motherly figure came in was was that was what felt yeah natural to me now as a kid it was Ollie I always felt like I wasn’t good enough for Jesus I never felt good enough for Jesus because he is at least in my church he was you know this perfect being that you know you couldn’t be you couldn’t be imperfect around him right that was the way he was presented to me that’s not that’s not hell you know but that’s how I viewed it as a kid that’s what I took away from was that I had to be perfect and there was no room for imperfection I wonder if that’s why and I’m just putting two and two together I wonder if that’s why there’s a lot of personification of the Saints – hey I asked this Saint to pray on my behalf because I’m not really worthy to go directly to him but this Saint who was who has lived a perfect life or a great life they’re more worthy I wonder if that is kind of how that goes on a little bit in the faith it could be you know a lot of Catholics are lapsed Catholics that I’ve spoken with have that insecurity about about Jesus about Christ they don’t in fact my dad you know when he was a Catholic up until the day he died and didn’t feel worthy of Jesus the day he died and you know this was a man who had been a believer his entire life 70 some 90 years but he didn’t feel good enough so there’s this I don’t know if it’s every Catholic but certainly within some of the Catholic folks out there there’s this not not good enough you know we don’t feel good enough to be associated with with Jesus so we need to find something else that’s kind of that interview I’ve never even looked at it like that but that is very interesting yeah we are I mean we are I would want to put it out there imperfections are normal and accepted and part of the whole process of being human and and there it’s fully understood that we are imperfect beings that were loved and in fact you know we are beloved because of it so I don’t want anybody to go away with this thought that there because we’re all imperfect that we’re not worthy that’s totally not the case I’ve learned I’ve learned my lesson there that’s good I want to ask you this because this is something I’ve explored and talked about openly on on on many podcast and I’ve actually said I would like to speak to someone who’s been on this similar aspect there’s this you know we talked to a lot of spiritualist a lot of New Agers a lot of Christians or whatever to me it’s just natural for God to be the father I call him when in my prayer life it’s father God I talk about mother God too but that most is more of the earth energy for me this father God and how when I came to face it was very much so that I had a mother growing up I didn’t have a father I needed that masculinity I needed that father figure to hug me to love me to affirm me to teach me things that a father never taught me so I can be objective about my belief and know why I needed that father and quite literally I feel like God showed up as a father in my life right but I wondered what about the person who didn’t have the mother does God show up to be the mother for that person and it sounds like that some some what I would you ve encountered a little bit so would you say that that happens like what like there’s all of these names for God even in the Bible there’s you know I’ll beat I’ll be your provider I’ll be your protector I’ll be your strong tower and there’s different literal names for each attribute of God God the Father so does God show up because he shows up as what you need if you don’t need it I would why would that why would it even be there but if you need the mother figure does God show up and nurture you and or send forth the angels who are the the nurturing spirits or the Holy Spirit which is more of a motherly figure does that does that is that kind of how you interpreted it a little bit yeah I think so you know we’re like I said before we’re given exactly that which we need not just a during an experience like an NDE but here now too you know in this place there is no separate you know that’s one of the the key things that I learned is there isn’t a scepter we invent this separation between the physical and the non-physical it’s just a gradual shift there’s not like a wall that you have to jump over in order to get you know into the spiritual realm it’s it’s a shift in consciousness and a shift in energy that’s that’s on a continuum really but but yes we can experience at least in my view we experience the divine in whatever way we need in that moment for me now it shifts a lot I tend to experience that divine presence as as it’s been as I heard it over there called the one who is the all or the one and so that’s how I experienced as kind of a non gender-specific you know one love one universal love one universal knowledge but certainly at times when so I had another NDE last year very brief but in that time that divine voice was very masculine I mean it was very definitely the same voice but it came in with like a more masculine aspect and so during that brief experience I think what I needed was kind of like it alright you know a affirm father figure to say you got to make a choice here kiddo you know this is this is do-or-die literally and and and I needed that firm kind of father like voice to make that decision to come in that and that ask in that time it was to come back here so I had another experience about a year ago where I was in the hospital with pneumonia and waited too long to go into the hospital and and effectively died on in the ER because my lungs were filled up and as I floated out of my body that voice came through very masculine and said you know you have a choice right now your choice stay or go which will it be and it was very strong and very definite and I made the choice and came right back in so yes we can for Mike’s perspective we can experience that in any form that we need and that’s the beauty of it right you know we were loved so much we are loved so much that it’s hard to put it into words but we’re supported in whatever way that works best sometimes it might not be easy you know sometimes we might need a little bit of a boost or a jolt to get us out of our comfort zone but we in the end you get what exactly what we need in order to make that shift now what about the concept of hell did you have any revelation of that there’s because maybe that’s you know one of the big fears of people think that they’re gonna burn forever you know it’s overcoming and that’s if we’re if we’re talking about faith it was all about Christ or whatever like one of the big things is conquering death and taking away the sting of death in the fear of death and one of the biggest fears is either being punished for all eternity because you don’t add up or being annihilated just not existing anymore and not being able to be conscious anymore what did you explore that aspect at all I you know I didn’t directly and what I was what was explained to me is that we can certainly create a Hell for ourselves here on earth pretty easily so that’s one aspect of it there’s another aspect of it though that when we first cross over what during the route the true death of the body not not mine where where we where everybody knew that I was coming back here except me you know all of my spiritual friends knew I was coming back so that it’s a little bit different when you’re truly dying when your physical body is truly dying there is a moment as as my spiritual guides have told me where you have a choice you can choose to go to the light or turn away from it and it’s that turning away that is in my estimation maybe the hell that a lot of people are afraid of but the turning away is only for as long as you wish to turn away you are accepted back as soon as you embrace that divine love the divine presence the divine light there is no I hate you for all eternity at least as far as I can see as soon as you make the choice in here to embrace that divine love the divine being God you’re accepted back in now that doesn’t mean everybody takes this the wrong way at first it doesn’t mean that you’re without consequence for your actions so you may have to make amends and likely you will have to make amends for if you’ve done something really horrible probably not many people out there but if say for example you have done something pretty heinous or you think in your mind that it’s pretty heinous you do have to make amends for that that doesn’t mean you burn in hell for all eternity you might mean you have to in some way act as a spiritual guide for someone else you might who knows what that looks like for you but you do have to in some way make up for that or or try to make things right or pay back in some way so it isn’t without consequence your actions are not without consequence but you are loved there is God does not deny his love from you we often deny our love from God for a while like I did you turn away for a while and but guess what you know we’re accepted back in when we embrace it what about this notion of past lives it was their notion that you can come back even as a different person are you ready to to reincarnate as something or someone else is that even a thing of past lives did you there was any information like that that came through or comes through it it what I did ask about that it is a thing for some people and it’s it’s certainly a choice that’s available and what what I was told was that a lot of beings choose not to have a second time around some do you know it’s it depends on the that individual soul and their connection to the divine to God what would work best for that person so it isn’t from what I saw anyway it isn’t mandated like you must return and do this and that it’s more like is this gonna be helpful for you but there are a whole lot of other ways you know to do work or to live in that divine love you don’t have to necessarily be back here on in this physical plane I have spoken with a woman who remember several past lives intimately and also when she acted as a spiritual guide for someone else so you you know the the individual soul has many many many options available to it you know in the in the spiritual realm it isn’t just physical life there’s a lot out there that we don’t know about and you know in an incredible amount of diversity an incredible amount of diversity in what we can do in these times our mind can’t handle we have to have it okay what is it it’s this it’s that in this okay that’s it everything else is not God or not possible because it hasn’t been revealed to them they haven’t been to those states or realms of consciousness by whatever state I mean you can get to very similar states through certain meditation practices as you have learned like if you want I mean for me it was always a if you want to continue communication if you want to go further do this you know and and we can do it we can go further in so it’s ball is in your court type deal but it’s always there you’re not alone that’s a big one too right bringing an atheist I mean I’m sure that idea is a very lonely road as one that you know when you’re alone you’re alone that was one thing that changed for me when I came to faith was the fact that I was always depressed and by myself and loathing and stuff as a teenager and but then when I came to faith I was never alone again by myself in a room I was always connected with God with the angels with Jesus right the Holy Spirit I was never by myself ever again so there was never this if I felt lonely I start fellowshiping with my father with Jesus you know this type of stuff so was that something that came to you as well you know atheist and not being a person of faith yeah you know that it is a lonely road because like as you said when you are alone that’s it you’re sitting here in your house all by yourself and Wow you know this is all there is to life but as I mean when I came back here and and came into my full faith again and I say again for a specific reason but when I came back I understood with what they had told me when I was dead and like you said you can come to this understanding in a lot of different ways there are many many paths to God you know it’s not just the NDE or you know meditation or whatever so this is just one pathway to greater understanding but one of the things that my my friends my spiritual friends my spiritual team told me is we you know we’re here for you a hundred percent of the time all you need to do is call on us we’re here with you and what what they also said is don’t forget about us because we like hearing from you so even when I’m not in that state where I’m I’ve raised my my where I’ve intentionally raise my vibration up or whatever raised my consciousness to be able to have a real full-on communication with them I still I know they’re here I’d still greet them you know I talked to God all the time you know people may think I’m other people you know atheists might think I’m nuts but I know that it’s heard I know that I’m part of the communication all the time and it is it is a very comforting thing for her you know more probably one of the more comforting things that I’ve experienced going through this is knowing that my deceased family and also my spiritual friends are able to tap into me at anytime and I can communicate with them whenever I want that I’m not alone that they’re here with me all the time there like I said there is no separation you don’t have to walk through 10 doors you know to be able to hear you your spiritual guides they’re right here all the time you’re quite the artist as well you’ve got a lot of beautiful art on your website and things have you tried to bring that back through the art is there I mean I’m sure it’s in a little bit of all of it it’s just that expression with this new life that you have but have you tried to draw the angelic figure the woman tried to embody that to show people what it looked like or anything like that you know I have in its in its in my in my estimation kind of been a failure because it’s really hard for me to put into paint that which is ethereal and spiritual I have tried and the best I can do is to what I’ve been doing now with the art is to bring in different kinds of paints so I bring in mineral like actual gemstone paints that have a really high energy and I also use paints that are sparkly and it sounds kind of like I don’t know like a little girl or something but that’s kind of how I paint now I paint with these really sparkly glowing paint so that at least I bring in aspects of that energy into my paint and my paint technique is different these days but but what I came back with wasn’t really so much a desire to paint that which I experienced while dead it was a desire to highlight the divine here in in this physical because there is divine all around us we just often times turn a blind eye to it so I there’s a painting on my website of my art website of a little girl with Down syndrome and she’s in this glowing golden background and and I used a lot of gold paint and sparkly paint in that but that came as a result of somebody on social media saying that people with disabilities were ugly and I know that’s not true there’s divine in everyone and so I began that was when I began to say I said I set out to highlight the divinity and everything even if it’s a dog you know or a horse or a person there’s divinity in the plants and that’s what my goal has been is to really highlight that energy and divinity and all around us here in this plane it’s very interesting um how do you how do you feel after creating now there’s this weird sensation that I get of when no matter what it is right if we you know we hear the scriptures that say that we’re made in the image of God who was a creator himself right and so we’re these little creators once you bring something to life I mean you have the book we have this interview that didn’t exist until we put our minds together and we did this interview had this beautiful conversation or we’re having this conversation your artwork it didn’t exist until you maybe went into the ether went into your mind or seeing the beauty of a plant that’s just something that’s just ordinary and you brought it to life and you embodied it and now it exists here is there this appreciation of I’m a little Creator that didn’t exist beautiful feeling when I create stuff and I know that I’m contributing something beautiful to the world as a creator do you feel that as well that connection with your art and stuff I do and and it isn’t for me only the end product I don’t know about for you but when I am actually in the act of creating I don’t even feel me anymore for me on most days that I go to the easel it is as if I’m in an all-day meditation where I don’t exist it’s just I’m just there as a as a way for the brush to make its mark known on the canvas and there’s there is that energy of creation kind of coming through me almost without my input now granted there is some of me you know physically but there is a when I’m in the act of creation it’s almost like a oneness with with the creation itself with the bigger creation but then you know when it’s all done there is that satisfaction of Wow you know that like you said this didn’t exist before but now I can also help you know I’m a visual artist so for me help people see the beauty in a different way in the world around them because you know they might not they might not see a dog sitting on the back of a pickup truck is all that beautiful when they’re out you know driving around but when an artist paints it and does certain things with it they that Peart that viewer can take a step back and go wow I can appreciate that now in a different way so that really gives me satisfaction that people maybe because of something they see of mine appreciate the world around them a little bit more I mean I certainly do whenever I look at anything now it’s just beauty that’s all I see is beauty it doesn’t matter what I look at it’s all defying beauty we got it all exactly exactly that’s what it’s all about for me is so whether I write a book or not or for me it’s mostly paint that’s how I express that beauty that comes through me and it’s me it’s a it’s a blessing and it’s an absolute divine blessing that I have that capability to do that what did you do before the first accident what did you do for a living I was a science writer I’d wrote scientific and technical stuff for various companies in the boulder area you know mostly doing satellite type exploration and so you know we get get a satellite and the satellite would look at the earth and you know look for different minerals and stuff and and I was the technical writer science writer for those folks so it changed it changed the you know a little bit you still right it changed the trajectory of what I wanted to write about it affect my brain doesn’t really work as efficiently in that way anymore Minh who knows why but but it doesn’t I I love the scientific method it’s a really great rational way to look at things but it isn’t the only way and there is more to life than just science there’s more to this universe than just a scientific viewpoint and I think that’s what that’s what shifted for me wasn’t just the knowing that there’s a lot more out there than what I learned about you at University and it’s much grander and more amazing that I could have ever learned about in graduate school there’s this this idea that I’ve been kind of exploring a little bit whether we’re talking about psychedelics or maybe any type of near-death experience this place where you go where you see eternity you see what you you you get up you get a better picture of even this life and what matters the stuff that I’m seeking the stuff that I’m I’ve been working my whole life to obtain it doesn’t matter what matters is Peace Love joy family making memories helping people like those sort of the things that you kind of bring back from that realm and people have come back from you know I’m saying the near-death experience they’ve come back from the psychedelic experience with this profound beauty this new this kind of like a they kind of know what they need to do to fulfill their destiny you know they’re the whole you know time is short god hey you need to are you gonna do it or not we’ve given you the tools now let’s let’s get with ideal so there’s this passion you come out with to be gung-ho and just grab the world you know and do what you were sitting here to do now that road can be you know where that starts or how long it takes or something where you have that vision now that’s the good thing about the NDE the psychedelics or whatever and so but some people if they don’t have the the pattern the mold they don’t have the direction on what to do and they return to their mundane jobs their boss is breathing down their neck they need to perform faster they got a meet quota they get back into the hustle and bustle of capitalistic America and it just sucks the life out of you right and I’m only as good as what I can produce and I’m only you know I’m making minimum wage or whatever the case is and I’ve seen eternity I’ve seen God I’ve seen angels I hear their song I see their colors they communicate with me but now I’m back here in this mundane it can if you don’t do what you’re supposed to do it can produce a depression within you like me and I’m meant for so much more but I’m spending 50 hours a week bagging groceries and I’m supposed to be painting I’m supposed to be singing I’m supposed to be doing a podcast I’m supposed to be writing a book I’m supposed to be sharing my story if we don’t do it there’s this weird depression that comes in I think we’re supposed to I think that there’s a place you can go with a depression and that fear of not fulfilling your destiny you status fuel you take that and say okay I I know what I’m supposed to be doing and I know what a book how do I book my first interview like you know what I’m saying you’ve had this vision of what you you know an NDE or any other type of spiritual experience there it not only physically traumatized and that actually I healed very quickly physically it was like you said for me the being back here in this mundane reality you know having to put food on the table having to wash the clothes and do this and do that what I ended up first for me I went the route of realizing what it was that I came here to do remembering that I had to let go I was really angry at God for sending me back I was so mad for so long but I didn’t know it was kind of a almost a subliminal level I I didn’t realize I was carrying that anger that why couldn’t I just be dead you know that’s really what I wanted when I finally let go it was like this epiphany one day where I realized that was what was going on because I had asked for help from from God and my guides what is going on I don’t feel very good what’s you know I feel depressed and I had that knowing all of a sudden that I’m angry at being back here once I let go of that then I was able to really get into the determination of okay now I know what I’m gonna what I need to do I used that prior depression to really fuel the work on my book and for me it was it was one I had to realize I couldn’t do everything all at once I had to take it one step at a time so I did one little thing at a time and didn’t didn’t set necessarily a time limit like one must write the book within six months that wasn’t what I did I just knew I needed to take these baby steps and it would get done so I started to take the baby steps the second thing that I realized I had to do was to rely on other people and it wasn’t all about me I didn’t have to do everything by myself I could rely on other people to help me even if it was just to act as a sounding board you know to someone I could go to and say you know what sometimes being here stinks and here and yeah sometimes you just need someone who can listen and hear you and just say okay I got it but I also learned and it was writing a book anyway that I had people I could rely on I had a really good friend who I didn’t even know that she edited books for part of the time I mean she was a technical writer at work we often work together I had no idea on the side she had this entire other business of editing spiritual books for people I had no clue until we talked about this after you know I started writing my book and so she was my book coach if if she wouldn’t have been able to help me if I didn’t know about her and thought I would have had to have done everything by myself I don’t know that the book would have gotten written so it’s learning how you can for me anyway it was learning how I can pull in other people you know true it to help me out even if it was just a little bit and and really just chunking down the work especially if you are working you know a you might have to make some pretty tough decisions like you know do I need to switch jobs do I need to go part-time I can’t make those decisions for anybody but those are some tough soft decisions that people may need to look at you know do I really need to live in a 2500 square foot house and pay for all that stuff you know can I can I downsize a little bit which would then free up some more money so I wouldn’t have to work 60 hours a week I I don’t know what those decisions look like for people but we can easily as humans get ourselves stuck in a job or in a lifestyle that really doesn’t suit the person who we really are our inner truth so the first thing is knowing what that truth is are you a musician are you an artist you want to write it science fiction novel you know if that’s your truth then begin to chunk away at ways that you can achieve that you know writing a book is achievable I I would have never thought I could write a book marketing a book that’s something to write you know yeah I mean that’s where that’s where PR people come in you know I realized I tried doing it on my own for a long time yeah I stink at it it is hard it is for some people it’s hard for some people it’s super easy you know I work and in business throughout my business career even in the government there are PR people there are people who do that for a living who are wonderful at it so it’s it helps just to hire them for a couple hours a week for help even if it’s just a consult I don’t think in that way and that that’s just I’m a creator I’m not a marketer I I’m just I just give it out you know it’s up to my the people who helped me to find that the venues for what I do what I you know my speaking venues or these venues but but each person has gifts and abilities that they bring to this planet and I one of my friends is an incredible incredible PR person that’s the gift of love that in light that she brings to this planet she does it exclusively for people who write and speak and on spiritual topics and that’s her gift to this planet is bringing those voices to the wider world she doesn’t have to necessarily create a painting her creation is bringing these voices out to the world that’s good let me ask you this about this is the question we had in the chat and if anybody has any questions go ahead and type them and I’ll try to translate them across to my friend here um Sarah wants to know I’m sure you’ve you’ve probably heard this too especially being that field and going to lectures where everybody has a different you know view of it or whatever the case is and I’ve heard this too going into the light can be a trick like don’t like that’s the trick to title like hey come here like you’re not supposed to do that is what some some people have tried to promote and say almost like a doctrine hey this is the trick they trying to trap you or whatever and there’s all kinds of weird stuff that goes along with it but have you heard that that going into the light was a trick and what was did you go into the light I mean how did that well I just woke up in it so I didn’t have the choice to make but there are a couple of thoughts there first of all it isn’t just the light it’s the love you can feel that love it isn’t just this bright light there’s a love and a peace and a presence that goes with it so it’s all of that together the other piece of that is the the furthest back that I can trace that whole myth about the the light trap goes to a an episode of Star Trek believe it or not I can’t trace that myth back any further maybe it does go back further than that but it was an episode I think on Star Trek Voyager or something I don’t know 10 or 15 years ago so be cautious about like an urge people to do is be cautious about stuff like that that you hear because you never know where that where those stories are coming from if you need to trace it back I mean that’s truly the furthest back that I can trace the myth of the soul trap of the light is is an episode on on Star Trek Voyager so just be cautious about what you hear and you let me tell you that when you die you’ll know there isn’t there isn’t a question you’ll feel the pull to the love and that’s what I would recommend is just going with the love that feeling of love and joy and peace not necessarily what’s going on out here and in what’s left of your human perception go into the heart go into the love you know going to follow the law follow the peace that’s that’s the truth and that’s something that you’ve brought with you to this side of eternity as well right you can kind of discern the love or this is this is tainted this is got an ulterior motive by the what we would call discernment of spirits if you will you’re able to discern the intentions it’s not just about what you hear who’s an elegant speaker who what looks like love you’re kind of able to kind of discern what it really is you know I’m saying about the feeling of vibration of it right yeah yeah it’s it’s interesting for me now to go to conferences the spiritual conference because I can pick out so be careful if you’re ever around me because I can tell if you’re struggling with with love or with what you what you’re projecting I mean I’ve I I can always tell when someone’s faking their spirituality it’s so plain as day the waters are muddy it might be harder for other people to notice that but yeah for anyone like us who has touched on that and we’re still we still have the practice the daily practice of working with that on a daily basis I can tell immediately if the feeling I can also feel if if someone is intending to live in that love but there’s some cloud of discord around them that is kind of clogging it up do you take on personal clients to help them with that or is it something that you just kind of used through your art through your book and I know you’re helping people in that sense do you do one-on-one sessions or anything with people like that now that you’re more connected I don’t I had done some spiritual what I called like spiritual not really counseling but just spiritual sessions with people what I’m moving into and that I’ll be rolling out in the next month or so is really some energy work around that so instead of like verbally coaching people spiritual instead what I’ll be doing is offering energy sessions to kind of help clear that stuff out on a one-on-one basis that to me feels more of my truth I’m not a I’m not a talker really I’m not a counselor so getting into like spiritual coaching didn’t feel quite right but for me helping move my energy and and channeling maybe a higher energy through me I’ve been working on my sister and some friends and it’s been working very well so I’m gonna roll that out in the next month or so so stay tuned more on that it’s good stuff well man I know you go into a lot more detail in the book and it’s a beautiful story and if people want to check it out then go to your website your main website is just Nancy Ron’s com correct correct in ANC y ry n es you could check out her beautiful art and her book so you have two two different books I do the main book that details my experience is called awakenings from the light and then I have a secondary book which kind of contains a lot of little bits of wisdom that I for one reason or another didn’t put in awakenings and that one’s called messages from heaven and that those are things that I was told during my NDE little bits of wisdom that people can use as a contemplative tool I use it as as like I read a passage and then just spend 10 15 minutes contemplating it so for me it’s more of a meditative tool awesome yeah you got a really beautiful website um let me ask you this how was I said I know you’re talking about going to conferences and you’re able to pick up on energies and being able to tell and there’s you have some characters out there whether there’s the speaker or whether they’re helping with production you’ve been on a lot of big television sets sharing your story that Today Show NBC there’s a whole bunch of them but it was yeah but have you been have you felt that weird I don’t believe you feel you can feel that stuff too right even if they don’t say anything you’re sharing your stories they’re like you know that they don’t it gets kind of weird and once you’re transitioning hi and that could be overwhelming right you’re telling someone your story but you know what they’re thinking a lot of weird energy thing that you have to kind of learn how to discern there was that was that a hard transition at all being able to share your story in front of people because I know you’re sensitive to energy and stuff yeah it was it’s not so much anymore but but it is true I can feel it when someone’s not when they’re like and I almost hear their thoughts I can’t but I can almost hear what’s going on in their brains but you know like for example megyn kelly mm-hmm whatever’s going on with her or whatever she was totally into what I was talking about she was in her heart you know it was it was a heart-to-heart conversation so that was not there was nothing clouding that however some of her staff we were not very believing of me or or dr. Parr Nia or Sheree on the program so I can feel that the transit that first the transition to that was hard because I wanted I was in that place of love and light and I just want everybody to love me right but then I had a real it took me another maybe a couple of years to understand and to learn how to just let that stuff roll off my back it’s still not always easy if there’s a vicious personal attack mostly because I don’t want my family to be affected by all that I mean I can take it but I don’t want those people closest to me to be affected by it but I also understand I think more now that people are at different places you know and people come here for different reasons and some will never in this lifetime be in a place where they can embrace God or any kind of divinity and that’s okay that may be why they came here is to experience that so it isn’t I you know it’s not up to me to judge any of that stuff it’s just up to me to learn how to be true in who I am and what I’m saying and knowing that what I say is truth I don’t lie about what would I experience if ice if I don’t know something I don’t invent anything I just say yeah no idea like someone once asked me who made God I’m like I don’t know you know everything who made God where did the Big Bang come from don’t don’t invent some stuff but they really don’t know that answer either yeah I know that’s the ones you got to watch out for the ones who know everything and they just make it up as they go they have an answer for everything okay let me ask you this though has it gotten has anything gotten weird for you yet as far as like cuz you’re getting out there you’ve been on a lot of big platforms your name’s getting out there has there been any this kind of comes with the territory I’ve had to deal with stalkers there been any people who were adamantly against you or trying to debunk your story personally have you had any have you ran into any of that yet a little bit I mean certainly not not anybody physically stalking nothing like that but there are you know the skeptical elements out there the trolls – I mean there’s a negative things just to be negative but you know I I’ve had what I’ve done is I’ve realized that I’ve if what I say tweaks people that much then I’m doing my job instead of wanting you know everybody to be love and light which I do I know that for some people to get to that love and light I have to push their buttons and I don’t do it intentionally but whatever I say may tweak something in them and they react because there is a fear or there’s some stuff going on in their minds about what happened in the past if if what I say tweaks them enough to have them react and anger then that means I’m having some kind of an impact I’m bringing something into their consciousness may not actually be able to deal with that for five or ten years I don’t know maybe never but what if what I say makes some kind of an impact on someone that I’m doing my job that’s how I’ve come to look at it the trolls are trolls they will always be there always be trolls I just ignore it yeah definitely out there yeah so again thank you for coming on the podcast I really enjoyed this conversation so everybody make sure y’all go to her website Nancy Reince calm and watch the interview that she had with megyn kelly it’s a really professional piece that was done and she got to share her story on on that stage and many other platforms that you had you’ve been able to share your story on as well it’s a good stuff so Nancy Reince calm Nancy is there any anything else that you wanted to talk about or maybe plug or anything before we get off of here I just want to wish everybody a beautiful beautiful 2019 and remember always just to live the truth that you feel inside for yourself I mean that’s that’s the beautiful gift that each one of you are that gut feeling everybody can tap into it the god feeling the God feeling exactly I Nancy thank you so much I really enjoyed this we have to do it again thank you god bless Nancy Ryan’s ladies and gentlemen beautiful story and I know she had more to the story you guys have to get get the the book to finish it but uh she’s got a lot of really cool stuff and again her her interviews are really beautiful to to listen to as well near-death experiences the indeed the out-of-body experiences it’s kind of the weird by location or dual consciousness to be conscious of your body and in conscious that you’re out of your body at the same time very interesting concept the I think the you know the marry figure is very interesting as well how God or the divine just kind of shows up in in that personification that that you can handle that you need you know there’s been a lot of people who who’ve talked about that Jordan Maxwell has talked about it a lot of philosophers who talk about these these angelic entities or these ETS are able to show up in a form that won’t scare you something you can handle and if you could see them and the way they looked at it may freak you out and seeing what reality really looks like and the beings that hold this stuff together it saw could be overwhelming but uh it shows up in a way that we can perceive it and and not get freaked out and try to apply the principles to our lives it’s really good stuff so with that being said I hope you guys have everyone had a Merry Christmas hope you guys have amazing New Year that stuff you’ve been planning on doing it now it’s a good time to start you’ve been planning on starting something you have a passion you have something that you’re wanting to see see come to pass coming to fruition whatever it is like I said the you want to do a podcast you want to do music whatever it is that you want to do do it go ahead and start today plant something put something in the ground or you already put something in the ground water it cultivate the land a little bit do something today that you want to manifest for tomorrow if you don’t put nothing in the ground nothing’s gonna manifest for you shout out to my good friend John Santiago who’s in the chat listening I only listened to a few podcasts and the one one of the ones I listened to was the John Santiago John Santiago raw so I got as this shirt here and it’s probably backward on the screen if you’re looking at it but it’s a beautiful shirt make sure you guys check out his podcast as well type in John Santiago raw and you’ll be able to check that out so I listen to his podcast I listen to Michael Bastian I listen to adam Starseed Bay all people that affiliate with and I listen to Christie leaves podcast I’m actually on that one every Wednesday night so yeah man beautiful stuff moving forward you got to do something don’t get discouraged man don’t get depressed can you know when when things are happening fast enough you got to do something you know I’m approaching or if not at were done years ago you know 2012 you know it took me a long time to get there and then a long time to find consistency with it right to keep it going but when you have that vision man write it down make it plain that’s what I’m that’s what I’m doing I’ve got I got my vision board I got what I want to happen used today use these next few a few days these next few weeks reflecting get a vision of what you want to come to pass in 2019 learn from your mistakes what didn’t work what blew up in your face what do you want to do better what do you want to what are you doing that’s working find out something that is working okay when I do this people pay attention when I do this I see results stick with that consistency don’t have all of these different ideas and just attacking them all cuz you’re just gonna be a jack of all trades and a master of none find something that you do really good find something that makes your heart race when you do it find something that you love to create and bring it into fruition 2019 man the ball is in your court man beyond your wildest dreams there’s there’s this whatever you want to create I’m stepping into some new things my guided meditations or man so beautiful I mean I’m just honored to be a part of that of bringing that out of channeling that information of hearing the father’s heart and putting codes and modalities within that in people having encounter through those meditations it’s beautiful that’s just the beginning I have a lot more in plan for those if you guys want to check that out go to my website troops eager calm those meditations are available and there’s going to be a lot more coming out excited and I new album is out January came out most likely you’re gonna be doing one right after it as well so there’s going to be a follow up that’s it’s already started on so that’s coming a lot of cool stuff man much love to everybody who has been supporting and and who’s continued to support you guys rock it’s good stuff one thing I wanted to kind of talk about it’s kind of something interesting that I watched and I wanted to be careful in promoting this just because it’s very deep but there’s a there’s a show on Netflix that the show black mirror well they just put out a episode that you get to pick the choices throughout the the show you get to pick what music they listen to and you get to pick what cereal the guy eats and it’s a movie and you select as you go through it and you get to pick the choices um it’s it’s really good it’s really deep it can mess with your head if you’re you know if you have mm I don’t want to say it but I have a lot of people who uh who have hit me up over the years who I think it would mess with them right maybe that’s the best television that maybe that’s the best movie it’s the one that makes you think the one that makes you go within and question your life like we were just talking about last night which I’ve talked about on here before this show hunting at Hill House which is something that it’s about death I mean the whole and I couldn’t help but thinking about death and reliving it and it’s a kind of a grim view of it for the most part it’s a very sad story but it uh it makes you go within it makes you question your path or your trajectory what are you doing are you wasting time those type of things and so that’s the best art I mean even I guess what I bring to the table with my music is to help you get a view of eternity to get to have a view of the angelic of the The Sixth Sense tapping into your ESP and talking about angelic encounters and you know supernatural abilities and all of that kind of stuff within my music and it in that kind of stuff sparks something within people and takes them on this journey right and so that’s the best kind of art even like Nancy was talking about her art she’s even using like minerals and things that you’d be able to feel the vibration in her paintings bringing it to life and it just being a mirror into eternity I don’t have it with me right now but um my good friend from seeing beyond the veil art just sent me another piece in it’s this beautiful picture that she did for me which is a bunch of sacred geometry and it’s beautiful I posted it on my Instagram and Facebook and stuff so if y’all want to check it out go look at that but it’s it’s having art that is like a portal to the divine right like you’re looking at something and it reminds you these sacred geometry symbols like those are things that they exist as portals music stories books I got this beautiful book here from my guess I had on a couple weeks ago Chantal Rene sent me her book aligning with the divine great great episode great book it’s these things that you create like how long does it take to create something like that right it’s a dedication you have to have consistency you have to show up you have to be present whatever rituals you have whatever you that uh you know you want something you got to spend time with it you got to believe in it you got to believe in yourself you leave it up to other people I don’t know it’s not really good but you have to find you a team you have to find you people who are good at what you suck at or some all writing a book everyone can write a book yeah but not everybody can market a book find you someone who can book you interviews get you on podcasts get you out there in front of other people you know what I’m saying and so I I love doing other other shows I love being interviewed I love talking about spirituality in my path and things like that you know I go into I mean you’ll go on other shows and and they’ll be able to tap in and ask you questions that you don’t think of you know I’m saying people have a genuine question and I love I love doing that and maybe even tap-in system things on other people shows that I wouldn’t normally talk about on my podcast you know finding those things and in those areas that you thrive something I love to do do more of that do more of the stuff that you love to do and especially if it’s things that bring joy peace understanding harmony faith in God if you’re doing that stuff and you can do it for a living what’s stopping you I’m excited for this year so so much man just into 2018 with the bang was a beautiful year we got a lot accomplished I can look back over my music my episodes of the podcast and I’ve had talked to some beautiful Souls I’ve created some beautiful things that will hopefully outlive me right you know what I’m saying it’s something that you’ve created that didn’t exist until you breathed the breath of life into it good stuff doing some some some live events hopefully I’ve even been toying with the idea of putting together a conference here in my home state Mobile Alabama putting together my own conference getting some people down here to speak and doing that so yeah make sure you guys subscribe to the YouTube channel make sure I have your email address on the website go there and sign up for my email list so that I you’re up to date with everything that we’re doing if you would like to book me on your podcast I’d love to come on and be a guest whoever you are no matter how big or how small it is I’d love to come out there and and do some some stuff with you so make sure you send me an email if you want to do that in 2019 is here again thank you guys for the support the patreon all the music is there cool stuff a bunch of new stuff coming with that I am going to say peace and Shalom I’m booked up on these podcasts until the end of February almost so we’re making moves making strides love y’all would do it again peace and Shalom [Music] [Music] well that does it for this episode folks to hear more episodes of the truth seeker podcast head over to Jessica comm and if you’re wanting to support the show and get rewards go to our patreon page at forward slash truth seeker [Music]

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